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T is for: Tentacles

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It was in the midst of battle when it happened. She and Kacchan had given chase to a villain who could turn people into monsters to do his bidding by touching them, fighting him in a remote, abandoned area. They incapacitated him, but not without Kacchan getting tagged in the process. As the villain lay cast off to the side, unconscious, Kacchan writhed in agony as he was transformed.


Kacchan!” she exclaimed, running over to help him, but stopped when he backed away from her.


“D-Deku!” he gasped out, his every muscle rippling with pain. “Go! Get-ah! Get the fuck out of here! Hu-hurry! Please, go!” he begged, tears leaking from his eyes behind his mask. He let out a mighty, pained howl, crumpling in on himself as he finally succumbed to the Quirk.


“K-Kacchan!” she cried as she reached out for him, gasping in horror as large, round things erupted from his back through his shirt, unfurling into thick, red, long, slimy tentacles like an octopus. The surprise sent her reeling backwards, collapsing onto her backside from the shock. His breathing was ragged and deep, sounding a tad labored as he straightened up. His face was slightly sunken and pale, appearing as if he was no longer fully human.


“K-Kacchan?” she asked as he looked to her, gasping in shock when their eyes met. His pupils were no longer round like a humans, but rather long slits, like that of a nocturnal animal, and they seemed to reflect light.


Deeeehku,” he cooed, his voice low and gravely, something sounding off in his tone. “Deeeeeehkuuu,” he repeated as he lumbered slowly over to her, a leering smile on his lips. Sensing he wasn’t himself, she turned to grab the villain and flee, but was tripped up by something wrapping around her ankle. She looked back to see one of his tentacles had ensnared her, it quickly traversing higher up her leg and wrapping around her waist. She could feel the sticky texture through her suit, crying out when another tentacle wrapped around her other ankle and another two for both her wrists.


“Kaccha—aah!” she shrieked as she was hoisted into the air, arms and legs spread eagle. She struggled as best she could in his grasp, although it didn’t seem to do much. “Kacchan, let me go!”


That’s it, Deku,” he growled, a wicked smirk on his lips. “Squirm for me.” She gasped in surprise and horror as another tentacle came up between her legs and rubbed against her crotch, causing her to squirm even more, although that only seemed to cause more stimulation. Her face went pink as the tentacles pulsed across her body, thrumming with life and arousal.


“K-Kacchan, l-let me go! D-don’t make me h-hurt you! Ah!” she cried as two tentacles came up, one to each of her breasts, rubbing fiercely right over her nipples.


“You wouldn’t do that,” he purred, pulling her so his face was mere inches from hers. He grabbed her face and licked up her cheek, her entire body shivering in pleasure. She wanted to fight it, but it just felt so good! And plus, it was still Kacchan, even if he wasn’t thinking straight.


You like this too much,” he whispered, causing her to gasp in shock. “You dirty little slut, getting all hot and bothered by your boyfriend molesting you with tentacles. How would the public feel if they knew what a debauched and depraved slut you were?” As he spoke, the tentacle on her crotch swirling between her legs, seeking out her warmth.


N-no! Stop it!” she begged, trying to resist his touch, but it was no use. She could never resist Kacchan, even when he was like this. She screamed as the tentacles grasped and tore at her clothes, leaving her breasts and pelvis area exposed. Her breasts hung freely out of her torn and hole-y costume, and her thighs shook at the cold air exposure. The tentacle dipped into her panties and pulled down, ripping it apart in the process, leaving her completely exposed. She was thankful no one was around to see her like this, she would never be able to show her face again! Not to mention, the public would think Kacchan was raping her! Granted, he technically was, but she didn’t hate what was happening, and Kacchan couldn’t control it!


“Why are you struggling, Deku?” he asked in a mean, taunting tone, a twisted version of the playfully teasing tone he normally had when they had sex. “You know you like it.”


She did, she loved it. Loved the way the slimy tentacles manipulated her to his whim, loved how they moved inside of her, loved how they immobilized her. She was on display for him and anyone who happened upon them, completely unable to do anything but let him have his way with her. It was euphoric.


“N-no!” she whined, her body quivering as she was stimulated by the long, thick, slippery tentacles. “K-Kacchan! Stop! No more!” she cried, shivering in delight as the suction cups on her boobs sucked mercilessly on her nipples. She gasped and her eyes went wide as she looked down to see the tentacle between her thighs press and rub against her opening.


“N-no,” she gasped, looking back at her altered partner, his expression cruel and warped. “K-Kacchan, you can’t! You-“


“Quit complaining,” he growled, a tentacle coming up to swat her ass sharply. “You know you love it.” She shook her head in denial and let out a short scream as the tentacle penetrated her, sliding all the way up inside of her, as far as it could go and then some. She could feel the squirming appendage wriggle around inside of her, slowly stretching out her insides.


“Ah! Oooh,” she moaned, her head lolling back as the tentacle inside of her pulled in and out of her, the suction cups adding extra stimulation against her insides. The tentacles across her breasts pulled and played with them roughly. Two other tentacles wrapped around her thighs and squeezed, the pressure sure to leave bruises for a while.


“You look so pretty when your thighs are being squeezed, and your tummy is so cute when you’re full,” he taunted, reaching his hands down to open up his pants and release his cock, just as pale as the rest of his affected body. It pulsed and throbbed in excitement, the head flushed pink from arousal. Another tentacle worked itself against her opening before pressing inside, along the first inside of her. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her at the intrusions, she had never had taken anything so deep and big inside of her.


Wuaah!” she cried, the tentacles pumping in and out of her, moving against one another within her. The tentacles holding her wrists moved her around so only one was  wrapped around them, allowing the freed tentacle to press against her anus. Her eyes widened as the tentacle wormed its way inside, touching places she had never dared explore before. It wasn’t painless, but it wasn’t horrible, and it was completely new territory.


That’s it, Deku,” he praised wickedly as he pulled her thighs up, spreading them apart for easier viewing of her entrance, specifically of him penetrating her with his tentacles. The new position allowed more pressure to build up inside of her, her thighs tensing in his slippery grasp.


Awe, but what about your mouth?” he asked as she was moved yet again, her arms pulled behind her back as she was brought face to face with Kacchan’s engorged cock. “Let’s put it to good use, shall we?”


“Wh- Kaccha- mph!” she was cut off as he forced his cock into her mouth, quickly filling her mouth and throat. She could barely make any noises around the member plugging up her mouth, only managing to make a few moans and whimpers as he began to fuck her face. He grabbed the back of her head as he roughly rocked his hips forward, all of his thrusting out of time with each other, leaving her completely disoriented.


“There’s a good girl, you just take it,” he laughed, somehow his pace roughening as he sped up. His heavy balls slapped against her chin as he used her mouth, fucking her throat raw as he stretched out her insides with his tentacles. She felt her eyes roll into the back of her head as the tentacles caught inside of her, their bumpy texture hitting every hot spot inside of her.


Mmmh!” she cried around his cock once one of the tentacles inside of her began to attack her G-spot, the other still pistoning in and out of her unrelentingly. Her thighs quivered and her muscles tensed as the long, textured appendages curled and swirled inside of her. She felt drool leak down her chin as her hips shook and thighs trembled, an orgasm trekking forwards hard and fast.


“That’s it, Deku, take it all,” he taunted, licking his lips hungrily at her. “You gonna cum soon, little girl?” he asked, clearly enjoying the sight before him. “Good, cum for me.” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm, whimpers and moans escaping her lips without her permission. As her body spasmed and convulsed, he continued to move inside of her as if nothing was happening, clearly only after his own pleasure. He pulled out of her mouth for a moment, leaving her coughing and gasping for air.


“Kh-kh, Kacchan,” she gasped out, greedily taking in air. “K-Kacchan, too-too much!


“Don’t worry, dear,” he purred, smoothing back her hair as he forced his way back into her mouth. “I’ve almost had my fill. Your lewd body is really taking it out of me, y’know. It’s so fucking erotic, seeing you like this. Such a pretty picture, Deku,” he laughed evilly as he grabbed both sides of her head and rammed his cock inside her mouth, pace hard enough to bruise.


“Deku, fuck,” he growled, his pace reckless and powerful. “Your body is so fucking greedy, taking me so well. Your body is ruined now, by me and me alone. No one else can have you,” he barked victoriously, throwing his head back in a cackle that broke off into a moan. She took in breaths when she could through his relentless pace, looking up at her warped partner as much as she was able.


“Shit, gonna cum in that perfect, lewd body of yours, and you’re just gonna take it,” he crowed, his hammering thrusts becoming choppy and haphazard. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Grrr, fuck! Deku!” he cried out deeply as he buried himself deep within her, shooting out waves upon waves of hot cum. He was even shooting cum from his tentacles, hitting her deep within and filling her up to overflowing. As his movements stuttered and slowed, he pulled out of her, his movements sluggish and wobbly.


“De-Deku?” he asked, sounding confused and disoriented. “Wh-wha?” His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he collapsed to the ground in a heap, appearing to be down for the count.


K-Kacchan!” she cried as she scrambled towards him, watching with wide eyes as his tentacles seemed to dissolve into nothing, the colour returning to his features as the Quirk seemed to finally wear off. She crawled to him and cradled his head in her lap, pulling his mask off to check him over. He seemed to be breathing fine, and overall he seemed none the worse, save for being out cold. Hopefully he didn’t have a concussion from the drop. She ignored the painful aches of her body as she continued to evaluate him, startling slightly as he stirred again.


“De-Deku?” he groaned out, his eyelids twitching before they snapped open. He shot up straight, looking around the area quickly before his eyes landed on her. “Deku!


“Kacchan! Are you okay?” she fretted, cupping his face carefully.


“Me? Who gives a fuck about me!?” he shouted, distress clear in his face and voice. “I-I... fuck, Deku! I fucking raped you! How are you not pissed off!?


“Well, Kacchan, you weren’t trying to-“


It doesn’t fucking matter, dumbass!” he shouted over her, tears pricking at his eyes. “I raped you! I’m fucking disgusting.


“N-no! K-Kacchan! I-it’s okay,” she assured him, forcing him to meet her gaze, even as he tried to avoid her. “I... I kinda liked it...”


“What?” he asked, his eyes going wide. “You... what?


“I don’t know,” she said bashfully, looking away nervously. “If it had been anyone else, I would have hated it, it would have been horrible! But, since it was Kacchan... I really liked it.” She looked up at him through her eyelashes, trying to fight the blush off her face. He blinked at her a few times, clearly trying to wrap his head around the whole thing.


“Tch, you fucking idiot,” he scoffed, gritting his teeth angrily. “Here,” he said, pulling off the ruined shirt of his costume, “put this on, then we’ll get you properly cleaned up.” She took the offered shirt and quickly pulled it over her head, pulling it down to cover her chest and privates. She stood up and shivered as cum leaked down her thighs, her legs wobbly beneath her.


“But, are you alright?” she asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.


“I’m fucking fine,” he sighed, fiddling with his waistband, probably tucking himself away. “Where’s the stupid bastard that did this?”


“He should be over there,” she said, looking to where the villain had fallen. Thankfully, he was still knocked out cold, although she startled when he marched over and kicked him square in the crotch. “Kacchan! You can’t assault him like that!”


“It’s no less than what he deserves,” he spat, pulling some Quirk nullifying restraints and cuffing him. “Why didn’t you fight me while I was under?” he asked.


“Like I said,” she shrugged, a blush covering her cheeks. “Since it was Kacchan, I liked it.”


“Fucking perverted nerd,” he mumbled, tightening the restraints on the knocked out villain.


“Don’t play coy with me,” she teased, walking over to him and gripping his arm firmly. “I know you have a thing for seeing me covered in your cum.” She took great pleasure in the shiver of arousal that coursed through him.


Shut up,” he snapped, turning his head away to hide his blush. “I think there’s a stream nearby. You go wash up as best you can, yeah? I’ll keep an eye on Eldritch horror maker here.”


“Sure, Kacchan,” she smiled. “Although, I do kinda want to save a sample of the sperm you made from the tentacles to see if they match yours or-“


“I’m gonna stop you right there,” he said, putting a hand up angrily. “Get cleaned up, and then we’re going home...” he paused, mulling over something in his head. “Are you absolutely sure you’re okay?”


“Of course, Kacchan,” she smiled, her lips bruised and sore from the earlier abuse. “I’m happy with anything, as long as it’s with you,” she told him honestly and easily. “I love you, Kacchan.”


“I love you too, you stupid perverted Deku.”