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Barry Allen; Horny Days

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“Barry, girls don’t just jump on trains and travel hundreds of miles to see someone they don’t “like”!

He knew Iris was right, but he also knew Felicity wasn’t who he wanted to be with, it was Iris.

However, that boat had sailed. Being in a coma for 9 months had not only taken away his chance to let Iris know how he felt about her, but it had given Iris the chance to meet someone else.

Eddie Thawne! He was Joe’s new partner. They had gone out for some coffee, one thing led to another, and now they were in love.

Barry had been doing his best to accept it, there was nothing he could do about it. So, he decided to continue on with their friendship as it had always been.
Plus, Iris was happy, and to be honest, Eddie was a nice, decent, respectable guy.

He had even agreed to come to trivia night tonight. He and Felicity, partnered up with Iris and Eddie, competing against other teams for free cappuccino coupons.

I had a really nice time tonight Felicity said opening the door to her hotel room.
“I did too”, Barry admitted.

Iris and Eddie are good together. He rolled his eyes.

“Barry Allen!”

Felicity smiled at him. “Coming in?”

“I shouldn’t. I mean, I have to be on time tomorrow. If I’m late again the captain will have my head.”

“One cup of coffee”, she insisted.

“Ok, one cup. I actually wouldn’t mind using your bathroom before running home”, he said.

“I think I had a few to many cappuccinos at Jitters, he said hand on his lower belly.

“Same here”, she said.

“You can go first”, he said to Felicity looking toward the bathroom.

Instead of heading toward the bathroom though she sat next to him on the small couch, leaned in, looking into his eyes, initiating a kiss. He licked his lips and followed her lead.

The kiss was soft at first, but it was getting more intimate by the second. Their tongues fighting for dominance.

“Felicity”, he said breathy.
“I really need to use the restroom quick.”
She laid her hand over his bladder. “Why?”
“Because I have to pee.”, he said matter of fact matter of factly.

“I know!”, she said with a sexy smile.
He had no idea where this was going.

“Seeing you desperate like this really turns me on.”, Felicity growled.

Again, he was still perplexed.
Then she pushed lightly on his bladder.

“What are you doing?”
“Your going to make me pee my pants”

“I know”, she said practically growling again.

He was shocked. He’s heard about this “kink”, but he never thought he would participate in it.

“It feels good”. she said. “I promise.”
“I don’t know”, he said.

She put her hand on his penis, gave it a little squeeze.
“I’ve been attracted to you since the first time I saw you at that crime scene in Starling City.”

“I’m attracted to you too”, he said moving his hand to her breast. She moved from her spot on the couch, now straddling his waist.

He wasn’t stopping her, so she continued.

She moved her mouth back to his. The kiss was even more heated this time.
On top of that, Felicity was now grinding down on him.

“I have to adjust, he said moving his hands between them.
She got off of him, pulling off her dress, which left her in just her bra and panties.

Following l her lead again. He pulled his pants off.

His erection still begging to be freed from his boxer briefs.

“You’ve already got a wet spot”, she said pointing to where the pre-cum was already escaping his penis.

“Come on”, she said, leading him into the bathroom.

Again, he was confused, but at this point, the needs of his little head outweighed the concerns of his big head.

Walking into the bathroom made him have to pee even more. He grabbed himself, but not in a sexual way, no, it was a desperate attempt to keep himself from peeing right then and there.

“How’s that bladder of yours?”, she asked.

“Really full!”, he said wincing.

“Mmmm”, she said touching herself through her underwear.

He was horny as hell watching her fall apart, and he was desperate to pee. He had no idea how these two things together worked to get people off.

There was a large hot tub in the bathroom. She took her bra and panties off.
“Now take yours off.”, she said pointing to his briefs.

The water was filling into the tub. She had added some bath bubbles and lit a candle by the toilet.

“Touch me Barry!”
They had been making out waiting for the tub to fill. He was still using his hand to hold himself, but now in between squeezing, he was giving himself a a couple of jerks.

He started playing with her nipple and gently squeezing her breast.

“How are you doing?”, she asked, seeing that he was now properly handling the situation.
He was stroking more than squeezing now.
She could tell he liked the sensation.

“It feels good, really good!”, he said

“Mmm, told you.”

“You did!”, he was breathing heavy now.

“Let’s get in”, she said pointing to the tub.

They got into the hot tub.
He sat down and she straddled his legs again, only this time she lowered herself onto him.

She could see he was scared at first, not from the intimacy, they both wanted that, but because he felt like he may not be able to hold his bladder much longer. Being inside of Felicity, with her bouncing on him, putting more pressure on his lower stomach with every bounce, couldn’t end well.
“Felicity! I don’t know how much longer I can hold it, especially like this.”

“Barry! If you need to let go, then do it.”

“Inside you?”

Suddenly he felt a warm sensation around his penis.
“Yes!” She said, with a look of our ecstasy on her face.
“It feels so good when you do!”, he could hear the relief in her voice.
He realized what he was feeling. It didn’t gross him out at all, it actually turned him on even more.
She had steadied herself when she started to pee, so he held her there, pushing up into her, still feeling her warmth poring down on him. She must have drank and awful lot tonight he thought.
He kissed her deeply, breathing hard.
I’m gonna cum”, he said.
“I want to feel it inside me”, she said.
His orgasm hit, thick spurts of sperm shooting up inside of her, followed by a steady stream of urine.
“Oh My... he couldn’t finish his sentence, the feelings were too intense. She could feel as a
second orgasm hit him, and then another, and than another.

She often wondered if his body was capable of back to back orgasms. Well, she didn’t have to wonder anymore.

It felt amazing for both of them. His seed, the spasms, the urine, all mixed together inside of her. It was euphoria!
She had multiple orgasms herself, just from the feeling.

Once they had both emptied their bladders fully, and their orgasms had subsided, they drained the tub, letting the hot water run to rinse it thoroughly.
They stepped into the shower together, washing each other with some funky hotel soap.

“That felt really good Felicity!”

“Yes it did!”, she assured.

“It’s just like anything else Barry. You have to try it before you decide if you like it.”