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"What the fuck you lookin' at?"

Shouto tries not to look irritated by the abrupt question, it wouldn't do him any good in the long run to aggravate the man standing beside him. He was a fool to think that his father would at the very least allow Shouto to part from his side to marry into a decent family, but instead, his shit-head father had decided it would be more convenient to marry his son to the most notorious violent barbarian amongst the savages outside of the capital.

'The barbarian prefers men,' his shit-asshole-butt-shit-bitch father had said, and just recalling the argument they had four days ago brings a new wave of irritation flooding over him. Yes, he understands that there are some that prefer those of the same gender, it is normal and well respected, but, he is not gay. At all. Very opposite to that, in fact. And if his father wasn't an idiot and had actually just asked instead of assuming Shouto is gay because he had wore earrings twice then this situation would not be happening.

"Nothing," Shouto rasps out, gritting down his back molars in order to try avoiding biting out a scathing 'do not touch me you filth' when the savage reaches out to hold his waist, pulling them in together.

"Congratulations," someone says in quick passing, not someone Shouto knows because none of his friends or servants had been able to utter out the words 'congratulations' to him, it's more of a death sentence, than anything.

Since his young childhood he was his father's favourite: he was born with the golden genes, the next in line to the throne, Shouto's life was planned until he was at least middle aged, but all of his father's planning had died the moment that Shouto had presented at the age of 18.

Omega? His father had said, stunned silence stretching over the entire throne room. Two months later, and 3 weeks after his 19th birthday, he was engaged to this Bakugou Katsuki; the most notoriously violent man all across the kingdoms.

He's not quite figured out his father's intentions yet, either he meant to die, abused and used by this notoriously violent man so his father has a justified reason to begin a war or is his father simply trying to pass him off so he can forget he even had an omega son. Honestly, maybe both situations are good for his father.

He has become a political pawn, an expandable one, simply because he presented as an omega.

"Yer outfit is fucking weird," the barbarian says, no, he corrects mentally, his husband, Bakugou Katsuki, says. It isn't this barbarians fault that he was forcibly married off to him, he had simply accepted probably thinking Shouto had some sway in his life decisions.

Still, on a personal level, he's not exactly fond of his new husband. Dully he responds, "What do you mean?"

"Doesn't make you look good," Katsuki grumbles back, fingers digging in briefly into his hip before his grip loosens again to a subtle more hovering feeling. Honestly, Shouto prefers the digging, the loose hovering simply feels like he's about to be groped, but not just yet. An omen for what is to come. "Well whatever, the wedding in my country will be more fun."


The had spoken to each other for a total of 73 minutes before this wedding was actually put together, and more than half of that time was spent drafting up the cease-fire agreement. His father, being the vengeful and cruel man he is had dedicated the entire agreement to the ability of Shouto being able to conceive. And honestly, after the two of them were left alone together to discuss their future, Katsuki had only offered a casual, 'I didn't think you'd want kids so quickly'.

He had wanted to snap back 'what about my silence and disregard for my entire well-being by my father screamed 'I myself, want children'.

"Shouto," his father says, voice riveting in the mourning atmosphere despite it being a wedding. A part of Shouto suddenly understands, his husband thinks that this is the norm for their culture, for it to be so gloomy and depressing without understanding that people are only mourning for Shouto because they fear for his future.

"Your Highness," Shouto greets back, stiffly straightening himself, and for a blessed second Katsuki removes his arm and gives him the illusion of space.

"I hope you will not fail me again."

From the corner of his eye he can spot Katsuki frowning, but trained through years of his father's careless disregard for him as a person it seems more like a jolly 'congratulations my boy, so happy for you', "Then I thank you for this chance."

Only when his father is gone does Katsuki re-approach him, scowling in the direction Enji left like a put-off dog, "I fucking hate that man."

Maybe he's not all bad, Shouto can't help but think. 


* * *



When they finally arrive at Katsuki's kingdom, or more appropriately, simply a strong hold. Shouto tries not to allow his displeasure to show on his face, he's been raised amongst royalty since birth and suddenly he's been sold off to a peasant that doesn't even have a proper castle. It must show somehow though, cause Katsuki's jaw sets harder.

"Don't look like that," Katsuki finally grits out, yanking at Shouto's wrist to pull them forward, "I can afford a castle I just don't see the fucking point, this is easier ya'know, can't have anyone plotting to kill me if I can hear them."

Shouto blinks, not quite sure why Katsuki is explaining himself to him of all people. Isn't that what alpha's don't do? They don't owe omega's anything. Nothing at all. Not kindness nor explanations. Well, Shouto amends, eyes flickering over the furs draped across the room and the single female servant dusting the golden trophies on a top shelf. She startles at the sight of them, before beaming wide-mouthed, "Hey!"

"Fuck off," Katsuki grunts in reply, kicking off his boots, and the female servant huffs, but does as she was told. The lull in conversation gives and Shouto a moment to tentatively step into the place, glancing around. Its much smaller than he was expecting, there's no second floor, simply a single wide space split into two different living spaces, filled with things that're large and fluffy. He frowns at them because they seem so out of place from the dead animal heads and sharp weapons littered around.

He can feel Katsuki watching him, almost holding his breath from the sound of it, and Shouto wants to turn around and snap at him that its impossible for him to stay in a place like this; but before he can his eyes land on a single blanket, unsure why he's even gravitating towards it until he's crouched before it, tugging the fabric onto his lap.

Katsuki exhales loudly and he subtly jumps at the sound, whipping his head to look at him. He doesn't understand why he suddenly feels more soothed than he's ever felt at home, is it cause of the small space? Maybe Katsuki was somewhat right in his assessment that it's easier to sleep easy if you know no one's whispering about you in your own home.

He spreads his hand across the blanket.

"Do you only like that one?" Katsuki finally says after a couple of moments of silence, forcing Shouto to turn and look at him. "Ugh, should have fucking known an omega like you would have expensive tastes."

"Excuse me?" Shouto says tightly.

Katsuki huffs, waving his hand in dismissal, "What? Angry that you got expensive tastes? I'll go get you more blankets like that tomorrow, but the round-face bitch is gonna charge me an arm and a leg cause she knows I won't be able to say no."

There's a lot of issues with that statement, so many that confuse Shouto that he doesn't even know where to start. Why is it wrong that he only likes one blanket? Is he supposed to have more of an inclination to everything in this room, but why would he? Finally, he decides on a neutral, confused, "Why?"

"What?" Katsuki says, face pressed into his hand, "The fuck you mean 'why'? Are you fucking with me right now?"

"No," Shouto huffs out, tossing the blanket into a corner and standing up and focusing in on the blanket currently draped over Katsuki's legs. His fingers even twitch at the impulsive need to grab that blanket, and he realizes then, that something is off. He's always had a need for nice things, but not to the extent that it almost feels like a force of will, something he can't control. No, that's wrong. He's had an inclination to collecting things ever since he presented.

Katsuki simply gives him an unimpressed arched brow, as though disbelieving Shouto.

"That blanket," Shouto rasps out, "I want that one, too."

Katsuki groans, kicking the thing off of him and Shouto grabs it with a murmured 'thank you' before throwing it with the other one. He doesn't understand the low pleased satisfaction in his chest that curls when he drags both his blankets to the couch and sits with them, satisfied. Katsuki had gotten a few of the furs instead and lays with those, and Shouto almost mistakenly believes he's sleeping until there's a low, "Kacchan?" At the door.

"Fuck off," Katsuki murmurs, voice half-lidded, and Shouto feels his shoulders raise defensively.

"I know you told us not to disturb you for the next day or two but," the voice says, more tightly, "But a bordering tribe member needs to speak to you urgently."

"Fucking hell," Katsuki snaps, tossing the furs to the ground and grabbing a machete by the bed and stomping past Shouto, and yelling a more pissed off, "I told you fuckers my omega mate is gonna be here and yet you come prancing around like a bunch of shitty nosy fuckers—"

"I know!" Shouto see's a flicker of freckles and large green hair from the door being aggressively yanked opened, but before the chill of the night air can really get into the place, Katsuki slams it back shut, him on the outside. "I wouldn't come interrupt an omega's nesting if it wasn't urgent—"

Nesting? Shouto thinks, glancing down to his blankets with a furrowed face, half tempted to get up and ask them what they mean by that, but before he can debate the pros-and-cons of that, Katsuki snaps out a loud irritated;

"So what? Someone better be on their fucking death bed, I swear to god Deku."

The other voice is considerably harder to hear, and Shouto ends up standing up and wandering closer to the door so he can eavesdrop, "Its Asui, she says she saw some soldiers near her lake," Deku, Shouto presumes, says softly. "I think we should make sure it isn't the Western kingdom getting too close."

There's a lull, before Katsuki snaps a tight, "Fine." Shouto is half-expecting him to just wander off, but instead the door is yanked back open, slammed right in Deku's face before he glances to Shouto, eyes lowering.

Shouto's heart stops.

Alpha's don't lower their eyes, they don't look away from a weak omega

Katsuki looks back up, eyes swirling in confusion, as though he can tell Shouto is panicking about something stupid, before he jerks his chin to the door.

"I need to go deal with something," says Katsuki, and then waits.

Shouto watches him carefully, eyes tracking over the very obviously impatient pose, yet Katsuki doesn't move to leave. He remembers, long ago, when he was reading a romance book there was a small scene where the omegan wife had leaned forward and kissed her husband goodbye, he had asked Yaoyorozu why she had done this and Yaoyorozu had given him the wise advice, 'omega's are expected to be homebound and doting, I think.'

Tentatively, he steps forward, and unable to will himself to kiss his new husband on the lips again so soon after their wedding ceremony, so he settles with a more modest forehead kiss. "Goodbye, have a safe trip," says Shouto monotonously. When Katsuki raises his head fully, expression actually fully confused, Shouto murmurs out a quick, "Was that not what you wanted?"

Katsuki groans, as though frustrated, "This isn't about what the fuck I want—whatever, I don't have time to deal with this, I'll be back later."

Confusing, Shouto settles on, deciding that with Katsuki gone he can take the bed. 


* * *



He wakes up around dawn when Katsuki finally get's back. It was almost a restless sleep, well, he'd be more surprised if he could just close his eyes in a completely foreign land.  He feels warm, honestly, and it's disruptive to him.

Like a mild fever that stretches across his skin, and when Katsuki opens the door and slams it shut Shouto tries to ignore the low rumble of 'fuck' that leaves Katsuki's mouth. "Oi, do you need water?"

"Yes," rasps Shouto, unsure why he's suddenly so thirsty. Up until the point Katsuki had arrived home he was fine, just slightly uncomfortable but now the low heat across his skin has begun to feel like a heavy flame being fueled by oil. It hurts.

"Should have known that shitty asshole would give away his omega son when he's so close to heat," Katsuki grumbles, placing a bucket of water near Shouto before offering a small bowl of it and Shouto swallows it down greedily.

Heat. He knows what heat is, he would have to be stupid not to know the meaning of those words. He hadn't thought of the consequences of his father marrying him off so quickly, but it makes sense, in their culture an omega should be married before their first heat in order to avoid inconveniencing alpha's that may smell them.

"Fucking asshole, of course," Katsuki murmurs more, and Shouto wonders why Katsuki has simply stretched himself out, glaring at the ceiling of his house in thought. "I knew there was a catch when he said I only have two heats to impregnate you before he'll retract the treaty and continue the war. Fucking asshat."

"That's impossible," he doesn't know where he suddenly found his voice from, but he tugs the blankets over his lap, sinking backwards into a sort of fake warmth he can't understand, "Omega's in my country have low fertility. Especially omega's during their first few heats."

"Ha?" Katsuki grunts, before he's kicking off his boots and tossing a few more blankets similar to the one he had first liked closer to him and Shouto can't help but perk up at them in a minuscule movement. "The fuck? That shit ain't true."

"Well, you're the one that will be disappointed when I fail to conceive, husband," Shouto grits out. Katsuki recoils a bit there, as though he's been slapped and Shouto blinks, unsure what about that statement had hit him so hard. He was simply stating facts; omega's have low fertility where he comes from, he's heard stories of alpha-omega partnerships that do it raw during every heat, and still, fail to conceive.

Katsuki huffs, running a stressed hand through his hair, "Fuck—I know it's too early for you to trust me—" he pauses, his face scrunching up, before his hands drop, sighing, "I've done nothing to prove myself as your mate in order for you to gift me with kids, I fucking get it, okay."

Shouto blinks, "What do you mean? 'Gift you with kids'?"

"I haven't proven myself as a mate yet," Katsuki repeats, standing up abruptly and crossing his arms before scowling down at Shouto, eyes narrowed. "What do you want? Want me to go kill someone or something for you? Do you want a 100 more of those blankets? I'll go fucking get it for you now, I need to provide for my people."

Barbarians are strange, is all Shouto can come into understanding, unsure why Katsuki is intent on proving his worth to him. He's an omega. But still, a basic primal part of himself can't help but feel a small warmth in his chest from hearing that Katsuki will do whatever he wants. Unlike the rumours Katsuki hasn't been cruel to him, hasn't hit him or directly yelled abuse at him (but he does yell, plenty), and has provided him with a ton of blankets simply because he had shown a mild interest in them.

He wants me to get pregnant so my father will not destroy his people, he knows this. He had sat at the table as his father had drafted up the treaty, a wicked smile on his face. It was a plan for his father to both punish him and to sow in the possibility for survival for Katsuki's kingdom, only for it to be ultimately destroyed when Shouto failed to conceive a child.

"I'll trust you," Shouto says, unsure where the words are even falling from, but they fall from his lips before he can stop them, "As long as you promise that I will have a will outside of what you want." He doesn't want to be an omega like his mother was, trapped to an abusive and cruel alpha like his father, where all her children forced through years and years of rape were unhappy to the greatest extent.

"The fuck does that mean?" Katsuki scowls, face scrunching up, "Do you just want me to say 'you can do whatever the fuck you want'? because I really could give less of a shit."

Maybe that was exactly what he wanted to hear, because the moment Katsuki finishes speaking Shouto feels himself curl up, a large pain radiating through his body, gasping out for air as though it was punched out of him. "Katsu—"

"Ah fuck, your heats here," Katsuki grumbles, "Oi, half-and-half, give me permission to hold you."

Shouto exhales shakily, unsure how touched he is in the moment because Katsuki is asking for his opinion despite being his alpha, before giving a small, breathless, "Why?" 

Katsuki shoots him an unimpressed look, gaze hardening, "The fuck you mean why?"

"We are married, is it not logical that I would spend my heat with my husband?" Shouto rephrases, leaning his body into the wall and curling himself there. It hurts, if he's being honest, a painful radiating pain that sinks into his bones and makes him want to fade away. 

Katsuki rolls his eyes at that, "just say fucking no if you don't want me too, god," Katsuki snaps back, moving towards the other side of the room and grabbing for some water and food before tossing it across the span of the room, "I'll fuck off."

Moody, Shouto can't help but think spitefully, aware that Katsuki is full of mercurial moods that baffles him constantly. How does a king so mercurial even run a kingdom? "That was a yes," he says anyways, coiling himself around his blankets and glancing up at Katsuki with a direct gaze. 

Katsuki crosses the span of the room like that, footsteps heavy and full of purpose, and Shouto can't find it in himself to bother glancing up to judge the look on his husband's face. Whenever he's had to witness sex between an omega and alpha it's always looked so intrinsically violent that it had turned him off from the idea, until fate had decided to play a joke on him and placed him in the receiving role of that violence. 

The purpose of this heat is to get pregnant, he reminds himself, still it's difficult to find it in himself to trust his safety during his heat to someone who is still practically a stranger to him. Katsuki crouches down, hand reaching out swiftly to grab Shouto's chin to make them face each other, "The fuck you going on about it being a 'yes' when you're too scared to even look at me." 

"I'm not fearful of you," he replies honestly, he drops his grip on his blanket to more fully turn himself to Katsuki, lifting his eyes to meet him dead-on, "It is simply nerve-racking." 

Katsuki scoffs, voice quiet and Shouto wishes he could move away to hide from him but he steels himself with quiet resolve. He has to give Katsuki's kingdom a full chance of succeeding the treaty or else he is violently denying Katsuki the ability to allow his people to survive

"Don't be scared you virgin," Katsuki says, voice gruff before he leans forward and presses their lips together, it's a careful and fleeting kiss and it reminds him of their kiss on the altar, devoid of affection and commitment and full of duty and resolve. 

"Just get on with it," Shouto offers dully.

Distractedly, Katsuki murmurs a sharp; "Don't tell me what to fucking do." 



* * *



His heat had lasted a total of six days.

"Fuck," Katsuki moans, rolling onto his stomach and rubbing his face into the pillow, groaning. Shouto simply moves to gulp down more water, glancing at Katsuki's bare back and feeling a low pleased hum shoot through his body at the sight of Katsuki like this. "I'm so fucking sore, whose fucking heats last six motherfucking days?"

"Apologies," Shouto offers insincerely. Most of the first few days they had fucked in the small pile of blankets, and when those had started to feel gross and crusty Shouto had begrudgingly allowed the last few days to be spent in the bed. He's starting to wish he had mostly stayed in the bed because now his entire body feels off.

"I told fucking Uraraka she's in charge if you suddenly go in heat, so let's go fucking see if she's burned down the entire village yet," sighs out Katsuki, rolling out of bed and tugging on his pants and grabbing at a small dry and crusty cloth in order to help rub off a small cum stain on his left nipple. "Fucking disgusting."

When that fails Katsuki murmurs something about fetching more water, before disappearing out the door and Shouto can't help but make a small feel for his stomach, frowning down at it. He's not sure if he truly wants to be pregnant, though, it would be amusing to see his father five months from now pregnant with a barbarian alpha's child after a single heat, but he's doubtful. If it was that easy, omega's in their country would not be suffering as they currently are.

When Katsuki re-enters the house though he fails to move his hand from his stomach quickly enough and he traces the motion, grunting something out before tossing a damp cloth onto Shouto's leg. "Wipe yourself, we need to go out."

Half of him wants to ask 'do you think I'm pregnant?' but he doesn't, unsure if Katsuki will have a sort of vengeful wrath towards him when he ultimately fails to give him a child. As much as he's beginning to understand that Katsuki is not an absolutely abhorrent person, and has some human decency, him giving Katsuki a child is the only thing that stands between Katsuki's kingdom living or dying.

He settles on saying nothing, instead choosing to wipe himself down silently, unable to meet Katsuki's eye. Is this how most omega's feel? Always in a perpetuating state of being terrified if they're pregnant or not? He wants to be pregnant, he does, as much as his future with Katsuki remains unsure, going back home as a once already mated-omega will not be good for him. Any abuse he suffers at Katsuki's hands will be much less than the abuse he would suffer if he was 'returned goods'.

That, and Katsuki had promised not to control his every move.

He finally catches Katsuki looking silently bothered by something, and Shouto pulls his shirt over his head quickly at the same time Katsuki blurts out, loudly, "So? Do you feel any fucking different?"

"What?" Shouto asks, and Katsuki takes a step closer, crouching down so he's almost eye-level with Shouto's stomach and his entire body thrums pleasantly. Instinctively, he reaches to put a hand over his stomach, "Feel different how?"

Katsuki, who was watching the minuscule movements actually beams, "Fuck," he whispers, heat actually in his voice, and Shouto blinks back at him, confused. Before he can actually ask what the fuck Katsuki is doing or going on about, he places his hand on the other side of Shouto's stomach, a low rumbling sound coming from the back of his throat. "Such a good fucking omega, I'll have to one day gift you your shitty dad's head on a stick to repay you for being so fucking good for me."

He can feel his heart suddenly drop, "Its too early to tell—"

"Nah," Katsuki murmurs, pushing aside Shouto's hand and yanking up his shirt to rub his hand over the expanse of his stomach, continuously making low pleased sounds that make Shouto so sleepy and pleased with himself, too. "You feel sleepy when I make that noise, right?"

"Hm?" Shouto murmurs, feeling himself being led into a strange trance. He had just woken up, from days and days of fucking and sleeping, he shouldn't suddenly be so tired. Katsuki simply scoffs, finally shooting up and sending a feral grin his way. "I don't get how this correlates to me being pregnant—"

"That sound only makes pregnant omegan mates sleepy," Katsuki says sharply, already having had turned away from him and instead taking to rummaging through his clothes, "Shit fuck I don't have any traditional clothes for you, goddammit. Stay here, I have to go fucking get you proper clothes."

Shouto chooses not to comment on the first part of that, mostly because he's in any sort of denial that he would get pregnant that quickly, instead landing on, "I have clothes."

"Not the right ones," Katsuki says, disappearing behind the door and Shouto flops backwards, staring at his ceiling feeling as though something within him is misplaced.

He's pregnant? Honestly, half of him is convinced Katsuki has gone delusional because of the stress he's under, because how in gods hell, are people supposed to be able to tell he's pregnant this early on? His heat had just ended, even if he was possibly pregnant that doesn't mean that the pregnancy will remain viable.

"Bakugou don't get your hopes up," a stern female voice says, and Shouto instinctively draws one of his cum-stained blankets over his lap and stomach. "It's still too early to celebrate a pregnancy."

"Shut the fuck up," Katsuki grumbles in response, tugging open the door, and the female—alpha, Shouto's brain supplies—glances around the room, her eyes finally landing on him. "He needs ceremonial clothes and medicines, so get to it, pony-tail."

She sighs, "He's not even dressed, Bakugou." The only thing that is appeasing the high level of anxiety coursing through his body is that the female alpha hasn't yet actually taken a proper step into the house, instead waiting at the doorway as Katsuki gathers some stuff.

"Ha? So?"

"Do you conveniently forget that he's from Endeavor?" She says instead, crossing her arms, "Omega's and alpha's there have different customs."

"Yeah, stupid fucking customs," Katsuki replies back with, approaching the bed, and tossing a new blanket onto the bed, "I'll ask someone to wash those for you, so make do with this one until they're all clean."

Katsuki had promised to give him a form of freedom in exchange for any possible children born into this union of theirs and this would be the perfect moment to flex how far his freedom actually extends, as there is someone else in the vicinity and Katsuki is still running on a high of thinking he's actually pregnant.

Mostly, the thought of someone touching his blankets makes his entire spine straighten in displeasure.

"No," Shouto tries for, eyes defiantly glancing to where the other alpha is standing.

"Ha? They're dirty as shit," Katsuki grumbles back, tying a pair of high boots, he doesn't even seem phased by the defiance and Shouto blinks, confused. Did his defiance not seem alarming enough? At this point his father or most alphas would be bothered by the direct refusal of what they want.

I have to poke harder, then, "Wash them for me."

Katsuki, then, does turn to look at him, "What?"

"I don't want someone else touching them, wash them for me." A direct command. It isn't as though he suspects Katsuki is going to be as bad as his father, but it is best to establish how far Katsuki's boundaries of 'freedom for an omega' actually goes. Katsuki's lips thin, eyes narrowing briefly.

Katsuki finally does stand, and Shouto flinches back a bit instinctively. He knows that even if Katsuki did hit him the other alpha at the door would probably just watch considering Katsuki is their king, but he has learned from experience that beatings tend to be more considerate if they're done in public rather than in privacy.

"I'm fucking busy," Katsuki grumbles, snatching the blankets off of the bed into his arms, and Shouto watches dumbly as Katsuki starts putting them into a small mesh bag, "Bossing around the fucking king of this place just because they're your nest blankets? Fucking hell..."

"We can stop by and wash them before we go speak with Midoriya and Iida." The female alpha offers from the door, "His concerns are valid, it is your fault for being so insensitive to his nest."

"Shut up!" Katsuki barks back, turning fully to face Shouto again, "I have king duties to do today, so I'll send someone to come guide you around, make sure you wear the fucking outfit I brought!"

Shouto goes to eye the thin cloths draped over the woman's arm and frowns. He hadn't put much thought into them originally because he wasn't under the assumption that Katsuki's tastes in clothing were that bad, "Those are rather revealing."

Katsuki goes to snatch them, holding them up and Shouto's fears are confirmed by the fact that there is a gaping hole in the stomach area and that the pants hang rather low. What's worse is that Katsuki actually looks proud of his decision, "Yeah. They're fucking nice, right? Anyway wear this shit when you leave, don't leave until someone comes by I'll send I don't fucking know..."

"Kirishima?" The female alpha offers, mildly.

"Yeah, fucking dick-for-brains will do."

"Have a wonderful day, Shouto-sama." She says one last time before taking a step back and Katsuki follows after her with a swift 'I'll be back in the afternoon' before they both disappear as abruptly as they came.

Shouto blinks, confused. 



Chapter Text



He ends up putting on the gaudy outfit as a positive response to Katsuki actually doing what he had demanded. Give and take, as the beta's would say.

Its about noon when the man called 'Kirishima' finally arrives.

"Hey, what's up, the king sent me as your escort for the day," he was expecting another omega or maybe a beta as usually escorting duties are pawned off to lesser peoples, but he's surprised to be introduced to yet another alpha. Kirishima glances at his outfit, eyes going wide. "You're pregnant?"

Shouto frowns, quickly glancing over himself in the mirror one more time in order to figure out how all these alpha's are coming to this conclusion when he himself, the one that is supposedly pregnant, fails to see it. "That is what Katsuki says."

"Wow," Kirishima echoes, eyes glossy and he genuinely looks happy, "So you saw he was a great dude, that's so awesome, I know he's king and everything but Bakugou is a super awesome dude, he's one of the manliest kings I've ever meet—"

"What do you mean by that?"

Kirishima stops his blabbing, turning to look at Shouto with his head slightly side-turned, "Mean by what?"

"That I saw he was a great dude, as you put it. Katsuki had said something similar, that I had trusted him." Are all the alphas in this country confusing and submissive to omega's? None of the alpha's he has spoken to yet have look irritated by his tone of voice or the fact that he's asking them questions.

"Uh," Kirishima pauses, rubbing at the back of his head sheepishly, seemingly nervous, "Well, cause omega's only gift children to their alpha if they trust them? Well I mean there's other reasons why an omega might gift their alpha a child but usually it's because they trust enough that their alpha will provide for them."

Shouto pauses, trust their alpha? That can't be right, if that was the case his mother never would have gotten pregnant, not even a single time. It isn't even that he particularly trusts Katsuki with his well-being, either, he simply trusts the idea that Katsuki wishes the utmost best for his kingdom and in this situation taking care of Shouto is what will give him the best possible outcome.

"I see," Shouto settles on, neutrally, "That is your countries beliefs, I assume."

Kirishima jolts, turning to look at Shouto, "What do you believe in, then?"

"Fertility rates," Shouto adds, pulling over one of the animal hides over his shoulders to feel slightly more modest before he steps out of the house, Kirishima standing slightly behind him, and the submissive guarding position makes his skin crawl. "I doubt I got pregnant on my first heat, omega's in my country do not get pregnant that easily or quickly."

Kirishima shrugs, "Probably just cause they treat omega's like trash in Endeavor. Omega's are descendants of the Goddess of Nature, so if they're not reverenced as they want to be, they will not gift the alpha's what they seek."

He can imagine his father scoffing, hard glance regarding the conversation with a sneer as he mutters 'barbarians sure believe in childish unbelievable stories'. Omega's are descendants of a goddess? A foolish fantasy. Honestly, even Shouto can't bring himself to believe it. Alpha's are always entitled, they may play out these stories of pretend but Shouto knows deep down even the alpha's in this country believe themselves to be better than their omega counterparts.

"I see," Shouto tacks on for the sake of the conversation.

They wander mostly in silence after that, Shouto trying to figure out what he's going to do to occupy himself between his moments with Katsuki and them trying to conceive a child (which will ultimately lead to disappointment on both their ends), and it's when he's half way through questioning a local sower does he recognize a familiar scent.

"Oh, Midoriya," Kirishima greets easily.

An omega, his brain supplies, but when he turns his head to look at the face that corresponds with the scent he's greeted by a small chubby-faced omega in full military armor. He's heard of other countries having omega's in their militaries, but to see it so easily and so quickly is still alarming.

"Oh, hey," Midoriya says easily, offering a more sheepish smile to Shouto, "Sorry for bothering you the other day, there was a matter I needed Kacchan for."

"No... it's fine," he hadn't put much thought into the omega that had come to Katsuki's home the other day because he had assumed the omega was a messenger or some low-ranking nobody, but the regalia in front of him is well decorated.

"This is Midoriya Izuku," Kirishima jumps in, slapping a proud hand over in the direction of Midoriya, who beams shyly at the attention, "You'll probably see a lot of him considering he's the highest ranking military general in our army. Manly, right?!"

He was taught of him before, back when he was being trained to take over his father's position, but none of his teachers nor him ever fathomed an omega being in the position. Not when they had been thwarted by Midoriya's military tactics more than once or twice. "I see," Shouto offers in a way he hopes is neutral, "Then you must be who Katsuki calls 'Deku'."

"Ah," Midoriya says, slightly deflating, "Yeah, I guess so."

"What you doing all the way out here, anyway?" Kirishima asks, nervously steering the conversation away from what they were just discussing, and Shouto glances to the side to spot a few other military personnel standing idly in wait for Midoriya to return.

"Oh! Yeah," Midoriya beams, "Kacchan asked me to come pick uh... His Highness—"

"Shouto is fine."

"Shouto-sama, up." Midoriya continues, without missing a beat, "Sorry I don't wanna be too casual Kacchan might get annoyed."

Shouto blinks, unsure why Katsuki would get annoyed that his subjects are too familiar with an omega. In his country it doesn't matter what rank or what you do, as long as your an omega, you're all the same. Even his mother, who was queen to the throne, was treated like a common servant on the best of days.

"Well, I'll leave him to your capable hands then," Kirishima chirps out, giving Shouto two big thumbs up, "See you later!"

Seconds of awkward silence pass the moment Kirishima leaves them before Midoriya seems to shake himself out of his thoughts and awkwardly motions to where his soldiers are waiting, "Shall we go?"


* * * 


When he spots Katsuki again he still has the bag of laundry swung over his shoulder, snapping irritably at two female soldiers nearby about 'a capable fucking doctor' before the room falls in silence when Shouto finally does enter properly.

This, is a response he is more adjusted too, slowly he lowers his head to feign a submissive posture. Even with his father he had refused to fully bow to him upon entering rooms as an act of defiance, but, Katsuki hasn't been cruel to him yet and he'd rather continue this pleasant streak they have going on, so carefully he lowers himself to bow, "You called for me?"

"What the fuck are you doing?" Katsuki snaps, half aghast, "The fuck?"

"A—Ah, Kacchan it's just what omega's in Endea—Endeavor do—" Midoriya stutters out, and Shouto blinks, confused, when he feels Midoriya reaching for him to yank him back up, "It's a flattering thing, you know? It means he's respecting you and—"

For a moment a surge of annoyance floods through him, he was acting servile enough to bow to him and instead his husband responds with annoyance? Very well, if Katsuki isn't going to appreciate his attempts at being civil then he'll just act however he pleases. It'll be his husbands own fault when he miscarries or never get's pregnant then and he can return to Endeavor and live a life of torture, fine.

He stands abruptly, brushing off his pants and shooting Midoriya a withering look, "Do not touch me."

"Ah!" Midoriya jolts, probably shocked, before removing his hands completely as though burned. "I'm sorry—"

"Give me the blankets," Shouto snaps, hand reached out to Katsuki, "I'm returning to the house."

"What's got you in a bad mood suddenly?" Katsuki grumbles, "Didya want me to bow back or something?"

"What?" Shouto asks, he doesn't understand and for five seconds in which his brain is trying to comprehend the words being said by his husband him and the people around him had apparently decided Shouto was offended they didn't all bow back, before the entire room is on their knee's, bowing.

"Oh god," Midoriya says from behind him, "Kacchan that's not—"

"What?" Katsuki snaps, irritated, "God stop fucking muttering Deku."

"Ohhh! I really do feel like I'm respecting him!" A pink-haired female says loudly, putting her forehead to the ground, before jerking back up and beaming at Shouto, "Oh great Shouto-sama!"

"Stop that you idiot," Katsuki snaps back, grabbing the back of her head and pushing it back into the ground, "You better fucking posture yourself to him! Making my fucking mate bow to you losers, you better bow ten-times harder than him, fucking ingrates."

"Ehhh... isn't this enough? We respect him heaps," someone whines off to the side, "Shouto-sama can we get up now?"

"I—" he doesn't understand truly, how an entire room mostly filled of alpha's had so quickly and easily decided that they're going to bow to him, a lowly omega, but he is beginning to understand, so carefully he offers, "Bowing is what omega's do for alphas to show we are less than them."

It's alarming how quickly all their heads shoot up, minus Katsuki who bodily raises himself with a loud 'what!?'

"I told you multiple times, Kacchan!" Midoriya says, this time tone laced with irritation, pushing Shouto aside to point an accusatory finger at Katsuki. Shouto can't help but blink at the action, it's so bizarre to him to see an omega raising their voice to an alpha, truly. "Shouto is from Endeavor, Endeavor! Omega's don't have any rights there!"

"Ehhh," the pink haired girl says, finally standing up and the rest follow her lead, brushing themselves off quickly, "What, then why were you bowing to us?"

Shouto pauses, unsure how he should explain that he wants to remain in good favours with his alpha husband until he's inevitable sold back to Endeavor and that he was only bowing so Katsuki would consider not beating him when he fails to conceive a child. It's slightly accusatory, Shouto can't help but think, "The room mostly consists of alphas."

"What's that gotta do with anythin'?" Another alpha asks, rubbing at the back of his head, before glancing to Midoriya, "Do you wanna bow to alphas too?"

"It's not that he wants to bow to you guys," Midoriya stresses, sighing, "Uh... how should I explain this..."

"It is easier to act submissive rather to be beaten for not acting submissive." Shouto interrupts, glancing to where his husband has taken to standing in the middle of the room, face scrunched up. "Why have you called for me, Katsuki?"

"Who the fuck would beat you up," Katsuki grumbles stubbornly, "I'd fucking kill whoever decided to do something that stupid."


"Well, we called for you because we were trynna find a good doctor for your pregnancy," someone interrupts, and before Shouto can murmur a quick 'it doesn't matter' Midoriya is urging him forward to the center of the room, "That and we need you advice, you were a military strategist for Endeavor, right?"

"Yes, but I was removed from my post." Shouto offers dryly, on the table there's a long list of names accompanied by pictures, "Does this town not have a doctor already?"

"Well there's Uraraka," Midoriya says, scratching at his cheek, "But you giving birth to a viable child is kind of important to our survival as a country so we're tempted to call in a super experienced doctor for this."

He sighs, his hand automatically moving to his stomach against his will, "Isn't it to early to already be planning? It's unlikely I even am pregnant—"

"What, no," Midoriya waves off, face beaming, "I can tell! Whenever you feel even slightly uncomfortable or threatened you instinctively cover your stomach," before offering a more quiet, "You've done it a lot since I've met up with you so..."

He was covering his stomach whenever he's uncomfortable? "I hadn't noticed," he offers more sincerely, frowning down at his stomach. If he truly is pregnant he wonders what his father's response will be, will he be thrilled or angry? He can't imagine that in his father's wildest dreams when he drafted the treaty that his father had actually considered he'd manage to bear the barbarians a viable child.

Katsuki ends up breaking the space between them, toothily grinning at Shouto in the same way he had done that very morning when he had said 'you're such a good fucking omega' and he feels creeping embarrassment coil through him. Before he can even thwart whatever weird action Katsuki wants to do, Katsuki has already promptly decided to place a hand to his bare stomach, fingers nimbly rubbing over the expanse of his skin.

It's strangely intimate considering they're in a room full of people.

Someone loudly clears their throat, "Anyway, yes, we are all very happy for you. We have to discuss the issues regarding our Northern border."

"That's our Iida, disrupting even the romantic moments of our king," the pink-haired girl offers, moving to open up a large scroll across the table, and Shouto is moved towards the table by Katsuki, unsure why his husband has a sudden penchant for holding him in place. "So, what do we do?"

"Excuse me?" Shouto asks, half-distracted by how Katsuki has decided to press light touches against his abdomen in a gentle way that seems contrary to his 'most ruthless barbarian' image. It's oddly disorientating.

"Deku says we should move our soldiers through here and here," Katsuki says in a low murmur, forefinger pointing to key spots around the Southern tribes, "But I'm thinking we do a full frontal attack to show them we're not to be messed with."

"Please tell him he's absolutely insane," Iida stresses, and Shouto glances at the man, unsure why he's asking the king's omega to tell off the king for being reckless with military plans. No, Shouto thinks, gaze flickering to where Katsuki still has a hand pressed against his stomach, he's basing his ideals around what alpha's are like in his home country without understanding how alpha's act in this country.

"That would be reckless," Shouto agree's, and before he can stop himself, he has a hand grabbing at Katsuki's wrists as a security measure. He's starting to understand that omega's hold much more sway than in Endeavor, but that does not automatically mean he has the most sway over the king of these lands. "Midoriya's strategy is lacking as well, though, it would be best to separate your attacks into four small groups in order to cover more land."

Midoriya pauses, hand immediately flying to half-cover his mouth, "Are you basing this on the idea that Southern brigades are often disorganized and easily over-whelmed? I guess that makes sense, if we attack them from multiple angles they'll think our military power is bigger than it actually is and panic but that means..."

"The south lacks military finesse but they have lots of soldiers that they consider expendable, it is the opposite to your military that consists of less people but more equipped and well trained." Shouto explains, "It'd be best to confuse them into thinking your military has grown since your partnership with Endeavor in order to scare them out of your land."

"Well..." Midoriya hums, "I agree, you're right."

"Oh?" The pink-haired girl chimes, beaming, "Midoriya convinced that easily? Why were you removed from your post as a strategist? You seem pretty good at it."

"He was probably removed from his post once he presented as an omega," Iida says this time, and Shouto glances at them, surprised that they've managed to come to understand the situation quickly enough. "I agree with your strategy, it would be best to remove them quickly from our lands before they create any lasting damage to the villagers."

"Fine." Katsuki grunts, removing his hand from Shouto's stomach, and Shouto glances at him side-ways, wondering what could possibly be going through his mind right now, "We'll go with Shouto's plan." 


* * *


"So let's see," Uraraka says, rubbing at her chin as she scribbles something down before crossing it out and re-writing something. She's been overly nervous since Shouto had decided to make her his primary physician during his 'pregnancy'—to which, honestly, he's still doubtful of, but he can see that she's trying her best.

He hadn't really told Katsuki or the other's why he was so insistent on Uraraka, but he knows that Uraraka will not try to somehow ruin the chances of him carrying this baby to term, whereas a strange out of village doctor might if they're under his father's influence, he doesn't want to take the risk.

Absentmindedly he brushes a hand over his stomach, glancing out to the window where he can see four children playing with a long stick, all giggling and trying to hit each other when they get a hold of the thing. He had never really put much thought into children, even before he became an omega, it seems surreal to him to think about him being the primary care-giver for another human being.

Well, Shouto thinks, removing his hand from his stomach and sighing, I'm not pregnant.

"So you should be 6 weeks now," Uraraka hums, rubbing at her chin and flipping to the next page in her book, "It says you'll experience things like mood swings, heightened sense of smell, bloating, the book says to increase protein, vitamin D and to do light exercise."

No one had even asked him to do an official test to actually see if he's pregnant or not, of course, because all of them are 100% convinced he's pregnant even without that. Foolish, he can't help but think, his second heat will be coming in a couple days and after that he'll be able to return home to be tortured by his father for the rest of eternity.

She hums, staring hard at Shouto's stomach as though she's trying to uncover the truth of something, "From your blood work your HCG levels are normal, oh, I guess we can do an ultrasound—"

"Wait," Shouto pauses, looking up at her with wide eyes, "What do you mean?"

"Your HCG levels? Well, they're pretty normal for early stages of pregnancy, oh! Do you think we should call Bakugou for the ultrasound? You're right, one second," She pauses, fluttering out of the room all excited-like and Shouto can't help but feel a crashing sensation. His levels are normal for early pregnancy? He hears her bellowing a loud 'can someone call Bakugou over for me?' Before she's bubbling back into the room, "I borrowed this from a doctor in another town, since we don't really have these kind of things here, but this is a pretty important pregnancy so I went all out for you!"

"So, you have it confirmed, that I am pregnant?" He chokes out, glancing back down at his stomach with wide eyes. He had actually gotten pregnant after a single heat? In a way it's almost shameful, for him to have been so easily impregnated, but a more dark side of his brain—that suspiciously sounds like Katsuki—whispers about how he's fulfilling his duty so flawlessly.

"Huh?" Uraraka says, half-distracted as she begins to plug everything in, "I mean yeah, but honestly miscarriages and stuff can happen, especially in the first three months so keep an open mind, okay?"

He wants to open his mouth and say something dumb like 'I'm not pregnant' but before he can Katsuki's heavy footsteps are at the door.

"Why were you screeching for me you witch?" Katsuki grumbles, slapping open the door without even knocking first, and Shouto looks up at his husband, half alarmed. "The fuck is that stuff?"

"Ultrasound," Uraraka hums, swiveling around in her chair before finally settling in the middle of the room and motioning for Shouto to lay down, "We can see the baby with this thing, isn't it exciting? Oh! Maybe we'll have something exciting like a multiple pregnancy or something, that'd be fun."

"Don't be stupid, we'd have to call over more people if that was the case," Katsuki grumbles, settling in the chair near the end of the bed and Shouto raises slowly, knowing that they're waiting on him to lay down so they can peer into him and see the baby. A baby. He feels attached to strings, that yank and jerk him until he's stiffly laying down, shirt being yanked up as Uraraka hums happily.

"Okay this will be cold," she warns, sliding over the blue gel before she's gliding a small object over his stomach and he closes his eyes before—

"Looks like black blurs," Katsuki says, and Shouto opens his eyes to see Katsuki leaning towards the screen, eyes wide open. "You sure that's a baby?"

"Hmmmm," Uraraka hums, sliding a bit to the side, "Yeah, well, babies to be more correct."

"Twins?" Shouto rasps out, wishing he could just pass out right now and not wake up. Not only had he managed to get pregnant from a single heat, but he's managed to carry twins on his first pregnancy. He can already imagine his father, glaring down at him, eyes glowering with unbridled fury 'do you not have shame?'

"Twins, huh?" Katsuki says, and Shouto was expecting some sort of prideful reaction but Katsuki's brows at drawn, lips thinned. Is twins a sign of bad luck here or something? Absentmindedly, Katsuki rubs his shoulder and Shouto can't help but watch the movement with sick satisfaction.

"Are twins bad?"

Katsuki's head snaps at him at that before sighing and tapping his fingers into Shouto's shoulder as though to soothe him, "Nah, not really, its just an old superstition that when twins are born to be the next to the throne they'll fight and kill each other."

"Oh the story of the Hiejing Twins, huh?" Uraraka laughs, removing the object and offering Shouto a damp towel to wipe the gel off, but Katsuki takes it from her and does it for him. "Don't worry, twins are actually considered a good omen."

"Ya, means prosperity or some shit," Katsuki agree's.

Then why aren't you happy about it? Shouto wants to ask, but he decides some questions are best left unanswered. Katsuki is the king of this land, it would make sense if he was more superstitious than other's and believed in stories of twins killing each other for kingship. If anything it shows that they're not even born yet but Katsuki is worried for their fate.

It's different than his father who wanted to breed discontent between siblings so that they would know their places are only temporary and that to be king means to sacrifice even family.

"Oi, don't ignore me," Katsuki grits out roughly, and Shouto blinks up at him, head tilting, "I gotta go, I'll call over Ashido and Kaminari for you."

"Okay," he agree's passively, and allows Katsuki to reach out to brush over his stomach as they kiss each other. It's fleeting and quick, and it leaves a low unsatisfied feeling humming in his stomach, but before he can reach for Katsuki again he's gone in a flurry.



* * *



Word around the village travels quickly enough, and while most of the villagers had already believed Shouto to be pregnant now it was officially confirmed and it was twins as well. 

"You'll have to move up the marriage ceremony, then," Iida says, working on a multitude of things all at once and Shouto watches with disinterest as they ask him about patterns and flowers and 'do you wish to wait till your further along?' as apparently it is most beautiful for an omega to be married with a full belly. 

He hadn't confirmed or denied, unsure about whether or not he wanted to parade his pregnant stomach around during their marriage ceremony simply because it is the customs of their culture. All his family and friends would attend this wedding and he would rather not look like a domesticated omegan housewife for a savage, of all things. 

"Bakugou's family will be visiting shortly, as well," Iida says, snapping Shouto's attention back on him. He had met the previous Queen before when he was younger, she reminded him of Katsuki when it came to personality: loud and demanding, but she was not known as a particularly violent barbarian, if anything, she was regarded as smart and political and had brought prosperity to a once poor land. 

It was controversial for an alpha like her to marry a beta man of all things, and then, to top it all off had gotten pregnant herself. Secretly, Shouto had admired her strength to do what she desired despite the expectations surrounding her title, he had thought, when he became a king he would emulate her. 

It was controversial for Bakugou's kingdom as well. He hadn't known from where he was in Endeavor, but this kingdom is more traditional in the original ways rather than the sexist ways Endeavor has established, but they still have ways. 

Ashido and Uraraka are chattering somewhere in the background, whispering about outfits and what colours would look good on Katsuki and him. He has a feeling they will eventually settle on red for Katsuki and white for him. As annoying as it is to admit it, Katsuki looks best dressed in red, when in red he almost meets the barbaric image painted of him across the lands. 

"It's exciting to see the former queen again," Uraraka says, hands clapping together, her head tilting slightly to the side. 

"Does she not usually visit?" 

"Well, she lives in the capital rather than the wood-works, in that way she still deals with the political matters of our kingdom because Bakugou is still kind of in training." 

"In training?" He had watched Bakugou's official coronation to the crown when he was 20 years old, the youngest king to be crowned in any kingdom's history. People had gossiped for weeks about why Queen Mitsuki had decided to step away from the crown when she was still able to rule, but no explanation was ever given and Bakugou had taken to the crown and in his five years of ruler-ship has built a name of being the most violent king to ever exist. "She did step away from the crown earlier than most."

"In our kingdom strength is key," Iida says smartly, straightening himself out and Shouto turns slowly so he can fully face Iida for the lecture he's sure to receive, "While the former queen is an excellent fighter, Bakugou had defeated her in a one-in-one and had successfully won the throne, but since he is still young the former queen helps him in keeping order." 

"Honestly you'll probably be taught by the former queen," Uraraka tacts on, "Since Bakugou isn't really suited to the traditional political ruling ways." 

He doesn't comment on that, knowing it isn't really his place to assume he will have any position in this kingdom aside from Katsuki's 'child-bearing mate'. 

"Will we eventually move to the capital, then?" He had always wondered why they were on the out-skirts in the middle of nowhere without even a proper castle, but this entire village is full of military personnel of varying positions and deep down he knows this is because Katsuki sought to find a place that would ensure both of their protection during volatile times. 

"I guess," Uraraka shrugs out, "Sucks though, I was starting to like this area." 

So they follow Katsuki, he had a feeling that was the case considering all of them don't refer to Katsuki as 'king' but simply 'Bakugou' and had learnt that was not a common occurrence for the people of this country when a few military personnel had come from the capital on their way to the West and had all referred to Bakugou as 'King Katsuki'. "Can you not stay here?"

"Never mind that, Shouto-sama," Ashido sing-songs out, leaning forward with swatches of two different shades of red, her tone is friendly and light but he can recognize the action for what it is: stop prying, "What do you think would look better on that jerk?"  

Iida pushes up his glasses sharply at that, "Ashido." 

"Sorry, king of jerks." 

Uraraka huffs a sharp laugh at that, "You're such a sucker for titles, Iida." 

"He is our king despite his villainous personality," Shouto shrinks away from them, elbow pressed into the desk as he watches them start arguing about whether or not calling Katsuki 'king of jerks' would pass as a proper polite title to call a king by. The divide is clear to him, Katsuki is one of theirs, while as Shouto is the outsider

Well, he thinks blandly, it would be more strange if they had accepted me fully

"I'll allow him to pick his attire," Shouto says interrupting their argument, bored and glancing down at his stomach, wondering if he'll have more affinity for Katsuki and their child through the span of time, or it'll constantly be this difficult to feign interest in matters pertaining their relationship. "I could care less what he wears."

"He'll just arrive wearing what he always does!" Ashido whines, "No way, we have to pick for him."

He can imagine it, him dressed and prettied up as everyone watches below before Katsuki arrives in half battle attire, still sweaty and dirty from whatever he does when he's absent from Shouto's side, it'd be the gossip of the century, or at least until Shouto gave birth. 

Well, at the very least it would be an amusing wedding ceremony. 



Chapter Text


His pregnancy is confirmed, to him, after 1 month and 2 weeks of living amongst barbarians.

He had assumed after a month of knowing and having physically seeing his children through an ultrasound he would have accepted it, but he could never quite wrap his head around the idea that he of all people is carrying twins. He frowns at the long mirror, turning slightly to the side and running his hand over his stomach for the fifth time. If it had felt more, soft, he could probably excuse it to living a more sedentary life here, but it's hard.

A small hard ball in his stomach.

"What?" Katsuki grunts, rolling over a bit blearily, and Shouto doesn't bother to move away from the mirror, too enthralled with the fact that he's already begun showing. It must have been gradual, there's no way he had just one day woken up like this, but he hadn't even realized until this moment. There's a small shuffle before Katsuki has sat up in the bed, glaring at him, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I've begun to show," Shouto offers, turning to the left, then back to the right, for some reason surprised when his stomach is pushed forward, as though the other 20 times he looked were all somehow falsified.

"Huh," Katsuki offers, unimpressed, before falling backwards into the bed again.

It had taken him a whole month to begin to understand that Katsuki, nor any of the alpha's in this village, are similar to Endeavor. The beliefs towards omega's here run stronger than Shouto had assumed and being treated with respect simply for being an omega was a hard concept to understand when he was cast out from his old life for being an omega.

Still, just because Katsuki doesn't act like an asshole because he's an alpha, Katsuki is simply a hard-headed short-tempered man, a natural born asshole if he may. More so, he's begun to understand that his position as Katsuki's mate is not taken lightly to Katsuki.

It is strangely easy to exist with someone when they're attitude is so overtly simplistic, if he is being honest.

"Uraraka had said I started showing two weeks ago, but I hadn't saw it," Shouto continues, aware that Katsuki probably went back to sleep a few minutes ago, but still feels it's strangely satisfying to verbalize his thoughts in relation to his baby bump.

"You started showing way before that," Katsuki's voice grumbles out, still laced with grogginess and usually Shouto would be in the same situation as him, as they're both bad at waking up, but when his eyes had opened this morning he had looked at his stomach and realized it had looked bigger before promptly going about his inspection. "Like 4 weeks ago? Noticed when we were fuckin'..."

"I wouldn't start showing that early," Shouto monotonously says, pulling his shirt back over his stomach before turning to the bed. He knew that everyone thought he was pregnant, but he hadn't actually considered himself pregnant until this morning if he's being completely honest. No matter how much everyone and even Uraraka insisted his behaviour matched up with classical omegan traits when pregnant.

It seems bizarre.

In two weeks they will make an official trip to Endeavor in order to give news on the pregnancy—to which Shouto has no doubt, that his father will be beyond displeased to hear—which, in itself will be strangely satisfying. His father had sent him to be married to a barbarian in punishment for presenting as an omega but has instead given him a life amongst people that respect him and an alpha mate that values his worth.

"What?" Katsuki says, rolling onto his stomach and cracking open a single eye to glare at Shouto, "The fuck you looking at halfy?"

"I am hungry."

Katsuki actually groans, "Right fucking now? I'm trying to sleep," but is moving to get up, so Shouto can't help but feel his lips tug a bit into a ghost of a smile. 


* * *


Uraraka had warned him of two things: nausea and peeing.

It had seemed silly to him that his nausea would be 'so bad' because honestly, he hadn't considered his pregnancy beyond the bland acceptance that he has begun to show and he's pregnant with twins. It hits him on the end of week 5 though in the middle of the night.

Twins can cause bad nausea, Uraraka had said, reading word-for-word from her pregnancy book, before giving him a toothy sharp smile. Honestly, it doesn't really hit him at first. He wakes up slowly, disorientated on why he's up before the crack of dawn, feeling slightly off and in order to make the feeling calm down he goes outside for a breath of fresh air.

The moment he takes three steps out of the house though, he doubles over and vomits in the bush beside the house.

"Ah man, that's nasty," he hears Kaminari whine out, and Shouto stays curled over in his spot, staring blankly at his vomit splattered across the grass with a mixture of confusion and discomfort.

"Don't be stupid, go fetch him some water or something," Ashido snaps, and Shouto blinks to the sensation of her crouched beside him, "Do you want me to wake Bakugou up?"

"No," he manages to rasp out, knowing they won't need to go fetch him anyway, Katsuki is neither a light nor heavy sleeper but he's learnt that if he wanders out of bed for an extended period of time Katsuki is bound to wake up eventually.

"Being pregnant sure sucks, huh," Kaminari mutters out, apparently attempting at being sympathetic, before offering Shouto a cup of water, "Here ya go."

"Thank you," Shouto offers mildly, choosing to move himself away from where he vomited but sitting close to the house still, before taking a careful sip. It doesn't feel much better, honestly, and he flinches when he feels another wave of nausea hit him as quickly as the first did.

"Oi dipshits," Katsuki's rough voice echoes, the door slapping open sharply enough that if Shouto wasn't currently experiencing the feeling of death he might have winced, "Where'd the dumbass go?"

"He's right here," Ashido says chirpily, "I think he's experiencing morning sickness."

"Oh," Katsuki yawns out, glaring down at him with half-lidded eyes, before carefully moving so he's settled up against him, and Shouto feels his nausea sway into a light probing rather than the previous glaring pain it was beforehand. He recognizes after a moment of silent contemplation, is because Katsuki had allowed a bit of his pheromones to waft off of him.

Kaminari and Ashido had smartly moved away, probably realizing Katsuki intended to waft Shouto with his scent until the nausea calmed down, and it strangely works. He doesn't understand why Katsuki's culture is full of small tricks that benefit omegas to such a degree, but it's always alarming to witness the ignorance Endeavor possesses when it comes to these matters.

"Oi," Katsuki says, yawning aggressively before snapping his chin in the direction of the house, "Let's sleep."

Shouto shifts to stand, gaze distracted to peer at the moon behind Katsuki, who almost looks haloed by it.

"Ok," he says simply. 


* * *


They end up cancelling and rescheduling their trip to Endeavor due to bad weather, but they had made sure to instruct the messenger to stress that the treaty has been fulfilled and that Shouto has managed to carry a child.

Two weeks after that letter, now three months pregnant, he's woken up to official horns blowing accompanied by Midoriya and Kirishima knocking violently on their front door.

He ends up dressing in the most modest clothes he owns, mostly to avoid irritating his father, before instructing Midoriya to hang back and act as a common foot soldier before him and Katsuki finally leave their abode to end up face to face with his father.

"Shouto," his father greets, lips pulling down to a sneer when his gaze flickers over where Shouto had instinctively rested his hands. "So I see the messenger had not lied to me."

"Yes," Shouto offers, ignoring how Ashido and Kaminari positions themselves slightly in front of him and instead choosing to raise his chin, gaze challenging against his father. He adds, mostly for the sake of irritating his father, in the most bland tone he can muster, "I'm about three months now, I had luckily managed to fulfill the treaty after a single heat."

"I would suspect nothing less of my whore of an omega son," Enji huffs out, Katsuki immediately bristling beside him and Shouto blinks at the blatant disregard. Generally his father wouldn't be so obvious about his dislike for him being an omega in public, but it makes his pregnancy that much more rewarding to know that he had single-handily annoyed his father to this extent.

"Yes, well as you have often said, what good are omega's if not for having children? I am glad to have fulfilled the duty of my secondary gender." He rather not continue this conversation in public, mostly because he can feel Katsuki becoming increasingly more twitchy and pissed off, while his father is probably going to un-wisely escalate the situation with barbed words. "Shall we continue this conversation in private, father?"

His father's lips thin, "We have much to discuss."

Iida steps forward, positioned into a half bow, "Please follow me."


* * *


It takes about 25 minutes of Shouto convincing not only Katsuki but Midoriya, Iida, Ashido, Kirishima and Kaminari all independently before they finally allow him and his father to speak behind closed doors.

Honestly, he would very much rather not speak to his father at all, but he knows his father wouldn't come all the way out here simply because Shouto managed to fulfill the treaty, it had to be, in some way, part of his potential outcomes when the bastard was scheming.

There's no pretense, at least, as his Enji sits down, an exhausted 'hmph' leaving his lips before he motions for Shouto to sit across from him. He narrows his eyes before carefully obeying. "What brings you into the savages land, your Highness?"

"I had received news that these heathens have impregnated my son," Enji scoffs, fat fingers drumming irritably against the arm of the chair, gaze hard. "And I suspect it's not a single pregnancy, either. You have disgraced me, Shouto."

"I had assumed this is what you had plotted when you married me to the most notoriously violent barbarian king," he knows his father saying 'you have disgraced me, Shouto' is as common as 'hello' to his father, but still, in a way in stings. Deep, deep down where he still allows things like to bother him.

I must have gotten soft here, he concludes. Things like this were an everyday occurrence before he married Katsuki and even then things like this didn't hurt him.

Enji huffs, "Don't pretend as though you know exactly what I had wanted."

He does know, he knows perfectly well what his father was probably going for. If anything, it was probably more convoluted and evil than even he could consider.

"Your brothers have become noisy when they had heard of your marriage," Enji finally says, fingers stilling, "They have caused quite the uproar and even the council has criticized my cruel decision in regards to your fate."

"And?" His father doesn't very often allow people to 'cause a stir', it does bring him some comfort, though, to know that his brother's had not simply rolled over and tolerated his father using him a bargaining chip to a potentially dangerous man. Though in the end his father had gambled wrong and had instead sold him to a kind man.

"Your brother's are stupid to believe such inflated rumours, this land has always been overly sympathetic to omega's due to their fictional beliefs." Enji grinds out, waving his hand in a dismissive way that shows how little he thinks about these 'Good Omega Beliefs', "A king of this land would be dethroned if he were to be overly abusive to his omega. Foolish, isn't it?"

Shouto frowns, "So?"

"While I had intended for you to bear a child, it is still displeasing to hear that my own child has gotten pregnant by a savage, and so quickly at that, do you have no pride?" He stills abruptly there, ice creeping through his veins, his father had intended for him to get pregnant? "Oh? Are you shocked, boy?"

"What do you mean?"

"It does not matter what I mean," Enji raises slowly, in a way that shows that his father has aged past a point where Shouto could still consider him 'scary'. But years of instilled abuse keeps him still, glaring up at him, "Should I hear news of healthy twins born I will reward your foolish husband and help him combat the pesky Southerners who are bothering his neighbouring tribes."

Suddenly, Shouto understands.

"You had known. Is that why you had sent me here? To ensure I would conceive so you can find a more suitable candidate for the throne?" He can feel a creeping rage inside him, something dark that claims him knowing that his father might be trying to take a child from him just to continue his lineage with the best possible candidate—

"Your rage is misplaced, Shouto." His father's voice booms loudly, and Shouto flinches back, knowing that in the distance everyone keeping an ear on them had probably heard that, but he stays still, head hanging forward, loudly his father continues, "Did I not marry you to a kind alpha? I had given you the greatest gift a father could give their useless omegan child and you raise your voice and disrespect me!"

Still his grip tightens strongly against his chair, keeping himself hunched forward.

His voice lowers, but Shouto smells the rage pooling off his father and it's oddly reminiscent to when he was a disobedient child, "I had raised you for greatness and you had disappointed me in the worst possible way, and I am so kind as to give you a second chance to raise capable children to fill the void that you should have been able to fill."

"Do not pretend you had done any of this for me!" His father hadn't, in the end, done any of this for him. Even if his father claims he knew that Katsuki's kingdom is 'kind', his father truly had no way of knowing what Katsuki was like outside of the rumours, as well, "You had married me against my will with the condition that I bear a child for a savage—if I had not gotten pregnant with this king, you would have simply have found me another—"

"Uh," a voice echoes gently, and Shouto doesn't turn around, scared of what he'll see when he finally does. He hears gentle shuffling though, mental clacking against the ground, before Midoriya continues, "Your Highnesses, King Katsuki becomes full of unrest at this increasingly loud conversation and the affects it may have on his pregnant mate."

Enji scoffs loudly, his gaze turning heavily to disregard Shouto with some form of disgust, "Very well."

Shouto can't help but grind his teeth against each other heavily, glaring back at his father with what he hopes is unbridled fury, knowing that his scent is radiating waves of hate and disgust.

"It is a shame," Enji says, hand coming forward and Shouto flinches back too late, a strong hand grasping his chin and forcing them to look eye-to-eye, Midoriya behind him is muttering a careful 'sir, please be careful he's pregnant' , "You are right, I was hoping for an alpha that would beat some fear into you, as to finally teach you some respect."

Bitterly, Shouto manages to choke out, "As you had tried too?"

"Sir," Midoriya says, heavy hand coming and pushing down Enji's wrists until Shouto's toes are touching the ground again, and Enji almost looks surprised by the show of strength by the omega that was just bowing to him. Honestly, Shouto is surprised by it as well, "Shouto-sama is pregnant, rough treatment like this is ill-advised."

"A land of heathens, per usual," Enji comments off-handily, dropping Shouto carelessly, but Midoriya reacts quick enough so that he falls into him, cushioning any damage he would have faced from falling on the ground. "I will depart first thing tomorrow morning, remember our deal Shouto, as if you fail this time I am sure you will succeed the next time."

"Go die, you bastard," he snaps back, feeling brittle rage creep up his spine and settle on the back of his neck, "No child of mine will ever succeed Endeavor, I will personally make sure that your kingdom burns to the ground."

Enji actually laughs, loud and echoing, but Shouto knows its mocking, "Well, we shall see."

As he leaves Shouto can't help but glower after the loud heavy footsteps of his father, reaching for his stomach in an almost pathetic action to soothe himself. "How much of that do you think Katsuki had heard?"

"Um," Midoriya says, nervously looking towards the ceiling in order to avoid his eyes, "I—I mean you didn't say anything super bad," there's a heavy pause, before Midoriya's eyes snap downwards and Shouto flinches from his gaze, "Until 'under the condition I bear a child for a savage'."

"You are avoiding my question." He doesn't want to get into that, still inflated from the rage from his fight with his father, he doesn't want to sit here and argue about the conditions of his forced marriage with Midoriya, not right now, anyway.

"I don't know, honestly," Midoriya says carefully, "I feel like they might have heard cause I had opened the door relatively around when you said that."

Shouto sighs, shoulders sagging just slightly, "May you bring me back?"


* * *


Half of him was suspecting Katsuki would be at home waiting to confront him.

He isn't at home, though, and Shouto finds himself restlessly attempting to nap in his nest before giving hope on that and deciding to take a quick walk. Ever since getting pregnant it's always been hard to sleep without Katsuki around, especially more so when his emotions are out of control.

"Man, he was just talking out of anger," he perks up immediately at Kirishima's voice, unsure why he'd be loitering around the woods so close to Katsuki and his house at night.

His answer is given quickly enough.

"Nah, he's probably right, that fucking waste of space probably just forced him into marrying me and he went along with it because he had no other fucking choice." Bakugou's voice is strangely coarse, as though he wants to yell but is trying to keep quiet and Shouto keeps himself absolutely still, "But if to have children was a forced decision as well then I'm the fucking same—"

"Dude, you didn't know, our culture is different I'd never think of forcing someone to have a child against their will!"

"Yeah but if he didn't fucking want kids then forced him to have children, fucking hell, what isn't getting through your thick skull?" There's a loud exhale, "You heard what he fucking said."

Kirishima is silent, and Shouto wishes he was able to see their expressions, their actions, the non-subtle clues to know exactly what about what he said had hurt him so badly. Had Katsuki assumed that they had gotten married and had children out of Shouto's own free will? It seems naive enough to be something Katsuki would think, honestly.

"I get ya man, it sucks, but maybe he didn't wanna in the beginning but he's really warmed up to you lately, he's totally unafraid of you now, so like—"

"You're right, I had no intention of having children." Shouto interrupts, moving closer to where he can hear them talking, "I'm still not overly fond of the idea, especially now that I understand my father intends to use them as replacements for me."

"Oh no," Kirishima exhales out, jumping upright at the sound of his voice, "Shouto-sama! Uh, it's cold and late and you're pregnant right? Why don't we go inside and—"

"But your people believe that omega's choose to 'gift' their mate with children," Shouto says, brushing off Kirishima's worried attempt to end this conversation, approaching Katsuki carefully and Katsuki's eyes narrow in on him, "So does that not mean that I had decided to trust you, Katsuki?"

"The fuck are you going on about—"

He stops just short of a step in front of him, if he moves even a bit their knees will brush but the lack of contact bothers him to such a degree. Ever since he got pregnant every hour of the day he wants to be with Katsuki, touching him even if it's just the slight brush of a hand. Slowly he reaches out, the tips of his fingers brushing over Katsuki's jawline, "Whether or not it was by intention or design, I do not regret coming to your land."

Katsuki blinks, rough hands coming up abruptly to grip him by his sides and pulling them in closer to each other, his voice cracks as he whispers, "Ha, is that so?"


* * *


Carefully he runs his hands over his stomach, peering down at it with a scrutinizing gaze. He understands that being pregnant with twins means he's bigger than most other pregnant women and men—he's seen this first hand with another male omega in the village, Tamaki, whose four months pregnant—but still, it's alarming.

He had never had much weight to him in general, so its disorientating to suddenly see himself and think 'is this who I am?'

"Ya glarin' at yourself in the mirror again?" Katsuki grumbles, raising himself out of the bed with a loud yawn and Shouto turns himself to him carefully, hands holding the bottom of his stomach before Katsuki stops before him, "What's wrong?"

Its not so bad to be pregnant, after his constant nausea had subsided he's begun to enjoy his pregnancy properly. Its interesting to have an entire village of alpha's and beta's alike at his beck-and-call simply because he holds the next heirs to their kingdom. In Endeavor it did not matter if his mother was pregnant or not; she was still omegan trash.

"Only a week ago it was simply a bump," Shouto offers, trailing the tips of his fingers over his stomach. He's 12 weeks pregnant, it seems almost surreal. 3 months. Katsuki huffs, chin pressed against his shoulder and Shouto watches him through the mirror. Uraraka had said soon him and Katsuki would have to begin discussing the afters when the children were born, but he's unable to wrap his head around the fact that at some point this pregnancy will seize and they'll become actual human beings.

"You're at what, 12 weeks now?" Katsuki murmurs gently, "Don't you get an intense sex drive in your second trimester or something? I remember round-face saying that."

He huffs, "Is that all you were paying attention too?"

"Don't be dumb, I heard the whole 'constipation' spiel too," Shouto can't help but watch how Katsuki's hands trail over his stomach, gentle and probing. Its strangely intimate, "We'll need to move somewhere bigger with the kids coming and when we have more."

More? He's barely been able to wrap his head around this single pregnancy and yet Katsuki has already been thinking of having more? What if they're horrible incompetent parents, what would be the point in bringing more long-suffering children into the world, because they're royalty?

Or is it because he is an omega?

He has begun reading books native to Katsuki's culture, old-wives tales, fairytales and old stories told as warnings to the future generations and while he has begun to understand that omega's do have free-will in this culture the position of omega's are divided strictly into two positions: those that fight and those that bear children.

The omega's that choose to be apart of the working world are seen as primarily working figures, and while they can have a child or two, they're not seen as omega's that provide lots of children. But Shouto has no position in this society and had gotten pregnant quickly through his first heat, inevitably placing him to be seen as an omega that will provide with lots of children. Its a different restriction than in Endeavor, but still a restriction.

He's aware if he told Katsuki he didn't want anymore children, Katsuki wouldn't press the matter but there would always be that lingering resentment that Shouto had failed to provide what is seen as the classical nature of omega's in their society.

Sometimes it's the duty of an omega to provide the unspoken wants of their alpha, his mom had told him before he had left with Katsuki and her eyes had seemed so sad. Her frail bony hands grasping at him tightly, as though to make him remember the pain she had to endure under his father, that alpha's are not kind people, Remember that, Shouto.

He pauses, forcing his facial features into neutrality, "I see, how big were you thinking?"

"Huh?" Katsuki murmurs, nose pushing into the curve between Shouto's neck and shoulder, "I don't know, I have a dumb castle with a bunch of space further from here."

"I see," Shouto says, unsure why the statement feels like a chain around him. Like this they look like the perfect depiction of an omegan-alpha pair, like all the posters outside fertility treatment clinics in Endeavor 'you too can have this!'

Still, Katsuki is an alpha, and if he were to truly want more children Shouto has no doubt he'd take on an omegan mistress in order to fulfill that want. Just as his father had, and just as most alpha's do, swayed by the promises of young omega's that unlike their old infertile omega's they can bear them a child.

"Ugh, fuck," Katsuki grumbles, pulling himself away from Shouto in order to stretch himself out, "I have that stupid meeting with shitty Deku and Ponytail and some stupid nobodies."

"'Some stupid nobodies?'" Shouto repeats, watching as Katsuki moves through the room, kicking aside random pillows that had never been picked up because Shouto is not keen on the idea of someone cleaning up the area where his nest is located and nor him and Katsuki are very tidy as people.

"Diplomats from Endeavor and Shiketsu."

"Shiketsu?" His father had always hated Shiketsu on a deeper more personal level than even his hatred for barbarian lands and kings, mostly because Shiketsu is the only kingdom capable of fighting Endeavor on an even playing field, it seems strange that his father would be trying to get Katsuki's kingdom involved with them when he would assume his father would want to make it so Katsuki's kingdom is solely reliant on Endeavor.

The hands on his stomach still, frowning down at his baby bump with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Probably something to do with the fact your old man wants one of our brats to take over Endeavor at some point," Katsuki tacts on, tugging on a pair of black pants that seem to hang too low to actually be appropriate. "Don't fucking make that face, you think Shiketsu likes your old man? They fucking hate him."

"Then why are they agreeing to diplomatic talks with you involved?"

"Because yer pregnant," Katsuki huffs out, staring hard at the two fur coats hung on the wall as though to decide which one he should wear. "They probably see this as a chance to fuck Endeavor over, so your asshole dad is probably gonna try to draft a peace treaty."

"Katsuki, I'll go with you—"

"No." Katsuki snaps back, yanking the red fur off of the wall and tossing it over his shoulder quickly, before stomping towards the door, and Shouto clenches his fists in frustration. Outside of allowing Shouto to work as a strategist that singular time Katsuki has failed to involve him in anything pertaining to this kingdom's rulings since, itgjbgjs frustrating. It strangely feels as though Katsuki is betraying his promise to him when he had originally gotten pregnant.

But it isn't surprising.

He's simply the child-bearing spouse of the king, what position does he truly have?

"Kirishima will come for you soon, so get dressed," Katsuki says, glancing over his shoulder, before opening the door and disappearing abruptly, "Later."


* * *


"How many children do you want, anyway?" Kaminari asks, and Shouto tries not to feel alarmed by the question. He had assumed he would have the twins, as that would appease both Katsuki's people and Endeavor as well, and that would be the end of the story in regarding children.

Within this area there's only two omega's with large families; both with between 8 and 12 children but their families are relatively young, through that and through soft small but frequent periods of inquiry towards Midoriya he's begun to understand that kings in these lands typically have between 10 to 25 children, whereas in older days when an alpha would have multiple omega's, it would be between 38 to 50 children.

But this is not always the case, considering Katsuki is an only child that comes from a beta-alpha family whom live towards the capital of the kingdom.

"I'm unsure," Shouto offers, he had went to see the castle with Katsuki seven days ago but it was relatively small compared to where Shouto had grown up, but still, had enough rooms for at least 20 people.

"Yeah, I guess so," Kaminari sing-songs, looking bored as they sit around as they wait for Midoriya to return from a meeting, which is why he's assuming he's being questioned about this, "Yer royalty so you'll probably have like 20 or something wild like that."

He stills, "20?"

Kaminari shrugs, "I mean you got pregnant with twins with your first try so you got high fertility and the king is your alpha, villager's been talking about how the second pregnancy will probably even be a multiple pregnancy."

He frowns, "Just because I have gotten pregnant with twins doesn't mean my next pregnancy will be with multiples, that is not how it works."

Kaminari raises his hands up defensively, "Well I don't know, that's usually how it works with birthing omega's, so they're just guessing."

"I am not a—"

"Geez, I leave you two alone for five minutes and you manage to piss of Bakugou's pregnant mate," Kirishima sighs out, leaning over to smack Kaminari in the back of the head, and Kaminari hisses out a pathetic whiny 'ow, dude!' but Shouto can't help but feel annoyance flood through his veins.

Silently he moves to stand, gritting his teeth and when they both reach for his elbows to help him stand, it's oddly humiliating, "Return me to the house."

"Huh? I thought you wanted to see Uraraka today—"

"Dude," Kirishima warns, silencing Kaminari quickly enough, "Sure, let's go. Kaminari you wait for Midoriya and update him, I'll go take Shouto-sama home."

At times Kirishima is not the brightest person he's ever met, but Kirishima is infinitely more keen to Shouto's moods than Kaminari or Ashido are, and suspiciously he feels this is because Kirishima is closet to Bakugou, who is much more sensitive to things than Shouto is. It's relaxing, and the time away from anyone asking him about future children is nice.

But often, nice moments are disturbed just as easily as they are obtained.

They're only half-way back before he they're stopped by a familiar voice, and Shouto sighs to nothing in particular.

Today is an awful day, he concludes.

"Ehhh, so you really are pregnant," Camie murmurs, her voice deceptively sweet and airy, and Shouto glances at her pointedly.

"You should be aware of this, I know you met with my husband today." He's never been good at dealing with Camie, she herself is irritating enough to deal with, but once Camie arrives usually Inasa is sure to arrive as well. Kirishima bows to her respectively, saying short meaningless greetings and Shouto can feel irritation crawling up his spine.

"Yeah, was shocked you weren't there though," she huffs out, pretending to be slightly put-out but Shouto can see the light rise of the side of her lips. Amused. Of course she is, he thinks, she's always been amused by his suffering. "Well, can't be helped can it, probably didn't want to stress out his fragile pregnant mate."

"What are you trying to imply?"

She laughs, light and soft, her hip jutting out and whipping out a hand as though she has the answers to everything, and he's sure, in her mind that she does, "Nothing, nothing, you know you're the talk of everyone right now, and I'm just curious," she leans forward, lashes flickering up to him, "Was his dick really that good that you got knocked up in one try?"

He feels mortification wash over him quickly, before anger begins to take place. He's always hated Camie, even before when they were forced to interact as children due to their statuses. Unnecessarily cruel for the fun of it, because she can.

"Oi—" Kirishima interrupts, hand coming to grab at Shouto's elbow to bring him closer to him, but Camie leans in, smile wide.

"What do they call em here? Birthing omega's, right? My, how niceeee, I want to be the pregnant toy of an alpha too, sounds so fun and carefree!" Immediately he shakes off Kirishima, instinctively attempting to hit her, but when he does she takes a few steps back, looking smug with herself, before laughing louder, "Are you sure it's a good idea to hit me? I am the peace diplomat, ya know."

"Fuck you," he snaps, "Did you seek me out simply to mock me?"

"Okay, okay, enough of that," Kirishima groans out, pushing Shouto behind him and shooting Camie a stern look, "Let's save this for another time, okay?"

"Pfft," she huffs out, "Whatever. Inasa wants to see you, Shouto."

She disappears like the wind, always, she always has, and Shouto glowers after her, feeling suddenly tired. The walk back home is tense. Well, more so Kirishima tries to lighten the mood but Shouto remains impassive and annoyed, too strung up to unwind.

"You know it's not a bad thing to be a birthing omega, its really noble—" Kirishima tries for at some point, but stops when Shouto shoots him a withering look. "Right. Being quiet."