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Emerald Flare

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Midoriya Izuku had been bullied at the tender age of four.


Midoriya Izuku was diagnosed quirkless at the young age of five.


Midoriya Izuku was beaten in the school playground at five years old.


Midoriya Izuku got his quirk at the late age of five, and he had never been happier.




"G-guys, come on!! You can't pick on people just because you think you're better than them!"


He felt... Warm.


"What the hell do you mean, Deku? We can do whatever you want!"


Like something was.. Burning inside of him.


"Yeah! Some weakling like you can't go against us!"


"Hey, shut your mouth! I'm the only one allowed to call him that!!"


"... Geeze."


It was spreading. Like a flame, or a forest fire.


"Really guys, hurting people isn't right!! Don't you want to be heroes?!"


It didn't burn. it was like it was a part of him, and maybe it was.


"Alright, that's it! Stop standing in my way, Deku!"


Izuku felt the punch hit his cheek, and flames rose up.




"Oi, Deku?"


"Yeah Kacchan..?"


"I'm sorry.. About everything."


He smiled, warm even without the green flames licking at his fingers. "I forgive you."




"So, I thought you said he was quirkless? Do you even know how much that had broken my baby's heart?!"


"Now, now, calm down Mrs. Midoriya. It was just a simple mistake. Right now, we should be focusing on the aspects of young Izuku's quirk."


"... Right."


The doctor-the same one who had crushed his dreams-turned towards him, his face as cold and expressionless as ever. "So tell me, what does your quirk do?"


Izuku beamed, curly green hair bobbing up and down as he bounced in the chair. "Well..."




Midoriya Izuku gained a best friend at the age of five.


Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki claimed each other as brothers at the age of six.


Midoriya Izuku dreamed of being a hero.


And he would be, no matter what, or he would die trying. Because Mom said he could, and Kacchan wants him to be his equal, so he isn't giving up now.




My name is Midoriya Izuku, and this is the story of how I became the greatest hero.

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“Wow!! That’s a huge villain!”




A giant villain swung their arm at the heroes, flinging rubble from the broken bridge into the air.


“Turning into a monster? What a cool quirk! What did he do?”


“Tried to steal a purse and got scared when he was cornered.”


“A-ah, excuse me!”


“Yeah.. There’s a villain attack, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to work today..”


“EEK! Get him Kamui!!”


“Ah! Who's fighting?!” Midoriya squeezed to the front of the growing crowd, eyes wide as he watched the fight happening on the bridge. He had been walking to school when he heard the shouts and the fighting, and well, he had to watch it.


Kamui Woods, popular young hero, stood off against the villain, “Illegal use of abilities during rush hour, as well as robbery and assault? You’re pure evil.”


Midoriya grimaced, Eh-eh? Not really…


Even so, he couldn’t help but get excited at the sight of the pro-hero.


“It’s Kamui Woods!! The popular young super-star!!” Midoriya shouted, pumping his fist in the air out of excitement.


A man next to him smiled, turning towards him, “A running commentary eh? Kid, are you a fanboy?!”


Midoriya blushed, “Uh- No. Heh heh..” Turning back to the fight, he watched as Kamui readied his special attack.


“.. You’re punishment.”




“Here it comes. It’s his “preemptive binding…” 


“.. Lacquered chain prison!!!”


Kamui’s arm spread forward into thick branches, spreading out and preparing to-


“Canyon Canon!!”


A large lady, correction, a very large lady, drop-kicked the villain off the bridge, effectively rendering him unconscious. Behind Midoriya, camera-men gathered together, whispering lines of “It’s her, it’s her, it’s her.”


The woman stood up, posing to show off her…. Assests. “Today’s my debut! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady! ” the large woman- Mt. Lady , his mind corrected, shrunk down to a normal size, ah, her quirk, waving to the crowd.


Along with quirks popping up came an explosion in the crime rate. While nations struggled to overhaul their legal systems, brave individuals took up the mantle of heroes straight out of the comic books, protecting people from evil-doers!


With public support, some quickly acquired the right to serve as heroes in an official capacity. Depending on their performance, they have the potential to earn.. Government pay! Fame and glory!


Midoriya quickly took out a notebook, scribbling down notes about the fight.


“Gigantification huh? It’s a powerful quirk and quite common, but could the threat of public property destruction limit its uses? Hm.. I guess it depends on whether she can manipulate her size at will-”


“You taking notes?! I guess you wanna be a hero yourself. Good luck!”


The mans words startled him, but he quickly shot him a bright smile, a light blush on his cheeks, “Thanks!! I’ll try!”



“Alright, it’s time to pass these out so you can pick your career choice.. Though I’m sure you all want to be HEROES!”


Izuku’s classmates roared, cheers and quirks all over the place, of course, all quirks that he’s already studied. Izuku watched as his teacher calmed down the students, saying things along the line of “No quirks allowed in school.. Yes yes you all are wonderful..”


“Hey teach!” Oh no, Kacchan- “Don’t go lumping me and Deku in with these low-rate extras!” 


Izuku sighed as the rest of the class protested against his childhood friend, Bakugou Katsuki.


“Get over yourself Katsuki!” Bakugou only laughed.


“Shut up! Extras should act like extras!”


“Ah right… Bakugou, aren’t you aiming for U.A High School?” Everyone froze at the teachers words, shock rippling through the class. Well, except for Bakugou and Midoriya.


Once again the class erupted in voices, though this time with shock and admiration, “No way!! That legendary school?! The cut off this year is only 79 right?!” “Yeah! They barely accept anyone in!” Similar shouts bounced around the room, but they were cut off as Bakugou jumped on top of his desk, a large smirk plastered on his face as his voice carried out.


“Ah the talk of stupid extras! I aced the mock exam! The only ones here worthy of being in U.A are me and Deku! I’ll even surpass All Might and become the greatest hero in the world! Right,” Bakugou turned towards Midoriya, “Deku?!”


Midoriya gave a small smile, his back straightening in his seat at the sound of Bakugou’s support. “R-right!” 


However. Not everyone had the same ideas, “Wa.. Wait.. Are you saying that.. Midoriya is applying for U.A?!?”


Midoriya flinched, already preparing himself for the words that were about to come.


“HA! As if some nobody could get in U.A! ” “Yeah right!” Midoriya sunk further into his seat as a few students laughed, his head hidden in his arms. 


“SHUT UP YOU DUMB EXTRAS! DEKU HERE IS BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU COMBINED! Except for me of course!” The ones laughing quieted at his shout, not wanting to anger him any more.


Midoriya sent him a grateful smile, and he scoffed in return. He’s pretty sure that Bakugou is only friends with him because he wants to prove he’s stronger than “Green Flame Izuku”, but he’s grateful for him nonetheless. Throughout his school years, he had been teased and bullied whenever Kacchan wasn't around, mostly by the same three people who used to follow Kacchan around. And he had to admit.. It.. Hurt. But over the years, he had made a few friends, even if they weren't that close. The people he had helped, and those who just wanted to know new people, it was nice, having people like that. Rumors about his quirk had spread from the few moments he had properly used it in front of others, and soon enough he had a reputation of his own. Though it wasn't nearly as known as Kacchan's.


He still couldn't believe how Kacchan had stood up for him, and will forever be grateful, even if he does cuss him out a lot.



It’s been a week since he had gotten his quirk, and today is the day he’ll be able to show Kacchan!


Midoriya hugged his mom goodbye, and headed into the school.


“Kacchan! Look! I finally got my quirk!!” he held his hands out, watching in delight as the beautiful green flames lit up on his palms.


‘Kacchan’ walked closer, excitement clear on his face at the sight of Midoriya’s quirk.


“Haha! Looks like you got a cool quirk, but it’s nowhere close to being as awesome as mine Deku!”


Despite the slight put-down, Midoriya beamed at him, just happy to be accepted.


“Ha! He’s still a dumb loser though!” one of Bakugou’s ‘followers’ sneered.


….. What?


“Yeah! I bet it’s super weak too!” the kid with the leathery wings smirked, turning towards a confused Bakugou.


“What do you mean? Deku’s-” he jerked a thumb towards him, “-way more awesome than you guys.”




One of the ‘followers’ jerked back in surprise, obviously not expecting that answer.


“Wh-what do you mean?! Isn’t Deku just a useless kid?” That seemed to be the wrong thing to say, as Bakugou’s eyes darkened, his fists clenched at his sides.


“HEY! Don’t you dare call Deku useless!! That’s my job! And ‘sides, we’re gonna be the best heroes in the world! Way better than any of you pieces of shit!”


“Ka-Kacchan! That’s a bad word!!”



12:02 PM Downtown



“Thief!! Someone stop him!”


“Hehe… Catch me.. If you can!”


A villain raced down the streets, their body seemingly made out of a green sludge, with only their mouth and eyes appearing solid.


One of the surrounding citizens sighed, “Someone is bound to show up.”


“This guy must’ve been inspired by the chaos this morning. Lots of people out there who just can’t control their quirks I guess.”


Behind them, the shadow of a person appeared.


“There’s no end to them.”


“Yes, there is.”


The people quickly turned their heads toward the voice, awe radiating through the crowd.


“Why, you ask? Cuz..”


The hero who saves everyone with a smile!


“I am here!!”



That incident from this morning is all over the news! Better get home so I can write more notes about it.. Midoriya gathered up his things, pausing only when Bakugou walked up to him.


“Oi Deku, ready to go home yet? Or are you still gonna take your sweet time writing in that dumb notebook of yours?”


Midoriya sighed, zipping his backpack. “It’s not stupid Kacchan.” This must be the thousandth time I’ve said that.


“Tch. Whatever. You still can’t become a hero off of just hero notes, that remains a fact.”


He smiled up at him, rolling his eyes, “Yes, I know Kacchan. That’s why we train together all the time!” he ‘Hmph’ed in response, “And sorry, but I’m gonna walk by myself today. I don’t wanna slow you down by taking the long way!”


“Fine, damn nerd.”


Midoriya watched as Bakugou walked away, mumbling something along the lines of “.. thinks anything could get in my way..” under his breath.


He could only smile.



He still remembers it like it was yesterday, the day he got his quirk.


“Mommy! Play the video!!”


They had just finished eating the celebratory katsudon, and now Inko watched as Izuku rocked back and forth in his chair, eagerly awaiting the start of the video.


It was.. An old video.


The video played, showing a fiery setting, rubbled scattered everywhere, flames and smoke rising in the sky.


There was a big incident a while back, but in the aftermath…


-Are you seeing this?!?-


A man was yelling to the side, turning the camera towards a tall shadow in the background.


-He’s already saved a hundred people! Wow!! And it’s only been ten minutes! Wow!!-


.. A certain hero made his debut.




The camera zoomed in on the figure, revealing a hulking man with bright blonde hair, two “horns” sticking straight up at the front, forming a “v” shape, and the rest slicked back behind his head.


- Fear not! Why, you ask? Because… -


The camera zoomed in more, and the man’s grin widened.


- I am here! -


“Ahh!! He’s so coool!!! I wanna be just like him!”



“So, you said he gained a quirk?”


Inko nodded, folding her hands in her lap as she and Izuku sat down in the office.


“Yes, he got it just yesterday.”


Dr. Tsubasa hummed, his goggles hiding his eyes. “Interesting. I was sure he would be quirkless.”


Inko fixed him with a glare. “Well, it seems you were wrong.”


Seemingly unaffected by her glare, the doctor moved on. “So, do you mind telling me what his quirk is?”


Seeing a chance to speak up, Izuku held up his hands and activated his quirk. “It’s super cool! I can make green fire! It can spread across my whooole body and get really really hot! And I can control it too!! Look!” Izuku  twirled his finger, and the flames on his right hand twisted upwards, and spun in a circle.


Dr. Tsubasa put a hand on his chin, before taking out a clipboard and writing something. “And does it have a name yet?


At this, Inko looked down at Izuku, seeing him in his “thinking mode”, where he would put his hand over his mouth and mutter up a storm.


“Well, the quirk is green fire itself right? So I could name it green fire but that doesn’t sound very cool and I can also control it so that has to count for something as well. I haven’t really gotten the chance to train with it yet so it could have more abilities that I don’t know of, can I really name it off of just it’s color and element? This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, maybe I could name it- OH!”


Izuku stopped his muttering storm, seeming to finally have decided on a name.


“Emerald Flare!!”


“Oh, what a lovely name for it Izuku!” Inko exclaimed, smiling and hugging her son.


Dr. Tsubasa, jotted down the name on the quirk registry papers, his face emotionless. “Alright, Emerald Flare it is. Now, is there anything else?”


Inko smiled down at her son again, “No, I think that’s all.”



- Never fear! Why, you ask? -


The camera zoomed in on the figure.


- Because I am here! -


“A hero that saves everyone with a smile.. Do you think.. I can be like that?”


Inko walked over to her son, hugging his small frame, “Yes. I know so.”



And that’s when I decided. I’ll become a hero who can save people with a smile!


Trapped in his thoughts, Midoriya didn’t notice the clanging of the sewer grate as he walked under the bridge, nor did he notice the large shadow looming over him.


“A medium sized body… To hide in..!”


He barely jumped away in time.


Midoriya snapped his head up, getting a good look at what had tried to attack him. A villain?!


The villain’s body was made of sludge, it’s stench filling the air and making it harder to breathe. 


Before he had more time to think, the villain pounced once more, it’s jarred and ragged voice sounding throughout the underpassage.


“Oh! Aren’t you a strong one!” Midoriya ducked, safely dodging the attack, “How perfect.


Thank God for all those years of training with Kacchan, otherwise I’m pretty sure I already would be caught… Now how can I get out of thi-


Before he could react, the sludge villain pounced on him, covering his entire body. He tried to close his mouth, but the foul-smelling sludge was shoved down his throat and up his nose before he could succeed, cutting off his air and making it harder to struggle.


Without a second thought, Midoriya activated his quirk, bright emerald flames covering his body instantly, lighting up the underpass with a green glow. The flames flared, heat sizzling in the air, and enveloping the villains body.


For a second, he thought it had worked, but then the sludge wrapped even tighter around him, choking him, trapping him, and oh my God I’m going to die here I can’t escape Mom- Kacchan- anyone-


The villain spoke, and despite the years of getting stronger and braver, he could feel tears building up in his eyes.


“Don’t worry. I’m just hijacking your body! Calm down. It’ll only hurt for about 45 seconds, and then it’ll all be over… You know, you’re my hero! I never would have thought that he would be in this town.”


Midoriya launched flames at the villains face in a vain attempt to get free, and this time, it worked.


The villain jerked back, his eyes slamming shut, and the hold on his body loosening just enough for him to get in a breath.


“Help me-!”


“Fear not, kid!!”




Is that..?


A large fist burst open the sewer grate, and a large figure leaped out.




They pulled their arm back, readying themselves for a punch.








All…. Might..?





“... ey! Hey kid! Wake up!”


Midoriya woke up to the feeling of someone slapping his cheek.




“Thank goodness! You’re awake!”


Oh yeah… All Might saved me.




“WHA-?!” Midoriya screamed, scooting back as far as he could from the hulking figure in front of him.


All Might stood up and put a hand over his face, smile still intact. “Apologies for getting you caught up in my villain hunt. Mistakes like that aren’t my style but.. This is strange land to me, and besides I’m off camera!”


He reached into his pocket and pulled out two soda bottles filled with the sludge villain, holding them up in all their “glory”, “But my success here is all thanks to you! I’ve contained the villain!!”


Oh my… Oh my God it’s really All Might!! He’s really here! I- I should ask for an autograph!


“All- All Might, could I have an-” Midoriya took out his notebook and flipped to a blank page, only to see an autograph already there, “HE ALREADY DID IT!!”


Midoriya jumped up, bowing so low he’s surprised his head didn’t hit the floor. “Thank you so much!! I’ll treasure it forever!!”


All Might gave him a thumbs-up, already walking away with the captured villain in his pockets. “Now, I must take this criminal to the authorities! You can see me again on TV!” He bent down, preparing to jump.


“Ah- Wait! All Might there’s-!” his sentence was cut off by a gust of wind from All Might’s departure, “... A hole in your pocket… Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”



Bakugou walked down the alley, kicking a random bottle of soda as he went. 


“Hey Bakugou, wanna go to the arcade?” 


His eye twitched.


“Yeah come on! It’ll be fun!”


“I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STOP FOLLOWING ME YOU LOSERS!” Bakugou yelled, turning to face the two of his classmates. They were part of the group that had followed him everywhere as kids, and it seems they never let up on it. As if he wasn’t annoyed enough as it is.


“A.. ah.. Hey… Bakugou..!”




“Be- behind you!”


“A body.. With a good quirk~!”


“... Huh..?”



Midoriya walked down the street, still gawking over the fact that he met All Might of all people.


He was snapped from his thoughts by the sound of an explosion, and by the looks of it, it wasn’t too far away.


“Another villain perhaps..?”


He walked towards the crowd, accidentally bumping into someone while trying to get to the front.


“Ah! Sorry!” he stammered, quickly bowing to the man.


“No no, it’s alright! I should’ve seen you coming.”


Bowing once more, Midoriya continued moving forward. Strange.. I feel like I’ve met him before… Oh well.


When he finally reached the front of the crowd, what he saw shocked him to his core.


Is that- the sludge villain?!?


He was right, there, in the middle of the street, with flames and broken buildings all around him, was the villain who had almost killed him not too long ago. And in the middle of it, was a person.


What?! How? Did All Might drop him- oh. The holes, right.


“Why’re the heroes just standing there?”


They can’t do anything, their quirks aren’t suited for this!


“Seems the villain’s grabbed a middle schooler.”


Grabbed?! Then that means.. They must be hurting! Where’s All Might?! I thought he was near!


“Hey.. Wasn’t All Might chasing this villain earlier?”

“What?! All Might’s really here?!”


“Yeah, I saw him earlier.”


“Then what’s he doing now?”


What can I do? Something, anything!! My quirk can’t do anything against him.. But I have to do something!!”


The hostage thrashed, explosions blasting the surrounding buildings as they struggled,the hold on them loosening just enough to reveal a head of light blonde hair and bright, pleading, red eyes.




Without thinking, Midoriya ran forward, flames already erupting over his body, bursts of fire already shooting forward towards the villain.


I’ve gotta help!!


“It’s that kid again..!”


“... Deku!”


Midoriya focused some of his fire onto his feet, boosting his speed as he continued to launch his flames at the villain.


The villain screamed, the smell of burning sewage filling the air as his grip on Bakugou wavered, giving him a chance to run forward.


Midoriya clawed at the sludge, careful to keep his flames away from Bakugou so as not to hurt him. 


“.. Deku! What are you doing?! Get away from here stupid nerd!”


Midoriya grimaced, but didn’t stop his futile attempts to pull him out. His quirk flared, emerald flames blazing higher, the heat almost suffocating as he reached towards the upper limits of his quirk. He could hear the heroes yelling for him to come back, but he ignored their calls, instead focusing on how to get Kacchan out.


“Why aren’t you leaving?!”


“.. Because.. I had to save you!!”


The sludge villain raised their arm, readying an explosion.


I’m sorry!


“.. Stop.. Iiit!!”


“Is he looking to get killed?!? He’ll die for nothing!”


Midoriya felt himself be pushed away, his quirk dissipating.


“Haha.. I fear I’m losing my touch!”


All Might stood before him, wisps of smoke covering his body, and his arm pulled back.


“A pro must always be prepared to risk their life!!”


All Might..









“... Rain?”


“No way.. The air pressure.. The rising current..”


“Hey hey hey hey hey!!”




“Amazing.. That’s.. That’s All Might!”




Afterwards, the heroes collected the villain’s scattered body. Seems like the police managed to get him into custody. The heroes were really mad at me.


“There was absolutely no reason for you to run out there!! You could've gotten hurt! Quirk or not!”


Kacchan, on the other hand, was praised.


“You were amazing out there! And that quirk! Consider becoming my sidekick once you become a pro!”


Once Midoriya was let go, he immediately went to go check on Kacchan.


“Kacchan! Are you okay?!”


Bakugou was already standing up to leave, the only injuries on him being a few scratches.


“Yeah, I’m fine, ya damn nerd.” he lowered his head, “But….”






“Ahah.. Sorry Kacchan.” Guess that’s just his way of saying he cares.


After making sure he was okay, Midoriya left to head home, today’s events swirling in his head.


I can’t believe All Might saved me.. Twice.. I wonder why he disappeared-?






Midoriya jumped back, staring in confusion and awe at the sight of All Might standing in front of him. “All Might?! Why are you here? You were surrounded by reporters..”


And what happened next shall forever haunt his memories.


“Shaking them off is nothing to me!! After all, I’m All Mi- ACK!”




Where All Might once stood was a tall, skeleton-like man, his face sunken in and gaunt, and his much-too-large clothes hanging off of his thin body like an oversized coat.


“Heh- EHHH?!?! YOU’RE ALL SHRIVELED UP! Huh?! Were you… Huh?! A fake!? An imposter?! So thin!!”


“..... I am All Migh- blegh..” Midoriya squeaked at the blood that gushed out of the stranger’s, All Might’s his mind corrected, mouth.


“NO WAY!!”


“You know how people hold in their gut at the pool? It’s like that.”


“NO WAY!!”


“An imposter huh..” All Might sat down against a wall, ignoring Izuku’s cries of ‘no way…’ , “This is the real me, kid. Don’t write about this on the internet okay?” All Might lifted his oversized shirt, revealing a large, almost spider web-like scar covering his entire left side, reaching up to his shoulder.


Midoriya grimaced, “Ah.. How are you…”


“Alive?” He flinched. “Five years ago.. An enemy did this to me. My respiratory system was nearly destroyed, and my stomach was removed. I’ve wasted away because of the after-effects of those surgeries. I can only do my hero work for about three hours a day now.”


Midoriya thought back to all of the fights he’s seen of All Might throughout the years, thinking of when this could have happened, “Five years ago? When you fought Toxic Chainsaw?”


“You’ve done your homework kid! But no, that lowlife could never do this to me!” All Might lowered his head, his already shadowed eyes becoming darker.


“This was never made public. That is, I asked that it not be made public. A Symbol of Peace who saves people with a smile.. Must never be daunted by evil.”


Wow.. So this is the Number One Hero!




Midoriya snapped back to attention, almost giving himself whiplash with how fast he snapped his head up.




“I’ve come to thank you. And I have a proposal.”




“You reminded me what being a hero is all about, so thank you!!”


“I- what? That’s.. But I couldn’t even do anything.. My quirk couldn’t do anything in that situation..”


“Exactly! Of everyone there.. Even out of the heroes, it was you , scared and practically quirkless, who ran forward! You spurred me into action!!”


… What is this?


“Most of the top heroes show signs of greatness even as children.. Many of them claim that their bodies simply moved before they could think!”


Tears welled up in his eyes, the words of so many others filling his mind.




“Ha, like Deku will be able to do anything!”


“I bet he can’t even control his quirk!”


“As if you can become a hero with just notes!”


“That’s what happened to you back there, yes?!”




“You can become a hero.”


Midoriya cried, the pain of being told over and over that he couldn't be a hero, even with a quirk, overwhelming him. Even Kacchan’s words had never.. Affected him this much. How could this day get any better?! It couldn’t!!


“I believe you’re worthy.. Of inheriting my power!!”

“.... Huh?!”

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry… what?”


So many things were racing through his head at that moment, his mumbling once again taking control.


“Inherit your power? Does he mean quirk? If so, how is that possible? Last I checked there was no such thing as passing on a quirk or inheriting a quirk so how is this possible? There have been so many debates over All Might’s quirks but nothing like this has ever come up. Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming. After all, there’s no where the All Might is a living skeleton who also happens to want to give me his quirk right? I mean that just sounds ridiculous-”


“Oi, kid, you’re freaking me out.”


Midoriya snapped his mouth shut, quickly apologizing.


He looked up again, confusion written all over his face, “Sorry.. All Might. But, if I may ask.. What exactly do you mean?”


“HAHAHA!! What’s that face for!? I’m giving you a proposal! Listen here, my boy..” All Might pointed at Izuku, blood gushing out of his mouth and if that isn’t concerning I don’t know what is, “I’m asking you.. If you want to try accepting my power!”


His power..?


“This concerns my quirk, kid. Everyone likes to guess that it’s “super strength” or “boost” power. And I always avoid answering in interviews by making jokes. Because All Might, the “Symbol of Peace”, has to be a natural born hero.” All Might spread his arms wide, his head facing the sky, “But my quirk.. It was passed down to me. Like the olympic torch.”


“Passed.. Down to you..? But that’s…” Midoriya racked his brain for answers, thinking about every quirk he’s ever encountered and studied, every debate and theory he’s ever seen, but each time he came up short. Passing down a quirk.. Who had ever heard of such a thing? Wait…


“Then.. You want me to..”


“Yes. I think you’ve already figured it out haven’t you? I want to pass on my quirk to you! It is called… One For All!”


“One.. For All...”


“The first person cultivates the power, and then passes it to another. The next refines it and passes it on again. With this, those crying out to be saved and those with brave and true hearts link to form a crystalline network of power!!”


Even though the quirk had been explained, he was still confused about one thing. “I.. I can’t believe you’re telling me all this but… Why are you asking me to do this? Surely there are plenty more amazing people out there..”


All Might smiled, the image both slightly creepy and yet comforting on his gaunt face, “I’ve been looking for someone worthy to inherit my power for a while now, and I believe that you’re the one! Even though your quirk wasn’t suited for that situation.. Even though you knew you couldn’t do anything… You still ran out!! With nothing more than the simple need to help.


Oh.. that’s.. 


“But of course it depends on your answer! So, what do you say?”


I don’t have a reason not to accept.. He’s told me his greatest secrets, and he believes in me! There’s no doubt…


“I accept!!”



Izuku walked down the path towards Dagobah beach, typing out a message on his phone.


Green Bean 7:35pm:

Sorry kacchan!! I cant spar tonight, i’ve got plans


All Might had told him to meet him at Dagobah beach later in the day to discuss something. About what, he didn’t know. Hearing a ‘ding’ from his phone, he read the new message.


Explosion King 7:35pm:

Damn nerd, you better be ready to make up for missing it tomorrow


Typing a quick reply back, he put away his phone, looking up to see he had arrived at the beach.


He hadn't told his mom about All Might when he got home. Or Kacchan for that matter. The things he was told were… Well a lot, to say the least. And he didn’t want to spread All Might’s secrets around like candy on Halloween night.


Midoriya scanned the trash filled beach for any sight of All Might, his hands nervously pulling at his shirt. When he finally saw him, he was in his true form, back turned against the sun. He seemed.. Almost lonely.


“All Might!!” 


All Might jumped, quickly twisting around and putting a finger up to his mouth, making a “shhhh!!!” noise.


“Don’t say that out loud!” Midoriya realized what he meant, and after making sure there was no one else near them, he relaxed.


“Sorry All Might!” Midoriya looked around again, eyeing the piles of trash surrounding them, “And um.. What? Exactly are we doing here?”


All Might smiled, gesturing to the mounds of trash, “We’re here to discuss your training!”


“My.. Training?”


“Haha, you see, you aren’t a proper vessel for my quirk yet!”


More confusion, “Wa-wait!! That isn’t what you said before!”


“Your body. I mean your body isn’t ready to handle it yet!”


“.... Huh?”


All Might gestured to Midoriya, “Though you are currently more fit than the average person.. It still isn’t enough to start using my quirk.”


“My quirk is the mixed strength of many people. For example.. If you were to use my quirk now, there’s a big chance that your limbs could be broken beyond repair!”


“What?!” thinking about it, Midoriya supposes it’s true. He can’t imagine what would happen to him if he wasn’t as fit as he was now.. “So then.. Is my training going to be cleaning up the beach?”


“Yes!!” All Might bulked up, startling Izuku, “But that isn’t all!”


All Might walked over to an old fridge, “gently” knocking on it, leaving a fist-sized dent on the corner. “I did some research and found out that this beach has been like this for years now.”


“Yeah, something about the currents. Tons of stuff ends up washed up on the shore. And people just like to dump their trash here..”


“The young heroes only want fame and money these days..” he put his hand on top of the fridge, starting to push down, “But being a hero is all about volunteer work!! No matter how dirty! Never forget that.”


All Might crushed the fridge with practiced ease, revealing the beautiful sunrise behind it. “Let’s bring back this ocean view!! This is your first step towards becoming a hero!”


Midoriya stood there, stunned, before he suddenly realized what All Might was saying.


“Wait… You want me to clean up… All of this?!?


“Kid. You wanna go to U.A right?”


“Yes!! It’s the best hero school out there, and plus, it’s also the school you went to! Because you went there.. I definitely want to go!” and plus, Kacchan would kill me if I didn’t…


“HAHA!! You absolute fanboy! Still, U.A’s course is the hardest to get into! Whether you have a good quirk or not. So...”


“I’ve got about ten months until the entrance exam, and I have to be ready by then!”


“Yes! And that’s what this is for!” All Might pulled out a stack of papers, flicking it with his finger, “My self designed, “Pass the Test” American Dream plan!! A training regimen to clean up the beach and then some! You could plan your life on this!”


Midoriya looked over the papers, wincing at what was written, “You even thought about how much sleep I’ll get..”


“To be frank, it’s gonna be really tough. Though the fact that you’re already pretty fit will make it easier. Can you do it?!”


Midoriya smiled, clenching the papers in his hand as determination welled in his eyes, “Well, yeah! I’m gonna have to work hard for this!”


“Ah, that reminds me! I never got your name!” he at least had the decency to be embarrassed.


“O-oh! Izuku! Midoriya Izuku!”


“Great! Now, we’ll start tomorrow!”


And so began my training from hell.



Oh God… This’ll be harder than I thought…


Midoriya Izuku sat at his desk, barely managing to stay awake.


All Might’s “American Dream Plan” required him to wake up at 4am and go to the beach, where he would work out with All Might for about an hour, then he would go home and get ready for school. And honestly? It was exhausting.


Kacchan had been suspicious too, so he had told him that he was just trying out a new fitness plan, not wanting to just rely on him all the time. While part of it was true, it was still a lie. But a necessary one.


Seeing as how he was already fit, he guessed he could probably manage to finish cleaning before the exams. But if he couldn’t learn to control All Might’s quirk in time, he’ll be in trouble for sure. There are about 294 days left of training, and muscle recovery takes two days at most, meaning.. I’ll only have about 98 days of actual training. I could work in some extra hours during morning and night… But that would lead to overwork, and it’ll only backfire at me.. Wow, this thing really is a crash-course on heroics, amazing. I could do some self-training, but it would have to be light, so I don’t hurt myself. Maybe I could ask Kacchan? He could help…


“Oi, Deku. You’re muttering again.”


“Ah! Sorry…” and then there's studying for the exams...



Months of training passed, days of training with All Might to get more fit, and days of sparring with Bakugou to work on fighting power.




All Might stared wide-eyed at Midoriya, his body arched back as he screamed at the top of his lungs on top of the last garbage pile.


Woah!! He went beyond what I had given him! And in only 7 months! Incredible!!


“You finished early.. And exceeded my expectations!! Oh my.. Oh my… Goodness!!”


Midoriya stumbled down the pile, hunching over and wheezing once he made it to the ground.


“I did it! I did it All Might..!”


Helping Izuku stay on his feet, All Might congratulated him, smiling all the while, “Amazing!! You’re a real entertainer! And a teenager no less!! Here, look!”


All Might took out his phone, opening up to a picture of Izuku from 7 months ago. 


He looked… Wow, he certainly looked a lot weaker than what he is now. Even though he wasn’t a string bean back then, he certainly wasn’t Kacchan level by any means. But now…


Now I’ve finally made it!


I…. I really made it..!


He felt tears prickling at his eyes, a watery smile adorning his face. “I can’t believe.. You’re really helping me become a hero..! This is amazing!”


“You’re wrong, young Midoriya.” his smile widened as he looked down at him, plucking a piece of hair from one of his “horns”, “You did this all yourself! With your own hard work! You’ve gotta keep the tears in check though!! Now, are you ready for your reward?”


“.. Yes!”


“There’s a difference between being born great… And working hard to be great! Take this to heart kid.. You earned this power all on your own!!” he held the piece of hair in front of him,  Now… EAT THIS!”










“... WHAT?!?”

“It doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you digest my DNA!”




3 months until the entrance exam!

Chapter Text

Midoriya swallowed the hair, gagging at the feeling of it sliding down his throat. All Might just laughed at his expression.


“Haha!! Congratulations, my boy! However, the fun has only just begun!”


“I- ugh- I thought.. You were nice..”


All Might smiled wider.


“Now, go on home and take a 3 day rest, you’ve earned it. I’ll send you a message for when to meet up afterwards!”


And so after giving a tired goodbye to All Might, Midoriya dragged himself home, his mother fretting over him before sending him to shower and then go to bed. It hasn’t even been a day yet, and he could already tell he wasn’t gonna like whatever “fun” All Might had planned for him.


Two days after gaining One For All, Midoriya woke up to a message from All Might on his phone.



Meet me at our usual place, I want to discuss your quirk!


Midoriya blinked in confusion, not having expected All Might wanting to hear about his quirk… And at the beach as well. Maybe he’s just curious?


Sending a quick “Be there in ten.”, he got dressed, struggling to put on his shoes as he opened the door.


“Izuku?” Inko looked into the hallway from the kitchen, dark green eyes looking at him in confusion, “Are you going somewhere?”


Izuku stammered for a bit, finally succeeding in tying his shoes, “Ye-yeah. I wanted to go out for a morning run, not sure when I’ll be back though.”


A smile made its way onto her face, eyes lighting up in understanding. “Oh okay dear, just make sure you stay safe!”


“Okay Mom!” and with that, he headed out the door.


Down at the now clean beach, All Might turned to greet Izuku, waving a thin, boney arm at him.


“Hello, my boy! How are are you feeling? Get enough rest?”


Izuku smiled, his jog slowing to a stop in front of All Might. “I’m doing good, though I swear I can still feel that hair in the back of my throat.” he made a disgusted face, sticking his tongue out for dramatic effects.


“Oh, stop being so over-dramatic, it wasn’t that bad.”


“It was.”


“.... Alright alright!! On to what I brought you here for.”


“That’s right.. You said you wanted to talk about my quirk?”


“Yes! Because you-” he pointed a finger at him, “-now have two quirks!”


Izuku blinked, he supposes it’s true, but it just hadn’t hit him yet. “That still doesn’t explain why you want to know about my quirk though..” he stated, tilting his head to the side.


All Might laughed again, “Well, since I’ll be teaching you about how to use One For All, it’s only obvious that I should know about your naturally-given quirk too right? It would be strange if one’s own menor didn’t know about their quirk.”


That would be weird… However, “Well, that’s true, but how do you want me to explain it? I guess I could just show you my notes on it-”

“I want you to use it on me!”


“... I’m sorry, what?”


All Might looked at him as if he were an idiot, which is most definitely not true, thank you very much.


“I said I want you to use your quirk, your first one, on me! Fight me with it! I want to get a good feel of what your quirk really is, and then I’ll have you explain the details later. Besides,” a small burst of steam surrounded All Might as he “buffed up”, his form shadowed by the rising sun behind him, “Something as small as a fire quirk won’t be able to hurt me!! ….. No offense.”


“None taken.” Midoriya hesitated a bit, unsure at his next words, “And, if you’re sure, I’ll… Use my quirk on you.” All Might nodded in reassurrence. “Okay.. Here I go!” 


He launched himself at All Might, not wasting a second before he was already forming a plan, looking for any openings he might find and exploit. 


Izuku’s hand burst into flames, the sight both beautiful and distracting in the morning sun. All Might hadn’t moved, his entire front wide open, making Izuku wary, but he ran forward anyways, opening his mouth and letting out a turrent of flames, blocking All Might’s view of him.


He landed on All Might’s shoulders, quickly hopping off and twisting into a landing, watching as he made the emerald flames swirl around his opponent, almost like a mini hurricane.


Izuku stayed crouched, waiting for All Might to make a move.


All Might mostly focuses on close range fighting, so trying to attack him at the front would be a no-go, but I can’t exactly fight long distance either. The air pressure from his punches can easily blow away my fire, and even if I cooled them down to make it easier to control, it’s not like it would do any damage. I could try to blind him and then attack, moving around quick enough to make me harder to hit-


“Pay attention young Midoriya!”


“What-?!” Midoriya barely got time to blink before he was already jumping to the side, instinct alone keeping him from being blown away by All Might’s punch.


Quickly regaining focus, he continued to dodge All Might’s blows, occasionally blinding him and giving himself more space. As I thought… The air pressure is dangerous, I can’t let myself be hit by it. Another dodge. I’m sure that All Might is going incredibly easy on me, otherwise I would already be face-first in the sand. A graze on his cheek. I can’t keep dodging forever, but I can’t get behind him either.. So I’ll just have to use it!


Izuku came to a stop, heart pounding as he stood up, facing All Might.


“Oh? Was that all?” no, not quite!


Izuku brought his hands up, letting his entire body go aflame, hot green flames licking across his skin, lighting up his eyes and lifting his hair.


 He held his hands in front of him, palms towards All Might, and brought the blazing fire around his body to the center of his palms, wincing as he did so. This move takes a lot of control… Mostly because of how hot I need the flames to be.. But also because of how condensed it all becomes…! More fire gathered in his hands, forming into a ball-like shape, the pure heat making the flames go white.


“Haha, what have you got going now, my boy?!” oh you’ll see All Might. Nice up and close.


Izuku staggered, hands shaking as he struggled to control the white-hot fire sitting in the palms of his hands. He’s only tried this move a few times before, mostly because of backlash it gives him when he does it. Oh yeah, he forgot about the backlash. Whoops.


Still, he continued condensing the flames, holding back a hiss as his skin started to feel the heat. He could see All Might getting ready to punch again, so he quickly finished up the process.


Midoriya smiled, though it was more of a grimace, and brought a hand back, holding the ball of flames.


He swung his arm forward, like he would when throwing a tennis ball, aiming for the Mighty Man himself. The ball rocketed forward, a sharp and hot gust of wind in it’s wake.


Midoriya gave a small laugh as he concentrated on making it hit his target, his eyes drooping even though his heart was pounding in his chest like a drum.


And then it hit.



All Might watched as Midoriya held his hands up, his entire body alight in flames, and the fire slowly condensing in the center of his palms.


He had been going easy on him the entire time, after all, there was no need to break him when he’s just testing out his quirk in a battle. That will be for other times. So he pulled his punches, going slow and watching as Midoriya came up with his plans, his quirk being used at almost every corner.


It has to be tiring him out, using his quirk so much. Perhaps I should stop him soon.. And this thought only became more clear as he saw Midoriya staggar, sweat dripping off his brow, and eyes squinting in what was probably pain. He’d recognize that look from anywhere. He would’ve told him to stop, but he held back once he saw him smile. 


A smile full of determination and pure wit.


So he let him continue, occasionally shouting out a few words, waiting for the moment of attack.


He must not use this move much, or it’s just very new, since it seems he’s struggling a lot… I’ll ask him about it later. He didn’t get any more time to think as the ball of pure flames that had formerly resided in Midoriya’s hands was now quickly, very quickly moving towards his face.


He’ll never admit how he actually flinched.


He brought up his arms, forming an X in front of his face just moments before it struck, a loud ‘boom’ sounding throughout the area, dust and sand flying up around him.


Ow ow ow owowow that burns! All Might dug his feet into the ground, feeling himself be pushed back by the meer force going against him. He was sure his skin would’ve already been charred  if it weren’t for the fact that he himself is All Might, but he could tell that this would leave quite the mark afterwards.


He finally managed to push his arms out, effectively countering the attack. He stood there for a few seconds, simply admiring the strength Midoriya had shown, before his excitement- or is it pride? -took over.


“Young Midoriya! My boy! That was incredible!! I apologize if I hurt you during this but it’s hard to hold ba- Midoriya?!?!” All Might yelled, rushing over to catch the now falling boy.


“Young Midoriya?! Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?!” he held him in his arms, looking for any sign of injury, and upon finding none he let out a slight sigh of relief. But it wasn’t over yet.


Midoriya was sweating, his face flushed pink and eyes shut, brow furrowed in pain. All Might panicked, not sure what to do as Midoriya curled in on himself, his hands anxiously hovering over him.


Just as he was about to call for help, still in his hero form mind you, Midoriya spoke. If you could call it that anyways.


“All… igh.. Wader.. Cold, pleas……” Midoriya rasped, seeming to finally fall unconscious in his arms.


Nodding even though it wasn’t seen, All Might hurriedly, still holding Midoriya, ran to the shore, gently placing him down in the water.


He flinched in surprise and worry as steam drifted up from the water, sizzling whenever it touched Midoriya’s skin. Curious, he carefully placed his hand on Midoriya’s arm, pulling his hand back at the heat.


I hadn’t realized how hot he felt.. Is this a side-effect of his quirk..? Once he deemed him cool enough to hold, he once again picked him up, making sure he wouldn’t bounce around too much as he moved.


As the sun rose behind him, it’s orange and yellow glow casting long shadows, he hoped that the damage Midoriya put on himself today would be a one time thing.



Izuku woke up to the sounds of muffled voices a few rooms down, the tones somehow familiar.


He slowly opened his eyes, glad when he saw the light was off in his room.




His room?


Izuku shot up, a damp rag falling off of his head and onto his bed. What? Why was that there? And when did I get into bed? He instantly regretted it when his vision swam, black dots appearing in the corners of his eyes as he fell back against his bed, his hand coming up over his face.


What the heck happened…? And then he remembered, fighting All Might so he could see his quirk, over-using his quirk… Overheating…. Oh yeah, that’s on me. Oops.


Izuku slowly sat up again, pushing his blankets off himself as he stood up in his dark room. He bit his lip as he stumbled, his All Might-themed room swirling for a second before coming to a stop.


After a few minutes of staggering in the dark trying to reach the door, he finally succeeded in finding the doorknob and opened the door, revealing a brightly lit hallway. And oh ho ho if that didn’t hurt his head.


He yelped, arms flying up in blind panic, tripping over his own feet before falling on his back with a loud “thud” in the middle of the hallway.


“Izuku?! Was that you?” one of the previously quiet voices spoke up, and, oh wait, that’s Mom. Blinking rapidly as his eyes finally adjusted to the bright lights above him, he sat himself against the wall as he watched his mother run over to him with a worried-looking All Might at her side.


Oh yeah All Might. When did he get into his house again?


He took a second to process that thought.




Ignoring the dull pain in his back and the headache he could already feel forming, Izuku stood up, surprised he didn’t just fall on his back again with how much he was shaking. Out of excitement or embarrassment, he wouldn’t know.


“Young Midoriya, how are you feeling?” oh god why is he here dear lord I’m going to die right here please tell me he didn’t see my room oh my GOD.


Inko sat down on her knees, cupping Izuku’s face as she spoke, “Are you okay dear? I thought I heard a thud!! Oh and your face is so red, I was sure your fever had broke..” Izuku cut her off before she started crying.


“I'm- I’m fine Mom! Nothing to worry about. I just got a bit dizzy is all, don’t worry.” she breathed a sigh of relief. “And ummm… I was wondering what.. All Might was doing here…? In our home?” Izuku inquired, looking questionly at All Might.


“Ahaha!! How silly of me for not explaining!” All Might smiled down at him, still wearing the same casual clothes he had when they were sparring, “I was heading out to the store when I saw you passed out on the beach, so I brought you to your house! I may be the number one hero, but medical things are not my area of expertise.”


“How did…? Nevermind. Were you and my Mom talking just a bit ago?” he isn’t going to question how All Might knew his address. He did good with the made-up story though.


“O-oh! I was just telling him stories while we were waiting for you to wake up!! I’m so glad you’re doing better now dear, you had me worried!” she smiled at him, grabbing his hand as she pulled him towards the kitchen, “Now, why don’t I make you some food, you must be hungry.”


Come to think of it, he was. How long was I out for? “How long was I sleeping?”

“Hmm.. I think about 4 hours now, your fever was pretty high.” she turned towards him as they entered the kitchen, a slight frown maring her face, “How did that happen anyways? You didn’t over-use your quirk again did you?”


“His quirk?”


“Ah.. here, let me explain that part.”


Izuku sat down at the table, waiting for his mom and All Might to do the same. Once they did, he started explaining.


“Well, let me explain some things about my quirk first. My quirk, Emerald Flare, has a few set-backs. The hotter I make my flames, the harder it is to control them, and the colder they are, though more easier to control, hardly do any damage. If I use my flames for too long, my skin will become less resistant and start to burn. And umm… If I make my flames extremely hot, to the “max setting”, and keep them that way for a bit, um.. I’ll get overheated.. You could say.”


“Overheated? Is that what happened?” All Might questioned.


“Um, yes. I used a.. Move, that I’ve only used a couple times before, that requires me to raise the heat levels to the max, and it takes a lot of focus too, so I may have.. Overdid it a bit…. Heh heh.”


“Izuku!! I know that you’re training to get into U.A but.. You can’t hurt yourself like that!”


“Your mother is right!” Inko squeaked, “You have to build resistance up, and work on your quirk more before you try doing things like that! But I must admit, I’m impressed you were able to do that!”


Now it was Izuku’s turn to squeak, “Hu- huh?!”


“It must have been a powerful attack right?” I wouldn’t know, I was kind of passed out. “I may not have seen it but-” oh you dirty liar “-I can only imagine that it must’ve been incredible!!” 


Izuku smiled, blushing and ducking his head at the compliment.


All Might stood up from the table, the ends of his hairs almost touching the ceiling. 


“Well, I must be going now, thank you for having me!”


“Oh no, it was our pleasure!!” Inko smiled and waved as he walked out of the door.


“... So, Mom, can I go over to Kacchan’s place after lunch?” She was awfully calm while All Might was here… I was freaking out, and I’ve known him for 7 months.










Bakugou sat in his room, the latest villain fight showing on the TV as he waited for Izuku to arrive.


The damn nerd had sent him a text about 10 minutes ago asking to hang out, and he had no reason to say no so he told him it was fine and to just come to his place. This would be good for him too, because he needs to ask him some questions.


He stood up when the doorbell rang, rolling his eyes at the fact that Deku still uses the doorbell even though he’s been told multiple times he could just come in.


I mean come on, Bakugou breaks the door down for fuck’s sake.


He opened the door, ignoring Mitsuki’s yellings of “Who is it?!” for the time being. Deku’s face looked up at him, a smile already adorning his face. Like always.






“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun.”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“.. Fair enough.”


It’s an old joke they would do a lot as kids, and they’ve done it so much it’s practically ingrained in their minds. So it’s more of a funny habit nowadays. 


“Oh! Izu-kun!! I didn’t know you were coming over! I would’ve made you something to eat!” Mitsuki stepped out from on top of the stairwell, her blonde, shoulder length spiky hair bouncing as she walked down the stairs.


“Ah, no it’s okay Aunt Mitsuki! I already ate before coming here.” Izuku shuffled inside, already walking to head up to Bakugou’s room. “You coming Kacchan?”


“Yeah, just waiting for your slow ass.”




“I know.”


Bakugou closed the door behind them to make sure the old hag- Mitsuki- wouldn’t enter without knocking first. He went and slouched in his beanbag chair, throwing a controller to Izuku, who caught it with practiced ease.


“So, what are we playing today Kacchan? Would you like to be beat in Guitar Hero once again? Or would you like a rematch on Gang Beast??”


“Oh you are so fucking on nerd.”


They played video games for the next couple of hours, multiple screams of rage, nervous laughter, and loud exclaims of victory sounding throughout the whole house. 


“Ugh, how do you even DO that!?” Bakugou slouched forward in his chair, his scowl twitching as he glared at the TV screen.


“I don’t know Kacchan, but I think that victory screen suites me pretty well.” Izuku smirked.


“Smug bastard.”




Bakugou turned off the TV, turning himself to face Izuku, who was currently sitting on his bed like a king. Dammit.


“Deku.” Izuku frowned, sensing the change in attitude in his friend.


“Yes? What is it Kacchan?”








“What are you hiding from me?”

Chapter Text

“What are you hiding from me?”


Izuku froze, staring at Kacchan with wide eyes.


“What.. What do you mean?”


Kacchan stared at him with sharp, focused eyes, his face and eerie calm as he spoke, “You’ve been hiding something. I’ve known you since we were born, don’t think I can’t tell when you’re lying.” his eyes glanced away for a second, “Not like you’ve ever been good at anyway. You’re too nice for that.”


“I…” he opened and closed his mouth, not sure what to say. Does Kacchan know about All Might? No, he can’t possibly. I never told him about that, only that I was gonna start a new training routine. Is it because of that? Or was I just that obvious?


“So, are you gonna tell me what it is you’ve really been doing? Mr. It’s-a-new-training-routine?”


Izuku weighed his options, if I tell Kacchan about All Might training me.. He’d flip out, and probably want proof. Maybe even want in on it, and I can’t exactly let him see All Might’s true form, that would be bad. So telling him about All Might is off the list, but what about the training? What I told him before didn’t work…. What do I say?!


“I’m training with…. Someone.” Izuku took a deep breath, not breaking eye contact with Kacchan, “He’s um.. He’s teaching me things, and uh, helping me with my…. Quirk.” When he finished, he looked down again, still feeling Kacchan’s stare on him. He pulled on the ends of his shirt.


The silence was almost unbearable, to Izuku at least, as he waited for Kacchan to speak up. Call him out, agree, huff and continue playing games, just… Say something.


But when he did speak, it startled him so badly he almost fell off the bed.


“Well… I can tell you’re not lying but…” oh no please don’t ask who it is that’s helping me please, “Why were you hiding something so damn simple from me? Not like there was a reason too. What, did you think I’d get mad that you were training with someone else?”


He blinked. “Haha, y-yeah.. An angry Kacchan isn’t a nice Kacchan.” 


“Damn straight.”


When Kacchan turned back around to continue playing Guitar Hero, Izuku let out a quiet sigh of relief, running his hand through his curly hair.


That was close… I can’t let anyone find out about All Might or One For All…. This is gonna be a hard secret to keep, isn’t it? Izuku thought, and grabbed his controller, turning back to the game.


He never noticed Kacchan silently staring at him.



The next morning


All Might stood silently at the beach, watching the sun rise as he waited for young Midoriya to arrive.


How long has it been now, since she fought and… Left? 10, maybe 15 years? He can’t even remember. How pathetic. He can’t help but remember her now, even though he thought he had recovered from her…. Leave.


Every time he saw Young Midoriya, saw that smile so full of determination and pure kindness and strength, he saw her in him. To be honest, that was also part of the reason he chose him to be his successor, but by no means the only one. Someone like that, who wears their heart on their sleeve, who has a smile so bright it can light up a whole room, who purely just wants to help others … That’s the type of person who is meant to wield One For All.


“All Miiigghht!!!!!” think of an angel and it shall appear-


All Might turned his back against the sun, smiling as Midoriya ran up to him, waving frantically.


“How are you, my boy?” he asked, handing Midoriya a water bottle.


Midoriya gulped it all down in one breath, “I’m doing good..!” he must’ve ran the whole way here, “Are we here to finally test out One For All?”


All Might nodded, smiling as he pumped a fist in the air. He wanted to start teaching Young Midoriya how to use One For All as quickly as possible, best that he has at least  a small idea of how to use it before the entrance exam. Wouldn’t want him hurting himself, haha!


“Now, One For All is already inside of you, and can be used at any time!” he pointed to a flat spot on the beach, “Let’s test it out!”


“You mean.. Right there? One the sand? Just, punch it?”




“.... Okay then, sure why not.”


He watched as Midoriya concentrated on the spot of sand, his arm pulling back in preparation for a punch. He started running forward, his skin lighting up in red tendrils all across his arm, almost glowing. Midoriya shot his fist towards the ground, sand flying up and exploding outwards from the hit. And what was left was a mini crater on the beach, already starting to fill up with sand again.


“Amazing young Midoriya!! How did it feel?” All Might cheered, and then as he walked closer, he saw the state of his arm.


“.... Is my arm supposed to bend this way?”






“I think you’re in shock.”


“And I think you should take me to a hospital.”


“On it.”



All Might was in fact not taking him to a hospital. He was taking him Recovery Girl, a pro hero who has healed thousands, at U-fucking-A. School hasn’t even started and yet he’s already at the front gates.


“Are you sure I’m allowed to be here?”


“Yes. And are you sure you won’t freak out?”




“I guess that’s to be expected…”


After Izuku had gotten over his shock, he had been overwhelmed by searing, burning pain. Well, at least I know what having a broken bone feels like now. All Might had gone into his hero form for a while to carry him, but after a while Izuku had insisted that he could walk. The pain was still sharp, and his arm still looked like it was colored with a dark purple crayon, but he can deal.


It would be best to get it healed quickly though.


All Might had suggested they go to a doctor, one he trusts with his life, and Izuku had agreed. So now here he is, standing in front of his dream school, with All Might and his broken arm at his side. He’d say he was dreaming if he wasn’t in so much pain.


Speaking of pain, he winced as he accidentally bumped his arm as he walked, sending a flash of hot pain down his arm.


“Are you okay, my boy?” All Might looked down at him in worry, they’re walking in the hallway now. Holy cow this is amazing and I think I might die but I’ll die happy because I’m in U.A HOLY CRAP.


Izuku smiled, but he’s not sure that’s how it came out as, going by All Might’s expression, “Yeah… I’m alright. Let’s just hurry up to recovery Girl, yeah?”




Finally arriving in front of the infirmary, All Might didn’t even get the chance to knock before the door slammed open, startling them both.


A short old lady stood in the doorway, her gray hair wrapped up in a bun, and her “doctor coat” swishing a bit. She even had a cane that looked like a syringe.


“Re-Recovery Girl!” All Might actually stuttered , looking nervous in front of the now revealed Recovery Girl, “How nice to see you..!”


“Don’t you ‘hi’ me mister!!” she exclaimed, jabbing a finger at him, “Jst how many times are you gonna be in here?!”


Note to self: Do not make Recovery Girl mad.


“Oh um, actually, I was hoping you could help young Midoriya here!” All Might said, gesturing towards him.


Panicked at the sudden attention switch, Izuku flushed, his good arm flinging around in sporadic movements. “Oh-ah-um, I’m-I’m Midori-”


“No need for introductions deary! Come in and let me see what’s wrong. Though I can already guess.” he nodded, cheeks still slightly flushed in embarrassment as he followed her into the room, All Might right behind him.


Moving as carefully as he could, his arm still sending bolts of pain, he sat down on the plain white bed, biting his lip to hold back a whine. Recovery Girl sat on a stool to his side, and just as he was about to ask what she was doing, she planted a kiss right on his forehead.




His shock only increased when he looked down at his arm, transfixed as the rough and ripped skin started to meld back together, it’s bruised purple color lightening to a healthy peach,  the twisted limb righting itself and the bone inside coming back together. He didn’t even feel any pain! Though he felt a bit tired…


Recovery Girl stood up, her head barely reaching over the infirmary bed. “Now, mind telling me just how this happened Mr. Number One?”


Izuku blinked in surprise as All Might stuttered nervously, running Recovery Girl’s words over in his head. 


“W-wait,” he turned to look at All Might, brow quirked in question, “Does Recovery Girl know about.. Uhh…” he guestered loosely with his newly-healed arm.


All Might stood there for a moment by the door confused before finally realizing what he was saying. “Ah, yes! She’s one of the people who kept me alive when I got my injury, so she knows all about that. She also knows about One For All, so don’t worry about talking to her about that either.” he smiled, his two long strands of blonde hair swinging slightly as he moved to the side of his bed.


“So.. I probably should’ve warned you about the reprecussions….. Before you used it..” Izuku dead-panned at him.


Recovery Girl smacked him with her cane, a scowl on her face. “Darn right!! You can’t just pass your quirk onto people and expect them to know how to use it right away!!” she accused, smacking him on the head one more time.


“Well, um.. I guess we should probably keep practicing with it then.. Right?” Izuku spoke up, holding his arm still as Recovery Girl wrapped it in clean bandages, still frowning.


All Might ruffled his hair, eliciting a small squeak from him. “Of course! You can’t get better without practicing!!”


“You’re both gonna be the death of me, I swear…”



The last three months passed by, and after many visits to Recovery Girl’s office, many small craters in the sand, quite a few broken bones, and a lot, a lot , practice, he finally managed to use 7% of One For All without breaking any bones. Now, he’s standing in front of U.A with fifteen minutes until the start of the entrance exam.


The exam that would start his path to becoming a hero.


Oh dear God I’m here and now I feel like crying. I can’t help but be amazed at this school even though I’ve already been here so many times.


“OI! DEKU!!” Izuku ignored his awe for the moment and twirled around to see Kacchan walking towards him, a creamy white scarf around his neck and a light brown coat wrapped around him.


“Hi Kacchan!”


“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun!”


“No it’s not.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“.... Fair enough.”


Izuku laughed as Bakugou scowled, giving him a harsh noogie. “A-ah!! St-stop it!!! Kacchan!!” Bakugou laughed, snickering at the sight of Izuku’s even more messy hair.


“I’m heading in, you better not be fucking late nerd!” he watched as Kacchan walked away, and started walking towards the entrance himself.


“You guys must be good friends huh!”


“Ah-!” Izuku yelped, turning around and coming face-to-face with a girl. A cute girl.


“Must be nice having someone you know here with you, your names… Deku, right?” She had wide, bright brown eyes, a cute, round face, and almost floaty brown hair shaped in a bob cut, with two slightly longer strands in front. She wore a dark brown coat, a light pink scarf wrapped around her neck, and the blush on her cheeks seemed less like they were from the crisp September air and more like they’ve always been there.


Now, mind you, Izuku had only spoken with very few girls before. And even then, it was just to help them with homework. He had never had an actual… conversation with a girl. Much less a cute one. So Izuku… Tried his best.


“My-my na-names Mido-Midoriya Izuku!” he could only hope his face wasn’t completely cherry red as he stammered,  but it most likely was, “De-Deku is just something of a nickname…”


She gave an embarrassed smile, clapping her hands together. “Oh! Sorry about that!! I kind of like it, sounds like ‘You can do it’, you know? Anyways, I’m gonna head in now, good luck on the exam!!”


Izuku stood stock-still, still not quite comprehending what had just transpired. I… I talked to a girl…!! He blushed, a goofy smile making it’s way onto his face. Mom will be so proud!!


He had a skip in his step the entire way in.


Inside a large.. Auditorium.. Maybe? Anyways, inside, Izuku sat next to Kacchan, having just finished the writing part of the exam.


I think I passed… I studied enough that I should at least have gotten a B or something close.. I can only hope, maybe I got that one question wrong? I sure hope not, it seemed like it was a lot of points, is there a chance for a retake? Probably not, maybe I could ask All Mi-


“Deku, you’re doing it again.”




Izuku gasped as the pro hero Present Mic walked onto the stage, the lights concentrating on him. His orange sunglasses glinted as he faced the crowd, his long, very long gelled-up blonde mowhawk shining in the light.










“Oh wow!! It’s the voice hero, Present Mic…! I listen to his radio show every week, it’s amazing! I guess all the teachers here would be pros..”


“Shut up.”




The screen behind Present Mic lit up, showing their current location, and seven other locations labeled A-G. “THIS IS HOW THE TEST WILL GO, MY LISTENERS! yOU WILL BE DOING TEN MINUTE LONG CITYSCAPE MANEUVERS!!” he looked down at his sheet, looking for what area he would be in. “BRING ALONG WHATEVER YOU WISH! AFTER THIS AMAZING PRESENTATION, YOU’LL HEAD OVER TO YOUR ASSIGNED AREAS!! OKAY?! silence.


“That means that kids from the same middle school can’t help each other out huh?” Bakugou glared at his sheet as if it had just killed his puppy.


Izuku looked over at Kacchan’s paper, seeing a B where he had an A. “And also why consecutive I.D numbers have been assigned to different locations….”


“I’m gonna crush ‘em all.”


He gave a small smile. “I’m sure you will Kacchan.” he turned his attention back to Present Mic, who continued the presentation.




“Why the fuck is it like a video game…?” Izuku snickered at Kacchan’s confused face.


A person with dark blue hair in the middle of the audience suddenly raised their hand, the spotlight traveling to them. “May I ask a question!? There seems to be no fewer than 4 faux villains on this sheet! Such a blatant error, if it is suh, is very unbecoming for U.A, Japan's top academy!! We’re all here today in hopes of being made into model heroes! And you! With the curly hair!!” Izuku jumped in his seat, startled when the other guy had pointed and glared at him, “You’ve been muttering this whole time… It’s distracting and rude!! If this is some sort of game to you, then leave immediately!” 


Kacchan jumped up, slamming his hands on the seats in front of him as he practically snarled at him, “HEY!! DON’T FUCKING INSULT DEKU!! I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO DO THAT YA HEAR?!?”


“It’s fine Kacchan..”




The screen changed to the silhouette of the fourth faux villain, the number ‘0’ showing up to the side of it.




The other boy from before finally sat down, bowing in his seat. “So it really is like a stage gimmick to be avoided… Thank you sir, I apologize for the interruption!!”





Izuku was not expecting the testing area to be this big.


It’s a whole city..?!?! What the heck U.A!!? Izuk tugged at the zipper of his simple green tracksuit, anxiously looking around at the other examinees. There was a person with four extra… Limbs? And another person with a weird sparkly belt wrapped around them. As well as… Oh!! The cute girl from before! We’re at the same site!! I should go wish her luck…


“That girl seems to be doing some kind of meditation… Why are you here? Hoping to interfere?!” the blue haired boy from before walked over, putting his hand on his shoulder and making him flinch slightly. 


Ah! He’s here too!




Izuku shot forward, his training with Kacchan already having taught him not to hesitate and to just go.


“... What?”


Everyone else looked up to where Present Mic stood on top of a tower, shouting down at all of them, “I SAID GO!! THE TEST HAS STARTED!”


He was first into the fake city, sweat forming on his forehead as he started looking for the faux villains, not looking behind him at the other examinees.


If I can find a large group of them… I could either just blast them apart all together.. Or I could try to melt them, but I don’t think I could raise my heat level enough for that….. He was cut from his thoughts as two three pointers rounded the corner, their “eyes” zeroing in on him.




He narrowed his eyes, pushing back the rising nervousness in his stomach. He felt for the now familiar warmth inside of him, feeling One For All move across his right arm, red tendrils snaking over his skin as he let out a roar of “SMASH!!”, completely crushing one of the three pointers.


He swung his leg, One For All burning under his skin as he lit his foot on fire, boosting his kick and making the second three pointer fly back against a building’s wall.


He continued like this for a while, finding any robots he could and destroying them with 7% of One For All before moving onto the next pair.




Six minutes..? I hope I’ve gotten enough points so far… I wasn’t counting. He watched as the others around him fought, the blue-haired boy using some kind of… Engines? In his legs to run at high speeds and provide more force to his kicks. The cute girl from before would touch the robots, making them float until they were high in the air, and then they would drop to the ground and break.


All such amazing quirks…! I wish I had my notebook right now….


Just as he was about to turn and keep fighting, a loud “boom” sounded throughout the whole area.


Oh no.


The zero pointer towered over the city buildings, casting a shadow over the examinees as rubble fell from it’s hands.




Izuku wasted no time in turning around to run away with everyone else.


“.... Ow..”


Until he heard a cry.


Her foot stuck under the fallen rubble, was the girl from before, a pained look on her face as she struggled to get up, the zero pointer right above her.


About to crush her.


So he ran.


100% of One For All ran through his legs, as he jumped, soaring high into the air until he was face-to-face with the zero pointer, it’s eight red eyes gleaming. He pulled his arm back, All Might’s final words before the exam ringing through his head.


“When you use One For All…  Clench your butt, and you let your heart cry out…-”



Chapter Text

Izuku eyes widened as he watched the zero pointer’s face caved in, the large metal robot falling to the ground with a massive “boom.”


“I… Did that..?” he felt a smile creep onto his face, and then he looked down.


The smile fell right off.


“Ah-aaaahhhhhh!!” he screamed, his limbs flailing uselessly as he fell through the sky, the concrete ground coming ever so closer.


I don’t remember being able to jump this high with 7%?!?!






He snapped his head to the side, holding back a gag at the familiar sight of his broken arm and legs. Oh…. Crap.. I wasn’t thinking and accidentally used 100%..! Idiot!! How could you break your bones on purpose?!? Okay okay, just calm down and think.. How am I going to land safely and not fricken splatter on the ground like a pancake?


… Too graphic. Thanks for that brain.


Izuku grunted in pain as his arm flapped wildly in the air, streams of excruciating pain running through his body. He grabbed his shoulder, doing his best to keep it from moving while not causing himself more pain. Okay.. I could try and use my left arm to soften my landing by using One For All.. But it’s too risky! Maybe I could.. Yeah!!


Izuku winced as he let out a stream of emerald flames from his mouth, waving his left hand and then laying it flat in the air, controlling the fire to his will. The flames brightened, gaining strength, and then swiftly wrapped around his midsection like a warm blanket. Okay, now to keep myself from going splat! Fighting against the air pressure, his moved his hand once more, concentrating on making the flames lighten his landing, the ground getting closer by the second. He could feel his fall slower, but it wasn’t enough.


This won’t… Dammit! I can’t make the flames any stronger unless I want to lose control, and as they are right now…. I can’t slow myself down enough to land safely.


He cursed, gritting his teeth as he looked towards the street below, panic starting to seep in. How can I stop myself?! There’s no way!! I just had to go and break myself didn’t I?!! Please!


Just before he hit the ground, someone- that one girl- slapped him on the cheek. Hard.


He expected himself to hit the ground, but ten seconds after feeling nothing, not even the force of the wind in his face, he tentatively opened his eyes to see the crumbling street a few feet below him, not moving any closer like it was just a bit ago.


“Re… Release..!”


His eyes widened further as he was slowly lowered to the ground, his flames disappearing into thin air when he landed. “... What?” he muttered, turning his head to see the cute girl barfing over the side of a broken chunk of one of the robots. Is she safe…? That’s good…. Oh yeah, I never got her name….. Ow..


He slipped unconscious just as Present Mic announced the end of the exam.



Recovery Girl stepped out onto area A, beginning to hand out energy gummies to the examinees as she passed them. When she saw Midoriya crumpled on the ground, seemingly unconscious, she could only sigh in exasperation.


Walking up to him, she handed the girl to his side a gummy, and then planted a kiss on his forehead for the… She lost count. This boy, I swear!  


“Goodness gracious, and I thought he was done breaking his bones!!”


“Excuse me! Do you know him?” She looked up at one of the other examinees, he had blue hair and square glasses on his head, and what seemed like engines in his calves.


“Enough to not be surprised by his appearance.”


The tall boy blinked a few times before shaking his head and moving his arms in front of him, kind of like a robot. “Ah, okay. When will he wake up? Two days?”


She snorted, confusing the boy. “Sonny, my quirk is no joke! He’ll wake up in about 3 hours.”


“Oh-oh. Understood.” He looked down at Midoriya, a thoughtful look on his face. “He went and saved that girl… He must’ve figured out the other side of the exam.”


She gave a smile and poked his leg with her cane, making him jump in surprise. “He doesn’t know a single thing about that! He only saved that girl because he wanted to.”


“He.. Did?”


“Yes. It’s what heroes do after all.”



One Week Later










“Izuku?! Why are you smiling at the fish?!”


Izuku jumped in his seat, chopsticks still held in the air as he reassured his mom. “Oh! Sorry..! I’m fine!!”


By my own calculations, I most likely passed the written part of the exam. And estimating how many points I got in the practical, I should’ve passed that too. But I’m still so…. Nervous..!! All Might hasn’t contacted me at all either…. He sat on the plain couch, mindlessly lifting weights as his thoughts about the test swirled in his head, only increasing his worry.


“The letter will come soon right?” His mom wandered through the kitchen, using her quirk to lift books off the table and put them on the shelves. “I’m sure you did great!! You’re so amazing, even if you don’t get in, which I highly doubt, by the way.


He smiled, sending her a grateful look. “Thanks Mom.”


“Of course honey.”


Only a few minutes passed before Inko came running over to him, a letter in her hand as she frantically waved it up and down. 


“I-it’s here!! The letter! It came!!”


Izuku didn’t waste a second in grabbing it and running to his room, his mother anxiously fidgeting outside the door.


He stared at the wax-sealed envelope sitting on his desk, his brow furrowing in slight annoyance before he tore it open, a small gray disk falling out and landing on his desk.


A projection lit up above the disk, a slight humming sound coming from it before the screen lit up, showing an up close image of All Might.


-This is a projection!!-


“Huh?!? All Might?! Isn’t this from U.A? Unless…”


-It’s been a while, there was lots to do. Ahem, APOLOGIES!!-


He stared at the projection in shock, his jaw dropping down as he realized what All Might was saying.


-I’m in town for one reason only. I’ve come to teach at U.A-


All Might, at U.A…!


A hand popped out from the right corner at the screen, making a twirling motion and pointing at All Might.


-What’s that you say? Wrap it up? But I’ve got many things to say to- It can be said later..? Fine, I got it…-


All Might looked back at Izuku, or, the camera he supposes, and begins speaking once more.


-As expected, you passed the written portion with flying colors!! And in the practical, you passed with 48 points! Congratulations!! However… That’s not all! Allow me to entertain you!-


Izuku sat on the edge of his seat as All Might pressed a button, another screen lighting up behind him, showing a familiar round face.


-Um.. Excuse me?-


The girl who saved me!! The nice girl!


-She came to see us right after the test! Why? Stay tuned!!-


She stepped up in front of Present Mic, a determined look on her face. -Um.. The one curly-haired boy with uh.. Freckles! Kind of plain looking…?-


She means me!


-Could you give him some of the points I earned?!-


“... What? Her points? But, why…?”


-I don’t know how many points he got but… He should at least get some to make up for the time he gave up to help me!!-


Izuku could feel the familiar burn of tears building up in his eyes, his vision blurring slightly as his heart swelled with warmth.


-That boy, he saved my life!!-


-You’ve gotten another quirk, and you’ve moved others with your actions. And in this exam, we weren’t just looking for villain points!!-


Present Mic patted her head, facing away from the camera. -I’m afraid we can’t give him any of your points, but worry not little listener!!-


-A hero course that rejects those who do the right thing would be no hero course at all! In this job, you risk your life and put your money where your mouth is!! Rescue points were also a factor here! Another way to evaluate you! 60 rescue points for Midoriya Izuku! And while we’re at it, 45 for Uraraka Ochako!!-


“I… This is…!” Izuku wiped his eyes. He felt as if he were soaring in the sky, where nothing could stop him.


-Come now, young Midoriya! This is your hero academia! -


All the help I’ve ever gotten… It’s changed my life!




So began the start of my dream!!



Inko smiled in glee when Bakugou showed up at the door, a rare smile on his face.


“Katsuki-kun! Here, come in, come in!” She ushered him inside, giving him a quick hug before calling for Izuku to come downstairs.


Izuku rushed down the stairs, a grin on his face and movies in hand. “You ready to celebrate getting into U.A by binge-watching fourteen All Might movies in a row and quoting every single one while eating popcorn?!” 


“Damn right!!”


Inko giggled, already moving to grab the popcorn from the top cabinet.


… Trying, at least.


“You need some help there? Aunty Inko?” Katsuki asked, walking up behind her, grabbing the popcorn and handing it to her, not even needing to stand on his toes. Darn short people problems.


“Ah.. Thank you dear! Here, I’ll get it all ready, you want it spicy, correct?”


“You know it.” He smirked.


“Hey… Katsuki-kun…?”


He faced her, hands slipping out of his pockets. “Yeah? Did you need something else?”


“Thank you.”


“.. For what?”


“For being there for him. Izuku, I mean.”




She placed the bag of popcorn in the microwave, pressing the button and closing the door. “I was always so worried he might not make that many friends because of his… Lack of confidence and such. But! You were always there. Cheering him up, training him, building up his confidence and self-esteem… In your own way of course.” He snorted.


“I just want to thank you, for all of that. For… For doing the things that I can’t.”


Bakugou stepped forward, looking slightly awkward as he wrapped his arms around her in a light hug, her eyes flying wide at the contact. Izuku must be making him soft… I don’t think I’ve ever seen him initiate a hug before…


“I uh.. I promised Deku that I would protect his slow ass, and I’ll promise you that too. I’ll be there for him, and I’ll never let that twerp give up on anything either…… I promise.”


She sniffled and hugged him tighter. “Thank you, Katsuki-kun.”


“Yeah yeah… Now can I go watch movies with that nerd?”


“Of course, deary!”


So the night went on, Inko seating herself between Izuku and Katsuki, laughing as they quoted almost every line from each movie, arguing with each other when one of them got one wrong.


Yes.. My boy will be fine. He is strong, and he has people looking out for him. And Lord knows that if someone ever hurts him….


They’ll have an angry mother to deal with.

Chapter Text


The night after I got my acceptance letter,




All Might told me to meet him at the beach.




“All Might?!  Now way! Where?” a random couple shouted, searching the beach for All Might.


All Might panicked, blood spurting out of his mouth as he quickly turned to Izuku. “Repeat after me! ‘Just my eyes playing tricks on me!’”


Izuku waved his arms in the air, repeating what All Might said.


After the couple turned away, All Might smiled. “Congrats on passing, Young Midoriya! You should know that the staff, other than Recovery Girl, don’t know about our relationship. So you won’t have to worry about favoritism. And I wasn’t a judge.”


“Ah.. Thank you..”


Izuku grinned, excitement adorning his face as he spoke, “So you’re teaching at U.A? Now it makes sense why we’ve been meeting here, since your office is located all the way over in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, Roppongi 6-12-”


“Stop it.”




All Might looked out over the water, the moon above lining his face in silver light. “I couldn’t tell anyone until the school made it public. Not even you. I.. I figured I’d be able to take the job at U.A while I searched for my successor.”


Izuku looked down at his hands, remembering his bones breaking after a single punch, the months of training just to be able to control only 7% of One For All.


He was going to choose people from the students… it makes sense.


“So… Why didn’t you choose one of them? Surely they-”


“Could’ve done better?”


Izuku ducked his head, shuffling his feet on the sand.


“Young Midoriya, no one can master something only a little bit after getting it. That’s just common knowledge. You have to practice for many months, even years, to be able to master something as big as One For All. It even took me a while.” All Might buffed up, grabbing a few stray cans and crushing them without breaking a sweat. “It’ll take time, but someday you’ll be even better than me!!”


“WOW!! Is that All Might?! When did he get here!?!” the couple from before shouted.




All Might began running, Izuku running right behind him. Yes… Someday, you’ll rise up, and I’ll step down, my duty fulfilled…… Yeah, that’s deep!




Spring, First Day Of High School.


“Izuku, do you have your pocket tissues?”


Izuku tugged on his shoes. “Yes!!”


“Do you have your notebooks? Your pencils?!”


He shrugged on his backpack. “Yes!! Now I’ve gotta go, no time!”




“Whaaat?! I’ve gotta go!!”


Inko smiled, tears of happiness pooling in her eyes. “I’m so darn proud of you.”


“... Thank you..!” He blushed, opening the door and letting the morning light seep in, “See you later!”


About halfway to U.A, Izuku met up with Kacchan, walking together the rest of the way and making idle chatter.


“So, Kacchan, you now how to get to class 1-A right?” Izuku asked, an innocent smile on his face.






“I thought you did.”


“Oh dear God.”


For the next 20 minutes, they both proceeded to wander around the school, Izuku panicking while Katsuki scowled, both yelling at each other for forgetting where to go.








Just as Izuku was about to scream at the floor, again, he heard a voice calling out to them from behind.


“Hey!! Are you guys looking for class 1-A too?” The cute girl- Uraraka Ochako, his mind corrected- walked up to them, waving her hand with a bright smile on her face.


Oh no oh God she looks really cute in a uniform oh God I’m gonna die.


Bakugou saw Izuku’s face turning red and snickered.


“Ah-um-well-uh- ye-yes!!” He shook his head, calming his racing heart. “Do you… Happen to know where it is…? We’re kind of lost….”


Her smile brightened even further, and Izuku covered his eyes while Bakugou squinted. “Oh, yeah!! I’ll show you the way, just follow me!”


So they followed Uraraka down the halls, laughing and getting to know each other.


“So,” Uraraka started, resting her hands by her sides, “What are your names? Mine’s Uraraka Ochako! Oh wait, I remember now!! You’re Midoriya.. Izuku!  Though I still wanna call you Deku-kun!! But I don’t know yours!” She pointed towards Bakugou.


Bakugou smirked, clenching his fist in front of him. “Bakugou Katsuki!! And you better remember it!”


She laughed, the sound light, making Izuku smile. “Alrighty then! Deku-kun and Bakugou-kun!”


“Oi, we’re here losers.”


“Oh!” Izuku looked up, blinking in slight shock at the sheer size of the door to class 1-A. He’s sure it reached at least fifteen feet tall. At least. “I guess it needs to be accessible  for everyone…. Ahh, I’m so nervous..!”


Bakugou ruffled his hair, snorting at the slight squeak he made. “Oh shut up, nerd. You’ll be perfectly fine. And you-” he jerked his thumb at Uraraka, “-don’t you be a nervous little shit either! It’ll be annoying.”


She jumped a little, not expecting the harsh language, but nodded anyway.


“Now, let’s fucking go.”


Bakugou reached for the door handle, opening with a slam and walking inside.


We have to walk in after that…? Izuku thought, a wary smile on his face as he tentatively walked in, looking around the classroom. I hope that the blue-haired boy isn’t here…


“Oh! You’re the boy who demolished the zero pointer correct?!” and he’s here.  


The boy quickly marched up to Izuku, startling him. “I’m sorry for how rude I acted towards you during the exam!!” He bowed at a straight ninety degrees. “Please accept my apology! My name is Iida Tenya! Pleased to meet you.” Izuku opened his mouth and then closed it, not quite sure what to say. Ah, he’s just really earnest..


“Um.. Nice to meet you too..! And don’t worry, you weren’t rude!!” He smiled, the earlier panic fading away. “My name is Midoriya Izuku!”


“Wait!!” A kid with bright red spiked up hair and shark-like teeth spoke, catching their attention. “You’re the kid who absolutely destroyed the zero pointer?! And got first in the entrance exam?!?”


“Uhh-” Oh no here it comes-


Almost all the class started yelling at once, asking questions left and right as they crowded Izuku, shocked expressions and awe on their faces.


-There it is.


“Wait!! Um, please just- ah!” Izuku raised his arms up to cover his head, feeling panic once again seeping into his veins. He could see Uraraka trying to tell people to give him some space, and he tried sending her a grateful smile, but he doesn’t know if she saw it.


“If you’re only here to talk, then get out.”


Izuku, along with everyone else, slowly looked behind him, his mouth snapping shut when he saw who had spoken.


Right outside the doorway, laying on the floor, was a… Man? Completely encased inside a yellow sleeping bag.




The man’s long, scruffy black hair stuck out of the sleeping bag, framing his equally scruffy face and tired looking eyes.


“This is…” He took out a juice box, and drank it in one go. “... The hero course.”


There’s someone… Inside it!!


The man unzipped his sleeping bag, stepping out and revealing his full self. He wore a one piece black suit, a belt around his waist and a very, very long scarf wrapped around his neck and on his shoulders.


“It took you eight seconds to get quite.. Time is precious, you know, you guys aren’t very rational are you?”


Izuku stared at the man in shock, racking his brain for any information. Our teacher? So then he’s a pro hero too… his name is on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t seem to place it..!


The man, maybe pro hero, faced the class, his face practically void of any emotion other than exhaustion. “I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta. Pleased to meet you.”


HOMEROOM TEACHER?! The class thought in sync.


Aizawa reached into his sleeping bad, pulling out a set of U.A gym clothes and handing it to Izuku.


“Here, put these on and head out to the grounds. Quickly.”


At the grounds, all of class 1-A all lined up against each other, equally confused stares all directed at their teacher.


“Today we’ll be doing a test of your quirks.”






“What about the opening ceremony? Or guidance sessions?!” Uraraka asked, stepping forward.


Aizawa simply tilted his head, turning away from her. “No time to waste on such petty stuff if you wanna become heroes.” Uraraka stumbled in shock, almost face-planting in the dirt. He continued.


“U.A is known for its ‘freestyle’ education system. That goes for us teachers as well. The standing long jump, softball throw, fifty meter dash, side-to-side stepping, seated toe touch. You did these in middle school right? The normal nom-quirk gym tests.” The class nodded. “This country still insists on prohibiting quirks when calculating the averages of those records. It’s not rational. They’re just procrastinating.” He turned towards Izuku, making him jump a bit at the eye contact. 


“Bakugou, how far could you throw a softball in Middle School?”


“Sixty-seven meters.”


Aizawa through him a softball, which he caught easily with one hand. “Great, now try it with your quirk. Do whatever you need to, just don’t leave the circle. Give it all you’ve got.”


“Aye aye teach…!”


Izuku watched as Bakugou adopted a sinister grin onto his face, arm reaching back and explosions already cackling on his palm.


Oh no, Kacchan please.


“DIE!!” Bakugou shouted, the ball launching away into the sky with a literal bang, wind and smoke blasting back towards everyone else. Izuku simply looked on with a straight face.




A small ‘beep’ came from some kind of device Aizawa was holding, and when he held up the screen for everyone to see, it read seven hundred and five meters. 


“It’s important for us to know our limits. That’s the first rational step to figuring out what kind of heroes you’ll be.” Some of his classmates let out a few shocked gasps at Bakugou’s score, claiming how fun this test would be. That seemed to be the wrong thing to say as Aizawa’s eye twitched, his face becoming shadowed.


“Fun…. you say?” The class immediately quieted, the atmosphere becoming darker. “Okay the. The one to come in last place will be judged hopeless… And will be expelled.”




Well, that certainly isn’t good..! Izuku gave a grim smile, determination settle in his veins. This is all or nothing!!


“Your fates are in our hands… Welcome, this is the U.A hero course! ” Aizawa grinned, the sight sending fear through the class.


Uraraka stepped up again, a frown on her face. “Wait!! It’s only the first day! And even if it wasn’t.. That’s still totally unfair! Right, Deku-kun?!” Izuku panicked, not expected to be called upon.


“We-well.. Stuff like this happens all the time right..? Like, villains suddenly appearing, natural disasters… The entire world can be pretty unfair at times....” His voice got quiet at the end, shuffling his feet in the dirt in embarrassment.


“He’s exactly right...!” Aizawa said, making Izuku blush, feeling everyone look at him. “And heroes are the ones who correct that unfairness. If you were hoping to spend your evenings at McDonalds or something, I’m sorry to tell you but.. U.A is gonna put you through the wringer. That’s Plus Ultra. Use your strength to overcome it all. So bring it.”


I can do this ...!!


“The demonstration is over.”


I’ve gotta work hard.


“Now it’s for real.”


And I’ll do it.


Fifty-meter dash, event one.


Izuku watched as Iida sped across the short track, smoke emitting from the engines in his calves. His hand itched to grab a notebook and write. A small robot at the end of the track spoke up. “3.04 seconds!”


Asui Tsuyu, a girl long dark green hair and a frog-like face finished just about three seconds after him. She had ran across by hopping.


All these quirks..! I’ll have to write about them when I get home, they’re amazing! He walked up to the start when it was his turn, smiling at Bakugou right beside him.


Bakugou smirked. “You better not be slow, nerd!”


“Oh I won’t.”


He got down into position, his flames settling on his legs and feet out of pure habit, and One For All tingling just under the skin of his legs. 7% percent….




One For All!!


He shot forward, the flames on his feet boosting his already incredible speed, and landing on his feet at the finish, Bakugou landing right beside him.


“4.09 seconds! 4.13 seconds!”


“AhhhH!! I was this close..!!” Bakugou shouted, something like a pout on his face.


“Haha.. Guess I got better than you expected huh?” Izuku laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.


He scoffed. “Heh, don’t think it’ll be that way for everything though!”


Second event, Grip Strength.


“206 KG!”


Izuku breathed a sigh of relief, he had almost gone over the limit of One For All on this one. He hadn’t been able to use his flames on his hands, unless he wanted to overheat the machine.


“Wow!! Two hundred and six?! Deku-kun, that’s amazing!!” Izuku let out a squeak when Uraraka appeared right beside him, startling him.


“U-Uraraka-san!! I didn’t see you there!” She laughed, touching her fingers together.


“Sorry sorry! I got finished pretty quick, since my quirk isn’t exactly suited for this kind of thing.. Heh he.”


He gave her an encouraging smile, a light blush on his cheeks. “I still think it’s amazing that you made it in here! You’re quirk is special and unique!! You’re strong, just maybe not in every way.” Now it was her turn to blush, though it was hard to tell through her continuously pink cheeks.




“WOOOWW!! 540 KG?!? Are you a gorilla or an octopus?!!” Another boy from their class exclaimed, standing in front of another very tall boy with six…. Arms? Limbs? Not sure.


“Octopus? Sexy..” Another, much shorter boy, about as tall as Recovery Girl, with purple balls for hair spoke. Izuku decided he didn’t like him very much.


The next few events passed by, Izuku using his quirk for boosts and One For All, staying up right by Bakugou in speed.


Fifth event, Ball Throwing.


“And.. Go!” Uraraka threw the ball. It went up. And up, and up, and up….. “Whoops.”


“Infinity?! Wow!! The infinity symbol actually popped up!!”


“Great job Uraraka-san!” Izuku cheered. She sent him a smile in return.


He walked up to the circle, nerves settling in his stomach as he was handed the ball. Now, how do I do this one? I could of course use my fire and carry it away, but what if I… Oh.


Izuku clenched his fist around the ball, fire erupting around his hand, the green brighter than any other time he had used it.


Mix them together… As one!


The flames cackled with energy, green sparks, like lightning, popping up over his arm.


Control it….


And throw!!

Chapter Text

He launched the ball into the air, sending it flying , blasting across the grounds leaving a trail of bright green fire in its wake.


“Wow…” He breathed, looking down at his hands in astonishment. That was a lot stronger than just 7% of One For All!! I didn’t know I could do that….








"..... What the fuck..?" Izuku flinched.


“802.6 KM. Good job.” Aizawa deadpanned, showing the score.


“802.6 KM?! Deku-kun that’s incredible!!” Izuku thanked her, fiddling with his hands.


He stopped when he felt a burn on his finger, sending a jolt of pain. “Ow… What the..?” He looked at his hand, and found light burns covering his hand and his entire arm. They weren’t bad, just light, but they still hurt. It went all the way down to his elbow, patchy and slightly random. “But.. How?”


“Is there something wrong, Midoriya?” Aizawa asked, eyeing his arm.


“Oi nerd! What’s got you being all slo- what the fuck?! I thought you couldn’t be burned?!” Bakugou yelled, confusion flickering on his face.


Izuku stared at the wound, trying to figure out how it happened. “That’s what I thought too… I can only get burned if I use my fire for too long, but even then it would be practically nothing. Not like ...” And then it hit, One For All. “... This.”


One For All must’ve boosted my flames to the point of burning, or perhaps it just burned me itself? I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask All Might later. I’ll have to be more careful from here on out.


“Are you okay, Deku-kun?” He turned to face Uraraka’s worried face, and his heart filled with warmth at the fact that she cared so much.


“Yeah, I’m okay!! It’s not bad.” He reassured her.


Aizawa walked up to him, and if you look close enough, you could see the  slightest bit of concern on his face. “Here, take a pass to Recovery Girl. If you take too long getting back, you’ll be expelled.” Izuku laughed nervously as he took the pass.


He made a quick trip to Recover Girl, got healed, scolded for being reckless, and then he headed back as fast as he could. He didn’t want to find out if Aizawa was being serious or not.


As he was about to walk back into his class and continue the events, Kacchan pulled him aside.


"Ka-Kacchan? I have to get back to the-"


"What the fuck was that about, Deku?" Kacchan spoke. His voice wasn't loud, and it had an angry tone to it. Except it was different than usual.


"What do you mean? I told you I don't know about the burn either-"


"You know that's not what I'm talking about!!" Izuku flinched back, startled by Kacchan's sudden loud voice. He was thankful for the fact that no one from the class could see them behind the wall, that would make things worse. 


"I wanna know what the fuck that strength was about! Your quirk is fire, not fucking…. Super strength or something!!" Kacchan's face softened, hurt swimming in his ruby red eyes. "Why are you lying to me..? Why can't you trust me?"


"Oh…" He didn't know what to say. What could he say? He hadn't known that Kacchan had… been hurting like that. I'm sorry All Might, but I can't keep hiding it from him if it's hurting him like that. I'm sorry.


"I.. later, Kacchan. I promise, I'll explain everything."


Kacchan didn't say anything as Izuku walked away.


The events finished up, and it was revealed that the getting expelled part was a "logical ruse." Izuku had gotten third place, right behind the boy named Todoroki Shouto, and the girl called Yaoyorozu Momo. Now that's a mouthful. 


He should be happy. He should be cheering at the fact that he did good. But he isn't. All he can think about is what he's going to tell Kacchan. Should he tell him the complete truth? Or should he make a half truth again? I… I don't know what I should do. But this isn't the time to be worrying about that!! I still have classes to attend! He grit his teeth, and continued walking down the clean hallway to his next class.




After the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, Bakugou stood outside the school gate, bag slung over his shoulder as he waited for Izuku to exit the school. Only about five minutes later he came out, the Sonic wanna-be and Round Face walking with him. Once he neared the gate, Bakugou stepped out in front of him, a neutral look on his face.


Izuku’s eyes flickered, hesitating, until he told Uraraka and Iida that he’d see them tomorrow, before finally turning to face Bakugou.






There wasn’t any funny quip, or the usual phrase, the air was tense as they walked, heading over to the beach.


Bakugou eyed Izuku as they walked, trying to figure out what he was thinking. He was gnawing on his lip, brows furrowed as he looked towards the ground, eyes glazed over. Almost like he was having a war with himself inside his head. He probably was, the damn nerd always over thinks things.


Bakugou faced forward once more, seeing the beach just ahead of them. Deku had insisted they go here, saying that there was someone he wanted him to meet. Thinking about it, it’s probably that person he said had been training him, or something. I guess he finally gets to know who it is.


Or maybe that was a lie too.


To be honest, Bakugou wasn’t completely… Hurt, per say. He was also angry. Angry at the fact that Deku didn’t trust him enough, his best friend, to tell him what he was hiding. And angry at himself for not noticing he was hiding anything in the first place. But now, he’ll finally get to know what secret the twerp has been keeping from him.


“Oi. We’re here.”


Deku looked up, snapping out of whatever thoughts he had been in. He looked up at Bakugou, and then started leading him towards the shore.


What was waiting there, or who, was a man who looked like he should be in a hospital on his deathbed. He looked like a damn skeleton.


“Ah! Young Midoriya!! Congrats on getting through the first day-” The living skeleton finally noticed him, standing right behind a sheepish looking Deku.


“Oh, um… H-hi..” He glanced at Bakugou, his face flickering with an emotion he couldn’t quite place. “I- I’m sorry!! I just… I can’t keep this from Kacchan any longer! I’ve never been good at lying… Never liked it either and… Can.. Can we, please, tell him…? All of it? I don’t think I can keep on keeping it a secret from him.” Deku finished, tears of anger, frustration, or desperation silently streaming down his face. He didn’t know which.


Bakugou took a step in front of Izuku, looking at the shocked skeleton man in the eye. “So, are you the one whos been helping Deku over here get stronger? Who is a part of… Whatever this secret stuff is?”


The man sent a hesitant glance at him, and then turned his gaze towards Deku. He seemed to share a secret conversation with him before turning back to him. It made him annoyed.


“Oi!! Are you gonna speak or what!?” he yelled, kicking up a bit of sand, stuffing his hands in his pockets.


“I’m… Sorry Kacchan. For…. For keeping this all a secret from you. Actually, I’m not. I kept it from you for a reason. But now, I’m going to need you to not freak out, okay?”


Bakugou blinked, a confused frown moving onto his face. “Why would I freak out-”


“This is why.”








“What the FU-”




Bakugou stopped mid-scream, eyes wide in pure shock as he stared at the spot where the skeleton man once stood. Where the one and only All Might now stands.


All- fucking -Might.


What. The fuck.


His mind felt like it was running at a thousand miles per hour, and at the same time it felt like it had completely stopped thinking in general.


Just as he was about to speak again, All Might just… collapsed . Deflated, shrunk, became a skinny noodle man. Whatever the hell you want to call it. Smoke floated around him like a scene from a movie, or an anime, as he coughed into his hand. When he brought his hand away from his mouth, there was blood on it.


“Al-All Might..?! But- How the fuck?! DEKU!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?” Bakugou yelled, spinning to face Izuku so fast it would make a ballerina jealous.


“Let me explain, young Bakugou.” The skeleton man- All Might - walked towards him. “About six years ago now, I was in a fight… A big one that the public never learned of. It left me with this.” He lifted up his too big shirt, revealing an ugly, purple spider web scar covering his entire side, up to his shoulder.


“... Shit..” Bakugou looked with a morbid curiosity at the scar, disbelief and realization running through him all at the same time. He furrowed his brows. “That still doesn’t explain why Deku suddenly has.. Some kind of super strength!!”


All Might lowered his shirt, a grim look on his face. “I was getting to that. You see, my quirk… It’s called One For All….”


All Might old him everything, about his quirk, how he first met Izuku, his time limit, the training, all the way up to today. It was a lot to take in.


Bakugou stood stock-still, mouth hanging slightly open as he tried to comprehend the information given to him.


“So…. You’re saying that Deku here-” he pointed a finger at him, “-is who you chose to be your successor?”


All Might nodded.


Izuku fidgeted nervously, unsure whether or not to break the awkward and tense silence, he decided to speak up in the end. “Ka-Kacchan… I know you’re mad at me, for keeping this all a secret… And I understand if you hate me for it, and don’t want to be my friend anymore, or hang out or train or any of that.. It’s completely reasonable, just promise me, and All Might, that you won’t tell anyone else about this. We can’t let the public know about all thi-”


“Oh shut up Deku.”


Izuku stuttered to a stop, blinking in confusion. “E-eh?”


“I’m not gonna tell anyone about it. I’m not that dumb. I doubt anyone would believe me anyways. And don’t you worry your stupid little head about me hating you. And there’s no way I can’t train you now!! Not with your weak ass wielding All Might’s power!! You’d just put it to waste!! I bet I could do way better.” Bakugou smirked, crossing his arms over his chest as the tension in the air dissipated, leaving a light and airy feeling.


“Haha, ye-yeah. I don’t doubt it, Kacchan.” Izuku laughed, relief clear on his face.


All Might laughed, the sound booming even in his true form. “Then, how about we go get some ice-cream? My treat.”


Izuku stuttered, waving his hands as he blushed. “B-but!! You don’t need to pay for me…”


“Nonsense!! You know I have plenty of money, young Midoriya.”


“Heh, just take the offer, damn nerd!”


“Now you’re just ganging up on me!!”




The next day’s classes passed by quickly, that is, until their last class came about.




Izuku sat in his seat, idly chatting with the boy with the spiky red hair from before.


"So, who do you think will be teaching this class?" He asked, his shark like teeth showing through his smile.


"Hmmm.. well it'll be a pro hero like all our other classes, so I bet it'll be a more popular one." I'll just pretend I don't know that it's All Might for now. 


The boy, Kirishima, if he remembered correctly, sighed, propping his elbow up on Izuku's desk. "I wonder if it'll be All Might. But that's impossible, since he doesn't teach here." Izuku laughed.


He was about to say something else when suddenly the door slammed open, revealing All Might leaning in through the doorway, his cape flowing behind him. 




As everyone in the classroom cheered, excitement clear in their voices, Izuku couldn't help but try to stifle his laughter at All Might's entrance.


Well, he has always been pretty eccentric.


Still, he smiled big and wide, still awed by his presence even after knowing him for months. 


All Might marched up to the teacher's podium, giving his signature grin as a few students commented on his costume.


"Good afternoon class! I'm sure you're all excited, right?!" They cheered. "Today we'll be doing….." He paused for dramatic effect. "BATTLE TRIALS!!" 


Izuku smiled as Kacchan roared in excitement from the seat in front of him, happy at the chance to be able to practice using his quirks in battle. 


“And to be able to do that…” All Might pressed a button on a remote. “YOU’LL BE NEEDING YOUR COSTUMES!!”


Rows filled with glass cases slid out of the wall, revealing where their costumes were held.


Everyone quickly filed out of the classroom, going to the locker rooms to change into their costumes. Izuku pulled his out of his case, scanning over it to make sure the support team had put in everything he requested, including the new stuff he put in.


His costume consisted of a green jumpsuit, the material all fireproof, with a few white and black lines running down the chest area in symmetry. A hood fell off the costume, two long almost bunny ear things sticking up from it and two eye-holes cut into it. Good, they got that too! It also had a red belt with multiple pockets filled with first-aid supplies just in case he needed to provide immediate care to someone. Two strips of thin white padding laid across the shoulders of the suit, a small button on each side. Those buttons would (hopefully) activate a cooling system throughout the entire suit, for the moments where he gets overheated from using his fire too long. A red strap with a small bag on the side wrapped around his thigh area, holding small candies for little kids he came across on patrol. Black braces wrapped around his knees and elbows, in case he ever accidentally breaks himself again. Metal covers sat on the bench, fitting perfectly over his shoes for when he used any kicks. It included black, strong finger-less gloves, made with a material to withstand All Might’s power. And last but not least, his metal mask sat on top of the costume. It covered his face up to his nose, and had holes on the front for breathing. There was a button on the side by his ear that’ll make the mask retract, allowing him to breathe fire whenever he wants. It also has a built-in air filtering system.


I sure hope all the mechanics work!! Izuku smiled in excitement, struggling to get his costume on fast enough as everyone began to walk out in all their glory. He pulled up his hood and mask, lighting the tips of his “bunny ears” aflame for dramatic effect.


He and Kacchan had worked on their costumes together throughout the years, each pointing out things about each other’s costume to improve them best. Kacchan had been the one to suggest the cooling system and stronger materials. He also helped with a bit of the style of it.


Izuku walked out of the locker rooms, eyes wide in awe as he observed everyone else's costumes.


“Lookin’ good ladies and gentleman!! A hero’s costume is a big part of how people will view you!”


Izuku spotted Urarakanot too far off, wearing a space-themed costume consisting of a white helmet, a pink, white, and black skin-tight cover, and large puffy with boots that went to her knees. Oh no… People aren’t supposed to look this good. This is so not fair.


“Ah!! Is that you, Deku-kun?! Great costume!! It looks good on you!” Uraraka commented, clapping her hands together.


Izuku blushed, stammering out a thanks.


“Great costumes, Uraraka-san, Midoriya-san!!”


“Oh, it’s you, Iida-kun!” Izuku smiled, looking over Iida’s costume as he walked over, admiring the style of it. Iida’s costume was basically a suit of white armor, just more modern. There were holes in the back of the leg area to make room for his engines as well. Pipes stuck out from his back as well. He looked just a bit like a Transformer.


“Hey, nerd!! Do you know if they got the mechanics right?!” Kacchan walked over to their little group, his grenade-shaped gauntlets flashing in the sun. 


Kacchan’s costume had him wearing a skin tight top, with a bright orange X over the chest, and baggy pants under an orange belt with some kind of metal covers over his knees. He had medium sized green gauntlets over his hands, and thick gloves with an orange underside. On his belt, he had grenades attached, real or fake, that’s for you to find out. And lastly, a thin black mask covering his eyes, with two spiky fake explosion… things, sticking out of the back of his hair. 


Izuku grinned, clicking the button on the side of his mask and watching as it retracted back. “Yup!! Seems like it works just fine.”


Kacchan smirked. “Good.”


“So, Kacchan-”

“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun!”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“..... Fair enough.”


Uraraka blinked, completely confused. “... What just happened?”


Izuku snorted, and the dam broke.


“AHAHAHAHA!!” Bakugou howled with laughter, pointing a finger at Uraraka and Iida’s expressions. Izuku doubled over, holding his stomach as he tried to hold in his laughter, tears of laughter building in his eyes.


“Wh-what?! What is even going on….”


“I have no idea, Uraraka-san.”


“Alright everyone!! Please listen up!” All Might called out, standing in the middle of two tables holding a box each. “We’ll be moving a step further from the entrance exam… INDOOR PERSONAL BATTLE-TRAINING!! And to do so, we’ll put you into teams of two using slots!!”


Iida raised his hand, already talking. “Is this really the best way to do things? By randomization?!”


Izuku perked up. “Many times out on the field, heroes will have to work together with any heroes on the scene, so having up group up at random is good training for future events like that.”


“Oh, I see. Sorry for interrupting!”


“This is how it’ll work, there will be two teams going against each other! One will be the heroes, and the others are the villains! The villains have to protect a nuclear bomb inside the building until time runs out, or they catch the heroes with capture tape!! The heroes will wait for five minutes, and then head inside and either touch the bomb, or capture the villains!! Is that understood?”




“Okay then…. Now, here are the teams!”


A: Uraraka and Izuku


B: Todoroki and Shouji


C: Yaoyorozu and Mineta


D: Iida and Bakugou


E: Aoyama and Ashido


F: Satou and Kouda


G: Jirou and Kaminari


H: Tsuyu and Tokoyami


I: Hagakure and Ojirou


J: Kirishima and Sero


“And now… The first teams to be pitted against each other are ...! TEAM A AS THE HEROES AND D AS THE VILLAINS!!”


Izuku whipped his head towards Bakugou, a wicked grin growing on both of their faces.

“Oh hell yes.”

Chapter Text

Izuku and Ochako stood outside the building they’d be fighting in, going over the plan and memorizing the building’s blueprints. They had five minutes until the battle trials started, and then they would enter and, hopefully, win. 


“Hey, Uraraka-san, do you remember everything about the plan?” Izuku asked, stuffing the blueprints in one of his belt pockets.


Uraraka jumped a bit, clearly not having anticipated the sudden question. “Oh, yeah!! I’ve got it all ready right here!” She knocked her head with her fist.


Izuku laughed, a mischievous look in his eyes. “Say…. Do you look the game Heroes and Villains?”


Uraraka tilted her head, confused as to why he was asking. “Uh… Yeah I do. Why do you ask?”


“Oh, nothing.”


The bell rang for them to start, and they went in.




Five Minutes Earlier


Iida finished cleaning up any objects on the floor, making sure Uraraka wouldn’t be able to use anything to her advantage with her quirk. 


He and Bakugou had hid the bomb on the third floor, by Bakugou’s request, right in the middle. He didn’t know why he would do that, considering it would be an obvious place to go. He had said as such, but Bakugou had told him to trust him.




Iida turned to look at Bakugou, who was standing in the middle of the room in what looked like silent contemplation. Except not fully silent.




Iida sighed,  starting to get annoyed by Bakugou’s constant humming. “Is there something you’re thinking of, Bakugou-kun?”


He finally stopped humming, facing Iida with a thoughtful gaze. “Uh… Oh, I got it!!”


Iida was immensely confused. “Got… What?”


Bakugou smirked, pointing a single finger in his direction. “You shall be named…. DR. FOUR-EYES!!”


Iida sputtered at the insulting nickname, raising his arms in a robotic motion as he protested. “Th-that is not my name!! What is that even for?! Please take this lesson seriously Bakugou-ku-”


“Ah, shut up!! You’ll find out what it’s for soon enough. Once Deku gets in here anyways. Just remember that it’s your name, fucking four-eyes!!” He sputtered once more.


Once he had calmed down, he adjusted his helmet, looking over the room in case he had missed anything. “So, Bakugou-kun, what’s the plan? We haven’t discussed anything yet!”


“We’ll wait until Deku and Round Face get inside the building, and then I’ll head after them. You’ll say here!”


“Wa-wait!! Shouldn’t we stay together? Plus, my quirk isn’t exactly suited for fighting in small areas such as this-”


“Mine isn’t either, idiot!” Bakugou scoffed, his palm producing small explosions. “I can’t make big explosions without damaging the surrounding area, especially in this room, and possibly the bomb. Didn’t really think about that didja, wanna-be Sonic?”


“I- No.. I suppose you’re right. Sorry for doubting you. Please, continue with the plan.”


Bakugou smirked. “Alright, so here’s what we’re gonna do…”




All Might stood in front of the monitors, waiting to give the signal to start. The rest of class 1-A stood behind him, bored looks on their faces. Once the fighting begins, they’ll start to get more fired up!!  


He was jerked out of his thoughts when young Midoriya’s voice came in through the earpiece in his left ear.


“Hey, All Might, you can let everyone else listen to what we say during this. Trust me, it’ll be fun!!”


All Might stood there confused for a couple seconds before finally responding back. “Okay, young Midoriya! If you say so.”


He turned to face the rest of the class, smiling at them as he addressed the new change. “Listen up, class! Young Midoriya has notified me that he would like everyone to listen to what they’re saying during their fight, so make sure you pay extra attention!!” He reached over the control system, turning on the speakers, and giving his attention back to the monitors.




Uraraka touched Izuku’s arm with all five fingers, making him float up along with her on the side of the building. He opened the window on the fourth floor, quietly stepping inside with Uraraka as she cancelled her quirk.


He looked around the corner and scanned the area, listening for any footsteps or sounds. Hearing nothing, he gave Uraraka the all-clear.


They walked down the silent gray hallway, waiting for any sign of an attack when loud orange explosions shot out from around the corner, startling them both.



“Get down-!” Izuku pushed Uraraka to the ground, shaking the dust off of him as he stood up to meet his opponent.


Kacchan stood in front of him, ruby red eyes alight with excitement as he sent him a wide smirk, palms spread at his sides.


He sent a smirk of his own back. “So… We meet again! Dr. Explodious!!” Uraraka snorted by his side.


“HAH!! You thought you had beat me before, All Flame ?!? WRONG!! Now… I shall blow up this entire CITY!! Along with you in it!!”




Kacchan launched himself towards him, explosions blasting behind him as he flew through the air. He swung his right arm forward, aiming to hit Izuku in the stomach.


Izuku expected it, retracting his mask and letting out a turrent of emerald flames towards Kacchan, blinding him and causing him to fall back away from the heat. Izuku immediately used the opening, running forward and delivering a harsh kick to Kacchan’s gut.


“Run, Uraraka!! I’ll handle Dr. Explosious!! You get the other villain!” Izuku shouted, quickly dodging another large blast from Kacchan.


Uraraka nodded, a serious look on her face. “Alright, All Flame!! Stay safe!” She hurriedly ran around Kacchan, making sure to keep away from the explosions.


“You think your weak sidekick would ever be able to win against Dr. Four-eyes?!” He spread his arms in a dramatic fashion, “How naive.”


Izuku’s expression changed into one of anger, and he clenched his fist by his side. “How dare you assume she’s my sidekick!! I’ll have you know she is a powerful hero all on her own! Now, fall to your knees, villain!”



Izuku sprinted forward once again, One For All running through his legs as he swung his leg towards Kacchan’s side. Kacchan grabbed his ankle, using his explosions to spin himself in a circle and throw Izuku into the wall, leaving him dazed. 


Izuku stumbled back up, barely having enough time to react as another blast was bursting towards him. He smiled, spreading his arms and then pushing them forward, sending the incoming blast backwards with green flames mixed in, hitting Kacchan with twice the force.


“Smart move, All Flame..! However!! You won’t take me down so easily!” Kacchan yelled, a wicked grin on his face as he stood.


Izuku lit his hands on fire, the glow creating shadows on his face as he stared Kacchan down from across the hallway. “I would hope not!”




Iida stood in front of the fake bomb, waiting for any signs of an approaching enemy. The bell to start had rung almost immediately after Bakugou had finished telling him the plan, so he didn’t have any more time to really set up anything. All of the things that were in the room were gone anyways.


“Hmm… If I’m playing the villain during this lesson, then I must truly act like a villain as well!!” His face darkened under the mask, lowering his voice and raising his arms to his sides. “Muahaha…. MUAHAHAHAHA!! COME AND GET ME, HEROES!!”


He stopped laughing when he heard someone laughing behind one of the pillars, they sounded like they were trying to stifle their laughter and ultimately failing. He didn’t even have to look to know who it was.


“I know you’re there, hero!! Now, come out and face me!”


“Haha….” Uraraka stepped out from behind the pillar, a sheepish smile on her face while her eyes remained determined. He saw her whisper a quick message through her ear-piece before calling out to him. “Looks like you found me.. Dr. Four-eyes!!”


Fighting the urge to complain, Iida continued his villain act, finally starting to understand why Bakugou had called him Dr. Four-eyes. Looks like we’re truly playing a game of Heroes Vs Villains… Seems like Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-san are in on it as well!


“Shall we get on to it then?!”


“We shall!!”




Bakugou jumped into the air, using his quirk to blast himself to the side right as green flames burst forward, missing him by mere inches.


“Your aims gotten better since our last fight, All Flame!! But I’m afraid you’re not the only one who has improved!” Bakugou yelled, kicking off from the wall and knocking Izuku down with a kick.


He jumped back, holding his hands out in front of him. He formed a small ‘O’ with one hand, and held his other right behind it. “You’re the one who taught me this move, BE PREPARED TO SEE IT IN ALL ITS GLORY!!”


Bakugou pushed an explosion through the small opening, shooting a small stream of fire and smoke towards the struggling to stand Izuku.


“Wha-?!” Izuku moved to the side a bit too late, the blast too fast to dodge. It grazed the side of his face, completely destroying the left side of his hood and scraping his mask. Thank goodness for the built-in air filter.. Otherwise I would be a hacking mess from all that smoke and debris!


Using his quirk to snatch the last bits of the explosion, he swirled them around himself, retracting his mask and blowing out bits of fire to add to the blast. He narrowed his eyes in concentration, feeling One For All slip into his fire as the green color brightened, small sparks of green lightning crackling around the flames. He could already feel the burns on his hands. He waited until Bakugou went in for another attack, and then crouched low, sending the powerful stream of mixed quirks right at his enemy.


“Let’s see if you can go against this!”


The blast hit Bakugou right on his chest, sending him flying back down the hall and onto the floor with a loud thud. Izuku took his chance to escape, creating a tall wall of flames that went from the floor to the ceiling before turning down the hallway, using One For All in his legs to run faster.


He opened the door to a random room, sneaking inside and closing the door behind him as he took in his surroundings. Just an empty room… Got it, the bomb most likely isn’t on this floor then. Kacchan wouldn’t want to risk damaging it, well, not if he wants to win anyways.  


He was just about to run back out again when Uraraka’s voice came out of his earpiece, she sounded like she was whispering.


“De-All Flame!! I found the room where the bomb is hidden, third floor, very middle room. I was hiding until now, Uh.. Dr. Four-Eyes found me..! Are we going to start the end of the plan now?”


Izuku grinned behind his mask, excitement running through his veins. “Yeah, just hold off Dr. Four-eyes for a bit while I get to your position. Make sure you stay away from the middle of the room, and hold on to something!”


“Roger that!” -click-


Izuku smiled, leaning his head against the cold metal door, listening for any signs of approach.


“.... I know you’re out here somewhere… Hero!!” He could hear Bakugou’s voice a bit down the hall, still a ways away from the door. “Don’t think I forgot about our last battle, you know the one! With Knuckles and the Black Abyss! They always were your favorite sidekicks… Such a shame!”


Izuku gaped, Oh how dare he mention my stuffed animals.


Quickly calculating the distance between where he is now and the middle of the floor, he slammed open the door, throwing a punch towards the unsuspecting Bakugou, successfully knocking him to the floor. He started running down the hall, but not before sending him a quick message.




He was already around the corner when Bakugou started raging.




Uraraka stumbled a bit when Iida charged forward, the engines in his legs rumbling as he ran forward. She quickly moved to the side, narrowly dodging him as she tapped his shoulder, throwing him off balance with the sudden loss of gravity. He slammed into the wall, shaking his head to clear his focus.


Uraraka quickly ran for the bomb while she had time, reaching her arm forward to touch it.


“If you ever get the chance, go straight for the bomb! We don’t have to finish with the plan, we just have to touch the bomb!”


She was about a foot away when Iida pushed her aside, spinning in the air from the power of his boosters. She released her quirk, silently apologizing when Iida slammed into the ground.


 “I’m sorry we have to fight! Maybe in another world, we could’ve been friends.. But I can’t just let you hurt all those people!!” Uraraka shouted, making sure to grab onto a pillar near the wall.


Iida got up, thankfully also away from the middle of the room, adjusting his helmet. He should get that fixed.


“Ugh… Clever move, hero!!”


Uraraka smiled, and held on tighter to the pillar when the ground started shaking, trying not to laugh at the confused look on Iida’s face.


Here we go!!




It took him only half a minute to get to the center of the fourth floor, hearing loud, Oh boy he’s really mad, explosions sounding behind him.


“Hold on Uraraka-san!!”


Bakugou came raging around the corner, his face absolutely vivid in anger.




Izuku came to a stop, holding back a laugh as Bakugou came closer. He sucked in a breath, readying for the final blow.


"Hey Kacchan!!"


Bakugou stopped for a moment, his eye twitching and small explosions erupting from his hands. " WHAT?!?"


He readied his hands. "I BET I'M STRONGER THAN YOU!!"


That was the final straw.


"....... You…"


Oh shit. 


“... fucking piece oF SHIT I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU-”




Izuku raised his arms as Bakugou blasted himself towards him, his face a look of pure rage as he brought his hands forward, his mouth opening up to yell.




An enormous explosion exploded outwards, almost filling up the entire hall with fire and smoke. Izuku grit his teeth and gained control of the blast, slowly mixing in his own fire as he struggled to maintain control. His eyes flashed a bright green as he grinned, looking Bakugou right in the eye as he threw his arms down towards the floor.


All of the fire and smoke going with it.


The flames slammed into the floor, immediately crushing it and bursting through below, gusts of raging wind blowing past as it broke through floor after floor, yet still avoiding any major supports in the building.


He could feel his arms burning, but he continued to hold onto it, right up until he felt it slam into the dirt and stone.


Then he let go.




Uraraka yelped when the ceiling suddenly exploded in green and orange flames, not even stopping for a moment as it broke through the middle of the room, causing a blast of wind to run through the room, leaving a large hole through the center of the ground and rubble in the air. Thankfully, it kept away from the bomb. 


Holy crap Deku-kun!! Way to go!


Uraraka let go of the now broken pillar, quickly making it float and grabbing it once more with both of her hands, facing Iida.


“No!! I won’t let you win-!”


“Sorry, Dr. Four-eyes! But I’m not called Space Girl for NOTHING!!” She swung the pillar forward like a baseball bat, hitting the rubble in the air with a loud ‘thwack’, sending them across the room, straight at Iida.


He stumbled back, covering his head with his arms. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He was stuck.


She made herself float, jumping across the gaping hole in the floor and grabbing onto the fake bomb in the corner. “Got it!!”


Uraraka sighed in relief as All Might’s voice rang throughout the building over the intercom, announcing the winners of the first round.



Chapter Text



All Might stepped back after turning on the speakers, curious as to why Midoriya wanted them on.


“What did you uh… change, All Might sensei?” He turned back, smiling down at one of his students. Kaminari, if he remembered correctly.


“Good question, young Kaminari!! Young Midoriya wanted me to turn the speakers on, so all of you could hear what is going on as well!” He answered, guestering his arm at the control panel.


Another one of his students, Yaoyorozu Momo, stepped up, a calm look on her face. “Perhaps he wanted us to har his plans? Learn something from it? If so, that would mean he is either trying to help us, or is just showing off.”


“Nah… I don’t think so.” Kirishima frowned, “He doesn’t seem like that kinda guy, ya know?”


Yaoyorozu crossed her arms under her chest, raising an eyebrow in Kirishima’s direction. “You’ve only just met him. There is no way you could know that about him.”






The class jumped a bit at the sudden yell, immediately looking towards the monitors. The screen showed Midoriya, Uraraka, and Bakugou all in a hallway, with Bakugou launching towards the other two.


“Get down-!”


The class watched with growing excitement as the fight went on, marveling at the techniques. Then Midoriya called Bakugou Dr. Explodious. And that’s when the real fun began.




“Oh my God-”


“... Are- Are they actually playing Heroes Vs Villains right now-”


“This is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have EVER seen.”



“Dr.- Dr. Four-eyes!!”



“Look at them fight!! That fire is so fucking awesome!”


Similar shouts rang out, all of them bouncing on their feet in excitement and laughter, except for the few who were more calm.


“Those certainly are amazing attacks… And to do that while acting so… Dramatic..” Yaoyorozu mused, still watching the fight. “However, Uraraka-san made a mistake by outing herself with a laugh.”


All Might smiled. “Yes! Good observation, young Yaoyorozu!!”


“Thank you.”


“Hey hey hey!! What’s Midori doing?!” A girl with short, curly pink hair with two small horns on her head, black eyes instead of white, and magenta skin yelled out, shaking her fists up and down.


They all looked back at the screen, watching as Midoriya began to run, and hide inside an empty room.


“De-All Flame!! I found the room where the bomb is hidden, third floor, very middle room. I was hiding until now, Uh.. Dr. Four-Eyes found me..! Are we going to start the end of the plan now?” They heard Uraraka speak, and Midoriya sent a quick message back.


On the left monitor, they saw Bakugou beginning to near the room Midoriya was in, trying to lure him out.   “Don’t think I forgot about our last battle, you know the one! With Knuckles and the Black Abyss! They always were your favorite sidekicks… Such a shame!”


“... Wait.. What?” Someone whispered, confusion clear in their voice.


They saw Midoriya burst out of the room, fists clenched and anger on his freckled face. 




Someone snorted.


Then all hell broke loose.


“... Oh mY GOD-”






“Honestly? Those names aren’t too bad for a probably 5-year old.”


“What even is this any more.”


“Holy crap he’s so MAD!!”


The screens showed Midoriya running form Bakugou towards the middle of the floor, with Bakugou screaming curses behind him. 




“Oh sweet Lord I think I’m gonna burst a lung.”




All Might smiled wider as class 1-A laughed and watched in awe as Iida and Uraraka fought, and Bakugou finally neared Midoriya.


Ashido shot up with a grin. “What’s he gonna do? Is he gonna run away again?!”


Her question was answered when Midoriya spoke his final taunt, sending Bakugou in a flying fit of pure rage.


“Oh now that can’t be good.”


“Yeah. No one likes an angry Pomeranian.”


“Kaminari please-”


Shocked gasps spread throughout the room when Bakugou let forth a massive explosion, and Midoriya ‘caught’ it, and mixed in his own quirk, before sending it crashing into the ground.


 They started to crowd around the monitors, cheering and pumping their fists in the air as Uraraka secured the bomb, right after launching the newly made rubble across the room.


All Might leaned into the microphone, announcing who won just as Midoriya let go of his fire.




More cheers erupted within the small audience, burst of laughter still ringing out.




“Did you see that huge explosion?! Bakugou is so strong!!”


“He managed to control that ENTIRE explosion, while making sure he didn’t destroy the building!! Holy shit!”




“Were you guys watching Uraraka and Iida?! It was awesome!”


“I-I can’t..! The stuffed animals- I can’t!!”


“Uraraka is hot…”


All of their voices mashed together, becoming one big room of sound. That is, until one voice spoke up in the front.


“Oi… Is Midoriya okay?!” It was Kirishima, he was staring at the the middle monitor in concern. The cheers and shouts died down, everyone now also looking towards the screen,


All Might turned back to the screen, his smile faltering when he saw Midoriya wheezing on the ground, Bakugou hovering by his side, looking to the camera for help.


He hadn’t run that fast before.




The moment Izuku let go of his quirk, he fell to the ground, the exhaustion and pain of the fight finally settling in. He could feel his body starting to overheat, feel the burn of his overused quirk under his skin, sending searing pain all throughout his body. I must’ve not felt this through all of the adrenaline..!!


He felt like he was being burned from the inside out, and basically, he kind of was. The skin on his arms were also burned, worse than from the time at the quirk test. He curled in on himself, grunting when the pain increased.


I used my quirk too much… idiot..!! I got too caught up in the fight, and wasn’t thinking… That wasn’t very smart..! I underestimated the damage that One For All can do with my quirk, but I still don’t know why that happens… He could barely see Kacchan as he ran to his side, he couldn’t see his expression.


Ah… Maybe I’m using too much power…? Or maybe… Ugh….. “Kacchn.. Oerheat, buton..!” He managed to grunt out a small message through the pain, wincing his eyes shut.


Only a few seconds later, his entire body relaxed as the cooling system in his suit was activated, calming the burning under his skin and soothing the burns on his arms. He sighed in relief, slumping in someone’s arms. When did that happen..?


He opened his eyes just enough to see a person to the right of him, immediately recognizing Kacchan’s pale blonde hair. He gave a weak smirk. “Heh… My stuff’d animals are still… stronger…!”


He slipped into unconsciousness just as someone picked him up.




Recovery Girl wasn’t the least bit surprised when Midoriya, All Might, and Bakugou showed up at her door. Even less surprised when she saw the state Midoriya was in.


Goodness gracious boy…


“Here, get him onto the bed.” She wasted no time in setting up the scans, already reaching for the burn cream on her white shelf. “Tell me everything that happened."


Bakugou told her how Midoriya had overused his quirk, and after telling him she knew about One For All, he explained even more. 


Mixing the quirks together. Smart, but dangerous.


All Might had run back to the class, needing to continue with the lesson. That man puts too much pressure on himself. 


She had Bakugou lay Midoriya on the infirmary bed, and she set straight to work. She kissed his forehead, only using a bit of her quirk, not wanting to use all of his energy. The burns on his arms were light now, shit the same level as they were during the quirk test.


Recovery Girl rubbed burn cream over his arms, making sure to be gentle as she wrapped them in clean bandages. After putting in an IV in the crook of his arm, she turned to the still standing Bakugou.


"Well? You should head back to class shouldn't you?" 


He flinched a little, a look of surprise on his face before quickly being covered up by a calm neutral. "Yeah. The damn nerd will be fine." He sounded like he was reassuring himself. "When he wakes up, tell him he better not be late!!" Then he left. 


I swear, what am I gonna do with this boy?



All Might stood back in the monitor room, surveying the next round. His eyes stayed on the screen, but his mind was elsewhere.


I'll need to work with young Midoriya after this, I can't have him hurting himself like that each time he uses his quirk. Still…. Mixing together his quirks like that was so… cool!! All Might smiled wider as he felt a surge of pride flow through him at the thought of Midoriya's accomplishment.


He's grown so much in such a short time, but he still has so much to learn… And then there's young Bakugou as well… 


Almost like it was fate, the door in the back opened and in walked Bakugou, an eyebrow raised as everyone looked at him.






"That fight was amazing!!! How did you do that kind of stuff!" 


"Did you and midoriya really used to play Heroes Vs Villains with stuffed animals?!"


"Is Deku-kun okay!?"


All Might could see Bakugou's eye starting to twitch, so he decided to get everyone's attention before a shouting match started.


"Now now everyone! Young Midoriya is in good hands, I'm sure he'll be back in no time!! So, let's get back to watching the rounds, yes?" He let out a sight sigh of relief when the class quieted and turned back to the monitors.


Young Todoroki, Shouji, Ojirou, and Hagakure were fighting. If you could really call it that. The round had ended seconds after Todoroki froze the entire building, securing the bomb without breaking a sweat.


Such amazing quirks… But there's something… off.. about that boy. Almost like he's in pain..


Shaking his head, he continued to smile as the class 'ooo'ed and 'awe'd.




Uraraka fidgeted near the corner of the room, concern flickering over her face as she shuffled her feet.


I hope Deku-kun's okay… He looked like he was in a lot of pain. And I wasn't able to help him either…. She shook her head, lightly slapping her cheeks as she scolded herself. No!! No thinking negative thoughts! You gotta be strong!


She mulled over her fighting, thinking over what she could have done better, if she could have gone anything else to help. She was broken out of her thoughts when Iida out his hand on his her shoulder, startling her.


"I-Iida-kun! You scared me!" She laughed, turning around to face him.


"Ah, sorry Uraraka-san! I came over to congratulate you on winning the round!" He smiled, fixing his glasses with his hand.


Uraraka stammered, waving her hands in front of her face as she protested. "No no!! I didn't really do much, it was all Deku-kun!"


Iida put a hand on his hip, his other arm swinging up and down like a robot. "Don't sell yourself short, Uraraka-san!! You did great all on your own! You were able to get away from me, and secure the bomb without any help!"


"T-thank you!! I promise I won't sell myself short again!" She blushed, smiling wide.


"That's the spirit!!"


"Sorry I'm late!! What did I miss?!"


Uraraka spun on her feet, her eyes widening in surprise and glee as she ran to hug the new voice.


"Deku-kun!! You're okay!!" 


Midoriya stumbled back from the hug, how face going cherry red as he stuttered for an answer. "U-Uraraka-san!! I- what?!"


Realizing just how close she was, Uraraka quickly stepped back, hey cheeks pink with embarrassment.


"Aha.. sorry about that! I was just worried.. Your are okay, right..? She asked, twiddling her thumbs.


He smiled, holding out his bandaged arms for her to see.


"Yup! I'm all good now!! Just light burns. Oh, and no hot foods for a day, which sucks." 


"I'm glad you're alright, Midoriya-san!!" Iida walked up, helmet tucked under his arm.


"Oh, Iida-kun! Good job during the practice, you all did great!!"


"Thank you."


Midoriya walked to join the rest of the class, blushing whenever someone complimented him on his fight. I hope I didn't miss too much… Good thing I remembered to bring my notebook!! 


He brought out his notebook, pencil at the ready as he watched the rounds go by, writing down any information he got, and jotting down his own ideas. 


"Todoroki-kun obviously has a strong quirk, but based on what I searched up, he should have another side to it. Is he holding back? Or are there side effects so bad that he rarely uses it? His ice side seems to freeze him over, does his, probably fire side, undo that? And Ashido-san's quirk is… something about making acid from her skin, so I wonder if she has a resistance to it? If she cupped her hands together with a small opening, could she make her about shoot father? How much damage does it do? Can it-"


"Deku, you're doing it again."


"Oh, sorry-"


"Are you writing notes?!?"


Midoriya jumped at least two feet in the air, completely used to people just ignoring him when he mumbled. Not for people to listen in.


“Oh-uh-I’m… Ahh-” He stuttered, searching for something to say, but no words were coming to mind. Thankfully, Bakugou took the lead.


“Yeah, he’s got about… What? Fourteen? Fifteen, notebooks? Yeah. It’s all analysis on quirks and heroes, I bet he’s already got about thirty pages for each of you already. Wouldn’t be surprised!”


Multiple rounds of ‘ooo’s and ‘awe’s went around, everyone started to get closer, trying to see the notes he took now that the latest fight was over. 


“Wow!? Midori, these are amazing!!”




“Do you have anything written about me in there?!”




Midoriya blushed at the attention, a wobbly smile making its way onto his face as he showed everyone his notes, answering any questions and asking ones of his own. It was different but…. Fun. I could get used to this..!


“You’re amazing Deku-kun!” 


“Thank you!!”




Izuku finished up his notes just as everyone else left, the lesson over for the day. He was about to leave as well when All Might, in his true form, put a hand on his shoulder.


“Young Midoriya!” Izuku turned, smiling up at All Might.


“Did you need something, All Might?”


All Might returned the smile, his face brightening. “Not really, no. Well, I did want to ask you about the burns you got when using your quirk.”


Oh, right. “Ah, I’m still figuring that out actually. I’m almost completely sure that it’s because of One For All though. I think it’s… Kind of like how I broke my bones? My control of One For All is… A lot harder to do with my fire then it is with my body itself, so I think I’m putting too much into it. Um…. What do you think?” Izuku asked, already updating his own section in his notebook.


All Might put a hand on his sharp chin, a thoughtful expression on his face. “Hm.. Well, I wouldn’t know!!”


“... Huh..?”


All Might laughed. “It’s your body, young Midoriya, only you know how it feels to use One For All! And to me, what you said is very possible, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. So, without my help, I want you to train yourself on how to fix this!!”


Izuku nodded, a determined look in his eyes as he smiled. “Got it!!”


“Oh, young Midoriya?”


He turned back around from the door. “Yeah, All Might?”


“I’m proud of you.”


Izuku fought the urge to cry in front of his idol, instead choosing to give him a teary grin. “Thank you… All Might!!”


“Yagi Toshinori. That’s my real name.” All Might said, a fond look on his face.


“Okay…! See you later, All- Yagi-san!!”


I think I’m gonna like High School.



This is Midoriya in his costume!! Sorry I hadn't gotten this in last chapter, I forgot!!!!


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Chapter Text



“Excuse me!! What’s it like to be taught by All Might?!”


Hundreds of reporters had shown up at U.A’s gates after hearing of All Might’s new job at U.A.


“Oh-um… He’s very… Muscular!! Yeah!”


They’ve been there for about three days now, doing anything they can to get even a lick of information from both the students, and the staff.


“Hey!! You!! What do you think of All Might being a teacher?!”


They mostly bombarded the students as they came into the school.


Well, I think he is not only such a great person as a hero, but a very wonderful teacher and role model for us aspiring heroes here at U.A high-”


Quite annoying really.


“Hey, could you- Oh!! You’re the one kid from the sludge villain incident!!”


Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin, not having seen the female reporter come up from behind. “Uh… I have to get to class.. Sorr-”


“Come on!! Just one statement! I promise it’ll be fast! No worries!!” The reporter stepped closer, holding the microphone up to his face. More people crowded around him, cameras and flashes blocking his vision of the school as more people started yelling and asking questions.


“What’s All Might like?!”


“Is he a good teacher?!!”


“What do you know about him??!”


Izuku stepped back, only to bump into another male reporter, almost sending him into a panic. “Um- please, I-I have to go, uh-” He tried looking over the crowd of ever growing people, searching for any sign of Kacchan, or Uraraka and Iida for that matter. He couldn’t see anything with his shorter stature.


He started to panic, the noise from the reporters seeming to get louder, roaring in his ears. Just as he was about to call out for help, a tired, dead-pan voice rang in his ears.


“Oi!! Go harass someone else, you’re not getting any statements. And never try to bombard my students again.”


Izuku felt a strong arm grab his wrist, carefully dragging him out of the now quieter crowd. He nearly cried when he looked and saw Aizawa leading him towards the school gates, away from the panic.


Once they were inside, he could hear the sound of the U.A barrier closing, but he was more focused on calming himself down at the moment. They stopped walking, and Izuku took a moment to lean against the wall and just breathe.


“Hey, Midoriya, are you okay?” Aizawa kneeled in front of him, making sure to give him enough space.


He swallowed, feeling the panic finally fading as he took deep breaths, in and out. “Y-yeah… I think I’m alright now…”


Aizawa put a comforting hand on his shoulder, and it felt… Nice.


“Don’t worry about those reporters, I, or any of the other teachers, won’t let them get to you, okay?”


“... Okay.”


His eyes widened in surprise when Aizawa gave him a much less intimidating smile, slightly hidden behind his massive scarf. “Come on, I don’t want you to be late to class. I’ve got naps to take.” he ruffled his hair before turning around and walking inside the school, gesturing for him to follow.


“Y-yes sir!!”




Inside the classroom, Izuku had been greeted by a cheerful Uraraka, and then proceeded to sit behind Kacchan. Everyone was still getting ready for the school day, a few people still asleep on their desks. They woke up however, when Aizawa got out of his sleeping bag and walked up to the teacher’s podium.


“Alright, class…. Today we’ll be…..”


A pop quiz? Some other insane thing only Aizawa would have us do?!


“... choosing a class president.”


“A NORMAL SCHOOL ACTIVITY!!!” The class cheered, Kirishima even getting up on his desk. Kacchan just grumbled.


Instantly everyone raised their hand sky high, some even standing on chairs, shouting how they should be the class president.


“Pick me!!”


“This job was obviously made for me-”




“I promise all girls will show thirty-centimeter of thigh!”




Until one voice shouted louder than the rest.


“Everyone!! We should do a vote! Leading many people is a task of responsibility, but ambition does not equal ability!!” Iida shouted, his glasses glinting in the sunlight. “This sacred office demands the trust of it’s constitutes…! If this is to be a democracy… Then I propose we choose our president by election!!”


“Your hand is raised the highest out of all of us!!”


Izuku quietly fumbled with his pencil, not quite sure who to vote for. That Yaoyorozu girl would be good… But I don’t know her well enough. Iida would be a good leader as well… I know who I’m gonna vote for though.


Izuku handed in his vote, smiling as he waited to see the results.


Midoriya- 5


Yaoyorozu- 2


Bakugou- 2


Iida- 1


Ojirou- 1


Hagakure- 1


Minoru- 1


Rikido Satou- 1


Izuku’s soul almost left his body that day. "Fi-five votes?!? How?!?" He stood up at his desk, shock evident on his face.


"HOW THE HELL DID DEKU GET FIVE VOTES?!! HOW DID I ONLY GET TWO!!?" Bakugou yelled, mini explosions popping in his hands.


While the rest of the class either cheered or groaned, or yelled for that matter, Izuku was trying to figure out who had voted for him. I don't really know everyone very well…. So the first few people I can think of would be….. Uraraka-san!! He turned to look at Uraraka, and she looked the other way, whistling. ….. Too obvious, Uraraka-san.


The only other person he could think of would be Iida, but no one else came to mind. Maybe Kirishima, but he couldn't be sure. 


Taking a deep breath, Izuku walked up to the front of the class, Yaoyorozu at his side.


"I-I have no idea how I got that many votes but… thank you!!" He bowed, trying to calm his stuttering. "I shall do my best to be a good class president!" 


He smiled as the class cheered, and laughed a bit at the look of anger on Kacchan's face.


Izuku sat with Uraraka and Iida at lunch, making idle chit chat as they ate. 


"Oi, damn nerd. Skoot over!" 


Izuku nodded, moving to the side as Bakugou sat down, already sprinkling his own spices onto his lunch. "I honestly don't know how you survive eating like that. I'm starting to think you're fire proof."


"You're just weak."


"Sure, Kacchan."


Izuku snorted at Uraraka and Iida's dumbfounded expressions as they watched Bakugou eat his incredibly spicy food.


"How the hell…." Uraraka slowly put down her chopsticks, suddenly not in the mood to eat anymore.


"You get used to it."


".... Uh-huh.." He laughed again.


A few minutes passed when Tsuyu and Kirishima joined them at the table. 


"So, Mr. Class-Prez," Kirishima jokingly said, leaning forward on his elbow as he looked at Midoriya, "what do you think of your new position?"


Izuku have him a deadpan stare, still eating his rice. "You voted for me, didn't you."


".... Well I voted RIGHT!!"


"Ugh… why would you vote for me..!!" He put his head in his arms, and Uraraka parted his shoulder as Bakugou snickered.


Tsuyu put a finger on hey frog-like mouth, speaking before Kirishima or anyone else could open their mouths. "We voted for you because you seem like you'd be good for the position. You had good strategies during the battle training, and were able to stay calm while in the heat of battle. Not to mention that you're very nice and humble. Oh, and Mina-chan voted for you as well." 


Izuku blinked in shock, mouth opening and closing without any sounds coming out. He began to blush, stammering out thank yous as Uraraka, Iida, and Kirishima nodded along to what Tsuyu said. 


"T-thank you, Tsuyu-san..!"


"Call me Tsu-chan."




Uraraka giggled, getting back to get food. "Ahh!!! Even the cold here are pro heroes! The food is so good~!"


Iida smiled, agreeing with her statement. "Yes, Lunch Rush is quite an extraordinary cook!" 




Iida frowned, confused at his friend's silence. "Is there something wrong…?"


Izuku shook his head. "Oh, no. I just don't think I've ever seen you smile before!"


Iida moved his arms in shock. "W-what?!? I can assure you that I smile plenty!!" 


Uraraka grinned, having realized something about Iida. "Hey, Iida-kun, are you a rich boy?"


Tsuyu nodded, "I bet he is. He speaks very properly." 


"No wonder he acts like such an elite ass." Bakugou scoffed, shoving another spoonful of spicy curry into his mouth.


"Wh-what?!? Well-" Iida stuttered, trying and failing to protest their claims.


"No wonder you always looked so familiar!! You're Ingenium's brother aren't you?!"


Iida cleared his throat, standing up from his seat. "Yes!! I am the younger brother of the 

pro hero Ingenium!!"


"He's not even trying to hide it now!"


"I've looked up to my brother all my life, he's why I want to become a hero!" Iida put this hand on his chest, a proud smile on his face.


Kirishima cheered, pumping his fist in the air at Iida's small speech. "SUPER MANLY BRO!!"


Just as Izuku opened his mouth to say something, an alarm blared throughout the cafeteria.


'EERRR EERRR EERRR. Please evacuate the building safely, this is a level three alarm. Please evacuate the building safely...'


He jumped in his seat, the others at the table doing the same. People started panicking, rushing to get out of the cafeteria. They all crowded at the exit, pushing and running.


"What's going on?!" Izuku yelled, getting on top of the table to avoid being pushed aside, his friends doing the same. 


An upperclassman yelled back to them, panic clear on his face. "Someone has entered the school!! This has never happened within my three years of being here!!" He took off Right after he was done. 


They tried to get through the crowd, staying near the sides to avoid getting crushed. 


Uraraka got pushed through the panicking students, separated from Iida and Kirishima. He couldn't see Bakugou or Tsuyu over the heads of people. Curse his short height.


Someone shoved him, ending with him getting stuck against the glass window, showing him outside of the school. 


His eyes widened as he saw the cause for the alarm at the front entrance. 


It's the press..!!


He had to let everyone know, so they wouldn't panic anymore, but how?!


Izuku looked around himself, searching for any way to get higher in the air. By pure luck, he spotted Uraraka in the crowd.


He reached his hand out, gaining her attention as he got closer. "Uraraka-san!! Make me float!" 


She did as she was told, touching his hand with all five fingers, making him start to float in the air.


Once he was high enough in the air, he took a deep breath and activated his quirk.


Emerald flames, bright and beautiful, spread through the air. High enough as to not hurt anyone, yet low enough to gain everyone's attention.


"PLEASE LISTEN!!" Izuku yelled, letting his fire die out once everyone stopped running and pushing. "IT'S JUST THE PRESS!! THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC! Please return to the cafeteria safely, you could hurt someone!!" 


Multiple sighs of relief sounded throughout the large hall as everyone started to head back, and there were many who cheered and clapped after Izuku finished speaking.


"Deku-kun, I'm gonna lower you down now, okay?" He looked down at Uraraka, nodding to her as she released her quirk.


Once he was down on the ground again, Iida, Kirishima, Tsuyu, and Bakugou ran over, each of them a little frazzled. 


"Man, that was pretty crazy,  wasn't it?" Kirishima said to each of them, a toothy smile on his bright face. "But then Midoriya went up there and got everyone's attention, it was hella manly!!"


They all laughed as he stuttered out a thank you, heading back to eat.


Yet, the entire way, he couldn't help but feel like he was missing something.


Something big.



Nedzu stood in front of the U.A barrier. 


Or what was left of it anyways.


The reason the press had managed to get inside the school, was because something, someone , had crumbled the barrier to dust. Completely.


“Why do you think they did it, Principle-san?”


Nedzu turned to face the heroes behind him, looking up to their serious faces. “This wasn’t done by some msimple reporter. Someone instigated this. Did an Evil-doer slip in? Or…..” He turned back to the crumbled mess of a barrier.






“Are they trying to wage some type of greater war ...?”

Chapter Text

“P-please enter the bus peacefully, try not to crowd the door, we don’t want people being pushed around!!” Midoriya silently praised himself for not stuttering too much as he entered the bus last, a small smile gracing his lips.


He sat down next to Uraraka and Iida, Bakugou begrudgingly sitting next to them. Kirishima and Tsuyu sat across from them. “So, are you guys excited?”


Uraraka grinned brightly, almost bouncing in her seat. “Yes!! I’ve been waiting for so long to do this type of stuff!!” Beside her, Iida raised his hand in agreement, an excited smile on his mature face.


“I’d like to be able to test myself on this, I want to see how well I can do!”


Bakugou smirked. “I’ll fucking beat ALL of you losers though, you won’t even come close to being better than me!!”


“Kacchan!! That’s rude!”


“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun!”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“.... Fair enough.”




Earlier That Day


“Okay, class. For today’s basic hero training….. This time, All Might, myself, and one other hero will be supervising.” Aizawa spoke tiredly, and Izuku’s about ninety percent sure that he’s always tired.


This time…? Does that mean this class is special? Izuku wondered, tilting his head. The boy behind him, Sero, raised his hand.


“Um, what will we be doing for this!?”


Aizawa grunted behind his scarf, holding up a card. “Preparing you for disaster relief and such… Rescue training.”


“Rescue training!!” Izuku, along with the rest of his class, cheered. He could almost swear Uraraka’s eyes were literally sparkling.


His classmates immediately started chatting about what they were going to do, some complaining about how it’ll be a rough time, and others giving yells of enthusiasm. Aizawa’s eyebrow twitched.


He glared at all of them, sending a shiver down Izuku’s spine. “Hey, I’m not done yet.” Aizawa pressed a button on a small remote, cases filled with their hero costumes sliding out of the wall. “It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear your costume, it doesn’t really matter for this lesson. We’ll be going by bus. That’s all, get ready.” And with that, he left the room.


“Ahhhh!! I’m so freakin’ PUMPED!!” Kirishima yelled, rushing to get his costume on, the majority of the class following behind him.


Izuku grinned, quickly packing up his stuff, grabbing his newly-fixed costume before walking over to a waiting Bakugou.


“Oi, nerd.”


Izuku paused in his steps. “Yeah?”


“That… quirk of yours, do you have that figured out yet?” He knew exactly what he meant.


“Yeah I… I think I’ve got it mostly figured out. I’ve just gotta train it now.” He sent him a reassuring smile, only receiving a light scoff in return.


“Whatever, just don’t fucking hurt yourself again, dumbass.”


“Okay Kacchan!”




Present Time


Kaminari idly talked with Kirishima, easily becoming friends with the red-haired boy. He was just about to crack another joke when he looked towards where Midoriya was sitting, a funny thought popping into his head.


“Hey… Midoriya!”


The freckled boy turned his attention towards him, pausing momentarily in his conversation with Iida. “Yes, Kaminari-san?”


He grinned, eyes narrowing in amusement. “You know, if you think about it, you’re kinda like a piece of broccoli!!”


Midoriya sat there for a few seconds, blinking as he tried to understand what Kaminari said. “I’m… what?”


Bakugou burst into laughter from beside him, holding onto his stomach as more of the class started to laugh, shouts of ‘I totally see it!!’ and other similar lines sounding throughout the bus.


“He’s-” another laugh, “-he’s completely right!! You’re a short stack of broccoli-!!” Bakugou burst into another fit of laughter as Midoriya stammered out words of disbelief.


“Wha- huh?! How!?! ” He gawked, feigning mock-hurt when Uraraka started to giggle. “ Traitor.”


“S-sorry, Deku-kun! But your hair really does make you look a piece of broccoli!!”


Kaminari yelled in triumph, grinning at Kirishima who was laughing beside him. Midoriya put a hand in his hair, grumbling lines of protest. “It’s not broccoli…”


Bakugou snorted. “It so is.” Midoriya gasped dramatically.


“Oh!! Betrayed by my closest friend…!! How the universe hates me so…” He placed a hand on his chest, his other arm raising high into the air as he continued his performance. “The pain is too much…! Whatever shall I do?!”


Uraraka stood up from beside him, puffing out her chest and stretching her arm towards Midoriya.


“Do not fret, my friend!! I shall never betray you like that scum, Bakugou-kun!!” She shouted, earning several cheers from their classmates.


Bakugou squawked in rage, pointing an angry finger in Uraraka’s direction. “How DARE you accuse me of being scum , when Deku can’t even handle a simple insult!! I request a duel! The winner shall be the mightiest of warriors, and the one who loses shall become the scum of this kingdom!!”


“No, please Uraraka-san! Do not fight for me!!” Midoriya gracefully stood up, wiping a fake tear from his eye as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “This is my fight… One that has been put aside for too long..!!”


He turned a fierce glare towards Bakugou, quickly drawing out a black marker from one of his pockets on his belt. “Now!! Face me fair and square, king of the dragon tribe! For our friendship has been broken!”


Bakugou smirked, grabbing a black marker that Mina held out to him. “Fine then, ruler of the Broccoli Kingdom! I shall win this duel!!” 


The class erupted in cheers and shouts, some other even standing up and holding onto the bus’ poles. Kaminari shuddered a bit when Aizawa turned around from the driver’s seat and glared at him. 


Midoriya swiftly uncapped the marker, taking a swipe towards Bakugou’s face. He stepped back just in time, quickly striking Midoriya’s arm, leaving a large black line.


“Ah! How dare you!!” Midoriya ducked below Bakugou’s next attack, straightening up and putting a squiggle on his forehead before retreating.


He stumbled in the tight space, letting out a squeak as he fell back, his marker falling out of his hands.


Bakugou immediately snatched the opening, holding Midoriya down by his arms as he doodled all over his face. Managing to get halfway done with a broccoli drawing before Midoriya pushed him off, regrettably admitting defeat.


Everyone on the bus cheered and clapped, Mina even jumping up and down. Even Iida was clapping.


“How the heck do you do that?!”


“Forget the battle training, THAT was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!!”


“T-that was basically an entire play!! How do you just come up with that stuff on the spot!?”


“And Uraraka too!! She just… Joined in with it!!”


Midoriya blushed, an embarrassed smile on his face as he wiped off the marker on his cheeks and forehead, including his arm. “Haha… Me and Kacchan used to do this kind of stuff all the time when we were kids, so it’s just a second skill now for us…”


“And a damn good one too!! Especially when I win!”


Kaminari laughed. “Sure, Bakugou.”






The rest of the bus ride continued in a similar fashion, Midoriya or Aizawa occasionally stepping in when things got too crazy. After a bit, they arrived.


Midoriya stepped off the bus, fixing the knot in his laces before heading in the large dome-shaped building with the rest of his class. Once he walked inside, he gasped at just how massive it was.


They walked into a large flat area, a color ark standing above the staircase leading down into the middle area of the place. The building was divided into what looked like six sections, each with their own purpose. One was a massive water area, with a large slide/thingy that had large boulders and rocks sliding down into the water. A small ship rested on the water. Another had a huge hill to the side, with what looked to be a mud-slide. There was a fire area, cliff area, storm, and earthquake area.


Wow…. Midoriya gaped, his eyes wide in amazement. It’s ginormous…! Like Universal Studios Japan!!


He could hear the rest of his class speaking in awe, but his attention was more focused on the hero in front of him.


The Space Hero: Thirteen!!


“The flood zone.. Mud-slide zone… Conflagration zone… Etc. It has every disaster you could possibly imagine! I built it myself! I call it…. The Unforeseen Simulation Joint!!”


So it really is USJ!!


Thirteen’s costume consisted of a large space-suit, with a round glass black helmet going over his head. His fingers were covered in gloves, and on the tips were something like… caps, that could open and close.  The only thing not space-like were his tennis shoes.


Midoriya let his hero knowledge take over, going into an instant review of the hero. “It’s the Space Hero, Thirteen!! He’s a gentleman pro who does his best work in rescue!!”


“Ahhhh!! I love Thirteen!!” Uraraka bounced up and down, excitement clear on her face. She looked like she’d died and gone to heaven. 


Midoriya perked up when Aizawa walked up to Thirteen, whispering something he couldn’t hear. Wasn’t Yagi-san supposed to be here too..? Thirteen held up three fingers, and suddenly he understood.


Three fingers… Three hours..! The news reports of All Might running around, helping with crime.. He used up his time limit!! He shook his head in exasperation.


Thirteen faced them once more, holding up a couple of fingers as he spoke. “Before we start… I do have a couple of points to make! Or three… four.. Five…. Six…”


That’s a lot of points….. Izuku nervously thought.


“Anyways! As I’m sure you all already know, my quirk is called Black Hole!” Thirteen spoke, and Uraraka nodded her head so fast it start to blur. “Even though I’ve used this quirk in many rescues…. My power could easily kill. I have no doubt that there are some of you with dangerous quirks as well.”


Midoriya looked down at his own hands as Thirteen talked, the hero’s words playing through his head. My power… One mistake of control, and I could blow someone to smithereens…. Or burn them to ashes.. But that’s why-


“-You will learn how to utilize your quirks to save lives! Your powers are not meant to inflict harm. I hope you leave here today with the understanding that you are meant to help people. That is all!” Thirteen bowed as Midoriya clapped, with Iida shouting chants of ‘bravo!’ next to him.


“Woohoo, Thirteen!! He’s so awesome!!”


Aizawa leaned against the railing, his face still half-hidden behind his scarf. “Okay so, first off lets-” He was cut off by the sound of shattering glass as all of the lights inside the dome building broke, shadowing the area.


“What the-”


Midoriya’s eyes widened in horror as he watched a swirling purple mist spread throughout the center area, until it was bigger than All Might himself. He almost stepped back when a pale, dirty white hand began to stick out from the mist, a face following soon after.


Is that… a disembodied hand on his face?! Oh God there’s more appearing..!!


Midoriya didn’t need to look twice to know what was happening.




He didn’t even need to think.


“Is the lesson already starting, like at the entrance exam…?”


Those people are….




The class gasped, shock and fear starting to bleed onto their faces as they realized what was happening.




“How’d they get in here!!?”


“What kind of villains would be dumb enough to go into a hero school!?!”


Yaoyorozu stepped forward, her brows furrowed. “Aren’t there intruder sensors…?!”


Thirteen pushed her back, keeping the class from moving forward. “Yes…!! Of course there are!”


“Are they only here? Or are they at the main building as well..? One way or another, one of their quirks is keeping the alarms from going off.”


Midoriya put a hand over his mouth, thinking about why the villains came here. “This place is far from the campus… And they came when there would be few people here… I don’t think they’re as dumb as they seem, they have to have some kind of goal here!!”


Aizawa put on his goggles, already activating his quirk. It was then that Midoriya finally knew what hero Aizawa was. “Thirteen, start evacuating the students!! And try contacting the school, one of the villains must be using some type of electricity quirk to jam the sensors. Kaminari, try using your quirk to call the school as well!”




Just as Aizawa was about to head down towards the villains, Midoriya called out to him. “W-wait!! You can’t fight them alone! As Eraser Head, your fighting style is erasure of their quirk and then a quick capture… Head-on battle is..!”


“Midoriya, no good hero is a one-trick pony.” Aizawa started running down the stairs, his capture scarf floating around him. “Thirteen!! Take care of them!”


Midoriya watched in fear as his teacher ran down to fight the mass of villains, itching to go and help. 


"Midoriya-san!! Hurry, we have to evacuate!" Iida yelled, waving his have towards him. 


He hesitated for a moment, before finally turning to leave. "Right-"


He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence.


"Now, now… where are you trying to go..?" He felt his muscles tense, his fist clenching as the large black mist from earlier appeared in front of them.


It grew in size, spreading until it blocked the view of the exit. Two bright yellow lights appeared near the top of it, above a metal… chest-plate thing with an open front. Now that he thought about it, those yellow lights were probably it's eyes. He hadn't realized it had spoken before until it's cold voice rang out once more. 


"We are the League Of Villains…. And we have come here to kill All Might… The Symbol Of Peace..!!" The thing-going by the time of voice, probably a man- narrowed it's eyes, a threatening aura radiating from them. “He does not seem to be here.. Was his schedule changed?”


"What?!? How did you guys get in here?!!" Kirishima shouted, his quirk activating as his skin hardened like a rock.


Bakugou stepped forward. "You dumb mother fucker!! You're a stupid piece of shit if you think we're gonna let you do that!!" 


"WAIT-!!" Thirteen yelled, trying to call Bakugou and Kirishima back as they jumped forward, arms outstretched and ready to attack. Bakugou let loose an explosion, and Kirishima tried punching the mist. However, it did no damage.


“Well…. That was close.” The mist villain quickly spread all around them, encircling them in a dome of darkness. “I forgot to say, we’re also here to slowly torture you to death.”


Midoriya panicked, quickly moving to push Uraraka out of harm's way, right before he felt himself be grabbed by the mist, and tugged into the darkness.





Izuku opened his eyes to see himself falling down, right above the water section in USJ.


Falling..? OH FUCK-


He braced his arms in front of him as he broke the water’s surface, water flooding into his ears. He clamped his mouth shut before any water could enter, already looking around himself and his surroundings. That mist villain teleported us…. It has to be some kind of portal quirk!!


He was about… maybe 15 feet deep in the water, with the ship right above him. Oh, and the villains swimming right towards him.






Izuku flailed, quickly starting to swim upwards as fast as he could, boosting himself with One For All in his arms and legs. The villains came closer, all of them with some kind of fish-like trait on their skin. Must be their quirks…  


Just before one of them managed to grab him, he felt something wrap around his midsection, suddenly pulling him up towards the surface of the water. Izuku searched for whatever was pulling him, a few bubbles of air escaping him. He looked behind him and saw Tsuyu pulling him up with her long frog-like tongue, holding Mineta in her arms as well. 


They broke the surface, and Tsuyu gently placed Izuku onto the ship, unwrapping her tongue from around him. Mineta rubbed his head against Tsuyu’s chest, smiling. “For a frog… Your boobs are pretty big…”


She threw him onto the ship.


Izuku took a deep breathe, taking a second to relax. “T-thank you… Tsuyu-san.”


Tsuyu tilted her head, climbing onto the ship. “Call me Tsu-chan. Kero.”


Izuku put a hand over his mouth, thinking about what the mist villain had said. “They know our schedule.. Which means they must’ve been the cause of the press incident yesterday.... They probably took the schedule there…. This attack was planned.”


Mineta frowned, punching his fists in the air. “But there’s no way they could ever kill All Might!! He’s the strongest hero there is! He’ll blow them away once he gets here!!”


“Mineta-kun... “ Tsuyu stared at the small boy with a deadpan expression. “They obviously have a way to kill All Might. Otherwise, why come here just to lose? I wouldn’t put it past them, that guy did say he would kill us too. And if All Might does show up… Who is to say he won’t die? And if he doesn’t, we’ll probably die.”


Mineta started to shake, nervous sweat going down his face. He latched onto Izuku’s arm, pointing a shaking finger in Tsuyu’s direction. “Mi-Mi-Midoriya!! What the heck is wrong with her?!”


“Calm down, Mineta-kun! As class president, and as a friend, I’m not gonna let any of the villains harm you guys. Okay?” Izuku crouched down in front of Mineta, giving him a reassuring smile.




“Now..” He walked over to the railing, peering over at the group of villains surrounding the ship.


“What are we gonna do here?”

Chapter Text

Izuku peered over the railing, mind running a mile a minute as he watched the villains circle around the ship. I don’t think they know about our quirks… Otherwise, why would they wait to attack? We can use this to our advantage… Somehow.


“Okay, can you both explain your quirks to me? I’ll tell you about mine as well.” Izuku turned back to his classmates, waiting for their answer.


Tsuyu went first, putting a finger to her mouth. “Alright, kero. My quirk is basically that I have a lot of frog traits. My tongue can stretch about twenty meters, I can easily climb walls, and I’m able to move really fast in water. Oh, I can also spit out my stomach and clean it with a light acid, but the acid only stings a little.”


Mineta blushed. “...Acid?” Tsuyu slapped him with her tongue.


“Okay. My quirk is called Emerald Flare. I’m able to both create, and breathe fire at my own will. I can also manipulate it to a very high level, and can even adjust the heat of the fire. And as you’ve seen before, I can make it so the fire boosts my physical traits, and make me stronger, faster, etc.” Izuku nodded towards Mineta, motioning for him to start. We have to hurry…


He almost fell back when the ship suddenly lurched back, concern growing on his face when he saw the large cut running through the middle of the ship. Yeah… Really hurry!!


Mineta shook a little before putting on a blank face, taking off one of the ‘balls’ of hair on his head. “Um… My quirk is called Pop Off! These things on my head can come off and grow back instantly, and they’re super sticky!! But they don’t stick to me. And the stickiness depends on my mood too, if I’m having a bad day, these babies can stay on you for days!!”


Quickly formulating a plan in his head, Izuku wasted no time in explaining what to do.


“Alright guys, here’s what we’ll do for this… Okay?” Tsuyu and Mineta listened closely as he talked, and once he was done, the plan started.


He walked up to the railing once more, standing on top of it. A nervous smile grew on his face. Well… When in doubt, act like Kacchan!!


“AHHHHHH!! I’M GONNA KICK ALL OF YOUR ASSES!!” Izuku leapt off of the ship, his fire licking off his skin as he readied a punch. He threw his arm forward, grinning as the blast of air created a mini whirlpool in the water, causing the villains to panic as they were pulled in.


“Ahh!! What the hell?!”


Tsuyu immediately jumped, grabbing Izuku with her tongue and holding Mineta in her arms as they fled. He could hear Mineta screaming something in the background, but the wind was roaring too loud in his ears for him to decipher it.


For now, he was just glad they were safe.




Ochako stood on shaky legs, slowly looking around to see who was left after the misty villain person had teleported everyone away. Iida had escaped, Shouji, ummm… Sero, Mina, and Rikido!! That’s not very much…


She shook her head, once more focusing on the villain in front of her. It had sent her friends away without a second thought… And now it’s still blocking the exit!! Not only that… But Thirteen, her hero, is down for the count after the villain had attacked him, leaving him unconscious. At Least Iida managed to escape okay...


She closed her eyes in a silent plea … What am I going to do?! All Might, please!!




As Izuku, Tsuyu, and Mineta walked through the shallow water safely, he thought back on what happened at the main entrance. I hope everyone’s okay… How many people got teleported away like us? Are they alright? Are they fighting villains as well? Is that mist villain still there? What about Uraraka-san? And Iida-kun? Did anyone manage to get out? Oh, and Aizawa-sensei, he must still be fighting all those villains, I hope he’s okay… I’m glad we got out of there okay, it could’ve been much worse. I’m just glad that seven percent of One For All was enough…


“Midoriya-chan, stop it.”


“O-oh. Sorry.” He hadn’t even realized he was talking out loud. 


“So, what are we going to do now? We can’t possibly leave with that portal villain still here.” Tsuyu asked, a blank stare on her face as she looked to Izuku.


He lowered his head a bit, slowing his pace once they reached the edge of the plaza. “Uh.. You’re right, I don’t think we can leave, that would be too easy. But we should try to help as much as we can.” He pointed to the middle of the plaza, where Aizawa was fighting. “Aizawa-sensei is still fighting… He may be holding off the villains for now, but I know he won’t be able to do that forever. Not even he can fight for that long against so many. He jumped in to protect us.”


Mineta shuddered at the implication, fear taking over him once more. “Mi-Midoriya… Don’t tell me you’re that stupid..!!”


“No no!! I’m not saying we should run right in. I’m not going to underestimate these villains so much as to think that we can beat them so easily. I’m just saying that if things get really rough, we could go in and help sensei by taking out the weaker villains!” he paused for a moment. “Of course, you guys don’t have too!! I don’t want you to be in danger after all…”


Tsuyu shook her head, once again smacking Mineta who had made a perverted comment once again. “No, it’s okay, Midoriya-chan. If we must fight, we will.”


He smiled, a determined gleam in his eyes.




Landslide Area


Bakugou finished up beating the most recent small-fry villain he had found, wiping some fallen dust off from his shoulder. “Fucking small-fry… The hell do they think they are?” He grumbled, looking around the ruined and cracked building.


Kirishima stood next to him, a bright grin on his face. “I don’t know!! But I sure do hope everyone else is okay… Do you think so?”


Bakugou scoffed, kicking a stray rock on the ground. “If any one of those extras was beat by one of these weaklings, then they don’t deserve to be in the hero course. A fucking baby could beat these villains!”


Kirishima let out a nervous laugh at the angry look on Bakugou’s face, rubbing the back of his neck. “Haha… Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’m still worried though. Two of those villains looked like they were really strong ...”


“Whatever. I’ll still crush them.” Bakugou smirked, launching an explosion at another villain that had tried to sneak up on him.


“Right!!” Kirishima beamed, pumping a fist in the air. “Still, I didn’t know you could be so…. Not screamy.”


Bakugou blinked, only a second going by before he raged. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN, WEIRD HAIR?!?!”


“Oh!! There it is!”




Kirishima laughed again, turning to head to the exit of the building. “Let's get out of here though, I wanna see if everyone is truly alright!!”


“Ugh… Fine..”





Aizawa was doing fine. He was doing fantastic, really. Other than the fact that he’s currently fighting over a hundred villains who just keep appearing, he has no idea if his students are okay or not, All Might isn’t here, he can’t call for help, and he’s getting tired.


So maybe he isn’t fantastic right now.


But that doesn’t matter. What matters is him defeating these villains who dared to cross him and attack his student, and then getting all of his students together and safe. If only he could do that. 


“Twenty-three seconds…”


Speaking of which,


“... Twenty-two seconds..”


He has a boss to beat.


The hand villain- the one with all of the weird hands on his body- ran towards him, hand outstretched as he muttered numbers under his breath. Aizawa directed his quirk towards him, cancelling out his quirk as he launched his capture-weapon towards him.


The villain continued running forward, catching his scarf in his hand, still mumbling numbers. Aizawa frowned, blinking behind his goggles as he gained speed, ducking low as he came closer to the villain. 


“So, you’re the boss huh?” Aizawa yanked his scarf backwards, causing the villain to jerk forward, leaving an opening. He quickly struck a blow to his stomach, blinking once again and turning off his quirk.


Handy Man- Aizawa decided to call him- dropped his head low, talking with a raspy voice. “It’s hard to notice but… There’s a time when your hair falls down.” Aizawa tried to pull back, but the villain grabbed his elbow in a tight grip, preventing him from escaping. “Every time you finish a move. And the time in between keeps getting shorter.”


Aizawa’s eyes widened in pain and shock when his elbow began to crumble , flaking away from where the villain touched him, leaving the raw flesh underneath exposed. 


“Are you getting tired, Eraser Head?”


“Tch!!” Aizawa grit his teeth, sending a hard punch at the villain’s face before jumping back. He swiftly downed another two weaker villains, slamming them against each other with his scarf. My elbow disintegrated… Well, now I at least know his quirk now.


“Your quirk isn’t suited for long battles… Is it? You specialize in quirk sneak attacks.” Handy Man slowly stood up, still talking. Aizawa glared at him. “And yet… You jumped right into this fight, just to protect your students.”


Aizawa could feel sweat drip down his forehead as more villains approached him, his elbows stinging in burning pain as he fought.


“Oh right… I’m not the boss here, hero .”


“What-” He didn’t get any time to react as a large, dark hulking figure appeared beside him, one of the first, deadly, main villains to have appeared. 


He didn’t even get the chance to blink.




“What… The…”


Izuku couldn’t breathe.


“... Hell?”


All he could do was watch in frozen horror as the giant, black, bird-like villain slammed his teacher against the cement floor, crushing his arm at the elbow and pinning him down.


The other villain was saying something, but he couldn’t hear him, all he could hear was the blood roaring in his ears as his teacher’s other arm was snapped like a twig, his head slammed into the ground, a puddle of blood beginning to form from under his teacher’s head. The hand villain was controlling it. That ... thing .




The mist villain had appeared next to the hand guy, saying something to make him angry, but Izuku wasn’t paying attention to all that. No, he was paying attention on where to attack as he kicked off the ground and towards the villain who was controlling that monster who hurt his teacher.


He ran with all his might.

Izuku must’ve caught the villain by surprise, because he managed to land a flaming punch right on his jaw in seconds without any resistance, causing the villain to go flying across the plaza. He landed a bit away from where Aizawa lay unconscious- broken - on the ground, the bird-like villain with it’s brain showing in it head still standing over him.


He could feel flames building up in his body, the green fire licking at his arms and hands. He took in deep breaths, watching with abrupt attention as the hand villain slowly staggered up, scratching at his neck.


The mist villain swiftly moved to his side, his yellow eyes flaring. “Shigaraki… I think it would be best to leave-”


“SHUT UP!!” The villain, now identified as Shigaraki, yelled, scratching his neck till the point of bleeding. “That brat… That BRAT punched me…! He thinks he can beat me. I’m not leaving until I see him dead. Nomu.


Izuku jumped back as soon as the word was muttered, just barely dodging the muscled arm of the bird-thing. I guess it’s called Nomu, whatever that means.


He launched forward, aiming for the Nomu’s chest, One For All burning in his veins along with emerald fire flaring over his fist. He narrowed his eyes when the punch landed, sending a rippling wave through the air. Izuku gasped when he saw the damage. 


Or, lack of.


The Nomu was entirely unharmed, not a scratch on it’s inky black skin where Izuku had punched it. That… That was All Might’s power…. How did- He didn’t get the chance to finish his thought when he was yanked up into the air by his wrist, straining his shoulder.


“Ah-!!” Izuku cried out in pain, hearing Tsuyu and Mineta shouting to him from the water. He struggled to get out of the Nomu’s iron-tight grip, doing anything he could. Shigaraki walked over to him, his one visible eye behind the hand staring at him in obvious glee. 


“Ah… Does that hurt? I bet it does. But you know ...” He gestured towards the Nomu. “I don’t think it hurts enough.”


The Nomu crushed his arm, twisting it in his grip. Izuku screamed , searing pain running through his arm as he struggled harder, tears burning in his eyes. His quirk flared up around him, engulfing the Nomu is hot green flames. He screamed again, raising the level of heat higher and higher, until he was sure the air was sizzling. The Nomu was screeching in pain, his skin blistering and burning in seconds.


“You can try all you want, but you won’t be able to beat Nomu like that!! You see…”


Izuku’s face morphed into an expression of fear, shock, and horror as the skin on the Nomu regenerated. The already charred cells fell to the ground, while new ones grew. Healing over into perfectly healthy flesh, no matter how many times he burned him.


“Nomu, more.”


Izuku thrashed in the Nomu’s hold as he was lifted higher in the air, managing to let out a gut-wrenching cry before he was slammed into the ground, small droplets of blood escaping his mouth. His flames cut off as he gasped for breath, panic flooding his system.


Shigaraki crouched down next to him, his hand twitching above Izuku. “Well, hero? Are you enjoying yourself?” All he got was a wet cough in response. “I guess not! Now, what shall we do-”






Izuku slowly opened his eyes, tears of relief flowing down his face as he looked towards the entrance of USJ.


“.. Al- All.. Migh..t….”




One moment Izuku was laying crumpled on the ground, and the next he was being gently set down next to an unconscious Aizawa, far away from Shigaraki and the Nomu. He tried to get up, only to fall back with a sharp yell as his arm and back burned , preventing him from moving. He could feel the backlash from his flames as well, the heat rising inside of him, and he didn’t need to look to know there were burns on his body as well.


He felt a strong yet gentle hand on his hair, and he looked up to see the smiling face of All Might.


“Yagi-san.. Ow.. The villains...” 


All Might ruffled his hair, making sure to not touch his burning skin. “It’s alright now, young Midoriya. You just rest, I’ll take care of everything else.”


With the promise of safety, Izuku slipped unconscious.



All Might was mad. No, not just mad.


He was furious.


Young Iida had stopped him when he was on his way here, because he had felt like something was just… Wrong. When he got the summary of what had happened, he’d wasted no time in rushing over. What he saw when he got there however, made his blood boil.


His student, his beloved student, had started crying at the entrance when he appeared, and Thirteen was hurt and unconscious on the ground. Aizawa was laying on the ground in the plaza, a pool of blood beneath his head, and young Tsuyu and Mineta were both yelling in the water. But nothing, nothing , could ever compare to the fear he felt when he looked at the middle of the plaza.


Young Midoriya laying crumpled on the ground with a villain’s hand right above his face.


He swore his heart skipped a beat.


All Might had flown down the steps, knocked out every single small fry villain left standing, along with a sharp punch to the hand villain hovering over Midoriya, and gently carried Midoriya and Aizawa to a safer spot, far away from the villains who dared to have touched them.


His heart had broken when he looked at the wounds on his student’s body, no one should ever have to go through this. Especially not a kid. His right arm was a mess, bruised, bleeding, crushed and twisted in an awkward angle. It’s a miracle he wasn’t passed out already. He had a large gash on his forehead and left arm, probably from being slammed into the ground, and there were angry burns covering his arms.


“Young Midoriya…” He placed a hand on his successor’s head, ruffling his hair while making sure not to touch his most-likely burning skin.


“Yagi-san… Ow… The villains..” He ruffled his hair again, giving him a warm smile. 


“It’s alright now, Young Midoriya. You just rest, I’ll take care of everything else.”


His smile fell off his face once Midoriya finally went under, and he stood up to face the villains who started all this. The one with the hands- Shigaraki, he was told- was placing his disembodied hand back on his face, whispering the word ‘father’ under his breath.


“Ahh… Throwing punches to save people.. Haha, that’s our state-sponsored violence for you! You’re fast, but not as fast as expected.. Is it true…?” Shigaraki stood up to his full height, gleeful cheer ringing clear in his voice. “Are you getting weaker..?”


All Might wasted no time, shooting himself towards the Numo.


“Carolina….. SMASH!!” Wind whipped around him, but there wasn’t even a dent in the Nomu’s skin. “Seriously?! No damage at all!!” He threw another punch, and another, but still there was no damage whatsoever.


“No effect. It’s because of his quirk… Shock absorption. If you really wanna beat Nomu, you’ll have to slowly rip him apart piece by piece. Not that he’ll let you do that though.”


All Might grit his teeth, throwing another punch at the hulking villain. “Thanks for the info!!” He grabbed a hold of the Nomu’s midsection, and threw him back against the ground.


Or where the ground was supposed to be.


The Nomu’s body sank into a portal, his upper body coming back up from beneath All Might, it’s hand carving into his side, right where his wound was.


“Ahgk…!! So that’s how it’s going to be!!”


Shigaraki laughed, sending a jolt of anger down All Might’s spine. “Were you hoping to stop him from moving by shoving him in the ground? It wouldn’t have worked, Nomu’s as strong as you. Good timing Kurogiri.”


The portal villain, Kurogiri, stretched upwards, inclining their head towards Shigaraki. “Thank you, Shigaraki.” He turned back towards All Might. “Now, I can’t say I like having blood and guts inside of me, but I’ll be happy to have yours. You see, Nomu’s job is too hold you down, and it’s my job to close the gate on you when you’re halfway through it. Effectively cutting you in half.”


All Might began to sink into the gate, blood starting to seep out of his side. 


“GET…” He turned his head at the new voice, relief filling him as he saw who it was. “AWAY FROM ALL MIGHT YOU PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS!!”


Bakugou launched an explosion at Kurogiri, grabbing the metal in the middle of the mist and slamming it to the ground, pinning him with his hand.


“You said you’re here to kill the symbol of peace…” Ice froze over the Nomu, stopped before it reached All Might. “But you could never kill someone like him!” Todoroki stood next to Bakugou, frost falling off of his hand.


Kirishima tried to get a swipe at Shigaraki but he only managed to hit air as he dodged. “Dammit..!!”


All Might got out of the frozen Nomu’s grasp, holding his side as he sent a smile at the new arrivals. “You all!!”


“You ain’t much….. You stupid fuckers!!”


“Now.. We’re going to-”



Chapter Text

Kirishima sent Bakugou a wide, toothy smile, happiness radiating off him, even though he missed hitting that Shigaraki guy.


Right after they had finished defeating all those villains at the collapsed-zone, they had immediately started heading for the plaza. On the way there, they had met up with Todoroki.




Kirishima and Bakugou walked out of the ruined building, making sure to look around for any more enemies. 


“Oh, it’s you two.”


Kirishima looked up, a bright grin on his face as he saw who had spoken. “Todoroki!! You’re alright! Hey, Bakugou! He’s alright!!” 


“Shame.” Kirishima just laughed.


Todoroki walked up to them, a bit of cold air escaping his mouth. “So, did you both encounter villains as well?”


“Yeah, bunch of fucking weaklings. I’m guessing you did too, Half and Half?”


Half and Half ...? ” Todoroki looked startled for a moment before quickly regaining his composure. “Yes, I did. I easily took care of them. They were loose talkers as well.”


Kirishima shuddered. “Did you… Torture them..?” 


“No. I simply,” He brought a hand up, ice dancing on his fingertips, “made it a tad chilly.”


Bakugou crossed his arms over his chest, an irritated look on his face. “Well?! You gonna tell us their plans or what?” Kirishima smiled, nodding along.


“Right. I’ll tell you as we walk. The plaza, correct?”


He nodded. “Okay then.”




Todoroki had told them about the villain’s plans to beat All Might by using some kind of quirk monster, whatever that was, and hopefully kill a few students as well. It horrified Kirishima, the fact that anyone would want to kill another person. He… He could never do that.


They had apparently arrived at the plaza just in the nick of time, both saving All Might from being cut in half by that warp villain, and from the quirk monster!! Well, Bakugou and Todoroki had done that, all he did was hit the air. But that’s okay!! Bakugou had pinned down the warp villain, Kurogiri, but that hand dude had sent the freaky Nomu thing after him, and All Might had ended up taking the hit. Which looked super strong and yet he STILL got up after it which is amazing.


Now, Kirishima stood off to the side as All Might and the Nomu fought, clashing fists over and over, faster and faster in an epic whirlwind of wits.


Yeah, that sounded cool.


Kirishima stood up against the harsh wind from the fight, turning his head to Bakugou. “Hey!! What are we gonna do now-” He stopped mid sentence at the look of pure concern and fear on Bakugou’s face, his tone going softer. “Hey… What’s wrong?!”


He followed Bakugou’s line of sight, his own look of fear crossing his face. Midoriya… Midoriya!! Aizawa-sensei!! Midooriya and Aizawa were laying on the ground away from the fight, but still in the line of danger. He was worried and he couldn’t even see if they were hurt. Fuck fuck fuck what the hell happened while we were gone?!


“Shit-!” Kirishima rushed forwards alongside Bakugou and Todoroki, both of them wanting to get to their injured friends. They reached Midoriya and Aizawa in seconds, making sure to avoid the raging fight between All Might and the Nomu.


He almost gagged at the sight of Midoriya’s arm, the blood and twisted skin, not to mention how his arm shouldn't be bending that way . He had cuts all over him, but he wouldn’t be able to tell if there were any other injuries. Aizawa was even worse, his face was battered and bruised, blood running down his forehead, his elbow looked like it had flaked off, and both of his arms were twisted and broken. 


Kirishima stole a quick glance at Bakugou, worried how he might react. Bakugou had a calm look on the outside, but no one could deny the absolute rage the lurked underneath his red eyes as he looked over his friend, it was amazing.


Yet terrifying.


Kirishima helped Todoroki carry Aizawa, careful to not worsen his injuries. Bakugou carried Midoriya on his back, silent the whole way up to the entrance.


“Hey, at least All Might is here!!” Kirishima smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “He’s got it all covered!! He is the number one hero after all!”


“That Nomu is strong. Maybe even as strong as All Might. You can’t say for certain he will beat it.” Todoroki stated camly, as if they weren’t still in a life-and-death situation.


Kirishima gave him a nervous smile. “Listen…” They all stopped when they heard a loud ‘boom’ from behind them, the sound of All Might shouting something following right after.




Kirishima gawked at the strength of the Symbol of Peace, his punch having sent the Nomu flying through the roof-literally- and into the sky. “Holy shit… So this is what a pro is like….”


“It’s not over yet.”


He looked over at Bakugou. “Huh? What do you mean? He beat the villain!! They can’t do anything now!!”


“They’r-” Bakugou was cut off by the sound of cheers and shouts from in front of them, Uraraka, Mina, and a few others all waving at them from the top of the stairs.


“Heeeyy!! Guys!! Bring them up here!” Kirishima could see Uraraka shouting from above them, and he let out a breath of relief as they began moving again. Now Aizawa-sensei and Midoriya will be safe..!




He let out a sigh as he looked back at Bakugou, a bit of irritation showing. “What is it? We’ve gotta get them to safety!”


“Take Deku.”




“Take him or I’ll fucking kill you.” He sounded serious.


“Okay…” Kirishima  gently lowered Aizawa to the ground, letting Todoroki handle him as he managed Midoriya on his back. “Why did you need- Bakugou!!”


Bakugou blasted himself away and back towards the middle of the plaza, not even explaining what was happening.


What is he thinking?! All Might’s fine!! He standing right there! 


“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ALL MIGHT YOU BASTARDS!!” Bakugou yelled, his voice reverberating throughout the entirety of USJ. Kirishima’s breath caught in his throat when a warp opened up in front of his explosive friend, Shigaraki’s pale hand reaching out to touch him-




Kirishima spun his head so fast he’s surprised he didn’t get whiplash. Standing behind him in front of the entrance were all the teachers of U.A, weapons brandished with Iida standing at the front.






“Sorry everyone. We’re a little late.”


More shots rang out, hitting Shigaraki in the arms and legs, effectively stopping him from reaching Bakugou. Kurogiri tried to get to All Might once again, Thirteen stopped him.


Kirshima nearly cried in relief when the villains left, but he was also upset that he wasn’t able to do anything. Sure, he knocked out a few weak villains, but he didn’t land a scratch on any of the real threats. Not to mention they got away as well. But that’s for another day. Right now, his friend needs help.


“Recovery girl! Recovery Girl!!” Recovery Girl came walking over, a stern frown shaping her lips as she looked over Midoriya and Aizawa, taking in their wounds. “Take them to the ambulance, we’ve got stretchers there.”


“Will they-”

She smiled, poking his leg with her cane. “They’ll be fine, child. Just leave it to me.”


“... Okay!”


As he watched his friends get checked over by the heroes, smiles on their faces, he gave a sigh of relief.






Izuku woke up to aching bones, a warm blanket, a soft beeping somewhere around him, and a soft hand over his.


…. What..?


Izuku sat up, instantly regretting it when his back and right arm screamed in pain. “Ow!! What the.. Ow..” He fell back against the soft bed, seaking his eyes shut and he winced in pain.


“.. Izuku..? Izuku!!”


He blearily opened his eyes, looking to his side to try and discern who spoke. “...Huh?”


A green blob manifested beside him, before becoming clearer and showing who it was. “Izuku! Izuku!! Oh I was so worried honey!”


He blinked, resisting the urge to hug his mother right then and there. “ Mom ..”


Tears sprang to her eyes, and she held his hand up to her cheek, smiling big and wide. “Oh Izuku… I’m so glad you’re okay!! I came here as soon as I could after I got the call.”


“The.. Call? About what?” The moment he finished his sentence, everything that had happened at USJ came rushing back to him, the villains, Shigaraki, the Nomu…. He shuddered. “Oh.. Is- is everyone alright?! Did they all make it out okay? What about Aizawa? And Tsuyu? And Mine-”


“Hush deary, everyone is perfectly fine!! No one’s dying while I’m here.” Recovery Girl walked through the door, and now that Izuku looked around, he was in the infirmary.


Again. Dammit.


Recovery Girl stepped up onto a stool by the bed, Inko moving to the side to make room for her. She quickly looked him over, putting a small hand on his forehead.


“Hmm… Your fevers lower than it was before, but it’s still there. Did you feel any pain when you woke up?” She questioned, bringing her hand away from his face and moving to her desk.


“If you count the mind numbing pain I felt in my bandaged arm and back when I tried to sit up, then yes.”


“Well aren’t we sassy this morning.”


“Yup.” He thought about what she said for a second. “Wait- morning?!”


He tried to sit up again, but Inko pushed him back down, the only thing making him say still being her worried face. “You were out for two days… We were all so worried…”


TWO DAYS?!!?! While his mind screamed on the inside, he only raised a curious eyebrow on the outside. “We?”


The infirmary door slammed open right as the words left his mouth, Uraraka, Iida, Kacchan, and Kirishima all trying to rush in together.


“H-hey!! Stop pushing!”




“Like you have anything to say! You tried to trip me in the hallway!!”


“Everyone, please calm down!”


“So not manly!!”


“YOU ALL!! Be quiet!! My patient needs to rest, and you shouting isn’t helping!”


They all instantly quieted at Recovery Girl’s words, finally noticing the very-much-awake Izuku laying in the bed.


They all stared at him, not saying a word, and he fidgeted under their gazes. “Um…. Hi?”




“Midoriya-kun! You’re awake!!”




“Be quiet!!”


“Yes, ma’am…”


Izuku gave a small laugh, making their heads spin back towards him. “I’m glad you guys are okay!”


Uraraka didn’t wait a second before rushing over and hugging him as lightly as she could, before immediately stepping back and blushing. “I-I’m glad you’re awake now Deku-kun!!” He felt a small smile creep onto his face at her words.


Kirishima came closer to the side of his bed, pumping his fists into the air with passion. “Dude!! I didn’t see it happen, but you were hella manly out there! Tsu-chan and Mineta told me all out about it!!”


“N…! I didn’t do much…” Izuku protested, managing to sit up with minimal pain. Trust me, it was a hard feat to accomplish. “Really, All Might’s the one who beat the villain in the end. I just ended up getting myself hurt!”


Both Kirishima and Uraraka gasped in mock horror, going so far as to lean back as if they’d been struck. “Nonsense!!” Uraraka looked him straight in the eyes, making his cheeks go red. “The fact that you were able to stand up to that Nomu thing alone is amazing all in it's self!!”


“Yeah! So don’t go putting yourself down, bro!”


He laughed again, Inko joining in and giggling at them all. “Okay! Okay! I promise I won’t.” They both cheered.


Izuku tilted his head towards the other person in the room, waiting for them to say something. “Kacchan.”


Bakugou stared at him for a moment, before addressing everyone in the room. “Hey, can you all get the fuck out for a second?”


Kirishima and Uraraka started to protest, but Inko stood up and shushed them. “Now, now, let them talk if they want. We’ll have plenty of time to see Izuku in a bit.” With that, they hesitantly walked out of the room and into the hallway.


Izuku motioned to the stool next to his bed, and Bakugou slowly sat down, a frown maring his features. 


“So, what did you want to talk to me about?”


“You’re hurting yourself with your quirks.”


“I am. But I’ll get bett-”


“I wanna help.”


“Sorry, what?” Izuku’s brian stopped for a moment as he processed his friend’s words. “Help me? You mean with my… quirk?”


Bakugou’s expression stayed calm, his arms crossed over his chest. “Yeah. All Might’s helping you with One For All, so I’ll help you with your first quirk. Not like Mr. I’m-hot-and-your-cold is gonna help you. He never even uses his fire!” Izuku giggled at the nickname Bakugou used for Todoroki, reaching up his left hand and ruffling Bakugou’s hair, making him squawk in protest.


“Okay, Mr. Pomeranian, you better help me good!”




“You could just move, ya know.”




“You like it don’t you.”


“Fuck you.”


Izuku smiled. “Love you too, Kacchan.”




The next few days, Izuku had stayed in the infirmary, Recovery Girl having told him he needed to stay until he was able to move without any pain.


“But painkillers-”


“That doesn’t mean you’re healed.”






Thankfully, his spine hadn’t been damaged, but his back had been extremely bruised and cut, making it very hard to lean forward or backwards for a while. Angry burns had covered his body as well, due to overheating from his flames again. His right arm was the most damaged part of his body. It had been broken, and the bone had been crushed in other areas. Not to mention it was twisted, bruised, and cut.


So yeah, not the funnest time with that.


Recovery Girl had been able to heal everything just fine, there was a surgery to fix the bones in his arm but it’s all good now, but scars did remain. There’s a thin, light line just below his hairline over his left eye from a gash on his forehead, and a darker and thicker line that wrapped around his left hand from the worst of his burns. The most visible and prominent one was on his arm.


It ran from halfway up his bicep, and wrapped around till it was near his wrist. Thankfully, it didn’t hurt. But that doesn’t mean he liked it all that much. He doesn’t mind though.


After two more days spent in the infirmary, he had finally been allowed to go home with his mom.




“Honey, would you like some katsudon tonight?”




Inko sat down at the table with Izuku, setting two bowls of katsudon on each side.


“Thank you for the meal!!”


They ate their food in comfortable silence, just enjoying the time together. Inko finished her food first, washing out the dish and setting it in the sink. “You know I worry about you, right?”


Izuku handed his bowl to her. “Yes.”


“And you know I want you to be happy, right?”




She turned around and faced him, eyeing the new scars on his body from the villains. “Are you happy at U.A?”


He had no hesitation. “Yes. I am.”


She pulled him into a light hug. “Okay baby, as long as you’re sure.”


Izuku gave her a warm smile, leading her to the couch and turning on the TV. “Thanks Mom.”


Inko smiled, before leaning forward, resting her head on her hands. 


“So, Uraraka-san, huh?”


“....Oh no.”




“MOM NO!!”

Chapter Text



Elsewhere in the world, a warp gate opened up in a bar.


"I got shot in both the arms and the legs…."


Shigaraki slumped onto the wooden floor, blood seeping out of the gun shots in his limbs.


"We got crushed…"


Kurogiri stepped behind the counter, fixing the tie on his suit.


"They even beat Nomu… Our cannon fodder was taken out… Even the kids were strong. All Might was in perfect health..!!"


A TV on the bar counter lit up, only showing static. 


"... You were wrong Sensei."


"No, I wasn't." A static voice came from the TV. "We merely got ahead of ourselves. Underestimated him is all. We should be glad that the "League of Villains" thing came cheap. Anyways… What of my creation?"


Kurogiri cleaned a glass, not looking up at the screen. "Nomu got blown away by All Might. I don't know his coordinates, so I can't retrieve him. I couldn't risk going back."


"Such a shame…. And after all that trouble I went to make him.." 


Shigaraki’s hand twitched, his dirty nails scratching the clean floor. “Oh yeah… There was a brat.. Who punched me, and even fought against Nomu..! That fucking brat.. If it wasn’t for him, we could’ve…!!”


The TV went silent, the static glitching for a moment before going back to normal. “..... Oh?”


“Yes, the child’s name is Midoriya, from what I heard. He appears to have a very unique fire quirk, but I don’t have much detail on that.” Kurogiri paused for a moment. “And it’s almost as if.. He has two quirks.”


“Two, you say?”


“Yes. He had some kind of super strength and speed, you could even compare it to All Might.”


Shigaraki mumbled curses under his breath as he leaned against the counter. “Fucking kid.. I wanna kill him.”


“Now, now Shigaraki, we don’t know what this might bring us. A child with supposedly two powerful quirks… How…”






“.. Interesting.”




New Week Of School


“Everyone!! Please sit down! Class is about to start!!”


“Everyone else already sat down, you’re the only one up Iida…”




Izuku laughed in his seat, patting Iida on the shoulder as he walked past. He turned to face Uraraka who was standing by his desk, resting his head on his still bandaged arm.


“So, do you think we’re gonna have a sub for today? I doubt Recovery Girls is going to let Aizawa-sensei out this early.”


Uraraka ‘hmm’ed, idly playing with a strand of hair. “I don’t know. I just hope he rests up. He was really beat up during all… That.”


“Yeah. It’s crazy to think that our teacher fought like that, to protect us.” A wistful smile made its way onto his face as he remembered how Aizawa had calmed him down.


“Despite his scruffy attitude, he’s actually really coo-”


“Good morning.”




Aizawa walked into the classroom, covered head-to-toe in bandages. Iida shot up in his seat, his arm raised as high as it could go. “I’m glad you’re alright, Sensei!!”


Uraraka winced. “If you could call that “alright”..”


Aizawa walked behind the teacher’s podium, shuffling some books on top. “My welfare doesn’t matter. Becau-”


“I think it does-”


“Moving on.”




“Continuing on with my previous sentence. Right now, your fight isn’t over yet.”


The room tensed, a serious expression crossing everyone’s faces. “Don’t tell me..”


“More villains?!”


Even through the bandages, Izuku could tell Aizawa was giving a tired sigh. “No… The U.A Sports Festival is coming up!!”



Yagi Toshinori sat  in his seat in the conference room, folding his arms on the table as the other participants entered. Naomasa Tsukauchi, a wonderful detective and Yagis best friend in the force, closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it so no one else would enter accidentally.


He sat a pack of papers in front of him, choosing to stand. “Now, is everyone ready to start?” Various nods went around the table. “Okay.”


“The villain called Shigaraki.. His quirk allows him to disintegrate, or ‘decay’, anything as long as he’s touching it with all five of his fingers. We’ve gone through the entire list of men in their twenties or thirties that have anything similar in the quirk registry with… No luck whatsoever. We got nothing on the ‘warp gate’ villain Kurogiri either.” He narrowed his eyes. “Neither ones are registered, and both are using aliases.. Their quirks aren’t on the record, making them a part of the underworld.”


One of the heroes next to Yagi, Snipe, spoke up. “So you’re saying we know pretty much nothin’.. I reckon we ‘oughta learn fast then. Or the leader of those vermits, Shigaraki, his wounds will heal and he’ll be back again.”


Yagi sighed. “A leader huh..?”


Nedzu, the principle of U.A looked up at him, curious. “What is it, All Might? Something bothering you?”


He nodded, quickly moving his hair from out of his face. “It’s just… None of it feels normal. It was an extremely daring attack, and not just the planning of it!” Memories of the fight flashed through his mind, the Nomu, Shigaraki.. “He kept going on about some ridiculous ideology. And even though he didn’t say anything about his own quirk, he bragged his mouth off about that guy Nomu’s quirk. And when things didn’t go as planned.. He threw a tantrum!”


Yagi scratched his pointy chin. “Well… Maybe the stuff about the quirks was to provoke me.. That really hurt…” He mumbled the last part.


Nedzu kept his ever-lasting smile on his face, placing his paws? Hands? Whatever they were, on the table. “Even so, it seems especially foolish to reveal someone’s quirk in the heat of battle, ruining the element of surprise.”


“Spouting a plausible yet deluded ideology. Bragging about the toy he brought along. Thinking everything would go his way. Thinking about it, Shigaraki…. Is a man-child.


“A kid with too much power, basically?!” Vlad King shouted, clenching his fist on the table.


“He probably never received general quirk training in elementary school….”


Tsukauchi held up a paper, looking over it and reading the numbers out loud. “We collected a total of seventy two villains at USJ. All of them were just back-alley thugs but… The question is, why would they want to follow a man-child like Shigaraki? Nowadays, society is calmed by heroes. So back-alley thugs who always end up getting kicked around… Might be drawn in by that pure, unaffected evil.” 


Nedzu lowered his head, his voice becoming soleme. “A man-child huh… In a way, he’s like our students. If only he had someone to properly guide him..”


If only….


The conference ended, everyone leaving to go back to their assigned classes. Yagi stayed behind, giving a warm smile to Tsukauchi. “Hey, good job getting all of that done! I’m sure you must be tired.”


Tsukauchi sighed, rubbing his temple. “Yes, very. But, it’s all worth it if we can stop these villains.”


“I suppose that’s true. Ah, you have yet to meet young Midoriya, don’t you?”


He blinked, grabbing a mug of coffee. “Midoriy- oh! Right. Your successor!”


“Ah- please don’t say that so loud!”


Tsukauchi laughed. “Right, right. He seems like a nice boy, his friends talked a lot about him.”


“Yes.” Yagi grinned, pushing his seat in. “I couldn’t have picked anyone better!”




“The U.A Sports Festival is coming up!!”


Some of the class cheered, others a bit more silent, but Izuku took on a worried look. “Are you sure we should be doing that so soon after USJ…?”


Aizawa huffed. “It’s supposed to show that the attack onUSJ hadn’t weakened us, or so goes the thinking. Compared to the past years, there’ll be five times the amount of security, so you don’t have to worry. And anyways, this Sports Festival will be the greatest chance you get. It’s not an event to be cancelled just because of some villains.”


Mineta shook in his seat behind Izuku, still looking shaky from the events at USJ. “Are you sure…? I mean come one, it’s just a stupid Sports Festival…”


Izuku almost did a complete three sixty in his chair, shock clear on his face as he looked at Mineta.


“Have you never seen the U.A Sports Festival Mineta?!!”


“Of course I have… But that’s not what I meant-”


“Our Sports Festival is one of Japan’s biggest events! The Olympics used to be the world’s favorite thing, but over time, it’s shrunk to a shell of its former self. Right now, the Sports Festival is what’s taken the place of the Olympics!!” 


Yaoyorozu perked up at her desk, her hand raised even though she was already talking. “Many top heroes will be there correct? They will be scouting for interns.”


Kaminari grinned. “Yeah!! They’ll be looking for people to hire, us, as sidekicks after we graduate!!”


“And a lot of those sidekicks stay that way forever. That’ll be you, Kaminari.”




Aizawa shushed the class, continuing what he was saying. “You only have a limited amount of time. Once every year for three years. Show your skill. If you’re planning to become a hero, this is an event you can’t miss!”


Fourth Period ended, and lunch hour began.


“Oh I’m so freaking PUMPED!!!” Kirishima punched his fist against the air, Sero and Rikido joining him in his cheers. “If we show our skills, that’s a huge step towards going pro!!”


Midoriya felt a smile curl his lips as he watched them, packing up his stuff to go to lunch. “They’re so excited…”


“Are you not!?” Iida walked up to him, tensing up and awkwardly doing a shuffle dance. “This is our big chance to show the heroes what we’re made out of! Of course we’re in high spirits!!”


“You sure do have a strange way of showing it, Iida-kun… Oh, Uraraka-san, are you going to- URARAKA-SAN?!”


Uraraka sat at her desk, her expression one of both anger and determination. “Deku-kun… Iida-kun… LET’S DO OUR BEST!!”




“That’s the spirit you should have, Midoriya-kun!”




Mina gave Uraraka a curious look as she shrugged on her backpack, twirling a pencil in her hand. “You’re not looking very… Well, you, Ochako-chan.”


Mineta piped up beside her. “Maybe it’s just that tim-”


Tsuyu slapped him with her tongue.




“Y-yeah!!” Kirishima laughed at Midoriya’s awkward expression.


Midoriya walked down the hall to the cafeteria with Iida and Uraraka, talking about random things as they walked. Uraraka was in the middle of a funny story when a thought popped into his head. 


“Say, Uraraka, why did you want to become a hero?”


She jumped a bit in surprise, blushing a bit fiercer and making Midoriya and Iida more curious.


“Um.. Well, you see, it’s actually mainly for uh.. Money..” She mumbled playing with the ends of her skirt.


Midoriya blinked in surprise. “Money?! Is there any reason why..?” I didn’t know that she was in it for that…


“Well… The thing is..”


Midoriya and Iida listened in rapt attention as Uraraka told them her story. How her parents struggle for money, and how her quirk would be able to help them in their job. They want her to follow her dreams.


She looked up at her friends, her brown eyes shining pure strength and determination. “And so, I’m going to become a hero. I’ll make money, so my parents can have an easier life!”




“BRAVO, URARAKA!! BRAVO!!” Iida raised his arms up into the air, clapping as loud as he could while he cheered.


Midoriya smiled at her, giving her a thumbs up. So she’s not just here to be a hero… She thinking ahead…


“Well, we should head to lunch now…”


“Young Midoriya!!”





All Might stood in his hero form around the corner, holding a small, neatly wrapped bento box in his hand. “Wanna eat lunch with me?”


"He's like a schoolgirl!!"


Midoriya tilted his head, confused at the sudden invite. "Uh, sure.." I wonder what he wants to talk about…


He said goodbye to Uraraka and Iida, heading down the hall with All Might.


"I wonder what All Might wants with Deku-kun… Gotta say though, that was adorable." Uraraka mumbled, turning to walk into the cafeteria.




Midoriya followed All Might through the hallway, finally coming upon the door to the breakroom. They stepped inside, the air inside warmer than outside. The room had two large light green couches, a carpet, a coffee table, and a few bookshelves here and there. Midoriya sat down on one couch, and All Might, now in his true form, sat across from him.


“So, what did you need me for, All Mi-Yagi-san?” He stammered, grabbing a cup of tea All Might had set down for him.


“Oh well,” He took a sip of his tea, “First off, I wanted to tell you that my time limit if now lowered to fifty minutes a day.”


“Fifty minutes!?” Midoriya leaned forward, almost- almost - dropping his tea. “Is that because of you fighting.. The Nomu?”


All Might sighed, his already shadowed face darkening. “Yes. It’s getting lower as each day goes by.”


“It’s gotten that bad huh…”


“Well, it’s only to be expected! I’m not gonna be the number one hero forever, you know!!”


Midoriya gave a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “Y-yeah… Just.. Yagi-san?”


All Might looked up from his tea. “Yes?”


“Can you promise me.. Promise me that you’ll be there when I make it to the top? Promise me that.”


All Might stayed silent for a while, not looking Midoriya in the eyes as he awaited his answer. The, he finally spoke. It sounded hollow.


“I… I promise you. I will be there when you make it to the top.”


Yagi-san…. Please don’t lie.. “Is there anything bothering you, Yagi-san?”


He smiled, waving it off. “No, no! I’m all good, kid!”


“Okay!” Why do you not trust me?


With that, they continued on like nothing happened.



Izuku still had some time left for lunch, so he headed to the cafeteria to go sit with Uraraka and Iida. When he got inside, he was surprised to see that most of the people were already gone, including his two friends.


“Oh… Maybe I should just head back then…” He was about to turn around and leave when he spotted someone sitting alone at a table, with no one to talk to.




Izuku immediately started walking over, smiling as he sat down and put his leftover lunch on the table. “Hey there! What’s your name?”


The boy looked up at him with tired eyes- oh God Aizawa 2.0 - with large bags under them. He had pale skin, and gravity defying purple hair that went straight up, it also looked very fluffy. He wanted to touch it. His eyes were a striking purple as well.


“... Shinsou Hitoshi.” The boy- Shinsou - answered, then immediately went back to his food without looking up. 


“Not the chatty type, I see! That’s okay. So, what course are you in?” Izuku didn’t let the cold attitude Shinsou was giving off affect him, he was persistent. Shinsou didn’t answer. “No answer? That’s fine! Oh right, my name’s Midoriya Izuku! Nice to meet you Shinsou!”


“Sure.” He mumbled, getting up to throw away his lunch. Izuku was about to follow him when the ball rang, signalling the end of the lunch period.


“Aw, darn… Well, I’ll see you some other time, Shinsou!!” All he got was a slight huff in response.


As he walked down the hall towards his next class, he beamed. 



Chapter Text

Uraraka opened the door to leave the classroom, but reeled back when she saw what was waiting on the other side.


“Wow what the heck?!”


The hallway was crowded with students from other classes, all of them hoping to see the students of class 1-A. The only problem with that, was that they could not get through the crowd.


“Hey hey, what the heck is this about?!” Kaminari shouted from near the door, trying to see over everyone’s heads. “We can’t get through!!”


“They’re probably seeing what the competition is like. “Midoriya stated calmly, still packing up at his desk.


Bakugou walked right up to the front, a scowl on his face as he glared at the other students. “They wanna see the big shots who went against villains and lived to tell the tale. It’s obvious, idiots!”




He tried pushing one of the general education students up front, attempting to get through. “Move aside, extras!!” The student squeaked, quickly moving out of his way. The others did not.


“Bakugou-kun!! Please do not call people who we don’t know ‘extras’!!”


“Yeah Kacchan, you shouldn’t do-” Midoriya was cut off by a mop of gravity defying purple hair moving to the front of the crowd, purple eyes meeting green for a split second.


“Are all of you as rude as him? ‘Cause I sure hope not.” Shinsou walked up, the same tired look from earlier still there.


Midoriya’s face brightened, a smile blooming on his face. “Shinsou!!” So he’s in general education! Good to know.


Uraraka turned to him with a questioning look. “Shinsou..? Do you know him, Deku-kun?”



He nodded, laughing a bit at Iida’s mortified expression when Bakugou began fighting with Shinsou and another bold boy. “Yeah, kind of, I guess. I met him at lunch.”


“Lonely kid?”


“Lonely kid.”






Bakugou rang the doorbell on the Midoriya’s apartment, calmly -for once- waiting for Izuku to open the door. A few seconds later he heard the sound of shuffling feet before the door creaked open, revealing the wide-eyed face of Izuku.


“Kacchan!! You said you’d be coming over at three ...”


“Yeah well fuck you I didn’t.”


“Kacchan, that’s rude.”


“Do I look like I give a fuck?”






They both laughed, pure, genuine laughter, and walked inside together. Bakugou greeted Inko in the kitchen, begrudgingly taking a hug from her. He had come an hour early, so they both sat on the couch and turned on the TV, already reaching for the controllers.


Izuku munched on some apple slices given to him by Inko, trying not to drop any on the soft carpet. “So, Guitar Heroes? Or Gang Beasts?”


“... Gang Beasts.” Bakugou snatched the best controller, snickering when Izuku whined.


Izuku accidentally dropped one of his apple slices during his protesting, sending Bakugou a glare. “You know you’re gonna lose again. You can beat me in a fight but by GOD you cannot beat me at these games.” He smirked, lightly elbowing Bakugou in the arm. “It’s fate.”


“Well fate can go fuck off!!”


For the next forty minutes, they competed against each other on Gang Beasts, with several… loud um… “cheers.”




“It’s called playing the game, Kacchan.”




“Don’t blame the game, Kacchan.”




I’m sure you can guess who was winning and who was loosing.


“Everything is a piece of shit.”




“You’re a piece of shit. This game is a piece of shit. U.A is a piece of shit. The grass is a piece of shit. That piece of shit in the yard is a piece of shit-”


“Do you want a rematch-”




Izuku slouched back on the couch with a sigh, having just finished his fiftieth rematch with Bakugou. “So, are we gonna get ready now? It’s almost three.”


Bakugou resisted throwing the controller across the room, settling it on the table instead and standing up. “Yeah, if I can’t beat in these games yet , I can at least beat you in a spar.”


“Haha, of course, Kacchan.”


They both changed into more loose clothes, Bakugou just using Izuku’s since they wore close to the same size. Not to mention that he accidentally leaves his clothes here a lot by accident when he stays the night. That’s not important though.


Bakugou left the apartment first, making his way over to the woods where they would play as kids, and their favorite sparring spot. It was located in the middle of a large clearing in the woods, near the stream in case they wanted to cool down after a harsh spar. The ground was always soft, both challenging them with their footing and making it a softer landing when they threw each other to the ground. He liked to think it was the best spot you could find. He still remembers when they first found it during school.




Katsuki and Izuku had just left for recess, standing outside of the school wondering what to do.


Izuku shuffled his feet, his fluffy hair bobbing as he walked. “So, where are we going today, Kacchan?”


“Hmmm…” Katsuki tapped his chin, carrying his tin lunch box. “How about… The woods!!”


“But we went into the woods yesterday…”


He smirked, waving a finger at Izuku. “Maybe so, but we didn’t go to the middle of the woods!”


Izuku’s eyes widened, shock beginning to form on his face as he registered Katsuki’s words. “B-but Kacchan!! We’re not allowed to go there!”


He scoffed, turning to continue walking towards the forest gate, no hesitation in his steps. “We’ll be fine! Not like anyone is gonna care about it anyway!”


“I guess that’s true…” Izuku slowly followed after Katsuki, aweing over the beautiful scenery they passed.


After about ten minutes of aimlessly wandering in the woods, they came across a clearing in the trees.


“Wow… Kacchan, it’s beautiful..!!” 


Sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves, basking soft green grass in a gentle light. The dirt was soft, but firm enough to keep you steady. Red, blue, yellow, and purple flowers swayed at the edges of the clearing, spreading color and beauty everywhere you looked. He could hear the trickle of a stream nearby, just barely visible through the trees. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. 


“It’s not just pretty, it’s perfect!!” Katsuki ran out to the middle of the clearing, spreading his arms out wide as he smiled at Izuku. “This is the spot Deku! This’ll be our spar-sp… Hold on I know I can get it… Sparring spot!!”


Izuku beamed, laughing as he rolled on the lush green grass, enjoying the warmth from the sunlight above. Katsuki joined him in his fun, both of them laughing and playing in the clearing, it felt like heaven.


If they were late back to school, no one said anything.




Bakugou sat down in the middle of the clearing as he waited for Izuku, starting to do some stretches. Even after their continuous spars, ones with quirks and ones with no quirks, the clearing still retained it's complete beauty. It was either extremely stubborn, or, like young Ktauski liked to imagine, there was secretly some magic in this part of the woods.


He doubted it though.


After a few more seconds of waiting, Izuku finally arrived, a small brown bag in his hands. He saw Bakugou looking at it, so he opened it up for him to see. “Food. Mom wants us to eat this once we’re done, since we might not be home in time for dinner.”


Bakugou nodded, grunting as he stood up, stretching his arms. Without warning, he launched himself at Izuku, arm poised back for an attack. Izuku dropped the bag with careful grace, ducking Bakugou’s incoming blow before coming up with a punch to his cheek. Bakugou stumbled back for a moment, regaining his balance and attempting to sweep Izuku off his feet.


He succeeded in his attack, smirking as Izuku flailed and fell back, the attack too fast to dodge. “Dammit… Again!”


They continued to spar, punches and kicks flying everywhere as sweat dripped down their foreheads, their focus never wavering.  Minutes passed, many breaks and many rounds having already been finished, and the sun started to get lower in the sky.


Izuku flipped Bakugou onto his back, once again grateful for the soft grass beneath them. He took in a deep breath, leaning his back against a nearby tree. “I.. I win again..! What’s the score.. Now?”


“Twenty… to twenty seven… Fucking nerd..” Bakugou responded from his spot on the grass, arms spread out beside him as he took a small break. Not that he would admit that though.


Izuku took out the food Inko had packed for them, tossing a sandwich to Bakugou. He laughed when it hit his face.


“So.. Do you think we're gonna do good in the Sports Festival?” Izuku asked, munching on the sandwich as he sat down by his friend.


“Of-fucking-course we are! But I’m still gonna win.”


He smiled. “Of course Kacchan.”




The rest of the two weeks went by quickly, everyone training in their own way to get ready for the Sports Festival. Now…


It’s the start of the U.A Sports Festival!!




Class 1-A all waited in the prep room, talking and gathering heir wits as they waited for the games to start. Izuku was chatting with Kirishima, listening to a childhood story when another student approached him.


“Midoriya.” He turned and came face-to-face with Todoroki, his gaze as cold and calm as ever.


“Todoroki-kun… Is there something you needed?”  The class suddenly quieted down, their focus one two of the strongest students in their class. 


Todoroki ignored the stares, continuing on. “Objectively, I’m stronger than you. And more capable.”


Izuku’s eye twitched in slight annoyance. “.. Okay… Sure.”


“All Might has his eye on you. And your quirk is the opposite of mine. I’m not going to pry into anything but…” He glared at him.


“I will beat you.”


He grit his teeth as he stared down Todoroki, fists clenched by his sides. “Now listen here.. I really don’t know why you decided to do this today, and frankly, I don’t really care. But that ice of yours is only half of your quirk, isn’t it? Which means you’ve been only doing half the work the rest of us have. So if you’re gonna try to beat me ...”

.. You’re gonna have to step up your game.

Chapter Text

A tense silence floated around the prep room, until it finally broke when Todoroki turned away and out the door.


Midoriya almost fell the ground in relief, placing a hand on his chest as he went to sit down. "Oh my God… That was stressful..!"


Kirishima sent him a bright smile, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You'll be fine bro!! No need to get nervous before the games, right?"


"Right…" Something seemed… off, about Todoroki. I just can't quite place it!! Well.. no time to think about it now!






Cheers erupted in the audience as Midoriya and his classmates walked out onto the field, heads held high. Midoriya searched the crowd as the rest of the classes walked out, each with their respective cheers. It didn't take long for him to find the small box of U.A teachers in the stands, beaming when he saw All Might waving at him. 


Bakugou walked up next to him, hands in his uniform pockets. "Oi, is All Might up there?"


"Yeah. Why?"


He smirked, roughly messing up Midoriya's hair. "Because now he'll be able to see me kick your ass!" 


"How rude."


"I know."


Once the last class walked out, the business class, Present Mic started talking again.




"Why am I here." Aizawa-sensei!




…. I'm sorry what?


Midoriya stood in petrified horror and realization as he registered Present Mic's words, slowly turning to Bakugou with a wobbly smile on his face.


"Kacchan…. Did you know about this.. ?"




" Oh my God Kacchan why didn't you tell me I'm going to die why must I do this no no no please- "


Bakugou whacked him on the head. "JUST GET GOING, NERD!!"




Izuku walked up to the stage, nervously wringing his hands together. He looked behind him to see Uraraka, Iida, and even Bakugou sending him encouraging looks. Though Bakugou's was more of a light glare and an aggressive thumbs up.


He smiled, hesitantly standing behind the microphone presented to him, trying to focus more on his friends than the crowd. "Umm.. Hello everyone!" The microphone squeaked, making him cover his ears as it faded out. "Well… that certainly wasn't a good start. What a rude mic." He grinned when some of the audience laughed.


He cleared his throat. "Okay.. I'm not really sure what to say for this but.. I want to say thank you to my friends and family, for helping me get here. I know I couldn't have done it on my own. I also want to say something else." His voice grew more confident as he spoke, his earlier nervousness seeming to disappear. "Everything takes effort. And to become a hero? You're gonna have to work yourself to the bone. There is no doing things halfway. You have to do your best, and go past your limits with each thing you do! That is the meaning of.. Plus ULTRA!!" 


Izuku held his fist up, squeezing his eyes shut as he waited for a reaction. Second passed, and he felt like he was going to start tearing up when people in the audience started clapping. It was slow at first, but then more people joined in, becoming a booming roar as cheers broke out, shouts of "Plus ULTRA" ringing throughout the crowd. He dropped his fist, his face almost hurting from how big he was smiling as he walked back to his class, blushing when Uraraka hugged him and cheered. Iida was doing his weird robot arm thing, and even Bakugou was smiling at him! More like a smirk though..


 Present Mic hushed the audience after a bit, a few cheers still sounding out. The pro hero Midnight walked out onto the stage, cracking her whip onto the grounded as she demanded the attention of the classes.


“Alright, everyone!! Without delay, onto the event.” Midnight yelled, a hand on her hip as she smiled.


“Midnight is sexy… I wonder if she’ll let me touch her boo-”


Izuku sent Mineta a too-sweet smile, shadows crossing over his eyes.“Mineta-kun, please close your mouth before I burn it off for you.”


Yes sir.


Midnight cracked her whip again, silencing any other people who were talking. “These are the qualifiers!! This is the stage where many people will go home crying! And the event to take up that place is ...” A holographic screen lit up behind her, words printed on the front. “OBSTACLE COURSE RACE!!”


Izuku felt a grin growing on his lips, excitement starting to course through his veins. “A race..!”


“It’s a race between all eleven classes in U.A!! It’s a four-kilometer race around the stadium! The only rule is to not go off course!! Everything else goes!”


The students lined up at the start, fidgeting as they waited for the start signal.


Tell the world…




I am here!!


Everyone sprinted forward, clashing with each other as they tried to get through the tunnel and out onto the track.


Midoriya winced as someone jabbed their elbow into his side, his short stature making it hard to see where he was going. This is the first obstacle!! Having to get through here! He looked around himself as best he could, seeing Todoroki, Bakugou, and many others from class 1-A leaping ahead out of the crowd. Show-offs…


Midoriya activated One For All in his legs, leaping over everyone else and landing on the wall, quickly igniting his legs in green flames as he ran across, easily by-passing everyone else as he jumped out of the tunnel. 




He smirked as he began to catch up to Bakugou and Todoroki, giving Mineta a strange look when the short student leaped into the air, drool dripping from his mouth.


“YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD BEAT ME, TODOROKI?! THE GREAT MINETA MINORU NOW HAS YOU RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS YOU-” Mineta was cut off when a robot from the entrance exam slammed into his side, throwing him to the ground.


Multiple people gasped as more robots appeared, several beginning to back away when four zero-pointers moved to block their path. He saw Uraraka begin to run forward, biting her lip. Todoroki slid forward on his ice, mumbling something about how they should’ve “prepared something bigger” or something. He raised his arm up, completely encasing the zero-pointers in beautiful ice, allowing him to pass.


“Hey!! He froze them for us! We can get through now!!” As soon as Midoriya heard those words, he quickly yelled back into the large group of students already beginning to run forward.


“No, don’t!! He froze them at a bad spot, they’re gonna fall over! Do. Not. Run!!”


Right after he yelled those words, several cracks sounded from the frozen zero-pointers, some of them beginning to tilt forward at a dangerous level. Midoriya took his chance, knowing that with his speed he had a much better chance at making it through the currently-collapsing robots.


He darted forward, scaring Uraraka by accident as he weaved through the falling metal scraps, jumping and ducking as he went. Arriving on the other side, unharmed, he quickly looked back to see Kirishima and some other boy form class 1-B popping out from inside the robots, thankfully un-hurt.


Breathing a sigh of relief, he grabbed a nearby piece of scrap metal, about half his size. You never know, it could be useful.


The next obstacle he came across was a large ditch, with many spread out pillars of rock with only thick ropes to connect them. He didn’t hesitate a second as he leaped from pillar to pillar, passing both Tsuyu and Iida, who were both going over the rope in their own ways.


“Keep your balance..! Watch where you land!!” He yelped when he almost tripped on his landing, thankfully keeping himself from falling. Kacchan and Todoroki are still ahead.. Thankfully I’m not too far behind.


Midoriya finished the obstacle, continuing to run ahead with both One For All and his flames as boosters, slowly catching up with the two competing students.




“I have a name.”




Bakugou blasted himself in front of Todoroki with an explosion, laughing before he started yelling once he caught up with him again. They had been pretty much neck-and-neck for the whole race, both of them getting in the lead for a second only for the other to catch up once again.


Bakugou tried to push Todoroki back, only succeeding in swiping air when the other put on a sudden burst of speed, gaining the lead.


“Huh- OI!! YOU GET THE HELL BACK HERE, THERMOSTAT!! THE ONLY PERSON I’D EVER ALLOW TO BEAT ME IS ME!” He was about to blast himself forward once again when Todoroki came to a stop, almost making Bakugou bump into him. “Hey!! What’d you stop for- oh.”


In front of them was a mine-field, stretching across for about fifty meters or more.






Todoroki started carefully walking/running through the field, making sure to avoid the small spots in the dirt where it was obvious mines had been planted. Bakugou’s eye twitched in anger, already moving forward to surpass Todoroki.


When he looked behind him, he nearly doubled his pace.


“Hey!! Kacchan! Don’t just leave me behind like that!” Midoriya arrived right behind him, stopping when he reached the edge of the mines. “Ouch. This is the second betrayal. I’m counting now.”


“Go to hell.”


“Meet you there!”


Midoriya stood at the edge of the field, trying to hold in his laughter when some of the other students arrived, screaming when the mines exploded. Okay, okay… Time to think.. How can I get past this quickly enough so that I can get in front of both Kacchan and Todoroki, without hurting myself?





Uraraka jogged up to the third and last obstacle, putting her hands on her knees as she caught her breath. Her brow furrowed as other students ran past her, all of them falling victim to the startling explosions.


How am I gonna stay near the front..?! Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-kun are still tying for first.. And Deku-kun is right behind the- DEKU-KUN?!


Her eyes widened when she saw Midoriya standing at the edge of the field, just a bit away from her, using some kind of scrap metal to dig into the ground. I thought he was way farther up!!? I wonder what he’s doing?


“Deku-kun..? What are you doing??”


Midoriya looked up from his strange task in surprise, smiling at her. “Oh! You might wanna step back a bit for this, it’s gonna be big!” She was about to ask him what he meant by that when he suddenly jumped forward with the scrap metal underneath his stomach, about to land right on a pile of multiple land mines .




She held her arms up in front of her face when an enormous cloud of pink smoke burst out from the mines, the ‘boom’ from the explosion muffling the loud cheer from Midoriya as he was sent flying into the air. Blasting across the field. 


Once it was safe to open her eyes, she watched in awe as Midoriya easily passed up Bakugou and Todoroki, yelling “TAG YOU’RE IT” as he did it. A new-found determination settling in her veins, she began to move forward once again, smiling as she avoided any land-mines left.


You can win this! Like Deku-kun!!




Midoriya cheered in excitement and thrill as he was launched across the field, reaching Bakugou and Todoroki and seconds. He smirked at both of them. “TAG, YOU’RE IT!!”


He could already hear Bakugou raging behind him in a multitude of curses.




Bakugou boosted himself with his explosions, yelling all the while. Todoroki, though he’ll never admit it, panicked, creating a pathway of ice for him to slide on. Midoriya grit his teeth as he neared the ground, sweat forming on his forehead as he raced for a way to get back up into the air.


He slammed the scrap metal down on the floor just as Bakugou and Todoroki were starting to catch, giving him one more boost of speed before he was running on the ground, One For All racing in his blood along with him. His heart beat like a drum, lungs straining for air as he ran, eyes as bright as his fire.




 He saw the light from the end of the tunnel up ahead, putting on a last burst of speed.




I can make it! I can make it!!




Booming cheers rose from the audience, washing over Midoriya as he exited the tunnel out of breath, happy, excited, exhausted, and about to be killed by a fuming Pomeranian.




“Oh no..”


Bakugou marched up to him, actual smoke shooting out from his ears like a train whistle. “HOW DARE YOU BEAT ME?!?! I WAS GONNA GET FIRST PLACE!!”


Midoriya let out a breathy laughed, rubbing the back of his neck as Bakugou screamed. “Ah… Sorry about that, Kacchan!”




“But it’s fun!”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“.... Fair enough.”


Bakugou whacked him upside the head, glaring a him with no real heat behind it. “Hey, nerd….. Good job. Just don't expect to win the next round!”


Midoriya stared at him for a couple of moments, before beaming, his smile brighter than the sun, making Bakugou have to squint. “Thanks!!”


“Deku-kun!! That was amazing..!” Uraraka wobbled over, dirt covering her face. “You were all like ‘bam’! And ‘bam’!!”


Iida congratulated him on getting first place, looking down from losing at a race with his type of quirk. As more people began to arrive, Midoriya spotted Yaoyorozu struggling a bit, and went over to check it out.


“Yaoyorozu-san, are you oka-” His face went blank when he saw Mineta sticking to her butt from behind, using his quirks to stay attached. “Oh.”


He leaned in as far as he could without it being weird, shadows casting over his face as he raised his eyebrows at the purple-haired student, a dangerous smile on his face.






“Did you know that I would be able to lift you up with my flames and carry you into the sky? I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know how high I can go. I wonder what would happen…?”


Mineta started to sweat, his small body shaking in fear as he immediately got off of Yaoyorozu’s back, continuously bowing to Midoriya. “N-no need to worry about that!! Haha!!”




He walked back to the class as Midnight cracked her whip, silencing the students.


“It’s finally over folks!! The first forty two people to finish will move on! Now, let’s move onto the next event!!” 


The holographic screen lit up again, showcasing the next event in bold print. “THE CAVALRY BATTLE!!”


Calvary huh…


“Participants will form their own teams of two or four, and ge into a horse-rider position! The rules are the same as a normal calvary battle, snag the other team’s headbands, and guard your own… With one exception!! Each of you have been assigned a point value based on your position in the first event!”


Mina smiled, tapping her finger on her chin. “So the team’s points depend on the group members!”


Midnight cracked her whip on the ground. “I’M ABOUT TO EXPLAIN IT, SO BE QUIET!!”




“Anyways, yes!! And your individual point value starts at five, at the bottom! So forty-second place is five points… Forty-first is ten… Get it? But our first place winner is worth…”




….. Fuck.

Chapter Text

Midoriya started to sweat when he felt everyone’s eyes on him, Midnight’s words still ringing in his mind.




Midnight smiled, pointing her finger towards the screen. “The match will last fifteen minutes! Each teams points are determined by its members. The rider will wear a headband that shows the number of points! Until the match ends, you will all compete to get each other’s headbands!! Any headbands you grab must be worn at the neck or higher! And most importantly..” She grinned at them all, raising her arm in the air. “Even if your headband is lost, and your formation is broken, it’s not over till it’s over!!”


“So that means there’ll be about ten to twelve teams on the field all at once…”


“And there’s no need to panic if you temporarily lose your points~!”


“Quirks are allowed!! But you cannot maliciously attack another student! That will get you out of the game!! You’ve got fifteen minutes, choose your teams!”


Midoriya covered his mouth with his chin, already thinking of who he wanted on his team. Who would be a good pair…? I have to think not only about quirks and strengths, but also how well people would work with each other…. If it’s them then..!


Midoriya grinned, looking around for the people he had decided on. He was about to turn around again when a soft hand landed on his shoulder.




“Deku-kun!! Team up with me-”




“Ah! Sorry, Deku-kun!!”


Uraraka nervously laughed as he breathed a sigh of relief,  looking up at her with a bright smile. “I’m glad I found you! I was just looking for you to ask to team up with me!”


She blushed a bit, surprised. “O-oh. I guess that’s good then, huh?” She clapped her hands together, looking around to see who was left without a group. “So, who else do you have in mind?”


He grabbed her wrist, pulling along through the crowd of students. “Well, first off, let’s go get Iida-kun!”


In just a minute they found him talking with another student. Midoriya tapped his shoulder, alerting him to their presence. “Iida-kun!”


He turned and looked down at them, adjusting the glasses on his face.


“Oh.. It’s you two. I suppose you want me to team up with you?” Iida asked, smiling down at his friends.


“Yeah!” Uraraka nodded beside Midoriya, jumping up and down. “With you, we could totally win this-”


“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to decline.”




Iida gave them an apologetic smile, a determined fire settling in his eyes. “Ever since the entrance exam.. I’ve been behind you. It’s simply because you’re such a great friend that I must not follow you. Bakugou and Todoroki aren’t the only ones who are fighting to beat you…”


Iida turned away from them, walking to Todoroki’s group. “I am too!!”


“Iida-kun…” Midoriya dropped his hand, turning back to Uraraka as they walked away. “I’ll see you there!”




Uraraka breathed a sigh of relief, tuning to walk with Midoriya when a girl with pink hair and goggles suddenly ran up to them.


While practically screaming.




“What’s your talent?”




“Okay. Welcome to the team!”




Uraraka blinked, trying and failing to comprehend what had just occurred in front of her. Midoriya and that girl continued talking, and she was showing him her inventions and what she thought would help them, they were already planning stuff…. “I’m sorry… What just happened?”


“Ah- Sorry, Uraraka-san!” Midoriya snapped out of his conversation with the girl, setting down some kind of flamethrower she had handed him. “This is Hatsume Mei, and she’s now part of our team!”


“Uh… Why?”


The girl- Hatsume- ran up to her, making her take a step back with how close she was. “I’m Hatsume Mei of the support department!! Mr. First Place here is gonna be in the spotlight, so if I’m with him then I can show off my babies!”


“... Babies…?”


Midoriya waved it off, rubbing the back of his neck as Hatsume continued to shout excitedly. “She means her support items she made. They’re amazing! That’s why I want her on our team. Losing Iida-kun wasn’t great but… We can still win!!”


“Oh.. Well, if you say so, Deku-kun, then I believe it!” Uraraka beamed up at him, still a little confused. Just as long as Hatsume doesn’t do anything bad, she’s all good on my terms! “So… Is this everyone on our team then?”


“Nope! There’s one more person I want to invite…”



Tokoyami was a bit stuck. He hadn’t found anyone to team up with, so for now he decided to just wait by the wall, and see if anyone came up to him.


He doubted it though.


His quirk wasn’t very well-known within his class, and no one else from any of the other classes would have even heard wind of it. Most people tend to think he was weird, considering his head is like a bird’s. He could understand it, society still is sometimes against mutant-type quirks. Ones that change your appearance. Especially ones that make you look scary or strange.


So really, he doesn’t think anyone will come to team up with him.


“Oiii! Tokoyami-kuunn!!”




He looked up from his leaning against the wall to see Midoriya, Uraraka, and some other girl from another class running up to him.  They were all waving their hands at him.


“Tokoyami-kun!! Are you in a team yet?!” Midoriya marched up to him, a small smile on his face.


He stared at him with calm red eyes, still leaning against the wall. “No.”








"Alright, you kids! Your fifteen minutes are up!! Gather your team up in front of the stage please!" 


Midoriya and his team walked up, fidgeting on their feet. Midnight went around, handing the head bands to everyone. Midoriya tied his around his head, making sure it was tight enough.


He wiped his sweaty hands on his shirt, nodding to his team to get into position.




"Are you guys ready for this? You got the plan?"










Midoriya made sure he didn't fall off as Uraraka, Hatsume, and Tokoyami started running to the side. Right when they were given the signal to start, almost every other team had immediately launched after them, their sights on his head band.


He saw Bakugou at the front, hitting Kirishima's head for him to go faster. Todoroki wasn't too far either, only just behind his blonde friend. Midoriya his team heads, getting them to look up at him.


"Don't go up yet… I'll give you the signal, but do not go up unless I say so."


Hatsume nodded excitedly, Tokoyami didn't say anything, and Uraraka looked a little nervous, but they all agreed. Good. We can do this!!


They stopped in the middle of the field, surrounded on all sides by the other teams, everyone rushing to the center to try and get the ten million. Holy crackers that's a lot of people. 


Uraraka bit her lip, looking up at Midoriya as she waited for the signal. That's a lot of people, Deku-kun… I hope your plan works out, or were gonna be squashed!!


The teams were quickly closing in. "Not yet…" Fifty feet. "Not yet…!" Thirty feet. "Not yet..!" Fifteen feet. "NOW!!"


Uraraka immediately followed through, making herself, and everyone else in their team light enough to the point of floating in the air. Hatsume readied the jet boots, flames spitting from the bottom. They all held on tight as the boots powered on, shooting them up into the air like a rocket, away from the group of teams below. 


Midoriya howled in laughter as the teams began to crash into each other, clashing in the middle where they used to stand. His amusement was torn away when they heard a shout from below.




"Oh fuck." Midoriya cursed as Bakugou launched himself into the air using his explosions, leaving his team on the ground. "Uraraka-san!! Hatsume-san!! Cut the jets!" 


"Why?!! We'll fall!"


He spread his arms, an excited grin on his face. "Just trust me!"


The two girls nodded, cutting the boots' fire power, leaving them floating in the air, the only reason they weren't falling bring Uraraka's quirk. 




"Sorry about this in advance, Kacchan!" Flames shot out from Midoriya's hands, spreading out in front of him in beautiful ribbons. It blocked Bakugou from advancing, keeping him from getting to his group. 


Uraraka yelped when darker, green flames started to cover her legs and midsection, along with Hatsume and Tokoyami as well. She expected to feel burning heat, but surprisingly, they were only warm. 


"Don't worry guys, I lowered the heat. They won't hurt you. Just make sure you keep your quirk up, Uraraka-san." 


As Bakugou began to fall back towards his team, Sero pulling back with tape, Midoriya controlled his fire. I'm able to lift and carry things with my quirk… However, I can't carry a human being unless my flames are at a high power, and strong enough to lift the weight. But I can't do that without risking hurting my friends! And that's where Uraraka-san's quirk comes in!!


He tugged on his flames, the force of the pull as well as their weightlessness making it easy for him to control where they went in the air. They dodged another jump from Bakugou, using the boots to add an extra burst of speed. 


"Alright you guys, let's win this for sure!!"


Meanwhile, down below…




"Calm down, Baku-bro! We'll get them next time!"


"I thought it was pretty cool…"






Bakugou huffed, tearing Sero's tape from around his waist as he eyed Midoriya up in the sky. I'll admit… that was good.  


After Midoriya had flown up into the air, his team had just barely managed to get away before the other teams began crashing into each other. Honestly, it was hilarious to watch. Most of the general studies, and support students had fallen. The hero course students finding ways to stay up. Quite a few people had taken advantage of the chaos while Bakugou was chasing after Midoriya. Todoroki being one of them.


Bakugou watched as Todoroki stole another confused team's head band, tying it around his neck. I’ll get Deku later.. Might as well crush some other extras!!


“Bakugou!! There’s a team coming up on our left!”


He turned just in time to see a pair of sly, light blue eyes smile at him as they stole the head band from his head.




The student smiled, the look completely smug on his pale face. “Sorry about that! But this is mine now. Looks like class 1-A isn’t as good as everyone says~!”


Something inside him snapped.


“Uhh… Don-don’t worry about it, Baku-bro!! We can just get other headbands!”


“Yeah! We won’t lose this!”


“No need to go raging over just one guy, right?”


... Huh..?”


“Oh no.”


“WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT GUY THINK HE IS??!!?” Bakugou screamed, slamming his fists down on Kirishima’s head, thankfully unharmed. “I’LL KILL HIM!! I’LL FUCKING KILL HIM!”




Move. We’ve got a fucker to kill.


“Yes sir.”




Midoriya breathed a sigh of relief when Bakugou stopped jumping after them, starting to chase after some other poor fool.


He hopes they survive the wrath of an angry Pomeranian.


“Uraraka-san, how is your quirk holding up?” Midoriya looked around himself, moving them more to the side when someone tried to throw some kind of spike-thing at them.


“Not.. Ugh.. Not doing so good…!” Uraraka gulped, sweat starting to form on her brow as she kept her quirk activated. “Can’t hold it much longer… Deku-kun.”


Midoriya smiled at her, as well as looking down to see how far they were up. “Alright. Hatsume-san, Tokoyami-kun, my flames won’t be able to support us at this power, so I need you guys to help us land safely. Got it?”


Hatsume’s boots flared up once more, ready to slowly lower them to the ground as well as she can. “Yup!! I’m all set! I’ll get those big companies to see my precious babies~!!”


“I won’t let you fall, Midoriya.” Dark Shadow slowly crept out from behind Tokoyami, arms stretched out and ready to catch them if something went wrong during their descent.


“Okay. Uraraka-san, release your quirk please!”


“.. Got it…!”


Uraraka quickly clasped her hands together, muttering the word “release” as she cancelled her quirk. Midoriya held in a yelp when they suddenly started to fall, but swiftly regained his balance when Hatsume’s boots fired up, slowing their descent down to a comfortable pace.


“Okay guys… Once we get down there, we’re gonna have to put up a lot of defense. I’m betting Todoroki-kun is going to go straight at us. And unless Kacchan has already caught that poor soul, he won’t be going for us. So what I’m thinking is-AH!!”


The jet boots suddenly flickered out of life, sending them rocketing towards the ground at increasing speeds.


Everyone-except Tokoyami ‘cause he doesn’t scream-screamed as they fell, desperately holding on to each other as to not fall apart. Tokoyami narrowed his eyes as Dark Shadow stretched out in front of him, ready to stop their fall. 


“T-Tokoyami-kun!! Do you have us?!”




The ground came ever closer, the wind harshly whipping against their face. Dark Shadow braced themselves, making themselves as big as they could go as the team neared the ground. When they got close enough, Dark Shadow completely engulfed them, successfully stopping their fall, with as minimal injuries as possible.


Tokoyami retracted Dark Shadow, breathing a deep sigh of relief once he saw they were all okay. Still standing, as well.


Midoriya looked up, fixing the headband around his head. “Is.. Is everyone alright?”


“Yeah… Yeah I think we’re all good!!”


Hatsume whined, kicking her now-broken jet boots to the side. “My babies…”




Midoriya snapped his head up, seeing Todorki’s team running towards them. They had about six or seven headbands already… This is going to be hard.

“Midoriya! I’m going to have to take your headband now!” Todoroki stated calmly, rushing towards them with no hesitation.


“Okay everyone.. Are you ready?!” Team Midoriya stood up, eyes burning with the desire to win.



Chapter Text

Just when Todoroki’s group got close enough, Izuku yelled and raised his arms up in a grand flourish, a bright wall of flames raising along with them. The emerald fire surrounded them on all sides, rising to about ten feet high in the air. He made sure the space wasn’t too cramped, and kept the heat lowered so no one would get burned.


No one burst through, so he was about one hundred percent sure that Todoroki’s group stopped, along with anyone else's’. “Well there’s that.. The fire isn’t too hot, right?”


“No, it’s pretty nice actually! It’s really cool how you do that! And umm… What’s your quirk’s name again, Tokoyami-kun..?”


“Dark Shadow.”


“Right!! And Dark Shadow seems to be doing pretty well too!” Uraraka beamed, adjusting her stance to get comfortable. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to stand up against Tokoriki-kun though…”


Izuku snapped his fingers, pressing the cooling system button on his suit just in case he held his fire for too long. “That’s just the thing! The only people who know about Dark Shadow’s weakness to light are you, me, himself, and Hatsume-san! Which means, Todoroki doesn’t know about it. So he’ll think that Dark Shadow is as strong as ever. Not to mention the fact that you guys are the only ones I’ve used lower power flames with. So unless he figured that out just by watching us for a few seconds, he’ll think that these flames will hurt him.”


Hatsume grinned, her eyes flashing behind her goggles. “So that means..!”


“That’s right!! It’s all a bluff! We can keep them at bay with attacks that won’t actually be able to hurt them! But they don’t know that~! If we do this, we’ll be able to stay safe until the event ends!!”


Tokoyami smiled.. Somehow, with that beak of his, nodding at Izuku’s declaration. “Your plan is quite incredible, considering you only had about twelve minutes to come up with it. Not to mention the fact that you even managed to find the perfect way to include the limits of my quirk.”


Izuku blushed, stammering in response to Tokoyami’s genuine compliment. “Th-thank you, Tokoyami-kun!!” He got his red face under control, taking a few calming breaths as he focused on the task at hand once again. “Right now.. We’ve just gotta focus on making it until the end! Tokoyami-kun, if someone tries to enter the wall, send Dark Shadow out! Try to steal any headbands as well! Hatsume-san! Do you have what I asked for?”


She laughed, unlatching the flamethrower from a strap on her back, handing it to Izuku with minimal struggle. “Hell yeah!! You know how to use it?!”


“My quirk is fire control, Hatsume-san.” He hoisted the flamethrower up, holding onto it with a tight grip. “I know how to use a flamethrower.” Uraraka laughed.


Right when his words were finished, a student from class 1-B came rushing through the warm fire, his skin a shiny metal color, the fire making it look green. Kind of like Kirishima, to be honest.




“On it!”


Dark Shadow rushed at the student, the darkness flaring up like a large bird, it’s eyes flashing as it screeched. The student yelped, stopping his attack and being pulled back by some kind of large fist. Interesting.


Izuku and Uraraka cheered, the spot where the student had gotten through the flames closing up again. “We can do this!!”




Todoroki glared at the wall of flames in front of him, as if he could make it crumble with simply his stare. He was so close, he had almost reached his hand out to grab the headband when Midoriya put up his defenses. Not only keeping them away, but making it so they couldn’t see what they were doing.




Kaminari fidgeted below him, small sparks lighting on his body. “Hey, hey…! How are we gonna get past that!? Damn… I really don’t want to get burned..!!”


Yaoyorozu frowned. “I suppose I could try to make a fire-proof sheet to cover us all… Though it would make it hard to see and move..”


Iida stayed silent.


Todoroki hummed, considering the idea. But as he studied the flames more, watching as other teams tried to get inside only to be blocked out by Tokoyami, he realized something.


“The flames aren’t actually hot.”


Kaminari blinked, giving him a confused look. “... What?”


“I said they aren’t hot. Just look.” He pointed to the flames as another student rushed in, being pushed out without a single burn mark on their body. “None of the students are being burned or injured in any kind of way. Tokoyami isn’t hurting them either. Even if this is just a competition, you would normally at least leave someone with a few scratches and bumps.”

Iida nodded, fixing his glasses with his free hand. “You’re right. It does seem that way.”


“Then.. We can touch the flames?”


“Yes. That what I have concluded. But we should still be careful if we are to charge in. We don’t know what they’re doing on the inside.”


“Right. Would you like a weapon of some kind then, Todoroki-san?” Yaoyorozu stared right ahead, waiting for any signal from Todoroki.


“No, I’m okay.”


He looked towards the wall of flames once again, a hole opening up in the side of it just enough for him to see Midoriya through the crack. Their eyes made contact, bright flashing green staring at him as if to say,


Come at me.


So he did.


“Go.” Todoroki’s team charged, fully ready to reach in and surprise Midoriya, snagging the headband and winning the event.


They entered the flames, and just as he had predicted, they weren’t hot at all. Only warm, like a light blanket. They broke through, entering the circle of fire. Todoroki looked straight ahead for Midoriya and his team, and sure enough, there was the team. But there was no Midoriya.


…. What?


“Hey Icy-hot!!” His head snapped up, eyes zeroing in on the shadowed figure in the air above him, floating in zero gravity. It was Midoriya, and he was holding something in his arms.


“You lookin’ for me?!!”


Kaminari screamed when a sudden surge of orange and yellow fire shot right at them, the roaring of the flames completely overtaking the green flames around them. I can feel the heat from here!! These flames are hot, probably from a flamethrower! That son of a..!


Todoroki didn’t even need to give the order before they were already retreating, running -no, not running. Just staying safe- from the torrent of blazing fire raining down on them. Once they exited the circle of green fire, the wall closed once more, but not able to hide the sounds of Midoriya’s laughter.


Todoroki grit his teeth, his teammates becoming a bit nervous. Midoriya..!! How dare you hide!!




“AHAHAHAHA!! TAKE THAT , ICY-HOT!! WOOHOOOO!!” Midoriya cackled as Uraraka released her quirk, making sure he didn’t hit the ground and stayed seated. ‘DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!!? THAT WAS SO COOL!! I USED A FREAKING FLAMETHROWER!! A FLAMETHROWER!!”


“Mmm.. Yes indeed! But uhh… Are you okay, Deku-kun…?”


“Yes!! Very much okay!! That was so cool.




Hatsume laughed along with Midoriya, and Uraraka could swear sparkles were floating around her. 


“That’s right!! Aren’t my babies amazing?!! They’re the best there is!!”


Tokoyami’s eye twitched in annoyance. “How much longer is this event going to go for…?”


That stopped Midoriya’s laughing, a thoughtful look now on his face. “Ummm… Not too much longer. Tokoyami-kun.”


Dark Shadow scared another team out of the fire, chuckling a bit. “Got it already.”


Midoriya sighed, mumbling under his breath. “Wish we could go and get some other headbands… Even if we win, staying hidden all the time isn’t always fun…”


“Weren’t you just cackling like a mad witch a few seconds ago?”


“.. Shush.” He pouted at Uraraka, making her laugh. Then he smelled the familiar scent of ash and smoke in the air. Then he heard a familiar voice.


Then he looked up.




“Aww, fuck.”


Bakugou was grinning maliciously right above them, explosions popping out of his hands as his team screamed at him from below. “Don’t think you can hide from me!!”


“Run-” Midoriya yanked on his flames, the wall of fire immediately dispersing into thin air. The few teams left outside it gasped in shock, leaving an opening. Uraraka, Hatsume, and Tokoyami ran forward, Bakugou blasting himself forward right behind them. Once Todoroki got over his initial shock, he joined in on the chase as well.


I couldn’t keep the walls up! If I had, we would’ve had nowhere to run, and Kacchan would have gotten us for sure! For now, we’ve just gotta hang on until the event ends, just in a bit more extreme circumstances!!


  They just barely escaped a stream of ice aimed at them from behind.


…. Maybe more than just a “bit” extreme.


Most of the other teams were avoiding them, going for other, easier, headbands. The only problems they had was the fact that both Todoroki and Bakugou were chasing them at top speed, and the fact that they had no other headbands.


So if they lose theirs, it’s game over.


“Tokoyami-kun!! Dark Shadow!!”


Dark Shadow attempted to attack their group, aiming for their headbands, but Yaoyorozu blocked it with a flat pole of some kind, keep Dark Shadow away.


Midoriya ‘tch’ed. “Dangit… Her quirk is going to be really troublesome..!”


Todoroki’s team was slowly catching up, getting ahead of Bakugou as well thanks to Iida being in the lead. There’s so many teams.. I don’t know if we can take them all!!


Midoriya saw Bakugou wince just as Kaminari spread his lightning all over the grounds, shocking every team behind him, including the ones more to the side. Even Bakugou’s group got shocked. “Kaminari-kun-! His electricity!!”


Todoroki, using a pole Yaoyorozu created to touch the ground, sent ice covering the grass and dirt in seconds. They weren’t able to dodge in time, and got caught by the ice, and with Uraraka and Tokoyami’s legs immobile in the ice… They couldn’t go anywhere.


“Deku-kun!! He’s surrounding us with ice! Would we be able to melt it with fire..?!” Uraraka shouted, trying to pull her frozen leg out from it’s icy cover.


He shook his head, frantically weighing his options as Todoroki’s team got closer, a more ragged Bakugou right on their trail. “We wouldn’t have enough time! It would leave us open, and you could get hurt!”


“Midoriya.” Tokoyami spoke, Dark Shadow nowhere to be seen. “I won’t be able to fight against them like this. Not with Kaminari there with his lightning and Yayorozu there to block my attacks.”


“Right..” If I could just get enough time… I could melt the ice off of their legs! He sent cooler flames down to Uraraka and Tokoyami’s legs, encasing only the ice as he began to melt them. The only thing giving them time currently was…


“Hey thermostat!! Don’t try to take my fucking prize!!”




Bakugou was fighting against Todoroki, jumping up off of his team with explosions and moving to collide with the other team. Yaoyorozu blocked him with a shield, but that was all the defense they could get. Kaminari couldn’t use his lightning unless he wanted to shock his team as well, and Todoroki could use his ice without having to freeze Iida up front. Bakugou leaped up again, inches away from the headband around Todoroki’s head. Todoroki brought his arm up, grabbing Bakugou’s arm and freezing it over, stopping it from reaching him.


“WHAT’S THIS?!! MIDORIYA HAS FREED HIMSELF FROM THE ICE!! AND NOW HE’S ESCAPING!!” Present Mic shouted over the roaring of the crowd, making both teams snap their heads to where Midoriya used to stand.


Fuck he’s gone.




Midoriya was already running out of the arena of ice, making sure to go around any unconscious teams from Kaminari’s attack.


“Everyone…” Iida crouched, getting into position. “The move I’m about to use will render me immoble. So in the last bit of time remaining… Grab the headband.


It all happened in a split moment.


One moment Iida had smoke roaring out of his engines, and the next moment he was in front of Midoriya, their headband in Todoroki’s grasp.






“TOKOYAMI-KUN!! GRAB ALL OF THEM!!” Midoriya panicked, his team already sprinting as fast as they could at Todoroki’s now slower team. Todoroki raised his left arm, small range flames flickering on its surface.


Midoriya saw his chance, using his pyrokinesis to direct Todoroki’s flames away, both startling him and confusing him, directing his attention away from Dark Shadow.


“Todoroki-san, he’s-!!”


Midoriya reached forward towards the headbands on Todoroki’s neck, all of them turned inside out to hide the numbers. He grabbed the bottom one, quickly holding it against his chest as he looked at the numbers written on the cloth.




“Deku-kun, did we get it?!!”




The numbers on the cloth are….

Chapter Text

Izuku held the headband with shaking hands, tears starting to fill his eyes as Midnight announced the leaderboard.










Midoriya cried out in both relief and joy, holding the ten million headband in his hand. The audience roared as Bakugou screamed, shouts of both joy and rage ringing through the air.


His team all cheered for joy, Midoriya almost crying all over again when Tokoyami handed him another headband, one with five hundred and nineteen points on it. They lowered him down, jumping and yelling-except for Tokoyami-as Present Mic announced the rest of the board.


Midoriya yelped when someone clapped his back, almost making him fall forward. “Ah-!!”


“OI, DEKU!!”


“Oh.. Kacchan!!” Bakugou stood behind him, his face shadowed and his shoulders slightly shaking in-what seemed to be-rage. “Uhhh… Sorry-”


“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN SORRY?!! I WAS GONNA WIN THIS!! MY FUCKING WIN!! HOW DARE YOU. I’M GONNA KICK YOUR NERDY FUCKING ASS IN THE NEXT EVENT!!” Midoriya was almost blown away by the sheer force in Bakugou’s words, Uraraka and Tokoyami staring blankly while Hatsume was still cheering over her babies.


“Uh.. Okay, Kacchan. Have fun.” He felt another laugh bubbling in his throat as Bakugou practically stomped away, looking almost like a toddler who couldn’t get their candy.


Thank goodness he can hold in his laughter.


Too bad Uraraka couldn’t.


“Pff-PFFT!! I’M SORRY!! BUT HIS WALK IS JUST-” Uraraka covered her mouth with her hands, but it was already too late.




Midoriya sighed as Kirishima held onto Bakugou, keeping him from attacking the still laughing Uraraka.






A calm, cold voice called him from behind, making him turn around to come face-to-face with Todoroki Shouto.


His face was a little dirty, and his clothes slightly charred. Flame thrower, probably. His scar was a prominent as ever. I wonder how that happened….


Even standing up, Todoroki towered over him with his height, so it was kind of awkward having to look up at him. Dammit.


“Let’s go somewhere private.”


…. I don’t like this.




Todoroki lead him to the side of the stadium, under one of the passageways inside. They stood across from each other, one with a nervous expression, and the other with a stone cold face.


Izuku wondered if he could hear his heart beating.


“So… What did you need me for…? We won’t be able to get lunch if we stay too long...” Izuku played with his hands, not quite looking Todoroki in the eyes for fear of his cold gaze.


“You overwhelmed me.. To the point of me using my left side.” His flames… Even though that would have been an advantage for him..


“Kaminari, Iida, Yaoyorozu… None of them had felt that pressure. I was there when All Might fought the Nomu. Right up front. And even though you had been using yours flames.. I still felt that same kind of pressure from you.”


Oh no… Please tell me he hasn’t figured it out!! Keep your face calm… Keep it cool… I’M NOT KEEPING IT COOL.




Oh God oh fuck-


“Are you All Might’s secret love child or something?”








Todoroki-kun, oh my God-” Izuku nearly doubled over with laughter, making odoroki give him a weird look as he laughed, holding his stomach.


“Oh-oh my God- you thought that me, as All Might’s child -” He finally finished laughing, wiping a fake tear from his eye as he regained control of his breathing. Kacchan would definitely get a laugh out of this one.. Oh boy. “Sorry… That surprised me is all..! But no, I’m most definitely not All Might’s secret love child.”


“Something else, then.”




“My father is Endeavor, you know. I’m sure you do, considering you have a page on every hero out there.”


Well… Of course I do, but what is he trying to say?


“So if you’re somehow connected to All Might, and use flames… Then that’s all the more reason for me to crush you in battle.


Izuku gupled, feeling a sense of dread start to seep into his bones as Todoroki looked down, his face staying calm and focused.


Yet, he looked almost… Sad.


“My father is a powerful bastard who only thinks of becoming stronger. He’s made himself a name as a hero but.. He’s always seen All Might as a roadblock and an eyesore. My father could never beat All Might on his own, so he came up with another plan.”


Oh… Izuku already knew what he was talking about. He didn’t need to think that hard. “Your father.. He…”


"Yes. So you know about quirk marriages…"


Todoroki proceeded to tell him the horrors of what his father had done to him and his family. Raising children as tools to beat the number one hero, harshly training them once they were four years old, abusing them… along with his mother. He couldn't even describe the shock he felt when he heard how Todoroki's mother had poured scalding water on the left side of his face, the side that looked like his father's. 


All Izuku could feel was horrifying realization. The truth about the number two hero shocking him to his core. Even if he had suspected it a bit.


"In short, if I can win this tournament without using his quirk, and beating your fire with only ice, then I'll have denied him everything." Todoroki's voice never wavered, not once during the entire thing, and Izuku can't help but think about just how different their lives are.


We're both aiming for the top, and yet we're still so different…. The entire time, his expression never changed and yet.. I could tell he was hurting. Deep, deep inside, he was hurting. Still is.


Todoroki turned to leave, exiting the passage. "Whatever you have going on with All Might… keep it to yourself. Either way, I'll still beat you using only my right side. Sorry for wasting your time." 


Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts, trying to find some words to say. 


"Todoroki-kun! I… have always had someone there to help me through life. I can admit that I would never had made it to where I am now if it weren't for my precious people." He walked out of the passage, facing Todoroki as he spoke with conviction. "I know my reasoning is pretty lame compared to yours but… I want to be able to get stronger so I can help them!! No matter what.. I will get stronger, and I will win against you!!” Izuku yelled, breathing a slight sigh of relief when Todoroki nodded and walked away.


Neither of them noticed Bakugou standing around the corner.






Midoriya walked out into the stadium along with the remaining students, heads held high as the audience began to cheer.




Midnight walked up onto a small stage as the students talked, excited over the last event. “We will decide the matches by lots! After that, we’ll have a short break of festivities! Now let's do the first team..”


“Um… Excuse me?”


Ojirou, one of Midoriya’s classmates, nervously raised his hand, looking down. “I’d… Like to drop out, please.”


Midoriya stared at him in shock, several others doing the same. Drop out? But why!? “Ojirou-kun?! Why would you drop out? This is a great chance to be noticed by pros!!”


He clenched his fist, glaring at the ground. “I know but.. I have no memories of the cavalry battle at all. It was probably his doing.” His..? “Everyone else got here on their own. And yet I’m standing here, and I don’t even know why. I hate it..!!”


Mina protested beside him. “Just don’t think so hard about it!! By that logic, I shouldn’t be here either!”


“I’m talking about my pride here..!! I don’t think it’s right.”


Another student, form class 1-B, raised their hand as well. “I don’t remember anything either, so I’ll back out as well! This is a festival and game of logic, and if I can’t even remember anything… Then what’s the point?”


Midnight’s face darkened, raising her whip into the air. “How naive and green…. I… LIKE IT!! Shouda and Ojirou had withdrawn!!”


… She likes it..?


“Replacing those two will be members of team Kendo, which took fifth!”


Kendo, the class president of 1-B, had refused. Offering it up to team Tetsutetsu who had “given it their all.” Tetsutetsu, who looked a lot and acted a lot like Kirishima, had cried.


“And here are the match-ups~!”


A large board was pulled up, the tournament rounds drawn on with names at the bottom for each row. I’m paired up with… SHINSOU!! Midoriya instantly beamed, already looking around for his-one sided-friend.


“Oh. It’s you.”


“Shinsou-kun!!” He turned to face Shinsou, who had appeared next to him. His hair was still defying gravity as usual, and Midoriya couldn't tell whether his eye bags were getting better or worse.


Hopefully better. It’s concerning.


Shinsou grunted, putting his hands in his pockets. “Listen, I’m not your friend. And I’m not go-”


“Agree to disagree.”


I’m not your friend. Anyways, I’m not gonna go easy on you. So don’t expect anything-”


“Midoriya!!” Midoriya jumped when Ojirou suddenly covered his mouth with his tail, glaring at Shinsou while doing it. “Don’t respond to him.”


“.. Ojirou-kun..!!”


And so the festivities began..



“Now that the festivities are over, let's get the arena set up!!” Cemento, another pro hero, poured out gallons of cement from a truck, controlling it with his quirk to make a suitable arena for the fights.




Izuku put a hand on his chest, taking a deep breath as he steeled his nerves. Or tried to, at least. 


“Hey! Kid!” All Might walked up to him from behind, placing a hand on his shoulder.


“Oh… Yagi-san! Why are you here..?”


All Might laughed, smiling as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just wanted to wish you luck, my boy! After so many months.. You've gotten so good at handling One For All! It’s impressive! Not to mention being able to mix it with your natural quirk!”


Midoriya chuckled, blushing a bit at the compliment. “Ah… No.. I still have quite a lot to learn… I’m only able to control seven percent…. Ah.” All Might knocked his knuckles on Midoriya’s head, stopping him from talking.


“Young Midoriya,  you’re trying your best!! This stuff will take time! Didn’t we already have this conversation? YOU’LL NEVER BE A HERO LOOKING THAT MOPEY!! Now listen, kid…”


All Might ruffled his hair, buffing up into his hero form. “Whenever you’re feeling down… That’s when you’ve gotta smile!! Never forget that I’m expecting great things from you!!”






Izuku walked onto the arena, a truly nervous yet excited look on his freckled face as his opponent-friend-walked up to meet him.




Shinsou lightly glared at him.




“I give up.. Huh.” Shinsou spoke, one hand in his pocket and an unwavering gaze focused on Midoriya. “Get it, Midoriya Izuku? This battle is going to test your strength of will. If you have any kind of vision for your future, there’s no sense in worrying about how you get there.”




“Like that monkey , blabbing about his pride.”




“What kind of dumbass throws away a chance like that?”


Chapter Text

“Listen, Midoriya… That guy, Shinsou, his quirk is brainwashing…”


“Really?!! That’s super cool-”






“Anyways, you can’t respond to him, that’s how he gets you…”


Midoriya clamped his mouth shut, almost biting his tongue in the process as he raced forwards towards Shinsou, intent on not speaking.


“What? Not gonna talk?” Shinsou glared at him, not moving from his spot. “Man, looks like that damn piece of shit monkey told you about my quirk huh.”


… Monkey…?!!  


He tried, he really did. But he can’t just let someone insult his friend like that. Even if that person is also his friend.




“What the hell did you say about him?!!?” The moment those words crossed his mouth, his entire body froze.


His mind blacked, stopping mid-run right in the center of the area, face entirely blank. What…? The..?


Shinsou smirked, but it didn’t seem like he meant it. “Now turn around, and walk out of the ring.”


So he did.


His entire mind was fuzzy, cloudy, blank. He could see, but it was difficult, blurry. bHe couldn’t hear anything, feel anything, it was…. Terrifying. To not be in control of yourself. To be honest, it made him just a bit scared of Shinsou. Of how amazing he could be.


Now’s not the time for that!! I’ve gotta find a way to stop myself from exiting the ring! How to… Fuck, how?! Ojiro-kun… He had said that he had broken free of the control when someone accidentally bumped his shoulder. So maybe it’s pain…? If so..


Midoriya concentrated as hard as he could on both of his quirks, trying to draw them both out at the same time to maybe injure himself in some way. No matter how hard he tried, nothing happened. No flames, no burning sensation from One For All.




He started to panic as he walked closer to the line, his feet moving on their own without a single struggle no matter how much he screamed in his mind. He could see the edge of the ring, taunting him as he neared it.


Yagi-san.. Mom.. Am I really going to lose here?! Please- His thoughts were interrupted when he saw the shadows in the passageway in front of him, leading out of the stadium. Seven shadowy outlines stood there, bright yellow eyes being the only thing more clear. One of them… Looked like All Might. Another one, more near the front, had a hairstyle like his mom’s.


He didn’t get any more time to think about it when a sudden surge of clarity rushed through him, power and heat starting to build up in his fingertips. Everything rushed out at once, a burst of wind and flames sending him stumbling backwards and away from the egdge.


“Wh-what the-”




Midoriya blinked for a moment, breathing heavily as he turned back around, clenching his slightly burned fist. Breathe. Don’t speak.


Just move.


He ran forward again, fully ready to win. Shinsou panicked, stumbling back in slight fear as he tried to control him again.


“Man!! Just seeing how you got out of that, must mean you’re the real deal!”




“Because of my quirk, I never got to get to the golden gates!!”


My friend..


“You’re all blessed with powerful quirks!! Must be nice, huh?!”


I think that…




“Smile, young Midoriya!”


He felt a warm smile blossom on his face.  “I think that your quirk is amazing, Shinsou-kun.”


“Wha-” Midoriya got up close, grabbed his shoulder and with a loud yell, successfully flipped him on his back, outside of the ring. Hopefully he hadn’t hurt him too much.




The audience cheered as Midoriya reached a hand down towards Shinsou, chuckling a bit, “heh heh.. I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I? Here, let me help you up-”


“I don’t want your help!!” Shinsou slapped his hand away, shocking him into a stilled silence. “What the hell do you even mean?!! You don’t know anything about me! With you and your.. Your stupid fucking quirk!!”


“... Shinsou-kun…”


“No!! Don’t act like we’re friends! Why do you… Why do you even try…?


Midoriya frowned, his eyes soft as he gave Shinsou a sad smile. “Because you’re my friend, Shinsou-kun. I care about you!”




His smile widened into a grin, beaming down at his friend. “And I don’t think you’re scary because of your quirk! I think your quirk is really cool!!” Shinsou’d eyes widened an inch, his face shaped in disbelief. “Just imagine all the cool stuff you could do! Like stopping villains with just a word, stopping crimes, attacks, a-all sorts of stuff! Not to mention that-”


“So..” Shinsou stared up at him in shock, slowly standing up from the ground. “You’re.. Not scared of my quirk..?”


Midoriya nodded. “Of course not.” He took in a deep breath, speaking the same words-almost-All Might had said to him long ago.


“I think you’ll make an amazing hero, Shinsou-kun.”



After Midoriya had finished talking with Shinsou, he had headed to Recovery Girl to heal his burnt finger. Yay for high pain tolerance. 


He opened the door to her office, seeing her sitting on a stool holding a clipbaord. 


“Um.. Recovery Girl-”


“Oh just sit down. I’m just glad there isn’t any broken bones.” She pointed towards the bed beside her.


“Haha.. Yeah..”


All Might, in his true form, came walking in about halfway through his finger being wrapped up. He was wearing his normal yellow school suit. Still way too oversized.


“Young Midoriya! Good job with your battle, kid.” All Might smiled, making Midoriya blush with happiness.


“Thank you! I hope I was able to help him… And I hope we can be good friends as well.” Midoriya mumbled, not even noticing Recovery Girl letting go of his hand.


“Are you talking about umm.. Young Shinsou? I think that’s his name.”


“Yes!! He has a really cool quirk, and he reminds me a lot of Aizawa-sensei as well…” He started rambling excitedly, waving his arms and hands in wide gestures as he talked, making All Might smile at his childness.


After a little bit, he slowed down, taking on a more serious air. “Hey, Yagi-san… I saw something, while I was being brainwashed.”


“Oh?” All Might tilted his head, folding his arms as he sat on a nearby chair. “Do tell.”


“Okay.. Well, when I was looking ahead, I saw these… figures , almost. I couldn’t really tell what they looked like, because they were more just faint outlines of people. There were seven of them, and one of them… Looked a lot like you, Yagi-san. So I was thinking it might have something to do with One For All” Midoriya finished talking, waiting for All Might to answer.


“Wh-what the?! Sounds scary!!” All Might shook, looking at Midoriya like he had suddenly grown a second head.


“Eh?!! So you don’t know what it is then…”


“No, I don’t.. I’ve never experienced anything like that, and my predecessor never mentioned it either. But I’m sure it does have to do with One For All!! You were able to reach back into the quirk, and saw a small vision of them as you used your power! But then again, I cannot say for sure!” All Might smiled, clapping Midoriya on the back as he stood up.


Midoriya looked down, a slight bit of disappointment on his face. “.. I was kind of hoping for something more to be honest…”


“Haha!! You can’t get everything!”


As All Might laughed and Recovery Girl yelled at the both of them, Midoriya was thinking. He thought about Todoroki, and everything his father had done to him. Todoroki-kun….




“Yes? What is it, my boy?” All Might turned away from an angry Recovery Girl, facing him with a questioning look. “Do you need something?”


“Do not trust Endeavor.”




Midoriya gave him a serious look, silencing him entirely in surprise. “No matter what he says, do not trust him. He is a horrible man. He may be a hero, but he is not good. Do not trust him.


All Might looked at him in silence for a few moments, looking for any signs that he was joking, before nodding in his direction. “Of course, Young Midoriya. I trust you.”


“Good. And you can call me Izuku, you know.”




“It’s only fair. You do let me call you by your real name, afterall.”


“Y-yes but- This is your first name!!”


“Are you embarrassed..?”






Izuku walked through the hallway, absentmindedly rubbing his bandaged finger against his hand. Thoughts on his battle still went through his mind when a hand suddenly reached around a corner and grabbed his arm, almost making his scream before he saw who it was.


“Kacchan!! What are you doing?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”


Bakugou let go of his arm, staying silent. His face was eerily calm, yet also the tiniest bit concerned. 


The earlier anger washed away in an instant, confusion and concern taking its place. “Kacchan…? Is something wrong?”


Finally, he spoke. “I.. I overheard you talking with Half-n-half.”






“How much did you hear?” Izuku eyed him warily, he didn’t know how Bakugou would react to Todoroki’s past, afterall. 


Bakugou put his hands in his uniforms pockets. “All of it.”




“I don’t want you getting involved with all that.”


Izuku bristled, a bit of anger flowing through him. “What?!! What do you mean?!”


“I mean that I don’t want you to try and stick your nose in his problems!!” Bakugou’s voice rose in volume, anger flashing over his face. “It isn’t your business!”


“I don’t care! He’s hurting, and it’s a hero's job to help those in need!! No matter the consequences!” He quickly looked around him to check if anyone was near. I don’t really want people hearing this…


Bakugou grimaced, biting his lip as his fists opened and closed by his sides. “Look just.. If you stick yourself into this, try and ‘fix’ that fucking candy cane, you could-”


“Could what, Kacchan.”


“You could get hurt!”


Izuku blinked, finally fully seeing the worry on Bakugou’s face. “I…”


“I don’t.. I understand what’s going on. And trust me on this, if you’re going to ‘save’ him, you’re gonna have to fucking beat it into him. And I know you’re going to do it during your fight with him, there’s no way you won’t. Am I right?”


Izuku nodded slowly, his eyes wide as Bakugou continued talking.


“As much as I absolutely hate to say it… Half-n-Half is.. Strong. Your quirk, both of your quirks, can hurt you, Deku. I don’t want you breaking yourself again JUST for ONE person!!” Bakugou finished yelling, breathing heavily as he stared Izuku down, his fists shaking.


Izuku stood in shock. Shocked at both the yelling, and how much Bakugou truly… Cared. I didn’t know he was this worried...




He was cut off from speaking when he looked behind Bakugou, seeing a flash of blue and red, and orange flames.




 Izuku felt his eyes narrow and his mouth form into a frown as he swiftly walked past Bakugou, down the hall and around the corner. In front of him, was the number two hero.




The flaming hero stopped, looking over his shoulder with a harsh glare. “Oh. It’s you. What do you want?”


“I want to tell you something.” Izuku flexed his hands, feeling Bakugou’s gaze on his back.


“Oh? And what would that be. I’ll have you know that I have business to attend to with my son, Shouto.”


He grit his teeth, making sure to look the hero in the eye. “I want you to know that Shouto isn’t you. No matter what you tell him, he will be whoever he wants to be. He is not your tool. You’re a fucking piece of flaming garbage. I hope that maybe someday you’ll be able to realize that.”


Izuku didn’t wait for him to say anything as he turned around, heading back down the hallway while grabbing Bakugou’s wrist to drag him along.






“Nice roast.”






By the time Midoriya had gotten back to his seat in the audience, Todoroki had already finished his fight with Sero. It hadn’t lasted long, apparently. He had just been melting the large amount of ice he had created, thankfully it hadn’t frozen Midoriya’s seat. Uraraka and Iida greeted him with a smile, congratulating him on his fight.


“Ah, thanks guys! I wish I hadn’t missed the fight though… Looks like Todoroki-kun went all out.” Probably out of anger. Endeavor did say that he was going to talk to him about something.


Uraraka laughed. “Yeha… It was pretty crazy. I hope Sero-kun doesn’t feel too bad about it… Oh, where’s Bakugou-kun..?”


“He’s behind me, I ran into him on the way here.” More like he made me run into him..


Midoriya looked down at Todoroki, trying to see his face. Looks like we'll be fighting in the next round… Sorry Kacchan, but I have to help him.


More rounds went by, Kaminari losing against Shiozaki from class 1-B,  it looked like her quirk was her hair… Which were some kind of thorny vines. I had thought that maybe Kaminari’s quirk would be stronger.. But I suppose that I underestimated Shiozaki, she did get fourth in the entrance exam. Her vines move a lot like Kamui Woods’, and seem to be very hard to break out of. You’d probably have to rip them apart with brute force. Would that hurt her? Or would she not feel anything? Do her vines require anything to stay healthy? Hm, or do they just keep growing-


“Even though your match just ended recently.. You’re already thinking ahead, Deku-kun?” Uraraka asked, eyeing the notebook in his hands.


“Ah.. More like I’m just recording quirks again. This is the first time we get to see the other classes in action! I already have all of class 1-A written down…” Midoriya put his pencil down, reading through his notes to see if there was anything his missed.


“Wow… You really are amazing, Deku-kun!!”


Midoriya blushed, giving her a small smile as he tried to hide his red face. “Thank you..”


The next round was Iida and Hatsume, Hatsume had lost by walking out of the ring. It was… An interesting match. Hatsume had tricked Iida into wearing support items so she could try and advertise them to the big companies. He was very upset.


Uraraka stiffened beside him, standing up and heading towards the prep room. “Right.. I should go get ready…”






Iida walked into the prep room, seeing Uraraka sitting in a chair with her hands pressed to her forehead. 


“Good work out there.. Iida-kun..”


“Oh, Uraraka-san! I didn’t see you- Uraraka-san?! Why do you look so menacing?!” Iida slowly closed the door, a bit of concern written on his face. 


Uraraka sighed, rubbing the back of her neck as she tried to relax her face. “I guess my nervousness is just showing on my face.. Haha..”


“Right.. You’re facing off against Bakugou-kun..”


“Uraraka-san!!” Midoriya opened the door, startling the other occupants in the room. 


Uraraka jolted in her seat. “Deku-kun! Shouldn’t you be watching the other matches? And your notes..” Midoriya smiled at her, holding out his notebook in front of him.


“Don’t worry, Kirishima-kun and that one guy, Tetsutetsu, are fighting right now. Mina-san already won her match, and so did Tokoyami-kun. So you’ll be up pretty soon.”


Iida adjusted his glasses, doing a weird hand motion. “But, I’m sure that Bakugou-kun won’t go all out on a lady..”


“He will.”


Uraraka chuckled nervously.


Midoriya flipped open to a page in his notebook, a small smile on his face as he looked Uraraka in the eye, holding the notebook out to her. “I know you’ll need a counter strategy to go against Kacchan… And you’ve already helped me so much, so I made a plan for you.”


“Oh, well-”


“But I know you won’t want it. Right?”




“You’re a strong person, Uraraka-san. And you’re really amazing. Which is why I know that you aren’t going to want help from me or Iida-kun, right?” Midoriya grinned when Uraraka nodded, a fire burning in her eyes.


“Yeah, I don’t wanna rely on you guys anymore than I already have. We’re all rivals here.. So, I’ll see you in the finals, Deku-kun!!”








Midnight had stretchers drag both of the unconscious students out of the ring, Present Mic announcing the next match-up.




Bakugou walked up to the edge of the ring, a scowl on his face as the crowd roared in cheers.




Uraraka walked up the steps with confidence, Midoriya’s encouragement ringing in her head.


“You’ve got this, Uraraka-san!!”

Chapter Text

“You’ve got this, Uraraka-san!!”


Uraraka charged forward, staying low to the ground as she ran towards Bakugou. He didn’t waste a second before glaring and readying an attack.


He always leads with a right hook… I’ll dodge it and-


The explosion hit her, but thankfully she managed to avoid most of the attack. I couldn’t react fast enough.. Dammit!


Using the smoke from his attack, she took off her uniform sweater, making it float and throwing it towards Bakugou while she rushed to the other side. He fell for the bait, sending another explosion towards the sweater, a fake. 


I just have to make him float!! She reached her hand towards him, coming inches from touching him when he turned and saw her, instantly sending her flying back with an explosion. He hadn’t even needed any time to think when he reacted. 


Uraraka immediately got back up, charging forward again, only to be blown back by Bakugou’s attacks. 




Midoriya and Iida watched with wary eyes as she fought, getting up over and over again, trying and failing to touch Bakugou and make him float. The rest of class 1-A were the same, concern and worry for their friend washing over them. 


“Midoriya-kun… I know you said he wouldn’t hold back, but this…”


“Yeah, I know it seems bad. But this is Kacchan respecting her. Uraraka-san.. I think it would hurt her feelings if he didn’t. She’s strong. She wouldn’t want to be pitied.”


“.. Right.”


Present Mic’s voice was lowered, even him being slightly worried about the fight. “She keeps charging relentlessly, but this is…” 


Another explosion.


“Doesn't matter how much she dodges… She’s just desperate now.”


“Hey, shouldn’t you stop the fight? It’s getting pretty painful to watch…”


Another explosion.


“I can’t stand to watch this!!” A hero in the stands stood up, anger on his face as he pointed an accusing finger at Bakugou. “Hey!! That’s not the way someone who wants to be a hero should act! If you’re that much stronger than her, just throw her out of the ring and finish it! Stop toying with the poor girl!”


Other heroes in the crowd began to yell along with him, booing and shouting. “Yeah, he’s right!! Stop it!!”


“And the crowd is booing..!! But to be honest, I agree- hey!! What’s the big deal-”


Aizawa elbowed Present Mic in the side, snatching the microphone from his grip. “Is the one who said to stop toying with her a pro? You must not have been one for long, then. If that’s what you’re getting from this fight, then leave, no point in watching. Go on home and look at some job hunting sites.” The crowd stood in shocked silence, even the classes listening in surprise. 


“She’s come this far, and he knows her strength. The fact that he’s being cautious shows that he thinks of her as a worthy opponent. It’s exactly because he wants to win so badly, that there’s no room for holding back.”


Uraraka stood up once again, a tired, yet strong look in her eyes. Bakugou frowned, arching his hands. Not yet… She isn’t dead yet.


“Thanks.. For.. Never letting your guard down, Bakugou-kun.”




Uraraka pressed her fingertips together, whispering the key word “release.”


Midoriya looked confused for only a second, before a wide grin made its way onto his face as he looked up, seeing what Uraraka had planned. And it’s perfect.  


“Midoriya-san, what is it?” Iida questioned beside him, still not seeing what Uraraka had done.


“Look up.”


Iida gasped at what he saw, stunned at the fact that he had never noticed it. “The rocks.. And rubble, form Bakugou-kun’s attacks…”


Up above both the ring and the stadium, were hundreds of pieces of rubble from the ring, all broken off from Bakugou’s attack towards Uraraka. They were floating. “She must’ve made them float while she was running, all this time.. That’s why she stayed so low!!”


Midoriya smiled, turning his attention back to the fight. “Exactly. She did this all on her own, as well. With the constant charges, and smokescreens, he never realized.”


Uraraka let out a battle cry, letting the rubble fall down like rockets from the sky. “I’M GONNA WIN!!” She rushed forward as the rocks rained down, her hands reaching out to touch Bakugou. 


Then a huge explosion rang out.


Then all the rubble was gone. 


“.. Must have been all that hanging out with Deku, right? He probably gave you a plan, he’s too kind not to.”


Uraraka fell to the ground, shock written over her features. “In just one attack..!!”




“Close one, round face.”


Uraraka struggled to get up, her whole body covered in scratches as dirt. Bakugou grinned. “Time to get serious, Uraraka!”


I tried my best, and yet!!


Bakugou blinked in surprise when she stopped running, her legs failing her as she fell to the ground in wheezing breaths. 


“No.. D.. Dad…!” Uraraka reached her arm out, trembling as she struggled to stay awake. “Mom..”


“URARAKA IS DOWN! Bakugou, moves onto the next round…”


“Stop picking favorites.”


Midoriya left his seat as soon as she was placed on the stretcher.




“... Uraraka-san..?”


Uraraka jolted in her seat when Izuku opened the door to the prep room, a few bandages on her face, and her eyes a little red. “Oh… It’s you, Deku-kun. Hehe, you scared me!”


Izuku frowned, walking over to her and pulling her into a tight hug.


“W-what?!” Uraraka’s face went cherry red as Izuku hugged her, quickly stepping back.


Ooooooooh why did I do that. Why did I do that. You idiot, why the HELL DID YOU DO THAT?! Izuku coughed into his hand, trying to hide the massive blush on his face as he looked back up at Uraraka. “Umm.. Sorry.”


Uraraka turned in her chair. “Sorry? What are you sorry for?”


“Well.. It’s just, you tried so hard, and I wasn’t really able to do anything for you..” Izuku fidgeted, his head snapping up in surprise when Uraraka started laughing. “H-huh?”


“Oh, Deku-kun. You’ve helped me a bunch, Bakugou-kun is just simply… Super strong! I totally couldn’t beat him! Haha!!” Uraraka laughed, the sound of it choked and forced. She was faking.


Izuku smiled, his eyes soft. “Hey, Uraraka-san?” 




“I think you did amazing.”




Izuku hadn’t stayed after that, letting Uraraka get her privacy with her dad. He hadn’t been quick enough to avoid the sound of her tears though. I hope she’s alright. As he rounded the corner, Bakugou ended up right in front of him. “Oh- Kacchan! Good job on your fi-”


“You’re going to go all out with Todoroki, aren’t you.” He nodded. “Of course.”


“Look, Kacchan, I-”


“Just don’t completely break yourself, okay?” Bakugou looked at him with a serious expression, holding his hand out. Izuku smiled, shaking Bakugou’s hand to seal the agreement. “Deal.”


“Alright, good.”


Izuku began running down the hallway. “No promises though!!”






Miles away…


“Tomura-kun, pay attention to these kids. They could one day, or maybe already have, become obstacles.”


Shigaraki scratched his neck, glaring at the screen showing the sports festival. “Sensei… Are you really thinking of it? And with that.. Brat?”


“Yes, Tomura-kun. He is strong, smart, and he has… A fire, in his eyes, so you could say.”


“But I don’t get what’s so special about him! You could get that type of quirk anywhere… ” Shigaraki turned towards the static filled TV, his voice scratchy.


“Oh, Tomura… This quirk is unique, and not only that, but his mind as well. Plus…” The screen glitched.


There’s a bit more to him than you think.




Midoriya walked up the steps to the ring, holding his chin high as he made eye contact with Todoroki from across the ring.




He opened and closed his bandaged hand, his eyes never leaving his opponent. He’ll come at me with his ice first, that’s a given. Of course, I can always use my speed to avoid it. I could also melt any ice he puts on me with my fire, I just have to make sure not to overdo it. Again.




“Are you ready, Midoriya?”


“Of course.”




They both bran forward at the same time, the crowd roaring in their ears. Todoroki frowned, his right arm rising up. Here comes the ice!! I can’t let him hit me with it, well, I can, but I don’t want that. So I’ll have to dodge!!


A large stream of ice shot towards Midoriya, nearly snagging his leg before he was able to jump out of the way. The power of One For All surged through him, boosting his speed and making him able to move away from the incoming ice.




The stream of ice gained speed, following Midoriya as he sped around the ring, just narrowly avoiding getting his legs frozen. “Crap.. I won’t be able to avoid this forever..! So,” Midoriya  stopped near the center of the ring, eyes narrowing in Todoroki’s direction, “I’ll just blow it away!!”


He flicked his finger, a blast of powerful air and flames shooting forward at the ice, destroying it completely. Sadly, it didn’t manage to push Todoroki out of the ring.




Midoriya winced, grabbing his finger as he dodged another onslaught of ice. Todoroki-kun’s ice is strong.. So I had to use twelve percent of One For All, plus my flames. I don’t think my finger is broken, but it’s definitely a bit more than strained! Twelve percent wouldn’t have been enough all on it’s own, but along with my fire it looks like it was enough to blast through. I just can’t overdo it too much.


Todoroki frowned, shivering slightly as he sent more ice after Midoriya. He won’t stay still.. And he can probably melt my ice with his flames, but… His eyes narrowed in on Midoriya’s shaking hand. I just have to wear him down!


Midoriya grit his teeth, blasting another stream of ice with One For All and his flames. Todoroki’s matches have always been fast… So I haven’t seen much of him, but if I can drag this fight out, I’ll be able to find a weak point!!


Over where class 1-A was sitting, Kirishima arrived. “Gah-! They’re already starting huh…” Uraraka and Iida greeted him, patting the seat next to them. “Good job on moving on to the second round, Kirishima-kun!! It was a good arm wrestle.”




He tried waving to Bakugou, but he only received a light glare in response. “Oi, Bakugou! Can’t wait to fight you next! Gonna be good.”


“I’ll murder you.”


“Sounds fun!”


Kirishima looked over at Bakugou, awe in his eyes, “But man… You and that Todoroki, you guys can fire off as many huge attacks as you like! It’s crazy.” Bakugou scoffed.


“Don’t be a fucking idiot. If you strain your muscles, you’ll tear ‘em. Run too much, and guess what? You’ll be out of breath. Quirks are still a physical part of you, everyone has some kind of limit. Even shitty Half-n-Half over there.” I already know my limit, that’s why I made my costume so that I could do bigger explosions without the backlash. 


Kirishima sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. So then Midoriya’s…”


“So you’re trying to drag out the match?” Todoroki stated more than asked, stomping his foot on the ground, shooting a larger than usual stream of ice at his opponent. “Not happening, this’ll be over quick.”


“Shi-” Midoriya automatically sent flames to his feet, boosting him when he jumped into the air, aiming to destroy Todoroki’s ice. He didn’t manage to jump far enough, the ice reaching up and freezing part of his foot, snuffing out the flames that resided there. He’s getting too close!!


Midoriya flicked his finger again, using more power than before. 





“Shut up.”


Both the ice and Todoroki were blown back, him only being saved from flying out by creating a wall of ice behind him before he went over the line. “That was stronger than your other attacks, Midoriya… Do you want me to stay away?”


“Well duh..” Midoriya grimaced, looking at his broken finger. “I wouldn’t want to punch you and accidentally mess up your face!” He smiled, though on the inside, he was quickly making plans. He’s trained really well, and no surprise, really. I may be strong, but he got more… experienced training than I did. I’ve gotta get close to him without him icing me over but… How? Wait a second, if I blast him with my fire-


“Only defending and dodging.. Aren’t you getting tired? Sorry for all of this, though I do thank you for it. My old man’s face is all clouded over. Your hand is hurt, and you’re probably tired. You can just give it up. Let’s end it.” Todoroki stared at him with a calm gaze, easily stomping his foot, hurtling one last stream of ice at him.


“You know, Todoroki-kun…”


“Wha-” Midoriya grinned, his eyes flashing a brilliant bright green as he let his arms fall to his sides.


You should learn about who the hell you’re dealing with.


 Then the flames flickered to life.

Chapter Text

All Might stared wide-eyed in shock as beautiful, brilliant emerald flames spread all throughout the ring, their glory silencing the audience in awe. “Young Mido-Izuku..”


Bakugou smirked in the stands, leaning forward in his seat as he watched the flames dance across the ground.


Todoroki stood shocked as the ice surrounding them quickly melted, the water evaporating as soon as it appeared. Midoriya took a deep breath as the remaining frost on his leg melted, emerald fire covering his whole body. He smirked, raising his arms up, fire rising behind him following his movements.


“Todoroki-kun. Let’s see you fight fire with ice!!”


Midoriya dashed forward, flicking his hands and sending balls of fire hurtling towards Todoroki. Todoroki flinched, quickly creating a large wall of ice in front of him, effectively blocking the flames. But it didn’t last long.


Todoroki formed a path of ice for himself to slide on, moving out of the way of Midoriya’s attack. He shook his arm, trying to get rid of the cold frost forming there.


Midoriya turned away from the melted wall of ice, sending a stream of burning flames in Todoroki’s direction. “Come on!!” They melted the ice over and over, coming closer and closer to the target. He’s… Slowing down? Before he could look closer, Todoroki jumped off of his ice, landing on his feet and shooting a slower barrage of ice towards Midoriya.


It didn’t take much for him to avoid it, jumping to the side and blasting it away with a shot of One For All. Midoriya looked closer at Todoroki, trying to find out what was making him slower. Then he caught sight of the frost on his right side. The ice..!! He’s trembling, does that mean he’s running out of energy or something? Like the stamina in a game?


Todoroki dodged another ball of fire, blocking it with another wall of thick ice. Midoriya stopped his attacks, calling out to his opponent. 


“Oi! Todoroki-kun!” Todoroki’s head snapped up, small puffs of hot air appearing.


“What? Are you giving up?”


He smirked, feeling his skin starting to get hot. “No. But I noticed something.” He pointed to Todoroki’s arm, narrowing his eyes. “You’re trembling, Todoroki-kun.” 


Bakugou’s eyes widened as he looked to where Midoriya was pointing, finally seeing the ice starting to cover his right side. His attacks were getting slower too… He’s getting tired! But Deku, all that fire..


“You could fix that with your fire, couldn’t you?! Then you’d be practically unstoppable!! So why don’t you!? Everyone here has been trying their best to get here!! To make it to the top! And you’re only gonna use half of your fucking power?!! As if!” Midoriya held his fist out, his brows furrowing as bright emerald flames rose up behind him like an army.




Todoroki’s eyes widened, flashes of a forgotten memory running through his mind. “You… What are you planning? Did my dear old Dad pay you off or something?! You’re pissing me off here!” If I can just find a way to defend against that fire.. Todoroki sprinted forward, ice at his fingertips as he lifted his leg for a kick.


“No good hero is a one-trick pony, Todoroki-kun!!” Midoriya dashed forward like a rocket, green lightning sparking off of his body as he jumped and swung a leg at Todoroki’s side, delivering a hard kick.




Todoroki quickly recovered, twisting around and punching the side of Midoriya’s face, attempting to freeze him at the same time. 


Midoriya grunted, placing a warm hand on his cheek as he rolled his landing, melting the ice covering the side of his face. “Nice punch, but it’s gonna take more than that!!” I won’t be able to go for much longer… I have to lower the amount of fire or I risk overheating!! Getting pretty tired here..


Todoroki’s eyes widened when the fire around disappeared, leaving only the flames around Midoriya himself. Midoriya slumped forward a bit as he called back his flames, feeling the strain on his body lessen. Todoroki took his chance, instantly creating a large stream of ice and shooting it at his target. “JUST GIVE UP, MIDORIYA!!”




He saw the ice coming a second too late, a spike of ice stabbing and breaking off in his right thigh before he was able to jump away. “Ah!! Fuck!” He flicked another one of his fingers, a sharp jolt of pain running through him as he felt the bone snap. Dammit!! I used too much! But Todoroki… He’s still...


“TODOROKI-KUN!! I already said.. How everyone is giving their all! And yet you’re still, still only half-assing things!! If you end up becoming number one without having given it your all… Then I don’t  think that you’re completely serious about denying him everything!!”


“Get up. You won’t be able to defeat even third rate villain scum like that.”


“Please, stop!! He’s only five years old!”


“He’s already five! Get out of my way you wench!”


Todoroki’s eyes snapped open, his heart burning and his skin freezing as he recalled earlier memories-nightmares-of his father. 


“I hate him, Mommy. I don’t wanna be someone who bullies my mommy.”




“You want to be a hero, don’t you? That’s fine. Because you…”




“You’re not bound by his blood, Shouto.”






…. How had I forgotten that?


Hot, bright orange flames burst out, it’s searing heat causing even Midoriya to step back. Todoroki stood in the midst of the blazing glory a strained yet genuine smile on his face.




Cheers and shouts roared from the crowd, several people being blown back by the blast of heat. “Midoriya..!”


Todoroki looked up at Midoriya, his fire highlighting his face in a bright orange hue. “Dammit.. I thought you wanted to win, so why are you trying to help me? All those flames.. You must be tired. But we’re both going to have to work hard.” Midoriya grinned, his own flames bursting forth beside him as lightning cackled around his body. 


Because I… Want to be a hero too!


Todoroki could hear shouting in the distance, but all he could focus on was his blood roaring in his veins and  the pure sense of bliss and freedom he felt as he let his fire loose. For the moment… He forgot about everything that had ever held him back. 


Midoriya smiled in awe, struggling to stay standing  as his leg throbbed in pain. “Wow.. Amazing..”


“What are you smiling about?” Todoroki looked at him with utter bewilderment. “You’ve got a chunk of ice in your leg.. Almost your entire hand is broken, and I bet you’re going to have a lot of burns after this, too. You’ve gotta be crazy. So… Let’s give it all we’ve got?”


He could feel the skin on his arms and legs blistering, One For All still sparking around him and his flames. “Yeah!!”


Midnight tore the fabric of her costume, motioning for Cemento to build up walls. “We can’t let them do this!! He’ll wreck himself!” Large, thick walls of cement rose up between Midoriya and Todoroki, but it stopped neither of them.


Energy and power sizzled in the air as they raced towards each other, thoughts of anything else completely abandoned. Their power collided, green and orange flames  clashing in a mix of vibrant colors and heat, the force of their attacks clashing and causing a large almost explosion to burst outwards, blowing everyone and everything back. The wind from Midoriya’s punch blew upwards, green and orange flames following it and becoming a beautiful swirl of colors in the air before finally dissipating completely. Smoke covered the ring, blocking the view of both students.


The audience was speechless, silenced in both shock and admiration. Cemento slowly stood up, looking at the large mass of smoke with wide eyes. “I wouldn’t say that bigger means better but.. That was definitely something else.”


Present Mic righted himself after falling back in his seat, fixing the glasses on his face as he turned to Aizawa. “WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOUR CLASS?!”


“All of the chilled air was heated, making it expand. Not to mention Midoriya’s punch.” Aizawa grumbled.


“WHAT A BLAST THOUGH! AND WHAT HEAT!! I CAN’T SEE A THING. HAS THE MATCH BEEN DECIDED?!” Midnight searched the smoke-filled ring for any sign of the two students, gasping when she saw the tip of a dirty red shoe poke through the smoke.




All Might nearly fell forward in his seat in anticipation, stretching his neck to try and see his successor. “Come on kid…”


The smoke cleared, showing Midoriya standing in front of Todoroki on wobbly legs, blood and burns covering his body as smoke lifted off of him. Half of his clothes were ruined, the shirt torn and charred and his pants ripped from Todoroki’s ice. Todoroki himself wasn’t as injured, bruises and many cuts and scratches but otherwise unscathed. 


Midoriya stumbled, looking up at Todoroki one last time before he passed out.


“Hey… Your fire is really.. Fucking cool.”


Then he dropped.




All Might sat on a stool beside Midoriya’s bed in Recovery Girl’s temporary nursery, wincing every time Midoriya let out a groan of pain. Recovery Girl stood on the other side, sighing and giving All Might a look.


“He broke his right arm with that last attack, and most of the bones in his fingers are shattered. He has horrible burns covering his arms, legs, are some on his chest area. Not to mention the hole in his leg from Todoroki’s ice spike! It took me just about twenty five minutes to cool him down enough to set him on this bed, otherwise he would have started melting through it!” She sighed, replacing the melted ice pack on his forehead with a new one. “This boy, he admires you so much that he’s willing to destroy himself. Burn himself out. Literally. You lit that fire inside of him, Toshinori. I don’t like what you guys are doing, not one bit… So don’t you dare praise him for this.”


All Might was about to say something when the door slammed open, Uraraka, Iida, Tsuyu, Kirishima, Bakugou, and almost the whole rest of class 1-A trying to rush in all at once.




“Deku-kun?! Are you okay?!”




All Might nearly jumped out of his skin, a spurt of blood coming from his mouth. “That scared the heck out of me… Dear lord..”


“Oh uh… Hello?”


Uraraka gasped when she saw the state of her friend, still unconscious on the infirmary bed. "D-Deku-kun!! Oh my goodness… is he going to be okay?!"


Iida walked up beside her, trying his best not to push anyone. "We saw him being carried in by a stretcher, so we all wanted to come check on him. Most of class 1-A is out in the hallway.." He gestured to the door, where Kirishima, Kaminari, and many others could be seen. 


Bakugou pushed himself through the people crowding the door, a scowl settling on his face when he saw Midoriya.


"That fucker… I told him not to overdo it, and what does he do? He fucking over does it."


"Is Midoriya going to be alright, Recovery Girl? Kero." Tsuyu asked from the doorway.


Recovery Girl huffed, frowning at them as she started pushing them back with her cane. "The boy will be fine!! He'll have some more scars, and his fingers might not be the same, but I don't need you kids in here yelling! My patient needs peace and quiet!!" 


Kirishima and Uraraka panicked. "SCARS?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FINGERS?!!"


She pushed everyone outside, closing the door once everyone had left. Except for Bakugou.


"I'm staying."


"I know, I know."


"... Kac.. chan?" All Might nearly spat out blood again when Midoriya spoke, bleary eyes looking up at the ceiling. "What… Oh. Right.."


Recovery Girl gently sat him up in the bed, being careful not to aggravate his wounds. "Careful dear… you only just woke up."


Midoriya groaned as he sat up, slightly bumping his casted arm. "Ow… what.. what happened to Todoroki-kun? Is he alright?" All Might gave him a weary smile, gently ruffling his green curls. 


"Always worrying about others, even though you're the most beat up.. What an I going to do with you?" He moved the stool closer to the bed, only reviving a light glare from Recovery Girl. "Young Mi-Izuku.. I'm very proud of you for wanting to, and actually helping young Todoroki in there, but I can not praise you for destroying your body like this."


Bakugou scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "The fucking dumbass. I had told him not to go all out, and now look at him!!" Midoriya winced, remembering what Bakugou had told him in the hallway. "You can't be.. wrecking yourself like this, Deku. And All Might," he pointed a finger in his direction, "you've gotta step up as well!! You can't keep letting him do this either!"




"Don't be a lousy teacher. That's not what Deku needs." Bakugou finished speaking, grumbling under his breath and leaning against the wall.



All Might blinked in shock for a moment before nodding his head, looking down at his hands in front of him. "Right. I promise I will do better."


Recovery Girl stole All Might's stool, using it to reach into her higher cabinets. "Alright, I'm gonna get started now. You'll have to leave for this, so say whatever you want to now."


Midoriya took his chance to speak. "Yagi-san, Kacchan, I don't regret what I did. I wanted to save him, so I did. But… I promise to try and not break myself next time."


"Good. Can't fight a broken Deku."




Recovery Girl finally shooed them out, closing and locking the door as she handed Midoriya some pills. “Okay, deary. Take these so you won’t feel anything, you can go to sleep if you want too.”


Midoriya nodded, swallowing the pills with some help from Recovery Girl and slipping into the blissfulness of sleep once again.


Midoriya Izuku. Finished in the top eight.






Recovery Girl planted a kiss on Midoriya’s forehead, healing all of his minor injuries and mostly healing his major ones. She wrapped his arms and legs in bandages, soothing burn cream underneath. His right arm was still in a cast, tightly wrapped and set so it wouldn’t move too much.


She stepped back as he swayed a little on the bed, tired from getting his energy drained. “Okay! You’re all set! You should be able to walk, but be careful on that leg of yours. As for your scars, let those be a reminder.”


Midoriya nodded solemnly, looking down at his right hand. A ragged scar went across his palm, a few burn scars covering his fingers. … Now I can truly sing to the song “Battle Scars”.. Hehe.


All Might opened the infirmary door, peeking inside and breathing a sigh of relief when he saw Midoriya sitting on the edge of the bed. “My boy! Glad to see you’re alright.”




Recovery Girl wacked All Might on the leg with her cane once he entered the room, making him yelp.


“What was that for?!”


“I’m not going to be healing injuries like this anymore.” She sighed, tapping her cane against the floor with a serious look on her wrinkled face. “You have to stop with this self-destruction, find another way to manage somehow.”


They both nodded, Midoriya standing to leave. “Right.”




Out in the hallway, Izuku wobbled on shaky legs, frowning as he thought about his quirks. It kind of feels wrong.. Calling it “quirks.” For some reason.


“Hey… Yagi-san?”


“Yeah, kid?” Midoriya stopped in the middle of the hallway, All Might nearly bumping into him. “Something wrong?”


“It’s just…” He sighed. “I know I have a good quirk.. And that you said that you chose me for my heart and not my power but… Why not-”


“Why not choose someone stronger?”


Midoriya grimaced. “... Yeah.”


“Mi-Izuku, kid. You know that I chose you for a reason, a good one. I’ve told you that it isn’t just about quirks. I would know, ‘cause I was quirkless!” All Might grinned, pointing his thumb at himself. Midoriya snapped his head around-carefully-and stared at him in shock.


“Y-you?! Quirkless?” His eyes widened as he thought about it. “I guess it does make sense.. Considering I’ve never seen you use anything other than One For All, and it never really seemed like your ‘buffing up’ was a quirk. How did I not see this earlier! I can’t believe it.. You became a symbol of peace with only One For All and your own strength, incredible! This is ama-”






“But yes!! My predecessor had a quirk, and yet she still believed in me and took me under her wing! I had to work really damn hard to get here. Izuku.. You’ve impressed me more times than I can count. In my heart, I believe that there is no one more worthy of having One For All than you.” All Might set a hand on his head, ruffling his and making him giggle.


“Thank you, Yagi-san.”


“Oh, stop it with the ‘san’ stuff! You’re making me feel old!!”


“You’re not old, Yagi-san..!”






Fame.. Money… For nothing else, these fools call themselves heroes.


-Missed call from: Iida Tenya-


No… You’re not heroes.. Only he is…”




The only person with the permission of killing me is… Ahaha..”




“Is All Might..!!”






.. I’m sorry, Tenya.

Chapter Text



Midoriya wobbled out into the stadium benches, a small frown on his face. “It’s Kacchan Vs Kirishima… Darn, I missed some matches.”


“Midoriya-kun!!” Glad to see you’re alright!” He turned to see Iida walking up to him, a relieved smile blooming on his face. “Thank goodness!”


“Ah, thanks!” He grinned, leaning against the railing as much as he could. “So how did your match go against Shiozaki? How’d you get past her vines?” 


Iida laughed. “Well, I knew that my mobility wouldn’t count for much, so I had to push her out of the ring right at the start with my reciproburst. You can always view the matches that you missed later.”


“Oh, right.”


Iida put his hand on the metal railing, fixing his glasses with two fingers. “And now I’m in the final four… Your match with Todoroki-kun was very informative for me, thank you.”


Midoriya nodded, a small smile on his face. “Glad to help. Is your brother watching?”


“He called earlier..”




“He was busy at work. I’m.. Kind of glad he isn’t here though. Even though I’m this far, I can’t say that I’m number one yet.” Iida smiled, a determined look settling in his blue eyes.




Midoriya snapped back to the current battle, grinning when he saw Bakuguo taking the lead. Sorry, Kirishima-kun… But there was just no way you could’ve beaten Kacchan in a drawn-out fight like that. Maybe next time. Oh- yep. And there’s the “DIE” blast right there. Sorry bud.




Iida took a deep breath, turning away from Midoriya and walking down the steps. “Okay. Here I go.” 


Iida’s match hadn’t lasted long. 


He had been able to use his reciproburst and get a kick in on Todoroki, but his exhaust pipes had been frozen… Along with the rest of him. He hadn’t been able to do anything after that. Midoriya sighed, hoping Iida wasn’t taking it too badly. He was really pumped up about it, too…


The next match had gone by quickly, Bakugou easily winning against Tokoyami. The next matchup was… Bakugou Vs Todoroki.


“Man..! And I so thought Tokoyami was gonna get him!!”


“Yes, well… The light from Kacchan’s explosions was definitely not a good match for him. It made it pretty one-sided to be honest.”




Iida leaned forward in his seat, nodding towards Midoriya and Uraraka. “Okay. Watch, listen, and learn. This’ll help us in the future!”


Midoriya nodded. “Right- Iida-kun?! What’s going on?!!” Iida had suddenly started violently vibrating in his seat, his glasses almost falling off his face.


“My phone.”




He looked at the call number, a worried frown forming. “It’s Mother.. Excuse me a moment guys, I have to take this.”


Uraraka smiled, patting his now vacant seat. “That’s okay! We’ll save your spot!”


“Thank you!”


Midoriya turned back to the ring, a sigh escaping his lips as Present Mic announced a slight break. “I wonder what’ll happen…”


“I’m sure it’ll be fine! Todoroki-kun is totally super strong, so he won’t get beat up like I did!” Uraraka beamed, making Midoriya blush.


“Haha.. yeah.” That’s not really what I’m worried about though…




Todoroki sat in the empty prep room, thinking about what Midoriya had said to him. You’re your own hero… I had never thought about it before then, Mom..




Bakugou kicked the door open, his face utterly confused as he stared at Todoroki. “What are you doing in- SHOOT!! This is room two?! Ugh-” Todoroki went back to staring at his hands.


“HEY!! DON’T IGNORE ME!” He stomped over to Todoroki, slamming a smoking hand down on the table. “Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with?!”


Todoroki’s eyes widened. “He… Said the same thing.”




He faced Bakugou, face completely calm, unlike Bakugou’s. “Midoriya. He told me the same thing. You’ve known him since you were small, has he always been like this?”


Bakugou stepped back, the scowl on his face changing into a slight frown. He folded his arms over his chest, huffing. “Yeah. The damn nerd has always been like that. He can’t help sticking his nose in other people’s problems if it means he can help them. Ugh… Look, you damn Canadian Flag!”


Todoroki blinked, Bakugou’s finger pointing right at his face. “Deku helped you, didn’t he?! He got hurt because of that, so you better not waste his efforts!! I’m..” He glared at him. “I really don’t like you right now, because you’re the reason he got hurt, but.. Deku would kill me if I beat you into the ground. So you better not fucking waste Deku efforts, okay?! Fight me fair and square!! I don’t want you to go easy on me either! Fight me with your flames too!


Then he left.






Todoroki stood at the edge of the ring, facing towards Bakugou on the opposite end of the ring.






Heading for the top.


Todoroki stomped his foot, ice towering up and forward, just like during his match with Sero, encasing Bakugou in an instant.






Midoriya narrowed his eyes. “He aimed that attack carefully… But sadly, it’s gonna take more than that to beat Kacchan.”




Bakugou burst out of the ice with an explosion, not breaking a sweat as he climbed out of the hole he had created. Half-N-Half… With a quirk like that, his attacks won’t be very precise!!


Bakugou blew himself upwards, successfully avoiding Todoroki’s next barrage of ice. Grabbing his shirt and hair, he flipping him in the air, throwing him to the ground. “I said use your fucking fire you bastard!!”


Todoroki stopped himself from sliding out of the ring by making a wall of ice behind him, using it to slide himself towards Bakugou. Bakugou launched him into the air, aiming for Todoroki’s left side, readying in explosion in his palm.


Block it-


Todoroki used his left arm to grab Bakugou, a perfect opportunity to attack right in front of him. I…. Dammit. He grimaced, throwing Bakugou to the side and sliding away.


“Dammit you… I told you I don’t want you half-assing this!! FIGHT ME FAIR AND FUCKING SQUARE!!” Bakugou clenched his fist, smoke emitting from between his fingers. “There’s no point in winning this if you weren’t going all out! There’s no fucking point!! If you aren’t trying to win… If you aren’t going to take Deku’s words to heart… THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!”


Todoroki flinched, narrowing his eyes. I’m sorry, Bakugou.. Since I fought Midoriya, I’m just so confused. I don’t…. I don’t know what I want about anything anymore.


Bakugou leapt into the air, using his explosions to twist himself in midair. 


I’m not sure anymore.




Midoriya… Todoroki’s eyes widened, flames erupting on the left side of his face as Bakugou hurtled towards him like a sideways hurricane. 




“I can’t raise him anymore!! The left side of his face…”




“Stand up!! We’re not done yet!”


He lowered his arm.


Bakugou’s attack hit, a large boom resounding throughout the stadium as the ice surrounding Todoroki shattered, the force of the explosion sending him flying back all the way against the wall. Bakugou landed on the grounded, his eyes wide as he stared at the unconscious Todoroki spread out over crumbled ice.




He slowly stood up, his arms throbbing as he walked over to where his opponent lay.


“You… Stopped your flames.. Damn you… DAMN YOU!!” Bakugou yelled, lifting up Todoroki by his shirt with both his hands, arms shaking. “WHY DIDN’T YOU LOSE YOUR FIRE!?! I didn’t… I didn’t want to win like this..! I have to be… Strong..” Pink smoke surrounded him, his eyes drooping as he fell to the ground, asleep.


Midnight stood above them both, a neutral look on her pale face. “Todoroki is out of bounds.. Bakugou WINS!!”






“Now to move onto… The rewards ceremony!!”


“Oh boy…”


“He’s been going pretty wild ever since he woke up.”


“Well, at least he isn’t muzzled..?”




Class 1-A gave a collective sigh as they looked at the top three of the festival, Tokoyami in third place, Todoroki in second place, and a tied up Bakugou in first place.


The teachers had tied him to a pole on his pedestal because he about to attack Todoroki, thankfully they didn’t have to use chains or anything, since he… mostly, calmed down. He was still growling though.


Midnight winked into the crowd, camera shots echoing in the distance. “In third place, we have both Tokoyami and Iida, but.. Iida was forced to leave due to a family emergency. I hope you understand!”


Midoriya sighed, a worried expression settling on his face. “Iida-kun..” 


“I’m sorry, Midoriya-kun, Uraraka-san.. I’ll have to leave, my brother was attacked by… A villain.”


“I hope he’s alright.”


Midnight smirked, cracking her whip on the ground. “Now, time to present the medals!! And this year, the one who’ll be present them is you know who..!!”


“I AM…”


“Our very own hero All Might~!”




Midnight and All Might stood in awkward silence as the crowd cheered, Midnight apologizing for talking over his words. He nodded, walking up to the third place pedestal and placing a bronze medal on Tokoyami’s shoulders.


“Congratulations, young Tokoyami! You are very strong.”


Tokoyami ducked his head. “You praise me too much.”


All Might finished handing Todoroki his medal, finally moving on to the still seething Bakugou. He held the medal in his hand, nearly laughing at just how mad his face looked. “Now now, young Bakugou! You should still be glad that you got first place, even if young Todoroki wasn’t going all out!”


Bakugou scowled, his angry eyes shifting over to Todoroki. If looks could kill, Todoroki would have been gone twenty minutes ago. “It’s not that I’m mad about…”


All Might blinked, even though you couldn’t really tell, hesitantly placing the gold medal on Bakugou’s shoulders. “Oh, well.. That’s good then! I think. Congratulations, young Bakugou!”




All Might grinned even wider, turning to face the students and the audience as he spoke. “Well, these are your winners! But hold on just a moment, everyone! Everyone here has the potential to be standing up here today!! You all were witness to it! The courage, the wit, pushing each other to get stronger!! With that spirit, let’s have one final cheer everyone!”


All Might pumped his fist into the air, his smile shining in the daylight as he screamed his cheer.








“... Oops.”




Todoroki stood in front of his mother’s hospital room, his arm shaking as he reached for the knob. “It’s okay… You’ve got this.”


“Midoriya.. I’m.. Going to go see my mother, tell her I want to be my own hero.”


Midoriya beamed at him, his smile lighting up the whole room. “That’s wonderful, Todoroki-kun!! I’m so glad!”


Todoroki smiled, remembering the encouragement Midoriya had given him. “Right. I’ve got this.”


He opened the door.




Midoriya sat at the kitchen table with his mom, struggling to properly use a fork with one hand while his other was in a cast. “Ugh… I’m gonna end up starving here, aren’t I.”


Inko laughed, puting another spoon of soup in her mouth. “You know I wouldn’t let that happen, dear!” She smiled, picking up her bowl and putting it in the sink to wash it. “But goodness gracious, I fainted a whole five times while watching you, Izuku! Once was from dehydration!”


“Mom… Goodness gracious..”


“I know!!”




Two days after the sports festival was over, everyone had gotten rested up. It was raining. Midoriya stood in a transport train, squashed between people as he scrolled through the news on his phone. 


Kacchan hadn’t come with me today… The trains were probably too crowded for him. It’s happened before.  


“Hey! Hey you! Midoriya right?!”


So Midoriya proceed to stutter as people gave him compliments.



“Oh man!! So many people were looking at me today!! It was so embarrassing..!!” Mina squealed in her seat, Hagakure and Uraraka standing around her and talking about the morning’s events. “Just one day of the sports festival and now everyone has their eye on us!”


“Listen up, class.” Aizawa walked in through the door, silencing everyone in a single moment. “Today you’ll be doing…”


Kirishima gulped, clenching his hands on his desk as he waited for the words to come. Midoriya smiled, already having figured out what they were doing. Bakugou just huffed.


“Hero names!!”


The class roared, many jumping up in their seats in excitement as they cheered. Midoriya laughed, standing up and telling everyone to sit back down and listen to Aizawa. Gotta love this chaotic class…


Aizawa grunted, thanking Midoriya before tapping the chalkboard with his finger. “Remember, the applicants for internships from pro heroes came in. Usually it would be a bit more spread out… But this is what we got.” The students looked up at the board, names written down with a solid line and numbers to show how many pros asked for them.


“Oh my…”




Midoriya’s mouth gaped open, not even noticing Uraraka shaking him and congratulating him as he looked at his name on the board. Two… Two thousand.. Two thousand votes?! “Wha- how?! That’s a lot..”


Bakugou cackled in front of him, yelling about how his number was bigger than everyone else's. That was, until Kirishima pointed out that Todoroki got the largest amount.




Uraraka shook Midoriya’s shoulders, making him dizzy as she cheered. “Deku-kun!! Look at how many votes you got! That’s amazing! And Iida-kun too!!” He blushed, smiling at her as he pried her hands off of him.


“Ah.. Thank you, Uraraka-san.”


Aizawa sighed, motioning for everyone to stop talking as he walked back up behind the teacher’s pedestal. “Whether or not you got picked by the pro heroes, you’re still going to have a chance to work with them. That’s where your hero names come in. Even if they’re only for now… Pick them wisely-”


“Or else you’ll know true hell!!”


Midoriya turned towards the classroom door, feeling his eye twitch as Mineta started drooling. Midnight walked in, dressed in her hero costume as she cracked her whip onto the floor.


Aizawa sighed. “Why so loud…”


She smirked. “The name you pick now, may end up being what the whole world will call you! That’s why I’m here!! I’ll be the person to judge your names and make sure you choose a good one!”


Midoriya tilted his head, seeing Bakugou grumble about hero names. I guess it’s good that she’ll be here to check our names… Goodness knows that Kacchan will probably pick something more.. Explosive.


Aizawa grumbled, already slipping into his sleeping bag as Midnight fully stepped into the class. “Just hurry up.. Think about what you want for yourself. Because names are capable of reflecting one’s true character. Get started.”


Bakugou turned around in his seat, facing Midoriya. “Oi.”


“Oh, do you want help with your name, Kacchan?”


“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun!”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“... Fair enough.”


He laughed, grabbing the whiteboard Bakugou handed to him. “So, do you want help on your name? You remember last time-”


“We do not speak of last time. I was five.” Bakugou scowled as Midoriya snickered, remembering when they had been talking about hero names as kids. Bakugou had chosen a… rather cute name. “But yes, I do want your help with my name. As much as I hate to say that.”


Midoriya smiled, grabbing a balblackck marker and writing something down on Bakugou’s board. “Alrighty then! We’ll want something both intimidating, but not horrible enough. I assume you'll want it to do with explosions, right?"


He nodded.


"Okay then… hmm... Alright, this is exactly explosions but.. how about this!" Midoriya grinned, holding up the board for Bakugou to see. "Ground Zero!!"


Bakugou smirked, grabbing the board and looking at the name written down. He ruffled Midoriya's hair despite his protests, shooting him a thumbs up. "Not bad, Deku. I'll take it! And hey, how are your injuries doing? Still having trouble walking?"


He shook his head, sticking his leg out and tapping it on the ground. "Nope! It's still healing, but I'm doing pretty good! Not turn back around before Midnight yells at us."




Midoriya stared down at his board, contemplating what name to choose. I want it to mean something. Not just… be a name. Something important to me, that will remind me of how far I've come.. He smiled, grabbing his marker. Got it. My name is…



Chapter Text

"Okay, everyone! Time is up!! We'll have you walk up and present your names row by row!" Midnight smiled, pointing to Aoyama to present first.


He walked up, sparkles somehow floating around his face as he turned his board to face the class. "The sparkling hero; I cannot stop twinkling!!"


Midoriya felt a Bernie smile creep onto his face as Midnight laughed and told him to shorten his name. Oh great, now it's gonna seem like we have to make our names funny! The mood is completely ruined!! More people walked up, mostly having their name be funny or rejected, until Tsuyu presented her name.




The class cheered, the proper mood finally coming back thanks to Tsuyu. What a relief… that's a good name too, good job Tsuyu-san! Most of the class finished in no time, the only people left being Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida, and Todoroki. Midoriya gave Todoroki and Iida a nervous glance, wondering what they had chosen.


Iida walked up to the podium, his face stern as he held up his board. “... Tenya.” Midoriya chewed his bottom lip as Midnight stared at Iida, confused. He looked down at his hands, promising himself to go and check on his friend after this was over. 


Todoroki’s was the same, only using his name for his hero title. Midoriya wasn’t too surprised. Bakugou pridefully walked up as Iida sat down, smirking and slamming his board down for all to see.


“Ground Zero!!”


Midnight clapped and Midoriya beamed, shooting Bakugou a thumbs up as he went back to his seat. “I was a bit worried you were gonna pick something else!”


He smirked. “Why the hell would I do that?”


Next was Midoriya’s turn. He stepped up behind the podium, smiling confidently as he heard several of his classmates gasp.


"Midoriya… are you sure your want that to be your hero name..? Isn't that an insult?" Kaminari said quietly, not wanting to insult Midoriya.


He smiled, glancing towards Uraraka and Bakugou. "Yes, I'm sure. This name used to be something meant to hurt me long ago, but it's since become something that I care about. It reminds me of how I got here in the first place. Not to mention that it kind of sounds like 'you can do it!'" Uraraka beamed.


Midnight cracked her whip. "Ok then! Class is dismissed!!"




Kirishima jogged up next to Bakugou, a bright grin on his face as they walked down the hallway to their next class.


“‘Sup, Baku-bro!”


Bakugou paused mid-step, giving Kirishima a bewildered look. “What? What is that name-”


He laughed. “Baku-bro! It uh… Is okay if I call you that, right?”


Bakugou weighed his options of either letting the extra call him some weird name, or having him most likely continuously ask for permission to do so. Sighing, he nodded, sending a light glare in Kirishima’s direction. 


“Yayy! Thank you, Baku-bro!”


Bakugou grumbled under his breath as he continued walking, staring straight ahead while the bright red-haired extra aimlessly talked and laughed. Why won’t they just leave already. Wasn’t there something in a movie where if you ignore them, they’ll eventually go away? Doesn’t seem to be working. Wait… Or was it a movie?


He was jolted out of his thoughts when Kirishima elbowed him in the side a bit too roughly, allowing him to hear Kirishima’s next words clearly.


“So, how long have you and Midoriya been best friends? I bet for a long time-”


“Fourteen years.”


The answer came immediately, having been asked the same question so many times that he barely even needed to think to know what number to say. Of course, that number changed every year they grew up.


“Wow, okay! That’s a lot longer than I thought it would be.” Kirishima grinned, his shark-like teeth practically glowing in the mediocre school lights. He put a hand on his chin, seemingly thinking about something before turning to Bakugou again. “Well, what did you guys do when you were younger?”


Bakugou gave him a confused look.


Kirishima sighed. “You know, like what would you do together as kids? I tried asking Midoriya, but he said he had something important to do and couldn’t talk. So… I’m asking you!”


Huh… Well, I’m bored and I’ve got nothing else to do until class starts… Ugh. Fine, why not. Maybe he’ll finally go away after this. “Alright loser, but only until class starts.” Kirishima beamed. “Okay, back when we were around five…”


Bakugou proceeded to tell Kirishima multiple stories. Stories of when him and Midoriya first met and became friends, the games they played, how they found that secret clearing, their spars, all the mischief and trouble they would sometimes get into. (He made sure not to mention the bullying before Midoriya had gotten his quirk. That’s personal.)


He became more animated and excited as he told Kirishima about his childhood, sometimes doing different voices and waving his hands in dramatic gestures to make the story more exciting. He told him about the fun plays him and Midoriya would do, how they even tried out drama in middle school to practice on it. (That had been a wild year of suddenly doing an entire play in the middle of class with only them.) Kirishima asked him questions as they went, and if you looked closely you could see stars in his eyes as he imagined the scenes in his head. Ww, didn’t know me and Deku playing tag was so exciting… Okay so maybe we used quirks in our game-


Bakugou hadn’t even noticed when they reached the door to his next class, blinked in surprise when Kirishima tapped his shoulder and told him class was about to start. He snapped his mouth shut, clearing his throat as he stuffed his hand in his pocket, opening the door to enter. “Right.. Hey uh…” Ah fuck I actually enjoyed myself shit. “Did you enjoy the stories?”


Kirishima smiled, pumping a fist up into the air. “Of course!! That one story about how you and Midoriya pranked the teacher in the middle of class- ABSOLUTE GOLD!!”


Bakugou grinned-not smirked-at Kirishima. “Glad you enjoyed them.”


“Yeah!! I’ll have to join you guys at the arcade sometime to see you go against each other on Guitar Hero!”


As Bakugou looked at Kirishima’s bright and cheery face, he felt himself not minding.



Ten minutes ago


Midoriya frowned in concert as he quickly walked up to Iida, lightly tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention.


Iida turned towards him, slight surprise on his face once he saw who it was. "Oh… Midoriya-kun. Is there something you needed?"


Midoriya looked him in the eye, seeing Aizawa staring at them curiously across the room. “Iida-kun, I want to speak with you after school. And when I do, please, please be honest with me.”


“I…” Iida, for once, was at a slight loss for words. He quickly recovered, however, his mouth forming into a smile that Midoriya could tell was fake. “Okay. I’ll be there, Midoriya-kun.”




With that, he headed to his next class.




All Might stood in the teacher’s area, walking to his next load of paperwork when Cemento suddenly tapped his shoulder. “Ah- yes?”


Cemento pointed to his computer screen, showing all the requests that had come in for the students during the sports festival. “It’s not really too exciting, since he already has so many, but another request came in for Midoriya.”


All Might stood closer. “Oh, really? Who is it?”


“Oh, I’m not sure. But it got me thinking that maybe you should try to help him and the other students pick out who to choose, since you’re their teac-”






Izuku was walking with Uraraka to their next class hour when All Might suddenly appeared around the corner, looking absolutely terrified. That immediately set him on edge. Uraraka nearly jumped out of her own shoes at All Might’s sudden appearance.


“All-All Might!! Stop just jumping around corners.. I’m gonna die young..”


All Might laughed, practically shaking. “S-sorry about that, young Uraraka! Could I speak with.. Y-young Midoriya for a second?”


“Oh yes, of course!” She smiled, waving goodbye to him as she continued walking down the hallway.


“So..” Izuku turned back to All Might, both concern and amusement written on his face. “Did you need something? You look constipated.” 


All Might nodded, motioning for him to step around the corner and into the break room so no one would hear them. He stood in the center, his entire form trembling as he faced Izuku. “Um… All Might?”


“Young Midoriya! You have been drafted by another person!!” Why is he so scared this is funny and yet concerning.


Izuku tilted his head. “And…? Are they someone important? Also, why are you so scared..?” Even his voice is shaking.. What the heck.


“Ahah-haha!! Stop trembling, leg of mine!!” All Might slapped his leg, fear practically radiating off him. “Anyways… His name is Gran Torino! He was a U.A teacher for one year, and my homeroom teacher!” Izuku’s eyes widened, an excited smile blooming on his face.


“It’s my job to train you fundamentally… But since h-he went through all this trouble, I guess I can let him take a c.. c-crack at it..”




All Might managed to get his shaking to stop, handing Izuku a stack of papers. “Here.. This is the list of heroes that drafted you, including Gr-Gran Torino. YOu don’t have to choose him, but I think it would be a good choice.” All Might almost didn’t wait for Izuku to grab the papers, already heading out to go do… Whatever it was he was planning on doing. Izuku stood there in stunned silence, lightly holding the stack of papers in his hands.


“Well… I guess I don’t need to take my time searching through all of the heroes..”



Iida stood outside the gates to U.A, checking the time as he waited for Midoriya to arrive. He was slightly late, he hoped that Midoriya had forgotten about wanting to talk, but he doubted it. He had already guessed what his friend wanted to talk about, there wasn’t any way it was anything else.


Midoriya would want to talk to him about his brother.


His brother, who had recently been almost murdered by a cold blooded villain named Stain, the hero killer. His brother, who was currently laying crippled in a hospital bed wrapped in bandages and gauze, never to move his legs again all because of Stain. His brother, who can never be a wonderful hero again because of Stain. His brother , who had told him to take up his hero name, Ingenium, because he could no longer save people- all because of Stain.


“... Iida-kun…?


Iida snapped out of his thoughts with a start, so active in his own mind that he hadn’t noticed Midoriya standing right in front of him. Midoriya had a worried look on his face, his hands on his backpack straps as he stared up at Iida. “O-oh.. Sorry about that, just lost in thought.”


“Right..” Midoriya shuffled his feet, looking at the ground. “Look.. Iida-kun-”


 He smiled, placing a reassuring hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I’m fine, Midoriya.”




Iida blinked in surprise, only having heard him use that kind of tone when he was extremely angry at something or someone. That didn’t happen very often. “.. What?”


Midoriya sighed, lifting his eyes towards Iida’s face once more. His eyes looked tired, worn, and concerned all at once. “Iida-kun, don’t lie to me. I told you to be honest. I know you’re not fine. It isn’t hard to tell.”


“I’m not lying to you-”






Midoriya took a deep breath, his face softening as smiled grimly. “Iida-kun, I know you’re hurting. What happened to your brother was… Awful. And that isn’t even half of it. I bet you feel like you could split in half, or something like that. And… There’s something else that I’m only guessing on but…” He wrung his thumbs together, his eyes almost seeming to plead with him. 


“You’re.. Planning on trying to fight the hero killer, Stain, aren’t you?”


Iida stared at him in shock. I… How did he..? It’s like he just completely unraveled everything I had been trying to hide. How did he even guess that I was planning to do that? How…


Seeing as Iida wasn’t going to respond any time soon, Midoriya started to speak once again. “Well, I can’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure you will so.. Anyways, I know this must be so hard on you, Iida-kun… I may not know quite how it feels, but I did come close one day. And I can most definitely say that it was the most scariest and horrible moments of my life. I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel. But I do know that I really don’t want you to do this.”


Iida finally remembered how to move his mouth. “Midoriya-kun, I-”


“Please, Iida-kun.” Midoriya could feel tears burning in his eyes as he gave Iida a soft smile. “You can talk to me. I’m here. I’m always gonna be here. Don’t hold everything in, okay?”


“Midoriya-kun…” Iida sucked in a breath, and for the first time in a week… “I will, thank you.”

… He truly smiled.



Class 1-A stood in the train drop off, costumes in hand as they said goodbye to each other as they left for their internships. Mina was excitedly shaking Hagakure and Tsuyu before she left, and Midoriya was surprised to see Bakugou chatting with Kirishima. Well what do ya know.

Uraraka waved him over, her cheery face making him smile instantly. “Deku-kun!! Are you excited about internships?! I can’t wait!!”


He blushed, idly rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah! Apparently the guy I’m going to is really scary though… hehe.”


“You’ll be fine! The great mighty Deku-kun can go against anything!!” She punched her fist into the air, laughing along with Midoriya. “Woohoo! Oh, Iida-kun! How are you feeling?”


Iida smiled, the sight warm and kind. He moved his arms in his quirky robotic fashion, greeting them both. Glad to see you’re both excited! Who are you both interning for?”


“Gun Head!!”


“Some older hero named Gran Torino!” Both of them answered at the same time.


Midoriya laughed. “So, who are you going to, Iida-kun?”


His smile faltered, making Midoriya more alert. “Normal hero. I want to be able to just have a more… Relaxing.. Internship than what I assume everyone else is doing.” He smiled.


It was fake.


As Uraraka talked all about what she was going to do, Midoriya stared at Iida, frowning slightly. Iida-kun… Remember-


“Hey.. We’re friends, remember? You can always talk to us, okay?” Uraraka said softly, almost reading his mind.


Iida nodded to her, turning his head to look at Midoriya. They seemed to have a silent conversation with their eyes alone, and in the end, Midoriya smiled, giving Iida a quick hug.


“Well, I’ll see you both in a couple weeks! Enjoy yourselves and be safe!” Iida walked away, waving to them both as he entered his subway train.


Please be safe, Iida-kun…




Izuku stood in front of a practically crumbling old building, a piece of paper with an address written on it in the palm of his hand. “... Is this really the right place..? Well, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t judge a person by their building I guess..”


He slowly walked up to the rotting door, chipped white paint flaking off. “Here goes nothing..” He creaked open the door bit by bit, looking around the dark interior. “Hello…? Anybody there-”


In the center of the floor was a short, stubby old man in some kind of costume, blood and guts pouring out from under him.


Well, it was really just ketchup and sausages. But who ever said Izuku doesn’t like to pretend?


He dramatically threw his arms up, his case falling to the door as he feigned shock and horror. “OH GOD HE’S DEAD!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!! I’VE GOTTA CALL THE COPS-”


The old man shot up, a shit-eating grin stretching over his wrinkled face. “I’M ALIVE!!”


HE’S ALIIIVE!!” Just as he said that, Izuku grinned, placing a hand on his chest and yelling out, amusement clear in his exaggerated voice. “BUT ALAS… IT WAS I WHO HAD BEEN DEAD ALL ALONG!!”


And Izuku burst into flames and fell.


Gran Torino actually yelped , scrambling up and running over to him, hovering over his flaming ‘corpse.’ Izuku leaped up, flailing his arms and legs and laughing as loud as he could, sending Gran Torino flying back in shock and surprise.


He doubled over laughing as he drew his flames back in, almost wheezing as he wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. Gran Torino slowly stood up, the absolutely bewildered look on his face only making him laugh more. “I-I’m sorry I just- pfft- I cou-couldn’t help i-it! HAHA!!”


Gran Torino let out a huff of either anger or amusement, he couldn’t tell. “Goodness.. Almost gave me a heart attack, kid. How am I supposed to teach you if you’re dead?!”


“.... Pfft-”


“Wait, who are you again?”


Izuku finally stopped laughing, slowly blinking at the smiling old man. “Uh.. Midoriya Izuku from U.A! Here for the internships..?”




“Midoriya Izuku-”


“Who are you again?!”


Izuku gave him a deadpan look, already having figured out what he was doing. “Do you just want me to put on the costume?”


“... You’re no fun.”


“Thank you.”


Gran Torino nodded, gesturing towards the case where his costume rested. Izuku found a more private place in the run down house, quickly changing into his costume and running back to Gran Torino. “So.. What do you want me to do-”


He didn’t get any more time to speak when Gran Torino suddenly launched into the air, jumping from wall to floor to wall to ceiling and all over again in random patterns. He leapt up in front of Izuku, face shadowed and yellow boots smoking as he grinned.


“Come at me, you neophyte!!”

Chapter Text

Gran Torino launched himself at Midoriya, his form blurring as he leapt from wall to wall, laughing as Midoriya panicked. The kid is smart, by what Toshinori had told me, and it looks like he’s already got some decent control over One For All.. Let’s see how he uses it!!


He shot right at him, aiming for a kick to Midoriya’s stomach only to have to jump back when all he saw was air in front of him. He turned his head, searching for where the green haired student had gone. He gained sight of him right as Midoriya came in for a mid-air kick, successfully dodging in time and landing on the floor. He grinned as Midoriya landed less gracefully on the ground, narrowing his eyes. His speed was great… But seven percent shouldn’t be that fast… His eyes widened in realization as he saw Midoriya’s legs swathed in emerald flames, the fire staying away from his feet so as not to damage the floor. Oh.. Now that’s interesting!! He’s turned off One For All.. If I remember correctly, when he had used both his quirks together at the sports festival, they had hurt him badly. Hmm… But back then he was..


“Oi, kid.”


Midoriya stammered, having expected another attack and not a conversation. “Y-yes?”


“I’m hungry, go heat these taiyaki up!!” Gran Torino grinned, holding in his laughter at Midoriya’s dumbfounded expression. “Come one now, hurry up.” He handed him a pack of taiyaki, moving to sit on the worn down couch.


“Uh.. Okay then.” He put the taiyaki in the microwave, pressing the buttons to heat them up. He walked over to Gran Torino, wanting to ask a few questions as he waited. “So, um-”


“Why do you think you’re hurting yourself so much when you use your quirks together?”


Midoriya paused, giving him a weird look as he slowly answered. “Um.. Because my body isn’t fully used to the power of One For All..?”


“Wrong!!” Gran Torino scoffed, turning to face him. “Let’s see here… Are there any moves you have where you condense your flames into a single point? Or something along those lines?”


He smiled excitedly. “Yes!! I have a powerful move, it isn’t named yet, but I basically put my flames to the max level and condense them all into one point in my palm, making a really hot sphere type thing. And then I can control that when I throw it and it’s basically a for sure hit type thing ‘cause it goes crazy fast-”




“.. Sorry.”


Gran Torino sighed. “Does it hurt you when you use it?” He nodded. “Alright, and why do you think that is-” He didn’t get to finish when the microwave beeped, signaling that the taiyaki was done.


Midoriya walked over, taking them out and setting them on a plate in front of Gran. “Ooh! Snack time!” He took a bite out of one, instantly slamming it down onto the plate and turning an angry face towards Midoriya. “They’re cold in the middle!! Do you not know how to work a microwave?!”


Gran looked inside the microwave, and upon not seeing anything wrong, he looked back at Midoriya again. “Well?! Do you not know how to work a spinning microwave?”


“Um.. No.”


“Well let me teach you, for one, you do not stick a plate in there, that’s dumb.”



“Cause if you do, then it won’t be able to turn properly! And then all the heat won't get distributed properly either.. Now my taiyaki is cold..”


While Gran mumbled under his breath about his taiyaki, Midoriya was thinking. Distribute the heat… Distribute.. Why would my move hurt me..? Why do I think that using One For All and Emerald Flare together harms me? Isn’t it because of the power in the area? Wait a second.. Area? Properly distribute the heat.. The power.. HOLD ON A FUCKING SECOND-


“I’VE GOT IT!!” Midoriya yelled, causing Gran to give him a strange look. “THESE TAIYAKI!! THEY’RE ME!!” 


Gran gently set the plate of cold taiyaki down, his eyebrows furrowed. “No, they’re not. Are you okay?”


Midoriya laughed a bit. “No, that isn’t what I meant. I mean that the way I put the taiyaki in the microwave is like what I’m doing with my quirks! To this point, I’ve always been using One For All in just certain areas, and when I combine both my flames and One For All, it’s only in one spot on my body!! That’s why it hurts me so much! But if I distribute it evenly throughout my whole body… Along with my flames, then..”


He grunted as he concentrated, his body becoming alight with emerald flames as streaks of red electric power ran over his skin, sparks of green lightning shooting around him. “Just.. Seven.. Percent!!”


Gran grinned, throwing down his cane as he marveled at the sight of Midoriya. “Well then.. You think you can hold that in battle?”


Midoriya grinned back, clenching his fists as got into a stance. “I don’t know, but it’s worth a try!!”


With a shout, they launched forward.




Kurogiri opened a portal to the roof of a building in Hosu, not flinching when a sharp knife was thrust into his inky darkness. “Stain, I’ve come here with an offer.”


Stain, the hero killer, crouched low at the edge of the building, two knives in his hands as he glared behind his worn and rugged mask. “What for? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”


“I ask you to join us. Join the league of Villains.” 


He slowly stood up, his blood red scarf flowing behind him as he inched closer. “What’s in it for me? You can’t possibly be the boss here.” Kurogiri nodded, bright yellow eyes narrowed as the portal opened wider.


“You’re right. However, if you come through here, you may meet the boss himself. So, do you wish to follow?”


Stain stood for a moment in thought, idly sharpening his knives at his sides. “Fine. But make it quick, I’m not done with this city yet.”


“Of course.”


Stain arrived in what looked like an old yet classy bar. Kurogiri had instantly gone behind the counter, his suit showing as he started cleaning a glass. Sitting on one of the red bar stools was presumably; the leader. He grinned, settling his sharp gaze on the villain sitting on the stool. “So, are you the leader here?”


The villain turned towards him, his face masked by a pale disembodied hand. “You could say that, yeah. You’re that… Stain guy. The one who kills heroes?”


“Only fake heroes.” Stain grunted.


“Right, right.”


Kurogiri set the glass down, folding his hands. “Shigaraki-san, I’ve brought him here to see if he will join us.”


The villain-Shigaraki-hummed, setting only four fingers on the bar counter. Due to his quirk? “Ah, right. Well, are you in or not?”


Stain glared at him, not having moved from his spot as he slowly moved his hands towards his knives. “I just have one question.. What are you people after? I know you’re the ones who attacked U.A, but for what purpose? What’s your main plan here?”


Shigaraki sat up straight, and even though the hand was covering his face Stain could still see the grin behind it. “We want to kill All Might, eventually. But Mainly… I wanna destroy everything! Society.. Heroes.. Everything!!”


Stain dropped his head, the air around him becoming cold. “So that’s it. I see, I can’t believe you even held my interest for a second. You’re the kind of person I hate the most.”




“Blood lust without conviction. It’s like you’re a temper tantrum throwing child. As if I’d team up with you!” 


Kurogiri summoned a portal, already knowing what was going to happen. “Sensei, should we stop them?”


No. He must reach decisions himself, that is what learning is. He must face consequences too.


Stain ran forward, not giving Shigaraki a chance to react as he pinned him to the ground with his blades. He shoved the knives into Shigaraki’s shoulders, keeping him from moving as Kurogiri stood by awkwardly. “Society. Heroes don’t fight for the sake of justice, or to help people. They’re only there for money and fame. Fake. Like you people. That’s why I will not join you.”


Shigaraki coughed. “Ow.. How dare you lecture me.I don’t really have any convictions… But I guess I have something that drives. Me.”


Stain scoffed, taking another knife and moving it towards the hand covering Shigaraki’s face. “That isn’t enough for me-”


“Not that hand.”


“Huh?” Stain’s eyes widened as Shigaraki grabbed his knife with his full hand, crumbling it to dust in seconds as he grinned. “Don’t touch that hand. I’ll kill you, destroy you like I will everything else I hate. Like All Might and all those stupid people who praise and worship them. That’s my conviction.”


Stain jumped back, ripping out his knives along with him. “I see it now… You have some kind of warped conviction inside of you. Perhaps you’re not as hopeless as I initially thought. You, portal man.”


Kurogiri nodded, forming a portal next to him. “Right this way. Thank you for joining us.”


“Just take me back already.”


“Yes sir.” 




Midoriya crashed into the floor for the hundredth time, Gran Torino standing laughing above him. “Ugh… I feel like I haven’t gotten any better at all..!” He slowly stood up, swaying slightly as he leaned against the wall.


It was the third day of internships, and the third day of getting his ass kicked by Gran Torino while training. Does he not know how to hold back…? I swear, this is even worse than my seven months of hell.. Now I know why All Might is so scared of him at least.


Gran laughed again, grabbing his cane and walking over to the microwave, taiyaki in hand. “You’re getting better. That’s for sure. You;ve managed to keep the power level at seven percent, and so far you’ve only gotten a few light burns from when you went over a bit on your flames. Not to mention you actually made me dodge, which hasn’t happened in a while. Ya still suck though.”


“... Thanks?”


“Don’t mention it.”




They both laughed as Midoriya dusted off his plain shirt, stretching his arms a bit. “Man, I can see why All Might’s scared of you-” His sentence cut off as he fell forward, hand clutching his chest as he laid on the floor. He winced, taking slow breaths as he coughed. “Ah frick.. I went too long again..”


Gran Torino merely blinked, already having experienced this. (He will never admit just how much it scared him the first time, never.) “And you overdid it again. You really need to work on that. I told you to tell me if we were going too long. And what do you do? You don’t tell me. Of course..”


He walked over to Midoriya handing him two bags of ice as he grabbed his hot hand, leading him over to the couch and making him sit down. “You rest up now, cool yourself down. Once you’re all good again, we’re gonna head out!”


Midoriya placed an ice pack on his forehead and chest, leaning back against the couch as he sighed in content. “Going where..? It’ll take a while for me to cool down fully, and it’ll probably be night time b then, so I can’t really think of anywhere we could go.”


Gran Torino popped the taiyaki into the microwave, humming as he pressed the buttons. “That’s exactly the point! You can’t always fight against me, that’ll make bad habits in battle. So we’ll be going to another city to have you fight some actual criminals!”


“At night…?”


“Well yeah. When do you think criminals come out the most?”


“Oh.. Right.”


Midoriya closed his eyes, feeling his chest burn as he pressed the ice pack harder on himself. He’d have to get another soon, this one was melting. I wonder how long I’ll have to stay up… Considering I won’t be ready for a bit.. Maybe we’ll pass by Hosu? I might be able to see Iida-kun. Hmm…


I hope he’s okay.




“Just another day for patrol! Sorry this is so boring.”


“Oh no, it’s okay. I.. Like it better this way.” Iida shook his head, walking behind Normal as they patrolled the city of Hosu.


Normal smiled, a serious look settling in his eyes. “Look.. I hate to ask, but.. You’re after the hero killer, right?”


Iida stopped walking. “I..”


“It’s just.. Not that I’m not happy that you did, but I just can’t think of any other reason for you to want to intern with me, you know? A hero gets attacked in Hosu, and now the brother of that hero is coming to intern with me, in Hosu. Make sense?” Normal gave him a grim smile, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.


Iida lowered his head. “Yes, you are right. And before you say anything, I know not to let my emotions get ahead of me. Trust me. But..”


“.. You still plan to do it?”




Normal sighed. “Well, the only thing I can do is tell you not to, and keep an eye out. But please, don’t do anything stupid. I’m here to teach you, not send you to your death.”


“Right.” Iida smiled behind his helmet, beginning to walk forward again.


That’s when the explosions started.




Izuku sat down in his seat on the train, yawning as he watched the scenery go by. He had ended up cooling down much more quickly than usual, which was strange, so they were able to get on the ride to another city earlier. This way, they would be there at around 9pm or so. Thank goodness.. I won’t have to stay up too long. Hopefully.


“Do we really have to do this tonight..?”




“Ah..” He turned on his phone, going to messages after scrolling through the news. He sent another message to Iida, hoping to get a response.


Local Green Torch 8:33PM:

Hi Iida-kun! I’m passing by Hosu right now, I hope everything is going well! Don’t forget to talk to me if you need anything.


He waited for a response, only seeing the sign that it was read on the screen. He usually responds within a minute.. And I know he said he wouldn’t ignore me, so that means he either.. One, lost his phone, which I doubt. Or two.


Something’s wrong.


Right as that thought went through his brain, the train suddenly jerked to a harsh stop, screams ringing out as someone crashed through the wall and into the train. They looked like a pro hero, and they were pretty battered up.


“A hero?! What’re they doing?!”


Izuku felt a slight scream building in his throat as another figure entered the train. They were tall and skinny, and their brain was showing plain as day through pale sickly skin … Nomu-


Izuku looked to his side to ask what Gran Torino wanted him to do, but only meeting with air. “Gran Torino?!”


“Stay there, kid!! I’ll be back!!” He turned just in time to see Gran kick the Nomu right in the face, jumping out of the train and into the air. “Gran Torino-!!”


Izuku frowned, not wasting a second as he darted out of the train, leaping from building to building as he got lower to the ground. That was definitely a Nomu… You can’t see that kind of brain anywhere else. Is it the league of villains? This is Hosu.. Oh boy, let’s just hope they aren’t working with Stain or something.. Haha.. Wait.


He ran down to the ground, finding himself in the middle of chaos as flames and explosions roared around him, heroes fighting against a multitude of Nomus in the city. What the hell is going on?! Iida-kun still hasn’t messaged me back… He’s-


Oh no.


Izuku didn’t wait any longer, already darting down the next street, looking in every alleyway he passed as One For All roared in his veins. Keep it at seven.. Keep it at seven.. God, Full Cowl is hard... He felt his fire climb over his body, flaring up around him as he searched, his eyes blazing green in the dark night. He had already known that Iida was going to try and fight the hero killer. He had already known. I thought I had managed to get through to him..!! Was it not enough?! I have no doubt that he’s probably with him right now.


Time is running out.


What if he’s already fighting? What if he already found him? What if he’s already de- No. Don’t think about that right now. Just focus on finding him, Midoriya. Come on, you’ve got this.


He passed by more alleyways, almost starting to think that he’d been wrong all along about where the Hero Killer was, when he finally saw him.


Saw them.


Saw the knife.


Saw Iida.


Saw the blood.


He felt his blood burn.

Chapter Text

Izuku could hear his heart beating loudly in his chest, green light flaring around him as his flames roared and his lightning cackled. The instant he saw Iida laying on the ground with a knife in his shoulder and a pool of blood beneath him he launched himself into the air, jumping from wall to wall in the alley way until he was right above his target.




He saw Stain look up at him right as he kicked him in the face, sending him flying back against the ground. Ah soon as Izuku landed, he ran over to Iida's side, wincing at the right of the base lodged in his shoulder. "Iida-kun, you idiot!! I thought I told you not to do this!!"


"Midoriya-kun… I'm sorry-"


"Sorry is NOT gonna help you right now, can you move?" Izuku turned back around, standing in front of Iida as he watched Stain slowly stand back up.


Iida shook his head from where he lay on the ground. "No… I can only move my head. I think it's his quirk.." Izuku's face scrunched up in concentration at he thought, varies theories running through his head. “But how.. How did you find me? How did you-”


“Sixty percent of all of Stain’s victims were found in secluded around the corner places, so I searched in every alleyway I could find! And well… I knew I couldn’t stop you from doing this, even though I had hoped you wouldn’t. But that’s why I’m going to save you!” Izuku looked back towards Iida, a scared yet brave smile donning his face. “Because you’re my friend, Iida-kun!” He saw Iida’s eyes widened, and he turned back towards Stain.


His quirk… is it the knives? Wait, is there anyone else here- his eyes widened and his eyes met with someone else. Another hero, Native, was leaning against the wall, not moving. Thankfully alive. Crap… if it had just been Iida-kun, I might've been able to just carry him and escape. But with two people…


"And now there's another kid in a costume… How wonderful. " Stain's scratchy voice sounded out through the alleyway, sending a chill down Izuku's spine. “You say you’re here to save him.. How noble, but it’s my job to kill these two, so obviously.. The weaker of us will be culled.


Stain glared at Izuku, and his knees almost buckled beneath him right then and there. The kind of pressure pouring down on him was different from USJ. There, he could tell they were evil, feel the blood lust, the power, the hate. But here… With Stain..


It’s like I can hear the people he’s murdered.


Izuku shook his head, sneakily moving his hand behind his back as he unlocked his phone, moving to his contacts and typing a message by memory. He sent his location out to everyone he had listed, hoping that at least one of them would be able to come. Dammit.. I should’ve at least tried to get some pros to go with me, but for now…  I have to protect those two, and drive off the hero killer all on my own.


Iida struggled behind him, panic written all over his face as he tried to reason with Izuku. “Please, Midoriya-kun!! Get away from here! This was my choice, you tried to stop me but I didn’t listen! So please, just lea-”


“Geeze! What’s a hero going to do when you say crap like that? There’s.. A lot I wanna say to you right now, but that’ll have to come later. It’s like All Might always says..” Izuku brought his fists up in front of his face, getting ready for a fight as he put on a grin, staring the villain down.


“Giving help that no one asked for.. Is what makes a true hero!!”


Izuku dashed forward, his body covered in green lightning and emerald flames as he charged Stain, ducking low as he got closer. Stain prepared himself, grabbing one of his swords and swinging it in front of him. Izuku grit his teeth, sliding on the ground as the blade narrowly missed the top of his head. Have to get close.. And then!


He jumped up as Stain swung his blade around, leaping from the wall to get above his target. Stain’s eyes widened as he saw him above him, his arm pulled back. Izuku narrowed his eyes in concentration, the flames on his arms flaring up in heat as he swung his fist forward, aiming for Stain’s head.


Emerald flames burst forth in an explosive force, knocking Stain down to the ground. Izuku landed carefully to the side, snapping his head up and letting his flames dissipate. Did it work?! Oh my gosh I think it worke- His smile instantly fell as he slumped to the ground, held still by some invisible pressure.


He started to panic, trying to bring out his fire but only succeeding in a few small sparks on his shoulders. Oh no… How..?! Did he nick me somewhere? I can’t even feel anything! Is some small scratch enough to paralyze me?! Wait, no…


Izuku slowly lifted his head up from the ground, staring in realization at the sight of Stain’s blade. A small amount of blood rested on the blade, presumably his blood. And Stain was licking it. It’s blood!! Does it depend on the amount? Or is it something else?


All while trying to figure out Stain’s quirk, Izuku struggled to get up, fighting against the quirk keeping him down. He tried moving his fingers, only managing to make them flinch. That’s more than Iida-kun, why? He was drawn out of his thoughts when he saw Stain start to move, standing up and walking over to where Iida still lay on the ground, shaking.


“You aren’t strong enough.. However, you made use of your quirk, even managing to burn me. You also tracked my movements, you’re smart. You… You’re worth keeping alive, these two however…”


Izuku felt a scream building in the back of his throat, the need to protect overriding all other systems. “NO!! DON’T ATTACK THEM, PLEASE!!”


Stain raised his sword above Iida’s head, readying for the final blow when suddenly a blazing wall of flames and ice burst through the alley, forcing Stain to jump back to avoid being burnt to a crisp or frozen.




Izuku felt tears build up in his eyes, a smile blossoming on his face as he called out to the new arrival. “You came..!”


Todoroki stood at the entrance of the alley, both frost and heat surrounding him as he looked at his friends. “Try being a bit more detailed in your next message.. Almost made me late.”

Todoroki blasted another wave of fire at Stain, keeping him at a distance as he slid ice along the ground, creating a sort of ramp for Izuku, Iida, and Native to slide down, bringing them behind Todoroki.


Izuku took a moment to take a breath, once again focusing on trying to move his limbs or activate his quirk. “Todoroki-kun!! Don’t let him cut you! His quirk requires him to ingest blood, I’m pretty sure that’s how he got us!” Todoroki nodded.


“Makes sense with all the blades. Just have to keep my distance-”


He barely dodged the knife Stain had thrown, it’s edge grazing his cheek, leaving a small trail of blood. “Shi-” He built up a quick wall of ice beside him as Stain darted towards him with another knife, only slicing the ice before he was able to reach Todoroki. 


Stain lunged over the wall of ice, throwing up one of his katanas and shooting another knife right towards Todoroki’s face. Todoroki grit his teeth, about to try and dodge the incoming projectiles when Stain suddenly lunged towards him, close enough to lick the blood off of his face-


Stain jumped back as flames burst out from the left side of Todoroki’s face, drying the blood and sending Stain back once again. Iida shouted from behind him, worry and fear evident in his shaky voice. “Todoroki-kun, Midoriya-kun, please!! I’m the one who has to do this! Not you! I’ve inherited my brother’s name, so please!!” Midoriya frowned at that, not noticing the small flames licking his hands.


“Iida-kun.. You say this is your fight, and that it has nothing to do with us.. That you’ve inherited your brother’s name and yet.. I DON’T SEE YOU WEARING IT!!” Stain stared wide-eyed at the boy as the fire around him grew, shrouding them in green light as his voice grew louder. “The Ingenium I know never had a face like that. The Ingenium I know would never want to hurt someone simply out of revenge!! So if you want to say something, Iida-kun, if you want to be a hero.. THEN STAND UP AND FIGHT!!”




Izuku staggered to his feet, energy cackling in the air as his flames surrounded him in a blazing glory. He clenched his fists, small flames leaking from his mouth as he breathed. “Todoroki-kun, stand back and provide rear support.”


Todoroki nodded, dazed, quickly forming a small wall of ice in front of them. Izuku’s bright green gaze snapped up to Stain, raising his hands up in front of him as he started to focus his fire near the center of his palms. “After practicing with it.. Over and over again, I can finally use it without having to practically shut down right after.”


The emerald flames condensed together in the center of his palms, forming into a single white hot ball of fire, heat radiating from it in waves. Stain, sensing the danger, lurched towards him, brandishing his knives in an attempt to stop him from attacking. Todoroki saw him coming, releasing a stream of ice at him to keep him away.


Stain jumped back from the sharp spikes, slicing them into small pieces before putting his attention back to the still flaming Izuku. All of the green flames were a part of the sphere now, like a small miniature sun in the palm of his hand.


Izuku closed his eyes, focusing on control as he took aim at Stain, feeling Todoroki set up his defenses behind him.


“I finally have a name for it. I think I’ll call this…”


He swung his arm forward like he would with a baseball, the air sizzling around him as he launched the ball of flames towards Stain. A bright trail of emerald fire ran behind it, flying off from around the ends and into the air surrounding it.


Izuku grinned, watching as it struck it’s goal.




The ‘comet’ burst into an explosion of beautiful green light upon impact, climbing up the walls of the alley and into the sky, bright enough to block out the stars above. Smoke filled the air, blocking Stain from view. Izuku stumbled forward, eyes wide as he waited for the fire to dissipate to see what damage he had done.


Did.. Did it work..? Did I beat him? No.. It can’t be that easy. Emerald Comet is strong, yeah, and is definitely going to leave a lot of burns, bad burns, but I don’t think it would be enough to keep him down forever. I just hope I’m wrong… I don’t know how much longer I can fight like this, that took a lot out of me…


Iida called out to him from behind Todoroki, both relief and concern on his face. “Midoriya-kun..!! You-you.. Both of you..”


“Midoriya!! Look out!!”


Izuku turned just in time to see Stain standing up-albeit he staggered-in the leftover smoke. The rags covering his face had been burnt off, revealing excited red eyes above half of a nose, angry, blistering and smoldering red burns covering him in patches. He slowly raised his head, his black choppy hair falling around his face in charred locks.


I hate when I’m right sometimes.


Todoroki summoned another wall of ice, sending it streaking towards Stain only to be instantly slashed into pieces by his sword. “Dammit..!” He continued to attack with his ice and fire, sending blast after blast and stream after stream, only pausing Stain for a moment’s time before he was advancing again, even through his injuries.


Izuku tried helping with his own fire, but he was too burnt out. I used too much.. Both in the training today, and with all this!! I could try and attack with One For All, but if I get too close he could slice me!


He glanced back at Iida, who was still down on the ground. This isn’t good.. If I could just- Izuku activated Full Cowl, jumping up to the side of the wall as Stain dodged another one of Todoroki’s attacks. How can he move with those injuries?! Must be adrenaline, or else he would be out like a light. A very burnt one.


He jumped off of the wall, aiming a slightly-sloppy kick at Stain’s head. Please don’t notice me please don’t notice me please don’t notice me please don’t notice me pleas- OH FUCK HE NOTICED ME.


Stain saw him in the air, jumping back and slashing one of his many swords towards his still falling body. Izuku yelped, twisting himself to try and avoid the trajectory of the blade, managing to move away from most of it. 


Most of it.


“Ack-!!” Izuku crashed into the ground, rolling away and landing next to the wall as he put a hand on his bleeding side. The blade, although mostly avoided, had still managed to slice into his side, leaving a large bleeding gash. Izuku winced, biting the side of his cheek as he quickly looked it over. Thankfully it doesn’t seem too deep.. But holy hell and cheese sticks that HURTS!!


“Midoriya!! Are you okay-” Todoroki was cut off by Stain taking another lunge at him, eyes crazed and hunting as he slashed his blade, the edge coming closer and closer to Todoroki’s neck and oh God I’m not gonna make it I can’t make it in time Todoroki’s going to die and it’s gonna be my fault no please-


...But the blow never hit.


“Recirpo.. BURST!!”


Iida slammed his foot down on Stain’s blade, completely snapping it in two. He laid another kick to his face not even moments later, knocking him back and giving distance between them.


Stain threw his broken sword to the ground, grabbing another one from his back. “You’re fast…” His voice sounded smokey, and dry. “And it wore off, too. How sad.”


Izuku beamed, relief filling his system at the sight of Iida standing proud. “Iida-kun!!”


Todoroki sighed. “It wore off.. Thank God.”


Iida lowered his head, his hands shaking by his sides. “I’m sorry, you two.. This had nothing to do with either of you.”


“Oh not this again-”


“So that’s why I’m going to stand with you! I’m not going to let you shed any more blood for me!!”


Izuku grinned, nodding as he stood on shaky legs, his hand clutching his side to try and slow the blood flow. Stain dragged his blade on the ground, blood dripping from his wounds as he took ragged breaths.


“It’s.. Not enough.. You can’t change that easily. People can’t change like that. You’re just a fake! Just fake who needs to be purged!!” Todoroki scowled.


The other hero on the scene, Native, frantically yelled at them to leave. “Please!! He’s just here for me and the other kid! Leave, save yourselves!!”


Izuku turned to him with a tired smile. “No can do, bud. We’re gonna stay here until we can walk out.”


Just as Izuku finished talking, Stain lunged towards them again, his attacks slower and more stiff, yet still quick enough and strong enough to out match them. Todoroki sent another stream of ice towards him, causing him to jump up against the walls. Todoroki sent out a blast of fire, shouting over to Izuku.


“Midoriya!! Use mine!!”


Izuku grinned, bright and brave, and swiped his arm through the air, controlling the bright orange flames and aiming them towards the air-born Stain.  He managed to dodge, landing on the ground and instantly dashing towards them, blade out, only to be blocked by another swift kick by Iida.


Iida staggered, a quick glance at his leg causing him to grimace. “Todoroki-kun! Can you regulate temperatures?! I need you to freeze my leg for me, without blocking the exhaust pipes!!” Todoroki’s head snapped towards him, still sending out barely successful attacks.


“I’m still not used to my left, but-” He was cut off as Iida lunged in front of him, arm outstretched across his face as one of Stain’s knives embedded itself in Iida’s arm. “Wha-”


Iida yelled, about to stand up when Stain launched another knife at him, lodging itself deep into his already injured arm and pinning him down to the ground. He quickly backed away, jumping up to crouch against a wall.






Todoroki nodded, touching Iida’s engines on his calves and freezing them over with his ice. Izuku glanced at them worriedly, before focusing back on what he could do.


I can use Todoroki’s ice as a platform, and jump up to kick him, or punch him would probably be better. He glanced down at his side, almost gagging at the sight of the red staining his costume. It’s just bleeding a lot.. It didn’t actually hit anything bad, I’m fine.. Even with this, I’m sure I could pull it off. For them, for Stain’s future victims.. I have to.


Todoroki smiled. “Go.”


He jumped with Iida at the same moment, fist clenching and leg swinging as they let out a war cry. Iida struck true, hitting Stain clear in the ribs, a loud ‘crack’ following his attack. Izuku stumbled in the air, his side burning in sudden pain, causing him to waver. Stain’s eyes widened, and not even a moment later his head snapped to the side from the force of Izuku’s punch.


Todoroki didn’t waste a second, already forming a smooth ramp for Izuku and Iida to slide down. Stain crumbled to the ground, an empty sheath clattering on the ground beside him.


Todoroki didn’t lower his guard, waiting to see if Stain was still conscious. “Get up!! He might still be..” His voice lowered, his breathing calming down by the slightest as Stain remained un-moving on the cold floor. 


“.... Midori..ya-kun?”


Todoroki turned at the sound of Iida’s scared voice. It sounded shaky, frightened, like he could shatter at any second.


It didn’t sound like the Iida he knew at all.


“Iida, what’s wrong-” Then he saw it.


Saw the fear.


“You came..!”


Saw the blade.


“That’s why I’m here to save you!!”


Saw the blood dripping down his chin.


“Todoroki-kun, give rear support!”


Saw his shaky hands stained red.




Saw his eyes widen as he realized what had happened.


“Well… Wanna be friends?”


Saw him try to open his mouth to speak, only for choked sounds to escape.






Todoroki saw the sword sticking out of Midoriya’s chest, and he screamed.

Chapter Text

Someone was talking around him. They sounded… Scared, panicked. Everything was blurry, bright and dark at the same time. He felt cold. He felt really, really cold.




There was some kind of alarm. Or maybe something else? He couldn’t tell. People were yelling, and he thinks he could hear someone crying too. He wanted to comfort them. Why were they crying? Are they okay?


He didn’t know.




He could feel someone touching him, holding his hand and touching his hair. He couldn’t quite see them, everything was blurry and disfigured. So many colors. Too many colors. Burns. It’s burning. Why does he feel like he’s burning? It’s hot. Too hot so hot why is it so hot someone was screaming who's screaming this is wrong this isn’t normal it hurts why does it hurt make it stop please oh God it burns so much pleasepleasepleasepleaseitburnsithurts stopitstopitdearGodIfeellikeI’mdying-


….Am I dying?




He couldn‘t see anything, or feel anything. Something was there, he could tell, but he didn’t know what. Everything was dark, not cold, but not warm. Where was he? What is that? Somebody was calling him. A lady? They look like a hero.


There was somebody else, too. They look cool. Why are they calling him? Do they need him? Why… Seven. Seen people? Heroes. Seven heroes. They look bright. Can I go there? They seem nice. He felt sluggish, he tried moving towards the seven figures, they were bright and warm, he wanted to go to them. He couldn’t move, the light was going away, and so were the people. No… Please.. 


What am I doing here?




The first time Izuku woke up, it was to pain meds and the sound of rain. He slowly opened his eyes, caked over and crusted from being closed for who knows how long. He felt tired.




His vision was still blurry, but he could tell he wasn’t at home. Everything looked white and gray. Nurse? Hospital? Izuku tried turning his head, the movement proving too exhausting to finish. The lights seemed to be off, other then some small blinking lights on random machines.


Izuku tried moving his arms, his left arm only slightly moving while his right remained stuck. He glanced at it, not seeing anything weird until he saw the hand clasping his own. He stared at it curiously, as best as he could with his still-blurry vision. His eyes railed from the hand to the arm, and finally to the body it was connected to. They looked like a… A person-shaped green blob of sorts. They seemed familiar. He wanted to ask them what he was doing here, and why his throat was so dry. They looked asleep.


He tried opening his mouth to speak, the dryness of his throat only letting him manage a small cough.


It seemed that was enough.


The person, he’s pretty sure it’s a person, woke up with a start. Their head looked around in all directions before finally resting on him and freezing entirely. He tried to speak to them again, only for them to start talking frantically before he could open his mouth. Izuku tried to make out what they were saying, something about a nurse… Waking up? Why was the nurse waking up? It was all very confusing.


The bed seemed to get warmer, and his eyes started to droop, his vision getting darker by the second. As the person continued to talk, seemingly to him, he drifted back to sleep.



The second time Izuku woke up, his mind was much clearer than before.


He grumbled, taking a moment to suck in the comfort of the bed he was lying in before slowly opening his eyes. He blinked a few times as he adjusted to the light, looking around curiously at his surroundings. It didn't take long for him to see that he was in a hospital room of some sort, the white walls and put chemical smell gave that away. There were machines around him, soft, steady beeping coming from the one closest to him. An IV needle pierced the crook of his arm, clear liquid flowing through the tube. Multiple tools were sitting on a small table near him, but none that he was completely familiar with. 


Five other empty beds were in the room with him, only two looking slightly rumpled, as if they had been used recently. Izuku sighed, he could understand that he was probably hurt form something and just didn’t remember, but what had happened to put him in the hospital? And why here, and not the school infirmary?


I'll figure it out later. Izuku shook his head, pushing himself into a sitting position on the bed.


That turned out to be a bad idea.


His face contorted in pain, a small yell escaping his mouth as sharp burning pain ran throughout his body. He grasped at his chest, trying to find the source of his pain, only to feel soft bandages covering his skin. Izuku tried to move his head to see his chest, but only succeeded in hurting himself more.


The sound of beeping started behind him, it’s rate increasing as he squirmed in pain. Everything felt like it was burning, smoldering pain shot through him, like someone had lit a fire inside of him. Sweat formed on his forehead, not only from the heat, but from the sharp pain coming from his chest.


Why does everything hurt so much?! I know part of this is.. Frick.. Overheating, a bad amount as well.. But how..? Why? What did I do that got me this overheated- Izuku’s eyes snapped open,-when had he closed them?-his arms freezing at his sides as the memories of the past few days reemerged.


Internships, Gran Torino, training, Iida-kun…




His breathing picked up, hands clutching the bandages surrounding his chest as images flashed behind his eyes. Silver, blood, oh there’s so much blood-


Whose blood is that? Why is it on him? Iida-kun is hurting what’s going on. I can’t see right everythings blurry-somethings happening what’s happening and why am I red?-it hurts it hurts it hurts it’s hurting why am I hurting this isn’t right what is that-StainStainStainStainStainthere’saswordinmychestI’mdyingI’mdyinghelpmepleaseredredsoredwhyisthereso much-


He gasped for breath, the beeping beside him becoming almost hysterical. He would’ve been concerned if he wasn’t hyperventilating. Someone slammed open the door, a nurse he thinks, and rushed in with several others behind them. Someone was yelling orders, there was so much movement, someone was speaking to him, holding him, but he didn’t register any of it. All Izuku could see-hear, feel, taste-was a silver blade piercing through his chest and the blood- red red so very red -seeping into his clothes and dripping from his mouth.


The last thing he heard before he fell unconscious was someone speaking.


“...I need you Izuku..Please.."


Then everything turned dark.




Iida stood in the waiting room, his foot tapping repeatedly on the floor. His eyes never left the hallway leading to the patient’s rooms. His hair was a mess, scruffy and unbrushed, his glasses slightly ascue and dirty. The only clean thing about him were his clothes, which he had been forced to change into by his mother.


He couldn’t remember how long he had been there, simply waiting, perking up with a slight hope every time a doctor come into view, only to be disappointed when they called for someone else.


He could still see it fresh in his mind, even with the amount of nights that had passed. He didn’t dare to sleep, too frightened of what he might see if he does. The blade, the blood, his face as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and the pure fear and agony that had been on his friend’s face will haunt him for the rest of his life.


Iida was not okay. Not in the slightest.


His phone had been buzzing for hours now, messages from a group chat his class had made constantly going off. He had been getting multiple private messages as well. He hadn’t bothered to check the news, already knowing what he would see. You can’t possibly hide the fact that the hero killer had attacked three U.A students and another hero. Not a chance.


Iida couldn’t really remember what had happened after that. He had been too busy staring in horror- despair, disbelief, shock, pain, how had this happened -at his friend lying crumpled on the ground with a sword through his chest to really care. He knows that heroes had come, though. Endeavor was there, he thinks. Everything other than that is fuzzy. He remembers crying, screaming, as someone had tried to take Midoriya-his beloved friend-away from him.


He hadn’t liked that.


Someone had taken him somewhere, an ambulance, to be checked up. He remembers Todoroki being carried away as well. He hopes he’s alright. He hopes Midoriya’s alright. He wants him to be. He wants… He wants to do more. But he can’t. All he can do is stare at the floor as he slowly loses himself in his mind.


All he could do was wait.


All he could do was hope.


...It’s all he could do.


He had paid attention to anyone else that had came in, he probably should’ve, considering he could hear Todoroki crying with someone, but he simply couldn’t. Not when he could feel his own guilt and shame crushing him to his very bones. 


He’s not sure if he even blinked much.




Todoroki was at home. Todoroki did not want to be home. He wanted to sit and wait with Iida until someone would let them into Midoriya’s God damn room to see if he was alright.


… Todoroki was not okay.


In fact, when had he ever been okay? He can’t remember ever being okay, not yesterday, not the day before that, no when he had turned to see Midoriya with a fucking sword through his chest-


Todoroki was not alright.


He had tried to sleep, he really tried. There was nothing else for him to do, not when he was stuck at home by the orders of his so-called ‘father’ and the rest of his family. He had resisted, of course. How could he not? He thinks he had passed out at some point, and woken up at home.


Of course, before all that, he had been checked by doctors and patched up until he was deemed well enough to leave. He had been well enough to leave form the start. The worst wound he had received was a gash on his leg from a stray spike of ice.


Hurt by his own medicine. Ha.


All of his wounds had been practically superficial, so he had been sent home fairly quickly. Iida had stayed behind, and he had wanted to join him, but he hadn’t been allowed. It was utter bullshit.


Todoroki was not doing fine.


His phone had been dinging for the past days in rapid succession, and it only seemed to increase as time went by. Calls, texts, everything. He hadn’t answered any of them. Hadn’t wanted to. He didn’t want to deal with the feeling of guilt and pure shame from having to tell everyone that he hadn’t been able to protect Midoriya and now he might die.


… How do you even tell someone that?


You don’t.


Every morning-after staying up the entire night with horrific images behind his eyes-he would go to the hospital in Huso, either by car or by walking. He didn’t really care, as long as he got there. And every morning he would find an equally tired Iida sitting there in the same chair as he had the day before, still staring at the hallway in complete silence.


… Nothing was okay. Not in the slightest.


Todoroki would sit with Iida, not really talking, his throat was too sore from crying his own tears to really speak. It’s not like he had anything to really say, anyway. He doesn’t think he really wanted to say anything either. Sometimes Iida’s family would come in, trying to offer his comfort in some way, but it never worked. They tried comforting him as well, and his sister, Fuyumi, would pop in every once in a while with food.


Iida had been ripped from his seat a couple of times to be checked up on, his arm still badly damaged from the fight, but they could never get him to stay in his room. He would always try to find Midoriya, and end up getting dragged back to the waiting room before he could get any farther. 


He didn’t eat it. He didn’t have the appetite, and he’s pretty sure he would’ve just thrown it up if he had. Every once in a while a doctor would enter the waiting room, clipboard in hand and looking at something. They would both perk up immediately, no matter how tired, hoping for their names to be called. It still hasn’t happened, but they continued to wait.


He remembers seeing Midoriya’s mom as well. She had ran in only a couple hours after Midoriya had been brought here, completely stressed out of her mind. That was the only time Todoroki had something on his mind other than Midoriya’s condition, the sight of a sorrow-filled, tear-streaked mother Midoriya finally snapping him back to his senses.


Iida hadn’t really noticed her, Todoroki doesn’t think he was even seeing anything other then the hallway at that point, so it makes sense. He’s pretty sure he was the most… Stable one there at the moment.


 It had only been a couple of hours since Midoriya had been taken in, so mother Midoriya-Inko, she had told him her name-had sat with them in anxious silence.


The hadn’t talked either, but she had given them both a blanket and much needed hugs.


He had cried into her shirt for the rest of the night until he was called home.




Inko was fretting. She was panicking. She was crying. Her baby, her sweet sweet baby boy, had been attacked by a villain. Had been punctured through his chest by a villain which he shouldn’t have even been near in the first place. Inko swore her heart had stopped when she had gotten the call.


She had been at home making herself a late night snack, planning on heading to bed right afterwards when she had gotten the call. A police officer had been on the line, and someone else as well that she didn’t know. They hadn’t told her much, simply that her son had been attacked by a villain and was currently in critical condition.


It had taken nearly all of her willpower not to drop the phone and faint right there on the spot.


She had waited to hear the address of the hospital, and then booked it out of the house before the officer could get another word in. She would get the details later, all she knew was that she had to get to her baby boy. She just had to.


Inko had arrived in less than an hours time, road laws be damned, and had immediately rushed in. When she entered the waiting room completely out of breath, a few people had given her concerned glances, and a lady at the front desk had rushed up to her, asking if she was Midoriya Inko.


She had gotten the details after that, and hearing what had happened-most of it anyway-almost caused her to faint on the spot again. The hero killer. The hero killer, had attacked her precious son. Almost killed him. And it still wasn't even confirmed how his condition was at the moment other than “critical.”


The lady had lead her to one of the seats after she had heard everything, telling him in a gentle voice that it would probably be a while until she would be allowed to visit Izuku.


Bullshit. She is his mother.


She hadn’t argued, however, too tired and shocked to have even said a word. When she finally looked around herself, she noticed the two teens next to her. One of them was staring straight ahead, he looked like he hadn’t cared for himself a while, and the other was staring at her in slight shock and concern. When he noticed her looking at him, he had turned away.


They must be my baby’s friends..


She could tell the instant she saw them, having heard so much from Izuku that she hadn’t even needed to think about it. The one who had been looking at her was Todoroki Shouto, the one Izuku had said “needed his help.” The other one must’ve been Iida, who-by what Izuku had told her-is a very strong willed boy, who is always sticking to the rules and always keeping things neat.


They looked like absolute wrecks, but she doubts she was any better.


She was glad she had brought some blankets with her when she left, and if she cried along with Todoroki that night, no one said anything.




Toshinori had been enjoying a coffee in his house, completely relaxed, perfectly comfortable when he got the call from Tsukauchi. Everything after that had been a flurry of panicked cursing and moving, with him somehow safely making it to the Hosu community hospital without crashing into other cars. He didn’t even care that he wasn’t in his hero form, he didn’t have enough time to waste for that.


Thanks to Tsukauchi, he had been lead to Midoriya’s room immediately. He had gotten there almost four hours after he had been brought in, so Midoriya was in a private room at the time. When he had entered, his eyes had immediately zoomed in on his student,-his amazing student who is so strong -and if he still had his stomach he’s sure it would have dropped to his feet.


Midorya had been set in a plain white hospital bed, a breathing mask over his pale sickly face and several other tubes and needles sticking out of him that Toshinori couldn’t even begin to describe.


He looked like he was dead.


Toshinori had nearly stumbled walking over to the side of the bed, falling to his knees as he simply relished in the fact that his student was breathing and alive. Even if just barely.


Because him being alive meant he wasn’t dead and that was all that Toshinori cared about at the moment.


He had been so focused on everything connected to and surrounding Midoriya that he hadn’t even noticed the other person in the room. It didn’t take much thinking to tell who she was though, the obvious traits she shared with his student made it apparent she was his mother.


The mother of the child he had failed to protect that was now lying still in a hospital bed close to death.


He wanted to go to sleep for a long time.


Midoriya’s mother was asleep in a chair by the bedside, her hand grasping Midoriya’s in a gentle grip as she rested her head on the mattress of the bed. Dried tear tracks were etched onto her round face, her eyes puffy and red. Her hair was a mess, ruffled and tangled in almost every spot. She looked like she had cried for hours without any proper care.


She probably had.


Toshinori hadn’t noticed Tsukauchi leave the room, leading the doctor away as well. He was too busy looking at Midoriya.


His face was flushed red, sweat dripping down his forehead and soaking into the wash cloth that lay there. His breathing seemed relatively steady, the breathing mask probably helping by millions. His hands were wrapped in bandages, dried blood could be slightly seen through the pure white.


The blanket hid most of it, but Toshinori could still see a small fraction of bandages covering Midoriya’s chest and most likely side. Tsukauchi had told him most of what had happened, the fight with Stain, Midoriya being stabbed through his left lung, dangerously close to his heart, but thankfully it hadn’t nicked it in any way. 


His lung had been punctured, ripped through and would have caused Midoriya to drown from his own blood if the heroes hadn’t gotten there as soon as they did. He doesn’t really like thinking about the what-if.


The large gash on his side was deep, but thankfully not deep enough to have hit anything important. There was still the major concern of blood loss, even without the chest injury. Toshinori had heard that Recovery Girl had been brought over first thing, so it was.. Relieving, knowing that someone he was familiar with had helped Midoriya. Of course, he didn’t doubt there would be scars.


After silently dragging over a stool, Toshinori had clasped his hands, and waited.




Bakugou…. Bakugou didn’t know what to think. After receiving that text from Izuku, only getting his location, he had been on instant alert. Izuku would never send something without a reason, without a purpose. It was just a matter of finding out what.


He had tried messaging him back, telling Best Jeanist that something was wrong, but Hosu was too damn far away for him to get there.


It had been hours. Fucking. Hours, since he had gotten that message. Something was clearly wrong. He was just about to blast himself all the way to Hosu just to see what the hell was going on before he finally saw the news. It had pictures to go along with it.




He had never dialed his phone so fast.



Izuku felt… Something. Or someone. He didn’t feel like he was on fire anymore, so that was a plus. In fact, he felt kind of.. Numb? Probably pain meds or something.


Pain meds? Why would he need those?


Oh, right.


Izuku felt like he was floating, everything was dark and weird. Like space, except he doesn’t know what space feels like, so he crossed that off the list. He couldn’t feel any pain, just a dull ache in his body. Someone, multiple people, were talking around him.


He couldn’t tell what they were saying, all of it was muffled inside his floaty space. He thinks he recognizes a few of the voices. Izuku took a second to think, trying to remember the other times he had woken up.


He could remember panicking, some kind of beeping, and a lot of pain. That certainly hadn’t been fun.


A few images of his fight with Stain came up, but he got rid of those before he could think about it.


Izuku kept his eyes closed, not wanting to disturb the people around him. He did try moving his arms, however, only succeeding in making them twitch. He guesses that the people had seen it, or something had happened, because all of the voices had gone completely quiet.


So, mentally preparing himself inside of his mind, Izuku took his chances.




And he opened his eyes.

Chapter Text

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want us to come and drive you? We won’t be long.”


Uraraka held her phone next to her ear, leaning against the wall as she hurriedly tied her shoes. “No Mom, I’m fine. I can just take the bus, I want to get there as fast as I can.”


There was silence over the phone as she grabbed her bag, making sure to pack a bit of food as well. “Mom? You still there?”


“Yes dear… Please just, remember we’re always here for you, okay? No matter what.”


Uraraka stilled, hand inches from the door knob.


“I know you’re hurting a lot right now.. I saw the news about your friend Midoriya. But please, always talk to us if you need to!”


“.... Yeah. Thank you Mom.” Uraraka whispered, tears burning her eyes and throat as a wobbly smile made its way onto her face. She stood there for another moment, trying to get control of her emotions, before finally hanging up and walking out of the door.


It’s been… Almost a week now, hasn’t it?




Uraraka sat on her bed in her apartment, clutching her phone in her hands.  It had been five hours since she had gotten that random message from Midoriya, and now the news is saying that the hero killer had attacked three U.A students. She hadn’t looked at any of the pictures, she already knew Midoriya and Iida were involved. And by the small spot about Endeavor she had seen, the third student was probably Todoroki.


She took a deep breath, glancing around her room for a moment to try and find something to distract herself.


“I can’t just sit here forever… I’m sure he’s fine. He’s gotta be fine. They’re all fine. The heroes got to them in time, it’ll all be perfectly okay! Yeah, yeah. It’s okay… It’s..”


Uraraka froze, her eyes stuck on the screen of her phone, now showing the latest update in the news.


Midoriya Izuku, student of U.A, has been confirmed to be the student with the severe injury.

We are awaiting news of his condition-


Her phone clattered to the floor, landing beside her as she fell to her knees. Uraraka immediately snatched her phone from on the floor, her hands shaking as she went to messages, opening up her conversation with Midoriya.


She quickly typed in a message, not bothering to correct any mistakes.


Space Ranger 2:12AM:

Deku-kun ?>> What hapepded? Are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay

I saw the news

What happened? I thought you were in another city’???

Please respond



Uraraka sat there on the floor, trying to hold back her frightened tears as she waited for a response.


Two minutes.


Five minutes.


Ten minutes.


Uraraka choked on a sob, tears finally slipping down her face as she cried, stress and horror frozen on her face. 


“Deku-kun.. P-please.. Please be okay.. Please respond. What ha-happened….? Iida-kun.. Iida-kun…!!” She took another deep breath, quickly wiping her eyes as she scrolled through her contacts.


She sent a message to Iida, then another, and another, and another. Then she called.


He wouldn’t pick up.


Uraraka moved to the group chat they had all created a bit ago, clicking on it and coming face to face with over sixty new messages.


Die Hard 2:13AM:

Does anyone know what happened with Midoriya and iida???? And todoroki??


I saw the news

What the hell happened


Portable Charger 2:13AM:


I'm worried

What’s going on

Is midoriya okay???????


Similar things continued being sent, almost everyone in the class asking for any information. Uraraka was silently screaming in her head. No one knows what’s going on. No one knows. We don’t have any information.


A sudden call from her phone snapped her out of her horrified daze, almost dropping her phone from surprise. Uraraka looked at the number on her screen.


Midoriya Inko



She fumbled with the buttons for a second, tears still sliding down her cheeks as she put the phone to her ear.




Midoriya had given her his mom’s number a while ago, saying that his mom had wanted to be able to keep in contact with his friends. Apparently the same had been done for Iida as well.


“... Hi there honey.”


Uraraka hadn’t thought they would end up talking much, she didn’t think an awesome person like Midoriya’s mom would really want to talk to her in the first place.


“Are you doing okay? I’m not sure if you’ve seen the n-.. The news yet, but-”


Except they had talked a lot. Uraraka had ended up having many a fun conversation with her, whether it was about Midoriya himself, or something else. It was nice to have someone to talk to that wasn’t herself when she got home from school. Inko had said it was nice for her as well.


“...He’s at the Hosu community hospital.”


Uraraka had never run that fast before.




Almost a week had passed since Midoriya-san had called her, telling her where Deku was staying to recover. When she had first gotten there, Midoriya-Inko, she had persisted-had been waiting there for her, tired and puffy-eyed. Bakugou had been there as well, looking equally stressed and worried, even if he tried to hide it.


Apparently Midoriya had just recently gotten out of surgery, so he was in a private room resting until he could be moved again. So he was allowed visitors, just very few.


Uraraka had went with Inko and Bakugou to his room, the only other people in there being a doctor, Iida, Todoroki, and some very tall, sickly looking blonde man.


School was still out for a while because of internships, but Gun Head had let her stay there. She couldn’t thank him enough for that. Uraraka had sat in that room, hoping and waiting for Midoriya to wake up for days. Apparently having all that people in there was too much, so every night, Uraraka and Todoroki would go home. They both hated it. Iida still needed to stay in the hospital because of his arm-she had worried over that a lot-so he would go into his own room in the hospital.


She hopes he gets better soon.


Every day since then, Uraraka would come back to the hospital in the morning, waiting there in that room, waiting for him to wake up. She was just so relieved he was alive, even if he wasn’t completely okay.


Midoriya had woken up a few times, the first time she hadn’t been there, Inko had, but the second time she was.


Kind of.


She had been in the hallway with Todoroki and Inko,-Bakugou was at his internship, he hadn’t been allowed to stay without checking in- getting some snacks when it had happened. A nurse and doctor had run by them, shouting about a patient waking up. They had recognized the doctor, and ended up running with them.


When they had gotten into Midoriya’s room, it had been chaotic.


Midoriya had been sitting in his bed, eyes wide in terror as he clawed at his chest, ruining the bandages there. It had been awful, she had started crying as soon as she had entered. She had expected to see Midoriya smiling at them, to just open his eyes and say that he’s fine, to get back up like he always has before, but it didn’t happen.


All she saw was her best friend hurting himself and screaming in pain and fear.


They had given him sedatives after that, and sent them out of the room for a while. Thankfully he hadn’t ruined his stitches or aggravated his wound too much, but his bandages had needed to be replaced, and his fever had spiked again.


Inko had called Bakugou about it, and the blonde man from before-”Yagi is fine.”-had gotten there on his own and gotten the news. Iida had been asleep in his room during it, so he hadn’t known until later. He had finally collapsed from lack of sleep, but she had no doubt he would be pulling all-nighters once more when he woke up.


Uraraka had finally checked her phone after that. She had muted it when she had first gotten to the hospital, too occupied by what was happening to check her messages. There were a few private ones from her classmates, and hundreds in the group chat.


Taking a deep breath, she sent a message.


Space Ranger 1:37PM:

Hi guys!! I have some news on deku-kun

He’s alright

I can’t give much info, cause i dont know too much myself, but he’s stable

Hes in the hosu community hospital right now, and he hasn’t really woken up, but he’s doing okay!!


Saying he was doing ‘okay’ was definitely not the truth, but he was doing better than he had before, so it was something. Messages instantly started coming in, asking what had happened, how was he hurt, etc. She sent more details, about how he had been… Stabbed through the chest, and news about Iida and Todoroki as well.


They were all asking if they could visit him, and she asked, but only her small group could at the moment. Any more people and Midoriya would be overwhelmed. Days passed, Bakugou coming in whenever he could, just sitting there with Inko as they waited. When they did that, she usually either went to go and sit with Todoroki and Iida, or she went to get a snack.


A couple of days after Midoriya had… Woken up and gotten scared, he had been moved to a shared room with Iida. That had been a very welcome change. More people had been allowed to visit after that, so many people from the class had popped in to see how Midoriya and Iida were doing.


Kirishima and Tsuyu had come first, with Kaminari and Mina in tow. They were some of the main visitors out of everyone. Even Aizawa had visited!


Once school had started up again, everyone would come back after the school day had ended, sometimes bringing gifts like food, or cards. Inko always started crying out of joy when they did that. They would play games together for hours, Kirishima had even managed to rope Bakugou into it. Yagi-san was always there as well, and he would sometimes join them in their games as well.


Then the day came when Midoriya woke up.




“Hey Baku-bro, got any eights?”


“Go fish.”




“Kirishima-kun!! Language!”


“Sorry Mama Midoriya!”


Kaminari laughed, Kirishima joining him as Inko sighed fondly. They had been playing card games for about an hour now, it was the weekend, so they were able to come in early.


Uraraka shuffled through her cards on the floor, sticking out her tongue in concentration. “Hmm… Tus-chan, got any fours?”


“Go fish.”




Toshinori chuckled, grabbing a stool and sitting down next to Midoriya’s bed. “Do any of you know the game Split?”


Iida shook his head from where he sat on his bed, his arm still in a cast. “Hmm no. Is it a game in only America? I do remember you saying you’ve been there before.” Toshinori hummed in thought.


“.. Well, I don’t think it’s only in America, but I can explain it to you if you don’t know it! I have some cards with me!” Toshinori reached into the pocket of his oversized coat, bringing out a pack of old cards. “Here we go!”


Mina cheered. “Yayyy!! New game time! Now I can finally kick everyone’s butts!!”


“... You don’t even know how the game works-”


“Let me dream, Kaminari.”


“Yes Ma’am.”


Bakugou scoffed, grabbing his bag and standing up. “I’m gonna go get some snacks, anyone want to come with?”


“Oh, I will! I’ve finally got some money to spend.” Jirou stood up, dusting off her leggings and turning to walk out of the room. “Any requests?”




“Hmm.. See if there’s any candy bars!”


“Mochi please!!”


“You ALWAYS want mochi, Ochako-chan!”


“It’s so good though-”


“Get me some chips!”


“Do you think they have any tea?”


“Yaomomo… I really doubt it.”


Jirou laughed, nodding to everyone as she walked out the door with Bakugou.


Inko smiled, turning to look at the still asleep Midoriya. He’s looking so much better now.. His fever’s gone down, he’s finally starting to look healthier! Iida has been doing so well too, Izuku. His arm might have permanent damage, but he’s a lot more positive than he was when I first saw him. He’s been visiting his brother a lot, and I think that’s helped him quite a bit. She sighed. I just wish you would wake up so I could tell you all this…


As if he had heard her, Midoriya’s hand twitched.


Inko gasped, nearly falling out of her sea in excitement. Uraraka blinked in surprise, looking at her with a bit of concern.


“Inko-san…? Is everything alright? Did something happen?!”


Inko turned to her and beamed . “I think he’s waking up!!”


Everyone was instantly on their feet, smiles and shouts of excitement filling the room. Even the usually silent Todoroki was on his feet and by Midoriya’s bed in seconds. They all crowded around him, not daring to speak as they waited with bated breath.


Seconds passed, and then…




“....... Hi-”














Similar shouts rang out, a few people even starting to bawl dramatically. Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin, not having expected so many people to start screaming at him at once. He covered his ears, scrunching his eyes closed as he tried to fight back an on-coming headache.


Holy crap. Just how long have I been asleep for them to react like this?! It’s like the entirety of class 1-A is here!! WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD?!


Inko saw his pinched face, quickly quieting herself and pushing everyone back. “Everyone!! Give him some space! We’re overwhelming him.”


Izuku kept his eyes closed for a few more seconds, slowly removing his hands from his ears an opening his eyes once everyone had gone quiet. His vision was still a bit blurry from just waking up, but he could still see everyone pretty clearly.


He could see his mom by his side, looking at him with pure relieved happiness , and Toshinori was right beside her, a large grin plastered on his thin face. Uraraka, Kirishima, Iida, Todoroki, Kaminari, Mina, Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu, and Sero were all spread around him. Although they made sure that he had some space.


They all gave him happy yet concerned looks, waiting for him to say something. Izuku bit his lip, still feeling a bit numb from the medicine. 


“Umm… How much did I miss?”


Inko burst into tears, leaning forward and pulling him into a tight hug, thankfully not putting any pressure on his chest or side. Toshinori soon followed suit, wrapping his long arms around Izuku’s small frame and burying his face in his curly hair. In no time at all, every person there had joined in the hug, crying and laughing in pure joy as they all wrapped Izuku in a large group hug. 


Izuku wrapped his slightly shaky arms around his mom, tears of his own running down his cheeks as a small laugh escaped his mouth. As everyone smiled and laughed, swathing him in warmth and love and pure happiness, he smiled.


I’m so glad to be back.

Chapter Text

A week has passed since Midoriya had finally completely woke up, and today is the day he would be leaving the hospital to go home.


“Are you sure you’re feeling fine?”


“Yes, I’m sure.”


Toshinori, Inko, Uraraka, Kirishima, Bakugou, Iida, Mina, and Tsuyu had mostly stayed with him during that week. Coming in every afternoon with new games, snacks, and even notes from the classes so he wouldn’t fall behind.


“No pain? And you haven’t been scratching at your stitches or anything, right?”


“No Mom, I haven’t.”


Iida had been released from the hospital about three days ago, with everything but his arm being completely healed. Midoriya had been quite worried about that, but he hadn’t seemed too down. 


“Do you have everything you need? Got your books-”


Yes. Can we go now? I really miss home.”


Midoriya had almost cried(he did cry. It was incredible. How a person could cry that much is astounding.) when Uraraka had handed him a card from all of Class 1-A, multiple signatures and small notes from every student littering the pages. He had hugged every single one of them, even Bakugou had been pulled in to it.


“Yes, yes. Okay… Well, grab your stuff, and remember to grab your notes!”


“Got it!”


During the past week, Midoriya had been getting steadily better. He still had the occasional coughing fit, and the wounds had left two large scars in their wake. One from the gash on his side that stretched for about four inches, stark against his skin, and the other resting on the right side of his chest. A reminder of his fight with Stain.


Many times he had tried to get up and walk around, even try to train, but each time one of his friends or the doctors would find him and drag him back to his room. It was, by his words, “absolutely infuriating.” But now, here he was, with the only reminder that he was ever hurt being his scars and a slight soreness.


“Let’s go!!”


Midoriya beamed, happy to finally be out of the hospital room. Inko hugged him, ruffling his hair before turning to Bakugou behind them.


“Katsuki dear, do you have everything with you?” Inko asked, a smile on her face.


Bakugou grunted, adjusting the bag on his back as he walked towards them. “Yeah. Shitty Hair gave me a few card games too, so we can play those when we get back.” He reached into his pocket, bringing out a deck of playing cards.


Midoriya grinned, already halfway to the car. “Oooh.. Has Kacchan finally made another friend?! It’s a miracle!!”




“Katsuki!! Language!”




All three of them laughed, the sun shining brightly above them. They were about to enter the car waiting for them when suddenly a shout sounded behind them. All Might, in his civilian form, ran up to them, waving.


“Young Izuku!! Midoriya-san!! Young Bakugou!!”


Midoriya ran up to him, dropping his bag and quickly hugging Toshinori around the waist. However, he quickly remembered just who it was that he was hugging, and swiftly stepped back with embarrassment. “T-Toshinori-san! What are you doing here? I was just about to head home.”


Bakugou scoffed. “Hurry up. I wanna have enough time to beat Deku’s ass in some games.” Midoriya laughed at that.


Toshinori coughed into his hand, reaching into the pocket of his large coat. “Right, right.. Well, I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re better now, young Izuku, and I hope you remember not to talk about your fight with Stain, correct?”


Midoriya nodded, his conversation with the police chief running through his head.


“The rules are to not use your quirks against anyone, or in public, without the use of a license. Therefore, you three have broken this rule. You three, as well as the heroes who you went ot for internships, will have to be punished.”


Midoriya felt Todoroki tense from where he sat behind him.


“Wait just a second..” Todoroki stood up from the bed, anger evident on his face. “Are you saying we should’ve just let those people die?! Everything turned out just fine, so forget the law for this!! Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?!”


“Todoroki-kun… Just listen to him for a second.”




The chief officer nodded, continuing. “If the story of you three fighting Stain got out, you would be loved by the public, but you would still deal with the punishment. But if we keep the story under wraps, the burns on his body will suggest that Endeavor was the one to defeat him, and no one will know. You won’t have to be punished either! So what do ya say?”


They had decided to keep it a secret, none of them really caring for the attention it would’ve gotten them anyways.


“Right!” Toshinori smiled, taking out an object from his coat pocket. “I have something for you!”


Midoriya’s eyes widened, a small blush lighting his cheeks as a bright smile made its way across his face. Toshinori grinned, holding a small slightly worn charm out in front of him.


“... That’s!!”


“That’s right. Even though I have absolutely no idea how you know about this, but yeah! It’s some of my-” Midoriya frantically glanced at a confused Inko, “-I mean All Might’s first merchandise that ever came out! I think it was… Maybe a year after he first debuted?” Toshinori nervously chuckled, and Bakugou gave a loud sigh, confusing Inko even more.


Midoriya laughed, his smile absolutely glowing as he gently took the small All Might charm into his hands. It was just a small simple figure, wearing one of his old costumes with reds and blues and grays, a little dirty, but still just as amazing. “I… Thank you, for this, for everything.. I don’t know what to say…”


Bakugou smacked him on the side of his head, making him squawk in surprise. “Maybe you can just say thank you, be done with it, and not cry for once.”


“Kacchan!! What was that for?!”


“For being a fucking crybaby.”


“Well frick you too then.”


“Just say ‘fuck’ like a normal teen.”




Toshinori chuckled while Inko just sighed in exasperation, shaking her head. “I must be going now, and you should be getting home as well, young Izuku. Wouldn’t want to keep you waiting any longer.”


“Right!!” Midoriya clutched the charm in his hand, grinning as he started walking back to the car. “Oh, you should join us for dinner sometime, Toshinori-san! Would that be okay, Mom?”


“Hmm..” Inko hummed, smiling slightly as she thought about it. “Yeah, that should be fine. It would be an honor to have the secretary of All Might’s agency at our house! Oh.. I’ll have to buy some more food… And clean the house. Maybe get some decorations? No no that’s trying too hard. Hm..”


Midoriya chuckled fondly as Inko continued to mumble about planning, glad to know he’s not the only one with the bad habit. Thank goodness she had believed that he’s the secretary of All Might’s agency.. Otherwise we’d be in trouble. “Well, bye bye then, Toshinori-san.”


“Goodbye, young Izuku. I’ll try to join you for dinner sometime.”






“Oops. Sorry Kacchan.”




Shinsou stared at the screen of his computer, idly scrolling through random YouTube videos as he gently pet the gray cat on his lap. The curtains in his room were drawn, the only light in the room being a lamp on his desk. Another cat slept on his neatly-made bed, a ball of string resting next to it.


“Dusty, please stop scratching my sweatpants. I just finished patching the hole from last week, no need to make a new one.” Shinsou grumbled, raising an eyebrow when Dusty simply meowed, stretching her arms out over his legs before softly purring. “Ugh.. At least someone’s getting sleep. Lord knows I’m not.”


A notification popped up on his phone, lighting up the screen. He hadn’t turned the brightness down from earlier, causing him to wince as he turned his eyes to the screen.


“Stupid phone.. When will it learn that I hate the light after waking up?” He reached his arm over, bringing his phone to his face as YouTube played soft music in the background.


He had gotten another message from Midoriya, and another one, and another. He sighed, opening up the conversation.


Local Green Torch 1:06PM:



Guess who’s finally going hom!!!!!!!




Shinsou felt the smallest of smiles curl his lips as he typed back a response.


Purple Insomniac 1:07PM:

Sup. You’re finally out of the hospital? Sorry I never visited.


Local Green Torch 1:07PM:

That’s okay!!!

You probably wouldve died of bordom if you had went so i cant blame you

How have you been lately? Gen ed treating you well?? :DD



Purple Insomniac 1:07PM:

Your typing is killing me. At least use a period. I’m begging you.


Local green Torch 1:07PM:

N e v e r :)


Shinsou face palmed, a sound of suffering coming from behind his hand. Dusty meowed softly from her spot on his lap. “He’s going to kill me. I swear. Why did I even become friends with him, I’m an idiot.”


Shinsou had kept in touch with Midoriya after the sports festival, well, more like Midoriya kept in touch to be honest.


“Shinsou-kun!! Shinsou-kun!!”


Shinsou slowly turned, coming face-to-face with Midoriya Izuku, the one who beat him in the third event, and had persistently claimed him as his friend. He could already feel a headache coming. “What?”


“We should trade numbers! That way we can talk to each other outside of school!”


“.... What?”


He had tried to avoid him, he really had. But getting message after message every day, call after call every day-he had muted him-, made it very hard to do so.


It’s not that he wanted to actually talk to him. That would be stupid.




He had actually found talking to Midoriya…. Nice, in a way. It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone wasn’t slightly afraid of him.


It was fun.


Shinsou had never really.. Had friends, so talking with Midoriya was still as astounding as it was when he first started. Midoriya would message him daily, say hello-in all caps, of course. Because why not-, ask him questions about General Education, talk about theories, or just random crap.


He doesn’t think he’s ever smiled so much before he met him.


When the Hosu incident had happened, he hadn’t known that Midoriya was involved at the time. That is, until the green gremlin hadn’t messaged him for two days in a row. He hadn’t panicked too much at first, simply just a little concerned considering Midoriya tended to message him daily without fail.


Then he saw the news.


Then he started panicking.


He hadn’t bothered messaging Midoriya, knowing he was probably still recovering, so all he could do was repeatedly check the news and wait anxiously.


Oh dear God is this what it feels like to worry about a friend?!


Shinsou had practically sunk into his seat with relief when he got a message from Midoriya saying, “I lived bitch.” He had demanded answers after that, asking question after question about what had happened. Midoriya had requested pictures of his cats as payment. Who knew he was such a cat lover?


They had talked the rest of that night, Shinsou sending pictures of his dumb as hell cats and Midoriya sending pictures of his friends playing card games. Shinsou had never expected to become close with Midoriya. He had never expected to talk with him every day, to have actual fun conversations with him. He’d expected to just occasionally see him every once in a while in the school hallway.


Yet here he was, currently making plans to go and hang out with his real friend.




How the fuck-


Shinsou’s eyes snapped back to his phone screen, silently muttering curses as he read through Midoriya’s messages.


Local Green Torch 1:08PM:

Are you free for this weekend???

I'm going to take your silence as a yes

Well, since youre free, lets hang out!!!! >:DDD

Theres no escaping me


How about a saturday?



how about we hang out at my place~! Around 3pm 

Does that sound good?

Doesnt matter! Because youre coming whether you like it or not! :D

See ya then!


Shinsou let out a long suffering sigh, placing his head in his hands as his cats fell asleep. Let it be known that just because Midoriya is his friend, that does not mean he does not make him suffer.


Well there goes my weekend.


Dusty swatted at his face and meowed.




Midoriya turned off his phone with a smile, snickering at the thought of Shinsou’s face once he saw the messages. Oh how I torture him so.. Sorry-not-sorry, Shinsou-kun!


“Okay, we’re home!”


Midoriya cheered, throwing open the car door of the taxi and running up the steps to the apartment building. “Com’on guys! Hurry up!!”


Inko giggled, handing money to the taxi driver before grabbing her bag and following her son into the apartment complex. Bakugou grumbled about it being ‘too soon for this much energy’, although he himself rushed over, excited to get inside.


Midoriya ran to his room, careful not to aggravate his wounds, and flopped down on his bed, sighing in content. “Oh, it’s good to be back! Not to mention that today is Friday, so I won’t have to worry about school for a bit longer! I’ve just gotta finish all the homework I was given..” Midoriya yelped as an All Might pillow was thrown at his face, just barely avoiding it by rolling to the side. “Kacchan! Mean!!”


“Don’t fucking call me Kacchan.”


“But it’s fun!”


“No it’s not.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“... Fair enough.”


Bakugou dumped his bag on the floor, seating himself on Midoriya’s bed as he brought out the deck of cards Kirishima had given him.


“Here, Baku-bro! You should keep these, I’ve got plenty at home, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!” 


Bakugou smiled, before reaching over lightly slapping Midoriya’s face. “Oi, nerd. I bet I can beat you into next Thursday in this game of cards.”


Midoriya gasped dramatically, putting a hand on his chest in mock hurt. “How dare you. I will destroy you. It’s on.”


If Bakugou accidentally threw the pack of cards out of the window in a fit of rage, well, they didn’t talk about that.




Izuku anxiously tapped his foot on the ground as he waited for Shinsou to arrive. It was the planned day to hang out, and Izuku was ready and set. Around ten board games sat ready on the table, many more video games were waiting on the shelves, he had already searched up plenty of cat videos, and he even had movies planned! Now the only thing left was Shinsou himself.


Hmm… Maybe I should take him on a run as well? The beach could work. I haven’t done any running in a while as it is… Plus, he wants to get into the hero course, and that isn’t gonna happen until he gets some muscles onto those noodle arms of his. I’ll have to bring some water.. Snacks, probably. Oh, what if I wrote him a training schedule? He might not like that. Hmm.. What if-




Well, either way I should have him go on a run with me. Maybe I could tell Aizawa-sensei about him? They have similar quirks. Not to mention similar smiles… Scary..


“.. Midoriya.”


Would Aizawa-sensei even help him, though? I mean, he would definitely be the best person to go to for Shinsou-kun, considering the quirks and personalities in general-




Izuku snapped out of his daze, flinching in surprise when he saw Shinsou standing right in front of him, tired eyes looking at him in amusement.


“S-Shinsou!! I didn’t hear you come in!”


He snorted. “I don’t think you heard anything during your mumbling. Do you always do that?”




“I’ll take that as a yes.”




Shinsou flicked his forehead. “No, bad Midoriya. No cursing for the green bean in this house.” Izuku pouted childishly, getting another laugh from Shinsou. “So, do you have anything planned for us?”


Izuku hummed, putting a hand on his chin. “Well.. I was gonna have us play games and watch cat videos, but…” He grinned. “I’ve got a new plan now!!”


“Should I be scared?”




Within minutes, Izuku had dragged Shinsou to his room, given a pair of proper running shoes, packed snacks and water, mumbled the entire time, said goodbye to his mom, got his shoes on, and managed to get halfway to the beach before Shinsou started yelling at him.


“Where the hell are we going?! What the hell are we even doing?!”


Izuku paused in his running, only having just seemed to remember that he hadn’t told Shinsou about his plans. “Oh-right. Whoops.” He let go of Shinsou’s wrist, facing towards him with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks. “I know how you want to get into the hero course at U.A, so I thought…”


“Thought what?


“Well, I thought it would be good if you got some exercise in!” He tried to hold in his laughter at Shinsou’s dumbfounded face, he really did. “So I’m bringing you to the local beach! I usually go for a run here, but I haven’t in a while so I figured it would be cool to bring you along!”


Shinsou blinked in surprise, a thoughtful look settling on his tired face. “I hadn’t thought of that.. It’s actually a good idea. If I want to get transferred, I’ll definitely have to get stronger. My quirk won’t be enough.” He grabbed a water bottle out of Izuku’s bag, determination shining in his purple eyes. “Alright, let’s do it then.”




Thirty minutes later…


“How… the fuck… Are you still running..?


Izuku slowed down, waiting for Shinsou to catch up as he took a sip from his water. “What do you mean? How are you already out of breath?”


“How are you not?!”


Shinsou put his hands on his knees, taking in gulps of air as sweat dripped down his face. They had been running for a full thirty minutes straight on the beach, no stops, and drinking water on the go if needed. How is he doing it? Are all the hero course students like that? Damn.. Not to mention he just recently got out of the hospital.


He emptied his water bottle in one breath, wiping his forehead and staring at Izuku in pure confusion. “How do you do it?” Izuku tilted his head.


“What do you mean?”


“I mean..” Shinsou gestured vaguely. “All of this! Even without your quirk, you’re still.. Still…”


Oh. Izuku gave him a soft smile. “You know, it took a long time for me to get like this. You thinking that I was blessed all my life is kind of insulting all my hard work. No one starts from scratch, that’s for certain.” He put his hands on his hips, smiling as the sun started to set over the water. “..We’ve still got plenty of time left. Do you.. Wanna keep running?”


Shinsou closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before standing up. “I… Yeah. Yeah, let’s keep going.”


“There he is!!”


“As payment for forcing me to run, no cat pictures for three days.”


“WHAT?! NO!!”




Midoriya finished eating the snacks he had packed for himself, handing the other one to a very tired Shinsou. Around three hours had gone by, with them mostly running with breaks in between. Sometimes they would do other things, such as push ups, or sitting and looking at adorable cats.


It was mostly the cats.


Midoriya grinned, wiping the sweat from his brow and standing to his feet, stretching his limbs. Ouch.. Still pretty sore. Maybe I should take it a bit more easy. A sudden squawk next to him made him jump into the air, accidentally activating his quirk and sending a blast of fire at the sand, falling on his back. “Ow… What the frick was that..?”


“... Did you just get so scared into using your quirk by a seagull?”


“..... Oh.”


Shinsou cackled, laughing harder when Midoriya’s face started to turn red. “It’s not funny!!”


“O-oh yes it so fucking is. A seagull!!”


Midoriya huffed, dusting off his pants as he stood back up. Something glinted in the spot where his fire had landed, catching his attention. “What’s this..?” he reached down to pick it up, staring wide-eyed at the small piece of rugged glass in his hands.


It was shining, almost glowing, still hot to the touch. Some kind of green.. Energy swirled within it, giving it a soft green glow. “Wow… Shinsou-kun!! Come look at this! I think I accidentally made glass with my quirk!”


Shinsou perked up, looking at the piece of glass in Midoriya’s hands curiously. “It’s.. Glowing? Is it because of your fire being green or something? And how did you not figure out you could do this earlier?”


“I have no idea!! That’s what makes it so exciting!” He beamed, stuffing the glass in his short’s pocket. “I’m gonna have to experiment on this… Update my notebook as well!”


“Yeah.. You do that.” Shinsou checked the time on his phone, grimacing when he saw a few texts from his mom. “We should probably head back. It’s around dinner for you, right?”


“Yeah. Want to race back?”


“Fuck no.”


Midoriya chuckled, picking up his bag from the ground and starting in the direction home. A nice cool breeze blew by them, making him shiver. Shinsou didn’t take too long to catch up, though he was still walking a bit slower than Midoriya. “Hey, have you been getting enough sleep like I told you to?”


Shinsou gave him a deadpan look. “I don’t know, Midoriya. Are my eye bags gone?”


“Fair enough.” Midoriya laughed, though he was still concerned. They walked for a while longer, the sun casting long dark shadows in front of them. “Hey, wanna take the short way back? I know a good path.”


“Sure. Whatever gets me to my cats faster.” He nodded, turning off his phone as the street lamps finally turned on.


Midoriya grinned, taking a left turn towards the woods. “There’s an old pathway through here, I used to go through it when Kacchan was chasing me in tag.” The trees started out thin, becoming thicker as they went further, blocking out the sun.


A quiet rustling sound shook the bushes beside Shinsou, making him turn in their direction. “... Hey, did you hear that?”


“Hear what-”


Midoriya was cut off as a small girl-maybe around five or six years old-jumped out from the bushes, falling on her face in the dirt.


“What the?!”




The girl had long, messy white hair that traveled down her back all the way to her knees. She wore a dirty white dress, holes torn into a few spots on the cloth. Her skin was pale, bandages wrapping around her arms and legs. A small horn appeared to be growing on her forehead as well. Her face snapped up, bright, fearful red eyes staring up at them.


She trembled, slowly standing up on shaky legs. “Please…”


“Please don’t hurt me..!!”

Chapter Text

“Where did that little brat go…”


A tall figure walked through the woods, his green coat swaying slightly in the wind.


“I swear, if she gets into any trouble it’ll be two rounds tonight instead of one.”


His golden eyes glowed in the darkness, hands twitching at his sides as he walked.


“You’re gonna be in big trouble, Eri.




“Please don’t hurt me!!”


Izuku stared in shock at the little girl in front of him, only snapping out of his daze when tears started to streak down her face.


“H-hey.. It’s okay! We’re not gonna hurt you, I promise..” He knelt down onto his knees, putting his hands up in front of him with his palms facing towards her. “Can you tell us your name?” I don’t want to spook her any more than she already is. Whatever had made her like this…


Shinsou followed his lead, kneeling down and putting his hands up as well. “We promise we won’t hurt you. We just want to help, okay?”


The girl looked slightly overwhelmed, the tears on her face slowing but not stopping. Her eyes seemed to study them for a moment, searching them to see if they were lying, before she cautiously stepped forward.


“M.. My name is E-Eri.” She snapped her eyes to the ground right after she said it, ducking her head and clutching the ends of her dress in fear.


Is she afraid to speak..? Who hurt her? We need to get her to safety, she looks like she had run away from something, or someone. “Hey, it’s alright.” He kept his voice low, not wanting to scare her. “You don’t have to look down, you know.”


Eri continued to look at the ground for a few more moments before finally looking up again, the plain fear and hurt in her eyes almost breaking Izuku’s heart. Shinsou tapped Izuku’s shoulder, motioning to his phone. Izuku nodded.


“Okay, Eri. My friend Shinsou here-he won’t hurt you either-is going to call someone who will be able to help you. So while he’s doing that-”




Eri’s sudden shout caused Izuku to flinch back, not having expected it. Eri gasped, sputtering out apologies like her life depended on it.


She probably thought it did.


Focus brain, focus!! No time thinking about the dark stuff, right now, just get her to calm down. He turned to Shinsou, his hand still halfway to his phone. “Shinsou.. Do you have any cat pictures? She might like those.”


He blinked, his once tired eyes looking fully awake, and nodded. Shinsou slowly brought out his phone, making sure his hands were in the line of sight for Eri the entire time. As he did that Izuku tried asking Eri why she had freaked out.


“.. If.. I-if the heroes cme th-then he’ll hurt me..!! He’ll do it a-again… I don’t wanna be hurt!!” Eri’s whole body shook, her arms wrapping around her as she cried.


“Okay, okay. We won’t call anyone, alright? You know what…” He reached into his back pocket, taking out a pack of fruit-flavored gummies. Good thing I had taken them out of my costume.. “Here, you can have these. They’re candy, and really tasty! Trust me.” Izuku took the chance and slowly reached his hand up, lightly patting Eri’s head.


Eri nearly flinched back, the only thing holding her back being Izuku’s honest eyes. “O-okay.. I tr-trust you.” She cautiously took he pack of already open gummies, popping one inside her mouth(Izuku’s heart nearly shattered at how she seemed afraid of it-), and then she absolutely glowed.


Shinsou hadn’t even finished getting to his photo gallery by the time she had stuffed the rest of the gummies in her small mouth, her eyes practically sparkling. Once she realized what she had done, she quickly bowed her head and apologized for eating his gummies.


“No, no. It’s okay! I gave them to you.”




“Yeah, he has too much candy anyways. I’m surprised he’s not fat yet.” Shinsou joked, finally bringing out his phone. “Here Eri, do you like cats-”


There you are.


Ice cold fear ran down Izuku’s spine, paralyzing him to the spot as he slowly looked up at the new voice. A man in his mid-twenties stood before them, dark shadows cast over his face-half covered up by some kind of bird mask and is that blood on his gloves? -with sharp golden eyes staring them down in fake kindness. A large dark green coat rested on his shoulders, a neat suit showing from underneath. Dirty- bloody -white gloves were on his hands, his shoes crunching the leaves around him as he walked closer.


Izuku hadn’t noticed until just then how Eri had frozen, red eyes blown wide in fear(he thinks he sees acceptance in there too but he doesn’t want to believe it) and terror. Shinsou reacted first, calmly putting a hand on Izuku’s shoulder and faking a bored smile.


“Oh, are you her dad or something? Sorry if we’re intruding, she’s just so cute.” Act normal. Act normal. Don’t cause a scene. Act normal . Smile, Midoriya. Izuku didn’t need to think twice to get the message, swiftly moving his face from shock and fear to pleasant surprise and happiness.


“Right, we’re sorry for just popping in! You have a wonderful daughter.” Izuku struggled to keep the smile on his face, nearly snatching Eri away from the man- it’s him this has to be the person who hurt her why am I not saving her -as he put his hand on her head.


She flinched and Izuku nearly screamed.


The man stared at them for a few more seconds, seemingly deciding whether or not they were lying. The seconds seemed to stretch for hours before he finally turned around, grabbing Eri’s shaking hand and dragging her with him. “... Of course.”


As Izuku watches tears drip down Eri’s face as she clutches the candy wrapper, he makes a vow within his heart.


I swear Eri, I will save you one day.




Kaminari idly played with Ojirou’s tail as he waited for class to start, already dreading having to go over their homework. At least I managed to finish it this time! Let’s just hope Aizawa-sensei doesn’t kill me.


He was about to start combing his fingers through the soft fur at the tails tip when Kirishima suddenly popped up beside him, nearly making him fall out of his chair. “KIRISHIMA-”


“Heya dude!”


“Do not do that again you almost gave me a HEART ATTACK!!” Kaminari shouted, placing a hand on his chest and breathing a sigh of relief. “I swear, you’re too energetic this morning.”


Midoriya piped up from his seat across the room. “He’s always this energetic.”


“How the fuck did you even hear that..?”


Midoriya just smiled.


Kirishima laughed. “Well, that’s just Midoriya being Midoriya. I swear, with his strength, sometimes it feels like he isn’t even human!!” He pumped his fists into the air, skin hardening as he activated his quirk. “Both him and Bakugou, and Todoroki! They’re pretty much the strongest in the class!”


Kaminari nodded in agreement, looking a bit embarrassed as he played with lightning in his palm. “Yeah, that’s for sure. They all work hella hard, especially that Midoriya, it seems like. Makes you wanna try and get stronger, you know?”


“Yeah bro!! I totally get what you mean.” Kirishima smiled, laughing a bit as Bakugou raged about having lost a card game against Uraraka. “They’re all really amazing. Oh, hey!! That gives me an idea!”


Before Kaminari could ask what it was, Kirishima bounded over to Bakugou, happily ignoring the wave of insults being screamed at him. He couldn’t hear it, but whatever Kiririshima had said managed to make Bakugou smirk. And most of the time that was not a good thing.


Soon enough Mina had joined Bakugou and Kirishima, her eyes lighting up in excitement as she waved her arms around. I should probably just go over there and see what they’re talking about before I get dragged into something. Dropping Ojirou’s tail, gently of course, Kaminari resigned himself to his fate and joined the small group on the other side of the classroom.


“So… What’s this plan you came up with? Does it involve hot girls? ‘Cause if so then I am all in.” Kaminari smirked, putting his arms behind his head. Bakugou groaned, which was completely expected, but then Kirishima grinned excitedly, shaking his shoulders and making him dizzy.


“Kaminari bro, you’re a genius!!


Bakugou snorted. “Are you sure about that-”




Mina laughed, bright and cheerful, and for a moment Kaminari swore he saw Kirishima blush. Hmm.. Interesting.. “Hey, so are you thinkin’ what I’m thinking, Kiri-kun?!”


Kirishima grinned, pumping his fists together. “Hell yeah!! Let’s invite everyone to do it!! It’ll be like class training!”


Kaminari stared at them confused as they kept talking back and forth about something, he could even hear Midoriya shouting in some comments as well. “Umm… Mind telling me what’s going on?”


“They’re planning to have everyone in the class have weekend meetings to train together!”


Kaminari nearly had a heart attack for the second time that morning, not having seen nor heard Midoriya sneak up behind him coming up right next to his side. He’s like... 99.9% sure that Midoriya is not human. “Wait… What?”


Midoriya smiled. “Weekend training and sparring with everyone!”


What have I gotten into?




Yaoyorozu walked with Jirou down the hallway, laughing at a funny story she had told her. Class had ended about six minutes ago, and she was in a good mood from acing the pop quiz Aizawa-sensei had given them. Kaminari and Mina had both.. Yeah. She offered to help them study, and then suddenly half of the class was cheering for her to help them. She was just glad to be able to make her classmates happy.


Her and Jirou had begun to hang out a lot more after the USJ incident, and they’d come to be quite good friends. Yaoyorozu had laughed for a while when Jirou had finally seen her house.


There was a lot of enthused screaming, just for your information.


“So, Yaomomo, are there any guys you like?” Jirou turned to her with a sly smile on her face, waiting for an answer.


Yaoyorozu hummed, bringing a finger up to her chin in thought. “Hmm… I can’t really say for certain, I’m always been more focused on studies and training than romance.. Though I suppose it would be nice to fantasize about it.” She smiled warmly. “Is there anyone you like, Jirou-san?”


Jirou flushed red, frantically waving her arms out in front of her face. “W-what?! No!! Sure, lots of the boys are cute.. But nah, I’m not really into that kind of stuff.”




“Stop doing that!!”


Yaoyorozu laughed, her shiny black ponytail swishing behind her. They would probably be the earliest to arrive in their next class, considering everyone else had mostly stayed behind to chat or gone somewhere else before the bell. She thought about what had been said before home room, about Kirishima’s idea.


“Hey, Jirou-san? What do you think about the class training idea?”


“I think it’s pretty neat.” She played with her ear jack, twirling it around her finger. A habit of hers. “It would be nice to be able to train outside of lessons, not to mention that we can all study together as well and learn fighting moves from different people. If Aizawa-sensei allows it, we could probably even be able to train our quirks!”


“Wow, you’ve thought this out quite a bit haven’t you?” Yaoyorozu asked, adjusting the books in her arms so they wouldn’t slip.


“I mean, I guess so. I can’t focus on just music all the time.” She made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth, a grin slipping onto her face. “Speaking of, I just recently got a new drum set! You should come see me play sometime! Maybe you can bring your violin, too!”


Yaoyorozu smiled. “Maybe so.”




“I’m pretty sure you like someone.”






Uraraka walked into her next class, surprised to see that she was the only person here.  Guess I got here earlier than I thought.. Sheesh.  


“Oh! Hi Uraraka-san! You’re here pretty early.”


She jolted a  bit in surprise, turning her head and seeing Midoriya sitting in his seat, fiddling with something in his hands. “Oh, it’s just you, Deku-kun.. How come you’re here so early? I thought no one was here!”


He smiled bashfully, putting his notebook on top of his desk. It looked like an older one, going by the worn pages, as well as the title stating it was only notebook number three. “I was updating the section on my quirk. I found out I can do something new a few days ago, so I’ve been experimenting with it!” Uraraka tilted her head curiously, dumping her back pack by her seat and walking over to see what he was working on.


“Can I see it?”


Midoriya smiled. “Yeah, sure. Here.” He handed her his notebook, looking a bit embarrassed. “Don’t mind all the bad handwriting.. I made this when I was younger, so it’s pretty messy.”


Uraraka tried reading the younger Midoriya’s notes, but after a minute of trying she gave up and moved to the obviously newer notes. “You can make glass?!”


“Yeah. I found out when I was on the beach with Shinsou-kun, I accidentally blasted the sand with my fire..” He chuckled nervously, playing with something in the middle of his palm. More people had finally started to come into the classroom, but none of them really paid them any mind.


The ‘something’ in Midoriya’s hand glinted when it caught the light, making Uraraka set the notebook down as she tried to see what it was. “Hey, is that the glass you made?! Can I see it? Sorry if I’m being too needy.”


He shook his head, blushing a bit as he brought his hands up, almost dropping the few pieces of glass in his hand when Uraraka moved closer to see. They were all in different shapes, one of them looked sharp, and unfinished, but the other two were more refined, almost like someone had tried to make something out of them. Wait.. Was he actually trying to form something with his glass? That’s so cool!! And it’s so pretty.. That green light inside really does make it glow.


“How did you get that green stuff inside of it like that?” Uraraka smiled excitedly, getting ready for class all but forgotten.


Midoriya’s face became a bit thoughtful, and Uraraka readied herself for the mumbling storm that was sure to come. “See, the thing is, I actually don't know. That’s what I’ve been working on lately. I’m pretty sure the green is because of my fire, considering the color of it, but I’m not sure if the glass is simply stained or if there is actually some kind of fire or energy inside of the glass. It always seems to be moving inside of it, so I’m leaning more for it being some kind of energy or something. Other than that the glass is perfectly normal, the only thing I have to find out is the green stuff in the center-”


“Oi, Deku.”


Uraraka tried not to laugh when Midoriya nearly yelped in surprise, but a few giggles escaped her mouth anyways. Bakugou was standing in the doorway, a pensive look clouding his face. Just about all of the class were in their seats, and the teacher would be here soon. So what’s Bakugou-kun doing just standing there?


“All Might wants to talk to us, hurry the hell up before I drag you with me.”


Midoriya looked at Bakugou for a moment, an unspoken conversation passing between them. Uraraka felt very much out of the loop.


He turned to her, smiling a bit as he stood up. “Could you get some notes for me? I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.”


She smiled. “Sure thing, Deku-kun!” With that, he and Bakugou left.


I wonder what All Might wants…




Izuku walks with Bakugou to the break room where All Might was waiting, both of them staying silent the entire way. When they entered the room, All Might was sitting on the green couch farthest from the door, his head on top of his folded hands and his eyes hidden by shadows. He wasn’t in his hero form, it wasn’t needed, considering they both knew his secrets. A tense silence filled the air, and Izuku shuddered.


“Toshinori-san? We’re here.”


All Might snapped his head up, tired eyes staring at them in muted concern. “Ah, sorry I didn’t hear you enter.”


Izuku shook his head, moving to sit down on the couch opposite of his teacher. “No, no. It’s fine.”


“Yeah, just hurry up with whatever you wanted to tell us.” Bakugou sat down next to Izuku, letting his arm rest on the back of the couch. “We’ve got a class to get back to.”


All Might nodded, pouring two cups of tea and passing them to Izuku and Bakugou. “Well then, I brought you here to talk about me, and about One For All.”


About One For All? What about it?


The next few minutes All Might proceeded to tell them about the origins of One For All. The story of All For One, the horrible acts he did, his power, his… His brother.. He told him of the mission that each user of One FOr All faced, about his inevitable fight against All For One. How even after All Might had defeated him, he’s still alive. Izuku… He couldn’t believe it. The thought that so many people before him, every single person before him, had died trying to stop All For One, it horrified him. 


But I won’t give up!! “Toshinori-san… I promise that I won’t let you down! I’ll step up, and with you by my side, I can do anything! That’s… How I feel, anyway. I’ll beat All For One, and then no one will have to face him again!”


Bakugou smirked beside him, although he looked a little.. Troubled? “Damn straight! Don’t think you can just leave us to fight that piece of shit all on your own! We’re gonna join in on the fight too!!”

“Kacchan, watch your language!”




All Might stayed silent, and when Izuku looked back at his face, he seemed like he had just watched somebody die.




“Toshinori-san? Is something wrong?”


All Might lowered his head. “By the time that day comes, I… Won’t be here for you anymore.”

Izuku felt his world crumble to pieces.




Aizawa closed the door behind him, looking Tsukauichi in the eyes in his office.


"I have some new information about that case you're working on."

Chapter Text

Tsukauchi set down the folders he was looking through, motioning for Aizawa to sit down. Aizawa looked at him, practically telling him with his eyes that coffee will be needed. So of course, he makes himself a cup. He grabbed a notepad from his desk, placing it on the table along with a pencil and nodding for Aizawa to start.


“You might remember him, but one of my students came to me yesterday, along with a student from general education. Midoriya, and Shinsou.” Aizawa stood up to make his own cup of coffee, and continued speaking. “There was a lot, but long story short, that Yakuza guy, Chisei Chisaki? There’s a young girl that he’s been holding.”


Tsukauchi blinked, taking a moment to process what he had said before writing it down in his notes. “Give me the long story.”





“-and then we came here.”


Midoriya finished speaking, slightly out of breath and sweaty. He and the other student, Shinsou, had arrived in his office about fifteen minutes ago, serious and concerned. At first, he’d been worried someone had been attacked, but now he was even more worried.


Because somewhere, there was a little girl in the hands of a villain., and he hadn’t known.


And now he has two panicked students in front of him, and he knows for sure that one of them is ready to head out on his own to save her. God dammit Midoriya.


“Aizawa-sensei… You have to let us-”


“I’m not going to let either of you do anything.” He cut Midoriya off, and Shinsou didn’t even try to open his mouth. “... But that doesn’t mean you’ll just sit back and watch. There will be no fighting, just information.”


Midoriya looked ready to protest, so he lifted his hand up, silencing him. “Don’t. For now, just tell me every detail, appearance, everything. I promise I will help her.”


“... Okay.”



Tsukauchi wrote everything down in his notepad, taking another large sip from his coffee. I’m going to be up all night searching her up. We’ll have to find out her family, not to mention everything else. Perhaps I should tell Toshinori as well.. Aizawa stood up, drinking the rest of his coffee in one go before turning towards the door.


He paused at the exit, turning to look over his shoulder. “I expect that you’ll keep me updated on what you find?”


Tsukauchi smiled, setting down his pencil and reaching for the phone. “Of course.”



Thisisn’ttruethisisn’ttruethisisn’ttru ethisisn’ttruethisisn’ttrue thisisn’ttruethisisn’ttrue-


Midoriya raced through the halls of U.A, his classes all but forgotten as tears burned in his eyes. He didn’t know where he was going but he knew he needed to go somewhere .


Anywhere but the place he had to face the truth.



“I… Probably won’t be able to be there for you.”


Izuku’s brain suddenly felt light, and his heart felt heavy at the same time. He smiled warily, trying to convince himself it was a joke. “W-what do you mean? I’m not sure I heard you right.”


All Might looked like he was in pain, and for once it didn’t seem like it was from his injury on his side. “What I mean...Is that I’m going to die, young Izuku.”


He forgot how to breathe.


Izuku thinks he could saw Bakugou standing up either rage or something else, he’s not sure, but he can’t quite remember. Someone was touching him too, maybe Bakugou, shaking his shoulders in such a way that he figures he should probably respond. 


He can’t.


All he could feel was electric static running over his body as he played All Might’s words in his head on repeat.


“I’m going to die.”


He can’t remember when he started running, only that he did, and that he had to get away. He knows that he’s just denying the truth, just trying to trick himself, but he doesn’t care.


Izuku doesn’t want All Might to die.



Now he’s running, forward and faster and faster until he’s out of U.A and running down the streets, wanting to use Full Cowl but suddenly not having the stomach to do so. Instead, flames lick his shoulders and his hands as he nearly falls face-first on the sidewalk before stopping himself and running again.


He ignored the looks people gave him as he passed, he probably looked crazy, running down the streets in a school uniform with fire on his shoulders. Izuku ducked into an alleyway, miraculously finding comfort in it’s darkness despite how he had almost been killed in one not too long ago. He stumbled, knocking his shoulder against the brick wall and sliding down into a panicked, crying heap.


“He lied… He said he wou-would be there… He lied to me.. It ca-can’t be true…. It just can’t.”


Izuku’s mind felt like a jumbled mess, words and denials running through it faster than lightning. He didn’t want to believe it, but he also knew that All Might wouldn’t lie about something like that- except he did , his mind whispered, and Izuku quickly pushed it away-so he just curled into a ball and tried to make sense of things.


A thought came to him, and he suddenly remembered that he ran out on not only All Might, but Bakugou as well. Well fuck. Not only did you run away like a coward, but you also left your friend behind when he’s probably just as upset-if not more so-as you. Good job, Izuku. Good. Fucking. Job. He felt his throat tighten, and he tried to wipe his face, only for more tears to roll down his cheeks.


Stupid stupid stupid… I just wanted a nice day… Is that so much to ask..?


Something soft rubbed against his leg, almost sending him into further panic before he saw what it was through blurry eyes.


It’s… A cat. No, kitten.


A small kitten rubbed against his leg, mewling softly. It had mostly white fur, and a few splotches of oranges and blacks, though maybe brown spots on its back and face. One large spot of orange and brown covered it’s right ear, going over it’s eye as well. There was one at the end of its tail as well. It’s small pink nose twitched, large blue cat eyes staring up at him in wonder.


Izuku stared at it for a moment, watching as it continued to paw at his leg before pressing his forehead against his knees, wrapping his arms around his legs. His tears had stopped, he couldn’t even remember if they were from sadness or anger at the fact that All Might had lied to him. Probably both.


Maybe a minute went by before the small kitten- it’s a little too small for a kitten, maybe it’s a runt -meowed loudly, trying to jump onto him. He lightly glared at it, trying to gently push it away without hurting it, but it kept coming back.


After maybe five minutes of pushing the small kitten away, he finally gave up, letting it climb into his lap.


"... I overreacted, didn't I? I shouldn't have ran out like that.. leaving Kacchan there, and just running out on Toshinori-san too. Not to mention I'm kind of skipping school as well…" Izuku took a shaky breath, wrapping his arms tighter around himself. "I don't… I don't want Toshinori-san to.. To die. He's done s-so much for me, and for everyone, and I just don't kn-know what I would do-"


He hiccupped, curling up against the cold wall as he talked to himself. "I don't wa-want him to leave me like-like him-" Izuku's breath caught in his throat, memories from long ago trying to come back up to the surface.


He felt something soft and warm press against his wet cheek, and looked down to see the kitten gently nuzzling him like it wanted to comfort him. He stared in shock for a moment, before slowly wrapping shaking arms around it, cuddling it close to his chest.


If he cried into its fur, it didn't argue.



Bakugou slammed his hands on the table, knocking the tea onto the carpet. " What the fuck were you thinking telling him that. "


All Might sighed, a guilty look on his face. "I'm sorry, I didn't think he would run out like that-"


"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FUCKING TOLD HIM THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!" All Might stared at him in shock at the sudden outburst, shadowed eyes blown wide. Bakugou looked up at him, years welling in his eyes, mixed in with fury. "... You're an idiot."


"I don't under-"


"Let me fucking finish."


All Might silenced himself.


"Deku he-he looks up to you. A lot. More than you know, and more than I'm allowed to tell, to be honest. You've seen how he looks at you, you're a part of his whole world , you helped make his dream. You're the reason he wanted to be a hero in the first place. And you're my reason too." Bakugou's voice got softer at the end. He quickly wiped his eyes, sitting back down on the couch. "You can't just… tell someone who admires you like that, that you're going to die, without some kind of information or explanation first. You'll break them." You'll break him.


".... Oh." All Might's heart sank, a cold feeling of guilt bubbling inside him. "I'm… Sorry, young Bakugou, you both needed to know and I didn't even think about it-"


"Don't apologize to me. He needs it more than I do."


"....Will he… Come back?"


Bakugou sighed. "Yeah. He just needs a moment. He'll figure himself out, but I can bet Deku will be asking for an explanation when he does come back. And you better be ready to give one."


"Right…" All Might let out a long sigh, leaning back against the couch as he waited. "You know, you're a lot more mature than you seem."




“Nothing, young Bakugou.”


After about fifteen minutes of tense silence, the door to the break room slowly creaked open, revealing a mop of green curls and a tear-streaked face. All Might stood right away, but Bakugou put an arm out and made him sit back down. Midoriya slowly walked in, holding a small spotted kitten asleep in his arms.




“Deku, is that a-”


“Yes. It’s a kitten, and you will not question her. Anyways, I’m back.” Midoriya took a deep breath, closing the door behind him while trying not to wake the sleeping kitten. “I’m… very, very upset. And I want to cry, but I ran out of tears for the moment. So I’d like some answers instead.” He stared at All Might. “What the hell do you mean you’re going to die?”


All Might wrung his fingers together, a solemn look settling on his face. “You know of my former sidekick, Nighteye, correct?” Midoriya nodded. “His quirk enables him to see other people’s futures. And as you know, when I had fought All For One, I didn’t not come out unscathed.”

Bakugou scoffed. “No shit.”


“.. After that, Nighteye had told me.. To retire. I refused. He told me that…” All Might paused, giving Midoriya a wary look. “He told me that in maybe seven years, I would die a brutal and horrible death. I still refused to stop doing my hero work. We… Fought.”


Midoriya and Bakugou sucked in a sharp breath, trying not to imagine anything to do with.. Fights or death in any way. It was hard not to.


“So… You’re saying that soon, in maybe a year or so, you’re-you’re going to be killed?” Midoriya sounded breathless, and he looked like he was about to cry again too. “You’re.. Just going to give up like that?”


All Might’s eyes widened, confusion building up inside of him at Midoriya’s words. Give up…? How can you give up about something that’s already set in stone? “Give up? Nighteye’s quirk is always right, I simply accepte-”


The future can still change, Toshinori-san!!”  


Midoriya shouted, the small kitten in his arms waking up at his sudden outburst. “Nothing stays the same!! You can’t just give up like that and accept that you’re going to die!! It.. It isn’t you!


“Young Izuku…”


“Deku’s right!” Bakugou stood up, joining Midoriya, his fits clenched at his sides as he shouted. “You’ve gotta at least try to change your future! You’re All Might for God’s sake, pick yourself and fight!”


All Might sat there silent for a few seconds, staring at them in pure shock and what looked like….. pride. Multiple emotions crossed over his eyes, before a small smile bloomed on his face. He slowly stood up, walking towards a sniffling Midoriya before pulling him into a tight hug, cat and all. He reached an arm out towards Bakugou, and though he scoffed, it didn’t take long until he joined in on the hug as well.


Midoriya hiccuped, new tears starting to drip down his cheeks as he pressed himself against All Might, gladly accepting the hug. “Please… Don’t ever say that you’re just going to give up…. Please..”


All Might pulled his arms tighter around them both, feeling their shoulders starting to shake. “I won’t.”


“I promise, I will not give up.”


The small kitten meowed in agreement.



The door opened to Aizawa’s empty class, making him look up in curiosity from where he was sleeping against the wall. Aizawa peeked an eye open, raising an eyebrow as Midoriya stepped through the door with a cat of all things in his hands.


“... Aizawa-sensei? I know you’re awake. I have a favor to ask of you.”


Aizawa grumbled, slipping out of his sleeping bag and standing up before Midoriya. “Yeah? What is it, problem child.”


Problem child - nevermind.” Midoriya shook his head, sheepishly holding out the small adorable kitten in front of him. “So… I may have found this small kitten while Iwasoutsomewheredon’taskaboutthatbutanywaysI’mkeepinghersocouldyouwatchherforme?”


Thank God I’ve been teaching for so long or I wouldn’t have understood a single word you just said. He wanted to say, but instead he just sighed and held his arms out, motioning to the kitten. Midoriya stood there confused for a second before nodding and gently handing the kitten over. Aizawa adjusted his arms so he was holding her properly, and waited until she was comfortable.


Oh my God she’s adorable. The kitten meowed softly, climbing up his shirt and digging it’s way into his scarf. He nearly visibly ‘awed, but he was able to hold it in. Midoriya, however, wasn’t.


“Oh my GOD that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life-”




“Sorry.” Midorya smiled. Aizawa looked at him closely, eyeing the red, puffy eyes, and the still remaining tear racks resting on his face. Except he seemed… Almost light. I guess.. Whatever had been bothering him is gone now. You can never be too careful though. “Well, thanks for looking after her, I still have to think of a name, I’ll be going now-”


“You sure you’re alright?” Midoriya startled, looking shocked. “Don’t be afraid to tell me anything. I’m your teacher, not a stranger.”


“I..” Midoriya looked down for a second, a small smile on his face. “Yeah. Yeah I think I’ll be okay. Thanks, Aizawa-sensei.”


“Sure thing, kid.”





“Hey, Deku-kun, where did you go earlier?” Uraraka popped up beside him, a small smile on her face. “You were gone for a while!”


Izuku smiled, rubbing the back of his next sheepishly. “I guess I was gone for a while… All Might just needed me for a bit, he wanted to talk to me about training and stuff, since our quirks are kind of similar and he wanted to help.” Please believe the lie.


“Oooh, I guess that makes sense.” Thank God. “Well, glad to know you’re alright then!”




Izuku was about to go back to his notes, Kirishima tapped him on the shoulder. “Huh-oh, Kirishima-kun! Did you need something?”


Kirishima grinned. “I wanted to ask if you’d like to talk about the details of the class training stuff with everyone later! Can’t leave anyone out of the loop!”


“Oh, sure! Just let me know when.” Kirishima nodded, going back to his seat.


After another few minutes passed, Aizawa finally stepped out of his sleeping bag, the small kitten Izuku had found asleep in his scarf. Upon sight of the small ball of fluff, the entire class gasped(except for a certain Todoroki and Bakugou) in surprise.


“Is that a cat?!”

“Awwwww!! It’s a little kitten!!”


I wanna pet it!!”


“Aizawa-sensei I didn’t know you had a kitten!”


“Sensei!! Is it allowed to bring pets to school?!”


Aizawa sighed, raising his hand to shush the class. They instantly quieted down, though many still looked very excited. “This is not mine. She’s Midoriya’s, I’m just watching her for him while school is still in. Don’t-” he glared at them, many mouths snapping shut and cameras sliding back under seats, “-get excited. I have an announcement to make.”


Izuku gulped, curious as to what he was going to tell them.


“Alright… Since summer vacation is close at hand, and having you do nothing for a month is completely stupid…”


“Don’t tell me…”


“You’ll be going to a summer training camp in the woods.”



Chapter Text

Izuku walked into Aizawa’s classroom, the bell that signaled the end of school still ringing. “Aizawa-sensei? How was she?”


Aizawa walked over to him, answering his question by reaching into his scarf and gently taking out a sleepy, adorable little kitten. “She was fine. I gave her a few treats, if you don’t mind.”


“He beamed. “Oh, thank you!!” He suddenly grimaced. “I still have to tell Mom about her… Not to mention I don’t even have a name for her yet…”


“I guess you’ll just have to figure that out, problem child.” Aizawa grinned, the sight both comforting and frightening at the same time. “Oh, and if you ever need someone to watch her again, just ask me. I’ll be glad to.”


“R-really?! You’d do that?”


He smiled, it was nice. “Yeah, sure thing. She’s a delight, and doesn’t make a fuss either. It’s pretty surprising, considering she’s still a kitten.”


Midoriya nodded. “I guess you’re right.. Well, thank you again, Aizawa-sensei!! I’ll see you Monday!”


Aizawa simply nodded and slipped back into his sleeping bag.



Midoriya opened the door to his apartment, holding the (his, because there’s no way he isn’t keeping her) kitten in his arms. She had woken up a while ago when Bakugou had met up with him, but thankfully she had stayed calm. In fact, Bakugou had practically pet her the entire way home. Bakugou walked in behind him, shrugging off his backpack and placing it on the ground next to the door.


“Izuku? Is that you?”


Inko peeked out from around the corner, a bright smile on her face as she saw the two boys. “Oh! It’s both of you! How was school-Izuku.”


Midoriya smiled.


“Izuku, honey, is that a cat?”


He activated his puppy eyes.


“.... Honey-”


Bakugou even joined in.






“... Fine! You can keep… Him or her, but they’ll be your responsibility! Where did you even find them..?”


Midoriya’s smile faltered a bit, remembering the conversation that led to him finding her. “Ah, I found her… On the way home. She was all alone on the road! I couldn’t leave her there!”


Bakugou smiled. “Plus, she’s super sweet. Even though she is boring, like Deku.”




Inko sighed, a soft smile warming her round face. “Well, what are you going to name her?”


Midoriya adjusted the kitten in his arms, smiling at the soft meow she let out. He stared at the patches of orange and brown on her fur, and her bright blue eyes that looked like they held the warmth of the sun. Patches… Patches? Ha. Kind of like how she basically sowed me back together, she was a patch for me. Yeah, Patches.


“I think I’ll name her…. Patches! Patch for short.”


Bakugou smirked. “Heh, so un-creative. I would have named her Missile Launcher!”


“Of course you would.”






Inko laughed, watching the two boys bicker. “Here, I’ve got some snacks made if you want them. There should be enough for the both of you.” Izuku smiled, setting the newly named Patches down on the ground, leaving her to explore.


“Thanks Mom! Me and Kacchan are gonna study together for the exam coming up, we’ll be in the living room if you don’t mind. Oh, and I hope it’s okay if Patches just… Explores the house I guess.” He walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a plate of sliced apples and peanut butter Inko had set out for them.


Bakugou immediately snatched them from him. “Hey! Don’t hog them all, Kacchan!!”


“Too late!”


Inko chuckled, untying her apron from around her waist. “Actually dear, would you mind if you both studied in your room? I was going to watch a show, and I wouldn’t want to distract you.. I can watch Patches as well.”


“Oh that’s okay, Mom!” Midoriya smiled warmly, grabbing Kacchan’s backpack from the floor with practiced ease. “You do whatever you want, we’ll be in my room.”


“Thanks honey.”


Midoriya nodded, exciting the room and heading down the hall to his bedroom with Bakugou. Once he was out of sight, Inko sighed, walking over to the small corner table next to the couch, staring coldly at the phone that laid there. After a couple of minutes passed, the phone rang, horribly loud in the silence of the house. She pressed it to her ear, frowning as she called out a greeting.


“Hello… Hisashi.”



“Hey, Kacchan, when did Kirishima say we’re gonna do the group training thing?”


“This weekend. Will you be coming? ‘Cause if not, I’m gonna drag your ass there myself.”


“Yeah I know. I’ll be coming.”




“... What’s the answer to number five?”


“You fucking idiot.”


Midoriya laughed nervously, letting Bakugou grab his paper and explain the problem to him. Midoriya had always been excellent at English and writing, but math, although he was decent, was still one of his harder subjects. Bakugou, however, practically thrived in math.


“-and then you just have to find the ratio of the two numbers, and you’ve got your answer. Make sense?”


“.... Um-”


“I’m not explaining it again.”








He laughed, running over Bakugou’s explanation in his head again before writing down the answer on his sheet. Bakugou scoffed, shaking his head before turning a page in his text book, grumbling about stupid English problems and such.


Midoriya hummed. “So who is gonna lead the group on uh… Saturday? For the group training?”


“Haven’t decided yet.” Bakugou looked up at him, his red eyes half closed in a bored look. “What, you wanna do it?”


“I-I mean I could if no one else wanted to-but I wouldn’t want to just take it-”


“It was just a suggestion, calm down, nerd.” Midoriya lowered his head in embarrassment. “I wouldn’t mind you leading everyone though. You do have a sense for leadership, and plus, I’ll get to laugh at you when you mess up!”


Midoriya smiled, a light blush dusting his cheeks at the compliment. “That may be so…. However, I can still do… THIS!!” He rushed towards Bakugou, tickling his sides and he tried to back away.




“Never!!” Midoriya smirked. “You know what would be fun? If I told everyone in our class that you’re actually super ticklish.”


“Y-you wouldn't dARE!”




They both laughed, though one more annoyed than the other, fighting in a brief tickle war before finally getting back to their studying. They both quieted down, the only sound in the room becoming the scratching of their pencils on paper, and the occasional car passing by outside. Minutes passed, the sun starting to get lower in the sky as they worked.


Midoriya finished the last page in the packet, sighing in relief and gently stuffing it into his backpack. “You know what… Yeah, I’ll be the leader for the group training.”


Bakugou smirked. “I’ll go ahead and tell Shitty Hair then.”



Inko put her ear against the door, smiling at the sound of Bakugou and Midoriya laughing and bickering as they worked. She held the phone in her hands, frowning as she held it up to her ear.


“... Why did you have to leave. I know that I don’t care, in fact, I’m a little glad that you’re gone, but to do that to Izuku.. You don’t know how much that hurt him. He got teased for it, even bullied for it, all because of you. Where are you at? I don’t even know what you’re doing!”


“Inko, I know how much you’d like to rant at me, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.”


Inko grit her teeth, trying to keep herself from screaming into the phone so she wouldn’t disturb the boys. “What…. Is it you wanted to talk about?”


A faint static went through the phone line, a shuffling sound echoing through her ears. “I heard that little Izu got a great quirk! I saw the sports festival, he’s amazing.”


“Yes.. He is. He’s worked very hard.”


“You know, it kind of hurts me that you didn’t tell me he had gotten a quirk. The last thing I remember was how the doctor said he was quirkless-”


“Well maybe if you had stayed you would have known. ” Inko snapped her mouth shut, moving back into the living room and turning on the TV to try and muffle her voice.


“Inko… Are you still mad about-”


“Yes!! Of course I am!” She could feel the anger boiling underneath her skin, anger at herself, anger at Hisashi.. “You left me. For a whole. Year, Hisashi. A whole year. And I kept hope for you, I kept on hoping that maybe, maybe he’s just on a trip he forgot to tell me about, maybe he didn’t call because he’s busy, maybe, maybe, maybe… And then when I called you about Izuku being born, you came back. I was so happy… So idiotic… I welcomed you back into my life, our life, with open arms. And THEN guess what! When my sweet Izuku was falsely diagnosed as quirkless, YOU LEFT!!” Inko finished her rant, breathing heavily as she tried to hold back her tears.


The phone was silent, Hisashi seemingly waiting for her to calm down. Once she had calmed her breathing, a crack of static went through the line and he started speaking again.


“Inko… I swear I won’t leave you, I just want to get to know my son, our son.”


“Bullshit.” Inko wiped her eyes, glaring at the floor. “I’m… I’m not doing this anymore, Hisashi. I’m thankful for the money you’ve sent, but this… I just can’t. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let you be in this mess of a family anymore.”


She hung up before he could say another word.


Inko placed the phone on the ground, leaning against the wall and sliding down to the floor as tears started to burn in her eyes. “I.. I just want-” She choked on a sob, still trying to keep her voice low as the TV played random channels in the background. “I just wa-want… My boy to be ha- happy.


She didn’t notice Patches walking up next to her until she was rubbing her fuzzy head against her leg. Inko looked at her for a few seconds before new tears spilled out of her eyes as she gently picked her up, placing her against her chest as she sobbed.


“Thank you… Thank you….”



Next Day, End Of School 


“Hey, are you guys ready for class training?! We got permission from Aizawa-sensei to use our quirks, right?”


“Yeah!! I’m pretty sure we’re all set. Is everyone going?”


“I know I am!”


“Well DUH You’re the leader!”


“I know!! It’s crazy!!”


“How’s your cat, Midoriya?”


“Patches is great!! She’s so sweet~! She’s staying at home for now, though.”








“Sorry Baku-bro!”


“Just get going you fuckers!”


Yaoyorozu frowned at the crude language being thrown around, just barely managing to keep herself from reprimanding them. “Goodness gracious… Can’t they tone it down a bit? We are still in school!”


“Relax, Yaomomo!” Jirou popped up beside her, her backpack slung over her shoulder. “It’s Bakugou, that’s just how he is.”


She sighed. “I suppose that’s true..”


They both smiled, grabbing their stuff and heading out the door and Bakugou yelled and Kirishima laughed.


After once again confirming the use of quirks with their teacher, and changing into their gym uniform, all of class 1-A walked out of the school together, following Midoriya and Bakugou. They had all brought a change of clothes, Midoriya had told them to, since they would probably be gross and sweaty by the end of it.


Random chat ran through them, everyone was excited to get started and see the location.


“Alright guys!” Midoriya stopped, turning to face them. “We’re here!”


Yaoyorozu looked around herself, Jirou doing the same. They had stopped at the edge of a thick forest, a wonderful wide grassy field surrounding them in lush, green grass. Hey eyes widened and she took everything in, the warm summer breeze blowing through her silky hair. The rest of the class looked around in wonder and excitement, some still a little nervous.


Midoriya grinned, gesturing to the field around them. "This is where we'll do the training! Everyone will grab a partner and spread out, and then once I give the signal, you will start your training!!"


Kaminari raised a hand, a bright smile on his face. "What's our training going to be?"


"Fighting, you fucking idiot!!" Bakugou scowled, crossing his arms over his chest. "You'll be sparring against your partner, and every once in a while you'll switch up with another person! Any other questions?" Nobody raised their hand, so he continued. "Okay then you extras, find your partners!!"


Yaoyorozu smiled, placing down her bag and looking around herself to find a partner. Jirou had already headed off somewhere else, so she was stuck trying to find someone herself.


“Hey, hey, Yaomomo~!”


Aoyorozu groaned, a disgusted frown on her face as she slowly turned to see Mineta looking up at her with a weird look on his face. Oh no… Please go away, Mineta-san…


“What… Do you want, Mineta-san?”


The shortest person in their class smiled, feigning innocence. “I just wanted to ask to be your partner! Since you’re so…” I see your eyes!! How rude!! “.. skilled!” Mineta stepped closer, making Yaoyorozu step back. His hand reached up towards her… rear, and she was about to slap his hand away when another hand placed itself on Mineta’s shoulder.


“And just what do you think you’re doing, Mi-ne-ta-kun?” Midoriya smiled sweetly, the sight slightly frightening as he drawled out Mineta’s name slowly. His eyes were shut in a smile, but it was anything but nice.


“U-uh-um…. I-I was..”


Mineta was sweating buckets, his eyes wide in fear as Midoriya’s face darkened.  “You weren’t trying to do anything… inappropriate … to Yaoyorozu-san, were you?”


Mineta gulped. “N-no sir!!”


“Good~!” Midoriya clapped his hands, his smile brightening as Mineta ran away like his life depended on it. Honestly, Yaoyorozu chuckled, it just might. “Ah, I’m sorry about that, Yaoyorozu-san! He really needs to keep himself in check…”


Yaoyorozu smiled. “It’s okay, Midoriya-san. Thanks for stopping him.” He nodded. “Actually, since you’re here, would you mind being my sparring partner?”


Midoriya beamed. “Sure!”


Going against Midoriya-san will be hard.. But I’m sure I can do it! I think.. Maybe not… Yaoyorozu walked with Midoriya to a more wide area, far enough away from the other teams so they wouldn’t get hit with anything, and they wouldn’t accidentally hit anything. “Okay, just give the signal when you’re ready.”


Midoriya nodded. He cupped his hands over his mouth, and took in a deep breath. “OKAY EVERYONE!! GET STARTED!!”



Bakugou let out a battle cry as soon as he heard Midoriya give the signal, sending a relatively small explosion at his opponent. Kirishima hardened his body, moving his arms to make an X in front of his face to block the blast.


“Come on, Baku-bro!! I know you can do better than that!”





Mina jumped to the side, out of harm's way from Aoyama’s laser. She grinned, sliding on her acid (though it was hard on the grass)as she got ready to attack. Aoyama started to sweat, sending another laser blast towards her only for it to miss.


“I got cha now!!”




Todoroki nodded, stomping his foot and causing a streak of ice to launch towards Jirou. She grinned, connecting her ear jacks to the amps on her boots and destroying the ice in one go. She ran forward, quickly jumping to the side to avoid another stream of ice before almost getting her jacket burnt off by bright orange flames.


“Wow!! Are you trying to cook me?!”

“Only if you stand still.”



Izuku grinned, running forward right after he gave the signal, emerald flames lifting off his palms  and shaping into small balls of fire at his sides. If I can just manage to attack her before she’s able to make anything, I’ll be good… I’ll have to try and not use One For All during this either, I’ve still gotta focus on my original quirk as well. Yaoyorozu saw what he was planning, and quickly lifted her arm up to make a shield. Izuku launched a fireball at her before she could, making sure the heat level was low enough so it wouldn’t hurt her.  


It hit her arm, causing her to stop making the shield. Izuku advanced, sending more attacks at her as she tried to dodge, not giving her enough time to make anything. After another ball of flame hit her on her shoulder, Izuku stepped back, giving her time to breathe. He dissipated his fire, smiling sheepishly as he walked over to her. “Sorry for hitting you so much… Are you hurt?”


Yaoyorozu shook her head, grabbing his hand and lifting herself up. “No I’m fine. You beat me so easily..”


“Hey! That doesn’t mean you’re not good! You were doing just fine!” Midoriya exclaimed. “Here, we can go again, we still have time before we start to switch partners, so how about it?”


“Okay… Thank you, Midoriya-san.” Yaoyorozu smiled. “Let’s do it!”


She’s really lacking confidence… I hope she can build up on that! Izuku charged again, and before he could even light up his flames, Yaoyorozu raised up her arm and pulled out a full-blown katana. It wasn’t anything special, and the blade was definitely dull, just your average sword. Yaoyorozu swung it towards his side as he got close, and Izuku…


He just couldn’t see anything else.


The blade hit him in the side,  almost exactly where his scar rested, and within seconds he was on the ground. Izuku didn’t see Yaoyorozu’s concerned expression, or see her drop the sword and sit down by his side in worry. He only saw the blade swinging towards him, shining silver with red splayed across it as he stared death in the eyes.


He only heard his friends yells as a searing pain burned in his chest, blood choking him as his vision faded. Everything felt dark, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t feel, he was choking and there wasn’t enough light or air. He was panicking, everything was wrong. Everything, everything, everything-


It’s fake it’s fake it’s fake it’s fake it’s fake it’s fake it’s fake I’m not there I’m not there I’m safeI’msafeI’msafedon’tyouknowyou’resafecan’tyousee pleaseplease-


Someone grabbed his shoulders, and suddenly something warm was holding him on all sides, holding him tight and safe and he finally could feel again because he’s okay and everything is fine.








Izuku slowly opened his eyes, breathing harshly and shaking as he finally saw what was holding him.


It was Toshinori.


He’s here he didn’t leave. I’m okay. I’m okay? He’s here. Please. “To-Toshinori-san-I-”


Toshinori hugged him tighter, rubbing small circles on his back as he ran a hand through his hair. “Shh. It’s okay. I’m here. You’re here, not there. You’re okay. Shh..”


Tears burned in his eyes, and Izuku didn’t stop them as he wrapped shaky arms around his mentor, hugging him as he cried. He felt more hands touching his back and shoulders, some small and soft, and others bigger and rougher. He thinks he heard somebody talking to him as well. It was nice. He felt grounded, and safe.


So maybe they stayed like that for a while, with Toshinori hugging him and the rest of his class offering comfort, and maybe they didn’t finish their training for the day, and maybe, just maybe they had gotten ice cream after that.


And if they did, no one was complaining.

Chapter Text

The weekend flew by, harsh studying complete as they all talked about the scores they had gotten on the final exam written portion. 




Kaminari sank into his seat, his test sitting on his desk with a bright red 42% plastered at the top. Mina just laughed joyfully, her own 48% clutched in her hand.


“Don’t worry Kami! We’ll just do better next time!!” Kaminari grumbled something intelligible, slamming his head on his desk.


"That's easy for you to say…" He lifted his head, staring at the trio up front in envy. "They all got the highest scores.."


Bakugou smirked, putting a hand on Midoriya's head and roughing up his hair. "Damn right we fucking did!! I got the top score!"


Midoriya laughed nervously, pointing to Yaoyorozu. "Actually, Kacchan, Yaoyorozu-san got the highest score out of the class. You got second and I got third."


Midoriya had to stop bakugou from blowing up the desk.


Aizawa grumbled from behind the teacher's pedestal, shuffling the stack of tests. He raised his have, silencing the class and motioning for them to go back to their seats as he walked up in front of them. "Now that you're done with the written portion, we'll move on to the practical part. Oh, and Midoriya?"


Midoriya perked up from his desk. "Yes?"


"Your mother called me, and told me to tell you that she would like you to bring Patches with you to school from now on. You can do this as long as she doesn't cause chaos or wander around. And when you can't watch her, I will. You can get more details from her." Midoriya nodded.


"Now, follow me!"



Class 1-A lined up in front of all the teachers in U.A, all of them standing in front of a faux city, similar to the entrance exam.


Aizawa joined the teachers, a frightening grin on his face as he faced his students. "Okay, I'm sure you've heard something about the practical, correct?"


Mina piped up from the front of ths students, a l;a large smile on her pink face. “Yes yes yes!! They’re robots, right?!”


Aizawa grumbled as Nedzu popped out from his scarf, his cheerful face surpassing the students. He climbed down, reaching the ground in seconds as he snorted out his suit. "Wrong!!"


Wrong..? Then what are we going against- oh no. Midoriya looked at the teachers lined up in front of them, horror dawning on his face as he realized who they were fighting against. "Oh no.."


Uraraka frowned, looking up at him in concern as Nedzu snickered. "Deku-kun? Is something wrong?"




"You will all be fighting against us!!" Need cheered, how white hands/paws/things lifted up into the sure as he smiled. Kaminari and Mina screamed, their faces the definition of fear. Midoriya just chuckled, nervously wronging his have together as he waited to hear the rest of the details. 


"Now then, you will all be in a team of two, and will go against one of us! Us teachers, of course, will have a so called 'handicap!' This will give you a better chance!" All Might walked out from behind everyone, a large box laid in front of him as he reached in to grab something. "We will wear these weights, they weigh half of our own weight, so that we will be slowed down." All Might picked up his own weights, sweating as he strapped them on his wrists and ankles.


"Heavier than I thought…!"


Aizawa sighed, pulling out a piece of paper from one of how pockets. "Okay. Here are the teams.."


"Yaoyorozu and Todoroki against me." The two students perked up, Yaoyorozu more nervous and quiet than Todoroki.


"Kaminari and Mina against Principal Nedzu." Midoriya prayed for their safety.


"Kouda and Aoyama against Thirteen." Kouda shuffled his feet nervously as Aoyama grinned.


"Tsuyu and Tokoyami against Ectoplasm."




"Sero and Mineta against Midnight."


Bakugou glared at Mineta before he could say anything.


"Hagakure and Shouji against Snipe." Everyone assumed that Hagakure was cheering by the way her clothes moved.


"Sato and Kirishima against Cementoss." 


"Hell yeah!!"


"Iida and Ojirou against Power Loader." Midoriya laughed as Iida revved himself up.


"Bakugou and Jirou against Present Mic."


Both Bakugou and Jirou looked at each other in surprise, one a bit more anything and another than the other. Midoriya just smiled.


That is until he realized who he was paired with.


"And finally, Midoriya and Uraraka against-"




Midoriya could feel Uraraka looking at him excitedly, and he wanted to join her, but all he could think about was how they were going against All Might.


The, All Might.


Kind of a big deal there.


Aizawa huffed in annoyance, shoving the papers back in wherever he got them, taking out many small cards and handing them to the class. “Take these and head to your assigned areas. When we give the signal, you will have to fight your teachers. Either you capture them, or at least one of you makes it through the exit gate to call through help. Those are the ways you win. Alright, go!”


Midoriya took the card that was given to him, walking with an excited Uraraka to their assigned area. After a couple minutes of walking, they came in front of a large door, connected to a wall that surrounded the entire faux city. How do they even pay for this stuff…


Uraraka hummed happily, the complete opposite of him. “I’m so glad I got to be paired with you, Deku-kun!! I know we can do this! You’re super strong, and really smart, so I’m sure we can find a way to pass!”


“Yeah..” Midoriya blushed, his cheeks going a bright red as he tried to hide his face from the enthusiastic girl beside him.  He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. “Thanks, Uraraka-san. Don’t forget about yourself though, you’re really strong as well! But if you ever need help you can always ask me!”


She smiled. “Awww thanks Deku-kun! Oh, we should probably try and come up with a plan!”


Midoriya nodded, putting a hand upon his chin as he thought. “Hmm.. Well, for one, All Might is.. Well, All Might, so it’s definitely best if we try and avoid any contact with him. Actually, it might be best if we split up.”


“Split up?” Uraraka asked, placing her space-like helmet over her head.


“Yep!” He grinned. Reaching into one of the pockets on his belt and pulling out a set of ear pieces. “Using these, we can keep in touch, like with the-”


“Battle training!!” She nodded excitedly, grabbing one of the ear pieces and gently putting it in her ear, making sure it wouldn’t fall out of place. “I get it! This way, if we split up, we can still keep track of each other and potentially know where All Might is no matter where we are!”


“Exactly!” Midoriya slipped the other ear piece into his ear, grinning brightly. Uraraka blushed, though thankfully it couldn’t really be seen through her already pink cheeks. “We can use codes as well, so that even if All Might is listening in to what we say, he won’t know what we’re actually talking about.”


“Got it!”


“Alright, here are the codes we can use..”



Bakugou huffed in annoyance as he waited for Jirou to fix the amps on her boots. “Come on! Won’t they work fine anyways!? You’re taking forever!”


Jirou sighed. “No, they cannot. Unless of course you’d like to have almost no way to fight back against Present Mic-sensei.” Bakugou grumbled. “There, finished. And look! We still have plenty of time left, so let’s start making a plan.”


“No need. I already have one.”


Jirou rose an eyebrow, looking at Bakugou in surprise. “Really? Well let’s hear it then, Blasty.” Bakugou’s eye twitched at the nickname, struggling to hold in his annoyance.


“Well, extra , I’ll go in first, blast the fucking Cockatiel all the way to next Tuesday, and then we win. Bam.”


“That is a horrible plan.”




Jirou stood up, brushing her dark purple bangs from in front of her eyes. "I said, it's a horrible plan. Look, we're going against a pro hero. This isn't going to be as easy as fighting against Midoriya in your spars. Present Mic is a lot stronger, even with the handicap, so we have to come up with an actual plan. Got it?"


Bakugou opened his mouth to say something when a loud alarm went off, cutting him off completely. The large doors in front of them opened up, revealing a large forest area covered in trees and small plants. Bakugou wasted no time in running forward, leaving Jirou behind him.


Jirou let out a long sigh, clenching her fists by her side as she raced forward to catch up to her blonde companion. "That idiot…!"



Bakugou slowed to a stop in the middle of a small clearing, the forest around him silent as he looked for any sounds of danger. 


Not paranoid, just looking for a fight.


After spending a few seconds with no sign of Present Mic, Bakugou walked over to lean against a tree as he waited for Jirou to catch up. He may be unbelievable rude, but he's not going to completely ditch the person he's working with.


…. Maybe.


Just as his patience was starting to wear thin, Jirou appeared, putting a hand against the bark of a tree as she caught her breath. "Your finally fucking here. Too you long enough."


"... Well.. it would've been nice if you hadn't completely left me behind!" She huffed, dusting off her jacket. "I sure hope you've got a plan now, unless you'd like to actually take in someone else's opinion and hear my plan." Jirou out a hand on her hip, giving him a deadpan stare at she waited for his answer.


Bakugou's eye twitched, small sparks popping off of his palms. Maybe she'll shut up if I let her talk…. Plus that damn Deku would kill me if I ignored her. ".. Fine!! But don't take forever! I've been itching to fight for a while!"


"Good enough for me." Jirou looked around for a moment, nodding before ripping off a branch from a nearby tree. She cried down, dragging the stick over the soft dirt as she talked. "Okay, going from what I know of Present Mic, it's very likely that he's waiting for us by the exit gate."


"Why the hell would-"


"Shut up and let me finish." Bakugou growled.


"Since his attacks are all long distance, and he doesn't have any weapons,-probably-he'll definitely be there. My attacks are very similar to his, almost identical, but I don't think mine are strong enough to hold his off. The most I can do is cancel them out. So that's where you come in."


Bakugou walked over to her, leaning forward to see what she had drawn in the dirt. There was a large circle, probably the whole forest itself, and something that looked like the exit gate. Two little x'es were marked in the middle of the circle, and another by the exit gate. Those are probably us. In the middle of the forest? Well, it's probably an estimate, a pretty good one though. 


"Once I cancel out his attack, you rush in with an explosion. He can't know where you're coming from, so jump out from behind the trees and make a lot of smoke. I'll be able to detect where he is, so I won't have to worry about that. If you can get a good hit in, and I'm counting on you to plan your own attacks, then either both of us or just one of us should be able to get through the gate. Most likely you, since you have more mobility." Jirou finished scribbling on the dirt, a few lines crossing over it to show where they would go. She stood up, wiping any dirt from her pants. "So… What do you think?"


Bakugou blinked, staring blankly at the ground. That's… actually pretty damn good. She's thought about pretty much everything, even though she doesn't have many details… Alright Deku, maybe the extras in our class aren't all extras. Not like I'm gonna let them know that though.  "Eh it's alright. Well go with it for now since you wasted so much time, but I could've done better." 


Bakugou smirked as Jirou glared at him, obviously struggling not to yell at him. 


After taking a deep breath, Jirou smirked. “Okay then, Mr. Ego, ready to start?” Bakugou glared at her.


“Dumb bitch… Yeah, do whatever you do with those weird ear things.”


Jirou shook her head exasperatedly , her ear jacks sticking themselves into the soft dirt. She crouched down, her eyes closed as she listened for the sounds of Present Mic throughout the whole forest. After just a couple of seconds, her eyes snapped open and looked to Bakugou. “Just as I thought. He’s at the exit gate.”


Bakugou nodded to her, already turning to leave through the trees. “Well come on, then. I’m not losing to some loud-ass cockatiel.” Jirou smiled, happily jumping up to catch up with him.


They silently walked throughout the woods, keeping an eye out in case anything unexpected was thrown at them. Jirou would occasionally stick her ear jacks into the trees or the dirt to check if Present Mic was still there, and thankfully he hadn’t moved. About three minutes passed when Bakugou stopped walking, putting an arm out to keep Jirou from moving forward.


“We’re here.”


Okay… He’s still there. Too bad I can’t just blast him. Annoying. Jirou walked in front of him, a lazy smirk on her face. She kept her voice lowered, almost too quiet for him to hear. “Alright. I go in first. Once I cancel out the attack and he has an opening, you go in. Got it?”


Bakugou snarled. “Don’t tell me what to do.”


“I’ll take that as a yes.”


Bakugou huffed, standing back behind the tall trees as he watched Jirou run out. Let’s just hope she doesn’t mess everything up… His hands twitched as he watched, the urge to just run out and start blasting as strong as ever. Even though it only took a few seconds for Present Mic to send out an attack and for Jirou to cancel it out, it had felt like forever.


Bakugou rushed out as soon as he saw an opening, a large excited rin on his face as he blasted himself up into the sky, right above Present Mic.




Present Mic had recovered quickly from Jirou’s attack, aiming a scream right at Bakugou as soon as he saw him. He tried to block it with an explosion, but it did nothing against the harsh sound waves that washed over him.




Bakugou crashed to the ground, his ears ringing with a high pitched sound that seemed to rattle his brain from the outside. He quickly stood back up, thankfully a bit more used to the effects of loud sounds due to his explosions. Jirou was standing in front of him, her hands covering her ears as her boots sent waves of sounds at Present Mic. Not that it was really doing anything. 


She turned to him, her face scrunched as she winced. “Come on..!! Get back into the forest!!” Bakugou scowled, clamping his hands over his ears as he wrapped an arm around Jirou’s waist, picking her up and carrying her as he launched himself back into the forest using his explosions.


They ‘flew’ for about thirty seconds before they stopped, Bakugou none-too-gently setting Jirou on the floor.


“Why the heck did you carry me?! I can run on my own!!”


He huffed in annoyance. “Would you just shut up?! I got us out of there, right? I do one nice thing and THIS is the thanks I get?!”


“NICE!?! I could’ve DIED!!”


“What the fuck do you mean!? You were fine!”


“Piece of shit!!”


“Earphone fucker!!”


“Blasty McSplodes!”


“Oh how DARE you-”




Bakugou slammed his hands over his ears, his eyes closed tight as the sound wave passed over them. After a few seconds it disappeared, leaving him dizzy with more ringing in his ears. 


“Ugh.. We gotta go and fucking blast him again..!! Come on, extra.” Bakugou slowly stood up, his hands still rubbing his ears as he waited for them to recover. He walked for a few seconds before pausing when he didn’t hear any footsteps behind him. “Hey, you gonna be lazy or what-”


Jirou was leaning against a tree, one hand covering a blood-dripping ear, and the other  hovering over an angry burn on her leg. “S-sorry. I’m coming..”


Bakugou stared at her leg in confusion and shock. How the fuck…? I understand the ear, I guess.. I think I remember her saying something about being more sensitive to sounds or some shit, but where the fuck did that burn come from?! He stomped over to her, glaring at her with a questioning look. “Hey, how the fuck did you get burned? Did Present Mic start a shitty fire or something?”


Jirou wiped her hand on her pants, blood still slowly dripping out of her ears. “No. I got burned by your explosions when you were ‘safely’ carrying me. You stupid idiot.”


“What?!” Bakugou frowned. “Were you not paying attention or something?! Even that damn nerd is able to avoid being burnt-”


I’m not Midoriya!!”


Bakugou blinked, his brows furrowing. “Well of course not! What are you trying to say-”


“Not everyone is strong like you two, Blasty. Plus, Midoriya has fought with you your whole life, of course he’s going to know how to avoid getting burnt!!” Jirou lightly dusted off her pants, a large hole in the side where her burn showed through. “... Not everyone can do that, okay? Thanks for carrying me, but… Sometimes I feel like you think a bit too much about yourself, and expect everyone to just know what you’re doing right away. That’s kind of lame.” Jirou frowned at him, walking past him with a slight limp in her step as she flicked him on the forehead. 


“Now come on, let’s try and win this thing. Without leaving each other out.”


Bakugou stood in thought for a moment before sighing and awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah… Alright, let’s do this… Jirou.”


Jirou smirked. “Likewise, Bakugou.”





Midoriya’s head snapped up, a large grin on his face as he registered the news. “Kacchan!! I knew he could do it-”


“Deku-kun!! Pay attention!!”


His eyes moved back to Uraraka. “Oh! Right, sorry!”



Kirishima punched through another wall, his hardened skin cracking after using it for so long. His teammate wasn’t doing too good either.


“At least… Baku-bro is doing good..!!”


“Keep going!!”







Midoriya Hisashi walked on the silent road, the city surprisingly quiet. His escort walked in front of him, their hands twitching in a seemingly nervous gesture.






“How long until we get there? I’m getting bored.”


The escort seemed panicked for a moment, though it didn’t look like it was because of him. They grabbed at their skin tight mask, pulling it further down their face, looking scared. “Not long.. We’re here. WE’VE GOT A MILE TO GO!!”


Hisashi ignored the last comment, instead choosing to turn and look at their destination. What looked like a long-abandoned building stood before them, the walls crumbling and paint flaking at the second. He grinned, not waiting to be lead inside as he walked up to the door.


Hisashi slammed the old metal door upon, a resounding ‘clang’ echoing throughout the room. A warm light was one, scratched wooden floors surrounding a clean bar table and scruffy red bar stools. A man, probably early twenties or so, sat in one of the stools, his long gray hair covering his eyes, a pale disembodied hand resting on the counter. He doesn’t look like the boss… Looks more like an edgy kid than an adult.


Another person stood behind the counter, cleaning a wine glass with a rag. Misty… Probably some kind of portal quirk, then. Sweet. Hisashi ignored the strange look and glares he got as he walked inside, his escort from before quickly running inside and shutting the door.


“So, you guys wanted to see me?”


A TV screen cackled to life in the back, the only thing that showed on the screen was the purple static that spoke.


“Hello…. Dragon.”

Chapter Text



Midoriya finished taking to Uraraka about the plans for their fight, his nerves settling in again as they waited for the signal to start. Uraraka was happily bouncing on her feet next to him, though anyone could tell she was nervous. At first she had been excited, even though she knew she was fighting against All Might. But now that Midoriya had told her his plans, and the details of how they would fare against the number one hero, she was a lot more nervous.


"Hey… Deku-kun?"


Midoriya broke out of his thoughts, turning to face the bright girl. "Yeah?"


"Do you really think we can win this?" She sighed, idly playing with her thumbs. "I mean… you plan is amazing, you're amazing, but I just.. All Might is…"


"Ah." Midoriya smiled, reaching up his hand to lightly pat her head. Uraraka blushed at the contact, avoiding looking at his face. "Even if we don't win, which is a bit possibility, we'll still have tried our best! Plus, if anyone can do it then I'm sure we can!" Midoriya noticed what he was doing, and quickly took his hand away from Uraraka's head.


His cheeks burned, his freckles stark against the pink. "Ah-sorry."


Uraraka smiled, still blushing. "N-no it's okay! No harm done."


Just when he was about to laugh, am alarm but through the air, startling them both. Midoriya snapped his head towards the entrance to the city,a nervous grin stretching over his face. “The exam..!! That’s the start! Are you ready, Uraraka-san?”


She smiled, nodding in his direction. “Yeah.. Let’s go!!” He nodded, turning towards the entrance and running in, checking back every once in a while to make sure Uraraka was following close behind him.


When they entered, they were surrounded by tall city buildings, a long wide road stretching in front of them, the area completely silent. Midoriya looked around himself, his hands twitching at his sides as he readied himself for any sudden attacks. “Uraraka-san… I’m not sure where All Might is right now, but he’s sure to come for us instead of going to guard the exit. I want you to float yourself up to the top of one of the buildings, and if you find his location, tell me, okay?”


“But Deku-kun, what if he comes for you before I can tell you?!” Uraraka looked at him with a worried face.


“Don’t worry! I’ve got a plan. Here, make me float, right here right now.” Midoriya placed his hands forward, a determined smile on his face as he waited for Uraraka to activate her quirk. She  gnawed on her lip, before finally remembering the plans Midoriya had told her about in his quick muttering.


“Right.. Okay, just be safe Deku-kun!” Uraraka pressed her fingers on his arm, instantly making him start to float into the air.


Midoriya stumbled a bit at the sudden loss of gravity, swiping his arm around himself as emerald flames swirled around his legs before coming to a rest near his feet and hands. With a grin, Midoriya gently fell back to the ground, looking like he had never floated in the first place.


“There! Okay, now you-” he pointed a finger at Uraraka, “-need to float yourself up to one of those buildings! Got it?”


She grinned. “Yeah!!”


Uraraka ran towards the closest building, tapping her side and making herself start to float up as she easily climbed up the side of the building’s walls. Midoriya watched her go up with a smile before quickly returning to watching his surroundings. Nothing had happened so far, the only sounds being his own light footsteps and the cackling of his flames as he walked. Midoriya decided to try and explore, carefully of course, on his own.


Just as he passed the second turn, he heard static coming from his ear piece. 


-”Deku-kun!! He’s coming right for yo-”-




Midoriya turned to the side with wide eyes, not even having time to give out  response before he was launched across the street into a building.


“This is no time for walking around, young Midoriya..!! I don’t care about whether or not this city gets destroyed, for I… Am a VILLAIN!!”


All Might walked out of the shadows, a frightening smile on his shadowed face as his blue eyes shined with something dangerous. Midoriya struggled to get up, his flames almost dissipating and leaving him floating as he coughed. Fuck… He hit me hard!! I guess he really isn’t planning on holding back for this. Wait … Destroying the city..?


Midoriya looked up at the building Uraraka was on top of in fear just as All Might raised his hand and swung it to his side, completely destroying all of the buildings in its way. Uraraka-san!! SHIT!! Midoriya narrowed his eyes at All Might, making sure to smile as he rushed forward, green lightning from One For All covering his body.


All Might lowered his body, preparing for Midoriya’s attack. “A front attack, huh?! Not the smartest I must say!! Now why don’t you just give up!!? Just as All Might swung his arms forward to try and catch Midoriya, he jumped up, leaping higher than he ever had before, thanks to Urarak’s quirk. Midoriya grinned, twisting in mid-air and sending a torrent of flames down at All Might, blocking him from view and hopefully distracting him long enough to escape.


Midoriya, using his flames, launched himself through the air, searching frantically for Uraraka on the buildings. I can’t be sure if she stayed on the one… She could be anywhere, and she hasn’t contacted me either..!! Uraraka-san! He touched a finger to the ear piece, keeping his voice calm as he called for her. “Uraraka-sab, can you hear me?! Can you hear me? I’ve gotten away from All Might for now, he’s taking a test, but he won’t be long, please tell me your location!”


Taking a test.. That’s the one Uraraka-san came up with herself, it means that he’s been distracted, or held back, but not for long. It’s a little funny, considering we’re taking an exam at the moment.


Midoriya landed gently on the roof of one of the skyscrapers, crouching and peering over the edge of the cement wall to see if All Might was anywhere near.






Uraraka flinched back at his yell, trying to hold in her laughter at Midoriya’s frightened face. “S-sorry, Deku-kun! I didn’t mean to scare you!”


Midoriya took a deep breath, settling his nerves as he stood up. “No, no, it’s okay.. Just surprised me is all.. Are you okay? I was worried that you were in the range of All Might’s attack..” He looked her over, searching for any injuries but thankfully finding none.


“Oh I’m alright. I’m more worried about you though, he threw you across the road!”


“What? Oh I’m fine!!” He smiled, hiding the wince from the pain in his stomach. “My health isn’t too important right now. Anyways, did you ever find out where the gate was located?”


Uraraka looked hesitant for a moment, debating whether or not to press her concerns, before signing and nodding. “Yeah, it’s all the way on the other side from where we started. On the way here, I tried to keep an eye on All Might, but I lost him, sorry…”


Midoriya shook his head, smiling at her reassuringly. “Don’t worry about it! You’re doing great. We’ve just gotta try to avoid running into him again-”




Uraraka yelped, accidentally deactivating her quirk, causing Midoriya to stumble and lose his balance. All Might landed on the roof, cracks forming in the ground as the entire building shuddered from the weight. Midoriya quickly jumped up, covering himself in flames as One For All burned in his veins. He launched himself at All Might, kicking in mid-air and shooting a fireball laced with green lightning at his opponent.




All Might grinned, brushing the ball of fire to the side with a measly swipe of his hand, easily dodging the round of punches that came his way behind it.


“Letting her escape while you fight me on your own.. Don’t you think that’s a bit silly?” All Might turned his head towards the fleeing Uraraka, bending his legs to jump towards her.


Midoriya’s eyes widened in realization, adrenaline coursing through his body as he raced forward, hoping to reach Uraraka before All Might could. He started running just as All Might jumped, thankfully slowed down by the weights on his arms and legs. Uraraka slowly turned, prepared to float herself in hopes of escaping.


Please make it!! Don’t let her get hurt!!


Midoriya put on a burst of speed, managing to get in front of Uraraka and push her to the side just before All Might struck.


Midoriya yelled out in pain, his back screaming in agony as he fell to the ground, One For All still sparking around him. Uraraka let out a small ‘oof’ when she landed, quickly getting up to see what had happened. “Deku-kun-”


“Worry about yourself, young lady!!”


Uraraka squeaked, swiftly making herself float just before All Might’s fist swung at her, only hitting air where she once stood. She kicked off of his back, grabbing the injured Midoriya from the ground and making him weightless before kicking off from the edge of the building, safely getting them away.


Midoriya realized what was happening, tapping Uraraka’s shoulder and wrapping an arm around her elbow, flames shooting out from behind them.


“Let.. L-let me help you.”


Uraraka looked ready to protest, before nodding and silently letting him guide them to the ground, safely moving into the shadows behind a not-damaged building. Once they were completely on the ground, she let go of her quirk, gently setting Midoriya down against the wall.


He let out a hiss, the flames around him disappearing into thin air. “Ow… Are you.. Okay, Uraraka-san?”


“What were you thinking!?”


“Huh..?” Midoriya questioned, looking up at his friend with surprise.


Uraraka  clenched her fists, her eyes watering as she looked him in the eye. "You.. You idiot! I’m glad you’re okay, but.. What were you thinking?! Going and jumping in front of All Might like that!! If he were a real villain, you could’ve been killed! I was ready, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself like that for me!”


Midoriya sat in a shocked silence as Uraraka wiped her eyes, trying to comprehend what she was saying. “Uraraka-san… I’m sorry, but I had to protect you-”


Then protect yourself first!!” 


Uraraka wiped her eyes, sniffling a bit as she looked at the floor. “Look, Deku-kun.. I know that you’re really strong, and smart, and cool… But I feel like you don’t believe that I can take care of myself. And I think that… I think that you don’t care about what happens to you.” She gestured to his whole body, the bruises on his arms, the scars that could be seen through bits of torn clothing, everything. “And trust me, I’ve always been worried. From the moment you first jumped in front of the huge zero pointer to save me. You’ve never really truly tried to protect yourself. It’s… Scary.”


She leaned forward, gently wrapping her arms around Midoriya’s neck as she hugged him. “Please, try and take care of yourself more. You can’t help others, save others, unless you can help yourself first.”


Midoriya felt tears starting to burn in his eyes as he slowly hugged her back, smiling as he came to a decision.


“Okay.. I promise. Now, we’re gonna need a new plan.”





All Might silently wandered through the streets of the faux city,  grinning as he searched for his students. He hadn’t bothered to chase after them, wanting to give them some time to recover. Maybe I put a little too much force when I elbowed young Izuku’s back… I should tone it down a bit, they are still just kids after all! Young Uraraka however, she’s more stronger than I thought. I had expected her to freeze up when I charged at her, but instead she prepared a way to escape! Good job, young Uraraka!! You’re growing up strong! Young Izuku, however…


He stopped in the middle of the street, putting a large hand on his chin as he stood in front of the exit gate. “Young Izuku… You always sacrifice yourself too much, putting yourself, and sometimes others, in danger. I know I’m not really one to talk either. But this must be fixed! It is important to want to sacrifice yourself to save others, yes, but not to the point where you never take care of yourself!! Now, where are they-”


A loud explosion from behind him cut him off, causing him to whirl around to see what had happened. A burst of green flames shot out from an alleyway not too far away,  quickly turning and heading towards him at the speed of a rocket. All Might raised his arms up in front of his face to protect himself from the flames, effectively blocking his vision.


Taking the chance, Uraraka ran out, making herself float and jumping up above the continuous stream of fire, a grenade in her hand.


“Deku-kun is that a grenade?!”


“Ah.. Haha, yeah. Kacchan gave me one a while back for protection, since I can’t really make explosions myself without the air around me being right.”


“What are we going to use it for?”


“Well… I want you to take it and..”


She grinned, taking aim and throwing the green grenade right at All might’s open head as he continued to block the fire blasting over him. All Might snapped his head up, using his arm to blow the fire away as he reached up to crush the grenade.


“Sorry kids!! But it’s gonna take more than a measly explosive to take me down!”


“Oh I know!!”


Midoriya ran out from inside of the flames, his eyes shining a bright emerald green as he smiled. “That’s why we’ve got MORE!!”


He reached into the pockets around his belt, taking out more grenades, all of them ready to be thrown. He let out a shout, throwing them forward with an extra boost from One For All, instantly running after them once he threw them.


All Might grinned. Smart!! But, I can easily dodge them-


“Oh no ya don’t!!”


All Might’s eyes widened as Uraraka caught a few of the grenades thrown to her, immediately throwing them right at All Might, just from a different direction. 


All Might couldn’t move anywhere without coming into contact with a grenade.




All at once, the grenades hit, a loud explosion along with swirling emerald flames bursting outwards from his position. Midoriya took a second to cheer, a few small burns starting to cover his face. Uraraka floated herself to the ground, out of breath and nauseous from using her quirk so much.


Midoriya ran over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder to help steady her. “The exit is right there, all we have to do is get one of us through!” Uraraka nodded, taking a wobbly step forward before nearly falling on her butt when a loud announcement rang out.




Midoriya’s head snapped up, a large grin on his face as he registered the news. “Kacchan!! I knew he could do it-”


“Deku-kun…! Pay attention! All Might’s..”


“Oh, right! Ah fuck-”


All Might steadily walked out of the smoke from the explosions, a few scratches covering his body. He was otherwise…


Completely unharmed.


Midoriya quickly wrapped an arm around Uraraka’s waist, jumping up into the air and towards the gate as All Might proudly walked out of the smoke and flames. SHIT!! That hurts…!! Toshinori-san really hit my back hard..!! Ow ow ow ow owowowowow-




All Might rocketed at them, reaching and arm forward to grab Midoriya’s ankle. Midoriya let out a scream of pain as he was thrown down, Uraraka being thrown to the ground with him. A loud crack rang out from under him, making him cry out once again. Uraraka stumbled to her feet, scratches littering her arm and face. She turned to her friend, giving Midoriya a worried glance before focusing on All Might.


“Don’t just.. Stand there, Uraraka-san..!! Go!!”


She wobbled on her feet, holding back from throwing up before turning and running towards the exit gate. All Might stood up from his crouched position, taking a few steps forward before he was stopped by a hand grabbing his leg.


“Young Midoriya… You cannot stop me by just grabbing my leg.”


“Yeah… I know!” Midoriya grinned, albeit painfully, emerald flames erupting from his back and completely engulfing All Might’s body, the heat at the highest level it could go without also harming Midoriya.


All Might stumbled back, trying and failing to get rid of the flames surrounding him. Even though I could easily get out of this… He looked down at Midoriya, grinning at the determined look in his green eyes.


He’s done well.


Midoriya  slowly stood up, his right arm dangling uselessly by his side, and his face and side a mess of scratches and bruises. He fought through the pain, biting his lip as One For coursed through his blood, helping to give him the boost to catch up with Uraraka as they neared the exit.


We’re so close…!


Just a few more steps!











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A couple of minutes after Midoriya and Uraraka had made it through the gate, All Might had come running out, a large friendly (proud. Oh he’s so proud of them-) smile adorning his tan face.


“Congratulations you two!! I’m so glad you passed! You did WONDERFUL!!” Midoriya beamed, his cheeks dusted with a light pink as he smiled at his mentor. He tried to walk forward to give him a hug, but ended up wincing in pain as his broken arm burned, and the pain from his other injuries came back full force since the adrenaline had worn off.


He stumbled forward, Uraraka quickly reaching out to steady him and grabbing his uninjured arm. All Might fretted, guilt starting to show on his face as he frowned at Midoriya’s pained expression.


“All Might, can you call in some stretchers? We should get Deku-kun to Recovery Girl..” Uraraka frowned in concern, trying to hide a wince at the pain she felt on her side when she fell, along with the many scratches.


All Might nodded, flashing her a smile before gently lifting Midoriya up, making him squeak in embarrassment. “Can you walk, young Uraraka? If not, I can carry the both of you!”


Uraraka wobbled a bit, shaking her head and allowing All Might to carefully lift her up, carrying them both to the nearby nurse station. It had been placed close to each of the areas, just in case any students got seriously injured and needed immediate attention, or if they needed a stretcher and couldn't walk to the school.


All Might placed them both down on separate stretchers, giving a thumbs up to the small robots carrying them away, as well as a reassuring smile to both of his students. He could feel his time in his hero form dwindling, so with a strained smile on his face he dashed away, quickly running into the school infirmary and sitting in a chair, now in his civilian form.


Recovery Girl sighed from her seat at her desk, having already been there since she had gotten a call about some injured students. “Already back, huh? You didn’t go crazy on them.. Right?” Recovery Girl’s face darkened, her needle cane glinting as All Might shuddered under her gaze.


“N-no!! I don’t… Think so… Anyways-”


“You did.”




Toshinori sighed, running a hand through his messy hair as he leaned back in his seat. He almost jumped in his seat when his phone let out a loud ‘ding’, a message appearing on it’s screen.


Tposhinori grabbed his phone out of his pocket, going to his messages to see who it was. It’s.. Tuskauchi-kun…


Tsukauchi Naomasa 12:06pm:

Sorry to bother you, I’m sure you’re busy. But could you tell Eraserhead to contact me?

It’s urgent, but I haven’t been able to reach him.


Toshinori scratched his chin, debating whether or not to call his friend and risk the wrath of Aizawa, or wait a bit until he was free.


All Might 12:07pm

I’ll reach him as soon as I can!


Toshinori leaned back in his seat, almost nodding off when the door to the infirmary slammed open, the nursery robots from before carrying in Midoriya, a limping Uraraka, and with both Bakugou and Jirou walking behind them.


Wait!! I can’t let them see me like this! UpToshinori quickly stood up, sending a quick goodbye to Recovery Girl before moving to exit the room. He stole a quick glance at Midoriya, smiling at the peaceful sleeping face of his student.


Good job, kid.



Aizawa grinned even as he was blinded by Yaoyorozu’s trap, glad that she had finally gotten back on track thanks to Todoroki. He had been fighting against his two students for about 10 minutes, mostly looking around in the shadows and coming out for random and sudden attacks as he let them think things out. Only just recently had things finally gotten going. 


Yaoyorozu had gotten her confidence back, and now her and Todoroki have made an excellent plan to beat him.


Even though he could totally wipe them out if he wanted to, but he isn't that mean.




Aizawa sighed, not letting any of his pride at his students show as he walked then back to the bus. Thankfully neither of them had really been injured, but he'd still have to get them checked out by Recovery Girl. 


They arrived shortly at the school, Aizawa not bothering to follow his students any further. 


I wanna go home to my cats…. I hope none of them got into any trouble.. I need to ask Midoriya if he's taking good care of that kitten as well. Problem child… He was interrupted from his thoughts when his phone vibrated in his pocket, silent yet annoying. Aizawa looked at the caller ID, a scowl crossing over his face once he realized who it was.


"You better have a good reason for calling me… All Might."


Aizawa scratched his head, locking the door of the transport bus and heading toward Nedzu's office, knowing the small principle will want to discuss the scores of the students.


"Right, umm…" All Might's voice sounded slightly muffled, like he was trying to keep his voice hidden. Probably in his normal form then.. idiot. "I just wanted to let you know that Tsukauchi-kun wanted to talk with you, but your hasn't been answering. He said it's urgent. I had wanted to wait until you were done with your battle…" 


Aizawa sighed, already feeling the oncoming headache in the near future. "Right.. Thanks, tell him I'll be calling him as soon as I can."






"Well… better get going then."



Midoriya woke up slowly, for once not feeling any aches or pain from his injuries. He stretched his arms above his head, happy to find that his arm was practically all the way healed, though he could feel a little tingling in his back. 


There soon was still high in the sky, so he missed not been out for too long. You never know though.


He looked to his side, smiling when he saw Recovery Girl and Uraraka near the side of his bed. And what looked to be Jirou as well, she was being treated at the moment.


"Um.. so how long was I out for? Sorry for kind of passing out.. haha." Midoriya chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck subconsciously as Uraraka spun around to look at him, excitement clear on her face.


"Deku-kun! You're awake!" Uraraka beamed, bouncing up and down in her seat. She was dressed in hey school uniform, so she must've changed after she had gotten healed. Recovery Girl gave Jirou a light pat on the shoulder, telling get that she could leave now. "Recovery Girl healed you already, and I'm all good too! I wanted to stay and wait for you though.. ah.. you were only asleep for about 10 minutes." Uraraka blushed, an embarrassed smile stretching over her face.


Midoriya smiled, a year leaving his mouth as he looked around. "Darn.. did I miss most of the battles then? I wanted to congratulate everyone, and where's Kacchan? Was he hurt? How did everyone else do? Did everyone pass? What about-"


"Slow down there, Midoriya-kun! You might bite your tongue!" Midoriya snapped his mouth shut, beaming when he saw who had entered the room.


"Iida-kun!! How did you do?" Midoriya asked, moving himself so he was sitting on the edge of the bed.


Iida pulled over a nearby stool, sitting himself down and fixing his red tie. He was also in his school uniform, though a bit of dirt was still on his face. "Well, I passed! But I'm not sure if that will ensure my passing on general! In U.A, you never know what could happen. You have to do your very best! Without fail!!"


Uraraka and Midoriya just laughed.


"I wanted to come see how you were doing, so I thought I'd stop by. I'm glad to see you're doing well! The teachers said that we would get our grades tomorrow, and for the rest of the day it's just normal classes, if a bit delayed." Iida smiled, standing up from his stool and heading towards the door. "Goodbye!"


"Bye!!" Midoriya waved, stifling another yawn as he stood. "I should get changed… my costume is all dirty too.."


Uraraka nodded. "I'll see you in class then, Deku-kun!"





“Hey Kacchan!! Wait up!”


“Don’t FUCKING call me Kacchan!”


“But it’s fun~!”


“No it isn’t.”


“Then why do you call me Deku?”


“.... ‘Cause fuck you that’s why.”


Midoriya laughed, lightly nudging Kacchan on the arm as they walked out of the school together, continuing their daily routine long after they had started it. “No no, Kacchan! You have to say ‘...fair enough’, not that! You’re tradition!”




Bakugou looked to the side, letting out a huff of air  as he sped up his pace. Midoriya gave him a concerned look, jogging a little to catch up with him. “Hey… Are you alright? You’re not usually the one to just ignore our usual stuff, you okay? Did something happen during your exam?”


Bakugou sighed, a light blush covering his cheeks as he avoided looking at his friend beside him. “No..!! I’ve just.. Been thinking, is all.”


“Oh, okay.” Midoriya smiled. Wait a minute-






A sly grin formed on Midoriya’s face, his eyebrows raised as he snickered. “Oooh… You totally like someone now. Who?! Who is it?? Oh! My sweet Kacchan is growing up so FAST!!”


Midoriya yelped as Bakugou dug his fist into Midoriya’s head, giving him a harsh nogie as he tried to escape.






“F-fine!! You d-don’t have a crush!!” He’s totally got a crush on someone.


Bakugou finally relented, snickering with glee as Midoriya gingerly rubbed his aching head. “Ow… You’re so mean, Kacchan..”


He laughed. “Nah, just aggressive.”


“Ugh..” Midoriya straightened up, adjusting his backpack behind his shoulders, making sure nothing was out of place. They walked in silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying the peace and quiet after a hard day of exams.


Bakugou had been thinking about things a bit differently since his practical exam, and looking at his classmates with a different light. (Mostly one person but he’ll die before he says it-) When he had first gotten into U.A, he had always thought that it would just be him and Midoriya at the top, the two best and strongest students.


With Bakugou at the top of course.


But that wasn’t how it turned out. His classmates were stronger than he thought, smarter, even. Some of them… Were stronger than him in many different ways. He just hadn’t realized it until then. Jirou had helped put that in a new light.


She had always seemed to be more of a loner, sometimes joining a conversation, but mostly only hanging out with Ponytail and Dunce Face. Not to mention that her grades were not the best. So when she had gotten out a full blown plan in front of him in no time , he… He had been pretty shocked.


Maybe… I should start getting to know them more, if only for the sake to see who I have to beat-




Bakugou was snapped out of his (annoying) thoughts when All Might-or rather Toshinori Yagi- ran up behind them, waving excitedly. Midoriya instantly beamed, always excited to see his mentor no matter how close they were.


I mean seriously, just how excited can one person get?


Bakugou huffed in slight annoyance at the interruption, wondering why the living skeleton had called out to them.


“Toshinori-san!! What are you doing? Shouldn’t you still be in your office or something?” Midoriya smiled, bouncing on his heels as Toshinori caught his breath.


“Yeah. Plus, you look like you’re about to fall over with a small push, take a break you fucking skeleton.”


“Kacchan!! Watch your language!”




Toshinori laughed, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly as he grinned at them. “Well, I was about to head into my office, but then I remembered my appointment with young Izuku and his mother tonight!”


Bakugou frowned, confusion building up on his face as Midoriya’s brightened and a small gasp came from him. “That’s right! Shoot- I totally forgot! Do you want to come over early? I’m sure we could clean up in time, or would you want to come later? We don’t want to rush you or anything- you are the number one hero after all- that would be rude. Any specific preferences? Or I could-”


“Wow, slow down there kiddo.” Toshinori chuckled, ruffling Midoriya’s hair, making it even messier than thought possible. “You don’t have to clean up or anything! I just wanted to ask if it was alright if I came sooner, in case I forget to later. Is that okay?”


Midoriya beamed. “Of course!!”


“Okay… How about you EXPLAIN WHAT’S GOING ON!?”


Midoriya squawked as Bakugou yelled in his ear, nearly making him jump out of his skin. “Goodness… Come on, you remember, don’t you? It was right after I was released from the hospital, when Toshinori-san had given me the charm?”


Bakugou thought for a moment, a slight scowl on his face as he tried to remember. “Oh- Now I remember. Riiiigght, and Aunty Inko doesn’t  know about.. All Might, right?” bakugou started walking down the sidewalk, Midoriya and Toshinori stumbling to catch up with him. Can't just waste the day away standing in one spot while you contemplate your life choices!


Midoriya answered for him, a.. Hesitant smile on his face. “Yeah… But honestly? I’m thinking we should tell her.” Bakugou choked on his spit. “I mean, she is my mom. She deserves the right to know!” He suddenly looked down, glancing over at Toshinori walking beside him. “But uh.. That’s your decision, Tpshinori-san. It is your secret after all.”


Toshinori just grinned, happy at the fact that Midoriya had thought to ask. “It’s alright with me, my boy! Just as long as you’re sure that you trust her!”





Inko smiled as she heard the doorbell ring, quickly untying her apron and heading over to the door. The kind man who had helped her son, Tshinori-san if she remembers right, would be coming over for dinner tonight. They had told him he could come at any time so long as Izuku was home, so it wasn’t very specified when he would be arriving.


Thankfully for that, she wasn’t too surprised when her little (not so little anymore) boy popped up at the door with the usual Bakugou and Toshinori-san right behind them with a smile.


However, she was still surprised.


“To-Toshinori-san!! Oh goodness- this place isn’t even cleaned up yet! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?! I could’ve neatened up, oh my, oh my, we have a guest-”


“MOM!! Calm down, it’s fine!” Midoriya put a hand on Inko’s shoulder, effectively stopping her from going into a panic over a guest being at their house. She took a deep breath, giving her son a quick hug-and Bakugou, but he struggled against that one-before greeting Toshinori and leading him inside.


Toshinori had heard about Midoriya’s mother from the kid himself, and he had also met her before, but those were all brief meetings, and never really the time to actually get to know her.


Seeing her now though, bustling about the house, smiling as Midoriya and bakugou helped her with a few things, it was like seeing her in a new light. All the other times he had met her she was either crying over her injured son-not nice to remember that-or worrying over something and being panicked. Now though..


“Toshinori-san? What are you doing just standing there? Come in, come in! Let me make you some tea!” Inko gave him a warm smile, filling his chest with a nice fuzzy feeling, unlike the crisp air outside.


She’s… So much happier. It’s nice seeing her like this.


Toshinori smiled, laughing a bit as he let Inko drag him over to the table, setting a steaming cup of tea in front of him as Midoriya and Bakugou bickered over their homework.


“It’ll be a few hours until dinner.. So until then, just make yourself at home! As thanks for being there for my son when I couldn’t.” He looked at Inko in surprise, a small smile on her face as she sipped her tea. “Things have been hard for him, lately. He has… A lot more secrets than you’d think, as well. And with him getting into so many dangerous fights, saving people and getting hurt, it worries me. But I’m glad, knowing that he has someone like you watching out for him! He talks about you a lot, you know!”


“W-what?!” Toshinori nearly spit out his tea, resulting in a small laugh from Inko. “He.. He talks about me?!”


He didn’t notice Midoriya sneaking up from behind him until he had already put his hand on his shoulder, causing Toshinori to almost fall out of his chair with a screech. 






Midoriya laughed, bright and cheerful, as Toshinori regained his breath, a hand on his chest as his frayed nerves settled. Inko glared at her son, his once loud laughter dimming down to a nervous chuckle.


“Uh.. s-sorry, Toshinori-san! Ahaha, haha…” Midoriya breathed a sigh of relief when Inko took her glare off of him.


“It’s alright, my boy! You just surprised me is all.” Bakugou scoffed.


“Damn Deku over there has been like that since before I can remember! He doesn’t do it as much anymore, but he’s always liked scaring everyone. Too bad for him, I’m immune!!” Bakugou smirked, snickering as Midoriya huffed in annoyance as he slicked back over to the living room, math papers in hand.


Inko sighed. “Yes.. Sadly, I am not. He’s scared me many a time. I don’t know where he gets it! It’s like he has no presence!” She leaned her head against her hand, a slight look of sadness showing in her eyes, gone before Toshinori could see why. I know where he gets it. And I don’t like it, but I love my son.


Bakugou slammed his hands on the floor, angrily yelling about school being dumb and how everything needs to die.


So you know, the usual.


Time went by quickly, Midoriya and Bakugou finishing up any work they had, which wasn’t much, and Inko and Toshinori talking with each other while they laughed at the scene in the living room.


The boys had decided to pass the time by playing Guitar Hero, and Bakugou was currently trying very hard to not crush the controller in his hands as Midoriya smirked.


“You know, I really don’t get why you keep playing against me on this when you know you’re just going to lose over and over. It’s pointless.”




“... Why Tuesday?”




Inko laughed, standing up from the table with the light squeak of a chair. “I’m going to get the food ready, you just keep yourself comfortable!” With a nod in Toshinori’s direction, Inko set to work.


After about an hour, katsudon was served at the table, along with a few sides, and a small special serving mixed with various proteins and nutrients, which she set in front of Toshinori. “There! Kids, come and eat dinner!”


Toshinori stared at his plate confused, ignoring the loud exclaims of joy Midoriya let out at the sight of his favorite food set on the table. “Um..”


Inko smiled. “After I had said goodbye to you outside of the hospital, I went home and researched about your injuries, and how to handle them. It said that you should be eating small portions of food throughout the day, like a bunch of snacks instead of meals, and that they should contain numerous proteins and healthy items. By the look of you,” she gestured to his body, “I can tell that you don’t take care of yourself. And so..”


“She’s basically gonna be babysitting you and your health from now on.” Midoriya piped up, Bakugou nodding beside him as he ate.


Toshinori blinked. “W-what?”


Inko flicked Midoriya on the forehead before turning back to Toshinori with a smile. “What he means , is that I’m going to be giving you small little snacks to bring with you throughout the day, and hopefully stock your fridge with, so that you can take better care of yourself.”


She’s… Willingly, giving me food, so that I can get healthier? Really? What?! “I… I don’t know what to say… Thank you..!”


Inko shook her head, eating it off like it was nothing. "Nonsense! Now, let's enjoy dinner, shall we?"


Midoriya nodded enthusiastically, instantly digging into his bowl of katsudon. Bakugou finished early, saying he had to get home so he could finish cleaning up there. Once dinner was over, Inko had insisted that Toshinori get a tour of their small home, which resulted in a very flustered Midoriya when they came upon his All Might covered room. Inko thought he was more nervous than necessary.


It was getting late, and Inko found herself sitting in the living room reading a book while Toshinori and Midoriya say and talked in the kitchen. Until of course they stood in front of her.


"Umm.." Midoriya fidgeted where he stood, his hands nervously picking at the bottom of his shirt, a habit of his when he got nervous. Toshinori was no better, a strained smile on his face as he fruitlessly ran his fingers through his messy hair. "So, uh.. I told you how Toshinori-san was the secretary at All Might's agency, right?"


Inko looked at them curiously, putting her book down beside her lap as she regarded them both. "Yes..? Is something wrong dear?"


Midoriya stole a glance at Toshinori, taking a deep breath before looking Inko in eyes with a serious expression. "Well you see, Mom…" A large puff of smoke erupted next to her son, the sight it left making her speechless.


"Toshinori-san… is actually All Might."








Inko promptly passed out.