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After The Ozone Settles

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Shinsou had to avert his eyes as Denki’s electricity lit up the city evening. The blonde was surrounded by flashes of light so bright that his silhouette was barely visible, and the villain they were battling was entirely covered by the arcs of lightning emanating from his boyfriend. Hitoshi knew that, when Kaminari charged himself up to this level, there was only one way this fight was going to end. 


The purple-haired man staggered backwards and covered his face with his arms as the first blast of electricity shot out in a wide arc around Denki. The villain shouted as she was pushed backward, using some of her insectoid legs to keep her braced for the next attack. A second crack sounded and another push of white shocks bit at the edges of Shinsou’s elbows. 

He was way too close.  

Hitoshi took a few jerky steps backward, making sure to keep his center of gravity low and his stance wide enough that the next hit wouldn’t shove him to the ground. Once he no longer felt the hairs on his neck rising he paused and took in the scene before him. Kaminari was brighter than he’d ever seen him, and the chlorine smell of ozone was thick in the air. The villain was clearly on the defensive, and visibly weakening. Denki could stop his assault now and let Shinsou handle the rest, or even take care of it with fists, but he didn’t. The shocks just kept building. 

Something was wrong. 

A third booming crackle of electricity rang in Hitoshi’s ears and the next thing he knew he had been thrown to the ground. Shinsou looked up to find the villain knocked unconscious and lightly smoking. She didn’t appear dead, but she’d definitely be seeing the inside of a hospital before she saw the inside of a prison cell. 

The beacon of light had dimmed slightly, and then fizzled out around a dizzy looking Kaminari. His eyes were nearly crossed and he was very shaky on his feet. His hair even poofier than it usually was, and if he wasn’t so worried about his boyfriend’s health Shinsou might have made a jibe or two about it. Shinsou stood and scanned Denki for more injuries as he walked towards him. For the most part, it seemed that he was physically fine but most thoroughly short-circuited. The tell-tale bit of drool and the limp thumbs up was a clear indicator. 

Shinsou heard a man shout from behind him, “Everybody back the fuck off!” and turned to find an annoyed looking Bakugou pushing through the gathering crowd. He was probably pissed that someone had managed to make a bigger scene in a fight than he had today, that or his worry for Denki was coming to the surface.  

The hero stomped past Shinsou, and then past a wobbly Kaminari, to the knocked over villain. He pressed two fingers under the woman’s neck to check for a pulse, and nodded when he found it. Katsuki hoisted her over his shoulder, turning to Hitoshi to mutter, “I got it from here. Grab your idiot,” as he walked towards the collection of police that had gathered by the ambulances. Nobody had been seriously hurt in the villain’s attack, but the cops always came with emergency technicians in hand. Considering the force of Denki’s blast, Shinsou was pretty confident the woman would need one. 

Kaminari might as well. 

The electric blonde was mumbling to himself, slurring nonsense words and making small affirmative gestures to no one in particular. Shinsou reached out a hand to test how strong any residual static might be, and found that the man was thoroughly drained. Hitoshi wrapped his hands around the blonde’s arms and held him still. It was a testament to their relationship that Denki calmed slightly at the feeling of a familiar hold. Even without any active awareness, Kaminari’s body knew a safe place when it felt one. His dazed eyes hooded, and the unsteady body pitched forward to fall into the arms of his boyfriend. 

Shinsou held his partner up with one arm around his waist and another under his twitching arm. He walked the two of them through the debris and back towards the gathered people. A familiar cop waved him off when he started to ask if they were needed for anything else, “Just go home and get some rest. You two did well today.” 

Shinsou thanked him with a nod and turned to find his way out. He had planned to drive Kaminari back to their apartment, and he will if he can manage to drag the drooling man to his car despite the blonde’s mumbling and swaying. 

Hitoshi helped Denki into his car and carefully clicked his seatbelt together, before placing a quiet kiss on his boyfriend’s brow. They weren’t terribly far from their apartment, which Shinsou was thankful for because that fight had taken a lot out of them both. 

As he started the car he assessed the damage further. When Kaminari short-circuited to this extent, Hitoshi knew there was a certain protocol to follow.

The two men had been dating since second year, and it didn’t take Shinsou long to learn that he’d be dealing with the occasional delirious and drooling boyfriend when the time came for a fight. Denki had gotten much better at controlling himself over the years but in that first month of dating Shinsou, the purple-haired man had become the go-to person when someone didn’t want to deal with a quirk-dumb Kaminari. At first, he’d found it obnoxious. The boy was hardly good conversation when it happened and, depending on how strong the shock was, he could be out of it from anywhere between five minutes to five hours. The scariest day of Hitoshi’s life was the one where, seven hours after a fight, Denki’s eyes still couldn’t focus and his mouth was too lax to form words correctly. But it’s been years since they got together and Shinsou has learned to trust that his lover will return to him...given time. 

Hitoshi kept driving, checking every now and then on the babbling man beside him, until they’d gotten home. Kaminari was still just as out of it when Shinsou helped him out of the car. If he didn’t have to look for his key to unlock the door, he would have carried his boyfriend in bridal style; Denki would have enjoyed hearing about that afterward when he could feel all his fingers and toes again. 

Shinsou stumbled into the elevator, supporting the blonde’s weight, and tried not to laugh at the confused expression on Kaminari’s face. 

The purple-haired man sighed, “What am I going to do with you?”

Denki mumbled something back that sounded more like a question than an answer, but Shinsou didn’t bother trying to decipher it. Kaminari wasn’t at a place where he could form real words yet. That always came a bit later, usually once the blonde had gotten back full feeling in his legs. 

The taller man helped his boyfriend out of the elevator, and then down the short hallway to their apartment door. Propping the blonde up against himself, Shinsou fished in his back pocket for their house key and tried his best not to drop Denki the second he got the door open. 

“Alright, Kitten, we’re home,” Hitoshi grunted while kicking off his black boots. He sat Kaminari down on the couch and reassessed the damage. 

The blonde was more disheveled than anything. His hero costume was torn in places and there was a slight graze on his cheek. Denki’s hand lifted itself from the couch slowly in a shaky thumbs-up. 

Now that he was sure the damage wasn’t anything worse than it tended to be after a big shock, Shinsou could continue their usual post-short-circuit routine. 

The two lovers had found, entirely by chance, that Kaminari recovered faster if someone was there to ground him. Hitoshi had been holding a dizzy Denki, lightly petting his arm, when he noticed the blonde’s fingers relax from their usual thumbs-up pose. He tested it further the next time his boyfriend shorted, moving to stroke down the length of Kaminari’s leg, and felt the muscles within it stop twitching so erratically. The more he touched, the more the boy came back to life. 

A part of Shinsou felt guilty that Denki always seemed his most beautiful when he was entirely within Hitoshi’s power. Practically a doll to play with, but brimming with energy from inside. Energy that only he could draw out. Energy that he could just as easily snuff as he did coax it forward. 

The purple-haired man helped pull the tattered black jacket off of his boyfriend. The blonde’s arms were stiff and twitching, but Hitoshi was more than used to it. He’d learned how to undress Denki this way before they’d even graduated school. Once the jacket was off, he unlaced his boyfriend’s boots and placed them neatly beside the couch. 

Kaminari had started to collect himself. Tiny slurred noises came from his mouth, none of them coherent, but his hands had relaxed from the thumbs-up he’d been doing. Shinsou brushed his knuckles down Denki’s soft cheek, “I’m going to start grounding you now, kitten. Be good for me, alright?” 

The blonde swayed a little, and blown pupils moved to look at him for a moment before his head bobbed to the side. Hitoshi smiled at the sight of it. The purple-haired man leaned forward to kiss Kaminari. Holding the other man’s face and angling it so he can deepen the kiss. He could feel Denki’s lips twitch beneath his own, and heard a short intake of breath. His lover was coming back to him. 

Shinsou pulled back, lifting Kaminari with him as he stood, and tried to walk the man to their bedroom. Hitoshi wished Denki was awake enough to answer a question so he could take command of him and have him lay himself down on their bed, but that’s for another day. 

Kaminari made a strangled noise when Shinsou finally dropped him onto the bed. His boyfriend had always been lithe and growing a couple of years older had done nothing to change that. He curled his thumbs into Denki’s shirt and inched it up, revealing creamy skin and barely visible freckles. A couple of light bruises from the fight were scattered by his ribs, and Shinsou kissed each one. Goosebumps had started to form on the blonde’s arms, and he shivered underneath Shinsou’s warm hands. He raked his nails lightly down the other man’s sides, before pushing his thumbs into the v of his hips. 

A mumble brought his attention back to his lover’s face, “Mmnnaah?” 

Denki still looked firmly lost, his amber eyes nothing but haze, but he was getting back the ability to speak. 

Shinsou pressed his thumbs down harder, hoping there would be marks by the time the morning came. “You’re so cute when you’re docile, Kitten.”

More strangled sounds were made before Kaminari managed, “Mmmnnnwheyyy….”

Hitoshi snorted at the blonde’s indignation. Kaminari couldn’t do a thing as he was right now, and Shinsou intended to enjoy it. 

Now Kaminari lay on the bed, hair in a messy halo, shirt hiked up beneath his armpits, and left only in his pants. It was then that Hitoshi recognized why that shirt had looked a bit too big on his boyfriend; it was his own. The blonde brat was constantly stealing his clothes, but when he confronted Denki about it the man had looked so ashamed; he just wanted to have something of his boyfriend’s close to him. How could Hitoshi fault his sweet lover for wanting that? Even if it did mean they laundred two sets of Shinsou’s clothes before they got through even one of Kaminari’s. Shinsou might have considered returning the favor but none of the blonde’s clothes fit him comfortably. Too short or too small. He liked to point this out and watch Denki whine and grumble about how, “it’s just your hair that makes you look so big!”, “only a couple of inches!”, and that “I’m totally gonna end up taller than you one day!” 

He held the man’s waist with his hands, before sliding them down to the blonde’s hips. Shinsou carefully tugged at Kaminari’s pants, only to find that the blonde was wearing lacy purple panties underneath. Ones that he’d mentioned buying so they could “have some fun” later in the week. 

“I can’t believe you,” Hitoshi wished Denki was more aware to see his surprise, quickly followed by fond exasperation, “you planned this? You’re such a brat.” 

Then again, Shinsou shouldn’t be surprised. If anyone was going to make sure they zapped the living daylights out of themselves so they could get fucked later it was his ridiculous boyfriend. 

Denki cried a soft, “wheeeeeyyyyy” whilst lifting his hands up again. Shinsou gently brought the blonde’s arms back down to lay on the bed. When he was recovering he would frequently go through phases of placidity followed by another bout of cooing and drooling. It helped Hitoshi deduce exactly how close Kaminari was to regaining full consciousness.  

If Shinsou wanted to indulge in the gift his boyfriend had sneakily given him he’d have to work fast. 

Hitoshi spread Kaminari’s legs wide, finding the other man was already somewhat hard. It seemed that, even while he wasn’t fully aware, Denki’s body still recognized Shinsou’s touch. He kissed up from the blonde’s calf to his thigh and nibbled gently to leave marks for Kaminari to find later. A shaking hand rose from the bed, it’s fingers curled into a thumbs up position, and Hitoshi paused his biting to look at it. An idea struck him, and he pulled away before grabbing that hand and pulling Kaminari into a sitting position on the bed. Shinsou held him in place with one hand wrapped gently around the small of his back, and the other hand cradling his face. Amber eyes were wide and glassy but still unfocused. Hitoshi guessed he had some time before Denki was fully back to himself. 

Shinsou took his hand away from Kaminari’s face to unzip his own pants and pull himself out. He guided Kaminari’s head forward and tilted it back so the mouth hung open a bit more than it already did. His mouth was still slightly wet from drooling and Shinsou lined Denki’s soft lips with the head of his cock. The blonde made a strange whining sound, not unlike the one he made when he was impatient, but still couldn’t say a word. Hitoshi grabbed the back of his boyfriend’s head and pulled him forward till he had swallowed him to his root. They’d long discovered that Denki had practically no gag reflex, but when his body was this relaxed it was the perfect tool for deepthroating. Shinsou slowly dragged Kaminari’s head back before thrusting in again, repeating the motions slowly and reveling in the slick slide of the hot mouth around him. 

“That’s right, Kitten. Get it nice and wet for later.”

He fisted the man’s hair and sped up, careful not to excite himself too much too soon. While pumping his hips he could hear rhythmic wet smacking and a small gurgle from Denki’s throat. Kaminari’s jaw was slack but his tongue would spasm and curl with each rough jerk of Hitoshi’s hips. He held Kaminari’s head close to him, forcing the blonde’s nose to press up against his pubic bone, and felt the delicious contractions of the blonde’s throat trying to close around him.

Finally, Shinsou eased himself out and let Denki fall back on the bed, babbling quietly as he landed on soft sheets. Glazed yellow eyes moved to spare him a passing glance before returning to looking lost. Shinsou sat on the bed beside his boyfriend and looked at the mess he’d made of him. All bitten pink skin and puffy lips.

The purple-haired man opened their bedside cabinet’s drawer and pulled out a half-finished bottle of lube. He popped the cap and spread some onto his fingers. Kaminari’s body was always more relaxed when he short circuited but Shinsou never wanted to take a chance and hurt his lover. At least not by accident. 

Spreading the blonde’s legs and pulling the panties to the side of his lover’s dick, Hitoshi positioned himself between squirming limbs. He folded one of his boyfriend’s legs back and placed one wet finger over his twitching hole. The muscles jumped under his pulse and Shinsou pushed his finger inside slowly and started to coax him open. 

Denki’s babbling became a strangled moan for a moment, and Hitoshi watched him look down at himself in curiosity trying to figure out where the sensation was coming from. Kaminari was beyond out of it. 

“Stay down,” Hitoshi cooed, using his dry hand to pull Denki closer. He pumped his finger in and out before adding a second, and then a third when Kaminari’s breathing started to slow down again. He leaned forward and kissed the blonde’s slack mouth, biting at his lip when he pulled away. 

Grabbing the mewling man by his ankles, Shinsou slipped the lacy undergarment down long legs, and then bent Denki backward so that his knees were pushed down by his shoulders. Kaminari giggled absently, staring at his boyfriend with a look of loving confusion, that quickly turned to pleasure when Shinsou thrust himself inside. 

The reaction was immediate, Denki keened high at the back of his throat and uncoordinated hands flew up to grab at Hitoshi’s hair. 

Kaminari warbled happily, just unaffected enough that Shinsou decided to dig his fingernails into the man’s legs and piston himself harder. The wet noises of skin slapping skin rang out even more loudly than Denki’s cries. A light of understanding seemed to slowly bloom in amber eyes, and Hitoshi watched as his boyfriend came back to himself. 

“Toshhhhiii?” the blonde slurred. 

Shinsou increased the pressure of his hold and long deep thrusts became faster and stronger than before. Denki’s thin eyebrows drew up tight as he lay thrashing against Hitoshi in the confused search for more. Shinsou stopped and pulled back a moment to watch the distress grow on his lover’s face. 

The blonde pouted, tears in the corners of his eyes, “Why’d you stop?” 

Before Shinsou had a chance to answer, he felt Kaminari’s weight shift and suddenly found himself rolled over onto his back with his lover sitting astride him triumphantly. Denki wasted no time in trapping Hitoshi with his body and quickly sitting himself down harshly onto Shinsou’s cock. The blonde sighed delightedly. 

“You figured out what I wanted! Now you deserve a treat for taking such good care of me,” Denki winked at the end and placed his hands on Hitoshi’s shoulders for balance. Shinsou smirked at his boyfriend and brought his hands to rest on Denki’s hips. The blonde started to ride the other hard, and the slick tightness of Kaminari’s hole became almost too much for Shinsou to handle. 

The purple-haired man looked at his lover and started, “Kitten?”

“Yea-” Denki started to answer before his eyes glazed for the second time today, unfocused under Hitoshi’s quirk. 

“Keep riding me, slowly, and play with your chest.”

Kaminari lifted both hands to pluck and rub at his nipples. Denki’s body continued to thrust himself up and down but now at a labored pace where depth was the goal. He’d lift himself up slowly, thighs shaking, and then drop down heavily to fill himself completely. His face was flush and his mouth panting. 

Hitoshi grabbed one of Kaminari’s wrists, pulling him away from playing with his now puffy nipples, to bite at the skin. Leaving marks he knows the other loves finding the morning after, if not even later. 

Shinsou looked at his boyfriend’s watery eyes and commanded, “Come.”

Kaminari spasmed as though he’d been hit with his own electricity, and cum spurted out far enough to nearly land on Shinsou’s chin. Denki became tighter as he writhed, and Shinsou held him down by his hips while he thrusted even harder into the blonde as he reached his own climax. 

Denki flopped over onto Hitoshi’s chest with a happy sigh, “Good to be back.”

Shinsou laughed, “Got what you wanted, you brat?”

“Yeah,” Kaminari pressed a soft kiss to his boyfriend’s lips, “Something like that.” 

“You scared the hell out of me in that fight.” 

Denki had the decency to look somewhat regretful, “...Oops?”

Shinsou snorted, “You’re not sorry at all.”

“No,” Kaminari laughed, “I’m definitely not.”