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The Hero Resume

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ALL MIGHT, his idol and inspiration, said to him

' hero' it echoed in his mind, as those five words winded and destroyed the small fire inside his faithful heart

what was he going to do now?

Thats what he remembered thinking

"Mister Midoriya, please come with me" a voice snapped him out of his thoughts. he looked up to see a mature woman pushing up her glasses and reading over her checklist of names. He nodded clumsily, standing before following her, adjusting his tie and vest. Making a quick glance at his red shoes and slacks, he cursed himself for getting distracted

'why did I have to remember that now...' he grimaced, remembering what only happened to be 6 years ago, but it felt like yesterday
.He huffed, scratching his nape and feeling his slightly combed hair , his messy tufts sometimes poking out. She stopped and fumbled with a set of keys, a yellow one being inserted into the door, to what seemed to be a small room, among the desk, three chairs and stack of many types of papers was two mannequins, a shelf and a few pens placed into it, a complimentary binder and lamp on the desk as well

"the newer generations have been getting more confident into their stronger quirks, making it harder for people to WANT to become a costume designer so we appreciate your application, will you be okay with this?" the woman asked, tilting her head with slight apathy

he nodded, a bit shyly, messing with the back of his hear"y-yes, thank you"

he didnt expect to come back to Japan so smoothly after working abroad in the same occupation with his mother, yet the word of his work being quite useful let on other companies to accept him with open arms, yet his comfortable position in his life made him bored. Yes he enjoyed the steady flow of income that his job was making him, and enjoyed getting to fully inspect quirks like he used to, yet he felt something missing in his life. He didnt enjoy the feeling of his loss in fulfillment with his job yet it was the closest he could be to his dream job-despite the lack
of excitement

"you'll be meeting the hero you'll be working for" she parted before quietly leaving his office

however, this part of the job always made him very excited

He always would, and always will, love heros

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"Ochako Uraraka?" he wrote down the name as she smiled and curtly confirmed

Uravity, the sidekick of the number one hero, bubbly and cheerful, as she readily greeted the designer she would soon work with. she
had her hair up to her shoulders, a brunette as it seemed to almost lift up, though you could guess why if you knew what her quirk was.

According to the file he received she could make anything weightless, giving it the ability to float by pressing all five fingers onto it, and cancelling it with the connection of her fingertips

Her quirk was truly amazing

however the person sitting just next to Uravity was far more interesting as of looking at them, or far more familiar

"You know my name" the voice called out, being only a few octaves deeper than when they met in middle shool

"Katsuki Bakugou..." he mumbled, his hands shaking. The number 3 hero, GroundZero. His quirk was something etched into his mind, explosion.

the ability to sweat nitroglycerin and being able to detonate it at will was a fantastic quirk to him yet he was amazingly skilled in school. He was working for what he considered to be his childhood friend...and chilhood bully. he definitely didnt change as much as he would've  figured, same broad figure with spiky bright blonde hair,except he didnt hold a scowl or demeaning glare onto his features, rather a look that he never had seen. as he leaned into the back of his seat, a thin line for his lips and eyes seeming to stare into him intently- almost observing
solemly over something

was it...pity?

'hes here?'

"Mr. Midoriya?" Uraraka voiced, concerned for the fact the green haired support tech was shaking, hands trembling with his body
and had worked up a bit of a sweat

that snapped it out of him

"o-oh! yes?"

"we're just gonna hand our costumes for repairs, theyre kinda ripped a bit" she giggled, trying to lighten the mood the two boys were emanating. Izuku smiled and nodded, taking the costumes into his hands, examining the fabric for a bit

"I'll need to get your measurements for repairs soon, would that be okay?"

"Of course! but we'll cross the bridge when we get there" she tugs at the blonde's arm, giving a big smile with it "its our off day!" before dragging the number 3 hero, making small talk on their next whereabouts            

He swore he could see the blonde's lips begin to move before Uravity had taken him away. His hands shivered at the thought before setting an alarm for his lunch break

he needed a drink
he shifted as he finally moved out of sight, free from passersby or any onlookers as he leaned onto the cool glass of the freezer, colorful from the variety of drinks

however his mind was far from where he was as he held the cold soda, staring into it as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. he felt his hands shake as he sighed heavily

'of all people...Kacchan?'

he pressed his forehead further into the glass, feeling his vision get blurrier from the humidity of the coldness desensitize his eyes. Yet, he felt as if it was a blessing, to numb him from the pain of seeing his childhood bully suddenly waltz into his life, and as his superior no less. He wished he could just die right then, even being dropped by All Might would've felt better than this

'All Might...'he cursed himself for remembering that name again, it felt bittersweet remembering him, the way he looked up to him felt soft, something he wanted yet,

now, it leaves a bad taste in his mouth

but he couldn't ignore the facts. He couldnt ignore that All Might was right, if he went there, as quirkless and frail as he was, he'd be dead on where he stood. So he built himself to be something else, something close enough to his dream, that would be enough. Luckily, the habit he'd done for years allowed him to graduate with flying colors, at one of the biggest schools in Japan before being recruited for his stellar work ethic

however, he still wasn't satisfied, despite how blessed anyone would be to get a job right out of high school

was he selfish...?

he could feel the hot sting of his tears slowly pool and slide down his cheeks, one gripping the smooth glass of his beer, and the other tangling his once combed green hair. wincing as he knew how pathetic he looked in public, he just couldn't hold it anymore

it felt like hours

it was really just minutes

"W-what?" he felt something vibrate in his back pocket, fishing it out and checking that it was the alarm he had set earlier. He huffed and pocketed it, chugging the drink and placing it by the recycling bin, despite how wrong it probably was. Checking the glass panes of the store he saw his red puffy eyes, with a few stains of where his tears had fallen. He laughed at his own looks

'hes right...I couldn't be a hero' he chuckled at his own sadness, wiping it off with his red tie and cleaned his hair by a few mounds

no matter what, work's work

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Quick, Quick, Quick'
his speeding fingers could keep up the sound of his racing electric guitar that was revertabrating in his ears. he smiled at the new code he had produced and leaned
gently into his expensive gaming chair. Not that he did much gaming, but it was certainly more comfortable than most. he looked around the room, which to him felt
more like abunker, as he felt the weight of the days on end of staying there for days on end was getting to him. He sighed, straightening his back as hours of the being
in a crouched back poition had an effect on his poor spine.

"I really need to work out more.."

he chuckled, poking his stomach through his black college team shirt. he ran his fingers through his hair and took a swig of Monster

'Drip, Drip, Drip'

he repeated the words in his mind, a coping mechanism for his boredom before setting the drink down again

he need a break from the scenery

It wasnt as if he was a popular extroverted person, in fact it was the opposite. However he had gotten to the point his loneliness with his job was suffocating, and he needed someone to talk to. he looked over to a social media, scrolling through the lives of his friends from high school and college. He felt a bit depressed from seeing this as well, seeing his classmates either extremely successful, or happily married. Of course there were a few exceptions but he did feel a bit bad from how alone he was in his job compared to big companies that them
and ESPECIALLY his best friends
they both were in large roles to be filled, and even if he himself was no where near poor, just on the edge of being rich though, he felt empty however,

he found that a person he knew was near the area from their posts


he spun on his chair, finally jumping to his closet and picking a dark blue sweatshirt and racing towards the town

'Trip, Trip, Trip'
he thought as he methodically walked towards the location

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Usually the silence in his room felt suffocating, considering he liked having the company of others around him, though he'd never admit it. But right now he was glad noone could see him.

He felt weak and vulnerable, like the slightest touch would shatter him as he managed the materials into the closet. His hands were clammy, shaking as he remembered his earlier breakdown in the convenience store

'could I be more pathetic...' he winced, sulking as he pressed a roll of Kevlar close against his chest. Yes he was glad to see his childhood friend again after so long, but feeling the hurt after the fact he couldn't prove he was hero worthy to a boy he admired so much, it just hurt. He wanted to be on the same league as the explosive boy, and he had boasted on how he would be a hero one day

Oh, how naive he was as a child

"Midoriya kun? It's time to go home" a voice opened the door as he looked to be hero, silver hair pulled back,in a red and black suit with a helmet propped against his arm, though he didn't care enough to actually remember his co-workers name. He smiled, though gritted teeth and thanked the pro, placing the roll in its proper place. Briefly after leaving he took his red messenger bag and took a quick look at his reflection into the mirror

His hair was more ruffled, though he didn't remember putting his red goggles on, he chuckled as it became more routine everyday to the point it was as natural as breathing air. He smiled and quickly adjusted it to his messy hair and looked at the rest of his outfit, remembering how red it was, tie, shoes, bag and goggles. He reminisced over the color, remembering how he was teased over it in highschool as he exited the building

"those two would always tease me about it..." he mumbled as he felt the sun's rays shine upon him

Until they didn't

"suprise" a low voice coaxed into his ear

"YAHHHHHGETAWAYFROMEIDONTHAVEANYMONE-" He screamed, rambling on and on as his vision was regained

"Izuku, Izuku, calm down, it's me" he confusedly turned to the culprit, messy brown hair with heterochromic eyes, red and blue, a red  cross and blue minus sign on each respective cheek. A set of headphones wrapped by his neck and a dark blue sweatshirt following

"Karo?" he couldn't believe his eyes, as if it was a vision, he backed away in disbelief, was he dreaming?

"the one and only" he lazily smirked, shrugging "it's been a while, up for dinner?"
"h-how did you afford this place?" he looked around, waiters dressed in fashionable wear and stylish lights making the brick tiled walls friendly and inviting

"my job pays well" he chuckled and glanced at the menu, mindlessly asking "hows your first day of work?"

"o-oh, it was interesting..." he did his best to try of other topics to distract the brunette in front of him, eyes glancing everywhere except the boy.

"I can tell something happened, do you mind telling me?" he raised his eyebrow as Izuku only tried harder to think of something else to say

"l-look! The waiter is here" he exclaimed, smiling akwardly as Seiteki sighed. He wasnt the type to pry so he might as well enjoy the evening with his old friend. Giving a tired smile he gave the order, paying upfront.

If only he knew the akward silence right after

"you know, I'm pretty sure our whole class bawled when you left Japan, it was pretty hysterical" he chuckled before taking a sip of the free water provided "they'll be ecstatic to hear you're back"

"Even Hatsumei?" he tilted his head

"okay no, that girl doesn't have feelings" they both woke into a fit or laughter, a happy thrum into Izukus ears

"I missed this" he smiled

"I did too, Izuku" he replied as the food gently came onto the table

"w-woah! This looks super good." a pang of guilt struck the green haired boy "how much does it cost?" he looked over a slice of salmon and poked it with a metal chopstick

"dont worry about it Izuku, you were always so conscious on prices" he sneered before taking a bite of sushi "it's for you, after all"

"alright...thanks Seiteki, you always spoiled me so much" he mumbled before digging in

"what was that?"


And the conversation lasted hours.
"thanks for dinner Karo! It was thoughtful" he picked up his messenger bag and stood with the brunette in the freezing cold

"no problem, but if you have any issues at work," he turned to face izuku "you can always tell me"

That seemed to make izuku silent,

Did her really want to tell him how hurt he'd been feeling?

Well apparently the answer was yes

"Kacchans the hero I'm working for" he whispered, but to Seiteki those words spoke volumes

"y-your childhood bully?" izuku nodded

The silence now was even worse than he'd ever imagine

"you never know, maybe hes changed. He is the number 3 hero after all" he shrugged, stepping closer to izuku to lay a shoulder on him "and hes paid to be respectful to you, itll be alright"

"that's not what's wrong-" a loud ringtone cut through the moment, Seiteki groaning and taking the call

"Im sorry, Zuku, my client wants me to finish a deadline, is your number still the same?"

He nodded

"great, let's talk later" he winked and threw a thumbs before running down a street, leaving the poor boy alone

He sighed, walking back to his apartment, he trekked by the pavement next to the slowly dying trees, waiting for fall to arise in season. The steps he took felt loud due to how empty it was. though even if he was alone on his journey to his abode

He could feel an icy stare on him

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Katsuki Bakugou was never a man of words, even back then he learned to keep his mouth shut and only talk when necessary. He had been humbled through highschool, going through a few bumps--more specifically highly skilled students that truly tested him. His peers would call his behavior back then as brash, rude and maybe even chaotic that became less and less prevelant through something he EARNED

mutual respect

Of course there were other factors, but being able to find people who truly understood and stood by his personality helped his image as a hero and his self esteem hidden by his egotistical remarks; to them he didn't need to prove anything, he was already great to them. Having had excellent friends, loyal peers, a fulfilling relationship and a supporting fanbase, he had a perfect life. A happy, successful life saving people

So why did he feel like he'd just commited a crime? So depressed?

His chin rested on the messy brown Bob of hair he stroked with his left arm, the other scrolling through social media on a phone-the light illuminating his features. His brow was furrowed downwards yet they twitched every so often. His mouth seemed to be in a mix of a scowl and a pout, not quite commuting to looking completely of either.

"Katsuki?" she whispered into his chest, large curious eyes staring into the red eyes of her boyfriend's.

Ochako Uraraka

She was something else entirely to him

From the first year he met the brunette he had admired her determination and independence, to work harder for her goals. Despite his clear prowess in quirk usage and physical strength she wouldn't give up until she gave everything she had. He understood how intelligent she was as well, without sympathy she could form a strategy that almost knocked him out of the tournament had she not announced her plan in front of him. She was respectable from those things, and yet she admired him despite how rude she was to her. Finally earning her romantic affection struck something in him, to treat her well--the one source of light in a world that disapproved him. Was it humility?

It was love

He wanted to be better for her, to be deserving and worthy of her praise and consideration.

Though of course...

He'd never say it out loud

"why aren't you asleep? We have work tomorrow" she stopped hugging his sides, moving to look at the object of his attention "aren't you tired?"

She reffered to the training clothes both he and she were wearing, black tank tops with sweatpants. He prefered to spend their off days training to sleep soundly, but he couldn't sleep

"S'nothing, I'll sleep soon" he mumbled

She puffed out her cheeks and pouted, glancing at the phones screen. "are you looking at the new costume maker?" she questioned, being able to discern the green hair from earlier

He paused for a moment, looking around the room,

'should I tell her...'

He saw the dimly lit suite they lived in, dark blue and beige walls decorated with lights and pictures of the trips and awards they won together, the furniture she helped move in using her anti gravity. He trusted her

He buried his face by the crook of her neck and nodded, Uraraka hummed in acknowledgement

"you have something with him?"

He nodded again, a bit slower as he concentrated on his phone

He was silent when he saw a picture Inko Midoriya had posted of Izuku and him as children

"do you want to talk about it?" she tried to look at him but he hid face and shook his head lowly.

She sighed and shut off his phone, placing it on the desk next to them and rolled over to him. She shuffled closer to him and cupped both of his cheeks. He held the same conflicted expression as before, yet he tried to avoid her gaze that pierced into him.

"It doesn't matter what happened before Katsuki" she smiled encouragingly, making him flush hearing her "Whatever you've done, you can fix now with that Midoriya, just do your best, I'm sure it'll work out" she pressed her plush lips against his own and snuggled into him

"love you..." she mumbled before drifting off

He felt a swelling in his chest, a smile tug on his features

Sleep came easy to him after
"so, something to protect your sleeves?" he tilted his head, looking over at the list of things they wanted to upgrade on their costume

"mhm! My side gets knocked around alot, so I need a little more help to protect me!" she swung her legs back and forth, pointing to the sleeve of her original costumes blueprint.

"I see! I'll figure something out for you, with an astronaut homage for it Uraraka-San!" he smiled politely, writing down notes

It was his passion, so being able to talk to someone about his hobby without having a mental breakdown every five minutes was pretty great

"he wants a black leather material on his mask?" he inquired, ghosting his pen on the pad. Uraraka grinned as an opening for her smooth conversation opened itself

'the perfect plan...' she cackled evilly in her mind

"yeah, of course you'd know that Midoriya" she beamed while Izuku wore a look of fear

"w-why's that?"

"I know you and Katsuki have unfinished business" she leaned back smiling, however when she opened her eyes she was sent in a panic

Eyes wide as saucers looking down with his lower lip trembling as he folded his hands by his lap.

"Kacchan is a t-touchy subject for me..." he mumbled, looking like he was about to cry.

She was curious to where Kacchan came from, but she would ask later "Why? Wouldn't you want to talk to him?"

He took a long pause before sniffling.

"why would he talk to a blockhead like me..."

She shot up from her seat, fingers gripping his shoulders with her pinkies sticking out as she yelled with desperation

"no, Midoriya! Listen, he wants to talk to you, after work"

His eyes lit up in curiosity
Despite the near fall season, it was pouring outside. He sighed and rubbed his temples as he was waiting for the blonde boy at the specified location and he forgot his umbrella- how unfortunate

'of course it was just a prank on me...' he sulked as he saw the pitter patter of the rain go from the roof drop to the dirt. Closing his eyes, he walked out, expecting the droplets of the rain to hit him.

But it never came

"Im late"

He opened eyes to see the blonde holding a black umbrella, along with a dark green coat covering his hero costume underneath, Izuku backed away, sputtering his name out.

Katsuki only backed up a bit, giving space for the green haired boy under the umbrella

The silence to the bus stop was deafening

The two could only look at the dying scenery around them, trying to ignore their underlying issues

Until one of them spoke up

"Im sorry" he looked to the side

"for what?"

"Dont ignore it," he could feel a dark aura eminating from Katsuki, yet it didn't feel malicious "I was an idiot, you didn't even fight back. Im a coward" he spat out

Izuku felt his eyes soften seeing his idol beat himself up for what he did, they were both hurting but they didnt have the words to say it

This is what he needed

"let's talk about it" he replied, smiling "over coffee?"

He needed this too

"thank you, Izuku"

It was a much needed talk

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The night was always her favorite time of the day, the rush of cold air and the mystery of the darkness always made her feel wistful, almost akin to a romance novel-though she'd never had instigated any romance before it brought a type of dashing charm regular life wasn't akin to

And her job reflected that, especially when pressing her heel against the back of a villain she had just tussled with in a dark and damp alleyway. The theft was minutes ago, though it was understandable as the theifs quirk was outright perfect for the job.


He had done many heists out of her city's range, having a quirk so similar to such a popular hero made him an easy subject to research on. The man huffed, blowing a strand out of his glowing orange hair and watching the ground with his eye, the other hidden in an eyepatch. She chuckled and gently moved her hair back, the ombre of light brown and bright blonde moving as so

"It's foolish to think your quirk can last that long, don't strain yourself"

His quirk was brilliant yes, but it was clear from her fight earlier that he only used it for its basic functions, wearing it and his body out over time. She picked of a strand of his hair on her bodysuit, dark blue with red orange to white arrows, and cleaned off any scuffs on her matching gloves

"Galeforce!" a voice called out, the light green Bob of her senior hero called to her. Her mouth guard for her costume was split open, as she didn't have to engage in combat. She ran over, dusting off her white and gray bell bottomed jumpsuit and heaved
"don't run off like that! We nearly lost you"

"Whistle!" she spoke with an air or realization "Senpai, I'm so sorry!" she franticly spazzed her arms in the air "I just got so caught up in patrolling! One thing led to another and-"

She was interrupted by the joyous laughter of her senior. Whistle quickly stifled her laughter and regained her composure "you worry too much dear, I'll help you get that boy down to quarantine" she blew a quick tune and the boy was lifted into the air, as she walked to the nearby station. The small but agile girl quickly followed suit, walking next to her

"You've been doing so well lately, thank you for your help with that case the other day--so why not have dinner at my place? I guarantee I make good Yakisoba." she peered over at the younger girl, gently inquiring.

"youre so sweet Senpai! Though I don't wanna butt in you and your family, so its fine!" she smiled, ignoring the lingering voice who wanted to join them for a few hours, and the growl in her stomach which didn't go unnoticed "Im gonna do Patrol duty tonight"

"again? Well I don't think you will be able to-" a light bulb clicked in her mind "ah! I remember, you were supposed to head to the office today, I think the secretary wanted to speak with you."

The younger pro hero nodded, about to respond when Whistle stopped her "dont forget to take your dinner though, I'm worried"

"Don't worry, Whistle! I'll get dinner" she beamed
"My Dinner!" she whined, the bottle of coffee just barely reaching the glass screen before stopping abruptly, she kicked the machine in frustration as she didn't like being out of costume, just in a worn pair of caprees and a light pink sweatshirt, and not getting her supply of caffeine made her grumpy

Regardless she walked over to small room that held the secretary, who looked definitely stressed. He was only the account keeper to unpopular heroes so he was a bit frazzled, tired, though he did look peculiar

Indigo hair that seemed to fray up from either hair gel or lack of care kept it looking mangy but he still kept his glasses on his work

"ah, you're here" he made a strained smile

"what's up doc?" she sat

"don't call me that"

"whatever you say, Yottah" she chuckled before leaning back into the chair "I heard you needed me?" he nodded, glancing at the file he held

"you stand a record for helping a lot of cases many though you couldn't, and there's a case in Central Tokyo that no ones solved yet, the boss wants you to go there"

"me?" she tilted her head "when?"

"by tonight, there's an agency that'll take you in to do your usual stuff there, so pack up to stay for a while" he slides the file over "it's a really deep case, so they want you to help"

She picked up the file, looking at it with caution

'most of the greatest pro heroes are in Tokyo, why would they need me...' she internally sweats at the thought of being so close to such well known heroes, but also how strong and complex the mission mightve been. She was ranked of course, but she could never compare herself to them.

"you can decline, if you want" he saw her visible flinch from his words


Would a hero really decline a chance to help?

All she wanted to be was a hero, ever since she was a baby she dreamed to do what they did. To help and save others from the quirk she was blessed with. She wanted to correct villains from the morals she stood by, never faltering when she promised she couldnt let her dream die after what had happened in high school. She swore a long time ago, from the life she lived, she was never going to stand by and be complacent again.

And she didn't plan on breaking it now

She slide the file back over to the clammy hands of the secretary, beaming a wide smile that could put the sun to shame, standing up and proudly replying

"I'll do it"

Chapter Text

"so you moved here when you got the job offer huh..." the blonde glanced at the his childhood friend, rather, childhood victim, listening to the life story on a tangent

"yeah, I got offers from around the globe but I didn't want to learn the languages" he chuckled, embarassed. Intertwining his fingers he smiled with content "I'd much rather stick to Japanese, even If I became much better at English I'd prefer the former"

He spoke elegantly, almost too detailed, clear and pristine for the young Midoriya. Usually he was known for his shy or bashful one note answers or low mumbles but not this. Was this really Izuku Midoriya?

"a-ah! Not to brag or anything"
Of course it was

"S'fine, it's my damn fault you left this country anyway" he leaned against the side "If I didn't cuss you out you could've made a life in this damn place" he bitterly looked away, disgusted with himself. The young Midoriya looked at him, sympathetic as he spoke gently

"It wasn't your fault Kacchan, I made that choice by myself..." he furrowed his brows, pressing a firm nod "I wouldve never become a hero anyway..." he trailed off, looking away from the blonde. Katsuki wanted to comfort him, say something. He knew it was Izukus dream, but he can't just lie to him, he can't hurt him again after everything

"how did you get abroad anyway? Heard those westerners are little bastards." 'maybe avoiding the topic' s better'

"My dad got me a job there since he had a few friends, I was lucky! Really" he sighed in relief and looked at Bakugou "its awesome to get a job out of the gate when most people can't even do that here" he grinned proudly, but with his signature earnest

"you don't count, you actually take your job seriously, of course they'd want to hire you" he scoffed "you were practically doing it back in Middle school"

"I guess" he nodded, a bit distantly before smiling at him "Thanks Kacchan"


This still wasn't right

He wanted to apologize

He NEEDED to apologize

But how...?

To Izuku he felt a swell of pride knowing the past was put behind him and Kacchan, knowing they could still speak on neutral terms, this is all he wanted in the years he's known the explosive boy.

It felt like a gift from the heavens

For Katsuki, it felt like a punch in the stomach.

"So you two are getting along well?" she asked, smiling at the smooth puffed up sleeves he was plotting along the line of her costume. Her sleeves were fully puffed out but her bodysuit remained with the same design of her first, with a slimmer but still quite thick pair of boots. She wanted to break the ice as Izuku was currently red in the face from doing his job-

Feeling up the waistline of Urarakas costume

Yet this seemed to calm his nerves. He gave a small smile and nodded, trying to think of anything rather than what he was doing. With a mental sigh of relief he out down the measuring tape and wrote a few notes onto his pad "We are, you want to try your helmet, Uraraka-San?"

She felt a beaming smile grace her own lips, and nodded. She put on the helmet, covering all her face in a dark black, akin to an astronaut, but not opaque enough to not see her face.

"Roundy, Izuku, you done?" the blonde walked in, costume on as he adjusted the thinner grenades the tech team had given him. His pants were largely the same, as with his boots. The big exception was his top, which he put a thick turtleneck to sweat more, a band of grenades also close to his waist and a waist drape that resembled his explosions "you're not too bad at this, Izuku"

"hey Kacchan!" he looked back "it looks great on you! Though.. what was the drape for?" he asked, pointing to the garment he was referring to

He was curious to ask him, after all it felt so impractical to him that it was a wonder the intelligent Bakugou wanted it in the first place

"it's for someone"

And with that the sound of a table breaking sounded through the office

The akward silence echoed as all eyes where on the culprit

"oops! Sorry, my bad" a mop of spiky, striking red hair fought its way into izukus vision, the dark sleeves coupled with his armored bits practically radiated power. He gaped, absolutely dumbfounded

"R-R-Red Riot?!" he practically screeched
"get off me Eijirou!" he struggled to push back the man who was practically tackling him at this point. The boy just simply smiled, shark teeth in display for all to see

"oh come on Bakugou! I missed you man!"


"Guys... We have a mission here" uraraka akwardly coughed, trying to prevent a burnt wall in the building, the two gained their compusure while izuku stood in the back hyperventilating over an autograph

"oh yeah... That villains still lurking around here right? We should get going as soon as possible" Eijirou said reluctantly, before striking a smile at Izuku "nice to meet you Midoriya! You don't need to call me by my hero name, just call me Kirishima" he threw a thumbs up.

If Izuku could throw up from happiness he would

"the probability of the villain is lower if we keep sitting here. Let's go" he said firmly "Tokyo didn't choose you so you could sit around, Kirishima, it's our job as heroes to follow protocol " he finally grew annoyed and took Urarakas hand and speedwalked to the door, before he heard Izukus depressed voice linger.

"youre all gonna investigate a villain scene? H... Have fun..."

that made Bakugou stop

He knew Izuku had wanted to be a hero for the longest time, being excluded from something that was just beyond his grasp more than words could ever tell. If Izuku could experience it, he'd be much happier

Maybe even happy enough to forgive him..?

He felt himself sweat, he knew if he did bring him along it would be against protocol of a hero, and would likely be lectured if he got caught. However, it was Izuku on the line.

'to hell with the rules...' Bakugou thought

"you want to come with us?"
"-and stay on guard"
"yes Kacchan"
"don't talk to strangers"
"yes Kacchan"
"don't fight, just watch"
"yes Kacchan" he sighed "I know you're worried but I'll be fine" he grasped the nitroglycerin filled grenade Katsuki had given him prior, as a means of defense.

The alleyways seemed to branch off over and over, never ending but its cramped space made it feel much less bizzare and more ominous. Izuku gulped, maybe he shouldn't have agreed to this.

"Katsuki! I saw something, I'm going that way, keep going" Uraraka yelled, thick boots running into a branch as the sound dissapated into the puddles on the cement

"Ocha-" but she was already gone

"damn, should we find Uraraka? She might get hurt"  Kirishima asked the blonde but was met with a firm shake

"she can handle it, she's a tough one" he continued to walk. "Go your way too, yell if there's something to that villain"

Kirishima nodded
His steps felt heavy, having the feeling of walking for hours as he spoke "K-Kacchan, shouldnt we look for Uraraka San and Kirishima kun?" he felt a bit anxious as he was getting more and more uncomfortable inside the damp and dark alley, he felt like he was going in circles

"it's fine, we-" suddenly a snap, following Bakugous scream was heard as he heard low sounds of a heavy object being carried.

Izuku, being himself, was scared out of his mind yet couldn't see in front of him, throwing the grenade at the mysterious attacker. However he heard the sound of footsteps slowly approaching him as his heart trumped faster, running for his life until he saw the light of the outside

He bumped into something soft as a strong hand gripped his green curls, pressing it closer as his laying, shaking body seemed to attempt to calm down, he had his eyes shut and he was mentally reciting his will

"Calm down, dont make a sound"
The voice sounded definitely effeminate, a hint of boldness and cunning in it.

The footsteps seem to stop right before him as the voice spoke again, this time with more malice

"leave, or I will hurt you" he felt the voice's body shift, in a stance that seemed to suggest they were ready to attack.

The footsteps slowly drifted back into the background. The hand that was placed upon his curls slowly began caressing, in a comforting way, he lifted his head back up

"hey, are you okay?"


"Izuku!" she smiled "yeah, it's me, what are you doing here?"

"it's... A long story" he heaved, lolling back onto her shoulder "glad to see you again... Ji-nee"
"Garayusa, is that you?" Kirishima mumbled, rubbing his eyes from the sudden exposure to light