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The Fairly Oddpocalypse

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-Wesley's Farmhouse-

Anti Cosmo sighed heavily and looked around the darkened opened area. It was too dark, and he needed to be somewhere that was lighter. Anti Cosmo stood up and walked quietly towards the barn doors. He just needed some time to relax

Carefully and quietly, Anti Cosmo opened the door to the outside world and was glad to see it was a clear night. The moon shone brightly, making the world quite bright as opposed to the inside of the barn. The stars were out too, which he didn’t mind at all. He closed the door behind him and walked out a little bit father before sitting on the grass.

Anti Cosmo's odd emerald eyes stared up at the night sky. From here, he could pinpoint all the stars and planets he could see from here. He smiled sadly up at the sky, reaching his hand out towards the stars and moon. Anti Fairy World is destroyed. He didn't manage to save his kind.

Anti Cosmo was snapped out of his trance when he heard the barn doors open. He spun around quickly to see who had come out. Perhaps someone had noticed he had left? He was quick to find out that it was Dean and his heart sank. Great, he was probably there to kill him once and for all just like he had planned to do earlier. When Dean made eye contact with him, Anti Cosmo stood up, glaring directly at the black haired boy.

Dean said nothing and walked towards Anti Cosmo, hands in the pockets of his hoodie. For every step Dean took, Anti Cosmo took several steps back. What was this human planning? Anti Cosmo was far too small to overpower him, as he saw earlier. Just as he prepared to have to fight Dean, the boy stopped in front of him. Anti Cosmo rose a brow curiously at him. Dean looked at him and sighed.

“Look. I’m sorry for trying to hurt you earlier.” he finally said. Anti Cosmo starred back in astonishment at what he just said. “It’s just... look, I know you’re not from here. You may have everyone else fooled, but not me.”

Anti Cosmo narrowed his eyes at the boy, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“How long are you going to keep up this facade? I know you’re an alien or maybe a vampire but you and your 'siblings' are definitely not a human. You can’t fool me.” he sighed and took out his hands from his pockets. “Look, if you’re going to be living here, you need to show us that we can trust you.”

“Well, I don't trust you.” Anti Cosmo snarled back.

Dean pushed his glasses up on his nose, “Look, Anti Cosmo is it? We’ve already got enough problems with the zombies. So long as you don’t have a massive invasion heading for earth or world domination, I think this can work out.”

Anti Cosmo’s voice flattened, “Yeah... universal domination. You don’t need to worry about something like that. It’s like you said, the zombies are our common enemy now.”

Anti-Cosmo watched careful as Dean came to sit beside him. Anti Cosmo refused to sit beside him until he was absolutely sure he was trustworthy. He watched Dean pull something from his pockets and Anti Cosmo was sure it was a weapon. He prepared to attack with everything he had in his pocket but to his surprise he just pulled out a small box.

From the box, Dean took out a cigarette and popped one into his mouth. “Haven’t had a smoke in forever. Wesley doesn’t like me doing it in the barn.” he turned to Anti Cosmo, offering one from within the box. “Want one?”

Anti Coamo rose a brow at the question and frown "No thanks, I don't smoke”

“Fine, suit yourself” From his pockets, Dean took a lighter to the tip of his cigarette and lit it. The end flared to life and smoke rose from the tip. Anti Cosmo watched in awe as the tip glowed a bright orange.

“Why did you take this it's not good for your health??”

“Why not? You only live once. This is a mad world we live in AC.” he took a puff and blew out the smoke, “The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.”

Anti Cosmo didn’t like this psychological talk one bit nor did he like the smell of this so called cigarette. "What did you just called me?"

"AC? Short for Anti Cosmo isn't it?" Dean stifled a laugh and shook his head, "So, tell me, alien. Where are you from?”

“I don't have to tell you anything.” he said and find it odd for the human to call him 'AC' since only Head Pixie, HP call him that

“You do if we’re going to be working together. There needs to be trust between us.”

“So, tell me where you're from.”

“Far away,” Dean replied, putting the cigarette butt out and tossing it away, “Lived across the country, but, my family and I came here for vacation. Died within the first two days. No sense in crying over it.”

“Now, it’s your turn, alien.”

Before Anti Cosmo could even respond, the duo suddenly heard something in the distance. Anti Cosmo immediately became alert and stood up, as did Dean.

“You heard that too?” Dean asked.

“Yes. Sounds like zombies.” Anti Cosmo nodded in response.

The distant groans of zombies sounded muffled by something. It didn’t seem like they were coming from the forest, but rather, somewhere nearby and inside a building. Their first instinct was to check the barn, but upon arriving at the doors, the sounds only grew more distant.

“Over here,” Anti Cosmo instructed, guiding Dean along with him.

The two ran down the pathway and towards Wesley’s house. The sound was getting louder now, and all Dean could begin to think was that maybe Wesley or his son had become infected. They ran to the front porch, and again, the zombie’s moans became muffled.

“Wait, it sounds louder over here,” Dean instructed Anti Cosmo to follow him back down the porch steps and to the side of the house. When the duo arrived at the side, they found a storm cellar, as well as the source of the noises.

Dean readied his machete and looked at Anti Cosmo. Finally, he was able to see the alien in action as he prepared weapons from his pockets.

“You ready, AC? It sounds like there’s a lot in there.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Do you think your weapon is up to this?”

“We’ll find out, I guess.”

Dean realized that the storm cellar was indeed not locked. So, whatever was down here needed to be taken care of. If not, it could get loose on the ranch. In one swift motion, Dean flung open the cellar door and stormed inside.

The light from the moon outside was enough to shine some light on what was being kept down here. Both froze in fear as they saw a giant jail-like structure full of the undead. Some were mutilated completely while others seemed fairly human. The undead immediately noticed them and attempted to break free of their cell.

“What is this??” Dean asked, completely dumbfounded, “It’s full of zombies!”

“I’m not waiting to find out. We need to warn the others!”

“Not so fast ya’ two.”

Anti Cosmo and Dean froze in their tracks and slowly turned around. Standing in the light of the moon was Wesley. His shadow grew along the ground, and he gave a look of disappointment at the two of them. He sighed and through his anger gave them a smile.

“You’re not tellin’ anyone about anythin’.”