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A Jump From Shonen (Bakugo Katsuki X Author)

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The daily walk home from my job was slow and boring, headlights passing by while a slow drizzle showered over the small town. I had my headphones blasting some English version of an anime opening, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was plotting my next book in my head, "should I do a Kachako fic next? Or maybe TodoDeku? I don't know." I mutter to myself. Lately, I've been totally burned out, my writing becoming as dull as my life.

Though, my life hasn't always been dull. It's been a wild ride so far, a wild, exhausting, and somewhat sad ride. "I kinda wish something would happen," I groan. Someone in a black hoodie passes by me and I look at them from the side of my eye, walk forward four steps, look back to make sure they don't follow me, walk five steps, then check again. This is the rule I made for myself to prevent getting jumped, or worse.

While crime wasn't particularly high in this town, I had learned to trust no man, woman, or child that walked behind me. I had a burning sensation on my shoulder blades as if someone was following me. I turned my head, a different man walking several feet behind me. My hand gravitates to the knife in my pocket, ready to deploy if someone decided to mess with me.

He's probably walking home just like I am, but you can never be too careful. In my head, I play through a scene where the man from behind did, indeed, jump me. What would I do then? I'd stab him. I wouldn't hesitate.

A separate, grisled voice in my head teases, you might, you've always been a cowardWhat if you freeze up? Could we really kill someone? Besides, you'd go to jail! I argue back with it, it would be in self-defense. I glance back once more, relieved he was gone. Shut up, I scold the other voice once more.

The rest of my trek was uneventful as I jostle the keys in my hand, unlocking the door to my small apartment on the third floor. I strip off my work shirt and throw it in the general direction of my laundry basket in a corner of the kitchen, revealing a black tanktop with Katsuki Bakugo's face ironed onto it.

I was, I have to admit, a fangirl. I had the hoodie, the wallet, the keychains, the shirts, the posters, the Funko Pops. The wall of my kitchen was lined with at least ten figurines of Bakugo, Todoroki, and Izuku. It took me a moment to walk around the counter and see that something- no, someone- was laying on the floor, blood splattered on the tile.

I instinctively flick out my knife, holding it out toward the body, "hey! What the hell?" The person didn't respond. I couldn't see any injuries as he was lying on his stomach, his face under his arm. It looked like he awkwardly landed there. His blonde, messy hair had red streaked through it. A sweet smell radiated from him. I took a step back in shock, he looks like... no... it can't be. I should call the police.

The voice in my head returns, wake him up. See what happens. You were the one who complained of being bored. Besides, if he's a crazy killer maybe we finally get to die, right?

I shrug, taking a deep breath, yeah, you're right. I keep a grasp on the knife and put my hand on his shoulder, the warmth of him body surprising me. How could a human feel so hot? I shook his shoulder, "hey! Wake up!"

The boy wakes up with a violent cough, projecting blood along the tile and the baseboard of the counter. He gasps wildly, pushing me off and turning over, dried blood trailing down his face. 

"Nani?" His voice groans in Japanese, spitting out more words I could barely grasp the meaning of. "Who the fuck are you? Where am I?" He demands, trying to stand but dizzily crashing back down to the floor.

"Woah, take it easy! You've been hurt. What's your name? Sorry, I only speak English." I put the knife down. He certainly sounded like Bakugo, and he had the same crazy blonde hair and piercing red irises. But how would that be possible? Is this a prank? He speaks in English much better than I would ever expect, "wouldn't you like to know!" He growls, "where the fuck am I?"

"You're in my apartment. In America." I try to explain, but how do I tell him he's not even on the same planet as the one he came from, if this was really him? How is this possible? Did anime become real? His voice was a bit gentler, "America? How?"

I ask him, "what's the last thing you remember?" He looked much older than the canonical Bakugo from the anime. He was wearing his sleeveless shirt with the red X over it, but didn't have his gauntlets. "I was fighting this villain with Deku... I got thrown into a brick wall and everything went black."

Finally, I had to ask, "Bakugo Katsuki?" He squints his eyes, "hey how did you-" his voice cuts off as he got a look at my shirt, the poster on the wall, the figurines on the shelves. "What are you, some fucking fangirl?" I give him a soft smile, "I guess you could say that. My name is Alix. Let's clean up that blood, okay?"

Bakugo growls, "oi! I don't need you to look after me! Just point me to the nearest hospital." He shakily stands up with the support of the counter. "I wouldn't do that," I shake my head. "Listen, let me patch you up and I'll explain what I can." Bakugo obviously didn't trust me, why would he? I had to say something before he rockets off and gets himself in trouble.

"You're not in your world!" I hope my words work, "there's no quirks here. You'll get in trouble if people see you!" Bakugo raised his eyebrow, "what the fuck are you talking about?" He winced, his hand on his head injury. "Like I said," I insist, "I'll explain everything. Let me just get something for that."

I turn around and walk to the bathroom, glancing back at him once more as he crashes on the floor, leaning against the dishwasher. This must be a dream, right? I'm tripping. I shake my head, this isn't a dream, I know that much. But how is this possible? I grab the first aid kit out of the medicine cabinet. It's a good thing I'm always prepared, right?

You weren't prepared to meet your anime crush, the voice teases again. Shut up! A blush enflames my face, but I charge out of the bathroom anyway, first aid kit in hand. I kneel next to Bakugo, his eyes watching my every move. "You a doctor?" He asks. I shake my head, "no, but trust me."

You talk a big game for someone who's never needed anything more than a band-aid. Shut up, I got this. I have to, he needs this. 

I open the kit and put on the latex gloves, the sight of his blood giving me butterflies in my gut. Stop that, this isn't sexy. Blood isn't fucking sexy when someone is hurt this bad. I scold myself, but the hormones pulsed through me anyway, awakening something in me and coloring my face. I want to taste it! I wonder if his tastes sweet! I open a packet of alcohol swabs and push back his hair as he groans, "take it fucking easy!"

The cut was smaller than I expected, but it was still wide enough to be concerning. "Sorry, this might hurt." I press the alcohol pad to the wound, wiping away the clotted blood. Underneath the layer, I could see gravel in the wound. "This is gonna suck," I warn him, bracing myself as I grab tweezers from the kit, sanitizing it with the alcohol wipes and leaning my wrist against his forehead to steady my hand.

I don't know if I'm doing any of this right, but an American hospital would absolutely screw him over. If he could provide any ID, it probably wouldn't look right. On top of that, if he accidentally used his quirk it would be a disaster.

I grip a small pebble with the tweezers and remove it as he pulled away. I scold him, "hey! Stay still, baka!" Bakugo growled, "who are you calling an idiot, you moron?!" 

It was a slow, grueling process, but I finally got most of the dirt out. I dig through the first aid kit, relieved to find I had liquid stitches, gluing the wound as Bakugo's hands gave off small explosions as he grunted in pain. "See? This is why you can't go to the hospital. There's no such thing as quirks, here. There's no pro-heroes or All Might or UA."

It takes some explaining to tell him what anime was, how I knew so much about him and exactly how famous he was. I go on, "if someone found out you have superpowers, they'd probably think you're an alien or something and lock you up." He finally seemed to calm down. "So how the fuck do I get back if you know so much?" I shrug, "your guess is as good as mine. If you don't know how you got here, I can't really help you."

"Tch," he huffs, "then you're of no use to me. I just can't use my quirk around anyone, right? If I do, your stupid government will detain me. I get it." He forces himself to stand again, turning his back to me, "thanks for the patch-up." He opens my front door and slams it behind him.

That's it? I just met my anime crush and he just... leaves? Of course, you dumbass. This is Katsuki Bakugo! He wouldn't want a fatass like you, anyway!

I sigh, hoping he was going to be okay. What would happen to the MHA universe without him? I that how this works? I don't even try to wrap my head around it, grabbing a tub of ice cream and crashing on my bed, turning on my Roku and flicking through different YouTube channels. Every suggestion was some My Hero Academia theory, ranking, or vine compilation. I know the blood is staining the tile floor, but it can wait until tomorrow. Right now, I want to forget everything that's happened. I want to just stop obsessing over this dumb boy. But I can't. My mind keeps racing, remembering how sweet his warm skin smelled. I was so close to him and he just left, just like everything else in my life.

I finally switch on a reptile channel, watching the owner's new eggs hatch. I eat my feelings as the brand-new life takes its first breath.

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The next morning, I stumble into my kitchen for a cup of coffee, drowsily throwing together the coffee grounds. I try to avoid eye contact with the bloodbath from last night. I nearly jump out of my skin as I hear a knock at my door. What if someone saw it? What would they think? Improvising, I quickly grab some bandages from the first aid kit still lying on the floor and wrap them around my hand. I'll just say I cut myself on broken glass, or something.

I rush to the door and open it, surprised to see Bakugo standing there, his eyes buried under dark circles. "Hey," he says tiredly, "can I come in?" I nod, welcoming him back inside. "What happened?" I ask.

"Nowhere to fucking sleep," his voice was slurred with tiredness. The lack of sleep and the injury must have exhausted him. "Come on," I invite, "you can crash here." Bakugo doesn't protest as I show him the bed. He slumps himself down and sits on the edge. "You're really okay with having a damn stranger sleep in your bed?" He questions. I give him a small smile, "it's fine. Don't worry about it. Just rest. I have to get to work. I'll be back at six. If you need anything feel free, there's the TV remote," I point to the small clicker, "there's food and drink in the kitchen."

He lays down tiredly, kicking off his shoes, muttering, "you really are an idiot." I turn away from him, "just don't pick a fight with the neighbors or anything, okay?"

I guzzle down my coffee and take a few quick bites of a blueberry muffin, changing into my work uniform and rushing out into the hot sun, putting my earbuds in. He came back, a smile crosses my lips. Maybe I'll be able to help him somehow. What about that villain they were fighting? Is Midoriya okay? If Bakugo is real, does that mean everything that happened in the anime is real, too? Did Horikoshi somehow create an alternate universe or another dimension? No, that would make him a God. Some random Japanese guy can't accidentally become a God, can he?

I pull out my phone and go to his Wikipedia page. Was there anything else he's written before? "Oumazoo, Barrage," I mutter to myself. Neither of those titles are ones I recognized. What if Bakugo went to see him? Maybe he could write a scene where he gets sent back to his world and everything would be fixed? But how would we find him? There's not a lot known about the guy. He must live somewhere in Japan, right?

No, that was a crazy idea. How would Bakugo even get to Japan? I certainly didn't have the funds to get him a plane ticket or anything. I go by my routine, walking into work and punching in, shoving my earbuds and phone in the pocket of my apron, walking over to my assigned register and flicking on the light that indicates my lane was open.

I'm a cashier at a local grocery chain. It was dull work, but the job had its moments. A teen stood by presumably her Mother as we waited for her debit card to go through. I noticed her Bakugo shirt and smiled to myself. If only she knew he was actually real, and in my apartment.

As I clock out for the day, my stomach rumbles. Damn, I'm starving. I grab my bag and walk out of the store, nearly jogging home excitedly. Would he still be there? Or would he leave after getting some sleep?

As I burst through the door, the smell of rice hits me. Bakugo stood in my kitchen, rinsing off a pan. Two bowls of stir-fry sat on the table. "Y-you cooked?" My eyes glanced down at the floor, now spotless, "a-and cleaned?" A blush forms once again on my face.

Bakugo huffs, "yeah, now you can't say I owe you, right? Now eat up, I didn't make this for nothing." I hang my bag on the front door and sit down at the table. "Thank you. You didn't have to do this."

He joins me, sitting across from me. He was so close. "So this Horikoshi guy you were telling me about, where can I find him? If he writes about me maybe he knows what happened." Not hearing Bakugo yell was a treat to my ears, his voice like a human purr.

Stop gushing, you're being creepy

I respond, "he probably lives somewhere in Japan. But I don't know how you'd get there. You can't exactly take a plane." Bakugo raises his eyebrow, "I've been on a damn plane before. Why can't I?" He asks. I'm kind of surprised we had the same thought about trying to get to Horikoshi.

"First of all, you don't even have a social security number, do you? So you can't get an ID or a passport, which you need to fly out of the country. Second of all, if they happen to randomly test you in the airport, they'll find nitroglycerin all over you. You'll be arrested for sure."

Bakugo huffed, "so what, then? I'm fucking stuck here?" I shrug, "even if you go by boat you still need a passport. Unless you own the boat yourself you might get lucky and get away with it."

"How much is a boat?" Bakugo crossed his arms. I pull out my phone to do a quick search, "looks like a few hundred thousand. I definitely don't have it." Bakugo pulls out a tri-fold wallet from his pocket, "tch, a few hundred thousand is nothing." He produces a few brightly colored bills.

"That's yen. Which would be..." I type something else in my phone, "you'd need something like 10 million yen." Bakugo's head tilts back in frustration. "what the fuck am I gonna do?"

Hey! Why don't we just steal a boat? Are you kidding? We'd get caught. Besides, would Bakugo even do that? He is a hero, after all. Just suggest it to him and see what he says. Just shut up, already!

I sigh, "well, there's one other option but it isn't the best." Bakugo raises his head, "what?" I look at my bowl of half-eaten rice, "we could try to steal a boat."

"How the fuck would we do that? I don't fucking know how to sail, anyway. Do you? That was a stupid fucking idea. Why don't you use that phone of yours to think of something better? He's an author, right? Sometimes they go on tours."

He was right. A quick search showed he was planning to go to a convention in New York. "It's three months away. We could totally get in there and talk to him. You're a genius! You can crash here until then, if you want." What am I saying? Of course, he doesn't want to be stuck here with me for three months. But then again, I think he knows he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

"Does it look like I have a fucking choice?" He grumbles, finishing his bowl. It'll be expensive to take care of another person, but I'll manage. On top of that, I have to pay for tickets to the convention.

"Well, if you're gonna be living here for three months, there's a few things you should know. I work every day, which means you'll be hanging out while I'm not home. Feel free to watch TV or take what you like from the kitchen, but don't touch my shit. And never, ever open the closet."

Bakugo raises his eyebrows, "I don't even wanna fucking know what's in there. Anything else from my bossy host?" I shrug, "no, that's it." I stand from the table, wrapping up my bowl for a midnight snack.

"Come on, you wanna watch something on TV?" I invite him as I walk toward my room. There was no space for a lounge or anything in the apartment, and it felt awkward to invite him in my bedroom, but what was he going to do, sit in the kitchen and stare at my figurines?

"Oi," he says, standing up, "you should show me some of this anime shit you've been talking about. I wanna know what you know about my fucking life." I shrug, "honestly, it's not much. The anime you're from is more about Midoriya than anything."

"Tch. Of course, it's about that shitnerd." I walk through the door of my room and sit cross-legged on the bed, motioning to a spot next to me, where he circles around and sits awkwardly. I roll my eyes, "relax. It's not like you've never been on this bed before." I flick through the options on Roku to pull up My Hero Academia. "I never understood why the fuck you're so mean to Izuku, anyway. He never did anything bad to you." We wait for the screen to load.

"That little useless nerd, don't even get me started," Bakugo huffs. "Speaking of other people," I watch his reaction closely, "you and Kirishima still friends or...?" Bakugo gives me a glance from the side of his eye, "so you don't know everything, do you? He's fucking history."

I make a confused face, "what do you mean? Did you guys break up?" Internally, I am maniacally laughing, trying to get to the bottom of the burning question in my head. A small blush forms on Katsuki's face. "We were never fucking together in the first place. Damn Shitty Hair doesn't know the meaning of Friends with Benefits. I never fucking loved the guy."

Now, internally, I am squealing. Finally, some answers. Lovers they were not, but fuck buddies. The buffer finally loads and the first season's opening plays. After an episode and a half, Bakugo had enough, grabbing the remote. "So some guy drew all about Deku's life and I just happened to be in it? Fucking creep. I didn't know I had a damn stalker."

In an angry fit, he ended up loading the YouTube app. What was the first thing on my recommended? An audio roleplay titled, "Bakugo Katsuki Makes Love With You." Bakugo's face twists in anger, "what the fuck kinda shit is this?" His face turns to me, "you're a sick fucking fangirl, aren't you?"

I put my hands up in defense, "hey! I didn't choose what popped up first! Calm the fuck down! You have a ton of fans who obsess over you!" Bakugo sighs, "fine, I get it. I'm a fucking celebrity or some shit. It's not that different from my world in that case. Anyway, I'm fucking tired. Where should I sleep?"

I didn't think that far. I don't want to have him sleep on the floor. "Take the bed. I can't let a guest sleep on the floor. I'll just..." I grab and pillow and blanket, sliding down to the carpet and settling in. "Night, Bakugo." I don't react to any of his protests.

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As the days went on, we got into a routine. I'd sleep on the floor, wake up, go to work, come home to a cooked meal as a token of gratitude. The more abuse my body took from the rough nights on the floor, the deeper the circles under my eyes got.

One day, I stumbled home with a sore back and collapsed in a chair in front of a plate of food. I noticed how baggy my shirt was on him. We should probably get him some of his own clothes. Bakugo was talking to me, but I was spaced out. He let out a huge breath, "come on. I'm not letting you sleep on the damn floor anymore. Let's go." He packs up my food and puts it in the fridge, grabbing my wrist and pulling me up. I stagger sleepily, "no, it's okay. You don't need to-" suddenly I'm being carried by him. I blush in embarrassment. I don't want him to know how heavy I am!

He places me on the bed and throws a cover over me, sliding in next to me but not touching. Why is he doing this? Why does he care? My heart is beating so fast. He's just so close. I don't know how long I can pretend like I'm just being kind to him for no reason. You know what? Fuck it. I can't stand it anymore. "Bakugo..." my back is turned to him so I don't know if he's listening or not, but I barge on anyway. "Listen, I don't want to make things awkward or complicated or anything, but I have to fucking say it. I like you. A lot. I always have. I'm sorry."

Bakugo doesn't respond in words, he simply wraps an arm around me. My heart pounds. Is this really real? He's just trying not to make you feel awkward. He wouldn't want a fatass like you! Look at you! He admires heroes, not fucking nerds! That's not the Bakugo I know. He only does what he wants to do. But does this really mean he likes me back? It's not like we've had much of a romantic moment. I don't get it. You've never understood him. He's too complicated for you. Besides, he hasn't even seen the real you yet. Just this sweet girl facade you put on for people. It's not a facade. I can be sweet when I want. But you're right. We'd probably butt heads a lot. Still, though. If he's willing to go for it, so am I. But is he? Or is it just that we've been living so close? What if as soon as he gets back to his world, he forgets about me? I can't keep him forever. Like I said before, he likes heroes. He wouldn't want to be with a villain like you! I know, but I'm not all that bad. You tried to- I know! I was young and naive. She was your grandmother! I don't want to talk about it. Just shut up, will you?

 His soft breath puffs against my neck. Is he already asleep? I don't know how anyone could fall asleep so fast. I have three months with him. Then, with any luck, Horikoshi will send him back to his world. But did he really have to go back? Of course, he does. It would be illogical to have him stay in a foreign country, technically an illegal immigrant. Even the basic needs of a person would be hard to meet without being able to get an on-the-books job in America. Plus, he couldn't use his quirk. A hindrance like that would be unfair to him just for my sake. Besides, even if Izuku became number one, Bakugo is probably still an essential hero there.

My mind raced in a swirl. I just wish my brain would shut up for once. Eventually, I drifted off.

I wake up, his arm still wrapped around me. I turn my head toward him, his red eyes meeting mine. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for work?" He asks with sleepy concern on his face. I shake my head, "I'm going to call out today. We're going to get you some clothes and stuff." Bakugo squints, "I can do that myself. I don't need your damn help." I roll my eyes, "okay, smart guy. Where can you buy clothes with Japanese currency in America? Do you even know where to change your money?" Bakugo's face looked angry, "tch. Fine. This damn world is stupid."

I grab my phone and dial the number to my job. I'm relieved when it's the nice supervisor that answers. I give her my best fake sick voice. "I don't think I can come in today, I'm sorry." It was a pathetic attempt, but she doesn't say anything besides a simple get-well wish. I hang up the phone and type something in the search bar, dialing another number. A perky voice answers the phone.

"Thank you for calling Generic Bank, how can I help you?"

"Hi," I give her a sweet voice, "I was wondering if your location can exchange Japanese Yen for American Dollars?" The lady confirms, "yes! Of course! We do charge a five percent fee and we have a limit of one million yen." I thank her, then put down the phone.

"Oi, Bossy," Bakugo lifts an eyebrow, "if my money is from another world, isn't it fucking counterfeit? It comes from another damn universe or whatever." I shrug, "let me see it. It probably looks the same since it's meant to be the same currency." Bossy? That's my nickname? Great. 

He rises from the bed and I kind of wish I didn't ask to see his money, since his arm leaves me and cold air rushes in where his body heat used to be. I force myself to at least sit up as he grabs his wallet from his other pants, chucking it at me. I catch it and open it up, seeing he had 100,00 yen. "Who just keeps this much cash on them?" Bakugo huffs, "I was on my way to buy some gear when I got called to assist against the bastard who got me here. Why the fuck do you care, anyway?"

I shrug, "I guess I don't. Anyway, this will get us about eight hundred bucks. That's more than enough." Bakugo gives me a side look, then looks away, "I wanna fucking shower first before going anywhere. You wanna join me or not?" My face blushes bright red. Shower? With Bakugo Katsuki? Be naked... in front of Bakugo Katsuki? But I couldn't say no and miss this opportunity, could I? "Sure," I slide out of bed and dig through my dresser, handing him a pair of gray sweatpants. I hesitate, my last two clean shirts both had him and Izuku on it.

"What's the hold up?" He growls. I blush even more and show him, "uh, these are our last two options." I show him the shirts. "Tch, whatever. It's better than nothing." He swipes up a shirt and grabs my wrist, dragging me into the bathroom. "You're a fucking nerd just like Deku. You like him, too? Or just me?" He says as he strips off his shirt. I take a breath and take off mine.

"No. I don't know, he's too innocent, I guess. I like him as a character, well, I guess a person since you guys are actually real. But I don't think we'd get along in a relationship." His eyes snap over to mine as I unhook my bra, and I freeze. What was he thinking? "You sure talk a lot, too." Why is he comparing me to Izuku? He hates him. Maybe he hates you. Bakugo squints, putting a finger under my chin, "but you're not shitty like him. You're can take shit from me as much as you can give it back." He smirks. "That's why..." his face sinks down the inches between us and our lips meet. I feel like a million butterflies are in my stomach. This was really happening? His mouth was sweet on my lips.

He pulled back and looked intensely in my eyes. I lose myself in his red gaze, losing all feelings of self-consciousness. As long as I had his approval, it was good enough for me. He breaks the look and casually turns on the shower, removing the rest of his clothes. I tear my eyes away to avoid looking in a place I shouldn't, stepping out of my pants and following him behind the curtain. The warm water rains over me, wetting my short, curly hair.

I smirk at him, "you look so weird without your crazy hair." His locks were soaked, hanging around his face. "Shut up, Bossy. Turn around." He grabs my shoulders, turning me around and I can feel his hands run through my hair, the soap trailing down the back of my neck. "I'm tired of smelling like fucking strawberries." Bakugo mentions, "this dumbass world got Old Spice or some shit?"

I raise an eyebrow, "they have Old Spice in your world?" I shrug, "a lot of guys use Axe. But you always just smell like nitroglycerin anyway." He finishes scrubbing my hair and goes on to use body wash on my shoulders. He doesn't go any further down than directly under my neck. I grab the washcloth from him, "hey, your turn. Gotta wash that greasy ass head of yours." I push him under the water, grabbing a bottle of shampoo and running my fingers through the strands. It felt so intimate, so close. "Who the fuck are you calling greasy?" He asks. I answer, "you, obviously. Were you not listening?"

There. He's seen most of how I am now. Happy? The voice doesn't answer. We finished scrubbing ourselves and rinsed off, stepping out. As I dress in my fresh clothes, I ask him, "so tell me more about that villain. Did he have some kind of portal quirk or anything?"

Bakugo shook his head, "I barely fucking remember. The damn bastard looked like a fucking monster. He had the body of a lion and wings like a damn dragon. He could breathe fire but apparently he was human. He said so, at least. Last thing I remember Deku and his damned husband were fighting the stupid thing while I got thrown into that building."

I raise an eyebrow, now fully clothed as I leave the bathroom. "Husband? Who'd he marry?" Bakugo followed me out, "he married that damned half-and-half." The feeling returns where I'm screaming like a fangirl internally, but I keep calm. "I always thought he liked Uraraka."

"Round face? Yeah, I don't know what the fuck happened with that." His face had a weird expression so I didn't press further. I grab my phone again, "I'm gonna get an Uber to bring us to this car rental place. I'm too damn broke to afford a car but we can rent one for a day and it's cheaper than them delivering the car."

I don't need to tell him I picked up double hours just in case we ran into an expense like this. I tap on my screen. "We gotta be ready to go in twenty minutes." Bakugo wanders into the kitchen, "perfect. Enough time for me to cook breakfast." I put a hand on his chest, "how about I cook? You make dinner all the time."

"Tch," he pushes past me, "I bet you'd burn boiling water. Just let me, Bossy." I smirk, "like that time you overcooked the rice?" His hand pops off with explosions, "oi, I was too busy being fucking disgusted at that damn website I found on your laptop." I shut my mouth.

I had let Bakugo borrow my laptop to browse around while I went to work. Turns out, he had found Archive of Our Own and read a few things I had wrote. "I'd never fuck that damn Deku," he grumbles. Ask him if he's sure! Do it! He'll blast your face off but it'll be worth it! 

I fight the urge and push him toward the table, "it's fine. How do you like your eggs?" Bakugo sits down with a scowl, "fucking scrambled, how else?" I give him a look, "so the most boring way to have eggs. Got it." I get to work, keeping an eye on my phone to track how long we had to be ready. We still had fifteen minutes.

As I cook, Bakugo brings up what I've been thinking this whole time. "So, three months, huh?" There was a hint of emotion in his voice. "Yeah," I say with an openly sad tone. "We better make it fucking count, then." I put down my spatula and turn around, giving him a smile. "Just think, you only have to deal with my dumbass til then."

Bakugo huffs, crossing his arms, "moron..." he mumbles. I quickly plate a dish of scrambled eggs and buttered toast for him and a pair of fried eggs and toast for me. I sit at the table and dip my toast in the egg yolk. Bakugo makes a face, "you're disgusting." I shrug, "I've been eating eggs like this since I was a kid." Poison his fucking juice.

The Uber is five minutes away, so we inhale our food and I lead him out the door. "No matter what, don't use your quirk." I remind him as we walk down the flights of stairs. "Tch. I know, Bossy." Fight him. We should spar sometime. Break his cute fucking nose. Oh, so you finally admit he's cute? You're still a creepy fangirl, no matter how cute he is

As we get down to the first floor and walk out of the door, a black Civic rolls into the driveway. As we get in the back of the Uber, I slide in behind the passenger seat. "Going to the car rental?" I nod my head and he drives off. His eyes flick to Bakugo, saying something in another language. Bakugo replies calmly. I assume they're speaking Japanese to eachother. He sounds pretty fluent, but didn't look Asian.

He says to me in English, "I learned Japanese in middle school so I could watch anime without subtitles." Bakugo looks out the window, "you damn people and your anime shit." The driver takes noticed, "hey, you kinda look like a guy from My Hero-" Bakugo shoots him a look of death. "O-kay. You act like him, too. I think I'll shut up now." I nod, "probably a good idea."

Chapter Text

Sorry to interrupt this story! I probably should have put this in the beginning, but too late now. I wanted to tell you more about my reasons for writing this story and some details that I think are important.

First of all, I want to express the fact that Alix is 100% me. Her past, her thoughts, her words, everything about her is my version of the human experience. I don't elaborate or change anything about me just to seem cooler or likable. This is about getting part of me out in the world. That said, a lot of personal things are revealed in this book, and I'm okay with that. This is my therapy. I just hope I can create something you, reader, can enjoy, too.

I'm trying my best to keep Bakugo in character while also dealing with romantic feelings. If you have any criticisms, let me know and I'll try to do better!

One more point is that Bakugo is years older than canon anime. This is set between season three and season four of the canon in the "real" universe, but in the anime universe, it's far in the future.

Chapter Text

It wasn't long until we were finally on the road in a cheap rental car. The mall was about ten minutes away. "Tch, America is stupid. All this trouble just to get some fucking clothes? In Japan, we would have taken a fucking bus." I nod, "a lot of the smaller towns don't have bus routes. It keeps the poor stuck in those small towns so no one else has to deal with them." Bakugo huffs, "fucking rich tools, right?" I nod in agreement, but then give him a look from the side of my eye.

"Shouldn't you be kinda rich being a top pro-hero?" I ask. Bakugo looks indignant, "tch, yeah but I actually do shit with my money. I don't horde it." I pull in to the parking lot of the mall. It was a weekday so it was easy to find front row parking. I click off the car and open the door to get out, but Bakugo stops me, his eyes squinting toward a man walking by the car, his hand gripping my wrist. "Stay here."

He gets out of the car and yells to the man, "oi, what do you plan on doing with that?" He points to the man's hip, which was strapped with a black pistol. I get out of the car as the man yells back, "you got a fucking problem? It's cause I'm fucking black you think I'm some criminal? Fuck you!" I put my hand on Bakugo's shoulder. He snaps at me, "I told you to stay in the fucking car!" I glare at him, "fuck you. You don't know shit about America." I wave to the man, "sorry, he's not from here. He's just visiting. We'll leave you alone." The man turns away, mumbling something about immigrants.

I pinch Bakugo's ear angrily, "dude. You can't fucking do that here. This is America. Everyone's fucking strapped all the time." Bakugo squints at me, "how the fuck was I supposed to know that? The last time I saw someone bring a weapon to the mall I had to step in. You know what being shot feels like?!" His eyes look wild. I cross my arms, "dude. You're causing a scene. Let's just get this done and we can go home." Bakugo huffs, "fine. Whatever. I can't wait to get out of this damn world."

His words send a pang in my heart. Surely he knows what will happen when he does go back? I wish I didn't have to lose him. He storms toward the door and I follow him, walking into the food court. A million smells hit my face as food cooks in each small restaurant. Everything from fast food, to Chinese, to pizza. Tables and chairs are laid out in rows, only a few people sitting to eat at this hour. Bakugo charges past the rows of chairs, an angry expression still on his face.

"Come on," I slip past him, grabbing his hand and pulling him, "we need to go this way." He pulls his hand away, "oi! Don't fucking-" he lets out a big, frustrated sigh, "whatever. Let's go."

I lead him over to an escalator and jump on the first step, his feet following mine as he crossed his arms and looked away from me. I tap his shoulder with my fist, "come on, Bakugo. Don't be a grumpy asshole." I flash him a smile as he looks at me from the corner of his eye. I wink at him, "maybe after we get you some clothes I'll get us some mochi ice cream from the food court."

"Tch. I don't even like mochi, you moron." He grumbles. I frown, "bubble tea? Sushi? The Yamato place downstairs has all that kind of stuff." Bakugo sighs dramatically, "whatever, just shut up, will you?" You annoy him. Not good, Alix! 

I smirk playfully, "oh, come on. I'm not that annoying. You wouldn't be with me, right?" He squints his eyes, rumbling under his breath, "I'll kill you, Bossy." He could blow me to bits and I'd tell him thank you

We step off the moving staircase and walk down a hall next to the balcony, the floor under us far below. My pocket knife feels heavy in my jeans, the hair on my neck on end. Something felt wrong. But what? All I could see was a mother holding her baby, leaning her back against the railing. She had a white and pink patterned hijab around her head. It looked like she was waiting for someone outside of a candle store. A man was walking up the hallway, his eyes locked on her. Was he about to say something about her being dressed like that?

His steps hurried toward her, faster, almost running. What was going on? Suddenly, I could hear a crack, her body falling back as the glass she was leaning against shattered. A scream pierces through the air. The man dives forward, grabbing the baby out of her arms, allowing her to have a free hand to grab a billboard that was hanging on the wall underneath. She groaned in pain. Bakugo growls, "god damn it!" He rushes to the edge and reaches out his hand, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up.

It all happened so fast. My heart races, a pang of guilt in my heart. I should have done something. I always thought I'd be the one to take action if something like that happened. But... I just stood there. I'm still just standing here. God damn it. I try to shake myself out of it, walking up to the woman. Another man comes running, out of breath, next to the stranger's side.

"My name is..." he pants, "Dan Schyder. I'm an interpreter for Clyde here." He puts a shoulder on the silent man's shoulder as he passes the baby to its mother. Clyde waves to everyone as Dan continues, "Clyde is deaf and can't speak. I'm just glad he got to you on time since he couldn't warn you verbally." Clyde forms his hands in shapes and moves them around in front of him. Dan translates, "he wonders if everyone is okay. You both look shaken." Dan's eyes flick from me to the mother.

"I'm fine," I look to the woman in the hijab, "the baby's okay, right?" She nods, "I think so. Thank you so much!" She grins at Bakugo and Clyde. "You're both heroes! My name is Ashira, sorry to be so much trouble!"

It turns out there was a crack in the glass that grew deeper as she had leaned on it, Clyde was the only one who saw it and decided to step in. The mall management apologized and blocked off the area while an ambulance was called, a significant amount of glass stuck in Ashira's hands. After a short interview from the mall's safety representatives, we were allowed to go back to our otherwise uneventful day.

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As they finished swapping the currency, Bakugo followed Alix out of the bank, his wallet thick with bills. "So," she says, "where do you think you want to go?" Bakugo shrugs, "it doesn't fucking matter. As long as they sell guy's clothes." Alix grabs his hand again, making him furrow his brows but he doesn't say anything. He's too busy looking at her to protest. What was it about this girl that he liked so damn much? She was sweet most of the time, but her sass could get as explosive as he usually was. Maybe he liked her because she was the only one he knew that wasn't a little scared of him?

"No," she spits, "we're gonna go to Victoria fucking Secret. I know a good place for your style, or at least I think."

Actually, that was probably it. In school, his classmates were always intimidated by him. Even Kirishima had his moments. While the public admired him as a pro, they, too, tended to keep interviews short. It was always Deku who was invited on TV shows, Deku who was in magazines and billboards and t-shirts. But this girl admired him without fear, even though he knew she's seen his power. Not only that, but he genuinely enjoyed their banter, talking smack about eachother. Whenever she messed with him, it pissed him off, but he respected it. 

She leads him into a store that had low lighting, loud rock music playing from the speakers above them. A girl behind the counter, who's face was as pierced as a pincushion, greets them, "welcome to Warm Subject!" Bakugo looks around at the grungy shirts with various bands on them and their logos. "What kind of damn store is this?"

Alix shrugged, "I figured you probably still wear a lot of black shirts and stuff." Bakugo huffs, "whatever." He wanders over to a rack, she's right and it's fucking annoying how much shit she knows about me

After a few minutes of picking out random shirts, he found himself in the back corner, frozen in surprise. "What the fuck?" Alix catches up to him, "hey, what are you doing all the way back here?" She stands in front of a variety of dildos, dongs, and doohickeys. "What, you want one?"

Bakugo looks at her horrified, "of course not, you moron!" He turns away, still surprised at what he saw. What were sex toys doing in a clothing shop? He quickly paid and left the store. "Oi, Bossy, you wanna go get that ice cream?"

Alix smiles up to him, "hell, yeah!"

Chapter Text

Author's note: Last warning! Read the chapter summary!


I sit across from Bakugo at a table with a soft-serve cone in my hand. He had a bit of ice cream on his cheek, but I don't say anything. It was a weird feeling to see Bakugo be clumsy about something. He always seemed so flawless, if you ignored his temper. Even so, I didn't mind that part about him. "Oi, what are you staring at, Bossy?"

I didn't realize how long I'd been staring at him. He wiped away the ice cream, finally noticing it, "I had this shit on my face the whole time and you didn't say anything? Some damn girlfriend you are."

Wait... he just called me his girlfriend? My heart pounds and I feel like I'm about to have a nosebleed. Holy shit. "Oh is that what I am?" I give him a smirk, "well, a boyfriend wouldn't call his girl Bossy all the time." He scowls, "tch, I'll call you what you want. You're mine, you hear me? I can call you whatever the fuck I want to call you. Besides, I'm not wrong."

It was silent for a moment as I take a bite of my ice cream. Bakugo's fiery eyes look at me, "hey, let's go home. I think I got enough crap." I nod in agreement, tossing the rest of my ice cream. I grab his hand, wrapping my fingers with his. His voice was gentle, "I don't think I'll ever get used to this." His hand squeezes mine.

I lead him to the car, but before I could get in the car, he pulls me just inches from him, his face almost a full foot above mine. "I guess today wasn't as annoying as it could have fucking been," he says as I blush deeply. Seeing Bakugo be romantic felt almost unnatural. He dips his head down, our lips meeting in our second kiss. It was just as explosive as the first, his hand running through the back of my hair.

As our lips break apart, he says, "we might only have three god damn months together. I want to make it fucking count, okay? We have this car for the whole day, right? Let me take you somewhere." I raise my eyebrows, "you, take me somewhere? What do you...." He interrupts me, "I was looking up places online... just trust me, okay?" I nod and he takes a step back, rounding the car and jumping in the passenger seat. I go in the driver's seat and turn on the car. 

"Just drive like you're going home," he says, "it's a little past your place if I remember right." I nod and drive out of the parking lot. "Oi," he says, "it's so fucking weird." I ask, "what is?" He answers, "you know basically my whole damn life story. I don't know shit about you."

I give a nervous chuckle, "you want to know about my life? Really? It's kind of boring." Bakugo huffs, "yeah, right. A boring girl doesn't carry a fucking dagger on her everywhere. What's with that knife?"

I frown and give a sad sigh, "you can't get jealous." I give him a quick side-eye. "I got it from my ex." Bakugo raises an eyebrow, "so you still have feelings for him?" I gently nod, "yeah. He's one of those people that will always be special to me. But don't think too much about it, okay? He's thousands of miles away about to get married to the mother of his child. Now it's just for good luck."

"Why the fuck would he give you a knife of all things? Don't most boyfriends give jewelry or some shit?" Bakugo questions. I shake my head, "he was my submissive. We liked bloodplay, so it was used to cut him. It's... hard to explain."

Bakugo finally put two and two together, "so you're kinky, huh? Let me guess, that's why the closet is off-limits, right?" I nod, shyly blushing. "Sorry, you didn't need to know all of this. But you asked and I answered."

"What about your family?" He asks, "you gotta have one, right? You never talk about them." I roll my eyes, "yeah, 'cause most of them are dead. My Mom died when I was eleven. I disowned my Dad. I don't even want to get into that. My grandma- she was my best fucking friend." My voice started getting shaky, even years later, "she died in January a few years ago. My grandfather's dead, too. My Mom's side doesn't want anything to do with me because I'm my Father's daughter. There's no one else, really."

"Damn, Bossy. You got a single fucking story that isn't depressing as fuck? You sound like that half-and-half." I nod, "I don't know. Let me think..." He directs me to take a left turn and drive for a while, then a right.

"I mean, there's one thing I can think of but it's really nerdy. I won an engineering competition in High School. Well, my team and I did." Bakugo smirks, "see? That's what I'm fucking talking about! My girl's gotta be a fucking winner!"

I give him a fake smirk. Little does he know he's dating a loserYou're right about that

He directs me to pull in to the park. It was a huge area with a playground, several ball fields, a track, and hiking trails through the woods. In the center of it all was a man-made pond with a fountain in the middle of it. "I used to come here all the time! You found this on the internet and decided I'd like it? You're adorable." I give Bakugo a grin. He opens his door, "yeah, well, I thought it looked fucking nice, okay?" I open my own door and step out. The sun was warm, but nice. A gentle breeze fluttered through the park. The smell of cheeseburgers on the grill wafts over me.

Bakugo takes my wrist roughly, "you coming or what, loser?" I follow behind him. The park was pretty much empty except for one family playing softball in the field. We walk along a stone path toward the lake. "So, you came here as a kid?" I shook my head, "not as a kid. My friend and I used to come here all the time to walk the trails. There used to be some kind of abandoned building there but they tore it down." I won't give him details. He doesn't need to know about that part of my past. He'll just get jealous. Or maybe even disgusted.

He sits at a bench by the lake, pulling me down close to him. I hesitate, but then lean my head on his shoulders. He didn't protest. His warm skin, his sweet smell, just being around him in a place like this made a huge smile twist my lips. "So, these things," he flicks a finger at one of my tattoos, "what's the story?"

I had a few, so I wasn't sure exactly where to start. Did he even know that tattoos were generally more accepted here? "Well, this one was my first," I roll up the sleeve of my left upper arm. The ink was a drawing of a wolf's head, "Mom" written in script below it. "My Mom loved wolves, and so did I. I got this for her when I was fourteen." I roll up the sleeve to my right upper arm, a g-clef inked there, "this is because I like music. I wanted to be a singer but it never worked out." I show him in order of when I got them, pointing to a pair of stars on the top my wrist, "I regret getting this one. I want it removed one day. I got it matching with someone my Dad had married years ago. It turned out she was an abusive fucking bitch." Then I show him my other wrist, it had an X symbol colored in with the genderfluid flag colors, a semicolon between the bottom and top half of the X. There's no way I'm explaining what genderfluid means. "This is just a cool thing my friend designed for me. It's stick and poke. We did it in his attic."

Bakugo interrupts, "you damn sure hang out with a lot of guys." He squints at me. I shrug, "well, the only person I hang out with anymore is you. Besides, so what? I'm not dropping my panties for anyone." Bakugo huffs and I go on, explaining my handprint on the inside of my forearm, "this is from a video game, Skyrim. I was obsessed for years."

Below that was the silhouette of an otter, swimming through bubbles. I still can't believe you got a tattoo of your fucking fursona, you nerd! Hey, it's cute anyway! So what? "This one was just for fun since I like otters." I twist my left arm around, showing his a small tattoo of a rose, "this was for my grandmother. She-" Bakugo cuts me off, grabbing my wrist and looking at my arm intently. I blush, looking at what he was staring at. I hadn't realized my scars were showing up so brightly today.

Along my wrist and forearm were several white, horizontal marks from my teenage years. His grip tightened on me, "look at me, Alix." He said my name? I turn my head to him, his red gaze burning into me, "why would you do this to yourself? Don't ever let me catch you doing it. Not while you're mine."

I don't know what else to say besides, "don't worry, I'm over it now. This was when things weren't going so well for me. I'm fine, really." He squints at me suspiciously, "are you?" I nod, "I promise." Hey! If I want to make you cut I fucking can! Who does this asshole think he is! Let me beat him up!

He grabs my shoulders, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer to him. "Explain something to me," Bakugo changes the subject, "what the fuck is a ship and what does it have to do with me and that damn half-and-half."

Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

"Uh... I...well..." I stammer as he looks at me from the corner of his eye, "spit it out, bossy." He must have been on my laptop again. "Well, a ship is when someone thinks two people could have a good relationship. Or, at least, if they did have a relationship it could get really hot. I've never shipped you and Todoroki but the internet seems to think otherwise." I give a nervous chuckle, "but I swear! I'd never let that ship sail!"

Bakugo's face twists into an ugly scowl, "that's it! I want to know who the fuck these people are! I'll kill them all!" I shake my head, "the internet is anonymous, Bakugo. Calm down. You'd never find them all." He looks furious, "who the fuck else do they shit me with or whatever the fuck?" I don't want to tell him. But I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Well," I go by memory, "most of it is you and Midoriya, Uraraka, and Kirishima. But there's you and Todoroki, Iida, Kaminari, Mineta, almost all of your classmates. They, uh, call you Bakuhoe because there's so many ships for you." 

"Baku...hoe?" He shakes his head, "this damn world is insane." I tease him, "but they weren't wrong about Kirishima, were they?" He gives me an indignant look, "oi, don't mention that Shitty Hair. You think I don't feel bad? Damn loser didn't want to face the truth."

He pulls away from me, "that building is a restroom, right?" He asks, standing up, "stay here. I'll be back." I watch him walk away and enter the men's room. I watch the family play their softball game across the pond, listening to the fountain as birds sing in the background. I hear a guy talking behind me. The voice sounded familiar, so I turn around and see him. A tall boy, wearing blue jeans and a gray long-sleeved shirt. He had short hair and gauged ears. He was talking on the phone a few feet away. I quickly turn away, hoping he didn't notice me. My heart pounds. That face was the face that haunted my nightmares.

Three years ago, when I had just turned eighteen, I had hopped from guy to guy faster than an Arizona working girl. I was free to do as I pleased, and free to make some big mistakes. He was just supposed to be a hookup. A few hours in his apartment, a quick fuck, then gone, but it didn't go down the way that I planned.

I had consented to the usual, sure. A blowjob, vaginal sex, the works,  but he wanted to take it too far. He had forced me to do things I didn't want to. I try to control my shaking, taking a deep breath. I don't even remember his name. The knife in my pocket felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. Why here? Why was he here? Where was Bakugo? I clench the handle of the blade in my pocket.

I hear footsteps and tense up. The guy walked by the park bench, but then looked at me, "oh, hey! What are you doing here?" He gave me a smile. He doesn't even realize what he did. It wasn't rape, he was just trying to be kinky. You should have fought back more. It isn't his fault. I know he was just trying to be dominant back then but... I told him to stop. He takes another step toward me as I answer, "I'm here with my boyfriend. He just went to do something real quick." My voice is a little shaky, but I try to stay calm. I notice the family playing softball had already left in their van.

"Boyfriend?" He asks, "finally stopped slutting around then? Too bad. I'd totally take you up for a round two." A voice growls behind me, "you want to fucking say that again?" I turn to see Bakugo, his arms crossed angrily with a wild expression on his face. I stand up in a panic. We didn't need to attract so much attention. I grab his arm, "let's just go. Come on." Bakugo pulls away from me and squares up with him, "fucking say it again. I'll kill you."  

The boy shrugs casually, "what? I just said she was a nice fuck, is all. You must know that by now." Bakugo looked like he was going to explode. "No one messes with my fucking girl," he growls, delivering a quick, but powerful punch to the gut. He drops to his knees and Bakugo grabs him by the hair, kneeling down to look him in the eye, "you're going to leave her alone. If I see you ever again, I will kill you. If you tell anyone about this, I'll make sure you wished you were dead. Got it? Good." He pops off an explosion, burning his skin. The boy screams, "what the fuck!" He clutches his burnt face.

The injuries weren't severe, but it was enough to make him cower away, "okay! I get it! That fucking hurt! What the hell was that?" Bakugo grabs my wrist, his hand still warm from the explosion. He drags me toward the car. I yell at him, "that was crazy! What if someone saw you?" Bakugo spits, "I don't fucking care! No one messes with you, you got it?" He plops himself in the passenger seat.

I shut my door and click on my seat belt. "I've never seen you scared before," Bakugo growls. "You're not scared of me, or anything else. But you were fucking shaking. Who was he?" I start the car and back out of the parking lot. I don't give him an answer. "Well?" He insists. I can't tell him. "What did he do to you?"

As we drove far enough away, the fear in my heart settled. "You really want to know?" I ask him. "That's why I've been asking this whole time, you moron!" His voice was the angriest it's been in a long time. "I used to be a slut, okay?" I admit to him, "I would go around with any guy who wanted a piece just for fun. But this was the one who ended it all for me. He did things that I didn't want."

The tension from Bakugo could nearly be cut with a knife, "so I stood in front of the guy who fucking raped you and did nothing? Is that what I'm hearing? Turn around, I'm going to kill him."

I refuse, "no. This was years ago. He doesn't even think I feel this way about the whole thing. He didn't mean to. But...." The internal struggle I've been dealing with for three years began pouring from my eyes. I sniffle and my voice cracks, "it was different. It wasn't... I don't know... I don't know if it really counts. I told him to stop but I should have fought back. I should have...."

Bakugo grunts, "really? You think it's your own damn fault?" I wipe away my tears, keeping a hand on the wheel. "I just... I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? Let's just get this car back to the rental and go home."

Chapter Text

As we finally get home, I walk through the door to my apartment. Looking at the clock, I groan. A whole day went by, and tomorrow I would have to go back to work. I didn't even want to think about it. "I have to get up at six tomorrow morning. This sucks, I'll have to be asleep by like ten." The clock showed it was seven.

"Three hours, huh? Why don't you show me more of that crocodile you were telling me about? He was pretty cool." Bakugo suggests, rubbing my arm. I give him a look, "it's an alligator, and she's a girl." A few days ago I had been watching the YouTube channel, Snake Discovery. The woman has a pet alligator and Bakugo wouldn't stop watching until he saw every video. "Plus, you already watched them all. She's got some snakes that are pretty cool, though." He shrugs, "whatever. Let's just go." He walks into my room, bags in his hands and puts them down on the floor. He takes off his shoes and jumps on the bed.

I take off my shoes as well, looking at him, "this is the most relaxed I've seen you, like, ever." He shrugs, "I was finally able to use my damn quirk and beat someone up. You don't know what it's like to restrain yourself like that for too long." I smirk, "oh, I've had to restrain myself at work a few times. I know the feeling." I slide in bed next to him and he takes me in his arms.

I click on the show for him. I always thought Bakugo would be a lot rougher around the edges than this. Holding hands and cuddling never seemed like his style. But then again, he is older than the Bakugo in the canon universe that I know. Wait... I look up at him, just realizing something, "wait... I can't believe I never asked. How old are you?!"

"Tch, just now you think of it? I'm nineteen. Why?" I freeze in my tracks, "it's just... I've never dated someone my age before. They've always been older." I could feel his chest move as he breathes, "well, you are now. Unless you have a damn problem with it." I shake my head quickly, "no! No way! I wouldn't give you up over a number!" He leans his head back, "then why does it matter?" I shrug, "I guess it doesn't."

"Hey, bossy," he talked over the TV. "What's up, buttercup?" I answer. He growls, "first of all, call me buttercup again and I'll kill you. Second, how many damn boyfriends have you had? I assumed you were a fucking virgin before you told me the knife story."

"Me?" I scoff, "a virgin? Why?" Bakugo shrugs, "because you never make a move on me or anything. I thought you were shy or something." I look up at him with challenging eyes, "what? You want me to make a move on you?" He looks at my face, "yeah, but only after you tell me. You said you were a slut, how many guys you been with?"

I break eye contact with him, "too many. You don't want to know." He squeezes me, "come on. I won't think any damn less of you. I just need to know. You always tell me the truth eventually so just fucking spit it out." I sigh, he was right. I can't just avoid the question if he's just going to keep asking. I answer truthfully, "sixty-six."

"Why?" It was a simple question. I shrug, "I don't know. I guess I just craved attention." I feel his hand press against my shoulder, sliding himself from underneath me and pushing me down on the bed, my head against the pillows. His eyes burned into me from above as he sat on my hips, pinning me down.

"So you got daddy issues," his fingers trace along my chin, "and you're a kinky slut?" A smirk paints his face as he leans down to purr in my ear, "just call me your fucking senpai." His lips meet my neck, sucking at the flesh. My hands gravitate toward his hair and shoulder, clenching on as nerves rise in my chest.

His lips part from my neck with a pop, "say it." My voice comes out breathy, "y-you're my senpai." He looks into my eyes, "and I'm gonna make you my fucking slave, right, Slut?"

"Yes, Senpai." His lips crash against mine, sending a shockwave through me. We were really going to.... The weight of his hips against mine, pressing me down on the bed was enough to melt away any fears that I could have. He wanted me, chose me. I wouldn't let him down. That was all that matters.

His teeth tease my bottom lip as I squirm under him. I feel his hands crawl under my shirt, lifting it above my chest. A gray camouflage bra was soon removed, my breasts released from their fabric prison. His mouth moves down to the base of my neck, to my chest, to my nipple. A light moan escapes my lips as he sucks at it, his other hand grasping my right breast, his thumb tracing circles around the pink flesh.

I could tell he was holding back. This was just too gentle for the aggressive Bakugo. I whisper to him, "you can be as rough as you want." He shoots me a look, smirking, "oh, really?" His hand falls from my breast and traces down my torso to the waistband of my pants, "I thought I'd take things slow. See if I could make you fucking beg for me to hurt you, you kinky freak."

Shit. He's going to drive me crazy like this. "You fucking tease, god damn it," my voice is shakier than usual. Bakugo gives me a sadistic chuckle, "that's the damn point, Slut. Now let me taste you." His mouth makes contact with my nipple again, his tongue teasing at it with its tip. He lets his teeth graze my flesh, one hand tracing the line of my waistband, another reaching up to grab a chunk of my hair, but not pulling. "Fuck," my breathing is heavy, "please... hurt me, Senpai."

He bites my nipple lightly, not enough to hurt, sucking at it. His hand dips lower, closer to my clit. It sent shivers down my body, he's good at this. I let out a whimper, "please... fucking... please. I'll do anything!"

He looks at me, "Anything?" I nod desperately as his fingers creep even closer, his voice rumbling, "would you close your eyes for me?" My eyelids obediently close, blocking my vision. His hands leave my body, leaving a cold emptiness where they once were. "S-senpai," I complain as he hushes me, "shut up. Let's see what's in that damn closet of yours." He steps over and opens the door. I didn't have to open my eyes to know what he would see. I had a shelf of Bad Dragon toys at the top of the closet, and hanging from the rod were various ropes, collars, harnesses, and leashes. On the floor was a box that had condoms, handcuffs, lube, a blindfold, a few small vibrators, and a Hitachi. I hear him shuffling around. What was he going to do? What was he grabbing?

His hands roughly grab my wrist, "you're gonna be a good fucking slut for me, right?" He clips the cuff to my wrist and raises my arm to the headrest, looping it around the wooden bar and clipping in the other hand. "Yes, Senpai," my eyes open to see his face hovering above mine, "did I tell you to open your fucking eyes?" He shoves the blindfold over my head. "I thought you said you'd be good for me, freak?"

I'm completely vulnerable to him now, "I'm sorry, Senpai. I'll take any punishment you give me." He chuckles again, "damn right, you will." His hands pull at my pants, stripping me naked. "Once I have you all bound up, I don't think I'll be able to fucking control myself. You know how long its been? Too fucking long. Say something if I get too rough, okay, Slut?"

I nod, "yes, Senpai. Don't hold back." He grabs a leg, spreading me open and I could feel rope wrap around one ankle, then the other. He had full control of me and my fate. A whimper escapes my lips. I felt an intense longing for him, for his touch. I wanted pleasure. I needed pleasure. Under the blindfold, I couldn't see what he was doing, but I heard him shuffle around some more. I feel his hot breath in my ear, "I'm gonna lay you so fucking good you'll forget your own god damn name. You won't want anyone else again."

His words color a blush on my cheeks and send butterflies through my stomach. Fuck, he's too good. 

"Yes, Senpai."

Chapter Text

There's nothing more that I want than to stay curled up in bed, wrapped in Katsuki's arm. But the call of the alarm beckons me out of bed, shutting off the noise. After yesterday, and the beating I took lat night, I was in no mood to work. I hear a groan from Katsuki, "oi, don't fucking leave." I look down at him with a soft smile, "I have to. Someone's gotta pay the bills around here. Go back to sleep." I lean over and kiss his forehead. He turns over with a huff, "kiss me like that again and I'll kill you." I give him a chuckle, "sure you will, tough guy."

I change into my uniform, chug down some coffee, and call, "I'll be back later. Stay out of trouble." I close the door behind me, walking down the stairs and out the main door of the apartment building. Earbuds in, music playing, a smile on my face. I didn't have to worry about whether or not he would be there, waiting for me. Last night proved he wanted me, to be with me. His focus was on me and my pleasure. He didn't think I was unattractive. He went out of his way to make me happy.

It was almost a month ago that I had found him in my kitchen surrounded by a pool of blood. That meant two more months until we can get him back to his world. The time clock buzzes as I punch in my numbers and walk to the front of the grocery store. "Alix!" I hear someone call my name. I turn around to see my supervisor, a tall dark-skinned man with a shiny bald head. His deep voice rumbles, "hey, I just talked to Riley, would you be okay with helping them out in meat?"

I nod, "sure." I turn away and walk to the back of the store, walking through the door to the back, walking past shelves of product to a coat rack and grabbing a white jacket. It's better than cashiering all day. Good thing I've trained in almost every department. As I walk through the door to the butcher area, I button my coat and put on a hat. There were two other people working, Riley, the meat manager, and Kyle, running around filling orders. At the counter was a line of customers.

"Hey, guys," I announce my arrival, slipping on latex gloves and walking to the counter. "Who's next?" I call out. An older gentleman raises his hand and points somewhere behind the glass display filled with various cuts of meat. I bend down to try to figure out what he was pointing to. I reach my hand in and grab a beef filet, "this?" I ask. The man shakes his head and juts his finger toward something else. I move my hand to the left, "this one?" I ask, holding a pre-formed patty in my hand. The man shakes his head again, angrily yelling, "right here! What I'm pointing to!" His finger hasn't moved.

"Sorry sir, I can't really see through the glass. What would you like?" I try to ask him. He says, "burger! What I'm pointing to!" I grab to pre-formed patty again, "a burger, right? Just one?" The man looks to my manager, "hey! Can you help her out! She's obviously new."

The manager wraps up a steak and passes it to a customer, asking nicely, "what can I help with?" The man points to the filet again, "burger." He repeats. With a confused look, Riley grabs a filet, "the filet?" The man shakes his head angrily and turns around, flipping the bird at us as he left. I give Riley a look and he shrugs, both of us moving on to the next in line. Steak after steak after burger after chicken wing, the orders came in. Packaging, weighing, labeling, I grind on happily. I'm good at my job and I know it.

By the time we were done with everyone, my hands were freezing from all the cold meat. I never wanted to see a chicken wing again. Riley smiles at me, "thanks for that. You killed it! We're going to steal you from the front end today, is that okay?" I nod, smiling back, "absolutely!"

We get to work. He slices meat and I put it on trays, loading it on the wrapping machine. I try to keep my eyes away from the blood that drips on the floor, but it's hard. As I work, my mind keeps flashing back to last night, the way he had dug his nails into my chest until small spots of blood leaked out of my skin. I just hope no one says anything about the hickey on my neck.

I see a human at the counter. Not paying attention, I ask, "how can I help you?" The man smiles at me, "hey, Alix!" He was an old, skinny man in his late forties. He had thin, gray and blue hair pulled in a long ponytail. "Hey, Jerry!" I greet him.

In middle school, I had a friend I was always running around with in school. We had never hung out outside of school so when I matched with Jerry on Tinder, I had no idea he was her father until we talked about how his daughter went to the same school as I sat in his car after swallowing his seed for fun.

His wife walked up behind him and smiled at me. You sucked his dick in the driveway while she was sleeping! This is awkward, isn't it? Shut up! Jerry asks, "we're grilling tonight, want to come over?" I give him a smile. It was always fun to hang out with them, regardless. But Bakugo probably wouldn't think too highly of me going to an old man's house without him. "I'm working pretty late tonight. sorry. You guys need steaks?"

They order six cuts and walk away once I pass them their order. The rest of my shift was full of cutting, packaging, labeling, stocking, grinding. I loved it. I was happy. Riley, Kyle and I joked around as we worked. It was a comfortable routine we all had. About a half-hour before I had to clock out, I hear a familiar, "oi." I turn around and see Bakugo at the counter, "I thought you said you were a fucking cashier?" He questions. I explain, "most of the time I am." I talk to him as I wrap a few steaks in plastic. "They needed extra help back here."

Bakugo leans casually against the glass, "there was a fucking break-in down the street. I'm not letting you walk home alone. I'll be outside." He pushes himself off and walks away. Kyle asks, "who was that? He was kind of mean-sounding." I keep wrapping steaks, "he's my boyfriend. That's just how he is. He's not actually mean." Kyle shrugs, "oookay. Whatever you say."

I glance at the clock, wrapping up and cleaning my mess. "I'm outta here, losers." I wave to them. Kyle nods, "thanks again!"

I put my jacket in a bin, clock out, and rush to the front door excitedly. As the door pulls open automatically, I step out in the cool night air. "What took you so damn long?" He asks, grabbing my hand and walking forward. I answer, "I had to wrap up a few things. Sorry." He squints, "you're not walking home alone anymore." I look at him, "I don't need you to protect me, you know." He gives me the side-eye, "you think that little butter knife is going to defend against a gun?" I shrug, "maybe not but if I go down I'll go down fighting. You think you could defend against a gun? It's not like your quirk makes you bulletproof."

Katsuki huffs, "I don't want you to go down at all, you idiot! Those guys robbed a house of everything they owned. I saw them take a bunch of guns from the house. Cops questioned me for-fucking-ever about it." Something didn't add up about the story. He's saying he didn't even try to stop them? I didn't believe it.

"They got away. So I'll be protecting you, got it? You're not allowed to die on me." Katsuki grips my hand tightly. "Fine," I sigh, "but you have to promise me you won't use your quirk, no matter what. The last thing we need is someone finding you out." Katsuki spits, "tch. I won't need my damn quirk for a bunch of quirkless thugs."

"So what were you doing, anyway?" I ask. He shrugged, "I was fucking bored so I went for a walk. What fucking idiots rob a house in the middle of the day?" I shrug, "they must have had a reason. Probably to avoid whoever lives there."

Katsuki doesn't speak for a while as we walk in silence, "I don't like the way you were talking to them." The sentence comes out of nowhere. I tilt my head, "who?" He scowls, "the guys you fucking work with. Why don't you ever fucking smile like that with me? It's always so fake or fucking sarcastic." I frown at what he says. I've had this conversation before. My mind flashes to my ex and his girlfriend. We all lived together at the time, both of them complete psychopaths. They, just like Katsuki, had found out about my past. It was a complete disaster. He took my phone and drove miles into a cornfield and shot a bullet into both my laptop and phone. "Can't fucking talk to guys anymore, can you?" He had said, "you can only talk to us now." 

He's going to leave you. He thinks we're cheating! Look at what you fucked up again.

Katsuki gives a frustrated grunt, "what can I do to win you fucking over? I've done everything I could fucking think of! What do you want?!" His voice rises shakily, "seriously! It pisses me off! You never seem fucking happy!"

Me? Not happy with him? This isn't the conversation I thought he was about to have with me. I stop walking, feeling like I've been punched in the gut. My eyes are locked on the sidewalk, "you think I'm not happy with you?" He squints and turns facing me, "you never fucking smile for real around me. You're always so fucking fake."

"Baku- Katsuki..." my voice is weak as I look up at him, "I'm happier with you than I've ever been in my whole life. Who else can take my sarcasm? Who else can I call an idiot or an asshole and won't take it to heart?" I take a step toward him and take his hand, "you're the only one I know that can handle all of that. We've had a lot of fun talking shit about eachother and you said it yourself when we got together you liked that about me."

His red gaze met my blue eyes and I pull him closer, "I'm sorry I don't act happy all the time. But you're one to talk, I barely ever see you smile. That's because that's just how you are. And this is who I am. One sarcastic motherfucker who sucks at romance. But last night was the best night of my life. You did what you promised, Katsuki. Because I don't want anyone else. I'm keeping you for as long as you want me." I reach up on my tiptoes and kiss him, not letting him pull back until I was ready.

The anger dissipates from his face, "let's go home, Bossy." 

Chapter Text

We walk up the stairs hand-in-hand to the third floor. I could feel him tense and it takes me a second to figure out why. He presses a finger to my lips and pushes me back, signaling to stay out of the way. The door to my apartment was slightly ajar. He creeps up against the wall, peeking in. He holds up his first finger. One? One what?

He glances at me, then bursts through the door. I hear a commotion, then silence. I rush over and see a round, tall man standing over Katsuki, his foot against his chest. The tall man's voice rumbled, "I hear you've been hitting my fucking daughter."

I grab the man's arm, "Dad! Stop! It's okay!" Katsuki wheezes, "this is your fucking Dad?!" My father doesn't back off, so I do the only thing I could think to do. I ball up my fist, pull back, and swing right into his gut. I yell, "fuck off!" As the breath is knocked out of him, I push him back into the door of the fridge.

Katsuki stands up, coughing and hacking. I ask, "what the fuck are you doing here?" My father spoke through his thick mustache, "I saw you at work. What has he been doing to you? Look at your arms." I look down at my skin. I was so busy, I hadn't realized bruises had formed where the ropes and his hands had gripped me. I really did look like I had taken a beating.

"Dad, you're an idiot. Get the fuck out of my apartment. This is why I don't talk to you anymore. You're always so stupid." I look away from him, "this isn't from being abused. This is from fucking rough sex." My gaze turns up to his face, "besides, it's not like you've never hit me before. Why do you care now?"

"He what?" Katsuki's voice grumbled. My father's eyes widened, full of anger. He leans down in my face, yelling, "because you were being a fucking bitch!" Katsuki grabs me and pulls me back, saying, "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but Alix doesn't want you here. So leave. This is your last warning, you moron."

"Is that a threat?" My father asks. Katsuki shakes his head, "it's a fucking promise." I wiggle my way out of Katsuki's grasp and step between the two. "Seriously, Dad. Get out of here. And give me the fucking key you stole."

Katsuki and I are staring daggers at him. It was two against one. He realized he was at a loss. He shakes his head angrily, "whatever. If he fucking hurts you, don't call me." He reaches into his pocket and slams a key down on the counter. As he walks out, I yell back, "you've hurt me more times than I can count, you asshole! Don't start caring now!" The apartment shakes as the door slams.

I sink down to my knees, my emotions taking control. Tears well up in my eyes as my breath shakes, a knot forming in my throat. Katsuki kneels down with me, his arms wrapping around my shoulder as I bury my face in his chest. I can't breathe, I can't move or cry. I feel a familiar numbness in my face, spreading to my tongue and throat. It feels like my stomach is a beehive, my chest tightening painfully. The back of my tongue swells. My mind races. Why was he so scary? Scarier than anyone and anything. He was my own father. Why did it have to be this way? Why? A small, weak scream finally exits my throat, an ocean of tears released.

Katsuki sits there, rubbing my back, trying to comfort me. "If I ever see him again, I'll kill him. I don't care. I'll fucking blow him to pieces." I am inconsolable. I didn't even know he knew where I lived or where I worked. I didn't know he stole a key, but how else would he get in here without breaking down the door?

"Why does this keep fucking happening?" Katsuki questions, "we keep running into people I have to protect you from." I can't answer through my sobs. It's been a pattern all my life. Something good happens and then hell is sure to follow. God damn it, I swallow a huge breath and hold it. I'm not crying in front of him. Not like this. Shut the fuck up and calm down.

But I can't control myself, hiccuping as I cry, my throat closing in on itself as the pressure in my chest weighs down my heart. "K-k-katsuki...." my voice shakes... "I'm sorry. Y-you should just fucking leave me. I'm no good. I always keep getting you in trouble. He could have killed you. He could have... you could have been hurt because of me. He could have hurt you like he did me." I gasp, "I'm sorry, Katsuki. I'm so sorry. I never wanted you to be anywhere near him."

My arms sting. I didn't realize I had been scratching into the skin of my forearms with my nails. Katsuki grabs my wrists quickly, "hey! What did I tell you about that shit? Come on, can you stand?" I take a few breaths, tears still cascading from my cheeks. I take a shaky, numb leg and push myself off the floor. "I'm sorry," my voice shakes, "I don't want you to see me like this."

He holds me in his arms, the sweet smell of his sweat wrapping around me. "Think I give a damn, Bossy? It's okay. I'm here. I'm not fucking going anywhere. I won't leave you." His grip tightens as he holds me up. I take a few big, deep breaths and let it out, my tears slowing. He whispers in my ear, "I'm not going anywhere. I'll do anything you want. What can I do?" I look up at him with red, puffy eyes, "can we" I look away from him. "Nevermind."

Katsuki runs his fingers through a strand of hair, "damn, just tell me what you want. I'll make it happen." A blush colors my face, "shower with me again? I-I just want to be close to you. I'm sorry." Katsuki chuckles, his finger under my chin lifting my face up as he kisses my salty, tear-soaked lips. "Don't fucking apologize. Come on."

Still shaky, I follow him into the bathroom. He lifts my shirt and I unclip my own bra, stripping off my pants. I had no reason to feel self-conscious anymore. His hand reaches toward my chest. I blush, thinking he was going to grab my breast, but his finger rubs between my cleavage, feeling the bumpy self-harm scars. "Was it because of him? You have these damn things all over you."

He was right. My arms, my right thigh, and the insides of both my calves were covered in them. "Mostly. He would get with women who were abusive to me when I was a kid. It was the only way I had control of anything in my life." The shower water runs as it gets warm. Katsuki asks, "do you think he'll come back?" I put my face under the water, tilting my head so I can speak, "if he does, kill him." He steps in behind me, pressing himself against my back, "I should have burnt him to a crisp."

He soaps up my back, massaging my muscles. I tell him, "I haven't seen him since I left home. That was two years ago. But I've seen his friend everywhere. I wonder if that's how he found out where I live. He's probably pissed because I cut him off."

Katsuki kisses my neck, "tell you what, let's finish up here and go relax. Think you could call out tomorrow? We could stay home all day," he rubs my shoulders, "I'll make it up to you." I nod, "I should call out. I don't think I'll sleep tonight, anyway."

A sudden thought pops in my head, "Katsuki," I turn around, rinsing off my back and looking up at him, "aren't you worried about your universe? It's been a month already. Do you think they can wait for another two?" Katsuki frowns as I lather up his chest, feeling his muscles through the soap, "they're going to have to make it without me. That damn Deku might be a fucking moron but he's going to have to hold out. Then I can go back to working my way to the fucking top."

He leans his forehead against mine, "besides, once my time is up here, I won't have you anymore. I'm not going to spend all this time brooding. I want to make it fucking count." The words fall from his lips, "I... I don't know how you fucking did it, but I'm in love with you, okay, you damn nerd? I don't want to think about fucking leaving."

My body tenses in shock. Did he really just say that? Did he really... does he really...? "Katsuki... I love you, too. But do you... really mean... I mean... we've only..." He leans down and kisses me, his lips pressing against mine. He runs his fingers through my scalp and pushes me against the cold wall of the shower. As our lips part, he squints at me, "don't ever question that again, Bossy. I said what I said and I fucking meant it."

I say, "don't leave me, then. Stay here." Katsuki sighs, "and what, do nothing while you work your ass off supporting the both of us? You come home exhausted every day and there's not shit I can do to help you, is there? I can't put that on you for any longer than I have to." We rinse off and I step out first, "I'd do it forever for you. You know that."

I leave the bathroom naked, not bothering to put on pajamas. Katsuki follows me to the bedroom and we get under the covers, shutting off the light and holding eachother close, face to face. He kisses me gently. Laying there together, naked with the absence of sexual tension, was intimate in the most romantic of ways. But what surprised me most was Katsuki. His lips were curled into a smile, his eyes looking at me as he layed with my hair with such softness.

"Okay, for real," I break the moment, "who are you and where is Katsuki? You're smiling and you look so... soft." Katsuki sighs, "I'm just enjoying the damn moment. Shut up." I smirk, "there you are. Found you." Katsuki chuckles and kisses my forehead, "always so damn sarcastic." I shrug, "you know you love it." The smile on my face was genuine. The way he was looking at me sent my heart fluttering.

Hey, Alix! Cut yourself. What? Why? It's over. I'm happy. Besides, I don't have anything to cut with that I like. Babygirl isn't sharp enough anymore. You know I don't like anything too draggy. Oh, come on! It'll be just like old times! I want to taste blood! Come on! Please! Real emo kids don't care what they cut with stop being a pussy. Well, I'm not an emo kid, so shut the fuck up. Not until we get some blood. You were so close earlier! If only he didn't stop you. Who does he think he is? Would you two shut up! Another voice pops into my head. He almost never shows up. Who asked you? Since when were you invited? You aren't even real like me! You're just her imagination! Neither of you are real. Don't start arguing, now. Me? Not real? How dare you! I'm the best part about you! Excuse me, asshole, we were in the middle of something? Yeah, you were trying to get Alix to cut themselves. What, are we using neutral pronouns for her now? No one else does except you! Fuck off. She's mine and I'll do what I want with her! Guys, would you stop? Alix is too great to want to self-harm. They're over that. We all should be over that. 

I feel a shake and I'm brought back to reality. Katsuki has a deeply worried look on his face. "Oi! Earth to Bossy! Stop spacing out, would you?" I blink a few times, feeling confused, but shaking myself out of it, "shit! Sorry! I guess I'm just tired." Katsuki raises an eyebrow, "tired is one thing. Let's get you some rest, okay?" I nod, rolling over on the side I usually sleep on. Our bodies fit together perfectly as his arm hangs over my hip. I close my eyes, trying to at least pretend to sleep, but my head was just too noisy as the other voices argued over who was real.

This all started when she read that stupid book about a crazy girl with multiple personalities and got obsessed with it! I was first! Yeah, whatever. Look what you did, Alix! You made yourself crazy and now you're stuck with me! Dude I don't know what the hell is going on. For all I know this could be normal. It's like having different trains of thoughts, right? Normal? You think this is normal? It could be and no one talks about it. You're an idiot. This is what makes you unique. So what is it, then? It's not like I'm schizophrenic or anything. Don't overthink it. I'm here forever whether you like it or not.

Needless to say, it took a while to fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Her back feels cool against my chest, my arm around her rising and falling with every breath she took. I don't want to admit it, but the blow I took from her father still stung on my cheek, a sore bruise forming where his foot kept me planted to the ground. I could see why she was so afraid of him.

She rushed in to help me against the man she fears most. She's the bravest fucking girl I know. But why was it that things like this kept happening? Was it all coincidence? Or something neither of us knows about? Is there someone after her? My thoughts keep me awake. I had no idea her past was so dark. When we met, she was so bright and bubbly. As we got to know eachother, she started coming out of her shell into the girl I learned to love. I never thought it would happen. I never thought I'd meet someone who could actually earn my affection. No one could before. Not Kirishima, not any of the girls I've talked to from my world.

I don't know if it's possible to get back. I don't know what I would do if it was impossible. But part of me wants to stay, despite the desire to get back and keep being a hero. That's what I've trained for all my life. I can't just throw it all away for her. But what if I am stuck here, forced to live like a quirkless loser?

But if it is possible, and this guy is able to bring me back, what will she do when I'm gone? Will she move on and find someone else? I don't even want to think about that. What if... no. I won't think about that, either. She wouldn't want that, would she? I wouldn't want that for her. I remember what it was like to... no.

I hear a soft breath escape her lips as she sleeps. I want to protect her with every fiber in my being. But how long can I do that for? The first month went by in a blink. What about the next two? I sigh, wishing I could stop fucking stressing and get to sleep. 

I bury my face in her short, curly hair. It was so soft, and it smelled like her strawberry shampoo. I hear her mutter something in her sleep, "Katsuki." She was dreaming about me? Something tightened in my chest. A sharp stab of emotion. She was so fucking precious, god damn it. This wasn't like me to find someone so damn cute.

Dammit, Katsuki. Why did you fall in love with someone you can't fucking keep?

Chapter Text

The days and weeks flew by in the blink of an eye. Katsuki and I grew inseparable. He would walk me to work and back home daily. On my days off, he would take me out to the park or some other date and we'd enjoy each other's company. The convention was just two days away. We were laying on a blanket by the lake in the park, looking up at the stars. My phone number was drawn on his wrist with a sharpie in case he needed to contact me while I was at work. He hadn't let it rub off for weeks.

"Oi, Bossy, you're too fucking quiet. What are you thinking?" I shrug, "I dunno, Hothead. What about you?" He shakes his head, "how far is New York? You never told me how we'd be getting there." I explain to him, "well, we're in northeast Connecticut. New York is a few hours away so I thought we'd take an Uber to the train station, then ride to New York and there's a bus stop that will bring us right to the convention center. I have the tickets and everything set up, don't worry."

Katsuki huffs, "I'm not going to stop talking until you tell me what's on your mind. You look worried as hell." I lie, giving him a kiss on the forehead, "I just don't want you to go. I know you have to, but still."

You need to tell him. No, not until I know for sure. This happens all the time. It's probably a false alarm again. We'll find out tonight.

I sit up from the blanket, a cold wind blowing through the park. "I'm getting cold. Wanna go home?" He sits up, "yeah, I was going to ask you the same thing." He rolls up the blanket and carries it in his arm, holding my hand as we walk through the grass. He suddenly stops walking, his head down. I turn and ask, "Katsuki?" His grip on my hand tightens. His voice shakes, "why the fuck did this happen?" I step closer to him as he speaks, "I've never fucking loved anyone before. Why did it have to be with someone I can't stay with? I don't want to hurt you. I should have just stayed away. God damn it."

I frown. He feels guilty? "Hey," I put my hand under his chin and tilt his head to look at me, his eyes watering. "I will never fucking regret you, you hear me?" I try to stop my emotions from making my voice tremble. "You've done so much for me. You've helped me in so many ways. You have always been my rock, no matter what god damn universe you exist in. Do you realize how much it fucking means to me that you're real? Even if you didn't love me, or even didn't like me. Even if you hated me. It means so much to me that you, the hero I look up to, the hero I wish I could be like, that you're a real person. Do you think I wouldn't kill to be like you? I would. I don't regret meeting you. So wipe that damn look off your face because you're not hurting me at all. Sure, it's going to suck being alone again but goddammit if I'm going to let that drag me down. That's not what you would do, and that's not what I'm going to do."  The surprise on Katsuki's face summoned a smirk on my own. "Katsuki, I'd follow you past the laws of physics and reality itself. If Horikoshi can do it, and you'll have me, you think I'm not going to try?"

A look of horror crosses Katsuki's face. "Absolutely not! You're not going to leave everything behind just for me!" I furrow my brows, "leave everything behind? What? What could I possibly leave behind? I don't have family, or friends. I have a good job but that's not worth it to me. What the hell are you talking about?" 

Katsuki turns his back to me. "I can't let you! I won't!" I cross my arms, "how the fuck are you going to stop me? I'll try whether you want me or not. I'll figure something the fuck out. What, were you just fucking using me for three months?! Why don't you want me to go with you?!"

He doesn't move or speak for a few seconds, his voice drowning heavily, "I can't let this go on anymore, Alix. I can't let you go with me. I'll find my own way back. We're... I'm sorry but we're fucking done. Find someone else who deserves you. Someone who can actually fucking be there for you."

The heat from the explosion he let off singed the curls on my bangs. I watch him disappear into the night sky. "Katsuki! Katsuki Bakugo you get back here!" I scream into the empty abyss. 

Chapter Text

My feet move themselves forward, walking away from the burnt grass he had left behind. We have to get out of here before we attract attention. Why did he leave? What the hell happened? Was he really just using me? No. Remember the way he looked at you? The way he fucked you? The way he loved you? But why would he leave me now? I don't get it. Whatever, he's not coming back. Let me take control. My body feels like it's floating, my vision like looking through a fishbowl. I feel far away from everything. I don't pay attention to where I was walking. My shoes dropped against the sidewalk mindlessly.

I thought I'd never regret him. But... I never wanted it to end like this. I fumble with the keys to my apartment. He just left with no explanation. I'm not sure what my body is doing, but I let some other power take control of me as I dig through my work bag, pulling out a rectangular box and shuffling to the toilet.

Sixty long seconds to go. The other voice is silent as she takes control, my body chuckling with a wide smile on my face. What the hell are we doing? We look crazy. I don't know but I can't get control back. Not that I'm trying very hard. I don't care. If she wants to be in control, let her have fun. Is this even real? Is this my imagination? My eyes droop sleepily. I feel my eyelids tear open, and suddenly I'm back. I wiggle my own fingers and toes, standing in front of the bathroom sink, looking at my unrecognizable face in the mirror. We're so pretty. I look down and see a pregnancy test, showing two thin blue lines. Positive. I'm pregnant with Bakugo's child.

It's probably for the best he left. He hates kids. He would have flipped out anyway. But now what are we going to do? I can't be a single mother! I can barely support myself! I feel like my soul is ripped out of my body as my vision goes back to the fishbowl effect. I can't feel my arms or legs as I walk out the door to my apartment. Don't worry, I have a plan. We'll just die. Wait, what? No. Come on, stop it. This might be the only way to end this. What else do we have to live for? Nothing. I can't stop my legs from walking up the flights of stairs.

You're right. Let's do this. There's nothing else to live for. But we're pregnant! What about the baby? It isn't a baby yet. It's just a collection of cells. Besides, I can't bring a child in the world. I can't force someone else to live. No one asks to be born. Why would I want to put that kind of burden on someone? Having a child before they're ready is the most selfish thing someone could do. I open the door to the fire escape. An alarm was supposed to go off if anyone opened it, but it's been broken for years.

A ladder reached from the top level of the escape route to the roof. I climb up each rung until I stood on the edge, the ground hundreds of feet below me. Is this high enough? Will it hurt? Stop thinking and jump, already. You're the one in control, remember?

There was no hesitation. No emotional monologue. No beautiful descent toward death as my life flashed before my eyes. One second I was on the edge of a roof, the next second, everything went black.

Chapter Text

The darkness feels thick and silky as if I was swimming in an ocean of bedsheets. I can hear people talking, a man's voice, but I can't tell what he is saying. Is it Bakugo? Did he save me? But if that was the case, where am I? I don't feel dead. I can wiggle my toes, wiggle my fingers, but there was still something wrong. My mind feels like it's full of static.

Guys! What's going on? I don't get an answer. Hello? Normally you won't shut up! What's the deal now? There was still no answer. I felt the silence hang over me. I was alone, except for the voice ringing in my ears. What was he saying? It wasn't in my head, it was something external. But where was it coming from? Was I about to meet God? Is there even such a thing?

The man's voice suddenly becomes clear, "I'm waking her up now." I feel myself being lifted up and up, until the darkness turns into a bright white light. My eyes move over to the right. I see a tall man with a beard in a doctor's coat. He says, "welcome, back. Do you remember your name?"

"Where am I?" My voice croaks. "You're in the hospital. You were hit by a car. We put you in a coma for six months to avoid further damage."

A coma? No. That can't be true. "Where's Katsuki? That's not true. I jumped. Where's Katsuki? Bakugo?" My speech babbles on, a hole left in my heart. "I'm telling you, I jumped. It wasn't high enough. He saved me. Where is he? Katsuki? Katsuki?!"

The doctor takes a seat beside my bed, "many patients feel like their dreams while in a coma were real. A psych nurse is on her way to help you, okay?"

It was all a dream? It wasn't real? How? Why? What will I do? Why can't I remember my life before, if that was the case?

Chapter Text

It took months to recover from the accident. As I laid in my own bed at home, half asleep, I would roll over and reach out for a man who wasn't there. My body was still sore, and I lost my right thumb. So much of me was missing. The voices had faded into nothing. I was truly alone. The weight of that fact felt like lead in my chest. But what hurt the most was I didn't even get to say good-bye to Katsuki. Even though it was all fake, even though he really is just a drawing, animated on a screen, he still meant something to me.

I've decided to pretend that now, it was my turn to be the one that was transported to a different reality, and I was the one who escaped. As far as I'm concerned, what happened was real, because it was real to me. Every time I sleep, I hope I can return to his arms. I never dream about him, though.

Bakugo Katsuki is as real to me as the air I breathe and the very cells in my body, and that's how he'll stay in my mind and heart for the rest of my life. I will go on for him. I will do my best every day to be the person I want to become. I will be the hero in my own story.

I will live, Plus Ultra.

Chapter Text

The wind blows through my hair as I stand on the edge of the roof, the starry sky stretching above me. No. I won't jump. I force myself to sit, my legs dangling down. Sirens go off in the distance. I hope no one saw me and called the cops. Oh, well. It's too nice up here to move. The breeze was chilly, but I liked that. I could watch the entire street from here, streetlights lighting up the sidewalks. A few stray cats wandered by.

If I were dead, I'd miss moments like this. I won't give that up. The night felt magical, as if some ancient power was stirring. It was surreal, but it painted a smile on my face. I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I look at the screen, not recognizing the number. I shrug and pick up, "hello?" A man's voice came through, "hello, this is Doctor Price from New Garter Hospital. We have a John Doe here with your phone number written on his wrist. We were wondering if you could come down-" I cut him off, "I'm on my way."

I run down the fire escape, sprinting down the street. Thank god this town was small, the hospital only a few blocks away. I arrive, panting at the front door and approach the desk. A woman sat at the desk, wearing a gold and black head wrap and blue scrubs, holy shit she looks like Minnie from The Help. Hopefully she doesn't try serving us pie! This is not the time!

She raises her eyes to me, "can I help you? Are you okay?" I nod, "sorry, I ran here. I was just called..." I take a deep breath to get some oxygen in me, "about a John Doe? Is he okay? What happened?" The woman picks up the phone and makes a quick call, telling the other line, "she's here for John Doe."

When I hear John Doe, my mind flashes to an image of a foot with a tag wrapped around the toe, a white sheet over a body. Did that mean... no, that's impossible. Katsuki can't die. But if he's not dead, why can't he identify himself? What happened? A doctor comes sweeping in the room, his white coat trailing behind him. He stretches out a hand and I take it gingerly. "He's going to be fine," he begins. I let out a huge breath of relief. "Do you know who he is?" I nod, "his name is Katsuki Bakugo. He's here visiting from Japan. He didn't have his wallet on him?" Doctor Price shakes his head, "we couldn't find anything on him except your number, thanks form coming down. Do you know ab=nything about his medical history?"

I shake my head, "not much. He had a head injury about three months ago but he seemed fine afterward. He exercises and diets a lot so I doubt there's anything like high blood pressure or anything. But what happened?" The Doctor speaks with his hands moving rapidly, "he was shot in the shoulder. He went into shock soon after so we removed the bullet and now the surgeon should be finishing up shortly. The police say he was shot in a gas station after confronting two men trying to rob it."

I nod shakily, "when can I see him?" The Doctor had a sympathetic look on his face, "once he's stable, we'll let you know. Is there any family of his that I could call?" I shake my head, "I'm all he has."

I sit in the waiting room for over an hour, the place was dead silent. The automatic doors slide open and a man walks in with a bag over his shoulder, talking to the woman at the desk. I wasn't really paying attention to him until he sat in a chair directly across from me. His Japanese accent as he spoke made me look up, "you're a fan?" He points to my shirt, a picture of All Might, Izuku, and Katsuki on it. I nod. He smiles, "it's always nice to meet a fan of mine. You know, a kid who looks just like Bakugo just helped me escape from a robbery."

I don't know what to say. "You're really Horikoshi? In the flesh?" I ask stupidly. Of course, I know it's him. Normally, I'd be fangirling, but now was not the time. Horikoshi nods. I ask, "you know who he is, don't you? How did you do it? How is he real?"

Horikoshi takes his time answering, "I don't know. I would not have believed it if I didn't write it myself."

He explains to me how he wrote a manga for fun that wasn't supposed to be published. In the manga, Katsuki is killed by a villain. But instead of dying, he is sent to the real world. There, he has to fight quirkless villains and eventually, he meets Horikoshi himself, who is able to send him back to his world and raise him from the dead.

"Do you think you can really send him back?" I ask. The nurse at the desk is struggling to mind her own business, staring at us like we're crazy. But I think she assumes we're talking about a show or something. Horikoshi shrugs, "I could try."

"Am I in it? The manga?" Horikoshi shakes his head, "no. He met you on his own free will." I had the feeling there was something he didn't want to tell me, but I didn't press.

"If you could send him back, would you try... sending us back together?" I know he doesn't want me to come. But even if we aren't together, I would rather live there than in this world.

Our conversation is interrupted by Doctor Price. He looks at me, "would you like to see him now?" I stand up excitedly, following the Doctor down the hall as he explains, "he's a little groggy, so please stay calm and be aware of his injuries." He opens the door to the room, where a nurse is adjusting something in his IV drip. Katsuki's head turns toward me, his voice groaning, "hey, Bossy."

I sit in a chair beside his bed, "hey, Hothead. You feeling okay?" He smiled, his eyes strangely glazed over, "well, I think the damn morphine is working." He grins. The nurse and Doctor leave us alone.  I grab his hand softly, "you'll be alright, Katsuki. Never scare me like that again, okay? I thought you were dead for a minute there."

"Me? Die? Don't even dream of it." His gaze focuses on me. But according to Horikoshi, he did die, kind of. It wasn't as impossible as I thought. Come to think of it, Katsuki's whole life was puppeteered by a man who didn't even know he was controlling a real person. Is that how that worked? Or maybe he really didn't have control of what happened, and he was some kind of fortune-teller for the alternate universe?  There were so many things that needed explaining.

"How did you find him?" I ask. Katsuki looks confused, "find who?" I raise an eyebrow, "Horikoshi. He was in the gas station when it got robbed." Katsuki shakes his head, grimacing as it caused him pain, "I had no fucking idea it was him. If I had known I'd have him send me back there and then."

My voice is small as I look at the floor, "without me? You left without even saying goodbye." My eyes water. "After all we've been through, how could you?"

Katsuki squinted his eyes and looks away, up to the ceiling. "It's better that you don't know. So stop asking."

I cross my arms,  "what? You have someone there? Have you been lying to me? What's the deal, Katsuki?" I glare at him angrily. "There's nothing stopping me from going. Or at least trying. No matter what you do or say."

Katsuki's face twists, "no! Just stay here. This is your world! If you think it's shitty then do what I would do! Make it fucking better! You said I was your hero so just take my word for it!"

My heart sinks with defeat. My lips move without my permission. It isn't me speaking, my voice sounding sweeter, younger than it usually does, "what happened to you? What was so scary about crossing worlds that you don't want me to go through?"

Katsuki's eyes stretch wide. "H-how... what are you talking about, Bossy?! I just don't want you to fucking go with me!"

My eyebrow raises, "I know when you're lying, Katsuki." I'm no longer in control of my words. The feeling of distance returns, as if I am just a host in the vehicle of flesh that doesn't belong to me. One that I am just a passenger in.

I hear footsteps behind me. The door clicks open and someone walks into the room.

Chapter Text

A Doctor had led Horikoshi to the room. He stands there awkwardly, bowing slightly and speaking Japanese. Katsuki had a surprised look on his face. The had a short exchange, and Bakugo turned to me, "listen, Alix. I can't let you go with me. I can't do that to you." I sigh, "tell me why. Just fucking tell me."

He looks away, frowning, "I remember how I got here. A few weeks after we got together, I had a dream that brought the memories back." I sit quietly, letting him speak, "when I was thrown into the building, the head injury was bad enough to kill me." His eyes were glazed over, as if far away. "If I had to die to get here, I have to die to leave. Right, nerd?" He looks at Horikoshi, who nods.

There was something between them, something that I didn't understand. The exchange more words in Japanese. "I can't let you die trying to come back with me. We don't even know if it would work!" Bakugo growls at me. "What if you just fucking die and it's my fault? I know you'd be crazy enough to fucking die for me but I won't give you that opportunity."

I cross my arms, "you can't stop me." The realization of what I was saying hits me. What about the baby? But it's not a baby yet, not really. At this point, it's merely an embryo, a collection of cells, a tumor in my body leeching off of me. If I have to sacrifice that to be with him, so be it. He doesn't have to know. Horikoshi says something else in Japanese.

"It's not like we thought, Bossy. This guy isn't some kind of fucking God. He is the first guy in your universe to be born with a fucking quirk. His quirk is telling the future of my Universe, and in the future he fucking sees, you aren't in it. If you try, you'll die!"

My gaze shoots over to Horikoshi, a fire in my eyes, "he's got a sketchbook in that bag, doesn't he? Tell him to draw." Bakugo looks confused, "why? I just told you he can't change anything!" I yell at him back, "just fucking do it!" Bakugo grumbles something to him. Horikoshi looks confused, but he sits in another chair and sketches something, his pupils going dark. He looked intensely focused. He suddenly stops, his eyes returning to normal. "I can't. The future isn't clear."

He shows us the drawing he sketched. It was a picture of me and Katsuki standing on a rooftop hand-in-hand. Bakugo huffs, "see? Now, will you just let me go? I need to go home, Bossy." I'm between a rock and a hard place. I sigh, "fine. But I want to be there when you go, okay?" He looks at me suspiciously, "you need to fucking promise you won't try anything. I'll kill you if you die on me."

I hold out my pinky, "pinky promise." I smile at him. He ignores it and slides out of bed, wincing as he says something to Horikoshi. One final exchange and he rips off his monitors and IV, grabbing me and smashing through the window. The impact shakes me, making me dizzy as we fly through the air, propelled by his explosions. He flies up to the roof of the hospital, hundreds of feet above the ground. We land on our feet and he embraces me tight. I felt something drip down my back as his breath shakes. "I never wanted to fucking hurt you, you know that."

I pull back to look at him in the eyes, "I know that, Katsuki. You're just a big dumb dork sometimes." I push up on my tiptoes and kiss him. His lips press against mine. "I'll never regret you. I didn't lie when I said that." His feet are barely an inch away from the edge. He's going to be pissed.

"But I have faith in myself. Trust me, Katsuki." I grip his hands so he couldn't use his blast without hurting me, pushing all my weight against him and bashing my head against the gunshot, the pain weakening him as we tilt backward, flying down the side of the building. I manage to say before impact, "I love you, Katsuki!"

Chapter Text

I sit at a table with an iced decaf coffee loaded with cream, sugar, and white chocolate syrup. It tasted like a milkshake, which was exactly how I like it. The two girls sitting across from me were my coworkers, Jenny and Anne. They were looking in a magazine, giggling at pictures of Deku.

Jenny squealed, "I'd kill to meet the number one hero!" Anne looks at her, "but then he'd just lock you up." Jenny gave her a sly look, which sent Anne into another burst of giggles.

"I dunno," I say, swallowing my coffee milkshake, "I think Ground Zero is hotter. I'd fuck the shit out of him." They look at me, frowning, Anne flips a page, pointing at a picture of Bakugo Katsuki, "Ground Zero? But he's so rude!"

"He's just eye candy," Jenny says, "great looks, trash personality. That's why he's number two. But some girls like a bad boy."

I shrug, "says you. Which prison is your boyfriend in, Jenny?" Jenny's face burns red, "hey! It was a dumb mistake and he's recovering from it!"

Anne laughs to break the tension, "look! You never see pics of Ground Zero like this!" She shows us a page in the magazine, depicting an image of Deku wrapping up the arm of a child he had pulled out of a severe car crash.

Ground Zero was in the background of the image, his back to the camera. His muscles rippled through his tight costume, making me blush.

Jenny waves a hand in my face, "Earth to Alix!" I look up at her as she says, "if you really like him why don't you write for his agency? Maybe he'll notice you somehow. You guys are close in age, it's possible!"

I shake my head, "the only thing Ground Zero cares about is beating Deku one day to get the top spot. Isn't their rematch coming up soon?"

Jenny nods, "it's gonna be on TV this weekend."

Every few months, the pro heroes compete against each other in order to test their allies' skills and strengths. There's been a heavy debate about it in the last few years since the beginning of the tradition, but the heroes claim it is a way to bond with other heroes they might not otherwise get a chance to meet.

I sigh, "too bad my quirk is too lame to be a hero. Not to mention that I'm too lazy." I squish the fat rolls on my stomach. "I need to work out," I whine.

Jenny raises an eyebrow, "dude, your quirk could be used on the battlefield." I shrug, "but I'm vulnerable while I'm writing, it takes so long." Jenny crosses her arms, "get faster at it."

My quirk is mind control. I can take any piece of paper and write what I want someone to do on it and if I touch them with that paper, they will do as written. The alarm on my phone goes off and I realize it's getting late. I had to get home and write the next chapter of my book. I stand from my chair and stretch, "I'm gonna call it a night, guys." I say goodbye to them and hop into my car, driving home.

My favorite spot to write was on the ledge of my apartment building. The city lights could be so inspiring sometimes. But too often, my mind would be trapped in a state of L'appel du vid, the thought of jumping straight off the edge. There was nothing and no one stopping me except for myself.

I enter my apartment and grab my laptop, opening the file from my last save, but it was blank, an error message popping up. I panic and look inside my extra file and my online save. all have crashed. A year of work disappeared over the course of an 8-hour shift. Tears well up in my eyes, "fucking dammit!" I scream at the screen, "what the hell! Fuck! Why the fuck!" I throw my laptop away from me angrily, busting out of my apartment and stomping toward the stairs to the roof. I slam open the door and scream bloody murder into the sky. "Fuck you! Fuck all of you! God dammit!"

I was angry. Why the fuck did this happen? It made no sense. The edge of the building whispers my name. I shuffle a few steps toward it. Then a few more, angrily scratching at my own arms, reddening the skin. Why was I so fucking worthless and stupid? How could I let this happen? A little voice in my head begs me to calm down and that we'll figure it out.

I slump down on the edge of the roof, my legs dangling over the side. Tears drip down my face.

Why am I so angry and immature? Why am I acting like this? It's not like someone fucking died. What the hell. I fucking hate myself. God dammit. Wanting to kill myself over a stupid book. Why did I even slave over that thing anyway?  No one is even going to read it! The fuck!?

I hear footsteps behind me. I don't turn around. I want them to go away and never know I was crying.

A rough voice sounds behind me, "you're not gonna jump, are you?" The voice sounded familiar, but I didn't think it actually belonged to the person it sounded like. I turned my head, my eyes red and puffy. "I'm fine. I just like it up here. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare anyone."

There he was, in his hero outfit, Ground Zero. A blush colored my cheeks. He nods his head, "why don't you come off the edge, then?" He suggests, but I feel glued. My body didn't want to leave this spot.

"Do I have to? Like I said, I just like it here." I turn my head away from him, trying to conceal the blush and tears. I heard him step toward me and suddenly, he set himself down about a half a foot away from me. "The city does look pretty damn nice up here." His face softened. This wasn't the usual screaming Ground Zero I was used to seeing. What was he doing here, anyway? Why did he sit by me?

"I was flying by when I saw you bawling like a baby. Just had to make sure you weren't doing anything reckless." He explains. "I appreciate it. I'm just angry, is all. You don't have to stay here with me if you're busy." Ground Zero kept his eyes locked on the city below, "nah, the city is pretty quiet tonight."