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Volume Four

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"Late Night Cuddles"

Lance awoke briefly but was unsure of what woke him. Just then, he remembered that Keith had fallen asleep on top of him. His slightly shorter boyfriend was adorable, not that he'd say that to his face. He preferred to not be threatened by his Marmora blade.

At that moment, Keith was wearing a long sleeved, red sweater paired with a pair of black shorts and his signature black, fingerless gloves. He was draped across Lance's chest with his arms on each side of Lance, and his legs splayed out across Lance's.

Lance brought his hands up as much as he could, since they were pinned by Keith's, and rested them on Keith's back. A slight blush appeared on Lance's face as he heard Keith purring. He adored his boyfriend so much. Maybe he'd be able to get him to relax tomorrow. It was a long shot but worth it in the end. However, that could wait until they were both awake in the morning. Lance closed his eyes and fell back asleep.