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Your Poison Has Been Chosen

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 How did it end up this bad, it hasn’t been this bad in ages. Fuck, this truly fucking sucks. You’re thoughts start to become more and more angry. The back of your hand reaches up to wipe the beads of sweat away on your forehead. Of course, it’d come during a busy week at work. Of course, it’d be the worst one yet. 


Your Rut .


You’re laying on your couch in your living room. A half-melted bucket of ice sits on a towel on the floor. A now lukewarm cloth hangs on your neck as its weak attempts at cooling you off fail. The rough feeling of the towels underneath your body is slightly uncomfortable. But in your irritated and alpha mindset, it’s fucking torture. But you’d rather it’d be this or sticking your bare, sweaty ass body to the couch and having to peel yourself off it later like a fucking sticky note. 


Some Porn plays muted on the tv, you’ve had your 3 hour morning jerk session enough to take the swell of your cock down. The swell of your balls finally not making you cramp inside anymore. For the moment at least. 


It’s this moment that makes you feel like a gross sad female alpha who can’t get the courage enough to go out and find a potential PFTM. (Partner For The Moment) or a one night stand. If you wanna put it that way. Not like you could cause ruts last like beta female periods. Depending on the person it could be three simple days. Of course, you get the WEEKS WORTH! 


You sit up slowly and reach out to grab your third glass of water, chugging it down quickly before groaning at the ache in your knees. All the tensing from fucking your own fist put a tole on you. And yet still no real satisfaction.


You decide maybe you should eat something since it’s now 10 and you still haven’t eaten breakfast. Would you prefer an omegas ass? Yes. But will a cliff bar do? Every fucking time. Your bare feet hit the wood floor pretty heavily. Not like you'd care to walk gracefully now, it’s just the sound that breaks the silence. You lean against the kitchen counter, lazily picking out a flavor and tearing it open haphazardly. Your teeth sinking into the energy bar texture, the taste on your tongue is refreshing vs the air you’ve been huffing out. 


You sigh as your eyes kinda scan around the messy apartment. Pillows from the couch thrown onto the floor, clothes you had taken off leading from the hallway to your bedroom. Damn, having to clean up after this is gonna be a bitch.


Your eyes then land on the mirror on the wall next to the entryway. I stand up straight to get a better look at yourself. You kinda stare for a bit before making a pose, crossing your arms and getting a stern look. You aren’t a bad looking alpha. No, you’re pretty hot. You know you are. 


“Yet here you are… jerking off alone.” You sigh to yourself.


Of course, you want an omega or beta to fuck. No alpha every truly wants to be in rut alone. You just… don’t know how you’d be. Ever since you presented you were so uncontrollable when in rut. Not to mention the many times you’ve almost bitten betas. The want to make an omega just to fuck being too great for you to stop. 


Suddenly you’re torn from some memories with your phone buzzing against the living room coffee table. You set the food you were having down and walk over to pick it up and answer without looking at the caller ID. When you answer your voice comes off as a rough croak before you clear your throat and correct your greeting.




“Jesus there you are!” A familiar, bright, smooth voice says with happiness. Ah, it's one of your college friends and study mate, Namjoon.

“You didn’t show up to English today, where are you at? You alright? You sound like I just woke you up I’m sorry if I did!”


Namjoon’s caring tone and worry of nothing makes a small smile spread on your face. He’s always so caring to his friends, so sweet and intelligent. You clear your throat again,


“Yeah- yeah I kind of came down with a fever. Kept me awake all night and it’s not getting any better.” You lie through your teeth.


“What!? You! Sick!? Neomi you’re always healthy… did you go to the doctor?” He asks, sounding more worried.


“I had a call-in-doctor, he said I just need some proper healing time.” Number one bullshitter folks. Award goes to you. Congrats.


“Damn, I hope you feel better… I’ll make sure to take notes for you! Promise! Then when you’re better I’ll help you understand the material!” He says full-heartedly. You can hear his proud smile through the phone. 


Something about it makes your chest flutter. The thought of Namjoon sitting and teaching you like he was the professor himself. His dimples showing up when you say the funny jokes that make him laugh his beautiful loud laugh. You look at your hand resting next to Namjoon’s as it writes away on paper. The size difference between your hand and his being so cute. His fingers barely able to make the size of yours. (Yes you are taller and bigger. You are an alpha for fuck sake) The thought of you holding his hands to size… holding his wrists. Gripping them. Watching his arms tense while you pull on his wrists as leverage to fuck into his pretty hole while he drools all over his homework-


You snap back into reality when you realize Namjoon calling your name through the phone. You shake your head and make the motion to kick your foot against the couch. Fucking- stupid horny alpha brain.


“- Would that be okay?” Namjoon asks 


“Huh? Uh-ah yeah that’s. Yeah.” You say not remembering what he had said. But didn’t want to upset him either way. Namjoon has good ideas, he would never go wrong. Right? 


“Okay, take care of yourself till then okay!” 


“I will, promise.” You say sighing out a small smile. 


You both say goodbye and you fall back against the couch. Looking down at your now re-erect dick. Fucking animal has a mind of its own. But, it is a part of you. You lazily reach down and start pumping the shaft a few times.


You think about how much it sucks having to keep hidden that you’re an alpha Female at school. Even with your group of friends. Who all so happen to be betas. Namjoon being one of them. It’s not like it’d be shunned or anything by the school. It’s just Female alpha’s always get challenged by male alphas who think it’s fuck to spar in the fucking hallways. They're like childish bullies and you’ve dealt with it so much in the past you’d rather just make it easier for yourself and your friends if you didn’t have people biting at your neck just to get a negative reaction out of you. Plus… you just want your friends to feel secure around you. Alpha’s most of the time kind of unsettle your friends, depending on their behavior. 


Of course, you’ve had moments where you’ve smelt a pretty little omega, your eyes dilated, and you had to lock yourself in a janitor's closet and kick the key outside just so you didn’t go hunting for a breeding session.


You take your phone out and your thumb taps your photos. You scroll through until you find a photo of Namjoon at the fountain downtown. A full body shot. His shorts showing off his sun-kissed thighs. His tank top showing his beautiful collarbone that deserved some bite marks. His shoulders shrugged forward only making his pecs look more and more like he needs at least an a-cup bra. And fuck, those pillowy lips. 


Your grip on your cock tightens. You think of Namjoon’s cute watery eyes looking up at you while his head bobs up and down. His plump lips and his tongue working your cock till it’s throbbing and covered in his spit. Bet he would whine about how embarrassing he looked. His soft platinum hair in your fingers as you watch the amazing spectacle. 


Your mind then switches the thought of seeing him on his knees, face against your bed while your cock slowly presses into his needy leaking hole. His cute squeaks as the stretch stings. Your fingers digging into the beautiful fat of his ass while you fuck into him. You wonder how he’d moan. If he’d beg for more or bed you to slow down. But his body can only take- take- fucking Take-


Your back arches and you groan while gritting your teeth. Fucking into your fist to ride out the orgasm. The cum ending up on your hand, chest, and thighs. You catch your breath as the heat slowly starts to build up again. Another fucking rut wave to deal with… 


You could feel guilty. But to be honest, you just can’t. These moments, you can be a little bit guilty. Because you know it’s never really gonna happen. 








Namjoon is walking the aisles of the store with a basket full of fruit and stuff for some soup. Now looking for some fever patches. He picks up a box and throws them in the basket when his phone rings. He looks to see it’s Hoseok calling him, he answers his roommates call with a smile.


“Hey! Hoseokie I thought you were at dance practice?” He asks


“We just got out early! I was calling to see if you wanted me to pick up some lunch. What do you want?” Hoseok asks through the phone.


“Ah, I’ll have to pass, thank you though!” Namjoon says making his way to checkout.


“Really? You normally never pass up lunch. Everything okay?” 


“Yeah! no, I’m fine! It’s just Neomi is sick, and I was gonna go over and see if she was okay. Bring her some things she might need. I’ve seen her apartment and her medicine cabinet, it’s pretty barren.” Namjoon says remembering only seeing some aleeve and floss. You weren’t cheap you were just a poor college student.


“Oh no! What! What is she sick with!” 


“Mmh, she didn’t really say other than a bad fever. I’m guessing maybe a head cold or something. Kept her from classes today.” Namjoon explains.


“That’s terrible, it must be something keeping her in pain then. Well, text me and tell me if she’s okay. If Dr. Hoseok needs to come by with some herbal tea, he will be on his way!” He says passionately but in a joking manner. 


Namjoon laughs, “I will. I have to go check out now. Get a good lunch! Eat well!” 


Once Namjoon is checked out and is carrying his bags to his bike, he feels a cool wind chill. It makes him shiver and look around. Summer is finally ending and fall was creeping around the corner. Something in his stomach did a flip. Why the hell was he feeling like this? Like he should be on edge? 


He stands there for a beat in time before shaking his head and making his way the Neomi’s apartment complex. He had a job to do.


Make Neomi feel better. 

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You hunched over the side of your bed, flashlight pines on the edge while you grind your knot inside of it. Your heavy breathing, grunts, and growls being the only loud sounds aside from the wet slick ones of you fucking the sex toy. You watch as cum slowly seeps out of the edges and dip into the towel on the floor. What a waste… 


This was only the second knot you were able to form. And it’s only the first day of the week-long process. You feel the knot finally starts to swell down. You barely ever use the damn toy unless it’s for this moment in particular. You hiss as you pull yourself from the toy and tilt it up so it doesn’t make a mess everywhere. At least not more of one. You fall back onto your bed and groan at the growing headache being given by the alpha inside wanting to fucking mate something. It’s easy to shut up but it doesn’t mean it’s annoying. The further you get into your heat the further you lose yourself to your biology. Another reason why you’d rather no one know, you can’t control it once it decides it wants out.


The doorbell ringing brings panic to your heart. You stand up and stand to see if you really just heard it. And when it rings a second time you rush over and start collecting your clothes from the floor. Throwing them to the basket and putting on some jeans with no underwear and a random shirt. You quickly try to fix your hair and question who the fuck that would be. You slowly sneak up to the door and look through the peephole.


Namjoon is standing outside the door with a few plastic bags. 


You freeze.


Why is he there? Why was he here? Wtf are you going to do? Fuck there’s still PORN IN THE TV 


You rush over and throw pillows on the couch and shut off the tv. Throwing the cum and sweat towels down the hall and rushing back to the door just as Namjoon starts to call out your name.


You only open the door enough before the chain lock stops it.


“N-! Oh! Neomi, did I wake you up again?” Namjoon’s facial features soften. Too cute.


“No- no you didn’t wake me up. I just- didn’t expect you to show up.” You say roughly, your voice pretty shot from the constant growling. You swallow thickly when you look Namjoon up and down. Fuck. You jerked off to the thought of fucking him earlier. You feel the heat on your neck and shoulders from a bit of shame. But the alpha gets excited. 


“I.. I did say I was going to grab you some things to take care of you. You even said it was a good idea… Neomi did you forget?” He looks a bit confused than concerned.


Shit. Shit he did didn’t he? That sweetheart son of a wonderful woman. And you couldn’t hear him SAY that cause you were thinking with your dick.


“Oh- fuck yeah you’re right. I’ve just been passed out... since then. Time feels all. W-weird and shit right now.” You say trying to pass a weak chuckle.

“Neomi… that isn’t good. Let me in, I have medicines and food. Let me check your fever.” Namjoon says standing up a little taller. For some reason feeling small when you are staring him down. 


You hesitate. You want to make some kind of excuse for it being too contagious. You wanting him to protect himself. But your hand has a mind of its own when it comes up and closes the door to unlock the chain. Then opens it back up.


Namjoon stands for a moment as a certain smell hits him. It’s… kind of mouthwatering. Like a dessert of decadent chocolate and fruit. He walks in and looks around expecting to see that you had been baking. Only to see the kitchen seems pretty untouched… other than a few bar wrappers on the island that’s about it. Yet the smell is everywhere. He chalks it up to a neighbor baking as he goes to set his bass down on the counter.


All the while you’re physically biting your hand. The second Namjoon walked in you started to reach out for him. His soft features seeming so… vulnerable. Why’d you do this? Why’d you let him in? No you know YOU didn’t but the alpha sure fucking did. You’re fading in between the two. You should’ve said no. He has no idea he’s basically walked into a lion's den.


As he starts to turn around you rip your hand from your teeth and hide it behind your back. You give him a small surprised smile.


“Neomi have you even had a full meal today?” He asks with soft eyes. His lips almost in a pout.


“No, feel like I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down.” You say and swallow down the filthy words that wanted to roll off your tongue. You feel yourself starting to sweat. 


“Well, then let Nurse Kim be of service.” He smiles brightly, almost as bright as the sun outside when you opened the door.


Fuck. Fuck. Namjoon in a nurse's outfit would be too much- no. NO stop.


You feel your heart hammering in your chest. You have to get him out. 


“Y-you know Namjoon you really didn’t have to do all this... I-I mean you’re risking your health being here in the first place.” You softly get a bit closer as he makes himself around the kitchen.

Hands trembling behind your back.


“Nonsense, I’d do this for everyone in our circle of friends.” He says shaking his head while getting out the fever patch box. “Hey, where’s your thermometer?” He looks around.


Everything’s hazy, you’re losing your grip too fast. All you can do is focus on his every little detail. His soft hair, his ears that beg to be told sweet nothings into. The back of his neck that deserves your transformation bite to make him into the omega he’s clearly begging to be. 


Namjoon turns around to see where you went only to back up against the kitchen island. You’re now towering over him. Your pupils shrunk to the size of nailhead. And just as nails do, your eyes are piercing into the other. Namjoon swallows, a similar feeling of a chill up his spine reoccurs. He feels small, he feels almost like prey. 


“N.. Neomi? Are you okay?” Namjoon asks carefully. For some reason heat builds up against his cheeks. This situation… 


“Do you want the truth.” You say in a deep tone. Your voice no longer hushed and that makes the man shudder. 


“Y-yeah of course! I came here to take care of you! L-look you’re even sweating-“ Namjoon takes a tissue from the island and goes to wipe the beads of sweat on your face when you grab his wrists with a hold he can’t pull away from.


Namjoon’s heart starts thundering, blood suddenly beating through his fingertips. It’s like fight or flight, but a part of him wanted to just shrink down. Not make you angry. 


“Namjoon… look at me.” You say firmly.


Namjoon hadn’t noticed his eyes were screwed shut, so he slowly opens them to look up at you.


You let go of his wrists in turn to grab the sides of his arms. You lean in close enough to smell Namjoon’s small beta scent. Like an apple orchard and cinnamon. You nose as his chin then at his neck. Namjoon’s shivering and squeaks when your tongue peaks out to get a taste of the salt of his skin. 


Namjoon’s mind is going a mile a minute, his nails digging into his palms while you indulge in his smell around his neck. He’s so confused, why would you be acting like this if you were sick. Acting like an alpha… an alpha in.. in a rut.


Namjoon’s eyes widen as the pieces fall together. And his stomach pings with the realization an alpha is inches away from his neck and could bite if you wanted to.


“N-Neomi.. you.. you’re an a-alpha.” He stutters out. That comment makes you stop your movements. You slowly pull back up to be an inch away from his face.


You don’t say a word but Namjoon chances another. 


“That’s the… the truth… you’re in your rut… to.” He looks you up and down and when he notices the slight growth straining against your jeans the hairs on his neck stand up. The blush on his cheeks burn further down his neck to his shoulders.


“... if so, what would be your reaction.” You test bringing a hand up and laying the back of your pointer finger brush against his cheek. His eyes fluttering in reaction as he tries to steady his breathing.

“Well? Do you want to run from me? Call me a liar? Fight me? Heh.. wouldn’t blame you, pretty thing.”


Namjoon remembers all that he was taught in sex-ed during the week of Alpha. It’s their instincts that pull the person's mind like marionettes strings. They are a deeper part of the person they inhabit. And if their need to mate and breed is strong enough, they could bite and make a simple beta, like him, go into a process that churns their insides. Creating an omega body suitable for the alpha to use. Omegas weren’t weak of course, they can fight back. And it’s almost like you’re giving Namjoon the choice to speak up. But Namjoon’s heart suddenly tugs at him. Flashes of him begging any entity to make him present as an omega when he was younger. Seeing his mother and sister being such powerful and amazing women all while being omegas. He wanted to be one. He wanted to be a strong example, too. Some desperate nights he’d have three fingers desperately thrusting inside him as he imagined being bit by an alpha that would give him his wish. But… the one thing that screams at him is his want to have kids. 


His chance is here.


His wish is presented right now in front of him within a dear friend.


You notice Namjoon’s beautiful brain working as his breathing quickens, his chest rising and falling as you can almost feel his heartbeat reverberate off of him. But you don’t expect what he does next.


He bares his neck.


His eyes still on you while he does.


The world stops.


The raging silence is broken when Namjoon softly whispers,


“Please… do it…”


The next thing you register is the taste of copper as your teeth sinking into the side of Namjoon’s neck. The veins in your k.9’s throb as the chemicals are pumped into Namjoon’s bloodstream. 


So much happens, so many sounds and pheromones. The alpha in you celebrating with its first-ever transformation bite. Your cock twitching at the thought of an omega being ready soon enough. 


Namjoon all the while is in a state of drunken bliss. Once bitten, he clung to your shirt like his life depended on it. His mouth hung open in a silent sob of pleasure. Your hold on him practically lifting him off the ground as he's struggled to keep his toes of his shoes to the floor. 


Finally, he’s getting his wish, the universe is giving him his biggest wish. Tears streak down his cheek as he lets out a shaky whimper. Feeling the chemicals coursing through him now. It all pools in the pit of his stomach and a new feeling makes him rake his nails against your arms. The feeling of his body making itself into omega. It hurts at first but then it’s so intense that his eyes start to roll back. It’s so much he can’t even make a sound. 


You pull your mouth off of him and lap over the wound left behind. The alpha demanding you to take care of him now. His pheromones making you lick your lips while you kiss at his chin.

It’s beautiful, his body reacting so positively to the chemicals. His body wanted this. You immediately swipe your arm on the counter to move everything in the way off. Sending some things flying to the ground.


You pick him up and set him on the island. His limbs shaking and twitching as the internal magic works itself. You leaned over him, nose brushing against his face as he struggled to even breathe. Your presence makes him reach out and wrap himself around you. 


“Breathe, baby doll, you’ve gotta breathe.” You say close to his ear and he instantly gasps for air. His labored breathing laced with whines erupts from his mouth. Fuck, it’s addicting. 


“Neo-oh! Neomi! A-aaahnnn” Namjoon’s back arches as fireworks go off within him. He can’t think straight, all he can focus on is the warmth that is your body that’s comforting him. And the explosive euphoria in his lower stomach. 


“Look at you… fuck- look at you.. you’re so beautiful, Namjoon. I knew you’d be a beautiful omega.” Your heart fills with overwhelming warmth for the sweet friend of yours transforming before your eyes. 


As Namjoon writhes and moans, he gets uncomfortably hot. His head every now and again shaking side to side. He finally speaks up saying,


“Hot… Ist… it’s h-hot” he reaches down and tugs at his hoodie. You instantly slip it off of him. His scent wafting through the air as his scent glands grow. 


You look down at him and stop. You see a bit through your alpha’s fog and your heart skips a beat. Your mind holding your alpha back for a moment as you watch what you’ve done.


Namjoon’s eyes crack open, a sense to look at you drawing his attention. He sees a look of… what seems like fear and hesitation on your face. Namjoon’s arms shoot up to wrap around your neck and bump his forehead on yours.


“N-No! Don’t! Don’t regret this! Please!” He begs breathlessly. His actions making you jolt back into the now. Focusing on his eyes.


“I-I asked f-for this, y-you gave me a choice s-so Neomi please d-don’t look at me like a mistake! It feels.. it feels good. You made me feel g-good.” He says as the intensity in his lower stomach and back finally calm down. 


“I… Namjoon, I Can't control this if you stay here any longer. If you wanted th- this. To become an omega then f-fuck I’m so happy I could do this for you. But please, if you don’t want me to fucking ruin you your first hour after becoming an omega. Then run.” You say holding the sides of his face. You can feel the alpha banging at the door of your mind’s control. 


Namjoon shakes his head,

“Mnh, no, no no I feel- I can feel you now, Neomi. You and your alpha. It’s… it’s intoxicating. Y-your chemicals made m-me into this within minutes. Many c-can only change others within days. I-I…” Namjoon’s eyes start to gloss over, his tongue flicking against his lips as he feels his first-ever stream of slick come out of him. 

“I want it… alpha… s-such a strong alpha I c-can hear my omega singing within me- p-please. Let me make you feel good. Neomi. Alpha-“


“Namjoon.” You say firmly as a warning. You feel your veins pumping blood through your neck. You could feel it in your gums too. You can’t hold on any longer.


“Please, Alpha, Be my first. Show me how an omega should be bred.” Namjoon’s voice drips with need.


You grunt as you feel yourself fully give in, taking a kiss from Namjoon’s lips. You swallow the air he struggles to take in. You swallow every sound that tries to leak away. The sudden smell of slick makes you groan while Namjoon weakly attempts to suck on your tongue. Your hands yanked against the loose jeans he was wearing. Unbuckling the belt and pulling it through with three tough pulls. Both your hands going to help tug down the jeans before they fall off of his legs on their own. You crouch down to be level between his thighs. The smell of his slick making you want to drool. You can’t pass up a taste test. No way in hell.


You kiss, bite, and suck at his thighs. His hands coming down to intertwine in your hair. Soft moans flow like honey. You see his briefs are nearly soaked through, you lean in and make a fat stripe against him with your tongue. The taste makes you see stars. 


Your hand shoots up and you fully rip his briefs off. Exposing him to you as he gasps from the show of desperation and strength. Your hands grip at the fat of his ass, spreading him enough to expose his hole. You can tell he uses it for pleasure, his slick leaking freely to the cleanly shaven exterior. How cute, he shaves too.


You chuckle to yourself before diving in. Flicking and licking up everything you could. Namjoon’s thighs twitch and his grip tightens as he’s eaten out. And fuck do you eat him out. You haven’t tasted slick in years. And only then it was so little. This is a feast. His taste, his sweet sobs, it’s fucking perfect. Your tongue pushes past the slippery ring of muscle.


“Oh-hhh shit! Please!” Namjoon sobs. 


After a while, you retract your aching tongue and replace it with a finger, slowly letting it sink inside the velvet warmth. Namjoon wiggles his hips to get it deeper. You watch it slowly drag in and out before slipping the second finger into him. You stand and eye his dripping cock. Red with arousal and throbbing from neglect. While your fingers pick up their pace and explore more you wrap your hand around his shaft, flicking your wrist in the rhythm of your fingers. Namjoon’s hips instantly buck and his moans go higher. 


“No! No- I’m gonna c-cum to soon!” Namjoon begs with tears in his eyes. The sensation of it all being so overwhelming in a delicious way.


“Cum. You get to cum as much as your body can. Just let go.” You say leaning down to his chest, taking on of his erect nipples into your mouth and sucking generously. 


Namjoon locks up, his hole clenching on your fingers as you were scissoring them. His cock flexes hard against your grip as he shakes out his first orgasm. Cum landing on his stomach even all the way to his chest.


Mmh, sensitive tits huh?


You pull yourself away from him altogether, wanting to get a good look. Namjoon whimpers and reaches for your hand,


“N-no not.. don’t go-“ he says almost slurred.


“Shhh, baby doll I’m not going anywhere.” You lean in and kiss his forehead and rub his thighs. 

“But alpha’s gotta have her fun too.” 


You unbutton your jeans with one hand while leaning back to take off your shirt. Your cocks made a wet spot in your jeans. How could you not with a sight like Namjoon. You growl at the cold air against your dick when you finally get your pants down. A gasp draws your attention back to the new omega.


Namjoon’s glazed over eyes stare in surprise and hunger. He swallows,


“I-I’ve never seen a… a female alpha’s..” he bites his lip like he’s too embarrassed to say. He knows biology. That it’s retractable. And it’s pretty much hidden as the “clit” but it’s just a little bit of the head showing. The same smooth skin all the way down to the base like the normal female clit. But it only makes them more sensitive. Is why they are inside when not erect. 


The alpha’s ego in you grows. A smirk on your face as you stroke it in front of him. 


“Wait till you’re fucked with it.” You lick your teeth and Namjoon’s eyes go half-lidded,


“D-don't make me wait.” He whispers 


You tug against Namjoon’s thighs to pull him closer making him squeak. You let the head of your cock probe and slip against his aching hole. Namjoon holding his breath in anticipation. His omega rejoicing inside him. You line yourself up and slowly push your head in. And that enough is makes you clench your fist. It’s so hot, not tight enough where Namjoon would be showing he was in pain. No, he was in pure pleasure. Namjoon’s legs slowly make their way to wrap around your waist as you slowly bottom out. Slick dripping onto the wooden floor beneath. 


Namjoon’s mouth hangs open and tears fall from his eyes. He feels so full. None of his toys ever made him feel this full. 


The heat inside is so much, your finger dig into Namjoon’s flesh as your hips threaten to go off. Namjoon’s body, inside, modified just for an alpha’s cock. All because of you. All for you.


All for you to breed .


All for you to have .


Your hips pull back slowly before you let the weight of yourself come back down. Again, again, again, and again. 


You register Namjoon’s moans turn to short screams with each thrust. You feel his hole clench and unclench. Like his body is wanting you deeper. 


“Your body’s fucking begging for this shit- pretty fucking thing crying for my cock-“ you grunt as you start to chase faster friction. The wet sounds of you pounding into him mix with his incoherent babbling. His words mixed with curses and begging. His face a fucked out mess. Tear streaks while drool slips from the corner of his mouth. His hair bouncing from the force of your hips. You feel his heels digging into your lower back and you decide to grab onto his knees and pin them to his body. Your cock now reaching exceptionally deeper as Namjoon’s eyes flutter. 


You angle your hips and watch your cock fuck into the beautiful breeding hole you’ve turned it into. Scented inside and out. Namjoon’s body spasms as the head of your cock drags over his prostate every so often. He sounds like a fucking whore at this point. Screaming, “ Yes! F-Fuuuck Yes! Alpha! Ohh- AHn! OH Fuck M-me!” 


You feel the heat and pressure building in your balls. Fuck, you’re gonna knot again. 


Namjoon watches your shaft disappear over and over inside of him. His cock fully hard again against his stomach. He’s never felt this good, he’s fucked before but it’s never been this good. Never with this purpose. His arms charmingly reach up towards you. His eyes pleading. A small quiet cry for ‘alpha’ falls from his lips as his hands grab at nothing. 


How could someone be so cute while getting the soul fucked out of them? Impossible… 


You lean down and catch Namjoon’s lips, attempting to stay connected all while your hips trade speed for force. The harsh wet slaps heard before the loud whines in the omegas throat. Muted from coming out because of your lip-locking. Your arms wrap around his body, keeping him in your grasp. Keeping him close. 


Your knot starts to catch on his rim as it slowly starts to build. Namjoon’s eyes shot open at the sensation. His nails digging into your back. You pull away from the messy kiss and suck onto his neck, opposite side from where you started all this. 


“You asked- nngh fuck- you asked to show you how an omega is bred. Hope you’re ready for my knot then.” You groan into his neck. “You’ll be stuffed full with my cum. New womb will be marked up by my cock first.”


Namjoon body goes limp, his sobs only forced out when you fuck into him with vigor. All he can do is take. He’ll take it all. His cock is wet against his stomach like he’s been cumming continually. You reach down just as your rhythm starts to fall to frantic hip snaps. Your knot at a point where you needed to push inside or else the stretch will be too much. So after three heavy-hitting pumps, you feel your swell pop inside. 


Namjoon full-body spasms, his voice not being let out from the intensity. Once he is able to free his voice its a silent killing, full chest scream. You grind your hips slowly as he clenches down on your knot just right. The rush of heat makes you shiver in the best fucking way while your load starts to pump inside of the omega.


“I-Is that- Oh, fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck!” Namjoon’s back arches as both of his hands slide down to rest on his lower stomach. Jesus that’s hot.


“Ah! W-wait Neomi please- t-too much. Please!” Namjoon gasps as he reaches down to stop your hand from stroking his spent cock. You only keep going, only focusing on rubbing the head of it. Namjoon grips your wrists and shakes his head side to side. A few places on this thighs twitch continuously. His hips writhe as you watch with a devilish smile.


“Looks like there's something about your new body you didn’t know.” You roll your hips in deep while continuing to work is the sticky wet head. 


“N-Neom-miiii! Stop- aaoohh! Its g-gonna come out! Stop!” Namjoon’s breathing quickens and his thighs squeeze around you to shut but can’t. His eyes widen with tears as he watches, but soon an extreme heat drapes over his shoulders. Making his arms retract and panic to find something to grip onto. His eyes rolling back as clear liquid erupts from the head of his cock. It lasts for about 3 seconds before his body just gives out. The only thing moving is his chest as he tries to catch his missing breath. 


“Mmh… Welcome to how squirting feels, baby doll.” You give mercy and let go of his cock. Licking up the remains on your hand. 


Namjoon doesn’t move and that makes you lean over to check on him. Awe, sweet little thing came so hard he passed out. You softly brush your thumb over his bottom lip before finding a position where you can lift him up safely. Once you have him secure in your arms, his legs wrapped around you so you don't pull on your still deflating knot. You know this wave was over for the moment, most likely longer than normal. 


You feel Namjoon burrow his face into your neck as you make it to your room. Kicking the door shut behind you. 


Once you've gotten yourself pulled out, reluctantly, and both of you cleaned off you get him comfortably into bed. His hands not wanting to be away from you as they search for the warmth his body is missing. You can't help but melt and get into bed next to him. 


“Well.. god damn…” You say to yourself as Namjoon rests peacefully. 


Chapter Text

Everything feels… hazy. Like a hangover, without the pain? Does that even make sense? You groan, feeling waves of pleasure making your eyes slowly make their way open. God- something feels really fucking good, down there-


God is real.


God must be real. 


How could he not be when you’re waking up to see Kim Namjoon sucking your dick to wake you up. 


You both make eye contact, and his face goes completely flush. His lips covered in spit as they glide up your shaft and make your toes curl. 


“Jesus- fuck Namjoon wh-what..”


Namjoon’s mouth pops off as he goes to interrupt you,

“What does it look like I’m doing?” 

He raises his eyebrow as a challenging gesture.


You sit there and stare at each other for a moment before reaching down and running your fingers through his hair. One breeding session and he’s already sucking you off without even having to ask.


“My my, sweet little omega’s getting all confident when you’re hungry for cock… no one said you should stop, baby doll.” You flash your teeth in a smug grin.


He visibly shivers and grinds against the bed before taking you back into his mouth. 


You decided to sit back and enjoy such a beautiful spectacle. The sweet little sighs and whimpers make you twitch inside his mouth. Turning his head so the tip of your cock bulges against his cheek. You feel the warmth quickly pooling in your lower stomach while your head sways back. Your eyes shutting to take it every feeling and sound. 


“Such a good mouth, might cum sooner than I’d like to- mmh gonna swallow it all like a good boy?” You coo at him.


Namjoon looks like he wants to pout, but his lips were too busy. He gives an eager nod a free hand of his slides down under himself. 


“Jesus Christ- you’re beautiful. Getting off to sucking me off. O-oh fuck-“ you feel pressure and heat building up quick like rising waters. And he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His tongue lapping against your shaft as he forces himself to take as much as he can to the point where his nose is against your lower stomach. 


The full view of him helplessly humping into his palm while deepthroating you send you falling. You grip onto his hair and keep him still as you cum. The thought of your scent being everywhere on this sweet omega makes your chest rumble as your body flashes with pleasure. All the while,  Namjoon takes its all with grace. Swallowing after each pump. It only takes seconds for his hips to twitch as he cums into his own hand. His eyes glazed and half-open by the time you’re both finished.


You softly help him lift his head, strings of spit and cum still connected to his lips and tongue that he instantly starts to clean up. You quickly turn to grab tissues and start to do the same. Sitting him up so you can clean where he came against his stomach and hand. After a few beats of silence, while he’s catching his breath and you’re throwing the tissue into the trash, you both look at each other.


There’s another few beats of silence that you can feel. You reach up and rub the back of your neck. Damn- everything’s sinking in about the past few hours.


“... h-hey- Namjoon-“


“Don’t.” He interrupts.


You look at him puzzled and he crawls up and wraps himself around you. Your heart flutters at the sudden affection.


“Don’t overthink… I’ve known you long enough to know when you make that overthinking face.” He says softly. 


“Am I that obvious?” You ask with a small chuckle.


“Maybe just a little. But, for this occasion-“ he sits back and looks up at you again. Full eye contact. With meaning. 

“I was the one who said yes to this. Fuck Neomi you granted me something I’ve wanted for so long. You aren’t a bad person to have granted it either. Honestly, you were… really good.” Namjoon’s face turns a bit red at the end. You hear your alpha inside being snide and howling with pride but you knock it away for the moment.


Your hands go up to cup his face. Such soft cheekies. You can’t help but break into a smile.

“You’re too sweet… I felt like maybe I was overstepping boundaries. I’m still nervous, fuck I even still feel bad for never telling you or any of the guys I was an alpha. You see and know how much of a bully those fuckers can be. I didn’t want to be seen that way to you guys.”


“Neomi, you know we wouldn’t have… a-and to be honest… w-we…” Namjoon closes his mouth and looks like he’s trying to keep something a secret. 


You raise an eyebrow, “ ‘We’ what, Namjoon?”


Namjoon whines and slumps his shoulders, “W-we weren’t gonna say anything. We talk about it before b-but the guys didn’t think you’d be happy if you learned-“


“Learned what Namjoon.” You put on a stern expression and lean forward. Namjoon swallows.


“Th-that we knew you were.. an alpha…” Namjoon looks away and hugs himself.


His words take time to sink in, you sit and look at him straight-faced before opening your mouth to say something, then stop to think. Then go to say something else but then stop to think again. Namjoon watches shyly as you start to process it all.


“Okay. Hold on, 1. How the fuck. 2. What the fuck?” You finally ask.


“O-okay. So. You know how Tae volunteers in the nurses' office?” He asks. You think and then nod. He’s doing because it goes towards his nursing degree.


“Well… he was supposed to organize files and he maybe found yours and then got curious and read it. He couldn’t help himself when he accidentally told all of us. He forgot he knew.” Namjoon explains.


“Well- okay I can see that then. But! how the hell was I being an alpha brought up?” 


Namjoon’s face grows red again, he rubs circles in his leg as he looks down to talk, 

“We all have… the want. Well- how do I put this. We all wish to be changed into omegas… all of us have different reasons for it but we’ve found this mutual group. We’ve been like this since High School. And we talk about possible alpha’s we’ve met that could grant our wishes. Tae suddenly brought you up then realized what he said. We all, then, suddenly started paying more attention. But we wouldn’t confront you! If you had something in you that didn’t want to be classified as one or you resented it, we wouldn’t want you to feel bad! Because we always adored having you around! Always helping anyone you can and we didn’t want to ruin… the friendship we had.” Namjoon’s eyes were slightly watering. 


You reach out and hush him. Bumping your head against his forehead. 


“You guys… jeez, what kind of miscommunication mess this is… Joonie, look at me.” You say softly.


His eyes slowly look up, his face warming up from the cute name.


“Now that you’ve told me… now that, everything’s out in the open. I don’t mind. As long as it’s what whatever you all want. I’d be happy to provide it. No more secrets between me and you okay?” You give a warm smile and Namjoon nods. Shoving himself into your arms. 


“Do you think, I could tell the others? We all could help you with your rut Neomi.” He proposes.


You swallow a groan. 6 other wonderful guys that YOU'D get to change into omega’s? And then fuck? Jesus what kind of heaven did you go to. 


Namjoon sees you thinking about the overwhelming about of possible rut sex. And his dimples deepen as he chuckles. 

“Don’t think you could handle all 7?” He teases


“Hey. Watch yourself now.” You snap back with a crooked smile. “I just… I guess I need to hear it from them first? Take it easy? Maybe introduce it to them one by one? My ruts last all week…”


“W-wow I didn’t… I thought they only lasted three days.” Namjoon’s eyes widen.


“Yeah, that’s for the lucky few.” You sigh heavily. Resting your hand on Namjoon waist. 


“I mean…” Namjoon dips his back a bit and pulls your hand to wrap around his back, “I think, it shows the alpha inside you has a lot of work to do during its rut… at least that’s what this omega believes.” 


You can’t help the grin, goodness, all of his newfound hormones must be shot to high hell. Not that you can’t handle it, it’s normal. But fuck is he sexy.


You both end up kissing, soft hums and lip smacking echo in the room. Namjoon makes his way to sit on your lap. Nothing crazy, just some sweet messy kisses and some soft touches. Showing as much healing affection towards the new omega to calm it’s rollercoaster hormones.




You both pull away from each other to quiet down to see if you really just heard that.



“Neomi??? Namjoon??? It’s Hoseok! I came by to check on you guys!”


Oh shit.

Chapter Text

You’re rushing to get decent while Namjoon struggles to find clothes that you didn’t rip. You end up shoving one of your shirts into him while Hoseok knocks a little louder. You run to the space between the entryway and the kitchen to see all of the things Namjoon brought when he thought you were “sick”. You quickly pick them all up and set them on the counter. Namjoon rushes up next to you,


“What do we say?!” 


“I-I don’t know what to say either! I don’t wanna lie anymore! But I don’t know how to bring it up! ‘Hey Hoseok, I heard from a little birdie that you wanted to become an omega. I know you know I’m an alpha plus I’m in rut. Wanna fuck?’ ?!”


Namjoon rolls his eyes, “Neomi you kinda did that with me.” 


You wave your hands at him. Getting an idea,

“Okay, you answer the door. I’m gonna go straighten up the bedroom. And then you should sit him down and tell him. Call for me when it’s all settled in.”


Namjoon nods in agreement before you make your way back to the room. You close the door and sigh at the mess the room became. You hear the door open and you go quiet to hear what they’re saying.


Outside the room.


Namjoon goes up to the door and takes a breath before opening it. Hoseok was looking down at his phone like he was about to call someone when he looks up to see his friend. 


“Hey! I was starting to get worried. I didn't hear any signs of life so I was about to call you. Is Neomi okay?” Hoseok asks as Namjoon moves out of the way to let him in. 


Once inside though Hoseok gets a scent he hasn’t smelled before. He looks around trying to find the strong smell but can’t see any source.


“Yeah, she’s… she’s alright. Hoseok, can we talk for a second?” He urges as he shuts the door and locks it. He walks up to Hoseok and takes his best friend's hand. Hoseok is a bit shocked by the sudden softness and looks at Namjoon. 


“Joon, is everything okay? Is Neomi okay? Did something happen?” Hoseok starts shooting off questions, then looks all around. “Where is she anyway- and Jesus that smell it’s everywhere!”


“Hoseok!” Namjoon says with enough force to get his attention. When he does he reaches up and rests his hands on his shoulders. 

“Do you remember, when Tae let it slip that Neomi was an alpha?”


Hoseok goes quiet and then nods softly, “yeah… I-i do, why?”


Namjoon reaches to his shirt and pulls it down enough to expose the bite mark that transformed him. Hoseok’s eyes widen as he leans in to get a closer look. He then looks up at his friend who bares a shy smile. 


“Whoa… w-whoa WHOA Namjoon… h-how did you-“


“Neomi wasn’t sick… she was playing off her rut like it was the flu… I showed up and then, well. It was kind of a domino effect after that.” Namjoon recalls, his face heating up a bit. Hoseok can only look stunned at his beta friend turned omega. Something he’s wanted to be as well for years. The realization that the intense smell was Namjoon’s.


“Wait so- does she know about… all of us?” Hoseok kind of hugs himself a bit. Worried about your reaction to it all.


“Yes, she does. But! I think… I think you should hear it for yourself.” Namjoon tugs Hoseok along by the hand towards the room. Hoseok’s face flaring up red at the situation being presented. He wants to rub his thighs together and cover his face. 


He goes to hold his head up a bit higher to look like he has control of his emotions. Acting like his true feelings and wants aren’t eating away at the back of his mind. 

The door to the bedroom is opened slowly as you are pulling off the dirty shirt you didn’t realize was stained to the point it should be thrown out.

You turn your head to see Namjoon holding Hoseok’s hand, Hoseok’s eyes widen as he looks you up and down. He’s clearly nervous, you can see from the way his free hand clutches the hem of his shirt.


Well, fuck it, guess god or gods want you to be seen without a shirt by everyone today. You toss it to the side and turned towards the door crossing your arms. You can feel the haze of your alpha brain softly bubbling back up seeing as it’s been about an hour since your last knot. You shake the feeling for the moment to pay attention to the two friends of yours in the doorframe.


“Hey Hoseok” you greet him with a soft smile. He LOOKS flustered so no doubt namjoon already told him most of the details.


Hoseok doesn’t move for a moment nor say anything, you watch his facial expression change and you feel your heart jolt a bit. 


“Hoseok.. are you okay?... look I understand if you feel mad-“ You’re stopped from finishing your sentence when Hoseok throws himself into your arms. His arms clinging around you. You and Namjoon look at each other for a moment before Hoseok looks up at you with watery eyes. You panic.


“H-hoseok! Honey what’s wrong!” 


Namjoon rushes over to see what was happening while Hoseok shakingly says, 

“Forgive us. Forgive me. Neomi, please. Forgive us for not being t-truthful. If we w-were honest you wouldn’t have had to go through your rut by yourself- and- And-“ 

Fat tears glide down his cheeks. His bottom lip trembles as you cradle his face and pull him close shushing him. You rub his back while Namjoon softly does the same to show Hoseok wasn’t alone.


You let him calm down, feeling his breath stutter against his back. You feel the small tears against your shoulder as he slowly pulls away to look down at the floor like a child who was in trouble. Namjoon rushes to get him some tissues and dries his face.


“Hoseokie you’re alright, everyone’s alright,” Namjoon says with pure comfort in his tone.


You reach up and move the hair on his face out of the way, he sheepishly looks up.


“Namjoon’s right… there’s nothing to be sorry about Hoseok. I was the one who kept this from you all in the first place. Hell, Things weren’t fully cleared up until after me and Namjoon… hah, well…” you look over at him with a not so innocent smile and he puffs out his cheeks and hits your shoulder in slight embarrassment. Hoseok perks up seeing no one was upset. 


You knock your head against Hoseok’s suddenly and he whines in pain. You chuckle. His eyes suddenly settle on yours. Hoseok wouldn’t lie, he instantly felt smaller. He knows he already is but it just… became so prominent. 


“I told Namjoon, I would be more than happy to help you all transform into who you all want to be… the past was some miscommunication and misunderstandings, but that’s that. The past. This-“ you swirl your finger around to reference everything. “- is now. I’d hope that you, our sweet little Hope, would understand that.”


Hoseok feels his cheeks heat up the now dried tear streaks. He feels like he wants to pull his eyes away and hide but something won’t let him. He can’t. He doesn’t really want to. No. No, he doesn’t. He’s here in the arms of an alpha, a true example of an amazing alpha. 


Namjoon sees Hoseok’s expression softened, he can practically feel the other's heartbeat rising as he is locked in your alpha gaze. He smiles, just as he thought. Hoseok would melt the instant he felt comfortable. And he did. 


He ends up enveloping himself closer to you, nestling his face into your neck while his heart races from the strong aroma coming from you. You feel… strong. You feel like you can truly give comfort to those you care for. This sweet guy and 6 others trusting you with their own biological DNA swap. Trusting you to hold them, trusting you with their pleasures, where things hurt and where things are perfect. Trusting you. Trusting an Alpha.


You notice yourself zoning into your alpha tunnel vision. Truly you don’t care at this point. But you do care and love the feeling of your hands gliding up under Hoseok’s shirt. His breath hitching but he doesn't dare pull away. You glance softly at Namjoon who visibly shudders once meeting your gaze.


“Baby doll, you don’t mind waiting in the living room for a while before you could come in and join a bit later?” Your voice is back to its deep purring. You feel the lightning under every nerve as you press your fingertips deep into Hoseok’s skin making him struggle to catch a gasp. 


Namjoon’s thighs rub together as he nods, “I don’t mind… but please, Alpha, treat him as good as you did me.” He whispers as you reach out and take his hand to kiss his knuckles.


“What kind of alpha would I be if I didn’t.” You softly smirk and Namjoon escorts himself out of the room quietly, letting the door click behind him.


Hoseok’s back straightens up against your grip when your lips meet his neck. You hum with a smooth and rich sound. You're already itching for this again. Fresh omegas are always at their filthiest after their first time transforming. A pure awaking. You want to see what Hoseok’s sweet quiet smile hides. See what dirty little pleasures you can do to make him come unraveled.


Hoseok shakingly wraps his arms around your neck. Your hands slip down the small of his back all the way down before you pick him up by his thighs. He hangs on for dear life. Small sweet sounds pepper his heavy breathing. You can practically feel the blood in his veins pumping through him. Feel the heat against his neck and shoulders while your tongue glides against it. Sucking at a few spots on the flesh makes Hoseok attempt to roll his hips against your lower stomach. 


“N-neo- mmh. Alpha I-I wanna be marked up. Please-Ahn!” Hoseok whispers like he’s doing something unspeakable and he can’t say a word. It’s beautiful. He’s beautiful. His body reacting to you and he hasn’t even been bitten yet. How could you not mark a beautiful piece like him?


“Oh, sunshine likes when he gets marked? Pretty bruises and bites are seen by everyone? Like people to know you belong to your alpha?” You tease your teeth against his neck. His reaction is delicious. His back arches and his breathing flutters. But when you don’t bite down he digs his nails into your spine.


God. Fuck.


He’s too good.


This is too good.


And now, you’re too hungry to wait anymore.


You spin on your heel and let him fall onto the bed. You have him instantly caged against it. But Hoseok barely catches your feral eyes before your flipping him onto his stomach. You feel a groan bubble in your chest. Your rugs getting deeper. It’s almost fully set in and you can barely see past anything but fucking mating. Your hand starts to cramp with heat and you groan again. Looking at it you see your nails growing rapidly, ending to a point. You take. A quick glance at Hoseok’s shirt. It’s in the way.


Hoseok was slightly startled by your growls and groans but he stayed still. Not wanting to move anyways. But he does peek over just when you lift the bottom part of his shirt with your nails and yanked hard enough your nails slice it in half all the way up. 


Hoseok’s eyes widen. The cold of the fresh air flush against his back.

“N-Neomi a-are you-“


“Hush.” Instantly purring down at the smaller male. Your hand traveling up his back while you lean in close to the back of his neck. 

“You know how to refer to me properly… ask for this. Ask me for this, sunshine.” 


Your tongue licks against the crook of Hoseok’s back neck. His heart could burst. His toes were curled at how this was all coming to be. 

But he let his eyes shut and took a shaky breath.


“Please. Alpha, change me. Make me into an omega. Let me be of use. Make me who I’m meant to be. I want to be an omega, please, grant me this. Please, alpha pleeease!” He says with every bit of power he has. 


“So precious… such a beautiful soft voice… a shame it’s about to be shot with how much you’ll be screaming.” 


Hoseok’s eyes dilate at those words before your teeth sink into his neck. The rush of copper taste greets you once again. Hoseok’s entire body tenses but you keep him pinned down to the sheets. His fists white-knuckling against said sheets. He surprisingly doesn’t make a sound until a good 8 or 9 seconds into it. His rush of a strangled grunt and whine make his body shake. 


Your chemical takes no time pumping itself into the male's bloodstream. You take in the smells that start to erupt from him. Citrus, summer flowers. So fitting for a sweet little thing like him. 


Once you detach your teeth and lick them and the wound clean you lean back to watch the magic. Hoseok is feeling it instantly. His body taking so well to the chemical, his body was craving this.


Hoseok starts to feel fire lick in his body, he writhes under you as the intense pain that hurts, to the point where it feels good, grows. Tears fall as his body reaches and kicks and stretches around to handle the major changes happening inside his lower stomach. He spills out long strangled moans. 


You watch in delight, you don’t think you could get over this showmanship of a beautiful blossoming change. 


You stand to your feel and rest on hand on the squirming male, taking the chance to undress him from the hips down. Luckily he’s only wearing a simple pair of shorts. You smirk wondering how good he’d look in even shorter shorts that were a size too small. 

Oh? What a sweet surprise, he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath. 


You pull the shorts all the way off and then are greeted to the beautiful smell of Hoseok’s slick. 

You lick at your teeth and spread him enough to watch the clear juices dribble. He’s leaking more than Namjoon did. It cascades down onto the bed and pools there. 


Hoseok starts to calm down, the pain subsiding in return for a pleasuring ache. He pouts and whimpers, pushing himself back into your hands. 


“If only you could fucking see yourself, soaked through the fucking sheets less than a minute after you turning.” You lean down close to his ear and lick at it. Hoseok body revels in being caged down by such a strong force. 


“I-I need it- I n-need- fuck! H-hot! It’s hot inside- alpha pleee- *hic* ease!” Hoseok struggles through his sentence. Sweat starts beading on his forehead and shoulders.


You push your erection that’s trapped under your pants against his cute plump ass. Hoseok keens and stuffs his face into the bed. Poor omega wants it so bad. 


You pull your pants down enough to let your cock come out. You run your thumb over the slit while looking over the shivering mess of a male omega. His body is thinner than Namjoon’s. Of course, you love both. Love any body type. But something about Hoseok looking just a bit smaller makes him seem so easy to break. 


Hoseok perks over his shoulder and backs himself up against your dick, trapping it between your lower stomach and his cheeks. You groan,

“That desperate, sunshine?”


“Y-yes, fuck yes I-I already worked myself open this m-morning. Y-you can come inside already, i-it’s stretched enough-“ Hoseok reaches back and pulls against one of his cheeks. 


You feel a fire start in your chest.


In one motion you press the tip against his hole, letting the weight do the work to let the head pop past the ring of muscle. More slick starts to ooze as Hoseok lets out a high pitched shriek. 


“So, you fucked this hole open this morning just for an alpha, huh? Hoped someone like me would come around and use it? Is that it? That much of a slut for cock and you weren’t even an omega yet.”


Your tone is mean, it’s rough, it’s almost scary. But it’s thrilling. You start to sink deeper inside of him, quickly with the amount of slick and stretching that happened. 


“UuuuHn- t-too- y-you’re Too-Oo Big!”

Hoseok’s tears start to fall once again.


“I thought that’s what you wanted sunshine? You wanted me to mark you, right? I’m doing it. Using you so your whole fucking body is marked by my cock.” 

You start to nip and bite at places on his back, the tightness around your cock is exhilarating. You give one solid thrust so you bottom out and it has Hoseok wailing. His breathing labored and scratched already. 


“H-holy f-fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck it’s p-pushing against-! MMMNH” Hoseok reaches down and you watch as is eyes cross and nearly roll up as you start a heavy but slow pace. 


You can’t keep your mouth off him, something about his scent and taste is too fucking good. Soon enough his back, neck, and shoulder are littered with love bites. Your nails every now and again leaving scratch marks which make Hoseok whine. 


You fix his position and have his knees propping himself up. You push both of yourself up so you can fuck down into him other than forward. It seems to be a good option because he starts hugging and crying after each drag of your cock against his walls. Almost like you’re knocking the wind out of him. 


You look down to see your work only to see something remarkable.


Each time you fucked into him, a little bump would appear in his lower stomach. 


“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding-“ You can’t stop the chuckle that rushes out of you. You reach down and pull Hoseok up close so his back is up against your chest. You see his expression, he’s so fucking lost in pleasure. You look down over his shoulder as you grip onto his waist. His hands reach back and crawl to crip onto your lower thighs. Something of yours he can hold. You start a quick pace, practically drooling at how hot he is inside. Your cock dragging and pistoning inside of him so well you can tell you’re gonna knot and tie for a hot fucking minute.


Hoseok moans, not a scream, but a wanting moan like a whore who hasn’t gotten their fix in ages. He can’t take his eyes off of his lower stomach. His inner thighs twitching like no tomorrow. 


“N-Neomi- Neomi! S-slow Dow-NHH! Stop! Stop y-you’re pressing against it too h-hard! N-no! It’s gonna come out- I-I need to-“ Hoseok begins to panic, trying to pull away and squirm.

You growl and bite at his neck to tell him to stay still. He cries but obeys, still begging hysterically for you to let him go, to slow down. You slow down, but you slow down to grind and roll your hips. Your cock drags and presses against Hoseok’s prostate. 



He holds his breath as his body goes stiff against your hold. His hands and thighs shake violently while you start to hear small sounds of impact against the bed. What you see makes your hips stop. 


Hoseok was pissing.


He was wetting himself because your cock was pressing against his bladder and he couldn’t hold it.


It doesn’t last long, sadly only about 5 seconds before his voice crashed back into his through and he was sobbing an apology. His cock still hard because he hasn’t come. 

“I’m sorry- I’m sl- slorryh I couldn’t…” 


You reach around his shoulder and pull his chin so he’s looking at you. You take his quivering lips into a kiss. Hoseok’s eyes widen at first but sighs while melting into it.


“Sunshine, did it feel good? Hm? Did it feel good to release all of that because I fucked it out of you?” You hum against his lips. Hoseok hesitates but nods. Red embarrassment painting his cheeks.

“It’s… it’s never happened before but.. it felt too good. I was afraid you’d see me as dirty.” 


“Baby… alpha wants to see you experience the highest bliss you’ve ever had… how about I show you how sweet that was to see-“

You pull out for a moment, Hoseok whines in confusion before you flip him in your arms. Pulling one of his legs up over your shoulder while another is hanging around your arm. You let Hoseok sink back down onto your length and he’s never looked more content.


You start a harsh pace, using Hoseok’s weight to counteract when you snap your hips. The sounds of his wet hole harmonizing with his moans are gorgeous. You are so lost in your movements and the moment you almost don’t notice your knot starting to form. 


“Sweet omega, been so perfect for me. So good. Look at you, marked up and taking my cock so well you even pissed yourself. You’ll take my knot just as well won’t you baby? Gonna take all I give you and mark your insides as mine. Fucking mine.” You snarl as you feel your knot expand. You waste no time pushing it inside Hoseok. 


His tongue hangs out of his mouth as his nerves feel like bolts striking through his body. Your knot snug against his prostate while you grind deep inside. Your fingers cut into his skin while you grip onto his thighs. Changing to wrap your arms around him before having you both fall against the bed. Your orgasm flooding your nerves and flooding him inside with cum. Hoseok’s head falls back as he feels the warmth fill him up.

“Oohh shit, mmmmmh!” 


You lick against Hoseok’s collar bone, the sudden pressure in your lower stomach makes your eyebrows pinch together. But then, a thought. You reach up to grip the back of Hoseok’s head and make him look at you. 


“Let’s call this even, sunshine. I’ll mark you inside the best way possible.” Your smile curls devilishly as you let the pressure free in your lower stomach. 

Feeling the rush of heat escape as you piss, groaning as it happens. You keep your eyes on Hoseok as his expression changes. Feeling what’s being done to him. The cum inside him making him feel full already but now he’s being pumped to his limit. It’s hot, it’s heavy. It’s so much.


Hoseok’s cock twitches before he cums so hard it lands against his chest and neck. His breathing labored as all the water you drank earlier empties out inside of him. Your scent marking him, his omega screaming at practically being mated. No alpha would approach him for WEEKS after this.

You wouldn’t mind that. Not one fucking bit.

Chapter Text


You had ended up tying with Hoseok for 30 minutes. That’s the longest your knots ever took to empty and go back to normal. Before you pulled out though you picked up a worn out and visibly weak Hoseok. Carrying him to your bathroom and getting him into the tub so you could clean him up. When you pulled out he ended up whining and grabbing at you, soft little no’ s trying to convince you to plug him back up. You merely kissed at his temple and got the water ready. Whispering how good he was for alpha, how good he looked. You told him how pretty he looked and he reached up to cover his face but you kept his hands down. 


It’s harder to come back to yourself. You’re in there, but the alpha inside you is in control. The more the days go by in your rut, the more you lose yourself to your instincts… and it can get dangerous. It can get pure animalistic. But for now, it’s alright. But if all of the guys were wanting to turn as quickly as they’d like… it had to be soon. 


After helping Hoseok clean himself up, you called Namjoon in. He came into the bathroom a few seconds later. You notice he only has on his shirt, his boxers nowhere to be seen. You chuckle a bit when he shyly smiles. 


“Do I wanna guess why you’re missing your boxers?” You ask, raising your eyebrow with a teasing tone.


“I feel like you know exactly why…” Namjoon softly makes his way closer to you and rests his hands on your shoulder looking over to see into the tub. 


Hoseok has his eyes closed, clearly resting in the warm bath water as you care for him. Namjoon can't help but coo. 


“He sounded so sweet… you have no idea how much he felt like he had to keep it a secret, that he wanted to be an omega.” Namjoon says in a soft tone.


“He transformed so quickly… his body took to it so naturally.” You reach out and run your thumb against Hoseok’s cheek. 


“It could also be how far in rut you are… Neomi, how far deep do you fall into your instincts?” Namjoon asks curiously while you start to turn off the water.


You hold yourself for a moment, 

“Truth be told, last time I let go and I had my instincts and inner alpha take full control I blacked out hella hard… I already kinda feel dizzy, it takes so much energy out of me each time. Is why I was nervous to do this all in the first place. Fuck I’m even nervous to continue, if the others want to change quickly it’d have to be soon. If I waited until the last day for any of them, I’d have to have people hold me back at first. I’ll be so fucking out of my mind Namjoon, I don’t wanna hurt any of you guys.”


While saying all of this you grab a towel and pick Hoseok up out of the bath. Namjoon gives you a soft look before resting his hand on your arm. 


“Neomi, you’ve been the best example of an alpha. It’s understandable why you’d be worried, but we know what we are getting ourselves into..” Once you lay Hoseok on the bed, Namjoon pushes himself against you. His arms lacing around your back. The action making your eyes go wide for a moment before you look down at him. His eyes already looking up at you. You can’t help but feel calm. Soothed. The omega in him has flourished within hours. 


A warmth fills your chest, seeing the pure beauty that is Namjoon as an omega. His words just hitting differently than they used to. You feel a sense of pride knowing you were the one to cause it. 


You didn’t expect it but you weren’t opposed when Namjoon pulls on your shoulders and lunges up to kiss you. It’s only for a few moments, but after it, he ends up rubbing his face against your neck. A part of you wants to devour him again… your waves are getting closer to each other. But you don’t want to ruin a precious moment like this. 


You wrap your arms around him and squeeze tightly. You pick him up and set him next to Hoseok who is still resting well. Blissed out after a good dicking, what more could one ask for.

You move into a position on the bed where Namjoon was on one side and Hoseok was on the other. Both instantly clinging to you even tho one was half unconscious. You put your arms around them both. 


Yeah… you think you could work with this. 

Your alpha inside licking its metaphorical lips at the thought of having all seven of the boys here… you’re too tired to shut it up at this point. But…


“.. it does sound pretty nice,” you say out loud softly without realizing. Namjoon’s eyes softly open to look up at you. You don’t see it because your eyes were closed. He smiles softly and closes his again. 

You three end up being passed out for about three hours. You wake up to a call from your boss wanting to ask a quick question about work. It was a struggle to answer because Hoseok and Namjoon wouldn’t let you go and they kept their arms around you. Both whined when you pull their arms off so you could quiet the loud as balls phone ring. While you groggily talk over the phone, namjoon fully comes to. And he’s eyeing you for a moment. His eyes meet Hoseok’s as he also wakes up. Your free hand naturally going down to Hoseok’s head and petting him softly. He smiles softly enjoys the touch. Namjoon gets a hint of jealousy for a moment. 


Was he petty enough?.... yeah. Yeah, he was.


He sits up and swings himself to sit on your lap. You look at him with wide eyes as you continue to talk on the phone as normal as possible.

Hoseok’s eyes widen and his cheeks burn red as he watches. Namjoon starts to roll his hips while taking your free hand. Guiding it to grip on of his pecs as he bites at his bottom lip. 


You put the phone speaker against your shoulder so it muffles you saying, “Namjoon… wait.”

You say sternly.


You get back to your call and Namjoon waits… for about a minute before reaching back to grip your swollen cock (it has a mind of its own and it’ll practically stay hard now for the rest of your rut.) and guides it to probe against his hole that’s already started to leak with slick. You bite your tongue so you don’t hiss at the sudden confidence that’s taken over Namjoon. Hoseok though, he's been watching wide-eyed for too long. He takes it upon himself to sit up and tug on your arm. He positions himself so your arm reaches down the small of his back. He helps your fingers find his twitching hole and he buries his face against your shoulder. 


… fuck this


You hit end and throw the phone somewhere. You snap your hips up while pushing Namjoon all the way down onto your shaft. His shout of surprise is almost muffled out by Hoseok’s cry when you shove three fingers into his soaked hole. They both look at you, but your expression wasn’t what they expected. 


You had a dark look to your face.


“Well… go on.” You say menacingly


They both still their movements. Looking at each other before looking back to you for more context.


“Go on, use what you’d like. Clearly, you both are so desperate you’d like to use my appendages like toys. So go on. Fuck yourselves.”


Your tone had bite. And it bit. The boys at first were startled but slowly started to do as they were told. Hoseok switching his position slowly so he was facing away from you so he could fuck back on to your fingers. Namjoon softly starts to bounce on your lap. You sit there and groan watching such a scene. Fuck, it’s too good.


They get desperate, they cry, they quicken their pace and then end up in tears begging you to take over. By the time they are crying for you, you’re already in your mating headspace.


You end up fucking up into Namjoon so hard he ends up cumming twice in a row before you knot him. Once you finish him you give Hoseok his turn. Picking him up slightly and practically using him like the toy. A mix of pulling and thrusting while you held him in the air with your arms wrapped firmly around him. He ended up getting a treat because he begged for more after the first knot. 


This goes on for the rest of the day. Well into the night. Breaks are taken in between of course but you can say you’ll need to keep the fuck out of the floors in your apartment once this is all over. The only break you three end up having is when you get them to come back into their right minds so they can eat dinner. They didn’t make it easy though. Namjoon and Hoseok would want turns being fed by you at one point. It was too cute to pass up. 


By the time morning came, you wish you could say you were refreshed. The truth was your rut was only getting worse. And at this point, the still sane voice inside you worried about using these two raw. You know it’s started to hurt every now and again for them. Your brain and instincts merge to care for the omegas more than just breed them. 


You were the first one up and was making a pot of coffee, your dry hand rubs against your eyes as you wake up little by little. Once the coffee finishes you pour it into a glass with ice. It’s never good to have hot drinks during a rut or heat. It can make a fever worse. But you need the caffeine. You notice the sound of bare feet against the wooden floor making their way over to you. And then a pair of long arms reaching around you. Such beautifully sculpted arms… such beautiful fingers. You chuckle a bit feeling Hoseok’s head rests on your back. 


“Mornin’ sunshine.” You say the first words you’ve said all morning. So they come out croaking. 


Hoseok hums and then steps next to you, peeking at what your drink. He softly reaches up and brings it down to his level so he can have a few sips. You smirk, 


“Now you didn’t even ask.” 


“It’s only fair since you’ve been using my ass for your rut.” He snaps back in a light tone


You’re taken back but you can only laugh. You look around for a moment, 

“Where’s Namjoon?”


“Showering… we wanted to talk about something with you. So he’s getting ready. I’ll go in after him.” 


“Is something wrong?” You ask a bit worried


Hoseok’s hands go up in defense, “no! Not at all. Namjoon is better at explaining it than me. So you should wait for him to say everything. But, it is about the others and you. Just so you know.” He rests his hand in your arm. “Not a bad thing, just what we want to suggest.”


You raise your eyebrow at him for a moment before nodding. 


Hoseok then continues to drink your drink, saying it’s really good. You end up just giving it to him and making yourself one. You both end up on the couch letting the Tv run. You barely pay attention as a small headache thuds in your brain. You keep your eyes closed, trying to lower the pain. 


You open them when you hear Namjoon come from the room and walk out to the living room. Hoseok swiftly makes his way to the shower as Namjoon takes his place on the couch. You peek over at him and smile at him. His hair was still slightly damp. 


“Good morning hun” you greet him. He smiles at that. 


“Morning, did you sleep alright?” He asks


“Of course I did… had two sweet things next to me all night. How could I not.” You click your tongue and wink at him. 


He covers his face and hits your shoulder, you break out in a little bit of laughter. 


“Hoseok told me you wanted to tell me something… what’s on your mind babe?” 


Namjoon fiddles with his fingers, “I was just thinking… right now Jin and Taehyung are in the next town over working on their production class… and- w-well. I was thinking we could take you over there and talk to them about all of this. B-but I also know you’re getting deeper into the alpha mindset. And I didn’t want you to feel like you had to- I just know it’s best to do things before the final day of a rut and-“




He looks over at you, seeing you were watching him with a soft expression. 

“I’ve been thinking too, that if you all want this, it should happen before the end of my rut. I agree with that.” 


Namjoon perks up a bit to listen, 

“As long as I have you and Hoseok their to keep me in my right mind before I do anything… I’ll go along with it.” 


“Are you okay enough to go see them today?” 

Namjoon asks


“Yeah but someone else is gonna have to drive. I can’t focus for too long plus the sun isn’t doing great things for my head right now.”


Namjoon nods, “of course… after everyone’s ready then, we’ll go.”


“I’ll hop in the shower after Hoseok…” you say, but then get an idea. “Actually… why waste water?” You get up from the couch, kissing Namjoon on his forehead and giving him your coffee. Namjoon watches you leave with red staining his cheeks. 


You make your way to the bathroom where you hear the shower running. You knock before going in, Hoseok pulls the shower door open enough to see you walking in. 


“Neomi? Is something wrong.”


“No, but I was wondering,” you step a bit closer to the shower to lock eyes with Hoseok.

“Mind helping me save some money on my water bill and let me... join you?” 


Hoseok looks surprised for a moment before smiling, “of course… hurry before all the hot water runs out.” 


Showering together is truly underrated. Being to get that part of your back you can’t scrub is wonderful when someone does it. It’s so cute to scrub shampoo into a cute guy’s hair and watch the bubbles build up. 


After the two of you were finished you helped dry Hoseok’s hair. Seeing as the clothes he was wearing yesterday were weather gross or torn you decide to dress him in some things you had. Your concert shirt for a few years back practically swallowed him. Adorable. 


You both walk to see Namjoon getting his shoes on. Namjoon and Hoseok talk about who’s care they’ll take while you slip on your boots. You find yourself zoning super hard. To the point where your head is resting against the wall while it’s getting harder to breathe. You come to for a moment when Namjoon pulls you from the wall. He’s talking to you, you can’t really tell what he’s saying, you’d guess he’s asking if you’re okay. 


“I’m. I’m alright- I’m good. Let’s just- yeah.” You stumble out the door with him as Hoseok helps lock your door. 


You’re thankful that you naturally reached for your sunglasses while on your way out because it was too damn bright. The boys walked you to Hoseok’s car and put you in the back to sit with Namjoon. The rumble of the car when it starts makes you aware for a few seconds before you nod back into the foggy mindset. You smell both of the omegas in the car with you. It’s comforting. You pull Namjoon closer to you, you just want to hold him. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. 


“It’ll be about a 25-minute drive, Neomi, will you be alright?” Hoseok asks as he gets to the main road. 


You nod and make some sort of sound like a ‘yes’. You think for a moment.


“Do they know we’re… on our way?” You ask


“Well… they know me and Hoseok are… you’re a bit of a surprise.” Namjoon says and he plays with your hand. 


You think about it for a moment. And then smirk. A surprise huh?


Damn… hope they like the surprise.

It does take 25 minutes but you don’t know if it felt longer or shorter. You feel the car being shut off and Namjoon shaking your shoulder a bit. 


“Neomi, we’re here.” He whispers.


“So sweet…” your alpha says through you. 


Namjoon smiles shyly but then Hoseok has to help him pry you off so you can get out and walk. It aggravates you for a moment, the feeling of someone trying to pull you away from namjoon. But once you notice it’s Hoseok you relax. You still cling to both of them outside the car. You look up to see a really REALLY nice hotel. 


“Wait… they stay here?” You ask


“Jin Hyung and Taehyungies production manager takes good care of their main actors,” Hoseok says


“They have their own suite as well I heard.” Namjoon chimes in. 


As you walk in, you kind of feel underdressed. Even though it’s just a fucking hotel. You pull the boys closer to you as Namjoon goes to call Jin to see what room and floor they’re on.


You feel a tap on your shoulder and you turn around to see a guy standing there with a weird smile. He’s dressed well, looks put together, but you can already tell you don’t like him. You eye him up and down before he clears his throat to say something.


“Excuse me… but, I was wondering, how much are they?”


You give him a confused look. Like a “what the fuck are you saying” look. He seems taken back by it but then persists.


“The omegas, you’re selling them per hour? How much?” 


It hits you what he’s saying. Your hand shoots out and grabs him by his stupid fucking collar. He instantly starts to panic and pull at your hand. 


“Whoever the fuck gave birth to you must regret not giving you up for adoption. They’re FRIENDS of mine you dipshit.” You lift him to the point where his shirt is choking him. Hoseok and Namjoon are both telling you to calm down but you weren’t finished.


“I wanna tell you something tightwad. Going around thinking you can just buy omegas off of someone shows the silver spoon that was shoved up your ass. That ain’t a good thing. Clearly you pretty little rich alpha’s have no actual balls. Because if you did, you’d be fighting back by now. You’re lucky I’m not in the mood to break your fucking jaw.” You drop him and he hits the ground gasping. He rushes to run away. People who were watching in shock watch him leave as you pull the boys with you towards the elevators. 


“Neomi… you- that could’ve gone bad-“ Hoseok is a little shocked. 


“I don’t give a shit. I’ll make the next fucker who thinks you guys are just some prostitutes eat the fucking curb.” You feel annoyance under your skin. You can feel the pheromones of your alpha seeping at this point. 


Namjoon and Hoseok both squeeze their thighs together. The showmanship of strength and power getting to them. But they don’t say a word. They know better. A wrong move while you’re riled up could lead to… public indecency. 


Once in the elevator and going up, Hoseok seems to get excited. You look over at him, 

“What’s got you excited Hoseok?”


“It’s just… I’m happy they get their wishes like me and Namjoonie did. They’re gonna be so relieved.” He says trying to clear the mood up. It works. 


Namjoon looks up to you and asks, 

“I was thinking, you should hide and wait outside of the room when me and Hoseok go in. And then, when you hear them realize we’ve… transformed. You should knock.”


You smile, “How long have you been planning this little bit.”


“Since yesterday evening.” He admits with a smile.


The elevator dings and the doors open. You follow the boys since they know where they’re going. Once you all reach a door namjoon leads you a few feet away behind a large fake palm plant. He’s getting excited, you can see in his face.


Hoseok knocks, you can’t tell who opens the door until you hear Jin’s voice. So bright and happy to see the boys. You can hear Taehyung further in the room as well once Hoseok and Namjoon go into the room. When the door clicks you slowly make your way to the door, softly resting your head against the door to listen.

-inside the room-

“You all really came out this far just to see us… we were gonna see each other on Monday!” Jin says hugging Namjoon and Hoseok. 


“It wasn’t that long of a drive!” Hoseok says with a small laugh. Taehyung runs in from the other room and jumps into a hug with Namjoon. 


“Whaaaaaaaaa! I missed you all too much! Please, hyungies don’t stay away from us that long anymore!” Taehyung says as if he’s sobbing. Namjoon coos and hugs Taehyung tightly.


After they all settle down a bit, Jin notices something. He smells the air,

“Guys? Where did you all… come from?”


Hoseok and Namjoon look at each other and smile. Taehyung and Jin look… confused.


“Come, sit down. We wanna tell you two something .” Hoseok insists and pushes them to one of the large couches. 


“I’d ask what’s wrong but you both seem.. happy,” Jin says


“Well… yeah, yeah we’re happy... we’re honestly in bliss right now.” Hoseok says looking down shyly with a big smile.


“We.. got granted something. A wish as Hoseok likes putting it… the thing we all have in common.” Namjoon announces, he softly pulls on the collar of his shirt, Hoseok does as well.


They show the transforming bite marks you had given them.


Taehyung and Jin both looked stunned, Jin wanting to say something but no words would come out. Taehyung stood up and walks forward towards Namjoon. He looks at him for permission as he reaches out towards the healed over mark. Namjoon bares it more. 


“You all… you guys… h-how! Who!” Taehyung says breathlessly, he’s in pure awe. His finger traces the mark.


Jin bites his lip, “I… I smelt it, the alpha. You guys did it. Y-you got it!” His eyes line with little tears as he goes out to hug Hoseok again.


“I’m so happy for you guys… oh my god.” Jin’s heart races, he can sense it all now. Two of his best friends, their omega scents are so sweet. It’s beautiful.


Taehyung is clapping and practically cheering. This is amazing, seeing his hyungs get something they’ve been longing for.


“Well! Who! Who was it! When was it! Come on you can’t leave us hanging like this!” Taehyung begs as he shakes Namjoon’s shoulders.


Knock Knock Knock


The room goes silent as the knocks on the door break through the air. Namjoon smiles and looks at the two betas. He pulls away from Tae and slowly walks back towards the door.


“You wanna know who it was, right?” He says before opening the door.


When you walk in, the feeling in the air shifts. It shifts because of you. It shifts because of your energy, your power.


It hits Jin and Tae at the same time. Their expressions, their jaws dropped.


You give a little chuckle before waving a bit, “What, you act like you haven’t seen an alpha before.” 

Chapter Text

No one expected it.


I mean, you knew it’d be a surprise but you didn’t think it’d make Jin faint.


You were quick (thank god for an alpha’s enhanced speed when caring for a loved one) and were able to catch him before he hit the floor. 


After a few minutes of cold water and you pacing around. Feeling like shit. Your inner voice saying you scared him so badly that he fainted. Taehyung can’t take his eyes off of you though, even though he’s helping get Jin back to earth he just can’t stop looking at you. 

Once Jin’s eyes flutter open he insists he’s alright. Hoseok and Namjoon both get into him about lying. But Taehyung stands, and it gets everyone’s attention. He walks over to you while you’re biting your thumbnail with your back turned to them all. Taehyung reaches to tap on your shoulder and you turn instantly. 


Tae staggers a bit but holds himself. You look at him with a bit of sadness. 


“Tae I’m… I’m-“


“I’m sorry Neomi.” Taehyung blurts out. 


“I-I’m sorry. I… I knew you were o-one. An alpha. I didn’t mean to snoop through your file! A-and I didn’t mean to tell everyone! We weren’t going to ever treat you d-differently!” Taehyung’s voice has panic in it. He’s so scared that you’ll hate him. You can tell.


Taehyung continues to try to apologize, his voice cracking as he starts to choke up. 


You reach out and put your hands on his shoulders. He tended for a moment before you lean and bump your head against Tae’s.




“Don’t think that way, Taehyung. If it wasn’t for you telling the boys about me, I wouldn’t have been able to know about what you all have been wishing for.” You say in a soothing tone. You see Taehyung’s eyes widen as red floods his cheeks. 


You pick him up with one arm, wrapping it around the underside of his butt. He squeaks at the sudden balling of his body. You walk over to Jin with Tae in your arm and set him down next to him. You kneel down in front of them both and reach out. Offering your hands for them to take. They take them softly before you look at both of them.


“I made Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s wishes come true only because of a simple mistake. To be honest this shouldn’t even be looked at as a mistake. But I’m here because I wanted to purpose this properly.”


Jin’s free hand goes up to cover his lips as his heart pounds even harder.


“Would you let me gift you the transformation into Omega’s. I’m in rut and I’m already faded in about a day and a half. I want to know your answers, because if it’s yes, I’ll grant your wishes today.” 


There are a few beats of silence as Namjoon and Hoseok watch from the side. Tae is staring wide-eyed and unmoving while Jin’s eyes shimmer with wetness. Taehyung is the first to move, and he just throws himself into your arms. You feel how tightly he hugs you in desperation. Jin slides off of the couch and does the same. 


“Neomi… you’d really… you’d actually do this for us? W-we practically lied about knowing-“ Jin starts to say


“Jin, it was a mess of miscommunication and my own self-doubts… It means the world to see around me happy. If this makes you happy, then fuck yeah I’m gonna do it.” You give him a smile, it makes him smile as well. Big and happy. 


Namjoon and Hoseok both pile onto the hugging fest. It felt like the most comforting thing. 


After a few minutes of everyone’s emotions calming down, Hoseok and Namjoon are whispering to each other while Tae and Jin ask you some questions. Like how this all started. You tried to be clean with the details at first but when Joon and Hoseok overhear they decide to chime in.


“You guys have noooo idea- I haven’t had dick like that in EVER,” Namjoon says suddenly.


You make your mouth closed and as small as possible. Eyes wide. Okay then.

“That’s one way to clear up the atmosphere”


“Neomi really knows her strengths… fucking is for sure one of them~” Hoseok says giggling to Namjoon. 


Jin and Taehyung’s faces go red while you start to chuckle nervously. Of course, your ego wants to show but it’s a bit hard when they are saying such things in front of the two friends you literally might fuck within the next 24 hours. 


You stand up and clear your throat, “Alright, you two. I think I should have a conversation with these two aloooone.” 


“Awe we don’t get to watch?” Namjoon pouts. You throw your hands up before going and starting to push the two little mischiefs to a separate room. Jesus this hotel was plot conveniently large. 


You start to go back over to the two beta’s when Jin suddenly runs by you, grabbing your hand and leading you to the restroom. You start to ask him what’s going on but then shush you.

Once inside the bathroom, he pulls you in, closing the door and putting his back against it. You look at him and realized his ears are dark pink. 


“Jin, what’s wrong? I didn’t make you conformfortable did I?” You ask softly


“If I was uncomfortable I wouldn’t have brought you into a closed-off area…” he says as he slowly approaches you. You feel heat licking at your spine, the way Jin’s moving now. Oh- oh


“I wanted to… talk about something. And you can’t judge me! Promise you won’t Neomi. It’s just something that’s been plaguing my brain ever since and I just- I thought maybe since you offered this opportunity…” 


“Jin… you’re dancing around the question.” You chuckle and bit and reach out. Caressing his cheek with your fingers as a sign of your affection. 

“You know I’m not going to judge… you didn’t judge me. It’s fair.” 


Jin swallows and nods, his hands sliding up to touch your hand. 

“I-I’ve always wanted to… become an omega a specific w-way. It’s so… it’s so dirty. God how do I say this-“ he hides his face in your hand. You simply move it away and raise an eyebrow.


“I want to…. I w-want to act like I don’t want it- but I really do want it! B-but like I’ve wanted the alpha to act like they’re forcing it when in reality we’ve talked about it! It’s just all an act but the act of it is really… it’s really... hot.” Jin looks down as if he’s ashamed. His cheeks slightly puffed. 


You let all of what he said settle into your brain. 






Jin had… a con non-con roleplay kink.


Suddenly flashes of thoughts of doing such a thing went through your head. All consensual, yet so predatorial.


“Jin… baby, you know for alphas that can be a dangerous game.” You lean in as you whisper. 


He nods. He visibly shakes from the pet name. 


“You’d need a safe word with me.” You say.


“Sagittarius,” Jin says firmly.


You chuckle, “Your star sign… cute.”


Jin can’t maintain eye contact with you and he huffs looking away. Almost agitated that he’s getting flustered. You reach up and grip his chin, you make him look at you.


“Jin… why the cute little attitude? You feel nervous? Feel like things are gonna go a specific way in your head? Oh, my sweet omega to be, you’re not the one in control now.” You lick your teeth as you feel the pulse in your neck quicken. 

“Alpha is.” 


Jin ends up pushed against the bathroom door, his heart fluttering to the point where he panics it’ll burst. His breathing is light and quick. Heat flows under his skin as you lean in close enough to bump noses. Jin’s eyes flutter shut as his body forces itself to relax. 


He’s already trying to bare himself. 


Fuck, you could just eat him up here. You could just mate, mark, scent, and fuck him right against this door.


Not yet.


You wanna play with him a little, you wanna see how long you can hold out as well as him.


You lean in to brush your lips against his, he breathes in a rush of air. He stays completely still. Then, you pull away.


He waits a moment before he confusingly opens his eyes. You stand there looking at him with a wicked smile. 


“You know what… why don’t you go relax and get comfortable in your room. I want what I do to be a surprise. On my time.” 


You pull him back from the door and open it. 


You motion for him to go first,

“Soon to be omega’s first” you show your k9’s in a smile and wink. 


Jin’s hands clutch at his chest, he hears deep red along with his face. But he’s smiling softly, excited yet trying to keep it contained. He walks out and towards his room. You watch him get to his room before you start to go back to Taehyung to talk more with him. Only to run into Namjoon and Hoseok.


“Goodness Jin Hyung couldn’t wait, could he? I bet you couldn’t either.” Hoseok teased as he poked at your side. You catch his wrist and act like you’re angry at first and it catches him off guard but you instead kiss his knuckles. 


“Jin wanted to talk about safety and limits.” You respond. 


“Jin Hyung is actually pretty quiet about those things… I won’t pry. Yet.” Namjoon says with curiosity.


“Where are you guys off to anyways? I thought you were in the room.”


“We decided to go investigate where the others are… we wanna help you map out who you should go to next.” Namjoon says as Hoseok nods.


You laugh a bit, “So I’m basically Postmates but for Alphas and sex work.” You joke.


“Oh please, you could’ve made so much money if you did.” Hoseok jokes back.


“Well, I’d be an independent bitch cause I don’t think you two can be pimps. Not after what I’ve done to you cuties.” You punch both their cheeks. 


They whine before pulling away from your grip. They say their goodbyes and good lucks before heading out. Saying goodbye to Jin for the moment as well. 


When you get back to the living area you see Taehyung sitting on the couch closest to the window. He’s staring outside of it intensely like he’s either watching something or thinking of something. People don’t always recognize it, but Taehyung is so intelligent. He may be quiet but that kind of his is a beautiful knowledge capsule. You make your way over to him little by little. 

By the time you get over to him, he looks over his shoulder to see you. 


“Didn’t mean to interrupt your peaceful moment.” You say softly. 


Taehyung blinks, the way the sunshine hits his face makes you feel some type of way. This is why he was meant to be on stage… everyone should see such a gorgeous face like that. 


Tae doesn’t say a word as he slowly rose from his seat and steps closer to you. His hands shakingly reach up to the top of your chest and slides over your shoulders. You can hear his breath shaking even though he’s trying to keep it quiet. You can only watch, enjoying how much he’s trying to instigate it all. You bring your hands forward and let your fingers dance on his hips all the way to the small of his back. He shivers and shoved himself closer to you. 


“Tae… baby…” you whisper, he slowly looks up to you with the softest look. Those damn Puppy eyes. 


“I-I wanna be good… Neomi… I’ve dreamed of this, to be a good omega. It sounds so basic and silly. but I-I’ve craved this. Every since I was younger I felt that I’m supposed to be an omega.” Taehyung whispers like he doesn’t want to be heard.


“Oh sweety, it’s nothing to be self-conscious about. You know you’re not the only one.” You lean in close enough for your noses to touch and his breathing quickens. “Alpha’s here now… say the words, and let me get to work on you, pup.” 


Taehyung’s vision is seen in pure lust. His eyes shimmer and he moans softly from the name. You lean in and plant a soft kiss against his upper cheek, then down. Down you plant kisses across his cheek, chin, and then over to his lips. You feel his fingers slip up into your hair. They’re shaking as he tangles his digits. Not wanting to break from the kiss. You slip your hands up to rest under his jaw. Slowly pulling away causes him to huff. 


“Tae… sweet pup… close your eyes.” You softly kiss his nose. His eyes flutter before closing. You start to nose around near his neck. Your fingers pulling his black turtleneck down to bare enough skin. The entire time Taehyung is fighting with his body to relax or tense up. But once he feels your hot breath against his skin he stiffens.


His perfume smells so good, his skin, in general, makes you want to drool. Taehyung is always so soft and sweet. He is perfectly him. Something about tainting it though… it’s driving you mad.


You yourself don’t realize the large huffs and grunts you softly coming out. You are too focused on your k9’s tingling as you kiss against the spot on his neck.


He trembles


Your teeth graze against his skin.


He gasps.


They sink in.


Taehyung struggles to keep a grip on a groan before just letting it go. His eyes roll up enough to where you can only see white as the chemical is injected into his body. Your arms wrap around his body like a vice to keep him in place. The sweet pup started to babble incoherently as the chemicals went to work. His hips already bucking up for any source of friction or relief. His breathing went heavy and labored. You watch his facial expressions as his body starts to change itself. He looks like he’s in pure ecstasy. His plump lips turning red from him biting it. 


You swiftly pick him up and sit him on the large windowsill. He starts to grope at himself, not taking his eyes off you, but you want his hand away from himself.


He whines but you shush him. 

“Not touching. Just feel it, pup. Feel your body prepare itself for breeding.” You bare your teeth at him and growl at the end of your sentence, it hits Tae in a way that makes him throw his head back and gasp. He looks down at his body as his thighs start to shiver and heat surges under his skin. 


“Neomi- Neomi I-it’s s-so much! I-It almost hurts!” Tae breathlessly pleads. Beads of sweat start to accumulate on his forehead and neck. You lick at his neck to soothe the shaking omega.


“You’re not regretting this, are you pup?” You grumble into his ear before letting your hands guide his shirt up more and more.


He shakes his head furiously,

“No! F-fuck no I don’t regret this- I don’t regret you giving me this- Ouh!” 


Tae suddenly arches his back and has to choke down a moan. The pain clearly subsiding and churning inside into pleasure and want. His eyes, you can see the animal shift inside him. 


Yours is ready to attack.


Taehyung’s hands act as if they don’t want to be off of you, so when you go to take his shirt off he whines about having to not be touching you.


“Pup… let me undress you. Be good for me.”

You purr at him.


He huffs but allows you to lift off and fling his shirt away. You instantly start to kiss and lick down his collar and chest. Praising how pretty his body his and how good he smells. Taehyung coos at it. He tugs at your shirt while he shoves his face against your neck. He’s taking in the alpha pheromones like long drags on a cigarette. You take to discard the top clothing before kissing Taehyung with vigor. You swallow his small cries as you grind up against his now very tight pants. You start to work on getting rid of those once you feel them becoming damp from his wetness. Once you get all of his clothing off you make sure it’s far enough to where it won’t get stained. Tae’s things are always a little pricey.


Once Tae is bare in front of you, you pull away for a moment. He makes a confused sound and his eyes lazily open. He sees you looking at him, looking at every inch of him. He feels red burning at his cheeks when your tongue flicks out to wet your lips. 


“Turn over, pup. Hands and knees.” 


“But I-I can’t look at you i-if-“


“Are you disobeying me? Like a bad pup?” You lean forward, the alpha wanting to make the omega squirm and submit. 


Tae shakes his head softly and instantly starts to turn over. Your hand guides his upper body to rest down on the window seat while his knees keep his ass up. You watch as slick slowly runs drown his thighs and his cock twitching and dripping.


“Such a pretty view, such a pretty omega.” You purr. Your hands caressing his plump thighs and ass. He’s always had such a soft plump body. 


You give his right cheek a sudden smack and it makes Taehyung jolt. His sharp gasp causing the window to fog up.

You look up and see as the fog dissipates, and then, an evil idea.


You lean down enough and bite at the supple fat of Tae’s ass while you let two fingers slip over his soaked hole. Taehyung surprises you when he forcefully pushes himself against them, causing them to go two knuckles deep. His hands clench and tremble as he cries from the sudden intrusion he was starved for. 


“Oh, baby, were you this needy all along?” You slowly start to lean up to be next to Tae’s ear. Your fingers starting to sink deeper as you do.


“Were you wanting an alpha like me to come along so badly that you’d even fuck yourself on their fingers… while showing off to so many people on the street?” A sinister smile blossoms as Taehyung’s eyes shot open.


He’s met with the view of a good several stories up, facing a busy intersection and walkway. Plus many many other buildings with windows as well. Office buildings and apartments. Anyone could see him, anyone could see how desperate he had been to become an omega. 


Taehyung’s breathing his shaky and quiet before you lick at his ear and thrust your fingers a few times, pulling him back into the moment. 


“N-Neomi Wait! A-anyone could s-see..” Taehyung says with little sounds of pleasure popping up from your fingers fucking closer to his prostate.


“Good. Let them.” You grunt as you feel pre-cum staining your pants. Time to lose them.


While you unbutton and shimmy the jeans low enough to let your cock free from its caged binding, Taehyung whines as he can hardly see from over his shoulder. You chuckle and kiss his cheek. You rest a knee on the window seat and suddenly hold Taehyung up and put his upper body against the window. 


He struggles to make a complete sentence, pure embarrassment from the scene plus the cold glass window against his hot skin. 




You reach up and grip onto his chin. His cheek puffing up from the action,

“You know better, pup. What do Good omega’s day when they wanna get fucked? Hm?”


Taehyung’s eyes water from the pleasure and sting from the words. He’s good. He’s a good omega. 


“A-alpha, please, please please please pleeeaaase alpha! Fuck me in front of all these people who could see me- I-I want everyone to know I’m a good omega. I am. I promise alpha I am! I promise! Please!”


Tears start spilling down Tae’s puffed cheeks, you lean in and whisper, “My good boy…” before licking the tears away. You position your cock perfectly against his twitching entrance. You give a single beat of silence before slowly letting yourself thrust up into the warm wet heat. You savor it. Fuck, a fresh omega is always so good the first time. 


Taehyung reaches back and drugs his nail into your hip when you bottom out. His voice comes back to life in a desperate gasp of air and a long drawn out moan. 


“Is it too much, pup? Is alpha’s cock too big for you? I haven’t seen an omega shake and leak so much before.” You give a strong grind and Taehyung is in extasy.


“I-I’ve a-aah- aaannnh! Mmh- nuh- never d-done.. never h-had..” Taehyung’s words slur, but once the meaning hits you, your alpha inside practically howls.


“Pup… omega… you let me be your first?” You ask quietly.


Taehyung shakingly nods. 


“W-wanted you to be t-the one to d-deflower me ever since I-I found out you were an a-alpha.” He hiccups a few times in his words.




This is a rabbit hole you didn’t see falling down today.


You don’t stop yourself when you’re suddenly thrusting and grinding with a speed Taehyung wasn't expecting. You drool at the omega’s virgin hole and how it clenches perfectly. You feel the air rushing through your teeth as your grunt from the strength you start using. Your alpha inside you is screaming to mark him to the point do no return.  Taehyung is practically screaming. His head lulled back as he nearly had gone limp. He’s gone from pleading to slow down to more more more more alpha. You bite your lip so hard as you watch the whorish expression through the glass on the omega’s face. Then you look down to watch just the fucking sight that is your cock fucking into the hole that keeps dripping slick furiously outside of it. Taehyung moans are absurdly lewd and loud. Every time your cock brushes past or pounds against his prostate it forces out a beautiful sluty choked out moan. His deep voice drips with hints of high whines and its gorgeous. 


“You enjoy this, don’t you pup? Letting all those good people know how good of an omega you are by taking alpha’s cock? You like letting everyone know you’re a good little knotting toy?-“

You lean in close to his ear.

“A breeding bitch?”


Taehyung’s body tenses, he but his hand shoots down and wraps around the base of his cock, and he squeezes. 


“F-fuuu! F-nnhhhH AHH!” his knees tremble before he’s able to calm down enough.


He just… denied himself orgasm.


You still yourself in disbelief and Taehyung peeks behind his shoulder, a little glint in his eye has yours widening.


“Alpha… I m-may  have been a virgin… but that doesn’t mean I’ve never had fun by myself before… a good omega doesn’t cum unless it’s together with the alpha.” 


He leans back enough to place a kiss on your slightly ajar lips. 


He pulls back once you start to chase his lips. He lets one eye shut softly before whispering.


“Please… keep talking to me like that, the way you did. It’s what I like.”


You are silent for a second, then, a chuckle, then a full chest laugh. A dark one. 


You reach up and slip your fingers into his hair. You grip it enough to push it softly against the window. You bottom out and keep yourself there.


“Little fucking minx in disguise… why am I not surprised.” 


Taehyung simply whimpers and bounces his ass back against you slightly. You give it a sharp smack before going back to your vigorous pace. Your brain is nothing but black sticky lust. Thoughts nothing but fuck, fucking breed, and knot. 

The entire time you fuck him against the window, it fogs up more and more. the window seat has a puddle of pre-cum and slick accumulating, and Tae's voice begging for you, the alpha, to knot him until only his inside will only be shaped to your knot and your knot alone.

This power inside you, this ego,


It’s growing.


Dangerously big.

Chapter Text


The way his back arched and his ass jiggled when you snapped your hips so hard it knocked the breath and spit out of him. He would always try to look back at himself like he was making sure he looked good enough to eat. Fuck you could just devour him. The heat was there, the tightness on your cock sending signals to your head that you were really to breed. Really to knot. So, you dug your nails into Tae’s plump hips mid furious fucking speed, and without warning, you pop your knot push past his sloppy pretty pink hole. 


Tae froze up and stiffened. His mouth hanging open with no sounds coming out at first before he swallowed air as he’d never breathed. He shivers and shakes furiously as he himself is tipped over the edge. His omega brain sings. Finally, his body is being given the proper breeding session. He’s serving an alpha like a good little pet. He’s in ecstasy. His cum splattered against the window with the force that was behind his orgasm. 


His sweet little cries and pleads to “stop” when your knot starts throbbing against his abused g-spot were even better when he tried to pull away, only for you to growl and shove him securely back onto your knot. The alpha inside you wasn’t finished with him. 


Once you started pumping cum into him, he was gone.


He went completely limp. His shaky hands reach down to feel against his lower stomach. He mumbled and moaned your name. Not alpha, but Neomi. You decided to let it slide and enjoy the heat. You heard his adorable little mumbles of “s-so full” and “am I-I a goo- I-is Tae t-Tae good?”


“Of course, even though you act like such a slut baby you’re still such a good little pup. A good omega who knows their place.” You purr into his ear. He gives a full-body shiver.






Some time passes, and you’re fucking him against the floor while keeping your hand firmly against his shoulder blades. His moans and grunts and screams slightly muted by the soft carpet. You feel another knot building but you get an idea, you slow down and then pull out, leaving him on the floor and you lean yourself against the wall. Still hard as fuck, you stroke yourself as you watch him slowly realize you weren’t pinning him down anymore as well as your cock wasn’t inside him. He whined and looked around. He carefully sits up to see you staring at him with red in your eyes. Your wrists flicking as you fuck your hand to the sight of him attempting to keep all the cum inside his sweet hole. 


You lick at your top lip before saying,

“Spread your legs, pup. Show how much of a bitch in heat you are for my cock.”


Taehyung swallows then stretches his legs out but instantly struggles because cum starts to leak from his ass. He reaches down to plug himself up with a small squeak. 


“Pup… what did I just tell you to do.” Your tone is in full alpha faze at this point.


“... t-to spread myself for you- b-but alpha, p-please all of y-your… it’ll come out, I don’t w-wanna be empty-“ Tae starts to beg frantically.


“Pup.” You quiet him.

“If you be good, I’ll fill you up all over again. You don’t want to disappoint me, do you Pup?” Your voice isn’t loud, but it’s almost scarily serious. It sends a feeling of lightning through Tae’s spine.


He shakes his head and bites his lip. “No… I-I’m a good Pup. I-I’m alphas good omega I-I’ll obey. I’ll obey-“ 


He shakingly spreads open his legs as much as he can. His fingers digging into his plump thighs to hold them wide. He whimpers at the feeling of the cum starting to dribble out but he keeps still. 


“Fuck… such a good little pet. So good, fuck.” Your head bumps against the wall before you motion for Tae to move with your hands. “Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to my pants. Get my belt.”


Once you say the last words Tae flinches. You chuckle, “I’m not punishing you yet baby, it’s not for that.” 


Tae takes a breath before crawling over and wobbly takes the belt out of the belt loops. He takes a second, looking at it in his hands before he puts it in his mouth. He crawls back over to you and sits patiently. 


Fuck you could cum all over his pretty face like that. 


“Good boy, my good little pup.” You stroke his head and cheek before taking the belt. Once you do though Taehyung can’t help himself when he leans it to take fat licks against your shaft. You groan at the disobedient action, it’s too fucking good to want to stop him. But you snap yourself out of it and softly pull against his hair. 


“You’ll get more in a second pup be patient. Lean back enough for me.” He gives you puppy eyes and pouty lips while he obeys. You take your belt, looping it around Tae’s neck and giving it enough slack so you can fit two fingers in between the belt and flesh. You hold the excess belt as if it was a leash and pull on it a bit. You see as Tae’s eyes become more and more faded with the realization of what you were doing. 


You pull on it just a bit to make breathing a bit of a struggle but not enough that it’s going too far. 


“Get up.” You snarl close to his ears. He frantically starts to get up and once he’s on both feet you instantly yanked him so he’s pinned to the wall. Your grip on his leash maintaining a stronghold while you plunge your cock back into his warm sloppy fucking heat. The cry Taehyung lets out is so broken yes is a broken sentence of him screaming “ YES!!” 


You fuck him so hard you have to pull against his collar to make his body meet your hips after each thrust. 

“Jesus baby, if I wasn’t wrong, it’d seem like you’re trying to get me to fuck you full of my pups. Is that what you are? Already a little slut for breeding little omega? Your body’s fucking meant for this shit, isn’t it? Fuuuck you’re holes throbbing pup- you like that?” 


Taehyung’s responses are only howls of pleasure and sloppy sentences that beg for more. “ Y-Yes! Ohh-oh! wahnt yuh-your pups- pups! Pleassseh!”


You lean in close to his neck and bite at the recent transformation mark.


If only… 

This pet play/ verbal humiliation/ name-calling fucking goes on for three hours. You actually every now and again would catch the time go by. And every second of it was as satisfying as it gets. After that you ended up fucking him on the couch, then the coffee table. Each time praising how good of a cock whore he was. How pretty pup looked with a slightly bloated tummy from all the cum. How cute he looked when he was crying as his eyes rolled back when you fucked against his prostate.


 The energy came crashing down and you pulled Tae into a close hold while dragging yourself to his specific room. You go to set him on the bed and run to grab something to clean you both up with but he cries when you try to pry away from him. You can’t stand the sad noises, but you hush him and promise to be right back. Once you finally are able to roll him into a blanket cuckoo to keep him cuddled and warm you sneak away to grab stuff to clean him up with. You end up laying there with him while cleaning him up. You take your time while giving Tae kisses on his forehead. He borders on falling asleep but always shakes himself so he can look at you. The fourth time he does it you can’t help but break out into a bit of laughter.


“Taehyung, if you need to sleep then sleep.” You say softly. Honey coating your words like a good alpha should. He makes a struggled sound as he curled himself up against you.


“I can’t help but want to look at you Neomi… you were… god, you were amazing and I’ve never thought that I’d get this chance…” Tae’s voice is slightly groggy and sleepy but he keeps his soft gaze on you. You stroke his cheek, pride building up like smoke from a chimney from hearing his words. Pleasing such a beautiful new omega is now your favorite past time. Especially if they’re the ones you genuinely love and want to protect. 


“You know… you took more loads then Joonie or Hoseok did.” You chuckle as Tae mouth widens at the sudden lewd fact. But then it changes to a thinking expression. Then a Cheshire Cat smile.


“Tae Tae gets to brag about that, don’t I Alpha? Tae Tae gets to tell his hyungs he took so much cum it made his belly pump and soft?” Taehyung says while pressing his body against yours. 




“Tae Tae can do anything he likes but can’t promise those hyungs won’t want to one-up you.” You tease as a warning


Tae huffs a bit, “So, Tae Tae was still first.” 


You hum, “Yes you were baby… alpha’s pup did so well. Did so well and looked so pretty.” 


You kiss Tae’s temple and he flushes. He hides into your neck and curls himself into your warm arms. 


“Such a cute omega..”


… what


“Come now, you’d have to agree. He’s practically putty in our arms. He feels safe. We are doing our job well.”


Your eyes open wide and you try no to freak out as you hear this deep dark voice echo in your brain. Your eyes dart around as you try to find the source. 


“You are making us look insane, quit that. I’m in our head!” The voice echos. It’s right, it’s in your head.


Whoa. Okay. Okay maybe you just haven’t drunk enough water- or maybe you have fucked too much-


“HA! Too much?! We haven’t had enough and you know that.”


“Shut Up!” You hiss very very quietly for a moment only for Tae to snuggle closer to you and mumble as he clearly is falling asleep. You take a second to breathe and NOT think.


“Okay… who are you? And why the fuck can I hear you in my head.” You ask yourself in your head to test the waters.


“I am you, you are me. We are us. I am ancient yet you are young. I’ve always been here.”


That’s not terrifying.


“Stop speaking in fucking riddles and explain in STUPID if you will?” You have an attitude in your mental tone.


The voice audibly sighs “I am the alpha within you. I am what makes us the powerful alpha we are.”


You frow your brows for a moment. What? You presented when you were 12, an early bloomer, and NOW you're hearing this voice in your head?


“You know I can hear that.”


You make a slightly bothered expression.


“Alright then- alpha side of me. How come I’ve never heard of you from other people. Other alphas, hm? How do I know your not some governmental chip in my brain- I WILL GET PLIER DON'T TEST ME.” 


“Stop talking crazy. You merely awoke me, very few alpha’s can reach their full potential as their ancestors did. You transformed three beats into omega’s in the past 28 hours. That’s more than any single alpha might in their lifetime if any at all.”


The words actually sink in. That… seems logical? Really you suppose it’s not that crazy of a thought. It’s rare for people to do what you’re doing, it’s kinda taboo but nothing insane. But the voice is right, you’ve transformed Joonie, Hoseok, and Taehyung in what would be an afternoon, evening, and morning. 


You go to chew on your lip while you think and- Ow!


You flick your tongue out to lick at the little pinprick but you feel something in the way. You’re eyes widen and you slowly start to pull away from Tae’s peacefully sleepy body. He whines a bit but doesn’t wake. You want to stay and hold him but this is more important. You put a pillow in your place for him to hold as you rush quietly out the room and down the hall to the bathroom, nearly ramming yourself into a wall while at it.


Once you get in there and flick on the light your eyes widen at the sight.


Your k9’s have grown longer, your nails grew longer and sharper, your eyes went from the ones you knew to piercing with the color gold.


“What the fuck…”


“What’d I tell you, once I was awoken, our body started to fit into the role of an alpha in rut.”


“That doesn’t explain why I look like I’ ma  half-assed horror movie make up job!” You say out loud.


“Actually, you and everyone in the world knows this DNA we have stems from wolf biology.”


“Okey expert alpha in my head then why the fuck do I never see this shit ANYWHERE ELSE-“


Your body flickers from completely weak to forced to look straight into the mirror. Your eyes red, like you’re not looking in a mirror but at someone else. 


At the voice.


You’re snarling and speak in the voice that’s in your head. You aren’t speaking, those aren’t your words out of your mouth, it’s the alpha’s.




Your control is shot back into with force and you have to hold yourself on the dip of the sinks with weakened legs. You cough at the rough voice that was used in your vocal cords. 


“Jesus- *cough* what the hell did you do!”


“We are the same person. I can come out whenever need be. Of course, you are still getting used to me, but in time we should be in unison. I may be something that’s ingrained into your DNA. but it still means I’m apart of you.”


“... I’ll listen, and I’ll see how this goes, but don’t you ever speak to the boys like that. Ever. You hear me?” You give yourself a glare in the mirror.


“I would never, just like you would never.”


You take a deep sigh as a lot of the anxiety lifts off your back. You take a longer look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe you should bring this up with the boys? Ah.. maybe. The only ones here are Tae and Jin and only Tae has… 






You get flashbacks of Jin’s request from you earlier today. He’s still in his room.


“In his room, probably still waiting.”


You walk out of the bathroom and look towards his room door. Fuck, you two didn’t talk about the scene or anything. Well… let’s put those improve skills to work.


You slowly make your way to the door. You go to knock but then stop yourself…


“He doesn’t know when you’ll be coming in… he doesn’t expect you. Remember, it’s on our time.”


You go from the knocking motion to going for the door handle and slowly opening the door. The only light was from a little opening in the blackout curtains. It was quiet. You take a step inside and quietly shut the door behind you. It smells like soft perfume as you make your way to the large bed in the middle of the room. 


And there he was… sound asleep. 


His plump lips, soft features, resting eyes. He actually changed into silky blue pj’s as you can see. He’s laying on his side and it shows the sweet little figure he’s sporting.


“Good enough to eat.”


“I’d have to agree with you on that one…” you say back mentally.


“Sagittarius was the safe word, right?”


“Mmh… it was… fuck I’m just- nervous to make a move. I know he talked about it and we agreed-“


“We both know you want to.”


“Fuck- I want to please him. Of course I do. He works so hard and is so smart. He is so sweet to the boys and has an aura to him that is so sweet.”


“Yet he wants you to pretend like it’s Non consensual.”


“People have their kinks… I just… I don’t know where to start. Do I wake him up- do I just start jerking off over him fuck I don’t know!”


“Maybe- let me in control alongside you. Trust me.” 


“That’s not sus whatsoever.”


“Do you want to please him to the best of your abilities or what?” 


You look Jin’s resting body for a moment before nodding, “Alright… do whatever idea you have.”


You then feel a buzz inside your chest. A ring in your ear and suddenly you could taste the smells around you, making your mouth water. It kind of made you dizzy but you blink a few times. 


“Look at him… perfectly vulnerable. Completely pliant to the world.”


You gulp at the words as you focus on Jin again. Your eyes continuing to land on his beautifully full lips.




You want to fuck his mouth


Something clicks. When it does, you feel… good.


You feel pretty fucking good.


You roll your shoulder and neck as they feel like they need to be loose. It’s like a little surge of static that you can feel in your fingertips. 


You slowly take a few steps forward towards the bed and go to the side where Jin’s back is facing you. You see visions of you starting this off so many ways, but you go whatever way this falls into place. 


Slowly you crawl up into the bed and slip next to the warm curved body. You let your hand softly slip onto Jin’s him while leaning close to his neck. You could wake him up with the bite… but that’s no fun. There should be a build-up before the explosion. 


You bite at the silk that’s blocking you from scenting him, so you reach over and start to cut all the buttons off with your nails so you can shed him of the shirt. You surprisingly are able to get it off of him. You are drooling at the empty canvas that is his back. A beautiful deep honey color that deserves hickeys and teeth marks. Your marks.


You can’t help the thundering heartbeat as you lean in and dare a kiss against his shoulder. Then another. Then another. Then, a flat tongue swipes to get a taste of him. Just a bit. 




Jin’s groggy groan cuts the silence with a blade. His body stretches as he wakes.


The adrenaline.


You can feel the pumping of your blood on the top of your tongue. In your teeth .


He feels up his arm at first. Then confused as to why he’s gotten so cold. 


Your lip twitches as he looks around for a moment but you see his ears beginning to turn beet red. 


Make a move.


You leaned in close to his ear and whisper,

“Good morning gorgeous.”


Jin’s reaction was instant. He jumped with a squeal throwing himself over the side of the bed. He looks up when he’s stabled himself against the floor. His eyebrows raise and he shrinks a bit.


“N-Neomi… You scared me- h-heh you know I'm scared… easily..” Jin looks down at his bare chest and he goes to cover up. 

“I s-swear I had a shirt on-“


“You look better without it.” You purr out. 


Jin looks up in genuine shock. Your voice seems.. different. Then he really gets a good look at you and his entire face turns red. You’re not in anything but low hanging boxers. You start making your way closer to his edge of the bed and he starts to back up a bit.


“Y-you- my god Neomi I’m sorry I didn’t realize you w-were without clothes I-I can leave-“ Jin starts panicking a bit. Visibly swallowing as his eyes dart around avoiding your deadly ones.


“Oh, always the sweetest little thing. Quit it for once.” A smug smile grows on your face as you set off the bed and closer to Jin Who now stands up and still backs up each step you take forward.


“I-I don’t understand?” Jin says as he covers his chest up more and looks behind him before he backs into his dresser. You get so close. Lean in closer just to smell his soft smell that’ll soon erupt with intensity. 


“You’re so sweet… so sweet and caring all the fucking time and it’s driving me, crazy.” You chuckle at the end of the sentence. 

“It makes me want to ruin that pretty little face and kind smile even more.” 


Jin visibly shudders. 


Was that good? Was it too much?


You whisper, “What’s your color babe?”

He instantly gasps and hushed out, “Green!”


{What do you mean color? What does he mean by green?} The inner voice asks

(It means he’s mentally and physically okay for me to continue doing what I’m doing for this scene.) You explain, mentally rolling your eyes at the disruption


“What’s wrong, my pretty little prince? Alpha got your tongue?” 


“Neomi y-you’re scaring me.” Jin dares to look into your eyes. His tremble when your eyes meet. 


“Mmh… if this is scary, then I’m about to be a nightmare.” Your hand reaches up and grips Jin by the arm, he whimpers and pulls himself away and attempts to run for the door. In two strides you have your arms caged around his waist. He starts kicking about, thrashing and pleading. 



“I think we need to quiet that mouth of yours.” You walk him over to the bed where his back is to the bed while he’s on the floor on his knees. You grip his hair enough to look at you. 

“Perfect height for you.” you grin is wicked as Jin realizes the position he’s in. His shaky hands reach up to protest but you frown and growl before barking out-




Jin freezes. His eyes shimmer as his breathing quickens. He doesn’t know what to say or do. He waits for your call.


“Good… now, put your mouth to some genuine use.”


Jin’s bottom lip quivers before his hands slowly rise to the hem of your boxers. He swallows thickly before he starts to pull on them. You lick your teeth and huff while you watch the acting leave Jin’s expression for a moment. Once you’re exposed and throbbing against your stomach Jin’s expression screams that he’s wanting. He blinks and shakes his head a few times before he goes back to “hesitating”. You shudder at the feeling of his slightly chilled fingers wrapping around your shaft. He strokes it softly and looks up at you with the most beautiful shimmering eyes that beg. You brush pieces of hair out of his eyes,


“Go on beautiful… “


Jin whimpers at that before carefully opening his mouth. He lets his tongue poke out so he gives a few licks while watching your reaction to see if it was substantial. He stills for a moment, then, softly closes his eyes while slowly taking you into his mouth. His hands tremble against your thighs and he holds onto them for dear life. He starts to suckle and bob his head. His tongue hugging against the shaft as he swallows each time he gets as much as he can into his mouth.


Fucking hell


How is this a fearful blowjob- fuck it not questioning it


You groan and caress the back of his hair as he slowly works your shaft. His sweet wet sounds and whines coming muffled from his mouth are fucking delicious. 




You grasp the back of Jin’s head, you lock eyes with him and whisper


“Let me fuck your throat… tap one for yes, twice for no.” 


Jin’s eyes glaze over and he taps his pointer finger against your thigh once… 




You push Jin’s head forward while thrusting forward. You groan at the warm slippery heat that envelopes your cock. Jin shivers and swallows on instinct. You keep an eye on his expressions, he looks like he’s in pure bliss. Tears are falling from his eyes as you fuck his pretty lips and throat but he’s taking it like a professional. Spit dribbles on the corner of his mouth each time you thrust forward.


“You’re fucking swallowing my cock- and you acted like you didn’t want this. If you could see yourself I wonder if you’d get embarrassed with  how much of a whore you look like with an expression like that.”


Jin moans and knits his eyebrows together, his fingers digging into your thighs as his hips start to stutter. You stop your movements as you notice his body shaking. He starts breathing heavily through his nose and moaning with each exhale. 


He… did he just cum?


You stand there wide-eyed, your heart skipping a few beats. He really just came from you fucking his mouth.


You feel your blood practically vibrating when you pull yourself out of his mouth. Jin gasps like he hasn’t tasted the air in weeks. He looks up confused but you swiftly pick him up and let him fall back onto the bed. You crawl over him, fuck, you feel the pulse in your teeth. You make a growling noise that almost has a clicking sound in it as you nose and smell around Jin’s neck. While doing that your sharp nails come up to pull Jin’s PJ pants down. You chuckle when you see the sweet mess he had made mere moments ago. Jin looks at himself in slight embarrassment. But he speaks up in a shaky voice,


“Neomi- p-please y-you can do what you want, I-it’s okay I know that you can’t hear me through y-your alpha b-but it’s okay. J-just don’t b-bite.” 


Your eyes flick up to Jin’s, he freezes his movements as best he can as he sees you get closer to his face. He closes his eyes in “fear” as you look at the details of his beautifully sculpted face. 


“So beautiful… Jin, sweet handsome prince…” you coo out in a deep rich tone. His eyes peak open and you place a soft kiss on his nose, then his cheek, then his chins. 


“So cute… You think you have a choice…”

Jin’s eyes widen.


“Oh… baby doll, after cumming to the feeling of me fucking that pretty mouth of yours, I have to claim you as my own… it’s only right. Don’t you think?” You grip Jin’s chin and kiss his cheek one more time before he starts stuttering out objections. But you already start kissing your way down his body. His neck, his chest, his stomach, and hips. All the way down to his still hard dick that rests against his thigh. You start by licking up the little mess he had made of himself. All this time, Jin’s persona fades and melts. He tries to act out more and more but the feeling is getting to him. When you lick up his shaft he squeaks and grips onto your head. His breathing is getting faster and his thighs start to quiver. 


“My sweet little prince… have you given in already?” You watch as Jin struggles to look down. But when he does he bites his lip. 


“Tell me, Jin… how bad do you wish to be an omega.” Your eyes flash dark as your fangs grow visibly. Jin lets out a soft wanting moan. It’s too much for him.


“Please! Oh god please a-alpha- I need this, Neomi, I need this, please. This ain’t the act- I want it! I’ve wanted this for too long! No more teasing! Just- please!” Tears well up in his eyes as he begs.

“How could I say no to such a pretty prince. Your wish is my command.” 


You place on last kiss on Jin’s left thigh before licking a place where you feel the pulse the strongest. Then, bite.

Jin’s voice has always been strong, he’s a theater actor after all and has to get his voice to reach large audiences. But the wail he lets out punches through the sudden silence like an arrow through a fog. You have to grip his hips to make sure he doesn’t jerk too hard. Yet he’s shaking all over as your chemical is pumped into his systems. Once you feel the chemical empty you extract your teeth and lick at the mark left. Jin starts to breathe quicker, his hands grip at the messy sheets as his back arches. You crawl back up to be close to his face and once he sees you, his arms wrap around you. His nails dig into your back as he looks at you in explosive sensory feeling. 


“Breathe, my little omega… let it happen, let it work its magic.” You whisper before placing a kiss on his lips. Jin’s eyes flutter shut and he pulls you back into kissing him when you start to pull back. 


How cute


You lose track of time, you just get lost in Jin’s plump soft lips. You swallow every sound he makes. You smell his scent erupting, French vanilla with a hint of cherry. Decadent as usual. Jin’s body squirms as he feels the changes happen inside. You are able to keep him busy while the little pinches of pain pass as his body transforms within minutes. His face softens as you feel him start to grind against your thigh. He fully pulls away from the kiss and looks at you with a new aura surrounding him. A single tear falls from his eye and he blinks a few more away. You swipe it away and whisper,

“Why the tears, my beautiful prince?”


“I just… I hope our little scene didn’t make anything wrong or bad-“ you push your finger against his lips and smirk.


“Now you know I know better, little omega… a simple scene won't deter me, don’t let worries ruin YOUR moment.” You kiss him once again and he whimpers in bliss. Jin’s legs slowly start to wrap themselves around your waist. Your kisses and small bites trail to his neck. He whispers “ please” into your ear over and over again. You groan and rut yourself against his thigh mindlessly. Your brain chanting


Breed him, breed him

Knot him, knot him

Make him yours, just like the others.


You pull yourself up and back enough so you can properly see when you fuck him. Jin also can’t help but look, his eyes glazed with lust. 


A part of you wants to stretch him first, use your fingers. But your nails were too sharp but also… you just- can’t wait anymore. You let the tip of your cock gather the slick that’s starting to flow beautifully out of Jin’s hole. You spread him apart a bit to watch the shimmering slick. Jin pleads with you, please please PLEASE-

Your feel your heartbeat pounding in your neck. A numbing in your head and soft hum in your ears. Then…


“Please! Alpha j-just take me, inside and o-out!- AAH!”


Your hips push yourself past the hot, slippery, tight ring. A rough groan you let out harmonizes with Jin’s sharp cry as you bottom out instantly. Your eyes flick up to Jin’s face, you see his eyebrows high and knitted together. His mouth open as a slew of moans and cries erupt from each breath. 


Jin shudders as he feels you throb inside him, your hips wanting to grind but you hold back to let him get used to it. But Jin has other ideas, no, he wanted this now. His hips start to sway and roll. His hands reaching up to pull his legs closer to him while he practically grinds down onto your cock. It feels too good, fuck, you feel lucid. 


Your hands shoot up to grip onto one of Jin’s legs. You let the other fall and you position so Jin’s on his side while one of his legs is over your shoulder and the other is pinned by your leg. Jin looks like he’s about to come once more just by looking at himself. Completely confined in your grasp, no getting away from this. He would want to.


Your hips snap and it shakes Jin back into the present. The sudden jolt of pleasure making his eyes roll up a bit. He’s babbling and trying to form a sentence but nothing is coming out properly. Your revel in how the pleasure is making his thoughts melt right in front of you. He’s rendered completely fucked out by the time you get a medium pace with a harsh forced thrust going. The loud sounds of skin against skin echo with Jin’s cries of 


“ALPHA! Yes! F-fua! Ohh-OO! Oh! Fuuu-uuuck me- *hic* aaahhhn!”


The sheets at this point were soaked in the amount of slick Jin was producing. You watch as your cock disappears inside the velvety warmth with each snap of your hip. How his insides hug around you, this knot is coming on too quickly.


“Already about to knot- shit! Jin you’re so pretty taking my cock. Wanna breed you-“ your fingers dig into Jin’s thigh, a little bit of blood is drawn but it only makes Jin drool.


“Want to mark you inside- make sure you’re marked of ME for MONTHS just like the others.”

You feel your knot starting to swell as it catches on Jin’s rim. Jin’s top half has gone completely limp at this point. He’s practically just letting you use him. 


Make m-mee-ahah! Make my insides only for alpha- only for you! Aahhu! You feel so fucking good god oh fuck! Ohhh fuuuck alpha! Alpha c-cum I’m c-cumming!”


Jin’s thighs start spasming as his cock thins a few moments before cum sputters from the tip. Once it subsided though, Jin’s crying from the overstimulation. Your uneven and harsh thrusts make the bed knot up against the wall. The humming in your ears starts again and you feel yourself too over the edge. 


You have a few more sloppy thrusts before grinding your knot to lock inside. Jin’s mouth hangs open in a silent scream before he inhales and wails in a kind of pleasure he’s never had. His body giving one last tense up before he’s putty in your arms again. You grit your teeth once you feel the cum pour and pump into the fresh omegas insides.


Jin’s hands shiver as he rests it on his lower stomach. His cock giving a few jolts of life as he feels the Heat envelope his new womb. 


It’s too much


Jin’s toes curl and his hole clenches, making you grunt. Jin’s body starts shaking and his eyes roll back. 


Holy shit


He’s cumming dry


He’s having a dry orgasm


You instantly pull him into a hold where you have to grind more into him but wrap your arms around him. Jin’s whimpers and moans in your ear while you continue emptying your load inside him makes you want to fuck into him with your knot but you can’t with what’s happening. Jin’s body feels like a lightning bolt that mellows down into a feel like a pool of sparks. 


His eyes are flutter as he attempts to recover his stolen breath. You watch him to make sure he’s alright as he rests his head on your chest. His hand weakly grasping around you as he whispers ‘thank you’ over and over.


What a sweet thing… thanking me for such a thing. Such an act.


You kiss his temple, then whispered back.


No need to thank me, sweet prince. I’d do it all over again. Your wish is my command after all.”


Jin’s lips softly form a shy smile as he hides his face against your neck.


You suddenly are aware of the way Jin curls against you. He feels protected, he feels safe. All because of you.

All because of you.