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Volume Four

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"Shimmering and Fluttering"

Keith loved Lance so much, but he wished his wings would stop fluttering when Lance's shimmered in the sun. It started when they met, and it kept happening, no matter what he did. Even if he didn't see Lance's wings shimmer, his wings still reacted. At first, he had been almost launched into the sky and needed someone to hold onto him, but as he got used to being around Lance, his wings only let him hover over any piece of furniture he had been using.


Lance sort of felt bad for his mate. He didn't mean to make his wings flutter. It just happened when he was out in the sun, which he was a lot, especially when he fed his fish in his pond. Keith was resting on the couch on his stomach with his head on a pillow. The latest fluttering had sent Keith into the ceiling, and he hit his head on the hard wood. They didn't know why he had such a strong reaction, but Lance felt bad about venturing out into the sun while his mate was hurting.

Keith himself told him to go feed his fish and had positioned himself so he could watch. He liked how Lance looked in the sun near the pond. Keith figured if he could see when Lance's wings started shimmering, he might be able to only hover over the couch and not be launched into the ceiling again. It was not an experience he wanted to go through again.

The sun felt so good on Lance's skin and wings. He just knew his wings were shimmering. His eyes sought out Keith and was pleasantly surprised to see him just hovering over the couch with a tiny smile on his face. Lance breathed a sigh of relief. His shimmering wings did indeed make his mate's flutter, but at least, this time, the fluttering didn't injure him, and Lance was going to make sure that it never did again.