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The Difference Between Kaminari and Mineta- A Short Essay

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Since the beginning of My Hero Academia/ Boku no Hero Academia, herein referred to as MHA or BNHA, there has always been a common denominator among fans; the passionate, burning hate for Minoru Mineta. Alongside this hate, comes the argument, "what's the difference between Kaminari Denki and Minoru Mineta?" This essay's purpose is to explore the various arguments and facts that makes Kaminari Denki the more lovable of the pair of perverts.

Let's begin first with the core of Mineta's character and his purpose. He exists as the comic relief, and as the relatable coward. In Episode 36, he says, "I wanted to be popular with girls. That's why I wanted to become a hero."(a) His entire character profile is based around the female populace. According to his Wiki, his favorite thing is "girls."(b) He often makes females uncomfortable and consistently attempts to grope women as seen in. On the contrary, Horikoshi, the creator of the MHA Universe, says that Denki Kaminari's purpose is to "tie the class together."(b) While he is often Mineta's counterpart and accomplice during his many schemes and perverted hijinks, Kaminari has never once been seen or accused of sexual harassment or groping.

He has also been known to be perverted during important tests, such as the Battle Trial Arc, where he is paired with Momo Yaoyorozu(c). Of course, Momo's infamous skimpy outfit was impossible for our grape-themed pervert to ignore. There is no scene where Kaminari is openly perverted during times of crisis, even when fighting villains with the same barely-clothed Momo or his presumed crush, Kyoka Jiro.

As stated before, Mineta is a sort of a "relatable coward". He often panics and hides during crisis situations, or overuses his quirk to the point of hurting himself in his panic. Kaminari is always considerate of his quirk and his comrade's safety as seen during the USJ attack (d), and when he makes considerable changes to his outfit before the Provisional Licensing Exam. Beyond this, he has a measurable consideration for his close friends, jumping to the defense of Katsuki Bakugo, who is often viewed as antagonistic and a general nuisance (e). In My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Kaminari takes the duty of convincing Mineta to help save I-Island not by telling him it would save the many citizens and his classmates, but by telling him he would be popular with the ladies afterward(f). Kaminari has his morals and priorities in a more heroic place than Mineta.

While Kaminari's purpose for becoming a hero is not explicitly stated, he acts with selflessness, showcasing that he has compassion, empathy, and values his classmates. Mineta, on the contrary, is often a source of negativity among the Class. He often makes both the females and males of the class uncomfortable and often, disgusted. Even Kaminari acknowledges when his little purple pervert friend goes too far. During season 3 episode 1, Mineta is checking out the girls in their school-issued swim outfits when Kaminari says disappointedly, "you'll take anything, won't you?"

In conclusion, Kaminari is a better character overall than Mineta, and should not be compared to him by way of perversion. Mineta lacks the dignity, compassion for his classmates, and personal filter that makes Kaminari a much better character. The differences between the two, while not as stark at face value, have a grand measure when put through analysis. While Mineta isn't completely awful like other characters in anime such as Tomotsu, A.K.A.Mokkun, Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist, or other characters who have shocked the audience before with their heinous crimes, Minoru Mineta is still a comic relief character, unlike Kaminari who is fundamental in the social structure of Class 1-A, according to Horikoshi himself.

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