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Lost without you

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I am Maxine Caulfield and living Arcadia bay, with my friends Steph and Kate.

My mom left us when she found out about that I'm gay and she cheating on my dad too.

I've been so down, after that, and my first break up.  but she didin't love me, at all she wanted just sex.

I`m a lonely woman when becomes my love life, but I’m missed being in love.

 I have two brother one big and one a little  a big brother she is twenty-nine.  little one is  five... I`m working animal clinic. 

I always wanted to be vet or own a clinic. I love skating, that is my hobby and taking photos. 

"Max dinner is ready"

"Yeah coming."

I walked downstairs and started to eat.

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“So, how’s your day?” Steph asked as we sit on the couch.

“Busy but good, yours?”

“It went fine too. What about Warren and Kate?” Steph asked.

I chuckled.

“That’s good, huh?” Steph asked.


We went comfortably in silence as we watched TV; I don’t know what we are watching but something. Yet I was thinking of my day at work.

After my rant at Warren, I ate my food, and after our break, I took my new customer, it was a German shepherd hit by a car, we did all that we can, but he didn’t survive.

The injuries were too serious and I haven’t got his owner out of my mind, and not just because of her dog, but only if I would have to meet her at a better time.

Now, I’m not sure if I will meet her again, but I want to.

Yet my daydreaming was interrupted when my phone went off.

Warren: “Want to go out today?”

(Well, it’s a free weekend. So, why not?)

Me: “Sure.”

Warren: “Ask if Steph and Kate want to come too.”

Me: “Okay, I will let you know then.”

Well, Steph left with us, but Kate wanted to stay at home, and I wasn’t surprised about that. Kate does not really like going to bar. She sometimes comes along with us, but not that much.

Steph and I waited for a taxi, and when we got to Warren’s place, we talked more about my day. I told her about Chloe, and she was only smirking at me.

“Stop it.”

“What? I said nothing,” Steph replied through her laughter.

“No, but I know you, so stop it.”

“Maybe when you see her again, you can talk to her,” Steph replied.

“Yeah, maybe.”



The whole drive towards the bar was quiet but who always talk. Well, Steph. So, I was wondering if she is all right.

To be continued...   

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When we got to the bar, I paid for the taxi and went in, trying to look for Warren with my gaze, but couldn’t find him right away.  So, Steph and I went to order ourselves a drink. Of course, the bartender asked for our ID, but I am also grateful and happy because they are caring.

Soon, our drink arrived, and we went to sit on the small corner sofa, listening to music and taking a sip of my drink. “Have you seen Warren anywhere yet?”

“No,” Steph replied.

“Hi Steph, is everything all right?”

“Yeah Max,” Steph replied as he took a sip of his drink.

“You know you are free to tell me about anything.”

“Sure, it’s just love that is worrying me...I like this one girl at work, but she’s always like I’m not, or thought that I would be busy and won’t see her, or that I won’t like to see her,” Steph replied.

“I’m sorry, but yes, you will absolutely find someone, and shut up Steph, you’re wonderful, kind, caring and all that.”

“Let’s hope, just like you,” Steph replied.

“Well, I almost found it, but the time wasn’t right, so maybe fate decided otherwise.”

“Max will never know what’s going to happen next; you can even run into Chloe here,” Steph answered.

“If you say so.”

“Yup, I said so and you know that I’m always right,” Steph said as she took a sip.

The friends chatted with each other, and soon, Warren also finds his way to them.


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We’ve been at the bar for a while and a bit tipsy, but everyone has had fun, and that’s most important. 

I was waiting for our next drinks at the counter, but when I looked around, I thought the bar should be a gay bar to find something, and I don’t know if I would have such a one-night stand.  However, soon, our drinks arrived. I paid for them and started walking back to our table.



“Did you get drinks?” Steph asked, slightly slurring.

“Yeah, I, did Warren go out?”

“No, he went to a restroom,” Steph replied as he took a sip of his drink.

I smiled but kept looking around because...well, now it is said that even a woman has needs. But maybe I need to take care it myself again. *Sigh*

Soon, though I decided to go out for a cigarette myself when I wasn’t with Steph and Warren earlier. “I want to smoke, are you watching these?”

“Sure Max,” Steph answered.

I sat on the bench with my eyes closed, and a cigarette between my fingers. I listened to birds chirping, wind on my face for some reason, I have found this method very relaxing.

My tobacco burned down and I stomped the rest and got up. Still thinking about Chloe and the day as I walked, not knowing why, or maybe I do.

I felt bad for her because I also know what it feels like to lose a pet, but at work when you “can’t” be sentimental. I walked in and sat down at our desk.

“And there is she,” Warren said.

“Oh, I wasn’t that long away, Warren.” I took a sip of my drink.

“No, you didn’t,, what I was saying,” Warren replied trough his giggling.

“God, you’re drunk, mess,” I giggled.

“No, I’m not,” Warren replied.


We talked some more, laughing and drinking, listening to good music but then Steph decided that we would be participating in Karaoke. 

If I weren’t a little bit tipsy, I wouldn’t really agree...maybe. However, when it was my turn, I bravely stepped onto the stage and grabbed the mic.

Halfway through the song, something caught my attention in the crow blue hair. But at that moment, she was on her back, so I only saw a part of it. However, I’m sure she is Chloe.


“Hi Chloe.”

“Can I sit with you for a moment?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah, of course, are you?”

Before Chloe answers, she sits next to me, “Home feels a bit empty without Rex, but I know she’s in a better place now.”

“Now, when I’m not at work, and you aren’t clients, I can say this, I’m sorry. We did everything we could. “

“I know, and I’m grateful for that,” Chloe replied as she smiled.

“Just don’t see how someone can’t see a German shepherd, it feels like this was intentional,” Chloe replied.

We all listened to Chloe, but I replied, “why did you think that?”

Chloe looked at me first, then my she isn’t sure she can trust us.

I smiled, “you can trust me, and my friends here, but of course, you don’t have to tell.”

“Can I be quite honest with you, even if we have just met?” Chloe asked.

“You can.”

And so Chloe started telling how she felt that she was being watched, I listened and comforted my best.




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Max’s POV

When I wake up, I took a shower and went downstairs to eat and drink coffee. Kate was already awake. I have a small hangover but not too bad.

However, big enough that I’m just pleased that we do not have a working day. I sat down and started to eat and drink my coffee, talking with Kate too.

"So, Max, what is your plan today? Kate asked when she took a bite of her bread.

"Hmm, I don’t know yet, maybe going to park to skate, take pictures and some fresh air."

"Do you mind if I tag along?" Kate asked.

"Huh, of course, not."

"Thanks Max." Kate replied and went upstairs.

I was a little surprised because Kate was a bit quite than normal. I will ask her about it later. After I finish eating and drink my coffee, I was in the living room for some time and played one of our games, what we sometimes play together.  When Kate was ready to go, I started to wear my shoes and wear a jacket on top.

The walk to the park was short but quiet. It does not always necessarily need to talk. But I'm worried, Kate has never been this quiet. When we reached the park, I put my backpack down and took out our blanket. I set it to a suitable point, sat down and put my skateboard aside.

I kept my eyes closed for a moment as I enjoy the warmth of the sun from the little wind and the birds singing. Suddenly, a familiar voice started talking to me.

"Max?" Chloe asked.

"Huh, um hey."

Chloe giggled a little and sat down next to me "how are you?"

"Good, not bad as it was in the morning when I woke up, you?"

"Better, fresh air makes it easier." Chloe answered.

"And other? If you want to tell."

"Well, of course, I miss my dog every day, but it makes it easier for me to know that Rex is there somewhere watching me." Chloe answered with a little smile. "Even if it's not here, but is here anyway."

"I know what you mean. Chloe is so....”

"No no, Max, calm down and stop staring.”

Chloe and I talked more for some time before we went to the skate track to skate for a moment. Kate took us a few pictures.