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Self Discovery

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Serizawa and Dimple had been standing right behind Reigen (well, Dimple was floating). Reigen was showing them a new poster for the office on his laptop. Serizawa had been absorbing the new (frankly ugly) poster design. Reigen was great at customer service, but never did have an eye for design. Reigen also didn't seem to believe in taking multiple photos; he wasn't an ugly man, there had to be a better shot of him. 

Serizawa looked at Dimple for validation that he wasn't the only one here who thought the poster needed to be completely redone. Serizawa wished relief rushed through him when Dimple gave him a look of distaste because it confirmed his opinion, but it also confirmed the fact that this poster needed a massive rework. Serizawa looked back to the laptop screen and leaned in to really take in the clashing colors and poor font choice without realizing that in doing so, he was tipping his cup forward as well. The rest of the liquid spilled out of the cup, most of it right onto Reigen's white shirt. Serizawa had been nursing the cup of tea for a while so it wasn't hot, thankfully, but Reigen still jumped at the contact, and bumped back into Serizawa.

Serizawa was now apologizing profusely: "I'm so sorry, I should have been more cautious!"

Reigen, however, was standing up staring down at the stain, as if calculating something.

"I can't hide this, and I can't look like this if a customer comes..." Reigen only stated it as a fact, no emotion behind it, but Serizawa took it hard anyway.

"I can, um... can we wash it?"

"Of course not!" Reigen said sharply, but no malice towards Serizawa behind it.

Dimple spoke up: "You know, you have a spare shirt stored here somewhere in case something like this happened."

Reigen clicked his tongue. "You're right, I have a spare shirt in a closet somewhere. Serizawa, lock the door for me so no customers barge in? I'm gonna change out of this." Reigen had already removed his jacket, and started to unbutton the top of his shirt. Serizawa took a few steps towards the door until, when he made it to the middle of the room, he realized he could just lock the door from where he was with his powers. Once he heard the lock click, he turned around. When he saw Reigen, he froze.

Reigen's collarbones were completely visible. Serizawa had seen Reigen nude before, they'd seen each other in the onsen, but time had past since then, and now suddenly this felt different. Reigen wasn't even nude, but suddenly, it felt like Serizawa was seeing something he shouldn't be. Or, better put, he was being allowed to see this and only he got.

Which was weird. That is, it was weird to ascribe any special meaning to this. Dimple was here as well; Reigen simply wasn't giving a second thought to them being here. Why would he attach any special meaning to this from Reigen's end? Reigen was just changing out of his shirt-which he needed to remind himself that he ruined, by the way- and nothing more. Reigen wasn't showing him anything, Serizawa (and Dimple) was just there.

And yet, as he stared at Reigen until he reached the last button, and revealing what seem to be the makings of abs. Serizawa had never cared about Reigen's workout routine or if he even had one, but now Serizawa needed to know what he did, especially since Reigen had removed the shirt and revealed surprisingly toned arms. Again, why was he surprised because this was not something he hadn't seen? However, he also knew that he didn't catch the details like the last time.

Reigen walked away from behind his desk and went to a drawer. There was a shirt. Serizawa stared at Reigen's back and noticed how thin Reigen's waist was, and suddenly his mouth watered with the need to put his hands on Reigen's waist and hold him... Grab him and pull him towards him... Rub his hands up and down his back to see how smooth it was...

Oh, shit, oh this... Serizawa was not a stupid man and quickly realized what was happening and what it meant. At this point, he was running through when that happened, but all his memories were blurred together and fighting for the spotlight against the image of Reigen's shoulder blades.

Finally, Reigen buttoned up the shirt while Serizawa mourned the loss of the view.


Hearing his name shook him out of whatever panic attack was happening.

"Do you think you can do that?" Reigen asked.

Holy shit, Reigen had been talking?

"Can you, run it by me again?" Serizawa mumbled.

Dimple coughed. "I'll explain it to him Reigen, you go to the store"

Reigen nodded. Serizawa nodded as well not at all sure what was happening. Reigen was running off to the store?

When Reigen walked out of the office, Dimple spoke: "So you want to tell me what just happened there?"

Serizawa's eye's looked towards Dimple, not ready to show his face. "I'm not- what do you mean?"

"You're lucky it was just me in here and Reigen was moving in a rush. Nobody would miss you practically eye-fucking him."

Serizawa groaned. It wasn't like that, but he also wasn't sure what it was like. No point in denying what happened but he's still not sure what happened.

"I don't- I'm not sure, I never saw him that way before." Serizawa finally looked at Dimple, who was smirking, but at least not smugly.

"Interesting..." Dimple drawled. "Well, while Reigen's off to the store-"

"Why the store?"

"Needed something. I was barely listening either." he laughed. "Anyway, before he comes back, you probably have time to take care of that." Dimple gestured back towards Serizawa.

"Take of care of w-" Serizawa looked down at himself and saw that, and felt his face heat up. "Fuck."

"Please don't tell Reigen-"

"Of course not, but you should probably hurry up" Dimple suggested.

Serizawa locked himself in the massage room. There wasn't much time. He looked for a place to sit but he didn't think he should do it on the table where customers sat.

Standing it was then.

Serizawa unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled himself out above the band of his boxers. Serizawa didn't think twice when he grabbed the bottle of massage oil on the shelf in the room. He poured some oil out onto his hand and placed the bottle back. He coated his cock with the oil slowly at first. Then the image of Reigen's waist popped into his head and suddenly he wasn't touching himself enough. Serizawa grabbed himself at the base and began stroking himself. His breath hitched.

He wanted to feel Reigen's skin so bad. He wanted to feel the solid heat of Reigen's body underneath his hands. He wanted to grab him, hold him, feel him, drag his hands up Reigen's skin, and he still wasn't sure why. Serizawa pictured in his head his hands on Reigen's waist as he pounded into him from behind. What would Reigen sound like? He'd heard Reigen scream in fear, but what would he sound like screaming in ecstasy? The little grunts and moans he imagined Reigen making would be nothing compared to the real thing.

Mentally, Serizawa flipped Reigen onto his back. Where were they? Maybe outside at Reigen's desk. Reigen's legs were being held up by him. Reigen mentioned doing yoga. Surely, he was flexible enough for that. What sound would he make when Serizawa grab his cock and pulled on it? Or maybe Reigen wouldn't let him. Would he grab himself? Serizawa sped up his hand strokes. He wanted to taste Reigen so bad now. It wasn't a taste he wanted before and now he craved it. What would his skin taste like? Serizawa leaned up against the wall and propped himself up with his other arm. He was close to climax. He imagined himself leaning forward and licking Reigen's neck. Would Reigen be sensitive there? Would he whine like he was currently imagining he would? Serizawa wanted to kiss Reigen's collarbones so bad. How needy was Reigen when he was getting fucked? He imagined Reigen pulling his up towards him and kissing him with intent as he pounded away into him 

Serizawa moaned. He was so close. He moaned out loud and then immediately regretted it. Was Dimple still out there? probably, but what if Reigen got back already and heard that? He imagined himself covering Reigen's mouth gently because Reigen under him was so noisy, it's not like the walls were well built in the office. The Reigen in his head licked his fingers and when he imagine this slutty, greedy Reigen sucking a finger into his mouth, that hit Serizawa straight in the gut. He unsuccessfully tried to the stifle the cry that came out of his mouth. He fucked his hand through his orgasm. He barely held himself up against the wall, and when he was done, realized what he did up against that wall.

"Fuck, fuck..." he muttered and looked for something to wipe it up. A towel was hanging up in the room, he'd have to burn it later (thankfully, he'd calm down and realized he could clean them).

He zipped himself up and sighed. What just happened, where did this come, why was this happening?

He came out of the massage room, and Reigen wasn't back. Dimple had never left.

"I did what he asked you to do. Thanks for the show, though! Would have been boring otherwise."

Serizawa, embarrassed, just came out into the room. It really came out of nowhere, and he knew how properly fucked he was. He couldn't believe he just jerked off to his boss, but more so that he had to.

"You wanna talk about it, champ?" Dimple asked.

"I'm not even sure where to start..." and he didn't. However, even if he did know, Reigen had just popped in, and Serizawa pulled himself together as best as any person could in a half a second.

"How are things in here?" Reigen asked.

Serizawa, with the weight of what just happened to him and what he just did, smiled. "It's all good!"