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Hop Back To Home

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The heroes have surrounded the place, not letting a single villain to sneak past their formation. Police sirens are blaring, echoing in the night of the city. This rescue operation is personal to Eraserhead, but he keeps himself in check so no mistakes can be made.

Bunch of human traffickers decided to target and kidnap his boyfriend Hizashi Yamada, otherwise known as Present Mic. The witness saw a group of villains attack him after his radio show, this has caused the erasure hero many sleepless nights for almost three weeks now.

Until they finally found their base.

Eraser dashes from shadow to shadow, keeping his head low. Soon as he hears footsteps, the hero swings himself to the human sized gap on the ceiling, supporting himself with his hands as few villains passes by below him. The pro releases himself and deals with these unsuspecting crooks, leaving the neatly tied package for his allies to collect.

Objective is to locate where the stairs to the basement are, to count the guards and possibly defeat them alongside with Edgeshot who's following somewhere behind him, not coming in his way if he needs to use his quirk.

Sounds of fighting in the distance makes him nervous, the man he loves is reported to be the only victim right now. They might use him as a shield, threaten to kill him, or he might not be here at all anymore which is his biggest worry. He has no idea about his boyfriend's condition, the thought of him being in life threatening danger fuels and motivates him.

'Hang in there Zashi!! I'm coming to get you!!' He wraps his capture weapon around the villain who just showed up around the corner, smashing the guy to the nearby wall so he can immediately cuff him and carrying on.

"Psst, Eraser." Edgeshot whispers. A hand appears out of nowhere to point at what they were looking for. The raven sends out a message to the other rescuers, not wasting precious time as he finds a way to knock the villains out quietly.

The people here are no match for him without their quirks. Eraser hopes that he can get Hizashi out of this place soon as possible tho, his beloved sunshine doesn't belong here, no one is allowed to stand between them.

He jumps down the stairs and dodges right away behind a concrete pillar as the bullets start to rain on him.

"Well, well, well. Someone made it this far.~" Four of them have mutation quirks, two of them unknown. Eraser signals to the ninja hero, it's his moment to take them by surprise. "You came for that loudmouth right? What if you just leave him here and go be a pain in the ass somewhere else?" Like he would ever agree to that.

"Demanding something that's never going to happen won't help your situation. Release Mic and surrender when you still have a chance to do this peacefully." The pro warns. 'One villain down.' He doesn't have to see that the other has gone around them to silently deal with them.

"Ya sure about that pal? You're alone right now so it's easy to do the same that we did to him.~" Eraser bites his lower lip, not letting the villains get to him.

Second down, he needs to keep the distraction up. "Present Mic is one of the strongest heroes i have ever met, he won't fall from the hands of villains like you." This seems to amuse them. The raven hopes that none of them notices their missing mates.

"What if he's already ruined?" A painful sting on his heart hammers on the erasure hero's chest. He inhales deeply to compose himself, now it's not the right moment to become rash. They might also be lying.

Chuckling as the third and fourth villain goes unnoticed. "That's a really terrible joke." He leaves his hiding spot, activating 'Erasure.' Spurting towards the two left, he hops to the wall as the spring mutation villain attempts to grab him. As he gets momentum, Eraser leaps through the air with his capture weapon unravels around his neck, sending the cloths to bound his cocky enemies together with no mercy.

"Oi!! Where the hell rest of us went!?" Edgeshot shows up, the villains flinch of the presence of another hero.

"Locked up in empty cells, just like you will be." The man dips down to their level. "You should have listened to Eraserhead when he gave you a choice to surrender."

The other villain spits at the ninja hero's face, Edgeshot frowns and wipes it casually off.

"New option." Eraser tightens the bounds. "Maybe don't disrespect the authorities and tell where you're hiding Mic." He says in grave tone, patience is running low.

"Cell number thirtyseven. That bastard won't stand loud noises possibly ever again so i don't get why you want him back." The hero's blood runs cold.

The other pro knocks them out and lets him to hurry at the place where they are keeping his lover. Door after door he finds the right one, lock picking it carefully he swings it open.

His darling Hizashi is laying on the floor, shackled from his every limb. That isn't the thing which horrifies him the most.

The blondes arms and legs are closer to paws than anything that resembles a human, big drooping ear like things are bit over his waist, almost completely white patches are plastered on his back, a strange fur ball where tailbone lies, nose just slightly pinker that he almost missed that tiny detail.

All these features reminds him of a rabbit.

He runs to his beloved to inspect him closer, injection marks hide underneath the neglected hair. 'Drugged.' Eraser grits his teeths as he searches for pulse, relieved when he finds it. Hizashi looks sick in top of all this, body misshapen and hardly moving.

"I'm going to get you out of here babe, then we go to the hospital to get you treated." He pets the blonde as he speaks to him softly, removing the chains from his wrist and legs, bloodied from struggle. There's so many bruises and cuts, beaten up by the barbarians who took him away.

The pro hero hears that someone is coming this way, he takes a defense position between the door and his boyfriend. "We cleared all of them Eraser!! Did you find…" The R-rated hero, Midnight comes around the corner, he manages to relax a little when it wasn't the enemy. "Oh my gosh, what did they do to him?" She covers her mouth as she enters, staring at the blondes broken figure.

"I don't know yet…" The raven turns back to work, back to freeing his sunshine. "Call the medical team here, the sooner they get to him, the better." The woman makes a noise of agreement, grabbing her phone so they can finish this rescue mission.

"Uuumm, Eraser?" He grunts and turns to see her, and then what she's pointing at.

There's a piles of newspapers at the corner of the room which he didn't pay attention to, and a bed made of hay. A water bottle is hanging from the wall next to a half full trough of plain salad.

"What the actual fuck!!" The rage boils inside his veins. "Did they really dared to treat him like some animal!!" Eraser growls, he's going to make sure that those villains will get a long sentence, especially the one who used their quirk on him.

"Interrogating them won't be a simple task, none of them want to cooperate with us."

"Don't worry Midnight, i'm use to play the bad cop so they better give us answers." She snorts as he gets the last limb free.

"Remind to never mess with you when you get this furious." He huffs. 'Not like you can ever get me this mad.'

Eraser needs to ignore his wrath for a while to observe his precious Hizashi, still sleeping deeply in a drug filled slumber. Dirty for living in such unsanitary place with carelessly treated wounds, bandaged loosely from here and there.

"Sorry that i didn't find you earlier Zashi, please wake up soon." He mutters, Midnight comes to pat on his shoulder.

The erasure hero takes off his goggles when the medical team finally arrives, personally escorting them to the ambulance where he's advised to follow them with a different ride. Hero can't complain, even if he wants to be selfish. He lets them to take care of his lover, when he still has duty to report everything he did and saw in there. Police officers offers to drive him to the hospital after he's done, not keeping the lovebirds apart any longer as Midnight says.

The whole trip there is full of anxiety, worry, fear, uneasiness, dread. The erasure hero needs to know how this alteration was necessary to the villains, he can't forget what one of them said to him, about what if he's already ruined.

The raven hopes that he's allowed to stay at Hizashi's bedside so he won't be alone when he awakens, only wanting to say how much he missed him.

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Doctors have checked on him, he isn't in a life threatening state at least. None of them can however tell why Hizashi's body is out of portions that way, the police has to inform about villain's who did this before anyone here can safely do anything for his sake.

How small he looks in that hospital bed, even if he might have grown few inches, Shota is not sure yet. He managed to stop them for cutting his hair, which currently is more like a birds nest rather than the beautiful silky locks that he takes care of so well. Hearing the heart monitor beep calms him somewhat, the blonde is safe and alive, that's all that matters. Three weeks without Hizashi has been the most awful experience that the raven has ever dealt with, their friends had constantly visited to watch that he's been eating and sleeping properly, helped him to keep his energy levels the same so he could pull the raid to the base without a problem.

The man hasn't let go of his boyfriend's hand in ages, now covered in soft fur, almost nothing resembling the smooth slender fingers of the blonde's. Hizashi is indeed sick, but the no one can give him a right medicine before they figure out what to give him first, not risking that his new look would be harmful with the wrong set of medications. The scale of the change is unknown, these kind of transformations always have some sort of catch.

Leaning down to give a kiss Hizashi in the forehead, Shota sighs. "I'm going to take care of you as long as you want to take a break from everything. You're the most important person in my life Zashi, please wake up so i can help you to smile again." There's no response, not like he magically expected any. He sits down back the uncomfortable chair where he has spent hours, still in his hero costume. Having his boyfriend wake up to a familiar face is all that he wants to do right now, he's been told that the drug will wear of some point between tonight and the morning, Shota definitely won't miss it when it happens.

Hizashi will be highly traumatized by all that he's been through, the raven is going to support him with his whole being. The man is going to survive this dark point in his life with the right company aiding him forward.

Few hours pass and there's finally a tiny twitch, which leads to another.

Shota sits on edge of his seat, prepared to welcome Hizashi back with a smile, but it falls when the heart monitor picks up an alarming pace.

"Zashi, it's alright. You're safe now, we're at the hospital." The beeping doesn't stop. "Everything will be better now, i promise." He cups the man's cheek while hushing him to calm down, watching him stir on the bed.

When Hizashi opens his eyes, Shota isn't met with the emerald green, but an inky black orbs that have overrun them fully.

The man screeches but it doesn't sound like human, twisting around in panic that rips off everything attached to him.

He tries to stop him for doing anymore damage to himself by holding him still the best as he can. "Babe calm down!! You're going to hurt yourself!! Hizashi it's me, Shota!! You were rescued and we're safely at the hospital!! None of them can hurt you anymore!!" The inhuman noises makes this sound like a maltreatment.

Hizashi manages to squirm out of his touch and to the floor with a crash, knocking down equipment or two along with him. Shota leaves his chair and hurries to other side of the bed.

"Are you alright Za…" The man goes in all fours and jumps away from the chaos, dragging few things with him. "...shi?"

Raven watches as the other shakes the rest of the equipment off him, shakily observing the room. Shota takes a step forward, the blonde squeaks and scrambles on the floor at the different directions until he settles down, hiding underneath the table.

Shota gulps, deciding to approach the other.

"Don't you recognize me?"

He crouches down to see his shaking boyfriend better, trying to back away to the corner as much as possible.

"Please, say something."

Teary eyed raven reaches slowly towards the person he loves the most, frowning as the blonde looks more and more upset.

"Zashi i love yo…"

Hizashi bites him, quickly releasing to keep himself in the corner. It was short and really painful, Shota stares at the bleeding wound in his hand, sobbing from a whole nother reason entirely.

"I missed you."

The doctors soon comes in one by one, putting his darling to dream a little while longer.


Detective Tsukauchi and one of the doctors enters the waiting room where Shota rubs his bandaged hand, thinking how afraid Hizashi was, how animalistic he acted.

"Morning Eraserhead." The man is so thoughtful for leaving the 'good' part out. "I heard what happened and we have some new information regarding this case." He lifts his head to look at them.

"Go on."

"We found the that one of the villains can turn people half way into animals with their quirk. It works when they require the animal's DNA and turns that into some kind of potion." The raven dugs his nails in the knees. "The quirk has been recorded before, it should wear off within a week but…" The detective cuts his sentence and Shota knows fully why.

There's still some bad news.

"But?" He encourages the other to continue.

"The effects of the quirk aren't supposed to turn out like that, so we took a blood sample from the villain and we found remnants of trigger use." Cold sweat slides down on his skin as the doctor gives him a file.

"Those are the charts of three different types of brainwaves." She explains as the raven goes through them. "The first belongs to unaffected human brain, the second is what we have known about the effects of the villain's quirk and the third shows Present Mic's current state." He doesn't really understand these much but even he can see that something is off.

"Last two ain't the same…" Shota shivers.

"The villain's quirk should have given him only ears and tail with the animal instincts, but he has gone through many other changes that isn't usually possible. To say it more simply, Mic is not thinking like a tortured person, he's thinking like an abused animal. We're not sure about anything since this is an unknown territory." She gives him a sad smile.

The raven stands up and gives the file back to her while walking past them.

"Where are you going Eraser?" Tsukauchi asks carefully.

"I need air." Shota replies shortly as he bangs the door close behind him.


He's punching the chain fence in the roof, releasing his anger and frustration all in once. Tears are running down in his cheeks despite the dry eye, cursing loudly for not finding him sooner.

The raven falls to his knees, grabbing the fence tightly with his fingers. The bite wound hurts but he doesn't care, feeling like it's well deserved.

Staring at the bandage, he thinks. 'This just might be a revenge for saving him too late.' The man chuckles sadly.

"Hey Aizawa." He snaps his head to see Tsukauchi with two drinks and onigiri. "Giving up hope already? That's not like you at all." The man places them next to him while he leans to the fence. "You haven't failed him yet, nothing in this universe has said that this is a permanent thing." The detective rips the package open and munches on the snack.

Sighting. "True. But what i'm suppose to do? If he needs…" the raven pauses. "...rabbit related care then i don't know where to even start. I know more about cats than bunnies. Heck, i even know more about dogs than this!! Hizashi doesn't remember me and hates everyone already!! That's not like him at all…" He mumbles the end of the sentence. What if he continues to being scared of him?

"Rabbits are quite popular animals tho, it's easy to find guidance on the internet and from the pet stores." The raven growls. "Can't help it since something needs to be done, Yamada is stressed after spending three weeks in there. Neither of us have no idea when he changes back to the person we knew so how about giving it a try? Ignoring this is really close to abandoning him." The man observes Shota's reaction, which is flinching and letting out a hurt gasp.

"I would never abandon him!!" Shota glares the other and grabs forcefully the drink that Tsukauchi brought him, opening the fizzing cola. "Also i won't put him in a fucking cage." He grumbles, disgusted by the thought of having to treat Hizashi like an animal in the first place.

"Good since that could get you arrested." The man half jokes, some of it is bit serious.

'At least he's still halfy a human.' Not sure what they would have done to Hizashi if he ended up turning into rabbit completely, this fact soothes him that there's a chance to get his sunshine back to normal.

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He lets the people helping his sleeping boyfriend inside their home, holding a box of stuff what he get to keep from the night of the man's rescue. The convoy pushes the stretcher to the living room where they untie the straps which were holding Hizashi down just in case he wakes up before arriving. The raven goes to fetch a futon where he can be placed, it's not like the other man wants to sleep next to him how he currently is. They lift him to the soft surface without any problems, Shota pays them extra and waves them goodbye.

It's currently night time, he didn't want the neighbors to see how Hizashi has been reduced to this hybrid form with no awareness that he's even a human. There's a lot of things he must do to make him feel better at home again, unfortunately he has to start with the equipment.

"Ugh…" The cursed water bottle that was hanging in Hizashi's cell. He's debating which is more gracious, this or a bowl on the floor. After a while, the raven decides to use the bowl since the bottles noise is loud and ugly reminder of what happened. He's not using these probably anyway, they own dishes and things that can replace these easily, so he shoves them to one of the kitchen cabinets to wait to be used as an evidence of the crime that messed his lover.

Shota really doesn't want to feed Hizashi like this, but it's necessary so he won't have to eat straight from the floor. The raven opens the refrigerator, closing it immediately after he remembers to check on something.

'What the hell rabbits can or cannot eat?' Cats for example can't eat onions or leeks, and chocolate was poisonous to dogs. If the blondes body has changed that much, then his diet must have too.

Artichoke leaves, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, celery leaves, cucumber, green beans, peas, peppers, pumpkin, apple, apricot, banana, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, kiwi fruit, mango, melon, papaya, peaches, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, basil, coriander, dill and mint are the best options he has. 

There's few thing like broccoli or cabbage but they can apparently upset the digestive system if given too much, which is difficult since the blonde's size is the same. Some bits like carrot roots and tomato leaves are also prohibited, so Shota needs to watch out for some parts of the food items that are listed.

Some poisonous plants are also listed but luckily they have none of these things.

'At least he's going to have a really healthy meals.' Being a temporary vegan won't kill him. Shota won't take any risks since the blonde can't tell him if he's not feeling okay.

One of the things he needs to to, is to make a nest for his beloved. Hizashi definitely isn't going to sleep on the be or sofa, plus the raven wants to avoid the hard wooden floor and that sickening hay bed, so this is his only option so the man can still have a warm place to sleep.

He did get a fur in some places, the lack of it in rest of them tho can make him cold. His boyfriend's sickness was treated at the hospital on the most part, he's not letting him fall ill so quickly after that.

'Wait. What kind of bunny Zashi has turned into?' Animals have very distinctive race's usually, and observing the patterns on him should be a clue how he might behave at some point.

Googling 'lop bunnies with big ears' while he walks over to the sleeping man, glancing at the details until he finds the perfect match.

'English lop rabbit.' Of course the word 'English' is in it.

English Lops are a fancy breed of rabbit that is easily distinguishable at first glance, due to their extra long lopped ears, which typically measure from 21 to 32 inches in length from tip to tip, with the length being completed by 4 months of age. Their bodies are long and resemble a mandolin, and their fur is smooth, short, silky, and flies back when stroked from back to front. Otherwise, they have laid-back and friendly temperaments, and are generally known to be quite placid, even lazy. Adult English Lops are often referred to as the 'dogs of the rabbit world'.

'Alright…' Some of it fits his personality and the rest of it doesn't. Lazy especially isn't how he ever would never describe Hizashi.

Ears require extra attention .

They seem to have the longest rabbit ears of any breed out there so no wonder, Hizashi's normal ears are replaced by something so gigantic makes sense now.

Raven reaches out to touch them, they feel just as the hair accompanying now that's also cleaned and combed back to how they should be, soft, silky, smooth. Shota is proud of himself for untangling all those knots without ripping any of it accidently to much worse state, avoiding to cut them like the doctors first suggested.

'The nest.' Their apartment isn't that spacious so creating a comptable safe haven is tricky. Even if it makes him sad, his boyfriend doesn't know him and making the nest in their bedroom might get him stressed as long as he's not used to Shota's presence again. Kitchen is too small and bathroom is a big nope, so the living room and workroom are his best bets.

If he makes it at the workroom, their paper items will get compromised. At the living room, he could see Hizashi every morning but in the other hand there's so much stuff that can break. Maybe he will still do it here in the living room so he can hear him easier if he starts having problems. Should he also buy a gate for the front door so Hizashi won't accidentally get out? Rabbit are really fast and he doesn't want to chase an adult man running all fours in the streets, that would be super humiliating for both of them if that happens.

People are way too trigger happy with their cameras nowadays.

He goes to search for the best items for Hizashi's pillowfort nest, grabbing the oldest looking stuff and some of the blonde's tattered pajama shirts with hope that his own scent might calm him down a bit.

When he comes returns, his sunshine stirs in top of the futon, waking up after many days sleep.

"Welcome home." Shota says. Hizashi opens his fully blacked eyes, scared like he was in the hospital the first time he woke up.

The man rolls over to his new paws and scurries to a new hiding place where he hopefully feel safer.

'Those claws sure are noisy.' Also really dangerous looking. Shota doesn't care for getting a tiny wound or two, but those really need some cutting before anything bad happens.

Moving the futon underneath the dining table makes his job easier, few blankets with few books keeping them still and Hizashi's own stuff he wouldn't miss if they gets destroyed equals a homey little place for the blonde.


"Hmm?" Shota looks around until he sees Hizashi in the corner of the room, eyes wide and ears somewhat raised higher. They are still drooping down of course, but it looks odd since those must be heavy as hell.


'Why is he thumbing?' It might not be such a good thing like in Bambi after all.

Cats flick their tails when they are irritated, and dogs wag their own in order to show their happiness. Rabbit body language is yet again a new unfamiliar behavior he needs to learn fast.

He can't leave him alone at home, that's for sure. Shota needs a babysitter when he's away to search stuff Hizashi needs and when the raven has a job to do. Balancing between different options doesn't get him very far since he and the blonde don't have that many mutual friends. Responsible? Yes since most of them are heroes, but is anyone okay to supervise the man in this condition? It's heartbreaking to watch him like that.


"I wish i knew what that means." He chuckles while he points at the pillowfort nest. "I made you a comfy bed Zashi if it feels better not to be that close to me right now. But if you can understand me even a little, remember that you're safe and i'm never going to hurt you dear." The raven says softly with a smile, hoping that the other would come to him eventually.

Not knowing where to start yet, Shota will leave him to explore every nook and cranny, watching from a distance so the man has his space if he wants to go around the place.

Going back to the fridge, the raven searches for every item he could find for his boyfriend's meal. Grocery shopping is also on his list now.

Giving hay or pellets would be highly degrading, so he's not that keen for asking help in the pet store later, even if he has to.


'Learning about these things isn't going to be easy.' He sighs.

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Morning comes and the light shines through the window, but it doesn't feel like a good one.

Other side of the bed is still cold, even tho he got Hizashi back from the kidnappers. This doesn't feel the same when his partner isn't fully returned from the world he was forced into, scared like an animal which was beaten just to satisfy someone's sick sense of humor.

Raven sighs and rises up to get on with this, Nemuri is coming to keep an eye on the blonde while Shota goes on a shopping spree for items that rabbits need. Maybe he can find a guide from a book store how caretaking bunnies generally works?

Getting ready is a simple task, showering, clean clothes, breakfast for both men. Then he has to wait for her to arrive.

Shota walks to the bathroom to brush his teeth first, caring for trivial things like appearance isn't really his forte. Then again if he uses Hizashi's shampoo, his boyfriend could possibly remember or at least like the fruity scent.

'Why do i need to woo him this way?' He thinks as he enters the shower. The man hates when he has to treat his sunshine like an animal, trying to keep himself positive that everything would eventually go back to normal.

The raven dries himself after a good clean up, fetching somewhat appealing clothes from the closet. Now that he's looking bit more decent, Shota hopefully seems less threatening to his lover.

With few stretches to prepare himself, Shota exits the bedroom.

Halting, he rubs his eyes and blinks. 'What the…' Hizashi has crawled inside the nest he made for him, the man lays like a piece of loaf there but something is bit off about this.

Tilting his head, the raven sneaks quietly closer. The blonde's eyes are slightly open, hasn't acknowledged the man's presence at all yet. There's no way that everything has magically turned okay by overnight.

'Is he sleeping with his eyes open?' He can hear a calm soft snuffle noise coming from the blonde, although he looks tense. The raven frowns, the fact that Hizashi feels that this is necessary around him hurts Shota a bit.

Silently tip toeing to kitchen, the man warms leftover rice, fries an egg, plus takes few pieces of Hizashi's salad to his own plate.

He turns towards the bowl, noticing how the water is splattered all over the floor. It's a good sign that his sunshine is drinking and eating at least, force feeding him sounds awful when he thinks about it.

'How many times they did that to him?' Thought of villains forcing Hizashi's mouth open is something so repulsive that they might have actually done it, holding his dear by the jaw and shoving food inside while the afraid blonde cries in pain.

Detective Tsukauchi had said that they found multiple recordings how they 'dealt' with the voice hero which prove the words of one of the villains he encountered true.

Hizashi can't deal with loud noises in his form.

Descriptions of those weeks are way too cruel. His boyfriend has gotten beaten up while they yell at him, he's been woken up by pots and pans crashing down on him, they send barking dogs after him, stereos were put on a max volume with bunch of predator noises, placed him in a metal cage which the banged with baseball bats while laughing, he heard that they even fired guns right next to his ears. Villains made the man's life a living hell and Shota wasn't able to stop the madness, he wants to hug and hold him but his beloved sunshine doesn't want that at all.

Brutal treatment has caused a trauma that he doesn't know how to heal it properly, policemen saw exactly how Present Mic was tortured and Eraserhead can't bear to see the methods, despite being an underground hero who's supposed to be use to the gruesome scenes. They say it's different with the people you care about, the ones who says this are wise since it's absolutely true.

After eating his breakfast, Shota walks in front of Hizashi, keeping a huge distance of course. He sits down with his knees, holding his hand up.

"Zashi.~" The raven whispers with a warm tone. "Rise and shine.~" His partner blinks, awake at last. Instead of coming to him, the man runs off to a new hiding spot for getting so terrified.

'Take your time.' He gets up to go wait at the couch instead of the floor. She should be here at any minute now.

Notification chimes on his phone and he hears Hizashi lets out noises that really makes him uncomfortable as they sound disturbing as hell.

"Don't worry, it's just the phone." Shota quietly says while peeking behind his shoulder at the shivering Hizashi.

'Why did this had to happen to you of all people?' Having to go out so soon is something that makes him feel bad about himself, even if he supported the other at the hospital and made sure that he settles back home without any problems.

Turning the volume down, he looks what the message is about.

"Oh." Nemuri is outside their door and decided not to disturb Hizashi that much.

'That's oddly considering of her.' He goes to let his guest in, glazing worriedly as the blonde changes the spot to somewhere else.

The woman peeks through the gap he left. "Hi." And lets herself in. "Took you long enough." She whispers.

"Zashi got scared by the message a bit so i watched over him a little before i paid attention to my phone." Her lips wobble.

"Oh Shota." She hugs him without asking, which is surprisingly what he needed right now.

"I'm going to head towards the stores now. There's notes on the fridge about the few noticeable things i figured out already, none if them can help to interpret his body language yet. Don't go near him unless he's doing something harmful." He pats her couple of times, signaling to release him. "Do you have any idea what i should buy?" She raises her eyebrows thoughtfully.

"Those plastic protector thingies to all of your wires because animals like rabbits tend to chew on those." Good point. "Something to cut his nails." Claws but he's already on it. "None of his brushes aren't that great for his fur." It's way shorter so of course. "Maybe something that improves his dental health since you can't get that close to him." He nods. "Toys are kinda stupid but it might help him relax." Shota wonders if there's anything in the pet store selection that won't make him look like a weirdo if he needs to bend the truth and tell that he's getting these for a hybrid man. "Tunnels i guess" Can he find a similar thing from children's department? "Plus mineral, salt rock what's in a call it?"

The raven hums. "You seem to know a lot about rabbits." She snickers.

"My cousin use to own one and i only vaguely remember what he bought for it, nothing else unfortunately." Nemuri explains sadly.

"Alright, this will be enough for now." Shota opens the door gap so he can squeeze through. "Call me if there's any trouble." She shoots him a smile and thumbs up. Shota shuts the door carefully, relieved that she takes this seriously.


She glances everywhere for her friend, making sure that he's alright and not immediately dead when Shota left. Afraid, shaking man hunches over in the kitchen, fast paced breathing indicating that he's not fine with the switch.

Nemuri sighs. "You might not remember it but he loves you ya know? That goof will be bit at lost since he's more doer than talker." She smiles. "Silence isn't your thing Zashi, you will get bored of it eventually. There's no way that they broke you completely." The woman says calmly, believing in her own words.


'That's what he meant by body language.' The blonde looks so terrible, this is better than the cell yet there's no improvement on a safer environment. His mind and body have been violated by the quirk, not forgetting the villains hands that dared to raise against Hizashi in this already defenseless state. Unable to use his 'Voice' since most animals don't understand the mutation that mostly fell upon the humankind.

Well, the recently found animal named Nedzu is an exception in his kind. The poor guy was apparently experimented on but luckily he was rescued and he doesn't seem to resent humans. That little buddy sure does learn fast, she's very happy that he's now a legal citizen and even wanting to be a hero.

'If someone like him can get better, then i'm certain that you will be too.' Hizashi gets too uncomfortable from her staring at him, the upset man hops to somewhere she can't see him but Nemuri keeps hears the blonde.

The woman clears her throat and hums songs about rabbits, testing for Shota's behalf if this works at all.

Chapter Text

Bell of the pet store chimes above him and various animals greet him lively, it's nice that some creatures are happy with themselves, the store is shows him a world he hasn't seen in a while.

'Where are the rabbits?' Since he's here, he might as well observe how cheerful bunnies act. Shota has lot to do with getting Hizashi to feel safe but it's not a bad idea to watch difference between blissful and fearful.

There's eight cages in total with even more long eared residents, diverse in colours, appearance, shapes and sizes. He's usually a cat person, but somehow he has a great urge to baby talk these cute little animals. The raven could really need a cuddle right now, and his boyfriend can't give it to him without biting or getting a panic attack.

"Hi there sir. How can i help you?" He jolts when the employee talks to him, Shota is not used to people approaching him this easily. "My apologies, you seemed very troubled. Are you interested for buying a pet?"

"No, i kinda have one already." He searches his pockets for his shopping list and gives it to the cheery woman. "This person i know has been through a lot lately and now they are unable to have a normal thought process in awhile. Is there anything that could help people with animal mutation quirks?" It's better to be honest now than having to reveal it later, which would only make him suspicious. A white lie about Hizashi's form being a quirk isn't the end of the world.

"Right this way!!" So he's not an weirdo and this is an actual thing?

The worker leads him to the room full of more human sized items and grabs him a basket which she's filling with stuff that there's only one kind of.

"Can you describe how bad is it?" She asks.

He thinks about little what he should say. "They are the same as the rabbit here…" The man mutters, the woman nods.

"Alright. Then what kind of breed your friends quirk is related to?" Is she serious?

"English lop rabbit." The woman frowns.

"If they are acting like a rabbit, then you unfortunately have to put their food and drink on their level right?" A nod. "English lops have really long ears that can get wet if you place them a drinking bowl, so there's a possibility that they can get sick from that." What? "I recommend a water bottle and getting their ears cleaned as soon as possible."

Grumbling, he can't believe how stupid he was. Shota has to risk for getting bitten or getting hated even more.

"We do have guides and tunnels too so i don't think you absolutely have to make more stops than this." The worker point at his other destinations.

"Excuse me but what kind of pet store this is?" He's never really paid attention to anything else than cat treats, so the raven has no clue about these other sections.

"Ah, so you came here coincidentally." This place was close to the other two locations. "We're not traditional establishment, there are great amount if people in Japan with animal type quirks that needed attention." Interesting. "Variety of men and women can't deal with their instincts without help, especially when the world is full of strong folks like All Might, Endeavor or even powerful villains abusing their quirks..." Pretty much this current situation. " some humans can get bit overwhelmed by more dominating powers. Everybody isn't the same tho, lots of people can control their primal sides that everything else is just extra."

Shota hasn't gone that deep to think about them, he has come in contact with several people with animal quirks and never stopped to wonder how much they actually resemble the real deal.

'Quirks are weird sometimes.'

"What does it mean when rabbit is thumping? The person that i'm taking care of keeps doing that." The employee seems thoughtful.

"It can mean couple of thing actually. Rabbits often are displeased when you rearrange their stuff. They are creatures of habit and when they get things just right, they like them to remain that way, and may thump in anger. Or~ they are frightened and trying to tell you that there’s danger in their opinion." He sighs.

'It's definitely the latter.'

"Can you tell about other body language things? I'm bit in a hurry with learning about these." The raven says.

"Okie dokie!! Rabbits have scent glands under their chin, so they rub their chin on items to indicate that they belong to them. This is called chinning!!" Sound like scent marking. "Binky is when they dance and hop madly, which is a sign of pure joy & happiness!!" Something he probably won't see in a while. "When they expose their backend means an insult, so you have displeased them in some manner." He's fine with staring at Hizashi's buttocks but not with the fact that he might be mad. "If they are flattened on the ground with ears flat against head and eyes wide open, they are trying to hide from something that scared it and ready to flee. A submissive rabbit will also make itself as small as possible so as not to appear threatening." Bit more of the fear territory again.

"Does literally everything affect people too?" The raven is sure that she's still going to continue. He's okay with chattery people, the blonde is the best proof of that, but that's a lot information.

She snickers. "Believe it or not, they do. Scientists really love to these things since it's fun and compelling. Rabbit quirks are the easiest to study in the matter of fact, families with those quirk are quite large."

Blush creeps in his cheeks and the woman chuckles. If he know anything about rabbits, it's their tendency to mate often to have so many offsprings. This doesn't help his own instincts to hold his lover close to him at all.

"You can read about them later if you're planning to purchase that guide." He hesitantly nods and collects the rest of the items he needs.


A shopping bag gets stuck while he tries to get to a seat. "Fu…" Some kids parent covers their child's ears. "...uuuudge." The annoyed man glares at him, Shota gives one back, pointing at his problem and the rest of the stuff he needs to carry. The obvious helicopter parent rolls his eyes and ignores him, giving him time to flip him off and getting the bag unstuck without ripping it.

'Asshole.' Shota takes his five shopping bags and walks the whole way to the end. 'What's use to protect them for swear words when they will learn them someday anyway?' It's only logical to teach those words are bad now than later, also showing disrespect towards others that could need help isn't great parenting.

Even he would raise a child better than that guy.

Reddening, he thoughts about the earlier. If Shota and Hizashi would want kids of their own, they have to consider adopting. It's something that makes him warm and fuzzy, hoping for the right moment to put a ring on him so they could always be together. Their job as heroes is problematic to have a baby, kids older than that are safer option. Keeping a promise like giving home to a child and the responsibility of it are a difficult things to decide.

'I need to distract myself.' Hizashi isn't himself right now so Shota would have to forget his dreams about asking his hand in marriage if the other only returns a paw.

He picks a book that he bought, searching through the pages for more body language descriptions.

Flop: when a rabbit tips over or throws itself onto its side. Often mistaken for dead. A sign that the rabbit is very happy and relaxed and trusts you. Can also be used as a mild insult with rabbits that are not good friends.

'Sounds cute.'

Ignoring: a sign of trust. Rabbits are usually alert and ready to flee in unsafe surroundings. If your rabbit is grooming, eating, or relaxing in your presence, it deems its environment as safe.

"Huh." The man did seemed to be watching just as much he managed to look after him too.

Presenting: sticking its head out at you, laying its chin on the ground, tucking its paws beneath its body, and rubbing itself against a person or another rabbit to be petted. The rabbit would like to be stroked on the nose up to its forehead.

He's still getting reminders that he can't go touch him like he used to.

Running circles around the feet: often accompanied by continuous grunting; part of a mating ritual where the goal is to charm the object of affection.

'I would trip immediately.'

Loud piercing screams: when a rabbit is afraid for its life, caught by a predator or experiencing great pain.

He's suddenly so cold, those describe the noises he heard in the hospital when he saw Hizashi awake first time in ages.

'Never again.'

Shota reads the rest of the journey to home.

Chapter Text

Doing his best to carry everything inside before Hizashi could find an opportunity to escape, Shota has thought a way to keep the blonde still for the check up.

"Nemuri." He whispers somewhat loudly. "Can you put Zashi to sleep so we can work on these?" Cleaning his ears will get less stressful if the blonde is snoozing, and getting extra hands with these is welcome.

The man doesn't get an verbal answer, instead he sees a pink cloud heading towards the kitchen. Hearing how Hizashi is scared of it gives makes his heart throb heavily, but what can they do? Since she is here to help then this is one way so they can move freely around the house.


"Thanks, i owe you." Kicking his shoes off, Shota grabs the total of seven bags of items.

"You better be because i feel bad now." She glances at him when he comes around the corner. "I assume you got everything."

He hums and puts most of them down, taking the food to kitchen. The raven takes the bowls, planning to replace them in a minute.

"Can you start on those? I heard that he might have dipped his ears in this." Lifting the water bowl. "I need to check them so he won't get sick so soon again."

"Ah, that explains it. Sure, i took the day off so i don't have to be anywhere." The woman goes to the bags, finding the one with the plastic protectors. Those are a priority when it could take time to put them everywhere before Hizashi wakes up again.

He goes to the fridge to empty the grocery bags, dodging the spot where the unconscious blonde lies on the floor. After he's done, Shota carefully takes the limb body to his arms to carry his boyfriend to somewhere he can take a better look at the ears.

Pillowfort nest can do for now.

Moving the man goes effortlessly, now he can't resist to circle his thumb on the mostly unaffected face. The other looks so miserable in his vulnerable state. Shota cups his cheeks and leans in to give him a small chaste in his lips. If the life was a fairytale, Hizashi would turn back right about now.

"Can i…" She points at the blonde and Shota nods, letting her try the fur. "Oh, wow."

"It's soft." He agrees.

"I can't believe that this is really our Hizashi." A hum. "It's so unfair that it had to be him."

"Yeah…" He misses his sunshine's warmth and smiles, their home feels cold without the constant background noise. The empty spot on the bed gives him chills, when nobody isn't sure how long this will last.

Or is this permanent.

"Hey, he will be alright." The raven places his hand where Hizashi's heart is. "Focus on the future where you two are still happily together, this won't stop him for loving you and you know that."

Silly things like mixtapes, serenades, sweet surprises and so on. The list how the man shows his love is endless, shared it to the point where Shota didn't feel alone anymore, giving him the courage to endure the insults and became a hero instead of a villain like how many people saw him as.

Smirk curves up in his lips. "One thing at a time. He's going to get cleaned first and then i will show the stuff i bought for him." A sigh. "I hope he like them." It's strange to buy animal toys but the other might get happier after getting to play. That crummy cell didn't have any kind of luxury which he deserves, no matter what form.

"Zashi will love anything you do for him, it just gradually needs to sink in."

"Hmm." He stands up and goes to get the instructions for the clean up.

"You should try singing to him by the way." The raven turns to stare at the woman. "I tried earlier when you left, i got some reaction that didn't seem that bad. He was super wary of course, but i don't think they managed to make our bunny boy to hate music." Ever since he met Hizashi, the other would always get him to listen a new song or a list full of them.

'Something with a melody then?'

"That's actually not a bad idea." She huffs and goes back to work.

"When has my ideas have been bad in a first place?" Nemuri sounds bit offended but not mad.

"Your first hero costume. The fact that you mix every kind of alcohol when you're drunk and force others to drink that. Blackmailing people that has dirt on you. An…"

"Alright, i get it already." She pouts. "I have few bad ideas…"

They chuckle for a bit, then keeps on working to meet the conditions.


With a huff, they managed to move the couch to its new location. The dusty area what was left behind it needs mopping, and then the apartment has plenty of space for Hizashi to roam more freely if he wants to. A bunny playground has been set up, everything is literally reorganized to be a safer and nicer environment.

The corner sofa is much closer to television, giving the raven his own observation base. Wooden living room table is cleared and made it if the blonde wants to hop on top of it. Tunnel curves from the wall, weighted down so it won't move like crazy. Hazardous items have been stored away for a while. The nest is remodeled with bunch more pillows, blankets and even towels since the guide said that those would be wise. A new basket and water bottle are hanging for the wall, more human sized than the last ones. Electronic devices are protected from nibbling attempts, there's few apple tree branches for that anyway. Nemuri went to the store and fetched fresh mint in a tiny plant pot for Hizashi to munch on. Playthings scattered here and there.

'Everything looks fine.' Shota tries to convince himself, then covers his face when the sight of their home has turned into this. The raven internally screams that Hizashi is still an adult man who's real quirk has nothing to do with the rabbits. 'This is my life now.' Accepting it is harder than he lets it show.

"Look how far we go for your sake." The woman glances at the blonde who has vedged himself under the low table. Fear is still winning and there's no sign of curiosity yet, but guess there's no helping it since this place looks completely different.

They also clipped his claws so he won't have to go through that trouble in anytime soon, now they are fuzzy and soft, not fuzzy and whole lot of ouch. Yellow hair braided so in no given moment Hizashi would mistake it as a hay.

Black eyes that reflect light slightly, stares at them. He misses the gorgeous emerald green and how they shine so bright. Why he has to look at old photos to see them? Shota loves the glimmer that is close to the gem itself.

Crouching down, the raven keeps an eye contact. "Hey there dum dum, i see you're not thumping right now." The position is the same that he already read about, ready to leave anytime now. "I love you babe, this is all for you sugar cube.~" He coos, despite the fact that Nemuri can see all this.

Eventually Hizashi gets too uncompletable scrambles to the new tunnel with ears fluffing as he sticks his head in first, tip of the soft tail disappearing shortly after. They can see how the tunnel wiggles around, until the blonde settles on middle of it. His boyfriend's silhouette is somewhat apparent through the special fabric, loafing inside his recently added hiding spot.

Both of them notice when the back leg moves forward, the tunnel shakes as Hizashi scratches himself really quickly.

"Come here so Sho can give you all the scratches you want." She snickers, earning a glare from the man. "Aunt Nemuri will bring you more yummy mint Zashi.~ Expect me to visit and tease your little bunny brain for being such a mess." The woman says with childish tone.

"I hope it's not anything stupid." He mutters. "The whole point of this is to get him to trust us again." For Shota personally, to get Hizashi to love him. It makes the man sad that his sweetheart evades him as if the raven would raise his hand to hurt him even further.

"Nah, one of my ideas is to see if he would stand if a treat is too high up. That type of things" She's actually being a great advisor today.

"That i can allow." Rabbits can stand on their two legs, but is Hizashi able to use his bit normally with the changes? Some tactics are great way to learn more about the hybrid transformation.

The blonde squirms in the tunnel, taking a better lying position.

"Napping again? Is this a rabbit thing or have you been giving him a bad influence?"

Shota shrugs, it could be both.

Chapter Text

"Calm down Zashi. It's just a…" The painful sting in his hand comes despite him keeping his voice down. Clenching his teeths, Shota drops the pill inside Hizashi's mouth since it's already there. "...vitamin." After his hand is freed, he keeps the man's jaw shut and lifts the head up.

Glad of hearing the swallowing sound, he eases the capture weapon to let the other go.

Hizashi dart off without a second thought, scared for his life because the raven had to do something inevitable.

"That would have gone better if you ate it with the strawberry instead of spitting it out." He winces as he gets up, maybe he could use gloves to protect himself from the bites that pack more punch than should be allowed.

Taking off the bandage, Shota cleans the wound quickly, wrapping a new one around his hand to cover the marks. Risk of infection is a huge problem since he has to stay healthy, the reason why should be obvious.


'I'm dangerous again, aren't i?' The raven can't always put the man asleep when he has to do something. Hizashi's sleeping rhythm would suffer, he doesn't have Nemuri's help all the time and he's not definitely using the any other method.

A sigh. "Eat the berry next time when i offer it so i don't have to force pills down your throat, i hate to do it just as much as you." It's lot harder too when his size hasn't changed, yet it took ages to catch him. The blonde is way faster than him with legs like that, if he ever escapes then the odds wouldn't be on his favor.

An operation he had thought about doing, will benefit from this strangely enough.

Hizashi is hiding in a place he won't see the raven right now, giving him an opportunity to fetch his worn out sleeping bag. Shota is going to disguise himself as a pillow to see what his sunshine would do if he thinks that the raven isn't home. He's not usually self bragging but he feels like a genius, the other even might approach him if he's lucky.

'Bag is fetched, bedroom door closed, Hizashi is still hiding, so it's now or never.' He quietly hurries and closes the zipper, leaving a peep hole to watch and breathe.

He's a master of staying still as possible, the blonde definitely won't notice that he's here.

Minutes pass, until Hizashi finally reappears. His hybrid boyfriend strolls around warily, puffing out anxiously. The man lifts his front paws, standing on his back legs funnily. The correct term for this was 'periscoping' which means he's checking his surroundings, just bit higher up.

When he can't seem to find what he was looking for, the man moves to hop on the table, trying one more time.

It's silly to think that this actually works. The other sniffs the air, probably trying to figure out where the raven is, instead he gets distracted by something else.

'First thing you do when i'm gone is getting interested in snacks?' Hizashi is eyeing on the snack ball, which is supposed to drop treats when it rolls. He filled it with dried fruits so there's no need to clean it for a while.

Nose twitching, Hizashi lays down and pokes it with his head. The ball rolls a bit, but not enough to anything to drop off. Amusing how curiosity takes over his sunshine, the blonde pokes it again and the content shakes slightly louder, crumbs falling out. Shortly the man kicks the ball with bit more force, leaving a trail behind.

'Adorable.' Shota was bit against for letting the man eat straight from the floor, but he and Nemuri cleaned it spotless recently so there is no harm with using the snack ball as long as the raven mops through the apartment frequently.

The blonde trots and stops for every single fruit, the tiniest pieces look more like a grain of sand.

He might have found something that reminds him of the normal Hizashi, who never wastes food. If he thinks about hard enough, every single meal has been eaten without any leftovers, the basket is always empty when he refills it.

With another lighter tap, the man munches on what he gets, moving on to somewhere else when he's done.

'Zashi…' The man wasn't greedy, that ball was filled to the brim so it should have had more to offer.

When they were kids, the blonde always nagged that Shota should eat more, but he's not the only one who has faced him with the food related scoldings. All of their friends has heard the endless wrath to not take more than they could eat, and if they do, Hizashi would personally watch that nothing goes to the trash after three strikes. His boyfriend was taught that way and none of the people close to him is able to avoid his lessons, there's no seal of approval if there's big pieces on the plate.

Everyone has eventually given in and corrected the portions they take, except Shota who still gets called by doing the opposite.

The point is that this is the most he's seen from Hizashi's human side. If these subtle things keep on coming, then his lover would surely return to his chirpy and talkative self.

A toy carrot is next on the object the blonde focuses on, rattling as he taps the green strings on the end of it. Jolting, the man hops further away from the toy.

Blinking as he can't believe his eyes, Hizashi is afraid of the fake carrot, and that's not all. He seems…

'Aggressive?' Scowling, the raven takes notes of everything he has learned when the rabbit is being hostile.

Grunting as a warning, tail raised and body tense. The ball did make some noise, so he's not sure why that toy specifically brings bad memories. Deciding to strike, Hizashi charges at the object, backing away as soon as the toy rattles once more from the attack.

The blonde turns his back on it and hops outside his view, leaving Shota wonder what that was about.

Rabbits are more intelligent than people often think according to the guide, so it's hard to tell if any of Hizashi's IQ has been left to distinguish a difference between the carrot toy and snack ball. Only thing he can notice is the…


Food against plastic versus something metallic, like the pots, pans, metal cage and the shackles. Hizashi seem to be really afraid the sound of metal mostly, which lead to fear of people that used those items. This is so obvious now what is causing the trauma.

'Wait a second.' Bloodthirsty predator recordings and barking canines fall into the same category then, those too were the tools to torture his beloved. All of the things combined, Shota would need to get Hizashi to trust him first, then help him make peace with everything that's made of metal.

Last piece of is to show that he's not a prey and animals with sharp fangs can be friendly. Sekijiro's bulldog could visit them when the raven is hundred percent sure that Hizashi can handle that, it doesn't matter if he's wrong either since the first step is inevitable, then the second can be easily figured out.

'Alright!! Now i have a vague id…' His thoughts are cut off by a bit off weight against him.

Hizashi hasn't noticed him, the blonde tries to move the sleeping bag to his nest but it's too heavy when Shota is inside of it. Hearing teeths nibbling at the fabric, yanking in vain is going to make a hole or two. Good, he can buy that new yellow one he's been eyeing on now that Hizashi himself is destroying the old one.

'Almost like getting an automatic permission.' He closes his eyes to enjoy the poking his head gets, the other doesn't know anything in a meantime. 'Nice…' It's soothing actually as uneven touches keeps going.

Neglecting his usual naps has gotten to him, the raven is tired after stressing for Hizashi's sake.

Sleep comes quickly and unexpectedly. Coffee could have had prevented this but what can you do?


Scratching noises wakes him up. "Wha…" He sleepily slurs as he opens the zipper.

He sees Hizashi, clawing on the bedroom door. When the man notices him, he squeaks and runs away.

'How long did i sleep?' The raven checks the clock and goes to straight away to prepare today's meal, the lunch is late.

"I'm so freaking sorry Zashi!! I will get you something to eat, don't worry!! I'm here!!" Panic makes his movements sloppy, but he manages to refill the basket quickly.

Scratch marks have ruined not only the bedroom door, but also the front door.

"You're not planning on escape right?" Mistakes have been made, the kind of ones that are bothersome to fix.

Hizashi 'sand kicked' towards him a rest of the day, which is a sign of protest. Shota's accidental nap gave displeasure the rabbit man, not a great way to start this plan.

Chapter Text

'Forest of rabbits' is written on the sign with a childish colourful letters, where the grass is greener and that sort of stuff.

'Weird.' How did Shota even got here?

There's nowhere else to go tho, this place creeps him out but he can do nothing about it. He's bit helpless right now, no matter how much he would plan ahead, insecurities are mulling inside of him.

What if they don't work?

'What if i lose him?'

What if he hates him more?

He's at a beautiful park full of jungle gyms for bunnies and toys, nests that come with all different shapes. fountain full of fresh clean water, leading to conveniently drinking bowl like outer layers, decorated with rabbit statues.

"Hmm?" The raven hears rumbling, glancing everywhere to see where it's coming from.

'Shit!!' A horde of rabbits appear, running right at him. Shota trips over while the bunnies stampede on top of him, hundreds and hundreds of paws hops over his body until the end of the herd.

Everything looks suddenly so much bigger, the man sits up to get the dust out of his…

He places something else than a hand to his chest, which also feels fuzzier than he remembers his shirt being. Shota looks down on his shrunken body, covered in black tangled fur.

'What the hell!!?' The raven jumps up and dashes towards the fountain in all fours, hopping to the edge of it to see his reflection.

Big wide eyes stare at him back, ears pointing upwards as he hangs with the power of two paws. He looks lot more like bunnies from that one anime rather than a real rabbit, shiver runs through his tiny features.

"Hi there!! Is the water that good?" He jolts and tries to cling on but falls instead on his fluffy butt. "Oh sorry, i didn't mean to scare you!! Are you okay?!" The man looks at the source of that energetic voice, it's another anime bunny.

Their drooping ears are huge, maybe bigger than the rest of their body, plus a crest like thing in middle of them. The yellow furred rabbit grins widely with teasing green eyes.

"Are you an angel since you dropped down from the sky?" The rabbit asks.

"Isn't that over exaggeration?" He counters with a bored tone, despite feeling happy to talk with this creature.

'What's wrong with me?' He should be searching a way to turn back, not to chit chat with an animal.

The rabbit burst into bright laughter, smiling more intensely. "True, my eyesight is bad but not that bad!!" The bunny stops snickering and bows. "My name is Hizashi!! Do you wanna be friends?"

His blood runs cold, the voice was so familiar because this is his boyfriend.

The raven takes the other man's paws, the other seems very pleased until he start to drag him towards the gate. "We need to get out of here. It's me, Shota. I don't know why this happen to us but we have to find a way to turn back into humans." The blonde chuckles behind him.

"Humans? Did you hit your head sugar plum? I have always been a rabbit." The other says. "This is also the first time i've seen you here, but i would like to get get to know you better if that's alright." Hizashi lowers his head, submitting to Shota and asking for a grooming.

"We need to find someone Zashi, no it's not time to get difficult." Shota grunts like a bunny, which makes him afraid if they have chance to escape soon if this drags on.

"Nuh uh!! Hoomans are scary, they yell and hurt smaller animals like us for fun!!" The blonde huffs. "It's so much better here, we gave always food, we can play all we want, sleep as much as we want!!" Hizashi chirps. "Why would i want to turn into a human? Their lives are so complicated and they keep making it worse with their own funny paws." The blonde pouts.

Shota feels hurt, there's so much more emotions bubbling in his chest. His pointy ears flatten against his head and he stares eyes wide open at his darling, who won't listen to him about his true nature.

"Aaaw.~ Don't be sad." Hizashi puts his own paws to the raven's much smaller shoulders. "I know what could help." The other leans to lick and untangle his fur, starting off with the mess on his scalp.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Shota would blush if he could.

"I love you angel, but you're not very good at taking care of yourself." The man pulls himself back for a moment, tongue sticking out cutely. "Seriously, you're pretty so you have to stop doing this to yourself." Then continues. "Please, everything will be alright."

Shota lowers himself, giving the other a better access.

"Okay." He mutters.

The warmth feels weird, as if he's mixing it with something else.


The raven sits up and the towel on his forehead drops from the movement.

"Am i a fucking furry now!!?" The words escape before he can stop himself, which leads to two people laugh annoyingly loud.

Tensei coughs and tries to keep his volume down. "W-we were worried that *pfft* you w-were having a nightmare." The bluenette giggles. "But i guess it was false alarm." The man suppresses his smile awfully, his whole expression is clearly amused by this.

"I want to know what you dreamed about!! Tell me everything!!" Nemuri chirps. Both of his friends are visiting since Shota caught a cold, yet he's feeling even worse since his body heats up even more from the embarrassment.

Groaning, he falls back to the couch beneath him, too dizzy from the sudden movement. The raven tries to speak and argue, but it comes as incoherent slur after using his energy so quickly.

"Aaaw.~ Look who's being worried for you." She says. Hizashi is peeking from the tunnel, making himself smaller as he watches them.

'Or he's scared again because you laughed so loudly.' Shota tries to tell his thoughts out loud, but only hacks instead.

He closes his eyes and feels a new towel placed on his forehead, thinking how the other would have reacted if the raven was the one who got transformed halfy into rabbit. His dream bothers him, would Hizashi actually choose more simple animal life rather than what his human self has build? This way he would always be protected, this way he would be loved everyday without feeling a need to please people, fed, taken care, cute and innocent with whatever he does. Hizashi has been forcefully detached from the system and society that could turn against him by every given moment, who would want back when they can be blissfully ignorant to every problem except their own?

"Zashi…" The delirious man talks. "...don't leave me." He croaks, too sick to stay awake.


Tensei sighs. 'This what happens when you don't clean your wound properly.' Bluenette listens the other mumbling something weakly, it took one infection to get the man go down.

He joins helping Nemuri in the kitchen, being careful with metal items since Shota was very strict about them.

"Look." The woman whispers, tapping his shoulder.

"Hmm?" He turns to see that the blonde is pushing what the other two called a snack ball, which rolls over to the couch where Shota is sleeping. Hizashi doesn't go any further and goes under the living room table to watch if the raven takes it.

For many days he had wanted to visit and see his friend's condition himself, Tensei never would have thought how much he had changed, but he's happy that Hizashi still has some kindness left in him. The raven's mood will get much better when he hears that the other basically gave him a gift.

Bluenette smiles and walks towards the ball. "He's asleep right now. If he was awake, i doubt that Sho has any charge left to pick it up." He's here to help, so he can deliver the toy rest of the short way.

Reaching his hand towards the ball was interrupted in the end, when Hizashi suddenly rushes to lunge and bite his arm. Tensei yanks it off and bites down any painful noises, skipping back to the kitchen while the blonde storms off elsewhere.

"Holy shit." Nemuri hisses quietly. "Are you alright?"

"No." He shakes the pain away little. "Shota can't obviously reach that." Tensei glares at his grunting friend, who's doing the same from the far corner of the main area.

"Not for him, i think Zashi thought you were going to steal it from mister 'furry' here." She air quotes.

"Okay but when did he became so aggressive? Attacking requires confidence and he's only been biting as defense mechanism as far as i know." It's possible that the raven has forgotten that he's practically re-raising Hizashi. Being soft towards loved ones is usually good, but too soft towards a man who thinks he's an animal can cause problems.

"Good question..."

Build up anger can lead to more aggressive behaviour, which is not helping the situation.

Chapter Text

Rabbits bite for a variety of reasons. Juvenile and intact male rabbits have a tendency to bite due to raging hormones that alter their behavior. Stress can also cause a rabbit to bite. When a rabbit is stressed, it may bite or lunge to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Owners should interact with rabbits in a calm and soothing manner to help avoid this behavior. Generally, rabbits bite because they have a need to assert dominance, defend their food, or protect themselves from a predator.

Frowning, Shota glances at the other. "I've been trying to be calm, haven't i?" The raven has used his capture weapon to keep Hizashi still usually, so does he feel threatened by that? It's going to be hard to stop him from wiggling without anything aiding the raven.

A dominant rabbit may bite an owner for no apparent reason. Indoor rabbits may suddenly nip at their owner’s hands and/or feet when they move too close to the rabbit’s territory. Dominant rabbits may also bite in this manner to tell the human to move away from an area.

'So he gave an order to leave when Tensei tried to help.' His sick day went otherwise well, but apparently Hizashi decided to 'assert his dominance' via biting. This bad attitude does need to be corrected but few good things have from it.

Chinning being one of them, Hizashi has been marking his toys, the tunnel, the nest and so on. He's comfortable enough at their home to claim some of the stuff as his own, Shota can't be prouder for the man who's rubbing with his chin everywhere.

He shakes his head. 'Don't encourage him!!' To bite he means. The blonde might mistake his happiness that the good behavior brings for the bad one that can lead to more wounds to others.

The most important step in correcting this behavior is to avoid rewarding the rabbit for biting. When a rabbit bites you, it may be easiest for you to move away, but this reinforces the biting behavior. Instead, you should assert dominance over the rabbit.

Neutering and getting rid of those hormones is off the table, cage time-out isn't something he can do either. Making a sound when the rabbit bites is easy enough, he's been trying to keep quiet before but now he knows that it wasn't a smart choice. Pushing his head gently down against the floor for couple seconds is an exercise to show that Shota is the dominant one.

Blushing or not, it's what needs to be done.

First he needs to read the rest of the possibilities.

Although you are providing your rabbit with a plentiful amount of food, you are still seen as a threat. In a rabbit’s mind, the food must be defended no matter how much or how often it is offered.

Hizashi hasn't actually bitten so he could protect the his own food itself yet, this is associated with the bowl or in this case, the food basket.

Biting for self-defense page proves to be useful.

Approach your rabbit from above its eye level. This will allow your rabbit to constantly see your movement. Rabbits have a blind spot below their chin and can be easily frightened when approached at eye level.

He had no idea about this, Shota has reached out for his boyfriend from the wrong eye level. The blonde has already prescription glasses too that he can't use like this, so his vision is wonky as hell right now.

The raven closes the book to considers his approach, he has to get closer to Hizashi for these to work. The chances of catching him in the act is currently low, turning agitation against him will be tricky.

Like a lightbulb, an idea comes to his mind.


*Ding Dong*

Shota goes to the door and pays for his pizza, then carries it to the living room where he's going to eat and watch some shows that been piling up.

He crashes to the couch, opening the television with a remote that's been dusting for so long. The man visibly munches on everything except the crust, which he returns to the box without a care. Every series he binge watches isn't that loud, so he hopes Hizashi is curious from all the noises and by the smell of his veggie pizza.

Fresh odor from everything that the blonde can eat should be enough to attract his attention, while the man focuses on the episodes.

Pretending to focus on them at least, secretly he's trying to hear where the other might be without looking. This is not half bad either, so he hopes that the other gets jealous from the food he's not 'allowed' to eat.

He hasn't been risking with the prohibited things, this isn't practically one of them since there's only greens on top of the cooked disc shaped dough. Cheese and meat free.

'Under the table.' There's a light sound of the wood isn't something he can mistake, when it comes slightly higher than normal. Good, that's his usual observation spot.

Shota gobbles up the parts with toppings, ready to irritate Hizashi now that only the edges are left. The man shuts the tv off and rises up, going towards the kitchen.

'I hope this works.' If he's right about that wasting food still makes his boyfriend mad, the man would come to stop him before he throws these in the trash can.

He's already at the kitchen sink, grabbing from the handle underneath it. If Hizashi doesn't come, then this would be the first time ever when food has been thrown away in this household.

The sound of running is promising, he turns and stops the blonde from attacking him on the last second.

Raven pushes his head down gently with his hand, the anger in Hizashi's body language turns to something more sheepish when he's fully on the ground. Two big round eyes stares at the man above him, who's doing his best to keep his cool despite the other being so adorable.

"No, biting." He emphasizes his words. Scolding him for the first time seems successful, Hizashi even looks somewhat apologetic from his attack attempt. Shota is very grateful that the changes on his lovers facial features were almost non-existing, he could die from the cuteness overload.

He's holding him down so the head is between the fuzzy paws, long ears hang from the sides. Some of the fur patches stick out of the special top, which is also bumby from the places that hides away the rest of them. The tail isn't tensed up anymore, baggy shorts concealing the spot where it's attached.

Reddening as the man surrenders to him, Shota might faint soon if he keeps this up.

So he releases Hizashi's head.

"Behave yourself Zashi. Our visitors are also our friends, so you also hurt Tensei's feelings when you bit him. There's no need to protect yourself like that either anymore, you're safe and i won't let anything bad happen to you. I'm finding ways to make you feel better, it's a promise." Shota says softly with a small smile, watching how Hizashi's nose twitch calmly and eyes become half lidded. He's still beautiful, no matter how much has changed.

And deep down he's still the man he loves, this has confirmed it so there's no room for doubt.

Shota gets up and closes the trash, taking the pizza box with him.

"Looks like it's not getting wasted after all." He winks and shoves a crust to his mouth. "You've been acting very badly, only good bunnies will get prices." He carefully goes over the blonde's ear, returning to the couch so he can finish his meal.

Without the toppings, these are basically just breadsticks now, cold but still tasty.

Being mean wasn't something he wanted to be, since Hizashi is extra sensitive to everything thanks to the quirk messing with his biology.

Shota is not lost in his thoughts completely. "Hmm?" With the corner of his eyes, he can see Hizashi watching at him. The raven takes a piece from the box and places it between his fingers, stretching his arm outwards to offer the pizza leftover. His beloved is clearly interested, but doesn't make a move to get it from him.

The raven shifts his gaze towards the almost empty box, he closes his eyes and starts to hum one of Hizashi's favorite songs.

He feels the piece moving, hearing as the other sniffs it. Shortly it turns to scrunches, as Hizashi nibbles the crust down. Shota is afraid to look, but opens his eyelid just slightly anyway to see how his sweetheart eats from his hand.

Blonde yanks the piece away before he could touch Shota, but he's happy that the broken trust is building back up again.

"You can have the rest of them too." He drops the box to the floor, where the other moves it away for bit, but not too far. Shota is forgiving him way too easily, and just when he said that he's not giving prices.

This is the closest he's been allowed to be nearby.

Chapter Text

They are watching 'The Story Of Abushu The Bunny' on Youtube. It's calm and peaceful picture book style story about a bunny who gets eventually lonely and just wants friends. Eventually the bunny's wish has been heard, and Abushu the bunny gets to find company which in a form of candy wrappers first.

It's really cute and all the main characters are bunnies, Shota wanted to pick this kind of thing instead of 'Watership Down' type of movie that might increase Hizashi's stress levels again, doing more harm than good. This does fit for every age tho, especially if the person is sucker for cuteness.

Hizashi is still much more cuter than any of those voiced drawing on the screen. His boyfriend is too adorable, even when he misbehaves like a damn brat sometimes.

The video ends and Shota closes the television. "Lights out." The raven climbs over the couch so he can go to bed, giving the other a blow kiss before he goes. "Good night." Hizashi moves from where he laid against the floor, going to do the same or the opposite of sleeping.

Man smiles and flips the light switch, so the living room is only dimly lit by the moon.


Yawning, he opens the door. "Morning Zashi." Shota watches as the blonde stretches his limbs and does his own silent yawn, exposing the rows of teeths which he has felt on his skin for some time now. The shape of them isn't the same anymore, but he doubts that even he would notice if Hizashi would flash one of his trademark grins.

Going to the kitchen, Shota watches out that he won't trip on the gate he installed. The oven proved to be bit hazardous to the rabbit man, who's way too big with his long ears to safely pass by. He takes the rinsed dandelion leaves from the sink and begins to make a breakfast for sleepy honey bunny, adding more edible flowers to the mix. When he's ready to focus on the flowers, Shota makes two bracelets and a crown for both of them.

He puts his own flower crown on, sliding the bracelets on his wrists right after, the raven delivers the dandelion salad to Hizashi's basket.

The man places the second crown quickly before the other is done with the stretching, taking the most perfect picture in a perfect moment when the other looks curiously up. Shota could melt soon into a squealing buddle if Hizashi doesn't stop for being so ridiculously adorable, it can hurt his imago as an underground hero at this rate.

Opening the balcony door that replaced the lost roaming space, the rave checks that windows are closed and covered, going through the every corner for bugs too. Not finding anything to worry about, he can go make coffee and microwave food from yesterday.

Few things have changed when he started building the best environment for his hybrid boyfriend. Gymnastic ball, hand crafted toys and some cardboard boxes have been added to the man's plaything collection. One of the boxes is big enough to fit two adults inside of it, and he even saw Hizashi peeking with his head out of the window he made on the side.

It's not fair that the other still doesn't let Shota to touch him, nevertheless the raven is going to wait until he's used to him again because…

He hasn't seen any signs of happiness yet.

Teeth purring might be too quiet to hear, the tail hasn't gone higher from excitement when he brought more toys, no jumping and running around like a wind, no flopping at all.

Annoyed when he doesn't know what to do than just that, wait. Hizashi is much more braver, curious, etcetera of other good thing but not happy.

A sigh. He's been missing his partner for many weeks now, longing to share his affection closer than this. Shota can't complain about this, his darling does look good with ears and tail, those come with the squeaky noises that doesn't sound like him even slightest.

Rustling caughts his attention, Hizashi's crown has fallen into a box where he shove his head in. Big ears prevents it from falling when he swings his head up with the box still, crunching on dandelions that drop from the hidden eater.

Laughter isn't something he can hold any longer, Hizashi is eating with his head stuck in the box is priceless. Shota takes his camera out, snapping few photos of the silly goof.

Then he start to walk with that.

"Zashi.~ Where are you going?" The blonde bumps into a wall and squeaks, shaking his body to carry on to another direction. The raven giggles and goes after him. "Wouldn't it be easier to get that whole box off?" The other weirdly wanders, Shota follows behind in much straighter line. "Wanna stop for a second?" He reaches to poke the top of the box few times, Hizashi does stop but tries to watch in every way where that could have come from.

'How did you turn into such a silly bean?' The man tries to periscope in a perfect timing, Shota nabs the box carefully and Hizashi falls on his rear, confused with messy hair.

Licking his paws, the man tries to groom himself tidier. How he rubs his face against the fur is exactly like in the rabbit videos, Shota's love for cats is getting an formidable rival.

"I'm gonna get your brush and help you with that." It's in the bathroom after he washed it from all the things that has gotten stuck in it.

'How much fur i would need to save so i could make a pillow?' Hizashi's scent in their bed has been long gone, so he's seriously considering this since it's really soft. Shota is dating the man so it wouldn't be creepy either.

Okay it would.

Also unhealthy.

He needs someone to talk, it's unnaturally quiet.

On top of the washing machine is the object he's looking for. Grabbing the brush, Shota clumsily knocks over one of Hizashi's hair spray bottles.

"Shit!!" He hisses as the cap detaches from the rest of the bottle and rolls to the crack between the machine and the wall.

The man does his best to reach the devilish item, cursing how far it is. Managing to barely nab the cap, he pulls back to see that Hizashi is entering through the door, stepping on the bathroom floor with claws clicking on the tiles.

Freezing onto his spot, Shota observes what the other could want. Usually when he needs to get the blonde here, he's not coming with him without a fight. What kind of miracle has occurred that Hizashi willingly…

"Oh." His boyfriend leans closer to the hair spray, sniffing the bottle with great curiosity.

Hair products have longer history with Hizashi than Shota, the blonde's spray usage was a daily task that has stopped only on sick days. This is also a huge part of his boyfriend's human side, which makes this discovery number two.

Taking the bottle, he rises up and places it next to the toothbrush holder, searching for his own comb.

Shota shapes his hair to a simple ahoge, feeling dump for doing this in the first place. Gathering the strands to a neat looking antenna type style and sprays from the every angle so it won't fall or even get a chance to droop.

"Done." What is he doing? "What do you think?" He steps bit backwards to see the hairstyle on the mirror, thinking how stupid he looks and asking Hizashi doesn't help much.

When he glances at the blonde, Shota notices that Hizashi's ears are shaking slightly.

And makes an tiny jump.

Wasn't those the signs when rabbit is excited or wants to play?

Low grunting noise makes him double check his own temperature, the raven doesn't want this to be just another fever dream. His forehead feels like it's supposed to and Hizashi does it again.

"Y-you like it?" The blonde grunts and blinks, confirming his opinion but doesn't actually understand Shota. "Thank you." He's happy that the smell pleases him, despite it being awful as hell. Hizashi is accustomed to this, even enjoys it. The amounts he has fiddled with his hair in front of so many mirrors, has been imprinted to his mind as a good moments.

The blonde brings his chin up and rubs it against Shota's arm, who's almost on verge of tears from doing something right.

Hand trembling, rises to try pet the other man, coming carefully from above Hizashi's eye level so he won't scare him like many other times.

Unfortunately it's being nudget away, the raven tries a second time just to be sure and yeah, Hizashi refuses it for now.

Doesn't matter tho, since the man is chinning him for real. He's marking him so much that Shota can't stop internally screaming from joy, biting his lips to stop himself for doing it on the outside.

When Hizashi stops and leaves the bathroom, Shota falls to his knees, covering his face.

'You're being way too cute!!!' He thoughts loudly.

Chapter Text

Fresh bread is filling the apartment with its aroma. There was sunflower, squash and pumpkin seeds were added to the bread buns, grated carrots mixed in the dough as well.

Mouth watering, Shota spends his free time to pay attention to his playing boyfriend. Hizashi has been circling and poking the gymnastic ball. The man places his paws in top of it, stretching his legs, managing to roll over the ball to his back. Hizashi squeaks in surprise.

"Are you okay?" The man flips back to his feets and shakes the whole body in a bit dog like manner, then carries on as if nothing happened.

'Why didn't i record that?' Shota covers his face, afraid that he will forget that they are actually dating, the blonde is not a real rabbit and definitely not his pet.

Although he's not shy to call him one someday after all this is over. How embarrassed Hizashi would look if the raven buys him a bunny costume? It's not like they can resell most of this stuff anyway so why not use it for roleplaying?

Of course if Hizashi wants to keep these after healing from the trauma and the quirk, every item could turn into an ugly reminder of what he's been through.

Shota has started to enjoy to take care and observe his sweetheart in the daily basis. He still wants the old Hizashi back, but the dumb little face he makes is hard to resist sometimes. Both the human and the bunny side has his unconditional love, which means it's difficult to control his heart rate when the other does something stupidly cute.

He's sure that his lover will turn back eventually but would there be any side effects? The quirk that was suppose to keep him like this for a week has lasted for slightly over a two months, with most of the first half he spend imprisoned. The effects has been working on overtime, so some those features might not actually leave him completely.

Hizashi would need to adapt to the situation, no matter how much of the changes can possibly get stuck to haunt him. He's imagining the blonde's frustration for not knowing his own body or instincts, especially when Shota has been studying the subject and has more knowledge than the man himself.

If he even remembers how it happened.

A horrible feeling on the pit of his stomach reminds that he doesn't know about it either, even if the villains have filmed the very moment he transformed. The police said that none of the videos are easy to see, full of cruel and unorthodox ways to break the voice hero. Hizashi got mercy when his stress could have gone to the lethal level for a rabbit, which means that they did try to keep him alive at least for long as they could.

Coming too late for his rescue wasn't an option.

Hizashi is kneading inside his nest, pushing down the blankets and sheets with his head and paws to a shape of his liking, biting the fabric occasionally. Shota waits patiently if the other wants to take a nap soon, he has to finally know what happened on that fateful day.


He's borrowing Hizashi's headphones to listen the video without disturbing the man himself, sleeping after getting a fresh treat that the raven baked himself.

'It's not bad.' Shota eats his own bread roll, which has been cooked perfectly. 'Now let's see.'

Tsukauchi send him these since they found them after the villain base raid, he hasn't watched any because even the descriptions has made him sick. Now the man thinks he's ready to see the scene for real, not only in his nightmares.

Hesitantly, he opens the file and presses the play button.

It immediately shows the unconscious blonde, tied up in a chair all battered up. His hero gear has been taken away, shirtless and pants are replaced with a raggy sweatpants. None of the new features can be seen, they beated him up even before he turned.

"Wakey wakey hero scum!!!"

A villain throws cold water at the him, the reason why Shota knows, is the fact how Hizashi shivers after spitting some of it out.

"Well hello to you too!!" The blonde glares at his captors, the quacks as he sees his hair hanging from his shoulder. "Hey!! Did you know how long it takes to style this?! Sheesh, how rude can people be nowadays." Irritation seeping from his tone.

The voice that he's been wanting to hear for so long, doesn't falter, isn't bending for their will and not showing if he's afraid in front of the criminals. It's the bravery that Shota is so proud of, the man on the screen is how he used to be, the side that he misses so much.

"Aren't you forgetting something? Like the fact that…" One of them punches him down to the ground with a pained yelp, thudding as the chair clatters at the same time. " don't get to choose what we're going to do to you.~" The villain grins devilishly as his boyfriend groans.

With defiant gaze, the green eyed man shakes his head. "Nah, not really. Well i'm not supposed to talk in these situations but i can pretty much say anything else than the things you're after, so how about buzzing off?" Everyone in the room laughs except Mic who's slightly confused.

"We didn't kidnap you for information, we kidnap you to do some experimentation with you, whatever you like it or not." One of them crabs a fistful of his hair and yanks him bit more up. "You know, our business is selling people to the highest bidder and give them a new home." The talker lifts the hero by the chin with his shoe. "Not this time unfortunately, we're making new products for the black market and you been chosen as a test subject." The villain chirps.

The horror sets in his darlings expression.

"Why me specifically?" He's not letting it show on his tone.

"Hmm.~ Because you're loud, cheerful, kind, too good to break but we're doing it anyway. Am i right guys?" The rest of them cheers.

"Other heroes will find me, just you wait." The blonde growls.

The villain whistles and something tongue like hits Mic's chest, the man suddenly isn't moving an inch.

'Paralyzed.' Helpless to do anything.


"Make him drink your quirk now." The villain flips the man so his mouth would be directed upwards, open from the shock that the other criminal hitting him, unable to close it even if he tries.

"Understood." The person responsible for the transformation steps forward, injecting trigger to his own vein. The villains eyes go crazy and the animal potion quirk drips from tip of the fingers, looming over the hero. "Now be a good boy and do as you're told."

The villain shoves their hand to Mic's mouth, oozing with the murky liquid. The man chokes from what is forced down his throat, refusing to swallow anything until he fails, as the inevitable hard gulp ruins his resistance attempt.

Who ever is recording moves closer as the blonde's body shooks. The villain tooks their hand out after two more gulps, saliva line following with it.


His head tries to snap backward but it can't. The voice hero's teeths are getting thinner and ears almost nonexistent, rabbit ones appearing with a poof as the human counterparts are gone.

Bones cracking, his body changing the shape of the limbs, turning into chubbier fuzzy paws. Fur growing from the skin, as the new form settles in completely to how it currently looks.

One of them approaches and unties the blonde, who falls limbly to his side. "How does it feel!!?" And stomps on the newly grown ear.

Mic lets out a animalistic whine, weakly moving his front paws as the paralyze is wearing off. Inky black eyes frantically moving, the man has forgotten why it hurts and who is hurting him.

"She said…" Someone kicks him to the stomach. " does it feel!!?" The blonde shrieks and screams like a rabbit continuously, struggling to get himself moving at all, squirming on the floor in panic.

"Not so cocky now huh?" Few shuckles can be heard in the background. "Well, not like this could have ended in another way." The villain kick him again and again.

When Mic regains his muscles, he tries to escape by going on all four of his paws, but the person standing on his ear hasn't moved.

"Where are you going? You can't run from us." The blonde tries to yank it out in vain, screaming in fear as a foot pushes his head down.

"Let the experiment begin.~"

Shota cut the video off there, no matter how much of it there's left. The raven covers his mouth, tears flowing on his cheeks. He's absolutely disgusted by this, a new product? The man heard about the details of the case but how can anyone say that so easily?

He runs to the balcony, needing air and a spot where he can see Hizashi directly.

Chapter Text

"I'm here!!" Tensei announces without getting an answer. What he hears tho is Shota trying to attract Hizashi closer in a flat manner. "He won't get the message if you sound so bored."

The man pauses when the bluenette walk to the damn playground, there's lot more stuff now than the last time he visited.

Cooing in front of him wasn't something he expected. "Zashi,~ i love you. Come here my darling, i just wanna kiss you babe." Hizashi just lays there, not understanding any word from the lovesick fool.

"Didn't Nemuri say something that he's letting you much closer now?" He raises his eyebrow as the other groans.

"Yes, but he's still refusing to let me love him." The man pouts, which is hella rare in the presence of someone else than Hizashi. "I watched some of the video where he turned out like this, it's horrendous how people can lack on sympathy in that extent."

"Yikes." Tensei grimaces. Hizashi's change wasn't good news to anyone close to him, he's the first one to get this much damage that the ruthless villains inflicted upon him. There's so many other crimes they could do, yet they chose to try to make hero pets for the sickos who actually would consider the offer. It's already disgusting to violate someone's human rights by enslaving them and the villains that did this to his friend, went even further after 'going too far.'

The raven sighs. "I will go to do my other job now." He flings himself off the couch, revealing his full gear. "The ones who did this have been locked up, so i'm going after the next best thing." Translating to 'there are other villains that i want to punch.' The man comes closer. "I wrote down everything you need to know and do, the instructions are on the kitchen counter."

"Yes sir!!" The bluenette smiles and winks, earning an eye roll from the man.

"Be nice Zashi!! Don't go biting Tensei again okay?" Shota says to the blonde behind him as he walks towards the front door. "See ya later!!" Obviously leaving so fast that he can't change his mind.

'He's getting too use to baby talk him.' It's nice to see that he cares more about Hizashi than his reputation for now. 'Also he forgot to wash that ahoge.' That's not a natural one.

Eraserhead goes to let out some steam, the man is so heartbroken that the other hasn't fully returned from the hell hole he was kept in. Both of his friends are very dear to him, it's sad to witness what has become of Hizashi Yamada. This same would have happened if he was sold forward to some nutcase, sleeping, eating, drinking and playing everyday. But no, he was a test version for the real 'product.'

'Hrrr.' It gives him heebie jeebies, Hizashi would have been tortured to death instead of getting a spot next to someone's chair, which also gets him nauseous.

"Alrighty then!! If anyone asks, this is a slumber party." The blonde doesn't care, going to do his own thing. It makes Tensei uncomfortable to see him so quiet, not talking or picking up a game to play. He sighs. "This sleepover sucks huh? Would you rather be with your boyfriend mister biting fiend?" Bluenette jokes and chuckles, putting his stuff away.

Hizashi walks inside of the large cardboard box, ignoring the visitor completely. Tensei frowns and searches for his secret weapon.

"Look what i got!!" The man shakes a package full of mini carrots. The blonde turns, looking interested, but he accidently knocks the box over while he's still inside of it.

A series of scratching noises follows soon after, it's somewhat amusing since there's a 'window' also cutted to the box.

"You're such a dummy Zashi." He goes to peek from the hole, watching how the blonde tries to dig his way out. "Just use this one, Shota will probably replace this if it breaks." Hizashi glances at him, stretching himself little closer and patting the hole with his paw.

Bluenette tilts his head in confusion, then raises the box carefully to its original position. Hizashi hops out like nothing just happened, but something is really bugging Tensei and he doesn't know what.

"Welp, i promised you tiny carrots so here you go." He opens the packet and offers one to his friend who happily takes it. The green part sways to every direction while slowly disappearing to his mouth, Tensei will give the rest to him when he prepares the supper. "That animal brain of yours seems fun but please remember that you're not an actual rabbit. We all miss you and Shota wishes to hold you, he wasn't doing very well after he heard the news about your disappearance."

The first few days he overworked and almost starved, cried as much as his dry eyes let him, then slept even less than usual. Stubborn as a mule, it was hard to get him to function properly, things got almost worse when they found leads at last.

'What is he doing now?' He watches the other man to yank the edge of a blanket on the floor, throwing it upwards while doing his best to shove his head forward.

"You want to go under it?" He needs Tensei's help with something silly again. "Here you go." The tail wiggles as Hizashi crawls to the blanket's warm embrace. "Isn't it too hot with that fur coat?" Tip of the paws, mouth and nose pop out from the other end. Now there's a weird shaped lump on the floor.

He thoughts of something fun, grabbing the corners of the blanket to initiate his sudden idea.

"Hop!!" Tensei brings the blanket up and lets it fall down, Hizashi makes a noise and curiously looks up when the fabric hides him yet again. "How was that?" The lump jumps and the blonde lets out an another sound, Tensei takes it as his cue to do that again.

Hizashi tries to awkwardly grab it with his front paws, flailing them in the air every time when the bluenette lets the blanket float on top of his friend. The blonde clearly likes this, occasionally jumping too. No matter how much everyone hates this situation, the bunny Zashi is quite alright. There's no way they would abandon the man, even if it take these kind of moment to entertain a literal adult, he can have his fun meanwhile people waits him to return to his senses.

When Hizashi falls to his side without moving, a panic breaks the soft moment.

'Where the hell are those instructions?' He runs to the kitchen, searching for a piece of paper where he hopes to find that the blonde didn't unexpectedly just die.

Relief washes over him when he notices that Hizashi has followed him as far as he can with dragging the blanket behind him.

"What the hell was that then?" He mutters and looks through the explanations about rabbit stuff.

'Oh.' Flopping is a form of happiness in bunnies, people often think that they are dead when they first see them do that. 'That's embarrassing.' Common mistake or not.

"Sorry for quitting all of a sudden but i had to check that it wasn't your death i was witnessing." He laughs tiredly. "I don't care if Shota would never forgive me if that happened on my watch, because i wouldn't either." Tensei gives a new miniature carrot to Hizashi, who drops the blanket to eat the tiny veggie. "We're still bros right? Sho isn't the only one in this."

When he has eaten, Hizashi picks the blanket again. The man is starting to be full of energy, just like his old self.

"Couple more before we eat then!!" He claps his hands and continues playing. His friend isn't going nowhere, it's quite the opposite.


"Hnn?" A tap on his shoulder wakes him up. "Oh, hi Shota. How was the patrol?" He slurs sleepily while talking to the familiar figure above him.

"Good. What about in here?" The man whispers. The ahoge distracts Tensei but he soon replies.

"Surprisingly well actually, i will tell you all about it later." He pauses. "Did you by the way noticed that Zashi hasn't destroyed any of your furniture?" The odd thing that bugged him was the lack damage in the household.

"You mean..."

"Yeah, he's able to distinguish what he's allowed to chew and what not. I don't know much about bunnies, but don't they usually sink their teeths into cardboard or at least chip wooden chair and tables for example? The branches you got for him are gnawed to the point that you can't tell which tree it is from. What do you think?" The raven takes his goggles off and blinks.

"You found something very useful good sign, thank you for this Tensei." Shota bows his head a little, showing his gratitude. The bluenette smiles widely, recognition from the erasure hero is a big deal, he only says it when he means it.

"You're welcome."

Shota excuses himself to the bedroom. Tensei snoozes off, crashing the couch for tonight.

Chapter Text

Lazing off in a such a hot day is the best, especially with the self made lollies that can fit both of their tastes.

Hizashi has his paws on the table, licking on the multicoloured ice on a plate to cool himself down. The movement is so tiny surrounding of his lips is getting sticky, yet the man is enjoying his frozen treat as much as Shota enjoys looking at his boyfriend.

'How much that fur heats him up?' His torso is mostly unaffected, so is his head. The fact still is that Hizashi has some and it's covering the majority of his body. 'Maybe…' He takes his phone out.

Dialing few numbers, Shota calls makes a call.

"Hi Tensei. Do you still have that kiddie pool you got for Tenya?" The thing barely fits to the balcony.


"In you go." Shota motions.


The blonde jump in while he closes the door so Hizashi won't cause a water damage when he's done, then joins the man to the chair next to him, dipping his feets in his own bucket of refreshing clear liquid.

"Don't be too harsh on the edges so they won't pop, i still want to return this even if Tensei said it's okay if it breaks." Hizashi makes an happy honking sound, not mad about the change to the swimsuit anymore.

Chuckling as the other rolls to a comfy position, the raven grabs a beer from the cooler and opens the sizzling cold drink.

Left ear has somehow ended up covering the face of his lover, who's laying sideways on the pool, slashing the water with his paws occasionally. He's happy how relaxed Hizashi is, there isn't a better way to spend the day than this. Shota flips the ear off to see the pair of contentment eyes.

"You're having a great time huh?" He glances at the blonde's figure, the only thing covering him is the swimming trunks. "You still look so beautiful Zashi, i hope you understand that." The man continues to evenly honk, loving the every moment on the pool.

Opening the curtains slightly, the sunlight makes it even more relaxing. Shota ads sunscreen to himself and quickly goes over Hizashi's normal skin so neither of them won't burn. Fanning his face to keep the heat lower. Unlike the other, the raven is sweaty since he's sitting on a chair instead of laying in water.

Nursing on his beer, Shota stretches his toes. This kind of weather would have been perfect for a beach trip, but Hizashi's condition could be a problem for many reasons. It's sad that he can't bring him outside more than this, the public is already begging for information how the voice hero is doing. His career will suffer from this tremendously, it could break the blonde's heart if people forgets about him.

For now the man doesn't think that way, not bound by any human responsibilities.

'Listeners' just want to know if he's alright, media would ask if he's retiring, his sidekicks are worried since they are not allowed to have any updates. Only people who knows are family, friends and doctors who visit to check up on him. Yamada's are not coming unfortunately, when the paparazzis are tailing them, invading privacy like a flock of vultures. Shota sends a picture or two sometimes that they delete for safety measure.

'So many people care about you and none of them can come to see you.' The tiny group of friends is all that he can get, since no one has found the connection between them yet.

He fans Hizashi a bit. Jet black eyes blinks as the air passes by, half lidded from the sleepiness. The temperature must be suitable for his honey bunny, serene from the head to paw toes.

Shota attempts to scratch him behind the ear, but he's only met with lazy growl.

"Okay, okay. No touching." Hizashi didn't move an inch but at least he warned that it would end up in another bite. The raven is little lost what the other might want from him, when he lets him do the necessary things and rarely gives his affection willingly.

It's similar to a wall for not getting too attached, which is very human like trait. Is this one of those? Is Hizashi afraid for letting Shota too close? Is the blonde defending himself from getting hurt again? The raven doesn't know how to fix this or break that wall if there really is one, but he's willing to try as many times as possible.

'For your sake.' He watches as the man's nose twitches, innocent and pure to the core.


"Alright, since you have the swimming suit already on, i might as well wash you." He pats the bathtub. "Can you handle bit more water?" Hizashi hops too short and Shota needs to help him over the edge.

The raven wonders how small Hizashi thinks he is, adult English Lops are quite big so this should be nothing even for his mentality. With his size tho, the blonde would be able to get through the kitchen gates, open doors like cats and etcetera. Explaining why he doesn't do that is added to the questions yet to be found list.

'Does he think he's an elderly rabbit?' He frowns.

Shaking those thoughts away, it's definitely no. Hizashi wouldn't run or act like he does if he thinks that he's a senile animal.

Grabbing the pet friendly shampoo, Shota squirts some to his hands and commences to spread it all over the tensing man. The not so friendly did irritate his skin in some level, which meant dealing with bad itching. It's good that he never risked with food, that could have went horribly wrong if it's the same as this.

'Is it because he's farsighted?' The man wouldn't dare to carelessly jump when the objects closer to him are blurrier than the ones in the certain distance. It's not the baddest of case but it still needs prescription glasses, which won't stay on when Hizashi moves so much. They magically do hang where they should, barely.

If he gets him new ones that can stay on or changes the whole ear piece to new for the already existing glasses, Hizashi could see better around him.

He reaches for the shower hose, cleaning the blonde. Hizashi is very anxious when he has to stay put for this, not to mention when Shota tries to clean his hair. It's not as great looking when the raven doesn't know the secrets how his lover keeps it silky, but there's no splitting ends and he can brush it straight without any resistance.

'For this alone you should turn back, it would be shame to shave it.' He scrubs the man's scalp.

Humming a calming song, the rest of the bathing goes without a problem. Only thing he needs to do is to dry him up and it can finally be his turn.

"Come here Zashi, c'mon." He pats the bathroom floor where he placed some towels, Hizashi scrambles out of the bathtub but tries to already leave the room. "You're not going anywhere before getting dried up and dressed." Shota catches him with the largest towel in the house.

If it could be that easy.

Hizashi breaks free from his hold and rans tail between his legs from the dress up, toilet paper manages to get stuck on his wet paw, following as he flees away.

"Hizashi come back here!!" He cuts the white line and goes after him, the blonde is already hiding in the middle of the tunnel. "You gotta be kidding me." His own shower plans are getting delayed, the raven peeks inside the tunnel to see the bunny butt. "We can do this the hard or the easy way. Which one do you prefer?"

The man wiggles further to the tunnel.

"Hard way then." He murmurs and lowers himself, crawling behind him. "You better not kick me." Shota warns.


"Hmph." The raven pouts when Hizashi peeks from the doorway apologetically. "Happy now?" Shota takes care of the bruise in his jaw. "You shouldn't." He winces and walks out of the bathroom, careful so he won't bump into the blonde. "Don't try to act cute, i'm mad at you."

Crossing his arms, Shota sits down at the wooden table which is too small for two people. Not sweaty anymore and Hizashi is fully clothed but he has right to be little bit angry.

Hizashi tries to get his attention by walking in front of him, Shota responds with giving him a cold shoulder everytime.

He knows he's being childish, now he can't bring himself to care.

Then something weird happens, Hizashi starts to run around the table, not stopping until Shota pays attention again.

Placing his front paws on the wooden surface, leaning forward with the back ones, the man licks his hand to say he's sorry and…

"You love me?" Like the meaning of the action.

He reaches to scratch behind the ear, he's met with teeth purring. Hizashi relaxes and put his head on his lap.

'He loves me.'

Chapter Text

Shota keeps Hizashi in place, calming him down while Nemuri puts the new pair of glasses perched up on the man's nose.

These are somewhat styled like skiing glasses, which have changeable tips. Now they are wrapped around the blonde's head, not too tight, no actual frames either but it suits him since the glasses are just slightly orange tinted. Both prescription and the color is resembles his hero costume counterparts.

"How does the world look like now bunny boy?" Emi asks from the couch.

"Are you only here to spectate?" The raven counters, releasing Hizashi who seems confused as hell.

"Nope, i'm also here to raise the mood!!" She chirps. "Hey!! What's rabbit's favorite dancing style?" The raven groans but Nemuri giggles.

"Dunno. Tell us!!" Nemuri betrays him.

"Hip-hop!!" The women softly laugh together. Shota rolls his eyes as Hizashi uses his, not use to see so well.

'Maybe i should have tried harder the first time.' The man sniffs both him and Nemuri, like he's confirming something, then he hops off to explore the stuff he has marked.

"Did you hear about the rabbit who refused to leave her house? She was having a bad hare day." She crackles at her own joke. The raven doesn't understand how Emi is able to deliver a punchline without laughing first. "Sho, this one's for you. What do you call a rabbit housekeeper?"

"I don't care." He really doesn't.

"Wrong!! A dust bunny!!" The greenette pouts. "Don’t be mad, be hoppy!!"

"How can i be happy when you're practically making fun of Zashi?" They both seem be taken aback, even if it wasn't directed at Nemuri.

"Well someone is hopping mad." He glares at Nemuri, warning to not also start this. "What's wrong?" She looks concerned.

A sigh. "We found the solution to the eyesight dilemma, but it didn't help with getting him to recognize us." He's watching as the blonde rather inspects his belongings than being closer to him. His beloved trusts him after many long weeks, yet it's almost like getting affection from a cat, they come and go as they please.

Rabbit is an odd mix of other animals sometimes.

"Buu!! Stop that!! Every single thing won't help and you have to admit it. You're too focused on finding if Zashi remembers something about you, then you'll miss important details that part of his own personality!!" Emi shifts to sit properly on the couch. "It's not confirmed if he turns back at all, but we can feel it in our bones that he will return from that headspace. Keep your cool and don't be blind to the signs, otherwise frustration will control your actions which is not good for him either."

They are all silent for a moment, except Hizashi who's still exploring.

"Sometimes i forget that you're also a hero." He says bluntly and the greenette fakes being offended.

"Men!! They don't get when they're mean to a lady." She wipes the corner of her eye, even tho there's nothing there. Then she grins. "Beg for my forgiveness and marry me!!"

"No." She bursts into laughter.

Both he and Nemuri join her to the sofa, planning to watch a movie or two. They have low salt nacho chips for snacks, just in case that the blonde decides to take a interest for the food. Cheese dip jars are getting protected from the man, the trio doesn't want to cause a tummy ache. The girls also wanted guacamole, but avocados are highly toxic to rabbits so they crossed that out of the list.

'Mamma Mia' and 'Mary Poppins' aren't really his favorites but Hizashi absolutely loves them, so why not go ahead watch them? Music has always cheered him up and reintroducing the songs to him will be helping on the next phase when it comes.

Fear caused by metallic objects.

No matter how quietly Shota tries to work on the kitchen, the stuff is bound to clatter eventually, causing distress to his boyfriend. The only action that calms him down fast enough is to leave the stoves and such, hands up to show that the raven is not carrying anything.

Emi wraps herself around his arm. "I can see that you're overthinking. Take a break and enjoy the movie okay?" She shoots him a grin.

He grunts. "I have freedom to think about whatever i want." The raven says in mild annoyed tone. The other can give good advice, yet her clinginess has always been nothing more than a thing he barely tolerates. They are friends, but people has mistaken them for a couple too many times.

She's straight as hell and Shota is gayer than the sky is blue.

'At least we're not in public.' He sighs, the raven still would want his arm back. 'Why does she always have to hold it like that?' It's not tight, the position is bit weird tho.

Surprisingly enough, Hizashi has entered the proximity of the sofa. Not searching for collation, instead he stares at Shota and Emi who's hooked on his arm.

"Woah!!" Reaching with his back legs and shoving his head between them so the woman has to let go, jumping rest of the way up to settle down to the space he forcefully created.

Growling and giving hard nudges with his nose, directed at Emi. "Aaaw.~ Aren't you being a jelly little baby?~" The greenette teases, horror washes over the two as she says that.

"Hey Emi, come here to sit with me instead like right now." Nemuri voice sounds strangled and commanding. The other complies luckily, leaving the love birds to sit at the other side of the couch.

"No need to be jealous Zashi, i will always love you." The man places his head to Shota's lap where he begins to pet him. "Oh yes i do, you're such a cutie." The raven coos and gives the man a kiss.


Emi half covers her mouth to whisper. "What's going on?" This looks funny and yet it's not.

Nemuri reflects her action. "If bunnies get jealous, they might become aggressive or even destructive to get attention. Shota has just gotten him to open up so they don't have a lovey dovey schedule yet, he doesn't want to get disliked right after the breakthrough." She shivers.

"What? Really?" The greenette is baffled. She hasn't visited yet because some work stuff, so she has no idea anything else than her friend is a half rabbit now.

"Rabbits don't offer unconditional love, you have to earn their adoration and it took a while thank to the freaks who tormented him. Being super territorial and having a hierarchy of their own, so having that flurry of emotions including envy can turn into grudge so quickly." She points at the blonde. "If Zashi doesn't feel that he's top of the hierarchy, it's gonna upset him. The only things that can tone it down are going along with it and getting him spayed or neutered, which isn't anyone else's decision than his own."

Greenette blinks, frowning. "Who would even want offer themselves to get him fixed? Thanks for that image." The other giggles, Emi goes back to using the normal volume. "So he's adoring you now and might get offended sooner or later if you mess up?" She asks from the raven who gives her a disgruntled grunt as reply. "Why won't you try to do something romantic for him then? Zashi is an hopeless romantic, so that part of his human side might have survived." Shota pauses the petting, the bunny boy notices and gives him much softer nudges, probably asking for more.

A hum before he continues to give affection.

"Your theory sound like it doesn't matter if it's only romantic to humans." A nod. "How do i do a date night when he thinks he's an animal?" The man raises an eyebrow.

"You need to figure that out then mister furry." Nemuri adds, which gets Emi to burst with laughter. "When Sho was bedridden with fever, he literally woke up asking himself that."

"Shhhh." The raven hushes, Hizashi is slightly startled. "It's okay Zashi, it's okay. You don't remember but this is typical from her." Shota calms him down, then glares at her.

"Sorry but that was funny." She defends herself.

"I rather say it's involuntary. My feelings for him won't change this easily, nor if his features would have gone further than this." Shota says with serious expression.

Those kind of lines can make anyone's heart flutter, Shota can be a surprisingly huge sap sometimes. It's really amusing to provoke him to show that side more often, for her own fun and the sake of her friend. The raven shuts himself off when he thinks he's not good enough for love, it's great that Hizashi has proved him wrong.

"Why did you whisper in the first place? I heard every word." The man plays with his lover's flexible ear.

'That looks strange as hell.'

"Don't worry Sho, he's gonna love you unconditionally when that bunny spell hops off from him!!" Emi winks.

Nemuri laughs but she also earned a soft snicker from Shota.


Chapter Text

Candles are protected in lanterns and lit so the mood is good. He brought the mattress to the living room, covered with their heart filled blankets. Both of their dinners contain edible rose petals, flowers and for his partner, hand picked four leaf clovers. Nature sounds are ready to play, only thing he needs to do is turn of the lights.

Hizashi is sleeping right now, it gave the raven an opportunity to set this all up. He has made himself look presentable, nothing fancy really but the ahoge returned. The food wait on the low wooden table, with the finest of plates they have. Apple juice is something he squeezed himself, no extra sugar, not processed, just apple in the form of a liquid. Steaming hot breadsticks are placed on a cup to better accessibility, they turned out well, crunchy with some sunflower seeds.

Shota smiles and goes to wake up his boyfriend, he played with him earlier so much so the man wouldn't be able to stay awake after a long session of fun.

Descending to his knees when he gets to the nest where his beloved slumbers. "Zashi,~ wanna look what i did?" The raven gently strokes his soft ear. Eyes open halfly, watching sleepily at Shota.

A sniff and a two, the man rises with a wiggling nose. Curiously looking around how the room is illuminated, then observing the raven.

"It's a date night my cursed prince. I know you can't understand the concept, but i hope that you'd still like what i have planned." He gives Hizashi a nice scratch, then helps him to a meal which isn't served in a basket for once.

He commands him a little to stay and shows what he's eating for tonight. It took a while to get that in his head, after convincing him to stay put, he goes to sit across the table.

Motioning that Hizashi can start eating the rose petal salad, the raven takes a first bite of his own to try it out. He doesn't really understand why people even thought about eating roses, yet it fits for his purpose perfectly.

Pausing as the blonde buries his face to the plate eyes closed. Shota's jaw hangs open a bit, as he hears the other taking in the scent. When he's done, Hizashi eats more placidly than usual, nibbling slowly at the one of the clovers.

His eyes might deceive him or it's just the lighting in the room, but it's as if Shota sees a faint blush on Hizashi's cheeks. He can't go check unfortunately, it would definitely ruin the moment.

'Is he able to comprehend this after all?' The raven turns on the sound of 'forest leaves rustling' with a remote and like a magic, the pink grows just a little bit more.

"Hizashi?" The other looks at him while chewing on a petal. "Are you…" He doesn't know how to form his question. "Are you there?" Well that sounded stupid, yet it's exactly what he wanted to ask. Hizashi hasn't shown any emotion through other ways than rabbit body language and somewhat vocal. He didn't know what to expect and the blushing wouldn't have been on that list if he had guessed how the night goes.

Minding his own business, Hizashi nabs a breadstick between his teeths and crunches on it, not reacting to Shota's question.

'Me and my imagination…' The raven might be just seeing things, which is disappointing. With his honey bunny enjoying the food, it's luckily not that big of a deal.

Time passes and there's only empty plates that Shota carries to the kitchen, returning soon to the living room and sits to the mattress.

Patting the spot next to him. "Come here." He invites the blonde there, so he can pet him. The other accepts, hopping cutely over to Shota. Hizashi lays down as if he's a rabbit version of a sphinx, elegant no matter which angle the raven would look at him.

Fur patches on the shoulders feels a good place to start, he slides his hand carefully from there to the back of Hizashi's neck. The man blinks slowly with his long eyelashes fluttering and beginning to teeth purr after few strokes. 

His boyfriend melt under his touch, flopping over and loosely chinning the raven's thigh, giving tiny love nibbles which occasionally scrape Shota's skin. It doesn't sting at all, mostly tickles. Tiny holes are going to appear on his clothes, but it's okay as long as he can cuddle Hizashi.

"Our date nights have never been this peculiar, yet here we are." He sighs and smiles softly. "You're cute like this Zashi, i love you so much. I just wish to see that blinding smile of yours and hear your voice, just like it used to be." Shota rubs Hizashi's stomach gently, he looks so relaxed right now. "But you can take your time with recovering." Planting kisses to the blonde's scalp, forehead and even ears. "As long as you promise not to only eat and laze around, you're gonna get chubby if you do that."

The other just blinks sleepily, mouth tiny bit agape. Hizashi rolls to a loaf position, delighted from the pets, wanting more before he naps again. Shota chuckles and decides to lay on his side, bringing his arm over to please the blonde.

"What does it feel like? You might have picked another animal if you had the choice in this." The raven snorts. "What if you gained antlers and hooves which could have made you look like Shishigami? Or a white lion? Since you love to cosplay sometimes." Shota runs his fingers across Hizashi's temple. "Those could have caused a bigger mayhem but i wouldn't care, not even if you could have turned into a damn elephant, i still would love you from all my heart." 

Imagining the combinations makes him giggly, the blonde would flip if he understood that. He knows it's silly, idiotic even. Some animal attributes could fit him too tho, but the rabbit reflects his personality so much.

Bratty, moody, animated, misunderstood, adorable, smarter than looks and so many other things.

Unfortunately, not that loud and as energetic. People tell that sleeping is the rabbits favorite hobby, the napper title already belongs to the raven, not to Hizashi who is the opposite of him.

"Do you think there's another versions of us who didn't had to go through this? Would they be facing lighter or bigger problems than this?" Hizashi shifts a little to rub his forehead against Shota's chest, half asleep. "You're look so small in this form, even if you're the same size as before this happened."

'Or is he?' Shota frowns. Hizashi's legs haven't been able to bend straight so no one has thought about measuring him, although it might be just few inches at the worst.

The raven is starting to see Hizashi as a small helpless bunny rather than a person he loves, even if his devotion is directed at the one and the same. Date night was a good idea, he got to treat him as an ordinary human being for even just a little.

"You're a kind person Hizashi so let me return the favor. I think i have an idea where to take you for a very special day to run around freely. We just need to get you to be used to Seki's presence again, then our friends can come with us." Shota gives the blonde a chaste kiss, boobing his twitching nose. "Would you like that? Some fresh air?"

The other is already sleeping, safe and sound.

Shota smiles lightly. 'Yeah, you would probably want out for once.'

"Good night." He lets himself dream, Hizashi in his arms.


There's something weird going on with the bunny's instincts, they make him feel bit dizzy and he doesn't understand them.

Shivering ever so slightly, he looks at the creature that has been so much nicer to him than most he has encountered. This place is so much fun compared to that scary cold one where he was before.


A static like noise makes his head hurt so he shakes it. "Hmmgh…" The creature moves in his sleep, holding him tighter with the odd looking limbs. He feels so much safer with him now, everything has been awful but the creature has made things less scary.


He shakes his head again, blinking in daze. He doesn't know if he likes this or not, it's making him so tired and disoriented. None of his instincts are telling him what the noises are, but they feel familiar.

Yawning, the rabbit pecks the creature in the way it pecks him.

"Hhmaahh…" It stirs closer to him. The bunny presses his head to the creature's nest that somehow appeared close to his own, sleeping when he suddenly got so tired again.

The noises quiets down completely after he falls asleep, so does the hurting in his head.

Spark of awareness isn't strong enough yet to even unlock an important trait. There are still things shackling him forcefully down, too far from anyone's reach.

Chapter Text

It's rare to the erasure hero insist anything, so he just had to give in and go visit the household.

Sekijiro sighs. For Hizashi's sake he guesses, this is going to be a disaster that Shota can't see coming. The reason for that is obvious to him, that's why he hasn't checked up on them earlier.


He hasn't never told this to any of his friends, since none of them has been able to notice this before. Things have changed when Hizashi turned halfly into a rabbit, there's no way that the blonde wouldn't be afraid of him now. He has to brace himself, the other can't help it with his animalistic state.

The door opens and Shota flashes a smile. "Thank you for coming today, Zashi will be happy to see you." The raven wouldn't usually say that, or admit this to anyone. Those expectations are going to get crushed by something that's out of their hands.

The broad man frowns. "I actually doubt that, but whatever." Shota looks confused as he walks in. "You're gonna get what i mean in a minute." He takes off his shoes, slowly going towards the living room.

Their normal home has gone through a massive makeover, this messy playground is unnerving to him. Hizashi has truly sank deep into the quirk effects if these toys and things are necessary. His friend is nowhere to be seen, the raven appears next to him and searches as well.

"Now where did he…" A weird sneeze from the balcony answers that question, Shota hurries there and knees down. "What's wrong Zashi? Why are you hiding?" Seki knows exactly why.


It sounded like a stomp against the ground.

"Uuumm…" The raven leans backwards to make an eye contact with the grey haired man. "He was fine just a second ago. I don't know what came over him, make yourself comfortable while i figure this out." The raven frowns and turns to give reassuring words to Hizashi.

'This was a mistake.' Seki sighs.

"No need, i'm leaving." He says, making an u-turn to the front door.



"Why?!!" The raven looks between whimpering Hizashi and the man he specifically invited to reintroduce himself.

Halting, Sekijiro turns slightly to face him. "It's because of my quirk, i smell like blood and people with higher senses has always been able to pick it up." Shota has never seen the other this hurt. "They use to give me horrible nicknames, butcher, murderer, executioner, as long as it's related to my power then someone has called me that."

"You haven't…"

"Told any of you guys about this? I know. None of my friends could notice so i kept my mouth shut." The man chuckles, no energy behind it. "Carnivorous animals are okay with my presence but herbivores, example a rabbit will think that i came to kill them." His voice cracks in the middle of the sentence, being embarrassed about it, Seki turns away.

The man trusted Shota with a secret that's been haunting him and no wonder, the raven has his own fair share with getting called a villain or worse. Murderer? Not even once. There's no chance that Hizashi would actually call Sekijiro that either, the blonde's actions however are currently a whole other story.

Another sneeze, his lover isn't sick so it's an expression of dislike or disgust towards a certain smell. 'Blood…' Hizashi wouldn't do this if he had even a vague idea what quirks are, his condition is caused by one and villains tortured him with their own powers.

"Don't go yet, we have to try." The raven says.

Hizashi's 'Voice' quirk hasn't been activated at all after his rescue, but no matter how much his body has changed, it should still be there waiting for him.

So the raven takes a risk and activates 'Erasure' to tap it slightly, hair floating upwards while his beloved stares him in fear.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sekijiro loudly whispers while Shota blinks and smiles.

"Look Zashi, nothing bad happened." He says softly. "Even you have a quirk that amplifies your voice." Using it again, Shota waves his hand in front of his eyes. "See? Not that scary. It's my skill." The raven plays with his floating locks, separating them momentarily and releases so the hair gathers back automatically. Deactivating it, the man points to the kitchen sink, hoping that they both will get what he's trying to tell. "Sekijiro is one of our friends, he came to say 'hi' to you Hizashi, it's rude to not even greet him."

The man inside their home grunts and cooperates with him. Shota tempts the blonde with sweet words, sliding himself backwards on the ground so Hizashi could have space to follow.

"This is stupid, he wo…" Hizashi moves forward to sniff and peek from the doorway, one paw on Shota's lap. The grey haired man shuts his mouth, unsure what to do.

Shota signals the other to activate 'Blood Control.' The man lifts his hand above the sink to let few drops drip from him, shaping and manipulating them in the air until Shota erases his quirk.

Inhaling sharply, Seki decides to speak. "The blood you smell belongs to me Hizashi. We're friends and i would never purposely hurt you, it's against my code." Getting over the gate, the man sats down to the floor. "I get that i smell like death and you aren't too fond of it, you can't even understand me and yet i'm asking to be your friend once more."

Anxiety from being feared by people hits too close to home. Unlike Shota, Seki hasn't found anyone to talk about this before.

Vulnerability isn't a weakness, but it's hard to turn it into strength.

The blonde keeps himself low, less afraid of Seki. Hizashi's still wary as he runs under the table, where he follows their movements.

"Is he observing us or…" Shota nods. "Okay."

Sekijiro avoids the table and moves to couch, the raven serves him homemade cookies and the fresh apple juice he used at the other day.

"You been getting into cooking lately." There's a long pause. "That's neat."

"Yeah…" Shota replies.

Neither of them have the same kind of conversational skills like the rest of their so called friend group, minus Hizashi who's just temporarily even worse than them. Adding the embarrassing things, baby talking and the revealed secret makes this interaction awkward.

"Wanna talk about it?" The raven asks, listening is really the only way he can help.

Sekijiro snorts. "Maybe some other day. You're not the type of person i would want to open up." He reaches for a cookie. "Sorry." Munching on it, looking surprised as if he underestimated the taste.

"No need to be, it's understandable." Shota searches for his eye drops, the quirk usage is starting to get to him.

"I can't imagine how you can take care of him so well, you have become a huge softie since Hizashi's rescue mission." Seki gazes at the blonde, deep in his thoughts.

"Villains won't agree with you." He adds the liquid to his irritated eyes. "Tensei and Nemuri has been taking turns watching him, the paycheck doesn't come by itself."

Emi lives too far away from here, which is couple more nights without patrols.

"Vacations days ain't enough?" Shota hums. "I feel ya, staying at home will get boring really fast, even with good company." The man raises his eyebrow, following timidly hopping Hizashi.

Wandering around the longer route, the blonde jumps next to Shota. His paws ends up on the raven's shoulders and chin is placed on top of his head, this position feels odd but he won't complain.

"Is that a better place to see if i'm a threat or not?" Seki questions. "Suit yourself."

"Whop." Shota shakes his shoulders up and down, Hizashi doesn't move away but the other snorts.

"The only thing i can translate from today is 'what the fuck are you doing,' i know because my dog gives the same vibe!!" The broad man holds his laughter. "I can't believe that Zashi can pull off the same look!!"

Shota activates his quirk from the last time today, Hizashi squeaks but shoves his head forward instead of leaving. Sekijiro grins widely and chuckles, Shota can guess why.

"How do we look?"

"Have you seen any series with supernatural beings in it?" The raven hums, not wanting to nod and disturb his lover anymore. "My best bet is on a vampire and a demon lurking in dark bushes."

'Demonic bunny?' Close enough.

"Oh great rabbit spirit, stop possessing my friend and let Shota have his loudmouth back.~" The grey haired man tries to sound spooky, its bit hilarious actually. "Is thousand carrots a worthy sacrifice?~" Okay, maybe more than just a bit.

"I'm Zashi's minion and i say that could cause some stomach issues." The raven snickers.

Then Hizashi sneezes again.

"I think your hair found it's way inside his nose." Sekijiro points out. That's his cue to deactivate his quirk.

The conversation turned more lighter and casual in the end. Who would have known?

Chapter Text

Bunny five hundred.

Fitting name for this action, Hizashi is running around the apartment like a fuzzy race car. Seeing the full capability of his lover's speed is astonishing, since the blonde couldn't never run that fast when his legs weren't altered.

This is another thing that Shota will add to his logbook, which he has frequently updated. When Hizashi turns back, the raven can give this to him if anything needs explaining.

'Doing few binkies as well.' The man writes as the other hops and twists his body in the air, keeping his pace up.

"You're extremely cheerful today." The man comments. "What's the occasion?" Hizashi's happiness has been less subtle lately but this tops it all when he's going wild with his joy. The loud and energetic development is something he's been looking forward to, his beloved isn't becoming a carbon copy of the raven with all those naps he's been having.

Shota doesn't know what to think of this yet, giving self credit to himself isn't his thing.

Accomplishments aside, watching Hizashi to zoom everywhere is quite captivating. His honey bunny is getting great exercise from skittering around, joyously jumping on top of the objects in his way.

Raven opens their bedroom door to bunny Zashi for the very first time. The reason why he hasn't done this before was the gap caused by fear, the blonde had his safe place at nights, and Shota managed to keep an eye on him better during the days when Hizashi was on the same room with him.

Nothing is stopping him from going in, yet the blonde pauses instantly when he gets to the doorway.

"Hmm?" He's not sure where the energy went or if anything is wrong, the other just halted suddenly instead of seeing their room.

Periscoping curiously, Hizashi sniffs at whatever scent he noticed. The man hops barely outside of it, side to side but not forward. His sweetheart looks at the bedroom like there's an invisible wall blocking him, a closed window showing another world, door frames being a line he's not allowed to cross.

Frowning, Shota's knowledge, log, or anything else can explain this phenomenon. He goes to their shared bed and tries to lure Hizashi there.

"You're welcome to join me, it's just our room Zashi. I have never said your access to here is denied, i needed to get you comfortable with me first." His darling doesn't move. "C'mon Zashi, come here.~ I can pet you in your very own spot.~" The raven coos.

Hizashi reacts to this, but not in the way he wanted him to. The blonde disappears from his sight so Shota follows, the man chose to lay on his nest, expecting love and affection.

Such a simple little thing can hurt him in the chest so much.

Breath uneven and eyes teary, this must be some sort of cruel joke. What is preventing his sunshine from entering their own room? Why Hizashi is refusing to come where he belongs?

"No Zashi, this way." He points back to the bed. "The nest is nice but you have another place, right next to mine." The raven watches if the other would move at all.

Not even a inch.

He's lost, Shota doesn't know what to do. This definitely can't be related to him or the traumas, that would be too absurd. Is their room too overwhelming? Too much for him? Is this a sign that he's not ready or does he hate the idea of being together like that again? This can't be a rabbit thing right?

The raven glances behind his shoulder to see if there's anything there that could drive Hizashi away. Shota can't pick nothing extraordinary, bed, posters, nightstand, few other furniture like the mirror…

'The mirror!!!' Shota looks between Hizashi and his own reflection which is clearer from this angle.

Raven ventures closer, hearing Hizashi's complaining whines somewhere behind him. Shota lifts the mirror and carries it to the living room, against the wall.

The blonde seems mortified, backing to his nest more to make unsatisfied noises. Hizashi is possibly thinking that there's a rival on their home, living much closer to Shota.

"Zashi look." He taps it. "This is just a mirror and the things you see are our reflections, they are not alive even if it looks like that." Shota whistles to get his boyfriend's attention, fidgeting around so the image copies him. "I don't have a twin but you're seeing two of me right?"

Peeking from his hidey hole, Hizashi comes cautiously forward. The raven taps it few more times to show it's an object and nothing else.

Confused blonde looks at the doppelgangers, wary of his own and interested in Shota's. Hizashi hops behind him, watching eyes wide as his reflecting does the same as him.

"It's you Zashi, no one else." He pets the blonde who's keeping his gaze fixated to the mirror, letting Shota to give scratches under his jaw. "And me, you and me, us, it's just us Hizashi." The raven reassures that he isn't hiding anyone, it's just them so there's no need to be afraid.

'What a relief.' Hizashi doesn't hate him or anything like that, he refused to enter thought this was another bunny hybrid who was way more important to the man. 'You scared me.'

Wait, does Hizashi see himself as a rabbit or a hybrid with rabbit features? His brain works weirdly but this could be confusing even when if he gets that it's a mirror image. He still has plenty of human features left, his mostly unaffected face being a great example of this. In the other hand he truly could see it as other bunny. Or maybe something foreign which is not either of those options?

Now Shota is confusing himself.

A paw reaches towards the mirror, claw hardly touching the surface. The raven encourages Hizashi to go even further, giving him more space.

"Can you see how much your appearance has changed now? You didn't use to have these rabbit limbs or ears." Shota swings his lover's ears around. "This fur coat wasn't all over your skin, you had beautiful emerald green irises, blinding smile and sharp wits." He sighs. "Now you're watching yourself in the mirror like a stranger, trying to figure out what you are."

Peppering kisses to Hizashi's forehead, Shota combs the messy golden locks with his fingers, tangled from running so much today.

Nose twitching, almost bumping to his reflection, Hizashi inspects himself from the object. No recognition, no body language to tell how he feels, no human expressions to question any of this. Human, rabbit, something in between, is he searching for the correct answer? Must be rough since he can't form it.

"Can't understand this yet? It's okay, you still look lovely." He hugs the other. "You're Hizashi Yamada, that's what matters. Those villains stole so much from you, but they could never steal your name or loved ones who care about you." The raven raises Hizashi's paw and gives a kiss to middle of it.

Hizashi turns to meet his eyes, lowering his head to ask for the petting he offered.

They go to the blonde's nest, Shota lays down to his back while the other crawls on top of him. 'Heavy.' Eyelids shutting soon as the raven's hand slides to do its job.

After five minutes of silence. "Was it too much?"

Is Shota comforting him? He can't Exclude other options so quickly. Exhaustion? Promise of pets? It can be so many things and the raven hates that, nothing makes sense. He thought Hizashi didn't want to go to their room from completely other reasons entirely.

Hiccuping, the raven sobs a little. His sunshine opens his eyes and gives some 'i love you' licks, they tickle his face, which has now tiny lines of drool. He tries to fight back a smirk, failing when Hizashi won't stop.

"I get it, you don't actually hate me." He cups the man's cheeks kneads them. "Go drink water a bit, your tongue is really dry." Shota pats him on the side, asking to release him. "I'm better now, so don't worry."

Both of them maneges to eventually leave the nest, Shota taking the mirror to their closet where it can't no longer be pain in the ass.

Sound of a water bottle somewhere behind him, the raven sighs and slumps face first to the bed. Endless questions for his logbook are bothersome, most them were left unanswered. Is Hizashi thinking about his reflection? Did he come to a conclusion regarding his appearance? Is this going to affect in some way? Would it be good or bad?

Mattress sinks even further, but it isn't because of Shota's weight. The raven slowly lifts his head to see Hizashi in front of him.

His heart beats faster as the other came to look what the hell he's doing. 'Oh, right…' He stored the mirror away, Hizashi is fine with the bedroom for now on.

Hizashi is sitting on his side of the bed, Shota might feel just slightly less cold tonight.

Chapter Text

Everybody is here to help with his plan, if this doesn't work, then they need to try it on another time. Hizashi waiting at the bedroom, so all of their friends have freedom to set things up.

Nemuri has a tambourine, Tensei is carrying cymbals, Emi brought xylophones, Sekijiro improvised and searched for the christmas dog collar with bells on it, that leaves Shota with pot bongos. Their band is coming together quite nicely, the mission is to perform for sake of the blonde's mental health. The memory of metal items crashing down on him would hopefully change into something more harmonized, giving him some peace of mind.

The toy carrot is for Hizashi if he wants to join in, it's the same one he hated so much when he first got stuff to play with. They have been singing on his presence, most of the movies have been musicals he likes, his boyfriend can't resist music when the rhythm is catchy and done right. They haven't practised at all, but he's sure that their efforts will be good enough.

He hears that Hizashi is scratching the door. "Ready?" His friends nod and gives him a thumbs up.

Shota inhales sharply, the next part is going to be harder. The raven has to talk with him before they can start, getting Hizashi to leave the room won't be easy. He also has to tell that they have visitors, everyone has been rebonding with the blonde but can the man handle this many at the same time?

Going inside from the crack he made, the raven descends to Hizashi's level, who's already close enough for this one sided conversation.

"Sorry for locking you up in here." He pets Hizashi's head. "Our friends arrived and we were preparing a surprise for you. It's a nice surprise, i promise." And a small kiss to his cheek. "You're gonna love what we organized if you give it a chance Zashi, things will get less scary for you." Hizashi enjoys the contact, unaware of what's going on. "Would you believe me if i say we formed a band? I know it's not my 'style' at all yet here we are. You love music don't you? C'mon, let's go then." The raven turns the opens the door, Nemuri is waiting at the otherside with a treat.

"Hi Zashi, i brought you yummy fresh mint again!!" The woman chirps, waving the herb around. "Yum yum!!" Her luring tactic sounds stupid but it's effective, Hizashi hops towards it. Now he can't go to the bedroom anymore, access to balcony has been taken care of, so the only places where he can hide are the ones in the living room.

Bells begins to chime, catching the blonde's attention. Terrified at the sight, Hizashi runs away to the tunnel where he's out of their reach. Shota and Nemuri goes to their position next to the trio, where the xylophone lets a beautiful echo that's close to a sound of raindrops.

Girls decide to sing like princesses calling for forest animals, the guys humming to create background noise. Tensei leads them the cymbals, along with Nemuri who's clapping her hands, holding the tambourine. Shota taps the bottom of his pot bongos, they are slowly figuring out how everything goes together.

They pause to see Hizashi's reaction, contemplating if it's okay to continue or not. His lover's silhouette is low as possible, not moving nor making any sounds at all.

'Trust me.' There's nothing to be scared of.

Raven takes out his phone, mind set on something much faster. He shows the song to everyone and hits the play button.

"This song is called Jam." The men tunes their guitars, screwing around instead of playing. "Thank you very much." 

The other guy says. "That was the song." First man repeating him, chuckling a bit.

"I know you guys were waiting for something, that was it." Another repeat. "You guys not impressed?" That's their cue.

Shota drums the pot between his legs, not a moment too early, not a moment too late when the man in the video starts busking. Rest of his friends join when the second guitarist plays, Opal Ocean is a great choice where the song doesn't need lyrics to be good. 

His friends are getting into it, Nemuri had a sudden urge to dance, Emi and Tensei are stomping with their heels and Sekijiro is smiling widely. All of them has heard this piece before, so nobody has trouble with the song, no matter how ridiculously fast it is.

This song has a great energy, the raven won't admit to anyone that even he might be addicted to it. The compelling beat attracts the blonde from where he hid, mouth agape and eyes fixated to them, as if his human side wants to stop hesitating right then and there.

"Here." Shota throws the toy carrot in between them when the video is building up for the final. 

Hizashi staggers backwards, staring at the item that reminds him of the dark cell and everything he had suffered in there. Cold, alone, when nobody had saved him yet.

"Think fast bunny boy!!" Emi says cheerfully, snapping Hizashi out of whatever thoughts he was having.

"You're gonna miss the best part!!" Tensei adds.

2:33 In the video, Hizashi takes a step forward.

"You can do it!!" Seki encourages.

2:46 He hops closer.

"Attaboy!!" Nemuri chirps.

2:56 Hizashi meets Shota's eyes. The raven doesn't need to say anything, as his gaze tells to his sunshine more than the words could.

'Everything is okay.'

Not hesitating anymore, the blonde grabs the carrot with his mouth and shakes it. He goes stiff, almost dropping the toy, but catches it from the green string before it could.

After a while, the blonde relaxes and whisks his head around to the music. Everyone's smile is incredibly wide, it's a shame that the song ends when Hizashi has just joined the mix. His lover looks confused.

"Wanna try another song?" The raven asks, who didn't expect a tiny nod, accompanied with a rattle from the carrot toy. "A-alright." None of them are hundred percent sure if that was a real reply or not. Shota searches through his phone .

'We could play something from Freak Fandango next.' It's slower than the first one, but still energetic.


"Buhaahh!!" Nemuri lets out after gulping half of her bottle. "We truly deserve this!!" The raven hums in agreement.

"Yeah, Zashi is getting along with that toy and stuff like the pots now." Tensei sips his drink. "I think he avoided my cymbals tho." Shota saw that as well.

"Everything takes time, especially traumas." Sekijiro grunts, talking from experience. "Weeks of torture didn't do any good for that idiot."

"I will ignore that for now." The raven gives a quick glare at the man, then shits his attention towards the bluenette. "So we're all allowed to go to your family's mansion for that day?"

"Absolutely!!" Tensei smirks. "It's gonna be a great party!! Zashi will get some fresh air after being cooped at home for so long, we have great view for the fireworks, plus we can surprise him if he turns back before it!!" He sounds so optimistic. If this keeps up, the trip will be a success whatever happens.

"Zashi no, bad!!" They all turn to Emi, who's pushing Hizashi away from something. "I spilled my apple cider and he really wants to lick it!! Why i'm the one who's stuck with fruity alcohol?" The rave looks at the floor below them, detecting the small sizzling buddle. "No!!~ It's not good for you!! Sho,~ get your playboy before there's even bigger mess!!" She struggles to keep the can in her hand, which is tilting more and more when his boyfriend tries to lick the liquid from the ground.

Pulling his left sleeve up, Shota wipes it in a second while distracting the blonde. Emi takes her chance and swallows rest of her drink down.

"I'm switching to beer." She pouts and leaves to get a new can from the fridge. Nemuri giggles slightly.

"Wait for me!!" She jumps up to follow her.

The guys listen as they tease each other in the kitchen, shrugging it off. Hizashi grooms himself, getting his fur clean after failed drinking attempt. Soon he's under the wooden table where they all have gathered, upper body exposed enough so Shota can pet him.

"She's right tho, no drinking for you." The raven boops his boyfriends nose. He start scratching from the side of his neck. "You did well today, i'm so proud of you." Hizashi leans in for the touch, happy from getting praised.

"He's gonna get through this in no time." Tensei comments.

"Of course he will!!" Nemuri says behind him, Emi nods in agreement next to her. "Heroes always win in the end!! There's no way that our Mic would abandon his calling or Shota to be a bunny for rest of his life!!" 

Shota gazes at Hizashi's void black eyes. "True." He smiles.

Present Mic will return one day, and so will his source of happiness.

Chapter Text

A short visit to the store has kept him anxious, even if it was something he couldn't avoid. Shota talked to Hizashi that he wouldn't take long, fetching just few items and the straight back. This whole trip he hasn't been able to shake off the thoughts of the worst possible outcomes, imagination running wild.

Nothing helps him get calm enough, he hasn't left his boyfriend home alone like this, there's always been somebody watching over him.

'I just need to be quick. He's a grown man, Hizashi won't need me twenty four seven to babysit him.' In and out, no stalling.

A grown man with almost non-existing human brain cells.

'I hate this.' The blonde won't die immediately, Shota is just overthinking. Nothing bad's gonna happen, his sunshine is probably playing right about now.


Meanwhile when Aizawa is out shopping.

The creature went through that weird opening wall, specifically the one where he won't be back in a while nor hear his scratches from there. Thankfully it always comes back, they live together after all.

It's too quiet for his opinion, making some noises has become the rabbits favorite thing to do. Well, right after getting petted. He hops towards his playthings to decide what to pick, settling for the big ball on middle of the room.

Kicking it with his paw, the bunny watches how the ball rolls. Soon he's eager to push the round object, going around the room with it. The ball spins to other directions when it hits corners or sides of different things, which gets the bunny hyped up even more.

He turns around and kicks it with his back legs, using full force. The ball ends up bouncing rather violently everywhere, too fast. The rabbit squeaks and rushes to his nest for safety.

Danger seems to be over, the rabbit pokes his head out to judge if it's good to come out. There's only one thing that the ball destroyed, which is his brown hidey hole, that fell apart a bit. There's also a tear in the mini opening, looks like he can't fit in there anymore without breaking it completely.

Rabbit bats the ball away, the toy betrayed him and broke something dear to him. He's moving on to a next possession, grabbing his stick from the floor. The bunny grids it with his teeths, gazing for a good place to chew on the piece of timber.

Brown hole won't be comfy anymore, but that colorful tube will do. It's much stronger than the other one was too.

Happily trying to enter, the rabbit soon notices that he suddenly can't for some reason. His head is stuck, it's strange since he was able to fit there earlier, something is stopping him from going in.

Leaving the stick behind, the bunny tries again and succeeds this time. Now he's in, but he has no toys to play with. It's getting boring when there's nothing to do, so he goes to search for more fun things, keeping himself actively busy.

Wandering here and there, the rabbit hops to a platform. Here he can have a better view of his territory, every object has been scent marked by him. An odd thing is preventing him for going further than chinning his belongings, but it's fine since the second option would be disgusting as hell. 

There's that strange feeling again. Why does it go against some of his instincts?

Shaking his body, the rabbit leaps off the platform. He hasn't been on one part of turf in a while, that place which was blocked off by the creature. Those obstacles don't look that difficult to get across, but the one who takes care of him hasn't let him.

But the creature isn't here.

One jump is needed to get over the area. It's a tiny space which he loves, it smells like the good food. The bunny chins everything, the other might forbid him from doing this when it comes back. Every corner of this place is his, they belong to him, the creature is allowed to be here but otherwise everything is his.

The creature belongs to him too, he needs to show that more.

He goes around the otherside, this obstacle can't stop him. The bunny gives himself a wash, pleased that everything is covered with his scent now. Looking back at the obstacle, his instincts is still filled with playful intentions. Maybe he can do it few more times?

Jumping back there, the bunny isn't going to stop this time. Circling them all over and over again is fun, these things are better challenge than the hard or even the soft platform.

Last hop doesn't go that well, too short. The rabbit blinks and wiggles his leg, freeing himself on a record time. He's a proud smol bunny, didn't need the creature's help. Waiting for a praise and realising that he's not getting any, all because the other isn't back yet. He lets out a slightly disappointed noise, ears listening if the wall would open.

Nope, no sounds.

Managing to get himself tired and thirsty, the rabbit goes to drink some water. Mouth around the thing where he gets his refreshment, the rabbit enjoys the cold clear liquid. Creature never lets the water go warm, and he loves that so much. It's fresh and clean all the time, unlike that other place where he couldn't do anything, he was so scared there.

Getting dizzy, the rabbit staggers to the soft platform. He smells the scent of the happy green creature, the smoky blue creature, the injured big creature and lastly the one who always gives him snacks. That creature's smell makes him always bit sleepy, luckily it's not so strong now.

Rubbing his face to the spot where his creature usually sits to watch him is soothing. He's feeling so much better on the smooth surface, sniffing the other's lingering scent. Rabbit misses the creature's warmth and attention, blissfully savoring what's left only for him to find.

Until the magic thing turns to life, startling him and ruining the moment. It shows other creatures and bunnies sometimes, but now he's not in a mood for the thingy.


Pressing the small black block, he stops the magic thingy from bothering him.

His dizziness returns fast, forcing him to lay down for a while. Tiny whimpers cannot describe how awful his head feels. These noises are like the ones that the creatures use to communicate, but much louder, saying something he can't understand at all. 

'͋̇̔̏͏̤͓̼̳̰͈͖̣͔W̃̐̋̽͏҉̪͉͚͓͙͓̱-̢͙̥̪̔͐̅̂͑͢͝w̗̘̪̑ͤ͂͒̅̃͌h̵̡̠̜̓.͔̪̫̼̠͚̬̊̄͘͡.̸̩̼ͩ̏͑̐̊̄͒ͮ̀.̶̥̻͈̃̆ͮ̍ͭ̉ą͚̩̲̬̬̮͇̟ͨͨ̉t̷̙͔̺͉͆̈͛͒h̎̔̊̕҉͓̩͍̼̖͇h̴̶̢̗̱̰̥̫͎̉̉ͯ̈́̿̓ ̀̊ͨ͂̾ͨ͘͏̫ä̸̠̗͍̪̼m̓̑̅̽̈҉͔̱̤̭̬ ̞̱̗̀͒̋i̝͉͙̗͉̱̳̒̃̐̉̿͞͞ͅ ̸̥̥͈̪͑̇ͣ̋̽̋͢f̢̧̻̜̾̓̃ͨ̚ͅͅǫ̹̼̱̳̼̐̆̀͑-̸̴͉͕͉̜͎̬ͨͤ̄̃̏̀̈͒̾f̥̣̫͍͇̫̦̌̌̔o̡̹̞̅͗̎ŗ̩̤̤̮͎̠̗̄ͫ͆ͅg̡͓̗̬̱ͣ̒̚͡͝e̡̢̯̙ͣ̾̎̀̂̒ͣ̍t͙̜̽̓̑̾̒͢.̹ͫ͌ͤͪ̿͋ͫ̄.̦̆̋̏͐́̐ͮ͆.̷̖̩̳̑ͨ̍̈́ͥ͟ḧ̅͒̽͊̾̏ͧ҉̨̱͉̖͡ì̖̝̲͌̒n̶̨̗͔͖͖͔̠̰͊ͤ́͗̉ͪ̔̋ͩg̹͖ͭ͊ͤ̌̉̋h̶̡͇̳͔̺͍̤̝͍͑͆̐̉͂͡h̶̛̹̦̳̬̠̰̥̯̥̏ͭͪ͘?̦͕̃ͧ'̟̮ͭ̾̅̌͌̉

Something isn't right, did his body always feel like this? How did it felt before? Wait, before what? There's nothing new to it, he has lived with it so long. Was something stolen?

'̡͈̯̭̟̘ͫ͆̆ͪ͐́͊I̱ͥ́̽͢ ̶͎̙͉͔̅ͦͩ̋w̐͏a͑̏̔̌̄̔͏̭̝͍ḩ̮̣̋.̞͜.͔̯̮̋ͩ̄ͦͯ.̳̳̤n̳͕̪̿̑͋̀t͚̬͕̻͔̆ͥͨ̄̇ ̟̥͙̪̝̙t̰̫̩̠̅-̧̲̪̼̬̩̖͚͗̿t̵̅̌ͤ̌ȍ̦̖͖̣̜͓ ͉̃̈́͑̔͊ͧ̈́b̪̖͙ͥ͂ͭ̇͢e̓ͯͦ̎ͧ͐hh̘͓̥͖͇̫̣̽̃̓̅ͤ͐́ ͖̒ͥͣ̓̅͠l̠͕̐i͎͎̼̫͑h̖̖̻̹̒̆ͮ͛͘ḵ͍̲͗̈́ ͓͍͈̼͈̖ͩ̽͛̈ͦ̓ͭh͙͚̯ͪͫi̮͈͔̱̭̜͖͒̂͒͐.̵̼͗̉͗̽͆ͪ.̫̖͔̞͍́͗̾͆̒̋̃.̟̹͉ͬ̈̓̒ͫ͒m̝̙͈̩̯ͣ͌!!̼͖̗̪͉̗͌ͣ͐͗ͮ͘ͅ'̖̙͙̺̠̯̰͗͂ͨ̒

Why his intelligence has forsaken him for this? Everything is just getting drained away again. Whoever is making that ruckus in his head should leave him alone, he only wants to hear his creature and nothing else.


The noises dissipate, leaving the rabbit confused. Not able to remember if anything happened, but his longing for his creature just grew. Pets, love, attention, he wants it all to himself.

The bunny hops off from the sofa, passing the table as and his toys. He's going to wait at the door for the creature's return, who also loves when the rabbit asks to play with him. 


"I'm home!!" Hizashi perks up behind the door, looks like he was waiting for Shota. The raven giggles, he was worried over nothing. "Missed me? I said that this wouldn't take long."  Didn't stop him for being worried over nothing.

The raven is about to go put his bags to the kitchen, but he halts on the midway there.

That large cardboard box got trashed while he was away, the ruined playhouse doesn't look like Hizashi would have physically attacked it either.

"Were you too rough while you did something else?" His boyfriend ignores the question, instead he begs for the raven's attention. "Alright then, let me get these out of the way first." Shota smiles and chuckles.

It takes longer than usual to get Hizashi satisfied with their play session and every damn minute was worth the trouble. Those black eyes  glimmered with pure joy, his lover practically craved Shota's presence, which makes him so incredibly happy.

Now he knows that the blonde can survive without him for a short period of time, even if he still prefers to have company, meaning that this won't be a regular thing. 

"I hope you behaved well when i was gone, the box can be fixed with a tape but everything else is trickier." Hizashi's posture shows how he lights up, as if he knows what he's talking about.

'What happened when i went out?' Shota should have left a camera to record Hizashi, now he has a strange feeling that he missed a lot of data for his logbook.

His boyfriend nuzzles closer.

'Silly Zashi.'

Chapter Text

Laying inside Hizashi's nest is nice, the man has curved himself to be Shota's pillow and in return he gives him delicious pea paste. The blonde licks with the tip of his tongue whenever raven squeezes the tube, just a tiny little sweeps and it's gone.

"Is it good?" He presses the tube and more green paste appears, until the other makes it disappear. "Should i buy more of these in the future then?" Hizashi takes the nozzle part between his teeths, expecting to get a bigger amount. "Okay then." Shota chuckles.

Raven compresses it with his fingers, he's been pampering his boyfriend rotten, Shota is way too weak against his lover's whims.

Smacking his mouth, Hizashi happily enjoys the taste. Shota decides to screw with him and spreads it above his lips, paste smearing to his untidy mustache. His tongue darts to get it, which looks adorable as hell.

'Cutie pie.' Shota snort and smiles, wondering about the various flavours he could get for his sunshine. 'Tomato paste perhaps?' Gourmet food paste is not that expensive, but he needs to be mindful how much he gives it to Hizashi thanks to a familiar reason.

Putting the cap back on, the raven can finally relax against the soft hybrid man. Smooth fur and breathing muscles underneath his head lulls him to sleep.


"Eeee, what's up doc?"

This has to be a joke. No, a dream. Shota has never been aware when he's been dreaming, this is definitely his first time.

Bugs Bunny is talking to him, playing poker with a similar type of rabbit creature who has way too many Hizashi characteristics to not be him. At least he has clothes on, unlike that carrot munching cartoon character.

"Am i going to get hit by an anvil during this dream?" The raven knows how that particular kids show works, which means painfully.

"Nope!!~" Yep, it's Hizashi. "Why would i let my cousin to pull his tricks on you Shocchan? He came all the way here just to meet you." The blonde turns on his seat and crosses his legs.

Shota raises his eyebrow in a comically exaggerated level, noticing now that even his appearance has been altered. He's a messy darker version of Sylvester the cat with untamed and completely black fur, his baggy sweater can't conceal everything underneath it.

"Wait, cousin?" How's his brain making this stuff up? Why the scenario turned out like this?

Offended Bugs marches in front of him and gives him a few slaps. "Rude!! I been 're this whole time." The raven doesn't like the dream version of this character. "Hmm, maybe there's one trick 'dat my cuz would agree on."

The bunny wiggles his eyebrows before neither of them can say anything and pulls a curtain out of nowhere. Paws, hands, whatever those are untagles his messy fur and switches the clothes that were on him.

Curtain falls and now Shota is wearing a damn dress with a wig, which are iconic to the series as well.

Hizashi snorts, trying to hold his laughter and spare the raven's feelings. His amusement dies down when Shota starts tearing up. "Hey Bugs? Can you give him something he's comfortable with? You're upsetting my boyfriend." The bunny looks considering things.

"Alright!! How about this?" A space suit? The raven shakes his head. "Then this?" Where did he get a police uniform. "Don't like it? Sheesh, how picky." Shota quacks and hides his underwear. "Oopsie, let me fix that." Carrot costume? Seriously? "Dat's from my personal collection." Then Bugs switches to something he can't actually see.

"Why's this one censored?" Every angle is full of pixels, the outfit is just blurry. "Ugh, just give my old clothes back."

"Wait wait wait wait!!!" Hizashi stops the costume change. "Let me enjoy the eye candy before you guys get ahead of yourselves.~" The blonde purrs and takes a good look at Shota bit lustfully, steam coming out of the drooping ears.

'So it's something sexy?' He questions, not sure what is happening anymore. Even if he's been wishing that Hizashi would look at him as more like this but this is not what he had in mind.

It's worse when the rabbit features have overrun the dream Hizashi's body, grateful for the real ones mostly human like figure.

Hissing. "Can this be over already?" He's not gonna lie, Shota is slightly disgusted by this. Not the thought of Hizashi eyeing on him, but the fact that Bugs freaking Bunny was the who's playing dress up with him.

"Okay, i got a good mental image of this!!" Image of what? It's just pixels. "You can proceed Bugs!!" The blonde chirps.

"I got you doc!!" The Bunny returns his actual clothes at last. Shota feels much more natural with these on, imaginary or not.

Now that the stupid costume game is over, Shota uses his cat agility to jump on top of the nearby shelf, glaring at the cartoon character and this mockery version of his lover.

Speaking of which, it's approaching him. "I'm sorry Sho, i should have stopped him with the first one." The blonde opens his arms, Shota glares even harder and hunches down. "Don't be mad. I wuv my widdle kitty so much that i wanna give a hugsy wubsie.~" Talking cutely won't trick him, it's just a dream.

Growling makes him shut up. "You're not the real Hizashi, he doesn't look like you." The raven says gravely. "Please leave my dreams and take that other thing with you."

The dream Hizashi looks hurt, too much like the real life counterpart. "You know how much you miss him."

Everything else vanishes except the them and the shelf he's laying on, just an empty void. There's no sign of the Bugs Bunny either, and the dream Hizashi's features turned back how he used to be.

Shota's body in the other hand, shrunk into a normal black cat. His tail flicks as he's getting more and more annoyed.

"Come here angel, c'mon!!" Dream Zashi tries again, this time the raven complies and jumps to his arms. The blonde giggles sweetly and pets him. "You know you're scared how uncertain Hizashi's condition is, that's why you seek him from your memories so much."

They sat down to the ground and the shelf evaporate to the air. The raven murphs, agreeing with the illusion who's not staying in his role anymore.

"Celebrating when he's like this is almost like celebrating without him, it's cruel if he misses the party that everyone has planned for him." He nuzzles closer, and the illusion hold him tighter. "You're gonna get him back but when? It's been weeks since the doctors said 'it was supposed to be temporary,' and those weeks are turning into months." The black cat can only weep.

He opens his eyes to notice that he and the illusion have switched places, but there's a English Lop in his lap.

"It could have been worse." The rabbit's voice sounds telepathic. "He could be much smaller, way more fragile, or even dead because those bad people dared to experiment on him." This isn't comforting. "Think about it you idiot!!" Shota flinches. "The worst part is over, which was no Hizashi at all!! You're patient, so keep waiting. You're rational despite these dreams."

The rabbit jumps and hangs from his hair, it's weird since he can actually feel that.

"Man up!! It's only temporary, Hizashi needs you and loves you!! Even if his body might not be the sam…"

The sting in his scalp is distracting him, the bunny illusion is bit too forceful with the pulling.


"Ah." The thing that was tugging his hair is actually just Hizashi. "Hi there." Shota smiles and scratches under the blonde's chin. "I had a really weird dream about you again, thanks for waking me up."

With a yawn, he rises up to plant kisses on Hizashi's face. His boyfriend is cute like this, Shota is happy that the blonde got to keep his pretty mug. He's beautiful, still looking halfly like himself, nothing like the cartoon character.

"I love you." Shota says in the end. "And i know you love me too, sorry for stressing over it so much. I'm still taking you to Tensei's family mansion and you're there, this way or the other."

He hugs Hizashi, keeping a firm hold of him. They are gonna be alright, nothing can change that. The raven will hear his voice again, not only in his dreams.

Then something wet touches his ear, but the other isn't even near it. Shota releases the blonde and combs through his black lock with his fingers, finding the odd spot rather quickly.

'Drool and pea paste…' He looks the culprit in the eyes and back to his hand, the raven needs to shower today.

And Hizashi's mustache, which he should have done in the first place.

"If i asked Bugs for hitting me with the anvil, would i be seeing stars right now?" That could have knocked him out in his dream.

Hizashi tilts his head, confused as the raven bursts into series of giggles.

Chapter Text

"Come on, nom nom." Shota's pretty sure that his boyfriend can smell the pills inside the banana he's offering to him.

Not that he wants to basically drug Hizashi, but the doctor will come to visit any minute now for a check up. He's going to have a tripping hybrid at the end of it and it's okay. His lover has been under some strong painkillers before, this time he just has bunny features and Shota knows how to deal with it.

With a sigh, he taps the man's adam's apple, showing that he has only two options. 'Swallow now or i will make you.' He knows that the other hates taking pills, yet he rather takes it himself than fighting over it like a baby.

Hesitantly opening his jaw, Hizashi doesn't bother to chew before he gulps them whole. The raven's happy that he didn't cut slices which could get stuck in his throat, the pills going down with them. 

"See? That wasn't so hard." Shota smiles and pets the blonde. "I'm sorry about this, it had to be done. The doctor will take a quick look at you and nothing else. Being woozy for few hours is a reasonable price for preventing you to make it harder and her to make a mistake." He plants a kiss to the man's cheek. "This won't take long and i will be watching you as always."

He traces his hand alongst the ear, giving reassuring words to his sunshine.


The visiting white creature left after poking him with weird thingies. He doesn't usually like to be poked with the weird thingies, but now the bunny is oddly happy. Everything in his territory moves funnily, even his own creature.

Jumping sloppily, the rabbit hits side of the couch when he lands. His creature comes immediately close to him, touching him. He leans in for the pets.

"Don't binky against the furniture Zashi, you will hurt yourself at this rate."

He nudges the creature, if there's no pets then he's leaving so he should move out of the way. 

"Should you be worried about other objects in your way? I can at least dodge or catch you while other thing won't."

Why pushing doesn't work?

"Alright, i understand. I will be near if you need me." 

Creature lets out that happy noise he makes and moves out of his way. The rabbit hops to the toy box, rummaging for all of his belongings. He feels so weirdly happy that he wants to play, it's always so fun to play when you're happy.

Rubber birdy? No. Snack ball? No snacksies at the moment. Stick? He will save that for later. Carrot toy is good enough, he used to hate it but shaking turned out better than hating.

Rolling around wildly, the bunny tumbles on all sorts of objects that happens to be on his path. The creature soon blocks him, scratching him from a spot that relaxes the rabbit to a sweet bliss. He could have given the pets earlier too but better late than ever.

"I said be more careful, not 'go knock yourself on stuff even more.' It's difficult when i can't pin you to the bed." 

His creature sounds bit mad, but not that mad. Belly rubs makes him submit completely, he couldn't be more happier anywhere else than here with him.

"What the…." 

Rubs suddenly stop and the creature is looking at him wide eyed.

"My phone!! Or camera!! Where the hell did i put them!!?"

The creature darts off to his den, sounding panicked. What's wrong? Did he see something dangerous? Is he searching for something?

Curiosity takes over him, the bunny rolls to his paws so he could go after the creature.

But on the midway there, the rabbit rises to his back legs, higher than usual when he scouts the area. He sees a glimpse of the creature in the other room, same size as him? All the things on the floor are so far away, what's going on?

Squeaking as his anatomy forces him to trip, the rabbit falls face first to the ground.



Creature comes back, running in full speed. He looks just as upset as the bunny feels.

"Fuck. Where did you jump from!? Your nose is bleeding. How did you manage to do this the second i turned away?!" 

Now he's mad, yet he still wipes the warm liquid dripping from his snout.

It was an accident, he doesn't know what happened and it hurt. The rabbit is still dizzy from whatever that even was, so he nuzzles closer to the creature, asking not to leave him like that.

"Sorry, i must have scared you by leaving to get something." 

He's not allowed to be sad again, the rabbit's instincts say, making him topple the creature and give him multiple tiny licks. There's the happy noise again, it's working.

The bunny backs away and shuts his eyes for a moment, a weird happiness surges in his body.


Blinking to see what that sound was, the creature is holding that thingy that he always points at the rabbit.

"Can you possibly do that again?" 


Hizashi finally dozed off from either tiring himself out or either thanks to the pills he gave him today. The raven called Nemuri to confirm that the picture that he took isn't a work of imagination.

"That's a smile, that's a real Zashi smile." She comments, just as baffled as he is.

"I know." He mumbles, heart still pumping with pure joy.

"Why is his nose bleeding?" Of course she's gonna ask that.

"I don't know." Shota really doesn't, he was too busy with searching for the camera. When the raven found it, then he heard something fall.

He's lucky that Hizashi did it twice, Shota would have cursed own existence if he didn't get a picture of his boyfriend's smile.

'It's been so long!!' He tears up with a huge grin on his face, his friend reflecting his expression.

"Aws.~ Let's hope that he keeps this up. Thanks for asking me to come, maybe even i could get a peek of him showing emotions in a human way for once!!" She chirps and claps her hands quietly.

Humming, Shota glances at the blonde lovingly. Hizashi's tail wiggles in his sleep from some reason, the raven's ready to wake him up if it's a nightmare. Otherwise he lets him be, it's been a rough day since the doctor came. He hold his paw and helped him focus on something else while she did her job, two assistants aiding with small tasks.

Hizashi was scared when he couldn't see what was going on, even if the pills made him placidly happier. Shota won't ever abuse those just to get a smile out of him, but he's thankful that it messed him enough to show how his human side expresses itself.

"You look like a fangirl with a celebrity crush, staring at a poster." Now she ruined it.

"For the record, Present Mic posters are a thing." His boyfriend is famous hero and radio host, of course people will have celebrity crushes directed at him.

The only difference is that their relationship is beyond crushes, even if the dating part is currently on ice.

Thought about somebody kissing a copy of the voice hero's face makes him shiver, he blames Nemuri of this image.

She notices his thought process and starts to run and Shota darts right after her.

"Get back here!!"


Yawning, the rabbit stretches out his limbs. A really loud ruckus woke him up prematurely.


Something touches his leg and falls with a thud, making him jump ninety degree to where it came from.

Oh, the nice creature is here.

He softly nudges her a 'hello.' She lets out a loud happy noise and his own creature making a small happy noise behind them.

"Zashi!! Your boyfriend is bullying me!! You're supposed to be on my side, not his!!" 

"Isn't that the other way around?" 

Does she have treats the bunny wonders. The rabbit looks if she gots any.

"Sorry, i didn't bring snacks this time. Sho called me out of nowhere because you did a good thing." 

Usually he gets treats when he's praised, why's the creature playing with his cheeks instead?


A shake of the yummy food box gets his full attention, today has been really weird so he needs this.

"Hmph, cheater..." 

"Don't complain and come look at this." 

His creature give him tasty treats and the rabbit happily takes them while the other comes to sit next to him.

"How long those pills were supposed to last? This begins to look like a regular thing."

She mentioned those bad tasting things, the bunny goes to hide behind his creature, not wanting to eat the colorful pellets again.

"Silly Zashi, we were talking about those you already took." 

His creature pats the rabbit's head gently, so softly, a great happiness grows inside the bunny's chest and the creatures are happy with him.

"Smile for the camera!!" 


"Send me that."


Incredibly happy creatures.

Chapter Text

Tensei didn't get woken up by the usual way by Shota entering the apartment, instead a phone call came and cut off after few rings, not completely sure how many.

'What time is it?' He first glances at Hizashi before doing anything else, the blonde's also waking up slowly but surely. Now he can check the clock.


It's so early, the raven's patrol hasn't even ended yet. The call did came from his work phone…

'Aha!!' There's also a quick message. 'Wait for me at the door?' Is this a trap? Did someone get his phone? Is he being followed? All he can think is that something must've gone wrong.

Scrambling out of the warm sofa, Tensei quietly hurries to the front door, looking through the peephole if anyone's there.

Nobody, at least yet.

Tensei's ready to block Hizashi just in case when he cracks it open, taking a good look at the hallway for any kind of anomalies. The bluenette can't see anything special, no neighbors, no villains or even any sign of Eraserhead. In the distance tho, he can definitely hear something but can't tell exactly what.

The blonde comes right beside him, whimpering and trying to get out.

"No Zashi, i can't let you through." He whispers and closes the door, then his friend starts to scratch it in a huge distress. "Is something out there?" He might have either sensed or heard the same noise that's couple floors below them. "I'm will head out really quickly, go back to the living room where you're safe Zashi."

'Not listening huh?' Tensei frowns, he doesn't want to do this but it's the only way to get him understand even a little.

Gently pushing his friend's head to the floor, the bluenette shows that who's in charge while the raven is away. The man points to the living room, he hates to take this tone with Hizashi.

"To the living room, now." He growls, not giving in for those big sad eyes.

Hizashi obeys sheepily when Tensei lets him go, hopping further away from the possible escape route. The bluenette takes the spare keys, shoving them to his pajama pants, not bothering to change. After putting his shoes on, he unlocks the door to have a quick run downstairs.

"I will be back before you know it, be nice while i'm gone." Tensei flashes a smile to the blonde's direction.

'Time to check it out.' 


A sound of clicking helps the rabbit perk up, he heard something echo in the big room. It was his creature, he's sure of it. But the noise he made wasn't happy at all.

Door swing open a bit and a horrible odor flows in, reeking like death. The smell doesn't belong to the big injured creature either, so he makes an U-turn and goes hide behind the corner.

"Hang in there buddy, we managed to get you back home. Where's the medkit?" 

Blue smoky creature? He came back? Someone else is with him, communicating with other quietly. It's sounds like…

His creature.

Rabbit comes forward but halts to his spot when he sees the battered male, being supported by the blue creature. He's hurt and bleeding, the scent he loves is replaced with blood. 

Why? He can't understand, the creature is so nice. Was it the mean creatures?

"Don't worry Sho, i got you." 

The creatures go to the tile room, the bunny tries to come with them but the blue doesn't let him.

"No, stay here Zashi. You'll only be in the way." 

Pushing him away, the creature closes the door so the rabbit can't get in. He wants in, so he starts scratching the surface with his claws and whine. His creature is injured, the bunny wants to see him. Why won't they let him in? What's going on? He wants in, open the door.


Pained noise from his creature just builds more anxiety and worry. The bunny tries to call him, being left outside isn't fun when he only wants to be near him.


"Please Tensei, let him in." Shota mumbles as the bluenette take care of his wounds, but what hurts him more is to hear distressed Hizashi outside of the bathroom.

The man heavily sighs. "Not yet, he can magle you later when i've patched you up." He points with his gloved finger. "And you better be mindful of these stitches."

He can't take it, it's not fair to leave the blonde without being able to say that he's gonna be fine. Single mutation type quirk villain versus him doesn't usually go this way, no matter if Eraser has the disadvantage. A bear mutation type is a different thing tho, the paws were fuzzy like Hizashi's but countering those damn claws was bit problematic. The raven's capture weapon got torn by the sharp teeths, his victory was pure luck but the erasure hero couldn't stay thanks to the bleeding marks on his chest.

His sunshine's so worried about him. "Let him in, please. He doesn't know that you're helping me to tend these cuts, i don't want to upset him." The raven pleas.

"I said no to both of you and neither can't listen. Great." Tensei murmurs.

Shota has never done this in front of anyone else but Hizashi, this is going to be extra embarrassing but at least he can try if this works on other people.

"Huah!!" Okay, the first reaction isn't what he wanted but Shota will keep this up. "Oh, nononou!! You can actually pull puppy dog eyes!?" It might be working? He did say that the raven can pull it off.

The bluenette fidgets and Shota adds a wobbling lower lip on his act which seems to do the trick, as Tensei flips him off before walking over to the door.

"This is an act of pity, nothing else." The raven will take it, surprised that the bluenette actually gave in. Second option, the man could've meant what he said, but the raven doesn't have enough energy to shame. "You can come in Zashi, please do it calmly and don't knock me over."

Tensei crack it open with a stance, the blonde's already trying to shove himself in, nose appearing from the other side. Their friend is being strict that Hizashi isn't allowed to cause a scene, doing it fast as he could so he could continue the treatment.

The slash marks aren't that deep, yet they are long and bleeding. Exhaustion and blood loss isn't a great combination, risk of infection is high as well.

Bluenette has grabbed Hizashi by the shirt, leading him to the raven's right and orders to stay right there. The blonde lays down, afraid for Shota's sake.

"I'm gonna be fine, it's not that deep." He reaches down to his lover, Hizashi licks Shota's fingers. "Tensei will patch me up in no time, don't worry about it." The raven gives an shaky smile, as the other cleans his wounds again for another streak of stitches.

Raven hisses when the needle is carefully going in and out of his flesh, Hizashi growls at the bluenette but Shota reassures that it's okay. The blonde starts thumping after a while, yet he doesn't do anything else than that.

Soon tho, he becomes fascinated when the bleeding stops on every single wound. The blonde wants to poke them, to understand the stitched up wounds but Tensei always prevents it from happening.

"Done!!" The man huffs in relief. "Now it's time to cover it up!!" Tensei naps the clean bandages from the medkit and wraps them around Shota.

"Thank you." He says politely, showing the blonde that there was nothing to be worried about.

Then the other flicks him to the forehead.

"Oh, don't thank me just yet. Shota Aizawa, you asked me to stay at your home while you almost fainted on the second floor!! Admit it, you're obviously out of shape from spending every day here and not training yourself at all!!" This isn't what he expected. "I know how important it is for you to watch over this numskull." He pats Hizashi's head. "But you're also stubbornly working with zero workout apparently!! You can't hide it under those baggy clothes of yours anymore, no wonder you came back with injuries!!"

Lack of exercise? Obvious? Has Shota gained weight at some point? His body does feel a bit softer, being lazy with the blonde got really out of the hand.

Watching over Hizashi is tasking, but it can't replace his training routine. The raven has skipped it and changed his diet when he started to learn cooking…

"Oops." If puppy dog eyes weren't embarrassing, then this definitely is.

The man sighs. "I appreciate that you have become softer for Zashi, but you're supposed to keep your physical well being in check at least. If this keeps up then eventually the villains would win and he's not gonna understand why you suddenly haven't come back."

Shota's eyes meet Hizashi's, who's confused and upset. He has taken care of what his sunshine needs and forgot himself like always.

He will be better than this.

Chapter Text

Emi, Sekijiro and Nemuri are waiting at the living room with their pets. A yellow canary named Mr Cheerful is first on the list, the greenette's harmless bird will be the easiest to introduce out of the three living creatures that were brought.

She enters the bedroom with a confident smile while Shota holds Hizashi still, giving him all the support he needs. The blonde is already little bit scared, no doubt that he smelled the other two non-human visitors as well.

"Alrighty then!! Operation animal friends is on the go!!" She chirps, the bird does the same. "Say hello to Mr Cheerful, you used to teach him to sing your favorite songs Zashi." The woman opens the cage and gives the canary a finger to use as a perch, where it happily flaps on.

The woman is whistling a song and Cheerful sings with her, she bobs her head from side to side so the bird would also start dancing.

Hizashi is clearly intrigued by the winged animal, so Emi slowly brings Cheerful closer until she leaves him at the blonde's paw. His sunshine is rigid at the beginning, relaxing and getting brave enough to sniff the singing bird.

"Promising start." Shota comments.

The bird flies to explore the new surroundings, feathers brushing Hizashi's nose as it goes, causing a tiny sneeze.

"Aaaw,~ so cute." The greenette gives an goofy smile. "Was Nemuri and her cat next?" She absent mindedly asks.

"Yup." The raven praises his boyfriend for how well it went. "Can you actually go let them in already? I don't think your bird won't come back anytime soon." Shota glances at the canary, which walks on top of the curtain rod. It's possibly ignoring Hizashi, since he still looks mostly like a human.

"Gotcha!!" She straightens herself and skips to let the other in.

The second animal is Nemuri's cat Nyan. The feline has a short tiger pattern fur and a cut on her left ear thanks to the previous owner. The troubled raven will be resisting the urge to pet it, he's a cat person at heart but he doesn't want Hizashi's jealousy to bloom.

He loves cats more than bunnies, but he loves Hizashi more than cats. It's a huge dilemma even if his choice is clearly the half rabbit man.

Domestic house cats are practically both predators and prey, they hunt for mice, bugs and birds so easily, which is why the Nemuri won't let Nyan roam around while Cheerful is out. Dogs and wild animals are in the other hand, threaten their lives sometimes.

Although, this specific little feline has characteristics of a tiger cub and that could confuse the blonde if cats aren't a hard pass.

"Our turn?" The woman peeks, holding the cat tightly. Shota nods and Nemuri tries to locate where the bird is first, then comes inside. "Look who came to say hi to you Zashi." She gently takes her paw and waves it. "It's your best buddy Nyan." She sits down to the floor with the animal.

"Hopefully she won't start a cat-astrophe, he looks a bit scared of her." The greenette frowns, watching as the blonde tries to back away on Shota's arms. "Yeah, i will try to get Cheerful back to his cage." Emi calls for her canary, which doesn't comply like earlier.

Scowling, the raven tries to hush if it could help to calm his lover. They haven't even called Sekijiro in with his lazy bulldog Maxie yet, and the Nyan seems to be too much for him.

"The cat won't harm you. She's friendly, even if you don't remember that." Shota assures that there's nothing to be afraid of.

"He's right you know, my adorable lil kitty is an angel in disguise." She kisses the feline's head and gives her a scratch, the cat purrs happily.
Hizashi understands what purring means, the blonde gets bolder and approaches instead of hiding behind Shota.

Warily going closer and closer, his sunshine inspects the yawning cat which is relief to them both.

Until Nyan taps Hizashi's forehead with her paw.

The skittish man squeaks and flees to the side without noticing Emi, who yelps as the blonde crashes straight at her legs.

That's not all, Mr Cheerful started to screech and flap his wings angrily, catching the cat's attention. Distracted Nemuri loosens up and accidently lets Nyan escape from her. The cat meows, jumping higher with only one motivation. Hizashi bites the greenette who's halfly on top of him, causing Emi to yell a curse word.

'How did this happen?' The raven hurries to separate every individual before things get worse.


Sekijiro is hearing bunch of noises that can't mean well, he sighs and takes the dog carrier box to the kitchen island, grabbing the cat bag.

"Sorry Maxie, those idiots need someone to intervene." His dog ruffs but doesn't move an inch. "At least you're not getting bored there." The grey haired man snickers.

Now Emi is cursing, she sounded little pained. 'What the hell is going on in there?'

He goes inside the room, mindful of two animals and the man who thinks like a one.


"Well, this went awfully." Emi hisses as she cleans the fresh bite mark on her ankle.

"No kidding?" Nemuri does the same with her wrist. "Zashi's asleep now after getting a piece of me, poor Nyan doesn't deserve this."

"Your 'angel' tried to kill mine." The greenette pouts and mumbles.

The woman tries to argue back but Sekijiro stops her and shakes his head for both of them, now it's not the time to start a fight.

Nyan is sleeping as well, waiting safely at her carrier next to Maxie's, which hasn't reacted to any of this. Mr Cheerful is still awake, it took longer to catch him but they managed to do it. The canary has calmed down after Shota bribed the bird with breadsticks, which was really effective.

Raven stares at the ceiling, wondering if they should have brought the animals like this in the first place. He didn't expect that kind of reaction from his hybrid boyfriend or that outcome, regretting to let everything loose, even Hizashi was slightly warming up to the cat.

"What to do, what to do…" Shota lets out a heavy sigh, stressed from being responsible of this situation.

"I think we need to postpone this." The broad man says. "We have to pack soon and our pets didn't leave a good impression, not that Maxie even got any."

Nemuri hums. "Nyan would try to be the centre of attention either way, she doesn't understand what has happened to her uncle." The woman glances behind her, watching the blonde rest.

None of them would have understood, not even Hizashi can comprehend the fact that he isn't part of the animal kingdom. The blonde isn't where he belongs, on the limelight as Present Mic, to this couch as Yamada Hizashi, besides Shota who needs him.

'Why did i ask the girls here too?' Mr Cheerful was alright, but all three animals at the same time was an overkill.

"Okay, thanks from visiting…" The raven is mentally exhausted. His friends can't stay, the mission failed and Hizashi will wake up at some point, Shota's not that keen on repeating the process today for the various reasons.

"No problemo!!" The greenette smiles. "This was just a minor setback, he will reach the goal when we have cel…"

The trio shushes her, Emi covers her mouth quickly, not peeping a word.

Until she questions them. "Why can we say what kind of party it is? Zashi probably won't figure out the occasion, he's only gonna think we're spoiling him." The greenette whispers.

"Isn't that the purpose of it?" Sekijiro raises his eyebrow and the woman face palms.

"Not what i asked." She points out.

"Because we don't know for sure." Shota grumbles. "Hizashi responds to smell of hair products and the sight of food wasting, which have been regular things in his life."

"Meaning if he responds to those words, we might ruin the surprise." Nemuri finishes.

"Last time i checked, the bunny boy was sleeping." She leans backwards to look at the nest. "Yup, still sleeping." The woman scratches her head. "Man, i really don't get this rule."

"It's almost like superstition." Nemuri explains, the raven is not amused.

"You know, Shota doesn't want to jinx it." Sekijiro teases, Emi isn't buying into this.

"Is this a inside joke i'm not a part of? I love a good joke but i don't get it." Now she looks even more confused.

'Me neither.' Ms Joke doesn't get the joke and Shota wasn't part of it begin with.

His friends leave with their pets, giving him space to mope in peace.

Hizashi's still out cold, so Shota decides to take a shower in the meanwhile. He wants to organize his thoughts under the running water.

Practically throwing his clothes off, the man enters the tub and turns the temperature to almost burning hot. He sits at the bottom of the bathtub as the drops come pouring down.

'A minor setback, it's an accurate description.'

Chapter Text

Their preparations for the trip are done at last, everything necessary is packed neatly to the trailer so the van could fit all six of them. The heroes are leaving at the middle of the night, because no soul is allowed to see the man they're transporting.

If they stick to the schedule, the group will arrive to their destination at 4AM in the earliest. Coffee, snacks and breakfast are all they need for the road, Tensei has already taken care of everything else.

Hizashi's safely sleeping at the back of the vehicle, Shota, Nemuri and Sekijiro will keep him company while Emi and Tensei are switching between who drives them there.

Only two of them will be awake on the first half of the journey, others are going to rest so the day won't be a grueling task to get through.

"Everything's ready for the ride, me and Nemuri are going take the first shift." The bluenette says before sitting to the driver's seat.

"Fine by me!!" Emi puts the seat belt on next to him. "Knock me out Nem before he changes his mind!!" She smirks devilishly, pointing at Tensei.

Nemuri giggles and nods. "I got you." She uses her quirk and the greenette blinks sleepily, nodding off completely. "Anybody else?" The woman glances at the two men, heaving themselves at the back of the van.

"I want to get it naturally." The broad man says.

"Yes please." The raven accepts the offer.

Shota lays down in front of the blonde, who's slumbering inside of a spacious sleeping bag. Hizashi's head pokes out with other way around with a fluffy pillow under his chin, zipper carefully closed so not a single strand of his fur or hair has gotten stuck in it.

'Are you excited about our vacation?' The man smiles and pets his sleeping boyfriend. 'The mansion will be a nice change of scenery.'

"Sleep tight." Nemuri says softly as she releases a tiny bit of her quirk. Shota hums and crosses his arms, letting the intoxicating cloud lull him to the land of dreams.


When he wakes up, the sun is shining from the open doors. His friends are unpacking the trailer as he rubs his eyes, chattering happily about everything and anything.

Next thing where his attention is drawn to, is the wiggling sleeping bag. Hizashi looks the man above him curiously, as if he's asking 'where are we?' Shota smiles and searches for the end of the zipper, which he opens all the way down to free his boyfriend.

"Good morning sunshine." Raven gently strokes the man's cheek. "Wanna go out?" He asks.

The blonde stretches himself and shakes himself to fluff his fur, scanning the unfamiliar surrounding. Hizashi hesitantly looks outside, until he jumps to the trailer with some of their luggage and periscopes around.

Sekijiro chuckles as Shota climbs off the van. "Good morning you two!! We didn't have heart to wake you guys up yet and don't worry Shota, there's still some work for you left!!" The raven snorts and grabs few bags to carry.

"You didn't have to do that." The man comments and glances at Hizashi, whose face is filled with wonder. "Did Tensei lock the gates already?"

"Yup!!" The bluenette appears. "Zashi can roam here without anyone noticing!!" He pauses. "Wow, it's been a while since you guys have been here. What happened?"

"We graduated." Shota answers bluntly, Tensei laughs as the nostalgia takes over the raven.

When they all became friends, the man use to invite them a lot here. Most of the raven's best childhood memories took place in this location, they studied, they trained, they laughed, they cried. His absolute favorite is when Hizashi talked him into a midnight swim, Shota caught a fish with his bare hands and they cooked it at the beach in secret. It wasn't a big fish by any means, but it was fun to share it with the blonde.

As he reminiscence, Hizashi hops to the pavement and strolls through the area. The scenery he has forgotten, is tempting him to have fun. His sweetheart comes closer to the trio, giving off various signs that he wants to play with them.

Bluenette chuckles. "I could use a break." Tensei jogs towards the lawn. "C'mon Zashi, let's see which one of us is faster!! I won't use my quirk unless you're winning!!" The blonde joyfully follows the man to the green grassy area.

Shota sneaks to join them, abandoning the bags before Sekijiro can say anything.

The grey haired man groans behind him. "Welp, we might as well exercise after the trip."

Raven glances over his shoulder, picking up his pace when Seki's serious expression looks as if he's gonna chase them all down. He dashes and Shota decides to run like a wind.


Emi is snorting and giggling at the stairs, Nemuri sees what she's looking at and hears it as well. They watch as four adult men runs and plays around the lawn, only one of them has an excuse for this.

"Those slackers." She huffs, sipping at her morning coffee.

Greenette walks the rest of the stairs. "I'm joining them!!" She exclaims but halts. "Wanna come?"

"No thanks, miniskirts aren't suited for this." It's a valid excuse so she could avoid grass stains.

"Okie dokie!!" She runs towards the guys. "Is there room for me!!?" Emi cartwheels once and keeps going.

'They look like kids again.' She smiles and leans to the railing, maybe she should go change her clothes to something more suitable.

After this coffee.


Hizashi's exploring the place excitedly, claws clicking the floor as while Tensei looks after him while everybody is busy. Shota's priority is to make a vacation nest for the blonde, more luxurious than the one back at home.

'Hopefully he won't reject his old nest after seeing this.' The day after tomorrow is when they're going to party. The town is already decorating for the festival, according his friends.

It's a shame that he can't see Hizashi wearing his yukata this year, that would be a hopeless mission to dress it on him. Not that they can go to the shrines either, they're going to miss every activity the stalls would provide. His boyfriend won't try to impress him by winning him something cat themed, they won't share whatever salty or sweet snack he decides to buy for them and they won't hang their….

Shota flops backwards. "Hizashi!!~" And calls for his darling who's near enough to hear, the raven opens his arms and the man accepts the invitation for cuddling. "At least we can see the fireworks. They're pretty and colorful, even from this distance." The man sighs. "The night won't get ruined, even if we can't participate the festival this year."

"That's absolutely true." Tensei sits to the floor. "Let's focus on the good things." The man counts them. "We can visit the beach, Zashi can have fun at the backyard, he needs a mansion tour, we're spoiling him for sure, his party and the fireworks…" Bluenette chuckles. "...he's gonna be happy as hell and we will have everything saved on the camera!!"

Smiling, Shota hums and pets his beloved. The blonde's true self is absent, but Hizashi's animalistic mind is able to enjoy their stay here. His friends are going to spend more time with him these few days, a fun experience somewhere else than home.

"May i?" Tensei' curiously looking how Shota is petting the Hizashi, embarrassment plastered to his face. "Never mi…"

"Alright." The raven cuts him off and shifts to a better position, the man is taken aback when Shota gave him the permission to pet Hizashi. "It's not the weirdest thing that has happened during his recovery. If we are planning to spoil him, petting would be an easy and logical option." Giving attention makes him happier.

He shrugs while Shota places the blonde's head to his lap. "I mean,~ if you say it like that way." Tensei strokes the left paw. "Holy shit it's softer than i thought!!" The bluenette grins and massages it.

"Hmph, amateur." Shota kneads Hizashi's scalp, which makes him melt and teeth purr.

Tensei gives him a glare, it's not the raven's fault his technique is lacking.

"Hey, can i join in too?" Nemuri asks, interested at the sight.

'I hope she's not getting any weird ideas.'

Against his better judgment, Shota says. "Sure." The woman approaches and gently lifts the right paw, stroking it with both of her hands.

"You guys are doing it all wrong, this motion is much better." Hizashi begins to honk with contentment.

'Show off.' Shota pouts, but doesn't stop her.

Emi comes to stare at them, processing the scene in front of her. She grins widely but doesn't joke about this, instead the greenette walks to the side and knees down to rub Hizashi's back.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" Sekijiro stumbles upon them after few minutes.

"Pampering Hizashi, you can join if you like." Nemuri teases.

The man is quiet for a while. "Eeeh, why the fuck not."

Hizashi looks so blessed thanks to them.

Chapter Text

Everything's unpacked, their beds have been taken care of and the lunch is just about ready. Shota is making Hizashi's salad and two loaves of bread, one filled with ham and cheese, the second has all kinds of veggies.

"Hmm,~ smells delicious.~" Nemuri comments while setting the table.

"Which one? My juicy meat or Shota's delicious bread-hrens?" Emi walks inside with tray full of grilled beef, giant shrimps with garlic, veggies and even some fruit. That perfectly charred watermelon looks oddly appetizing.

"Both." She licks her lips.

"Hey!! What about me?" Offended Sekijiro asks. "My spiced potato wedges needs some recognition." The man grumbles. Those spuds and herbs caused the raven's mouth water before the grilled menu, not like he's gonna admit it.

Tensei jogs in. "Sorry that i took so long!! I had to ask grampa what wine fits with our food course!!" The man smiles widely, trying to nab a piece of meat but gets slapped in the hand instead. "Ouch."

"Oh shush, you're trying to start without us!!" The greenette pouts. "Take a slice of watermelon and cut it for Hizashi, remove the seeds just in case."

"Just in case of what?" The bluenette questions.

"Rabbits cannot vomit." The raven answers. "We're not risking it." Those seeds are so small and had to chew, even such a tiny thing could get stuck to his throat.

"Roger!!" The man goes to do his task.

"I'm putting everything he can eat to a ceramic bowl right away so we can salt these." Emi says.

The raven hums.

"Sho, the breads are ready." Another hum. "I can take them out for you." Nemuri grabs the oven mitts.

"Give me those when you're done." Sekijiro points at the mitts.

Hizashi watches them all work with anticipation.




It's so good, the food that the creatures gave him is so good. How is it so good?

Munching on the content of his bowl, the rabbit listens what the men and women at the table are talking, not like he can understand them but it's fun to hear them communicate. Sometimes they mention him, at least he thinks so. His creature keeps calling the bunny with that name, and he has alway responded to it. He doesn't know how, but it's clearer that the it belongs to him.

Or is it a name? It might mean 'bunny' in their language. Everything is so hazy, has he been here before?

"By the way, how did you get Hizashi to that sleeping bag? It's hard to imagine that he did it voluntarily."

Smoky blue creature is talking about him, the rabbit lifts his head up and checks if the male was asking him closer.

"It sounds funny but he did."

Nah, he was talking with his creature, the rabbit continues munching as the green creature makes an happy noise.

"Oof!! A dinner story time, do tell!!"

After it's gone, the bunny hops quietly below the nice creature and begs. She's the easiest to crack when he wants more food.

"There's not much about it, he started stealing mine and i got curious how he would react if i closed it. Turned out he loved that for some reason, Zashi spend an hour there and then wiggled himself free."

The rabbit softly nudges her but the woman doesn't look down, instead she grabs something and lowers her arm.


"That sounds cute as hell, our bunny boy is mimicking you!!"

Nice creature giggles as the bunny eats from her hand. She sneakily glances at him, giving more tasty bits and pieces.

Then the rabbit lets out an noise he didn't know he was capable of.

The chatter of the creatures dies down, everyone is watching him with wide eyes.

"Di-did he just burp?"

Big creature breaks the silence.

"I think he did. Can rabbits do that?"

Blue male adds.

"Not that i'm aware of."

Why does his creature has to look at him like that? Weirdos.

"̨͍̗̮̳̺̘W̗̠͙͚e̸̟̖͈͇̦͇͕͚͘h̢̖͓̤h̢̲͔̺ ̧̱͇͟t̸̩̥͓͝h̢͘͏͔̱̟̟̣̼͚̫-̸͕͚̱̠͕̻͇ṱ̷̛̳̱̞̮h̨̠̣̥͖i͓̻̠͈̗̝̲̖.̸̦̬̞̪̘͇̤.̱̼̜͝.͍͇̪̰̠ṣ̱̩̠̤͎̜̤ ̴̳̜̼ͅi̼̥̰̗̣̳̫̖͡-̡̠̳͈͕̻̰̙͚i̭͕̞̪͔̝s҉̮͚̲̣ ̵̧̲̙̦̜̹̣͡e̷̶̱̞̗m̷̛̝͖̜̠.̗͔̙͙̜̥.͏͚̰͎̪̤.̗̥̦̘͉̰̭̳̞͠b̮̩̮͎̯̝̕a̲̻̲̜̰͖̫͓͟w̡̱̲ͅa̜̜͖̖͢͞ͅ-̯͚̭̺r̷̖͙͈̻r̨̛̯̩̱͚͢a͉̦̺̤̲̯͍̠-̷̯̜͉͈͇̗͡ṛ̶̥͉̤̤͎̭̮̮ṟ̴̡͔̟͓͉̝̦̣a̰̗̺͝͡s̻͇̘̩̭̟͜s̸̻̬̺͖̗̰͢ͅḭ͚͉̟̙̣̕ͅn̸̝̮͇̙̠͔̪̟͟͞ͅg҉̦̫̟̳͙h̴҉̭̫͚͈̫̙ͅ.̶̜͎͔̝̖̬͞ͅ"͎̞

"Forget the burp, is that a blush?"

"̧͉̬͖͓̺̦͙̪G̶̵̬̻̜͉͚̺̱͝o̖͝ṇ̶̡̕ͅͅn̸̷̙͈a̧̛̝̟̭̞ḫ͉̱̻͖̙͖͟h̸̡̘̤̠̺̠̘h̲̟̪̦̹̳̝͉̕͞ ͠͏̦͍̜t̷̟̳͕̣̫a҉͔̫.͇̫̥̬̣.̘̮̬͡.͉̟̞͜͠k̛̥̣̰̲͔.̢̻͓̺͇̝̦͢.̳̬͓̞͕̥͜͝ͅ.̹̫̯͈͍͝e͖̟̟̘ ̨̪͜a̵̵̠̘͖͚̩͖͞ ͈̻̯̗͔͕̪̰͝n̬͓͇-̖͠n̵ͅͅa̵̦̥͓̥̝͞p̡̨͍̬̩̬͖̯͍̯͡ͅ,̶̟̰͉͎͉͍̗͘ ͎͇g̵̟̟͚͟ǫ̞̺͍̕ͅo͓͉̖̯̹͢h̹͍̖̹͙͢h̟͙͍͔͍b͇̘͙͝-̵͉͍̤̝͓̰̖̦b͕͕̬̣̗̭̯̱̩y̨̢̖̝̗̥̙͜.̶̢̠.̡̠̩͡.̛͔͙̖̩̠͜e̷̢̩̭͙̩̫͕h҉̭̲̬̩̠͖̠̫.͓ͅ"̜̳̖͖̦̮̳ͅ
"Ah, he fled."

The rabbit leaps to a bigger version of his nest, his creature trots behind him.

"You can have your food coma when i've cleaned the scraps around your mouth."

He wipes the bunny's face with a cloth. The animal feels super dizzy this time, contemplating if he should lean in for the touch or avoid eye contact. Why does he want to do that?

Sudden scratches blocks the other instincts and the extra noises in his head. They have been more synced with him lately, it doesn't hurt as much as it used to and the rabbit is grateful for that. The dizziness still remains but now it's calming, it feels right.

"You're beginning to act more like human again. Being self-conscious of your accidental slip was cute, there's no need to be ashamed."

Tired smol bunny loves the happy noises the man makes and the affection he gives, a kiss to the forehead is like a cherry on top.

Closing his eyes, he rests so digesting would be easier and wait for the dizziness to pass.


"Uuumm, guys?" The greenette catches their attention from the backyard door. "You might want to see this." Shota raises his eyebrow and rises from his seat.

Shota let Hizashi outside wander after they caught him staring at the greenery, Emi was put on the watch duty since the was busy making two types of muffins. She's astonished by something that the blonde has done or is currently doing, which intrigues him even more.

"What is it?" The raven asks and puts on outdoor shoes.

"Does any of you remember when Zashi use to complain how plain those stone paths are?" This catches Tensei's attention. "Here's a huge spoiler, he still does."

"What did you let him do to the yard?" The bluenette hurries behind them while they're already moving to the porch.

"Dig as long it wasn't an escape tunnel." She says matter-of-factly.

She wasn't lying, the ground has been dug up right besides the pathways in a neat line. Hizashi is focused and completely dirtied by the soil. Scooping the grass intensely with his paws, the blonde doesn't even seem to notice their presence.

'Someone needs a bath after this.' The raven whistles from amazement. Emi didn't call them immediately, that's for sure.

"Huh, i guess this isn't so bad." Tensei is slightly relieved. "The only problem is that we don't have equipment or decorations for that." He waves his arms at Hizashi's hard work.

"Someone has to visit the town tomorrow anyway, it's an easy task to make few extra stops." Nemuri walks past them.


Sekijiro brought shovels, apparently he went to fetch them right after seeing this. The man stands high and proud with a wide devilish smile on his face.

"Are we betting who gets the most of the work done?" He throws a shovel for each of the men.

Shota grabs the tool from the air.

"The loser has to go shopping tomorrow." Tensei agrees to the game without his consent.

"Wait, what?" The duo leaps to the action before Shota can register anything, the raven grunts and runs after them. "We're not betting!!"


Hizashi hops over to him while he heaves on the ground, Shota got carried away and tried to win his friends but he participated too late.

"Hi honey bunny." The raven huffs. "Did i do good?" His boyfriend is thoroughly smudged with dirt. "Just to be clear, they cheated."

"Don't be a sore loser." Sekijiro pants against the grass. "Joining at the midway was your own fault."

They pause for a minute. "I'm still injured you know?" The stitches have been removed but the only sore thing is the raven's stomach.

"That doesn't change anything!!" Tensei lifts his arm and points at the sky. "Even if you lost, i'll come with you tomorrow. The mansion hasn't changed much but the town is a whole different thing, it's my duty as a good host!!"

Getting lost is the last thing he wants, Shota didn't even see the view since he slept the whole car trip. It's been ages since he saw any of the landmarks there, finding everything would be tricky without a guide.

He hums while the unwashed hybrid man lays down to his side. 'I should wash you.' The raven smiles and scratches under Hizashi's chin, removing the dirt layer there.

"You guys are finally done?!! Good because we ate all the muffins already!!!" Nemuri yells from the porch.

'My muffins…'

"Wait!! All of them!!?" The broad man jumps up.

'Why do you sound more disappointed than i do?' Shota crunches his eyebrows.

"I told Emi to turn on the sprinklers when i start counting down!!! You better get your asses back here before that!!!" Is she serious? "Ten, nine…"

"We need to get back inside Zashi, hop hop!!" Shota commands.

Only Hizashi survived to the porch without getting wet.

Chapter Text

Sound of a hairdryer is the only thing that breaks the silence, everybody else has retreated to their rooms while he handles the blonde's golden locks before he hits the bed. Shota doesn't get why the sofa is a foldable type in the place like this, but he can sleep right next to Hizashi's vacation nest.

"I'm going out tomorrow, do you want anything from the town?" It's a silly thing to ask, the other won't reply either way. "If we buy some bamboos to plant, do you promise not to eat them?" Hizashi lifts his head and lowers it down. He didn't nod, it was just a well timed yawn that forced him to move. "We could do something nice with them if you don't destroy them." 

The raven closes the dryer and runs his fingers through the freshly washed hair. Not finding any moist spots, the man unplugs the machine and sends his beloved to the nest.

Except Hizashi can't seem to sleep.

Shota lies down to the edge of the bed and covers himself with a blanket, eye to eye they watch each other.

"Wanna…" The raven pauses. "...hear a bedtime story?" Hizashi flops to his side, never breaking the eye contact. It feels like he replied yes. "Alright."

Deep in his thoughts, Shota wonders where to even start. The theme is easy to pick, but the story needs more than that.

"There once was a hare who owned a magical talisman, the hare was much bigger and vocal than rest of his species, which made it hard to fit in. Despite that, the hare was always happy, because the talisman he carries was given by a human man who truly cared about him. The charm has a protective spell on it, that keeps the trouble and everything that could harm him away. Hare wanted to meet his friend again, so he began his journey to the human village."

Hizashi fell asleep before the raven got any further, he looks lovely when he sleeps so peacefully.

'I will continue this on the next night.' Shota closes his eyes and does the same.



Seat belt on, then phone, keys, wallet and shopping list are securely tucked inside his pockets. Tensei's good to go and the others will take care of Hizashi while they're gone.

"We're heading at the town now, make sure that Hizashi won't get bored in the meantime." All three of his friends confirm that he can count on them.

"Hey!! You guys almost forget to close the trailer." Sekijiro notices and goes to shut the half open hatch. "Now it won't bother you."

"Thanks!! See ya later guys!!" Tensei starts the car and they are off.



Creatures left the main door open and the rabbit managed unlock the second one before that on accident. Curiously he hops closer to them, the blue and his creature are talking inside of the box on wheels.

"We're heading at the town now, make sure that Hizashi won't get bored in the meantime."

He doesn't care what they're saying, the bunny is more interested in that tinier box. How fun it would be if they carry him around with that? The rabbit jumps and wedges himself in, this place is cozy and he fits in perfectly.

"Hey!! You guys almost forget to close the trailer."

The big creature approaches and suddenly the sunlight disappears.

"Now it won't bother you."

"Thanks!! See ya later guys!!"

Toppling over from the movement, the rabbit squeaks but is still happy that the creatures knew what he wanted.

"̡̗̦͙͉͈̬̮͟W̛̱̝͖̜͔͔͟ơ̡̞͙͉͉̫͕h̦͙ͅh̦͎͈̦̰̬b͏̲̜ͅ.̥.̟͙͙̭͚̞̻͇͡.̘͕̙̲̙̳̕b͏͎̤̰̼l͍̳̭e̷̷̯͉̥̠̲͉̯,̷͚̬̗̱̼̱͡͠ ̗͇̞͔̥͠w̵̞͉̹̘̬͙̼̦͜͡-̨ͅw̥͉͕͎͉͓̜͡o̫̟̠̤̬͔̻-͙͔͠w̯̠͖̗̱̭̻ͅͅo̢̦̞̩b͏̫̦̺̪ͅb͏̹͕͉̼̝͠͞ͅl̨̧̗̠͚-̨̦̩l̛̥͈̗̠̬̘̼͡e͏͕͟,͉̻̮̖̘͎͢ ҉͙̘͍̬w̡̤͟o̪̤̺̱̞̝̕͘.̵͉̠̹̬.̶̹̗͕̹͙̞͟.̖̰͡b̸̙̠̣̘̩̦̰̗̕b̨̯̯͔͕̗-̶̙͕̤̪̮͔͕͟ͅb̙͚̱̗͚̫̭̼̺b̛̦̩͚̜l̸͕ͅḛ̛͙͚̫͉͘ͅh̬̫̣͎̤͘͝h̨̗̪̬̟̦̣̦͇.͍̰͡"̧͍͕̹͚̲͈

His ride stops quicker than he wanted. The rabbit lets out a noise to command the creatures to carry on, and soon they do.

"̵͓̩͙̫̬͜͢F̢̮͎̱̘͕͕̥͈̲-̸̨̭̟̠͎͇͜f̶͚̘͉̠̹̬̦̘͡u̸̝͉͔̫.̡͍̬͓̮͍̮̣̻̕ͅ.̨̛͍̖̱̥̤.̡͜҉̮̜ņ͕̝͍͜ͅ!̟̝̼̕!̶̫͔̲̤̣̥̟͜ ҉̘̞̤͡T͉̮͕̻̞͜͞ẖ̹͔͢͝a̢̗̟͙͎̱̲k̦̮̱̬͝ͅ ̶̨҉̲̭y̢̡̖̞̣̣̩͔̜̜̮o̝̱̼̝͙̘ͅo̵̪͖̟͢o̡̱̰̠͘o̵̢̟̻̥̹̩͍ͅͅ!̶̧̰!̴̮͔̪͖̲̲̩͘"̝̙̟̠̩̼̮

The rabbit enjoys swaying around.


The town has indeed changed, it's much busier than it used to be. There's a mix of traditional and more modern type of buildings, nothing too major that would break the old timey ambiance. With decorations all over the streets, the raven knows how excited the people are for tomorrow's Tanabata festival.

Which reminds him. "Can we make a quick stop at the shrine?" The raven asks from Tensei.

"Sure. What's on your mind?" The bluenette focuses on the road but he's all ears.

"I want to give an omamori to Hizashi." Like the hare in his story last night, to ward off the bad. 

"A protection charm? That's not a bad idea." The man chuckles and turns to a different route. 

They arrive at the shrine and Shota hurries to buy the charm that would fit the purpose. The line longer than he expected, so he texts to his friend they should separate for a while and meet at the nearby florist's when they have acquired some of the items from their list.

Raven closes his phone to save the battery and enjoys the scenery while he can. From this spot, he can see the whole lake for all its glory, the mansion too.

'I hope Hizashi is having a good morning.' Shota smiles, thinking about the possibilities what his boyfriend might be up to.


Tensei's picking up some stone slabs for the garden from the hardware store, wondering about other things that matches the aesthetics. Birds pool, flower pots, couple of trellis. How cool would it be if they plant something inside bricks? The bluenette takes loads to his already heavy shopping cart, this is almost like training.

'Gramps is gonna be so surprised next time he comes here and Hizashi will be pleased when everything's done, two birds with one stone.' He also wonders how Tenya would react, the man doesn't have anything to complain with this project. Both his friend and family will be happy in the end.

Before he goes to pay, Tensei stops to stare at the various rabbit statues. There are multiple options, loafing rabbits, periscoping rabbits, playing rabbits, jumping rabbits, flopped rabbits, curious rabbits, baby rabbits, eating rabbits.

'I have to take one of each!!' The bluenette starts to load the cart with bunny statues for the honor of Hizashi.


"Whew, i got to the car at least. I might have gone overboard but it was worth it!!" 

He hears the blue smoky creature and doors opening. The rabbit scratches at the walls of the box, he's a bit thirsty and wishes to get out now. They haven't moved an inch in a really long time, so the bunny has grown bored here.

"What the hell…" 

The male opens him the thingy and he leaps out straight away to groom himself, his fur is not fluffy enough.

Oh, right. The creature also screeched.

"Wh-what the hell are you doing here!? You were supposed to be back at the mansion!!" 

Blue creature looks bewildered, rabbit glances quickly around to see what might have scared him. Only thing he can see is more boxes on the wheels and nothing in particular.

"Seriously Zashi, you could have suffocated in there!! How did you get out of the house?! Has any of them even called us??" 


"Shit!! They have…" 

While the creature is messing around, the bunny periscopes and finds a source of light. With all of his four paws, he dashes towards it.

"Wait!! Zashi no!! Come back here!!" 

Someone else went through this door, but it's just barely open for him. It clicks shut behind him on it's own, the rabbit gets startled as loud banging follows after it.

"Somebody out there!? Open the door!! My friend is not himself at the moment and i need to fetch him!!" 

The blue creature is panicking a bit, rabbit scrapes it and whines. What's wrong? Why can't he come in? It was open just a second ago.

"͕͔̻̣̖̜͈O̷͏̙̱̮̪͈o̷͏̬͎̘̙͘o̢̦̻̫p͈͠ȩ͇̣̦̜̤̳̯.̶̷̥͉̖͠.͏̷̨̩͚̠̲̞̗̩̫͔.͎̹̰͠ṋ̡͙̟̯̬̰ ̵̡͚s̷̤̞͉̰̟̼̩̟e͖͕-̡͓̝̗͕̤̣s̴͏̡̳͈̱̖̘͈̼̮̬e͔̞̠͡s̷͇͕͕̭̖͇-̯̩̺̜̮͝s̨̤̩͈̹e̲̘̦̹͎͇͢͠s̴̜̜̳͉̟͍͡s͚̹̗̙̬̰͞h̵̸̤̫̯̘̝͈͙̩a̧̪͉̪̪̲̺͔͡ͅ.̹̼͚͇̬.̸̨̩̼̞̲͉.̻̱͓̲̺͔͢͠m̷̸̰̘̹̲e̻̹̹͍̝͖̩͞!͕̝̞̝!͎̪̫̰͎̺͘"̬͙̖͕̲̼̯̗

Nothing happened, the rabbit might as well explore if he can find another route back. He's also still thirsty, so a water bottle would be nice. If the blue creature was here, then his own shouldn't be that far.


"Zashi? Oi? You still there?" Tensei knocks the door, then puts his right ear against it, trying to listen if he lost the menace or not.


Yep, bluenette lost him at the hardware store. Great, now he feels old and has to go chase him down. There's a rabbit hybrid man on the loose, which could end with so many different ways. People doesn't know about Present Mic's status nor they could understand his behavior, it's only matter of time that the citizens would know that he's here.

Inhaling deeply, Tensei dials the raven's number. He's ready to take the blame, since none of the other three are innocent. Hizashi was hiding inside the trailer, so the first mistake was the collective fault from all of them but this failure is completely his.

Bracing himself, the man puts the phone next to his ear and waits.

It clicks.

"Hey,~ Shota. Guess what happened." He laughs nervously.

Chapter Text

Finding water proves to be difficult, he can't seem to smell any sources of it neither. This place is pretty and colorful tho, but there's too many creature's for him to get completely comfortable.

Wait, what else he was supposed to do?

The bunny pauses and looks around, noises in his head went quiet so he's not exactly sure if he had more than just one task.

Another bunny zooms to the forest beside him, the rabbit perks up and goes after it.


"Get in!!" Tensei parks in front of him, no need to tell him twice. "I'm so freaking sorry for losing the sight of him!! He found the outdoor exit so i don't have a clue where he is either!!"

"Keep it quiet before everybody can hear you." Shota whispers. "Let's go check his favorite places first, we have to find him asap."


Raven grabs the seat belt and yanks it down, the other sighs.

"I know you're mad, you can release your anger on me once this is over." The bluenette starts the van while Shota stares at the charm he's holding.

'Where did you go Zashi?'


The building where the other bunny went looks old and abandoned, so there should be no creatures here. He gets in from a cracked door, where he observes his surrounding. Broken furniture makes this room eerie, yet beautiful as the sunlight comes from the holes and windows.

This territory belong to the second bunny and few others, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to follow it.

He's ready to turn away but then he hears it. Somewhere in this house, there's few kits whining in distress. The rabbit hops towards the sound, wondering why they're so upset.

It comes from a pit at the first floor bedroom, where seven baby bunnies are stuck. They're old enough to jump around, but not strong enough to get out of their own. None of them are injured, yet their momma in the corner is growling to back away from her babies.

Flinch is the only reaction she will get from him. Instead of doing what she asks, the rabbit lower himself and his head to the pit, making a bridge to the little ones.

One after another, the kits jump on top of him. They hop along his back with their much smaller paws, until all seven of them are safe.

Their mom calms down and thanks him, the bunny squeaks 'you're welcome' in return, then he goes to find something to fill that dangerous hole. He's not here to save them if this happens again, momma grooms her kits while he carries an object after another.


Shota and Tensei found Hizashi's footprints and went to that general direction, they park between the town and the forest.

Hopefully the blonde is nearby.


Bunny momma told him about this home that loves and welcomes all sorts of animals, she was going to visit them since the family can talk with their kind. That's how the rabbit ended up to waddle with seven kits on his back, luckily they're behaving there so none of them can accidently fall off.

"I don't know if this is rude to ask but why do you look like that?" Momma bunny asks.

"I dunno. My creature says i'm special, whatever that means." The rabbit thinks about his 'reflection' or what was it called? He certainly doesn't look like he thought he would.

"The creatures call themselves humans. And when you said 'your human,' do you mean your owner?" 

"My what now?" He tilts his head in confusion.

"You don't smell like a wild rabbit, so that means the human is your owner. You look odd for a pet rabbit, but i believe you" She hops pass him and stands with her back legs in front of him. "You don't know anything, do you?" 

Rabbit droops his head and tries to think, ignoring the kits who are complaining why the ride stopped.

"No…" The rabbit contemplates. " i don't. I woke up in a bad place my crea…" He corrects himself. "My human saved me from there. I was already an adult when i found myself poked and hurted by mean humans. I d-don't remember much…" One of the kits has climbed on top of his head, the little guy is patting his forehead and commanding him to move.

"Ah, that might explain it. You're one of those animals with a 'quirk' i assume." 

"What's dat?" She's saying really weird things.

"Humans have strange powers which are called 'quirks.' The family we're going to meet can talk with us because that's their special power, they say that animals with 'quirks' are super duper rare." And he's one of those rare ones.

"Okay…" He has no clue what she's talking about. "But what about the owner and pet thingy?" The rabbit changes the subject.

"Humans help animals that can't live in the wild, they feed them, groom their fur, love them and all that stuff. Humans get pets to keep themselves company, but the animals don't always get a good home." They continue walking.

"My human does those things for me, i have good home and all…" 

'I̶͕̲͉̜̮͝͞ͅ-͙̯̠̫͇̥̗͉͞į̪̖̟̻'̸̨͕̼̜̞͙̤̳̬m̵̗̻̻͕͘ ̟̘͈̬̪n̷̴̙̳o̭͘͝͝o̵̫͎̜͚o̵͎̝̟̯̗̳ṭ̡̰̙͚̗t̡̘̻̙͚̙̩͝h҉̶̗̖̠̺̼̳̞͢h͚̻ͅ ̷̡͇͉̕h̴̩͙͡.҉̝̜͈̦̬͖̗.͝҉͓̝͈͜i͏̸̵͎͍͕̠͉ş͚̣͡ ̺͜p̵̲͇̤͟͡ȩ̞̲̜̹̠͜-̷̤̞̼̖̭͖̜͔̕͝p̜͢ȩ͎͙̣͕̟̼͘t̢̞̩͡t̡͖̠͙̪̞̦͍ͅt̼̯͕͞t͘͏̦̖!̺͕̝!̷͔̙͍̣̼̠̜̘!̵̹̖͚̟ͅ'

His cheeks feel warm. "I'm not his pet." 

"So you're just temporarily living with him?" No, that's not it either. It's almost like his human sees him as…

...a mate.


Hizashi has been here recently, the tracks are leading towards an old abandoned house.

"Do you think he found new friends?" Tensei glances at the rabbit droppings all over the floor, which definitely belong to wild bunnies. "Is he part of their pack now?" 

It's clear where Hizashi has been hopping, the dust has been swept off by a bigger tassel tailed creature. Shota follows the trail to a room where the blonde went in and out multiple times, they all end to a hole full of random items.

"What the hell was he doing here?" The raven frowns, confused by the object pit.

"Did he…" Tensei points at the particular part of the floor. " the residents?" Several tiny footprints are scattered across it, along with one adult sized one. "But i guess we will never know for sure." The bluenette scratches at the back of his neck.

A hum of agreement. "That might have took awhile, let's go before he gets too far." Shota turns and marches back outside. "Hizashi!!!" The raven yells, hoping that his boyfriend would still be at hearing range.


"Here we are. Hop off from your uncle's back everyone." The kits are disappointed but they listen to their mother anyway. He lowers himself so the little bunnies can get down safely, the one on his head slides down of his ear.

"You guys are so adorable!!" The rabbit nuzzles them, one at the time. "Hey!! That tickles!!" The youngest is licking his nose when it's his turn.

"It's that house over there. Can you get to the yard?" The fence doesn't look that big to him, it's slightly taller than the gate at home.

"I can but is there any place for me to hide? I don't wanna be seen by anyone." He got nervous earlier when humans of all shapes and sizes were passing by him. Some part of him wants to go say 'hi' but the other doesn't, anyone could be a bad guy.

Dizzy, he's getting dizzier again.

'̶̨͢W̡̨͝͞a͢͠͏̶a̵͢͝a̢͏̵h͏͡h͟͢͡͞.̸̛͘͟.̢͢.͝t̴̛͡ȩ̸̴͢͞r̢̧̢r͘͏̕ŗ̕,̡̧͘͜͠ ̵̸̛͟t̸̢͜͝͠ḩ̵̴͜-̧͟͠͞t̵̡͜-͠͏͜t͡͠h̴͢͠h̷̴̢͟͡e͘͜͡.̡̛͝҉.͡҉͘͠.n̷̵ņ̨͜n̕͘͢n̵̡ ̢͜͠p̴͞͏̕͝l̕̕a̡͞ą̨a̛̕a̡̢͠a̵̕y̵͏͟҉y̸҉̸̷y̡͟y̸̧͘͡y̵͡.͝͏~͢͏͜͝͠'̧

"They have a great bush where you can hide in, it's big and spacious so there should be no trouble if you stay there for a while. The old woman is blind and can't see you, but the mini human might find you.' 

He hops closer to the fence and jumps over it, searching for the bush that the momma bunny was talking about. The rabbit lost his focus after 'the woman is blind' part, the dizziness is taking over and her language becomes incoherent to him. Grabbing a toy rope between his teeths, he pushes himself inside the bush, hiding out of sight. 

The rabbit is dazed, awareness to everything is fleeting. Blurry pictures flash every time he closes his eyes, they make him so happy. Those foggy images have his human in them, the figure is the same before he got these thingies around his head. He slumps to the ground and chews on the toy, the outside world doesn't exist at the moment, currently the only real thing is him and his body.

'̴҉̴͟Į̵̕͟-̷̵͘͠҉i̧̡҉̢͘ ͟͜w̶a̡͘͘̕.̵̶̨̕͝.̷̢̨͠͞.̵͢͝s͏̕h̶͠h̡̢͢͟͡ḩ̛͜.̶̧͢͜͠.̴͟͟͝͝.̨̢'̡͜͡҉


"We're back at the street?" Shota creeps out of the forest, there's only two ways Hizashi could have gone.

Tensei kicks a rock on the ground. "Dammit!! Where could he have run off to?" They have to find him.

"You take left and go back to the car, i will take right to see if he went that way. Wait for me here." Shota points the neighborhood.

Tensei nods and then they both hurry to their designated directions.

Chapter Text

The old lady wonders what animal might have found its way to her yard, she's noticing something odd from her new visitor and Utano hasn't entered its palace yet.

"Koji?" Her grandson answers quietly. "Be a dear and stay close to me, we have an strange guest outside."

"H-how strange? A-ar-are you going to use your quirk?" The boy asks shyly, yet hopeful. He loves all kind of animals, so of course her smart little grandson knows what she's about to do.

"Don't know yet and yes, this won't take long so play nicely."

Then the lady activates it and searches for the right animal. Her dog is taking a nap at the second floor balcony, neighbors cat is walking by, Utano smiles after realising the bunny family is here but they are not what she's looking for.

"Found you." The animal concealing itself at their bushes.


Name:Utano Koda


Blood type:A


Quirk:Fauna Palace

Summary:She can enter into any animals mind palace, as long as they're approximately twenty to thirty five meters away from her. The palace is a room that represents the animals state of mind, where she can talk to the animal or let others in if the owner allows it.


Other info:Utano is completely blind in real life but inside a place, she can see clearer than anyone. She uses her quirk to help animals in distress or need something that can't be translated otherwise. The woman is a proud mother and a grandma, since both of her daughter and her sweet little grandson loves animals just as much as her.


Utano manifests at the mind palace, quickly stepping into shattered glass. Whichever animal she came to meet has their palace ruined by serious abuse, but there are signs of it slowly being rebuilded.

Yet there's something odd going on with this fella, the old lady has never seen such an chaotic room. The palace is split from the middle, it looks like a crack that tries to turn into a straight line but only causes the mind shake a little. Gooey substance sticks from the ceiling and the walls, those remnants of a poisonous quirk doesn't belong here. 

Left side of the room is filled with everything a rabbit would need, but the right side isn't the same as the other. The poison is much stronger there, it's memory lane is locked if you don't count the two books that has fallen from the shelf. Some items like hairspray bottles are relatively clean, but majority is oozing and affected by the venomous intruder, radio being in the worst condition.

Torn up posters are showing the same man, Utano can barely read 'Mic' from one of them. "Could it be?" This is truly worrisome.

"Hi!!" She turns at the speaker. "Who are you?" 

It's a man with half human features and half rabbit features, cowering in the corner which is a sign of trauma. His eyes are otherwise black, but she can distinguish a green glimmer at the right eye. Now she knows what's going on, Utano has stumbled upon a broken voice hero who was kidnapped and rescued about three months ago. No wonder he hasn't returned yet, the villains who took him messed with both his body and the mind. This person has been through a lot worse than what the news are guessing, who ever is watching after him must've lost him.

"My name is Utano Koda, but you can call me granny." She walks over to the man's second memory lane and takes a book. "What about yours?" The woman skips the weeks of the hero's imprisonment, he might not be able to bear it.

"My human calls me Hizashi or Zashi, i think the other is just a shorter version." His 'human' is a tired, black haired man who appears in many of these memory pictures. "He's so nice to me, i love him very much!!" The blonde giggles childishly.

'Poor man.' These two seems like a hero couple, the raven has tried to held a romantic dinner with Present Mic and in few of these he's wearing something similar to a hero costume. 'He must be really worried right now.' She skips to today's memories.

"That's a lovely name." The old lady chuckles. "So Hizashi, do you remember what you were doing before this?" She asks.

"Well i wanted a ride from my human and the blue smoky human, but then i got thirsty and went to find some water. Then i saw the bunny momma and helped her kits out of a hole, she told me about this family with 'quirks' that can communicate with animals, then i followed her and went to this bush to hide…" The man blinks and looks around, glimmer turning into a emerald green iris in the jet black orb. "Wh-where am i?" His eyelids become half lidded, the man's palace shooks and the radio flickers horribly. "Ah, i need to organize." 

He moves forward with his paw and squeaks in pain as he steps on to a shattered part of his mind, the man retreats to the safe corner to tend his wound.

"Let me see that." The woman stops him to hurting himself more by pulling out the shards. "Isn't that better?" That green ring is gone, the shaking stops. The man whimpers quietly, showing his animalistic side. "What about i clean the floor for you? That could make things easier." 

It's sad to see that Hizashi can't walk inside his palace freely, this slowers his recovery tremendously since he can't help himself at all.

People who cares about the blonde has done a good job, but the outside help won't get him far enough. Not human nor the rabbit mind is't allowed to have a such a load.

The room has shrunk to a size that can fit the animal, but the left side is currently too cramped for the other. It will gradually grow to the correct size, as soon as Hizashi gets to arrange a new order for his palace.

"Tell me about your human." She poofs an dustpan and a box out of thin air and starts to gather the shards.

Hizashi is silent for a while. "H-he's nice and he loves me." The blonde is more timid now, his human side must've done the talking earlier. "That momma rabbit i met told me about 'quirks.' H-his 'quirk' might have something to do with how his hair stands up and eyes turn red." He must be intimidating type. "My,~ throat feels weird when he looks at me like that, as if something is missing. Bu-but it's oddly familiar and comforting, yet i don't know why…"

His sudden shyness reminds her of Koji, Utano's grandson doesn't have any clue what has happened to the hero he admires. The boy alway wanted Present Mic's autograph, but now the hero can't even write. Why bad things happen to good people?

"Alrighty, then what are you afraid of?" She carefully puts the pieces in the box, where they won't hurt the hero.

"Those barking creatures." The man's breath hitches. "They,~ they bit me. Th-they clawed and chased me, i tried t-to defend myself but there was too many…" He lets out a noise between a sob and a whimper, this young man would be broken despite the animal instincts.

"You mean dogs? Not every dog won't do that to you, most of them are friendly." The woman smiles softly.

"NO!!!" The room shooks once and another book falls off from the shelf. "They're evil!! 'Dogs' hurt me without any remorse!! I'm food to them, not a friend!!" A person with such a powerful quirk has adopted the mindset of an prey, Utano hopes that they caught the criminal who did this.

"All human companions have been trained differently. The people who hurt you were the ones who taught them to do bad, so they couldn't help but follow the orders of those villains." The man lifts his head. "You must've been scared of humans too and when you gave them a chance, they have treated you with a care and love."

Green glimmers, so he's listening to her. Utano goes to end of the room and taps the wall, a door appears out of nowhere.

"Egao is my trusty companion, she can't come in unless you allow her." She opens it and a energetic dalmatian greets the immediately.

"Oh, hi granny!! Did you come to play?! Who's that!? Wanna see my toy collection?!" The female dog wags her tail and goes into a playful position.

The blonde's reaction is freezing to his spot, watching the well meaning canine with wide eyes. This is a fear reaction in rabbits where they won't move an inch, which gives ill meaning people an opportunity to anything with them.

"Oh dear." 

"Oi, friendo." Egao scratches the barrier between her and his palace. "Can i get in?"

"No and i'm not your friend." Hizashi mumbles.

"Ah, okay." The dog sits down, this surprises the man. Utano chuckles and lets the blonde to observe Egao while she cleans.

Chapter Text

"...and then i caught the tennis ball again and brought it back to Koji, so the human pup threw it way~ further than the last one." Egao jumps on her spot.

"Fifty eight." Utano finds it funny, the blonde keeps counting how much the dalmatian fetched the ball in that particular day. "You sure haven energy to play, i always get dizzy and tired pretty quickly." Hizashi's comfy enough to talk, even if he hasn't moved anywhere this entire time.

"Uuu!! Uuu!! What kind of games you play with your humans!?" She makes a run around at her own palace and returns to the door.

"M-my favorite game is when they woosh a blanket over me and i try to catch it from the air." The blonde shyly stands with his back legs and waves his paws on the air, motioning how he does it. "The blue smoky human was the first one who did that, it's warm and safe under there." The man's lips curve up to a tiny smile.

"Wowie!! That sounds fun!! I can't wait to ask Koji to do that for me!! He's actually visiting us right now, you two should meet!!" The dog pants and scratches behind her ear.

"Calm down Egao, Hizashi said he isn't that eager to be seen. What we have learned?" The lady eyes the canine, then stores last of the shards to the box.

"Respect everyone's wishes, no matter if they are human or an animal." She says proudly.

"Good girl.~" The woman poofs her equipment away and carries everything on a safe spot. "Be careful with these Zashi, these pieces will form back to way they were by the time. It's important for your recovery." She pets the confused looking blonde.

"Am i sick?" The glimmer in his eye comes and goes, mainly when the stains starts to glow. Hizashi lowers his head and shivers, the switcheroo between sides seems to be ending. "I'm still thirsty…" The man mumbles. "Granny, i want something to drink." 

"Hey!! What's wrong!? There's a creepy looking light show at your palace!!" Utano hushes the worried dalmatian.

"Alright, i'm almost done with here anyway." She comforts. "There's a one thing i still need to do. Tell me Hizashi, what are you?"

"I'm a rabbit!!" The man answers without hesitation. "What else i would be?" 

The old lady smiles sweetly. "Promise me to ask yourself that same question, everyday when you have the chance. Okay?" 

Hizashi's gaze is locked onto her, the man doesn't understand what Utano is asking from him. "Sure, i guess…" One day he will reply to himself differently.

"Good boy." Hizashi liked the praise. "I will send Koji with a big bowl of water, dehydration is a bad thing after all."

The blonde lets out a joyful squick.


A van parks near the house and a man dressed in all black runs towards it, opening the door.

"Did you find him?" The scary looking raven asks from the driver, the bluenette shakes his head. "Where? Where he could have gone? I th-thought we were close to finding him…" The person's voice cracks, probably from being out of breath but there's a hint of concern and panic on his tone.

"Shhh, it's okay Sho. We will find him, get in the car and let's drive around the block." The driver calms the other, who climbs to the seat next to him. Koji tries to open his mouth and ask what's their emergency, or atleast step forward so they could see him. "He can't be far, Hiz…" The raven closes the door and starts to move straight away. The boy lost his chance to help.

'Why I find it so difficult to talk to people?' Koji frowns. 'Animals are so much easier.' He walks out of the garage, holding the bowl of water.

Boy goes over to the bush and pushes it in, far enough to bump the hiding creature. "Sorry." His grandmother said that he's not allowed to see their guest or force it to leave the shrubbery, no matter how curious he might get. "Granny found out where you live, she has this automatic car which she can use to take you back home!!" 

"Yay!!~ Water and a ride back to home!!" It sound like an ordinary bunny to him. The rabbit shakes himself inside the bush. "Your voice sounds super unnatural, stop that." 

That's weird, did the rabbit notice his quirk? 

"Sorry…" The boy mumbles. "I can't turn it down further than this." He hears the sound of drinking, what a relief. Koji wonders how the tiny animal escaped and what kind of owner does he have? His grandmother is going to return him, so he has a good home. "Where do you live?" He wants to ask only couple of questions, since he's not allowed to interact with it otherwise.

"My human and i live in a tiny apartment, but we're having a vaaa-caaa-tion at the blue human's place. At least i think so, his scent is so strong there." The rabbit says joyfully, the boy giggles how the animal pronounces 'vacation.'

"What kind of humans have you met?" This bunny's personality is very friendly and social, he would have bonded with his pet rabbit easily. It's a bummer that the boy couldn't take it with him to this visit.

The bunny is quiet for a while.

"Some humans hurt me before i met him." Koji's heart sanks. "It was painful, i tried to run but they always dragged me back because i'm 'special' somehow." Did villains abuse him? "But my human is protecting me now and four others!! This one lady is really nice to me, although her scent gets me sleepy all the time." Wait, what? "Then the green haired woman keeps making happy noises, she's loud but i like her!!" Does he mean laughing? "The blue man says 'no' to me the most, yet he's funny and his thingies smell like smoke!!" Is he truly safe with these people? "When i met the big human, i was scared of him. He smelled bloody but it's okay, the blood is his and it doesn't bother him!!" 

Now he's worried about the last person.

His grandma chuckles behind him. "What are you boys talking about?" She finds her way easily to him, the woman knows the layout of the house so her disability doesn't bother her. Koji is so glad to have a grandmother like her, wise, kind and always there for everyone. 

"T-the rabbit told me about the people he lives with." She hums. "Y-you visited his palace, can you tell about them more granny? I don't think this little guy can describe them."

She laughs loudly, Koji wonders what's so funny. "They're all heroes to the core, our guest is currently lodging at the Iida family's mansion." The boy is caught off guard. Hearing that name is a one thing but the rabbit has traveled from all the way there to here, other side of the lake. "His case is one in a million, life works in mysterious ways."

"Is that granny?" The rabbit tries to peek out but the woman pushes him gently back with her walking cane. "Not yet? Okay." Why is that much higher than it should?

"He said that people hurted him." The boy whispers, his grandmother smiles sadly.

"In the world of heroes and villains, there will be always someone who has to carry an everlasting damage." She sighs. "One day he'll be fine and you will understand his situation, i will escort our friend to the people who care about him." The boy stays silent while she pats his head. "Go back inside Koji. Deep down, he doesn't want anyone to see him like this."

'What does that mean?'

"Okay…" He quietly replies.

Koji walks to the garage and watches out as the car responds to his grandmas commands, he hesitates when he hears the automatic doors to open. Then she calls to the rabbit, shrubs rustle, the boy decides to disobey and turns around to look.

He sees a glimpse of two huge back paws crawling inside the car, they quickly disappear out of sight. 

'Wha...' Koji can't process what he saw.

That rabbit was far from ordinary.


"Oi, we forgot to tell those three that Zashi's somewhere at the town." Tensei grimaces. "Look how many messages they have sent us." 

The raven grunts, they haven't had time for that but it's unfair to let them panic and search Hizashi at the mansion in vain. 

"Reply to them." Shota is currently driving, the bluenette is much quicker if they decide to check some places. "Tensei?" The man doesn't answer. When he glances at the other, his mouth is gaping open.

"Park, now." He frowns, but does just that. When the car is still, Tensei shows the latest message to him.

It's a picture of Hizashi and the girls are hugging him. Sekijiro's text says 'look who decided to come back,' which raise a lot of questions. The blonde is back at the mansion.

"How the hell??!!" They ask at the same time.

Chapter Text

Innocently blinking, the blonde hops over to the duo. A sweet, blind old lady had apparently had found him on her yard, which they must've passed by at some point. Shota has no clue how the woman returned his boyfriend to the right address, but neither does he care since Hizashi isn't hurt or wandering around the town. He's so thankful to this mystery person, yet he can't show his gratitude because he has no idea where she actually lives.

"We're working on the garden later on, you scared us so badly that we have to do something less tasking." The bluenette glares. "Does beach sound good to everyone?" That proposition isn't half bad.

Emi sighs in relief. "Yes please. We ran around for hours in order to find this devil…" She pats the blonde. "...a little swim at the lake would be a dream come true."

Shota knees to the floor and wraps his arms around Hizashi, the man happily nuzzles on his lap. His idiot doesn't know what he has done but the raven can't be mad at him, it's not like the blonde caused them stress on purpose.

"Go ahead, we're coming as soon as we can." Meaning that both cuddling and switching the blonde's clothes will take time. "You're so damn dumb Zashi." He connects their foreheads, the other breaks it to chin the raven. 

"Gotcha!! See ya there then!!" Nemuri chirps and runs towards her room, rest of them follow sluggishly after her.

'Now where was i?' He kisses the man's temple, the blonde pushes him down. 'Ah.'


The greenette is making a sand bunny, her sculpting skills are better than she expected, Emi is quite proud of her handywork. Everyone else joined her, but Tensei keeps adding too much water and Nemuri's bunny is misshapen. Only Sekijiro's rabbit can rival her masterpiece and the judges seem to be arriving just in time.

"Yo Sho!!" Pun intended. "Check these out!! We made sand sculptures!!" She notices what the raven has done, his idea isn't half bad. "You got your boyfriend a leash?!" The woman snorts.

Shota's capture weapon is wrapped around Hizashi's torso, raven holds the other end tightly. The blonde's glasses has been replaced with swimming goggles and hops forward with only trunks on, exposing his patchy back. They're like a reverse bald spots, which means it's cute as hell. She visuals lines and connects them inside her head, trying different combinations if any of them forms a picture.

"So?" The raven asks with bored expression while he leads the bunny boy closer. "We're heading to the water if none of you won't."

"Tell us your opinion first!!" She moves her arm to show the sand bunnies, the man stops to think.

"This one." He points at Seki's rabbit, which looks different since the last time she glanced it. The broad man raises his hands in triumph.

"Wow, when did you made that many details to your sculpture?" The other shrugs. "It's so cute!! Congrats for your victory!!" The greenette smiles. Losing doesn't feel that bad, Emi lost fair and square. The gray haired man grins and blushes.

"Thanks." He says like he didn't expect her praise.

"I hate to break your bubble but are we going or not?" Tensei's getting impatient. "The water is perfect." The bluenette smirks and skips towards the lake, not waiting anymore.

"C'mon Zashi, you heard what he said." Shota lightly tugs the scarf and get the blonde's attention, who was in the middle of inspecting the sand bunnies. "You'll love it."

One after another, they all get to the water. Emi and Sekijiro decide to search things for a sandcastle where their bunnies can live in.


Splishing and splashing constantly, the rabbit jumps at the shoreline while waiting the next wave to slide through his paws. Blue and nice human occasionally sends him a ball that doesn't sink, it's wacky how it spins when he touches the round object. 

He sees something moving underneath the surface, enticing him with it's pretty motions. His human eats these scaly creatures, the rabbit is sure that 'fish' was the word for them. 

Now that he's staying still, there's suddenly a whole bunch of 'fishes.' They glimmer beautifully, their movement is captivating. The tiny little creatures start to swim close to his paws, he's afraid to move and scare them away. At one point, some of them are comfy enough to glide against his fur. 

The rabbit is so happy and focused on the magnificent underwater creatures, something about them makes him little bit nostalgic.


The male moves behind him and ruins the moment, all the 'fishes' scatter and swim deeper where the bunny can't see them.

"Oh, my mistake." 

Giving an annoyed look to his human, he hops to the dry land and kick with his back legs while he moves forwards. The man displeased him but makes those happy noises anyway, he keeps flicking sand towards him until the rabbit stops to look over his shoulder.

"Can we go back to the water so i can wash this off?" 

Sand has gotten stuck to his human's legs, it looks like those things he wears at his feets most of the time.

Too funny, it's so hard to stay mad at the other. He flops but then realises that the sand also gets stuck on him which makes him wonder what would be better, rolling or cleaning?

Both, he can do both.

"you missed the competition already."

His human isn't usually this happy for getting dirty, so the rabbit bathes in the warm, sun heated sand. He stretches his limbs, leaving various shapes on the ground. Playing like this relaxes him, only itching can force him to stop.

"Was it fun?" 

The rabbit replies and leaps back to water, pulling the man with him. His human lets out a surprised yelp and then falls face first next to him, head underneath the surface. The male pushes himself up to cough up the liquid and gasp for breath.

"You okay over there!?" 

Big human yells from further away from them.


The guy splashes water on him.

"Let's get that all off from you Hizashi, your ears are going to be really uncomfortable if the sand is left to remain there." 

Scrubbing his ears, the man smiles to the rabbit. With this scenery around them, his human suddenly looks so much younger. A familiar feeling rises, yet he hasn't learned what it means. The bunny rests his head the other's shoulder, knowing that he can always lean on this wonderful person.

'̤͍̤I͖̻͚͉̱̯̭ͣ̀͊̅'̲̗̗̥́̅̐̕m̩̳̃ͯ͟ ̷̇͛̋̔ͫͩy̡ͣͤo͔̪̖̗̰͊͒̆̋ͦ̓ͅơ̹̘̙̻͛̏ö̪̩͉́ͨͅr̖̳̫͓͈̥ͦ̆͆r̨̹͕͈͎̥̹̀̈́̓̀̃̅s̰̮̺͖͕͗̒͑ͦͫ.̤̺̝͍̾͑͋̋͘'̱̤̟̱̜͑͛̐̌

Momma bunny told him that the man might be his owner, but who cares about the formalities? He can't understand most of them anyway, all he need is the tender care that only this human can provide to him. 

What should they play next?


Paddling blonde is too cute to handle. His lover wanted to swim with the others, but none of them wasn't sure if they should let him without checking if he can. Now Shota has been lifting the man up from the water and back down to it, but the thing is…

Hizashi won't stop paddling when he's in the air, his paws paddle no matter what. It's hard work to get him high enough, yet seeing the blonde's reaction is worth it.

All the cooing Hizashi gets is nice, although keeping this up exhausts the raven. 

Shota releases his beloved when he's below the water again, finally getting to use his swimming skills. The man goes to floating mode and lets the blonde to drag him. Hizashi doesn't seem to mind the extra weight, so it feels like he's allowed to relax and enjoy the ride.

None of his friends voices can't fully reach him, the raven's ears are underwater. Only thing he sees is the cloudless sky above him, moving as he drifts. His thoughts wander, in these type of moments the other would block it and ask what he's thinking of. Their time here is bittersweet, his sunshine won't change back for tomorrow's party which make everything much harder. 

Weather report promised that it would stay like this for the festival, and the bright colorful fireworks will be clear as day at the other side of the lake. The raven sighs and closes his eyes for a second, earlier stress is leaving his body but there's always something that keeps him on the edge.

His head and back bumps to the bottom, Shota stops keeping himself floating. He opens his eyes to see Hizashi above him, the blonde's huge ears are blocking everything even more than ever before. The raven smiles and cups the man's cheeks, bringing him carefully down to give him a sweet kiss to his jaw.

Shota says as he watches the movement on Hizashi's jet black eyes, he's never hundred percent sure where they are looking at. "Seki and Emi will be done with their sandcastle soon, do you want to see where the sand bunnies live?"

'Or you can chin my face.' Shota giggles as the other rubs his entire visage.

Chapter Text

The bed, oh the sweet and glorious bed. First the town, then the beach and lastly they got started with the garden. They planted the flowers and the bamboo saplings so they could water them, which was wise because they do need the bamboos tomorrow. 

Blonde pokes his hanging hand, clearly asking for something. Shota goes through a list in his sleep deprived mind, Hizashi has been fed, cleaned, petted, they played for hours and he's been active the whole day. What could possibly still keep him awake?

Yawning. "Are you doing this because of that story?" The blonde lifts his head, waiting. "Too tired…" Shota buries his face to his pillow, the other continues to pester him. "Okey, okey…"

Raven gives up and turns to his side, trying to wake himself enough so he can at least speak. 

"The hare found himself at the crossroads, with other path leading to the dark woods and the second route leads to a beautiful clearing. But in the end, he chose the shadowy road. The forest looked much scarier than it is, at the clearing the hare would be an easy target. He hops forward, only the visit in his mind. In the middle of traveling through the woods, the hare got hungry. None of the fruits or plants were familiar, so the hare had no idea what to eat. The human had warned him not to test the amulets capabilities, because the charm won't protect a fool…"

Hizashi moves to his bed and lays down, content for now. Shota smiles and checks his phone quickly, the day has already changed to the next. The raven sighs and puts the device away, then gazes at his boyfriend for a while.

"Happy birthday Hizashi…" The man mumbles and closes his eyes, he will say it again when both of them have rested properly.


There's talking on the background, but Shota's focus is somewhere else. Filling the bunny shaped balloons is annoying, why can't they use helium more often?

Emi inhales. "Wiiiii wooooo, wiiiii wooooo!!~" Her voice is weird as hell and the raven is sure that she's already high on that stuff, which scares him because that can't be good for her. "What's the matter bunny boy?!" 

The blonde is super confused, the woman sounds so unnatural that the other has to look where it comes from, every single time. The greenette's giggling gets a same reaction from him, Shota never thought he would see the day when someone plays with that gas.

"That's enough helium for you." Sekijiro snatches it from Emi, she lets out a fake whine. "And you were suppose to be a master of party decorating, i haven't seen you lift even a finger to help. Has the queen lost her touch?" She gasps.

"Nuh uh!! I'm just getting warmed up!!" The woman proudly explaims. "Funny things can inspire me a lot ya know?" She grins widely and shakes her head. "I might have taken too much tho, i hope my voice can still change back." Emi rubs her throat, trying some singing exercises while she finally starts to help.

"Me too." Nemuri says. "You sound like a squeaky toy, we can't hang out in public anymore because that would be too embarrassing." She teases, the greenette pouts and glares at the other.

Emi presses her own stomach, then imitates a rubber chicken. Shota accidentally releases the balloon he was tying, it flies around until it lands straight to Nemuri's face.

"Squeaky toy magic." The greenette shugs while the woman peels the bunny balloon out of her mug. 


"Is everything ready in here?! Someone could help me with the garden, the fairy lights are bit tricky to do alone!!" Tensei shouts from outside and Shota gets a glimpse of his problem, the lights are tangled. "Any day now!!"

"Coming!!" The raven replies and climbs down from the ladder. "Woah!!" Hizashi zooms below him, causing him to almost trip but he manages to save himself in time. 

After Sekijiro took the presents out, the blonde became much happier. Hizashi seems to have an idea what the neatly wrapped boxes mean, after telling that those gifts are all for him, the man started to run and show his joy. There's also packages from his family, hero agency and the radio station. The usual fan mail has to wait, they didn't have enough space to transport them here, none of his lover's admirers won't get offended if the voice hero doesn't check those right away.

"Zashi!!" The raven whistles. "Outside!!" Hizashi goes around the couch, pushing huge amount of balloons into the air and skitters to the yard.

Chuckling, Shota follows the birthday man. He also needs to write their tanzaku's and hang them to a bamboo branch, the raven knows what he's going to do for his honey bunny's paper. Their wishes are connected, even if the blonde didn't write it himself, it's going to be the man's loophole so the other could have one too.

"He's saying hi to all of the statues, just in case if any of them is real." Tensei smirks while Hizashi taps the bunny shaped sculpture. "I wonder what happened to his new friends, inviting wild rabbits to a birthday party could be pretty hard to do." The bluenette snickers.

"We're not sure if he even saw any, he could've been just passing by." The raven begins to untangle the mess. "All of us is enough, i'm sure of that." At the corner of his eye, he sees birds using the new pool for them. They splash around and clean themselves up while chirping some beautiful melodies, which catches Hizashi's attention.

The blonde listens their songs, flopping over to grass where he relaxes. His eyes are fixated to them, observing every flap and the tiniest of jumps. The birds open their wings and then flies away, Hizashi turns on the ground when they go over him.

Then he flips to his fours again and looks at the fountain, Shota dashes when the blonde tries to lean upwards, knowing very well what he's about to do.


"Up. Down. Up. Down…" Nemuri took Hizashi's rope so she could play with him, and the man hasn't let go of it after they started to pull it. The woman purposely let's the rope slip out of her hold. "Oh no.~ Looks like you won Zashi, you're so much stronger than me.~"

The blonde smiles, obviously proud of himself. Nemuri can't resist the urge give tons of different praises, it's cute when Hizashi's blushing expression melts into delighted and sunshiney perfection. The man is so damn bright that the woman could almost see light particles, or flowers popping out of him. 

"Nem, catch and send." Sekijiro distracts him and throws a regular balloon on her way, which she snatches from the air.

'More games huh?' She glances at Hizashi, who snapped out of her praise shower.

"Seki, catch and send." Nemuri mimics the man's action, then point at the blonde to say 'do him next.'

"Zashi, catch and send." He flings it much higher and lets it float down. Hizashi drops the rope and straightens himself, then headbutts the balloon to Nemuri.

"Emi." The greenette switches her attention to them. "Catch and send." She yelps as the woman sends the balloon like a beach ball but since it's so light, she catches it without a problem.

"Oh nononononou. If this is gonna be a game, then we're forming a proper ring for it." She says extra seriously.

Emi calls for Shota and Tensei, who're almost done anyway. They all form a circle, keeping a good distance and Hizashi in the middle. The greenette tosses the balloon, the hybrid man jumps and sends it to a next one. Everybody is having such a great time, especially the birthday hero. She's surprised how the blonde won't let the balloon fall to the floor, it's like he truly gets how the game works.

He jumps too early and Nemuri thinks that they're going for a round two next, but Hizashi saves the situation by balancing it with his face. The blonde sends the balloon to the next person, as if nothing extraordinary happened.

"Well that throw gets my seal of approval. When did he learned to do tricks?" Emi grins widely, amused by that simple little action.

"Beats me." Shota shrugs.

"He's getting smarter everyday." Tensei smiles. "Think fast!!" The bluenette slaps the balloon with a bit more force, Hizashi catches it and catapults it behind him to her.

"Ooohh." Everyone else is clapping, so the woman stops to do the same. The man's current IQ level is a mystery, but there are clear signs of it rising. 

Nemuri coos and praises Hizashi, the others decide to join her. The blonde melts into adorable happy loaf, Shota can't resist the urge and wraps his arms around his boyfriend for cuddles. Rest of them are wolf whistling and praising them both, Hizashi honks as the raven scratches slightly under the chin.

'Cute!!!' The woman squeaks and cheers them more. 'They're being so cute together!!!'

This party's just getting started.

Chapter Text

Shota lits up the single candle, standing on the DIY cake which is suited for rabbits. The raven searched for a recipe that all of them can eat, for all of them to share.

The raven takes the tray and walks towards the living room. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!" Placing the cake in front of his wonderful boyfriend. "Happy birthday dear Hizashi, happy birthday to you!!~" Everyone is applauding and Sekijiro puts the music on, Lady Gaga's 'Applause' starts to play, it's perfectly the first one on the list. Shota blows the candle instead, since the blonde doesn't know how to do it himself.

Hizashi's happily wearing a party hat, smiling widely for the camera. He's enjoying the positive atmosphere and the huge amount of attention they're giving to him, he's leaning for every occasional petting and scratching. 

"Happy twenty fifth birthday you idiot!!" Nemuri ruffles the blonde's hair. "Turn back soon okay? Otherwise you're gonna miss the best years of your life!!" She smiles sadly, just like everybody else. 

In Shota's opinion, Hizashi has already missed so much because of this. His sweetheart is gradually returning to normal, but when will it be enough? The news about Present Mic's absence has been dying down, which is surprisingly the opposite of good. The voice hero's fame and career are starting to get heavier blows, since the world thinks that the blonde isn't not coming back. 

Raven takes the candle out and serves a slice to Hizashi, who cheerily munches on it. Shota hug the other with a melancholic feeling in his chest, all of their friends can see how miserable the man is. There's no confirmed date, no evidence that the parts of his lover's human personality means it's truly returning. The man still believes the other will return to normal, but lately he's been starting to lose his hope  thanks to an unknown reason.

'He's gonna be fine.' The thing he tells himself everyday sounds like a lie. 'Be strong for him.'

As soon as he finishes that unspoken sentence, Shota puts up a big grin and cries in front of everyone.

Hizashi lifts his gaze towards him, strawberry juice stuck on corner of his mouth. His happiness deflates a little, the raven nuzzles closer and peppers him with kisses. "Happy birthday Zashi. Please don't mind me, i'm just bit emotional." The blonde nudges him away, then pushes his plate to Shota, watching him with the big black eyes. "Yeah, let's eat cake." He sniffs.

It's an important day for Hizashi, not wanting to ruin it any longer, the man grabs a slice for himself and a spoon.

Their friends are secretly getting teary.


Everyone's hanging their tanzaku's on the same bamboo. Shota thinks all of their wishes are related to Hizashi, one way or another. He reads the ones he made for himself and the blonde when he places them to the branch.

'I want to be loved, fed and cuddled.'

'I want to love him, cook for him and hold my Hizashi close to me.' 

A loophole. It's so obvious what the other currently wants, so the raven wrote it down. 

Now he can lead his boyfriend to the remodeled garden section, where the fairy lights are dangling from row of trellises since the vines are too small. Their friends gather around the picnic blanket, which is surrounded by the various gifts. Hizashi's so excited, the blonde inspects every box and bag. He sniffs everything, until he decides where to start, all by himself.

Hizashi takes the present with his teeths, then carries it to the middle of the blanket where he tries to rip it open with his paws. Wrapper and the ribbon comes off, but the man doesn't get any further than that.

"Whose gift is that?" Sekijiro asks. "Zashi wants it more than any of ours for some reason." The grey haired man helps the struggling blonde.

Shota knows too well who sended that. "His parents…" The raven murmurs. Emi searches for the right birthday card, they put them all in one box so nothing will get lost or left behind.

She finds the right one, the greenette clears her throat and starts reading. "Dear Hizashi, i'm deeply sorry that me and your father haven't visited you after after your rescue." Why did she had to apologise? "We've been regularly updated about your condition, i hope you're not causing too much trouble to Aizawa." Depends what she means. "Happy birthday our sweet baby boy. We bought you a new pair of custom headphones!! You can switch the parts that will fit your lop ears or the basic human ones, so they don't become useless either way." Smart. "We love you from the bottom of our hearts, call us when you recover. with best regards, mom and dad."

The gift from Yamadas is soon out of the box, Shota comes closer to assemble it and takes Hizashi's party hat away, replacing it with the bulky blue headphone that supports the blonde's ears. The raven smiles and snaps a picture of him, sending it straight to missis Yamada.

'He picked the first gift without anyone's help, your son must've noticing a familiar scent on the package.' 

'Thank you for telling me this Aizawa.' 

'You're welcome.' It feels like he did a good deed, the Yamada family deserves to have a birthday update.

Hizashi's ears hang from the holes of the head piece perfectly, it doesn't look too tight at all. Raven contacts the headphones with his phone and carefully puts some music on, slowly increasing the volume. It's a mind blowing experience to his darling, who unconsciously taps the ground with his paw.

Bluenette smirks. "How's it feel getting back to your element?" The blonde savors every last beat he hears. Hizashi jams like no one else is here, that's another human trait to the collection.

When the song stops, the birthday man blinks his eyes open, listening if it continues.

"Yo Zashi!!" Nemuri brings a second package. "Don't forget your other presents, these are for you after all!!" She grins.

Shota rolls his eyes. 'Of course she gives the one she brought next.' 

They go through every box, the group needs to check Hizashi's new treasures. There are multiple packages of dried apples, somehow giving the feeling as if the blonde is still hospitalized. They're separating the stuff, since some things are just for rabbits, others only for humans, then a mix of both which are appropriate enough to let him have now.

Nuzzling a ginormous teddy bear, the man seems pleased with all his gifts. Shota rummages his pocket, taking out the charm and the present he bought.

"Hizashi,~ come here." The blonde's attention shifts to him, his honey bunny awkwardly crosses over the plushie. "This is your last gift."

He's kicking the remains of the colorful boxes away as he moves, then stops in front of him and lowers his head to the raven's lap. Shota rips of the wrapper and opens the present he packed himself, then reveals a simple o-ring choker that suits Hizashi's style. The man gently places it to the other's neck, loose as possible. 

Lastly but not least, he attaches the omamori to the ring where it won't fall. Shota searched for different options so Hizashi could carry the protection charm, and the choker ended up being the most efficient one.

'Not too tight.' The raven tests how much space is between Hizashi's skin and the expensive leather, it moves around without any troubles. 'Plus now i won't lose you.' He grabs a tiny device that Tensei's offering to him, it's from all of them. The gadget goes next to the protective charm, guaranteeing his safety. 'I should have given this yesterday.'

"What do you think?" The blonde rises and tries to look under his chin, gazing at the two items dangling from the thing on his neck. "Is it uncomfortable or the opposite of that?"

Swinging from side to side, the man smiles as he watches them to swirl. The raven lets out a relieved sigh, Hizashi likes it. 

"You're looking stylish Zashi, those headphones and choker necklace suits you." Emi says. 

"Almost like your old self." Sekijiro adds. "Damn, i should have bought him a leather vest. Rest of his clothes are kinda dull." 

"Sweatpants and a vest?" The raven giggles. "Even i know that combination won't work." The grey haired man laughs.

"I guess you're right!!" 

Nemuri comes closer and snatches the blonde. "Hi there handsome.~ You having a great time?" She pinches his cheek a little. "My puzzle toy for a smarty pants like you was way better right? You're gonna have a big brain moment if you play with it everyday.~"

"Psshht. You wish." Tensei snorts.

"Oh? And why's that?" The woman asks.

'Here we go again.' The unimpressed raven saves Hizashi from the line of fire, then stares as the two begins their playful argument. 'We need to clean at some point.' Shota glances at the trash sea.

His boyfriend moves closer to give him a few 'thank you' licks. They're lucky, the night is still young.

Chapter Text

Floating bubbles are fun!! They pop when he touches them, and there's so many to pop!! The rabbit jumps in the air, twisting his body at the middle of them. Bubbles smells so good and there's so many for him to pop!! 

'͕̤̬͓͙͡ͅͅP͏̶͙̰̳̯͔̗͓͠o̢̯̱̘̗̩͚̺̭͎͝p̷̛̗̬!̧̼̣̩͡!̷͔͕̬̮̩̼̦ͅ ̵̭͔̪̗̕͡P͏̢̦̻-̶͓̗̣̬͉͕͍̣p҉̝̮͉̫͕̹o͍̬̫͚͍ͅp̬̮̻̹͚̲!̯̰̙̻̗͜!͎'̪̞

The green human brings out a bigger thingy, then she slaps it on bubble juice. Soon the woman creates giant bubbles, they look amazing!! He's having so much fun, and the humans are too!! This day has been full of nice things, which is why he never wants it to end.

Reaching out for a bubble above him, the bunny loses his balance and tumbles backwards. The humans are making happy noises while he turns and shakes himself, ruffling his fur back to maximum fluffness.

He recalls something, there's a one thing the rabbit almost forgot and it's his promise to granny.

'͙̪͇͢I̶͖̰̥'̵҉̲͍m̙̹̻̻͉͟ ̨̝̪̟̼̳̰̳a͈͎͜͠ ̩̩̬̹͝r̦͖̘͈͜͜a̡̻̘̘̥̝.̸͔̫̦͟ͅ.̺͎̱͕͉.̧̣̟b͔̩͓b̡͈͙̬̱͚̰̥͟.̟.҉̺̫̝̲̻.̹͚͍̩̱̬̟̱͡i҉̗ͅ-͏̴̠͕͖i̢̗͉͍̰͙̜t͚͘!͏̘̟͕̠͕̙!͉̦̗̯̮͈͔̞̞'̤̝̠͉̺̭̯̻͝͠ ̧̖͍̰

It's done for today!! Now he can continue playing, this game is just so fun!!

"Tired already?" 

Nope, just spacing out!! The rabbit squeaks and pops a bubble stuck in the grass. 

Chasing them is the best, the blue human can make a breeze with his forearms. That must be the male's power, a smoky air 'quirk.' His human has the floaty glowy 'quirk,' the big human has that nasty blood bending 'quirk' and the nice human might have a sleepy sleep 'quirk.' He's not completely sure tho, the bunny has always fallen asleep before he can check that.

Wait, what's the green humans 'quirk?' 

Hopping in front of her, the rabbit investigates if she can actually do anything. He stares at her, following her every movement.

"Hi there!!~ Do you want more big bubbles?!" 

Not really, he's just watching and waiting some oddities to happen.

"No bubbles? Did you want to say 'hello' to aunt Emi?" 

The woman's face scrunches up, looking confused. She moves around and the rabbit hops behind her, the green human picks up the pace, so does he. They run across the yard in a hurry, after that they're immediately returning to other humans.

"Shota help!! Your boyfriend is suddenly acting a bit creepily!!" 

Can you even do anything?

"Hmm, that's weird."

"Zashi might be expecting something from you, do a trick and see if he gets satisfied." 

The big man seems amused, but the bunny ignores him. His mission is to learn the green humans 'quirk.'

"Okay, let's try this!!"

She goes to the ground and where she's balancing on her head, it's impressive but definitely not a 'quirk.'

Is there a possibility that she doesn't have one?

"I don't think this is helping." 

Now she falls to her back, the rabbit comes closer to inspect her.

"What do you want for me?" 

'̛̗͍̫͘͜ͅS̞̹̖̬̳̝͇̻̠̕͠h̢͈̕o̧̞̪͙͓̠͓̮̖v̬̩̺͇̞͔v̯ ̢̥̞̞̪̲͇̟ͅm̫̤̜͓̭̙̫̦͟͝͝e͇͙̱̺h̟̖h̫͚͕̰͍͙͡ͅ ̨͙͔͙͔̘̝͈͠y̶̺̪̰͓̮̠̲͈̞-̭̠͇̮̱̘ͅy̧̡̝̘̰̦̥̗͇͢ǫ̻̗̻̰͍u͟҉̱̮̪͓.̹.̴͝͏͕͚.̗̥̲̺̭̺r̹̣͔̖̲̞̠̳ͅ ̢̖͝m̧̧̪̱͎̼̣̠̹͞a͚̲̳.̧͙͈.̢̛̯̻.͈̳͇̰͉ͅͅg̷̝̰i̶͔̥͓̟̯͢͡-̵̵̪̹͖̱͎̳̪g͕̙̲̙̯̖̙̹͉i̯͈c̟͚͉̲̮̤̰͘͞.̷͖̞͕̯̞͓̝ͅ'̸̸̫͈̫͓̙̠̖͓ ̢͍̘̺͘

"Come here you dummy." 

His human calls him, the bunny has to give up. The male takes the rabbit to his hold and pets him, warm hugs are the greatest.

"What's going inside that head of yours?"

Cuddles, hugs, pets and that sweet pecking to his skin. Nuzzle, nuzzle, more love for the rabbit.

Didn't he have a mission?

Nah, this is way better.

'̝͓͚̥̘̲̱͍͈͜͠L̜ụ̷̢͜v̰̝̠̘̣̥͕ ̵̗̤͉͔̻̕͡m̴͍̱̼̫͞e̦̭̠͓,̡̮̪̥̤̹̪̪̫ ̼̝̙̼͔͞ͅa̶̖̰̣̣̮̙̞d̲̤̭͈͍-̺͉͎̱̲̰̥̠͡a̷̪̱̻͚̕d̶̷̡͖̟o͔̺͎͍͖̬͍͇ͅr͚͕͚̣͟e̢̹͎̺̹̹̬̣͡ ̸͢҉͇̩̼̙̻͍͎͎̱m̡̛͇̼͖͇̳̰̘̳̣e̛̻͙,̶͔̹͔̻͟ ͇̣̖͢ͅy̴̢̞͚͇o̶̬̦̗u͚̭ṛ̨̩̼̖̙͠ ̼̗̟͉͍̮̝̫̥͟͠d̡͖̗̬̻͖͙̦͡ͅ.̡̭͖.҉̹̭͙͇̰͚̺̺.͏̮e̛͔͚̳͝͡v̬͙͍̘̱.̵̴̳̝̦̭.̞͙̮̹͕̗ͅ.̶̮̠͇̥͇͙̲͉͓o̘̗̺̱̞̙͠țį̕͏̠̹̳̯̥o̸͖͎͜n̪̭͖̥̱ ̡̝͕̜̻f̢̠̖͍̺̺͘e̡̦̟̳e̜͠l̖̲̳̜̖̮̬̞̙͢͠ş̴͎̖ ̢̹̯̤̦͈͍̱̯̤͡s̜̦-̵͔̥̣͝s҉͖̬͜o̘̝ ̧̡̞̪̤̻̫̗̮ͅw̷̷̭͞o̥̤̮̭̹͕̖͢͠n̨͈̳̝̫̘͡d̯̣̬ͅe̝̫͈͟͢r͜҉̹̗̬̬̬̤̞̥f̩̟͞u̷̜̮̲͖̗̘ḽ̼̜͔̮̯͖.̢͇̺~̢̲̳͞'̠̻̝͈̖̺̰̬͞

Dizzy, so incredibly dizzy. The other looks him like a mate, which is confusing him and the bunny ends up wishing that he were. His instincts are being weird again, they can't decide what to do.


The man offers his hand and the rabbit chins it, marking the male as his own. Their love for each other won't change, but he isn't sure what kind of love it is.

Why everything has to be so confusing?


The raised terrace by the side of Iida family's mansion is the perfect place to view the fireworks, lights of the town are beautiful and the night sky is clear. They helped Hizashi on the table, so the blonde could watch the whole show without trouble. 

"Are you excited?" Nemuri pokes Hizashi's cheek, the blonde doesn't have any idea what they're on about. "It's the last event of tonight, a grand finale to your birthday party!!" She chirps.

"You've survived without any naps today, i'm proud of you." The grey haired man scratches Hizashi's ear. "You too Shota." Sekijiro gives a teasing grin, the raven glares at him but doesn't say anything.

"How do we know he hasn't?" Tensei asks. "Remember that Zashi can sleep with his eyes open?" The bluenette tilts his head. "Maybe Shota has practised?" He smirks.

Rolling his eyes. "I wish." The raven murmurs. "It's mostly a defense mechanism for rabbits, but Zashi sometimes uses it to tackle me for pets. That's why i've been opening the bedroom door from the floor for a while now." Shota giggles. "How can you be such a light sleeper, while in some days it's almost impossible to get you awake?" He strokes Hizashi's paw, touching the tip of his fur coated toes.

'Why do those claws have to grow so fast?' He won't cut them since it's so late at night, and it would ruin the blonde's happy mood. 'These could have shred the gift boxes easily.' 

"How's he cuter than us?" Emi asks from the other woman. "Zashi's suppose to be cool, the title for 'cute' belongs to us!!" She pouts.

"Are you mad about the earlier?" Nemuri curiously questions.

"Not mad." She quietly mumbles. "It's just bugging me i guess…" The greenette shrugs. "Don't think i will quit pampering the demon bunny, especially if Sho can make him stop!!"

"You will forget it when the fireworks start." The broad man snorts.

"Then it returns and shows up in my nightmares?" Emi flutters her eyelashes.

"Bickering won't get you anywhere, it already happened." Shota says. 

And then they hear it, the first rocket being shot to the air. It keeps them on the edge, since they don't know if the lake between the town and this mansion is comfortable enough for the blonde. The whistling sound of the rocket stops, it burst into a beautiful red blast that's shaped like a flower. 

Hizashi reacts positively, as if he's saying 'did you see that?' He doesn't blink when the second appears, splitting into a magenta star. They chuckle as the man flops and shows much he loves this moment, there's nothing to fear. One after another, they turn to admire the town's own celebration.

Except him.

Shota watches how Hizashi's face is full of joy and amazement. His jet black eyes are fixated to the fireworks, captivated by them. The raven sees colours reflecting from them, orange, yellow, pink, green…

He snaps his head towards the fireworks, the pink is fading but there's no green. Bright shade of white sparkles on the horizon, nothing more.

'Strange.' The man is pretty sure he saw a flash of green in his beloved's eyes. The raven stares at them until Hizashi notices what he's doing, the blonde smiles and rubs the hand he offers. 'Am i going insane?' Shota sighs softly, focusing on the fireworks again.

They're all alone at this side of the beach, the only neighbor that doesn't go to the Tanabata festival hasn't been here in years according to Tensei. The raven smiles and relaxes, enjoying the view, company and his…

...quietly whimpering boyfriend.


Now everyone's attention shifts to Hizashi, who suddenly looks scared. Shota frowns, he watched his boyfriend a good while to determine if he's fine or not, which was already confirmed.

"Zashi?" It's alarming, this came out of nowhere. The man is looking around with his ears raised, then he periscopes and settles to stare at something which is much further away from them. "What's wrong?" Shota glances at Hizashi while getting up from his seat, the raven tries to look at the direction of the neighboring mansions.

Squinting his eyes, the man definitely sees something rising from afar. 'Is that smoke?' 

"Oi bunny boy, are you alri…"


Before Emi can finish her sentence, Hizashi jumps off the table and goes down the stairs to the front yard. Nemuri shout after him, Tensei's already chasing after him.

"There!!" Sekijiro points out, another cloud of smoke rises from the neighbors plot. "Go grab your capture weapon, we're gonna drag that idiot back inside."

A quick nod is Shota's only reply before he dashes through the door and straight to the living room. He can hear something in the distance, it's coming closer. The raven's about to go outside but halts, he's taking his pocket knife just in case.

"Shit…" He hisses. Now he recognizes that sound, someone's blowing things up.

He runs and exits the front door, Ms Joke and Midnight are calming the blonde down behind a bush, Ingenium and Vlad King are standing like protective towers at the driveway. 


Explosion destroys the gate, it falls loudly to the pavement, revealing their uninvited guests. He clenches his fist, rage building in his chest like a wildfire.


Chapter Text

Eraserhead goes from the left side while the dust cloud dissipates, planning to surround the villains and ambush them if they dare to enter. He barely makes it to his position, their intruders flock in.

They are surprised by the duo standing at the driveway, few of them gets discouraged while the others don't react at all, then rest of the mob is getting kicks from this.

"Look what we have here guys, a fucking jackpot!! We get to loot and beat someone up!!" It's a robbery? There must be more of them if that's the case, nobody is that quick to go through all of those buildings after they broke in. "Who do we owe this pleasure to!?"

"I could ask the same question, you're the ones crashing a party!!" Ingenium steps forward, Vlad takes an battle stance. "Trespassing is illegal ya know?" The bluenette grins.

Vlad activates his quirk and creates a ramp for the turbo hero, Ingenium starts his engines and uses the bloody path to take down his opponents from above while the other continues on the ground.

"Fuck!!! These mansions were supposed to be empty!!!" One villain yells. "I'm calling backup!!!"

'Shit!!' Not now, don't call them here. The heroes are already overpowered and Hizashi's still too close to the danger zone.

The villain who threatened to call his buddies giggles, then covers his mouth. Some of his comrades glances at him when it turns into chuckle, until it's full blown laughter. The guy drops his phone and falls to the pavement, hands gripping his stomach while he twists and turns.

"What the hell is going o…" Joke punches one of the villains while effects of the 'Outburst' got them distracted. "Get your shit together!!! Shoot them!!!"

"Roger!!!" Few villains replies in unison, then readies their ammo. 

Eraser stops them. 'You can try, but you won't succeed.' Whatever energy ball or mini meteorite disappears, leaving the thieves empty handed and confused.

"What's the hold up!!?" A woman dodging Vlads quirk asks angrily. 

"Our quirks are gone!!!" A man answers and tries to randomly shoot everywhere, the hero struggles to keep his eyes open. He dashes from the bush before he has to shut them, Eraser flings his weapon forward, hoping that he makes it in time. "Now we're talking!!"

Reactivating 'Erasure' immediately, the hero wraps his capture weapon to the wrist, yanking it upwards where the shot can't do any harm.

He almost made it.

Fiery sphere didn't hit the bush where Nemuri is keeping the blonde hidden, yet it flies from right above them and startles the hybrid man. Eraser hears Hizashi's animalistic screech, which catches unwanted attention.

"Bullying an innocent creature is bad, pick on someone your own size!!!" The blood hero tries to throw them off. They haven't seen Hizashi, so the villains might think it's just an animal.

"Are we that boring?" The greenette poses, irritating the crowd. "Oh, my bad. I'm talking to a bunch of amateur robbers!!" She laughs. "It's not like they're smart enough to pull this off!!"

She looks away from her foes, two of them gets mad and decides to attack. Joke uses her quirk on the bigger villain while avoiding the other, she beats him in hand-to-hand combat.

"Joke!! Ingenium!!" The raven warns about the mutation villain behind her, then he sends the previous shooter right at the bluenette who knocks the guy out. "Brace yourself." The man sends his weapon to her, the greenette grabs it tightly and gives a quick wink.

"See ya." Eraser pulls the smile hero away, the woman yelps. "Vlad?! Little help here!!!" 

"Got it!!!" He bashes peoples heads together and opens his arms. "Eraser!!!" The raven replies with a nod.

The blood hero catches her, recoiling a bit from the sudden force. They hold their positions, when the next wave of villains rushes towards them. Ingenium grabs the end of his weapon, Eraser knows instantly what to do. He holds himself still while the bluenette wraps the villains in a neat package, the raven grins as the other helps him to send the flying in the air.

But when he hears Midnight hissing, the hero feels like their luck has just ran out. Peeking quickly, he sees her crawling into another bush, to the direction of the broken gate.

'Where's Hizashi?!' He loses his focus for a moment and the next thing he knows, that the turbo hero has pushed him out of the way. 'No!!!'

"Eraser…" The bluenette shivers. "I can't move…" A paralyzing tongue, great. The raven shield them from the next attack, he can't see an opening to get Ingenium further away from here.

What he can see, is that the blonde flees from the plot without anyone noticing. He goes to hide at the other side of the road, the woman tries to sneak after him.

He made up his mind, they need her quirk right now. It means that they might lose a sight of Hizashi again, but it's the only way to get out of this pinch.

"Now Midnight!!!" The r-rated hero flinches, surprised that she's being called to fight. 

According to her, it's much trickier to use 'Somnambulist' in such a big open area where the wind is unpredictable. Releasing a huge amount could be risky for her allies and to herself, this environment does not compliment her ability. He hasn't been able to check if any of these villains is missing a nose, she's almost defenseless since her whip didn't tag along.

"Run!!!" She starts emitting a cloud of it, attracting the villains attention. He grabs the bluenette, getting him to safety quickly as he can.

"Get inside!! I will make sure that none of them escapes from her quirk!!" Vlad grins.

He looks over his shoulder, Eraser doesn't see the blonde. The raven wishes that he's just hiding, he would risk his friends if he goes after him now.


The villains are defeated but this is how it ended.

They have a paralyzed man and another who's fast asleep. Ingenium is able to move soon and Joke's fetching a bucket of water to wake up Vlad, so they they miraculously survived that.

Back to the second dilemma, Hizashi's nowhere to be seen. When Midnight said 'run,' the blonde took it as his cue to leave the scene. Eraser's already looking for him.

'Where are you!?' Erasure hero takes his phone and opens an app, which is connected to the tracking device on his boyfriend's neck. 'I'm coming Zashi, i'm coming!!' 

Eraser scrambles to the forest, heading towards the area where the GPS shows him to go. The dot on his map isn't moving, taunting him more than the villains he defeated or the police sirens approaching in the distance. 

'Please be okay!!'

The raven swings himself over a log, he's running as fast as he can.

'I can't lose you again!!'

He blocks his face and rams through a few branches in his way, nothing is allowed to stop him.

'Where are you!!?'

Eraserhead halts and checks his phone, panicking. Is he going to the right way?

But then he hears them, those animalistic screams. Adrenaline courses through his veins, when he spring towards the sound. He jumps across a ditch, bumps into the trees and almost slips to the mud. Eraser needs to get there, he has to, the love of his life is scared.


The raven finally finds his lover, who get startled at first but then calls out for him. He catches his breath while the blonde wiggles, the emergency wasn't bad as he thought.

Hizashi's stuck inside of a shrubbery. The man has somehow lost the scrunchie, meaning that his hair is tangled to the bush. None of his paws are touching the ground, as if the greenery wrapped around them isn't enough.

"H-h-ho-how??" Eraser breathes out, the blonde whimpers and calls for him again. "Shhh, everything's okay now, i'm here for you." The raven takes out his knife. "You'll be free in no time, just stay still for a moment."

Obediently, the blonde calms down and lets Eraser to cut the plants off. He's silently taking care of it, and Hizashi silently watches. Soon he is freed and the raven can put the tool away. His lover topples him down, licking the hero's face as a form of a thank you.

Quietly giggling, the raven pats the other away. "Everyone's worried about you." Eraserhead smiles softly. "I'm glad that you're not injured, none of us wants to scold you again." He whispers and rises up. "I wa…"


Erasure hero's head turns to see where that noise came from, he sees a glimpse of a dark figure. 'Who?' Another villain?

A small object appears from the shadows, Eraser's quirk is active for a split second before the item hits him in the forehead. His vision blurs and the hero falls limbly to the ground, Hizashi's whining is full of worry and fear, all meant for the raven.

His efforts to stay awake are useless, the blow on his head was way harder than he anticipated.

Hizashi's alone with the mystery person.

Chapter Text

"You can't run from me!!"

Ingenium boosts himself and tackles the villain who tried to run, his body still feels a little strained but it's getting much looser no that the paralysis is wearing off.

They need to hurry, there are so many plots to go. Those first few villain groups won't wait for them, striking when everyone is celebrating Tanabata is a low blow, people deserve to have a nice calm evening.

He's mostly meaning them, the group did not lose Hizashi just once but twice for fuck's sake. Eraser's the only person who went after him, the bluenette hates multitasking when his friends life might be on the line. 

"Hmm?" Something odd floats towards the villains he hasn't got to beat yet.

'Bubbles?' The bluenette frowns. 'Did Joke came here to make a distraction or am i hallucinating?' He checks the spot where the tongue hit him earlier.

They pop and now the villains getting nauseous. What the hell is going on?

"Oi!! Don't just stand there!!" Ingenium turns at the woman's voice. "It's a lovely night to pick up the trash!!" A somewhat familiar face joined the battle.

'That's Bubble Girl!!' The cavalry has arrived, while wearing civilian clothes? 'Hold on a sec.' The bluenette zooms to give her some rope he borrowed from the shed.

"Don't go inside, Midnight's having fun there." He points out.

She snorts. "Thanks for the heads up!!" They hear cursing from the backyard and glass being shattered. "You take right, i will go left!!" She's already jogging towards another fight.

"Wait!!" The bluenette follows. "If you're here, is he also nearby!?"


Assuming thing brought him to this predicament, the tall man thought the raven was an intruder and didn't bother to ask what he was doing on his plot, which is why he knocked him out. He doesn't know who the person on the ground is, but he certainly recognizes the voice hero.

Sir Nighteye stares at the growling blonde, now he understands why there's no news about him, the man acts like an animal that cannot take care of himself. Mic seems to have gained rabbit features yet his reaction is very dog like, the hero's obviously trying to protect the other.

He glances at the man's phone screen, it shows an map and a dot. 'A tracking device huh…' If this guy is taking care of Present Mic, the blonde must be really attached to him. That chaos down at the beach must be the reason why they're here, the voice hero looks fearful despite his thought act. 'I should have asked first.' The only way to apologize properly is getting these two to safety, which is easier said than done.

How tho?

Greenette sighs and kneels down. "I'm truly regretful of what just happened. It wasn't my intention to hurt your friend, i thought he was a villain." He extends his hand a little for the blonde, not even halfway to him. "Ow!!" Nighteye winces as the man bounces and bites it, either he doesn't understand human speech anymore or he doesn't want to listen.

Blood trickles down from his wound as the man glares at him with his blackened eyes, feeling the rumbling vibration against his skin. Mic won't let go of him when he asks nicely, so the pro forcefully opens his jaw and takes a few steps backwards.

At least now he can use 'Foresight' if he wants to, the conditions have been met.

"That man is going to get sick if he stays like that, you mean well but i'm not a threat to him Present Mic." The blonde doesn't responds to his hero name, what was his real one? 

Nighteye frowns and googles it quickly, maybe that could help.

'Got it.'

"Yamada?" The man continues to growl at him. Why none of these work? "Hizashi?"

The blonde flinches, then he snarls few decibels louder. The voice hero responded only to his first name, meaning that the man has not called him by any other name. He's curious what type of relationship they have, if the raven is comfortable with using the other man's given name.

He can't carry them both, that's for sure. Mic doesn't trust him and Nighteye doesn't know what kind of special treatment the blonde gets anyway, the unconscious man would be easier but the voice hero will attack the greenette if he tries to approach.

'How fast is he?' The man in front of him isn't normally any quicker than him. With that rabbit mutation? It's hard to calculate.

Nighteye scowls, he's in a unfamiliar situation, the pro hasn't witnessed anything like this before. Has the change on Present Mic's body been like that the entire time? Has it gone worse? Lessened? Does he have any human traits left?

Bubble Girl might have known what to do, but she already went to the neighboring mansions. The animalistic man doesn't cooperate with him, so he has to resort to something to the only solution that he came up with.

Sir Nighteye steps forward and dodges the lunging blonde, grabs the phone as he scoops up the raven to his arms. If Mic cares about him, then he would follow them to the greenette's mansion. He activates his quirk so he could read the voice hero's movements, avoiding the protesting man. He waits if the other lags behind, mad but determined.

Abducting this random stranger proves to be effective, they arrive at his mansion without further injuries. Well, almost. Mic managed to slash him a little while he was searching his keys, ruining his pants. 

He carries the man to the guest room and the blonde jumps straight away to the bed with him, giving the 'get the hell away from him' look. Nighteye grunts and closes the door, he was suppose to go help with the villain problem, which already ruined his All Might movie marathon. The pro hasn't used this building in years and this is what happens? He really should have sold it.

Mic squick behind the door, soon the greenette hear scratching. The blonde whines in panic, he makes an u-turn and opens it up. The voice hero hops away and curls next to the bed, stiff, quiet and staring at him timidly.

Living with an animal mindset must be terrifying. Even if the door isn't locked, the man doesn't know that and sees the room as a prison. He's bound to treat him like a human, comforting a adult male who thinks he's a rabbit is beyond his abilities.

'Does he ever return to normal?' The man adjust his glasses and looks into Hizashi Yamada's future.

The majority of the film shows these two men together, day after day. The raven treats Mic like a bunny, yet in a loving way. They're more than friends, the blonde isn't so single as people likes to think. 

Nighteye fast forwards what he sees with his quirk, taking notes along the way as he examines if Present Mic's fate is sealed or not.

Relief brings a smile to his lips, the image of the man walking with his own two legs is different from the current version. Someday the hero gets back to his senses, although the result isn't the most pleasant one. 

It's a victory, not a perfect but a victory nonetheless.

"I don't know anything about rabbits but neither do you Hizashi Yamada, you're going to realise that soon. Your recovery won't end when you regain everything that your body allows, but eventually you'll get through the hardships that comes with the new look."

Blonde blinks, his confusion is apparent. The pro can't tell if the other understood any of that, Sir Nighteye leaves the door open and goes to fetch some snacks and drinks to his guests.

"I should have asked first." He murmurs. The greenette still doesn't know how this works.


The rabbit doesn't understand that human, he attacked his human and took him away. The bunny chased after him into this unfamiliar place, where he left him and the male for some reason.

He's mad, angry, scared and worried. His human hasn't woken up yet, the bunny pokes his chest like always but he isn't moving.


There's suddenly a drop of water inside his face thingy, then a second, they're coming from the rabbits eyes.

'͎̱̻͍͕̽̑ͨ̌͝M̑̅ͦ͏̼̱y̨͚̬̻͈̍ ̦̣̠̹̬̠̪̫̌ś̸͇̓̆̽ͥ̈̀̎͠a̫̮̦̱̓̓ͮͫ̓͐̕͜d̑ͩͯ͋.̐̊̊́̓͛̈́..̲̭̃ͬ̓̚͟͢n͖̟͍̖̜͉̣̖͐͒͋͑̇͠e̙̲̝͛̐ͭͤs̷̬͉̼̝̏ͫ̒s̬͚̰̰̱̥͙ͭͯ̀̕͞ ̟̝͔̪ͦ̐ͬ̑̈͝ȋ̤̥̞̖̪͙͛̃̑͗̓́ͫz̳̤͓͍̮͒ͨ̉̐̊̐ ͓̝̙̘̇ͪͯ̆ͦ̆̚͟͞ĺ̸̷̤̱͚͕̞̮̄̓ͫe̼̺̪̫̣̝͚̝ͩ̌̉̑́͑̉ͯ͟͝͝-̮ͯ͑̓̈́̏̅̈l̫̦͕͐͌͘ȩ̵̖̦̬̙̗̖͈̓ͭ̈́̓̒ͪͣ͟à̻͚̮̬̺̼͍̤̖ͩ͗̈́͑͛͋̓͟͜k̵̪͙͇͚̖̮̼͉̯ͦ̇͌̃̎ͯͩ̀i̢̛̲̺̯͈͐ͪͥ̇ͅn̶̼̣̜ͮͦ̎͊͞g͉̳̞͓̱̪̼̈́ͩ͗͑̎̃͆̚.̨̰̙̻̮̟̦͂̐̕͝'̴̴̷̬͍̯͓̳͛̍̉̄͋̓ͨ

"I'm sorry." 

His head snaps towards the human, who looks less scarier now. His own human says that word often when he feels bad, but the bunny can't trust him.

The man enters the room despites his warnings and puts something to the box below the TV. Growling doesn't affect him at all, he just sits further away from them and uses the remote.

"Look, i'm taking responsibility from my actions while he's unconscious. That man isn't dead, only knocked out." 

His throat rumbles.

"Villains attacked the place you were staying, i thought he was a bad guy."

'̵͉̬̣̲̗̙̮̹A̷͉̱̯̬͙͔͙̕ ̟̜̤͞v̨̛͔̘͎̦͝į̛͈͘l͏̷̺l̵̝̫̙̺̰̠͚̰a͙̺̳̼i̩̜n̷̹̮̙̳ͅ!̨̜͓̮͙͓̺̳̞!̡̩̻͉̩͞!̸̛̝̱̱͜?̴̶̝̞͞ͅ'̨̤̻

He lets out an offended squick.

"Was tha…"

"Ahahahahaha!!!! I'm here!!!!" 

The big loud man on the TV interrupts him.

Chapter Text

Groan leaves his mouth, whatever hit him was heavier than it looked. Opening his heavy eyelids, the raven notices two important things.

Hizashi's halfly on top of him, sleeping with his eyes open. There's a proper bed beneath them, but he hasn't seen this room before. With a further inspection he sees that behind the glasses, his beloved's eyes are we around the corners. Has the blonde been crying? He hasn't seen the man spill even a single tear before, no matter how terrified he has been. It warms his heart that the other has stayed by his side, worrying about Shota's well being.

'Where are we?' The room is decorated with limited edition All Might merch, this person must be an otaku. 'Are we safe? What happened to the others?' The villains attacked and everything went horribly wrong from there, then he saw someone before his vision turned black…

Gently freeing his arm, the raven rubs his face. Hizashi's birthday is ruined and the day has probably ended already, he only wanted to throw a nice party for his boyfriend.

'This has to be a nightmare.' The raven wants to wake up and get a second chance without any threatening disturbance, which he won't get because his wishes doesn't matter. 'What is this rotten luck?' They were supposed to be here longer than this but now that the gate is busted, their vacation has to be cut short.

"You're awake, good." Shota tenses. "The villains have been taken care of. Apologies from the head injury, i thought you were an intruder." The stoic man says at the corner of room.

He recognizes the guy immediately, so Sir Nighteye was the one who knocked him out. 'How in the earth?' Shota's grateful that it wasn't a villain, but meeting someone like him just randomly on a bedroom full of All Might collector items? 'Do i have a concussion?' He scratches the irritated spot, the bump feels like a stamp mark.

"And you are?" He realises that the other is asking for his name.

"Shota Aizawa, otherwise known as the underground hero Eraserhead." The man nods. "We were with four of our friends, who stayed behind to restrain the villains. Do you know if they're alright?"

"They are." The raven is relieved. "Bubble Girl told them that Present Mic is at a safe location, it took us a while to realise that you two belonged to the same group." His gaze shifts to Hizashi. "I've never seen anything like this before, it's fascinating what quirks can do to people sometimes." 

Raven grunts. "His current condition is none of your business." He glares at the man. The other stares back, aware of his foul mood.

"True, Yamada's return will be in the news right after he's done visiting his family." Shota's eyes widen. "Your devotion is admirable, aiding a broken man isn't the easiest job in the world."

It's like the time is standing still.


Raven picked up the clues, the hero has seen Hizashi's future. Shota has been dreading over everything, dreading that he's only trying to convince himself that the other would be forever a clueless half rabbit. 

"Before winter, in the middle of the autumn." 

Everything's going to be alright. "Thank you." He feels much lighter now, the raven's freed from the ever so darkening thoughts. "This means a lot to me." His patience will be rewarded in a few weeks or so.

"Can you ask him to rest now? I need to inform Bubble Girl and your friends about what we this." Sir Nighteye asks.

Shota blinks dumbly, then glances at the man on top of him.

"He's been sleeping with his eyes open this whole time." The raven replies. "It came with the bunny package."

The greenette lets out an tiny snort, which Shota almost missed how amused the man looks when he walks out of the room.

'How long did he wait to tell me that?' The raven has no idea what time it is.


The bunny snaps awake when something pats his paw, he stares at the human which immediately fills him with joy.


 '̴҉̮͎Y̙̟̯̻̬͈͞ͅơ͇̫̹̝̥̦̝͡͞u҉̠͈̹̟͕'̨̨̳̭͈̲r̸̗͔̭̙̯̫͍ȩ̧̝̠͓̗̪͇ ̶̙͉̗̫͓̰̞̗ͅa̢̘̥̼͓͈͟͞l̢̜̤̳̗-̖͚̠͓͘ḁ̧̟̟̗̯͔̞͢l̦̫̺r͈̮͙̹̰͎͞i̶̶͔̠̖̜̹g͎̕.̘̣̮̹ͅ.̶̶̻̼̮̤͔̟̣.̞̳̱̖̥̭ͅh͈̣͎̜̺͕͈̦͙̕t̲̫̲̺!̵̮̙͓͠!̬̝̕!҉̰̙̠̲̘̥͉'͓̳͙̖̗͙̩͇

Moving closer to the man, the rabbit cuddles him roughly. They're both happy, his eyes are leaking again but he doesn't care. Those villains were scary, that last blast was scary, when the nice human yelled 'run' was scary, the bunny didn't want to go anywhere nor stay there. Feeling helpless, he ran as fast as he could and that got him stuck. Why he had a urge to do something about it? What was he supposed to accomplish with that? What happened to the others? The blue human got hurt right? He saw it before he left them.

"Shhhhh.~ Everything's okay, the danger is gone. Shhhhh.~"

The man takes the thing that helps him see better, off from his head and wipes the bunny's face.

"Thank you for warning us Zashi, we wouldn't had time to prepare if you didn't warn us. I'm sorry that your birthday got ruined, you were so brave today." 

'͎͎͕͇͎Ņ̴͇̳̥̭̭o̧̤̹̠͔͞ͅo̼̗̟̻̳̯͚o̪͔̙̕͘o̷̷̮̜̙̟͕̦̟̘o҉̫̬̯͓ͅo̻̲!̶̭͖̰̖̭̖̫̮͡!͕͕̕!̳̹̳̼͙͖̕͠ͅ~̴̩͔͖ ̴̡̺͜N̯͖̻̗̠͢͟o̶̜̦͕͙͠ ̡̩͇̤̪̟͞ͅp̻̥̘̱͓͘͠ͅͅr̰͕̬̖a̲̗a̵̶̳̱̘s̭͖̘͓͕͚̝̼e̸̫͍̗̟̗̺̝͕s̥̠̦͓͘͢,̞̣̯̺ ̝i͏̸̣̲̱ ̡̟̮͖̬͎͔͖d̶̢̤̫͚̘̮̠̦̼-͏̰͇̻͇̖̯̠̦d̡̘͖͎o̷̦̖͢͜ͅn͎̞̤͟͟'̬̩̟̦t̴̥͞ͅ ͈̮̩͕̱̦̬̲̭̕͟d͚͚͈̙̗͇͝e̺̟̝͓͓͈̥h͍̫̥̬͈̬.̵̨̬̮̬̞͕͕̞̻ͅ.̮̦̞͕̪̬͙͡.̡̣̦̰̦s̷̷͉̦͍͕̩e̻̺̳̜͟r̳̥̗͎̳͇̪͢͞v҉̭̰e̸̴̵͙̩̺̱̱̙ ̡̫͚t͕͡e̸͈̪̫͘m̮̗̠̹͘!̮̻̘̟͓̠̺̟͢!̶̵̢̬̬͍͓̭!̸҉͎̣̹̙͎'̢̙̤̲

He pokes the man's chest. Why does his human's praises feel like the opposite of good? What did he do that's actually worthy of them?

The male brings his hand for scratches, so the rabbit jumps to the other side of him. His human tries again but he nudges it away.


"Are you mad at me?" 

Squeaking 'absolutely no,' the rabbit nuzzles back to the man's side. It's just that he doesn't want to be petted at the moment, even if that's one of his favorite things. 

Were the villains there for him? Momma bunny said that the rabbit is special somehow, he gets startled by the thought and nuzzles closer to the man. He doesn't want to cause any trouble, or neither return to that horrible place. 


Lovingly holding him, this calming presence of the man really helps. What he's feeling is getting overwhelming, mind dizzying out. The rabbit is too heavy to move, too tired to move. Every part of his surroundings becomes meaningless, except his human who gently strokes his fur. 

Whimper, and he gets the man's attention, all of it. He hates being dizzy, nothing is right when he's dizzy. 

"Do you want to rest more? We can still hang out at the mansion today if you sleep well, then tomorrow morning we're heading back home where nothing can harm you." 

But only the rabbit will be safe, since his human has tendencies to go outside. Otherwise home sounds incredibly nice, he doesn't want to leave his nest for a while. All his toys are there, their stuff, his human will go back to his den. The bunny will miss the grass under his paws but the balcony is enough, where he can enjoy the sunlight just like here.

'҉̴͡ͅŅ̪̞̹̖̦̱̫o̕҉̟͔͔̖̥ͅ ͏̱̪̟͇͚̬͚̲m̛̺͍̺͙̪̳͜o̵͉̕ǫ̺͔̥͙̹̞͝r̶̵̜̘̯̟̘̜r̥͚̣̹̘̤̕͝ ̷̷̰͉̝̼̺̹͈̤s̷̘̟̪̫̕k͇̲͖͚͚͍̞͜a҉̡͇̥̫͈̱͖͔̩̣a̸̙͓̖̰͙̝̘̕͞r̪̼̘͜͝e҉͎͇e̖̞͠e̥̲͉͖̗̹̣̖̰͢s̘̳̰̺s̙̘̟̙͙̦̖.҉̯̮.̼̺͈̹̝̻̺̜.͙͚̙͍̻̲͔͘̕'̸͖̞̺͚ͅ

"You're gonna get better, Nighteye confirmed it for us. I can't wait to see you healthy my sunshine, it's been too long since i heard you talk." 

Healthy. He's ill after all, isn't he? Why's the rabbit denying it? This dizziness can't mean anything good. Curling to the man's side, the bunny inhales his soothing scent.

Dirt and…






Of the word.

The rabbit falls asleep from trying to find a word he has never heard of, his brain tired itself out. He has learned from the humans, he has somehow found them on his own, but the missing ones always try to appear when he gets dizzy. Head full of cotton, the bunny gives into it and dreams of his very mixed fantasies to be a human. 

But he's a rabbit, helpless and tiny little rabbit.


"Guys? We didn't think this one through." Emi taps her cheek while staring at Sasaki's door.

Tensei is too tired to get what she might mean with that. "How so?" 

"We didn't bring anything that could be used to hide Zashi, or carry him back to the mansion." The group groans in unison, she has a valid point.

"You can borrow my car, you can fold the back seats out of the way." Awata says, the group cheers her in unison. "Do you think if Yamada's fine with that?"

"We actually lost him the day before yesterday, a cute old woman brought him back from his adventure." Nemuri deflates. "Everyone of us took so many days off so we could enjoy the countryside, this vacation went so horribly wrong. What the hell are we even supposed to do after this? Zashi needs more outdoor activities…"

Sasaki seems to be thinking about something. "Can't you rent a jungle gym? Isn't Aizawa's area packed with places for training?" The tall man presents them his idea.

Shota feels like he's malfunctioning. Why none of them has thought of that?

Seki waves his hand in front of him. "Your idea might have been too good."

Sasaki hums.

Chapter Text

It's the last day here, Tensei informed his family that the gate is broken and they're coming back home earlier than was planned. The villains didn't only disturbed the party, they invaded a place full of memories. This attempt to rob people when they were out having fun, didn't luckily succeed but the property damage is still there and the heroes suffered for minor injuries.

Injuries themselves are not that bad, if Hizashi wasn't fussing over Shota and the group. Hiding them with band-aids doesn't help much, the blonde goes to play but soon he returns with his own gifts. The raven is hugging that huge teddy bear, he's only burying his face on it so his sunshine would be pleased. This still feels wrong.

'These are yours…' The raven watches as Hizashi tries to make them feel better. 


Bluenette sighs, Sasaki told them good news about Hizashi's condition but it can't change the fact that the blonde's twenty fifth birthday was a catastrophe. It was otherwise perfect, minus the fact that they didn't get to see the fireworks properly. 

"Hey Iida." Tensei turns towards Awata. "I came to help you with the moping." The woman smiles sweetly.

Chuckling, the man shakes his head. "You don't have to sulk with us, it's not like you have anything to do with this anyway." She snorts.

"No,~ not like that!!" Awata leans forward to whisper into his ear, the man nods along as she tells him a plan. 

'This could actually raise everyone's mood.' There's only one problem, it would be much closer than the previous one. 'I'm not sure how Zashi would react.'

"Can you get a permission to do it on Sasaki's mansion? I think Hizashi would appreciate some distance from them." The woman grins widely.

"Are you kidding me?! My boss values laughter and humor more than anything!! If this helps with banishing the gloomy atmosphere, then it's guaranteed that he's in!!" The man who could rival Shota's stoic expression? Tensei can't argue with her, she has worked with Sasaki and they haven't. "So?~"

Bluenette smirks happily. "We're in."


"Everyone understands the plan?" His friends nod, they agree with to do Awata's idea even if the best result isn't guaranteed.

"Alright but why aren't we telling this to Shota? Awata and Sasaki are doing all the work anyway." Nemuri rubs her neck, giving a questioning look.

"Because it's not logical to do this anyway and he's already stressed, doing things that might be useless could just annoy him." Bluenette explains. "Plus we don't know how Zashi will react to this."

"Wait, what if he gets scared again?" Emi asks. "I know that he was super happy about it last night but…" Usually she encourages to have fun. "Don't look at me like that, this could make the situation worse." 

"And i have a good reason to believe it won't." Tensei's brimming with confidence.

He gathers them closer for a whispering circle, then he tells them why they have to do this.

"Yesterday night when we were watching the fireworks, Hizashi's eyes went green for a sec." They stare at him like as if he's gone crazy. "I'm serious. I think Shota saw it too but he brushed it off." Now he has their attention.

"Why you didn't tell us?!" Their question startles him.

"Because it was over soon as it started, and it was so dark that i barely saw it since his eyes were still black. Zashi's irises went that quickly on and off." Bluenette hushes them, not wanting to summon the raven. 

"Do you…" Nemuri pauses. "Think it will happen again?" 

"Who cares? As long as Hizashi enjoys tonights redone firework show, then we can all go home in the morning without feeling completely terrible." Tensei feels guilty, this place belongs to his family after all. The gate should have been sturdier and their defenses better, this mansion should have been bit more fortified. They are a hero family for fucks sake, what if someone would have been here alone? What if he or his family members were being targeted? 


Fingers snap right in front of him, dragging him back from his thoughts. "You okay?" Nemuri asks, bluenette shakes his head.

"Sasaki told us that he's gonna turn back, so we don't have to recreate last nights glimmer." The man sighs. "It's just for funsies, simple as that."

"You're thinking something too deeply." Emi bonks his head gently. 

A squeak makes them jump, Hizashi has come to see what they're doing. The blonde leans upwards, Tensei smiles softly and pets his friend.

"Our job is to protect you from harms, not only as heroes, but as your friends." The bluenette kneels down. "Never think you're a burden, not even when you turn back as much as you're able to. Don't hate yourself if everything's not like it used to be, you're still a good person Hizashi." He exhale sharply. "Sorry, i'm a terrible host…"

Like a reflex, the blonde reacts to his last words with nuzzling him. It's a more tamed kind of cuddle, different from the lovey dovey version what Shota gets. He's welcoming it anyways, Tensei doesn't want the second option either ways. 


"Have you seen Hizashi anywhere?" Shota is looking paranoid, she has to answer him.

"Yeah, Tensei stole your boyfriend for a while." Nemuri points towards upstairs. "I think he's blaming himself since these mishaps happened here." Not mentioning 'i'm a terrible host' part. "He only said sorry and now Zashi won't leave him alone, so he decided to hog him until he feels better."

"Uh huh…" The raven says, muttering something related to the 's' word. 

They are silent for a while. Nemuri almost gets to back reading the news to check if anyone else saw the blonde in these past couple if days, but then Shota draws her attention away again.

"S-should i bake something?" He asks, uncertainty seeping from his tone. "What would you all like? I can do more than one pastry." 

'You're using cooking as a venting method now?' He can't have his boyfriend right now, so the next best thing to use his free time is to bake. She's happy that Shota has a hobby now, the raven had none when they all were kids.

"How about focusing on something more challenging instead? Does different flavored macarons sound good." The woman suggests.

The raven's considering it. "I don't know the recipe. Can you help me?"

Nemuri's smiling widely. "Absolutely!!" She chirps.


Shota doesn't know why Sasaki is here, the man suddenly knocked the door and the raven's friends insisted that he's the one who opens it.

"Uuuhh, hi?" The raven is so small compared to the other, which doesn't make him feel any better. Sasaki's visit at this time at night could mean so many things, and he's not ready for any of them. "How can i help you?"

The man extends his hand and gives Shota a big plastic bag.

"I heard that yesterday was Yamada's birthday, so i went to shop a few things." The bag is full of wrapped gifts. "Grab your shoes Aizawa and meet me outside." The guy turns away and walks to the yard, not leaving any room for Shota to ask him what's going on.

And he ends up complying, raven brings the bag inside and rakes his boots from the shoe rack, which looks oddly empty. He raises his eyebrow and glances towards the living room, that has gone awfully quiet in these past few minutes.

'Interesting.' They're scheming something and got Sasaki to join them somehow. 'What are they planning?'

When he gets outside, he sees his friends there waiting him next to the green haired man. Seki's holding his capture weapon, which is wrapped around Hizashi's waist. He's completely clueless, their intentions are too unclear. 

Greenette takes his phone out. "We're all at the rendezvous point, you can start Awata." The pro hero says.

"Gotcha!!!" Her voice comes from the speaker. "Gimme a second!!!" 

Frowning, the raven walks over to them. "Care to fill me in?" They're acting weirdly, chirpier in fact. 

"Oh, you'll see!!" Emi chirps.

"Either this is a flop or a complete success, but better it's than nothing." The grey haired man adds.

'Excuse me?' Everything he they say is vague as hell. If their plan might not even work, then why're they initiating it? It's not logical.

Familiar whistle comes from the distance, more specifically, from the direction of Sasaki's mansion. A rocket appears to their line of view, bursting into a teal circle. Noise much closer than the ones during Tanabata, yet Hizashi isn't scared, only happily hopping.

Sasaki smiles. "You can continue."

The woman giggles at the other end. "Yes Sir!!!" Awata replies.

Shota sits next to Hizashi, who's enthusiastic for getting a round two of fireworks. The raven's breath hitches at first, then he quietly laughs to himself.

Bittersweetly kissing his lover, Shota brings Hizashi much closer to him. It's not the same, yet he doesn't have anything to complain about.

They finally get to enjoy the fireworks in peace.