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Barricade grew up with his carrier, and his bastard of a step-sire. His step-sire liked Engex, and when he was on it — which was most of his spare time — he had a penchant for beating his conjux to scrap. Sometimes, when Barricade didn't manage to hide quickly enough, or well enough, he got smacked around too. The Enforcers were called out by the neighbors — over and over they came out to check the domestic disturbances — but Barricade's carrier always had a good exuse for his sorry state, and whenever it was needed, for the way Barricade looked too.

"I fell down some stairs:"

"I slipped in the washracks."

"He fell down when he was playing at school."

"He knocked a pot from a shelf and it landed on his helm. He was stealing energon treats from the jar. You know, kids and their antics..."

As if they ever had any energon treats. Barricade was glad when he didn't have to go to berth with an almost empty tank.

The Enforcers were unable to do anything, since nobody was ever filing charges, and the one time Barricade said something that made social services investigate more... Well, he would not risk that again. Ever. So he would keep his vocalizer shut, nodding to show he agreed with whatever his carrier said, and the Enforcers would leave.

Then it would start over again.