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Volume Four

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While the new Paladins went after the Green and Yellow Lions and Allura attempted to locate the Red Lion, Coran checked the computer systems, specifically the scans of the new Paladins the computer did when they first arrived. Something in the back of his mind told Coran to look at the scans alone, and he always listened to that little voice. The scans contained details of each Paladin; their name, age, race, and gender.

The first three entries were standard, even though everyone's ages concerned Coran a bit. Most of the Paladins were quite young. It was unfortunate that the lions seemed to have chosen this ragtag group.

~Takashi Shirogane - 25 deca-phoebes old - male - human~

~Alejandro "Lance" McClain - 17 deca-phoebes old - male - human~

~Tsuyoshi "Hunk" Garrett - 17 deca-phoebes old - male - human~

Then next entry surprised him a little.

~Katie Holt/Pidge Gunderson - 15 deca-phoebes old - female - human~

Why did she have two names listed? He had thought the newest Green Paladin was female, but why was everyone referring to her as 'him' then?

~Keith Kogane - 18 deca-phoebes old - male - Galra/Human hybrid~

Coran's eyes widened. The newest Red Paladin had Galra blood in him! He stroked his mustache, deep in thought. He hadn't realized that the Galra had ever been to the Paladin's home planet. However, if they had, then why wasn't it taken over? But since it wasn't taken over, then the Galra hadn't been there, but then how did the Paladin have Galra blood? Did he know he had Galra blood?

Coran took the files and put them in a secure file under several encryption protocols that was sure to deter most anyone, especially Allura. He wasn't keen on keeping secrets from the princess, but these secrets weren't his to tell. He hoped both Katie and Keith would tell their secrets soon. Having big secrets like these didn't bode well for forming Voltron.

He figured Katie knew her secret, but the question was did Keith know about his heritage? Coran somewhat doubted it. He didn't have any reason to believe that he did and no reason to be frightened of him or blame him for the actions of a few Galra. After all, he wasn't even alive when Altea was destroyed. Unfortunately, Coran doubted Allura would think of it that way. She was racist against all Galra, and her hatred of them would damage any relationship between her and the new Red Paladin.