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The Garden

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Chapter 1 – The Game
“Now, here’s how the game works.” Pink smiled at Spinel. “You stay here, and stand perfectly still. Perfectly, completely still, understand?”
Spinel nodded. “Of course, my diamond! Anything for you!” Spinel was ecstatic. An entirely new game, and from her diamond, of all people! This was going to be so much fun!
Pink smiled at Spinel, and turned away. Something was off to Spinel, though. It didn’t seem like a happy smile. It was a sad smile, a…
It wasn’t important. Things like that were none of Spinel’s business. She was a happy gem, a playful gem. Her job was to entertain, to make her diamond laugh. To be a friend. Her diamond was probably just worried about something else, she had oh so many responsibilities. And Spinel would help her! One last game before she went to her colony, to help her Diamond out.
Pink Diamond walked up to the warp pad, and turned back to face Spinel. Spinel smiled at her diamond, but she didn’t move an inch. She couldn’t break the rules, after all! And them… she left. Her diamond left.
Spinel stayed put. Oh my, what was going to happen next? She didn’t know anything about this game, so she didn’t know what her diamond was going to do for her! She could do was wait.
And so she did.
She waited.
And waited.
And waited.
It had been how long now, a few minutes? Nothing had happened yet. Spinel kept on smiling. In truth, she was starting to get a little bored. Spinel’s weren’t meant to stand in place for long, they were made for running and bouncing and singing. But she stood still, for her diamond. Because she knew it would be worth it in the end.
She looked at the stars. They were beautiful, weren’t they? Sparkling, so far away. Distance worlds, full of new experiences, and potential. Potential to add to the gems’ world, to make so many new friends to play with! Spinel was excited by the possibility, at the infinite expanse of the world they lived in. So much potential.
Spinel looked at the flowers. At the plants, at the garden and the life that inhabited it. Pink Diamond had talked about the beauty of other types of life, and had gone and taken some of it back with her. The other diamonds didn’t approve; how could any life, outside of gem life, be worth saving? They were inferior beings, and were meant to be conquered. Pink, obviously, disagreed. She said they were beautiful.
Spinel thought they were too. The flowers, they were so pretty. They were fragile, too. She had stepped on them once while they were playing. The flower had bent under her foot, crushed. Lifeless. Spinel had been saddened. She hadn’t meant to hurt the small creatures, she just hadn’t been paying attention. Pink told her not to worry to much. The flower’s life was temporary, but the whole would live on. They were all part of a larger whole, like the gems, themselves.
Spinel thought that was reassuring. Spinel wasn’t anything by herself, after all. She was just a friend, and what was a friend without someone else? She was one part of the empire, and all she had to do was her part.
So, she was going to be the best friend she could be. She would be Pink Diamond’s best friend. They would be inseparable. She would put her entire being into being Pink Diamond’s best friend. That was who she was.

It had been a while now, hadn’t it?
Spinel shifted her weight, just a little. Her feet were starting to hurt. She didn’t mind.
A thought crossed her mind. A fleeting, terrible thought. She felt guilty for even thinking it.
What if she doesn’t come back?