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Barry Allen; Horny Days

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Once they all said goodbye Barry held onto Iris and flashed away. It was time for more food, and more sex, and there was no one he would have rather been with right now to enjoy both of those things.

As soon as they entered Iris’s apartment and closed the door, Barry stripped the suit off and sat on the couch holding his stomach.

“I just ordered lots of food. You want me to get something for you while we wait?”, Iris asked taking a seat next to him.

“No thank you. I feel so weird Iris. I’m still overly aroused, but my stomach, it’s turning and it hurts, and somehow it’s actually making me even more horny.”

Iris could feel the wetness leaking into her underwear again.

“Lay down Barr.”

When he did she started to gently rub his stomach.

“When you were eating the way you were at Cisco’s it did something to me Barry. I mean I’ve never felt that kind of arousal before. And now, feeling your stomach gurgling under my hand, it’s awaking that same arousal again.”

Iris was about to lean over for a kiss when the doorbell rang.

She had ordered enough Chinese Food for at least twenty people. She quickly placed everything on the tables surrounding the couch and they both started to eat.

Iris wanted to wait until Barry had enough food so that the pain in his stomach was gone before encouraging him to play, but when she felt his hand on her breast she knew he was ready for what she had in mind..

“Mmmm, feels good”, she moaned.

She quickly pulled her clothes off, grabbed two of the food containers, one container of dumplings and one of chicken fingers. She was so horny, she couldn’t wait any longer. She quickly sat on his lap, containers in hand. His hard cock, still inside his briefs, now pushing into her sensitive parts.

“One for me, and one for you.”, she said placing a piece of chicken in each of their mouths.

“Now your turn.”

Barry didn’t question her, he quickly repeated what she had just done.

When the two containers were empty, Barry picked two more.

“Are you sure Iris? You don’t want to overeat.”

“Oh I’m sure!”, she assured

The two containers Barry grabbed were filled to the top with spring rolls.

This time as they fed each other they masturbated. The more bloated Iris got the more intense her moans were as her fingers rubbed gently around her clit, and Barry’s cock leaked in his grip as he rubbed over the swollen tip.

They finished the egg rolls fast. Both of them belching and holding their gurgling stomachs now. They both felt uncomfortable, but they were also enjoying every second of it. Iris rubbed her belly. “I need something else.”, she said reaching over for two containers of rice.

Despite Barry’s fast metabolism even his stomach was feeling overfull.

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea to eat more right now. We’re eating so fast my stomach is extra full.”, he said looking nauseous.

She grabbed a full spoon of rice and shoved it into her mouth.

“I’m still hungry.”, she said as she swallowed.

Of course the discomfort Barry had felt in his stomach was already almost gone, and it was quickly being replaced by an even stronger sexual need. Not that he needed it, his cock had already been fully erect, swollen, and leaking before the egg rolls. He had really wished he could have kept that overfull feeling for a while though. It had felt really good to be worked up and stuffed. When he looked over at Iris she was still feeding herself the rice. When he looked down at the towel she had been sitting on there was a big wet spot. It was then that he realized filling her stomach the way she was, was doing the same for her as it had been doing for him all day.

Watching Iris eat and rub herself made his body need more than just his hand, and he was pretty sure she needed more too.

Iris sat up and placed the empty container on the table in front of her. When she sat back down she grabbed her bloated belly and started to rub. She let out a belch, holding her hand over her mouth.

Barry connected his body to hers and replaced her hand with his on her belly.

“I don’t feel good Barr. She belched again and Barry could feel how gassy and bloated she was now. He could hardly breath he was so worked up from the feeling and sounds coming from her stomach.

He gently rubbed her belly as the belches continued. Barry was breathing hard, his head sideways on her belly while he rubbed.

“I’m gonna..., he moaned as his cock filled his underwear with his hot thick seed.

Despite the sickness she was feeling in her stomach, a wide smile shined on Iris’s face, as Barry was coming completely undone.

He quickly disposed of his soiled briefs and leaned back into Iris.

“How can I make you feel better?”, he asked starting to slowly finger her.

“Lay on your side.”, she said

Once he did she slowly lowered herself onto his erection. They were belly to belly and face to face.

“I feel really sick.”, she groaned. “I don’t think I can handle moving, but I would definitely like to feel movement inside me.”

“I don’t have a condom on.”, Barry said sadly.

“It’s safe. I promise.”, she assured.

Barry gently held her body into his, now sharing the movements and sick sounds inside her belly, and slowly started to vibrate his cock inside of her. Iris wrapped her arms around his neck. Every time an orgasm washed through her Barry heard her soft moans of release in his ear, and every time Iris felt Barry’s hot seed erupt inside her she opened her eyes so she could see the look of ecstasy on his face.

Her orgasms were plentiful, and her juices ran down his cock.

Barry slowed the vibrations. Iris’s stomach really did sound sick now. He sat down against the side of the couch encouraging Iris to sit against him, which she did, only not against him, on him. She lowered her wet dripping pussy on his hard cock again. She still needed more. Her back now facing him.

“I want to feel you inside me Barry.”, she said in a low voice.

He wrapped his arms around her, one hand on her sick stomach and the other in between her legs, feeling on and around her sensitive parts.

He laid his heated face on her back and continued to rub lightly over her gurgling stomach.

“As long as that’s what you want.”, his voice just as low as hers.

“Relax and let it out Iris, you’ll feel better.”, he breathed out feeling the gas he knew she was holding back.

His hard cock getting harder by the second.

Iris did as he suggested and started to belch, they were soft and controlled. Barry’s cock was twitching inside her with each small sigh of relief she felt. Honestly, Barry wondered how she kept all of the food down, but she had. So he figured she must have known her limit. As more pockets of gas escaped her stomach, Barry felt more and more of her orgasmic contractions around his cock.

“Iris.”, he groaned as his cock spasmed inside of her. Each one of his orgasms felt amazing for both of them.

“I need a quick break Barr.”, she kissed his forehead as his orgasm slowed.

They separated and Iris headed to the bathroom. Barry sat there waiting for Iris to get back. His stomach felt off again. He felt queasy and hungry, the cramps starting to settle in. He quickly started to eat the remaining food, but this time he didn’t stop when he was full. He had finished the rest of the food by the time Iris returned.

“Don’t sit down.”, he said urgently holding his stomach. He stood up and grabbed her hand so she would follow him. When they got to the kitchen sink he looked at her.

“I think I’m gonna throw up. I’m sorry Iris.”

“I’ll be honest with you Barr, I just did.”, she said one hand on her stomach and the other rubbing his back as he moaned from the sickness in his stomach.

Growing up, Barry had a sensitive stomach, and he never wanted to be alone when it revolted on him. Iris had been with him many times over the years when that had happened, so she knew exactly how to keep him relaxed, before, during, and after he got sick.

“I’m sorry you got sick. This was a bad idea.”, he said, right before he started to retch over the sink.

None of the food he had just consumed stayed with him. It came up fast and violent. Iris stayed right next to him, gently rubbing his back while she talked softly to him to keep him calm.

When he finished vomiting, his body relaxed. It really relaxed. Iris had to help him from the sink to the couch, and as soon as he laid down he fell asleep.

She looked around at the mess of empty containers. Her own stomach still not feeling terrific. At first, she couldn’t help but think that eating like they did was really stupid, but then she thought of the arousal she had felt from being so overstuffed, and then she thought of Barry, and how it seemed that food had fueled his overly active sex drive all day today. She hated feeling like she did at the moment, but she would definitely do it again if the time was right. She would do anything for and with Barry. There was no kink or desire that involved sex with Barry, she wouldn’t at least give a chance.

She cleaned up the room while Barry slept off the events of the day. When she finished she grabbed both her and Barry a glass of water . When she sat down next to him, she gently started to rub his stomach. He woke up long enough to drink the water, and he kept it down, which was definitely a relief to Iris. Once she was sure he was ok, she slowly walked him into the bedroom. She was tired too, and being in her bedroom, she could lay down too. The poor guy was so out of it, he barely said a world to her before he laid his head on the pillow falling back to sleep.

They slept for a good two hours, well Iris did. She was woken up when the bed started to move. As her consciousness awoken, she heard the soft sensual moans coming from Barry. When she looked at him he was grinding his cock into the bed. His hips slowly moving up and down, his eyes closed, his face red, and the moans sounded heated.

“Oh Barr.”, she turned to him, moving his sweaty bangs from his eyes.

“It hasn’t let up at all has it?”

She moved off of the bed quickly and headed to her closet. Barry was oblivious, his cock about to explode. He was going to owe Iris new sheets, there was no doubt about it.

Iris was cleaning the toy she had just pulled from her closet when Barry turned on his back, held his cock, and started shooting in quick thick spurts on his belly.

He reached over for the box of tissues next to the bed, but Iris stopped him. That’s when he noticed the toy she had just secured around her waist.

“Don’t wipe that off yet.”, she said climbing in between his legs.

He had no words, all he could do was stare at the gorgeous woman about to penetrate him with the long thin dildo she had strapped to her waist.

“I’ve wanted to use this for a long time, but never had the chance.”, she said grabbing a nice big glob of the cum from his belly and using it as lube on the dildo. Once she was lubed up, she gently rubbed his stomach.

“How does your belly feel?”

He moaned at her gentle touch. “I’m hungry, but it doesn’t hurt and I’m not nauseous.”

Iris smiled as she grabbed some more of his cum.

“Ready then?”, she asked rubbing over his hole.

“Mmhmm.”, he moaned again as she started to enter him with two fingers.

He was still pretty loose from the sex he had with Cisco earlier in the day, so it didn’t take long before he was ready for her to enter him.

“Just enough left.”, she said grabbing the rest of the cum from his chest so she could lube up his thick erection.

She was pumping him and fucking him. All he could do was lay back on the pillow and moan at the pure ecstasy he was feeling.

Her hips were moving fast. The long dildo moving in and out felt better than anything he had ever experienced. This was it. This was what he had yearned for all his life. The woman he loved and desired more than anything in the world was on her knees, his legs wrapped around her hips, and she was fucking him. Fake cock or not, he never wanted this to end.

Barry’s body shook, when his strongest orgasm to date raced through his body. His hard cock shot harder and faster than it ever had. His thick seed coating his belly and chest all over again. Iris stilled herself, enjoying the feelings of his orgasmic spasms on the finger she now had tracing circles around his hole.

Barry looked down at her, her concentration on his hole.

“Iris.”, he called softly. “Come here.”

He unbuckled the harness she was wearing and then positioned her so she was straddling his face. She touched herself in anticipation.

When he entered her with his tongue, her sweet juices started to pour down all over him. She was so aroused, so swollen, it was her turn to feel as good as he did. He licked her, he sucked her, he entered her with his tongue. Her moans were both urgent and desperate. She held onto the back of his head, her pussy about to explode.

“Right there!”, she groaned, when his tongue found a particular spot. Her moans were so loud and her body so hot, Barry’s own orgasm was approaching again too.

“I’m gonna cum Barry! I’m gonna cum!”, she screamed, her hands gripping his hair.

One more lick was all it took. Her juices squirted out of her in rhythm with her the contractions in her pussy.

She moved off of Barry once her body allowed her to move. She reached for the tissues, grabbed a couple and wiped Barry’s face up the best she could.

Barry’s hand had moved to his cock, and he was rocking his hips, his cock moving in and out. She moved to his belly, kissing and licking around his bellybutton.

“Iris, I’m almost there.”, he warned

“I know.”, she confirmed licking inside his sensitive bellybutton.”

He couldn’t really control the blast this time. His cock erupted, rope after rope of his hot seed landing on and around them.

“I think we need a shower.”, Iris laughed pulling white sticky from her hair.

Barry tried to sit up, but a dizzy spell quickly took him down.

“You need food. I’ll be right back.”, Iris said heading out of the room.

She was back a minute later with two of his high calorie granola bars.

“I’ve had these for a while now.”, she said handing them to him.

“I’m glad I left them here that day.”, he smiled.”

“Me too.”, she rubbed his cheek.

Iris couldn’t help but notice how hard he still was. Not that she minded, but she was getting concerned for him.

“How’s your stomach, still ok?”, she asked.

“It’s good. I actually feel normal now.”

“That’s normal for you after so much activity?”, she asked looking at his erection.

“Yes.”, he said blushing.

“When I’m really worked up, I actually have to meditate sometimes to get my body to relax. Right now is one of those times, even though I do feel satisfied.”

“Interesting. Well then, I’m going to take a quick shower so you can try and get yourself to relax.”

“One second.”, he said stuffing the last piece of his bar into his mouth.

“Can I pee first? I think that may be part of the problem too.”, he was blushing even more now.

“You have to go bad?”, she asked her hand over his bladder.

“Really bad. I haven’t gone in hours.”

She grabbed his hand. “Come on. You can go while I’m in there. I’m not shy.”

He followed her. His erect cock leading the way. He was about to head to the toilet, but Iris stopped him. She grabbed his hand again and lead him into the shower with her.

She maneuvered the tip of his cock so it was right inside her hole, just the tip.

“Are you ok with this Barry?”

“Mmmm.”, I’ve done it with Cisco before.”

“Really?”, she asked a bit shocked but even more excited now to know he enjoyed this too.

“Well a little differently, but yes. We both enjoy being desperate.”

Barry groaned as a small amount of pee escaped his cock. “I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Together? Or do you want to go first?”, she asked.

“I’ll start.”, he moaned. He really couldn’t hold it anymore. The steady stream of urine was hitting her just right, causing her to reach her peak quickly. As she started to cum Barry stopped his stream and stroked himself, bringing himself to orgasm just as fast. When they had recovered enough, Barry grabbed her hand this time, leading her to the shower wall. He sat down encouraging her to lower herself on his cock, which she happily did.

She sat there, his hard cock inside her, and his thumb rubbing her clit. She looked into his eyes, receiving the confirmation she was looking for, and relaxed her bladder completely. Barry loved the feeling of the warmth and wetness surrounding his cock. Another orgasm fast approaching. Iris moaned as her spasms started again. Her pussy squeezing his cock seemed to set his still overfull bladder off again.

“Iris, can I finish inside you?”


Barry’s warm stream started up again. This time inside of her. The pressure built right away, causing her third orgasm in the past few minutes to rock her body.

When she removed herself from Barry he was still finishing. She couldn’t believe how full his bladder must have been. He was stroking himself again, white cum was mixing in with the remaining urine, his own continuing releases racing through his body.

Finally, his body relaxed.

“Looks like I won’t need to meditate after all.”, he smiled. His erection had softened, his stomach felt normal, he actually felt better than he had in days.

Iris felt just as good. She didn’t have powers to contend with, but being with Barry had been a long time in the making, and being with him today, as much, and in so many different ways, had satisfied her more than she had ever been sexually satisfied before.

Once they were clean, Barry put the Flash Suit back on. It was definitely going to need to be hand cleaned by Cisco.

He kissed Iris gently on the lips.

“I’m training next week too.”, he smiled seductively.

“Are you now?”

“I am.”

Iris looked at him seriously.

“Maybe Barr, if we spend the nights together it won’t get as bad as it did this time.”

“I’d like that Iris!”

“That’s the plan then?”

“Absolutely.”, he confirmed.

And with that he was gone. Off to save the world. She couldn’t help but wonder if they would ever experience a day like today again, or if the nights they were going to spend together would be just as much fun. She really hoped they would be, but she would be happy to give Barry whatever he needed, and she knew he would do the same for her.

She knew he would be getting faster, and when he did, she would be happy to provide him with the nourishment and activity he required.