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Perhaps we could help each other

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Hanahaki Disease (lung flower disease)

A very rare illness born from unrequited love , where the patient's throat will fill up with flower, they will then proceed to throw, and cough up the petals, (sometimes even the flowers).

One of the only ways for the disease to 'disappear' is if, the said person returns the feeling (it can't be resolved with friendship, it has to be genuine feelings of love).

The infection can also be removed through surgery, though feelings and memories disappear along with the petals. If they choose nether options, or the feeling is not returned in time, then the patient's lungs will fill up with flowers, and will eventually suffocate .

Perhaps we could help each other






It all started with a crazy request turned into a witty friendship—and who would have thought—all this because of his "favorite cousin" Snotlout told Astrid he was a nerd and a loser knowing fully well of his "impossible crush" on her.

Look how well that turned out.

Well, perhaps it did work out in Snotlout's favor.

Funny how the sweetest memories of Astrid would all soon turn into the dust.

[Patient: Henry Haddock, memory journal 001, pre-extraction surgery]






Hiccup was just taking his time, packing his things as usual—as he always preferred to be the last person left behind in the club room—when the door slammed open and a blonde fireball appeared before him.


Hiccup, despite being the only person left in the room, looked around, because there was definitely no way Astrid Hofferson was pointing at him—visiting him!

"Err, me?" Hiccup pointed at himself, confused. Why would Astrid Hofferson would be looking for him—all of this. What did he do? Was he going to die? Oh, gods no. He still had a lot of project left to do in this world it was too early!

"Who else? Relax, I'm not gonna kill you, kiddo," Astrid smirked, "not yet, at least."

"Kiddo? If I may let you now, I'm pretty sure where in the same year, so technically that makes you..." Astrid glared at him. "... shutting up now."

"Good. I need your help. What's your name again?" Astrid asked, sitting on top of the desk in front of him. Hiccup was almost tempted to stare at her legs... but he'd rather not have his eyes gouged.

"Hiccup! Er... I mean Henry! Definitely not Hiccup," Hiccup answered too quickly as he averted his gaze, feeling his cheeks burn.

"Hiccup it is," Astrid finalized, a bit of a smiling tease on her face. Hiccup never thought he'd live the day he'd see Astrid— and she noticed him staring and was now glaring at him.

"Ho-how can I help you then?" Hiccup asked, almost stuttering.

"I heard you are good at nerd stuff."

"Nerd stuff? Wow so specific. Care to elaborate?" Hiccup couldn't help snark back.

Astrid narrowed her eyes at him. "Are you always this... Ugh, you know what maybe I should kill you instead. You're lucky I need your help right now."

"Oh, lucky me indeed," Hiccup commented, sarcastic. "And what help exactly? And why me?"

"I heard from your cousin you're quite good at inventing stuff and technologyand begrudgingly, your cousin also admitted that you're very kind and has a good track record of helping strangers."

"My cousin?" Hiccup asked, intrigued.

"Snotlout," Astrid answered.

Hiccup immediately groaned at hearing the name. "That's new... Snotlout acknowledging me as his cousin. So what did he tell you about me?"

"He's not that bad, just a bit on the cocky side," Astrid shrugged. "Anyways, not much... just told me you're a nerd, but a really good one at that. So I figured maybe you could help me out."

"And what makes you think I'm gonna help you?"

"Oh, you will." Astrid declared, a confident smile on her face as she looked her right in the eye.

"Oh god... what did my cousin tell you?" Snotlout didn't tell her some of his embarrassing stories, did he? He did not dare. Not to Astrid Hofferson.

"Not much," Astrid said in a sing-song voice. "Just a few embarrassing stories just in case you needed some pushing. Like that one when you were twelve and—"

"Okay, fine! I heard enough," Hiccup panicked. "I'm helping! I'm cooperating! So what is it exactly do you need help with!"

To his surprise, Astrid only started laughing. Oh great. Humiliation. Love it.

"You must find this very amusing, huh?" Hiccup couldn't help the bitterness leak his voice.

Astrid stopped laughing. "Relax, was just playing with you. Your cousin didn't really tell me anything. Although, he did call you a nerd and a loser."

"Snotlout didn't? Then how did you—"

"Science Team, Debate Team, and many more. You know, you're not as invisible as you think you are. I've read some of your work, it's a bit cool if you ask me."

Hiccup blushed, not sure how to take all the compliment. "Erm... thanks?"

"No need to thank me, just calling as I see it," Astrid said, sitting straighter and looking at him in the eye. "So, will you help me or not. It's fine If you don't want, but I promise I'm gonna owe you a really big one if you help me."

Hiccup sighed, raising his hands in submission. "Fine, I'll help you... BUT first, let me what is it that you really need help with."

Promise or no promise, Hiccup couldn't really say no to her. Especially when secretly he might have been looking forward to something like this to happen all his life.

"Okay... this might sound crazy. But promise me, you won't say crazy, alright?"

"I promise." Hiccup raised on of his hands as if swearing an oath.

"Fine... so here goes. I need you to be my boyfriend—fake boyfriend, I mean!"

"What..." Hiccup didn't misheard her, did he?

"I told you it might sound crazy—but I really need you to do this for me." Astrid now looked slightly embarrassed, crossing her arms, a bit of pout coming from her lips.

And by the gods, he was totally in love.

"You're crazy..."

Hiccup accepted her offer.

Even if he knew how badly this could possibly end—given that he might had feelings for Astrid before she even knew he existed. But still, he couldn't believe that he'd actually date Astrid Hofferson. Fake-date, sure—but it was still a date, right? He'd take fake-dating with Astrid than never getting to date Astrid at all.

Hiccup had been pacing for the past fifteen minutes waiting for Astrid at the club room that his feet started to feel sore, and shaking as he sat down when he heard the door finally creak.

"Sorry, I'm a bit late. Had a bit of a delay on my way here."

His heart jumped at the sound of her voice "Oh, Hey Astrid, Hi Astrid!" Hiccup answered, trying not to show his anxiousness... and obviously failing at it.

Now, she was staring at him with a raised brow. Was she taking back her offer? Was she finally coming to her senses?

"You're weird. Well, weirder," Astrid shrugged,"anyways.. I got you this!" She handed her a bottle of iced coffee. "I figured you might feel tired or sleepy working."

"You didn't have to. Not at all."

"Told you we are dating. Of course I have to play the part of good girlfriend." Astrid took her place on top of his desk again, crossing her legs, giving him a good view. Hiccup tried so hard no to stare at creamy her legs leveled on his eyes right now.

"So why me again? If I remember correctly... My cousin just told you I'm a loser and a nerd."

"Well... you're not. Not a loser at least." Astrid placed a finger in her chin, looking thoughtful. "Nerd, though. Definitely. Talking fishbone... maybe?"

"Thank you for summing that up."

"I'm just playing with you."

"So why do you even need a fake boyfriend in the first place?"

Astrid didn't immediately answer, her eyes regarding him, before shrugging then said, "I guess we're in halfway in college now... and the next thing we know is we're full adults. I don't want to miss out on things. I just want to try new thingsyou know?"

Hiccup felt like there was more to it, and Astrid wasn't telling him everything but decided not to press. "I guess, that makes sense... but why me though for your fake boyfriend?"

"Hey, you're not so bad yourself." Astrid leaned forward then began fixing his collar, loosening his tie, and styling his hair. "Look at the mirror now."

He did... he still looked like a fishbone, he just got a messier hair and clothes now.

"See, not so bad?"

"Are you sure we are seeing the same thing here? Because I'm totally not seeing any difference here. Only messier."

"Exactly! You were never bad looking in the first place. Just-" Astrid gestured all of him.

"You just gestured all of me," Hiccup grumbled.

"Presentation, Hiccup," Astrid said, rolling her eyes. She stepped forward, moving out of her spot on top of this desk. Then she grabbed him by his now loose tie, and pulled him for a kiss.

She tasted like coffee; but no amount of caffeine could had made him feel as alive as he felt when her lips moved slowly with his lips. Hiccup didn't even realize that Astrid was already sitting on his lap until she pulled away from the kiss, only to catch her breaththen she was wrapping her arms around his neck and said.

"By the way, the whole boyfriend thing comes with the benefits."