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Explosive Minds

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Explosive Minds

Chapter One

Nowhere to Run

“Are you fucking kidding me? How long were you planning on hiding this? We are done. I can’t do this anymore. How many times do you expect me to forgive you?”

“Whatever. I can’t deal with you anymore. I’m too young to be tied down to one person. I’m sorry you had to see that, no matter what you think of me I still love you. I just need a break.” He said as he walked out of my apartment. I was so angry at him; how dare he. I found him getting his dick sucked by another woman in his car. We hadn’t been together very long, only six months, but I thought he was different. Turns out he was just another asshole. I was twenty, and free to do whatever the hell I wanted and being with him wasn’t it anymore. ‘I just need a break’ turned into I’m never calling you again, just as I had figured. Two months had passed and I was sitting in the doctor’s office. I had the flu horrible this year and needed some medicine. I walked out in shock. I didn’t have the flu. I was pregnant. This couldn’t be happening. I called my Mom in a panic on the other side of the country. She told me to come home immediately and everything would be fine. I quit my sidekick position and moved back home, angered and saddened at this turn of events. I was keeping the baby. Now I had to decide if I wanted to tell him. I knew I should, but he told me he didn’t want to be tied down, and this was the epidemy of that. He would hate me. He would think I trapped him. I was on birth control, I didn’t know what happened. Ultimately, I made the selfish choice to not say a word, not even telling my parents who the father was. We weren’t together long enough that they had met him. I didn’t need him to raise my child. I didn’t want him to feel obligated to me. The months passed and I eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Katsumi. She had teal hair and bright red eyes. Of course, she got his eyes. As the months turned to years, she became the spitting image of her father. The final nail in the coffin was when at four, her quirk activated for the first time and she blew up a toy she was holding. Instead of being afraid, she yelled “BOOM” loudly as she ran across the room. I shook my head. She was definitely Bakugo Katsuki’s daughter.

Staying close to my parents had been an easy decision. They loved Katsumi and helped me out whenever I needed them. When she started pre-school, I decided to go back to work part time. I missed hero work, it had been so long since I had that rush you get when you save someone or help a person. My quirk was telepath, and I mainly helped on search and rescue missions. I wasn’t a front-line hero. My quirk allowed me to search for nearby brain activity and locate and communicate with a person or people, even if incapacitated. As long as they were conscious, I could find them. I had been at the agency about three months and everything was going great. Inasa was a great boss and the Number Five Hero. His Gale Force hadn’t left many foes standing over the last few years. We had gone to the same school, Shiketsu High, and I always knew he would achieve big things. He was a bit on the weird side, but he had a good heart and intentions and the strength to help others. I was in my office when the call came in, a villain attack in the city. At a school…oh my god, Katsumi’s school! Inasa immediately bolted into my office.

“Sumiko! Come on! I’ll take you there.” He shouted as wind began to swirl around us. We were there in a flash; the whole front of the building was collapsed. My heart was racing, who would do this? Where was Katsumi? I saw some children gathered off to the side with emergency personnel surrounding them. No sign of her. I headed to the rubble and a police officer stopped me.

“Sorry, you can’t go…”

“I’m a pro hero. I’m here to help.” I said as I pushed past him, eyes landing on a few heroes already on scene. It looked like only the lobby had taken damage, the class rooms were still standing. Kids were streaming out and I heard a voice call my name.

“MOMMA!!” My heart sang. It was Katsumi. I whipped around and she was in someone’s arms, a bit of blood dotting her forehead and arms. I rushed to her and she reached out for me.

“Thank you! What happened?” I cried as I looked up at the man who had saved her. My heart almost stopped when I saw familiar ruby red eyes staring back at me from behind his mask, a confused and sad expression on his face. “Bakugo?!” I breathed as he stood before me. What was he doing here?

“This little one here used her quirk to stop the bad guy, isn’t that right?” WHAT?

“Momma, I talked to him in his head. Just like you told me I could one day. Then I blasted his face.” She giggled as I groaned. She finally developed my quirk. Shit fuck. I was hoping she wouldn’t, having Katsuki’s was bad enough.

“How old are you?” he asked her and she held out her hand and held up five fingers. “Five…” he looked at me again. It wasn’t hard to figure out. He wasn’t an idiot.

“Hello Sumiko. It’s been a long time.”

“We have the same eyes!” Katsumi shouted as she held her hands out to go back into Katsuki’s arms. I shut my eyes and lowered my head.

“I have to go make sure everyone is safe. But please, don’t leave. We have some things to talk about.” He said as he patted her on the head and headed back to the makeshift camp. He looked almost the same as he did back then. He had filled out, gained more muscle. His hair still looked like he exploded it. It had been almost six years since I had left without a word. I never expected to run into him, especially in this situation. Part of me wanted to run, he had to be furious at me. How could I not have told him? Part of me wanted to tell him everything, and that I had never gotten over him and hated myself for being so selfish. The medics checked her out and cleaned her up, the scrapes just minor ones. We headed over to a bench and sat down and she looked at me funny.

“What is it sugar?”

“That guy said his name was Ground Zero. Who is he?”

“He’s a pro hero. He usually works far away from here. I don’t know what he is doing in our city. Did he say anything to you?”

“I blasted him. He picked me up. He said he was here to save me and I told him I blasted the bad guy just like I did him. He said it didn’t hurt because he could explode things too. He smells like me.” She said as she twirled her hair. They did smell the same. Like caramel, because of their quirks.

“How did you talk to the bad guy?”

“Like this Momma. I just think real loud in my head and you can hear it, right?”

“I can sugar! That is excellent!”

“Why did you blow up the bad guy?”

“He was doing bad things to our teacher. He grabbed her. I yelled in my head to let her go and scared him. He dropped his knife and the teacher kicked it away and I blasted him, then we all ran out.” She was five years old and had stopped a hostage situation. This freaking kid was going to be the death of me.

“I know you did it to save your teacher, but I have told you before not to use your quirk to harm anyone. You can get into trouble, even if it is a bad guy. You are only five. I know you are strong, and I am very proud of you. But this can’t happen again, ok?”

“I know Mom. I’m sorry.” She pouted. I just shook my head. The police came and took her statement, pretty much the same thing she told me, adding in Katsuki had found her after getting separated from her teacher and ending up in the rubble. The bad guy wasn’t harmed, just stunned by her blast so she got off with a warning, and a thank you. I glanced up and saw Katsuki approaching and Katsumi waved. He smiled a warm, genuine smile back at her.

“I hope I’m not overstepping, but I was wondering if you ladies had dinner plans? I wanted to treat the little hero if I may.” Her eyes lit up and she turned to me.

“Please Mommy? Can we?” It was too late to turn back. I couldn’t run anymore. This was happening, and it was happening now. I smiled and nodded, allowing her to take his hand as we headed off to her favorite restaurant. She had asked about her Dad, more than once. I told her the truth, that he loved us but couldn’t be with us. That’s what I always believed, anyway.

“So, Ground Zero, what brings you to this side of the country? Vacation?” I asked as I sipped my tea. Katsumi was drawing on the paper menu with a crayon and looked up awaiting his answer.

“I actually moved here a few weeks ago. I’m working for Mora. He sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I have to say, I never expected…this.” He looked up at Katsumi with a grin.

“I never thought I’d see you again, and here we are.” Katsumi picked up on the mood shift and stopped coloring. I quickly changed the subject. “Mora is awesome. Katsumi, that’s the hero you like with all the hair.”

“OH YES! He is awesome! I want to grow my hair down to my feet.” She laughed playfully as I breathed a sigh of relief. I broke a rule of mine and talked into his head.

“We need to talk, but not in front of her. And not like this.”

“I agree. If it’s ok, I can come by your place later.”

“Give me an hour to get her to bed.”

I wrote my address on a piece of paper from my purse and slipped it to him as we got up to leave.

“Thanks Mr. Ground Zero.”

“You never told me your name, little hero.”

“Katsumi. See you later!” She smiled as his eyes met mine. They were filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. He had a daughter, but had missed the beginning of her life, and that was my fault. I felt horrible. I honestly never thought it would ever come up, until she was old enough to find him if she wanted. Looking back, I know how stupid that was. It was the worst mistake of my life.

She was exhausted from her adventure and passed out quickly after her bath. I was nervous. I acted calm in front of her but as soon as she was asleep and her door was tightly shut, I started to freak. I grabbed a bottle of wine and downed a glass. A knock came at the door and I wanted to slink away and pretend I hadn’t heard it. But I couldn’t. It was time. I opened the door and there he stood, holding a small purple teddy bear.

“I couldn’t come visit the first time without something for her.” He said as he stepped inside. I was nearly hyperventilating waiting for him to explode on me for being a cunt. He sat the bear on the table and sat on the couch as I shut the door and took a seat in my chair.

“Katsuki I…I’m sorry. I’m a horrible person for not telling you. I’m sure you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you. I’m sad, but I don’t hate you. The last thing I said to you was I didn’t want to be tied down. I understand. I’m not sure what I would have done back then to be honest. Does she know?”

“No. It’s not that I don’t want to tell her. I’m scared. I don’t want you barging into her life just to leave. I don’t want you to feel obligated at all. I can’t handle it if she gets to know you and you…decide you need a break.” I said with tears in my eyes. He hung his head.

“I understand. I was a shitty boyfriend and person then. Is there a father figure in her life?”

“Just my Dad.”

“I’m sorry. It must be tough doing it alone.”

“It can be, but she makes up for it.”

“Is it ok if I get to know her as a friend? I’ll prove to you I am worthy and let you decide when the right time is to tell her. Can we do that?”

“That means spending time with me. Will your girlfriend be ok with that?”

“We broke up months ago. It’s one of the reasons I took the job. I wanted a fresh start.” I smiled. Of all the places, of all the agencies he could have chosen, he chose here. He didn’t know we were here, but we all ended up together anyway.

“I would like for her to get to know you. I am ok with you tagging along places with us. She already seems to like you. She even said you smelled the same.” I grinned.

“I noticed the second I picked her up, just before she exploded my face. To say I was caught off guard was an understatement. Then when she saw you and pointed you out, I almost couldn’t believe it. Your hair is longer, but I knew it was you before you turned around. I almost dropped her.”

“I thought you would hate me.” He shook his head.

“Nope. Never. You did what you thought was best, and she is an amazing little girl. I just hopes she likes me as much as I like her.” I smiled at him.

“I think you two will get along great. You know, when her quirk first developed, she was holding a toy frog in her hands. It blew into tiny pieces all over the room and I thought for sure she was going to freak out. Instead she started hollering BOOM and running around the living room. That was over a year ago.” He grinned and laughed out loud.

“The first thing I blew up was a book. A comic book. Probably the only thing I ever blew up by mistake.” He laughed.

“We are going to the zoo on Saturday if you want to join us. And you are always welcome for dinner.”

“Thanks Sumi. I am really glad I ran into you.” He said as he stood and headed for the door. The feelings I was having needed to be stamped out. I could not allow myself to fall for him again, for Katsumi’s sake. She didn’t deserve to be put through hell for my mistakes. I went to bed conflicted. I knew in my heart I still loved him and wanted to make us work anyway we could. My brain screamed at me, reminding me what had happened last time. I fell asleep wondering which would win.

The zoo outing was a success, Katsuki really pouring on the charm. He made animal voices, carried her around on his shoulders, bought her candy and a stuffed monkey. When she asked me after we got home why he wanted to hang around, I told her we were the only people he knew here, and he liked hanging out with us.

“So, he’s your friend?”

“Yep, I knew him a long time ago.”

“He’s cool. He can hang with us.” She smiled as she held her hand up for a high-five. She was a super smart girl. If he kept hanging around, she was going to eventually put two and two together. Or someone else would.

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Chapter Two

Making it Count

The next six months were a blur. Katsuki spent five nights a week with us, watching movies, playing dress up, and just about everything else you could imagine. They had bonded wonderfully, she called him Zero. She loved saying it, and she would over and over. Her sixth birthday was in a few months, and she was growing like a weed. I was also enjoying spending time with him. He was different than he was back then. Calmer, more grounded. There were hints of flirting on his end, especially recently. He had been staying after she went to bed and we would chat. Sometimes about old times, sometimes about current things. Mostly about Katsumi. I told him all about her, what I made him miss out on the last five years. Tonight, we had just finished dinner when she yelled from the tv room.

“Come on Zero! It’s movie time!” She shouted with excitement. I laughed as he ran to the room, scooping her up and sitting on the couch as I did the dishes. He was proving he wanted to be around. Maybe it was time we told her. I joined them and by the time the movie was over, she was asleep in his lap. His hand was brushing through her hair gently as he watched her sleep peacefully and my heart nearly exploded. She only stirred a bit when he picked her up and put her to bed, shutting her door behind him as he sat back down next to me.

“I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s time we told her.” His eyes lit up.

“Really? Are you sure? I don’t want to rush you. She is an amazing little woman. I promise you I won’t ever cause her pain.”

“I know. I can see it in your eyes. You have changed a lot, Katsuki. I can tell you would rather get hit by a truck than hurt her. You had no reason to spend so much time here with her unless you were in it for the long haul. I thought you would be gone in a month.”

“You know she isn’t the only one I am here for.” He said as he took my hand in his. “You have no reason to trust me. I messed that up a long time ago. You know I tried calling you a few months after? I went to your apartment and someone else lived there. No one knew where you were. I moved on, but never forgot what a shit head I was. I acted like you were the bad guy when I was the asshole. I’ve never stopped being sorry. I don’t expect you to accept my apology. I just want to get along for Katsumi.”

“We were young, and stupid. I can’t allow you to take all the blame. I knew I was pregnant before I left and I chose to run. I should have told you. No matter how I felt, or how I thought you would feel, I should have told you. I accept your apology because if I don’t, how could I expect you to accept mine?” I said as I squeezed his hand. I leaned in and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Can we just start over? I mean…can we make this the beginning? Can we try it again? Is there any chance for us?” he whispered as he kissed the top of my head. I felt tears stream down my cheeks and exhaled loudly, trying to keep my emotions in check. My heart was screaming to tell him. Tell him you want him again. Tell him you wanted to be a family. My head was screaming no, don’t do it. What if he leaves again? Somehow, I managed to speak.

“It has to be the very beginning. I accept your apology, but I can still see you in your car that day. You have a lot of work to do to make me forget that. We can start with telling Katsumi the truth.”

“What did you tell her about me?”

“She asked a few times, I told her the same thing. That you loved us but couldn’t be with us. She never really questioned it. She asked once if you would ever come home, and I told her I hoped so.”

“I’m here now, and I’m not planning on going anywhere this time.” He said as he leaned in and kissed my forehead gently. He stood up and headed out, glancing back and giving me a huge smile. “I promise I’ll make you forget.” He said as he shut the door behind him. The conviction behind those words was so sincere even my head believed him.

We had just finished dinner and Katsumi was demonstrating how she could blast her dolls head off and make it fly into the wall when I decided it was time.

“Hey Katsumi, has Zero told you what his real name is?” He glanced at me and smiled. She stopped mid-blast and looked at him.

“No, I bet it’s cool!”

“It’s Katsuki.” Her eyes lit up.

“That’s almost mine! Katsumi and Katsuki!!” She beamed as she looked at me. Noticing the tears that had begun to form she crinkled her nose up. “Momma, why are you crying? Don’t you like our names?” I laughed as I wiped away the tears from my cheek.

“No honey, remember I told you sometimes people cry when they are happy? I am happy. Sugar, we need to tell you something. Remember when you first met him and you said you had the same eyes, and you smelled the same? You have the same quirk too, right? That’s because Katsuki is your Daddy.” She stopped for a second and looked at me, eyes widening a bit as she looked at him. A tear fell down his cheek as he smiled at her.


“Yes sugar, really.”

“Daddy?” she said as she turned and ran into his arms. He scooped her up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled. “You can be with us now?”

“Yes sweetie. You are stuck with me forever.”

“You will live with us?” ahhh, the mouths of children. I glanced at him and he shrugged.

“We haven’t really talked about that yet.” I tried to say but she wasn’t having any of it.

“He can sleep in my playroom. The animals are really soft to lay on!” she said excitedly as she grabbed his hand and led him down the hall. Moving in wasn’t exactly starting at the beginning. In all fairness, how could we really start at the beginning when we had an almost six-year-old? He had changed, and I had changed, it had been so long and maybe the past needed to stay there. Seeing how happy she was made me forget the shitty things he had done all those years ago. We were still kids then and holding that over him after what I had done seemed infantile. The only thing that mattered was Katsumi. I heard explosions from the playroom and shook my head. They emerged from the room and she came running at me. “Daddy is too big, even using ALL of my animals!!” she laughed as she ran past me.

“Sweetie, just because I don’t sleep here doesn’t mean I won’t see you all the time. I have to go home sometimes and feed my cat.”

“YOU HAVE A KITTY?” oh boy…the magic words were just spoken. She loved cats. LOVED them. She had been asking for one for the last few years. I shot him a look and he knew he was in trouble.

“I do, his name is King Explosion. He’s a pretty cool cat. I promise you can meet him soon, ok?”

“Ok I can’t wait!” She clapped excitedly before giving him a big hug. It was about her bedtime and she had a request. “Can you both read me a bedtime story? Please?” She said when she was done brushing her teeth.

“Sure sweetie, I can stay a bit.” He grinned as we headed to her room. She picked out her favorite book and had us alternate reading pages to her until she was sound asleep. We quietly left her room and headed back to the living room. “That…that was amazing. I didn’t know how she would react but that…our daughter is amazing.” He said as he sat on the couch. I sat beside him and nodded.

“She didn’t even flinch. I expected so many more questions. She just accepted it.”

“Thank you. Thank you for letting me in. You didn’t have to. I’m going to be the best man I can for you two. Now that I have you, I don’t ever want to lose you again.” No, don’t do it. Dammit. Yes. Yes, do it. I leaned in closer to him as our noses almost touched. I could feel his breath against my cheek as his mouth moved closer to mine. He caught my lips in a gentle kiss, soft and sweet that left me hungering for more. He pulled back and got up, clearing his throat as he grabbed his coat. “You can come by whenever to meet the cat. He is friendly and shouldn’t have a problem with her.” He laughed.

“Tomorrow works. If it isn’t tomorrow, it is the ONLY thing we will hear about until whenever it happens.”

“Then come over for dinner tomorrow. That will give her plenty of time to hang with him.” He snorted as I nodded at him.

“Sure. I need your address; I haven’t seen you place.”

“Oh yeah, here.” He jotted an address down and headed off. “Dinner will be ready at 6. See you both then.” He called out as the door shut behind him.

Our apartment wasn’t much, but it was perfect for the two of us. It was a two-bedroom flat in a sea of condos. I made a decent living as a pro, but because I was a recovery specialist I didn’t work as often as other pros. I was glad for that, because that meant there weren’t any major disasters happening. But I also didn’t rake in the bucks they did either. Last polling, I came in at 135 in the hero rankings. I didn’t pay much attention to them, but Inasa was really proud I had moved up 24 spots in one poll. If I broke into the top 100, then I would see substantial gains. They were the ones who got outside contracts and product endorsements. I couldn’t remember seeing Katsuki’s name in the polls, but I bet he was doing well for himself. I hadn’t followed his career and come to think of it, didn’t even know what he was ranked. He had never mentioned it. Katsumi was all talk as we headed to his house, asking out loud what color I thought the cat was, and if he would let her pick him up. We chatted the whole way, the walk wasn’t long and as we continued, I noticed we were in a nice neighborhood. The streets were lined with trees and large houses, all with yards and patios. I knew we were getting close and stopped on the sidewalk when he spotted us from his porch and waved. He lived in a mansion compared to us. Her eyes got big when she saw the huge yard and went running, almost tripping over herself as she flew to him. He grinned as he picked her up and twirled her around, waiting for me to catch up before going inside. We entered into a breezeway and followed him into a large living room off to the right. There, sitting on the couch was King Explosion. A very fluffy orange and black tabby cat with a giant poofy tail. She squealed and ran for him.

“Gentle Katsumi! He won’t like you if you attack him. Remember what happened with Tamadashi’s cat?” I hollered at her as she slowed her pace. She had gotten too friendly with the neighbor’s cat last year and it clawed her arm. I followed close behind as she reached out and stroked his back gently. He nuzzled into her hand and meowed quietly, allowing her to continue. She moved to his head and he stood and stretched, jumping off and running across the room.

“Don’t worry, it’s just his dinner time too. Are you as hungry as he is?” Katsuki asked as she laughed.

“Yes! But I don’t want cat food, ok?” She giggled as she grabbed onto my leg.

“Only King gets cat food around here. Come on, follow me to the kitchen!” King was eating his food already and ours was waiting on the table. “I hope you like ramen.” He said as he pulled the chair out for her. After she managed to pick all the green onion off, she started to eat. He grinned as he watched me do the same. “Noted, no more green onions. What did they ever do to you?” he smirked. She wrinkled her nose up at him.

“Onions are yucky.”

“They sure are.” I looked down and King was rubbing my leg. “Well hello there…” I was stopped when he jumped into my lap on the chair, almost spilling my food on the floor. I snorted as he headbutted my face, purring like crazy.

“Ha, he likes you Mom.” She laughed as she finished her food. After a few pets he jumped down and headed up the stairs. “What’s up there, Daddy?” she asked as she got up to follow King.

“Not much actually.” He rubbed his head as he followed her up the stairs. I quickly followed and joined them at the top. The first room on the right was empty. The one next to it had some boxes that he had never unpacked. The bathroom was across the hall, and last room was almost as big as the two small bedrooms combined. It was also empty. And pink. Her eyes lit up as she ran into the large room. The carpet was a fluffy lavender color that matched the curtains. There was a bench seat in the picture window and she jumped onto it and looked out the window.

“The master bedroom is downstairs. I only moved in here a few weeks before I ran into you two, so you know how much time I have spent here. This was going to be my office, but I never got around to it.”

“I want this room Daddy!” she cried as she flung open the closet door.

“Of course, it’s yours. We can pick out some stuff for it if you want, ok?”

“Ok.” She rubbed her eyes; she was getting tired. There was a lot of excitement today.

“Come on sugar, it’s time to head home and get to bed. One more day of school and it’s the weekend.”

“I’ll walk you home.” He said as he followed us out. She was barely awake when we arrived home, he had carried her most of the way and she was drooling on his shoulder. She slept through me changing her into her pajamas and I left her snoozing on her bed. He was waiting in the living room for me to return. “That went well. King seemed to like both of you.” He grinned. I sat next to him and laughed.

“Yep, I am still brushing off cat hair. So, I never asked, but after seeing your house today I am curious. You are high ranked, aren’t you?” He blushed a bit and nodded.

“You didn’t know? I was seventh in the last poll. I want to ask you something, and you can absolutely say no, but hear me out, ok? I bought my house with cash from my deal. I don’t owe on it. I didn’t pick it out for any reason in particular, I just liked the area and the price was really good. I was planning on remodeling the upstairs into a workout and office space, but I would rather have you two come live there. It doesn’t make any sense for you to keep paying every month when I have so much room to spare. The upstairs is bigger than this place, and you would have so much more room for all your stuff. If you don’t want to, I understand, but will have to insist on helping pay for this place if you stay.” I just stared at him. He was right, his place was bigger than mine. But moving in with him? I mean, best case scenario everything worked out. Worse case it didn’t. Katsumi would be thrilled having a yard to play in, and a room big enough for all her toys. He said give us the upstairs, which means he isn’t implying I would be staying with him. Not that those thoughts hadn’t begun to run through my head. They had, often. I was quiet too long and he started to backtrack. “It’s ok if you don’t want to, I don’t want to push you into anything…”

“I was thinking about how happy Katsumi would be to have a yard to play in. She always talks about her friend at school who has a yard and wanted to know why we didn’t. I want what is best for her, and I think that moving in with you is what she would want, don’t you?”

“She was super excited about the pink room.”

“I’m supposed to pay rent Monday. Can we get everything out by then or do we have to wait a month?” He smiled and laughed.

“We could do it tonight if you wanted. I will take care of everything. You can have both bedrooms upstairs. Maybe one can be an office. If the movers are here Saturday does that give you enough time?”

“Yep, no problem. I’m off tomorrow and will have all day while she is at school to pack. I still have everything from when we moved last time.”

“I’ll meet you for one last dinner here tomorrow, ok?” He said as he got up to leave.

“That sounds great. Let’s make this work Katsuki.”

“I want that more than anything.”

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Chapter Three

Power of the Mind

The movers had everything unpacked and put away by dinnertime. Katsumi couldn’t contain how happy she was to be moving in with King. Yes, that was what she was most excited for. She loved her new room, arranging her play furniture around and setting her dolls up for their own dinner before we headed to ours. I picked the room at the top of the stairs. I wanted to give she and I a bit of privacy. The room next to me was where I put all my work things, my desk, cabinet and other stuff that had come out of my small home office in my bedroom. I secretly wanted the room she was in, but I laughed at the thought of stealing it from her. What a horrible Mom I would be. Plus, after the thoughts I had been having about Katsuki, I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to be in my own room. He had been flirtatious since the day he arrived back into our lives but I had done my best to thwart his advances. It had been seven months; longer than we had been together the first time and I was having a hard time resisting my urges. He was so loving and gentle with Katsumi, and I was starting to fall for him all over again.

Two weeks passed and we had settled in nicely. We were a bit closer to school which was nice and having more than one bathroom with a five-year-old is always a plus. She spent most of her time in the yard or pestering King, who really didn’t seem to mind. We were almost finished with dinner when she announced she had a question.

“Momma, I heard something today in class that I shouldn’t have.”

“What so you mean, sugar? Like a secret?”

“No, my friend said that she didn’t believe me that my Dad came back. I yelled at her and she started to cry.”

“Why did she cry?”

“Because she said she didn’t say it. But I heard her.”

“It’s ok sweetie. Sometimes other kids are mean. I know, I was mean when I was little. You know I came back, so there is no need to worry about what someone else thinks.” He grinned as he rubbed her head.

“You were mean? But you are nice now.”

“Yep, I got wiser in my old age.”

“You’re not old Daddy!” She laughed as he grabbed her and tickled her as I cleaned the plates away. She said she had a question but didn’t ask one. She was distracted now and I brushed it off as a kid thing. She and I went to watch a movie and he went to shower. I was off tomorrow and was planning on catching up on all the laundry. The movie was half over when he returned, which was fine, because we had all seen it a gazillion times. He emerged from the shower shirtless, wearing only a pair of black sweatpants.

“I made it in time for the best part!” He yelled as he dove on the floor next to her. Damn, his ass looks good in those. Katsumi giggled and whipped around to look at me. I looked at her and froze.

“Momma said a bad word.” No. I had thought a bad word.

“What?” Katsuki said as she continued.

“Mommy said damn his ass looks good in those.” I felt my face flush and Katsuki looked amused and confused at the same time.

“Sugar, I didn’t say that out loud.” She looked at me with her eyes full of tears.

“That’s what my friend said! But I HEARD YOU!” She wailed as I sat in shock. There were different forms of telepathy. Mine allowed me to communicate with conscious people. I could only speak and converse with them. Some telepaths could read other people’s thoughts. She didn’t have my quirk; she had a more advanced one.

“Sugar it’s ok! It’s totally fine! It’s your quirk!” I said as I ran and hugged her. She looked up at me with huge eyes. “I’m going to think of something, and you tell me what it is, ok?”

“Disneyland. A fork. King. Ramen. Daddy.” She looked at me and Katsuki grinned ear to ear.

“That was all right. You got them all right! Can you try talking to me privately?”

“Like this Momma? I can still do this.”

“Good sugar. I just wanted to make sure”

“This is weird. I can hear you both.”


I looked up and he shrugged his shoulders. She was also a conduit. Not only could she read minds and talk telepathically to one or more people, she could blow shit up with her hands. She was going to be unstoppable. But this was a delicate situation. We needed to teach her about the etiquette of privacy.

“Sugar, we need to have a talk ok? You are not in trouble. This new quirk is amazing and powerful, and it will help you be a strong woman one day. But we need to talk about how you use it. Do you have to concentrate to hear my thoughts, or do they just come to you?”

“I have to think about it, I guess. I don’t hear any now because I’m not listening.”

“Ok, that’s good. Because you can’t go into someone’s mind without their permission. It’s like if I found your diary. I shouldn’t read it because it’s your private thoughts. When you get older and are a pro hero, you will be able to use it to stop crime, but now we have to practice only using it with permission. I understand why your friend cried now. She didn’t want to say that because your feelings may have been hurt, but sometimes people think things that they don’t say. It’s not your fault because you didn’t know. Now that you do, we can work on harnessing it and making sure you don’t misuse it, ok?”

“Ok Momma, I will try not to do that again. I didn’t mean it.”

“I know you didn’t sugar, I am not mad. I am happy you have a wonderful set of quirks that will make you a strong hero. But a real hero wouldn’t read someone’s mind without permission unless it was a villain, ok?”

“Right! My hero name is going to be Mind Explosion!!” She shouted as she blasted her way across the living room. Katsuki followed her and took her up to bed. She had started insisting he do it because, and I quote, ‘Daddy didn’t get to for five years, we can give Momma a break’. He came back down with a smirk on his face. The tension between us had only grown since we moved in, and after her little outburst earlier, I wasn’t sure how much longer we were going to last. He sat down next to me and shook his head.

“You can’t read minds, can you?”

“No, I can’t. I know of other telepaths who can. It’s a highly touted quirk, she will have her pick of schools. Now to keep her under control. Having a mind reader for a daughter is going to be an extra challenge when she is a teenager.” I laughed as he nodded.

“Add in my quirk and she could be the number one hero one day, if that’s what she wants. Now, let’s talk about how nice you think my ass is.” He laughed as he put his hand on my thigh. He leaned in and started kissing my neck softly and I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. My hands reached up and caressed his chest, muscles rippling under my fingers as his kisses grew harder. I was almost breathless when he pulled away and crashed his mouth on mine. My lips parted immediately and our tongues met, swirling around as we fell back on the couch. We stayed in our embrace for a few minutes before he pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “I’m going to bed; do you want to join me?”

Clothing scattered across the room and our hands explored once familiar territory as we hit the bed. His lips found the spot on my neck, the same one from all those years ago, and bit it. I mewed below him as he grinned wickedly above me. In a flash his head was between my legs and his tongue lapped at my wet entrance. My legs shook as he dove in, lapping at my walls, making his name fall from my lips in a torrent of moans. His hot mouth was driving me to the edge quick, my hips beginning to lose control as his fingers started strumming my clit. A low growl came from my throat as I came, hips meeting his tongue’s wicked pace as he drank me in. He groaned as he picked his head up and slowly started working his way up my torso, stopping to give full attention to each breast before crashing his mouth to mine in a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as our tongues met in a heated dance. His erection brushed my thigh and I moaned into his mouth as he positioned it just above my entrance. He pulled back so our eyes locked as he slowly inched his way inside, a groan escaping his lips when he hit the end. As he began thrusting his lips found my neck and began attacking it with long, deep kisses. He had always been at the top of the list of past lovers, but what he was doing now was a million times better than I remembered. I wanted to scream has name as he fucked me, filling me with so much pleasure I was almost bursting at the seams. My nails dug into his back as he bit down on a nipple, a shriek escaping my mouth as I bit down on my lip. He grinned as our eyes met, his ruby orbs meeting my aqua ones, and I could see the passion in them. There was a fire burning behind them that I had never seen before. His lips crashed to mine as his fingers went to town on my already overstimulated clit, making my hips buck. I was getting close. One more thrust brought my walls crashing down, body quivering beneath him as I pulled away and bit his bottom lip. He grunted as he released, biting back at mine playfully as a huge smile came across his face. He leaned down and started placing soft, gentle kisses on my neck and jaw before leaving one on my lips. Pulling out and rolling over, he grabbed me around the waist and held me close, stroking my hair and whispering to me.

“We can take this at whatever pace you want. I don’t expect you to move in here with me, unless that is what you want. It’s your call now.”

“I want to stay here tonight, let’s just start there.” I smiled as he kissed the top of my head.

“Goodnight, Sumi.”

“Goodnight, Katsuki.”

I awoke to someone poking me in the side. I groaned and rolled over. Before I could open my eyes, a voice hollered in my ear.

“You had a sleep over with Daddy!” Oh shit! My eyes flew open as Katsuki jarred awake beside me. Thank god I had to pee in the middle of the night and had thrown on a shirt. She jumped into bed and bounced in between us. I couldn’t stop the giggles that came pouring from my mouth. Katsuki sat up and grabbed her, tickling her sides until she was a laughing mess. I couldn’t blame her, she always came to wake him up if we got up before him, and I’m sure when she didn’t find me in my room, she came looking for him.

“Come on, let’s go get breakfast!” I said as I jumped out of bed and headed down the hallway. They followed close behind and I made a pit stop to run upstairs and grab some pants. He was already cooking when I arrived and she was watching tv and playing with her dolls. His phone rang and he looked at it like it was a demon. He grunted and picked it up.

“Hello. I thought I explained it…yes, yes, she is mine. Of course, you can. Her birthday is next weekend, you can come then. Yes, Mom. Yes. Fine. Ok. It will be fine. Ok. Bye.” He shook his head.

“I figured my parents would like to know about all this, so I wrote them a letter. I hate talking to her on the phone, she never lets me get a word in. They are insisting on coming for her birthday.”

“That’s fine, in fact she would love that. She loves my Mom and Dad. We always get together, just a little party. We do it every year. Having your parents join would be great. We could do it here instead of at my Mom’s if that’s ok?”

“Absolutely! She mentioned she wanted a few of her friends too, we could invite whoever she wants!” he said excitedly. I kept forgetting this would be his first birthday with her. If he wanted to go all out, that’s what we would do. Parties were a giant pain, but worth it in the end.

“I’ll let the parents know.” I said as he sat breakfast down and she came running. I was surprised she didn’t have more to say about our sleepover. But she didn’t mention it again before she left for school. Katsuki was right behind her, heading off to protect the city. I spent the day doing laundry and other housework all while pondering the decision I had to make. I didn’t want to sleep alone anymore. She had already found us and didn’t have any issues. It’s normal for Mom’s and Dad’s. I wanted to be normal. I loved him, I always had. He had given me the best gift in the world. My alone time ended when they both came bounding in the door. You could hear them coming a mile away. She was screaming with laughter and he was grinning ear to ear.

“Momma! Daddy came and got me from school and said hi to all my friends. One of them said they had his poster on their wall!! Daddy is FAMOUS!!” She screamed as she flew into my arms. He was beaming in front of me, obviously proud he could show off for his daughter.

“That’s great sugar. I’m glad they all got to meet him.”

“They all want to come to my birthday! My whole class!” She shrieked as she caught sight of King and went running after him.

“It’s true. She was inviting one of her friends when I walked up. They all raised their hands and asked if they could be invited too.” He smirked as he leaned in and planted a quick kiss on my cheek. He was still in his costume and I grabbed his neckpiece and slammed my lips to his as I wrapped my arms around his waist. He groaned into my mouth before I pulled away.

“Sorry, your ass looks amazing in this outfit.” I grinned as I slapped it and headed back to the kitchen to finish dinner. He stood gaping at me a minute before smirking and heading off to change. I had made my decision. We were going to be a family, a real family, where the Mom and Dad loved each other and showed it. I had spent the last night alone in my own bed. After dinner and bath time, Katsumi was asleep and we were sitting in the living room. It was Friday night, and he had opened a bottle of sake. We talked and laughed and drank. Next weekend was her sixth birthday party, now featuring both sets of grandparents and her entire class. I had some work to do this week to prepare. Katsuki didn’t understand what special kind of hell a child’s birthday party could hold. The bottle was finished and we were cuddling on the couch, something I never remembered doing our first go-round. I was resting on his chest as his hands played with my hair. I turned my head and started kissing his neck softly, making him grunt at my sudden touches. I pulled back and gazed into his eyes. “Let’s go to bed.” I whispered as his ruby orbs widened. He took my hand and led me to his room. Our room. Tonight, he shut and locked the door behind him. Before he had a chance to act, I grabbed his waistband and ripped off his sweatpants. Pushing him back on the bed I took him in my hand, his cock already stiffening in my grip. I dropped him for a moment so I could remove my shirt before wrapping my lips around it and taking it in until he hit the back of my throat. He tried to muffle his groans as I worked him over, my tongue swirling around his dick as his hips gyrated below me. I started concentrating on the tip as a hand grabbed the shaft and began stroking quickly, the feel of it pulsing in my hand and mouth was making me wet. He twitched and I let go and slammed my mouth onto him and just as the tip was all the way in, he exploded down the back of my throat, calling my name a bit loudly. He bit his lip trying to quiet himself as I grinned and slid off my panties before crawling up his torso. He quickly recovered and pinned me under him as he covered every inch of me in kisses. My hand reached down and began rubbing his cock, erection coming to life once again. I wasn’t done. I needed him. I had missed him. I wasn’t walking away this time. His mouth came crashing down to mine in a fiery kiss as he shifted above me, and unlike last night, he thrust into me deep and hard, the pace fast enough to make the bed hit the wall. I grunted into his mouth as he let up a bit. It wasn’t like I didn’t like it, but that would wake Katsumi for sure. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer as he devoured my mouth. I needed him deeper. I picked my legs up off the bed and threw them over his shoulders as he continued to pound me into oblivion. My hands grabbed at his sides as he sat up and realigned himself and finally hit the spot he had been so close to. As my legs trembled my hands fell to the sheets and gripped them as a shattering wave of pleasure almost caused me to scream. My walls collapsed and I felt him tremble above me, eyes locking with mine as I felt him warm my core with his seed. We collapsed a panting mess, my legs weak from being in the air so damn long. But it was worth it. I rolled over and off the side of the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean up. It was great having one here in the bedroom. I emerged fully clothed and he frowned.

“Sorry buddy, this is what happens when you have a kid. Be happy she is out of her monster in the closet stage. I didn’t sleep alone for months.” I laughed as I crawled back in bed. He laughed and nodded, getting up and retrieving his boxers and throwing on a pair of shorts.

“I’m glad you are here. Not just here in this house. I’m glad you are here with me. Now you have to make it through my parents.”

“Speaking of that, I told my Mom about none of this. I should probably fill her in.” I laughed as he wrapped his arms around me.

“I can’t wait to meet them. They are a big part of Katsumi’s life and I want them to know how thankful I am to them, and how I won’t ever let you down again.”

“Do you have room for my clothes in here? It’s silly for me to have to go upstairs to get them.” He grinned at me as he placed a quick kiss on my lips.

“You can have as much room as you want.”

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Chapter Four

Meet the Parents

I called my Mom Monday to tell her everything. I started at the very beginning and explained the situation. She had been curious in the past, especially after Katsumi’s quirk developed, but I always side stepped answering her. I told her how hard he worked to gain our trust the last seven months, and that I decided to give him a second chance. She was happy, a bit too happy. She knew that I was still in love with whoever Katsumi’s father was. It’s not easy dating with a kid, but it’s possible. I hadn’t even looked. She tried setting me up with someone a few years ago and it didn’t end well. I mean, he was nice and all, but it takes a special man to step into a child’s life, and he didn’t fit the bill. She said they would be on their best behavior, not bringing up the past. It’s not like they could hold it against him, I was the one who never told him and moved hundreds of miles away. All the kid’s parents’ in class responded that they were coming to her party tomorrow. I had met most of them before, but I was still surprised they were all planning to come. Katsuki told his parents that they could stay at the house but they insisted on getting a hotel. They were staying a week and didn’t want to intrude, even though he told them we had plenty of room. They were coming for dinner tonight to get a chance to meet Katsumi without all her friends and distractions around. I was pretty nervous; I didn’t know what they would think of me. I kept their only grandchild away from them for six years. I wouldn’t blame them if they hated me. Katsumi and I were in the living room when the doorbell rang. Katsuki opened the door and in walked a thin, brown haired man and a woman the spitting image of Katsuki and Katsumi. Her eyes landed on Katsumi and they teared up. If she had any doubts this was Katsuki’s daughter, they were gone the moment she laid eyes on her.

“Mom, Dad, this is Sumiko and Katsumi. Sweetie, these are your grandparents, my Mom and Dad.” She looked at him, then at his Mom. She got up from the couch and walked over to her.

“We have the same eyes too! Hi! I’m Katsumi. Watch what I can do!” she laughed as she grabbed her doll and exploded it’s head. His Mom let out a huge laugh and his Dad shook his head.

“I’m Sumiko, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She raised her head and smiled.

“I’m Mitsuki, and this is my husband Masaru. It looks like we have some catching up to do.”

We all sat down to dinner and made small talk, avoiding all the major topics while the kid was with us. I could tell Mitsuki had questions. When we were finished, Masaru had an announcement.

“Katsumi, we couldn’t wait until tomorrow to give you your present. Come on, it’s outside.” We all got up and headed out front. There in the driveway was a little pink and purple bike, complete with training wheels. She screamed for joy and ran to it.

“You boys help her ride until it’s dark. Sumiko and I are going to have a drink.” Mitsuki said as she grabbed my hand and we headed back inside. I caught the look of mild concern on Katsuki’s face as the door shut behind us. We sat at the kitchen table and I grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. After her first sip she started. “I only know what Katsuki has told me. I want to know your truth. My son is a giant pain in the ass, and I know damn well he did something shitty back then to make you run away from him.” I smiled at her and took a drink.

“We only dated about six months, but we were getting pretty serious, or so I thought. I caught him in a compromising position with another woman and we had a fight. He told me he was too young to be tied down and he needed a break. After two months of silence, I found out I was pregnant. I panicked. He didn’t want a girlfriend; he certainly didn’t want a baby. We were twenty, and stupid, and made stupid choices that we both came to regret. No matter what, I should have told him. I will never forgive myself for that. I always thought when she was old enough, she would find him, but I never realized how selfish that was. I am truly sorry. I feel like a monster.” I finished as I took a huge drink.

“All he told me was that he ran into you. What happened?”

“He was working an attack scene at Katsumi’s school. A crazy guy who was stalking a teacher blew up the entrance and held the teacher at knifepoint in the classroom. Katsumi stopped him by using her telepathy quirk to yell in his head making him drop the knife then exploding his face. That was seven months ago. Katsuki picked her up out of the rubble and she exploded his face. He knew before I could tell him.”

“So, how did…this happen.” She said as she looked around the house. I laughed.

“Your son spent five nights a week for six months at my small apartment getting to know her before we told her the truth. I told him he couldn’t just pop in her life and leave. He made a commitment to her, and us, and I fell for him all over again. He is such a good Dad.”

“I came here wanting to be mad at you. Wanting to find a reason to hold it over your head. But I can’t. As soon as I looked into her eyes I knew. She is happy, and full of energy. Katsuki told me she has a mind reading quirk?”

“She does. She developed his quirk first, almost two years ago. She developed my quirk sometime around the day he found us. I am a telepath. I work in search and rescue mainly; I can find and speak with anyone who is awake. Katsumi’s quirk is different, it evolved. Not only can she speak telepathically to others, she can also read their thoughts and work as a conduit to host multiple people telepathically. We found that out the hard way.”

“Tell me!!” She grinned as I sighed.

“She repeated something I thought about Katsuki one night while watching a movie.”

“Come on…”

“I thought his ass looked good in his sweatpants.” I said as I turned red. She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. When she composed herself, she had a serious question.

“So, does that mean you two are together? Not just for the kid, but together?”

“Yes. We are trying our best to be a regular family. Even though I messed up the beginning, I want to help fix the future. I have been in this city since she was born. I never thought I would see him again, then he appeared out of the darkness holding our child. The events that led him to be at that place at that time are staggering, and I would like to think the universe is giving us a second chance.” She grinned broadly at me as the front door opened and Katsumi came running inside.

“Momma the bike is awesome! Thank you Gamma Mitsuki!” she said as she went in for a big hug, which Mitsuki happily accepted. The guys followed behind and they were both smiling.

“She is already riding like a pro!” Masaru said as they joined us at the table.

“So how many hellions are coming to the party tomorrow?” Mitsuki asked with a grin.

“Twelve.” I sighed as I took a drink. Katsuki put his arms around my neck and laughed.

“Don’t worry, I will be able to distract them for at least part of the time.” He said as he placed a kiss on my cheek. His parents looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, we are off to the hotel.” Masaru said as Katsumi squealed.

“A HOTEL! Is it big?”

“Yes, it is. We have a room with a kitchen and there is a huge pool downstairs.” He replied as her eyes got wide. She was like a fish, she loved to swim almost as much as she loved cats. “Oh, you like pools, eh? Maybe you can come for a visit and we can take a swim?”

“Can I Momma?”

“I don’t see why not…”

“Oh! We could take her overnight Sunday since school is on break. We can have a sleepover!” Mitsuki said as Katsumi retorted.

“Like Momma and Daddy!” I hung my head as Katsuki’s face flushed. Mitsuki laughed out loud and shook her head.

“Sort of, but we will have a pool and junk food!”

“Yeah!!” She yelled as she ran and jumped him her arms. They said their goodbyes and headed out for the night and after finally getting Katsumi to bed we retired to bed, exhausted.

“You handled my Mom like a pro. She actually seemed to like you, which is high praise coming from her.”

“I was just honest with her. I’m not keeping secrets any more. I apologized and she accepted. I told her I wanted to make a good future for Katsumi.”

“I told my Dad the truth too. He said he was proud of me for letting my anger go and accepting things how they are. The truth is, you did the best thing for both of us. He asked me what I would have done if you would have told me then. You asked me too, and I didn’t know how to answer. It’s because I was a shit back then. In that state of mind, I may have reacted horribly, no, I know I would have been a bastard. I would have refused to have anything to do with either of you. You would have ended up hating me. I only had two things on my mind back then, getting laid and becoming the Number One Hero. A baby would have blown that sky high and I don’t think we would be here now, able to reconnect and start again. I would have driven you away forever. Even though I am sad I missed the beginning, I am so happy I can be here now.”

“I am too.” I whispered as he wrapped his arms around me and we fell into peaceful slumber. I couldn’t dwell on the past anymore, we couldn’t change it, and maybe it was for the best.

My parents were arriving a bit before everyone else so they could meet Katsuki. It was weird having them meet both him and his parents the same day, but it was happening so I had to deal with it. Everything was ready for the party, we had tables set up in the yard and all her favorite food and games were waiting. The doorbell rang and Katsumi rushed to answer.

“Nana! Poppa!” she squealed as they came barreling inside, hands full of presents and balloons. I laughed as I got up, they always went totally overboard. I grabbed a bag from Mom and gave her a hug.

“Hi dear, hi my little love, Happy Birthday!” she said as she set the bags down and gave Katsumi a huge hug. I knew they missed seeing her. Before she started school, they watched her while I was doing some part time work. Not hero work, I started at a hero office doing light paperwork before I decided to go back in the field. We moved an hour away when I started hero work again. It had been months since they had seen her, and she had grown a substantial amount since then. Katsuki approached from the hallway and my Mom turned around and looked at him.

“Hello, I am Bakugo Katsuki, it’s an honor to meet you.” He said as he bowed deeply. My Mom grinned and my Dad’s eyebrow went up.

“Tazawa Suki, and this is my husband Kosuke. I am glad we finally have the chance to meet, Bakugo.”

“Please, I would like you to call me Katsuki.”

“Of course, Katsuki…” she was interrupted mid-sentence.

“Nana! Poppa! You have to see what Gamma and Gampy got me!” she squealed as she grabbed their hands and pulled them outside. The bell rang again and I opened it to the first guest. I recognized this little girl, she was one of Katsumi’s close friends.

“Hello Chi Chi! Katsumi will be happy to see you!” I said as I ushered her in. Soon, the whole house was full of kids and their parents. I only knew a few of the adults personally, besides seeing them at school functions. One of the Mom’s I knew well was Chi Chi’s mom, she and I had attended a few social functions together and she made a beeline for me.

“Sumiko! I had no idea you knew Ground Zero. He’s my favorite hero, he’s so dreamy.” She said as her eyes glazed over. I chuckled.

“Katrina, you do realize this is his house, right?”

“Yep! I can’t believe he let you have her party here.”

“Um…we live here.” She looked at me wide eyed. Glancing over at Katsuki, who was holding Katsumi above his head and they were both lighting explosions off, it finally clicked.

“Oh my god…he’s…you’re…I’m so embarrassed!” She howled as she put her hands to her face. I put my hand on her shoulder.

“It’s ok, you goof. It’s not like I made a public announcement. He’s her Dad. It’s a long story, but we finally found our way.” Our talk was cut short when the door opened and Mitsuki and Masaru entered. Katsumi came running and Mom and Dad turned to see who she was so interested in. Mom’s mouth dropped and she shrieked.

“MITZI?” She looked away from Katsumi and at Mom and her hands flew to her face.

“SUKI?!” She yelled as she came running, flinging her arms around her as they squealed with joy. I was shocked. How in the hell did they know each other?

“This is incredible, you look fantastic. How long has it been, twenty years?”

“Oh at least. The last time was at our reunion.” Reunion?

“I knew the last name was the same but…”

“Mom, what’s going on?” Katsuki said and echoed everyone’s thoughts in the room.

“Holy shit, we are grandparents in law!” Mom screamed as they embraced once again. Katsuki was scratching his head as he watched my Dad and his greet each other like old friends.

“Someone tell me what is going on.” I groaned as I stared at the women. They let go of their embrace and Mom laughed.

“Mitzy and I went to school together. We were best friends. Life has a way of separating you for a while. I never thought you would be related. I can’t believe this!”

“And I was afraid you weren’t going to get along.” I sighed as Katsumi screamed about opening presents. We did just that, then had our cake. Her favorite gift was from Chi Chi, a cute little stuffed cat. Our parents kept themselves busy while Katsuki and I entertained the kids. He was right about keeping their attention. He knew how to be the center of it. When it was finally over, everyone had gone except the grandparents and we were in clean up mode. Even Katsumi, who was gifted a play broom and dustpan helped out. When we were finished, we all sat in the living room with some wine to decompress. She had insisted Mom and Mitsuki put her to bed, and they had cooked up a scheme when they came back down the stairs. I could see it in their eyes.

“So, Katsuki. Your Dad and I have decided that we are staying an extra week so we can spend time with Katsumi.”

“That’s great, you should come and stay here.” I said as my Mom shook her head.

“No, let me stop you. Your Dad and I have decided to stay too. We are on vacation anyway, and I want to spend time with Mitzy before she goes home. Instead of going to Toyoko, we are staying here and getting a room at the same hotel. We have a favor. Can Katsumi stay with us? Have a grandparents week?”

“You want her the whole week? You sure you are ready for that?” I laughed as my Mom snorted.

“I handled you, didn’t I? And Mitzy did a great job with Katsuki. We will be fine.” I looked at Katsuki.

“I don’t see why not. It’s not like you are far away if she wants to come home. You better be ready to become prunes. She will be in the water the whole time if you let her.”

“What we didn’t tell her is we are staying at the resort. Not only is there a pool, but a water slide, a whole bunch of indoor games, an arcade, and ball pit. She will have plenty to do.” I knew where they were staying. They had planned this all along. I smirked.

“It’s a deal. Don’t forget she is a literal mind reader. She is good about it, but make sure she doesn’t take advantage of you.” I laughed as everyone headed for the door.

“We will be by in the afternoon to take her to lunch and start our adventure.” Mom said as she kissed me on the cheek. “I’m so happy for you, dear.” She whispered on the way out. Everyone was outside when Mitsuki cornered me in the breezeway.

“A whole week. Alone. No kid. I remember what it was like back then, trying to make time for yourselves. Think of this as a gift, from me to you. Make it work.” She grinned as she walked out. They had done this on purpose, and not for the reason I thought.

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Chapter Five


Katsumi was beyond excited to be staying with her grandparents. She helped me pack her bag, making sure all her favorite outfits made the trip. When we made it to the kitchen, everyone was waiting.

“Momma, make sure you take good care of King and my dolls while I am gone, ok?”

“What about me?” Katsuki pouted.

“Daddy! You can take care of yourself silly!” she laughed as she gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“You mind your grandparents. If I catch wind of any problems, I will bring you home just like that.” I said as I gave her a kiss and she took Mitsuki’s hand. “And don’t eat too many sweets.” I hollered as the door shut. I knew she was going to be fine, but this was the first time she would be away from me this long, and I was starting to freak out. Katsuki noticed and smirked.

“She’s going to be fine. Our Moms have this. Shit, if my Mom could survive me, she can last a week with her.”

“A whole week. It’s going to be quiet around here.”

“Not too quiet. I have a surprise. I called in some favors; we are both off this week too. We are free to do whatever we want, whenever we want.” He grinned. I walked over to the door and locked it, watching the car pull away. I turned around as I stripped my shirt off, tossing it at him as I licked my lips. A whole week where we could fuck as loud as we wanted. Wherever and whenever we wanted. I unhooked my bra and flung it at him as I ran by, heading for the bedroom. He caught up to me in the doorway and lunged, grabbing onto my tits from behind and squeezing them. He groaned into my neck as his tongue licked my jaw. “After all this time, I never found a set of tits I loved more than these. They are even better than I remember.” He growled as he bit at my neck. I knew he was right; my boobs were awesome. I whipped around and he dove face first into them, attacking my nipples with his tongue. My hands reached for his waist and undid his pants and zipper, letting them fall to his knees as he lifted his head from my chest. He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. Jumping on top of me he snarled, “I’m going to make you scream.” Reaching down and peeling my panties off in one quick motion, he spread my thighs and dove right in, his tongue wreaking havoc on my pussy. I didn’t have to hold the moans back and they came pouring out, his name and a torrent of curse words streaming from my mouth as he brought me to the edge. His mouth ripped away and two fingers quickly replaced his tongue, which moved to my clit and began swirling, making my ecstasy balloon out of control. My body twitched and I couldn’t hold it back.

“Oh, Katsu! I’m cumming!” I screamed as my fist hit the sheets and my hips lost control, orgasm taking over and forcing my body to shake under his command. He removed his fingers and slowly made his way up my torso, leaving wet kisses behind as he finally made it to my lips. The kiss was electric, making my toes curl at the intensity. I ran my hands through his hair as his caressed my sides. Using his hair as a grip, I rolled him over and straddled his waist. He groaned at the sight of me on top of him. His cock was fully erect and I took it in my mouth, licking from balls to tip before I removed it with a pop. I grinned as I hovered above it, his eyes widening at the anticipation of what was to come. This would be a first, I don’t want to say I was a prude back then, but I certainly liked to experiment more now. I had been single a long time and had probably read too many romance novels. I lowered myself slowly onto him as I watched his face contort in pure bliss. When he was fully inside, I pressed for more, stretching the ends of my walls before raising my hips up and grinding back down hard, causing a loud moan to emit from my mouth. His hands reached up and kneaded my breasts, tongue hanging out as his glazed eyes watched every movement. I rode his cock, slowly at first before quickening my pace as my legs started to betray me and give out beneath me. He caught on and sat up, quickly flipping me to my back before raising my legs and thrusting hard back inside at a torrid pace. He rested my ankles on his shoulders and raised my hips off the bed as he obliterated me, pleasure building like never before as he pounded me so hard the bed hit the wall over and over. I could only grunt as his thumb landed on my clit and began it’s assault. A wave of black washed across my vision as a violent orgasm overtook me. “Yes Katsu! Fuck!” I screamed as I convulsed on the bed.

“Suki!” He shouted as I felt him release, thrusting a few more times into my aftershocks as he grinned above me. “I forgot how much I liked it when you called me Katsu.” He said as he leaned in for a slow, deep kiss. We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home, watching a movie and cooking dinner. I kept thinking I needed to check and see why Katsumi was so quiet before I remembered. By the time I got used to it, she would be back.

“We should go out tomorrow night. Let’s take advantage of the situation.”

“It’s a good idea. What do you want to do?”

“Dinner. It’s been forever since I was out to a grown-up dinner.” I laughed.

“That can be arranged. Let’s go somewhere that doesn’t have a kid’s menu. I know just the place, but we will have to dress like grown-ups.” He laughed.

“Aww, no sweats?” I giggled. Geeze, I didn’t even have any grown up clothes.

“I’m going to have to go shopping tomorrow, it’s been so long since I have been out, I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Whatever you pick will be stunning. Come on, let’s go to bed.” He grinned as I took his hand and followed him down the hall. I fell asleep on his chest, the rhythm of his breathing lulling me into a deep, restful slumber.

I awoke to an empty bed. It was unlike him to be up before me. I headed to the kitchen and breakfast was made and a note was on the table.

’I had a few things to do today, I’ll be back before dinner. Have fun shopping!’

Hmm, wonder what he is up to. I ate and decided to head to the mall, I knew of a few stores that may have what I was looking for. I wasn’t looking for a ball gown, but I wanted something big, something he had never seen me in before. I mean, I knew he liked me in sweats already, but seeing his face with me all dressed up made me excited. The first few stores didn’t do the trick. I hadn’t been here in a while and the place I thought would have it was no longer in business. I started wandering around, and after grabbing a treat for myself I stopped in front of a new store. There it was. It was perfect. I ran inside and tried it on. The silver bodice fit like a glove and the skirt settled just above my knee. There were silver beads sewn across the bodice in ribbons, and the skirt had small, black accents around the edges. I paid and realized I didn’t own any hose except my costume tights, which would not go well with this dress. There had to be a shop here that had something. As I was heading to check the guide, I found what I was looking for, and a whole lot more. This was a new store, and I was surprised it was in this part of town. All kinds of lingerie were on display, ranging from normal to holy cow the further into the store you ventured. I went to grab a pair of white knee highs when something caught my eye. It sparkled on the wall behind me and my mouth dropped. A silver bra and panty set, with matching sheer silver thigh highs. The bra had small glitter accents around the edges of the very thin fabric, and small, white feathers fell across the waist of the see-through silver thong. I grabbed it and knew this would be a winner. Shopping complete, I headed home to find he had already returned from his day.

“Hey, you are home earlier than I thought!” I said as I kissed him on the cheek on the way by. He laughed and tried to grab me and I pulled away. “Nope, I have to get ready. I haven’t done this in a long time and I may take longer than normal.” I chuckled as he shook his head at me.

“Go get ready. Reservations are in an hour so don’t take too long.” I headed upstairs to use the bathroom. I didn’t want him catching sight of my little surprise. I showered and started getting ready, drying my teal hair that now reached halfway down my back. I took the time to curl it, letting ringlets fall around my bare shoulders. Slipping on the bra and panties I gazed at myself in the mirror. I never thought in a million years I would be dressing up for Katsuki. I pulled on the thigh highs and slipped the dress on top. It was a good thing the bodice of the dress was so tight, because while the bra was cute, it didn’t offer support of any kind. Not that he would mind it when the dress came off. I did my make up a bit bolder than normal, adding a soft teal eyeshadow and black eyeliner to my usual mascara. I painted my lips a warm coral pink and brushed my cheeks with a soft glowing pink blush. When I was satisfied, I headed downstairs to find him waiting in the kitchen. He was in black dress pants with a teal button up shirt and black blazer. His eyes lit up when he saw me and he jumped from his seat. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“You look pretty hot yourself. So where are we going?”

“To the best spot in town, come on, let’s go.”

Dinner was amazing, we had a great time being adults. I don’t think he knew how much that meant to me. The last six years, everything I did involved Katsumi. It was fun to get dressed up and all eyes were on us. We never really talked about work much, only occasionally he would tell me about a villain he stopped. I never realized how popular her really was. We both overdid it on the sake after dinner, and by the time we were leaving I was having trouble standing without wobbling.

“I know we just ate, but I need more food.” I mumbled as Katsuki laughed.

“You are a lightweight. We also ate five hours ago.” He grinned as my eyes went wide. We drank for five hours? No wonder my legs were wobbly. We stopped at a little ramen bar and got some food. It made me feel much better, but the sake was still running through my system. His hands roamed my body all the way home, and by the time the door opened I was ready to go. The only lights in the kitchen were the ones illuminating from under the cabinets. I loved those things; they gave off just enough light to see without turning on the main lights. Came in handy when I didn’t want to wake Katsumi in the middle of the night. Before he could flip the switch, I grabbed his hand and pushed him against the counter.

“Leave them off…” I growled as I unzipped and stepped out of my dress. His mouth opened as the glitter sparkled below the counter lights. I turned around and walked to the far wall, exposing my bare ass as I walked past him. I rested my hands against the wall and spread my legs as I turned to look at him, licking my lips.

“You are trying to kill me.” He groaned as he was on me in an instant. One hand was pawing at my breasts and the other was rubbing his hardening dick against my bare ass, slipping between the cheeks as he moaned behind me. My wet slit was pressed into the wall as his fingers teased it, pulling me away a bit before he rammed into me. His cock thrust in and out as he began biting my back, stopping to quickly undo the bra before latching his hands onto my tits. My forehead rested against the wall as he fucked me, my legs beginning to tremble below me. He pulled out and whipped me around, stripping off the thong and grabbing my thigh, raising my leg into the air. My back hit the wall as he slid back in, arms wrapping around his neck as he buried his face in my chest. He bounced me up and down on his cock, slamming himself all the way in over and over and I felt myself start to lose control.

“Katsu…” I moaned as his mouth met mine, tongues meeting as I came, throwing my head back against the wall as he struggled to hold me up as I writhed in his arms. He lost his grip and slipped out as I slid down the wall, landing on my knees and quickly slamming my mouth around his throbbing cock. He pulsed and released as the tip hit the back of my throat.

“MIKO!” he shrieked as I drank in his hot cum dripping from my lips. He crashed to the ground and wrapped his arms around my neck, bringing me in for a passionate kiss. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“You called me Miko. I thought you had forgotten.” I smiled as we stood and headed for the bedroom.

“I’ve never forgotten. I didn’t think I deserved to use it until now.” He used to call me that when we dated. I had asked him to after our first time together. Everyone else called me Sumi, and I wanted us to be different. It’s why I called him Katsu. We laid down on the bed and I nuzzled my head against his neck.

“So, where are we going to fuck like rabbits tomorrow?” He grinned as he kissed my jaw. I snorted.

“It doesn’t matter where, as long as I can scream your name a few more days.” I giggled as he sighed below me.

“Only a few days left, we have to make them count.” He murmured as I drifted off to dreamland.

My phone ringing woke me up. He was still sleeping beside me when I answered.

“Hi Momma! I am calling you to say hi, and to tell you I won a toy!”

“Wow! Sound like you guys are having fun! Is Nana there?”

“Yep, here…” the phone dropped and I heard laughter as my Mom’s voice spoke next.

“Sorry to call so early, she just couldn’t wait to tell you.”

“It’s fine, I miss her. She seems excited.”

“Poppa won her a little toy cat from one of the arcade games. She won’t put it down. I told her it couldn’t go swimming and that finally convinced her to drop it for a while. That’s where we are heading now. How are you two doing?”

“It’s great Mom. Thanks for taking her. We went to dinner in a place with no kids last night.”

“HA! Savor those times my child! This will no doubt turn into a yearly affair, but don’t count on us all the time.” She laughed as he started to stir beside me.

“Put Katsumi back on, Katsuki is awake and I am sure he wants to say hi.”

“Ok dear. You two enjoy your time. We will call you again in a few days. Here she is.”

“Hi Momma.”

“Hold on sugar, here’s Dad.” I handed him the phone.

“Hi Sweetie, are you having a good time?” They spoke a bit back and forth before saying goodbye and hanging up. He smiled. “What a great way to wake up.” He smirked as he noticed we were both still naked from the night before. Reaching out and grabbing me, he pulled me in tight and began leaving soft kisses across the back of my neck. I pressed myself against him, feeling his dick hardening against the small of my back. I started to squirm into it, my own juices dripping down my leg as his kisses became consuming. I rolled him on top of me as our mouths met in a fiery kiss. He was slamming into me before I knew it, hips crashing together as our tongues fought a heated battle. He made me feel different than the last time we were together. We couldn’t get enough of each other. My hands roamed his back as his pulled at a nipple, making me squeak into his mouth. He ripped away and attacked my neck and clit at the same time. Fingers rubbed into the bundle of nerves as his teeth bit playfully at my neck as he began to tremble over me. My hips started to buck under him as the orgasm swept through my body, bringing him screaming in pleasure as my walls shook around his cock. His mouth met mine as he filled me up, biting and sucking my swollen lips as his hips lurched forward a few times before finally coming to a stop.

“I know we can’t always be that loud, but I want this every morning. I want you every single morning as the first thing I see and taste.” He grinned as he licked my jaw.

“As long as the second thing is breakfast, I am starving.” I shouted as I jumped out of bed and threw on a shirt. It was Tuesday morning, and we still had five whole days to spend how we wanted.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six


Tuesday afternoon we had just finished lunch and he went to take a shower. I was folding laundry, taking the time while she was gone to go through her things and toss some old stuff that didn’t fit anymore. She had gone through a growth spurt the last few months and I had to get her a bunch of new clothes. She wouldn’t miss them. I was carrying the basket up the stairs when the doorbell rang. I set it down at the top of the stairs and opened the door. Standing there was a woman, about my age with beautiful pink skin and hair and large, black eyes. She looked at me surprised and took a step back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, maybe I have the wrong address. I’m looking for Bakugo.” I stared at her, a bit of rage boiling. I didn’t know why, I didn’t even know who this was, but it brought the memory back. The one he had made me forget until now. I started to open my mouth, unsure of what was going to come out when Katsuki’s voice boomed from behind me.

“Mina? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, hi Bakugo. You said we could crash here whenever so…” I whipped around to see his face when another voice came from behind me.

“Sorry man, you said when you moved in, we could come visit. Looks like we should have called first.” I turned back around and the man’s arm was around Mina’s shoulders. Wait, I would know that guy anywhere. I met him a few times back when Katsuki and I dated the first time. Kirishima, his best friend. He had made the news recently and Katsumi was enthralled at his hardening quirk. “Holy…no way. Sumiko? Is that you?” I grinned and Mina frowned.

“It is, Kirishima it’s good to see you again.” I noticed they had suitcases with them. Oh boy. I stepped aside and ushered them in. There was a lot to catch up on.

“I can’t believe you have a daughter. That is so manly!” Kirishima gushed. We sat them down in the living room and told them the whole sorted story. Well, most of it. “Where is she? I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Well, in an unbelievable twist, our Moms went to school together. So, they took her for a Grandparents vacation over at the local resort hotel. They wanted to give us a break from her for a while.” They looked at each other and Mina blushed.

“We will get a room somewhere. It’s not a problem. It’s what we get for not calling ahead.”

“Just because you aren’t staying with us doesn’t mean we can’t hang. We should go to dinner tonight.” I smiled as she clapped her hands together.

“Yes! Tomorrow we can let the boys catch up and we can go shopping or something and get to know each other.”

“Great idea. But I already have dinner planned for here tonight. There will be plenty. Go find a room then come back and we will eat together.” Katsuki said as Kirishima smiled. They grabbed their bags and left as Katsuki wrapped his arms around me. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” I asked as I turned to face him. Tears had sprung up in the corners of his eyes and he looked so sad.

“I saw the look in your eyes. I know what you thought. I won’t ever be able to forgive myself for making you feel like that. Nothing I do can ever make up for it.” I did. For a fleeting moment. But it was different now.

“I’m sorry too. It was an old gut reaction that I thought was gone. It may not ever go away. But it’s different this time. Last time I wanted to run away. This time I want to stay and fight.”

“I want to be totally honest with you. You know why we broke up, because I was a jerk who couldn’t keep it in his pants. The girl I saw after you had a scare, she thought she was pregnant and it freaked me out. I started being more cautious, but it didn’t stop my behavior. Three years ago, I met who I thought was the woman of my dreams. She was rich, and popular and a model, you know the drill. We quickly became a couple and I thought everything was perfect. A year in I asked her to marry me. She said yes but refused to live together until marriage. She refused sex. She said she was saving herself for her husband. We did stuff, but she always said no when it came to it. I was starting to get antsy. I thought about finding a chick for fun, but I really thought she was the one, and didn’t want to ruin it. One day I decided to surprise her at her place and take her out to dinner. I knocked and she didn’t answer, but there was loud music coming from inside and I knew she was there, and probably couldn’t hear me. The door was unlocked so I went in. I heard voices from down the hall and when I came around the corner, I saw her and a co-worker of mine, naked in bed. Her ass was in the air and his dick was so far inside her pussy…She freaked out and tried to tell me it wasn’t what I thought, it was just a mistake. I obviously didn’t believe her and later came to find out I was the only one she wasn’t fucking. She only wanted to marry me for my hero status. I had just cracked the top ten back then. Six months after I caught her, I got the job offer here. We still had to work together and it was making me crazy. Not that I wanted to be back with her, but that I had been so stupid to fall for someone like her. They were all the same, every woman after you. An attempt by me to replace the best thing I had and fucked up. My very first day at my new job I was called to a school emergency. I was searching the rubble for survivors when I saw a tiny girl standing in front of me with her back turned. Her teal hair reminded me of you, then she turned around and my heart stopped. She held her hand up and said not to come closer, and when I said not to worry, I was a hero and tried to pick her up, she blasted my face with my quirk. I couldn’t believe it. I saw you and was in shock. I really did almost drop her. The look in your eye wasn’t what I expected. I thought you hated me, but…”

“I never hated you. I was confused, and scared, and disappointed.”

“That first night I wanted to be angry at you, for keeping her from me. Then I remembered the look on your face that day when you saw me in my car. I remembered what it felt like to open the door and see someone you love betraying you. I couldn’t be mad at you. You did what was best for you, and her.”

“That was then. When I saw you that day, holding our daughter I…I didn’t know what to do. I did my best not to freak out in front of her, but it was tough. I knew you hated me, the way you looked at her at dinner told me you knew. I wasn’t prepared for your forgiveness. I told myself that night I couldn’t fall for you again, for her sake. Then, you surprised me again by being here. Really being here. I think we communicated more the first few weeks then we did the whole six months we were together then. You have given me no reason to doubt you, and I never will again.”

“Does that mean you have fallen?” he smirked.

“Shut up. We have less than an hour before Mina and Kirishima get back.” I purred as I kissed his neck.

“I don’t think I could ever say no to you.” He growled as he picked me up and headed down the hall. Our clothes were gone by the time we hit the bed. His head ducked between my legs and he licked from my entrance to my clit, juices already dripping down my thigh. “Fuck, you are so wet.” He mumbled as I used the distraction to roll away. He flipped on his back as I grabbed his cock, rubbing the tip gently with my thumb. My mouth closed around it as he watched from his elbows. “Ahhh fuck, Miko.” He was ready for me, and I couldn’t wait.

“Katsu? Fuck me. Hard” I crooned as I crawled beside him and got on my hands and knees, shaking my ass a bit as his jaw dropped.

“I don’t remember this side of you.” He snarled as he jumped up and grabbed my waist. “I like it.” He groaned as he slid in and began to pound me. He was fucking me like a rabid dog, cock thrusting in and out as he got as deep as he could every time. His hands were tightly around my hips, helping my legs keep up with his torrid rhythm. Noises were coming from my mouth, a cross between moans and grunts mostly, no actual words were forming. No one in my life had fucked me like this, made me feel this way. I buried my face in the pillow as I threw my hips into him, aching for release. One hand let go of my waist and attacked my clit as he leaned in and started placing kisses across my back. My legs were trembling as the coil unwound and he made me cum again, hips out of control as they ground circles into his dick. His hands grabbed my tits as he continued to thrust, squeezing them as he finished. He was panting when he pulled out and I collapsed on the bed.

“Those romance novels sure know their shit.” I laughed as I caught my breath. He looked at me and laughed.

“Romance novels?”

“Yep. I was only with one other guy since you. I had other things that were more important. No one I met was worthy enough to know Katsumi. Romance novels kept me sane the last three years.”

“How much other stuff do you have stored in that head of yours?”

“Enough to keep us busy the rest of the week.” I grinned as I got up to dress. He shot me a look and I yelled at him. “Come on, you are the one who volunteered to cook, you better get started!”

Dinner was ready when they arrived, a bottle of sake in hand as we all sat at the table. I guess I wasn’t surprised that Kirishima and Katsuki were still friends. We dated six months and he was the only friend of his I had met during that span, mostly because they shared an apartment back then. Katsuki came to mine ninety percent of the time, but the few occasions he allowed me over I had run into him. He always seemed like a cool guy, and Mina seemed pretty awesome too. I felt super guilty that the first thing I thought when I saw her was jealousy. She had only nice things to say and both of them could have been totally against me when they found out what I had done. Just because Katsuki had forgiven me, that didn’t mean everyone would.

“I don’t want to be weird, but do you have pictures of Katsumi?” Mina asked as we sat down in the living room after we finished eating.

“Oh of course!” I said as I sat down and opened my phones pictures. I started scrolling and handed her the phone, her face brightening as she swiped through the pictures.

“Holy shit Kiri, she looks just like Bakugo, look at this!” she said as she handed the phone to him. His face contorted when his eyes landed on a picture of Katsuki and her from a few weeks ago. A tear formed in his right eye as he looked up at his friend.

“Dude, I have known you a long time, and I have never seen you look as happy as you do in this picture. Except when you look at Sumiko. Congratulations, man!” he said as he stood up and put his arms around his shoulders. Katsuki, to Mina’s surprise, accepted silently as he returned it.

“She knows who you are. She saw you on tv a few weeks ago after that fight and said you were super cool. She is going to freak out. I told her you were my friend, but I’m not sure she believed me.” Katsuki chuckled as they sat back down.

“When is she coming back from her sleepover?” Mina asked.

“We are picking her up Sunday. Then the grandparents are having a week of fun time together. You should have seen the looks on our Mom’s faces when they saw each other.” I laughed.

“Seriously Kirishima, the noise that came out of my mother’s mouth was a squeal. I have never in my life heard such a noise before that day.” Katsuki roared.

“That works out perfect, we are here until Wednesday.” Kirishima grinned.

“Then Monday night we will have dinner and you can meet her before you go home. What are we doing tomorrow? Did you guys make any plans?” I asked the boys. Kirishima laughed.

“We still have a champion to crown, we never finished our last video game tournament. I brought the saved game with me.” Kirishima chuckled. Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“You’re never gonna beat me, dumb hair.”

“Sumiko, how does lunch at the mall sound? You up for a little girl’s day fun?” Mina giggles as the boys stared daggers at each other.

“I think it will be much more fun than watching these two battle it out for supremacy.” I chortled as Katsuki grabbed me around the waist and spun me around.

“There will be a lot of screaming, that’s for sure.” Mina laughed as they said their goodbyes and we made plans to meet here at 11am for our fun day. Tuesday ended peacefully and as I fell asleep, I wondered how Katsumi was doing. She gained a Dad and a new set of loving grandparents in a short time, plus developing her second quirk. She was growing up so fast, and I was happy he would be here with me to see what she turned into.

While we were eating lunch, she asked me the question I knew she had wanted to from the start.

“You never said why you left. It’s none of my business, and you don’t have to tell me, but I am here if you want to talk about it.” I looked at her and smiled.

“I don’t think it is a secret. We only dated a few months and he didn’t want to settle down. He said he didn’t want to be tied down and needed a break after I caught him cheating on me. We hadn’t spoken in two months when I found out I was pregnant. I knew he would hate me for it and I ran. Looking back, I am still not sure I made the right decision.”

“Can I be honest with you? I think you did make the right choice. Bakugo was a jerk then. How you could be dating six months and we never bumped into each other amazes me. I practically lived at their apartment. He always had a different girl on his arm, never anything serious and I saw a ton of broken hearts leave that apartment the next morning. He would have lashed out no doubt.”

“That’s what he said. The past is in the past now, and I also want to apologize to you. My reaction when I saw you at the door was a gut instinct, a fear that still hides inside. I am ashamed that the first feeling I had when I saw you was jealousy. I am sorry.”

“Don’t even think about it. I was just as confused as you were. The thought of him living with someone already hadn’t even cross our minds. We wanted to surprise him since it was the anniversary of him asking that shit head to marry him, we thought he would need some friendly faces around.”

“You guys are amazing friends. Katsumi is going to love both of you. Did I tell you her favorite color is pink?” I grinned at her and she laughed.

“I get that a lot. I am happy for you two. Really. Kirishima wasn’t lying when he said he had never seen him so happy. I didn’t even think he could be that happy. Even when he was happy at the beginning with that skank, he never had that glint in his eyes like I saw today when he picked you up. She changed him. We thought she broke him, but she made him stronger. We tried to talk him into staying and just switching local agencies, but he insisted he wanted to start somewhere new, with a clean slate. When word got out that he wanted to transfer he got offers from all over, even America. It’s crazy that he ended up here and ran into you.”

“I think it was fate. His very first day on the job he picked our daughter out of the rubble at her school and walked back into our lives, and he never left. He spent every day with us, getting to know Katsumi before we told her the truth. Six months Mina, six months he just hung around, not expecting anything in return for his time.”

“Wait, so you two are new…”

“We moved in a month ago, I just moved to his bed two weeks ago.” Her mouth opened and she shook her head.

“He waited seven months to be with you? Nope, that’s not the Bakugo I have always known.” She laughed and I chuckled. She was right, Katsuki and I had sex the very first time we met at the bar all those years ago. “Now I know why Katsumi is with her grandparents for a week!” she screamed as we got up to head into the mall. After wandering around a while, we headed for the exit.

“We should go out for drinks on Friday. There is this awesome karaoke place down the street from our hotel.”

“I haven’t been to a karaoke bar in so long, that sounds like a blast! Count us in. I will drag him if I have to.” I winked as we parted ways.

“I’m pretty sure he would follow you anywhere.”

Katsuki wasn’t back when I arrived home, giving me some alone time. I hadn’t had any in quite a while and took a long, hot bath. I heard commotion from the main part of the house as I was finishing up, and quickly threw on clothes and went to see what was going on. There was a faint beeping noise coming from outside and I opened the front door to a moving truck backing in the driveway. Katsuki was nowhere to be found and I walked outside.

“Oh no! I was hoping to get it in place before you got back with Mina.” Katsuki hollered from the backyard. He ran up to me and gave me a kiss. The doors of the truck opened and revealed a large pink and purple playhouse that looked like a castle. It was big enough for at least four kids and had all the bells and whistles any six-year-old girl could dream of, including a slide off the back for a quick exit. I clapped my hands together as he beamed next to me, directing the movers where to place it.

“The yard was too bare, she needed something to play on when her friends come over.” He smiled as he kissed me again.

“But, how? It looks custom?” I gasped as I walked around it absolutely stunned.

“It is. I went in the other morning and helped draw up the blueprints. I knew I couldn’t get it here in time for her party, but when Mom said she wanted to take her for a week, I knew we could surprise her with it when she came back. It wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow, they did a great job.” That’s where he had been. He was getting a toy for our daughter and my first thought was why was he up and gone so early. I shook it off. I wasn’t going to let the past get in the way of us. Not anymore.

“She is going to flip out you know. It’s going to be your job to get her back in the house when she wants to move into it.” I laughed as I threw my arms around his neck. He threw his head back in laughter, wrapping his arms tight around my waist.

“Maybe that will give us more alone time.” He winked as he went to sign for the delivery. The movers left and we went inside and sat cuddled together on the couch.

“We are going to karaoke with Mina and Kirishima on Friday night. I like Mina, she is really cool, and easy to talk to. Kirishima is a smart man.”

“They have been together since school. He didn’t make a dumb mistake and ruin it with her.” He said as he nuzzled my neck.

“I don’t think anything is ruined. I think our decisions led us down this path we are on now. I don’t want to change the past, because we may not be here together right now, and that is all I care about.” I whispered as my fingers ran through his hair. He leaned in and left a few soft, gentle kisses on my lips. This side of him, this new vulnerable side made my knees weak. Never in our first time together did he ever show any type of weakness.

“What are you hungry for, I’m cooking tonight.” He said as he stood from the couch, stretching his arms above his head.

“Surprise me.” I giggled as I flipped on the tv. “Hey, who won your tournament?” I called as he headed for the kitchen.

“I did, of course.” He bellowed as he did a victory dance in the doorway. Dammit, I think I’m in love with this man. My phone rang and I picked it up.

“Hey guys, having fun?”

“MOMMA!! I DID A CANNONBALL IN THE POOL!!” she screamed into the phone. After shaking my head loose from the brain rattling sound I laughed.

“That’s great sugar, that sound like a bunch of fun.”

“Nana wants to talk to you.” I heard her hand the phone over and Mom’s voice came through.

“I told her not to scream, sorry.” She laughed as I sighed. “We moved rooms so we could be adjoining with Mitzy and she has been running back and forth the last two days. She has so much energy.”

“HA! Yep. She sure does. Is she behaving?”

“Yes, she is an angel, besides tiring us out. You two still having fun?”

“Yes, two of his school friends dropped by and we are going to karaoke Friday. I haven’t been out in so long I can’t believe I am so excited for something so lame.”

“Just wait, soon you will be excited over a two-hour nap in the afternoon.” She cackled into the phone.

“So, we will meet you guys for lunch on Sunday. Call me if you want before or if she gives you any lip.”

“Ok, she wants to call every time anything happens, I told her we didn’t want to bug you all the time. We will call you again Friday to check in. Have fun.”

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Chapter Seven


The karaoke bar was packed already when we arrived, but Mina had reserved a table, telling them both Red Riot and Ground Zero would be in attendance. We were seated in a large booth in the back and having a blast. Katsuki and Kirishima looked like they had really missed each other, drinking and telling old stories and Mina and I gabbed about everything under the sun. I was getting pretty buzzed and was gushing at her.

“I can’t wait to visit you guys! I know we will be going to see Mitzy often. We can hang out like this then too!!” I squealed as she gave me a high five.

“That’s right, you guys are welcome anytime!” Kirishima said as he raised his glass. “I don’t want to wait a year to see you guys again. Let’s toast to new and old friendships!” Before we left, we cemented plans for them to meet at our house Monday for dinner and to meet Katsumi. She was going to be so excited to meet one of her favorite heroes. Mina was going to go over well, too. As we walked in the door Katsuki sighed.

“That was too much fun. I didn’t realize how much I missed him.”

“You two have a great relationship. I’m glad you have a friend like that. My best friend lives in America now, she took a job a few years back. You reminded me of us when she visited last year.”

“I can’t wait to meet her.” I stumbled over the rug and he laughed out loud. “Lightweight!”

“Hey, I’m no more drunk than you mister I’m leaning against the wall so I don’t fall down.” I laughed as I flicked his shoulder. He grabbed me and pulled me against his chest as he whispered into my ear.

“I want to know what other dirty things are in your head.” He purred as his teeth bit my earlobe, making me squeal and rub my ass into his crotch.

“I know exactly what I want.” I crooned as I took his hand and we headed to bed. He started to take his shirt off and I slapped his arm. “I’m a dirty slut tonight. I’m in control.” I purred as I moved his hands to his sides, gripping his waistband and yanking his pants down to his ankles. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor as I pushed him to the bed. He sat on the edge, cock springing to life as my mouth began to water. I got to my knees in front of him and wrapped my lips around his dick, making him moan above me as his hands gripped my hair. My hands caressed his balls, palming them in my hands as I bobbed up and down, letting him as deep as I could before kissing the tip on the way back up. His legs were trembling as I worked him over in my mouth, cock twitching with every lick. My tongue started swirling on the sensitive tip as my hand moved from his balls to his shaft, quickly pumping as he groaned my name above me. As he pulsed in my hand and came, I aimed right for my face, tongue hanging out as he spurted cum all over me.

“Holy fuck Miko!!” he screamed as I began to lick the stickiness from my lips and mouth with a smile. I grabbed my shirt and wiped the excess off my face before he picked me up and tossed me onto the bed. “I’m going to fuck you like the dirty slut you are.” He groaned as he ripped off my pants. Forcing my legs wide he attacked my pussy, mouth and tongue ravaging every inch as I squealed below him. “Fuck, sucking my dick got you drenched. You love my cock, don’t you?” he growled as I licked my lips.

“Yes Katsu, I love your cock. Give it to me?” I murmured as his eyes narrowed above me.

“You want me to give it to you, eh?” he said as he stroked it. “Ok, you dirty slut…” he started to move above me and I rolled over onto my stomach and he smacked my ass.

“Katsuuuuu…I’m a dirty slut who wants her ass fucked.” I snarled up at him as I got to my knees as waved my ass in his face. He slid his erection across my lower lips, covering it in the juices flowing from it. In one quick motion he slid his cock in my ass and two fingers in my pussy and began thrusting feverishly, making loud grunts pour from my mouth. The pleasure mixed with a slight twinge of pain almost made me cum immediately, but I didn’t want this to end so soon. My hips thrust into his as he leaned forward and started biting my back, sucking and licking the marks he was leaving behind. All the stimulation pushed me to the edge quickly, walls starting to tremble around his fingers as he suddenly pulled out, ramming is cock inside my pussy so he could feel it quake. His fingers strummed my clit as the orgasm washed over me, face hitting the sheets as I screamed his name for the whole world to hear. He trembled above me and came, filling me with his seed as his lips caressed my back. His arms wrapped around my waist as I started to breathe regularly again.

“You are amazing. I’m never letting you go.”

And just like that, our freedom was over. We made good on our time though, and my legs were still sore from the last few days. It was totally worth it though. We walked into the resort and headed for the restaurant. They were seated at a large table in the back and when Katsumi saw us walk in, she jumped up and screamed.

“Momma! Daddy!” She squealed as she got up and ran at us. Grabbing us each by the hand, she dragged us back to the table. They had already ordered enough food for an army, and it arrived shortly after we did. She told us stories of all their adventures, and how she could hold her breath for ten seconds in the pool, and that mini pancakes were now her favorite food.

“We will miss you Katsumi, we promise to call you all the time so we can talk, ok?” Mitsuki said a bit teary eyed.

“When are you all heading home?”

“Dad and I are checking out Sunday.”

“We are as well.”

“You should all come over before you leave for one more visit before you go. Maybe we can make a light lunch.” I said and Mitsuki nodded.

“Our train isn’t until later in the day, we would have time for that, it’s a great idea.”

“Sure dear. We can checkout and head over for lunch Sunday afternoon. But this week, we are partying!” Mom laughed. Katsumi said her goodbyes as Katsuki grabbed her suitcase and we headed home. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees her new playhouse. We arrived home and piled inside as she ran straight for King. She had probably missed him more than us. He was sitting in the window overlooking the backyard and after petting him a few times her eyes finally caught sight of the gift in the yard. She stopped petting him and turned around with her mouth open.

“Is that for ME?” she squealed as I nodded. Katsuki scooped her up and carried her outside, putting her down as they got close so she could fling the door open. I followed them out and watched as she poked around the playhouse, opening the cabinets and grinning the whole time. She climbed up the stairs and slid down the slide as she giggled loudly. She came running at me, flinging herself against my legs. “Thank you, Momma!” I grinned down at her.

“I had nothing to do with it, Daddy is the one who picked it out.”

“Really? Daddy! How did you know I needed cabinets for my dolls?” she laughed as she ran to him and he picked her up for a huge hug.

“Any good Daddy would know you needed space for all your dolls. Plus, I made sure it was big enough so Chi Chi and your other friends can all come and play.”

“Thank you, Daddy! I’m glad you came home.”

“I am too sweetheart. I’ll never leave you again.”

Dinner was finished and Katsumi could barely keep her eyes open. She had a long week, full of fun and sugar and she was ready for bed early. She had school in the morning, and it was back to work for the both of us.

“Should we tell her about our dinner guests tomorrow, or let it be a surprise?” I asked him as I rested against his chest in bed.

“I think it would be a fun surprise. Let’s not even say we are having any guests.”

“She is going to freak out. She has never met a hero she has seen on tv before, and I have a feeling she and Mina will hit it off pretty well too.” I snickered as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Yeah, Pinky will be pretty popular. She’s going to make Kirishima do unbreakable in the house, isn’t she?” he laughed.

“Maybe we can show them the playhouse and have him do it outside, just in case.” I chortled as my eyes slowly closed. I used to suffer from insomnia, but since I moved in here, that hasn’t been an issue. I’ve never slept so well as I have in his arms.

I had some paperwork to catch up on at work from my vacation, and my coworkers were happy to see me return. Inasa was waiting in my office when I arrived.

“I hope you had a nice vacation. I didn’t know you knew Bakugo.” He said as his eyes narrowed at me. I had never mentioned who Katsumi’s Dad was, just that he was back in our lives. I didn’t think it was important.

“Katsuki is Katsumi’s father. It’s a really long story, but we have worked things out. Do you know him?” He sighed and nodded.

“I do. We were at the same provisional licensing exam. Long story short, we both failed and were in special classes for three months together. I have to say, I never expected you to be with someone like him.”

“What do you mean like him?” I grimaced.

“I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I mean, I only knew him in school, and he was a loud mouth pain in the ass. I just don’t see someone as nice as you with someone so loud.”

“He must have changed a whole lot since school. Mina said the same thing. All I know is he is an amazing father, a good man, and he makes me feel more alive and happier than I have ever been.”

“Then I am happy for you. I am sure Katsumi is thrilled.”

“She is, and thank you for giving me the week off. I feel like we can tackle any challenge that comes our way now. But this back log of paper work? What the heck happened while I was gone?”

“A huge uptick in criminal activity over the last month. The major agencies are looking into it. Sorry you had to come back to this.” He laughed as he left my office.

I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. I was still buried under a stack of papers when it was finally time. The rest would have to wait, we had dinner plans. Katsuki had picked up Katsumi and they were both home when I arrived. He was busy cooking dinner and she was in her playhouse.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” he asked as I walked in, dashing over and planting a kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled.

“Pretty crappy until just now.” I whispered as I leaned in for another kiss just as Katsumi came running in the back door.

“YOU’RE KISSING OOOOOOOO” she squealed as she ran at us. Before we could say anything, the doorbell rang.

“Hey sweetie, why don’t you answer that? I think it’s for you.” Katsuki grinned as her eyes went wide.

“Is it Gamma?” she yelled as she flew to the door. When she saw who was on the other side, her eyes grew as big as saucers. She turned and ran back to me, grabbing onto my leg and tugging my pants. Katsuki roared with laughter as Kirishima and Mina entered, Kirishima a bit confused.

“Sweetie, these are my friends from school, Kiri and Mina.” He looked at him and blinked a few times then screamed.

“I SAW YOU ON TV YOU ARE SO COOL!” as she buried her face in my leg. Mina giggled as Kirishima turned as red as his hair.

“Hey there Katsumi, it’s good to meet you. Your Dad and I have been friends for a long time. You can call me Kiri, and this is my girlfriend Mina. Her hero name is Pinky.” She let go of my leg and took a few steps towards them.

“They are joining us for dinner tonight, sugar. They came into town to visit Daddy.” She turned to Katsuki with a huge smile.

“You really DO know the red man! Do you wanna see what Daddy got me?” she said as she walked over to Kiri and took his hand and then Mina’s and they walked past us out the backdoor to the playhouse. We followed as she showed them around, wanting them to slide with her. Mina may have had a chance, but there was no way Kiri was fitting in there. Katsuki laughed and shouted at them.

“Hey dumb hair, turn on unbreakable and let Katsumi hit you with her quirk.” I shot him a look and he grinned. “We used to spar all the time; I just want to see what she can do.” Kiri looked at me and I shrugged.

“Katsumi, do you want to try to explode Red Riot?” I said as her eyes got wide.

“Really? It’s ok? You said to never use it on a person.”

“This is different. Just this one time, it’s ok.” Kiri grinned and released his quirk, turning himself into a giant unbreakable mass with jagged edges. I knew he would be careful with her, but I was nervous for him. He planted himself in the middle of the yard and waved at her to come at him. She did, igniting both fists as she flew at him. She blasted his lower body with explosions and I think he was caught a bit off guard with how powerful they were. She was pretty strong even though she looked innocent. She kept hitting him and he was grinning ear to ear. All of a sudden, he snapped his head down and looked at her, leaving him open for her next attack. She blasted him in the face, knocking him backwards and to the ground. Katsuki screamed with laughter as Katsumi ran to him, picking her up and twirling her around. Kiri sat up and rubbed his jaw, back in his regular state.

“Like father, like daughter.” He muttered as he stood up. “She cheated.” He pouted. Everyone looked at her and she grinned.

“I called him dumb hair in his head.” She laughed and laughed, causing me to fall into a fit of giggles.

“Seriously, that is a great move. Hearing anything in my head would have distracted me. You are going to make a great pro one day, Katsumi.” Kiri gushed as we headed in for dinner. As soon as we finished Katsumi dragged Mina to her room, needing to show her it, like her, was also pink. They were getting ready to leave when a very tired Katsumi made them promise to come back to visit soon.

“We will, and you guys are always welcome at our place if you find yourselves in our area. Katsumi, we can talk online with your Mom’s help too, ok?” Mina said as I nodded.

“Absolutely. Maybe you can stop in and say goodbye before you leave Wednesday, if you have time.” I said.

“We will make time. See you later.” Kiri said as they headed back to their room. When I turned around, she was fast asleep on his shoulder. He quietly put her to bed and we relaxed and retreated to the bedroom for the night. Everything was so perfect; I couldn’t believe how much my life had changed in less than a year. Katsumi had her Dad back, I had my love back, and the perfect little family I had always dreamed of was appearing right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t be any happier.

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Chapter Eight

It All Falls Apart

Tuesday morning started rough. We had overslept and just made it to school and work on time. I was in my office just after lunch when my phone rang, it was Katsumi’s school, and she was ill. I told Inasa and he said to go and take care of it, so I picked her up and took her home. She didn’t have a fever but was sneezing and coughing a lot. I noticed a runny nose last night but didn’t think anything of it. She spent an entire week in a resort, playing on things many others had and she had caught a cold. I dosed her with some meds and put her to bed. She would be down a day or two, and if it didn’t improve, we would head to the doctor in a few days. When Katsuki got home, he was surprised she wasn’t running around the house.

“I picked her up from school, she caught a cold.”

“Aww, poor thing. She asleep?”

“Yes, I gave her some meds earlier and she should be out a while. The cough medicine usually makes her sleep a few hours.”

“Is dinner ready?”

“No, I haven’t started yet. You are earlier than I expected.” I grinned.

“I think we should take advantage of her downtime…” he smirked as he held out his hand. The bedroom door shut and our clothes were gone in a flash. My hands gripped his hair as he attacked my neck, quickly working his way to my breasts. He licked and nipped at them, tongue rolling a nipple as I moaned below him. Two fingers slid into my pussy and went to work as he bit at my chest, making me arch my back as pleasure washed over me. He slid down and his mouth latched onto my clit, sucking and licking until I came undone under him. I bit my tongue so I didn’t scream as I came on his fingers. He removed them and slid his tongue across my folds, sending a shudder up my spine. He slid in slowly, his mouth meeting mine as he began thrusting himself deep inside. My legs wrapped around his waist as he groaned above me. Or hips were in perfect rhythm as our bodies melted together, passion overtaking both of us. My hands were wrapped in his hair and his mouth was sucking on my jaw as we made love. After a few minutes of our heated embrace he pulled back, gleam in his eye as he began to pound me harder, his legs beginning to tremble. I threw my hips into his, feeling my release quickly approaching. He twitched and came, the feeling of his seed warming my core sent me over the edge. My walls crashed around his cock as he moaned from the sudden tightness. He crashed to my chest and laughed. “You know I like taking care of you first, but fuck it feels good when you cum second.” He whispered as he kissed my forehead.

“I don’t mind. I like watching your face as you cum inside me. It gets me off.” I chuckled as he leaned in for a heated kiss. We got up and headed back to the kitchen. Katsumi was still asleep. She woke an hour later, just as dinner was finishing. She was feeling a bit better but was still coughing so I called the school and told them she would be out Wednesday too. Inasa said not to worry and gave me the day off so I could stay and take care of her. Poor kid. She wanted to go to school but I had to put my foot down.

“Katsumi, you don’t want others to get sick, do you? You can go back when you stop coughing so much, I promise.” I sent her back to bed and I ran to the office to grab some paperwork. When I got back, he was already in bed and I crawled in next to him as I wrapped my arms around him.

He was gone to work when I woke, and I headed to check on Katsumi. She was awake, playing with her dolls in her room. She looked much better and immediately wanted breakfast. Her coughing had died down and I decided to not give her the cough meds so she wouldn’t pass out. It looked like we caught it in time and she may be ready to return to school tomorrow, Friday at the latest. She had retreated to her room after we watched a movie and had lunch to have a tea party with her dolls. I grabbed a load of laundry and as I was heading to put it away, I heard a screeching sound. Oh no, that is an emergency signal. I ran to my purse and took out the receiver. A villain had struck downtown and all heroes were being summoned to the scene. This is bad, if they are calling me in that means…SHIT! I grabbed my phone as I turned on the tv.

“Mom! I need you to come here…”

“We are already on the way, all four of us. The city is a disaster area. No one knows what is going on. We will be there in twenty minutes.” She huffed into the phone as she hung up. I ran to my room and changed into my hero costume for the first time in a while. I turned to see Katsumi in the doorway.

“Momma? What is going on?” she said a bit panicked. I gave her a big smile.

“Nothing for you to worry about. I need to go help people. Gammy and Nana are on their way over to stay with you while I go to work.”

“What about Daddy?”

“He is probably already helping, sugar.” I stopped when the front door flew open and Mom waved at me.

“Grab some things of hers and toss them in, we are heading further away. Something is creating cave ins, and it is spreading.” My heart rate sped up and I went into panic mode. I grabbed her overnight bag and packed it quickly as she clung to my Mom.

“We called a friend a few towns over and we are heading there, here is the address.” She handed me a piece of paper and Katsumi gave me a hug and kiss. After she was in the car Mom turned to me, panic in her face. “Be careful love. It’s bad. Really bad. I want you to call me whenever you get the chance to check in, no matter what time it is, ok?” she said as she gave me a hug. As soon as I stepped outside, I saw the smoke rising in the distance. What in the hell was happening? I rushed to where the smoke was coming from and found hell on earth. The ground had given way under numerous buildings and they had collapsed. Oh god there could be so many people trapped. The ground shook and another building came crashing down a few blocks from where I stood as citizens went running from the city. Something was underground, making this happen? I finally found a hero group helping to rescue people from the rubble. I started reaching out telepathically and was immediately overwhelmed. There were so many people in the area I was getting overloaded.

“Sumiko!” I heard a voice call out from behind me.

“Mina? What are you doing here?”

“We couldn’t just sit by, even though we don’t work in this city we had to help. Kirishima is with Bakugo fighting the thing that is responsible for this. We don’t know what his quirk is exactly, but he can dig through dirt and concrete, and he is digging under the city. If we don’t stop him, the entire city will fall.”

“Where are they?” She pointed and I could barely see they were so far off in the distance. My job was to help with the rescue, but something was telling me, no…screaming at me that Katsuki needed me. I had never had this kind of feeling in my life, and I couldn’t ignore it. “Are they alone?” She nodded and she saw the look on my face.

“Don’t worry, those guys will be fine.” I shook my head.

“Mina, I can’t explain it but I need to go there, now.” I said as I started to run. She followed quickly behind and we were halfway there when a giant building came crashing to the ground right in the area they were standing.

“KIRI!!” Mina screamed as she grabbed me and laid down an acid path that we flew down to get to them. As we reached them, the whole world slowed down. Kirishima was down, unbreakable broken, barely able to keep his head up. I saw a strange looking thing, like a human mole hybrid standing at the top of a huge pile of debris. He dove back under the ground as Mina rushed to Kiri.

“KATSU!!” I screamed. He couldn’t be under this rubble, I refused to believe it. I opened my mind and searched for him.

“Katsu! Where are you? I can’t find you? Please, answer me.”

“Miko, I’m here. Why are you here you shouldn’t be here you have to go.”

His words were jumbled and a bit muffled.


I started running around, searching through piles of the fallen building until I finally found him. He was pinned under a large chunk of debris. One leg was completely crushed and he waved me away.

“He is coming for me! You have to go! NOW!”

“No chance. I’m coming for you.”

“Miko. I love you. Please, save yourself so Katsumi doesn’t lose both of us today.”

The mole man appeared behind Katsuki as the ground began to give way under them. He would not survive the rest of the building coming down on him. My head suddenly felt like it was going to explode, a searing pain pulsing through it as a switch flipped inside me. A rush of power surged through me that I couldn’t explain. It wasn’t adrenaline, I knew that feeling. As the ground broke away and I saw the love of my life begin to plummet to his death right before my eyes, I shattered. A scream ripped out of my throat as I mimicked something I had seen my Dad do for years. I threw my hands up in front of me as the screaming continued. My Dad’s quirk was telekinesis. He could move objects with his mind and control them. I knew I didn’t have that power, but something in my head was screaming at me to do it anyway. The mole man stood, shocked as Katsuki emerged from the hole and floated to me, but not as shocked as I was. How did I do that? He was passed out, but alive when he rested gently next to me. I snapped my head at the villain and before he could make a move, I raised my hand and brought the large scraps of debris together before pelting him with it. He couldn’t dig if he was knocked out. More heroes arrived to witness the last large chunk burying him alive. I fell to my knees above Katsuki, who had opened his eyes. He was drifting in and out of consciousness, but still gave me a smile. While the other heroes dug out the unconscious villain, the medics started flooding the scene. Katsuki was in bad shape, his right leg was completely crushed and the way he was breathing made me think a few broken ribs at least. As they loaded him into an ambulance, black spots took my vision and the last thing I remember was Mina rushing to me before it went dark.

Why does it feel like my head was run over by a train? Where am I? It took a few moments to get my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. A hospital? Katsuki! The memories came flooding back and I sat up, waking the person sleeping in the chair in the corner.

“Sumiko! You are awake! Thank god.” Mom said as she rushed to my side.

“Where’s Katsuki?” I croaked out; voice barely recognizable to my ears.

“Don’t talk, you hurt your vocal cords. Katsuki is ok. He is still being healed, but he is going to be ok.” Tears sprung to my eyes as she gave me a hug. “I know you have questions. We saw what happened, a helicopter filmed the whole thing. You deserve an explanation, but not now. When you are healed, we will explain everything.”

I had to wait hours to see him. They still had two more round of healing to do on his leg, but he was resting in his room and they finally let me visit. He was sleeping, and I pulled a chair next to the bed and rested my head on his chest. I shut my eyes and must have fallen asleep and when I woke, his hands were combing through my hair.

“Katsu.” I whispered as I sat up, grabbing his hand and meshing our fingers together.

“You were amazing. I love you so much.” He whispered as he squeezed my hand.

“I love you Katsuki. I don’t know how I did that, but it was because of you.”

“Don’t worry about that now, are you hurt?”

“No, not really. My head hurt before but not anymore. Just a bit of pressure from when I use my quirk too much.”

“Good. Mom said they went back to the house after the villain was captured and it’s fine. He was just targeting the city.”

“There were too many casualties. He attacked when he knew there would be the most people around. He is despicable.”

“There would have been more without you. Including me and Kirishima. He will pay for his crimes now, thanks to your quick thinking. We all owe you.”

“I couldn’t lose you. That was all that mattered. I was being selfish.”

“It doesn’t matter, you are still my hero.”

I was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon, and Katsuki was released Friday. His leg wasn’t completely healed, he would need a few more sessions so he was using crutches. When we got home, Mom and Dad wanted to talk with all of us, including Katsumi. We all gathered in the living room and Mom started a story.

“You were very young when your quirk developed. We told you you were five when your telepathy manifested, but that isn’t true. Your quirks developed at two. Both of them. Telekinesis and telepathy. They overwhelmed you, not being able to speak or understand what you were doing. If you wanted something, you made it come to you. Anything. You were putting yourself and others in danger without knowing it. You wanted to play with a kid on the playground who ignored you and you floated them to you. You saw a dog walking down the street and floated it to you. Luckily it was friendly. You weren’t old enough to understand not to do those things, and we had to do something. We took you to a hypnotist when you were three and had him put a block around the telekinesis for your own safety, with the intention of giving it back when you joined the hero course. Growing up, you never seemed interested in that line of work, and we decided to let it go. We should have told you; I can imagine how angry you are at us. We were watching live when it happened, the trauma you were witnessing must have broken the barrier and allowed you to use your second quirk.”

“My head hurt really bad, and something inside me was screaming at me to be Dad. I couldn’t do anything else, I had to try something. It felt similar to an adrenalin rush.”

“That was the wall coming down. If you want, the therapist can restore your memories from back then as well.”

“I will have to think about that. Did you say I floated a kid to myself?”

“You did. Then you held him there in the sandbox while he cried.” I busted out laughing.

“You aren’t angry at us?”

“No, I’m not angry. You were protecting me and I know all about making hard decisions to protect the ones I love most. What matters is that we are all here together now. Nothing is going to break this family up.”

“Who wants dinner? I’m starved!” Katsuki said as he stood up and he and his Mom headed to the kitchen to bring dinner out. My Mom turned to me and smiled.

“I know how much you love him. I’m glad everything worked out in the end.” My thoughts drifted to him, how much I loved him and how I couldn’t bear to lose him again. Mom laughed as she pointed across the room. I looked up and my mouth opened as Katsuki floated towards me holding a bowl of salad. His eyes were wide but there was a huge smirk on his face as I carefully sat him down at the edge of the table. “See? That’s what I was dealing with at two years old.” She snorted as I began to giggle.

“Whoops. Well, I guess I have some work to do or he is going to be floating around here more than he wants.” We ate dinner and everyone settled in for the night. They were staying in the two rooms upstairs and we headed to bed after reading Katsumi her favorite book as a group. Passing around a book to six people made storytelling challenging. As we laid together, arms wrapped around each other like we were never letting go, he whispered to me.

“You can float me to you whenever you want, just for the record.”

“I love you Katsu.”

“I love you more.”

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine

Time to be a Hero

Katsuki was fully healed in about a week. His parents had stayed until then and left to go home this afternoon. I had some serious thinking to do. Our fight with the Mole Man was broadcast live on tv for the whole country to see. The emergence of my new power had caught the eye of many agencies across the world. Watching the footage myself, I was amazed how much power I had been able to wield. I basically tossed a building at the guy with my mind. When I was little, I can remember thinking I wanted to be a hero but didn’t have the right kind of quirk for that. It’s why I enrolled in the support course and not the hero course. I loved my line of work, helping others was always my main goal. Inasa told me he understood, and whatever my decision was he would accept it. Mora sent me an offer to join his agency so I could partner with Katsuki.

“You know, if you want to be a proper hero you need some training.” Katsuki snickered at the dinner table. Katsumi looked at me with wide eyes.

“Are you offering?” I laughed as I rinsed my plate.

“Actually, that could be fun. Mora had a training facility that we can use to spar.”

“Momma you and Daddy are going to work together?”

“Yes Sugar, we are.” I smiled as she gave me a hug. She had taken the whole situation better than I expected her to, and better than I had. She still had absolute faith that we were indestructible.

“We can start training this week, in between patrols.”

Being a hero was weird. I mean, I was always a hero, but now people knew who I was. And not as the woman with Ground Zero. People called for interviews and wanted to know all about my story. It was an odd thing, to suddenly have a new quirk pop out of nowhere and be in the spotlight at my age. When I met with Mora, he explained he understood that it would take some time for me to adjust, but he felt like he didn’t want to take a chance and have someone scoop me up out from under him. I felt like a dummy, I never expected to be a hero thrown into the spotlight, and my hero name left much to be desired.

“Seeker…I actually like that Sumiko. I know you didn’t come up with it thinking you would be in the spotlight, but I think it fits. Bakugo mentioned that he wanted to help you train, and I think that is a great idea. You can use the training facilities as much as you need, and you can come to me with any issues.”

“Thank you, Mora. I can’t thank you enough.”

“You are welcome, it is my pleasure to bring you on board.” My eyes filled with tears and he looked concerned.

“No Mora, not for the job. I mean, I am happy to be here, but I meant thank you for sending Katsuki the offer you did. This all happened because you wanted him here, and because of that we were able to find each other again. I will never be able to thank you properly for that.” I smiled at him.

“Actually, you have a friend of mine in the States to thank for that. He called me bragging that he sent an offer to him and just knew he would accept. I had no idea he was looking to transfer, and I immediately called him with my offer. I wasn’t going to let someone like Ground Zero leave Japan. I knew him briefly back in school and had no doubt he would be a great fit on this side of the country. I was blown away when he told me what he found when he arrived. I am so very happy all the coincidences worked out and you found your way back to each other.”

‘You ready to spar?” Katsuki called as he walked into the office.

“Have fun, but remember, you replace what you destroy.” Mora called as we headed to the training grounds.

We trained every day before patrol for months. I had almost fully mastered controlling my telekinesis, but still had slip ups now and again. Katsuki and I focused on combat training, since I really never had any in school. He was impressed at my mobility, but I needed to get stronger and improve my combat thinking. At home, both he and Katsumi would gang up on me in the yard and we would tear around pretend battling for rights to the playhouse. One year after the Mole Man attack and the emergence of my new power, we officially became a hero team, dubbed Seek and Destroy by the media. With my role in bringing him down I shot up the hero rankings to number twenty-two and was being hounded to do TV commercials.

“I think you should do it.” Katsuki grinned as I groaned at my Mom.

“I don’t want to be on tv!” I shouted playfully as Katsumi giggled.

“You can be a tv star Mom!!!”

“You want your Mom to be a TV star, sugar?” I laughed as she hugged my leg.

“That would be awesome.” She cried. He seventh birthday was a few days ago, and all the Grandparents had arrived to whisk her away for their weeklong getaway. As soon as the door shut he pounced, pinning me to it and attacking my neck with kisses.

“I thought they would never leave.” He groaned as his hands roamed my body. I threw my hand up and he floated away from me a bit as I led him down the hallway. I was going to pay for doing it, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I laid him down on the bed and released my quirk as he sprang up, grabbing my waist and tossing me to my back. “You were a bad girl, using your quirk when I was enjoying myself. You know what happens now.”

“Yes, Master.” I purred as his eyes narrowed into slits above me.

“Put your hands above your head.” I did as he demanded and he pulled out our handcuffs. A month ago, when Katsumi had stayed over at Chi Chi’s house for a night, he ended up cuffed to the bed and had promised he would get me back. I had been waiting. He ripped off my shirt and cuffed both to the bed post and began to strip on top of me. I licked my lips when his erection popped out of his briefs as he tossed them away. He yanked off my pants and panties and straddled my waist, allowing his cock to rest on my stomach. He slowly worked his way up my chest until the tip was touching my lips. “Open your mouth.” He growled as he used the headboard for leverage. They parted and he slammed into my mouth, lips and tongue wrapping around it as he drove it in and out slowly. My hips bucked on the bed as he fucked my mouth, we had done this before and I knew what he wanted. My tongue thrashed with every thrust and he began to pulse in my mouth. His arms were shaking when he removed one and pulled out of my mouth, stroking his cock above my face as I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He bucked and came, shooting warm spurts of cum across my face and chest. He looked down at me and grinned. “There’s my little slut, covered in cum. You are so beautiful.” He groaned as he slid down, gliding his tongue over my drenched pussy. It dove into my folds, making me shriek his name as he ravaged me with his mouth. He licked my walls and strummed my clit as my arms shook above my head. He picked up the pace as I felt his fresh erection rub against my leg, bringing me screaming on his tongue. He picked his head up and shifted above me, slowly pressing his cock inside as he crawled up my chest. He laid there still for a moment, the two of us connected in the most intimate way when he looked down and smiled.

“I love you, Miko.” He reached up and unlatched the handcuffs and my arms immediately went around his neck.

“I love you Katsu.” His mouth crashed to mine as he began to slowly pump in and out, our hips writhing together as we consumed each other. My legs were spread wide as he worked me over, after all this time he knew exactly what to do to make me feel better than anyone ever had. His lips met my neck as he picked up speed as moans fell from my lips. Having him back in my life was the best thing that had ever happened. He made me feel love. He gave me a beautiful and talented daughter. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slid down to my chest, nipping at them as a hand slid to my clit. He brought me screaming his name, walls crashing onto his dick as he groaned and came again, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss as we shared our bliss. He fell beside me and drew me in, rubbing his face in my hair. I giggled and laced my fingers in his as sleep overtook us both. We had overcome so much, and we were still here, together. Nothing would ever change that again.


Katsumi’s tenth birthday party was next weekend and there was a huge party planned, even Kirishima and Mina were coming into town for it. Of course, she had caught the flu last week and lucky me, she gave it to me as a present. I felt like death. We only had five days to prepare and I was on the couch with a million tissues surrounding me. I had been to the doctor this morning and had some tests run and was given some antibiotics and decongestants to get me through.

“Holy crap. You look terrible.” Katsuki called from the doorway.

“Stay back! You can’t afford to get sick!” I moaned as I blew my nose. Katsumi peeked around the corner and frowned.

“Sorry Mom. I gave you the plague.”

“It’s fine. I’ll be just fine, you watch. I’m going to kick this sicknesses butt!” ACHOOOO.

“Ok, you stay there. I will make some food and throw it to you in a bit.” Katsuki winked as he headed to the kitchen. He brought in some soup a few hours later and I ate before falling asleep on the couch. It was dark when I woke up, someone had thrown a blanket over me before they turned in for the night. My stomach lurched and I ran to the bathroom, puking up all the food from earlier. Great. Katsumi didn’t have a stomach bug. I’m so lucky! I went back and crashed on the couch, falling back to sleep.

They were trying to be quiet, but I think that may have actually made them louder than normal. I woke to sun peering through the living room blinds, mouth dry and nose runny. That’s right, the plague.

“Sorry Mom, we tried not to wake you.”

“It’s fine, I needed to take meds anyway. You off to school?”

“Yep, Dad is dropping me off. I’ll see you when I get home, hope you feel better.”

“Thanks sugar. I actually do already, the meds must be working.” Katsuki came in the room with a tray of food and some water.

“We are off. If you need anything call me. I’ll get her from school too, you just rest. I can’t handle this party alone.” He laughed as he blew me a kiss on the way out. I ate and started to feel much better. I flipped on the tv and was involved in some dumb afternoon tv show when my phone rang. It was the doctor’s office.

“Hello Sumiko, are you feeling any better?”

“Yes doctor, I am, thanks for asking. Can I do something for you?”

“Actually, I am calling to give you some news. Your blood tests came back and you were cleared of having any bad strain of flu, it should clear up in a few days with the antibiotics.”

“That’s great doctor, thanks for letting me know. We have a party this weekend and I didn’t want to be in quarantine.”

“There’s one more thing. Something else showed up in your bloodwork. Congratulations, Sumiko. You are pregnant.” Pregnant. PREGNANT?

“uhh, ahh…you are sure?” I managed to squeak out.

“Yes. I want to schedule you for an appointment next week to check everything out. What day is best for you?” PREGNANT!!!!!

“Uh well, um.”

“I’m sorry. How about you call me and we will set up a time then?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, thank you doctor. It’s just a shock, I…thank you. I will call you in a few days.” I said as I hung up the phone. It was a good thing I was already seated, because I almost passed out. Pregnant. I guess Katsuki was just that powerful to create two children while I was on the pill. My heart raced; he would be so excited. He missed out on Katsumi’s birth, her first steps, her first word, her first everything. He would be here for this one. He would be there for their first bath, first day of school, first tooth. Katsumi would have a sibling. Oh god, what quirk will they have? I got up and headed to the kitchen to grab some water. As I stood at the sink, I looked out the window to the playhouse and began daydreaming about watching two kids play in the yard, Katsuki chasing them around as I watched and cheered. What should we name them? I guess that will depend on if it’s a girl or a boy. I laid my hands on my stomach and cradled it, oblivious to what was transpiring behind me. I was so lost in thought I hadn’t heard them come home, or Katsumi calling to me from the doorway. I was thinking about how I wanted to tell them when a voice popped into my head.

“Mom?” she said quietly as I jumped and turned around. “I’m sorry, I thought you were passed out standing or something. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s ok.”

“Is what I heard real?”

“Yes. Don’t say anything to Dad, ok? I just found out and haven’t gotten a chance to tell him yet. The doctor called just a bit ago.”

“Too late.”

She smiled as he stepped from behind her. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and the smile almost split his face in two. He had heard everything. He rushed to me and picked me up, spinning me around and kissing my stomach. He was beaming, and I spoke the very words I always wished I had the courage to almost eleven years ago.

“Katsuki, we’re pregnant. I love you.”