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from Grape Juice to Wine

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The bar is hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the rock music that dominates the atmosphere. The crowd is young, students from the university for the most part. Minoru winds his way through the warm bodies to order a drink. The dark local beer is the favorite in town so the small alpha couldn't not get a glass of it. Before the drink is poured, he feels someone melting their body to his from behind and he knows it's his former classmate/fellow hero, Sero Hanta.

Minoru has a reputation for being a pervert towards women, but it was all an act. He didn't want anyone to notice the subtle glances he took at both his female and male classmates. The grape hero couldn't ignore that 80% of his class in UA were all extremely handsome men. Minoru never showed any interest in men until he was around male omegas like Izuku, Denki, and Hanta.

"Mineta? Wow, man. You look great." Hanta greets smoothly and subtly looks over how much the short alpha has grown over the last ten years. His scent went from grape juice to wine. Damn, I could literally get drunk off him.

"Hanta! You look good, too." Minoru grins at the tall omega when he turns around with his drink, glancing at the bartender to order one for his old friend before looking up at him again. "Are you the only one here?"

"Nah everyone else is here. Todoroki, Iida, and Yaomomo got a huge back room to eat and drink in. I'll take you. Just don't be too surprised." Hanta snickers and grabs his beer, using his other hand to pat Minoru's shoulder before guiding him to the others.

Minoru forces a grin when he's greeted by his former classmates, who are either married or engaged to be married. Jealousy swirls like a green tide within him, rising to choke him. The short alpha usually hides his jealousy well. However seeing two little ones is the snapping point for Minoru. 

"Minoru, why haven't you settled down yet? Find yourself a nice female omega and give me a grandson."

"But Father… I-I'm not interested in a family yet."

"Kids? I thought this was an adult only party?" Minoru laughs bitterly as he takes a seat next to Hanta, trying not to glare at the kids. He's always wanted kids but to please his strict parents, not to make himself happy.

"I'm sorry, Mineta-kun. We couldn't get a babysitter for Hana-chan and Hiro-chan." Izuku explains and smiles at his twins fondly, kissing both of their cheeks sweetly. "They're three years old now."

"Daddy, his hair silly." Hana says innocently while looking up at Katsuki brightly before starting to giggle into her tiny hands. She's a little clone of Izuku except her eyes are vibrant red.

Her eyes are much more than plain old red. They’re the bright scarlet that describe hearts and those eyes definitely keep Katsuki's heart beating. While Hana is energetic and bright, her twin brother Hiroki is stoic and quiet. Hiroki has heterochromia just like Shouto and his eyes are also smoky gray and icy blue. 

"I like purple…" Hiroki says softly before burying his face into Shouto's palm when he feels his father petting his hair.

Minoru tilts his head in thought as he wonders how those children are twins if they have different fathers. Half twins? He shrugs since it's none of his business despite his curiosity. Onyx eyes turn towards Denki who has a very round stomach and swallows his envy quickly, shaking his head and sighing. 

"Is everyone expecting? Jeez, I'm late to that department, huh?" Minoru says jokingly and laughs at his own words, not expecting anyone to laugh but much to his surprise everyone does save the kids.

"I feel like that too sometimes. I love all the rugrats,  but I want to enjoy my life some more before I settle down." Hanta snorts and puts his hands up defensively when Katsuki shoots a more than deadly glare in his direction. "Hey, hey, Hana and Hiroki are still the cutest kids in my heart. Hana has the power to bring the might Ground Zero to his knees."

"Watch your fucking mouth, Soy sauce, or I-" Katsuki growls then instantly stops himself from continuing after an innocent whimper reaches his ears. "Please don't cry, pretty girl. Daddy didn't mean it yell or swear in front of you."

The reaction of the group is simultaneous. Except for Shouto and Izuku, everyone else looks in awe by the vast difference between how Katsuki talks to his daughter and how Katsuki talks to everyone else. Minoru couldn't believe he's witnessing how whipped the Bakugo Katsuki is for a little girl. Then laughter erupts in their little room, and nobody notices how loud they're being until a staff member politely asks them to keep the noise down which makes Tenya spring out of his seat in an instant. 

"This is unbecoming of heroes! We must not disturb the peace and-" 

"Mon beau mari ~ you're causing a scene, but you're very correct. Let us enjoy this dazzling room though I sparkle much brighter than the room~" Yuuga coos to his mate and husband, Tenya, gently coercing the alpha to sit back down by placing one of Tenya's hands on his growing stomach.

"This is a normal thing, it's pretty cute." Shouto says honestly in his usual monotone voice while completely ignoring Tenya's frantic lecturing, offering a gentle smile at Hiroki before kissing his son's forehead lovingly. "Your sister is very spoiled, isn't she?"

"The two hottest guys from out class get together with Midoriya and have kids!? Fate is finally being kind to me! I finally have more women to flirt with~" Minoru swoons theatrically and playfully drapes himself across Hanta's lap, blushing lightly at the gorgeous laughter that reaches his ears.

However the laughing is forced, but Minoru doesn't want to bring it up in front of the others. It's as if something, or someone, has just stomped all over this handsome man's heart and Minoru is beginning to think it's his fault. Hanta has always been laid back yet breathtaking so Minoru made it his life's mission to keep the taller man happy somehow. His posture straightens as he sits up, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden after receiving a text. 

[Father 9:00 pm; stop hanging out with your filthy, disgusting faggot friends and get home immediately.]

The usual loud mouth is absolutely silent during practice, so silent it's making everyone worry, especially Hanta. A cold sweat drips upon Minoru's face and it's not the sweat from running, but the sweat from anxiety. His heart is pounding like a drum, and his eyes tremble as they’re widened with fear. He flickers his eyes uncontrollably. Why did he text me?! Minoru doesn't want to go there. Home is supposed to be safe, where no one could harm you, and unconditional love was a given. After coming out to his parents, Minoru's happy life slowly became a living nightmare. It worsened after his father convinced his mother that being bisexual could be fixed.

"Minoru?" Hanta asks to break the dead silence in the atmosphere which became unbearable after a few short seconds. "Are you okay?"

"I have to go now. Thanks for inviting me out here." Minoru says, trying to prevent his voice from cracking and puts enough money to cover his portion of the bill and for Hanta's. "See you guys."

Before Hanta can get another word in, Minoru rushes out of the restaurant frantically.  Watching the alpha sprint away like someone set his car on fire is heartbreaking because Hanta wanted to talk and get to know the new and improved Minoru. He wanted to get a little drunk and possibly take the alpha home with him, but whoever texted Minoru ruined his entire night. Everything inside Hanta aches, but he can't hide a single thing as his distress gives him away. 

"Hanta, don't worry. Something important must have come up. You must really love him…" Denki comments and moves so he's sitting on Hitoshi's lap, reaching over and gently rubbing soothing circles onto his best friend's back. "If he's being a dick, I'm going to kick him across a football field, pregnant or not."

"Den, I'd rather you not try to hurt anyone while you're pregnant." Hitoshi frowns though he's obviously content with his mate sitting on his lap, finally cracking a slight smile when Eijirou kisses his shoulder before joining the conversation.

"Running away from your feelings isn't the manly thing to do! And I won't tolerate anyone hurting my bros or mates either." Eijirou comments, nodding in affirmation then realizing the time. "We better head home. It is getting a little late, I have an early patrol with Bakubro." 

"We have to go too, Hana and Hiroki fell asleep in Izuku's arms." Shouto says softly and carefully helps Izuku stand, knowing neither of the twins will release their mother just yet, which will always be an endearing sight. 

"Yeah, Deku looks exhausted too. I guess we can do this shit again, but not so late." Katsuki grumbles, hoping no one hears but of course his two mates hear him. 

"We can set something up soon, Kacchan." Izuku whispers so he doesn't disturb the twins, smiling at everyone before heading out to their car to get Hana and Hiroki into their carseats. 

They're all so happy. I'm jealous… Hanta thinks to himself as he says goodbye to everyone else, heading towards his car slowly and sighing sadly. He was feeling stupid for thinking he had a chance of winning Minoru over, but now he knows better. Hanta hates that he harbored feelings for the little pervert since their first year of UA. It shouldn't hurt as much as it does because Hanta always knew it wasn't meant to be, but he can't give do his feelings so easily. 

"I better forget about him… at least romantically." Hanta murmurs to himself before starting to drive home. 

Summer came fast, normal, people turned their music up to full volume while they had back to back barbecues, but not Hanta. His focus was somewhere much more deserving. The sky blazed blue and the sun was a celebration of yellow, free and bright. The trees rose to the occasion, donning their best verdant hues, and everywhere were flowers, the scattered rainbow that they are. The large hammock was where Hanta and his future mate were laying in sways gently with every breeze that passed by occasionally. 

"Hanta, I'm glad you're here with me." Minoru whispered without thinking and blushed lightly when he felt Hanta snuggling closer to him. "I really am."

"Look at you being noble, Minoru." Hanta snickered and rested his head on the small alpha's chest, blinking at an unexpected firmness but he loved it nonetheless. "But I'm glad, too. I missed you, you should have kept in touch."

"I was traveling a lot for stealth missions. I excel pretty well in them." Minoru chuckled quietly and found himself carding his fingers through Hanta's silky raven hair, smiling softly to himself. "Hanta, can… can I kiss you?"

"Don't make me wait. Kiss me already, Minoru."

Hanta can't help but smile when Minoru cupped his cheeks and pressed their lips together. Kissing the alpha had been everything Hanta had dreamed about and more, slightly chapped lips against his own made it seem like they were meant to be there. A surprised gasp escaped the omega when he got pulled onto Minoru's lap, adjusting himself so he's straddling the alpha on the hammock. When Minoru slapped his ass suddenly, Hanta didn't even try to hide his moan.

“You're such a perv, but… you're mine." Hanta said while smiling cordially, cupping both of his alpha's cheeks and kissing his lips tenderly. “Just like I'm yours.”

“That's right. You're mine and no one is going to take you from me.” Minoru whispered smoothly before placing kisses from his omega's lips down to his collarbone tantalizingly slow. 

It didn't take much for Hanta to bunch up his shirt over his chest after he accepted the fact he loved Minoru's lips and hands all over his body. So when he felt lips wrap around on of his pink nipples, the sharp inhale showed his pleasure before a blissful moan escaped his lips. Hanta carefully shimmied out of his pants and boxers without moving off Minoru's lap, watching Minoru undo his own pants and pulling them down enough so the hardness inside was released.

Hanta had to sit back and rested a hand on Minoru's chest, starting to sink himself down onto the alpha's cock. A sweet moan escaped his lips and--

Hanta snaps his eyes open and feels disgusting for waking up in a sweat along with having a wet spot in his boxers. He sighs to himself and hates himself for having another fantasy about a certain alpha. Hanta walks lazily to the bathroom and is glad no one spent the night or else the slick on his sheets will give his crush away. The thought of that instantly makes Hanta blush up to his ears. 

"Damn it… I need a distraction." Hanta sighs to himself while getting into the shower, wanting to wash his slick away. "Or else I might spend all day using my dildo."

Fuck I'm in too deep…

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Minoru hates dealing with his parents. His father has ridiculously high expectations and homophobia that stretches around the entire planet. His mother is a meek woman who never argues her husband's decisions and she also has homophobia that can stretch across the country. That is why Minoru doesn't bother to tell his parents that his fated omega might be a man.

As Minoru walks through the large, double french doors, his step into the seemingly exquisite castle echoes. He immediately looks down at the cold, hard marble floors, each tile chosen with a specific taste in mind in an attempt to avoid the glaring eyes that are suddenly focused on him. Then his eyes wander around to see beautiful framed pictures all around the room mostly consisting of the Mineta family. 

Every step is bringing Minoru closer to his father's study where he just knows his father will be. Mineta Jun is a sturdy, slender older gentleman with dark purple hair that is normally slicked back. Jun never wore any baggy clothing, always maintaining an image so he looks as important as he feels. His wife, Mineta Chinami is short like her son with jet black hair and she's always standing with her husband when they're together. 

No one could ever guess that they were in love. They don't hold hands in public, they barely kiss or hug, and lord knows when the last time they've been intimate. Minoru always wonders how he came to be just by observing his parents. 

"I'm home." Minoru announces into the study and looks at both of his parents, hating how they pulled him from the reunion and away from Hanta . "What did you need me for?"

"Minoru, we didn't raise you to hang out with faggots." Jun snaps at the glare he receives and sends one back in his son's direction. "You should be attending mixers or singles' events. I'm glad I sent a private investigator to keep an eye on you."

"You did WHAT !? And I'm not looking for a mate!! I wanted to see my old friends from high school and I got to meet their children." Minoru frowns before tensing when he catches his own slip, knowing how much his mom wants grandchildren.

"You should have a mate by now with an omegan woman. Male omegas are an abomination." Jun stands up and slams his hands on his desk, towering over his wife and son while his alpha pheromones start making it difficult for Chinami to be in the room. "Especially that filthy hero, Deku. Ground Zero and Shouto are perfect examples of perfect alpha heroes. Omegas shouldn't be allowed to be heroes! They deserve a good woman who will stay at home and raise their children."

Minoru opens his mouth to retort and grins wickedly as a different idea pops into his head. He doesn't want to stoop to his father's level so he decides to get even. Without saying a word, Minoru grabs his phone and dials a certain fiery blonde's number despite the appalled looks on his parents' faces. "Hey, Bakugo. I need your opinion on male omegas, my dad just called them an abomination and that they shouldn't be heroes, especially your mate."

Jun and Chinami frown in unison, but they can't help worrying as Minoru puts the call on speaker all of a sudden. A cold sweat drips down their foreheads while listening to the famous Ground Zero moving to a room that doesn't have children laughing in it.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?" Katsuki snarls into the phone, making Minoru's parents flinch in fear and there's a smug grin right on the shorter alpha's face. "Deku does so much and there's these fucking homophobic pricks calling MY mate an abomination!! Fuck no, no one is allowed to insult or disrespect my mate!!"

"See? I told you so." Minoru laughs after Katsuki hangs up angrily after a stream of profanities which gets him scolded by Izuku, trying not to roll his eyes at his parents' terrified expressions. "I'm going to take a shower."

Minoru doesn't turn around once he starts walking away, not wanting to look back. He sighs once he's out of their reach and heads into the bathroom attached to his bedroom. The alpha peels off his clothes and turns on the water. Would Hanta take a shower with me? He thinks before shaking the thought away as his entire face heats up. 

I need to stop thinking about him. I'm not gay. Minoru grumbles to no one as he pushes the thoughts of a certain omega out of the way and steps into the shower. As the hot water pours down, it drips by Minoru's sides while his mind fades into dullness and everything is a foggy illusion. The sensation of the steamy water calms him and it takes his mind off things. All the things Minoru honestly doesn't want to care about. It's the water. His mind swirls, and it's like he's standing under an everlasting waterfall. Ever so beautiful, but it can never last. 

Then Minoru's thoughts are filled with Hanta once again. The alpha's mind is picturing himself risking his pelvis just to watch Hanta bounce up and down on his cock. The thought makes Minoru shudder and it sends his blood right to his groin. I better take care of this or I won't sleep…

Minoru shudders pleasantly when he finally wraps his hand around his throbbing length, starting out with a few languid strokes and actually letting out a breathy moan which escapes his lips. As Minoru picks up the pace, it's becoming harder and harder to focus as he pictures Hanta on his knees between his legs.

"Mm, are you going to come for me, Minoru?" 

“H-Hanta… I-I'm coming …" Minoru manages to get out between pants and soft moans, feeling a heat coil and build in his stomach. With a final moan, his whole body shivers as white spurts shoot out onto his hand and some land on the shower floor. "God damn it! I thought these feelings would have disappeared already…"

I don't want to think about him.

Hanta doesn't know why he's sitting in the living room of Eijirou, Hitoshi, and Denki's house with Mina, Katsuki, and Katsuki's twins anymore. It all comes back to him when Denki announces they're having an official Bakusquad meeting before sounding winded and needing to sit down. He can't help but roll his eyes fondly over Eijirou and Hitoshi fussing over their heavily pregnant mate, biting the inside of his cheek as his thoughts make him picture being pregnant. 

Stupid inner omega. I don't want to get pregnant… right? Hanta sighs to himself and blinks when everyone's eyes are on him. Well, everyone except Hana and Hiroki who are too busy with the coloring books and crayons that Eijirou had given them. "What is it? Something on my face?"

"You're in love with that grape freak, aren't you?" Katsuki huffs, being blunt like he normally is and it always makes the omega question what Izuku and Shouto see in him. 

"E-Eh? EHH!? I-I'm not in love with Mineta anymore!" Hanta exclaims and blushes up to his ears at his own defense. Shit.

"Anymore!? So you were in love with him in high school?" Mina asks with a wicked grin on her face and moves closer to her flustered best friend. "Are you going to tell him!?"

"No. He's straighter than Shouto's hair, he wouldn't be interested." Hanta rolls his eyes and flinches at the death glare Katsuki is giving him. "Relax, Shouto's hair is fantastic."

"Damn right it is. Shouto is my fucking mate." Katsuki says and immediately regrets it at the gasp Hana and Hiroki let out in unison. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say bad words around you…"

"Daddy promised no more bad words… I'm telling Mama." Hana puffs out her cheeks adorably as she pouts and Katsuki simply kisses her fluffy curls. 

"If you don't tell Mama, Daddy will buy you guys ice cream on the way home." Katsuki tilts his head and smiles fondly at the unified nods he receives in response. 

"Papa, I want to see Daddy." Hiroki says innocently and even Hanta just wants to hug him in order to comfort him. 

"Your dad's being a hero now! Let's watch him on TV." Eijirou intervenes with a wide smile and turns on the news covering a battle with a villain Shouto is fighting in, letting Hiroki admire his father in peace. 

These kids are too cute for my heart. Hanta thinks to himself and doesn't really listen to anything for a while, feeling his mind wander to Minoru and his improved appearance. He’s gotten slightly tan and it gives his skin an Adonis look. Dark eyes that still make Hanta weak at the knees. He has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel. Minoru is a full foot shorter than Hanta, which he adores. The short alpha bulked up a lot over the years and he's become muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. 

Then there's the purple hair that nearly covers the balls on top of Minoru's head. It's mostly slicked back but a few strands stick out in the front which give him bags. Hanta just wants to run his fingers through those silky looking strands, wondering what they'd look like all sweaty while they have sex.

"He's got it bad." Denki snickers before crying out during a sudden wave of pain then his eyes widen significantly at the wetness between his legs. "T-The baby's coming!"

Hanta quickly snaps out of his daze then and follows Eijirou's instructions to grab the hospital bag that's been packed for Denki. He rushes back only to find everyone already piling into their respective cars and takes Mina in his since he drove her here to begin with. 

Time is slowing down, but it feels like it's speeding up as well. Hanta sits in the waiting room with everyone else except for Eijirou, watching Mina and even Katsuki keep Hitoshi calm and remembering doing the same thing for Shouto when Izuku went into labor. He can't get his thoughts together anymore, hating himself for being unable to move on and because of that he can't be very supportive like he wants to.

What the hell is wrong with me? He's never going to want me… Hanta thinks to himself and gently rubs Hitoshi's back soothingly, looking at his friend with concern in his eyes. "Hey, Denki is tough. He and the baby will be just fine, besides Ei is with him. They're in good hands."

"Yeah, you're right. Eijirou won't let anything happen." Hitoshi says as he finally relents, still panicking on the inside but he's calm enough not to lose his cool.

There's a sudden tug on the group's heartstrings when Hana is suddenly placing a flower Katsuki gave her from the gift shop onto Hitoshi's lap. She just smiles brightly and waits for him to pick it up before saying the most adorable thing. 

"Uncle Hicchan, it's okay now because I am here!" Hana exclaims happily before giggling sweetly, letting herself get lifted and hugged by the purple haired alpha. 

"Okay, she's way too adorable to be Katsuki's little girl." Mina teases, taking a picture of the hugging exchange and sending the photo to Izuku. "She must copy Izu a lot, huh?"

"Every time she sees him on the news and he says it to both twins at the house." Katsuki explains and lifts Hiroki, holding him up with one hand and checking the time. "Perfect timing. Hiroki, get ready to say hi to Daddy."

Hiroki perks up at that and Hanta just melts at the adorable atmosphere that's preventing Hitoshi from freaking out. He glances up at Hiroki eagerly, but quietly, speak to Shouto over the phone, silently wanting the same experience. All of his friends are parents or about to be parents, and he hates feeling so left out.

The jealousy boiling in Hanta's gut turns to apathy the moment he's allowed to see Denki and the baby. Eijirou, Hitoshi, and Denki now have a beautiful baby girl and the raven haired omega is numb. Hanta sighs softly to himself as he steps out of the hospital room, leaving Mina with Katsuki who offered to drive her home so she can stay later.

I need to just tell him. Nerves flare up throughout Hanta's body and the omega hesitates before dialing a certain someone's number. "Hey, Mineta. Want to come out with me? I could use a few drinks with a friend."

"Sero? Yeah, sure. You don't sound too good though. Everything okay?" Minoru asks worriedly while quickly getting ready, biting his lip and hoping nothing bad happened. 

"I'm fine, physically at least." Hanta explains and heads home first to drop his car off, walking to the nearby bar after texting the alpha the address.

"I'll be right over. We'll eat and drink until you're smiling again!" Minoru declares proudly and ends the call, rushing out of his house while his parents are fast asleep. He doesn't know why he has an urge to protect Hanta from the world or why he wants to kiss away the omega's pain. "Hanta! I made it!"

"I'm glad. Sorry to drag you out so late at night." Hanta rubs the back of his neck over his collar sheepishly, biting his lip as he observes Minoru in a skin tight tank top. For the love of god please don't get aroused in public, body.

"Now let's get some drinks and food so you can tell me what's going on." Minoru says with a grin, unconsciously reaching over and putting his hand over the omega's while mentally fussing over his own mind.

Stupid gay thoughts! I can't fall in love with Hanta! He's out of my league anyway…

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The bar & restaurant Hanta followed Minoru into is full and the omega looks around at the busy tables. An old couple eating side by side, one glass of wine each, studiously bent over their meals. There's a group of young women in their thirties collapsing with helpless giggles as a stern woman dining alone nearby looked on and frowns at the scene. Businessmen in their grey suits lighting up cigars and a few American tourists are trying to decipher the menu. A family with teenagers joining them sit in a booth which tips the noise level off the charts.

Hanta doesn't mind the noise because his focus is on the alpha sitting across from him at their booth. The atmosphere is oddly romantic despite the circumstances that led them here. Conversation, food, and drinks fly between them as if they've been a couple for years going on a date, and everything seems perfect.

"Between you and me, you've always been the only person I've ever wanted to date." Minoru confesses after paying for their meals, letting his friend cover their drinks like they agreed on and watching Hanta's face light up like a Christmas tree. "But I'm not gay! I'm not allowed to like men…"

"Minoru, you're drunk, aren't you? Let's get you home…" Hanta whispers, feeling tipsy himself but he is fighting back tears because it's too good to be true. There's no way the short alpha could really be in love with him; this is just a drunk man's delusions.

"I'm not that drunk! I'm tipsy which is fine because I want to do this." Minoru declares and pulls Hanta closer to his height lightly.

The next thing Hanta knows is that Minoru has slammed their lips together and nearly knocks all wind from the omega's lungs. Hanta hardly has a moment to react before Minoru presses his tongue to the seam of his lips and, at the taller man's grant of access, delves inside Hanta's mouth. It's a very sloppy kiss with the strong scent of old wine being exchanged within the intermingling of their billowing breaths.

Hanta's arms eventually reach forward and tangle around Minoru's thick, strong neck. In an instant Hanta pulls away when he feels himself being lifted off the ground as if he weighs nothing, moaning in the contact of body heat against his own. Then Hanta brings their lips back together before he lets himself be carried to the alpha's house. Hanta can barely feel the slight burn of the sake he drank as it rolls off his tongue and seeps down his throat with every push of Minoru's tongue against his own.

It's not a secret that Hanta is heavy from the muscle he put on over the years, but that isn't affecting Minoru in the slightest as the alpha carries him all the way home. Hanta's heart is racing with every step Minoru takes, especially as he's still being held while Minoru opens the front door and brings him inside. 

Before he can blink, Hanta's being laid on Minoru's surprisingly large bed and his questions get swallowed by a deep kiss that's fueled by alcohol as well as an odd source of passion. 

"Hanta, turn around for me. Can you do it?" Minoru asks softly and peeks off his shirt, watching Hanta strip rather sensually.

Hanta manages to nod as he snuggles into Minoru's comfy sheets, letting himself drown in the shorter man's rich wine scent before slowly turning around. He takes a deep breath as Hanta forces his lower half body up and attempts to steady himself, feeling excited bubbling in his gut while exposing everything to Minoru.

As Minoru helps steady Hanta on his knees, he uses his free hand to undo his pants in order to free his hard cock. Anyone would be if a sinfully angelic looking omega is soaked to the brim with slick in front of their eyes. The alpha's eyes take in the lean muscles that are completely on display for Minoru. Hanta's honey scent is usually soothing but now it's alluring and enticing, making it very difficult for Minoru to be gentle.

"Hanta, I can't hold back… you're beautiful..." Minoru whispers and rubs soothing circles onto the omega's lower back after sliding his shockingly large, thick cock into the beauty underneath him, only pausing at the strained whimper that reaches his ears. “Sorry, are you okay?” 

"Y-Yes… fuck, I'm fine." Hanta shivers and his jaw drops as he really gets a chance to feel the huge size being pushed inside him again after Minoru pulls out briefly. The initial sting is long forgotten as the feeling is too good for words once the omega feels himself being stretched pleasantly, and Hanta doesn't bother holding back his moans.

The pace is far from gentle and loving; in fact, it's a miracle no one has tried to storm into the room by the sound of Hanta's moans from the brutal yet pleasurable pounding he is receiving. At first, the moans and sounds Hanta lets out are pained and restrained, but as he gradually starts feeling pleasure his moans start becoming alluring and more open.

Hanta's cries of ecstasy resonate in the room and anyone within a five foot radius can most likely hear him. The sound is a symphony playing inside Minoru's ears, making the alpha think about how lucky he is that these sweet noises are just for him at this moment. When Minoru faintly hears Hanta begging to see his face, he pulls out briefly to lay his partner onto his back once more then resuming his rough thrusting. 

Hanta suddenly grabs Minoru's cheeks and initiates a sloppy, messy kiss that's mainly teeth, but the warm scented breath is enough to slightly muffle the moans he's letting out. Minoru grunts between uncoordinated, rough kisses as his knot swells, signalling that he is close to his climax. He loves the sound of his knot slapping against Hanta's rim, knowing it's threatening to slip inside this beautiful omega. 

Watching the blissfully wrecked expression on the omega's face impels Minoru's orgasm after the alpha pushes his knot inside, completely locking them in place as they feel their orgasms hit them at the same time. Then reality hits Minoru like a freight train: they didn't use protection. 

I hope Hanta is on the pill…

"Fuck, we didn't use protection… b-but I'm on the pill so it should be fine." Hanta yawns and shuts his eyes, smiling softly to himself when he feels Minoru lay on top of him without pulling out.

Please don't let this be a one night stand. I hate to say it, but… I love him.

The bathroom is dark, dank even, and on the walls are three large mirrors without frames. Hanta approaches the mirror to make sure he isn't seeing things, but when his eyes land on the glass, he sees the face of a young girl, soft with a gentle expression who is the perfect combination of himself and Minoru . Hanta gasps softly before screaming suddenly and takes a few steps away from the mirror. 

He takes a few deep breaths to steady his racing heart before moving closer to the mirror to look into it a second time. This time it's a little boy, older than the girl but a carbon copy of Minoru except with black hair. Hanta's mind sparks erratically as he stares at the little boy in the mirror, wondering if this is really a child he and Minoru will make together. 

Hanta doesn't want to wake up now that he's seen those children in the mirror, but a kiss to his throat snaps him out of his dream in an instant. Onyx eyes land on Minoru burying his face the crook of his neck, pulling soft moans out of Hanta. The ache in the omega's hips give away what they did last night and he can't bring himself to be embarrassed right now.

"Good morning, Hanta." Minoru whispers against Hanta's skin, thankful for their drunken affair and he's even more grateful that Hanta spent the night.

"Mm, Minoru… good morning to you too." Hanta says softly and watches the short alpha settle between his legs, biting his lip in anticipation. 

Minoru doesn't hesitate before running his smooth tongue along Hanta's quivering hole slowly. The slow pace is already driving Hanta insane with arousal, especially when Minoru is starting to devour the slick coming out of him. 

Hanta's quiet, slightly rough moans only spur the alpha on even more when said omega gasps when he feels Minoru's tongue disappear inside him. The sensation gradually becomes too unbearable as Hanta grips the sheets tightly until his knuckles turn white, not bothering to hold back his voice anymore and Minoru absolutely loves hearing Hanta like this. It makes the alpha wonder if his parents can hear the beautiful sounds this glorious male omega is making, wanting them to cringe all morning.

“M-Minoru, fuck me… please.” Hanta's composure is falling apart despite being half asleep and now heavily aroused. “I'm okay.”

Holy shit… Minoru really is huge down there. Hanta thinks as he feels himself being pleasantly stretched as the alpha's cock pushes into him slowly. He is also incredibly grateful that he was still a little loose and wet after their drunken fun last night or else too much time would have been wasted on prep to get Hanta to produce more slick. 

Every thrust is languid and filled with affection compared to the rough rapid ones from last night, and it's driving Hanta's senses absolutely mad. If this is something that will happen on a near daily basis, Hanta would give himself up completely to Minoru in a heartbeat. 

"Hanta, kiss me." Minoru whispers from above the tall omega and leans forward to kiss Hanta's collarbone before reaching his lips. 

Without skipping a beat, Hanta parts his lips and allows Minoru's tongue to venture into his mouth. His long arms slowly wrap around the alpha's neck, holding him as close as possible as they kiss passionately. Hanta may actually turn to villainy if this is a dream he's going to wake up from because this is something his body has been craving and he doesn't care about not using protection since his next heat isn't for another two weeks. 

"M-Minoru, fuck… I'm gonna cum…" Hanta's breath hitches between kisses that are now becoming mostly teeth, tangling his legs around Minoru's hips as the pace becomes erratic. "I-Inside me… c-cum inside me."

"Fuck, Hanta… I-I want you to be mine, damn it." Minoru shudders and feels his knot swell, melting from the wave of overwhelming pleasure the instant they're both stuck together. 

The world seems to halt immediately after their orgasms wash over them, leaving Hanta breathless and wondering if he isn't hallucinating. I heard that correctly… right? Hanta thinks as his jaw drops from the shock, feeling giddy from head to toe until the bedroom door is kicked open. 

"Minoru, what is going on? How dare you taint this house with a male omega!?" 

The harsh tone being directed at Minoru is cold and venomous, and it has Hanta genuinely feeling a little fearful. Since he and Minoru are stuck together, the most they can do is cover themselves with the quilt they pushed aside last night. 

Sporting a counterfeit smile, Hanta the awkwardness that suddenly filled the room would be transient. He swallows and begins breathing heavily, unable to digest being caught butt naked with Minoru by the alpha's father. 

Could this get any worse?

Anger is boiling as hot as lava deep in Jun's system. It's churning within, hungry for destruction, and he doesn't care that it's too much for anyone to handle. The pressure of this raging sea of anger is making it easier for Jun to say all the discriminatory things he wants to say to the abomination in his son's bed. Fires of fury and hatred are smoldering in the small narrowed eyes as he watches the duo scrambling to cover up with the quilt under his scrutinizing glare.

"Minoru, I'm disappointed. I expect you to take out the trash then to be in my study the instant you can separate." Jun hisses and slams the door shut behind him when he steps out of the room once he gets an answer.

"Y-Yes sir…" Minoru whispers in defeat and lowers his head in submission, wincing when he gets shoved aside the minute his knot deflates. "H-Hanta, I-"

"Did he just…? Oh he did not just call me trash and you're letting him get away with it." Hanta huffs angrily and glares at Minoru, grabbing his clothes and shoving them on as he fights back tears of frustration. "Minoru, call me when you grow a pair of balls!! I'm so done!! Man, I was fucking stupid to think that you really wanted me!!"

"Hanta, wait!!" Minoru calls out but it falls on deaf ears as Hanta storms out. 

Hanta, please… I love you!! 

Chapter Text

Hanta is running for what seems like an eternity with tears pouring down his cheeks. His legs carry him down the street and he ends up in front of the Bakugo residence before Hanta can grasp his surroundings. This moment makes the omega glad he left his car at home before going out to the bar. Hanta raises a hand to ring the bell to the gate but he hesitates, even sinking down to his knees.

The gate suddenly opens before Hanta can change his mind, and Shouto is standing in front of him with Hiroki on his shoulders and Hana in his arms. Everyone knows the twins are a result of heteropaternal superfecundation, so it's easy to see where the little ones get their traits from and seeing them reopens the wound on Hanta's heart.

"Hanta? Katsuki is inside with Izuku, come in. We can make tea…" Shouto greets quietly and takes a step to the side so the omega can step onto the property then shutting the gate with a push of a button.

A numbness hits Hanta like a truck and he just nods, forcing his body to move and follow the trio into the house. His heart is in disarray, his mind is blank, but the omega wants to talk about it to Katsuki -- the blonde alpha is one of his closest friends after all. 

"Soy sauce, what the fuck is going on?" Katsuki asks crudely though there's worry lacing his tone, not expecting Hanta to suddenly hug him and for once he doesn't push the other away. "I'm going to blow that raggedy bitch if he did something to you!!"

"It wasn't something he did. In fact, it's because he didn't do anything is why I don't know why I even fell for him." Hanta confesses quietly, not expecting the blonde to return the hug twice as tightly but it's more than appreciated. "I-I feel used, Kats…"

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Katsuki says softly out of there and makes Hanta sit on his sofa, pulling out his phone and actually opens the group chat in front of the omega before typing:

{Katsuki 11:00 am; Alright you fucking heathens. Don't make me regret this. Get your asses here asap!}

"Are we having more guests?" Izuku asks Katsuki innocently from the kitchen and gently places a hot cup of soothing tea in front of Hanta, offering his friend a gentle smile. "You're always welcome here. Don't forget that, okay?"

It normally takes a lot to render Hanta completely speechless because he's normally a chatterbox. Being surrounded by more love and friendship than he feels he deserves definitely steals the words from Hanta's mouth. Onyx eyes meet large emerald ones before the corners of Hanta's mouth rise and he smiles at the other omega. Despite what happened, Hanta can't help but think about how harsh he was to Minoru when he stormed off.

"Ahh… I messed up." Hanta groans and covers his face with his hands, only moving his hands when he feels a tug on his shirt.

When he looks down, Hanta finds Hana standing between his legs and staring up at him with her round scarlet eyes. It's still a mystery that someone so innocent and cute could be the offspring of the Bakugo Katsuki. Before Hanta can a word out, his face is suddenly being squished and a gentle kiss is placed on his nose.

"Uncle Hanta, no being sad." Hana says sweetly before Hiroki pops up behind her and she giggles at the sudden hug her twin gives. 

"It's okay now. Why? Because we are here." Hiroki says innocently in his usual soft spoken tone and rests his chin on Hana's shoulder so the two of them are looking at Hanta with their bright eyes. 

"I want to keep them. Can I keep them?" Hanta sniffles before laughing brightly, wrapping his arms around the twins and hugging them both close to his chest with a soft smile. "You guys are too cute."

"You can't have them, but you're more than welcome to babysit." Izuku snickers and shepherds the little ones into the kitchen, letting them help make snacks for the Bakusquad, who will be there any second now. 

Shouto, who's been watching silently, shakes his head with a gentle smile on his face and lazily wraps his arms around Katsuki's shoulders from behind, leaning on the blonde while looking at Hanta curiously. "Hanta, you should listen to your heart then let your mind follow."

Katsuki nods his agreement without pushing his mate away and reaches back, idly running his fingers through Shouto's dual colored locks instead. "Yeah, Sho is right. Don't let a piece of shit dictate your feelings either or I'll murder him."

It's still a rare sight for others outside their family to see the two alphas affectionate with one another, so Hanta feels a little lucky he gets to witness a rare moment of happiness and love. Envy builds in the omega's gut, but Hanta ignores it in favor of the sudden tackle hug he gets from Mina.

"Hanta! I'm gonna kick that grape midget in the crotch." Mina huffs and makes herself comfortable on Hanta's lap while her mate, Ochako, goes over to Izuku and the kids. 

"I just had a baby the other day, but I'll shock him until he passes out." Denki huffs and smiles down at his daughter in his arms, cooing to her as if she'll respond. "Mama's tough, right, Aki?" 

Eijirou can't help but laugh at the cute display and takes a seat next to his favorite blonde, smiling brightly when Hitoshi calmly sits on his lap. He tilts his head while watching Shouto sitting on Katsuki's lap nonchalantly, still finding it a little odd seeing the two alphas being openly affectionate but it's definitely better than the bickering.

"Can it, hair for brains. I fucking love when my mates sit on my lap." Katsuki huffs then mentally curses himself at the gasp from the kitchen. 

"Daddy said a bad word again!!" Hana shrieks from the kitchen and comes running with a tin can labeled "Swear Jar" as well as Katsuki's wallet which Izuku gave her, pouting adorably as she holds both up to her dad. 

"Ah, I'm sorry, pretty girl. I'll put two dollars in this time." Katsuki says sweetly, kissing the top of Hana's head before placing two dollar bills into her tin. It's something Izuku has him do so the twins don't learn his colorful language. 

However, Hana keeps up with it more than anyone and Katsuki truly can't deny her of anything. The others around them suddenly start laughing save for Izuku and Shouto since they're used to this already. No one would ever expect Katsuki to be whipped by his own daughter and while it's cute, it's absolutely hilarious. 

"The o' mighty Alpha Prime is completely wrapped around his baby girl's finger." Hitoshi teases and snickers at how red the platinum blonde is becoming. "Eijirou is the same way with Aki already. The moment she even whimpers, he comes running."

Hanta shakes his head before laughing wholeheartedly at the familiar bickering, something he has definitely missed over the years. It's not every day all of them could meet up like this with their careers as heroes. Being surrounded by his friends, no, his family , is fixing the cracks in Hanta's heart before the organ is broken completely. 

"Hanta, whatever decision you make, know we'll always have your back. It's the manly thing to do after all!! We've always been a platonic pack after all." Eijirou grins brightly and eagerly takes Aki from Denki when she reaches for him, kissing her cheek affectionately and cooing. "You're so cute, Aki~ you're going to have the best people around you as you grow up."

"Whipped." Katsuki snorts as he nonchalantly puts Hana on his other thigh, kissing the top of her head before watching Shouto gently run his fingers through her fluffy green curls.

A fond smile makes its way onto Hanta's face as the omega watches Hana fall fast asleep from Shouto's gentle touches. However, it makes his inner omega want a baby of his own again and Hanta doesn't want to think about kids yet. He wants to avoid the subject until he knows for sure how Minoru feels about him.

Why can't you be honest with me, Minoru?