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Volume Four

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"Boyfriend Jacket"

Lance was busy tearing apart his room. He was looking for his jacket and could have sworn he had left it in his room, but it wasn't there! He conceded that it wasn't in his room anymore and started putting his things away, thinking about where to continue the search for his jacket. He knew his didn't leave it in his boyfriend's room as they routinely cuddled in Lance's room instead of Keith's. Keith said it was because Lance's room looked lived in whereas Keith's was extremely sparse. Lance walked in one time and thought he had walked into a vacant room at first. The only things that told him it was Keith's room was the red and white crop jacket hanging on the hook on the wall and his Marmora uniform in the closet.

Lance finished putting his room back in order and left to go check the lounge, since it was the second most likely place he'd leave his jacket. It wasn't a long trek to the lounge, so Lance was alert enough to hear purring before he entered the room. He grinned. The purring meant Keith was asleep. He must have finished his session in the training deck and post workout shower and had tired himself out. Lance slipped his data pad out of his pocket and entered the lounge, intent on taking pictures of his sleeping boyfriend. He wasn't prepared to see his boyfriend sleeping under his jacket. His jacket was draped over Keith like a blanket, but Lance could see one hand clutching his jacket so it couldn't be slipped away.

Lance stood dumbfounded, almost forgetting he was going to take pictures of Keith sleeping. He almost dropped his data pad before he remembered and had to scramble to keep it from hitting the floor. Once the data pad was safely in his hands again, he started taking pictures of Keith from different angles.

Once he was done, he put his data pad away. He was left with his original problem. He wanted his jacket, but his boyfriend was using it as a blanket and apparently had a death grip on it. How was he supposed to get it back?


Keith yawned and opened his eyes. He hadn't intended on falling asleep, but Lance's jacket was comfy and smelled nice. He really should return it. He stood up, draped the jacket over his arm, and left the lounge in search of his boyfriend. He wasn't sure where Lance would be. He was fairly certain he wouldn't be in his room or on the training deck. Maybe he was in the kitchen?

Keith made his way to the kitchen, but he found it strangely empty. Well, at least, Hunk wasn't spending all his time in there, but where was Lance?

Keith decided to check with the lions. Perhaps Lance was bonding with either Blue or Red. Keith checked Blue's hangar and was surprised to not only see Red and Blue in the same hangar but Lance was also wearing his jacket. He was sitting between the two lions, who were laying down, and talking to them.

Keith walked up to Lance, who noticed his approach. "Hey, Mullet. Welcome back to the world of the living!"

Keith rolled his eyes at Lance's joke. "So, why are you wearing my jacket?"

"Because you had mine." Lance's comment made Keith blush slightly. Had Lance seen him sleeping under it? Lance grinned and took out his data pad, pulling up and showing Keith the recent pictures. "And you looked adorable."

Keith blushed even harder and buried his face in Lance's jacket. "Delete those!"

"Nope. I'm keeping those and any other ones I take. I love having pictures of you."

"Can I have my jacket back?"

"Naw. I think I'm going to wear it for now."

Keith blinked. "You like my jacket?"

"Yeah. It's more comfy than it looks."

"If you're keeping my jacket for now, then I'm wearing yours." Keith put on Lance's jacket, even going as far as putting up the hood.

Lance chuckled. "Come here, babe. Let's spend time with our lions."

Keith smiled and sat down with Lance between Red and Blue, both Paladins unaware that they were being watched by more than just the Red and Blue Lions.

Black Lion (with Shiro in the cockpit) was sitting in the shadows of Blue's hangar, watching over the two Paladins. "They are adorable together."

"They are. I wonder when they are going to switch back the jackets," Shiro mused.

Black chuckled. "Knowing how stubborn they are, it's hard to say."