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Volume Four

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"One Big Happy Family"

Keith carefully made his way to the Black Lion's hangar. He smiled when she crouched and opened her mouth, allowing him entrance. He gingerly made his way to the cockpit seat, somewhere he hadn't been in awhile.

"How are you feeling, little one?"

Keith yawned. "I'm okay, Black. Mostly tired."

Black chuckled. "I can imagine. He's not making it easy on you, is he?"

Keith rubbed his belly. "No. He's sitting really low."

"That's a good thing, right?"

"Yeah. It means that I'm near the end of my pregnancy."

"How does Shiro feel about it?"

Keith laughed. "He's going crazy. He's trying to make sure the baby and I have everything we want." He laughed again. "This baby isn't going to want for anything, between Shiro and my pack. He has such a huge family, but I don't know who's more excited, Shiro or my mom."

"I doubt they are more excited than you."

"True. I never thought I'd be a father...or mother. Mom told me that the being that carries the baby is considered the mother." Keith yawned.

"Are you tired, little one?"

"Yeah. Can I sleep here?"

"Only if you're comfortable."

"Yeah. If Shiro comes looking for me, let him in."

Black lowered her interior lights, put up her particle barrier, and started softly purring to her secondary Paladin. Keith's eyes drifted closed, and he started purring in response.


Shiro entered the room he shared with Keith and was surprised that it was empty. Keith had said he was going to go lay down, because he was tired. Where was he?

Suddenly, Shiro felt a nudge in the back of his mind where his bond with Black was. Shiro pushed back, letting his lion know he was concerned about Keith. She purred to him and showed him a picture of Keith sleeping in the pilot's seat. Once Shiro calmed down, Black urged him to come down to the hangar.

Shiro grabbed a couple of blankets and headed down to the hangar. Upon seeing him, Black lowered her particle barrier and crouched down, letting him walk up the ramp in her mouth. He entered the cockpit and smiled at the sight of his boyfriend sleeping in the pilot's seat. He was glad Keith was sleeping and hoped he'd be able to get a good amount of sleep. He covered him with one of the blankets he brought. His eyes widened slightly when he saw fluffy ears nestled in Keith's hair, twitching slightly.

He knew Keith had Galra features that showed up every so often, especially in his sleep. How long they stayed depended on Keith's pregnancy. The longer Keith was pregnant, the longer the features stayed. The most common features were purple fluffy ears and violet cheek stripes.

Shiro was also glad that they had the support of not only the entire team and the Alteans, but the Blade of Marmora as well. Shiro figured that would be the case anyway. He had seen how the Blades treated Keith. The four (five if you counted Krolia) highest ranking Blades accepted Keith into their pack and treated him like family. It warmed Shiro's heart that Keith finally had a large family, especially after the tragic childhood he had had.

Then, there were the lions, Red and Black specifically. Red still considered Keith her cub but understood that sometimes Keith wanted to spend time with Black. He was capable of flying either lion, when he wasn't expecting. When they learned of his condition, neither lion would let him fly. They weren't going to let him endanger their grandcub. Shiro chuckled when he heard that. First the Blades were calling the baby their grandkit, and now, the lions were calling him their grandcub.


Keith's sleepy voice drew Shiro from his thoughts. He looked down at his boyfriend, whose eyes were still half-lidded. "Shh, koibito. Rest."

Keith lifted his arms. "Wanna sleep in your arms."

"I don't know if we'll both fit in the pilot's seat." The tick Shiro said that, both Paladins heard Black scoff before the seat widened and reclined a bit. Shiro blinked in surprise. He grinned before he gently scooped up his expectant boyfriend and sat in the reclined seat, letting Keith settle himself on his lap. He laid on his side, cuddled up against him as best he could. He sighed as he closed his eyes again, purring when he felt Shiro drape the blanket over the both of them. He truly couldn't wait for their baby to arrive, but for now, he was going to get as much rest as he could.