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Perhaps we could help each other

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Astrid kept coming back with the iced coffee she'd always bought from the vending machine for me.

I cherished every little thing, every single second spent on the quiet of the club room knowing fully well that the moment would end soon as it started.

It did not.

She says I might get bored or fall asleep—never. Not in her presence.

Of course not, how could I?

Have you seen Astrid fuming every time I destroyed her in smash bros, Mario kart, or Tekken? Let me tell you  when it comes to trash-talking—she really gets creative.

The desk she was so fond of sitting on top, it now has a dent—her mark—on it now. Of course, I didn't have the guts to tell her about that. She'd kill me thinking it a jab at her weight.

I cherished every little thing, every single second spent on the quiet of the club room knowing fully well that the moment would end soon as it started.

It did not end.

It would now.

[Patient: Henry Haddock, memory journal  002 , pre-extraction surgery]






"Afternoon, M'lady. Where you've been?" Hiccup greeted from the couch as soon as he heard the door opened, crossing his legs to appear casual—not as if he'd been expectantly waiting for Astridnot as if he'd actually been checking the door every five seconds before rushing to the couch every time he heard even the slightest creaking sound of the door hitting the wooden floor.

"Do you smell that?" Astrid said, sniffing as she entered the room.

"Wow. Normally, one would greet back when someone greets them but I guess-"

"Wait. I'm serious, Hiccup. Does it smell like-" Astrid continued sniffing- "flowers to you?"

Hiccup looked at her with a raised brow. "Uhm... no? Why would it smell like flowers here?

"I'm not kidding, Hiccup. It definitely did smell like flowers when I entered the room," Astrid shrugged, "must be from the outside. Oh yeah, almost forgot - here's your coffee." Before he could take the coffee, Astrid paused for a split second. "You know, that would actually sound like a brilliant idea! I bring you the coffee and you bring me flowers. That would definitely reinforce our relationship in front of the othersdon't you think?" Astrid gave him a pointed look before finally she handed him the coffee.

Hiccup chuckled, flipping the lid of the cold can of coffee. "Just tell me if you want me to go get you one, no need to... you know-" Hiccup gestured all of her "-act weird..."

"Seriously, me acting like a weirdo coming from You know what? Nevermind that." Astrid then went to his desk, leaning forward to give him a sniff before taking her favorite place back at top of his desk. Then Astrid leaned forward again to give him one last sniff before she whispered. "You smell good, though."

Hiccup shuddered, almost dropping the coffee, goosebumps forming at the feel of Astrid's breath touched his neck.

Feeling boldor maybe it was just his blood rushing down south, Hiccup quickly downed most of the coffee, setting down the can somewhere. Hiccup was about to lean forward, but then Astrid pulled away from his advances, pushing a finger on his forehead. "Nuh-uh, I'm still mad at you for yesterday."

"Oh come on, it's just Mario kart! You can't be serious-" Astrid glared at him. "Shutting up now."

"Oh, by the way, you should know that while I'm not too fond of flowers, I would really appreciate the gesture. So spill, did you wear perfume or something—Oh, does my boyfriend finally decide to act all cheesy for me?" Astrid teased, leaning forward a bit to squinting her eyes to inspect him more closely.

"Now you're acting really weird. Seriously Astrid, I never strike you as the flower kind of girl—" Hiccup paused— "Oh, no..." Hiccup's eyes widened in horror as he took in Astrid's brightening face. That damned smile, Hiccup knew Astrid already had something and mind, and what Astrid wanted, Astrid got. That was simply the rule of the worldno other way around it.

"Well I guess that settles it," Astrid said. "You're bringing me flowers on my practice tomorrow. Come to think of it, it's always me visiting you in your club room. About time you visit your girlfriend!"

"Nope. There's no way I'm agreeing to that. I'm definitely not doing that! I'm putting my foot down!" Hiccup crossed his arms, looked away because knowing him, he'd absolutely give in to any of her requests especially when she was now leaning even closer to his face.

"How about we bet on it? A Mario Kart rematch. If you win I'll kiss you so good you'll forget your name, but if I winwhich I'm sure I willyou bring me flowers. Deal?" Astrid said, stretching her hands forward.

"You sure about that? Because you know-" Hiccup paused, putting a finger in his chin "-I remember someone fuming so much last time after losing 10 games straight and got even angrier when I let you win one time." Hiccup grinned cockily.

There went Astrid's competitiveness spirit, returning his grin with an even more confident grin. "What are you waiting for then? Hurry up and load up the game!"

Sure enough, Hiccup would win given that he'd been playing this game for a long time while Astrid only started playing because of might have gone a bit too overboard in the race by absolutely destroying Astrid.

Still, the match still went on with Astrid demanding one more rematch, then another one after, and then another one last try. Hiccup didn't mind it though. It was quite entertaining to watch Astrid quickly learn as the gap between them closed for every match—and oh boy, she was definitely a trash-talker that she'd even go as far as to trash talk the bots.

He'd been winning so hard that he started mulling about how he will kiss Astrid that he'd forgotten that they were still in the middle of the game.

"Dozing a bit there Hiccup? Why not just surrender and maybe I'll think about giving you that kiss." Astrid of course, like any other of such competitive spirit, couldn't help trash talk even if she was behind a whole lap.

Until, she suddenly invaded his own space on the couch, sitting on his lap, then she kissed him. He was about to move his lips when she pulled away completely, leaving him hanging and spaced out for a few seconds later until he heard the game announce his defeat.

Never in his life Hiccup felt like being the center of attentionnot even from his own dad... or his mom, lack thereofcarrying a bouquet of sunflowers in the middle of the field with only about a hundred people. Most of them students who were just hanging out, some waiting for friends, doing works and etc. Most of them who were beginning now noticing the weird guy carrying a flowerand extra weird points for him since he was crazy enough to be vying Astrid Hofferson's attentionpausing from their works to watch the scene with interest as Hiccup kept on waving to Astrid whom at last, finally noticed him.

"Hiccup! You made it! You even got me sunflowers. You shouldn't have bothered!" Astrid rushed to meet him halfway-and obviously there was that subtle glint in her eye that had a teasing tone in her that said that she was definitely enjoying this.

"Remind me to never put my foot again," Hiccup grunted, overly aware of all the attention he was getting.

"And kill all the fun? Never," Astrid smirked, her eyes still glued the flower, shifting her arms to carry the flowers tenderly.

"Glad to know you that to find my embarrassment amusing," Hiccup deadpanned.

"Don't be such a boy, just ignore them" Astrid shrugged. She then stopped looking at the flowers to look at him right in his eyes intently.

Hiccup stood there petrified. There was a certain flame in her eyes. Recently he began to notice things with her eyes that he never thought possible. Like how he recognized earlier the mischievous glint in her eyes. Right now, Hiccup knew those eyes definitely meant Astrid was up to something... He couldn't quite tell but somehow he just felt it... Something fiery... perhaps passion

Then she grabbed for him a kiss, interrupting his thoughts. Not just a kiss. A full passionate kiss. Hiccup gasped but managed to gather her wits to kiss back quickly, not a single care with the crowd that was watching them. Astrid pulled back, her lips curved upwardsthen she gave him that look againand Hiccup was just there holding his breath still, wondering how was it possible for her cool blue gaze to feel so burning. He was still catching his breath when Astrid pulled him closer again to whisper.

"Wanna play some Mario kart?"

Hiccup was a hundred percent sure that they were definitely not going to play "Mario kart."