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U is for: Underwear

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Izuku had to admit, when she first found the underwear set Kacchan had gotten for her hidden in the closet, she was a bit taken aback. She never thought that her partner would get something like this for her, never mind choose to hide it from her afterwards. It was relatively simple, just a black silk and lace bra and underwear pair, but it was still nicer than most of the undergarments she owned. The pattern was very intricate and was made to be flattering to one’s natural curves. In her curiosity, she undressed and pulled on the set, looking at herself in their full length mirror.


She had to be honest, it felt really nice. The garments fit her perfectly, hugging her just right. The cups on the bra hugged her chest perfectly without being too tight and accentuated her curves nicely. The lace made her feel nice; fancy and girly, not something she felt very often. She didn’t hate her body, nor was she really self conscious about it, but it still wasn’t often where she took the time to feel sexy. It was really nice. She turned this way and that, even going so far as to move pose in different positions, trying to find what looked sexiest. It was kind of fun. When Kacchan came home in the middle of when she was admiring her own ass, her entire face turned pink. They stared at each other with wide eyes, neither of them saying anything for a little while.


“Eh-I’m sorry, K-Kacchan, I-uh-ah!” she yelped as he pounced on her.


“You’ve been very naughty, eh, Deku?” he growled, expression irritated, but she could see the tell tale glint of arousal in his eyes.


“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered, utterly embarrassed.


“No, you’re not,” he snapped, reaching his hands down to grope her ass. “But you will be.”





She wasn’t very sorry, especially after the amazing sex they had, but she did feel bad that she had snooped where she shouldn’t have. Still, she was glad that things turned out the way they did.






Kacchan,” she cooed as she lounged on the bed in nothing but her newest set of fancy white underwear. She was lounging on her stomach as she watched her partner step out of the bathroom in nothing but boxers, eyes wide in shock and hair still wet from the shower.


“Deku,” he murmured back, red eyes roaming obviously over her form. “What the hell are you doing?”


“I can’t look nice for you?” she asked, cocking her head to the side coyly, exposing the long expanse of her neck to him. She loved when he attacked her neck, lavished it with attention and excitement.


“Didn’t say that,” he gulped, still apparently shell shocked as he blinked owlishly at her.


“So what are you waiting for? A formal invitation?” she asked, a sly smirk on her face as she turned onto her side, draping her arm down her hip to highlight her curves. That was all he seemed to need to rush forward, kissing her hungrily as he roved his hands over her body. She smiled into the kiss as she rolled over so he was hovering over her, his legs straddling her thighs, his hands never stopping as he explored her body. His palms radiated an inhuman amount of heat, but it wasn’t painful, it was comforting. She placed her hands on his pectoral muscles, groping them playfully.


“Stupid nerd,” he murmured, his scowl firm against her smiling lips. He retaliated by groping her breasts, eliciting a moan from her lips. Kacchan liked it when she left her undies, and sometimes her bra, on while they had sex, not that she was complaining. She thought it was kinda hot, if she was being honest. It was scientifically proven that people looked better while scantily clad than bare naked, so it made sense that he liked it when she wore sexy panties while they had sex. He wormed his hands under her lacy white bra, groping and squeezing the squishy mounds underneath. Her breath hitched as he played with her nipples, his palms rough against the sensitive nubs.


“Kacchan,” she purred, moving her hands down to play with his own nipples. He would never admit that he had sensitive nipples and that he liked having them played with, but he did. She knew all of his erogenous zones, knew his body like the back of her hand, and never hesitated to exploit them. He unconsciously bucked his hips forward, seeking friction against her. She trailed her hand down to his tented boxers, going down past him to touch herself through her panties.


“Touch me, Kacchan,” she begged, licking playfully at his bottom lip. “Please, I want you to touch me.”


“Yeah,” he groaned, reaching his hands down to caress the skin under her navel before dipping his hand under the waistband of her lace panties, his middle finger reaching down to play with her clit. She let out a moan as he expertly touched her, moving his fingers down to tease her opening.


“You’re already so wet for me,” he cooed, pushing a finger inside of her. He quickly worked her open, pumping two fingers in and out of her. She rubbed her thighs together as he scissored his fingers inside of her, throwing her head back as she writhed under his touch. “So sensitive, Deku.”


“Mnh, Kacchan,” she whimpered, easily coming undone on his fingers. “More, please.” He gnawed and sucked on her neck, finding all the spots that made her melt as he worked a third finger inside. “Feels so good! Ngh!” she cried. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, curling into her G-spot.


“Uwah!” she moaned, back arching off of the bed. “Kacchan, please! Want your cock, please! Mm, ooh!”


“Fuck, Deku,” he groaned, pulling his fingers from inside of her. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, causing her to moan appreciatively at the display. He reached his slick hand down, to pump his cock, moving off of her legs and settling between them, rutting his cock up against her dampness. She hooked her fingers under the fabric covering her arousal pulled it aside, revealing her slick opening to him and spread her legs for him invitingly.


“Please, Kacchan,” she begged, whimpers escaping her lips. He grunted under his breath as he pressed his tip against her opening, watching intently as he pushed inside. Her lips stretched around him perfectly, taking his cock just right. She clamped down around him, taking deep, shuddering breaths as he pushed inside her all the way.


“Shit,” he huffed, his hips twitching against her. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight. So damn sexy,” he groaned, leaning down and kissing her fiercely.


“Just for you,” she moaned, cupping his face as they rested their foreheads against one another. “Only for you, Kacchan, ooh!” she whimpered as he thrusted forcefully into her, sending stars appearing behind her eyes.


“Fuuuck,” he groaned, panting into her ear as his pace increased. She moaned loudly as he pounded into her, her back arching slightly with each thrust.


“Maaah!” she cried, a spike of heat coursing through her body. “There! Kacchan! There, again! Please!”


“Oh, fuck,” he growled lowly, angling his hips so he repeatedly hit that special spot inside of her, the spot that made her insides hot like magma.


“Ka-cchan, Ka-cchan!” she repeated like a mantra, over and over again as her core boiled with heat, her peak almost upon her. “Kacchan!” she screamed, her eyes screwing up tight as her orgasm shook her to her core. Kacchan, who was not quite done, thrusted erratically into her, his hands digging into her spread thighs.


“De-ku!” he grunted, finally emptying himself inside of her. His thigh muscles spasmed a few times as he rolled slowly in and out as he caught his breath.


“Ka-cchan,” she breathed out, her eyes glazed from pleasure.


“Damn sexy nerd,” he muttered, pressing kisses to her clavicle. “You drive me fucking crazy, y’know that?”


“Hmhm, that’s the point,” she laughed, kissing the top of his head, nuzzling into his ash blond locks. He chuckled into her skin before leaning up to kiss her soundly on the lips.


“‘M so damn lucky to have you,” he murmured softly, almost inaudibly.


“I’m the lucky one,” she assured him, caressing his thigh with her foot. He pulled out with a groan, effectively ruining her panties.


“Tch, dammit,” he growled, frowning down at the mess. She laughed at the display, feeling hopelessly in love with him.


“Don’t worry, Kacchan, it’s white, it’ll probably be fine,” she assured him with a chuckle. “And besides, we can always get another pair.”


“I fucking love you,” he said bluntly.


“I love you too,” she laughed. “Now,” she cooed, flipping onto her stomach and giving her ass a little wiggle, looking at him coyly over her shoulder, “why don’t we go for round two?”


“Think you can handle it?” he asked, his cock twitching between his legs.


“I can,” she promised, perking her ass up a little bit, watching with delight as his eyes darkened with lust. “Are you up for it?” she asked, looking down at his cock, which was now starting to perk up again. She shrieked happily as he spanked her ass with an open palm, the sting dulled by the fabric of her panties. He thumbed away the fabric covering her lips and watched as his cum leaked out of her.


“Hope you don’t regret those words, Deku,” he smirked down at her, his expression sending a shiver of excitement through her body. He leaned over her body to whisper into her ear, “I’m not holding back.”


“Good,” she purred, rubbing her ass against his crotch. She could feel his smile sear into her skin.


Round two began.