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Good night!

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It was a long day. He didn’t think it would take such a turn. And yet, tonight, Song DaoZhang was sleeping in Xiao XingChen’s coffin-bed. Well… it was his old bed. Of course, Xiao DaoZhang and the delinquent slept on the same bed, in the only bedroom in the Coffin House.


Xue Yang smiled while Xiao XingChen hummed a happy tone, smiling a lot.


“I see my Little Star be happy.”


DaoZhang turned towards him, having finished folding their laundry.


“Of course I am! All the people I love were here.”


Xue Yang rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue.


“Do you love Song DaoZhang as much as you love me?” he asked, a little cold.


Xiao XingChen pouted and approached him. He reached out his hands and pinched his cheeks.


“Dummy, my love is different. ZiChen is my best friend. And… you’re my future husband, aren’t you?”


Xue Yang giggled, pleased by the answer. He rubbed Xiao XingChen’s arms.


“Huh? Really? I need proof.”


DaoZhang’s hands lowered and also rubbed Xue Yang’s arms.


“A proof? Is my future husband jealous?” he asked, teasing.


Xiao XingChen was in a really good mood. And Xue Yang looked at those red cheeks. He smiled hungry.


“Jealous? Me? I’m possessive. And I want something.”


He brought his body closer to DaoZhang. And this one sighed. A deep sigh. Xue Yang felt Xiao XingChen’s body warming up. His ears turned pink.


And the delinquent smirked. He approached and licked Xiao XingChen’s ears. As soon, he heard a sweet moan.


Yes. He’s in a really good mood~


There was a great temptation: A-Qing and Song Lan slept right next to their room.


His smile widened.


“I want to devour you, my future husband~” the delinquent whispered.


And he felt Xiao XingChen shiver. His breathing was heavy.


“You want to devour me, my future husband?” the DaoShi asked, talking with the same tone.


Xue Yang swallowed his saliva. His own body was hot and his lower part woke up. His breathing became heavy too.


He pecked Xiao XingChen’s jaw. This one sighed with ease and tilted his head, leaving better access to his neck.


Xue Yang groaned and chewed it with wet noises.


His eyes stared at the blind man. He reached his hand and pulled on the blindfold.


Xiao XingChen’s hands wrinkled Xue Yang’s robes. He rubbed his body against him. And Xue Yang felt his lover was really hard. DaoZhang was excited, shivering with impatience.


The delinquent sucked his ear and heard sweet moans.


Xiao XingChen’s hands touched his clothes. He was trying to undress him. Again Xue Yang smiled, pleased.


Suddenly, he moved away. And Xiao XingChen tilted his head again, not understanding.




The delinquent sat on the bed.




Xiao XingChen blushed, embarrassed. He was moving his fingers nervously. And Xue Yang loved a lot to see him like that.


He smirked.


“You… never mind” DaoZhang murmured, embarrassed.


Xue Yang giggled.


“I want it” the delinquent said. “You know very well how my libido is, don’t you?”


Then, DaoZhang blushed and bowed his head.


“Y-yes. I know. So… why?”


Even though they had been together for two years, Xiao XingChen was still shy. But, he was more open during their activities.


Xue Yang made a mouth noise, thoughtful.


“I’m not sure you want to.”


Xiao XingChen paled and blushed, surprised by his lover’s answer.


“What? Well… you know it.”


“Mm… no. I don’t~”


Xiao XingChen pouted.


“You’re teasing me.”


Xue Yang giggled.


“Perhaps. So? What does my Xiao XingXing want?”


He saw him swallow his saliva with difficulty. But…


“I… I want you…”


“You want me? How?”


The blush had spread to his ears.


“Can you please make me love? Please?” he begged with his shy voice.


And Xue Yang stared at him. He liked a lot to see him like this. DaoZhang was so pure, so kind… so adorable.


He had to stop to not jump on him.


He wriggled, he was so hot. His mind imagined with anticipation his lover. Xue Yang imagined his sweet moans and his naked body.


He wanted to see Xiao XingChen lost in pleasure.


“I’d like to try something new.”


Xiao XingChen bent his head.




With his sweet lover’s mood, Xue Yang knew he could ask for anything he wanted. His best friend was here. They had spoken together, the four of them. Then Song Lan had accepted his friend’s choice. So, of course, Xiao XingChen was really happy. And Xue Yang made an effort for his future husband.


DaoZhang was on cloud nine, glad and all. This happiness had awakened his desire. He wanted so badly his lover.


I want you too. I want to look at you.


So, he had an idea.


Soft warmth spread in his belly and his lower part was throbbing. He swallowed his saliva, again. He stared at DaoZhang with a strong desire.


“Come here” he whispered, reaching out his hand.


And Xiao XingChen approached him and sat down on the bed.


They held their hands.


Xue Yang kissed him, tenderly. Xiao XingChen smiled and gave a peck on his nose. He caressed his face with his thumb.


The delinquent looked at him, smiling.


“I want to see you masturbate” he announced, serious.


So, Xiao XingChen opened his mouth, speechless. He paled and blushed at the same time.




Xue Yang giggled.


“You heard me. I want to see you stroke yourself. And moan my name.”


DaoZhang seemed troubled.


“I-I… why? It’s embarrassing.”


Xue Yang caressed his face.


“I’ll do the same: jerking off looking at you.”


Now he said that. He imagined the scene and… he really wanted it! His belly was warmer. His body was hot. He was shivering at this thought.


Xiao XingChen seemed perplex. His hand stopped his caress and lay on Xue Yang’s shoulder.


“You… don’t you want to do the usual thing?”


Xue Yang chuckled and his nose caressed Xiao XingChen’s skin.


“The usual thing? What usual thing? On the bed? On the chair? Outside? On the roof? In the stream? And how? You lying down? Or on me? Or on all fours? Hm? ”


Their sexual life was varied.


Xiao XingChen blushed and pinched his lips.


Xue Yang looked at him.


“I want to try something new. And… I really want to see you stroke yourself,” he whispered at his ear. “Please?”


Silence. A long silence.


Xiao XingChen seemed to be wondering what to do. If he had to accept or not. Then, Xue Yang saw him blush. He was really red.


“I-I… just stroke myself?”


Xue Yang shivered.




Xiao XingChen swallowed his saliva and trembled.


“Okay… if you want this.”


The delinquent grabbed his face and gave him a deep kiss. Their tongue met, dancing. They touched each other. Their saliva mixed with each other. Until Xiao XingChen grabbed his tongue and sucked it tenderly.


Xue Yang let it happen and moaned against Xiao XingChen’s mouth. His hands forced themselves to separate.


They were panting.


And the delinquent stared at DaoZhang. He stepped away from him and stood opposite the bed. He kept panting but began to undress himself.


Hearing the noises, he saw Xiao XingChen do the same. And his hands trembled a lot. The delinquent smiled. He just kept his inner robe.


DaoZhang seemed still troubled. He didn’t know if he should keep all his clothes on. And Xue Yang knew DaoZhang felt his intense glare.


“XingChen, keep your inner robe. It’s translucent. I like it.”


He saw him nod silently.


DaoZhang kept shivering but the delinquent noticed that he was still hard.


“Spread your legs. I want to see you,” he whispered.


Xiao XingChen complied and spread his legs slightly apart.


“I… I’m embarrassed. I feel your gaze.”


Xue Yang bit his lower lip.


“It’s exciting, no? ‘cause I’m really, really, really excited, DaoZhang.”


He saw him swallow his saliva, saying anything.


Xue Yang looked at him and his hand bent down towards his lower part.


“Xiao XingChen. XingChen. XingChen. XingChen.”


And his hand grabbed his own length and began to stroke himself. The noise was obvious and Xue Yang began to moan.


He wanted to encourage Xiao XingChen to do the same thing.




He smirked and devoured Xiao XingChen with his eyes.


At last, DaoZhang used his hand. The delinquent saw how his trembled hand grabbed his length and began to stroke himself.




He looked at his face.


Xiao XingChen blushed and opened his mouth. Sweet moans escaped from it. He was breathing quickly but kept stroking himself. The inner robe was transparent, so, Xue Yang saw sweating appear, sticking against his white skin.


Xiao XingChen’s nipples were erected and red. His abs moved quickly, shining with the emerging sweating.


He was so beautiful. He was so tempting.


Xue Yang wanted to devour him. He wanted to see more. More.


He was panting and accelerated the movements on his own length. He looked at Xiao XingChen. He used his other hand to caress the top. And he moaned. He moaned sweetly.


Xue Yang felt him shiver and detailed his lover. His legs were more apart.


The delinquent panted at the view. Xiao XingChen was so hard.


“Xiao DaoZhang, aren’t you ashamed? To expose yourself like that? Huh? Your legs were opened and I see everything. You’re jerking about me? Mh? DaoZhang, tell me. Are you ashamed?”


His lover blushed and trembled but kept stroking himself.


“I-I am. I’m ashamed. But, you like it?”


Xue Yang smiled and accelerated his own movements.


“I. Like. A. Lot.” He said, detaching every word. “I love a lot to see you so lewd, naughty DaoZhang. And you know what?”


Xiao XingChen dropped a loud moan.


“What?” he said between two pants. “I listen to you… Aaah.”


Xue Yang shivered more.


Then, he smiled.


“I’m masturbating and am looking at you.”


Well… it was… hot. His belly was so warm. His length seemed to burn between his hands. And Xiao XingChen dropped a second loud moan.


“Xue Yang… Xue Yang… do you like it? Do you like? I’m touching myself.”


The delinquent panted, dizzy.


“I like it. Keep going, Xiao XingChen. Keep going. I love it. It's good. So damn good.”


He stared at his lover in this lewd position. DaoZhang began to arch and drop many loud moans. He bit his lips and his grip was more firm on his length.


Seeing Xiao XingChen with his legs apart, stroking himself, it was more exciting than he thought. Then, he saw his lover trembled a lot. He breathed quickly. His pinky length spasmed.


“XingChen, slowly. Slowly. Don’t come right away.”


His lover obeyed and his hand went slower. His moans lost their intensity.


Xue Yang did the same. He felt that he was coming as well.


“A-Yang… please… do something. I want to touch you. I want you to touch me. Please… please…”


His heartbeats were so fast. Seeing and hearing Xiao XingChen made him crazy.


They had been touching themselves for some time. He was so hungry. He wanted Xiao XingChen so badly.


He closed his eyes for a few moments but, kept stroking himself.


Then, he opened his eyes and looked at his lover.


Xiao XingChen’s cheeks are red. His breath was heavy and drops of sweat were dripping here and there on his body.


His Little Star was… so pretty.


He sighed.


“Xiao XingChen. Listen to me. Keep touching yourself, okay? I’m coming to you.”




As DaoZhang touched himself, Xue Yang was moving slowly, continuing his movements as well. He was half on all fours, panting.


He stared at his future husband, stroking himself, slowly.


Xue Yang approached and bowed his head, keeping his movements on his own length. He pulled his tongue and licked Xiao XingChen’s.


This one dropped a loud moan, surprised and ecstatic.


Xue Yang opened his mouth and sucked the top like a candy. A hand grabbed his hair and caressed him.


“Hmm… Mmm… A-A-Yang… Aaaah…”


He salivated abundantly, enveloping the whole length. He saw his saliva slip on Xiao XingChen’s fingers.


“A-Yang… aaah… Aaaahh… please… hold me… hold me…”


Xue Yang groaned and raised his head. Feeling the movement, Xiao XingChen bowed his head and they kissed halfway through.


And they kept touching themselves. They felt each other hand and the movements.


Xue Yang smiled against his lips.


“XingChen, you drive me crazy” he said between two kisses.


DaoZhang shivered.


“You drive me crazy too. A-Yang, please…”


Xue Yang felt Xiao XingChen’s fingers on his member. He grabbed the hand and put it back on his length.


“You’re so impatient. No, no, no. DaoZhang, I want you to come and moan my name.”


This one dropped a frustrated sigh.


“But,” the delinquent added. “I’m going to help you.”


He saw Xiao XingChen raise an eyebrow.


He smiled. He liked a lot Xiao XingChen’s look.


“Keep jerking yourself.”


Then, his lover nodded and moved his hand.


Xue Yang stared his body and his look.


Xiao XingChen was really beautiful and his inner robe began to fall on his shoulders.


The delinquent said nothing and suddenly, he grabbed Xiao XingChen’s waist.


This one fell on his back and the bed creaked.




“Shhh… keep touching you. Trust me.”


Again, DaoZhang obeyed and Xue Yang admired his lewd position. His fingers moved quickly on his length.


Of course, the delinquent said he would held him if Xiao XingChen came by moaning his lover’s name.


So, DaoZhang want to come as soon as possible.


He giggled and salivated. He bowed his hand and pulled out his tongue. With one hand, he grabbed a buttock and aimed at his cave.


He licked around, salivating more and more. He heard sweet moans and this part spasmed.


“You want me so badly, Xiao XingXing?” the delinquent asked, using his free hand to start fingering him.


His other hand was still on his own length.


“I… Aaaaa… I want you. I want you so much! Please! My future husband!”


Xue Yang dropped a small groan and stared at Xiao XingChen.


On the back, legs apart, he kept stroking himself. His belly moved quickly to the rhythm of his breathing.


And Xue Yang pulled his tongue, again. He licked his protuberances and the length with the pale fingers.




The delinquent giggled.


“Shhh… you’re so noisy. Naughty DaoZhang~”


Xiao XingChen panted and spread more his legs.


Xue Yang’s fingers kept moving, deeper and faster.


“Aaaaah… Aaaaah… Mmmm… Xue Yang… A-Yang… Aaah… I like it!”


The delinquent licked and sucked him, with wet noises. Xiao XingChen was loud. His hand was on Xue Yang’s hair, encouraging him to continue.


Then, Xue Yang straightened up and looked at his face. He panted, still stroking himself.


Xiao XingChen was so lewd. He was lost in pleasure.


At last, he felt DaoZhang shake and moan more and more loudly.


“Come for me, Xiao XingChen.”


“Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah!”


He stared at his face and bowed his head. He smelled his scent with sweat and pheromones. But, he was careful not to give him his lips.


His fingers were faster, making scissor movements.


“Mmmm… Aaah… Xiao XingChen, my name. Say my name.”


He felt a hand grab his shoulder. The nails penetrated in his skin. And Xiao XingChen arched.


“Aaaah! Xue Yang! Aaah! Xue Yang! Xue Yang! Xue Yang!”


This one widened his eyes while his lover came. A white liquid spurted.


Xiao XingChen’s breathing slowed down, recovering from his first orgasm. He released his length.


Xue Yang removed his fingers and, without warning, he penetrated his lover.


“Ah!” Xiao XingChen made a scream of surprise.


The delinquent smiled and caressed his face.


“I like your voice. My Little Star, it’s good, isn't it?”


Xiao XingChen reached his hand and caressed his lover’s face.


“Yes, it is” he sighed. “I like when you’re inside me.”


Xue Yang kissed his forehead.


“Really? Why?” he asked and began to move.


Xiao XingChen sighed, fine.


“Hmm… because we’re connected. I like it.”


His hand caressed Xue Yang’s back and stopped on his buttocks. He encouraged the delinquent to move slowly. Xiao XingChen shivered and arched. He sighed several times, enjoying the sensations.


Xue Yang smiled and looked at him. Without the blindfold, he could admire his DaoZhang. Seeing him in this state because of him was pleasant.


He moved slowly, and his future husband liked it. The sensations were more intense. He felt his length slipped inside Xiao XingChen. And, Xiao XingChen’s body sucked him in, holding him, almost possessive.


His hands remained on his buttocks.


Xue Yang whispered:


“Xiao XingXing, do you want to finger me?”


This one stiffened and seemed hesitant.


“Not tonight. I just want you.”


Xue Yang sank deeper in him.


“Okay. As you want. Hmm… And, do you want to try another position?”


A hand caressed his back, moving up his spine. He shook his head.


“Neither. I prefer it this way. I like to feel your weight on me. And, you can kiss me more easily.”


Xue Yang giggled.


“Yeah. You’re right.”


And, he kissed him. Xiao XingChen shivered under him, arching his back and moaning.


“A-Yang… I love you… I love you so much…”


Xue Yang closed his eyes, shivering.


“I love you too, my Little Star. My future husband.”


He moved faster and Xiao XingChen let out loud moans. His other hand lodged in his hair and forced him to bend down. They kissed.


Soon, there were sounds of skin slams. And they moaned, whispering their names and other little affectionate nicknames.


Xue Yang grabbed a leg and put it on his shoulder, forcing Xiao XingChen to spread them further. They moaned and groaned, trembling and arching.


The bed creaked and the skin slams were louder and louder. They were sweating and scratching each other.


Their mouth searched each other, kissing and biting.


Xue Yang closed his eyes and focused on all the sensations he was feeling. He focused on every breath Xiao XingChen took. He focused on every moan Xiao XingChen made. His body was shaking. He knew he was about to reach climax. And his DaoZhang shivered a lot.


He was going to have his second orgasm.


Xue Yang smiled and kissed him, moaning between his lips.


Then, he felt sweet warmth spreading through his lower belly.


“Aaaaah… XingChen. XingChen. My Little Star. My future husband. Aaaah… I want to fill you up with my seed.”


Under his words, Xiao XingChen quivered and arched, moaning. His hand grabbed Xue Yang’s hair and their lips crushed against each other.


“Aaaah… A-Yang… Yes, please. I want your seed inside me… please…”


His DaoZhang dropped a loud moan and released his white liquid against their abdomen.


Xue Yang was panting and groaned. He sank deeper in his lover and felt his length throb. He freed himself, releasing his seed inside Xiao XingChen’s body.


And, he dropped himself on his chest, exhausted but relieved. He was panting a lot, as Xiao XingChen. But he felt so good.


He sighed and hands came to hug him, gently stroking his hair.


Xiao XingChen’s heartbeats were fast.


Xue Yang closed his eyes, hearing them. He smiled. He hugged his DaoZhang.


“My future husband” the delinquent whispered.


He heard Xiao XingChen laugh.


“My future husband” DaoZhang said.


They stayed like that for a while.


“A-Yang. We need to clean ourselves.”


He sighed.


“But~ I feel good like this.”


Xiao XingChen giggled.


“We’re dirty. Please, my future husband.”


Xue Yang smiled and stood up again.


“Okay, okay.”


He freed Xiao XingChen and yawned. He looked at the water basin. His legs were spread apart, surrounding Xiao XingChen. This one stood up too and brought his legs back against him, leaning slightly against Xue Yang.


This one smiled and hugged him. He put a hand behind his neck and brought him closer to his chest. He kissed his forehead and saw Xiao XingChen’s smile.


He liked this man. He liked his tenderness. He liked his smile and his laugh.




The next morning, Xue Yang and Xiao XingChen got up at the same time to prepare breakfast. A-Qing and Song Lan were pretending to be asleep.


And Xue Yang nearly laughed. Because, he knew they were loud last night. He was so proud!


So, he hummed while they were cooking. They heard footsteps.


Xiao XingChen turned towards the noises. A-Qing and Song Lan were here.


Xue Yang looked at his future husband. Xiao XingChen smiled, happy and unaware that they had been heard.


“A-Qing! ZiChen! Good morning! Did both of you sleep well?”


At last, the delinquent scoffed.