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Bakugou wasn’t stupid.


He clearly had anger management issues, he was well aware. He was also well aware of the fact that he could be irrational and spontaneous in the worst ways, at the worst times, especially so during missions. He knew that sometimes, he was immature, but he liked to believe that most of the time he did things for the right reasons. 


Back to the point, he wasn’t stupid. As childlike as he knew he could act, he was neither dumb nor blind. Maybe a little deaf from the continuous use of his quirk, but his current hearing abilities were more than enough to hear the whispers about himself down the hallways. Maybe he was a little closed into himself, but he paid enough attention to the rest of the world to notice how they reacted to him. 


When he blew up in the hallways at his friends, he could see those who weren’t used to him flinch a little. He could see the way they turned away, their core turned away, subconsciously shielding themselves from him. They were afraid of him. They always were. He learned not to mind it, or he got used to it. Either way, he didn’t care. Not anymore. 


He believed that things were fine the way they were, where he had friends among the cozy group of idiots he had begun to form during his time at UA. He also learned to believe that the people who judged him without getting to know him weren’t worth him knowing. 


He learned many things over the years, and these were just a few of the things that could come to mind. 


A fortiori, neither were his friends. It would make sense that an intellectual such as himself would pick a group of intelligent of people to hang out with right? As bad as their grades were, that was only because they were too lazy to study. He could relate. Even though he knew he was probably one of those who were practically immune to procrastination, that didn’t mean he was immune to the silky call of it as it magnetically whispered to him in his ear, or the occasional blank it led him to have. 


Though he would never say it aloud, he loved his friends. One of the main reasons being that they didn’t immediately judge him, that they accepted him for who he was. 


The whole class seemed to do the same. After spending so much time together he had learnt to tolerate them. And they him. Except Grape-head. 


They accepted him, and they’ve gone through so much together. Precisely why Bakugou had let himself to believe in a disgusting lie he now knew he made up for himself. He made himself believe that they actually liked him. That they actually trusted him. 


Clearly not. 


In the dead of night, a single figure crept up out of his neatly folded sheets, the slight rustle as he moved went unnoticed by the blurred vision kept by him. Eyes unfocused, he set out to complete a singular mission. 


With intense focus on his current task, he left all other thoughts behind, as if the original owner of the body had been washed out of existence. He moved forwards, each step a mechanical, precise calculation, as he battled the sleep-addled body for a better sense of control.


Unlocking the door with two clicks, he, hunched from fatigue, limped robotically out of the room without so much as a thought. The bare-footed man made his way down the hall, quiet as a mouse, past the doors where everyone else was sleeping. A vague effort was made to tip toe, as a precaution, but caution was thrown to the wind as limbs flailed around, the lack of control made it apparent that stealth would be impossible. 


Not that anyone would notice. 


He made his way to the main office, respective cameras blacking out as scheduled as he snuck past. Everything was going as planned. 


He knew all the pins to each locked door by memory. The glass doors that led to the main UA data base were just up ahead, through planes of a seemingly fragile glass door. But he knew the doors were reinforced, strong enough to withstand the force of a bullet, this door wouldn’t crack under pressure. 


Even if it did the alarms would immediately sound. 


He brought a cold clammy hand up to the keypad, trembling fiercely as it went, oblivious to the lack of cold in the room. No, he was trembling for an entirely other reason. The sensation of cold glass on the pads of his fingertips were muffled as he tapped out the numbers that were dragged out from the deep recesses of his brain. It felt just as desensitized as it would be if he were underwater, if his fingers had soured and lost their feel.


Not that it mattered as long as he could still see. 


Vision blurry in the dark of night. The light would definitely tip off someone of his presence. It wouldn’t do good to turn it on even if it would improve the accuracy with which his shivering fingertips pressed into the keypad. 


A futuristic beep chimed at his ears, and it brought joy to his heart even if it still made him feel like he was underwater. 


All it would take was a single button. 


He sat down at one of the computers - - it really didn’t matter, any of the computers were fine really. The only thing tight about UA’s security on information, was that it was kept on electronic files in the school itself. There was not even a trace of it on the internet. Even the best hackers in the world would have trouble attempting to hack into a system they had no access to. It was akin to trying to reach the stars with neither a space suit nor a rocket, and expecting not to be burned in the process.


And so because the information that was retained at UA was known as the literal epitome of unhackable, and because no villain would logically try to infiltrate the ranks of a location packed to the brim with powerful and perceptive heroes, the school became complacent. Even after one of their students had been kidnapped, because the kidnapping didn’t happen at their school, they believed their security system was fine. 


These heroes honestly believed that they had the ability to protect their students? 


Not that it mattered if the one that attacked was a student. 


A grotesque grin shifted into place on the figure, teeth bared in a maniac grin, grit like that of a starving wild dog that had finally caught sight of prey. The skin on his face and crumbled under the unnatural expression, peeling away to show a more sinister, sadistic contortion. It was a blessing and a curse that no one was here to witness this horror.


Pulling something from his pocket, the soft successive sounds of rubber against skin snapped and squeaked, pulsing muffled through the room, time to get down to business.


Instinctively moving to All Might’s computer, he typed in the password he knew well, picked apart from the memories that were spent observing his fingers. His own fingers, irregardless of their wobble, seemed to move deftly, after all, he had witnessed a true purpose and motivation could do wondrous things. 


He led the laptop to a site that was set up before hand, encrypted but would unleash a deadly flurry of code the moment it was poked. 


Now all he had to do was to let his friends extract the necessary information. His job here was done. The blood thirsty glint in his eyes shined just as bright as the moment he walked in, and so did the disgusting cramp his face had crumpled into.


It didn’t leave as he walked out. 


The door gave a satisfying click as it locked back into place and his tracks erased by his true comrades.


No one will ever know. 


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“ There was an intruder last night.” Aizawa spoke, the voice that usually sounded dead and tired cut through the air of chatter like a hot knife through butter. There was a serious tone to his voice that everyone in the classroom pause in trepidation. Aizawa took it as a signal that he had everyone’s attention and continued. 


“ All the teachers were woken up by the alarms.” And as tired he was, there was nothing flippant and uncaring in the stiff seriousness that laced his words. What he said was evidenced by the bags under his eyes that seemed larger and darker than usual. 


The class froze as they waited for an explanation of the situation.


After all the experiences they had gone through, from fighting the league of villans, to being stalked by them, to having one of themselves kidnapped by the league, there was little to no hope in the class that the matter at hand had nothing to do with the league. As it stood it probably did. 


Aizawa mentally thanked his stars that his class had somewhat matured from the day they first entered the school, it was of great help that they were taking this seriously. 


“ So the teachers were up trying to find signs of any sort of intrusion.” He continued, red streaked eyes flitting across the classroom in emphasis. The class waited with baited breath for the conclusion they ended with. 


“ There was none.” There was nothing particularly dramatic like a room of gasps acting out, but murmurs began to surf the crowd and make their rounds, gradually crescending until Aizawa could barely hear himself speak. 


Bakugou clenched his jaw, muscles tensing in irritation. He knew from the way his teacher paused that they were holding out on the class. His teacher wasn’t one to make meaningful speeches with well spaced moments of pause, he usually went straight to the point.


Then again, whenever he spoke, it was usually with nonchalance. The way Aizawa’s eyes were surveying the class did nothing to calm him, he was clearly contemplating what information to release. It was evident from the crease in his brow to the way his mouth twisted in thought between sentences. 


That wasn’t the full story. Aizawa was either withholding the facts or the conclusions of the situations. Maybe both. 


Maybe he was contemplating whether the truth would be more likely to keep them prepared and on guard, or whether it would make them nervous, reckless, and seek the villans out for themselves. Considering their track record, the latter would certainly be more likely. 


Another glare from their favourite teacher managed to shut them up once again as they waited for the tea to be spilled from Aizawa’s lips like a pack of blood thirsty hounds waiting for carnage. 


“ By that we mean that the gates of the school were left untouched, and all the mechanisms to detect any intruders, didn’t go off.” He paused, shifting so he faced the black board behind him and began drawing  a large rectangle that symbolised the school compound. The white lines that left the tip of the chalk and geometrically pleasing. 


“ This represents the school.” He then drew two circles, a large one that began at the top of the mail building and one that encircled the front gate. “ We have two intruder detection systems in place that make use of a variety of sensors. It senses infrared radiation and actually, any radiation within the electromagnetic spectrum, or a lack of it. Sounds, nearby technology, and can even recognise the use of quirks. Of course there are many others but we won’t disclose all of them for safety reasons.”


He moved the chalk to hover above the perfectly round dome that extended from the main building and proceeded with his explanation. “ There are two layers of security, one from the front gate, another around the dorms.” The small piece of chalk, useless, having already served its purpose, dropped back onto the metal tray as Aizawa turned back to the class. 


The implication he made was clear. The intruder was from within UA. 


But then how did they realise there was an intruder in the first place? And could they really be called an intruder if they were from UA?


 Deku voiced the question that ran through Bakugou’s head before Bakugou himself could. 


The security cameras. His steeled expression slipped slightly. How could he forget, of course it was the cameras.


“ The cameras that lead from the dorms to the main building had blacked out.” Now that was telling. The class broke out into whispers once again, this time louder, wilder and uncontrollable. Even Aizawa’s glare wasn’t enough to calm them at this point.


How could they be calm? Class A had only moved into the dorms because of the previous attacks on them, because the school was worried of the danger that they could face if not well protected. Which also means that Class A was the only class with access to the dorms.


“ Another way we found up was the messy patchwork that we found running through the system trying to cover up evidence of the job.” Which means that the discovery of the movement from room to room was not intentional? Or is that what they wanted Class A to think. 


Even if that was the case, the faculty members already had more than enough reason to believe that one of the traitors were from their class. 


“ There is a traitor in this class.” Aizawa stated the obvious, but it sounded much more real when what everyone was thinking was said out loud and confirmed. Aizawa sounded slightly reluctant to part with this piece of information, he was probably worrying over what the class would do with it. Again, it was a valid worry. 


Bakugou worried that maybe this was what the villain wanted the teachers to do, to tell them about the intrusion just so that they would begin to doubt each other and make it easier for the villains to pull any of them to the dark side after.


His worries were most likely unfounded though as it should be obvious to anyone with a brain and a healthy amount of rationality that the class was unlikely to doubt one another. Even as speaking as someone who was not the nicest to his classmates, they risked their asses to get him back safe. After having to rely on each other so many times, there are little ways to successfully sow the seeds of doubt in each of their minds. 


Jiro was one of the next ones to voice a question. “ But there's a keypad to access the main office right? So wouldn’t there be something like fingerprints left there?” Her eyes narrowed as she contemplated the facts. 


“ There were fingerprints, but they weren’t identifiable, they all came up smudged.” That was only the second question that he took, but Aizawa could see the inquisition burning in the eyes of his pupils. So he decided that now was as good of a time as any to leave. 


“ This information is confidential and it you can’t share it outside of your class. It is just to remind you to stay vigilant, we don’t want anymore incidents coming up.” Aizawa met Bakugou’s gaze for a short instant, and though he was sure that nobody else would take notice, the thought of what was probably going through the teacher’s mind had burned him with shame. 


The memories of helplessness that imprinted themselves in him did nothing to rectify the situation. 


“ You have the rest of homeroom to yourselves.” With that, and not so much as a greeting, their gloomy homeroom teacher left the class, sleeping bag in tow. 


There were a few moments that Bakugou considered rare, valuable, pure, raw silence, until it wasn’t.


The shock of the incident had shut everyone up for an extremely short amount of time, as their speech functions had been impaired while all the effort went to their brains in an effort to comprehend the truckload of information that had just been dumped on them.

“ What?” Amongst the overbearing chatter that began to fill out the classroom, Bakugou could hear Mina start the conversation with the rest of the Bakkusquad on a note of confusion. He tilted his head sllightly to face the group that had gathered, his expression, just as mildly irritated as ever. Crimson eyes flickered to the side for a moment before he decided that listening would be enough. 


He mostly pretended to ignore the hype as he wasn’t known as the type to make a mountain out of a molehill. He didn’t want to be known as that type anyways. 


“ To think that there’s someone in the class that we can’t trust . . .``she trailed off, uncertainty shaking her words ever so slightly, but noticably. Bakugou began to wonder who it could be. Then he realised that everyone else must be thinking the same thing. 


Kaminari piped in next “ Who do you think it could be though? It’s kinda scary though, we stay in the same building as this person!” As if the traitor could be right next to him, he harshly whispered to the group, seeming to worry about being heard by the culprit of the previous nights chaos. 


Obviously not soft enough if Bakugou could still clearly pick out the words with explosion-damaged eardrums. He fought the urge to roll his eyes at the statement, because he wasn’t listening, not at all. 


“ Idiot,” He heard Jiro walk up to join them, and the faint sound of a smack connecting with the back of Pikachu’s head. “ Who ever they are they’ve been living with us this whole time.”


“ But still, Kaminari’s kinda right.” Kirishima (Bakuboii’s best bro) piped up in agreement to what the Pikachu said. “ They’re only attacking us now.”


“ So they weren’t a threat before but suddenly are now?” Sero finished Kirishima’s line of thought for him. 


“ Exactly!” The rest of the classroom wasn’t quieting down and only served to increase in volume, but so did the conversation within the bakusquad + Jiro.


“ Why now?” Round face cut in? God, it seemed like the whole class was beginning to get in on the gossip train now. Or was it the conspiracy train. Bakugou selectively chose to ignore the fact that he was interested enough to pay attention to it. 


“ Why what now?” That was probably Mina again. “ If you mean villain attacks, they aren’t anything new.” 


“ Not the villan attacks. The traitor who suddenly decided it would be a good idea to help them.” Round face continued and Bakugou had to agree that it was strange for them to only act out now considering the fact that the past few months would have gone by much smoother for the league had the mole really been active. 


At this point the noise was starting to hurt his eardrums and was causing a headache to begin hacking its way through his skull and towards his brain so Bakugou folded his arms and plopped his head down on the table.


It was probably for the better if he just slept for the rest of homeroom. His friends knew better than to try waking him up. 


“ You mean-” Izuku spoke up about to cut in with some sort of strange theory but Kirishima beat him to the punch. 


“-You’re saying that the traitor wasn’t always a traitor?” Izuku cut in right after, a little louder, making the heads in the conversation turn to him. 


“ Maybe,” He started, “ The traitor was turned traitor.” He finished, a slight maniac look in his, eyes. Deku wasn’t even looking directly at his classmates, just somewhere in front of him as he began to ramble to himself, a hand over his mouth like a moustache would be as he thought. “ It doesn’t make sense for them not to have cashed in the use of their traitor during the last few times that we were attacked, to our knowledge, they planned to defeat all might with those plans, had they succeeded-”


“ They would have been the only plans.” Uraraka finished for him. Deku looked up from his musings only to see the chestnut haired girl nod, eyes blown wide in realisation. 


“ What are you guys talking about?” Yaomomo dropped in, eyes wide, looking at everyone in curiosity. The group had obviously gotten much too loud, even in comparison to all the other corners of the classroom.


Todoroki discreetly slot himself in between Yaomomo and Uraraka, his eyes holding the same question that Yaoyorozu just asked. Not that anyone could tell. Heterochromic pupils flickered between the multiple people included in the conversation and took note of them. 


“ Nothing much-” 


Kaminari started just as Mina did. 


“ Just guessing who the traitor is-” 


Even Izuku  and Jiro joined in. 


“ How the traitor was probably converted into one-” 


“ That the traitor-ing happened after Bakugou’s kidnapping and before this one.” 


Jirou sentence having been the longest, her flat tone had drowned out many of the other opinions. Everyone had their eyes on her in questioning. There had been a slight silence after the barrage of answers. Not that it lasted long.


“ Bakugou?” Todoroki shattered the tranquil atmosphere as he asked in a soft voice. Almost as if he wasn’t used to speaking. Well, he usually isn’t. An eyebrow was raised as he spoke, the mention of that particular blonde haired boy raising a few questions of the top of his head. 


Not for reasons he  would like to mention. 


The albino was an explosive fellow. He was decisive. He knew what he wanted, and knew what he had to do to get where he wanted to be. And he did it. 


The only drawback was his volatile nature. 


While the attention was drawn back to him like a wayward moth to a bright flickering flame that had suddenly ignited, his own had followed his eyes, as they drifted toward said blonde, who was nothing but a white porcupine of spiky, soft tufts of hair duped onto a table.


Then the group had started up again. “ The traitor?” Midoriya had his eyebrows raised comically high, nearly to the point that they had learned to fuse with his hair. It could probably be considered a new quirk. 


His eyes narrowed onto the incredulous expression that was quickly beginning to spread across every corner of the nerd’s face as his head put the fact that the word ‘Bakugou’ was followed quickly by the words ‘the traitor’. 


“ You think?” Kirishima was visibly shaken at the new potential information. Which Todoroki obviously found a little bit idiotic. The potential was there all along, everyone knew that the traitor was definitely someone from their class. The manliest man may also be the most stupid. 


Though, it could be argued that it affected him the most simply because he was the closest to Bakugou. But then again, wouldn’t it take longer to judge in that case? Everyone seemed to immediately accept the new identity of the traitor with relative ease. 


“ Well,” Mina had a slight pout to her lips, her eyes shivered a little as if she wanted to cry at the possibility. “ He was kidnapped for a while.” They jumped around the group, landing on different people, it almost seemed as though she was high on something. “ Who knows what they could have talked them into.” 


The rest of the group had their expression schooled into something particularly grim, the way they looked it could be said that a funeral had just been held, the air was tense enough for it. This time, Todoroki was the one who had his eyes flicking around the group in confusion, but for a different reason.


While their brains were so busy convincing themselves of how Bakugou might be working with the people who had tried to kill them, they failed to notice that they had begun convincing each other, each minute action, reaction and attempt at speech only had them fumbling with their trust and throwing each other down the rabbit hole of mistrust.


It was unbelievable to think that the first thing they do when suspecting the classmate who had fought alongside them for so long of betrayal, is to accept the idea. Really> No objections? From anyone? His chest felt like there were a few thousand tonnes of weight crushing it, bearing down on it, were these really the people he kind of considered his friends?


“ But you heard Aizawa when the school released the statement.” The conviction that backed his voice shot through each and everyone of them, they jolted up at the sudden intrusion to the funeral. Todoroki was being looked at like he was the only one who refused to wear black. 


He found the looks easy to ignore considering he had been living life with a giant scar on his face. He continued advancing his case. “ Bakugou wouldn’t do something like that.” His brows furrowed slightly. Ever so slightly. Still not enough for anyone to have noticed though. 


“ None of us would have.” Izuku responded, still looking a little like he was going to cry. “ But that’s precisely why, instead of being a traitor the whole time, he was probably turned a traitor after the kidnapping.” He looked like he didn’t want to have to believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.


Todorki almost wanted to scream back at him in unbridled frustration that ‘If you don’t want to believe it then don’t believe it!” But all he could do was look on at everyone, more confused in his life than he ever had been.


He wasn’t particularly close to Bakugou. Though, he would like to believe that he was close enough to have been considered a friend. He would have liked to think that after going through so much he could consider everyone in this class his friend.


Todoroki didn’t know how to react at the blatant display of trust that ran beneath the plastic veins of ‘friendship’ that tied them together. Even not being close to Bakugou, he knew that the Blonde was not the type to do something like this so why did they find it so easy to just let the thought control their minds?


He looked at Bakugou in apprehension as he mentally fussed and worried over how the blonde would react if he found out. If he found out that the friends he valued were this easy to trick. Even if it really was Bakugou, this would be the villan’s true objective wouldn’t it? To break apart the class, viciously ripping apart the bonds between them that had foiled the League’s plots before. 


He exhaled sharply in annoyance then moved to go back to his seat.


It must have seemed as if he had accepted Bakugou’s new identity as the traitor of UA as no one stopped him from walking away from the whole situation, instead, looks varying from empathy to hurt and understanding had flickered across their features.


He was saved from any questioning on his thoughts on the matter, if the questions were even there anyways, by the entrance of the teacher for their next subject. 


Todoroki would be lying he told himself he didn’t feel bad about repeating Bakugou’s name. It spiralled into this mess after all. As he allowed his waning attention on the matter to be sapped into “The History on the Evolution of Extraordinary Quirks’, he allowed the thread of burning guilt to be pushed to the back of his mind.

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Todoroki spent the subsequent lessons sneaking periodic  glances at their resident bad boy. Though, from what he’s observed so far it might not be accurate to call him one. 


While Todoroki was distracted by the conversation just now that led him to momentarily let his concentration shift tracks to Bakugou, the boy did not seem at all concerned by all the talk of there being someone that was a threat to them. 


The first thought that came to mind was that maybe it was because he was the traitor. He almost wanted to slap himself. On the contrary that would probably make him anxious instead, to find out who the class suspected of treason. 


Maybe Bakugou wasn’t perpetually angry. The lines that tended to appear above his furrowed brows disappeared when he was alone. It didn’t matter what he was doing, even as he studied, his blank expressionless mask made him look more beautiful than he had before. 


He was good looking, people just tended to avoid him because he was scary. Especially those from other classes since they didn’t know how he usually acted. He’s just a little blunt and a little loud. If this was how easily people found it to distrust him from his disposition, Todoroki couldn’t blame him for his constant frustration.


He was snapped back to reality by the groans that erupted around him. Did something happen? He caught Bakugou raise an unimpressed eyebrow at whatever just happened and his eyes were trained to the front of the class where Aizawa was, so Todoroki did the same.


“ As I was saying-” Aizawa clearly had no care for the lack of enthusiasm the class displayed as he simply talked over the sea of voices that seeked to over power his. “ Villain psychology is extremely important when it comes to learning how to deal with the ones you will be fighting in future.” His volume raised like he was a speaker and someone was slowly turning up the volume, it was probably a constant battle to shout over the growing voices of concern that sounded in the classroom. Most of the concerns being complaints about having a huge project when pro hero examinations are coming up.


“ And thus it is important, especially now since the Pro Hero examination is coming up that you spend some time on these subjects.” Todoroki listened intently, deciding that after a few lessons of not listening, he should probably pay attention now, even if class is ending in; his eyes flew to the ticking clock on the wall; two minutes. 


“ You will be doing this project in pairs and I’ll send the assigned pairs to the group chat by today. It’s due by the end of the week.” By the time he ended the sentence, he was practically screaming. He sounded almost relieved when he finished saying what he needed to. Now it was out there. And now he could go get some ginger tea to calm his undoubtedly irritated throat. 


Todoroki imagined Aizawa sighing internally and maybe thinking about having a drink. It could be coffee or alcohol, both made sense. 


“ That is all.” He mumbled lowly, under his breath, Todoroki had to listen really closely to hear it with the volume of the classroom he doubted anyone else had either. 


Aizawa must have been really done with them at that point because by the time Iida stood up to call for a greeting, the front of the classroom was sad naked and empty, with no grumpy teacher in sight.


Todoroki felt like something was missing. He thought back o Aizawa’s words, brain stalling a little. So he knew that there was a project, he knew it was due by this Sunday which probably means lots of procrastinating and lots of coffee and bothering Aizawa late at night to get some last minute comments on the work before it was time to submit. Oh, and the pair work. It was a pair work on- what was it again?


Shit. His partner was going to murder him for not listening. That or they were both going to die by Aizawa’s rope-tape-cloth-scarf-thingy if he got a partner that didn’t listen either. He was screwed either way. 


Well. No use brooding over the inevitable then. Now that classes were over he was going to get some cold soba. 

Just as class ended, Bakugou finished jotting down all the notes that Aizawa had left during his lengthy lecture (rant) on villan psychology. Bakugou honestly wouldn’t be surprised of some of the examples he gave were from his own personal experience, given that Aizawa gave a momentary shudder from time to time when he mentioned the impacts of severe emotional childhood trauma on a person, how it may affect their villany, and how that villany may affect the people around them. 


He closed the crisp notebook, proceeding to shove the highlighters and his stationary into their separate cases and dump those in his bag too. 


He stood up from where he sat, eyes automatically shifting to where his squad of idiots sat. They usually went out somewhere after class. Sometimes go to the library to ‘study’ but not actually get any work done. And usually they came over to bug him once class was over because he apparently took too long to do his notes. Not that Bakugou thought that was valid, one can never take too much time to do their notes. 


Unless they take an hour to do half a page and the page of notes looked like shit. Then that would be a waste of time. But Bakugou’s pages were neat, organised, beautiful and fucking magnifecent so they were obviously worth all that time he spent on them. 


Deferring back to the topic at hand, it was just strange that no one came to bother him. 


Red eyes locked onto the corner of the classroom they usually congregated at only to find it as sad naked and empty as the teacher’s desk when Aizawa left the class. 


His group of idiots left without him. His lips pursed as his eyebrows unconsciously followed suit in looking upset. 


They left without him. He blinked a few times wrapping his head around the fact. 


Did they finally realise how much of a dick he was? No. They wouldn’t do that. 


It’s more than likely that they decided not to go anywhere today because of how tiring the entire morning was, what with all that ‘traitor’ talk.  Or maybe they just decided to listen to him for once about leaving him alone. Or take him seriously when he bitched about hanging with them. 


He never meant for what he said to be taken seriously though.


Well, it doesn’t matter. He huffed to himself in annoyance. He never needed them anyways. They were just a group of idiots. 


He should get back first and get a head start of the Villain Psyche project that they had due. No matter who his partner was, he was probably going to end up having to do most of the work anyways. It was a given with how incompetent most of the class was.


A rough explosive hand gripping the wooden back of his seat, he aggressively slammed it into the desk and stormed out of the classroom.


Mineta looked on in a corner, shocked out of his deep dark sexual fantasy as he read something undoubtedly inappropriate for school on the small screen of his phone. He raised the line he had as an eyebrow. 


“What’s his problem.” He grumbled, heart still thumping like a bird rattling a cage as he took a moment to recover from the shock, for a moment he wondered is he was about to die from a villain attack or something. 


Now out of the classroom, Bakugou went to his room to place his things and grab everything he needed to ace this Villain Psyche assignment.


Once in the library, he sat himself down with his silver Windows Surface Laptop 2 and began doing his research. 


The topic being Child Psychology of Villains and How It Impacts Their Thoughts and Behaviours. Aizawa told them that they had to pick a topic, any topic, within the realm of child psychology and give a 10 minute presentation as to how the theory affects the Villain in adulthood. 


In the corner of his eye, he discreetely caught his phone light up with a notification. 


He wondered if it was the group of idiots and updates on where they went to. But that line of musing lasted for a short few seconds before dissipating. He didn’t bother picking up the phone, he lifted an edge off the table and angled it towards himself, pressing his thumb on the home button to unlock it and view the most recent notification. 


It was the partners assigned for the project he was working on. 


His partner was; his eyes scrolled down the list of the document; Todoroki? That halfie bastard? Well. 


He carelessly flicked his wrist, rattling the phone against the surface of the library table as he tossed the now useless piece of technology aside. The sound rammed against his eardrums when put in contrast to the silence of the library. 


Bakugou’s eyes flicked back to focus on the open screen of his laptop. He ignored the stern look that painted the face of the librarian, and the distasteful glare that she threw his way. 


He also ignored the spark of hope that died a little in his chest, dwindling to nothing more than a flickering ember of a lost flame. 


On the bright side, at least he wasn’t working with an incompetent doofus. And at least he wasn’t working with someone he was obvious issues getting along with. Like Deku. 


He spent the next half hour working on the project alone because he refused to come into contact with another human being. Not right now. Not while he was still simmering in his own specialty brew of annoyance. 


He’s roughly decided on the topic of the project. No room for negotiation, and no discussion to be made there, not that he thought the guy with the half-assed hair colour would even take the project seriously enough to have another topic at the ready as a valid reason to reject the one he had come up with. 


He dragged the chair back against the floor. Once again, the demon of a librarian shifted her hellish gaze over to land on him. He, again, didn’t respond, because he was used to it at this point, and one would think that the librarian was too. But unfortunately, the librarian is never gets used to sound and is just a soulless creature built just for snuffing students that disrupt her rule of silence out of the library. 


The scratch of metal against the floor could make an average, healthy person, cringe to insanity with the noise. He tipped the screen of his laptop downwards, allowing it to shut with a satisfying click before throwing everything into his school bag and leaving. 


He had to keep himself from giving the librarian a shit-eating grin on the way out. 


On the other hand, the librarian probably grew a couple of grey hairs just from those few moments of Bakugou’s explosive presence alone. 


The first thing he had to do was go bug the halfie. 


He didn’t care if his partner was incompetent, or in this case, too lazy to do anything but procrastinate during the time where they should probably begin planning how not to procrastinate, and plan out a schedule not to leave the schedule to last minute. He wasn’t going to be doing all the work, he wasn’t going to be settling for anything he considered less than perfect either. 


So he and the halfie are either going to have to compromise on his horrible work habits or Bakugou is going to blow. Not that he didn’t do that on a regular basis considering his quirk. 


There was a twitch of determination in his eyebrow as he was set on getting the other to listen to him. 


He rapped his knuckles aggressively against the wooden door, after his eyes flicked to the plate next to it that told him it was indeed Todoroki’s room. He knew that Todoroki lived a story directly above him so he just relied on his instincts to get to the door, but he also knew that his instincts failed him from time to time and it would be embarrassing to have ended up knocking on the wrong door. 


Not that it would have changed anything even if the numbers on the door was wrong. He already knocked.


The numbers were right. Thank Fuck. 


He stood there for a couple of seconds and waited, looking expectantly at the door and waiting for it to open up as he would watch paint dry. Waiting wasn’t entertaining. 


He heard nothing from behind the door and for a brief moment, he entertained the thought that maybe the seemingly anti-social freak had friends to hang out with and was outside in a mall somewhere instead of being locked in his room as Bakugou always assumed him to be. 


Was it empty? If it was, then he walked up an extra flight of stairs for nothing. His brain unhelpfully supplied to him that Todoroki couldn’t have known about his plans for an impromptu visit. 


Then again, how else was he supposed to contact the bastard? The  only thing that he had was the other’s email from Aizawa CC-ing them. He couldn’t even use his email though, considering how bad and unidentifiable the usernames of his stupid classmates were. 


So, it definitely wasn’t his fault, Todoroki should have expected for Bakugou to be here. If he didn’t, it was only because he didn;t check his emails because he was a horrible student that probably didn’t listen in class. Probably, because Bakugou neither had eyes on the back of his head nor had enough interest in the other to turn back to check. 


About fifteen seconds had passed and Bakugou found himself reasonable to think that; it doesn’t take that long for the dick to get off his ass and walk across his tiny dorm room to answer the door. 


“Hey!” He pulled his right hand out from where it was shoved into a pocket and began slamming  the door aggressively with his palm instead of knocking. “ Get your ass off the floor and open your fucking door!” The volume he ended with probably disturbed a few neighbours. 


Those neighbours knew him though, and thus knew better than to step outside when turbulence was being experienced. 


Just as he finished his sentence, the door swing open to reveal Todoroki, dressed in a dark blue turtleneck sweater and black sweatpants. He held open the door with his left hand and a bowl of- Was that soba?- in his right. A pair of wooden chopsticks hung haphazardly, caught between his lips, and Bakugou was for a moment, worried that they were going to fall.


Bakugou himself haven't had the time to shower or change out of his own uniform, but Todoroki had clearly done both, hair still slightly damp as it lay a little flatter than usual, and tousled probably from him towelling it. He looked wide eyes at Bakugou, almost as if he hadn’t expected him to show up. 


His shock was concealed when his heterochromic eyes returned to their normal size, as he looked down at the chopsticks that he held loosely by his teeth. 


He let go of the door knob and used his now free hand to pull the chopsticks from his mouth. “What.”


The asshole didn’t even look at Bakugou. He was staring at his soba. Bakugou blatantly ignored the words that had just been spoke in favour of bugging Todorok about what had been bothering him for the last minute or two he spent waiting in the hallway. 


But not before he brushed past Todoroki and into his room. 


“ Why did it take you so damn long to answer your door?” Bakugou stepped in, kicking off his shoes, somehow doing it neatly and casually sauntering to the centre of the room. 


He just realised that this was his first time seeing Todoroki’s room. He quickly dragged his attention back from the leash and stopped the impromptu scan his eyes were doing of the room to take note of the most important point. There was nowhere for him to sit. 


He heard the door click shut behind him.


“I-” Tododroki sounded like he didn’t know if he should tell Bakugou as he stammered, but that only made Bakugou want to know even more. “ I was trying to decide.” He grit out.


Bakugou ruefully noted that there was only one chair and it was on the floor. What was even the point? He set his bag down on the floor, sitting cross legged next to it as he raised an unimpressed eyebrow at how unspecific the answer was. 


The eyebrow may have been what prompted Todoroki to say more. “ Whether or not I should have brought the bowl of soba with me, or left it on my table.” Bakugou gave Todoroki a look that made the heterochromiac question whether the decision to tell him was the right one. 


It was such a stupid reason. 


Bakugou mumbled something under his breath about a ‘ stupid halfie that can;t even decide something as simple as that.’ 


Todoroki blinked in confusion that Bakugou just waltzed into his room without giving a single shit, and just made himself at home on the floor like he owned it. Right, he was distracted from the matter at hand by his stupid indecisiveness. 


“ Why are you in my room?” He narrowed his eyes and punctuated his words with a slurp of soba, repeating his earlier question of ‘ what’. Just with more words. 


Bakugou was not at all bothered by the slurping. Or the question, he just continued bringing out his laptop  from his bag and took his time while Todoroki took a few steps forward and plopped down in a messy uncoordinated sprawl of limbs and a bowl of soba that thankfully didn’t spill.


He busied himself with food while waiting. If there was one thing he had, it was patience. 


“ The pairwork Aizawa mentioned in class, idiot.” Bakugou looked up from the screen of the laptop he had cracked open on the floor in front of him. He pinned Todoroki with a stare for emphasis on the ‘idiot’ part of his sentence. 


He was typing again. Then a few clicks of his mouse. He turned the screen around to face Todoroki, who was still eating. 


“ You’re gonna be working with me for the next few months.” Bakugou still looked angry, but Todoroki would hope that this time, it wasn’t because of him, but instead a default expression. He didn’t think that he was the worst partner one could possibly get. 


He brought the bowl to his lips and finished sauce inside of it, then set it down on his study table. 


Bakugou eyed the bowl distastefully. Whatever it was he regarded with disdain, it wasn’t said aloud. 


“ Okay.” Sometimes, he wondered if life would have been simpler if he had just eaten at the canteen. 


He paused for a bit and Bakugou turned the laptop back to face him


“ What were we supposed to do again?”


“ Oh my fucking, god.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou stared disbelievingly at the boy in front of him. Sure, he had mentally made fun of the likelihood that he had actually listened in class, but when it actually came through, he didn’t find the situation as amusing as it was as a figment of his imagination. 


His eyes pinned another sharp glare on the boy, like a newly sharpened, bloody dagger. He placed fifth in examinations, how-


Nevermind. There was an aggressive exhale of breath as Bakugou weighed his options to either hit the boy in front of him or to just explain. Only one of these options would help the current situation so. 


He folded his arms across his chest, an annoyed quirk pulling at the edge of his lips as he tried to keep himself from snarling out.


 “ So?” There held a pause as Bakugou waited for a response and todoroki obviously had no idea what he was getting at. He raised his eyebrow in questioning and his head cocked a little to the side. His face a transparent glass that showed the cogs turning furiously in his head. Was he an idiot or was he an idiot? 


“ How much did you listen in class.” He barked out, irritated at the realisation that he was going to have to work with this stupid, incompetent half-coloured nincompoop. 


“Um.” Todoroki’s eyes lit up with a glimmer of understanding, and he looked a little brighter. Until the realisation that there was no way for him to respond to that question. The light dimmed. 


He took a few sheepish glances at Bakugou’s displeased face and tried not to cringe. Silence gushed back in after that single filler. He would probably make him more mad with a truthful response, and if he lied then he’d easily be outed. 


“ Hurry the fuck up and speak.” Bakugou seemed to be telepathic. Somehow, he could maybe tell that Todoroki was feeling slightly intimidated or embarrassed because he stopped pushing as hard. His tone was still rough, as his voice usually was, it was firm, but not as brash or aggressive. 


The albino unfolded his arms and hunched over and seemed to continue doing something on his laptop. Maybe doing more research? He didn’t seem to be angry anymore, does that mean Todoroki didn’t need to answer the question?


“ Well?” Falling from Bakugou’s lips was a calm utterance that caused his to look up from the fiddling fingers on his lap. 


Todoroki’s shoulders loosened a little calmed by the sudden disinterest Bakugou seemed to show in ripping his head off of his shoulders. “ Didn’t hear anything other than the part that we had group work.”


He despite all the shifting he did, he was almost sure that no one would be able to read his expressions. Bakugou included. The telepathy was a lucky shot. Maybe he just got tired of shouting.


Almost as if he expected for that to be the case, his words gained little reaction from the boy across him. 


Out of nowhere Bakugou just began digging through his school bag. For what? Todoroki looked on a little curious to find out. 


He pulled out a binder notebook, as they were being shoved in his face, he could see the rainbow of colours that highlighted themselves on the page. Through the transparent cover, he could see that they were notes for the villain psyche class. 


Not just the class that had happened earlier, but for all of the previous classes too. 


He looked back at the boy who continued holding an arm out in offering of his notes. It was surprising that anyone would even consider giving him something that probably took a lot of effort to prepare, especially because Bakugou probably hated him, or at least found him extremely annoying. 


But even more surprising was that Bakugou was the studious kind. Well, it was already halfway obvious with the scores that he got, but Todoroki had just expected him to be good at this. Not to have been the type to spend hours studying. Because that’s what the notes looked like, hours of effort crammed into a small page. 


He looked from Bakugou to the notebook, wondering if it was really okay to take it. 


Bakugou probably sensed his hesitation as he began aggressively waving the notebook in his face.  “ Just take it already!” He basically growled, and threatened. 


Telepathic? No. Yaoyorozu could probably read hi to the same extent. Just observant. And aggressive enough to have extremely aggressive reactions to said observations. 


He noticed himself blanking out again, trapped in his own thoughts as he met Bakugou’s gaze once more, impatient. 


As if  the notebook was a lifeline that would lead him to salvation, he clasped it with both hands and maybe fumbled with it a little as he had it in his grip. If he tore a page or something, Bakugou just might decide to plot his murder.


Once he was sure he wasn’t going to drop it or accidentally burn it, he flipped through to the page on today’s class. 


“ Thanks.” Todoroki gingerly flipped a page, speaking almost thoughtlessly. 


“ If I see a single scratch you’re not going to have a head anymore.” 


At least that meant that Todoroki wasn’t crazy when Bakugou’s glare looked like he wanted to tear his head off. It seemed to be the prefferred method of murder at the moment. 


Silence had once again settled between them. The next hour or so was spent with Bakugou doing something on his laptop with a lot of typing. It probably had to do with the project. He didn’t seem to be the type to stay in Todoroki’s room for anything otherwise. 


He shot a few glances at Bakugou in intervals within that hour and always found him focused on something on the screen. His brows furrowed as he seemed deep in thought. 


His fingers moved fluidly across the keyboard. Quickly and efficiently, he wondered how Bakugou never seemed to stop typing other than to read an article or research something of the like.


“ Which email is yours?” Bakugou roughly groused out.


 Todoroki risked a glance at Bakugou as he wondered about the calm tone that washed through his voice. Was he usually this quiet? It was strange for the both of them to be in the same room with no hostility between them. Or no hostility from Bakugou. But it made him notice that the other boy didn’t seem perpetually angry, just perpetually irritated. 


“ Email.” He shifted where he sat on the floor into a more comfortable position. 


“ What.” Bakugou looked faintly amused and homicidal at the same time, also a bit like he didn’t understand what was going on. .” He saw Bakugou type that into his laptop apprehensively. It wasn’t that weird was it. 


He received something on his email as he saw his phone light up on his desk and buzz against the wood. 


“ Why are you such a fucking weirdo?” Bakugou snorted lightly, the edge of his lip curling up in- he didn’t know how to read that. 


But he wasn’t actually that much of a weirdo was he? At least compared to other people in the hero course-


“ I’d call myself pretty weird but look at you.” He laughed quietly to himself once more. “ Holy shit.” Todoroki didn’t respond to that because not only did this solidify the idea that Bakugou could read his mind, but also that he probably wasn't supposed to hear it.


He didn’t know whether he should take it as a compliment that Bakugou kind of smiled, or be offended that Bakugou found him weird. He decided not to think about it. 


“ Why such a weird name though?” Bakugou asked, seeming a little more open than just now, his eyes only spared Todoroki the slightest bit of attention before sliding back to whatever it was he was doing on his laptop. 


He still found the whole situation a little weird. Especially the part where Bakugou just didn’t seem to think the same. He was relaxing here like it was his room. Come to think of it, he hasn’t seen what Bakugou’s room looked like has he? 


“ Because Todoroki Shouto was taken.” Right. He probably built up a steady fanbase from the hero killer incident. And maybe even the sports festival before that. 


The thought that Bakugou would only ever be known for the sludge incident and being kidnapped left a sour taste in his mouth. 


Bakugou’s expression turned slightly cagey. Todoroki’s keen sight had picked up on this and wondered what it was he said. 


“ And email is exactly what it is.” He continued. Finishing what he was saying, hoping to bring back the slightly easier atmosphere that just fell between his fingers like grains of sand. 


But the situation remained tense. He saw the faint beginnings of smoke begin to leave Bakugou’s palms in wispy ribbons, a charcoal colour faintly rising upwards. You could see it if you squint. The smoke detector wouldn’t activate over such a small amount of smoke right? 


Bakugou was still a stranger to him. It was easy to tell what he was feeling. He was blunt, intense, honest and he probably wouldn’t prefer himself any other way. But why he felt what he felt, or why he seemed to be riding on a roller coaster of emotions, or jumping around on an emotional swing confused Todoroki. 


But he was more of a rollercoaster without tracks. 


Todoroki didn’t know how to feel about this time bomb ticking down in this room. He didn’t which wire to cut either. 


Bakugou started packing, forcefully shoving his laptop into his bag. 


“ Um.” Todoroki was at a loss for words, it felt like watching something slip his grasp. Or more of coming to the realisation he never had it anyways. It felt like losing a faint sense of what the friendship between them could have been. 


He didn’t know what to do other than sit still and stare as the blonde stood up from where he sat, very hostile, volatile and someone Todoroki would feel a little guilty to admit he didn’t want to have in his room. He very much liked having a place to sleep. And a place to study. And a door. 


Guilt bubbled in his chest that he was thinking of all that despite Bakugou’s visible agitation. It made him want to ask what was wrong. 


Well, before a phone was thrown at his face. 


He picked it up and stared on at it in slow confusion. Bakugou didn’t like waiting. 


“ Put your number in it fuckface!” He gave Bakugou a glance, looking up at where he towered  over him, arms crossed in irritation as his patience ran thin in his veins. 


He quickly typed in his number and saved it under Todoroki, proceeding to pass it back to the angry- pomeranian? Why was he reminded of an angry pomeranian?


Bakugou snatched the cell back from Todoroki and stomped off towards the door. Then Todoroki came to the sudden realisation that he was still holding on to Bakugou’s notes. 


“ Your notes-” He was cut off from what he was about to say by Bakugou screaming back at him. 


Bakugou turned back to face him. “ Pass them back tomorrow, how the fuck else are you supposed to get something in that empty brain of yours, huh?” He seemed to be snarling. Yes, a pomeranian was an accurate description, if not a little offensive. What he didn’t know didn’t hurt him. 


“ But I can’t go the the library, I’m not in uniform-” Bakugou had let him come quite close to finishing his sentence before screaming out again. He saw that as him being kind. 


“ Not my problem, figure it out.” With that he turned right around and left, slamming the door shut behind him. 


Leaving behind a very confused Todoroki. 


Part of him hoped that Bakugou would help him photocopy it because otherwise he’d have to leave the school dorms to find somewhere to photocopy the notes, or change back into his school uniform so that he could get into the school library. 


Neither were ideal. 


Living in a dorm he didn’t have an extra set of uniforms for the week, and the dirty ones weren’t washed yet. He tended to do that on Saturdays. 


He got up to leave for the closest library to photocopy the notes, dryly thinking to himself that interacting with Bakugou was a strange experience and not one for the weak hearted. 


Just as he left the room with Bakugou’s notebook in hand, the smell of the hallway smacked him in the face. It smelled of nothing. Which also hit him with the realisation that his room smelled of Bakugou.


Bakugou smelled like caramel, was that weird? Yes it was. 


And people say he’s the weird one. 


He let out a sharp humorless exhale from his nose and began making his way to the closest photocopier.