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Child Deku

  • So Izuku is a child. He’s around 4-6 when Bakugou is a 1st year at UA. 
  • He’s quirkless because plot! Maybe a quirk later on but not OFA because he’s just a kid and he’d explode like a balloon. 
  • Bakugou grew up looking after him so he’s used to being around excitable, baby izuku. He doesn’t hate him because he’s only a kid and Izuku is like his number 1 fan, he’s just so adorable.
    • He would babysit for his Auntie Inko. Bakugou would play with baby Izuku and lots of fluff.
  • Of course there has to be angst so like something happens and he gets targeted by villains to be used as a lab rat
    • Maybe AFO wanting to test to see if a quirkless person could receive quirks without the nomu effect. Or could just be other villains wanting to test some drugs on him. 
  • He gets rescued by several heroes! Not sure who, definitely All Might, maybe Eraserhead and other teachers?
  • Bakugou really worried in class while Izuku is missing and him trying to hide it but also be apart of the search cuz that’s his little brother that’s missing!
    • He gets more angry and very loner-y 
  • Izuku is rescued but needs protection because of villains searching for him
    • Positive result from tests perhaps? He gains a quirk or two nothing too op because he is just a kid and this is more for fluff than canon plot. 
  • UA takes him on as a ward, Eraserhead has him in his class because Izuku refuses to leave Bakugou so the dorms are made early.
  • One word: DADZAWA
  • Okay lots of parental teachers because who could refuse that cute face of his. 
  • FLUFF GALORE!!! Soft Baku and older siblings 1-a
  • Anyone who makes Izuku cry is going to be beat by 19 protective older siblings. 
    • Only 19 cuz shinsou is older bro definitely and mineta and random 20th student are definitely expelled
  • No other plans really just fluff for this. I needed some happy stuff after reading some sad angsty stuff

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    • Raised by villains Izuku. AFO wants Shigaraki to know some responsibility so he has Kurogiri kidnap a very young child so that Shigaraki may have someone to care for as well as raise a partner in crime. 
      • Izuku is 6 years younger than Shigaraki. 14 for izuku in 1st episode and 20 for shigaraki. 
    • Big brother Shigaraki, very over protective. Wants nothing bad to happen to him. Can get jealous at first when AFO frist brings him in, but gets over that quickly. 
      • Kurogiri is mom because he worries so much. He’s afraid Shigaraki might use his quirk, accidentally or not on Izuku. 
    • Izuku admires Shigaraki so much. He doesn’t have a big hero admiration because he doesn’t grow up watching them. He’s very sheltered, but they explain how heroes aren’t great and how All Might must be stopped. Shigaraki gets agitated when Izuku doesn't understand. 
    • Izuku still very good, innocent cinnamon roll. Has strong morals, but they’re twisted slightly because of the villains raising him. 
      • Since he doesn’t idolise heroes like canon he is still supper into quirks and is encouraged to work on his analysis. 
    • Still quirkless, but AFO gives him a quirk as a gift because he needs Izuku to be able to work with Shigaraki to take down All might. 
      • A support or healing quirk. Something defensive to help Shigaraki. 
    • Izuku rarely goes out, but is very afraid of other people, because he knows his family isn’t good and doesn’t want anyone to take him away from them. 
    • Later gets “Rescued” by heroes when All Might fights AFO. Shigaraki and Kurogiri try to leave the big fight with Izuku, but something happens idk 
      • Happening when izuku is like 10 because canon plot its five years before 1st ep 
      • Izuku is confused and scared and doesn’t like what’s happening. His worst fear is happening. He just wants his kurogiri, dad, and big brother. Cries a lot because it’s Izuku he’s still a cry baby. 
    • Inko is called in when they find out who he is and she’s overjoyed he’s been found, but izuku freaks out. He doesn’t know this woman who is being called his mom and he just wants to go home, but not the home they keep saying with Inko
    • They decide to keep him in protective custody. Eraserhead of course because we all love some dadzawa. 
      • Izuku faces a lot of problems and trying to escape, because he does not want to be there. Eraserhead basically moves to UA for the security and to keep Izuku from escaping. 
    • Izuku is forced to realize that his family isn’t right. He learns how a normal family is and how to be a normal kid, not a villain. 
    • Shigaraki is pissed this entire time. AFO is hurt and weak, Izuku is missing, and kurogiri can’t seem to find him. None of the villains he’s hired to find Izuku can find him. 
    • Five years pass and it’s canon plot now. Izuku has gotten better, he’s had some therapy, but still has a hard time. He’s placed by nedzu into 1-a so that they can keep an eye on him, protect him, and socialize him with people his age. 
      • Bakugou is still a jerk, but maybe not as much since he doesn’t know who this small green child is, but he looks a lot like his auntie inko, but she didn’t have a son?
      • Izuku doesn’t really participate in heroics class cuz he’s still unsure of what it means to be a hero or a villain. He just spends time with Aizawa
    • At USJ Shigaraki freaks out when he spots Izuku with the students. He has kurogiri teleport Izuku to him where he hugs him and refuses to let him go. Izuku is conflicted because his family! His big brother! But also Aizawa the man who took care of him the last five years is fighting and shouting at him. 
    • Shigaraki gets mad and sicks the nomu on him. He tells Izuku how they’ll go home and how happy AFO will be to know he’s alright. Then All might arrives and it goes nuts. Nomu defeated and teachers arrive. The students had restrained Izuku after seeing Shigaraki’s reaction so it takes Mic and Nedzu to convince them he’s not with the villains. Shigaraki escapes screaming for Izuku.
    • The next class Aizawa has to explain to the students the situation around Izuku though it is very need to know basis. Izuku is terrified when he walks into the class only to be surprised by the not hate greetings. Bakugou does freak out because holy crap this is the kid auntie inko was crying over five years ago and has been periodically visiting.
    • Sports festival goes on. A lot of the same stuff going on 
      • Izuku pairs with the same people for calvary battle just Izuku uses his quirk (if possible) to help him. 
      • Same one-on-one battles. Shinsou tries to get Izuku to speak and maybe doesn’t since he doesn’t have OFA to snap him out of it. 
      • Todo still talks to Izuku but asks if he’s aizawa’s secret love child??? (Idk I love how serious he was in the anime about him being all mights lol)
      • Still loses and helps todo cuz he a sweet boi
    • Izuku doesn’t do an internship because he technically isn’t a part of the Hero course. Maybe Aizawa or Yamada to help him understand what it would mean to be a hero and help him decide. 
    • Still ends up in Hosu because have to pick up something or just to check out something. 
    • The ATTAAAACKKKKK. Izuku goes looking for Iida and the stain incident happens. 
      • Shigaraki freaks when he sees the Nomu grab Izuku who wasn’t supposed to be there. 
      • Aizawa is super worried and upset and lectures him, but then forces him to stay home and suffer under the cats snuggling and resting. 
    • Finals are happening and Izuku is paired up as he realizes he wants to fix the hero system from the inside. He is worried about Shigaraki’s reaction, but decides this is how he’ll help his brother with fixing the world. 
      • Still paired with bakugou because he needs some help with working with others as well as he might hold Izuku responsible for all the misery that Inko was forced to go through when he was with the villains. 
    • The mall incident. Shigaraki grabs Izuku and they talk. Izuku tries to help Shigaraki understand why people like Stain so much, but is interrupted by Uraraka and he leaves saying he’d be back for Izuku. 
    • Summer Camp. Goes as normal. Kota is a brat. Every trains their quirks. Izuku works hard. 
    • The attack starts and Izuku rescues Kota, though Muscular mentions how both Izuku and Bakugou were on the capture list. They get captured and Izuku is severely hurt from his fight with Muscular. 
      • Shigaraki freaks out when he sees the state Izuku is in and has someone treat his wounds straight away. 
      • Bakugou is raging as Izuku is sitting around with the villains like nothing’s the matter. 
      • Izuku is being asked to join the league and work with them to bring down the heroes. He is torn but already has his mind set on fixing it from the inside. 
        • Shigaraki doesn’t think it can be done, but if anyone were to do it, it’d be Izuku. 
    • They’re rescued!! All Mights final battle happens, but Izuku is crying because AFO is jailed and his family has been torn apart even more than before. 
      • All might had given OFA to Mirio so theres no worries about that. 
    • Dorms are created and Izuku is first to move into them along with Aizawa before other students since Aizawa is staff and would be watching over the 1-a dorm.

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  • Adopted Dabi aka Midoriya Touya
    • Age can be whenever. The most fluff would be at a younger age with kid Izuku cuz that is adorable with child Izuku looking up at big brother dabi. 
    • Canon age is early 20’s so if he was Fuyumi’s twin he’d be 22 at 1st episode. If not twin as the oldest he’d probably be around 25 then. I’d go with twin idea. 
      • Could be younger or kept canon age. 
  • He is found by Inko after running away from Ende-whore. 
    • A lot of endevore’s A+ parenting cuz of course he’s a terrible dad and he will get punished! Eventually. 
  • Izuku could have a quirk or he could be quirkless
    • If he has a quirk it must be fire related so that Dabi could help him learn to control it. Also late bloomer cuz we gotta get some protective dabi here. 
    • If quirkless then he helps Izuku train to become a hero. 
  • Dabi could enter UA, but would want to be an underground hero, not wanting all the attention on him like his dad always wanted him to have. 
    • No ofa. Unless Izuku is quirkless and All might must have more communication with the Midoriyas as Mamadoriya should know what the heck her son is doing!
  • Big brother Dabi. He keeping an eye out on his new baby brother. 
  • Endevore getting charged with child abuse at some point. 
  • If Dabi is in UA he has Aizawa as teacher cuz DADZAWA
    • Sorry not sorry I love dadzawa. 
    • He helps him learn to use his quirk to help people rather than just offense. 
    • Also that it’s ok to use support items to help with his quirks terrible draw back. 
  • Protective big brother dabi. 
    • Bakugou better watch out cuz you don’t wanna anger the protective brother. 
  • Canon stuff- Dabi never joins league. Most stuff is still the same. Idk I might add more later

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  • Papa Mic - radio edition cuz there needs to be more of it. (Check out Canary by cloud_nine_and_three_quarters it’s what's making me want more!!!)
  • Quirkless Izuku pls. And don’t make him op! He’s a human 15 year old there’s only so much he can do. Don’t go crazy making him do impossible (even for the anime) things. 
  • Izuku at a young age would call Mic’s radio at least weekly with questions. He becomes a special caller and everyone at the radio station looks forward to his calls. 
    • Asks about hero fights and what it’s like to be a hero and about quirks
    • Always listens to the radio because updates on heroes as well as good music
  • As time goes on Izuku’s questions become a bit more depressed and looking for hope he can be a hero. 
    • Suddenly stops calling near end of 3rd year of middle school when bullying takes a turn for the worse. 
    • Mic gets super worried and tries to find Izuku 
    • Maybe meets Izuku early when Izuku is out and cornered by bullies/villains. If not finds him 1st day of UA
  • He tries to get into UA and only makes it into 1-c. He was able to pass the written test, but wasn’t able to get any points in the practical besides a few rescue. 
  • Yamada is his homeroom teacher cuz I don’t know who is gen ed homeroom teacher and this way we can have protective mic. 
    • Shinsou and Izuku become close friends and are a bit salty about not being in the hero course. 
    • Yamada recognizes Izuku’s voice during roll call and ask him to stay after class to talk to him. 
      • It’s cuz he can finally meet his special caller!
      • Izuku freaking out thinking he did something wrong. 
  • They talk and Yamada learns of Izuku being quirkless and wanting to be a hero. He tells him about Aizawa and moving from the gen ed to hero course through the sport festival. 
    • Aizawa has already expelled the one who took Izuku’s place and mineta cuz no one likes mineta ew. 
    • Hook him up with Aizawa to get some help and insight on how him (and Shinsou) can possibly win. 
  • Mic offering to help as well. 
    • Learn hand to hand combat as well as how to use their surroundings and take people out because they rely on their quirks too much. 
    • Shinsou experiments on Izuku with his quirk. Izuku works on his analysis cuz he should use that more it’s a great skill. 
  • Sports festival goes much differently. 
    • Course Izuku and Shinsou team up together for calvary so they don’t get paired for the first 1on1 battles. 
      • Team for calvary would be: Midoirya, Shinsou, Hatsume. 
        • Could add one more character, but needs to have some sort of friendship to Izuku
      • The canon team for shinsou would need to be refigured out so either team shiozaki gets in or someone else. 
    • 1on1 battles have the teams split up so Izuku wouldn’t fight Shinsou first round. 
      • Figure out order later
      • Shinsou would use his quirk effectively and would pass through most battles. 
        • Maybe only lose against like todo or baku
    • Todoroki is talked to because gosh darn it Izuku is quirkless and what he wouldn’t give to have todo’s other half. 
  • After Sports festival both Shinsou and Izuku get into 1-A YAY
  • Internship at Mic? 
    • OOooh Shinsou being Aizawa’s son and Yamada is pining after him for like 15 years. 
  • At intershisps Izuku helps at the station and the listeners are introduced to the oh so special caller the station always talks about. Izuku has fun working the station with Yamada. 
  • Course gotta have stain incident. Yamada was going to Hosu to pick up gear when the attack happened and izuku hears how Iida (someone he knew and met cuz of course Uraraka is going to look for the boy who saved her and introduce him to her friend)
    • So bonding of the three bois with worried papa mic checking over Izuku at the hospital. 
  • Sooo only add this for more angst or if really want to... Not really sure if I would.
    • Izuku later gets news about his mom being attacked by a villain. She gets killed or severely injured (like coma or to the point she cannot take care of him)
    • Izuku freaks out and yamada tries to help taking him in as his ward
      • Later adopt cuz come on ya gotta have this father son duo. 
  • Summer camp comes along and Izuku is targeted along with bakugou. He gets kidnapped after saving Kota and finding the others. 
    • First time meeting most of the villains as he wasn’t caught by Shigaraki at the mall, (have someone else?) Izuku was with Mic when that happened.
    • They are interested in him as he is the only quirkless kid in the hero course. 
  • At the hideout he meets AFO who forcibly gives him a quirk. No op quirk and just one, unless more than one are needed to work together like hollow bones and wings. Something either voice or bird related cuz mic’s nickname is bird related for Izuku cuz he a cockatoo. 
  • Rescued!!!! Mic is super worried and is there when Izuku is taken to the hospital. 
  • Izuku freaks when he learns of his quirk and breaks down. 
  • Mic helps him get help he needs and learn to use his new quirk.

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Forced Villainy 

Brainwashed/experimented/villain Izuku cuz you can’t cause Izuku more misery than this. 

He was kidnapped by League of villains before entering UA. So 3rd year of middle school or before. 

  • AFO gives him to the Dr. for testing for nomu and quirks.

Izuku experimented on. He has to be forced to do terrible tests and harsh consequences for failing. They want to know about quirkless people and the effects of giving quirks have on him. 

  • Given and taken quirks from repeatedly. Until a satisfactory response is given. Max number of quirks at one time is 2 or 3. No more than that, preferably just 1 but nothing op or extremely strong. 
  • No mutant quirks as they don’t end up well
  • Afo didn’t want to give him a chance to use it against them so he didn’t give anything too strong that he didn’t have a counter to.

He’s broken, but still tries to fight back

  • He’s left isolated when not being tested 
  • Has needle scars and scars from surgeries and quirks

He’s brainwashed to do the league’s bidding. Repeatedly brainwashed as it breaks down with reminders which Izuku struggles to keep. 

  • It gets so bad that becomes broken after all the torture, tests, and isolation. 
  • Becomes doll like and empty

Forced to train by fighting other “weak” villains the league wants to get rid of. He is supposed to kill them at the end, but refuses even through the brainwashing. 

  • Later after much training and experimenting is forced to fight for the villains. 

Is taken to USJ to fight for Shigaraki. Bakugou recognizes him and shouts at him about how he disappeared and how Inko was taking it thinking he joined the villains. 

  • Shigaraki reveals how he was their most successful experiment and this was his final test. He orders izuku to fight aizawa who doesn’t want to hurt him knowing he was being forced. 
    • Izuku acts a lot like a nomu, but with more sentience. 
  • Doesn’t get rescued till later on, not at USJ. maybe during Hosu or Kamino.

During Sports festive is forced to analyse the quirks of the students. He doesn’t really get to enjoy it. 

He’s with Shigaraki when the Hosu attack happens, He gets sent to look at the damage done by the nomu and to stop Stain if he tries to interfere. 

  • Finds iida and stain and takes action. Todo shows up as he spotted Izuku and followed him. After defeating Stain he disappears as brainwashed he knows he can’t be captured by heroes. 
  • Todo is curious about the boy who shouted at him to use his fire as it is his not his dad. Izuku was smart and figured out todo. 

Summer camp he’s a part of the attack. He is at the mountain instead of Muscular as Muscular was decayed when he refused to listen to Shigaraki about leaving Izuku alone. 

  • He thought Izuku was a punching bag they kept so he tried to use his quirk on him which he got caught doing. 

Izuku finds Kota at the mountain and tells him to run away before he has to kill him. 

  • Kota runs and warns the Heroes about there being others at the camp. 
    • Students get a head start in coming back to camp. 

Bakugou is still taken and Izuku returns with other villains. 

  • Bakugou is furious for what they’ve done to Izuku who quietly sits in the corner for the most part

Kamino happens and Bakugou grabs Izuku when he’s escaping before AFO could allow him and the other villains to escape. 

  • Izuku is taken to a hospital and undergoes rigorous treatments for his physical being and mental. 
  • Takes a lot to get through the brainwashing. He’s taken to U.A. after getting the ok to be released but he needs protection so he stays with 1-A as it’s got the most extra space and Aizawa is most paranoid and vigilant hero on campus

Lots of healing and fluff for Izuku to help with readjusting to normal life