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Pink blossom

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Wiping sweat off of his forehead, Wei Wuxian rose from the ground and looked up at the sun above him. It was way past midday already, he realized. Attempting to wipe his robes clean, actually doing more damage than good as his hands were also covered in mud and soil that he had been moving all morning. Looking back at the new section in their garden, Wei Wuxian smiled as he was satisfied with how it turned out. Now they had a perfect spot to plant radishes next to the already sprouting carrots. The garden was still very small but efficient. It grew enough ingredients that the two could sell or cook food from. Perhaps seeing two of the lands most famous cultivators live such a way seemed odd to other's, but they preferred it this way.

It didn’t perhaps feel like it, but they had already been living in this small remote area for a few months. Wei Wuxian’s eyes traveled to the small building further away from the garden and chicken coop. Their donkey, Lil Apple was eating hay lazily while eyeing it’s owner. The donkey sure had a rotten personality and temper, but it worked well while pulling a cart behind it while traveling down to a nearby town. Wei Wuxian pulled a carrot from the ground, wiping it against his robes and walking up to the donkey with a smile.

‘Here you go.’ He spoke while feeding the carrot to the donkey. Lil Apple ate the carrot fast, forgetting all about the hay for the time being. It’s tail swinging back and forth, swaying away the flies that tried to bother it. Wei Wuxian tapped the donkeys behind a few times, brushing away any hay that somehow managed to get on it’s dark fur. Lil Apple shook its head, the bell around its neck ringing brightly.

Walking away, Wei Wuxian sighed deeply as he stood in front of the small farm. Things sure were different today than what they were a few years ago. He smiled while listening to the sound of the zither being played nearby.

Walking up to the small porch that they built connected to the house, Wei Wuxian leaned against the pillar holding up the roof while looking at his husband fondly.

Lan Wang Ji looked calm, eyes closed as his gentle fingers played his dear zither with grace and talent. The song that he was playing was beautiful, something that Wei Wuxian had heard many times before already, enough to remember the notes by memory. Listening to the song for a while more, he couldn’t help but pull out the flute that hung around his belt. Bringing it up against his lips, Wei Wuxian joined to play the gentle song.

Opening his eyes, Lan Wang Ji never stopped playing but looked at his husband with a slight smile. The Alpha was wearing just the first layer of his robes, hair all down and touching his bare chest. The only thing that looked well placed on him was the forehead ribbon tied around his forehead. Lan Wang Ji looked relaxed and calm. He was slowly letting himself enjoy life without the many rules he grew up with, only slowly though. He was still a Gusu Lan Sect member by heart and that would never fully change.

Song coming to an end, Wei Wuxian placed down his flute slowly. Lan Wang Ji placed both hands on top of the zither, the last note no longer echoing around them. Getting up from his seat, Lan Wang Ji now stood in front of him and pointed at the marks of mud on his robes with an amused smile on his lips.

‘Garden almost ready?’ He asked, thumb wiping Wei Wuxian’s right cheek. There must have been some dirt there too. Wei Wuxian always had a way of creating a bigger mess than necessary. Something that Lan Wang Ji had gotten used to by now.

‘Almost.’ Wei Wuxian smiled, turning to look at the work that he had gotten done. It honestly wasn’t much. Lan Wang Ji could have gotten the garden done during the first week when they first arrived, but Wei Wuxian didn’t allow him to do that because he wanted to be in charge of the garden for now.

Both looked around each other, seeing the house and the surrounding area around it. When they first arrived here, it was nothing but a spot of dry land. Now, it was slowly transforming into something that they would be able to call home.

Having been married, Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wuxian dedicated the next few years to roam the land as cultivation partners. They had visited every possible place, met every type of person and unnatural creature. They helped people and saved lives, also bringing people in front of justice and locking up ghosts back into their graves where they had escaped from.

They had gotten warm greetings from the places that they went to as well as cold ones, getting cursed out while walking down the street. They had came face to face with death countless times and gained many more scars on their bodies. Always going through things together.

Life as cultivators was just as rewarding as it was tiring. Sure they had the fame and the money to do anything and everything, but they both longed for something else. Some peace and quiet. They made the decision to retire for now, buying a small plot of land for a ridiculously low price and began to transform it into something better.

Both of them still remember the first few nights they had to try and sleep through, not having enough energy to keep building anything. There was barely a roof over their heads, no proper walls to keep the wind from coming in. Yet they found the energy to smile and keep each other warm through the cold night.

Their house was nothing compared to the nice palaces back home in the Gusu Lan Sect or the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. Everything was built by them after all. But that didn’t really matter to them, all that was important was that it kept them safe from everything that the nature threw on them. Furniture was all either brought from Lan Wang Ji’s Jingshi, bought from a nearby market or built by themselves. Luckily their land wasn’t too far away from their previous Sects. Otherwise Lil Apple wouldn’t have agreed to carry all of their things back and forth.

Besides, neither of them wanted to live too far from their previous homes.

Even though Lan Qiren might not agree, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wang Ji left the Sect in an agreement with the elders. They received permission and packed up their things. They hadn’t spent much time in the Cloud Recesses anyways, always being on the road during their cultivation days. Only coming back rarely to see family and relax. They did the same in every Sect, staying a bit longer in the Lotus Pier for obvious reasons. Lan Wang Ji barely saw his mate whenever they arrived at the pier, him running of to see his sister as fast as possible.

Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wuxian first revisited Lotus Pier not too long after their own wedding, having been invited to someone else's almost immediately. Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan were getting married.

Wei Wuxian had been shocked, obviously. But he was happy for his Shijie. That didn’t mean he still didn’t interrogate the Lanling Jin Sect member close with Jiang Cheng’s help. The two were very protective over their older sister, wanting nothing than the best for her. In the end they needed to back off, let the wedding happen like the two love birds wanted. And it did.

They all first met at Lotus Pier, then traveled to Koi Tower for the celebration and formal ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful and Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian both teared up seeing their dear Shijie dressed in her wedding gowns. Wei Wuxian wondered if Jiang Cheng looked at him like that as well when he married Lan Wang Ji.

The next time they visited Lotus Pier was for another reason, being invited again almost a year later. Jiang Yanli gave birth to a healthy son, bringing great happiness to the whole land and the two Sects. Lan Wang Ji still remembers seeing Wei Wuxian move closer to his sister slowly, hands shaking slightly as the bundle dressed in yellow robes was handed over to him. Wei Wuxian smiled gently down at his nephew, holding his small fingers and looking at him in amazement.

‘Ah-Xian.’ Jiang Yanli had spoken, smiling at his brother gently. ‘I want you to name him.’ She asked of him, surprising Wei Wuxian.

He didn’t agree first, asking why he was given such an opportunity. But Jiang Yanli said no one else was allowed to name his son, only accepting Wei Wuxian’s suggestion. So Wei Wuxian took one last look at the small baby sleeping in his arms, holding him close enough so he could count each eyelash if he wanted to. He smiled, looking back at Lan Wang Ji who stood a little further way, not wanting to interrupt the family moment.

‘Jin Rulan.’ Wei Wuxian finally said, making Jiang Yanli smile widely. She repeated the name out loud once, nodding her head.

Jiang Cheng and Jin Zixuan weren’t too keen on the name at first, even joking that the name belonged into the Lan Sect. But Jiang Yanli had set her mind on the name, wanting nothing else for her son.

It was already years since that day, yet Lan Wang Ji couldn’t forget the image of seeing Wei Wuxian hold the newborn baby in his arms, smiling gently.

Some nights, when the Omega just couldn’t fall asleep no matter what. He would look up at the ceiling above their bed and think about what it would be like. To have a small bundle like that of their own. It hurt, how it hadn’t already happened.

Wei Wuxian wanted a child, he wanted one really badly. His heart ached every time he would see a small child while out in the town or whenever they visited the Lotus Pier to see his nephew. He kept thinking how he should be a father already, as his sister had Jin Ling right after their marriage. Yet his and Lan Wang Ji’s marriage was years ago and they had nothing. He couldn’t help but feel bitter towards life sometimes, even when Lan Wang Ji tried to assure him.

He really felt like he didn’t deserve the other at times. Lan Wang Ji never complained or blamed him for anything. He was always there to support him, through all the good and bad. Wei Wuxian often thought that he was just holding the Alpha back from everything. He could have had a family by now had he not married him. But Lan Wang Ji was always quick to remind Wei Wuxian that he was enough. He didn’t need anything else for as long as he had him.

So Wei Wuxian decided to believe him, ignoring his own insecurities and believing his words.


Life on their own plot of land was calm and relaxed. They would spend most of the time building the houses, farming and taking care of the animals that they had. Sometimes they would go down the mountain and visit the nearby town to buy everything that they couldn’t grow or make themselves. Lil Apple would come along, pulling the small cart behind itself that would be filled with all of the things that they had bought. They were stocking up for a special occasion.

Lan Wang Ji’s rut was right around the corner, spring coming to an end. They both knew when their heats and ruts were coming by memory now but there were small hints that always led Wei Wuxian to believe his rut was closer. Lan Wang Ji’s appetite grew and he was scenting Wei Wuxian with his own calming scent more often. This made him satisfied, having his mate smell like him and not anyone else. Even now when they were walking along the busy street of the town, Lan Wang Ji was right next to him. A hand pulling Wei Wuxian closer by his hip, shoulders touching and their scent forming into one. No other Alpha would dare to even look at Lan Wang Ji’s mate unless they wanted to get into a fight.

They needed to stock up on things before every heat and rut, as they couldn’t leave their small plot of land during them. It would be too dangerous to leave or to leave one of them alone during a heat or a rut. Their minds were in too much of a mess, not being able to think straight or protect themselves in case of danger. Though Alphas got stronger during their ruts, they were still quite out of it, not being able to walk in a straight line or hold up a sword to fight off intruders.

Wei Wuxian still remembers the first rut Lan Wang Ji had when they were together. It was his second one ever, his first one being hell without a mate. They were still in the Cloud Recesses and one of the rules written on the walls was that Alphas needed to be locked up for their ruts so they wouldn’t hurt anyone. Wei Wuxian thought it was torture and wrong. He wanted to be there for his mate just like he was there for him during his first heat. But it wasn’t allowed. Also, Lan Wang Ji thought the rule was there for Wei Wuxian’s own good. He didn’t want to hurt him.

But through begging and pleading, Wei Wuxian finally got to knock some sense into Lan Wang Ji’s head and he spent the rut together with him.

Having been taught more about their second sexes, Wei Wuxian had luckily learned about ruts more and about the knot that would follow. But nothing could prepare him for it no matter how many books he would have read. He had never felt more full in his life. Though a bit painful, Wei Wuxian loved being filled with the others knot. Alphas were only able to knot their partner during their ruts. He couldn’t wait till the other's rut began.

Wei Wuxian was a bit impatient even, sultry eyes staring back at Lan Wang Ji every single morning this week. He was hoping to trigger the other's rut quicker than normal. Lan Wang Ji smiled, saying that it wouldn’t be able to happen and that Wei Wuxian was only teasing him for nothing. That didn’t mean Wei Wuxian would stop trying though.

One morning when Lan Wang Ji woke up around five o'clock, even without the roosters screaming, he stared at Wei Wuxian’s sleeping figure with hungry eyes.

He shifted underneath the soft covers, skin burning and tingling. He breathed in the other's scent, humming happily. Lan Wang Ji felt himself growing hard, rutting against the blankets slowly. His lips pressed up against Wei Wuxian’s exposed neck, tongue darting out and tasting the soft skin. The Omega let out the smallest whine, eyes opening slowly.

Lan Wang Ji reached behind him, pulling him to face him by placing a hand on his lower back. Wei Wuxian looked at him tiredly, blinking his eyes a few times before seeing his face properly.

‘Lan Zhan.’ Wei Wuxian whispered, mouth watering as he smelled the scent around them. Lan Wang Ji had gone into rut during the night, the room filled with his strong scent. When he finally woke up, he was already fully into his rut. Lan Wang Ji thrusted his hips against thigh, Wei Wuxian feeling how hard he was already.

Knowing how uncomfortable the other felt Wei Wuxian didn’t waste time laying there and doing nothing, he wanted to help his mate release some of that need and frustration building up inside of him. Wei Wuxian’s own body reacted naturally to the strong scent around him, feeling himself get wet. He sighed, rubbing his behind against the sheets. Lan Wang Ji’s grip on his lower back moved downwards, Wei Wuxian shivering when he felt the hand dip underneath his robes and part his cheeks.

Lan Wang Ji let out a satisfied growl, fingers dipping into the hot wetness. His hips thrusting forward on their own. He began fingering Wei Wuxian with three long fingers, drawing out small moans and whines out of him. The Omega however didn’t want to waste any time, knowing Lan Wang Ji’s rut would only get worse if he didn’t get his release soon.

‘Lan Zhan stop.’ Wei Wuxian moaned, fingernails digging into the other's arm. Lan Wang Ji paused, fingers still deep inside his mate. He swallowed deeply, the scent of the slick mixing in the air, driving him crazy.

‘Don’t want you to be in pain.’ Lan Wang Ji managed to say through gritted teeth. Even though wanting nothing more than to just spread his mates legs and thrust in with all his strength, he knew how much pain that would bring. And without being stretched properly, the knot would bring excruciating pain.

‘I want it.’ Wei Wuxian gasped, sultry eyes looking back at Lan Wang Ji. Curse him and his words, he really knew how to be annoying sometimes. Lan Wang Ji let out a low growl, removing his fingers and pushing the other down against the pillows. He attacked him with his lips, teeth nibbling on the soft flesh of his bottom lip. He was nothing close to careful or soft with his actions, far from what he was usually. The change that rut brought into Lan Wang Ji always managed to surprise Wei Wuxian, but he didn’t mind it. He was crazy enough to love this side of him just as much, not minding the bruises and sore spots he would discovers days still later after his rut has ended.

With one quick move Lan Wang Ji’s lips left his own abused ones. Wei Wuxian yelped, acting like a rag-doll as Lan Wang Ji moved him to his own liking, legs pushed open as wide as possible. Wei Wuxian was truly flexible, hips wide and legs stretching open to fit Lan Wang Ji perfectly between them. Lan Wang Ji lifted his hips up easily, pulling off the thin sleeping shorts in one smooth move. Wei Wuxian was bare from the belly down, biting his lip sensually as he looked back at his mate.

It took everything in Lan Wang Ji not to enter him right then and there. His rut was making him impatient and selfish. Though he sometimes questioned the things he had learned in the Cloud Recesses in his mind, his rut was always a reminder to be thankful for learning to restrict his needs.

But no amount of meditation or self reflection could make him immune to his ruts. When in rut, he was no longer thinking with his brain. He was simply driven forward with the deep need and desperation for a release. He needed to knot someone in order to feel better. It felt ridiculous, but it was only natural since this was one of the traits that were passed onto them from their ancestors centuries ago. Then it had a different meaning, driving even the most loneliest individuals out to the world to find a mate. Just like a heat, ruts are only there to make people mate, secure future generations. Something both Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wuxian decide not to think about too much, due to painful memories.

Mind filled with nothing more than want and the need to claim the other, Lan Wang Ji pushed into the other. Swallowing down a grunt that was about to slip past his lips as he was engulfed by the wet, burning hot heat of Wei Wuxian.

The Omega arched his back with a broken cry, moaning as Lan Wang Ji pushed all the way in after pausing just for a second. Wei Wuxian closed his eyes tightly, his hands grabbing the sheets underneath him. His knees shook and Lan Wang Ji hooked his arms underneath them as he began moving. His mind was somewhere completely else, barely hearing anything other than the obscene sounds that Wei Wuxian was letting out. His pretty little face was red, cheek blushing and lips swollen. Lan Wang Ji found himself leaning down without realizing it, licking and biting the perfect skin underneath him.

Wei Wuxian let out small gasps as his teeth scraped against his skin, leaving marks for days to come all over him. His hips snapping with a steady fast rhythm that wouldn’t die down anytime soon. Lan Wang Ji had amazing endurance and stamina already, but it was truly unbelievable during his ruts. Wei Wuxian would feel sore and tired after each round, but he regretted nothing. In fact, he would stare at his own reflection from the mirror for minutes, seeing the marks that his mate left on his skin. He adored them in a slightly sadistic way.

Though he always wanted to take care of his mate, Lan Wang Ji was a little bit selfish when in rut. It was the only time Wei Wuxian understood completely why as he was unable to think for anyone else but himself. Snaking a hand between themselves, Wei Wuxian gasped as he smoothed a thumb over the leaking head of his own member. Slicked with precum, the movement of stroking himself was easy and it brought him a huge amount of pleasure. But he didn’t want to end it yet, as he knew he would be in big trouble later if he let himself come already.

Whining, Wei Wuxian begged Lan Wang Ji to speed up, get closer to his first climax of what would be a long first night. Spewing words of encouragement and filthy words against his ear, only a few of them actually managed to get inside the Alphas head. Growling loudly, he picked up his pace and rutted into Wei Wuxian with inhuman speed and strength. Leaving the other underneath him crying in pleasure.

Teeth rupturing the old scarred skin, Lan Wang Ji’s movements became more irregular, shaky. Tasting the blood that seeped from Wei Wuxian’s old mating mark, a fire lit up inside his chest.

‘Y-yes!’ Wei Wuxian cried out, feeling the stretch of the knot beginning to form. ‘Knot me.’ He moaned, voice almost drowning in the sound of skin slapping against skin. But Lan Wang Ji heard him, loud and clear.

The stretch always took Wei Wuxian by surprise, gasping as he looked up at his mate. Hand moving up, he took a fistful of his hair and tugged at the beautiful strands of black. Soon the stretch became too much and tears formed at the corners of his eyes. His hand began moving around his own length again, helping to sooth the pain.

His other hand moved down Lan Wang Ji’s neck, all the way to his shoulders and then his waist. He pulled him closer, steadying his thrusts and holding him in place once he could no longer move. Wei Wuxian bit onto his bottom lip tightly, tasting his own blood. He felt so full, unable to explain the feeling in words. The knot wasn’t fully inflated yet, still expanding inside Wei Wuxian. Locking the two in place for quite some time.

Lan Wang Ji’s hands were squeezing behind his knees tightly, surely bruising the skin. His whole frame shook slightly, eyes closed and a focused expression on his face as he ordered himself to stay still. If he were to attempt to move like his body desired from now on, he would bring unbearable pain onto Wei Wuxian. Luckily Wei Wuxian knew exactly what to do.

The hand around his own length finally stopped as he came in small twitches. Whining as he shot white between them. While doing so, his insides spasmed in a delicious way against Lan Wang Ji throbbing member and aching knot. It was just enough to drive him over the edge, knot finally expanded all the way and ready to deliver his load.

Tears falling down his cheeks, Wei Wuxian let out a broken sob as he felt Lan Wang Ji’s seed finally enter him. In his high, Lan Wang Ji moaned as he rutted down slowly and gently. Even the smallest amount of movement was enough to draw a moan out of him, something Wei Wuxian loved about his ruts. He could no longer hold himself back, letting out every sound he secretly wanted but couldn’t because of his stubborn mind.

Wei Wuxian’s tired hand reached out and brushed away the strands of hair hanging in front of Lan Wang Ji’s beautiful face, brushing them away behind his ear. His hand lingered a while longer, thumb wiping away the beads of sweat daring to fall into the other's eyes. Heavy breaths evening slowly, Lan Wang Ji managed to open his eyes and look down at his mate.

‘Wei Ying.’ He whispered, voice raw and worn out. He dipped forward, kissing the other carefully. Even during ruts, there were highs and there were lows. He could completely lose all control or gain a little bit of self control after climaxing that would bring him back to earth and realize what situation he was in. Almost as if in panic every single time, he would check to see if Wei Wuxian was hurt.

‘Alright. I’m alright.’ Wei Wuxian sighed happily, a whine escaping his lips as Lan Wang Ji’s hand snaked between them and where they were connected. His words alone weren’t enough to make Lan Wang Ji believe him, checking to see if his fingers would come back up covered in crimson blood. Luckily it didn’t.

His hand however didn’t come back up to support himself on the bed, but moved a little further up Wei Wuxian’s body. The Omega fell silent as the other's hand pressed up against his stomach. Inflated due to Lan Wang Ji’s seed his otherwise flat stomach now had a little curve to it. Wei Wuxian swallowed down a lump in his throat slowly while looking at Lan Wang Ji’s expression. It was hard to tell what he was thinking about.

Lan Wang Ji must have not even thought about what he was doing, blinking a few times as he realized what he had done, moving his hand like Wei Wuxian’s skin had burnt him. But Wei Wuxian grabbed onto him quickly, holding onto his wrist tightly. There was sadness in his eyes but a smile displayed on his lips. ‘Don’t be afraid.’ He said, moving the hand back down until Lan Wang Ji’s fingertips touched the soft skin. ‘You can touch me.’ He assured his mate, pressing his hand down and not removing his own.

Both of their hands stayed there for a while, lingering and not moving. Both of them were thinking the same thing, something that usually leads to heated arguments and tears shed by them both. But now there was nothing said, not a single word.

The rest of the night was quiet, minus the moans and groans let out by each other as Lan Wang Ji’s rut continued as normal. It would last the same amount of days and life would return to normal. But somewhere in the back of their heads- some would call it false hope, the wish of something bigger happening was still there. They never wanted to get their hopes up in case of being let down. After all, it had been years since they mated and became one. They had been trying for a child, even when neither of them would admit it out loud in case of hurting the other. Yet they both knew it, how much they wanted it.

Too many nights were spent thinking, worrying and crying over this. It ruined them, to think about what could be. Yet they couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like if things had been different. But they couldn’t stay bitter forever, as they needed to hold onto every small piece of hope they could get. Without it, they would have nothing.


The weather was awful, rain pouring and lightning hitting the ground somewhere not too far. The fire in the candle lit on the porch next to Wei Wuxian danced with the wind for a moment, then quickly dying and leaving a gush of smoke behind it. It was a cold night, something unusual for the beginning summer. The sound of the rain hitting the weak roof of their home was enough to wake Wei Wuxian up, making him get up and check up on the farm animals who were scared to death of the weather. Their small white rabbits were inside their nests, cuddling up against each other and shivering in fear. Lil Apple was quiet, eyeing the sky and waiting for another lighting to hit somewhere.

Wei Wuxian pouted, seeing the just sprouted radishes being tortured by the harsh winds. if they were strong enough they would make it, he reminded himself. Jumping a little in surprise as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his middle. He relaxed quickly and leaned against the strong chest against his back.

A pair of lips touched his neck, kissing softly and staying for a while. ‘You should come back.’ Lan Wang Ji breathed against his ear, sending shivers down Wei Wuxian’s spine. He smiled and turned around in his arms while throwing his hands to mess with the others hair.

‘The bed felt too cold without me?’ He asked teasingly. ‘I will. Just wanted to check on the animals.’ He spoke, another flash of lightning coming from behind the house.

‘Mn.’ Lan Wang Ji hummed, hands holding onto his hips firmly. He stayed quiet for a while, then opening his mouth as if to say something but pausing before finally asking him. ‘Something keeping you up?’

Wei Wuxian stood still, fiddling with the other's hair caught in his hands. He hummed, nodding his head ever so slightly. ‘I haven’t been able to sleep well these nights.’ He confessed, making Lan Wang Ji frown.

‘Wei Ying, why haven’t you told me?’ At that, Wei Wuxian’s smile only got bigger.

‘It’s my own fault, i keep thinking about things.’ He said.

Lan Wang Ji looked deep in thought, frowning. ‘What things?’ He asked.

Wei Wuxian shook his head with a smile displayed on his lips. ‘I’ll tell you in the morning.’ He whispered. Lan Wang Ji still looked unsure, like he wasn’t satisfied with Wei Wuxian’s answer. But it was the middle of the night, both of them being very tired. He eventually nodded his head, taking a hold of Wei Wuxian’s wrist gently and pulling him inside.

Snuggling against each other, Wei Wuxian hugged Lan Wang Ji tightly while breathing in his calming scent. Knowing that Wei Wuxian had been having a hard time sleeping these days broke Lan Wang Ji’s heart as he had no idea, peacefully sleeping through the nights. His fingers drew calming circles against the Omega’s naked skin, sending waves of calming scent into the room they were in. Wei Wuxian hummed as he closed his eyes, heartbeat slowing down and letting out a big yawn. Perhaps tonight he would be able to sleep well, not worry about anything until the morning comes.

And just like that, he fell asleep and didn’t wake up anxious after a few hours, breaking the routine of what had happened every other night leading up to this one. Rain kept on falling, creating a calming background noise now that the lightning had stopped. Wei Wuxian drifted off into a deep sleep. Morning came, and it was a beautiful one.

Laying down lazily, Wei Wuxian breathed in the air around him. A mixture of Lan Wang Ji’s scent and the fresh after the rain flair. He opened his eyes slowly, feeling a hand move up his waist. Lifting his head upwards to look at his mate, Wei Wuxian realized Lan Wang Ji was already awake and had been for some time. The other looked back at him with gentle eyes.

Wei Wuxian smiled, tangling their legs underneath the covers. He felt rejuvenated having slept this well after quite some time. Yet there was still a lump in his throat, a reminder why he was unable to sleep unwell in the first place. His smile died, swallowing deeply instead.

‘Wei Ying.’ Lan Wang Ji spoke, seeing and sensing the change in his mates emotions. ‘Something is bothering you.’ He said. It wasn’t a question but the honest truth.

Instead of avoiding anything, Wei Wuxian slowly nodded his head. He couldn’t hide anything from the other even if he wanted to. Lan Wang Ji knew him way too well, knew that there was something serious bothering him to the point of not being to sleep for days. Even though he was unsure, Wei Wuxian decided to tell him. Or better than that; show him.

Taking a hold of Lan Wang Ji’s bigger hand, he began guiding it somewhere. Lan Wang Ji’s expression stayed the same, confused and unsure on what the other was trying to tell him. Yet he didn’t interrupt him, staying quiet and letting Wei Wuxian move his hand. Lan Wang Ji was also afraid that if he were to say anything, it would scare Wei Wuxian and make him stop whatever he was doing as his hand was already shaking ever so slightly.

Hands disappearing underneath the covers, Lan Wang Ji felt the tips of his fingers touch soft skin. Looking at Wei Wuxian with an unsure expression, he opened his mouth. ‘Wei Ying, i don’t-’

‘Tell me i’m crazy.’ Wei Wuxian spoke. His hand pressing Lan Wang Ji’s own against his stomach. ‘Lan Zhan, say i’m just imagining things.’ His own expression was hard to read as well, seemingly neutral. But there was something else there as well, self-doubt. He must think that he has lost his mind for thinking such a thing could be possible. He thinks he has gone crazy, for having hope.

He thought that Lan Wang Ji would sigh, remove his hand and hug him tightly while repeating the same mantra of i’m sorry’s, only making him realize that he was indeed crazy and wrong. There was nothing there after all and there never would be. He was a fool for thinking such a thing could ever happen to them. But that wasn’t what Lan Wang Ji said at all.

Lan Wang Ji’s lips pressed against his own, kissing him passionately and yet carefully as if he was afraid of hurting him. Ah, this was all in order to break his heart with as little pain as possible, he realized sadly.

Well, here it comes. Wei Ying, i am sorry, but there is nothing there. The few words enough to make him break down once again. Break his heart into a million small pieces that would take weeks and months to fix, with each of Lan Wang Ji’s soft touches and small kisses. He was prepared for it, now thinking he was an idiot for thinking he was so hopeful about something that would never happen. He was a fool.

Yet those words didn’t come as Lan Wang Ji pulled away from him, staring at him with tears in his eyes.

‘Since when did you know?’ He asked, voice breaking. This muted Wei Wuxian completely, staring back at his mate without saying anything. He barely managed to breathe, everything in his mind going blank. Did… Did Lan Wang Ji really mean what he had just said?

‘I didn’t want to tell you, how your scent changed.’ Lan Wang Ji suddenly continued. ‘I didn’t want to give you hope, in case things took a turn for the worse.’ He confessed, Wei Wuxian’s brain barely realizing what was being said to him.

It was true that even though he would be able to bear a child, the pregnancy could come to a quick end before becoming complete. Miscarriages were common for male Omega’s, if they were to even get pregnant. Lan Wang Ji didn’t want to tell him too early in case such a thing would happen, as it would be devastating for the both of them. Wait… So this means;

‘Lan Zhan.’ Wei Wuxian breathed. ‘Please, tell me that this isn’t a dream.’ He whispered, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

Were his crazy thoughts true after all? The few mornings when he woke up with his stomach twisting and turning, fighting back the urge to throw up only to fail. When he could barely eat anything, blaming it on the crops he had grown. The sleepless nights that he spent placing his hand down on his stomach, feeling something there but thinking he was stupid for imaging such a thing.

‘It’s real.’ Lan Wang Ji said. Repeating his words a few times as Wei Wuxian looked to be in disbelieve.

Letting out a broken sob, Wei Wuxian hugged the other tightly. His words still stuck in his ears, repeating the same thing like a song. It’s real. The small bump inside his stomach, was real.

Crying, both out of happiness and fear for what was about to come. The road ahead of them would be bumpy, full of ups and downs and worries. Yet they would strut down that road heads held high and hearts swelled with excitement. This was something both of them had hoped, wished and prayed for years. Finally, the sun was shining bright after a storm.


‘Wei Ying’ Wei Wuxian turned and smiled as Lan Wang Ji walked up to him, Lan Xichen accompanying him. The two brothers truly looked like the twin jades of Gusu. Lan Xichen had just arrived at Lotus Pier, Lan Wang Ji going and meeting him as his boat reached the docks. He left his mates side only for half an hour at max, yet he felt anxious without him and linked their arms together as soon as he saw him again.

‘Young master Wei.’ Lan Xichen smiled politely while bowing down in front of his brothers husband. Wei Wuxian was quick to do the same, bowing down formally.

‘Zewu-Jun, i am glad you could join us.’ Wei Wuxian smiled, Lan Wang Ji’s hand placed on his hip in a protective fashion.

‘Of course. I received Lan Wang Ji’s letter and hearing it was time for a celebration, i could not show up.’ He spoke, beginning to walk forward with the two, following them as the routes inside Lotus Pier were a bit unfamiliar to him even when he had visited a few times over the years. Lan Wang Ji however knew them well enough already, having visited many times together with Wei Wuxian.

‘Though i was a bit unsure, as brother didn’t explain what the topic for the celebration would be.’ Lan Xichen added with a smile.

‘All will become clear in a moment.’ Wei Wuxian assured him. ‘I believe everyone else has already arrived.’

Right on que, the loud voice of Jiang Cheng could be heard coming behind them.

‘Wei Wuxian!’ He yelled across the hall, marching up to meet the small group of three. ‘You sure have the nerve, to simply write a letter to ask everyone to gather here without my permission!’ He said with a sour face. He quickly bowed down to Lan Xichen, nodding his head to Lan Wang Ji who did the same.

Crossing his arms, Wei Wuxian sighed. ‘I know, i’m sorry.’ He pouted. ‘I did however ask father if it was alright, and he had no problem with it.’ At the mention of the Clan Leader, both Lan Wang Ji and Lan Xichen straightened their postures even more- if that was even possible as the two always looked to proper. This made them look a bit silly, as Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng both knew there was no need to worry about the Sect Leader. Yu Ziyuan however was someone who they all needed to fear and respect. Luckily for them all, she was not present at the Pier today. Perhaps Jiang Fengmian had a little something to do with that.

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, tapping his foot against the floor. Wei Wuxian smiled, he had missed him. The other looked a little more mature now as he had grown up to a fine man. They all had, as they were no longer the teens that first met each other all those years ago in the Cloud Recesses. Jiang Cheng would soon become the Sect Leader, taking his father's spot once he decided to retire.

‘Has everyone arrived yet?’ Wei Wuxian then asked, trying to remember if he saw every Sects boats in the Pier when they first arrived. His bad memory always served him badly, not remembering a thing.

‘Shijie will arrive later tonight.’ Jiang Cheng spoke, expression a bit softer now at the mention of their sister. Wei Wuxian nodded his head, glad to hear that she was arriving. With her would come Jin Ling and Jin Zixuan as well, completing the list of people both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wang Ji wanted to attend their meeting.

‘You should all rest a bit.’ Jiang Cheng spoke, sounding like a true Sect Leader as he turned to the Lan’s. ‘You all have your own buildings, i’m sure Wei Wuxian knows where they are located.’ And he was correct, as Wei Wuxian and Lan Wang Ji had already passed by the buildings right after arriving.

They all left, to rest for a bit before seeing each other again.

Sighing, Wei Wuxian sat down on the edge of the neatly made bed. He stretched his legs, cursing as his right ankle ached. Lan Wang Ji smiled slightly, walking over and kneeling down in front of him. Wei Wuxian watched silently as Lan Wang Ji removed his boots and began gently massaging the sore joints. Wei Wuxian closed his eyes and leaned back against the pillows.

‘I know i am always tired but this is just ridiculous.’ He murmured, voice slurred as he focused on Lan Wang Ji’s fingers massaging him. They had been traveling for a few days to get here. Usually it was fun and exciting for him, as Wei Wuxian enjoyed being on the road and traveling across the lands and the waters. But this time it was different.

His hand moved to untie the tightly wrapped robes around his middle, hand pressing up against the bump on his bare skin. It was still hard to notice with the naked eye as Wei Wuxian’s robes hid the bump quite well, but it was still there. His usually flat stomach now had a permanent curve to it. He loved to touch and feel it. It gave him comfort and made him relax.

Lan Wang Ji’s hands stopped moving, resting his feet back down against the floor but he didn’t get up from the floor. Instead his hands joined Wei Wuxian’s own and pressed up against the bump. He reached down, lips pressing up against the sensitive skin. Wei Wuxian’s breathing hitched.

‘It’s normal to feel tired.’ Lan Wang Ji spoke, his breathing tickling Wei Wuxian. ‘You are carrying our child after all.’

A hand hooking underneath Lan Wang Ji’s chin, he lifted the other upwards and towards his own lips. Giving his lips a quick peck at first, Wei Wuxian smiled widely. ‘I love you.’ He breathed, now kissing him deeply.

Lan Wang Ji’s hands felt smooth against his stomach, rubbing small circles and fingertips tickling him slightly. Wei Wuxian felt himself melting to the touch and the scent that Lan Wang Ji released while touching their unborn child with such gentle care. It was teethrottingly sweet.

Pulling away slowly, Lan Wang Ji smiled with stars in his eyes, like he was on top of the world. And he might as well be, as he was a soon to be father. Wei Wuxian would give him the greatest gift of all. Something they had been wanting for way too long.

Carefully covering Wei Wuxian’s stomach again, tying his robes for him. Lan Wang Ji couldn’t stop smiling for a while. ‘We should meet with the other's soon.’ He reminded Wei Wuxian. The reason why they came here and gathered all their closest friends together was indeed to tell them the good news.

For days leading up to this day, Wei Wuxian had been using scent blockers, making everyone unaware of his pregnancy. He did this all because he wanted to truly surprise them. See their faces when he and Lan Wang Ji would tell them the news. They couldn’t be more excited.

And they were right about the reactions, like they had predicted weeks ago when sending out the letters.

Nie Huaisang looked like he was about to faint, fan falling down from his grasp and falling to the floor.

Lan Xichen stood still with an open mouth for a while before breaking into a wide smile.

Wen Ning clapped his hands excitedly while Wen Qing looked a bit emotional.

Jiang Yanli let out a shriek, tears forming in her eyes as she hurriedly ran over and hugged her brother, Jin Ling looking confused as ever to his mother's reaction.

Jiang Cheng stood still for a while, the expression on his face hard to read as his hands turned into fists. He might have looked like he was about to walk over and punch someone but Lan Wang Ji luckily knew how to read him better these days. The two Alphas stared at each other for a moment, Jiang Cheng’s shaky arms pulling the other into a tight hug. Through gritted teeth he whispered, voice breaking. ‘Thank you.’


Quite like the wind blowing through his hair, the notes that Wei Wuxian played through Chenqing echoed around him in a calming way. The song that he played was one of his favorites, something he heard and learned once from an old man outside one of the liquor shops in Yunmeng many years ago. The song was nothing fancy as Wei Wuxian already forgot the words but the melody was lovely and something he will remember for a long time. Eyes closed, back pressed against the trunk of the tree, Wei Wuxian let the last note of the song flutter in the wind before letting it die while lowering the flute away from his lips.

The white rabbits around him hopped around happily, some eating the green grass greedily. Their red eyes stared back him every now and then, almost as if missing the calming sound of the flute. Wei Wuxian smiled, one small rabbit asleep on his lap. It didn’t wake up even when he moved himself slightly so he didn’t feel as uncomfortable against the rough tree. This was one of his favorite places on their spot of land. The lonely tree standing tall on top of a hill, where it could see all around itself and the beautiful land.

It was windy, and the red string in Wei Wuxian’s hair flailed around in front of his face. He let the wind mess with his hair, enjoying the way it touched him ever so slightly. The bunnies around him snuggled up against him, afraid that a huge gust of wind would be able to take them away. The rabbits didn’t always act this way around him. They used to be quite afraid of him actually even if Lan Wang Ji was accompanying him to see them. Perhaps the little things could hear whenever Wei Wuxian joked that he would eat them. It was only karma when they ran away whenever they saw him. But these days they love his company just as much as Lan Wang Ji’s and it had a clear reason why.

Wei Wuxian’s scent had completely changed, similar to the one of Lan Wang Ji’s. This wasn’t surprising as he was literally carrying a piece of him, smelling a little similar to his Alpha. The rabbits could sense this, realizing that this other person was someone as reliable as their dear Hanguang-Jun. Aside from this one positive, Wei Wuxian couldn’t wait to not be pregnant anymore.

He was a few months along now, stomach still quite small and easily to hide with the right robes. He didn’t need to hide it often, only if they ever left to a town. When home, he would walk around without any belt around his figure, showing his curves proudly. It was also because that way he felt the most comfortable. Sleeping was hard, so was staying awake. He would mostly nap these days, sleeping only a few hours at a time and then be awake for another few.

He lost weight and became more weak. He couldn’t do any of the farm work anymore, and even if he had the energy to do so Lan Wang Ji wouldn’t allow him. He was a hawk eyeing his every move, making sure he wasn’t overworking or attempting to do anything too risky. Wei Wuxian appreciated the help and care he got from his mate, but he was sure getting up from the bed by himself wasn’t anything too risky. But he wouldn’t complain out loud. He knew why Lan Wang Ji was so worried for him, as his pregnancy was very dangerous. He really needed to take things slowly or he would risk their child's health.

Opening his eyes, Wei Wuxian heard a few footsteps coming his way. The bunnies reacted to the sound as well, hopping around excitedly for a while before calming down again. They moved a little, making some space for the other figure who now sat next to Wei Wuxian. Lan Wang Ji grabbed a rabbit from the ground, bringing it up to his face and bumping noses with it. The scene was absolutely adorable, making Wei Wuxian’s heart do a flip inside his chest. Lan Wang Ji placed the rabbit down on his lap, petting between its ears gently. His other hand grabbed Wei Wuxian’s own, holding it tightly.

‘It was beautiful.’ Lan Wang Ji then said, looking somewhere far into the distance. He meant the song, Wei Wuxian realized. This made him smile. Music was something near and dear to both of them at the moment as both of them believed it had a calming and healing affect to both Wei Wuxian and their child. Some nights when Wei Wuxian had a hard time falling asleep, Lan Wang Ji would play his zither and sing songs to him. His voice was beautiful and Wei Wuxian was sure he was the first one even to hear his singing voice. It was gorgeous enough to make Wei Wuxian calm down and get some sleep. Sometimes when he would wake up, Lan Wang Ji was still playing the zither, having not stopped for the whole night.

‘I should learn the words again.’ Wei Wuxian said, talking about the song he had played. ‘Though i doubt that i’ll ever see that old man even again.’ He sighed. Lan Wang Ji’s thumb moved over his own, smoothing the rough skin.

‘You never know what the future might bring.’ Lan Wang Ji said, looking at his mate with a fond look in his eyes.

‘Perhaps you’re right.’ Wei Wuxian hummed, another warm gust of wind blowing past them, playing with their hair. The weather was perfect, a sunny day with a few clouds in sight. Summer was coming and Wei Wuxian wasn’t looking forward to it. He would be quite uncomfortable in warm weather once he gets even bigger. But he decided not to worry about it for now, focusing on the current.

Lan Wang Ji’s hand held onto his own tightly, squeezing to bring him back from his thoughts. ‘Wei Ying.’ He spoke, making the other look at him. ‘I have something i want to show you.’ He added, making Wei Wuxian raise an eyebrow.

‘Do i have to get up, really?’ Wei Wuxian playfully groaned, seeing Lan Wang Ji get up from the ground. The rabbits around them scattered to different directions, afraid they will get stepped on. Lan Wang Ji ignored his complaints and pulled him up carefully by holding onto his arms. After getting up the two headed back down the narrow path leading to their house.

Everything looked better now, the outside of the house almost finished and the inside looking neath enough to raise a child here. It still wasn’t complete, as Lan Wang Ji worked on the small library they had built connected to the bedroom. He was working on the house a lot these days, knowing it needed to be as ready as possible before the baby would arrive. They both wanted to raise their child in the perfect environment.

Taking Wei Wuxian to the unfinished library, Lan Wang Ji pulled him towards one of the corners of the somewhat empty room. Wei Wuxian blinked his eyes a few times after entering the room, not remembering what had been there before and what was new. It almost looked like Lan Wang Ji hadn’t made a lot of progress which was odd for him. But that was true, as Lan Wang Ji hadn’t been working on the library for some time. Instead he had been building something with his own two hands that he knew Wei Wuxian wouldn’t come and look for as he only once stepped foot into the library and that was by pure accident as well.

Pausing, Wei Wuxian stared at the large object hidden underneath a curtain that he recognize as one of the curtains that usually hung in their bedroom. He smiled, finding it cute that Lan Wang Ji wanted to surprise him whatever he had made so badly. He looked at Lan Wang Ji once, seeing the other nod his head before Wei Wuxian pulled the curtain off slowly.

Dropping the fabric onto the floor, Wei Wuxian looked at what Lan Wang Ji had made in silent awe.

It was a baby crib. Painted in white, the otherwise smooth wood had carvings of clouds, rabbits and lotus flowers on the side. Wei Wuxian reached out and followed the carvings with the tips of his fingers, careful as if the thing would break underneath his touch. The bunnies had red eyes while the lotus flowers were tinted with pink. It was all so nicely drawn and neatly made, Wei Wuxian could imagine seeing Lan Wang Ji’s focused face as he was carving and painting every little picture on it. Inside the crib was a neatly made blanket. Lan Wang Ji must have made it himself, seeing the cute cloud image knitted into the middle of the blanket. It was all so beautiful.

Turning around, Wei Wuxian hugged the other tightly. Lan Wang Ji’s hands came up, pressing his head against his chest firmly. Lips pressed against the crown of Wei Wuxian’s head. ‘It’s perfect Lan Zhan.’ Wei Wuxian whispered.

‘I am glad you enjoy it.’ He murmured, pressing another kiss. This made Wei Wuxian lift up his head, drag Lan Wang Ji’s hands down to press against his stomach.

‘It will be perfect for them.’ He smiled, kissing Lan Wang Ji’s lips.


Lil Apple made an annoyed sound as it looked at Wei Wuxian, flailing its tail around as if to drive him away. Wei Wuxian ignored the stubborn donkey, tongue sticking out as he dragged the knife along the piece of wood in his hands. The small wooden chips being cut off fell to his lap. He brought up the small piece of wood that was left, looking at it from a different angle. He laughed out loud, shaking his head.

‘Lil Apple.’ He called out, patting the donkeys behind. ‘Look at this, does this look anything like a rabbit?’ He asked, waiting for an answer as if the donkey could actually speak. All he got was annoyed and loud braying. Rolling his eyes, Wei Wuxian got up from the small stool inside the barn and brushed off the wood chippings. He carried the small funny looking rabbit inside their home and placed it down on top of the kitchen table. Next to the new addition were other small wooden carvings. All different kinds of animals and humans who looked like they belonged into the different Sects. Wei Wuxian had been painting them in their representative colors, the new bunny would be getting a brown coating all over it.

Wei Wuxian smiled while looking at the toys he had made, them bringing him happiness. He hoped their little one would appreciate the amount of work that went into the making of their toys.

Wei Wuxian’s bump was looking more like a pregnant belly now, making it hard to hide it if he wanted to. He was much more tired and sore after moving for a long period of time, yet sleeping at night was never any easier. In fact it always got harder to sleep. His belly started getting on his way more now. Putting on his own socks and boots was a real workout now, Lan Wang Ji usually doing it for him. He walked with a slight wobble, looking quite ridiculous. But he only looked adorable in Lan Wang Ji’s eyes.

Another amazing yet slightly annoying thing in his pregnancy at the moment was the fact that the baby had began to move. The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. Wei Wuxian was attempting to sleep, eyes still wide open as he stared at the ceiling above. Lan Wang Ji had stayed up the previous night and the whole day since he wanted to keep an eye on his mate and try to help him in any way, but this night Wei Wuxian basically forced him to sleep instead of looking out for him as he didn’t want the other to go without sleep as well. However it was also this same night when Wei Wuxian felt the weirdest feelings in his life, quickly pressing a hand against his stomach as his heart beat fast.

He hadn’t just imagined it, he really felt it. Pressing his hand down a little more- there it was again! Now smiling widely, Wei Wuxian felt the small movements against the palm of his hand. He let out a sound of excitement, other hand punching Lan Wang Ji in the back.

‘Lan Zhan!’ He said a little too loudly, scaring the other as Lan Wang Ji jumped up in the bed and looked around him worriedly.

‘Wei Ying, what-’ He murmured, stopping as Wei Wuxian grabbed his hand quickly and pressed it against the stretched skin on his belly. The Alpha immediately relaxed, feeling the same that Wei Wuxian felt earlier. It was a magical moment, giving them more hope that everything would turn out alright. Their baby was healthy and growing well, it assured Wei Wuxian that he was doing everything right.

Even now, the baby was giving Wei Wuxian a hard time, kicking and moving like it wanted to turn his insides into soup. At least they would come out strong, Wei Wuxian reminded himself, a particular kick making him need to go to the bathroom. Another thing he hated, having to pee so often. He thought that was just an overstatement and exaggeration when it came to being pregnant, but he did indeed get up from bed up to eight times in one night to use the bathroom. It was truly annoying, but he would go through it all for their little one.

One thing he had started to do was talk to the baby. Whenever he felt the baby moving, he liked to speak to them. It may all just be in his head, but in his mind speaking to the baby makes them calm down a little. They begin to kick less and move slightly calmer so Wei Wuxian doesn’t feel like his insides are being battled against. Even now while painting the small black dots on the brown rabbits face as eyes, Wei Wuxian feels the baby begin to move.

‘I feel like you are going to like this one.’ Wei Wuxian murmurs, focusing on the paint job but eventually giving up and placing the rabbit and the paint brush back down. His hands come to rest on top of his stomach, rubbing large circles. ‘This rabbit is a little different from the rest.’ He speaks, cooing down at his stomach. ‘It will have a heart shaped white mark on it’s back, kinda cute huh?’

There was no answer obviously, only small movements he could feel underneath his arms if he focused hard enough. They weren’t calming down and only getting stronger. Wei Wuxian hadn’t even met their child. Yet he felt like he knew exactly what the baby was feeling and what it wanted. Almost as if having read his mind, Lan Wang Ji marched out of the library and came up to him.

‘Do not give your father a hard time.’ Lan Wang Ji spoke, voice low yet calming. He sat down in front of Wei Wuxian and lowered his ear to press it against Wei Wuxian’s clothed stomach. He nodded his head as if hearing what the baby wanted, making Wei Wuxian laugh. Getting up, Lan Wang Ji walked back into the library only to come back quickly with his zither.

He sat down with it, placing it on top of Wei Wuxian’s work table next to the rabbit and began playing it. Wei Wuxian closed his eyes, listening to the notes that Lan Wang Ji’s talented fingers played. The song was one of the newest songs Lan Wang Ji had learned. It had a healing and calming effect to it, making Wei Wuxian sigh. Lan Wang Ji had been studying the books that the brought back from Cloud Recesses and the ones he bought from the market. He was constantly studying and playing the new songs, wanting to find one that would help Wei Wuxian sleep better at the time as he always got used to the old ones and became immune to them.

Looking over to his mate every now and then, Lan Wang Ji smiled as he saw the other looking relaxed. He didn’t mind playing the zither every night until his fingertips felt like they were bleeding, as long as he could help his mate who was carrying their child.


‘I can’t believe they will be here soon.’ Wei Wuxian murmured, eyes closed and relaxed as he focused on Lan Wang Ji’s fingers rubbing against his scalp. The other washed his hair carefully, massaging his shoulders and scalp while laying in the warm bath together.

‘Mh.’ Lan Wang Ji hummed happily.

Wei Wuxian was very close to his delivery day, stomach larger than ever. It was almost impossible for him to do most things by himself without Lan Wang Ji’s help as his big stomach got in the way. He needed help with everything from bathing to dressing himself. He enjoyed the feeling of being doted by his mate at first, but slowly grew somewhat annoyed at it. Not because of Lan Wang Ji but because of himself. He couldn’t wait for his pregnancy to be over already. He wanted to live without the huge bump, see his feet and do stuff by himself again. But most importantly, he wanted to hold their little one already.

‘Soon.’ Lan Wang Ji repeated his mates words, other hand moving to rest on top of the stretched skin. The baby was healthy, moving a lot and growing nicely. Since the two lived away from the rest, Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wuxian needed to learn about the pregnancy as there was no doctor nearby at all times. Wen Qing did however check Wei Wuxian the last time they met at Lotus Pier, when they told everyone the good news. The well trained doctor then asked permission if she was allowed to be there for the delivery. Both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wang Ji agreed happily.

The Beta doctor was very famous, coming from a very well know healer family. She had gotten to know the two years ago while studying in the Cloud Recesses. She and Wei Wuxian didn’t have the best relationship at first, as Wei Wuxian loved to tease her at any given time. She was annoyed of course, even threatening to use acupuncture needles to paralyze him for a slight amount of time once. But the Beta really cared about him in the end, as Wei Wuxian was one of the only friends that her shy brother Wen Ning had. She was also very interested in the other as a doctor, seeing Wei Wuxian’s pregnancy was quite rare and risky. She wanted to learn more about it, help him with the delivery and perhaps write a book to help future generations who come across the same situation either as male Omegas or as doctors.

So even Wen Qing didn’t know a lot about the pregnancy. Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wuxian had stayed up hours, studying and reading whatever they could get their hands on at the beginning of the pregnancy. Even Wei Wuxian was keen on reading and learning, which was a first. But this was something he needed to study on, as it was his own body.

Delivery would be painful and painstakingly long. Wei Wuxian would need a lot of healing and help from his mate. Lan Wang Ji would be there for him through it all, ignoring the Gusu Lan Sect rules.

Swallowing, Wei Wuxian leaned his head back against Lan Wang Ji’s chest. ‘You know... You don’t have to be in the delivery room if you don’t want to.’ He murmured. ‘Your rules don’t allow it and i know you may look at me differently after what you see-’

‘I want to.’ Lan Wang Ji quickly said, interrupting the other's mumbling. ‘I would like to be there, but only if you agree.’ He added.

One of the many rules engraved into the mountains at Cloud Recesses was that the partner of the one pregnant wasn’t allowed to participate in the labor. Just like many of the other rules, this one too felt a little stupid. Yet Wei Wuxian began thinking about it more and more as his delivery day got closer.

Wei Wuxian let out a small chuckle, his back shaking against Lan Wang Ji’s chest. They had this conversation many times before already, Wei Wuxian always asking the other if he was sure. He didn’t know why he always asked it again and again, like the other was ever going to change his opinion. Perhaps he kept thinking that the other didn’t want to really be there after all, but Lan Wang Ji kept telling him otherwise.

‘Of course i want you to be there.’ Wei Wuxian said, purring happily as Lan Wang Ji’s arms wrapped around his frame. It was a chilly autumn evening, the wind outside blowing orange and brown leaves everywhere. ‘I just worry… That you will find me, unattractive after what you might see.’ He added with a sigh.

‘Ridiculous.’ Lan Wang Ji whispered. ‘No such thing.’ He assured his mate.

Wei Wuxian let out a whine, pushing Lan Wang Ji’s hand away with a weak push. ‘Of course you say that, but will you really mean it once you see what happens to my body in labor?’ He pouted.

Lan Wang Ji blinked his eyes a few times, slowly holding Wei Wuxian in his arms again. ‘Wei Ying.’ He said. ‘I will only love you more, knowing what you went through to give us a family.’ He said.

Cheeks blushing with red, Wei Wuxian shook his head slightly. ‘I don’t know.’ He said. ‘I’m sorry.’ He then added, making Lan Wang Ji look confused.

‘Why are you apologizing?’ He asked.

Wei Wuxian sighed. ‘I don’t know. I don’t know why i even started this conversation again, it makes me feel anxious. Talking about the delivery.’ He confessed.

Lan Wang Ji swallowed once. ‘It is only natural to feel anxious, yet i don’t want you to.’

‘I can’t really help it, i keep thinking something will go wrong.’ Wei Wuxian murmured, hands rubbing circles around his belly underneath the now somewhat cool water. How could he not be nervous? He was due to give birth any day now. His labor would be different from the rest, very risky and most likely also very painful. But he didn’t care about the pain, he could care less about it. All that mattered to him was that their child would arrive healthy and safely. If his body wasn’t able to do that, Wei Wuxian didn’t know what he would do.

‘Everything will be fine.’ Lan Wang Ji promised his mate. ‘I won’t allow anything bad to happen.’ Wei Wuxian didn’t know why or how he could blindly trust his promise but he found himself nodding his head and relaxing once again, Lan Wang Ji’s calming scent surrounding him. No matter what would happen, his mate would be there to hold his hand and make him feel safe. Wei Wuxian couldn’t ask for anything else.

Anxiety being lifted off of his shoulders for now, he was able to drift of to a slumber in his arms. Waking up in their bed hours later next to the other.


Wen Ning and Wen Qing arrived on their property a week ago after a long travel, staying in one of the smaller huts that they had built before the pregnancy that Lan Wang Ji ended up finishing after they decided they wanted to two to be there for the delivery. The doctor as her little brother traveled to the nearest town soon, gathering the rest of the things that they may need during the labor. Wei Wuxian was both glad and nervous when they arrived. This meant that he would soon see their child, but it also meant that labor day was near. He tried to keep his mind positive, thinking how he would be able to move freely again and sleep well without the stomach. But the number one thing was seeing their child.

Wei Wuxian had tried imagining what they would look like. They didn’t even know the gender of their child yet let alone what they would look like but Wei Wuxian had tried to imagine it before. Would they have Lan Wang Ji’s eyes? His own slightly curly hair? Would their child be a strong cultivator with a powerful golden core? In the end none of it mattered as both he and Lan Wang Ji thought the most important thing was that they were healthy. Nothing else really mattered.

Everything was ready for the baby's arrival. Wen Qing had all her equipment prepared and Wen Ning was ready to follow all his sisters orders. Now all they needed was the baby to decide to come. The wait was torturous, Wei Wuxian wishing that he would go into labor already. Luckily for him, they didn’t need to wait for too long.

Lan Wang Ji still remembers being awoken the previous night, Wei Wuxian shaking his frame gently. Lan Wang Ji opened his eyes and blinked a few times while getting used to the darkness around them. There was silence, and he almost thought he had imagined the other touching him at all until he heard a painful moan.

‘Wei Ying.’ Lan Wang Ji gasped as he turned around to look at the other.

Eyebrows furrowed together, Wei Wuxian laid there next to him and tightly held onto the other's arm.

‘Doctor Wen.’ Lan Wang Ji managed to say, attempting to leave the bed. But Wei Wuxian’s tight grip kept him from leaving. The Omega stayed quiet for a while, breathing slowly and keeping his eyes shut. He was having a contraction and by the looks of it a strong one. Only after it had passed was he able to open his eyes and look at his mate.

‘Not yet.’ He managed to say. ‘It’s only the beginning stages. Wen Qing will kill me if i wake her up in the middle of the night when the baby will only arrive hours later.’ He whispered, moving to sit on the bed with a little help from Lan Wang Ji who didn’t look too sure.

‘She should still check on you.’ Lan Wang Ji said, voice slightly shaky. Could it be that he was nervous?

Wei Wuxian shook his head, hands on top of his stomach. ‘The first few contractions haven’t been that bad, this one just caught me-’

‘You were having contractions before?!’ Lan Wang Ji asked, voice cracking and making him sound slightly funny. ‘Wei Ying! Why did you not wake me up?’ He asked while hurrying to support the other on the bed.

Wei Wuxian let out a half hearted laugh, shaking his head. ‘I wasn’t sure if i was in labor or just having phantom pains. I wanted to be sure before waking you up, since i knew you slept really bad last night as well.’ That was indeed true. Wei Wuxian had been experiencing pre-labor symptoms for a few days already, small waves of what feel like contractions but not quite. They had kept him up for many nights in a row already, also making it impossible for Lan Wang Ji to sleep as he was too keen on taking care of his pregnant mate. Wei Wuxian wanted him to get some sleep, as he was sure he was ready to knock out unconscious as soon as the baby was out of him and Lan Wang Ji needed to care for their child.

‘Do not worry about me, the baby is the most important and you.’ Lan Wang Ji reminded him, a sad look on his face.

Wei Wuxian was about to say something, the smile on his face turning into a painful expression as another contraction rippled through him. Lan Wang Ji held onto him, supporting hs weight on the bed as the other focused on his breathing. Wei Wuxian gritted his teeth together while breathing through his nose, hands holding onto Lan Wang Ji’s own tightly.

Lan Wang Ji counted the seconds and minutes in his head, paying close attention to his mates movements and expression. He hated seeing him in such pain. If it were physically possible, he would take the pain and suffer through it himself instead of seeing his mate in such pain. But Wei Wuxian had always been the stronger one of the two of them. He would get through this.

Once over, Wei Wuxian let out a relieved sigh, sweat forming on his forehead. ‘Lan Zhan, i want to walk around a little.’

‘Hm.’ Lan Wang Ji said, agreeing with his idea. It was good for the baby, making it easier for them to make their way downwards between contractions. This also gave Wei Wuxian something to do, as he would feel like going mad if he had to just sit around and wait to be in pain. Instead he preferred to walk around a little, distract his mind a little.

A few hours passed as Wei Wuxian walked around a little, sat down and repeated the same between contractions. As the sun began to rise and Wei Wuxian’s contractions kept coming faster and faster with very little pause between, Lan Wang Ji made the decision to wake up the Wen’s. The two worked quickly, getting everything ready. Suddenly the realization that their child was truly arriving hit them.

Wen Qing did an examination on Wei Wuxian, seeing that he was indeed in labor. To help things pick up pace, she broke his water. It wasn’t as painful as Wei Wuxian had expected, still holding onto Lan Wang Ji’s hand tightly.

He was slightly uncomfortable showing himself like this to someone like Wen Qing, but he had to understand that she was a medical professional and didn’t care what she saw. The Beta just saw him as any other patient, pushing aside the previous relationship that they held as frenemies. Wei Wuxian appreciated that as it made things a lot easier, him being able to relax.

Wen Ning wasn’t in the room most of the time, staying outside to keep guard and be prepared to arrive in case his sister needed help. Lan Wang Ji had let out a growl at the other without even realizing it until Wen Qing stepped between the Alpha and his little brother. Wen Ning was Wei Wuxian’s and his own friend, someone who they could both trust. Yet when Lan Wang Ji’s Alpha instincts kicked in all he could think about was the need to fight off the Beta who was near his Omega in labor. Wen Ning understood that the other didn’t actually mean any harm, stuttering a little while apologizing as he exited the room filled with the Alpha’s strong scent. Wen Qing had glared at him, ordering him to relax and stop scenting the area with his territorial scent as it was making her work harder with a blurry mind. Lan Wang Ji listened to her, instead focusing on scenting Wei Wuxian with a calm scent.

After breaking his water, things began to move with a quick pace.

What was actually hours felt like mere minutes as Wei Wuxian cried out he felt like he was ready to push. He didn’t even know what he meant by that, as all he felt was huge pressure that needed to be relieved somehow. His pelvis was aching, bones moving and joints expanding and shifting to make space for the baby with each contraction. He was in excruciating pain, Lan Wang Ji’s healing glow being the only pain relief.

Wen Qing made one last examination, nodding her head as she placed the covers back down over Wei Wuxian momentarily. ‘The baby is coming.’ She said, wiping off sweat from her forehead. She was just as nervous as the two. No matter how much she knew and how many babies she had delivered in the Wen Sect, nothing could train her for something like this. But she was determined. Determined to help bring this baby out and into its parents arms.

‘Lan Zhan.’ Wei Wuxian choked out, looking over at his mate who stood right by him. ‘I-i’m scared.’ He confessed, seeing Wen Qing bring over all these equipments in case she needed to use them. All Wei Wuxian could stare at was the different knives placed down gently on top of the clean trey.

Lan Wang Ji placed a kiss on his forehead, hand squeezing his own. ‘I am here, Wei Ying.’ He assured him calmly, though his own heart was beating like crazy. He didn’t want the other to see the fact that he was just as nervous and felt oh so hopeless as he could only stand there and watch as the other was in pain.

Wei Wuxian nodded his head, still looking quite pale and nervous but at least he managed to breathe well now, knowing Lan Wang Ji was there for him. The Alpha focused fully on him, healing rays moving from the tips of his fingers and entering Wei Wuxian, helping with the pain. He ignored everything else, even Wen Ning who had now entered the room to help with the delivery.

As another contraction hit Wei Wuxian, it was finally time to push.

Everything had been building up to this moment, years of trying and waiting. Failing and crying as their hopes and dreams were crushed again and again.

They had been wanting and wishing for a baby for so long, even now as Wei Wuxian was in the middle of labor, it felt unreal that they had made it all the way here. They were truly becoming parents in a matter of hours, soon able to hold their small child.

It took hours. Hours of pushing and screaming as each contraction rushed through him, bringing excruciating pain. He had never truly felt anything as painful, and Wei Wuxian began thinking he would die right then and there. But that would mean he wouldn’t get to see his child, forcing him to gain more strength and continued pushing.

‘The head is almost out.’ Wen Qing spoke, drops of sweat falling down her temples as she forced Wei Wuxian to push his legs further open. The other let out a painful moan, biting down on his bottom lip hard enough to dent the skin and draw blood.

Wen Ning moved around quickly, blankets ready and supplies near him. Suddenly the realization hit them; their baby was about to arrive. Lan Wang Ji felt a gush of emotions hit him.

‘Young master Wei.’ Wen Qing spoke. ‘I want you to give it all you have left with this next contraction. I will get them out.’ She promised.

Wei Wuxian nodded his head, tired and tears falling down his cheeks without stopping. His body was screaming at him, in incredible amount of pain even with Lan Wang Ji’s healing. Yet all he could hear was what Wen Qing had said. The head was already almost out. Soon he would get to hold their child, see them for the very first time.

He got to take a few deep breaths between the contractions, knees shaking and teeth chattering due to the pain. He didn’t care. His body felt like it was being ripped in half and it might as well be. He focused on Lan Wang Ji’s scent, reminding himself that he would get to smell their child's scent too very soon. He wondered what they would smell like. Perhaps similar to Lan Wang Ji? Sweet and calming. Or like himself, a little flowery? He didn’t need to wonder for long, as like Wen Qing had promised this push was the last one.

Everyone was quiet in the room, apart from the soft first cries of the newborn baby in Wen Qing’s bloody hands.

Lan Wang Ji stared at the child in awe, eyes beginning to fill with tears.

‘A healthy boy.’ Wen Qing smiled, laughing tiredly. She held the baby gently, reaching for scissors and cutting the umbilical cord neatly. She then handed the baby over to Wen Ning who began cleaning him carefully. Standing a little further away, Lan Wang Ji was still able to see the head full of black hair and the small hands that moved up with small cries.

‘Lan Zhan, is he-’ Wei Wuxian asked, holding onto his hand tightly.

‘Perfect.’ Lan Wang Ji said, kissing Wei Wuxian’s hand before letting go and receiving their child into his arms.

‘Congratulations, young master Wei and Hanguang-Jun.’ Wen Ning spoke while handing over the child.

Wei Wuxian ignored his pain, reaching over and moving the blankets away from his sons face. He let out a small gasp, seeing his face for the first time. Tears falling down his already wet cheeks, he smiled widely. ‘He is beautiful.’ He whispered, voice raw and broken.

The baby’s cries died down, Lan Wang Ji swaying him back and forth slowly. Neither of them could take their eyes away from him, finding him to be the most beautiful and perfect thing ever created. He was a perfect mix of the two, their own child.

Wei Wuxian almost forgot his own pains until a bad contraction hit him again, making him wonder why it was still happening. Wen Qing was still working hard, hoping the deliver the placenta in one piece so Wei Wuxian wasn’t at risk of falling ill. Yet there didn’t seem to be one yet. She was clearly confused, wondering if she had been foolish for thinking this would be so easy. Yet she didn’t want to show her nervousness in case Wei Wuxian noticed it, making him panic.

She stayed quiet for a moment, staring at the child in Lan Wang Ji’s arms. She went through all the previous births she helped with in her head, trying to figure out what was going on. Then it hit her like lightning from a clear sky. Her eyes widened, slapping Wei Wuxian’s legs further open again.

‘Wen Ning! Get more supplies, there is another one!’ She screamed.

‘What!?’ All three asked at once, Wei Wuxian’s voice the loudest of them all. Shock written all over his face, he turned to Lan Wang Ji, mouthing the words ‘another one’ again and again. Another baby. Did the Heavens truly bless them with twins? Suddenly the sleepless nights and vigorous movements from his belly made a lot more sense, as the two siblings moved together.

Having already thought he was over with the labor, Wei Wuxian cursed underneath his breath but still prepared himself to get ready for another contraction. Focusing on pushing once the pain hit him again, Wei Wuxian’s roar echoed in the room before another weak cry was heard.


Wei Wuxian thought that Lan Wang Ji was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, yet he wasn’t prepared to see him while holding their two sons in his arms. The Alpha was standing in front of the window, his silhouette looked strong. In each of his arms were two bundles wrapped in white, sleeping now that they had calmed down.

It still didn’t feel real, one that they were parents and two that there were more than one babies. Wen Qing had been the most shocked, not understanding how she managed to not feel the other baby during her examinations. Neither Wei Wuxian not Lan Wang Ji blamed her, now just enjoying having them both here.

Wei Wuxian smiled, tired but happy. He had managed to get a little sleep after the delivery, after being cleaned and treated well by Wen Qing and Wen Ning. He only slept for a few hours yet he felt rejuvenated like he had slept for the whole night. One reason behind being able to rest well was the scent around him. A sweet mix of Lan Wang Ji’s calming and satisfied scent as well as the two new ones.

Their sons were prefect, all ten fingers and toes there as Lan Wang Ji kept counting them over and over again. Both had dark hair, eyes still closed and sleeping peacefully in their father's arms. Lan Wang Ji looked happier than ever, love blooming in his heart.

‘You are awake.’ Lan Wang Ji whispered, turning around and quietly waltzing over to his mate. He sat down onto the bed carefully, in order not to wake the babies or hurt Wei Wuxian who was very sore all over.

Wei Wuxian nodded his head, shaky arms reaching over and taking both of the boys into his arms one by one. Staring at the two sleeping babies, Wei Wuxian noticed that the twins were not identical and had noticeable differences to them. He felt like he had known them for all his life already even though they just met today.

Lan Wang Ji felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips, seeing his mate hold their children. The sight was something he had longed for in his dreams, yet now it was a reality. He reached over and placed a kiss on top of Wei Wuxian’s head.

Looking down at their sons, Wei Wuxian’s frame shook slightly with a laugh. ‘Now you have to build another crib.’ He smiled.

‘I don’t mind.’ Lan Wang Ji whispered. ‘I could have built a hundred.’

Wei Wuxian glared at the other. ‘Hanguang-Jun, don’t say such things while i am still in pain from giving birth to just two, let alone a hundred.’ He joked, receiving another kiss from Lan Wang Ji.

‘You are enough.’ Lan Wang Ji spoke, looking at the three.

Tears formed at the corners of Wei Wuxian’s eyes again, looking up at Lan Wang Ji with care. Still emotional as not all the pregnancy hormones had exited his system and they were accompanied by the strong parental instincts he was experiencing for the first time, yet he felt silly for being so emotional.

‘Thank you, Lan Zhan.’ He then suddenly said.

Lan Wang Ji looked confused, unsure why the other was suddenly thanking him when he had been the one doing most of the work when bringing their children into this world.

‘Thank you for never giving up on me, never losing hope in me. In us. ‘Wei Wuxian sniffled, eyes closing as Lan Wang Ji’s soft hand pressed up against his cheek. The Omega purred, truly feeling satisfied in this moment. He felt complete, having his mate and their children.

Pressing up against Wei Wuxian, Lan Wang Ji wrapped an arm around his frame protectively. Holding the three close to himself.

‘What will we name them?’ Wei Wuxian asked quietly, looking at the two boys. He could not get over the fact how beautiful and perfect they were. ‘Do you have any names in your mind?’ He added.

‘Mh.’ Lan Wang Ji said quietly after a moment of silence. ‘I have a few.’

‘Oh?’ Wei Wuxian said, smiling. He had asked the same question months ago one night when he couldn’t fall asleep. Then Lan Wang Ji said he had nothing particular in his mind, rolling his eyes as Wei Wuxian said he would name the children after different liquors. What? They had delicate and sometimes beautiful names.

Staring at the two in Wei Wuxian’s arm, Lan Wang Ji smiled. ‘Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi.’

Wei Wuxian was quiet for a moment, repeating the names in his head. They sounded perfect, absolutely gorgeous. Wei Wuxian was surprised that Lan Wang Ji thought of such names.

‘Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi.’ Wei Wuxian said out loud, moving the two bundles a little.

This was what they had been waiting for. Both had tried to imagine what it would be like to have children together, someone to hold in their arms and protect with their whole being. They got that and even more. Their unsure future now had some clarity as they would raise their children together into fine young men. They already had dreams for their children as they wanted them to be happy and succeed in whatever they choose to do. Whatever it would be, they would have their parents full support.

The storm had passed, it was a beautiful day.