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V is for: Vibrator

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Izuku was really horny. Like, really horny. She couldn’t focus she was so horny, and Kacchan wasn’t around to help her take care of it. With mild embarrassment, she dug out her vibrator, pulled the blinds, shut the door and pulled out her phone. The perks of being top pro heroes is that they got a lot of media coverage, and there was plenty of videos of her and Kacchan fighting together, and she secretly loved watching those videos back, just to focus on Kacchan. She stripped down to her panties and switched on the vibrator as she found her favorite video of him.


It was the tail end of his fight with a villain; Kacchan was looking for the woman who caused the carnage, walking through the abandoned, rubble filled streets. His hero costume was ripped in several places, mostly on his right side, exposing the muscles of his body. His chest glistened with sweat and dirt, making him look rugged and powerful, even more so than normal. His face furrowed in determination and concentration, his crimson eyes scanning the area for his target. The villain had retreated for a while, and the video was a great deal of Kacchan just patrolling around. Still, seeing his amazing body was enough to excite her, the combat was an added bonus. She slid the vibrator between her folds, already slick with her arousal, and pressed down on her clit. She alternated the amount of pressure she applied to her clit, circling her hips up into the pleasure tool.


Kacchan,” she breathed out, forcing her head to stay up to watch the video of him.


When the villain came out from her hiding spot, they mostly engaged in Quirkless combat. It was the tail end of a long, exhausting fight, and both parties were spread thin. Still, the close ups of them exchanging punches was an erotic sight for her. She pressed the vibrator more firmly against herself, teasing the end of the vibrator at her entrance, which was slick from how horny she was.


“Mnh, Ka-cchan,” she sighed, rolling her hips down onto the vibrator. She pushed the tip of it inside of her, swirling it around and stretching herself out. She wiggled her hips down on the toy, taking it deeper inside of her, trying to imagine it was Kacchans cock.


Kacchan~” she moaned out, bucking her hips up slightly. “Kacchan, love your cock inside of me, mmh, aah, ffah, Kacchan,” she cried out, throwing her head back as she moved the toy in and out of her. She clamped down on the toy as she bit her bottom lip and whined, her orgasm steadily approaching.


“Kacchan, more, please! More,” she cried out to the empty apartment.


Or, she had thought it was empty. When the door was suddenly pushed open, she nearly shrieked in surprise. She scrambled upright as she saw Kacchan standing in the doorway, a tent in his pants and the telltale look of arousal on his face.


“K-Kacchan! I-I—“


“Keep going,” he said, his voice deep and gravely.


“Mm!” she moaned, his voice setting her insides aflame and her pussy pulsing around the vibrator. “B-but K-ah!-Kacchan, wh-“


Don’t make me tell you again,” he growled, stalking over to her, almost pinning her down to the bed with his eyes. She whimpered at his words but began to slowly push and pull at the vibrator, in and out of her.


That’s it, baby,” he murmured, walking over to her and kneeling on the bed. Her toes curled into the blankets and she jolted when she felt his warm palm travel up her leg to her knee. He pushed her knee to the side and ran his hands down her outer thighs, hooking his fingers around her underwear and pulling them off of her shaky legs. He pushed her legs apart again, allowing him a perfect view of her twitching opening, greedily pulling in the vibrator.


Ka-cchan,” she sighed, her head dropping against the pillow as her back arched off of the bed. Slick leaked out of her opening between her cheeks, soaking up into the bed sheets beneath her. 


“Deku,” he cooed, getting up off of the bed. Her eyes were closed as she continued to fuck herself with the vibrator. She heard a soft ‘thud’ of something hitting the floor, before he crawled back over her. He wrapped his hand around hers and pulled the vibrator out of her, leaving her twitching and empty.


“N-no! Kacchan, please,” she begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes. He smirked down on her and pressed something else to her opening. “O-oh.”


“Don’t worry, Deku,” he purred, grinning down at her ferally. “I’ll take good care of you,” he promised as he pushed his cock inside of her. She tossed her head back again as his large girth stretched her out, him slowly rolling his hips into her.


Kacchan,” she moaned, her breath hitching as he moved in and out of her.


“Isn’t this better?” he asked, his voice almost taunting. She nodded her head vigorously and almost screamed as he pressed the discarded vibrator against her clit, moving it around in circles. “You like that, Deku?


“Y-yes! K-Kacchan! More, please!” she begged, reaching her hands up to dig her nails into his shoulders. His hips picked up in pace as he began to pound into her, their hips colliding together harshly, almost violently as they went on. The slap of skin against skin was erotic all on its own, not to mention the delicious sounds her pussy made as he pounded into her.


“Deku, you feel so fucking good, fuck. Couldn’t even wait for me to get home, huh?” he asked, gnawing at her neck as he fucked her.


“Yes, Kacchan,” she whined, the coil inside her tightening. “Missed you so badly, mm, ah!” she cried, biting down onto his neck as her legs spasmed around him.


“Fuck, fuck,” he growled into her neck, his pace becoming sloppy and uncoordinated. “Fuck, Deku, so good, fuck!”


“Yes, Kacchan, fuck, aaah!” she cried out, her back arching almost painfully as she came, her inner walls clamping down on his cock as he gave a few final choppy thrusts. With a low groan, he came inside of her, his cock pulsing within her. He dropped the vibrator onto the bed as he rested his forehead against hers, both of them panting heavily. She tilted her head up to kiss him, their lips moving lazily against one another.


“Miss me?” he asked cheekily, smirking down at her. She felt her cheeks flush despite herself and looked away in embarrassment.


“Y-you could say that,” she stuttered, laughing nervously. He switched the vibrator off and reached for her discarded phone.


“What were you even watching?” he asked, opening up her phone to see what she was viewing. “... what the fuck?”


“What?” she asked in embarrassment, looking away. “I-I like watching you.”


“Tch,” he scoffed, tossing the phone aside. “Damn nerd. I love you.”


“I love you too, Kacchan,” she giggled, meeting his sweet kiss.