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"So who wants te go shootin'?" Crosshairs asks the second he steps through the doors to the refueling room.

It has been over a week since they talked about that, and in all honesty, Barricade had forgotten about it, so he finds himself getting excited.

He really enjoyed shooting back when he was an Enforcer, and he was pretty good at it. The prospect of getting to do something fun is so very tempting, but...

"I don't know if I can afford it?" He really has no idea what it would cost to go to a range, and hire a gun these days.

Is he even allowed to do that, being on parole and all?

"Don't worry about that. Hide sets these outings up for everyone, so it's all payed for." Knock Out says.

"My parole... Am I even allowed on a gun range?"

"No' an issue." Crosshairs says smugly.

Barricade dawdles for long seconds, because while he's very excited about the prospect of shooting again, he's still afraid that it'll put him in trouble somehow, even if the others say it's fine.

It would be just his luck...

"I'm goin'..." Jazz says.

"In that case, I really want to join you." He finally decides.

"This is going to be awesome!" Dreadbot cackles giddily.

"So, Drift, ye wanna shoot at somethin', or do ye still prefer wavin' yer blades around?"

"I'll pass."

"Drift prefers having a few shots over shooting." Dreadbot says, smirk looking sharp with all his denta and the intense focus of eight optics.

"As long as 'e ain't shootin' up..."

"I bet someone will come back packing, loaded, and cocked for him to enjoy..."

Drift makes a face at his co-workers, but they don't seem particularly concerned.

"So, listen up, bitches. Hide an' Motormaster will meet us there. K.O, Roddy, an' Bumblebee will go first, with Roadbuster, an' Springer. I will go with Barricade, Dreadbot, an' Jazz a bit later, with Nitro, an' Blackout." Crosshairs informs them gathered pleasurebots.

Not even being in the same group as Nitro can really put a damper on his excitement.

He's going to go to the gun range! He'll get to shoot again! It's the first time since Primus knows when he'll get to do something that he's actually decent at.

Barricade catches the way Jazz looks at him, a smile curling the corners of his intake.


"Nothin' really. It's jus' that ya're really cute when ya're excited. Lookin' forward ta shootin'?"

Barricade feels himself flush, and his spark feels all warm from the compliment.

"Yes. I haven't gone shooting for so long. I always enjoyed it way back. I was one of the better marksmechs in my precinct." He says, carefully avoiding to think to much about those days.

He's going to go shooting. He won't let bitter memories destroy that.

"Then this is goin' ta be such a good day. I really like shootin' too!" Jazz says happily.