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Volume Four

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"Feels Right"

Prince Lance was bored. He had been stuffed into this very restrictive outfit and forced to stand at near attention while the guests filed in. This ball was supposed to help him find a potential mate. He had recently presented as an Alpha, so his mother and father had put out an invitation to all eligible Omegas, both male and female, from allied planets. So far, none of the Omegas caught and held his attention.

"I need a break. I'm going to go get some fresh air." Lance walked out onto a nearby balcony and breathed a sigh of relief. He ran a finger under his collar, trying to loosen it if he could.

A soft whine drew his attention to the other side of the balcony where a Galra hybrid stood, his tail swishing against the floor. He had pale skin and not purple or blue either. His hair was black and looked very soft. He had purple fluffy ears poking out of his hair and purple cheek stripes. His fangs were visible since his mouth was slightly open. He seemed to be having the same problem Lance was. Another whine caused Lance to draw closer. "Hi?"

The Galra hybrid looked up, and Lance was surprised to see a dark colored circlet on his brow. "Hi."

"Do you need some help with your collar?"

"It's just so tight. I tried telling my advisor that it was too tight, but he didn't listen."

"I think I can help. I'm Prince Lance by the way." Lance was easily able to loosen the collar a little bit, allowing him to breathe a little easier.

"Allow me to return the favor. I'm Prince Keith of Marmora." Keith deftly loosened Lance's collar.

"I don't think I've seen you before."

"I just presented as an Omega," Keith admitted.

Lance brushed a hand across Keith's forehead and down his face in a caress. "I figured as much. I'm an Alpha, and I would like to get to know you better."

Keith smiled shyly. "I'd like that."

Lance offered his arm to Keith, who wrapped his arms around Lance's. Lance escorted Keith back into the ball room. The two princes paused at the dais, where Lance's parents were seated and where a small delegation of Galra were kneeling. There were two that had the same fur color, one having a tail and one having red markings on his head and white headfur that was plaited. Another one had violet fur and one that had pale lavender colored fur. The one with the braid looked up. "There you are, Prince Keith. You-oh. It seems you met Prince Lance already."

Lance turned to look at his parents. "Mom, Dad, this is Prince Keith. I'd like to spend some time with him to get to know him better, but I think he and I will get along greatly."

"Are you sure, Lance? He's the one you want?"

"He's the one I want to get to know," Lance corrected. "He's special, and I don't want to rush things."

"If you're sure, my son."

Lance led Keith back out onto the balcony for some privacy. The instant they were out of sight, Keith unwrapped his arms and tucked himself under Lance's chin with a soft purr. "Keith?"

"Sorry, but this feels right."

"You don't have to apologize." Lance wrapped his arms around Keith. "This feels right to me too."