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Volume Four

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"My Hover Bike"

"Can I?" Keith was in slight awe at the offer.

"If you'd like to. It's pretty easy to operate one."

"I've seen you drive one and always wanted to try it myself."

Shiro smiled. "It figures you'd like it. You like things that can go fast."

"I think I like the adrenaline rush."

"It's a pretty intense high." Shiro grinned. "You wanna try racing?"

Keith's eyes sparkled. "Definitely."

Shiro drove them from the apartment he shared with Adam to the Garrison, where there were hover bikes to rent. Shiro checked one out for the entire day, since it was cheaper and he didn't know how long they were going to be out. He got the keys and led Keith to a blue hover bike. He let Keith climb aboard and handed him the keys.

Keith grinned and started the hover bike. He started out slow, following Shiro, but was soon enough going faster and giving Shiro the race the man had suggested. The pair raced along curves carved in the rock faces, the wind whipping through their hair. Neither Shiro nor Keith could keep the grins off their faces, even as they neared a cliff.

Shiro gunned the engine and drove off the cliff. He leveled out and drove a little further out before turning slightly, expecting to see Keith still on the top of the cliff and looking amazed. What he didn't expect was for Keith to have followed him and do the same exact maneuver, pulling it off perfectly, and yelling out, "Tired already, old timer?"

Shiro grinned again and gunned the engine to catch up with Keith. Keith couldn't explain how he knew where he was going, but he had an instinct to go out into the desert. He knew it was near the Blue Lion's cave, but it wasn't the lion calling him. It was something else. Soon enough, there was an old shack with a gorgeous red and white hover bike sitting beside it. Keith slowed his rental to a coast and stopped near the shack. He recognized the place now. It was his biological dad's old shack!

Shiro slowed to a stop next to Keith. "What is this place?"

"It was my Dad's place before he died."

"Are you the only living relative?"

'No,' Keith thought, thinking of his mother and twin sister, but out loud, he replied, "Yes."

"Then, all of this is yours, including that." Shiro pointed out the hover bike that Keith had already seen.

"Do I leave it here or do we come back to get it?"

"What do you want to do? It's your property now."

Keith paused. It would make visiting the Blue Lion's cave easier if he had a mode of transportation that he could use at will. "I don't have anything from my dad. Could we come back for it later?"

"Of course. Now, do you want to continue racing?"

Keith grinned. "You want a rematch, old timer?"


When Adam returned home from teaching, he saw an unfamiliar red and white hover bike parked next to Takashi's. He never really liked riding on the hover bike and didn't understand his fiancée's love of it. He supposed it was because he wasn't an adrenaline junkie. He opened the door, wondering who was visiting.

He didn't see any extra shoes by the door or hear any extra voices. In fact, the only voices he heard were the excited voices of his fiancée and the cadet that was living with them. He entered the living room, continuing to search for the owner of the hover bike.

Shiro and Keith were still riding their adrenaline highs when Adam came home. His odd behavior was worrisome, so Shiro asked, "What's the problem, Adam?"

"Whose bike is outside?"

"Oh, that's mine," Keith admitted.

"We found Keith's late father's shack out in the desert and he had this hover bike that was still in working order. So, since it is Keith's now, we brought it back," Shiro added.

Adam shook his head at the duo. Of course the cadet liked riding hover bikes. He swore Keith and Shiro were cut from the same cloth. One was bad enough, but now he had to deal with two of them. "As long as I don't have to ride it."

Shiro and Keith watched as Adam set up his lap top on the table and started working on his lesson plans. Keith leaned over and whispered to Shiro, "What does he mean?"

"Adam doesn't like riding hover bikes."

"Adam can hear you," Adam stated without looking away from his lap top, causing Shiro and Keith to chuckle.