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Chapter One


Generations ago, a baby born in China radiated light at birth, marking the emergence of quirks into our old, mundane society. Decades passed and quirks eventually took over the general population, with eighty percent of people having some uncanny ability. Laws were passed, and Heroes were born, more out of necessity than anything else. They went through special training to become licensed, and only heroes could use their quirks in public or to stop a crime. There were those who weren’t licensed, for various reasons. Not everyone could afford hero schools, and those without super flashy quirks got left behind a lot. Some worked as vigilantes, helping the heroes under the darkness of night like the superheroes of ancient comic books. Society seemed settled, and everything seemed to run smoothly. The heroes would take care of criminals and villains, and the general public could go about their daily lives without fear of attack. Not everyone with a quirk was a good guy, and there were always battles to fight. All Might, the symbol of peace in Japan, was the most recognizable hero of them all, saving people with a smile and always beating the bad guy. He gave everyone hope and was known around the world for his amazing strength. Then, ten years ago, he was beaten. He was crushed. He was murdered, on live television with the whole world watching. That was the day everything changed, the day All for One took control. All Might had gravely injured him before he fell, but before any of the heroes on scene could do anything, a warp opened and he was whisked away to safety as the world mourned the loss of their hero. Criminals came out of the woodwork to run rampant, not just in Japan. It was like All for One led a charge, and all the villains followed suit. Within months, he had recovered and broadcast a message to his followers, who were growing every day in number. The message was to kill Midoriya Izuku and bring him his carcass. No one had any idea why, until after a hard fight, Deku’s carcass was presented to him and he made a surprising announcement. The power All Might had, his quirk, was actually created by All for One. It’s a complicated story, but basically, the quirk One for All passed power down through generations, with the sole purpose of defeating All for One. His brother was the original holder of One for All and hoped one day it would be strong enough to kill his brother and bring his reign of terror to an end. All Might had already passed his power to Midoriya, and now that he was dead, so was the power. The only power in the world that could stop him. The League of Villains had taken out UA high to get to him, and the remaining students had gone into hiding. Laws quickly changed, allowing anyone with a quirk to use it as self-defense as the streets became overrun with crime, and people feared for their lives. People tried to make an honest living, but unless you were super rich and could afford top notch security, it was hard. People were living in poverty and fear across the entire world after All for One healed and took out all the top heroes across the globe. He had taken out my father one hot, muggy day, right in front of my eyes. My mother gave her life to save mine, and that’s why I am a part of this story. I was hidden away in a remote part of Canada after the death of my parents at the hands of All for One. I didn’t go to school, I only trained. My grandfather helped me every step of the way, until I finally reached the point that I was ready. All for One said only the holder of One for All could kill him. He was wrong. I was going to take great pleasure in doing it myself.

I stepped off my plane with a list of names. The people I was looking for had scattered after the massacre at the dorms, and UA actually shut down. People always held out hope it would one day reopen, but no one wanted to send their child to hero school anymore. Heroes were targets, and more and more fell every day. Even licensed heroes had turned vigilante, resorting to murder when needed. I didn’t blame them one bit. Out of the forty students enrolled ten years ago in that fateful hero course, we had only been able to contact four. No one knew how many had died the day of the attack, everyone scattered, never to return. Honestly, we were lucky to even find the four, most had changed their names and moved to other countries to avoid retaliation from the League. They were all still highly sought after, even after ten years. I was in a small town in West Virginia, USA, and the first name on my list was Sean Thompson, aka, Todoroki Shoto. Sean Thompson was a farmer who kept a quiet life, but Shoto was the son of Endeavor, the fallen Hero from Japan. He had been murdered by the League right after All Might, taking down the top two in the country in a little over a week. Shoto’s quirk was half ice, half flame, and he was a power to behold. We needed him on our team, we needed all of them on our team. I could do it; I could kill All for One, but I needed help.

The house was small, and quite charming as I walked up to the door and rang the bell. Immediately there was the sound of barking dogs, and they sounded pretty big. Shuffling and yelling came through the door as it opened to a lovely, tall, green haired woman. He made no mention of anyone else, shit, is this a trap?

“Hello, you must be Mila. We have been expecting you.” She said as she ushered me inside. I didn’t get any bad vibes about her, she seemed genuinely happy to see me. A man came around the corner, and I knew it was him. He looked totally different now, but it was Shoto. His hair was brown, and his eyes a brilliant shade of green. The scar that had once been around his left eye was gone; I had heard he had work done to cover it up.

“I know you know who I am, so let’s just get to why you have invaded my privacy. If you know who I am, you know I can kill you on the spot.”

“You can’t actually. That’s why I am here. We need to talk.” I told my story and pitch, and both were stunned. After I told them my plan, and who I was seeking, they both offered to help. It turns out the woman with him was actually Yaoyorozu Momo, a member of the class we hadn’t been able to locate. She also has an assumed identity and had lost her family when the peace vanished. Both Shoto and Momo had been from rich families, and those were the first ones the criminals sought out. Many were slaughtered in their homes before anyone knew what was happening. I gave them directions to the meet up place in Quebec, and tickets to get them there. If everything went according to plan, after I found the fourth person we would meet up and start planning the assassination of All for One.

Stop number two was a bit crazy, but I knew it had to be done. I was in the middle of the Australian Outback, sweating my ass off looking for a needle in a haystack. Tokoyami Fumikage, aka Dark Shadow from his younger days. Now, he was Franklin the Outback tour guide. Talk about getting out of sight. My hard work paid off, and after hearing my plea and finding out Shoto and Momo had joined us, he was in.

Stop three I thought would be more normal, but it was far from it. I was in a remote Russian town meeting Kendra, aka Kendo Itsuka. Once again, I was surprised when she wasn’t alone, she had someone with her as well. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, aka Real Steel, came out of hiding after he heard my story. This little excursion was paying off better than I thought. I assumed I would have three recruits at this time, but it was actually five, and I couldn’t have been happier. Now, onto my last stop before I could finally make my dream a reality.

The little German town was lively when I arrived. They had a strong guard, and it was almost like the world hadn’t fallen apart here. The bar was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and I kind of wanted to disappear and just stay here forever. It’s no wonder he decided to make this place home. I was here to see Dante, aka Kaminari Denke. He was the first one I contacted, and even gave me information on how to contact Shoto, but it seemed like he would be the hardest sell of the bunch. The bar was busy, and I sat at a table in the back and a waitress quickly came over. Her skin was pink, and her hair was as black as her eyes. Holy shit, Kaminari, no way!

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked as I nodded my head.

“I’ll take a whisky, and a moment with Dante, tell him Mila is here to see him.” Her eyes grew wide as she made a beeline for the back room. She returned with not one, but two men. That can’t be…

“Hello, Mila. Please, let’s chat in my office.” Kaminari said as he beckoned for me to follow. Unless I was losing my mind, that was Ashido Mina and Kirishima Eijiro with him. Two more classmates that had gone underground. Kirishima’s dark green hair was long and hanging in his face which was a stark contrast to the old hero in training. The three sat in awe at my plea, Ashido actually crying openly when I was finished. “There is something you should know. There are two more classmates here in this town. Jiro Kyoka, my now wife, is at our home, and I know she will feel the same way I do. And there is one more, but…I don’t know…”

“What do you mean? Will they not fight?”

“They will fight. I’m just afraid they will fight us.” Kirishima laughed as he rubbed the back of his head. Holy shit.

“Don’t tell me…holy shit. Bakugo is alive?”

“He is, and angry as ever. It’s a hike to get to him, but I will take you to him if you want me to.” He said as I nodded violently. Yes. Bakugo Katsuki, aka one of the most promising young talent to be wiped out at the hands of All for One. It was widely reported that he had died in battle trying to save Deku.

“How, they said he…”

“He did, technically. It’s complicated. We ran. This is the sixth place we have come to, mainly because Bakugo gets pissed and uses his quirk when he shouldn’t.”

“This could change everything. We will have to rethink the plan. With him, we could go a totally different direction.” I muttered as he laughed.

“That muttering reminds me of Deku, you know? He always talked out loud when he was working on something.” He said as Mina tried to smile. I can’t imagine what they had all gone through that day. Days after All for One’s speech about wanting Deku dead, a coalition of villains from all over the country descended on the campus. The main objective was to kill Deku, but by this point, there were no laws. Most of them didn’t have a chance, two hundred villains were suddenly attacking in the middle of the night after getting through the extra security and heroes on guard. They had slaughtered them all, including Principal Nezu and Eraser Head. The young heroes tried saving their friend in vain, and many perished that night. “Come on, it will take us a while to get there on foot, we should head out.”

The German countryside was beautiful as we hiked through a dense forest. After about a two-hour walk, we came upon a large lake. In the old days, I would have stopped to snap a photo of the amazing sunset that was right before my eyes and post it on social media. Now, I was basking in the glow of a sun that one day soon would rise without All for One in power. His days were numbered, we were going to take him down. As we came around a large hill, I saw a small house nestled into the side of the mountain. The closer we got, the louder the explosions got until his door flung open and he came flying out.

“Get the fuck out of here.” He growled as I approached.

“Calm down, man. It’s me. She is a friend; her name is Mila…”

“I don’t have friends. Leave, before I kill you.”

“You can try, but I’m not leaving, and you can’t kill me.” I said bluntly as I stared into his crimson eyes. His ash-blonde hair was grown past his shoulders, and his arms and chest were covered in tattoos, but this was definitely Bakugo Katsuki.

“I can and will. What happens now isn’t my problem.” He yelled as he rushed me. I stopped in my tracks, allowing him to hit me with explosion after explosion. His hands were slapping my face as he tried to light me on fire, getting seriously frustrated that I wasn’t taking any damage. He almost fell over when I suddenly vanished into thin air, and cursed when I appeared on his back, grabbing his arms and wrestling them over his head. He lit sparks in my face, but I didn’t budge. He could blow me up all he wanted. I wrapped myself around his torso and grabbed his chin.

“This is all our problem, Bakugo. You need to hear me out. I know you don’t give two fucks about who I am, and I don’t care either way how you feel about me. But I could use your help. I’m killing All for One, and I want you to be there when I do it.” His face twisted up into a scowl as Kirishima approached.

“Listen to her plan, bro. It’s solid, and we are all in. At least give us that much.” Bakugo turned and opened his door, holding it for us as we stepped inside.

“Nice place you have here…”

“Get to it. Why do you think you can kill All for One when All Might couldn’t?”

“I grew up in Malibu and dreamed of becoming a hero. Both my Mom and Dad were famous heroes, and they served the city well every day. When I was seventeen, All Might died, and all hell broke loose. Within a few months of his death, All for One started coming after top pros across the country using Kurogiri. My Dad died right in front of me, my Mother sacrificed herself to get me to safety. He would have killed me too, if he knew what my quirks were. My Mom’s quirk was teleport. My Dad’s quirk was invincible arms. Together they created me, and I inherited both of their quirks. Except my entire body is invincible. Nothing can hurt me.”

“Nothing? I doubt that.” Bakugo scoffed as I shook my head.

“No, you are right. If worn down enough, someone like All for One could kill me if he had enough time. But it would take a great deal of effort. All I have done the last ten years is train to kill him. After One for All’s secret was exposed, my Grandfather knew he was wrong, and that others could beat him. We hid, for almost ten years, prepping for the inevitable war. That’s why I need you. I need all of you. Together, we could change the world…”

“And some of us could die.” Bakugo said flatly as Kirishima grimaced.

“You are right again. None of you have to help. You can all walk away if that is what you want to do. But I’m going in, with or without you.”

“Shoto and Momo, Tokoyami, Tetsu and Itsuka, and the rest of us are all in already. You have to come with us, man. This is our chance; we can make things right…” I looked into those crimson eyes and they were sparkling.

“I’m in, as long as I get to land a punch on that piece of shit.” Bakugo said gruffly as I internally screamed. This was the missing piece. He was what would win the war for us. He would be the key to taking down All for One, once and for all. The mission to collect four former members of Class 1A and B turned into a gold mine with ten returning with us to fight. Now, as we all parted to regroup at headquarters in Quebec, I was more hopeful than ever that the plan would work. While booking the arrangements, I hadn’t planned on the extra fliers, so I had to do some work arounds. We couldn’t all be on the same flights to the same place, it may set off alarms. Everyone looked totally different than they had back then, but it was still super risky to be out together in public. Especially Bakugo, he was enemy number one to All for One’s followers. His kidnapping directly led to the famous fight and death, and the League was still very interested in getting a piece of him. I had Kaminari and Jiro heading to Toronto for a week before they headed to Quebec. Kirishima and Ashido were going to New York for a few days before heading up. I wasn’t leaving Bakugo alone, so I booked him with me. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, we were going straight to home base, but as we boarded the plane, I slowly realized what I was getting into. He was nuts. He was loud, and arrogant, and I wanted to teleport him to the wing of the plane.

“Do you speak French, Bakugo?”

“Nope. Sorry.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter much, anyway.” I sighed as I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes. One year from now, I would kill All for One and put the world back to its normal settings. One year from now, people could be happy again, living their lives freely without worry that their livelihood, or lives, would be taken away. One year from now, dead or alive, I would be happy knowing I stopped the worst monster the world has ever seen.

“Hey, Mila. We can do this. You just watch.” He said as his eyes danced back at me.

“We will. We have to. It’s time, it’s time to make our stand.” He smiled at my words and seemed to be just as excited as I was for the impending apocalypse. One thing was for sure, we were going into battle and some of us may not come back from it. We were taking fate into our hands and punting it like a football. All for One was not our fate, we were our fate, and we were coming to take back what was ours…our old lives and a future where All for One was dead and buried.

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Chapter Two


Bakugo hadn’t packed many things, he only had a small carry-on bag and a larger piece of luggage to claim from the conveyor. He looked exhausted when we landed, a flight over the ocean will do that to you. We hopped into the car Grandpa left for me and I drove the two-hour trip while Bakugo snored in the passenger seat. I elbowed him as we approached the compound, well…no one would know it was a compound. To the naked eye, it was just a regular farmhouse on the far outskirts of Saguenay, Quebec. But it was much more than that. We walked in and the house smelled amazing. He immediately perked up at the smell of the food cooking and I had to laugh.

“Eh, finally, a smile for food. Should have known. Come on, let’s get you to your room so you can settle in before dinner.” I said as he frowned at me. I walked into the front living room and into the hall leading to the basement. He followed me down the stairs and looked a bit perplexed at what was going on. There was nothing down here at all, and he probably thought I was nuts. “Be patient.” I laughed as a tiny door opened in the wall. I stuck my thumb inside, and a door opened, almost smacking him in the face. “Whoops, sorry, forgot how fast it opened.” I laughed as he scowled at me. He may be cute if he wasn’t making faces all the time. “You will get scanned in so you can come and go as you please. This isn’t a lock up or anything. It’s for our safety. If this mission gets compromised, we need a place to hide and defend, and this is it.” I said as we got into the elevator on the other side of the wall. This used a retina scan to operate, and he whistled.

“Fancy shit around this place.”

“Yep, the highest tech. You have to protect yourself when plotting to assassinate the biggest villain that ever lived.” I chuckled as the elevator continued down. When it finally came to a stop and the doors opened, his mouth dropped. “This is our bunker. It’s two miles from the surface, and basically impenetrable. The entire casing is lined with lead on the outside, and it’s completely soundproof. We have food, and water, and electricity for a few years if we go into a lockdown situation. All of our files, computers, labs, everything is down here. There are five living pods with enough space to keep a few hundred people safe in the event of catastrophe. I know you are tired, so we can continue…”

“No! This is amazing, please, show me around.” He said excitedly as he looked around the room. This was our meeting place, full of couches and chairs and was one of the best spots to relax.

“Well, as you can see, this is the main lobby. It’s also our last line of defense if anyone gets this far. Come here, and watch.” I said as I opened a hidden door and used my thumb to scan the door open and closed it behind us. “If someone just opens this door without the thumb print, this will happen.” I said as I hit the panic button under the window. Steel shutters slammed down and sealed the room and loud bangs could be heard through the wall. A minute later, the shutters rolled back up and revealed the room full of smoke. “The explosions were just a diversion for the knockout gas that was being pumped into the room. Anyone caught in here will be sleeping for twelve hours.”

“So, remember to use the thumb when opening door, got it.” He chuckled as we continued our tour. The first area you came to after the front lounge area was my least favorite area to visit. Not because of what it was, but because of who was here. It was the lab, and maintenance area, and the lead supervisor was a pain in the ass. I opened the door and he looked at me funny.

“The only door down here that is booby trapped is the first one. Don’t worry, nothing else will explode down here.” I laughed, and right on cue, a loud bang came from around the corner.

“There’s someone here.” He said lowly as he got into fighting stance. I patted him on the shoulder and rolled my eyes.

“Yep, someone is here all right. I apologize in advance for her antics…” I said as we strolled into her office. “Hi, Mei. The first of our heroes has arrived, say hello to…”

“BAKUGO KATSUKI! You are alive! I knew it, I worked on your costume and gauntlets anyway!” She screamed as she ran around her room, digging through piles of junk that were strewn about everywhere. She finally found what she was looking for and ran at him, shoving two large, grenade looking things at him.

“Hey, you went to UA too. I remember you from the sports festival. You made Iida look like an idiot.” He snorted.

“Mei here has helped with just about everything you see down here. The basic structure was here when we started, it was an uncompleted nuclear bomb shelter. She has been with us for seven years.” I said as I remembered the day she found us. He skills were just what we were looking for, and I tried in vain for almost six months to find her hiding spot. I was having coffee after a failed attempt when she walked up to me and asked why I was looking for her. As soon as she heard what we needed, she was in. She was invaluable to us, and we couldn’t have done it without her.

“I have all the plans for all the costumes and weapons from UA. I took them all when I evacuated after the mass…after the incident.” She broke off suddenly. She had been there too, but the villains only swarmed the hero dorms. She was in support, and most of them got away without a scratch. “I have already started work on everyone’s new gear, and as soon as I get measurements, I will have the costumes. Bakugo, I’ll measure you now.” She yelled as she pawed at him, measuring tape poking places it shouldn’t be as I doubled over in laughter. He was pushing her away and finally succeeded and we waved goodbye and headed out of hell. Next up was the main kitchen and dining area.

“Woah, this is huge, like a cafeteria.” He said as he looked around. It was, but I hoped we never had to use it for real.

“It is, but we don’t use it. This kitchen is stocked with rations for lockdown. We don’t eat this food. I do use the fridge sometimes. As you smelled when you walked in, the food is upstairs. I’m sure once everyone is here people will use it occasionally, but not much time will be spent here. Same with the dining room. It will make more sense when we get to the living quarters.” I said as we headed to my favorite spot of the entire bunker. It was a huge part of the project and would be vital in case of lockdown.

“Woah…look at this!” He exclaimed as we walked into the greenhouse. It was about the size of a football field and was completely self-sufficient. Small trees were growing on one side and a huge garden took up most of the space.

“We grow our own food here. The water gets recycled and reused as fake rain, and the trees provide oxygen. There are even some bugs that have made the journey and are hanging around, so don’t be surprised to see a fly or beetle down here.” I chuckled as he nodded. It really was a sight to behold.

“I can’t believe how big this place is. How many more rooms are there?”

“A few, plus housing. This entire place is made to withstand the end of the world. It was also important to make it feel like a real place, and not a bunker two miles underground. If we go into lockdown, we won’t see the outside world for a year, or more. That’s one of the reasons this next room exists.” I said as we walked to the last room in this hall. I opened the door and he moaned. Like, a real moan. We may have been underground, but this room didn’t feel like it at all. It was almost eight at night, so the room was dark, only the LED stars filling the room with a soft glow. The carpet in here wasn’t carpet, it was a turf like substance that gave the feeling of real grass when you stepped on it. There was a small hill off to the right, and a large pond in the middle. It was man made, of course, but the feel was supposed to be in nature. There was a swing hanging from a large, fake willow tree above the pond, and I was guilty of using it as a perch to dive from in the past. While it may look like a pond, it was actually an inground swimming pool, made to look natural. “It’s night now, but this place will be full of artificial sunlight in the morning. No rainy days here, unless you program it for some reason.” I laughed as he shook his head. “Come on, let’s go eat now, then we can stop by the other rooms on the way to your new home.” I said as he followed me to the elevator and we headed back upstairs. He wasn’t as talkative as I imagined he would be, I guess it was a lot to take in on your first day. We emerged from the hidden door and back into the main part of the house, where there were people waiting to meet him.

“Ahh, there they are. It’s good to see you made it back in one piece. I’m Jean-Luc, and this is my wife Lissette, and my nephew Claude.” Grandpa said with pride.

“Hi Grandpa! Guys, meet Bakugo. He is the first of ten that are coming to help.” I said happily as Bakugo rubbed the back of his neck.

“Thanks for having me. Sorry I don’t speak French.” He mumbled as I elbowed him.

“It’s no bother. We all know Japanese fluently, and a few other languages as well. Claude and his wife tend the garden, and he also helps with maintenance work when we need it. My beautiful wife is in charge of the house up here and is amazing in the kitchen. I am here to see All for One get what is coming to him, for killing my son and daughter.”

“He’ll get something, including a howitzer blast up his ass.” Bakugo smirked as Grandpa laughed out loud.

“Come on, let’s eat, before it gets cold.” We ate, and everyone had a lively discussion about the fall of All for One, and I hoped we weren’t getting too far ahead of ourselves. There was still a ton of work to be done before we made our move, and everything had to come into place perfectly for it to come to fruition. We said goodnight and left them upstairs while we headed back down.

“They live in the main house. Claude looks like he is harmless, but his quirk is solid. His voice breaks eardrums, and there is a device in the house that triggers the panic alarm and lockdown if he screams. Grandma has a teleport quirk like me, and they have a solid escape plan in case of attack. Grandpa’s quirk is tunnel vision, he can see up to five miles away in an area about six feet wide. He spends his days tending the crops on the tractor, scanning the area for any signs of movement. This farm is in the middle of one-hundred acres, and anyone that can be seen from here is trespassing.” I said as the doors opened and we were back where we started. “Do you want the rest of the tour, or to go to bed?” I asked as he smirked at me. Oh, my. I didn’t even realize what I had said. I felt my cheeks turn pink as he laughed at me.

“Let’s finish the tour. Bed can wait.” He grinned as I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed down the other hallway. The first room I knew he would love. I opened the door and he ran inside, salivating over the equipment.

“This is a great setup! Look at all the weight machines, and even an indoor track!” This was our workout room, and it was pretty fantastic. “Is that a sauna?” He gasped as he pulled the door open.

“It sure is, and the whirlpool is over there. There isn’t a gym for miles around here, so we built our own.” I had to pull him out of the room to check out the next one. It was a library, walls stacked from floor to ceiling with books and games and all kinds of non-digital media. There were couches and chairs laid out across the room, and he looked around in awe. “In the event of lockdown, we will have electricity, but only limited access to internet. Basically, we will be thrown into the dark ages, so we had to prepare.” I chuckled as he rolled his eyes at me.

“So many Monopoly games.” He sighed as I nodded.

“Come on, only one more big room until the housing starts. I think you will like this one.” I said as he chased after me down the hall. I threw the door open to my second favorite room, the bar.

“Yep, my favorite room of them all.” He groaned as he approached the bar and sat down. It lined one entire wall and was fully stocked. There was a pool table and dart board in one corner, and a handful of video games lined the far wall. There was a DJ booth, and a small dance floor in the middle, and enough tables and chairs for fifty or so people to gather comfortably. I slid behind the bar and played bartender.

“What will it be, hot stuff?” I winked as I grabbed a glass. I couldn’t help it; he was totally smoking.

“Whisky, on the rocks.” He grinned as I grabbed the good stuff and poured two glasses. I took a drink and we both stared at each other, probably a bit too long before I finally spoke.

“Come on, grab your stuff from the front and let’s get you to your room.”

“Can I take this with me?” I asked as he held up his glass.

“Yep, and you can come and refill whenever you want. If you empty a bottle, take it upstairs and put it in the kitchen so we can restock. We have a wine cellar down here, but that is for lockdown only.” I grinned as he headed to grab his bags. “This is the good part, stand by to be blown away.” I said as we came to a set of double doors. They slid open, revealing five sets of stairs leading in different directions. “Each stair leads to a different housing pod. Each pod has twenty rooms. Pods one and two are family units, with two and three bedrooms and extra space for children. Pod three has one bedroom. Pod four has two bedrooms. Pod five has one bedroom plus a den with working fireplaces.”

“Are there any stipulations to what pod we pick?’

“Nope. For now, it will just be the ten of us, so you can have your pick. If the time comes, we can always shuffle people around. This mission will hopefully prevent that from happening.”

“Let me guess, you are in pod five?” He smirked as I grinned at him.

“I am. It’s the best one, for sure.” I laughed as I started down the stairs. At the bottom was another lounge area. “That room back there is the laundry area for this pod. There is a tv in the main room, and a space to sit and play games or whatever. There are four hallways with five rooms each. All the rooms are the same in this pod, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick.” I said as I led him down the first hall and opened the door next to mine. Yeah, I did that on purpose. Bakugo was totally my type, and I could get used to seeing his face every day.

“Wow, this isn’t at all what I expected!” He shouted as we walked in.

“What were you expecting? A hammock?” I laughed as I poked his side. We walked into the kitchen area, complete with stove and refrigerator. A tabletop counter with stools ran the length of the space, separating the kitchen from the living room. It wasn’t a gourmet kitchen, but it did the trick. The living room came complete with a fake door wall that was painted to look like it was opening to the outside. There was a tv, and a living room set in place, just like all the other rooms. Off to the right was the den, a large room with a desk in the far corner, and a fireplace on the far wall. They may have been electric, but they gave off nice heat and even had decretive screens to make them look like they were wood burning. The bookshelves were empty, and there was a set of tables and chairs set off to the side of the fireplace. We headed to the other side of the living room, past the bathroom and opened the bedroom door. Closets lined the wall on the right and there were two dressers on the close wall. A smaller writing desk and chair were against the far wall that had another fake window, this one painted with glowing stars just like the pond. The king bed was in the middle, and a chair and footstool were placed in front of the closets.

“Okay, this is amazing. How did you guys do all this?”

“A lot of hard work. It took almost ten years to finish, and honestly it still isn’t completely. The basics are online, so that’s all that matters now anyway. We have a year to get everything worked out.”

“It’s hard to believe this is happening. I have waited for so long to get my hands on him. I never stopped training; I was always getting better so one day I could face him. Now, I’m going to get that chance, thanks to you. I think we honestly have a chance at this. We will be able to come out of hiding, reclaim a hero society and get back to the way things used to be.”

“We will. With all of us working together, we will end the nightmare that is All for One for good. We will take out Shigaraki for good. The League will be toast, and all the other villains will fall back in line once they are gone.”

“You think that is really possible?”

“After we take All for One down, anything is possible. Gigantomachia may be an issue, but I am hoping Kirishima and Tetsutetsu will be enough to handle him. It’s within our grasp now, it’s so close I can taste it. Finally, the deaths of our loved ones will be avenged.” I walked out of his room and into mine and he made a face.

“Really? That’s your room?”

“It is. Is that a problem? You can move to any room you like…”

“No, it’s not a problem. Not a problem at all.” He winked as he shut his door. Come on now, Mila. You have known the guy a few hours, don’t start thinking like that. But it has been a long time. I let my black hair out of its ponytail and brushed it out, looking at my hazel eyes in the mirror. I never would have believed I would be in this position ten years ago. Getting ready to go into what could be my final battle at the age of twenty-seven. As I fell asleep, I kept reminding myself that everything was going to work out. It had to.

Chapter Text

Chapter Three

Training Room

I was startled from my sleep by loud yelling. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Mei had her living quarters in the lab, she had insisted and built it herself, so I knew it had to be Bakugo. He was the only other one down here with me. I jumped out of bed and opened my door. Yep, he was screaming. What the hell? He didn’t have a key lock yet since he just moved in and didn’t have his print on file, so I was able to open his door and enter his apartment. His bedroom door was open, and he was on the bed. Oh my, he’s having a nightmare. The screaming was mostly incoherent babbling, but he said one thing a few times…All for One. I approached the bed slowly, wondering what I should do. Waking people having nightmares wasn’t recommended, so what now? I sat on the bed and watched him, he was sweating and breathing heavy. Suddenly, his legs started to flail and I had to roll out of the way. I bumped his torso and his arms flew out and I ducked, my head pressing against his…um…bare chest. He started yelling again and I brought my hands up to his face and cupped his cheeks. He murmured and rubbed his cheek against my hand and I had the sudden urge to kiss his lips.

“It’s ok, Bakugo, I’m here. You are safe.” I whispered as my eyes closed, arms wrapped around his neck and head resting on his chest.

I woke with a start. Something was poking my side, hard, and I groaned as I rolled over. Into someone. Oh shit! My eyes flew open and stared right into Bakugo’s.

“I’m not gonna lie and say I was upset to wake up to you asleep in my bed. But I have to wonder how you got here.” He laughed as I sat up. My face was flushed as I turned from his glorious naked chest and fumbled over my words.

“You were screaming in your sleep, and you woke me up. I didn’t know what to do, I was going to try to wake you but you started flailing around like a madman. I guess I fell asleep…” I groaned as he smirked at me.

“Sorry I woke you. I haven’t spent much time around people, so I guess I didn’t know. Thank you for helping, but can I say next time you crawl into a man’s bed, you may want to cover yourself a bit more unless…you know.” I froze, suddenly remembering I had gone to bed in just a tank top and panties. That’s what I was wearing now, next to him in his bed. I suddenly felt totally exposed in front of him, crossing my arms in front of my chest as my whole body flushed. “Hey, don’t be embarrassed. I’m naked under this sheet.” He grinned as my mind exploded. I had to get out of here, or something may happen. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay covered, unless…”

“Shut your eyes so I can get out of bed.” I demanded as he chuckled. He honored my wishes as I got up and backed out of the room. I didn’t want him to catch a glimpse of the fresh wet spot that had appeared on my satin panties.

“I’ll see you later.” He called as I made a beeline for my room. Fuck me. I’m an idiot. What was I thinking, waltzing into his room and crawling into his bed? I hopped in the shower, trying to cleanse the dirty thoughts from my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he looked at me, his flirtatious tone of voice, how warm his chest was. Jesus, Mila! We are literally going on a suicide mission, now is not the time to be fantasizing about the things you want to do to that man. But we would also be stuck together, for upwards of a year while we prepare for it, so maybe we could have some fun while we wait? Living in hiding had made dating an impossibility, no one could know who I was and what we were planning, so every guy I saw was just a fling. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never have a normal life and didn’t really want one. Not until All for One was gone. When he was dispatched, and if I lived through it, then I could worry about living a normal life. About an hour passed before the knock came to my door. I opened it to Bakugo, standing in the hallway with a pair of scissors.

“What are you doing?” I laughed as he…blushed? He ran his fingers through his hair and muttered.

“Have you ever cut hair?”

“Uh, well, I cut my own…”

“That’s good enough. Now that I can see myself in a clear mirror, this shit has to go.” He laughed as I shook my head.

“I can’t promise it will be a good haircut.” I laughed as he stepped into my apartment.

“Just cut it all off.” He huffed as he sat on my couch.

“I don’t think so; you aren’t getting hair all over my living room. Get in the bathroom.”

“Yes, ‘mam.” He grunted as he got up and followed me. What if I would have told him to get into my bed, would he have listened to me? Getting way off track, brain. He sat on the edge of the tub and handed me the scissors. I grabbed my brush and started combing through it, his ash-blonde locks almost reminiscent of a lion’s mane. From the looks of it, he hadn’t cut it since his reported death almost ten years ago. As my hands ran through it, I had to quash the urge to let my fingers run down the back of his neck and chest. I climbed into the tub and separated a chunk and started to cut. I was just trying to make it look even, but with his hair, I’m not even sure that was possible. The more I cut, the crazier it got. I looked up and he was gazing back at me in the mirror, a hazy look in his eyes as my hands played with his hair. “Thanks for this I…well, I guess I need to start focusing on the battle, and this mess would be in the way of training.”

“Oh yeah, speaking of training. I totally skipped showing you that area on the tour last night. It’s the newest addition, and I haven’t even really been over there much.”

“But you will take me to see it…like now?” He grinned as I finished the last cut. I wouldn’t say it was under control, because it was far from that. But at least it was shorter. I ran my hands through what was left on his head and smirked.

“We should probably go up for breakfast first, unless you can hold out until lunch. Grandma has breakfast ready from seven to nine, then lunch from noon to two. Dinner is six to eight, last night was an exception since we got back late. If you miss out, you have to fend for yourself. I need to go grab some things from the store later, you can come with me and stock your fridge.”

“Does she just stay in the kitchen all day?” He laughed as I climbed out of the tub. I went to throw an elbow and missed, foot slipping on my way out and sending me pummeling to the floor. His arms reached out at lightning speed, catching me around the waist and picking me up. I giggled as he cradled me, smacking his chest as he stared down at me. “That was a close one.”

“Yeah, the woman who can’t be injured almost fell out of her own bathtub. I wasn’t even drinking.” I chortled, rolling my eyes at him as he frowned. “Hey, don’t sweat it. If anything, it shows how fast your reflexes are. I couldn’t even bampf myself away before you got me.”


“Oh, yeah. It’s what my Grandmother calls her quirk. Something to do with an old American comic book. Saying teleporting all the time is exhausting.” I raised my forearm to my brow and sighed as he laughed and put me down. “Come on, let’s eat.”

Grandma was alone in the kitchen when we arrived. I could see Grandpa in the field, doing what he loved best. Being a spy.

“Ah, good, I was afraid you two would miss breakfast, come on, I’ve already started cleaning up.” She said as she hurried us into the kitchen. Eggs and bacon and hash browns filled my plate, and I didn’t even realize I was humming to myself as I ate. I had seriously missed her cooking while I was gathering our army. Bakugo kept looking at me and laughing, probably amused by how much I loved food. “So, when are the rest arriving?” She asked as she started clearing plates.

“They start arriving tomorrow, with Tokoyami. The last ones in are Kaminari and Jiro next Thursday. Get ready to cook up feasts, Grandma.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I have been preparing for this my whole life.” She laughed as she started doing dishes.

“Okay, let’s go get you in the system so you don’t have to tag along with me in and out.”

“We have to see Mei again, don’t we?” He sighed as I nodded.

“Yep, sorry, I know she can be a pain, but we need her. She hardly ever comes out of her lab unless it’s for food, so you won’t have to worry about seeing her much.”

“She doesn’t live in the housing?”

“Nope, she made a room in the lab and stays there. I’m pretty sure she works all night long sometimes. Most of the time she doesn’t even eat with us, she just grabs it and heads back downstairs. Grandpa made her promise to start joining us here every Saturday, and she has. She just loves to work; something tells me she would be working on something without this project. Come on, let’s go take a peek at the training facility first.” I said as we headed back downstairs. He knew to avoid the wall now, and noticed I hit the middle button on the keypad. It actually said emergency stop, but that was a decoy. The elevator only had three buttons, up, down, and stop. When it started to move, he looked at me questioningly.

“So, stop is actually the training room?”

“Yeah, extra security measure. The escape route is through the training area, so it’s the last place we want the intruders. You can access it from below using a hidden staircase, I’ll show you later. It goes all the way to the surface about a mile from the house into the National Park. The entrance is hidden in a cave system and infiltrating us from that point would be only a stroke of luck. I have run it hundreds of times, and still get lost on the way back. When everyone arrives, that’s when we will make that journey.”

“You guys really have this planned out.”

“It was all Grandpa and Uncle Jean. He is out now, looking for a few others that may want to join our crusade. Most of it was to protect me, they knew if All for One found out about my power, he would try to wipe me away. It turned into a mission, and a lifestyle.” The doors opened to the newest area, a bright, shiny room that was big enough for all of them to let their quirks loose.

“This is amazing!” He shouted as two figures stepped out from the rock formation.

“Welcome back, Mila, I see you have brought…oh my…Bakugo Katsuki?!”

“Holy shit, it’s Cementoss, and the cat lady from camp.” He muttered as I grinned.

“You are alive? We thought…”

“Yeah, it was touch and go there for a while, but that bastard couldn’t kill me. I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“Tsuchikawa Ryuko, you knew me as Pixie Bob.”

“I’m glad to see you made it after the attack at camp. Last thing I heard about you; you were in the hospital. Cementoss, glad to see you as well. You made it off campus, too…”

“Bakugo, I’m sorry. I was stationed at the far side of campus and was immobilized quickly. I was one of only a handful of teachers to make it out that night. They came at anyone and everyone with the same drive they had for Deku that night, no one was safe.”

“Who else made it? Do you know?”

“Midnight got away. I’m pretty sure Vlad King and Ectoplasm did as well. That whole night was like a bad dream I can never wake from. That’s why I am here. I’m glad you are on board.”

“Yeah, I’m here to end that bad dream. We will win this fight or die trying. So, this is set up similar to the USJ, eh?” He said as he shook his head and looked around the room.

“Yep, it sure is. Ryuko and I are in charge of this place. You can come here anytime between seven and ten every day to begin your training. I know that everyone has been suppressing their quirk usage to stay out of sight, but now we need to focus on honing them and preparing for battle. You can go wild here; it is completely soundproof from both the main bunker and the surface. You will notice all of the obstacles are either cement or mud, for obvious reasons. When you are finished, we will make any repairs and reshape the area for the next session.”

“You had me at go wild, teach.” Bakugo yelled as his hands burst with explosions, hurtling himself into the air and smashing every obstacle in his path. Jeez, he really needed to let off steam. He was screaming die and other obscene things as he completely destroyed the course, as Ken shut his eyes. Ken, the former pro hero Cementoss from Japan, looked like he had seen this before. I wonder if he had a story for me.

“Why do you not look at all surprised that he is completely wrecking the place?” I laughed as Ryuko snorted.

“I may not have known him long at UA, but this is what I remember most.” He sighed as Bakugo finally finished his romp and came strutting back to us.

“All right, crazy man. Let’s go and let them fix the mess you made.” I laughed as he nodded.

“Sorry, guys, it’s been a long time. You know what happens when you abstain for so long…” He smirked as I narrowed my eyes at him. This man chose his words wisely, and there was no doubt he was flirting with me. They headed back to their cute little apartment above the training grounds and we headed back downstairs. It was time to see Mei.

“Hey guys, you here to get Bakugo scanned?” She yelled from the back of the lab.

“Yes, please. He needs a retina scan and fingerprint id done so he can move about freely.” I said as he rolled his eyes at me.

“Okay, let’s do it. You will be all official, it will be so exciting!” She clapped as I sputtered. She always had such high amounts of energy, no matter what was happening. She grabbed his hand and copied his thumbprint to the data base. “Now you can enter any doorway with a fingerprint lock. What is your room number?” He looked at her blankly, then at me for help.

“He’s in 5-4.” I laughed as he smirked at me.

“Okay, now you have to use your thumb to get into your room. Just because we are all friends doesn’t mean we don’t lock things up.” She laughed as she stuck the eye scanner up to his face. “Don’t blink, ok?” She yelled as she scanned his right eye. “Now you can enter the elevator and any other retina scan in the building. All done!” We turned to leave and she called out. “If you want your costume, it will be done tonight. I tweaked it a bit, but I think you will like it.”

“Thanks, really. I never thought I would wear my costume again.” He muttered as we headed for our rooms.

“So, what do you do for fun around here?” He joked as we hit the pod lobby.

“Well, honestly, nothing. Lame, hu? I mean, it’s usually just me, so I read, or watch tv. I like to write, and fantasize about killing All for One. Hm…that took a turn, didn’t it?” I laughed as I sat down on the chair in the family room. It was weird having someone to talk to around like this. “Oh, hey! We should go to the store. I need to stock up on junk food.”

“Good idea. Your Grandma’s cooking is amazing, but I need stuff in my room to snack on.”

“Yep. Agreed. Let me put on my wig and we can go.”

Chapter Text

Chapter Four


“Wig?” He asked as he tilted his head.

“Yes, wig. I don’t take any chances.”

“But you looked like this when we met.”

“I did. I was incognito at the other three stops. I didn’t want to meet any of you with the same look, so I mixed it up. I also did it as a plant, to make sure a spy wasn’t lurking in my contacts. No one was shocked by my appearance when I arrived, so I deduced none of you had been talking behind my back.”

“Why would we…”

“Listen. I know you all know each other from way back, but people change. Living in misery makes people make decisions they normally wouldn’t. There is always a chance someone will flip out of necessity. Talking to you all one on one made me doubt any of you would. Your shared pain was clear in every one of your stories. I had my doubts about Kaminari, honestly, about how skittish he was. Now I know why, it wasn’t just him putting his neck out. I’m not gonna lie, Bakugo, finding your five made actually taking him down attainable. Even if Jean comes back empty, we can still make a go of it.”

“Who is he looking for?”

“He is meeting with a group of American underground heroes. This isn’t just former classmates and a pissed off orphan going after him. This is an all-out assault. I have a contact that is still in Japan who has amassed a small army and is keeping tabs on him for me. There is a squad in London who are ready to join us at a moment’s notice. We have strength in numbers, and we will bring an army to take him down. When everyone arrives, the battle plans will be laid out for everyone to see. We will have to make changes, with the addition of some unexpected, but welcome, extras.”

“Shit, Mila, for real?”

“The only reason I am bringing every classmate of yours I can find here is because it’s not safe for you anywhere else. You know that. We couldn’t ship you all back to Japan, someone would notice you in a heartbeat. There are some other Canadian heroes that are on board, but they are staying to the side and continuing their daily routines until the time comes. If all the top heroes that were left all started to disappear, All for One would know something was up. This bunker is for the merry band of misfits and runaways, the ones that can’t be seen in the light of day. We are the main force, the ones he won’t know are coming. Everyone else is there to handle the League fodder. That’s why you are so important. Everyone thinks you are dead. He won’t expect to see you, alive and kicking his ass. Then, I appear, the woman that will bampf to his chest and stick Shiva through his heart.”

“I’m sorry, what?” He screeched as I giggled.

“I told you I have fantasized about it. Come on, we can stop by somewhere on the way out to the store.” I said as I stood, and he eagerly followed me back to the lab area. We turned down the hallway and came to a room where I used my right eye to open the door.

“Woah, is this a weapons room?” He gawked as I nodded emphatically. My grandfather loved to tinker in his spare time, on the tractor, in the barn, making weapons…you know, regular stuff.

“Yep, check this baby out.” I said as I walked to the far wall and grabbed her from her holster.

“Shit, it really is a trident.”

“Not just a trident. Watch.” I said as I hit the button and stabbed it into the demonstration dummy. I loved doing this. You could hear the motor roar as the spikes started to rotate quickly, destroying the dummy’s chest before a huge electric charge went through me and the staff, blowing what was left of the poor practice dummy to pieces.

“Holy shit, are you ok?” He said as he looked at the steam coming from my mouth. I grinned as I blew smoke from my nose.

“I told you. I have to be the one to kill All for One. I’m the only one that can hold onto this while taking a beating and withstand the shock that will blow his body into teeny tiny pieces. As soon as the tips tear his flesh, the blades begin to spin. The idea is to pierce the heart, but I have dreamed of ramming it in the side of his head. Then, the electric charge comes to make sure the job is finished. He will have never seen me before, but I will be the very last thing he ever sees. Now, let’s go get snacks.”

As we walked around the store, I couldn’t help but notice how enamored he was of my blonde wig. He kept taking quick glances as we filled a cart full of crap and paid. By the time we got back and put our stuff away, it was dinner time.

“Thank you for this wonderful food, Lissette.” Bakugo mumbled as he shoved the meat pies in his face. I had to bite my tongue as Grandma spoke.

“You are very welcome, and please, everyone around here calls me Grandma.” She sang as she stirred the pot.

“Sure, Grandma.” He said as I flashed him a huge smile. He said it so daintily I almost fell out of my chair. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to hang after dinner, but I was nervous. I wasn’t sure I could behave myself around him, but a few hours later I was kicking myself as I sat on my couch alone. I was trying to write, but my thoughts were flooded with Bakugo, how I never expected him to be alive, and never this gorgeous. Even on the run, he maintained an amazing physical condition. His chest was broad and thighs thick, arms and back covered in muscles and various tattoos. Most were tribal like, various patterns inked on his skin as a way to hide, I would assume. His hair was much softer to play with that I imagined, and dammit, now I wanted to run my fingers through it again. Everything was silent as I sat and daydreamed, until I heard his door click open and shut. Where was he going at eleven at night? Oh god, was he coming here? I panicked a bit before I realized he wasn’t knocking…he must have gone somewhere. Curiosity got the best of me and I opened my door and wandered out of housing and into the main compound. The lights were all off, and everything looked normal as I made my way to the bar. I figured that’s where he headed off to, he had grabbed some soda and ice for his room so I concluded he needed a drink. I was wrong. I wandered back down the hall with no sign of him. I hadn’t heard the elevator ding, so he had to be here somewhere. Had he gone to see Mei? Ugh, why did the thought of that make me angry? Not in the weight room, not in the library. I came to my last stop, the pond, and found him lying on his back on the hill looking up at the fake stars.

“There you are.” I said as he jumped a bit at the sound of my voice.

“What the hell, you trying to give me a heart attack?” He said as he rolled to his stomach and looked down at me. His tone was playful, and his eyes danced back at me.

“You are the one sneaking out of his room.”

“I didn’t realize we had a curfew. How did you find out, did you come over to crawl into my bed again?” He laughed as he rolled to his back, putting his hands behind his head as I turned red.

“I heard your door open and thought you were going for a drink. I thought I’d join you, but…”

“I grabbed one before I headed over.” He said as he held up an entire bottle of whisky. He sat up and patted the grass next to him and I made the short climb to the top of the small hill that overlooked the pond. He handed me the bottle and I took a huge swig, handing it back and wiping my lips. We sat in silence longer than I would have liked before I had to say something.

“Bakugo I…I’m sorry about what you went through. I can’t even imagine…”

“No, you can’t. You can’t imagine how it feels knowing everything is your fault.”

“What, no…”

“Yes. Yes, it is. It’s all my fault. Everyone died because of me. All Might, Deku, Sero, all the rest of my classmates, innocent bystanders, I may as well have killed them all. I’m the reason All for One came out of hiding. I’m the reason he fought All Might. If I wouldn’t have been such a little asshole and kept my damn mouth shut…”

“It would have happened, Bakugo. Maybe not the same way, but it would have. All Might was getting weaker every day at that point, and you know that. Imagine what would have happened to him if the Nomu factory was let loose on him? All for One could have easily used them to weaken him first, and you know damn well no one could have stopped them. He already knew about Deku, there was nothing you could do…”

“You didn’t see it. Mila it was…it was like being in a war. We were all on high alert, and pros from all over were guarding the campus twenty-four seven. They thought we would be safer together, and I agreed, we all did. None of us wanted our families involved unless they had to be. We were sleeping in shifts, and I was awake when the siege happened. Our main priority was to protect Deku, but it quickly turned into survival. When the lights went out and the panic alarms didn’t sound, we knew we were in trouble. Everyone was a target, and they quickly took down the weaker students. I was enraged as I watched my classmates fall one by one, the last thing I remember was Kirishima screaming at me, then nothing. We were only fifteen-years-old…”

“My Father was fighting against some regular villains on an ordinary mission when All for One appeared in front of him. My Mother got the emergency call and bampfed to his location, and I went with her. We arrived just in time to see him decapitate my Dad. She grabbed on to me and bampfed me to Grandad’s quickly before whispering to me ‘I love you. You have to run’ before she vanished. He killed her as soon as she arrived back at the scene and left me with nothing. I know what that horror looks like, Bakugo, you aren’t alone.”

“Mila, I…” He whispered as he turned his head to me. His eyes were full of tears as he tried to form words. Words weren’t always needed. I nudged his side and knocked him over as I fell on his chest. My arms wrapped around him as his landed on the small of my back. I nuzzled his neck as I whispered into his ear.

“We are strong, Bakugo. We will win.”

“We will.”

About an hour passed as we laid together looking at the stars. His hands never traveled to any naughty places and I refrained from kissing at his neck as we just enjoyed the company of another human being. I had a feeling this one spent most of his time alone the last few years, and I hadn’t had much contact with anyone other than my family. I was starting to doze off when he pinched my side.

“I think it’s bedtime. Yours or mine?” He smirked as I sat up and slapped his arm. “What? I figured I’d just preempt you from crawling into mine in the middle of the night.”

“Very funny, see if I help you out next time, jerk.”

“Whatever, I wasn’t lying when I said I didn’t mind waking up with you.” He grinned as he entered his room. Goddammit, now all I could think about was nuzzling up to his naked body in his bed. I passed out quickly, the man with an explosive quirk and personality filling my head as I hoped one day to wake curled up next to him.

My dreams of him were shattered when I heard the screams. It was happening again. For the second night in a row, his yelling woke me up and broke the peaceful silence of the bunker. I jumped out of bed and headed for him, only to realize I couldn’t get into his apartment anymore. An explosion went off…shit! Well, at least not through the door. I bampfed into his room, where he was sprawled on the bed, yelling and hissing and thrashing around like someone was attacking him. A pillow laid charred on the floor next to him. Okay, well, here goes nothing. I jumped on the bed and tried to hold him down, but he was way too strong for me. He smacked me in the face when I was maneuvering onto his chest, but he didn’t mean to, and it didn’t hurt, anyway. I was finally on top of him when I looked down and realized how we looked right now. I bit my lip as my chest brushed against his, our legs tangled as I tried to calm him down. I moaned when I felt the bulge between his legs stiffen from my movements, holy fuck, Mila! I grabbed his face and tried to shake him awake, yelling at him to wake up.

“Bakugo! Wake up! For the love of god, you are going to wreck the whole room! Bakugo!” I slapped him across the face and he jerked awake, his eyes crazed as he tried to push me off him.

“What, what’s going on?” He said startled as he looked around the room.

“You were blowing shit up in while you slept.” I muttered as I fell back to the bed.

“I was…oh shit.” He noticed the burned-up pillow on the ground and made a face. “Wait, did you use your quirk to get in here? What if I had been exposed?” He laughed wickedly as he looked down at the small wet spot that had formed where his cock rubbed against the sheet. Holy shit.

“I, well, I couldn’t let you destroy the room…”

“Um hm. I get it. I’ll try not to blow anything else up, ok? You can go now, if you want.” The way he said the last three words sent a shiver down my spine. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to strip the sheet back and give myself to him in every way imaginable. I looked up at him and bit my lip as a smirk overtook his features. “If you want, you can get under this sheet with me. It’s your call.” He laid down with his back to me and my brain screamed to go back to my own room, and to not run my hands across his chiseled back. My brain wasn’t going to win this battle tonight. I quickly slipped under the sheet and pressed myself against him, hands running his torso and stopping on his hips. He grunted as he flipped over, coming face to face with me before raising his hand and cupping my cheek. “Mila.” He whispered as our lips met, an electric kiss sparking between us as we pressed against each other. My hands found his naked ass and squeezed as his lips left mine and started biting at my neck. I hummed against him, my entire body vibrating with every touch. I pushed away and sat up, pulling my tank over my head and revealing my bare breasts. He licked his lips and pounced, falling on top of me as he suckled each nipple. I cried out when his fingers slid over my slit, gently grabbing my panties and sliding them off. He was stroking his dick above me, and his sparkling ruby eyes danced as he spoke. “You want me, Mila? You want me inside you?” He purred as he slid the tip over my folds and coated it with my arousal.

“Yes, Bakugo, I want you inside me.” I murmured as he penetrated, tip expanding my walls for the first time in so long I thought I would burst. His mouth caught mine in a fierce kiss as he thrust himself in and out at a rapid pace as my head bounced off the pillow. The feeling of his thick cock and rough lips was sending me spiraling, pleasure that I hadn’t felt in years started to wash over me as he pulled his mouth away.

“You feel so fucking good, the way your pussy sucks my cock is like a dream.” He panted as he moved back to my chest. I wrapped my legs around his torso as he led his assault on my body, biting and pulling at my nipples as he drove himself in to the hilt before coming right back for more. There was a spot he was just missing…oh god, there. I raised my right leg to his shoulder and he grabbed my thigh and with every thrust the tip smashed against a spot that made me lose control of my vocal cords.

“Ohhh goddddd Bakugoooooo, oh shit! Oh, fuck yes!” was followed by a string of low guttural sounds as I came undone on his dick.

“Oh shit, Mila, cum for me!” He screamed as my body convulsed on the bed. Thrust after thrust he brought me, screaming his name as I pounded my fists against the bed. He picked his head up from my chest and our mouths met just as he climaxed, his tongue and cock filling me completely as I came down from my high. I felt him smile into my mouth as he pulled out and rolled to the bed, immediately reaching for me and pulling me into his chest. “You can bampf in and out of my room anytime you want. Hell, you can pop into my shower, or on my couch, or in my kitchen. You are amazing, and because of you we will win. There is no way I wouldn’t want to be by your side for this. I will sacrifice myself for…”

“No, you won’t. No one is sacrificing anything. We will win without loss. Our plan won’t fail.” He stroked my hair before leaning down and catching my lips with a gentle kiss.

“Win or lose, I’m never leaving your side.”

Chapter Text

Chapter Five


I woke up a bit stiff and was quickly reminded why. My head was resting on his arm while the other was wrapped around my waist. I nuzzled into it as he rustled beside me, letting out a big sigh as he rolled over, and gasped when he saw me nestled into him.

“I’m sorry, should I have left?” I crooned as he ran his hands down my sides.

“Absolutely not. I’m shocked that it wasn’t a dream, and you are really here.”

“Yep, I’m here. We are going to be stuck together for a year at least…”

“Good. How can I make it so you are in my bed every morning when I wake up?”

“You could ask…” I murmured as I started kissing his arm.

“Mila, I…I mean it. For the last ten years I have hidden away, not connecting with anyone at all. At first it was because of the pain, physical and emotional, but then it became depression. I wouldn’t even talk with my friends, who stuck by my side and helped me stay hidden and out of sight. I was ready to…I was planning on going back to Japan by myself and trying to take him out on my own. I knew I would die, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t live like that anymore. My bags were packed, and I had a ticket to Hosu when you showed up at my door. We were like the same person, except you actually thought your shit out, unlike me. You captivated me from the moment you wrapped yourself around me. I have never met anyone who doesn’t have fear in their eyes, and you made me remember what I had to fight for.”

“We are fighting for everyone’s future now. We are fighting for our future. I know we just met, but I can imagine living with you in a regular house, in a normal neighborhood, where we can live our lives happily, free of the shadow of All for One.”

“Maybe a couple of kids running around and blasting shit up. Can you imagine?” He whispered as he gripped my chin and tilted my head so our lips could meet. The alarm blared and scared us both half to death as he pulled away and groaned.

“What are you doing today?” I asked as I got out of bed and threw on my clothes.

“I have to pick up my costume from Mei, then I figured I would hit the training grounds before everyone else gets here. You are going to get Tokoyami, right?”

“I am, that’s why I’m up so early. No car this time, I am grabbing him and bampfing us back. He is far from inconspicuous, and I’m not taking any chances of being followed. His plane lands in an hour, then he is walking to a local park that I will pick him up from. We should be back in time for lunch.”

“When is everyone else arriving?”

“Shoto and Momo will be here tomorrow. Kendo and Tetsu arrive Sunday. Kirishima and Mina on Tuesday, then finally Kaminari and Jiro on Thursday.”

“Tuesday!? Why do I have to wait so long to see my best friend?” He pouted as I wrinkled my nose at him.

“Sorry, everyone was supposed to arrive by Monday, but I had to do some out of the box thinking to make sure all our tracks were covered. We couldn’t all arrive at the same time. Kirishima and Mina are actually driving from Toronto, just in case.”

“I get it, I just wish they were coming tomorrow instead of that half and half bastard.” He snorted as I rolled my eyes.

“You will live.” I laughed as I headed for the door.

“Hey, you forgot something.” He called and I turned around. He ran at me, picking me up and planting a giant kiss on my lips. “I’ll see you when you get back with the bird brain. Be safe.”

“I will.” What the actual fuck was happening right now? Bakugo and I, what were we doing? He felt so right, like I had been waiting for him my whole life. We were on the same wavelength, we had both gone through horrible tragedy. We were going into battle side by side, and I wanted him there every step of the way. I wanted to wake up in his bed every morning wrapped in his arms. I wanted to spar with him, make sure our skills were top notch before our fight. I wanted to hear stories from happier times, to know about his life. I got so distracted by my thoughts I almost forgot to meet at the pickup location. Tokoyami was waiting when I arrived, and no one was around to see us vanish. We bampfed into the kitchen and startled Bakugo, who dropped his lunch on the table as we appeared.

“Jeez, you guys! You can’t just go scaring people half to death with the bampfing!” He yelled as he picked his sandwich off the table and shoved it in his mouth.

“Holy shit, Bakugo. I see the rumors were false, after all.”

“Yep, I’m stronger than I look. Good to see you are still kicking, bird breath.”

“Charming as ever.” Tokoyami muttered as I covered my mouth to hide my giggles. Bakugo insisted he accompany us on the tour, and even smashed the panic button for me in the lobby. Mei gave us the same spiel as last time, and I included the training facility this time around. He chose one of the single bedroom units in pod three and settled in before we all headed back up for dinner.

“So, Dark Shadow, are you ready to fall to me again?” Bakugo snorted as he finished eating.

“Don’t be so hasty, Bakugo. We have been in training this whole time, and getting Dark Shadow used to light was part of it.”

“I say we go a few rounds tomorrow and see just how far you have come.” He sneered. Man, was he competitive.

“I was planning on starting my training tomorrow, anyway, might as well.” He huffed as he retreated back to the basement.

“You sure are a jerk to your friends.” I laughed as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I’m just itching for a good battle, is all. Once in a while Red would let me blow off steam on him, but I could never go all out. Hey, speaking of that, I didn’t see any medical units.”

“What, are you planning on hurting him?”

“No, but I just realized it. You have them, right?”

“Yes, there is a hospital in the training facility. We can handle pretty much anything. But don’t go killing anyone, okay?”

“Of course not, but someone is here that can fix broken bones and stuff?”

“Yes. We have two doctors on staff, both with healing quirks. They live on site, like Ken and Ryuko do.” He looked at me blankly. “Cementoss and Pixie Bob.”

“Oh, yeah. So, what are you doing now?” He grinned at me as we headed for the basement.

“I was actually thinking I needed a drink, what about you?” I asked as he scanned us in.

“That is a great idea. I didn’t look at the games that were there last time.” He chuckled as I smacked his arm. We headed for the bar and I grabbed a bottle of tequila and his face soured. “Really? That’s what you want to drink?”

“You have a problem with it? It’s one of my favorites.” I said as I took the bottle and chugged. He reached out for it and I handed it to him, taking a big drink before grimacing and handing it back. “You know, you can drink whatever you want, you don’t have to share mine.” I groaned as I headed for the games. They were old style arcade types, a fighter and a shooter and a few other varieties. They were all rigged to play without money, and we both started playing as we drank. This was actually fun, having someone around to who I didn’t have to hide from. When I would go out and pick up guys at the bar, I was never myself, always staying hidden even when I ended up at their place. When I’m with Bakugo, I can be myself, and not have to worry about slipping up and saying something I shouldn’t. I got up and headed for the jukebox, choosing a few random songs to listen to as we moved back to the bar.

“I can’t believe this. Just last week I was ready to give up on life, living in a shack in the side of a mountain. Now I’m here, with you, playing games and listening to music. No matter what comes next, I will always remember how happy I am right now.” The music shifted and a slow song came over the speakers as he swept me off my feet and onto the dance floor. “I’m sorry, I’ve never done this before, so bear with me, okay?” He whispered as he put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist as we swayed with the music. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and massaged it, letting my fingers run up into his hair as he pulled me in close. Our lips were about to meet when a loud noise came from the doorway. We whipped around to see a startled Tokoyami, who had apparently come to grab a drink. It was a public spot, after all.

“I’m…well…I just came for a glass of whisky…”

“It’s fine, Tokoyami, really. Come in and have a drink. We were just leaving, anyway.” I winked as I grabbed the half-drunk bottle of tequila and Bakugo’s hand. We rushed past him as he entered, probably scarred from what he had seen. Bakugo laughed heartily as we made our way back to our pod, and when we reached our doors, he asked the same question as last night.

“My room, or yours?” Tonight, I was giving him a straight answer.

“I don’t care, as long as we wake up in the same bed.” I grinned as he opened his door and pulled me inside. I managed to put the bottle down on the counter before he pinned me to the wall.

“This may be the last time we do this without neighbors. Let’s make it count.” He snarled as he ripped my jeans from my body. He spun me around and removed my top and bra quickly before stripping his own clothes. He picked me up and carried me to the counter, leaning me against it as he spread my lower lips with his fingers. “I want you to scream for me.” He purred as he slid inside, my walls gripping his dick as he filled me up. My hands grabbed the counter as he drove into me from behind, hand slapping my ass as he went to work.

“Oooh, yes, Bakugo! Harder!” I moaned as he gripped my hips tight, slamming his hips into mine as he cooed from behind me.

“Mila, oh god, I love the way you feel. You make me… oh fuck!”

“Oh baby, so deep! You fuck me so good!” I squealed as he started sucking on the back of my neck. The only sounds I could muster now were pants and moans, the echoes filling the room and bouncing off the kitchen walls. He was going absolutely insane behind me, and I was afraid we would snap the counter off in our frenzied session. He pulled on my hair and whispered in my ear.

“Call me Katsuki when you cum for me, baby.” His fingers landed on my clit and rubbed it out, the vocalizations coming from my throat were getting louder and louder until the dam burst, flooding my body with pleasure as I ground circles onto his cock.

“Oooh, Katsuki! Ooooh, yes, Katsuki!” I shrieked as my pussy sucked on his dick while he finished, filling me with his cum as he rested against my back while we tried to stay upright. He pulled out and gently picked me up and carried me to his bed. We wrapped around each other, like we had both just found the most important thing in the entire world. Killing All for One was still my number one goal, but now… instead of not caring if I lived or died when we were done, I was hoping we both survived. After finding him, I’m not sure I would want to live without him.

I was sitting next to Ken in the training area, watching Katsuki and Tokoyami beat the hell out of each other. To the untrained eye, it may have looked like they were trying to hurt their opponents, but they were just going all out. They both knew what the stakes were. Everyone coming here had been in hiding, not free to use their quirks to their fullest extent, and they would all need to get work in to become stronger.

“You know, I watched these two during the last UA sports festival. I knew back then these kids would be special, and I see they aren’t disappointing me, even after everything that happened to them.”

“They are strong, but we have to get stronger. This has to work, Ken. This is our last hope this generation to stop him. If we fail, there will be no one left to take him down.”

“I know, why do you think I’m here? I believe in this plan; I believe you can do it. Have you given anymore thought about sending out an emergency broadcast?” That was something Ryuko had come up with. She suggested we make a tape and send it to the local tv stations as we attacked All for One, encouraging others to help with the fight.

“I don’t know, Ken. I appreciate where she is coming from, but that could lead to disaster. First, what if something happens and they run it early? Just because we send it to them and say don’t broadcast this until blank time, will they listen? What if there is a spy at one of the stations? This has to be a sneak attack, if he finds out we are coming we are done.” A huge explosion ripped through the arena and I stopped to stare. “Anyway, I do like the idea of yelling ‘charge!’ when we arrive, but it has to be…hmmm…it has to be organic. I wonder if Inasa has anyone who has a loud voice quirk that we could utilize after we have started the assault? That would be the best thing…announcing to everyone after we have struck the first blow.”

“I have to agree. I was lying in bed the other night and I thought about if the news stations ran the story when we told them to, but we got held up or had the wrong location. I wonder if Present Mic is out there somewhere…”

“Did he get away from the dorm attack?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see his body as we escaped, but that doesn’t mean anything at all.” He frowned. Grandpa came running in waving his hands around and my heart skipped. Was something wrong?

“Mila! Come with me! Jean returned, and he brought people with him! You are never going to believe it!!” He shouted excitedly as my fear turned to intrigue. Jean had been gone for almost a month, and he had been in the States the whole time. America was in rough shape, our old neighborhood in Malibu had been decimated during the villain riots years ago. Because of their non-existent gun laws, violence had tripled across the nation, and they were worse off than Japan itself. That got the boy’s attention and they stopped their sparring match and we all hurried up and followed him back upstairs. My heart was pounding as we entered the kitchen, and I’m pretty sure Katsuki said it best.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, MR. AIZAWA?” He screamed as I almost fainted. Eraser Head was dead. We all saw the photo of him holding Principal Nezu with his head chopped off. It made the front page of just about every paper in the world and was used to hype the villains up for their siege.

“I don’t…I don’t…” I muttered as I wobbled on my feet.

“I know it must be a shock, since I’m dead and all. But, I’m not the only dead man in the room. Hello, Bakugo. I figured those rumors weren’t true.”

“But how? Your head was…” I whispered as I leaned into Katsuki.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I have zero clue how I am standing in front of you today. I can just tell you what I remember. The night of the dorm assault I was with Nezu, Midnight, Present Mic and Cementoss in a meeting when Hound Dog radioed with trouble. We all dispersed, like we had planned, but we never planned for this. They descended upon us, and we were putting up a decent fight until the man with the plague mask showed up. In an instant, I was killed. I remember grabbing Nezu before my head was chopped off. I didn’t even have a chance to use my quirk, it happened so fast. Then, the next morning, I was alive and in a wooded area with Nezu, who was also alive. I know we were both dead, but we are alive now, and have been in hiding in America ever since. How long does it take those two to change, anyway?” He muttered under his breath as I winced…two? He brought two people with him.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how you are back, you are, and I couldn’t be happier!” Ken shouted as he ran to give him a hug.

“Hey, save some hugs for us.” A female voice called out from the hall and I turned around and gripped Katsuki’s shoulder, a bit too tight. It was Midnight, and Principal Nezu. This can’t be real.

“Miss Midnight! Principal! How very nice to see you!” Tokoyami said as he bowed.

“Wow, I’m starting to feel like I’m back in school…” Katsuki muttered as Nezu laughed.

“It’s good to see reports of your demise were false, Bakugo.”

“You as well, and just think, Momo and half and half will be here soon. This is getting better every single day.” He said as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“With Eraser and Nezu here, the whole plan can shift! We will have to figure out how to…and then maybe we can…yeah, I bet that would work…” I looked up and the whole room was looking at me weird. I was babbling again, wasn’t I?

“We have plenty of time to worry about all that. Now, let’s have lunch! I want to hear about what is going on to the south of us.” Grandpa said as everyone sat down to lunch. How had this little mission that started with me seeking four of them turned into this? How was Eraser alive? Was he a plant? Did All for One bring him back just to infiltrate us? Okay, Mila, calm down. There is no us, there would be no reason he knows we even exist, right? Someone would have to be a spy on the inside…no, that’s crazy. My family wouldn’t turn on us, and I had just contacted the old students a few days ago, well, except Kaminari, who I had talked to for a few months. I doubt he would put his wife in a dangerous position, and he seemed sincere when we met. But, how was Eraser alive?

I was getting tired of doing tours, so Katsuki suggested he would take the new group around while I relaxed. He was a bit excited about it, I think he felt special since he had been here a few days before them. I was getting ready to get Momo and Shoto from their meet up spot in about an hour, and soon we would have a whole lot more firepower in our group. Katsuki is amazing, but Shoto is an integral part of our plan. His ice had a big part in our original thoughts, and even with the surprise additions, he would still be key. Momo’s creation quirk could also come in very handy, and I was super excited to have a girl to chat with, who wasn’t Mei. She was really nice when we met, and I hoped we could become friends before we went into battle together. I wanted to be friends with all of them. Together, we would be stronger. I was hanging out in the lobby, just lounging around when Eraser appeared out of nowhere.

“I don’t know why it takes so long for them to pick a room…” He muttered under his breath as he sat down. He looked…tired. His trademark long dark hair was gone, but it looked like he was letting it grow back. It came to his ears and made him look much different than the photos I had of him. It had also been ten years. Katsuki looked nothing like he did in the file photos when I found him, none of them really did.

“So, I know you passed my Uncle’s tests, and I trust him. But I’m watching you. How a dead person…”

“I think it was his quirk.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“The man with the death mask. We had reports of someone going around town and assaulting petty thieves, one reported watched his friend get cut in half, then he was magically put back together again. He was also healed of all prior health issues, including all cavities. The assailant reportedly wore a mask. I think it was the same guy. But the real question is, why did he fix us? My vision came back better than before the USJ attack, my eyes don’t get as dry as they did when I use my quirk, and my scar is gone. We have done every scan imaginable, and there is no trace of any foreign objects like a tracking device or anything left behind. The scar on Nezu’s face was gone when we woke up, he got that when humans were experimenting on him when he was young. I can’t explain it at all. I don’t know why we are alive.”

“Are we the first people to contact you about any of this?”

“Yes, we have been living in hiding, in the swamps of Florida. We moved around a lot, and never looked the same. We hid for a few reasons. First, we were supposed to be dead. Second, since we weren’t, that meant that more than likely whoever fixed us did it for a reason, and we didn’t want All for One to know that. What if there is descension among the ranks?”

“That’s a stretch, but a possibility. All those villains taking orders from All for One, I can’t imagine everyone is on board with all his commands.”

“Right, and what if the mask guy wants to be the leader? Or what if he just doesn’t like taking orders? I can only think of one reason he left us alive, and that’s because he needs us.”

“Or, because he wanted you to see what he could do. A demonstration. It’s an amazing quirk, if he really can destroy and fix like that. I’m going to have to ask my contact in Japan if they have any information on a person like that.”


“Sorry…that’s confidential.”

“I get it, it’s fine.”

“One more thing…do you know if Present Mic is alive?”

“I…the last time I saw him he was alive. That’s all I know.”

“Thanks. If you think of anywhere he may be, or how I can find him, let me know.”

“I will. He is one of my oldest friends, and I hope I will see him again when this is all over.” He said lowly. He seemed trustworthy, but none of the newcomers could know about Inasa. He was also supposed to be dead, and if any of these newbies was a spy, it would derail our entire operation. His ground troops were key in getting close enough to All for One. “So, this place, how did you find everyone?”

“When Mei arrived, she had all sorts of files from UA. All the plans for costumes, weapons, all kinds of things were packed in her suitcases instead of clothes. I knew that any survivors may want to join the battle, and I started searching. It took years before I finally found Ken. He was with Ryuko and she came with him. This has all snowballed in the last few months, one thing lead led to another and suddenly ten former students were coming.”

“Ten?! Really?” He perked up a bit. He had been their homeroom teacher, after all, and had tried in vain to stop Katsuki from being kidnapped from summer camp.

“Yes, oh I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you earlier. Momo and Shoto are arriving in just a bit. Before Thursday, Kendo, Tetsutetsu, Jiro, Kaminari, Ashido and Kirishima will all be here.”

“I’m…I’m thrilled they all made it this far! Man, that class 1A really was something.”

“They were and are. I went in expecting four new recruits, but you have all come together in a way I didn’t think was possible.”

“It’s time to end this, for good. I don’t need to know how but find out all you can about the guy in the mask. He is dangerous, and if I am right, he may not be fully committed to All for One.”

“That was a long time ago…”

“And look how long it took you to plan this. What if he is waiting, for the right moment to strike?”

“Okay, there is some truth to that. I guess he couldn’t just expose his plan like that. I wonder if…”


“Just, if he healed you, is there a chance he did the same for others?”

“I…I don’t know? I mean, it’s a possibility, right?”

“Katsuki was reported dead. What if he…”

“I’ve thought about that. But why?”

“I think we need to find the answer to that question. If he is neutral, or leaning against All for One, we need to plan for that. I have a list of everyone who reportedly perished at the dorms, I will have our guy start running some things. Facial recognition, the works, and see if there have been any traces of others who were thought dead. I didn’t even look, because they were dead. But so were you and Katsuki, so…”

“It can’t hurt to look into. The only one we know is gone is Deku. If the guy with the mask was at the dorms, he could have fixed all the students, but All for One is the one who took Deku away.”

“It’s true.” Midnight said as she and the others came into the room. “I saw it with my own eyes. All the reports were true. All for One was there in person that night. He left the riff raff behind to finish the job, but he and Kurogiri left early with Deku.

“I thought that was a dream. He was really there?” Katsuki said in a hushed tone.

“He was. Bakugo, do you remember anything about the villain who attacked you?” Aizawa asked.

“There were a couple, one was really strong.”

“Do you remember what they looked like?”

“One was Dabi. He was fighting Shoto. That’s how the fire started. There were a few street thugs with him, and I took them down quickly when I realized a bunch of my friends were cut up on the ground all around me. I remember feeling horrible pain in my chest, then Kirishima screaming. A man in a mask was standing in the middle of the room, then, nothing.”

“What kind of mask?” Aizawa shouted, banging his fist on the table.

“Uh…like a mask people would wear for steampunk shit, like a beak.”

“A plague mask?

“Yeah, I guess that’s what they are called. He said something about not wanting to breathe in our stench.”

“Holy shit. What if…” I muttered as Aizawa’s eyes opened wide.

“What if they are all alive?” He shouted as Midnight looked at him like he was nuts.

“What? What are you…”

“The building burned to the ground. No one found any remains to identify. They went by eyewitness testimony. I was killed by a man in a plague mask and woke up the next day just fine. Better than fine, even.”

“We are working on a theory…just a theory here, all right? There is still a lot of research to be done and questions to be answered. We can go over it all again after Momo and Shoto arrive, maybe they can shed some light on the topic.”

“When are you picking them up?” Katsuki asked and I grabbed my phone. Shit.

“Five minutes ago, shit fuck. I’ll be right back.” I yelled as I bampfed to the ice cream shop. They were snuggling together on a bench, sharing an ice cream cone and I smiled. Soon, everyone could have ice cream whenever they wanted, without fear of being robbed or killed for the fun of it. We were going to make that happen. We were.

We popped back into the kitchen, where Grandma was waiting for us. I neglected to tell them about the surprises we found since I had spoken to them last. So much was happening, and my brain was scrambled for all the over stimulus. Between what was happening with Katsuki, Eraser showing up alive, and this new theory, my brain was going in a hundred directions. I had given our tech guy Brad the order to search facial recognition for all class 1A and B, and all faculty that was presumed dead that night. He looked at me kind of funny, until Katsuki appeared behind me. Things didn’t appear to be as straight forward as they were at the start of this whole thing.

“Well, well, half and half lives.” Katsuki called from the doorway. He had a smirk on his face and looked like he already wanted to spar with him.

“Baku…Bakugo? We heard you…”

“Yeah, they were misinformed. We can talk about that later. I hate your green eyes; it’s weirding me out.” He huffed as his arms crossed his chest. I stifled a giggle as Momo rolled her eyes.

“It’s hard to get used to at first. Hello Tokoyami!” Momo exclaimed as he walked in, with the rest of our misfit group. “Midnight! Principal Nezu…MR. AIZAWA?” She screamed as they had the same reaction we did when he first walked into the kitchen. “But…”

“There are a ton of buts in this situation. I’m glad to see you both are well. We will get into more details when everyone arrives.”

“Everyone?” Shoto asked.

“Oh, yes! I didn’t tell you. When I went to see Kaminari, not only was he hiding this loudmouth here, he had Kirishima, Ashido, and Jiro with him.”

“The Baku squad rides again.” Shoto chuckled as Katsuki grinned.

“Almost, only Sero is missing. But, maybe…”

“Wait, what?”

“Hello everyone! My name is Lissette, but you can call me Grandma. I’m sorry to intrude, but dinner is getting cold.” She said as she waved and headed back to the kitchen. Everyone followed her and boy, did we eat our fill. She was ecstatic about cooking for so many people. When I was a kid, she was a lunch lady and she loved feeding all the kids at school. Her kids were getting homecooked meals while I was stuck with frozen pizza and tacos in California. The two newcomers wanted to be briefed on our new info, and I wanted to find out how they escaped from the dorms. Everyone, including Ken and Ryuko joined us in the main gathering spot in front of the elevators. We went over what we knew, explaining what we had discovered about the man in the mask, when Shoto’s face went white.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven

Dead or Alive

“Wait, I thought it was a dream.”

“Thought what was a dream?” I asked as Momo shook her head and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

“I saw the man in the mask that night. He was there, in the dorms. I was fighting that asshole Dabi and the whole building caught on fire. Suddenly, people started dropping like flies, and we didn’t know how, or why. I watched Momo get ripped in half by him. I don’t remember what happened next, it’s all a blur. When I woke up, I was laying by a stream and Momo was alive next to me. We saw the news reports about what happened, and they said it was doubtful anyone survived. Mr. Aizawa, I saw the picture of you…”

“What happened to your scar?” Aizawa asked bluntly. Shoto’s hand reached up and touched the left side of his face.

“It was gone when I woke up.”

“Tokoyami, what do you remember?” I asked as we all turned to the solemn bird man. He shook his head and frowned.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t know. I remember seeing Shoto fighting Dabi, but I was busy fending off Toga. She was yelling about how I wouldn’t get away a second time, then nothing. I woke up on a bench in a park a few miles away from campus the next day, and after I saw what happened, I ran.”

“Why did he do it? Why did he save everyone? They were dead, it took an actual effort to make them whole and move their bodies, right?” I pondered out loud as everyone had the same thought on their mind.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to work for All for One. Maybe he is being forced to. If he really has the ability to rip apart a human and put them back together all fixed up, he has a pretty amazing quirk.” Midnight said as Katsuki’s eyes got huge.

“Wait. When they kidnapped me back then, they wanted me to join them. They said my quirk would be useful, and if I didn’t, they would take my quirk by force. I have to be honest, if it would have come down to it, I don’t think I would have let them take it, I would have joined long enough to make a break for it. Maybe this guy has no way out. How do you escape someone like All for One if he wants you by his side?”

“Especially now, with no heroes…do you really think?” I said as I panicked. Is it possible we would have help from the inside when the time comes? It’s impossible to know, there is no way I would risk trying to actually reach out to this guy, but…shit.

“Maybe he’s biding his time, just like we are. One man can’t take down All for One. But if he is building an army from the inside…” Shoto wondered and by brain was ready to explode. We thought we had this all thought out, but we didn’t. There were so many new factors… Katsuki must have seen me spiraling and grabbed my hand.

“Don’t worry. This is all good news. We have plenty of time to tweak the plans, but let’s not worry about that anymore until after the last six arrive. Let’s enjoy ourselves for a few days and start the hardcore planning next week.” Katsuki said as everyone in the room turned to give him a look. “Haaaaa? Is there a problem?”

“No, it’s just, it’s good to see you, Bakugo.” Shoto said as Katsuki gave him a toothy grin.

“You know we are sparring tomorrow, right half and half? I really gave it to Tokoyami today.” He snorted as the man with the bird head rolled his eyes.

“It’s been too long since I have let loose. You can count me it.”

“Should I be worried?” I muttered as I looked at Momo.

“Eh…maybe. They both tend to go pretty hard. You have a doctor, right?” She laughed.

“Jesus, that’s the first thing Katsuki asked me when he found out there was an arena! What is with you guys and injuries?” I laughed as she shrugged.

“They won’t on purpose, but unless Bakugo has changed a drastic amount these last ten years, he still puts one hundred percent into everything he does.” The boys were bickering, and Aizawa had gotten involved as she giggled. “Shoto would never admit it to his face, but he was torn up when it was reported he was killed by All for One that night. They weren’t friends, but he fought like hell to stop him from being taken at camp and helped with the rescue at Camino Ward before the world ended. He respected his drive and having Bakugo here for this raid is only a plus. It looks like you are happy you found him, too.” She winked as he gazed at me from across the room.

“The end of the world brings us all together. Katsuki is a special one, though. A bit abrasive, but I like that.” I grinned as she shook her head.

“So, do you think…do you think this means that all our friends survived that night?” She asked hopefully.

“I don’t know, Momo. All I know is there are four presumed dead people in this bunker right now, and more are on their way. We never had concrete proof anyone got out of the dorm attack, since Dabi went nuts and burned it to ash. After what happened to Deku, everything fell apart, and there wasn’t even an investigation done. I think most assumed even if any escaped, they would be in hiding because of the wanted posters. The photographs of the bodies and eyewitness reports said it was a massacre, and that no one could have survived. We need to talk with Kaminari’s group and see if they can shed any light on this. They were with Bakugo, maybe they saw something that can help put the pieces together.”

“Maybe. All I know is I am ready to fight back.”

After the boys finished bickering, I suggested we all grab a drink to relax after all the craziness that had happened the last day. There really was a lot to unpack, and my mind was tired. We had plenty of time and needed to piece some things together before reevaluating our plans. The possibility that there was a villain with that kind of quirk, who may have saved all the heroes lives at the dorm that day had me spinning. Eraser’s head was cut off, Nezu was chopped in half, Shoto told us he saw Momo killed. Did he just feel bad about killing kids? No, because he saved Eraser and Nezu. Was it really possible that none of them perished at all? I wish I knew how his quirk worked. Everyone was reminiscing about old times and the room was warm, you almost couldn’t tell these people hadn’t seen each other in ten years. When the evening ended, we all headed back to our pods. Both Nezu and Eraser had taken rooms in pod three, and Midnight headed down pod five’s stairs. Crap, I hope she picked a room in a different hall. To my surprise, Momo and Shoto headed to the first pod. Those rooms were much bigger than the others since they were meant for families.

“No fireplace for your two?” I laughed as Shoto grinned.

“I am a fireplace.” He snorted as he lit his left side ablaze and they headed down the stairs. I shook my head as we approached our rooms. I ran my hand up his back and into his hair, ruffling it a bit as he unlocked his door.

“You coming in?”

“You bet I am.” I laughed as he pulled me inside. We embraced, his hands running through my hair as he sighed deeply. “You okay?” I asked as I pulled back to look at him.

“I am, but…do you think it could be true? Could more of us be alive out there somewhere? We need to find them…”

“We will, Katsuki. Brad is the best; he is the one who found the other four. If they went anywhere that their face was captured on camera, he will find them. I really hate to ask this, but…you said you saw some of your friends killed in front of you. Who were they?” His face saddened as the memory returned, and he wrinkled his nose up.

“Sero. Tsu. Shoji. Those were the ones I recognized.”

“So, if we find one of them, that makes four very dead people come back to life. We already have Aizawa, and Nezu. Shoto said he saw Momo killed, and she is obviously fine. It has to be connected somehow…” I muttered as my brain started working overtime. He laughed as he started unzipping my jeans.

“I told you, we can worry about that when we have all the pieces in place. No use worrying about it anymore until we get everyone’s stories, and thanks to you, we still have five days until that happens.” He grinned as I narrowed my eyes at him. “So, let’s relax…” His mouth met mine in a gentle kiss as he picked me up and carried me to bed. He slowly stripped me, kissing my body as the clothing pulled away. I tugged his shirt off, running my hands down his muscular back and leaned in to kiss his neck. He ripped off his pants and tossed us to the bed, laughing as we bounced like children on the mattress. “I hope Nemuri picked a room far away.” He muttered as his lips met my neck and began to leave wet kisses all the way to my chest. His mouth latched onto a nipple and sucked, making my back arch and a snarl leave my lips. “It doesn’t matter, I don’t care who hears us.” He moaned as he slid inside, lips meeting mine as he slowly filled me up.

“Oh, Katsuki…” I whispered as he began to thrust quickly, his tongue sucking on mine as he drove to the hilt and back out again. He felt so good, but I wanted to try a new position. There were so many things I wanted to do with this man. I bampfed out from under him and he fell to the bed with a gasp.

“What the?” He growled as I rolled him over.

“Now, now, calm down. I think you’ll like it.” I giggled as I brushed his face with my chest as I straddled him. I took his cock in my hand and slowly sat on it, watching his face contort as I moaned. I started bouncing on his dick, my hands landing on his hips as he groaned below me. His tongue was hanging from his mouth as he watched my tits bounce with every movement, his hands reaching out and pinching the nipples as I squealed. I fell to his chest and his mouth went to work as my hips crashed into his, his hands wrapping around my neck and fingers curling into my hair.

“Oh, shit, Mila. This is amazing.” He murmured as he sat up and wrapped his arms around me. He could tell I was getting tired and decided to help. His hips went wild below me, thrusting up as he forced me down. My arms flew around his neck and held on, he was in complete control and I loved it. My lips sucked his jaw as he moaned, pressing us as close together as he could. One of his hands left my waist and fingers started playing with my folds, rubbing my clit as he drove in deep. “Cum for me, Mila.” He hissed before sticking his tongue down my throat. I couldn’t hold it back, with so much stimulation I was toast. My walls began to shake as a stream of moans emitted from my mouth and into his. My hips lost control as my pussy sucked his cock, nails digging into his back as I ripped my mouth away to scream his name.

“Katsuki! Fuck yes!” I panted as I started to come down from my high. He released with a loud moan, his throbbing cock filling me with his sticky cum as I left kisses on his neck.

“Thank you, that was incredible.” He whispered as his lips met mine in a steamy kiss. He let me go and I fell to the bed, exhausted. But it was totally worth it.

“Oh no, thank you. That was fun.” I giggled as he grabbed for me.

“Can you even move your legs?” He smirked as I groaned.

“Who needs legs, anyway.”

While Shoto and Katsuki were sparring the next day, I went to get Tetsutetsu and Kendo from our meeting spot. They were shocked to see who else had converged at the bunker, and excited at the opportunity that was in front of us. They had little to offer in the way of the man in the mask, neither remember seeing him that night and neither saw anyone actually killed like the others had described. Kendo confessed that she thought most of her class may have survived, the only major villain that they encountered was Twice, and they were able to get away unscathed. It was apparent the class 1A dorm had seen the worst of it that night. I decided not to even bother telling them about our theory, since they really couldn’t add to it. They would find out more when the time came. Monday was spent sparring, everyone starting to get on track to go into battle. Tomorrow, I would go get Kirishima and Mina, and Katsuki couldn’t stop talking about it.

“I’m so excited for tomorrow. I think you and Mina will really hit it off.” He sighed as he laid on my stomach.

“She seemed nice when I met her. I’m excited too, you know. They are your friends, and I can’t wait to get to know them all better.”

“When this is over, and we win, we are going to throw a huge bash for everyone, and maybe all of our friends will be there to celebrate…even Sero…”

“I hope that is the outcome. We will win, and we will take the world back.”

He tried to worm his way into going with me to get them, but I insisted he stay behind. It wasn’t because I didn’t want him to see his friends, it was for safety. Now that his hair was cut, he would be more recognizable to the general public, and I couldn’t take any chances.

They were waiting out front of the car rental place just like they were supposed to. We walked into the neighborhood before bampfing away, there were too many people around for my liking at our original meeting spot. We popped into the kitchen where Grandma and Katsuki were waiting.

“Dude! You cut your hair!” Kirishima exclaimed as the guys bumped elbows. Mina, honestly, looked scared to death. I knew what would calm her down.

“Welcome to our new guests! You can call me Grandma, and dinner won’t be ready for a few hours, so why don’t you take the tour now?” She sang as she floured chicken. Yum, I loved her fried chicken!

“The tour?” Mina asked softly as she looked around the farmhouse. I really didn’t give this group many details about how things ran, none of them really asked like the others had.

“Come on, let’s start.” They followed me downstairs and to the elevator and they were both wide eyed by the time we got down to the bottom.

“Seriously you guys, this place is so cool.” Katsuki laughed as we stepped out of the elevator. Jean was there and he had a grin on his face.

“Oh, hi Uncle Jean. This is Kirishima and Mina, our newest arrivals.”

“Ahh, Red Riot and Alien Queen. I liked your original choice better, so I went with that. I mean, Pinky is ok, but Alien Queen is better, don’t you think?” He grinned as she nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think so. Ashido, what did I tell you about that?” Nemuri said as she came around the corner.

“Midnight? Wow, you are here?” She shouted as Kirishima’s mouth dropped.

“I am, and so are some others. They went out for a bit; they will be back soon.” I eyed her and she nodded. Out, what did that mean? There was no reason for anyone to leave.

“Mila, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I actually need to speak with you. Are you doing a tour?” Jean said bluntly. He must have information.

“I am…”

“It’s ok, Bakugo and I can show them around and let them pick out their rooms. We are having a meeting after dinner in the lobby to brief the new arrivals of our information. See ya later.” Nemuri chuckled as she grabbed Mina’s arm and pulled her down the hall.

“Okay then, come on, I need to show you something.” He said as we headed for the lab. His office was in the very back, and it was where all the secret files were kept, the files that held info on all the heroes we were trying to find.

“Please tell me you have some good news.” I groaned as he shut the door.

“I don’t know what it is. It’s confusing.”


“Inasa knew of the man in the mask. His name in Japan is Overhaul, and his quirk is Overhaul. He can disassemble and reassemble anything he touches, including humans. He is the right-hand man to All for One, only second to Shigaraki Tomura. He destroys heroes and villains alike; he seems to have no moral compass whatsoever. When I told him our theory, he said there was no way he would have had a hand in it.”

“That’s interesting, for sure. If it wasn’t him, then what could possibly explain what has happened?”

“That’s why it’s confusing. I told Inasa to keep his eyes out for anything strange, but to stay far away. It sure seems like he is the only one that could have done what they said.”

“Are you heading out again soon?”

“I am, in the morning, actually. I’m staying in Canada this time, though. I hear Vancouver is nice this time of year.” He winked as he stood.

“I hope you come home with more people to feed. Grandma seems to be enjoying herself.” I laughed as we headed back to the common area. There was no sign of the tour group, so I headed to the pods to see if they were choosing rooms. I could hear Katsuki’s voice carrying down the hall.

“Wait until you see the training room! I can’t wait to spar with you, dumb hair.”

“Ah, so the tour is complete, then? Got your room picked out?” I laughed as Mina turned to me and smiled.

“We did, looks like we are pod-mates.” She laughed as she pointed behind her. So, they were joining us and Midnight, hu?

“Great news. If you are ready, I bet dinner is waiting. Grandma was flouring chicken earlier and her fried chicken is to die for.” I chuckled as Kirishima’s eyes grew wide. We all headed to the kitchen, where Momo, Shoto, Kendo and Tetsutetsu were already waiting, as were Ken and Ryuko. There was a nice little reunion before we ate, but I couldn’t help but wonder why Grandpa, Eraser and Nezu still hadn’t returned. What were they up to? I trusted Grandpa completely, but why didn’t he tell me what was going on? Minutes turned to hours, and when they still weren’t back at eight o’clock, I really started to worry. We had postponed the meeting until they were all back, and we didn’t mention who was with Grandpa. I wanted their reaction to be as natural as possible so it would jog their memories of that horrible night. Kirishima told me he didn’t know how they were alive, but not with details. My fellow pod mates and I were sitting in the common area, chatting about old times when Tokoyami came rushing in.

“You guys have to come to the kitchen, now!” He yelled as he ran to the next pod. Oh no, had something happened? Were they finally back?

Chapter Text

Chapter Eight


We all rushed to the elevator and ran into the kitchen where we all stood in shock. Mina let out a small gasp as I put my hand to my face. No way. They had indeed returned, and they weren’t empty handed. I was going to have to do a tour tonight, after all. The two newcomers were shocked to see Aizawa and Nezu, and the rest were shocked to see two more classmates.

“Holy shit! SHOJI? And you were in class B…” Kirishima muttered.

“SETSUNA!” Kendo screamed as she rushed across the kitchen to jump in her arms. Wait, but Shoji was one that Katsuki said…

“Shoji, I saw you die.” Katsuki muttered as Shoji’s eyes narrowed.

“I can say the same, Bakugo.” What?

“It’s time for the meeting. Everyone downstairs, now!” I yelled as everyone except Grandma made their way to the bunker. We weren’t taking too many chances talking in the open, even in the house. The bunker was soundproof, and as far as I knew there was no way anyone could eavesdrop on us down here, even with a quirk. If more people kept showing up, we would need to add a few couches and chairs to the main lobby.

“Okay, first, welcome to our newest arrivals. If you haven’t had a tour, we will do that after the meeting. I’m Mila, and this is everything we know so far.” I recapped the main points and when we reached the part about the man in the mask, it was Shoji’s turn to speak.

“He was indeed there with us that night. He killed me, with one touch of his finger. As I lay dying, I watched him tear Bakugo in two. Neither of us should be in this room right now.”

“Hello, did you forget about me? Head chopped off but sitting in this room.” Aizawa laughed as Kirishima nodded.

“No, really. Shoji is right. I watched both of them die. And Mina. The last thing I remember is that guy touching my forehead. Then I woke up the next day with Mina in my arms, in one piece and alive close to campus. Bakugo, Kaminari and Jiro were all within a few meters of us. When we all woke up, we ran.”

“His name is Overhaul. His quirk allows him to take apart anything, including humans, and put them back together. He works with All for One…”

“Wait, for real? Why did a villain help us?” Mina questioned as I turned to the one they called Setsuna.

“Can you add anything to this? What did you see in the 1B dorm?’

“Uhh, nothing like that at all. Twice was there with a few copies, but that was the only villain I saw. I ran as soon as I had a chance, watching the other dorm burn was horrifying.”

“You didn’t see anyone die?”

“No, not die. I saw a few bodies on the ground as I escaped, but none I could identify. They were in pieces.”

“To answer your question, Mina, we don’t know. It’s looking more and more like he must have had a hand in this somehow, given the nature of the eyewitness accounts. Is he working against All for One? We can hope. If he did murder then revive everyone, he must have had a reason. Every new person we find can add more to the story. Jean is travelling again tomorrow, and he has high hopes he will make some good connections. I can’t promise another classmate, but I can promise an ally.”

“I have an assignment for the class. I know we have already gone over this, but because of the number of people in this group, I think we need to put it all in writing. Make a chart. Everyone try to remember everything you saw that night, and include anyone you think you saw die, or in pieces. When Kaminari and Jiro arrive in two days, I want to have a good idea of what everyone witnessed with their own two eyes that night. We have no way of gathering much information on this Overhaul person, but the more we can remember, the better.” Aizawa said glumly.

“Agreed. Up until a few days ago, we thought the eyewitness reports of massive casualties at the dorm had to be true. It’s becoming clear that not everything that happened that night was what it seemed. We cannot go by any of those reports anymore but knowing exactly what you all saw may be helpful. If everyone gives me a written timeline of events, Brad and I can put our heads together to work out possible scenarios. Try to be as precise as possible, especially with the location of where you woke the next day, and who you were with. It seems strange that some were dumped alone, and others in groups. Let’s see if we can find a pattern. Now, the two newbies, follow me, I’ll show you around and get you settled into a room.”

How could everything change so much in just a few days? Everything we thought we knew could be far from what really happened. I saw a photo of Eraser decapitated. Shoji saw Bakugo cut in half. Bakugo saw Shoji die. Shoto saw Momo die. They are all alive. They are all here, ready to fight alongside me. I knew that this would strengthen our chances of victory, but there was still a strange taste in my mouth about the whole thing. Overhaul. Why? Why had he pretended to kill them all? Did anyone know he didn’t? Inasa said he killed heroes and villains alike, but did he? Was he just crazy and playing some kind of game?

“Wow, this room is really something.” Shoji muttered as we stepped into the pond. His quirk was dupli-arms, he had the ability to make duplicate appendages on his arms in the form of mouths, eyes, and ears. I’m guessing he could do more, but that was what I had seen so far. Setsuna from class B had the ability to split herself into fifty or so pieces and would be a huge plus for any search missions we may have in the future.

“You guys really thought of everything…” She muttered as I smiled.

“It needed to feel as natural as possible down here. This isn’t only our training facility. It’s also our fallback bunker. If the plan fails, this is the final standoff. We have enough supplies to be sealed in here with a few hundred people for a few years if needed. It’s built to withstand a nuclear bomb, so even All for One should have issues getting to us himself. If you don’t mind me asking, how did the two of you end up together?” I said as I eyed them. They didn’t act like a couple, and I was curious.

“Funny story, actually. I stayed on the move most of the time until I found this neck of the woods. It was so quiet and peaceful I decided to finally try to put down some roots. In a story of pure coincidence, I moved in next to Setsuna. She remembered me from the sports festival, and it was nice to find someone who I could talk to.” Shoji said as he smiled at her. She blushed a bit and I grinned. So, they were a couple, but not in public.

“So, you guys were close by this whole time?”

“About an hour north, the other side of the forest. Eraser said they found Setsuna through facial scans and came to retrieve her. I thought she was in danger and, well…here we are.” Facial scans…they didn’t tell me they got a hit. Well, if it was just Setsuna, I guess they wouldn’t. She wasn’t on my list, but I was happy she was here.

“Small world. Okay, now let’s get you guys to your rooms.” I explained how the pods worked and was super curious to see if they took one room or two. I couldn’t help it. I never imagined there would be so many people coming here, and now I wanted to get to know them all. It had been so long since I had friends. They took separate rooms in pod three but chose rooms right next to each other. I bid them goodnight and headed to my room and found Katsuki, Kirishima and Mina hanging out in the common space. Oh, that’s right, they were living in our pod.

“Hey, finally done with the tour?” Katsuki laughed as he grabbed me and threw me on his lap.

“Yes, and as much as I’m getting tired of it, I don’t mind all the extra people that are pouring in.”

“Bakugo told us that you thought there would be only four of us joining. I have to admit, I never thought I would see all these people again, it’s kind of weird.” Kirishima frowned as Mina nodded.

“It’s crazy to think it’s been ten years. You really think it’s possible that more are really alive?”

“If you would have asked me that last week, I would have said no way. Now, I’m not sure. I don’t want to get our hopes up too high. I think it’s incredible that we found so many as it is. We still have plenty of time to find more, if we get lucky and get a match with the facial recognition. It’s one of the main reasons you are all here at the bunker, we can’t take any chances you get noticed. Grandpa and I will be going out Friday to shop for everyone, so get a list together of things you want to stock your rooms with. We have all the basics; I’m talking about snacks and stuff.”

“Kaminari and Kyoka aren’t coming until Thursday, right?” Mina asked as I nodded.

“That’s right. They are the final expected arrivals. We will get their version of events and start a new phase of planning. The original plan will have to be altered, for the better, with all of you guys here. We have a year to get into the best shapes of our lives, both mentally and physically. If we are all at our strongest, we will win.”

“You are right. I’m exhausted from walking around this place, I think it’s time to turn in.” Kirishima yawned as he stretched his arms over his head. They stood and headed to the last hallway…good. They were about as far away as they could be from us as possible in this pod. Nemuri came around the corner suddenly and waved as she skipped to the second hallway…ugh. Well, the walls were pretty thick, but there was only a hallway separating us. She was the rated-r hero, I’m sure she wouldn’t even mind. Katsuki grinned at me as he stood, reaching out for my hand, leading me down the hall to his room.

“You don’t mind staying in my room? We can always test your bed out if you want.”

“I don’t care. Your bed, my bed. The floor, the couch, where ever. Shit, we can move to pod four together if you want. I just want to be with you.”

“We should totally move in next to half and half so we can drive them crazy.” He snickered as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back down the hallway to the lobby.

“Katsuki! Where are we going?”

“To try out pod four. It’s empty right now, right?” He laughed as he looked back at me with a smirk.

“It is. We can be as loud as we want.” We ran down the stairs and into pod four and down the second hall. The only rooms that were locked were the ones occupied, so we had our pick. I threw open the first door in the hall and we walked in and he whistled.

“Hey, this is pretty nice.” He said as he looked around. All the pods were different, and this one was full of two-bedroom apartments. The layout was completely different from our pod and we walked into a large living room. The kitchen was separated by a half wall, and the bedrooms were on either side. The master on the right had its own bathroom, and the smaller one on the left was next to the main bathroom. It was a bit bigger than ours, and he took a minute to look around. “Two bathrooms, that’s nice. Probably not necessary. I don’t know. I think I like ours better.” He grinned as he came at me. “Let’s try out the master bedroom.” He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, and groaned. “Man, the bed is the same size!”

“HAHA! You are suck a dork!” I squealed as he tossed me to the bed. His hands started to strip my clothes as his lips kissed my neck, mine tugging on his shirt. Soon we were naked and tangled together, mouths and hands devouring each other as his erection pressed against my thigh. His mouth quickly moved to my chest, nibbling all the way down to my stomach as he groaned.

“You are so fucking perfect.” He muttered as his tongue lashed out at my clit, making me scream with delight. He worked me over until he came away with arousal dripping from his tongue. Grinning, he sat up and took his cock in his hand, gliding the tip across my folds as I purred. “I’m so glad you found me.” He whispered as he sunk in slowly, mouth meeting mine in a passionate kiss. My tongue slipped inside as he started moving deliberately, thrusting deep as I combed through his hair with my fingers. He moved to my neck as he picked up speed, quickly driving in and out while I squirmed for him. He drove me absolutely crazy, the way he touched me, the way he felt inside me was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The only man that would come close was my boyfriend from high school. We dated about a year, and had only broken up about a month before All for One took power. He took my virginity, and he was the only guy I have ever been with that knew who I really was, except for this amazing man above me right now. Every other guy had just been a hook up, I never connected with any of them and some I didn’t even know their names. But this was…

“Oooh Katsuki! Fuck I love your cock! Faster! Deeper!” I moaned as he grunted and pulled out, flipping me to my stomach as he plunged back inside. His hands assaulted my tits, massaging and twisting the nipples as his lips sucked the back of my neck. He was going so fast I thought we may slide right off the edge of the bed. Heat was quickly building in my core, every thrust bringing me closer to my end. He playfully slapped at my ass as he groaned.

“So tight, god, baby, you feel so fucking good.” One hand ran into my hair and tugged on it, making me mew as he obliterated me. I was getting close, and by the way he was grunting, so was he.

“Shit, Katsuki! I’m…ooooooooohhhh, yes!” I squealed as my walls collapsed, his cock trapped as my pussy ate him up.

“Oh fuck, baby! Oh god I love this so much.” He moaned as he trembled and came, filling me up as my orgasm subsided. He left light kissed along my back as he pulled out and rolled me over into his chest. “Mila, I’m so happy I found you. I’m serious when I say you saved my life. I had lost the will to live in this shithole world, and you came flying at me like a shooting star. I may be dead for real right now if you wouldn’t have come looking for us. I know you didn’t expect to find me, and I never expected to be found. We are going to figure this out, work together, and take him down once and for all. I think Aizawa was right. I think we were all saved for a reason. I don’t know what that is yet, but we will find out eventually. Until then, I am going to enjoy the shit out of you, and my other friends in this amazing place while we train to get our world back. Just think, what if they are all really alive like me, and Aizawa and Shoji?”

“If they are, we have a year to find them and bring them here. There were forty of you in the hero course, and there are ten of you here already, with two more on the way. I was expecting four, so I have no doubt more will surface before we go into battle. We will keep looking until the end for all of them. The idea of having half or more of you at our side for this only increases our odds. I’m excited, Katsuki. Before I found you, I was going into this like a suicide mission, but now I am looking at it in a whole different light. We will win, and we will both survive and live a happy life, together. That’s the only option now.” I sighed as I curled into him, snuggling against his warm chest as he wrapped his arms around me tight.

“You are right, living is the only option.”

By the time Thursday morning rolled around, everyone was excited for our last guests to arrive. I hadn’t met Jiro, and Momo and Mina filled me in on how awesome she was. Her quirk was earphone jack, which I knew all about, but she was also punk rock, which I absolutely loved. They said she sang and played a bunch of instruments, and I was totally excited to see her. I played guitar and piano, and hoped maybe we could jam a bit. We had two guitars, a bass, and a drumkit tucked away for lockdown, but we could totally take them out and have a good time in the bar one night. I never expected so many people here before a lockdown was needed, and never imagined I would be thinking about planning a party. It almost felt like I was actually living a normal life. They all settled in amazingly well, and everyone seemed to get along great too. Being apart for so long, and going through what they did, I wouldn’t have been surprised if some were bitter, but they weren’t. Everyone took part in a huge sparring session Wednesday afternoon, and it was amazing to see everyone’s quirks in action. We really, really had a chance at this crazy plan.

“Okay, I’m off. You all know the plan. The only people Kaminari and Jiro will expect to see are the others from their group, and Shoto and Momo. Everyone else will be a surprise to them, and I want their honest, unbiased reaction when they see the rest of you. I’ll meet you all here in ten minutes.” I said as I addressed all of our heroes, including Mei, Ken and Ryuko. They would all be waiting for us in the bunker’s meeting area for a quick meeting before dinner and the last scheduled tour. I wanted to get their organic reactions to the faces they weren’t expecting, and to hear exactly what they both saw that night. We needed to start coming up with changes to the master plan, with so many additions it was in need of a major overhaul. Speaking of, Overhaul was on my mind a ton. What if he really was helping us from the inside? What did he have to gain from that? I guess right now that didn’t matter. All that mattered was we were building a small army, and I was heading to get number eleven and twelve. I arrived at the meeting spot to a hectic scene. Shit, what was happening? Kaminari was holding who I had to assume was Jiro’s hand as a crowd of people rushed away from a building. The building collapsed and I ran for them. We had to get out of here, before someone recognized us. “Hey, you two!” I screamed as Kaminari whirled around in a panic. Jiro was tugging at his hand, trying to free herself of his grip.

“We have to help! We can’t just…” She screamed as he kept a firm grip and dragged her to me.

“You know there is nothing we can do, we are quirkless. We would just get in the way.” He said loudly as people rushed by them on the street, no one stopping to look as they ran form the disaster zone. She was almost hysterical when they reached me, and she had a look of absolute panic in her eyes. I knew that look. I had it many times while I was out scouting and ran across civilians in danger. The dread of knowing people were dying, and there was nothing you could do. Because if we used our quirks, we were as good as dead. Hero hunting was the villains favorite sport, and sometimes they caused panic just to lure them out to kill them. Our overall goal with this mission would bring this kind of thing to a halt, and save many more lives in the long run. It sucked, but we had to walk away and neglect our hero duties until the war was won, or we wouldn’t survive it.

“I’m sorry, I really am.” I whispered as I bampfed us back to the kitchen in the farmhouse.

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Chapter Nine

The Gang’s All Here

Jiro was crying when we landed in the kitchen, and so was I. It had been a while since I watched people die, and it hurt more than I thought it would. I assumed I was immune to those feelings by now after watching so many people perish.

“Oh my! Are you all right, kids?” Grandma called out as she put her spoon down and headed straight for us. Jiro was clinging to Kaminari and I had my head down.

“Yeah, we are okay. There was an attack, a building came down…”

“Oh dear. I’m so sorry you had to see that. I know how hard it must be to ignore those in need. Soon, that will change.” She smiled as she headed back to the stove. She was making chicken noodle soup and homemade bread and my mouth started to water through the tears.

“She’s right, you know? Come on, let’s go see everyone.”

“Everyone?” Jiro said shakily as I nodded.

“I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised. Follow me, we have a little meeting scheduled before dinner, then I will show you around and you can pick out your room.” I said as they followed me to the basement. They both looked at me funny when the door popped open and we stepped into the elevator. I could barely contain my excitement for who they were about to be reunited with. The doors opened and we walked into the meeting room and Jiro screamed. Kaminari looked absolutely stunned, and lifted his finger and pointed right at Aizawa.

“You’re dead!?”

“Hello to you too, Kaminari. As you can plainly see, I am not dead. Look around the room…”

“I…I saw you die, Momo. I didn’t believe Mila! How? What is going on?” Jiro shouted as she ran to her, jumping into her arms and hugging her tight.

“There are a bunch of dead people in this room. Before we tell you what we already know, can the two of you remember what you saw that night?” Aizawa said calmly as Kaminari nodded.

“The lights went out and I was in my room. I heard screaming from the common area and ran. Dabi was already there, fighting Todoroki. I couldn’t see much; my eyes were still adjusting to the dark when I found Kyoka. Deku was surrounded by a bunch of us, including Bakugo and Kirishima. Low level villains were coming at us left and right, but we were able to hold them off until the other guy came.”

“He was the one…the one who killed you.” Jiro said as she stared at Momo.

“What did this guy look like?” Aizawa said a bit less calmly.

“Weird. He had some kind of mask.” Kaminari said as Aizawa couldn’t contain himself.

“His name is Overhaul, and he can take apart and put back together anything he touches. We are working on a theory, but it’s becoming more real by the day. Two people in this room saw Momo die, and she is alive. There are others here who were seen killed, and the man in the plague mask was there for every single one. We don’t know why, but we think he may have saved everyone, all of class 1A in the dorms that day.” Aizawa was interrupted by Midnight.

“Except Midoriya. We know All for One took him.”

“Mr. Aizawa, are you suggesting that everyone could be alive? That’s…”

“Insane? Yeah. Look at me, Jiro. My head is attached. My scar is gone. My eyes don’t dry out like they used to. He not only killed me, he put me back together and healed me. If he didn’t, someone did, because I’m right here.”

“My scar is gone, too…” She sighed as she lifted her leg. “I was injured a few years ago and had a huge scar on my calf. When I woke up, my ankle didn’t hurt like normal and the scar was gone. I broke it, and even though it was healed, it still bothered me all the time.”

“I thought I was bringing four of you back, and now there are fifteen of us. This was where I was going to tell you about our plan, but honestly, it needs a complete make over. The original plan relied heavily on the forces from England and Japan, and now we can shift gears. When I thought it would be Todoroki, Tokoyami, Kaminari and Kendo, we were going to need backup. Now, with all of us, the other teams can focus on the league while we all take on All for One at the same time. I am thinking about forming teams to take care of Shigaraki and Gigantomachia…”

“We can plan later; we have plenty of time. Now, it’s time to get some food. I was upstairs earlier and can’t wait to try that soup.” Katsuki chuckled as I realized I had been babbling. Everyone headed upstairs and we feasted and reminisced and talked about the future. I could hardly believe all the faces around the table, even Mei joined us for the occasion. This would be the first of many dinners together, for the next year we would be living like family.

Three months passed, and everything was going smooth. Everyone had acclimated to staying in the bunker, utilizing all the amenities we had to offer. Sparring went almost around the clock, everyone training hard and pushing hard as we ticked closer to game time. When we weren’t training, we were gathered in the bar, having makeshift concerts and dances. I never imagined Katsuki could play the drums so well. The pool was well used, and everyone was lending a hand in the garden now that everything was starting to ripen. Grandma was canning everything, and most was being utilized in the lockdown pantry. We even busted out the board games on occasion, playing monopoly and other games while we talked about our plans. Nothing was finalized yet; I knew we still had nine months before the attack and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. I was counting on having at least a few new faces to add to the lineup before we made our move. Inasa had no news to report out of Japan, and Yo was silent from England. I guess no news was good news in this situation, anyway. Uncle Jean had come back empty handed last month, and had gone out again, this time heading to Alaska on a tip. He told me it wasn’t very reliable, but he hadn’t been there yet and decided he would go anyway. He didn’t want to tell me who he was going after, and I was kind of pissed he was holding out on me. He said he didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, and that he really didn’t think he would find anything. A bunch of us were relaxing at the pond when Ken came running in, a bit out of breath.

“Come on, Jean is back, and he isn’t alone.” My heart leaped into my chest. He found someone. Everyone rushed to the bunker lobby, where Jean was standing with three men. Katsuki let out a yelp followed by a blank stare.

“Sero!” Mina shouted as I did a double take. His elbows…it was Cellophane! The shorter one ripped a curly black wig off his head, revealing purple balls…Grape Juice! The other wasn’t as obvious, until he opened his mouth.

“Oh, look, if it isn’t some of class 1A! How horrible it is to see you all…” He muttered as Kendo knocked him out.

“Sorry about him. Ten years didn’t change him at all.” Monoma. Wait…MONOMA?!

“YOU! You are the one who can copy quirks!” I shouted as I shook his unconscious body as Kendo laughed.

“Yes, he can. He is also the most obnoxious guy ever.”

“I don’t know about that…” Mina said as she glared at Mineta. He was staring at my ass and I immediately bampfed next to him and punched him in the head. He landed with a thud as Katsuki snorted.

“Totally deserved that. Please don’t tell me you have been stuck with these two the last ten years, and if you were, they didn’t rub off on you.” Katsuki said as he approached Sero.

“I never thought I would see you guys again! I don’t remember much. Todoroki fighting Dabi, Toga laughing hysterically as she tried to stab me. Then nothing, until I woke up the next day on the beach. Mineta was out cold not far from me, and we ran into that doofus a few years ago while we were moving around, trying to stay hidden. Mineta’s wig flew off in a storm when we were in England, and we decided to flee for good measure. We would still see the wanted posters and didn’t want to take any chances.” The other two were stirring, and I started with the purple perv first.

“Tell me what you remember about that night, or I will punch you again.” I growled as he cowered in fear.

“What are you?” He muttered as I laughed.

“I’m what is going to kill All for One. Now tell me.”

“I was hiding. Under my bed. I thought we were all going to die. Then the fire started, and I had to run. I used my quirk to climb down the side of the balcony and to the ground and saw All for One take Deku away. I went inside thinking it was over and walked right into a guy in a weird mask. I woke up down the beach from Sero, and we ran.”

“What about you, my new Guinea pig? What did you see that night?”

“Guinea…um, well, nothing, really. I saw Tetsu fighting Twice, or a clone, someone. I saw the 1A dorm burning, and villains pouring inside. I decided to run before reinforcements came.” He said it with real remorse, and I could tell he was ashamed. Kendo patted him on the shoulder and nodded.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it. We all ran, we didn’t have a choice.”

“She’s right. They just would have killed you too.” Aizawa said to a shocked trio. He had just arrived in the room with Nezu. Apparently, they wanted to make a shocking entrance. We filled them in on all the details and took the tour, each picking out a room and settling in for the evening. They all took rooms in pod four, there goes our flings down there. We had been using it at least once a week for loud sex, it was super fun and we picked a different room each time. Maybe it was time to check out pod two. It was uninhabited, and had a bunch more room than the one we were in now. Maybe we should move in together. We never slept apart, and spent pretty much every waking moment together. Mineta and Sero had joined the rest of us in pod four’s common area and they were all talking about old times. It was always nice to hear the stories about their time together before the horrors they faced. Everyone dispersed for the night and Katsuki shot me a grin.

“Pod two, then?” He chuckled as I ran for the stairs. He had never seen this pod, and was going to be blown away. These were meant for families, built with lots of extra space for kids and their needs. It wouldn’t matter if we took one, hopefully there wouldn’t be a need for families to hide here. He followed me down hall four and I skidded to a stop at the last door. I flung it open, revealing a huge living room. “Woah.” He muttered as we entered, this unit was easily twice as big as ours. Two couches and chairs surrounded the tv and shelving lined the walls, awaiting family photos and other treasures to be displayed. Instead of the half wall separating the kitchen, there was a full one with the doorway to the left. Instead of the smaller kitchens in our room, this one was full size. It was bright yellow and white, accented by a large painting of a window with bright sunshine pouring in. The dining area sat eight, and it even had a dishwasher. There was a hallway on the left of the kitchen, and we followed it and came to a full-size bathroom and three nice sized rooms. Two were furnished as bedrooms, and the other was an office. We headed back to the living room and flowed that hallway to a master bedroom, complete with its own bathroom. It was huge, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Closets ran the length of the back wall, along with two sets of dressers on either side of the giant king bed. On the other side of the room was a couch and chair set in front of a tv. “Wow, okay, this is awesome!” He shouted as he jumped on the bed.

“Yeah, this bedroom is amazing. We should move here.” I laughed as he got a serious look on his face.

“Don’t tease me.” He growled as I eyed him.

“I’m not. I’m serious. Why not? I’m always in your room, anyway.”

“I mean, we would have a lot of wasted space…”

“This entire pod is empty space. I just love this bedroom so much; I would probably live in here anyway.” I giggled as he jumped off the bed and attacked me, kissing my neck and picking me, twirling me around in his arms.

“It’s settled. This is our new home. Let’s christen it the right way.” He growled as he grabbed my ass.

“Yes, sir!” I giggled as he tossed us to the bed. Our clothes were gone in a heartbeat, naked bodies pressed together as our mouths devoured each other. His hands caressed my torso, spending a bit more time playing with my nipples than the rest before pulling back and moving to my neck. His lips kissed and sucked at it, making mews pour from my mouth as he squeezed my ass. I felt the tip slide across my folds and moaned, encouraging him to tease me. He gave me just the tip two or three times before slamming in deep, calling out my name for the whole freaking bunker to hear.

“Mila! Oh fuck! Goddammit you feel so good!” He shouted as he thrust in and out at breakneck speed, bouncing me into the mattress as my arms flung to his shoulders. My nails dug in as he pounded me, our bodies thrashing around like wild animals as his mouth attacked my chest. I never in a million years thought I would ever think of anything besides killing All for One, but this man made me think about all kinds of things. About needing to stay alive. About wanting a family, and a home like normal people used to. About loving someone more than I hated All for One. As his thick cock slid in and out of my tingling walls, all I could think about was being with him forever. I didn’t know I could be this happy.

“Katsu! Oh god, yes! You fuck me so good! I want to cum on your dick!” I squealed as he pulled out and flipped me on my side, pulling one leg up to his chest as he sunk back in. He wasn’t driving as fast as before, but he was getting so deep in this position I was having a hard time keeping it together. He smacked my ass before bending in and sucking every inch of flesh he could reach before my leg started to tremble. “Ooh, shit, Katsuki!” I called as my walls collapsed, pleasure crashing over me as our eyes locked. His were wild, the sight of me cumming forced him into overdrive, thrusting hard through my orgasm and finally finding his release just as mine was finishing. He was panting above me, grinning from ear to ear as he pulled out and rolled on top of me. “Crushing…me…” I teased as he tickled my sides.

“Um hm miss nothing can hurt me. I think I’m going to sleep just like this tonight.” He squawked as I kissed his face.

“Go ahead, but if I get too hot, I’m gonna kick you off.” He nuzzled his nose into my face as he rolled off and wrapped me in his arms. We fell asleep in our new home, together, and I had a really good feeling. All of my dreams were closer to coming true, even one I didn’t know I had.

Even a few weeks after the last group arrived, I was still having a hard time believing they were all here. Everyone was training hard and it was starting to feel like a nice little family. Because they were all in hiding, we spent a ton of time together in the bunker. At the pool, in the garden, eating dinners together. I never thought I would make friends with the squad that would take down All for One for good. Today, I was making Monoma my test subject. I had a theory about him, and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

“Okay, it’s simple. You take my quirk. Then Katsuki explodes you to see how much damage you can take.”

“I…I really don’t like this idea.”

“Katsuki, lay it on me.” I laughed as he lit me up. Explosion after explosion rocked me as I laughed. The smoke cleared and when there wasn’t a scratch on me, Monoma’s eyes lit up.

“Can I at least know your plan first?” He smirked. I had a feeling he already knew.

“I need you to be a decoy for me. I’ll only need a few seconds, and you can give them to me. If you can use my quirk at full power, then you can be my shield for my death blow.”

“Dude, you should see it. It’s a freaking electric trident and it’s amazing!” Katsuki shouted as he lit his palms.

“You want me to throw myself at All for One? Are you crazy?”

“Taking one hit from him with my quirk won’t kill you. That’s all I need, while he is batting you away, I can go for the kill. I was going to use Katsuki, but I’d rather have him up against Gigantomachia. I still haven’t figured out a solid plan for Shigaraki…”

“Okay let’s get to this. I want to blow someone up!” Katsuki shouted as I held my arm out for Monoma. He touched me and activated my quirk and braced for impact. Even he was surprised to find that even a howitzer from him didn’t leave a mark. He brushed himself off after a while and looked at his watch.

“Seven minutes is up. Your quirk takes a lot of energy, I think that’s all the time I have with it. We can work on making it stronger. I have made some serious advances in my quirk since you all saw me last. I can hold up to five quirks at a time and can switch back and forth from each one at my will. If I go in with this quirk, and Bakugo’s, and Todoroki’s, and Eraser’s, we could do this.” Monoma asserted as I smiled. He was right. We could do this. Little did I know, we would have more help than I ever dreamed.

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Chapter Ten

Halfway There

It was February in Canada, and everything was frozen. I loved it. It was one of my favorite times of the year. It was starting to trend towards spring, and we were now six months into our mission to take out All for One. It was still the eighteen of us, and everyone was pushing themselves beyond their limits. We had become a tight knit little group, spending just about all our time together. Katsuki and I moved into pod two alone, and we couldn’t be happier. Kiri and Mina weren’t happy at first, but they got it. We spent enough time together, after hours was our private time. I wanted to spend every minute with him before we went into battle. I was much more confident that we would be victorious after seeing everyone in action. I presumed that because they were all in hiding for so long, their quirks would need a lot of training. I was wrong. It turns out, most of them had been practicing in secret, honing their quirks in the dark of night while everyone else slept. Momo produced yarn and things for the farm to keep diligent, and Sero and Mineta even let Monoma copy their quirks when they were together. Katsuki and Shoto had it the worst, with their bright, light up quirks, but they were truly the strongest of the group. I decided those two would lead the charge against Shigaraki. I was pretty sure Kiri and Tetsu would lead team Gigantomachia, but we needed something else, and I hadn’t figured it out yet. With six months left, I wasn’t worried about all the logistics yet. We had a solid base plan and Inasa couldn’t have been happier when I talked to him last month. He had fifteen of his classmates from Shiketsu High with him, and they were ready to fight alongside us. Not long after the attack at UA, villains started going after all the high-profile schools across the country, and Shiketsu got the brunt of it. The assault on Shiketsu was almost as brutal as the one on UA, except they didn’t have just one target. The good thing was, most of those kids were just as strong as the UA kids, and low-level thugs infiltrated there. None of the League was present for that attack, and most students got away with their lives. My contact, Inasa, used his wind quirk to toss most of the thugs into the stratosphere and made it look like they took down the buildings. Then they all ran, just like everyone else did. Because of what he did, he is on the Leagues most wanted list, and faked his own death a few years ago and went into hiding. Mei actually found him while doing searches on costumes, somehow. I didn’t need to know. It was Friday night, and that meant it was bar night. Every Friday we all put aside whatever we were doing and all hung out at the bar after dinner. I was sipping a tequila at a table with Momo, Mina and Nemuri having a nice, disgusting girls chat. Every time Midnight was involved, it always turned dirty. Katsuki and Kiri were going head to head on one of the video games, and a group in the corner was playing a drinking game.

“I’m going to miss this, girls. I mean, when we beat All for One and all go back to regular lives.” Nemuri sighed as she downed her drink. I totally understood.

“I think we should all just stay here. We could form a super agency and base all of us here. That way we can continue this if we want. Or, we can all go out to the actual bar together. We will all be free to come and go as we please.”

“You really think Grandma would be okay feeding all of us forever?” Mina laughed as I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, she would be. She may end up the most brokenhearted of all if we move out.” Paul came wandering in, and I was surprised. He and Mei stayed in their own little hideaway in the lab. Close quarters and imminent war brought all kind of people together, including them. He made a beeline for me and my heart raced.

“Hey, Mila, can I talk with you really quick? I promise it will only take a minute.” He said softly, like he didn’t want anyone else to hear. I nodded and got up, following him out and down to his lab. He sat at his computer and had a look of mixed emotions on his face. “I have good news and bad news.”

“Bad first.”

“Inasa has been compromised. It wasn’t the league, some rogue villains tried to rob their compound. Everyone got out, but he is afraid they were spotted. He has all the hard drives and files and is working to secure a new location. Until then, they will be radio silent. He promised they will be ready…”

“They will be. I trust him. This is a small setback, you had me scared for a second.”

“Now the good news. I think we found someone. The facial matching is only sixty-percent, but because of who it is, I think it’s worth a try.”

“Who is it?” He turned the monitor around and it showed a really grainy profile photo of a woman with blonde hair. The match said…holy shit. “Uraraka Ochaco? Are you for real right now?”

“Yes. I told you, only a sixty…”

“I’m going. Where is she?”

“Switzerland. This photo was from two days ago. It’s from a grocery mart, and she was buying enough for a week or so, so hopefully…”

“I’ll find her. Tell no one who I am going for, just in case it isn’t her. I’ll leave first thing in the morning.” I headed back to the bar and my heart was pounding. Her anti-gravity quirk was the missing piece for the Gigantomachia team. If she could float him, we could beat him. Katsuki could tell right away I was worked up about something, and when we got back to our room, he laid into me.

“Tell me. What happened? You look scared and excited. Did they find someone?”

“Yes. I am going tomorrow morning on a search. There is only a sixty percent chance…”

“Who is it?”

“I…don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to get their hopes up…”


“Uraraka.” His eyes got wide and a huge smile popped on his face.

“I’m going with you.”

“No way. Can’t take the chance. I may have to talk with people…”

“Don’t worry, I got it covered.” He winked as he went to the hall closet. He came back to the couch with a box of black hair dye. “I’m pretty sure no one will recognize me like this.”

“You are crazy, and I love it. I suppose that will work. You sure you are committed to black hair? Once that dye touches that blonde it’s gone until you bleach it back out.”

“We can worry about that after All for One is gone. Almost everyone else has already changed up their appearance, it’s time for me to follow suit.”

“All right then. Let’s do it. I’ll help, so you don’t get dye everywhere.” I snorted as he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. He was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I was head over heels for him. I admit, I was not sure how he would pull of the switch, but like everything he does, he knocked it out of the park. The black hair strangely suited him, and I couldn’t wait for the group to get a look at him. I had a whole assortment of colored contacts, and he picked out a dark blue pair that almost made me fall over when I saw him. If I wouldn’t have known this was Katsuki standing in front of me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

“Well, what do you think? Am I passable?” He laughed as he looked in the mirror. I was still a bit in awe of how hot he looked like this.

“I can’t wait to see what the rest think. You were hot before, but now…” I teased as he grabbed me around the waist.

“This look doesn’t turn you off?”

“Are you kidding? You could have rainbow hair and I would still want you. I actually really, really like this new look. When we get back, we are going to have some fun.” I laughed as I opened the door. The plan was to tell everyone we were popping out to do some shopping, and if we actually found Ochaco, then it would be an amazing surprise. With only a sixty-percent match, we could come back empty handed. We ran into Nemuri, Kiri and Mina at the elevators and everyone’s jaws hit the floor.

“Bakugo, wow. You…you look totally different.” Nemuri panted, man, she needed to get laid bad. I though her and Eraser had a thing, but apparently, I was wrong.

“I like it, man. It’s a good idea, going in incognito. Not like they won’t know you the second you start blasting around.” Kirishima laughed as he rubbed his hair.

“You guys all changed your shit up, I figured it was time for me, too. I hated your dumb hair and Shoto’s too, but it’s kind of grown on me.”

“Where are you guys heading?” Mina asked as we all stepped out of the elevator in the main house.

“We have a few places to run to. You guys need anything while we are out?” I said, trying to make sure they didn’t catch on. We had spent a ton of time together, and I didn’t want to slip up and make them curious.

“Nah, I think we are good. We stocked up last time and haven’t gone through it all yet, with your Grandma’s amazing cooking taking up most of the room in my belly.” Kiri laughed as I shook my head. With all the people gathered, her kitchen had turned into an all you could eat buffet. She started with the three staples but now she was whipping up snacks and in between meal food for after sparring and training sessions. If you walked in the kitchen anytime between seven am and ten pm, you would find food cooking, and she loved it. I was serious about her being the most hurt if we all suddenly left. I was also serious about making this a hero bunker even after we beat All for One. I guess we should worry about beating him first before all that, though. But the idea of living with all my friends after was something that made me excited. It wasn’t really realistic, if we won, everyone would want to live freely again, but it was fun to think about. I had never really thought about life after, because I assumed I wouldn’t live through it. Now I had to.

“Okay, we will see you guys later. I don’t know how long we will be gone, but we will pop back soon.” I grinned as I took Katsuki’s hand and bampfed from the kitchen to a tiny, mountain town near Biasca, Switzerland. How we even found footage of someone all the way out here was amazing to me. We found the store she was seen at quickly, and wandered around the village all afternoon, just looking for any trace of her. Half the people I saw were blonde, and it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. We sat down to eat at a lovely little place and halfway through our food, Katsuki perked up. He nodded to the door and…there she was. She was picking up a food order. We had a plan in place, and we set it into motion. He left money on the table for our food and we followed behind her until we got around the corner. She knew we were here; I could sense she felt she was in danger. I elbowed him and he finally spoke.

“Oi, round face.” He spat as he stopped and crossed his arms, signature scowl appearing on his face. She stopped in her tracks and turned around very slowly. Her eyes were wide with fear, then they filled with tears.


“You bet, cheeks. It’s been a long time; we should catch up.” She eyed me and I smiled, trying to re assure her that we were the good guys.

“I…I don’t know…”

“I’m sorry. We didn’t want to surprise you, but we need to talk to you. We can’t do it here.”

“I don’t think…”

“Ochaco. I miss him too. Everyday. Are you ready to take the next step?” Katsuki said softly as he took a step closer to her.

“It can’t be you! I saw you die!” She said a bit too loud. Luckily, no one was around and we were now speaking Japanese.

“There are a lot of things you need to know. It’s not safe here. We can go wherever you want, just not here.” He said calmly as she stared at him.

“Who won the room contest first year?”

“How the hell should I know? I slept through that stupid shit.” She batted her eyes and a realization hit her. That answer he gave made her believe it was him, black hair, blue eyes, tattoos and all.

“Come on. It will be nice to catch up.” We followed her down the street to a large farmhouse. I noticed she was carrying two large bags of food, and had been shopping for a lot of stuff. Did she have people with her? We were out of earshot approaching the house and I started to talk.

“I’m Mila. I’m sorry to intrude on your privacy, but we have an offer for you.”

“An offer?”

“We’re taking down All for One. We need your help, cheeks.” The color drained from her face and she nodded her head.

“Just the three of us?” She whispered as I shook my head.

“No, there are many of us.” She turned and smiled.

“More than seven?” She asked as she flung the door open to a trap. We were totally surrounded and I couldn’t believe it. Was she…on All for One’s side? I looked around the room…wait…WAIT!

“What is the meaning of this? How could you bring strangers here!?” A tall man with glasses shouted at her as she held up her hand.

“Not a smart move, ribbit.”

“Old class rep, always being a stick in the mud, and Tsu, always knowing what is best. Good to see you guys.” Katsuki said as everyone froze.

“Bakugo? Is…that really you?” A man with a large tail asked shakily as Katsuki grinned.

“That’s right, tail. I’m guessing the invisible chick is around here somewhere?”

“I am, and my name is Toru!” A voice came from behind me. Shit, I didn’t even notice the pair of gloves floating in the air.

“And I see sugar guy, and the quiet guy. And laser guy…wait, Mila…how many…”

“That everyone. The entire class, Katsuki! EVERYONE!” I shouted as the rest of them looked at me strangely.

“What do you mean, everyone?” The sparkling blonde man asked as Katsuki grinned wildly at him.

“We have a lot to talk about, but I think we should go home first. The only thing you need to know is the rest of our class is training right now to take down All for One, and we need you all to join the fight.”

“The rest of…everyone? Impossible, I saw some of them die.” The huge man with black hair stated and I nodded my head.

“I saw Bakugo die, and he is right here. Toru said she saw Mash die, but thought it was a bad dream. I saw Deku die and…” Oh shit.

“I’m so sorry, Deku isn’t with us. You guys make nineteen class A students. We also have Kendo, Tetsu, Setsuna and Monoma from class B.”

“I knew that, really. All for One took him just as we escaped. Ida carried Tsu and I away just before the roof exploded.”

“How did you all find each other?” I asked as the front door swing open.

“Bad news, we lost contact with…who the hell?” Hey, wait, I know him.

“Snipe, it’s ok. It’s hard to tell, but that’s Bakugo.” Ochaco said before he could do any damage as he flew across the room at him. Katsuki dodged and Snipe skidded to a stop. “He is the one who brought us all together. We have been looking for everyone, too.” She sighed as I shook my head at them.

“Is this everyone? Or are there more surprises in store?” I laughed as I looked around the room again. We had everyone. We could do this.

“One more, he’s out grabbing food like Ochaco was.” Tail said as Katsuki looked at him weird.

“Who else is there?” Right on cue, the door opened and my mouth dropped.

“Man, Eraser is sure going to be happy to see you.” Katsuki said as Mic stepped in the door with two bags of food.

Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven

Love is a Battlefield

I only told them the basics while they ate and packed some of their things. We would have a huge meeting to fill everyone in on the details when I got them back. I would have to do it in a few trips, only carrying three at a time, max. Anymore would wear me out. The group at home would be in for a shock. They thought we went out for snacks, and instead were returning with the rest of their classmates. I never expected this, not in a million years. It almost seemed like we had more pieces that we needed, but I knew better than that. What we were up against was the strongest foe in the world, and we had to hit him with everything we had. It took three trips, but I got everyone back to the kitchen in one piece before going back for Katsuki. He volunteered to be my last pick up. I bampfed back and he was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

“Babe, what’s wrong” I asked as I crossed the room and sat next to him. He looked up at me with tears shining in his eyes.

“Nothing is wrong. Everything is amazing. We found them all, we are all together again. We will stop him, and make Deku’s death worth something…”

“And with the teachers, we have every part we need to make it work. Six months, Katsuki. That’s all, then we win.” He leaned in and kissed me gently, embracing me as we bampfed away.

To say they were surprised would be an understatement. After we all ate and took the tour, everyone gathered in the bar to welcome our new recruits and talk about old times. We were having a meeting in the morning to go over their stories and add their wake-up locations to a map we had in progress. I thought maybe the pattern of where they all ended up that next day may mean something, but right now we had nothing. Everyone was far too excited tonight to worry, we still had six months to get the final plan in place. Still, I wanted to say something.

“Hi, everyone. For the new people we gained today, welcome. I’m Mila, and I never imagined you would all be here. I think I should tell you all why this started. Tomorrow we will get down to the actual details, but you should know how it began. My parents were Hammer Fist and Vanish, the number three hero team in the US when All Might was murdered. Shit in America started to go bad, fast. One afternoon when I was seventeen, Mom was already home when she got an emergency call. I had my provisional license, so I went with her. We arrived just in time to see All for One take my Dad’s head. He was going around murdering all the top heroes who were still trying to keep the peace all over the world. I screamed and All for One saw us, but Mom bampfed me here, to my Grandfather’s house before going back and being murdered herself. Since that day, all I have wanted is All for One dead. We hid away and built this place, waiting for the day we could start building an army to help us. All for One said any chance of his death would be at the hands of One for All, and that isn’t true. My Mom and Dad’s quirks merged and gave me a new one, and with it I will kill All for One. In addition to the teleport quirk you all saw; I am also indestructible.” A few moans came from the crowd and Ochaco was the first to respond.


“Her body can withstand twenty minutes of me and half and half blowing her up at arms-length. She can take just about anything. The plan will be revised, but she will still land the death blow. It will work.” Katsuki said as he took my hand.

“But even with all of us, is that enough?” Toru asked timidly as I smiled in her direction. I really wish she would wear more than gloves.

“It’s not just us. We have help from others. Some are in Europe; some are still in Japan. Snipe, didn’t you mention losing contact with someone?”

“Yes, I had just started talking with someone in Japan who said he was Inasa. He was looking for UA students and others to join a fight…”

“He’s okay. He was compromised, not by the League. He has a bunch of Shiketsu alum with him, and they will be back as soon as they relocate.”

“Inasa? He was the kid who passed up UA for Shiketsu. He had the highest score in the entrance exam. His wind was something else.” Eraser laughed as I shook my head.

“My contact in Europe goes by Quake. He has a long-range warp quirk user with him who is ready to bring them all to us when needed. In all, I’d say there about a hundred or so people coming to fight. When I started six months ago, I thought there would be five of us coming from our front, and now look. This amazing group has come together to reform, and take back what is ours. Our lives free of All for One. We have six months to reach our goal, and I know we can do it. This time next year, this will all be a bad dream and we will be living normal lives again.” I believed that now more than ever, everything would be normal soon.

Everyone settled in nicely, it was probably like living back in their dorms. They weren’t there long, but I’m sure they bonded quickly with what they were going through. We trained all the time, everyone switching up partners and sparring while holding nothing back. I was super impressed with the newcomers, Ida and Ochaco especially. They would play vital parts in the final plan. Ida and his recipro-burst would help with Shigaraki, and Ochaco with Gigantomachia. Those two are the only major threats besides All for One, and the one called Overhaul, but we still didn’t know which team he was playing for. Ida, Ochaco and Tsu escaped that night without dying and being brought back. They actually escaped, using Ida’s boost. He was doing what he thought was right, and I could tell he felt shame about it. There was no reason, now that everyone was back and alive. Toru saw a few people cut up, as did Ojiro, and both Sato and Aoyama saw the man in the mask. When we had placed the newcomers wake up spots, it finally made sense. If you connected the dots, it was shaped like his plague mask. I wanted to know if it was a warning, or a message. Did he fix everyone hoping they would eventually come and help him? Did he do it just to fuck with All for One? Would he help us when we got there, or would he turn on us like before? Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get the answers to these questions until we attacked. I had to assume he would not be on our side. I was hoping Eraser could take care of him for a while. Inasa had come back online after two months, I was starting to really worry but they had to take every precaution. They were still in Japan, but had gone into hiding a while before trying to make contact. He couldn’t believe that I had found them all, and was happy to hear we found Snipe without his help. He was getting ready to tell me he found them when they were attacked. They were stronger now too, picking up five more on the way making them twenty-two. The last time I talked with Quake, he had amassed almost seventy-five willing heroes to help our cause. We would have more than a hundred people helping us finish the job, and the plans were all but finalized. Two weeks from right now, we would carry out our plan to wipe All for One from power. Right now, all of us were in the training facility, practicing our last-minute strategies. It amazed me how strong these heroes all were, and every one of them would play a key role in the plan. Everyone knew their jobs, and were working on being ready for anything that came at them. I was watching Katsuki fight Kirishima and Shoto when Ken came and sat beside me.

“Having second thoughts?” He asked quietly as I turned to give him a look. “It’s just, now that you have him…”

“It’s even more reason to fight. It is different now, though. When this plan was first set into motion, I didn’t plan on surviving it. All I wanted was All for One dead, no matter the cost. Now I want him dead so I can live…so we can all live, however and wherever we want. He gave me hope, Ken, something I didn’t have before. We will fight, and we will win, and we will live. That’s how it is going to happen.”

“It will. I believe it too. I don’t like the idea of staying behind…”

“You have to. Along with Ryuko and my family. If shit goes south and we retreat, I need you two to keep them safe. If we don’t defeat him, you have to promise you will put the safeguards in place.”

“You have my word. If you are beaten, no one will ever find us. Your family will be safe from any backlash from the League.” The boys were really making a racket and he stopped to watch. “I don’t think we will have to worry about that. They aren’t going to know what hit them.”

As the day drew closer, all the final preparations were being put into place. The logistics of getting everyone over in a timely fashion were horribly against us, but Quake offered to come with his warp quirk companion to bring us all to Inasa’s location. It was a huge risk, showing our position to someone we didn’t actually know, but without his forces, we didn’t stand a chance. The assault was planned for Saturday, the same day the League was holding a chapter gathering. All of the heavy hitters will be there, and that’s exactly what we wanted. The goal was to take out as many low-level villains as we could before they knew what was going on. There wouldn’t be many reinforcements to back them up, since almost all will be in attendance. That was Quake’s team’s assignment. They would utilize the warp quirk and drop right in the middle of the gathering. They were also the distraction for the rest of us, and I was excited to go over plans in person with Inasa. Both the Shigaraki and Gigantomachia teams would dispatch as soon as they appeared, and Inasa’s team would make sure no one would come between me and All for One. He needed to be focused on me. Tonight, we were all focusing on having one last night together as a group before we left to make the world right again. Grandma made a huge feast, and we decided that we would raid the bar and drink under the stars in the pond.

“This was a great idea, Mila. Just think, soon we will be able to hang out in our backyard and drink outside.” Mina sighed as she took a drink.

“I call dibs on the first campfire. Even if it’s here.” I laughed as Katsuki shook his head.

“We will have campfires, and walks down the street, and shopping without disguises.” He chuckled as he ran his hand through his black hair.

“Are you going to bleach that out when we win, dude? I’m kind of getting used to it.” Kirishima said bluntly as I cackled.

“I don’t know, it’s kind of growing on me.” It was on me, as well. Not that I didn’t like the blonde, the black was just sort of awesome.

“This time tomorrow we will be back in Japan.” Nemuri murmured.

“And in two days we beat All for One.” Ida chimed in as he held up his glass. “For Deku!” Everyone raised up their glasses in a toast to their fallen friend, and the last holder of One for All. The only power All for One was afraid of. What he should be afraid of is us, and we were coming for him.

Everyone headed back earlier than normal because of the big day tomorrow. Quake would be arriving at noon in the kitchen, and we would all be there to meet him. As soon as we walked in our room, he was on me, wrapping himself around me and holding me so tight it would have crushed a normal person. He let go, backing away as he gripped my hands tightly and gazed into my eyes.

“Mila. You know how much you mean to me right? This last year has been the best year of my life. Finding you, getting to know you, being with you. It’s like taking All for One out is just the icing on the cake. You make me whole, just being around you makes me a better person. I love you, Mila.” My heart was beating out of my chest. I already knew it, but he had never said it before. He called me love, but never those three words.

“I love you too, Katsuki. So much. You have to promise, promise me we will be together Sunday. Promise me.”

“I will never leave your side. Ever. We will win, and buy a house, and get married, and have a family. That’s what I am fighting for now. I’m fighting for us, our future, together.” He murmured as his lips met mine in a tender kiss. It quickly turned passionate as we made our way to the bed, stripping our clothes as we went. We embraced as we hit the bed, hands traveling our bodies frantically, both of us knowing it could be for the last time. His lips kissed my neck, and my jaw until they met back with my lips, sucking hungrily as he positioned himself above me. We messed around with all kinds of positions over the past year, but my favorite was good old missionary. I loved seeing his face above me when he came, the way he kissed my chest and lips while he was fucking me was my favorite. Not that I minded any position he wanted; I didn’t care. As long as I was with him, nothing mattered. He slid in slowly, feeling every inch as he filled me up.

“Ooh, Katsuki.” I moaned as he started pumping, mouth eating at my neck as my hands dug into his back. Finding a nice rhythm, our hips moved in synch as it had so many times over the last year. He knew all the spots that drove me crazy, and I knew exactly what buttons to push on him. My hands tickled the back of his neck before sliding into his hair, curling around his locks and pulling gently, encouraging him to pick up the pace. He growled into my neck and bit it gently before his thrusts became faster, and harder, until my body was bouncing off the mattress while I squealed with delight. “Yes, Katsuki! Yes! Oh, fuck yes!” My hands were gripping his shoulders as his mouth ravaged my chest, biting and pulling on the nipples as he groaned.

“Mila! I’ll never get enough of you. Fuck, I love you so much!” He shouted as I grabbed his face and pulled his to mine.

“I love you more.” I whispered as my mouth crashed to his. His hand traveled down and started rubbing my clit and I couldn’t take much more. The familiar vibration was starting in my core, and there was no holding it back. His tongue was in my mouth when I came undone, shattering around his dick as I thrashed under him. He pulled away as I screamed his name, nails digging into his shoulders as my walls spasmed around his cock.

“Ooh, Mila.” He whispered as he sucked on my ear. He trembled in my arms and came, filling me up with his seed as I clung to him. Instead of a feeling of foreboding, I felt strong, and confident. This man in my arms, we would make it through this and get our happily ever after. That was the only option. He finally let go and rolled over, scooting next to me so he could nuzzle my chest. My arms wrapped around him and I kissed the top of his head.

“I love you, you big idiot. We are going to celebrate in this bed all day Sunday.”

“It’s a deal. Goodnight, baby. I love you.

It was time. Everyone was gathered in the kitchen and they would be here in less than five minutes. I’m not going to lie; I was a nervous wreck. I never thought going into this I would be so worried about making it back out. Katsuki totally flipped that plan upside down. Speaking of plans, ours was solid. I really think we have a chance at making this work. We had so many more people joining us that I ever dreamed. My hope now wasn’t only to win, but for all of us to come back safe. He laced his fingers in mine and squeezed, knowing exactly how I was feeling. Excited, nervous. Hoping it will be over soon. A red light started to manifest in the corner and everyone got into position. We had to plan for a double-cross, we just had to. As much as I didn’t want to think about it, we had to protect ourselves. I also hadn’t told Quake about the class 1B alum we had; he could find out when he arrived. I liked having that in my back pocket. Monoma had already copied my quirk, just in case. He could now use it at full power for nine minutes. Three people appeared from the sphere and Tetsu screamed from behind me. He was supposed to be hiding!

“Awase! Vlad King!” Wait, what?

“Tetsutetsu, Kendo…Monoma?” Their former homeroom teacher shouted as the entire room stood in stunned silence.

“You were holding out on me, just like I was on you, I see. You have the rest of class B I have been looking for.” A dark-haired man said as he stepped forward. “Hello, I’m Shindo Yo, Mila knows me as Quake.”

“I’m Mila, and I’m sorry. I needed a bit of a backup plan; in case you fell through.”

“I get it, but what a coincidence. I’m glad these two insisted on coming as backup with me.”

“Are you saying you have the rest of class B with you?” Katsuki asked as Vlad King turned to him.

“I almost didn’t recognize you, Bakugo. They are already waiting our arrival, with Inasa. All of them.”

“This is…this is unreal. Have to change the plans again…” I muttered as Katsuki shook his head.

“No, we will just add to it. The foundation is solid, we can just beef it up. Doesn’t one of you guys have a quirk that turns the ground soft?”

“Yep, Honenuki. We will have twenty-four hours to go over everyone’s quirks and assign them where needed. Everyone ready? There are more here than we expected, we will have to make two trips.”

“Yep, let’s go.” Going through the portal was a bit weird, it felt like jelly. The color was the same as Katsuki’s eyes, and it felt strangely comforting. We emerged in a large gym; we must be in a school. A very tall man was waiting to greet us, and as soon as he spoke, I knew it was Inasa.

“Welcome, everyone! This is such a joyous day! Yoarashi Inasa. Come in and make yourselves at home, food will be ready shortly. After we eat, we lay they final plans.”

“Good you meet you, Inasa. I’m Mila. Thank you for all your help along the way. Twenty-four hours from now, we take down All for One for good.”