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Strip your soul for me

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Kim Seokjin was a third-year student at the prestigious Oxford university. Everyone loved him for his kind, compassionate heart and beauty. Many students thought that Seokjin was an Omega the minute they saw his face and mannerisms. He had a tiny waist, wore sweater paw pink hoodies and always had a floral, female perfume. He had a delicate voice, was terribly sensitive to smells and was far cuter than any female omega on campus. This became one of the greatest reasons why he hadn’t found a partner yet. No Omega or Beta wanted to be seen with an Alpha that couldn’t protect himself, let alone protect their mate. But Jin had a lot of Omega friends and everyone loved him. A lot of Alphas even asked him out.


Today Jin was drinking coffee with another friend of his, Min Yoongi. Seokjin had a terrible crush on this Alpha but somehow he could never confess his feelings. He bid goodbye to Yoongi and was headed to his apartment. Somehow Kim Seokjin never reached his apartment that night and never got to see it ever again………
Jin stirred and opens his eyes. He realized his hands are tied.

He looks around and realizes he is in a very large room, it’s gigantic. Bigger than his entire apartment.

“Where am I?”, he thought as he shivers in fright.

“So you finally woke up Hyung”, someone says before they come right in front of him, bending down to look him in the eye.


Park Jungkook will never forget the day he met Kim Seokjin, the most prettiest Alpha in the university. It was the last exam and Jungkook had somehow forgotten his mobile while studying at the coffee shop. After the exam, his classmate told him that a certain Seokjin was looking for him urgently.
Jungkook found him at the university garden. “Seokjin?”, and lo behold this broad-shouldered Omega wearing a pink hoodie turned and looked at him. The first thing he thought was Seokjin was a girl. 

He thought Seokjin was a girl with short hair.

However, as he walked closer, he realized it was a man. A man with the prettiest face, plumpest pouty lips, and the most well-formed cupids bow. Seokjin smelled like warm baked bread, with roses, it didn't make sense but before he could stop himself, Jungkook was charmed and hypnotized.

“Here you left your phone at the café”, Jin said kindly handing over his device, Jungkook purposely brushing his fingertips over Jin’s sweaty palms.

“Thank you so much Seokjin”, he practically purred in desire at a low baritone, staring at the older.


“Call me Hyung”, Jin said winking at Jungkook.

Jungkook felt his breath stop. This Omega was openly flirting with him?

“How come I have never met the cutest Omega on this boring campus. I am seeing you for the first time inspite of studying here for almost a full semester.”

“Ah my father doesn’t let me attend all the classes so I attend what I can, hehe. Also, I am an Alpha, Just telling you..”, Jin replied after seeing the predatory look in this junior.

“Ah Hyung, You???an Alpha? That is the biggest joke of this decade”, Jungkook scoffed.

Seokjin felt a pit of anger and looked at Jungkook, his eyes turning red.

Jungkook apologized and thanked him again before leaving.

“There is no way an Alpha can be so cute”, a very drunken Jungkook declared to his friend and senior Kim Namjoon.

“Ah you met Jin Hyung!? He’s too beautiful for any alpha or Omega. Whoever mates him has to be a strong Beta or Omega”

“Jin Hyung has full potential as an Omega. His body is made for bearing children. He doesn’t deserve this harsh life of an Alpha, but he deserves to be a sexy Omega”, Jungkook said honestly.


“Ah Kookie what are you saying, Jin Hyung is your senior”

“Senior? Hyung he looks like a sixteen year old hidden under huge hoodies. He is an Omega at heart. I am surprised that there hasn’t been a riot of Alphas trying to breed this bitch already”, Jungkook said, filthy words easily flowing from his mouth when it came to the gorgeous Alpha.

Namjoon shivered at the cold words.

Jungkook didn’t care, he was intoxicated with this Alpha.

But it didn’t end here. He began to stalk Jin whenever and wherever he could. Seokjin didn’t even notice it because Jungkook was stealthy. He hired a detective agency to get to know every minute detail about Jin.

And the more he came to know about Kim Seokjin, the more he realized that Jin Hyung had to be his mate, had to be by his side otherwise Jungkook would never date anyone else.

Kim Seokjin, the anonymous donor for a children's organization, had supported lots of causes for poor people and abused Omegas. He was the kindest person indeed. He volunteered at an animal shelter on Sunday and was single, unmated and had never fucked anyone till date.

He was bullied as a child, so he was extremely sensitive to people. Kim Seokjin was a living enigma but he HAD to become Jungkook's before Min Yoongi, his current crush realized Jin liked him.  He was also heir to a huge fortune, 1 million dollars to be exact. But the Kims were far richer than that, so Jungkook wondered why they didn't write more property into the kind-hearted Alpha's name.

"Jin Hyung is such a large-hearted, kind soul! I can't help but love him more than i can. Kim Seokjin, you are my bitch and Mine alone", Jungkook mentally declared.



Kim Seokjin was shaking in anger. He wanted to break Jungkook's face but his hands were tied.

"LEAVE ME ALONE", he shouted. 

"But Hyung, not before you let me fuck you once. I have to taste your body before anybody. I need to mark you first"


"The Kims? You mean the beggars?", a low growling voice came from the other end of the room.

Seokjin stopped breathing. The voice was eery, scarier than anyone he had heard till date. It held a lot of strength and instantly Seokjin knew it was an Alpha. " Talk to my son better or I will cut your tongue out", A short, smiling man came out. His hair dyed platinum and his skin deathly pale. 

"Hello, Omega Seokjin", he smiles, "I am Jungkook's father, Park Jimin"

"I don't care who the fuck you are, LET ME GO. What You and Jungkook are doing is wrong, illegal! I AM A FUCKING ALPHA"

"But rules never exist for the Parks. And it's time you learn your place as Jungkook's Omega or you will face consequences"

Jin didn't care, he just looked in anger and let his Alpha rage come through. He tore at the ropes and stood up.

"I don't care if I die trying, but I WILL NOT STAY HERE AGAINST MY WILL"

Jimin looked straight at him and said, "I will give you five minutes. In five minutes if you can escape this room, you will be free to go forever"

Seokjin leaped, he ran towards the door. Just as he was about to touch the handle, he was slammed against the wall as someone pinned him down with a howl.

Seokjin looked up and saw he was pinned down by another, older man with purple eyes. He was pinned down by a mere Omega?

This man smirked at him with a boxy smile. 

"Come on Alpha, show us your strength. Escape darling!"

Seokjin tried his best to move, but he was pinned in such a difficult position, it was hard to breathe. "So do you finally concede your defeat at the hands of my Taehyungie who's a mere Omega. You lost to an Omega and you call yourself Alpha? No wonder you never found a mate!", Jimin laughed.

Seokjin tried squirming, bringing his knee up and doing everything, but this Omega had the grip of iron. "Please let me go!", he cried.

"Our Jungkookie wanted something after very long. What sort of mother am I, if I cannot grant my baby's deepest desire to mate"

Seokjin couldn't breathe anymore. Taehyung got off and stood over him. Jimin came up to them and moved him aside. He stepped on Seokjin's chest, his boot heavily pressing against his lower stomach, "If you don't get this done with quickly, I will cut your balls and cure your behavior. After all what use is your cock to you anyways? You will learn to take pleasure from your ass alone."




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Seokjin was trembling under the gaze of Korea's richest family,The Parks. Taehyung and Jimin stood next to each other looking at him clinically as if he were a thing, while Jungkook stood on the other side, eyeing him like a greedy dog.

"I refuse. I WILL NOT DO THIS. Let me go please. I won't even tell-" he stopped talking when Jimin approached him, eyes fiery red.

" Flip him over and cut his pants off!", Jimin commanded and instantly three men appeared who held Seokjin face down. The Alpha struggled and shrieks and squirmed, kicking in the air, trying his best to escape. One of the men smoothly cut off his pants leaving him in his boxers.

"Now cut the bitches balls!", Jimin commanded.

Seokjin was utterly terrified. He couldn't lose his cock, because if he lost that then he could never live in society after escaping!!

"NO SIR PLEASE I WILL DO WHAT YOU WANT. Spare me please", Jin cried, begging that Jimin let him go.

"Only if you promise not to abuse my son or attempt to run away", Jimin said coldly.

"I promise you. Please,please don't", he choked.

Jungkook told the men to leave. He came closer to Jin and touched the trembling man. "Hyung, you are so pretty, why won't you accept my love?", he asked sadly.

"I...I accept your love Jungkook!", Jin hiccuped. He could not risk angering Jimin or Taehyung. They terrified him utterly. The room was filled with the sour scent of the terrified Alpha.

"Open yourself up and prepare your self Jin. Once I am assured that Jungkook has taken you, we will leave", Taehyung said softly in a sweet Omega voice.

Seokjin wanted to refuse. He wanted to be a better Alpha and act manly and push Jungkook away. He wanted to attack Jimin and tear his neck apart and escape. But he was not a better Alpha. He was pathetic, he couldn't even defeat an Omega. He cried, cried his heart out as Jungkook gently lifted him up and threw him across the bed. Seokjin kept on silently crying as Jungkook gently removed his sweater and shirt. Tears flowing through the corners of his eyes as Jungkook removed his own clothes to display his large pecs and toned abs.

"Hyung, you'll always be mine right? Tell me how you'll always be mine. Tell me you're mine", Jungkook said, his voice brimming with arousal.

"I'm yours Jungkook. Only yours. I'm your property and only you can touch me", Seokjin replied, quite shy even though this wasn't his desire.

"Jin Hyung, you like what you see?", Jungkook said flexing his biceps as he caged the older between his arms.

Seokjin swallowed his tears and played along, letting hints of his real emotion come through. He was choiceless so he might as well play along.
"Y-Y- Yes "
Jungkook held Jin's palm and gently ran his fingers over the curves of his own abs. "Hyung this is what an Alpha is. Sheer strength. I felt so ashamed my senior couldn't even defend himself against my mommy. My mother isn't even that strong Seokjinnie"

Seokjin looked away in shame. Jungkook pushed Jin to lie down on the bed and ran his palm over the flat, soft tummy that Jin sported. "You don't even exercise and you absolutely hate the gym. So Hyung, why don't you stop fighting your true nature and just accept my love. Let me make you my Omega and life will be so easy for both of us Hyungie. I just want to feed you, clothe you and look after you. Take care of you. So when I am offering my heart on a platter, why won't you just take it and be who you truly want to be. Why are you fighting to prove you are an Alpha when we both know you just want to be babied".

Seokjin looked away, ashamed of the way Jungkook's words meant something to him. But he acted cold to the obvious. 

Jungkook maneuvered him on his hands and knees.

"Come on Hyung, prepare your virgin cunt for me", saying which Jungkook handed Seokjin a bottle of lube. 

Seokjin was blushing, face flaming red, when Jungkook made him bend over and present his naked ass for him. He uncapped the bottle and poured some of the liquid onto his fingers, rubbing them together to get a feel of this lube. But the liquid wasn't lube....

"Omega slick?", Jin said in shock, his eyes widened. 

"Yes Hyung, this is special slick from an Omega in heat. You are after all my precious Omega. Now go on do it quickly. My parents have to leave"

Seokjin looked at Jimin and blushed further. So ultimately he was going to really give his own virginity up and present himself to get raped by Jungkook. He was really going to finger himself open and let Jungkook ravage him... An Alpha ravaging him like he was a bitch.

Seokjin again began to silently cry as he lay face-down  on the bed, burying his face into the pillow, and using Omega slick to open himself up. The gooey slick smelled like honey and fresh as if it were made only one day ago and dribbled down his thighs as he parted his puckered flesh, showing himself open for Jungkook and his parents to see, panting as his wolf began to react to the slick. He had never fingered himself and he was doing a terrible job of opening himself up, letting all the slick mostly fall across his trembling thighs.

"Ah Hyung, let me do this for you", Jungkook grabbed his hands away. "Bend over and hold the headboard and drop your shoulders to the pillow. Show me some of your Alpha strength and stay still else I'll be forced to whip you."

Jin moved ahead on his knees and bent over positioning himself as Jungkook asked him to. 

"Only you would do this Hyung. Look at you, an Omega, beautifully leaking like the poor thing he is", Jungkook gave a bunny smile as he began to work Jin open with one digit coated in slick. The slick looked so good inside his beloved Hyung's hole, he absolutely deserved only the best. 

Jungkook sighed in annoyance when he saw Jin's hairy puckered hole. Ah he would have to remove all this hair later on. His Omega would be shining like a smooth piece of marble. He pulled some of the hair around his clenched flesh and smiled when Jin yelped in shock. He continued to open him wider, seeing his squishy pink insides. His Alpha was growling because the slick was after all heat slick. His Alpha was begging him to let him rut this bitch until Jin's knees were scraped and bleeding. But Jungkook had terrific control, after all he was a Park and if a Park behaved like a debased animal, then what was the difference between him and another rogue alpha. Half an hour later he fit four fingers inside Jin's wet hole, pushing half his palm inside and dragging it out. 

"Is it okay Hyung? Is this enough for you or do you need more prep?"

"Its.. it's okay", Jin replied feeling like his insides were molten with all the slick and fingers. He wanted to finish this quickly because Jimin was looking terribly angry and bored. He definitely didn't want to lose his balls!! He was on his hands and knees, legs trembling.

Jungkook held the trembling Alpha's hips, aligned himself and sunk in deep. Initially his cock kept missing the tight hole and slipped. But then he aligned himself once more and used his alpha voice and boomed, "Relax Seokjin Hyung. Open yourself"

Seokjin blushed and parted his asscheeks, exposing his hairy hole to the Alpha and groaned in pain when Jungkook finally sank inside him in one long, painfully strong thrust. 

Jungkook knew that his Hyungs hole was going to be the best sex he ever had, but never had he anticipated his Hyung's pussy to be this tight, choking his dick in it's warm velvety walls. He lost his carefully built self control and moaned loudly like a slut, the minute he sunk inside. He moaned and growled in arousal. Seokjin couldn't believe that the once calm and cold Alpha was losing his cool over this. Jungkook looked like the type of Alpha who had definitely dated a few Omegas, then why was he moaning as if he was a virginal teenager. 

"You really wanted to be my Omega isn't it Hyung?", Jungkook smirked as he fucked Jin, " look at your pretty pink cocklet, it's fucking weeping for me", he said roughly grabbing and massaging Jin's  shaft as it leaked precum. Seokjin was terribly embarassed at the way his cock hung, hard and leaking as if his body enjoyed this. 

Seokjin was clearly struggling, his Alpha sensing something was wrong when he got penetrated. His Alpha came to full surface and the pretty Alpha soon sported a tail and two soft ears with long claws. Seokjin was fighting his self, trying to calm it down so that he didn't injure Jungkook or himself. 

"Jungkook , I can't control my wolf. He's going to hurt you", Seokjin screamed as Jungkook rammed into him again and again. 

Jungkook pulled out and Seokjin whined as he felt empty. Jungkook flipped him over and held his legs apart and pushed his ass up. 

"Why are you fighting it Hyung? Let go. I want to meet your wolf after all we are going to be bonded together forever", He smiled lovingly and held Jin's wet teary cheeks in his large palm. 

"You are so precious. You still care about me so much, worried about my health, ah I'm so lucky to have such a cute mate!", Jungkook smiled in pure Glee.

Jin blushed, he couldn't look at Jungkook when Jungkook looked at him as if he were god. Why did Jungkook do this to him? Acting as if he meant the world and fucking him against his will. He was so confused and upset that his heart beat faster because  of the adoring way Jungkook looked at him.


He let him open his legs and he breathed and exhaled as Jungkook slid home again, his dick nearly tearing his hole because of its width. He couldn't fight it anymore and let his wolf come forward, again his ears and tail and claws come forth. 

But Jungkook didn't even flinch when Jin's claws buried itself into his back, blood oozing out from his back. Jin's wolf growled and struggled under the other Alpha, but Jungkook wasn't perturbed. His heavy frame held Jin in place and he continued to fuck into him.

"That's it Seokjin, that's it. Show me your wolf. I wanted to see him. He's such a good good Omega.", Jungkook whispered, panting into Jin's ears, holding Jin's legs open and grinding into his canal, his dick hitting his prostrate over and over again. Jin had never felt so good, never felt so filled and contented as Jungkook gently grinded into him, making love. He felt as if his dick would explode. He had never been so hard. How could he even feel hard in such a terrible situation?

Seokjin whined and whimpered and made all sorts of cute noises as Jungkook grinded and fucked him open. His Alpha, contented with the strength and power of Jungkook's Alpha, submitting itself to him wholly. His claws soaked in blood,making huge scars across Jungkook's back, but that didn't stop Jungkook. He continued to fuck into the cute Alpha, using one hand as grip and the other hand to hold his face and kiss him.

Seokjin was so gone in the sex, he kissed back, their lips colliding in a messy desperate kiss. His Alpha cooing and feeling satisfied with Jungkook's affection.

"Faster please! Faster!", Jin cried as his prostrate was terribly overstimulated. Jungkook was going too slow and he would die if he didn't cum soon enough. 

Jungkook began to rut into him, thrusting into him faster, and Seokjin was seeing stars. Suddenly the Alpha held his lithe body closer and pulled him upright until their chests were touching one another and Seokjin was face to face with the man who had tamed him. Seokjin could feel Jungkook's warm breath on his face. He couldn't look at the Alpha anymore, just the thought of it made him sick.

"Hyung I want you to plant your legs on either side, and fuck yourself on my dick. I want you to take your virginity away and fuck yourself on my dick", Jungkook said softly.

Seokjin couldn't do it, he couldn't do this. Jungkook's words made his brain short circuit, he couldn't rape himself on Jungkook's dick. That would mean ultimate submission. 

Except he did. He turned away to look sideways when his eyes collided with Jimin's red eyes and instantly his body moved on its own. They would neuter him if he didn't do this, he couldn't risk the wrath of Jungkook's crazy parents. So he put his legs on either side and threw his head back and howled as he fucked himself and rode on Jungkook's thick meat. He closed his eyes and clenched on Jungkook hard as he saw stars when Jungkook grasped his cock with his thick palm and dug his finger into the slit of his cock. He cried and came hard, milking Jungkook's slowly forming knot. Seokjin hugged Jungkook and lay boneless , his head on his shoulders, his legs jelly as Jungkook pushed him back onto the bed and rammed  into his hole, stuffing and plugging his knot into his sensitive hole. 


Jin's legs lay open, boneless, as Jungkook finally came, forcing his huge knot into the poor Alpha's tiny hole. 

"You're too huge", Seokjin slurred as his prostrate was assaulted, Jungkook's cock carving his insides, filling his canal in places he never knew existed, the outline of his dick showing on Jin's soft stomach. Jungkook finally clamped his teeth on his mating gland, marking the Alpha as his own. 

Seokjin howled and blacked out, his wolf sated, his cute soft ears twitching.


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Jimin swore he had never seen his son look so glazed. It started off when one day, Jungkook came home utterly drunk. Luckily his senior and friend Namjoon dropped him home personally. Taehyung was taking off his son's shoes, gently giving him water, ensuring he was okay. That’s when Jungkook slurred, “I hate myself”.


Taehyung was terribly upset. He couldn’t bear that their beloved child was unhappy.

He made Jungkook sit up and petted his hair, asking him what happened. Jungkook just cried, “Eomma” and hugged his mother and burst into tears.

Jimin was heartbroken this time. They had built an empire only for their beloved Jungkook. What was the use of their money if their son was still unhappy and upset?

“Kookie what happened? Please tell me, I beg you!”, Taehyung asked.

“Eomma I love someone but they will never be mine… You know the feeling of love but you will never have that person like you back instead? It chokes you from inside. It kills you Mom.”, Jungkook wept

“My darling who is it? Who dares to reject my Jungkookie? Tell me! I will bring them here and make sure they are yours alone!”, Taehyung thundered.

“Eomma nobody rejected me! We can never be together. It’s written in the stars, he will never like me. He already loves someone else! I can’t even hate him even if I try my best”, Jungkook said began to cry again.

“Baby you tell us what happened properly and we will fix it. I will break that Omega. I promise jungkookie”, Jimin asserted.


“NO DAD. DON’T YOU DARE”, Jungkook thundered,“He’s such a sweetheart. He does so many secret charity drives, he’s so kind. He saves Omegas and even houses them … his multimillionaire flats! What do you know about my Jinnie? He’s so special and kind, nobody, not even the charity queen, Mom’s friend, Lisa can be as nice as him. He’s one in a million. He’s mine… …….But he’s not mine Dad. He’s Min Yoongi’s”, Jungkook again wailed.

Jimin couldn’t believe someone had chosen The Min family over his own son. He considered it a personal insult. Besides, he hated Min Geumjae a known rascal. The Park’s never made business with people who had their hands slimy and always kept their money white and paid their taxes on time. Jimin hugged his little boy and shushed him to sleep.

The next day, breakfast was an awkward affair. Jimin always ensured the household ate breakfast together. Jungkook didn’t utter a word at the table.

Finally, towards the end of breakfast, Taehyung said, “So why can’t you date Jinnie? Is it only because of Min Yoongi?”

Jungkook looked red and choked on his food. Jimin couldn’t believe how HIS son was blushing. Jungkook was never this ridiculous or shy. Just what had gotten into his son? “Tell me, child. I agree we are not that advanced as you young people, but you can tell your family anything. Don’t keep it in your heart and suffer!”, Jimin said softly.

Jungkook gave up and gave a soft smile. “It’s not Jinnie, It’s Kim Seokjin. His name is Seokjin. He is terribly precious. But we can’t date because he’s an Alpha…..” He let the silence hang in the air.

Taehyung was the first to react, “So? So what?”

Jungkook looked in disbelief. “Eomma, How will an Alpha mate with an Alpha? You KNOW that an Alpha biting another Alpha doesn’t remain for more than a month. You KNOW that after a while an Alpha can’t fight his wolf and submit to another Alpha. Sure there have been cases of Alpha-alpha life pairs, but You Know that they never even get children and scientifically they are proven to decrease lifespan and deteriorate health. You also know how father has always told me about how he wanted 16 children from me because our pack didn’t have heirs…How can I mate with Jin?”

Then Jimin spoke up, “Jungkookie, you chose your mate. Are you sure he is the one? Just tell me this!”

“Yes father, he is the only one”, Jungkook said as he looked lovesick.

“Then leave it to your mother and I. We will ensure you get your mate, the one you have chosen”.

Jungkook didn’t quite believe his parents, he just nodded for the sake of it and ate his food.


“I am terribly sorry Sir. I wish we had a stronger, foolproof system. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure that the perpetrators go to jail”, Jin said passionately as he held Taehyung’s hand, consoling him.

Kim Taehyung decided to meet the so-called “Kim Seokjin”, the man who had stolen the heart of his beloved son. He met Jin as a survivor of abuse, crying as Jin promised to take care of him and ensure the criminals went to jail. Taehyung instantly saw why Jungkook liked this Alpha. He was kind-hearted, warm and gullible. He had a heart of gold, but that was not the most attractive part of him. Lots of feminine men existed, with hearts of gold. It was the fact that Jin was just so terribly cute. He was way cuter and softer than any Omega Taehyung had seen till date!! His voice was soft and feminine, his scent was beautifully floral and his nails were neatly pedicured and had pretty pink designs on them. His palms were so soft, and his face had traces of baby fat on them. He did aegyo and even pouted when talking to the assistant! How could an Alpha be so… endearing. Taehyung could only smile and be happy around such a nice person and just felt like cherishing Jin and pampering him just to see his pout and watch him smile and hear him talk. His son had indeed chosen the finest Alpha, perfect for his gloomy, moody personality. Even Taehyung hadn’t believed Namjoon when he described Seokjin, which is why he had to come himself and meet the boy. He was charmed and taken. Seokjin was ideal for their house!! He would surely shame the other Omegas of their society with his charm and warm heart. Lisa would seethe if she saw such a precious gem. This pretty boy HAD TO be a part of the Park household, else Taehyung would riot and fight with Jimin till he had his way as always…..


Jimin and Taehyung decided to meet the healer that had saved Jimin’s life years ago. She was their teacher and guide, and she was even responsible for conceiving Jungkook. She could even read futures.

“So this one is an Alpha but you feel he is the one for Jungkookie?”

“I don’t but my Taehyungie here is insistent on it”, Jimin said.

“It was only yesterday we were holding baby Kookie and here we are, the baby has already selected his mate”, Sora giggles, her old face wrinkled and smiley as usual. “Your Taehyungie could not have chosen a better spouse for Kookie. This boy brings great wealth and joy into whichever house he steps into. The Kims did not have much when they started off, unlike your family. But after Baby Seokjin was born, he brought wealth into the house, whether his parents have realized or not. The poor boy was bullied quite a bit in school, I think that’s why even though his birth chart and blood tests say Omega, he turned Alpha. His wolf was really pushed to the edge. I don’t even think he even remembers half of the torture he endured in school. This boy should be handled with great love and care. But there is another boy written in his charts. If I’m not wrong, it’s Min Yoongi. This boy will end up mating with Yoongi.”

“Is there ANY way we can bring this boy into our household? Make him Jungkook’s mate?”, Jimin asked.

“There is a way… In fact, there is a way you can make this boy an Omega. I wouldn’t want such a boy to go to the Min family. The monarch of the Min family is a thorough criminal. They don’t deserve this boy”, Sora said,” But would you want to wait for Jungkook’s mate? She is quite distinguished and nice as well. She may not bring wealth into the house, but she will make him very happy.. But unlike Seokjin she could tear your family apart”

“Who is it Oh Knowledgeable one”, Taehyung asked.

“Lee Chaerin”, Sora said honestly. “Oh my God! NOT THAT CELEBRITY SINGER!”, Taehyung said visibly upset.

“Don’t worry my dear. That is why I think our Jungkookie deserves this pretty boy, Jin. I don’t know how you will accomplish this task, but you always seem to be able to do the impossible dear Taehyung-ah”, Sora said lovingly as she held his cheeks like a mother.

“To make this boy an Omega, you should bring Jungkook to the ancient temple on a red moon night. The next red moon is two months away. Jin should be willing and should be in love with Jungkook. I will guide the process and ensure Kookie gets his mate. Before that, to begin the process of capturing Jin, we need a blessing to be offered to the Moon Goddess”.

“We are NOT doing this Baby. Let Jungkook just marry Chaerin”, Jimin insisted.

But he knew his words fell on deaf ears.

Taehyung sighed. This process of offering blessings to the Moon Goddess never got easier as time went by, but what had to be done had to be done. This would be his fifth time but he would do ANYTHING for his son, and today was just like any other day. He loosened his clothes and stripped his shirt. He lay on the stone table and waited for the “blessing”. The clouds turned pitch black as Sora began to invoke the blessings of the Goddess. She placed her palms atop Taehyung’s belly and began muttering verses. Taehyung let out a blood curdling scream and Jimin shuddered.

Then Taehyung turned over and looked at his mate in hunger… He was after all in heat….


Jungkook’s parents came home late that night. His mother looked deathly sick and his father looked like a ghost.

“Abeoji, why did you do it this time”

“Jungkookie, you will get your mate. The moon goddess has promised us Seokjin. The healer has even promised to make your mate an Omega”, Taehyung said softly smiling.

Jungkook looked flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Mom!”, he shouted and hugged his mother tightly. He cried hard holding her. His dreams would come true after all. He would get to hold the darling Alpha in his arms. Seokjin Hyung! In HIS arms? He would die of happiness. He cried and held his parents. Jimin smiled at Taehyung in pride. They would do anything for their precious boy……


Seokjin woke up, feeling numb as the memories of the previous night rushed back. He touched his neck and was suddenly filled with feelings of warmth and joy. They were Jungkook’s feelings.

Was the boy so smitten by Jin that he felt THIS happy? Seokjin couldn’t believe himself.

Nobody was happy to see Jin in his own house, but here was Jungkook, overjoyed. He couldn’t grasp the warm joy, blossoming in his chest.

He ignored all the feelings and close his eyes as he lay on the bed, letting all the memories flood back, each memory hitting him like a bullet in the chest. He sobbed his heart out, remembering all the threats, the way he took his own virginity….

He was hurting from inside because his wolf had somehow… accepted Jungkook and had thoroughly enjoyed it! The sex drove his wolf wild. He covered his face in shame as he remembered how he rode Jungkook’s cock. The worse part of his encounter was the fact he didn’t regret losing his virginity in such a crazy way.

Yes, he was raped, yes it was under threat, but if he removed all that, he would never have regretted sleeping with someone as amazing as Jungkook. Their chemistry during sex was… amazing. Maybe even Yoongi would never stack up to it..

“Wait what the hell am I thinking! This isn’t me? What if this is Jungkook who was thinking this? Ugh, how did this mating shit work anyways… No, this was him… all him.. mates only shared emotions, they couldn’t really manipulate thoughts…”, Seokjin thought. He couldn’t think anymore, he just had to get out of there immediately. He HAD to get out of there now! He swung his legs to the side, ready to get up when a sharp pain shot through his ass. It hurt like hell. Fuck his legs were numb.

“Stop trying to get up Jinnie. You need to rest”, Jungkook said, casually standing on the side of the room.

“What the fuck! LET ME GO!”, Jin winced as he attempted walking.

Jungkook finally walked to him and pushed him down, tucking his petite body in the huge blankets. “Please rest baby”, Jungkook said as he pushed Jin’s bangs aside and tucked it behind his ears. Seokjin blushed, burning up when Jungkook pressed a soft kiss to his forehead.

“I hate you so much”, Jin teared up and looked away, a stray tear falling from the corner of his eye.

“I wish we had time together Jinnie, I wish I had far more time to court you, to love you and cherish you as you deserve it. But you’d probably never give me a chance to because of your liking towards Yoongi”, Jungkook said sadly. Seokjin was stunned into silence. Jungkook was right, Jin was too loyal to the men he liked. Would he really give Jungkook a chance? That would be a one in a million chance. But what he did was WRONG and immoral, He wouldn’t fall in love with Jungkook.

“You’ll always be a monster to me”, Jin thundered and turned over.

“I love you Jin and I know one day, you’ll give me a chance into your heart”.

Seokjin pulled the blanket over his head in anger and hid under it. “My omega is the cutest”, Jungkook laughed heartily.


Seokjin opened his eyes again. It was in the middle of the night. Seokjin limped around trying to find the bathroom.

Suddenly he was lifted into someone’s arms, he shrieked and tried to get away. But then his nose scented the strong musk of his alpha and he stopped thrashing about. Jungkook took him to the bathroom and dropped him in the bathroom.

“Go ahead and pee”

“Leave me alone and I will pee”

“No I won’t”, Jungkook said stubbornly.

“I will suck you off if you leave me alone”, Jin said angrily. He couldn’t pee in front of the man. He wanted that piece of dignity to himself.

“No. You will pee here in front of me. As your Alpha, I have rights and I want this right too. I want every fucking right bestowed on me as your Alpha”.

Jin sighed and closed his eyes and unzipped his pants. He was trembling and ashamed. Jungkook came behind him and pulled out Jin’s cock from his underwear. Jin turned and looked at him sideways, “Please Kook, please, I can’t do it”

Jungkook dug the heel of his palm into Jin’s lower belly, pressing as hard as he could. “Come on let it all out baby”, Jungkook breathed into his ears, putting his head on Jin’s shoulder. “I can’t Kook”, Jin cried.

“You have to do this for me, Be my good Omega baby or it could get worse.”

But Jin didn’t let go. He didn’t want to be Jungkook’s good boy. Hell, he hated him! Jungkook growled and suddenly lifted the Omega and stomped away. He threw the Alpha on the bed. Jin scrambled backwards in fright, and part arousal.

“Let me go you asshole”, he screamed. Jungkook acted as if he didn’t say anything and pushed Jin’s ass up and pulled the plug. Jin shrieked as he realized Jungkook had plugged him. Jungkook stuck a digit inside and twisted it a bit, before pulling it out, with cum on it. Jin was mortified that Jungkook’s cum was inside, stored for so long.

“Lick it”, He commanded, sticking his finger in front of Jin’s face.


“Lick it my Omega, show yourself my dear wolf”, Jungkook commanded. Seokjin whined, he couldn’t let his wolf be tamed, so he just licked the finger cause he didn’t want his wolf to come out and force him to choose Jungkook over his own human desires.

“Your insides are wet with my cum, darling boy”, Jungkook said sharply, before unbuckling his pants and pulling his thick cock out of his underwear. He raised Jin’s ass before slamming into Jin’sraw insides. Seokjin screamed and tried his best to escape.

His wolf again came out, his tail wagging in pleasure as his wolf indulged in the sadistic pleasure. His soft white ears twitching in joy as Jungkook thrusted into him again and again, taking him raw. ”Alpha please”, he whined in a high pitch voice.

He grabbed Jungkook’s back and hugged him closer, kissing him like a drooling animal on the mouth.


And Jungkook didn’t disappoint. He went faster, his thick cock insistently pressing his prostrate, making Jin cum immediately. His wolf was completely controlling him, going against Jin’s human desires. Jungkook continued to kiss him heatedly, grabbing his lower bottom plump lip with his teeth.

“Fuck your pussy Hyung. It’s sucking me, it’s just not letting me go”, Jungkook moaned, his eyes closed as he experienced sheer pleasure. Finally Jungkook came, his knot slowly forming.

“S-S-Stop Kooks.. iss tooo much”, Jin cried as Jungkook kept fucking his thick knot, tearing his hole apart. But Jungkook didn’t stop. Seokjin scratched his arms, turning his face and his fangs biting into Jungkook’s arms. Jungkook smirked and pushed deeper until Jin unlatched his teeth, an expression of horror on his face as he realized he was peeing.

Thin small streams of urine escaping through his penis. He hid his face in shame as he let go and pissed until his bladder was empty. His urine streaming down his chest, Seokjin was a soaking mess.

Soon Jungkook pulled out and came on the Alpha, his cum hitting his Hyung’s plump lips, coating it leaving a glossy finish.

“Fuck you”, Jin said with no bite in his words.

He let Jungkook pick him up and take him to the magnificent bath-tub. He felt like he had zero control over his body anymore. He let Jungkook soak up in the bath-tub with him and wash him. He even let him press kisses all over his shoulder and turned his head to finally kiss him fully on the mouth. His wolf wanted to stay out and had no plans of coming under Jin’s control for a while. He squealed in arousal when Jungkook began to soap his tail and fiddle with it.

“Please no…”, Seokjin said.

But soon he was bending over the bathtub after Jungkook persistently fiddled with his tail and kept fondling his soft adorable ears.

“My cute bitch is in heat”, Jungkook fondly said as he once again pressed his fingers into Jin’s gaping hole


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Chapter Text

Seokjin opened his eyes, feeling drowsy. It was his 7th day in captivity. He stopped fighting for his freedom. His family would show up to save him. After all, they had to because he had 3 million dollars worth funds that they would need his signature to access. But they didn't seem to even bother he was missing for 7 days straight. They didn't care about him. It was always like that. How could Jin have been so stupid to even assume they would come to find him. He was better dead...

Seokjin began getting nightmares and glimpses of his childhood days ever since he mated. He would lay on his side, crying in despair. Immediately Jungkook shot through the door. Since both of them were mates now, Jungkook knew when Jin was upset. The minute Jin was upset, Jungkook would smell the scent and arrive there. He would comfort the older and hug him. Initially, Seokjin would scramble away in fear, but Jungkook promised not to touch him ever again unless he didn't consent. Jungkook would sit next to Jin and hug him, letting him scent him and he would calm him down, petting his hair softly. 

Miraculously, Jungkook's scent and actions worked wonders. He could bury himself in the warm scent of the Alpha and lose himself in his arms. Things seemed almost....normal. After that, Jungkook would disappear and he came only when Jin had a nightmare or was upset over his parents not searching for him. But he never stayed or touched Jin after that. 

"Only with your consent will I ever lay a finger on you", he would say and disappear. Days and nights passed by and Jin stopped taking note of time. He would get whatever food or clothes he asked for and get anything he asked for except communication devices or writing/reading material. He played games, ate lots of good food and painted quite a bit. But Jungkook NEVER came to see him. 


"Father I know the best way to get Jin to love me. That is doing things the right way", Jungkook said after the Omega passed out after he fucked Jin for the second time. 

"Whatever do you mean Jungkook?", Taehyung asked. 

"Eomma, using force and hurting Jin is what made him an Alpha you said right?"

"Yes that's what Sora Noona told me"

"Then hurting Jin further will only close him off. He won't respond to me, so how will forcing Jin make him love me. For the ritual to succeed. If Jin thinks of Yoongi Hyung on the red moon night, how will he love me or become MY Omega? The ritual could fail. I will have to become Jin's best friend and he should trust me. I can't force him to love me, but I can definitely tell his wolf that I will protect him no matter what and prove to Jin that I will protect and love him no matter what he chooses to be"

Jimin could see the logic with which his son was talking with.

"You make sense, but the time required for it is at least 3 months and the next red moon is in 2 months"

"Then let's mate him on the next to next moon which is in 6 months. After that I will anyways have my mate with me for the rest of my life"

Jimin could see the appeal of Jungkook's idea.

"Then why did you touch Jin today?", Taehyung asked confused. 

"To mark him obviously. If Yoongi gets his bite on Jin before I, I will kill myself Eomma", Jungkook said bored.

"I will woo his wolf and promise to protect him. Have you seen Jin Hyung? He's naturally feminine. All he needs is support for who he is. If I push him too much, his Alpha will turn against itself. If I let him be who he truly wants to be, then his Alpha will let down his guard and its Omegan nature will shine through."

"Are you sure Kookie? We trust your judgment and hence will leave this project to you to handle alone", Taehyung asserted. 

"Mom I will still need your help"

"For what?"

"For changing Hyung's body without his knowledge. I want him to see the appeal of having wide hips and pretty tits"

"I will ask Sora Noona for help", Taehyung smiled at her brilliant son.


Today was the 25th day of captivity. Seokjin was beginning to lose his mind. Jungkook had not come to see him in 15 days. 15 DAYS! His wolf was beginning to whine. He had become used to living in Jungkook's house hence his fear disappeared. But because of that, he wasn't afraid and because of that, Jungkook hadn't come to see him. 

Seokjin began to nose around the room, sniffing for any trace scent of his Alpha. Only the bathroom had the same body wash as the Alpha which Seokjin took up to his nose and deeply inhaled as if his actions could summon Jungkook. He closed his eyes and imagined the day when Jungkook had taken his body for the first time. His handsome face and his toned body that was sweaty and shining after all the mind-blowing sex they had. 

Jungkook was working out when the scent of Jin's arousal hit his nose. "Nghh!", Jin moaned as he rubbed his clothed dick and imagined the Alpha mercilessly impaling him on his thick cock. He was sick for imagining his rapist fucking him hard and dry, but he couldn't stop himself.

"Jungkook had after all done what he did because I would never give him a chance because I was too much in love with Yoongi. He was only angry and did things out of pure impulse", Seokjin thought as if to console himself. But none of these thoughts could stop him from rubbing the bulge over his shorts. Jungkook was the first person to touch him so the only person who Jin could imagine when he got aroused was him. Jungkook could smell the Omega from outside his room so pressed his ear against Jin's door, listening to his Hyung moan.

At one point he squeaked, "Jungkook-ah, please".

Jungkook felt his stomach drop in part shock, part joy. He pushed the door and banged it shut. He stormed to the washroom and caught Jin without his boxers, looking red-faced as the younger caught him. "I umm... I smelled your... Do you want help with-"

Seokjin slammed the younger against the wall, and looked at him, "I fucking hate you" and bent down to capture his lips. He felt his face flame up, but he didn't care anymore because he was as sick as Jungkook was. Hadn't he also fantasized loving another Alpha like Min Yoongi? If he had parents who supported him, someone who would drag Yoongi to him like this, maybe he'd do the same shit. 

"NO, I would never do the same shit as you did, if I liked someone", Jin pulled back and said fiercely. 

"Have you truly ever loved someone Hyung? Do you know what it's like to love someone and watch them smile because of someone else. You don't know that feeling", Jungkook shot back.

"How do you even know it's love? Don't be ridiculous", Jin barked.

"This is exactly why I kidnapped you. You would brush away my feelings if I ever told you. You would think I am a joke!!", Jungkook said looking downcast.

Seokjin blushed and looked away guiltily. 

"Forget it Hyung. I can't be your human dildo.", Jungkook said walking away.

"Then Let me go!", Jin said softly, nearly crying.

Jungkook came back in anger and slammed the wall near Jin's head with his clenched fist. He pushed Jin's head aside to reveal the mark on his neck. He rubbed it vigorously.

"You see this special mating mark between us? This disappears in six months. Till then I can't have you walking around the college flirting with other Alphas or any others. As long as this is there, YOU stay with ME. Why don't you take this period as a challenge? Take it as a challenge to see who actually loves you enough to come hunting for you? Your parents haven't bothered to call for the last 25 days. Your brother Hoseok was last talking about you 3 days ago, saying you were a stupid bitch and you must've lost your way. You wanna know how I know? Because I fucking met him at the bar and asked him if he had any siblings. He spoke about everyone but you. Finally, I had to push my way through and ask him about you. He called you "good for nothing!". You know why my blood boiled? Not because he insulted you. It's because you would still be called a "bitch", "slut", "whore" by just about any of your loved ones and you would still tolerate it because your heart is so large. I would remove the tongue of each and every person who dare to even take your name in the wrong way. I would kill even your father if he couldn't respect you, but you would still spite and hate me, the one who truly loves you. It's so fucking unfair", he growled.

The logical part of Jin was shrieking, "get away! He's obsessed with you! he would kill your father over something stupid like this!? he's insane!"

But Jin's wolf was delighted. Absolutely delighted to hear his mate would kill the ones responsible for his pain. His wolf was waiting for someone to look after him, someone to protect him. He suddenly was faced with the image of a strong wolf, standing over his cruel father, it's teeth dripping with blood after ripping his throat out. And Jin did the unthinkable, he bent his head into Jungkook's neck and scented him and fucking purred, his wolf preening with joy.

Jungkook pulled back looking shocked. He had never heard an Omega purr! Not even his own mother was so relaxed around his father that he could purr this sweetly. That means Jin's wolf had begun to trust him? Fuck this was going way better than he thought.


"Hyung I.. Does this mean you trust me?",  Jungkook asked looking at Jin's eyes, wanting him to spell out his subjugation.

"My wolf does..", Jin mumbled in shame.

"Ah Hyung... anyways I will leave, after all, you are upset with me. I don't want to force you in anything as I promised you. I don't wanna take ad-"

Jin held his palms, his tiny soft ones holding two huge fingers of Jungkook, looking down. "Don't leave Jungkook. I'm lonely and since we are mates, I.... Please... touch me", he choked softly.

"Hyung? What do you mean?", Jungkook said holding his chin up.

"F...Fuck me Kook", he said bursting in embarrassment. 

"But Hyung, I am your rapist", Jungkook said cruelly

"No, didn't I take my own virginity on my own? It's not your fault", Jin said, tears streaming out of his eyes as he lied to himself. But he didn't want to be here alone anymore. He needed to be touched. He didn't care anymore, he couldn't stay within these four walls alone! He was broken inside and only Jungkook was there to console him, so he didn't even care about the weight of his own words and just wanted comfort.

"Hyung promise me five months of your life. Let me show you how I can provide for you? Please? If you have given lots of assholes a chance, can't you give someone like me, someone who loves you and cares about you one chance. Please? I just want you to be happy and your truest self", Jungkook said sincerely.

"My truest self?"

"Your truest self, the Kim Seokjin that the world does not know... The Kim Seokjin who's a far better actor than any Omega, the Kim Seokjin with a beautiful lovely voice who stopped singing when bullies and his family convinced him that Alpha's do not sing-"


But Jungkook looked unfazed.

"Why Hyung? Is it because of shame? Did your parents teach you to be ashamed of it? Your father always humiliated you that you were never man enough to fight your bullies didn't he? That bastard didn't understand that his own son was getting hurt and he should have protected you instead of leaving a young, motherless boy to fight the world on his own. You have nothing to be ashamed off. Infact I am so proud that after all these things You stand here, a proud student of a prestigious university", Jungkook said strongly.


Jungkook put his hand on Jin's mouth.

“Hyung, who says your education will be stopped? The university will be sending one teacher and also examinations will be held in the garden for you alone. This is my family’s university after all. My older cousin is the principle and we funded her education abroad”

Seokjin didn’t know what to say. Only now he realized the extent of the Park’s power. He suddenly remembered all the industries with the name “Park”.

Park Group of Companies, the one company that ruled Korea. FUCK HOW DID HE FORGET? Jimin was known for the ruthless elimination of opponents and the sole proprietor of this company. He ruled with an iron hand and didn’t even let one percent go to public shares. The whole world was envious of the Parks.

“Park Jimin?”

“Yeah what about father?”

“N…Nothing.. I..umm.. If you aren’t gonna let me go… how will I date you and know if I-“

“Hyung you really think after confessing all my heart to you that I want to “date” you? At the end of five months, I want to marry you Hyung. I am a Park, someone who does exactly what he says. Dating and courting are for Alphas who aren’t sure of who they like, people who take tons of test drives until they get bored and settle with less. I know what I want and whom I want and it’s you alone”

Seokjin blushed, “Well I guess I don’t really have a choice. I will give you my answer whether I love you after 5 months then”

“Okay I will leave the-“

“JUNGKOOK! Please stop teasing me, You know what I want, please, just… take me now”

Jungkook smiled, his eyes crinkling in joy, “Sure. But on my terms”


Seokjin closed his eyes in shame and sighed. It was the next day and he lay in bed after a bath, overthinking. He was sore, he was pretty sure he couldn’t feel his legs for days and his poor ass had taken nearly 3 knots. Jungkook was a brutal fuck, the only one who could sate his wolf. He had opened his eyes thinking Jungkook would be there, but the Alpha was gone. He didn’t love Jungkook, it was just Stockholm syndrome and his wolf’s stupidity to fall for someone like him. Why did he even say those words if he didn’t mean it?

“Argh why do you even care what he says, he’s an abuser!”, Jin told himself angrily.

Why did they have to be temporary mates? Being Jungkook’s mate was the most hurtful thing to his pride.  

“I am here Seokjinnie”, Jungkook laughed and aid casually as he walked into the room.

“I know you don’t really expect me to be here, but I did promise you didn’t I?”

Seokjin shivered.


It was officially 3 months of captivity. Jungkook hadn’t come to see him for nearly 25 days after spending a week with him. Seokjin missed him, terribly. As promised earlier, professors from the university visited him daily and taught him as well. But they would never talk more than necessary.

The servants took care of him as well. As if to remind him of his presence, Jungkook sent flowers and clothes every single day. Jin didn't understand the meaning of it, but he would take the flowers and put them in a vase and discard them the next day. In the beginning, the clothes were normal. A shirt with a pant, and a set of nightclothes. Jin had no choice but to wear it because there were no clothes in the cupboard. As soon as he'd finish his bath, a beta would come to collect the discarded clothes. So Jin couldn't even hold onto his old clothes. One day he refused to give the beta his old clothes, but the man threatened him with a taser so he had no choice. Day by day, the clothes got girlier, tighter and his underclothes were getting skimpier as well. He had even locked his room before they came with new clothes, but everyone had the spare key to his room so the poor Alpha had zero choice.

He thought death was better than living like this.  He was tired of being alone like this, he had always been independent and prided himself on not needing any man in his life, but these days he felt like a slut for remembering all his sexual encounters with Jungkook.

When he was terribly bored, he would fish out his cock from his slacks and imagine the nights of passion he shared with Jungkook. He would even unabashedly moan for the Alpha, throwing his head back and exposing his thick neck as he came, his fists milking his cock as he orgasmed to the images of Jungkook fucking his tiny hole.

A new hobby Seokjin had taken up was singing. He used to sing quite well until his father beat him up as a child.  He stopped singing for a while until now. At the beginning it was simple humming, soon he began to sing an entire ballad to himself.

It took all of Jungkook's patience to control himself from storming into Jin's room. He needed the Alpha to beg for him, yet he couldn't stay away. Unknown to Jin, he could see every time Jin masturbated with Jungkook's name adorning his lips. Jungkook had even kept a log of it and kept the footage only for himself. He even got addicted to listening to the man sing. Luckily he didn't realize it himself else he would be a public singer and Jungkook would've probably never gotten his hands on him.

Today Seokjin was unwell. He had thrown up and was down with fever. On top of that, his wolf kept begging to see Jungkook. He was progressively getting worse. Finally, with great difficulty, Seokjin managed to walk up to the entrance of the room and walked into the garden. Suddenly a pair of hands snaked around his waist and a man was nosing at his neck.

"Fuck Leave me alone!", Jin tried to weakly push the unfamiliar person away. "Which Omega comes here in heat? You are begging to be fucked", a raspy voice said.

Seokjin turned and saw a servant with red eyes. "J...Jungkook", he uttered closing his eyes. Immediately a shout came from the man in front of him. He opened his eyes. Jungkook was standing over the man, his claws dripping red and the man's neck ripped out. He looked sideways and smiled, "Didn't I promise you I would protect you?".


"I am in rut Kookie", Jin moaned as Jungkook slammed the door to his room shut.

"It's more like another mansion on it's own", Jin thought.

Jungkook had killed a man because he touched Jin. Literally, ripped his throat out. All Jin remembers was seeing blood on the floor, but before he could realize the details, Jungkook closed his eyes and threw him over the shoulder. He took Seokjin to his own room for the first time. 

" I am going in rut", Jin said quite honestly after Jungkook threw him over the bed. 

"Why the hell do you smell so sweet then?", Jungkook growled, eyes bleeding red.

"I have always smelled like an Omega which is why father used to lock me in the dungeon cause I am an Alpha but smell differently during rut", Seokjin explained as Jungkook expertly stripped him off his clothes. His breath stopped when he removed Jin's tight pants. Jin was wearing fucking lace panty.

"Fuck I didn't know you liked female lingerie baby", Jungkook ogled like a rabid dog.

"What do you mean you didn't know. Didn't you choose these shit dresses",Jin retorted.

"ah no, it's my mom hehe. Looks like he's got good taste isn't it baby", Jungkook said hotly as he began palming Jin's crotch.

"As I promised you earlier, I will not touch you without your consent-"

"Jungkook!", Jin breathed heavily as he lay splayed out on the sheets, unwrapped under Jungkook's continuous ministrations, cheeks burning bright red, "Please touch me. I give you my consent for the next few days of my rut okay? Please don't tease me during such a strenuous time and take care of me. I stayed back only because you promised to take care of me but you clearly aren't", He pouted

Jungkook always got afraid when he got too close to Jin and this was one of those times. He had practically forced Jin the first time and Jin was still staying back because of the bite Jungkook forced on him. What if he got too close to Jin and show him his true sadistic self? Wouldn't Jin run away then? None of his earlier partners liked his ruthlessness at bed, so wouldn't Jin feel the same way?

Why did Jin undo him with such stupid, simple words..

"Jungkook snap out of it. Fuck me okay. Why do you zone out? If I am that unattractive, then fucking leave me back at_"

"NO it's nothing really.. I will take care of you okay? I will take care of you for this rut!"

"You're afraid aren't you?", Jin gasped.

"You're afraid of fucking me!?", Seeing Jungkook's wide doe eyes, Jin confirmed the same.

"I'm just really violent okay... It's..."

"Don't worry it'll be the same as our previous times. I am not scared. It's okay Kook", Jin said, standing up before he dropped the panties to the floor and twisted around, blushing and bending over, fucking presenting his pink hairy-, WAIT.

"Hyung, I will take care of your rut. But you have to do one thing for me"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Seokjin felt disgusted. "Jungkook-ah you shouldn't even be doing this. It's dirty okay. I know you hate it but I feel so guilty you are doing this for me. You're probably worth billions but you're shaving my asshole like a slave"

"Hyung, if you don't shut up, if you talk too much this blade will go into the wrong places and end up cutting you"

Sweet neurotic Seokjin couldn't stay still under the effects of the rut so finally, Jungkook strapped him into a breeding bench. Just the sight of the Broad-shouldered Alpha, trapped into submission on a bench turned him on in unexplainable ways. 

"Hyung don't move and I will do this neatly."

He patted Jin's ass cheeks and lathered his pink puckered hole with special strawberry shaving cream. He ran the blunt end of the blade along Jin's thigh just for the heck of it. He very slowly began to shave off all the hair on his private parts. He then moved onto shaving his legs and armpits. Every time the blade ran over his balls, Seokjin swore he would move and he would die. But none of that happened. 40 minutes later, Seokjin was deep into his rut, his pheromones laced with the scent of burning sugar. He was sweating buckets of sweat and his cock was hard, precum leaking from the tip. Jungkook finally lifted the massive bench, Seokjin still strapped to it and carried the entire setup to the bathroom, as if Jin wasn't a person, but a thing. He took the faucet attached to the wall and sprayed water over his soapy body and finally unstrapped him. 

"Let's take a shower Hyung"

Jungkook bent him over and made him hold the soap rack along the wall. He pushed the globes of his ass to see the raw, pink puckered hole, clenched in anticipation.

"Hyung are you really okay with anything i do to you during rut?"

"yes. There's nothing that you haven't done earlier is there?"

Jin got no response, instead, Jungkook pushed his head down and forced him to arch his back and spread his legs. He admired the beautiful, unmarked smooth skin on his legs. and arms. His cock hung prettily, with his clean shaved balls exposed to the air. Seokjin looked so beautiful now that he had been shaved. Anyone would mistake him for an Omega. His waist and hips were far wider now that Taehyung had been feeding him with Sora's medicines mixed with his food. Jin had swollen breasts that were big enough for trainers. He was his pretty,fertile Omega who would soon carry his wolf cubs, nurturing the Park Clan and be his breeding bitch. Seokjin would give the pack 16 cubs or even more once he became an Omega. He would work with Taehyung and learn how to run the house like a good mother.

Jungkook spread Jin's  hole with two digits and then coated his cock with sufficient lube and positioned himself before pushing his dick between his hole. It's like Jin's hole widened and opened itself up just for seducing the Alpha. As Jungkook pulled out, his hole sucked it back in. 

"Your hole is more honest than you Hyung", Jungkook smirked as he slapped Jin's jiggly ass. He switched on the shower and hot water poured onto both of them as Jungkook began to fuck his Hyung's hole mercilessly. Seokjin was far too gone to protest. His cock grew harder as Jungkook carelessly rutted into the Alpha. Jin's wolf didn't appear because it had accepted Jungkook and saw no further need to protect Jin from him anymore. 

Jungkook grabbed the wet hair of his Hyung and pulled his head upwards, making his back arch beautifully.Seokjin raised one leg and balanced his leg on the wall for a better grip as Jungkook pushed in harder. He let out a litany of deep growls as his ass was split apart by Jungkook's growing knot.

Jungkook pulled out and came all over Jin's back. But it was all washed away in the spray of water falling on them. Seokjin turned over and grabbed Jungkook's waist as he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Jungkook's thick ass. Jin kissed him first, grabbing hi thick wet hair with one hand and holding his cheek with the other, slowly and gently, as if their kiss was a confession of love. 


Seokjin was crying. His ass was not made for this, But Jungkook kept fucking him as if he were an Omega. Currently, he was sitting atop Jungkook's massive dick, riding it, chasing his own pleasure, crying as it split his ass. There were streams of blood running down his thighs. Seokjin tried to stop him, but he didn't care, His wolf was out for blood. Jin's thighs trembled as he continued to lift his ass and drop it, Jungkook's heavy balls slapping the back of his ass. Finally, he came, wincing as Jungkook pulled out of his bloody ass, dragging his forming knot out of the torn rim.

Wolves could heal, but since Seokjin was not an Omega, his refractory periods were slower. Especially anal healing. But Jungkook didn't notice or care. He was far too invested in his own pleasure. He maneuvered Seokjin to lay on his back and attached nipple clamps that were attached to a single chain with alligator teeth onto his sensitive, swollen tits. 

He thrust back into Jin's loose hole, jackhammering into it, ripping Jin from inside out. The assault to Jin's prostrate was milking him and making him leak through his cock like a faucet. The never-ending night came to an end with Jungkook knotting his ass from the sixth time, his bleeding asshole barely able to close itself under the assault.

Seokjin began to question his desire for loving the brutal wolf before he blacked out in pain.


Jin woke up first, clenching his asshole as if trying to see if it worked anymore. It surprisingly healed. Must've been the miraculous powers of his rut. He swung his legs off the bed and turned to look at the sleeping form of his Alpha. Jungkook looked so calm and childlike. Like an angel. He was handsome, too handsome. Seokjin spotted a full-length mirror and decided to head over and take a look.  

What he saw made him drop on the floor in shock. His naked body had purple bruises all over. His hips were wide and his waist was smaller in proportion. His thighs were voluptuous like a porn stars thick thighs. His ass had grown rounder and his breasts were swollen. Like bitch tits, big and swaying like a women's breast. His face looked rounder and his hair was shaggy and longer. His stomach was pudgier and had a lump of fat above his waistline. He looked like a porn star, his body was lewd and exactly like a woman's. He felt so ugly and missed his toned arms and hard abs..

Jungkook had to be feeding him something, else he'd never get this womanly. Seokjin was terribly heartbroken and began to panic that what if he were never let out of the mansion again and what if Jungkook was lying to him about the 5-month deal?? He couldn't breathe and he lay on the floor in shock. Jungkook was a liar! The worst sort of wolf that existed. Abusing him and convincing him he loved him? What a fucking liar!!

Jungkook was sleeping and it was 5 in the morning. He could escape now!! So Jin pushed the door to Jungkook's balcony open and transformed into a wolf as he jumped off running into the vast gardens and forest. 

Seokjin had reached the perimeter and was running with all his life. That's when he noticed a big black-colored wolf running behind him. He saw the wall and bounded ahead in full speed. He took one terrific leap and was about to scale the black wall when the huge wolf behind him jumped in front of him. Seokjin slammed into the wolf who in turn slammed into the wall. There was a loud explosion, and the pair rolled off into the grass. The dust cleared and they were both human again when Jin realized that Jungkook had shielded him from the explosion. The younger caged Jin within his arms and gave him a look of utter despair. It was the sort of pain you couldn't write in words. 

"You really hate me no Jin-Hyung!?  I am sorry for destroying your life really"

Seokjin was about to reply, but before he could say anything, a trickle of blood fell on his cheek. 

"I think I need a do-", Jungkook whispered and fainted over Jin. Seokjin touched the youngers back and realized Jungkook was deeply wounded. He panicked and let out a loud, deep howl.

All of a sudden a monstrous platinum wolf appeared in front of them. The wolf transmuted into a very livid Park Jimin.

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Chapter Text


 "You follow me. Don't you dare try any tricks", Park Jimin glared as he picked up an unconscious Jungkook in his arms. Jimin walked really fast, amongst the bushes and forest, moving as if Jungkook barely weighed anything. Seokjin knew he was quite heavy as Seokjin always was under his weight during their matings. He followed the angry Alpha,walking softly behind him, because he was terribly scared and couldn't even look at Jimin. The only thing playing on his mind was the last 10 seconds of his life when he was about to hit the electric wall and Jungkook saved his life.


All along he thought Jungkook was a selfish bastard who did what he did solely because of narcissism and the power trip of having an Alpha under him. But to see the Alpha crash into wall just to save him from it, it weakened his resolve to hate Jungkook. After taking him twice, NEVER had Jungkook touched him without consent. Everytime he touched him, it was because Jin had begged him to.


"Then why did I run away like that?", Seokjin thought as he silently kept on crying. 

It was cause he freaked out to see his fat breasts and blamed Jungkook without even giving him a chance to explain. And now Jungkook could potentially be in danger because he protected Jin!!!

Seokjin began to cry harder as he looked at his bloodied hands. He hurt Jungkook!!! The only man in his life who had attempted to love him even if he was an Alpha who was weak and feminine. He had let Seokjin feel whole again by letting him be the person here truly wanted to be. He let Jin be himself, be as feminine as he wanted to, without even making him feel uncomfortable. He made Jin sleep under thick puffy comforters and even made a special tent where Jin could sleep when he was upset. He had sent him flowers, and confessed to loving him so many times. No Alpha including Yoongi had ever been so affectionate to him. 

"Nobody loves me the way Jungkook does.", Seokjin thought that neither did Yoongi nor did his own family love him.


Seokjin was sitting and weeping with his face covered with his hands. He was crying outside the ICU ward where Jungkook was currently being operated for stitching the wounds on his back caused because of electricity and wolfsbane. A normal Alpha would not have survived the attack, but since Jungkook had superior genes he managed to survive. Seokjin would have definitely died if he bumped into the wall. 

Why couldn't Jungkook just let him die...

Taehyung was the first one to rush inside. Seokjin could hear Taehyung's loud crying through the room, as he looked distraught. He was sent out, his face red and he knelt down and held Jin's hands, crying "What happened to JK? Why's he not responding? He'll be okay, won't he? Please, Seokjin! Please, he's okay right?".


Jin couldn't say anything. He was frozen. He'd never seen the Omega so broken and lost unlike now. Taehyung couldn't even breathe properly and form sentences. Jimin came rushing out of the room and hugged his wife tightly. "Hey it's okay baby! Jungkookie will be out in an hour or so. He's totally fine. He's okay! I promise!. Why don't you wait for him at home and make some lunch for our baby. He'll be so hungry after he comes out."

Taehyung seemed to believe Jimin's words and walked off with two bodyguards in tow. 

"YOU! come with me. We have to give you some punishment now don't we?", Jimin gritted. 

Seokjin followed him, shivering. 

Jimin took him into another building, into another basement. 

"Welcome to my laboratory", Jimin grinned as Jin came face to face with a large room, infinitely white from floor to ceiling, with hospital beds and all sorts of equipment. It had a platform, not far from the bed and chemicals and all sorts of glass jars. It also had a sofa infront of the bed. 

"Mr. Park.... I ss-s-s-swear I didn't mean to hurt Jung-"

"DON'T YOU FUCKING UTTER MY SON'S NAME EVER AGAIN!", Jimin yelled, throwing a chemical bottle on the floor. 

Seokjin shivered. "I am going to make you see a life worse than hell Seokjin. You dared to mess with Jungkook. You don't even understand where Jungkook truly comes from"

"I DON'T CARE. JUNGKOOK WAS FUCKING ALTERING MY BODY WITHOUT MY CONSENT. ALL THIS WHILE HE LIED TO ME THAT HE'D TOUCH ME ONLY WITH CONSENT. WHAT ARE THESE THEN HUH", Jin yelled in fright, gripping the mishaped mounds of flesh on his chest and crying in fright. 

"That was your own doing. Jungkook promised you that in five months if you didn't like him, he'd let you go. But you see Seokjin, your wolf here isn't Alpha. It's essentially Omega who changed into Alpha during presentation and your childhood trauma. As you keep getting happier, it began to conflict with your Alpha side and your body is slowly changing over to Omega. Even your wolf is unable to be Alpha anymore. The medications we slipped into your food and drink works only if your wolf shows it's Omegan nature. If you were truly born and meant to be an Alpha, these drugs would've never worked on you"

Jimin was saying the truth. The medicines Sora Noona had given them worked only if Seokjin's wolf still had the capacity to be an Omega. The only issue was it left an Alpha with deformed body parts that would need the help of a surgeon and the red moon magic to completely become functional.  He needed to punish Seokjin, and make him understand how lucky he was to have Jungkook in his life. Make him worship Jungkook's cock and beg to be his cocksleeve. He needed to break Jin and hurt him for even trying to break Jungkook's trust and faith. Maybe Jungkook would never approve of Jimin's actions but they were necessary to break this bitch. This was the only way Jin was ever going to learn, through pain and instinct alone.

Seokjin looked flabbergasted. "So now it's true my wolf wants to be an Omega?", He thought terrified. 

"I'm so sorry Mr. Park. I really didn't mean to hurt him.", Jin whimpered.

" So the truth remains, Jungkook was going to let you go but you didn't trust him enough or give the poor boy a chance at proving his love to you. Instead you disappointed him and put his life at danger. You can't confront the fact your wolf is an Omega and you put my boy through hell for it. I don't know what Jungkook or my Tae saw in you, you're not even an actual Omega and you're so conflicted with your entire life, I don't know why my son would want to put up with this.... Today you're responsible for his condition and I promise you, if he doesn't come back to his old self because of you, I will make sure every breath of yours is hell"


Jin just looked down on the floor, still crying, holding his hands together and dropping his head in guilt and shame.

"I have nothing to say Mr. Park. If you feel like punishing me, I understand you. If it makes you feel better, go ahead"

"LOOK UP!", Jimin thundered and Jin looked up in a flash. .

"If you were half an alpha or a man as you should've been, you would have been saying better than this meek statement. You disgust me. Let me tell you a little backstory to your mate. Then perhaps you would understand things better....

Jungkookie came to us after 5 miscarriages. His mother couldn't carry others to full term, so he sacrificed his 6th baby at 3 months so that his 7th child could come out perfectly. When Jungkook came upto us telling us about the kindest Alpha he had ever seen, we decided to make you his. The Parks have no lineage other than my son because my family was wiped out by mass killings and Taehyungie is an orphan"..

Seokjin was shocked. This explained virtually everything! Jimin and Taehyung's obsessive behavior, Taehyung's possessiveness and the fact they would do so much for Jungkook. He was practically their everything. Having worked with Omegas before, Seokjin knew how crazy an Omega went when it miscarried a cub. For Taehyung to have lost 5 cubs and then sacrifice the 6th one must mean that he was absolutely reckless and no wonder Jimin was so scary. They must have gone through so much to have had so many accidents.

If the Parks had only one heir, then Jungkook was very important. Seokjin felt thrice as guilty for treating him so badly. He didn't even give this poor Alpha a fighting chance to win his heart. He was a terrible person. 

"Kindest Alpha?", Jin asked.

"Yes. I don't know what my son saw in you, but he told us how you were the kindest, sweetest Alpha who'd probably never look at him in a romantic way because of your love for the Min's" Jimin asserted. 

"Either way you've only caused havoc in Jungkook's life and it's time you get punished for it. ", Jimin said, his eyes turning opaque, pitch black.

He grabbed Jin and pushed him on the solitary bed. Seokjin couldn't move an inch as he inhaled the Alpha's dark pheremones that smelled of smoke and anger. He was terrified and his wolf couldn't move an inch in such a strong Alpha's presence. Jimin strapped the Alpha onto the bed, cuffing his hands to the side of the bed and cuffing his legs to the bed post. 

"I'm sorry Mr Pa-"

Jimin stuffed his mouth with a gag that came with a short 3-inch dildo attached. The toy hit the back of Jin's throat and he was choking for a bit before he got adjusted to it. 

Jimin then wore gloves and said, "Normally I instruct all my men to do this job but you are different. I thought you would understand Jungkook, but here you are, cold as ever. Even your bastard father hasn't come looking for you. Is being unemotional and closed off a Kim trait? Anyways, I can't stand the thought of touching you with my bare hands. I want to break you personally since even my son's love didn't manage to melt you...Since you hate these deformed breasts, let's get you some new ones. New prettier fuller ones that actually milk. Even Jungkookie would like that. What do you say Jinnie?"

Seokjin looked terrified. His eyes widened and he shook his head. 

"Or should I cut your tits off since they've failed to blossom fully? There are no choices darling. It's either you have your chest like this forever, or we fix it and get it to look better. Jungkook doesn't have to settle for so less", he darkly declared.

Seokjin realized that he'd have to either live with it or he could change it to something prettier. He didn't say anything, just looking up at the ceiling and tearing up.

"Doctor-nim, please take a look at the patient here"

Slowly a man came into the purview of Jin's vision. It was his senior, Kim Namjoon's dad!! Seokjin was shocked, but was quick to realize that ultimately Jimin had more than half of the university working for him after all. 

"So today I will be injecting a chemical that will help your breasts adjust and grow proportionally"

Hearing this Jin began to struggle against his restraints, shaking the bed. He tried talking, only muffled choking sounds coming out. The doctor had a flash of sympathy on his face before he instructed two men standing behind him to cut off Jin's clothes. 

Now naked, Seokjin shivers on the bed alone, trying his best to escape from there. Jimin stood at the end of the bed. Next to him stood a muscular bodyguard, holding a whip. 

"Jinnie you really are waiting to get fixed aren't you"

He began to struggle harder and whimpered louder. Jimin came over and unlocked the strap , freeing Jin's mouth. 

"Please Mr. Park, please let me go", Jin cried. 

"Whip his balls. I want to see it red", Jimin talked over his voice.

The bodyguard began to rain hard blows on Jin's inner thighs and balls. Jin kept yelling and crying, "please!" "Stop it!" ! 

But it didn't stop. Infact the guard began to hit him harder. The worse part of the whole situation was how his cock was reacting to being whipped. It stood proudly against his stomach, red with the way the guard mercilessly hit his lower half. 

The shouts of "please!" "Stop!" having filled the room. Finally Seokjin stopped protesting and came twice as he took the beatings. Immediately Jimin stopped the guard. 

"There, now you're going to take what Doctor-nim gives you like a good bitch does. We're going to inject your tits, fix it so it looks pretty enough and soon we can proceed with your punishment", Jimin said fondly, stroking Jin's sweaty head.

Jin was drooling, having cum twice, turning away and looking to the side crying and drooling. He was exhausted and terrified and couldn't find it in him to fight anymore. 

"Please Mr. Park, -"

"You can either opt for the injections or get your tits cut off. What would you like from Doctor-nim here", Jimin said firmly.

Seokjin again cried, "please . ..please forgive me"

"Okay Doctor our sweet Seokjinnie here would like to have his tits cut out. Please go ahead and cut them off and make it flat", Jimin said casually.

"NO PLEASE DON'T", Jin cried horrified.

"You have two choices Jinnie. You choose or I'll make the choice. Tell me, cut it out or inject your chest and fix it. I don't want Jungkook to live with a deformed Omega."

"Inject it. PLEASE DON'T CUT IT", Jin cried, tears falling down his cheeks and eyes puffy. 

"What a good boy. I knew you'd make the right choice. Go ahead. Fix his bitch tits", Jimin instructed. 

The doctor came over and wiped his chest with a wet cloth. 

[Note : I have no idea of cosmetic surgery and this is all fictional lol]

He then took a scale and some chalk and drew weird lines all over Jin's chest. He measured it and then used some cups before finally calculating how much fluid he'd need to inject to fill it out. 

"Your right side is slightly larger compared to the left side. Our goal is to fix both and make it equal. Don't worry,it's just an injection. You will feel the prick and nothing more than that. Jiminsshi, would you like to give him painkillers or an intoxicant to dull the pain?", The doctor asked.

"I don't want to do that but here we are dealing with a petite Omega. The poor thing might pass out with the pain. I want him to feel it and stay awake"

"Ah I've got just the thing! It will make him feel woozy a bit but he'll be full aware and horny", the doctor smiled and said in a singsong voice.

"Go ahead"

The doctor came back with a cup full of pink liquid and gestured for Jin to open his mouth. 

But Jin was stubborn. He refused and turned away. Jimin instructed the guard and soon, the guard pulled at Jin's scalp and held his head. He then closed off Jin's nostrils until the Alpha ended up opening his mouth for breath. Instantly the doctor poured the contents of the cup into his throat.

"Look at this slut. It's barely seconds since you poured down the painkiller and he's already ready to go. You even came twice while getting beaten. And you act like Jungkook raped you... When the truth is you were just asking for it Seokjin. Your body just needs to be filled by a cock, doesn't even matter who's it is. You're filthy and you have the audacity to say my son didn't ask you for permission. Your body is practically begging for it so stop acting like a prude. The Kims are really sluts as I always thought", Jimin said viciously looking into the Alpha's eyes.

Seokjin was in hell. He was unable to get over the fact that he had come not once, but twice when the guard had beaten him up. And now his cock was leaking, erect and his body was extremely hot. 

"I'm really a slut. I'm so disgusting,how could I even cum when I was in pain? No wonder psycho's like Jungkook liked me. He could probably see how much I am a freak like him", Jin thought. He couldn't bear the fact his body and mind were so disconnected right now. His body just wanted to be fucked and his mind was screaming at him to get out of there.

Jimin suddenly grabbed his nub and twisted his nipple tightly. Jin yelled in pain . "Stay aware. Don't lose your awareness. I need you to feel this. The Doctor-nim is about to give you a new life and you're acting so ungrateful. I want you to look at me when he's fixing you"

Jin tried to look away in shame but he was held in the gaze of the powerful Alpha, his body limp in submission and his heart beating quickly in terror. The doctor lifted a syringe filled with 250 ml of liquid before he clinically push one saggy breast up and injected it at the base. Seokjin closed his eyes, hissing in pain as he felt the liquid flow into his chest, making it heavy and feeling the burn stretch throughout. 

"Make him cum", Jimin again instructed the guard, "Go blow him".

The guard nodded and bent over the bed, taking Jin's erect cock in his mouth. He began to bob his head, sucking it, creating tremors across Jin's lithe body. His legs began to struggle against the bed as the guard milked one more orgasm from the poor Alpha. 

Seokjin was mortified at the rate at which he easily came. The heavy feeling of need and want burnt low in his belly. His flaccid cock slowly filling out again under the eager guard's mouth.

"Please! Stop! I can't cum anymore! It hurts", Jin cried and shouted. 

"Oh you can. An Omega bitch can come upto 20 times", Jimin smirked.

"20 times? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!", Jin shrieked.

His rebellion only brought forth the worst side of Mr. Park.

"Go on, ride him. Doctor, you may proceed with his other tit", Jimin said firmly. 

The guard proceeded to shed his clothes and he stood nude with only a barcode visible on his shoulder. He looked young, brainwashed and his eyes were vacant. He stood at the side of the bed, expertly massaging Jin's flaccid cock for the second time. Seokjin could feel his cock chafing under the rough palms of the guard. As if noticing his discomfort, the guard spit on his palm and soon his hand slid easily along Jin's shaft.

Jin was mortified and equally disgusted. He had an aversion to saliva...unless it was Jungkook. But this guard had the audacity to do something so disgusting? It made his head rage and throb. Soon his dick was again straining against those expert hands. 

The guard then clambered onto the bed and straddled Jin's cock. He positioned it on his opening and slid down, taking it in one go. Jin moaned loudly. 

"Ah looks like someone's enjoying it. Look at you, didn't I tell you, your body was always this slutty, tempting Alpha's and begging for their cocks", Jimin exclaimed in a smile. 

Seokjin closed his eyes in shame, but Jimin tugged at his hair and demanded he looked at the guard and pay attention. The guard still looked vacant, the drops of sweat streaming down his neck betraying his internal state. He had a thicker and longer cock than Jin's dick. He kept lifting himself on his thighs before sinking down onto Jin's fuckstick using all his weight. 

The only sound in the room was Jimin's commands and sounds of skin against skin as the guard's plump bottom slapped against Jin's balls. 

"Faster! Harder!", Was all Jin heard as Jimin egged them on. 


"He's too small sir. I'm used to much bigger!", The guard honestly said as Jimin kept reprimanding him for not going faster. Jimin laughed as he continued to insult how much of a shame Seokjin was to the Alpha community. 

"Look at that size. Even your knot is smaller than the average Alpha size. You are meant to be an Omega and today I will teach you that the hard way. I will show you that you're no better than any leaking Omega during heat. Your udder is leaking", Jimin smirked as the doctor injected the burning liquid into Jin's other breast at the same time.

Nearly forty minutes later, the guard squeezed a painful orgasm out of Jin's poor cock, milking him, clenching his walls and making it grip Jin's abused member in a painful way.

The guard got off and left the room leaving Jin alone to Jimin's mercy. 

Seokjin gave a broken moan and begged, "please let me free. I need to use the washroom"

"The toilet is for good boys. Bad boys like you need to be punished. If you want to piss, piss yourself here", Jimin said.

The look on Jin's face was priceless. He looked defeated, broken and utterly disgusted by Jimin's suggestion. But Jimin was relentless. He put his palm on Jin's lower stomach and began to dig he heel of his palm into it. He pressed into Jin's bladder firmly saying ,"Let it out. Go on, Let it out".

Seokjin fought back, trying to push his abdomen until finally, the pressure was too much. He watched in horror as a thin clear stream of urine dribbled slowly out of his dick. At first it was a thin small stream but soon it was a rush of liquid and Seokjin was soon effectively wetting himself, pissing himself silly like a dog in heat. 

"You really can't control yourself can you? You're just a poor bitch in heat", Jimin tutted. 

Jin looked utterly spent and passed out in morbid shame. 

Five hours later Seokjin woke up, naked, his bottom cold. He could smell the piss on the bed and he peeked down to see the condition of his privates. 

His thighs were streaked red with marks thanks to all the whipping the guard had done. His poor cocklet was flaccid and slightly red, a reminder to the horror Jin underwent. But while noticing his cock, Jin noticed that his deformed breasts had now filled out to be beautiful and circular, proportionate in size and perky. Like a size 32.


He had full grown breasts like his sister...the types that needed a bra to hold them ... His life was finished. 

How could he ever go back to college or even his family? They already hated the feminity that he normally emanated. They would skewer him alive if they saw this. 

And that's when Jin broke. He just kept mindlessly crying. Sobbing and choking until he couldn't open his puffy eyes anymore and slept again. 

When Jin wokeup again, he was still strapped to the table. 

"So the princess finally wokeup. You should be glad that Jungkook survived and he's back at home. Else I would have let all my men fuck you", Jimin said.

"Anyways, let's start your punishment. Wait... You didn't think that injecting your tits was the punishment did you?", Jimin asked looking at Jin's horrified expression. 

"No sir", Jin whispered, afraid of the unpredictable Alpha. 

"Now I'm going to put pretty little rings through your new tits so that everyone will know you belong to Jungkook"

Seokjin didn't protest. He knew that if he offered any resistance, Jimin would just make the whole process more difficult. So he just silently nodded while Jimin smiled at the fact he had finally broken the Alpha. 

"Hold your nipple and stretch it out for me", he commanded. 

Seokjin looked the other way and held his nipple and stretched it, following Jimin's instructions to the fullest. His breathing was labored and he closed his eyes, silent tears falling through the corner of his eyes. 

"Look at me Jinnie"

And Jin looked, a wave of malicious anger dancing at the pupils of his eyes. If it were up to him, he would have ripped Jimin's throat. But his wolf was utterly afraid of the Alpha. 

"That's more like it", Jimin smiled, holding in his gloved hand, a sharp needle that was heated through the fire. 

"If you shake, then you will feel terrible pain, but if you stay still, the needle will go through like butter and it will barely hurt", Jimin said. 

"I'll stay still Mr. Park. You can do what you want, I won't break", he said bravely. 

Jimin smirked. Bravery was beautiful and inspiring when needed, not at times like this. This was just plain foolishness. 

Seokjin lay on the bed looking at the needle, internally screaming, stretching out his own chocolate brown nipples for piercing.

Jimin came closer and brought the needle closed to his skin. It was like time had stopped. There was no sounds except for his laboured breathing. He watched as the needle went through the space between his areola and nipple. Before he could react or feel the pain, Jimin had already efficiently pierced him. When he withdrew the needle Seokjin could feel the sharp stab of pain that went through his chest. It was not as terrible as he imagined it to be, but the whole experience was far more terrifying.

He tugged at his other nipple, pulling it so Jimin could pierce it properly. Jin hissed in pain as he efficiently finished with the other one as well.

Jimin hooked a chain between the two rings that were attached to both piercings with a heavy golden pendant that was shaped "JK" on the chain. 

This dragged his tits down. Thanks to enhanced wolf healing, the piercings had already nearly healed. But the pain came with shame. Seokjin was ashamed at the way his dick reacted to his tits being chained and pulled down like this. 

Jimin kept tugging at the chain, pulling it hard without any mercy. Seokjin writhed in shame. The way his nubs were abused only turned him on and made him leak. 

"We're gonna keep at this until you cum Seokjinnie", Jimin whispered. Seokjin mentally resolved not to cum and show Jimin that he had no control over him. But that thought barely remained for a minute or two because soon Jimin began to hold his pierced nipples and fondle it. He then grabbed a ring and kept tugging it in different directions. 

Seokjin was in hell, the sharp painful tugs making him all hot and bothered. He had never known that pain could be such a great stimulant. But now he knew that his body was a slut for it. 

"Just look at you. You're disgusting, you're so needy yet the way you keep rejecting Jungkook. As if your body isn't lewd and inviting him. You're practically begging for this. Look at this", Jimin said thoughtfully while continuing to abuse Jin's sore puffy teats. Seokjin mewled and bucked into his touch. His back arched and he kept groaning, his orgasm slowly building, rising in the pit of his stomach. 

Jimin then grabbed the pendant and began pulled it in all directions. Seokjin was a blushing mess as he closed his eyes tightly. He fisted at the bedsheets, trying to concentrate on something mentally grotesque so that he wouldn't cum. But Jimin was stubborn. 

"Go on, cum Omega. You know you only need your tits to cum. Maybe we should just cut your balls off and strap you to a milking machine for the rest of your life and let your poor udder milk"

Seokjin didn't know why, but these obscene words had an effect on his body. He couldn't hold it back and came as soon as the Alpha spoke. He lay boneless, unable to think or do anything as his cock spurted cum like an overflowing tap.

Jimin undid all the straps and held Jin by his arm. Jin couldn't even walk for a while as legs cramped up in the pain. He stumbled like a newborn calf. 

"Come on, let's get you milked", Jimin laughs. 

"You're so pathetic as an Alpha, no wonder Kook always thought of you as an Omega. Look at you, you'd put an Omega to shame.", He laughed.

Seokjin felt his cheeks puff up in shame. The man then pushed him over an apparatus that held his head and hands. He couldn't move an inch. His knees folded, Jin was immobile and helpless. The stand luckily had padding on the leg area so his knees wouldn't bruise.

Having his head strapped to the bench reminded him of the one time he had seen canine breeding. The way a female bitch in heat was strapped down for the taking. 

He was ashamed of the way his legs were separated to display his hole. Everything about this setup was so lewd, it drove his mind numb. 

"I miss Jungkook", Seokjin's thought as Jimin strapped in the last limb. His thought process had gone mute. He was dazed, floating in another world. 

Suddenly Jimin removed both the piercings. Seokjin was jerked out of his twilight zone when Jimin tugged at the ring as he took it off. The pain on his nipples left his cock erect, aroused and leaking precum. 

"Let's begin your punishment", Jimin announced. 

Seokjin only groaned in response to that. He felt too sensitive and sore. He had cum five times already. He couldn't keep up with this anymore. His body ached in ways he had never known was possible. 

"Come here", Jimin said loudly to someone. Soon the wretched guard and three other young betas appeared. 

"I want you to keep blowing his dick until he cums. Once he cums, the next person can take his cock and blow him. I want you to keep cycling this between yourselves and keep blowing this bitch here. Nobody should talk during this entire encounter otherwise I will send you home, wrapped in shrouds", Jimin said loudly.

The betas were terrified, Jin could smell how scared they were. But they all nodded, without uttering any word.

 Meanwhile, Jimin directed the guard about to get some stuff. Seokjin didn't pay attention, his body was oversensitive after the whole ordeal. He just wanted to be pampered by Jungkook and take a bath. He wanted to sleep next to the Alpha and forget about his pain at the moment.

In this foreign so-called laboratory of Jimin, Seokjin just wanted to be in Jungkook's arms. Suddenly Jungkook seemed like home.

Seokjin could hear the creak of rusty old wheels as something wheeled up behind him. 

"For the next seven hours, I want the four of you to service this bitch properly. If I see one mistake, that's the end of all the four of you", Jimin boomed again. 

Jimin took a ball gag and strapped it into Jin's soft mouth. Soon only muffled sounds rose from the Alpha. The wheels creaked again and Jin felt someone touch his asshole. He jerked up, trying to escape one last time. As if it were the last frantic call he could make before someone murdered him. The whole apparatus shook with the way Jin was trying to escape. But Jimin seemed unfazed. He just knelt behind the Alpha and took a thick plunger, filled with an aphrodisiac. He jabbed the blunt plunger into Jin's opening and emptied the contents inside before stuffing a plug into his hole. Seokjin stopped shaking as soon as the cold liquid entered his anus.  Jimin then injected something into his buttcheeks. 

Seokjin soon figured out what Jimin had done. He had loaded his body with aphrodisiacs. His hole was aching, needy for something. And his groin was on fire. His dick was erect without any stimulus. He kept shaking against his restraints, muffled cries and tears freely flowing. 

Jimin bent to look at Jin and asked him, "you need to cum right?".

Jin just tearfully nodded.

Jimin smiled and ruffled his hair. He then arranged a machine behind Jin's needy hole. It was an 8-inch dildo attached to a stick. The guard switched it on and soon the machine was puncturing into Jin's gut at a steady speed. 

Image result for sitting

"I want you to leave this on while pleasuring him. Make sure he cums sufficiently. I want you to milk him dry"

Jin saw the guard wheel another machine in front of his face. It was a huge transparent can with two tubes attached to it. Suddenly Jin realized what it was and attempted to look at his own chest. But the position of his head and hands prevented him from doing so.

Jimin knelt and looked at his terror-filled eyes and spoke, "Yes it's exactly what you think it is. It's for cows like you. The formula that doctor-nim injected into you is a special chemical developed by the scientists at our research center for inducing milk in Omegas. It's used in hospitals and even brothels. We combined it with some enlargment and a hormonal cocktail additionally. The current version of it will soon release in the market, but you are so lucky, you get to try it out first!!".

He grabbed one of Jin's engorged breasts and slapped it. Instantly Seokjin was aware of how heavy they had gotten. Initially, he thought it was only the ordinary fatty tissue in a breast, but now he realized that it was because he was full. His breasts were full. 

At the instructions of Jimin, the guard put the wide cone-shaped part over Jin's chocolate brown nipple. He pressed the bulb and attached the cone to his engorged nub.

Soon the machine whirred to life and his tits were aching. The pump was  set at the highest setting, but nothing came out of his boobs. 

"Let's leave it here for a bit. It will work wonders", Jimin said and gave further instructions before leaving Seokjin at the mercy of those betas and the machines.


Seokjin was sure that if hell existed, this was it. His hole was clenched around the mechanical dildo that continued to nail his prostrate, the pleasure was ticklish but now it was just painful. His insides were sore and he was pretty sure his prostrate was sore too. The worse part was the betas. Their warm, wet caverns milking his cock efficiently. His penis was overstimulated and every time he thought he was spent, he kept leaking thin streams of sperm. His breasts hadn't formed any milk but it was aching and swollen. Thankfully one of the betas had set it on the lowest setting out of mercy, but it still ached nevertheless.

Just three hours into the whole ordeal and Seokjin fainted. He woke up two hours later to a warm, wet mouth blowing his cock for the nth time. He couldn't protest thanks to the gag, the only form of rebellion coming in the form of tears.

He had run out of it all, tears, cum and sweat. His mouth was dry and all he wanted was some water and a blanket to sleep in.

All he could think about was Jungkook. How Jungkook held him when the thunder was too loud. How Jungkook used to read to him before they slept at night. He knew he wasn't supposed to think of the Alpha in those ways, but at least Jungkook had never violated him like this... He had not been penetrated by any other Alpha as he feared, but he felt terribly violated, but he couldn't really be violated if he enjoyed it and came so much right?

The hot suction around his balls and a tongue at his rim at where the machine was splitting his hole open, brought his attention back to the throbbing arousal building up slowly.  These Betas were too damn efficient at their job! 

By the fifth hour, Jin suddenly felt like someone had stabbed his nubs with a pin.  One beta set the pumping machine on the highest setting before massaging the area around his teats. Soon enough Jin was leaking milk as well. He could not see it, but he fell into a catatonic, vacant state. He stopped moving his limbs and struggling. He just lay limp, letting his body respond on its own to the stimulus around it. He could feel his breasts leak and he felt a warmth spread through his spine as he imagined the times when Jungkook held him and told him how he wanted his children to have Seokjin's lips. He didn't understand why he was remembering the Alpha and his dead mother so often after being tortured by Jimin, but somehow only they seemed to pop up into his brains. He couldn't even remember what Hoseok looked like. As the beta coaxed his latest orgasm out of him, his eyes rolled back as he came with a heave. Then he hung limp, drooling, mind broken as he barely remembered anything and just lost himself to his arousal. 

He felt like a nymphomaniac Omega high on the euphoria of being invaded by an Alpha cock during heat. His body was no longer under his control. He ended up cumming and then accidentally pissing himself silly as one beta sucked at his cock. The most disgusting part of the beta was the way he was slobbering over his cock, drinking his ejaculate and piss. Seokjin didn't even find the energy to be ashamed of his broken state anymore.


Someone slapped his face gently and Seokjin opened his eyes to find his hands bound and his body wrapped in a robe. His nipples were clamped with a tight clip. He looked around and realized he was in front of a large computer. Jimin sat next to him and smiled, "Good morning. Let's see your performance now shall we?".

Seokjin didn't react much, his eyes glassy and unreactive. Jimin signaled for Jin to look at the screen and he played a video.

"I just wanted to show you what I sent your older brother. After all, doesn't Hoseok deserve to know what his brother has been upto"

These words evoked a reaction from Jin. He gasped and curled up as Jimin played the video of his entire time in the basement. It was bits and pieces, but when he saw the part from where the video focused on his backside as he was strapped, that's when Jin shivered in disgust and humiliation. 

His hole looked pink and puffy as the machine thrusted into him relentlessly. His hole was clenching around the dildo.... God he was really a slut.. Seokjin couldn't take it anymore and retched to the side of his chair, before fainting and falling off the chair.


"You really did a number on him Jimin-ah. The poor boy is terribly stressed", Sora said softly as she felt Jin's forehead.

"I couldn't help it. Jin hurt Jungkookie"

"He's very delicate Jimin. You weren't supposed to break him like this. I'm not able to find any emotion or thoughts. He's gone into a sort of mental coma, his wolf hiding, afraid of feeling or living through the trauma again. Punishment is different, but I've never seen anything like this....", Sora exclaimed.

"Get Jungkook here. Only he can at least bring his wolf back. Then I can start healing him and erasing his mental torture. I've fixed him physically, but what's the use if Jin never wakes up again hmm?", she asked.

So Jimin left the Alpha in Sora's care and brought Jungkook in the evening.

"Seokjin was knocked out because of the shock of seeing you injured, so Her Holiness had to patch him up. She said only you can bring his life force back", Jimin gently explained.

But somehow Jungkook knew his father. He knew Jimin was behind this. There was no way Jin was injured because he was very much awake and even spoke to him before he passed out. However, he decided to be patient and just go with it, after all at least Jin was alive. He knew his father's legendary temper and knew how easily provoked the man was. Jin was lucky to only have passed out. The only victim of his torture that Jungkook had ever seen was an amputee who had stolen from the company. He would never forget the way the once functional man ended up without an arm and couldn't talk... Usually, all victims killed themselves in shame because Jimin broke them entirely before he actually "punished" anyone.

Seokjin looked like an angel. His skin glowing, his plump lips looking pink and attractive as usual. His brown hair swept neatly to one side. Jungkook sighed in relief as he realized the Alpha was bodily intact.

"Leave the room both of you. I want to be alone please", Jungkook said softly as he brushed aside Jin's bangs from his eyes.

Sora and Jimin left, but not before Sora insisted Jungkook should feed herbed water to Jin as soon as he woke up.

"Hyung, I love you so much, but I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you against my father", Jungkook said sincerely as he held the soft hands of his Alpha. He bent down and nosed at Jin's neck, inhaling the beautiful floral scent that was purely Seokjin. He gently kissed his cheek and kept rubbing Jin's palm with his thumb.

Seokjin whimpered and slowly opened his eyes as soon as he smelled Jungkook's manly musky scent and felt his warm thumb rubbing the top of his palm. At first he couldn't quite makeout Jungkook's face but soon his eyes cleared up to see the Alpha sitting right there, smiling warmly.

"Jungkook?", he asked in shock as he touched his face with his fingertips.

"Seokjinnie", Jungkook cooed back in response.

Jin shot out of the bed and jumped into the Alpha's open-wide arms. He hugged him but removed his arms from Jungkook's back when he heard the Alpha hiss in pain and he felt the bandage under his fingertips.

 Seokjin rested his nose against jungkook's collarbones and inhaled the clean scent emanating from there. He stayed still and closed his eyes, letting his wolf take over. His partly floppy ears and his tail came forth as he relaxed in the Alpha's firm but warm grip. " don't ever scare me like that again or do something stupid to save someone like me", Jin said softly, his voice sounding sweeter than ever. 

" if I have to do that, again and again, I would do it only for you Jinnie", Jungkook said as he gently fondled one ear with his palm and stroked Jin's soft hair. 

" please never do that to me again.... Unless .... If you really want to go back home I will set you free. I can't hold you ever again and force you this way if you are going to hurt yourself like this. I thought you would love me back but it's ok if you don't. Maybe I'll never be able to make you happy the way Yoongi Hyung does-", Jungkook said his voice heavy with emotion.

"Jungkook please don't say this. You have understood me far better than anybody could, I just never gave you a chance because of the way you tried to acquire me. Your methods were wrong but I wouldn't blame you for using it because the truth is I would have never given you a chance. But Jungkook I want to confess that I have begun to like you. I only want to give you a chance if you promised never to leave me alone and run away the way you left me alone for a ....for a while earlier", Jin said looking away, a gentle blush spilling across his cheeks. 

" you don't need to say this to me if you don't like me. I will protect you against my father and set you free. Your pain could never be my pleasure. I would rather kill myself than let you lose your wolf Forever", Jungkook said honestly as he stared into the Alpha's eyes, his own filled brimming with pain and love. 

" what's done has been done, we both can't change the truth", Jin confessed softly, touching his own chest as if reminding Jungkook he was changed in ways he couldn't control.

" Hyung, don't worry. I will employ the best surgeons to fix your chest. You don't need to live with this. This was never my intention. I just wanted you to love me but now I realize forcing someone would never make me happy. I can't stand to feel your pain and see you by my side if you don't want to be there. I will set you free I promise. You can go back home to your parents and live the life you lived earlier. I promise no harm will befall you if you truly choose to leave me", Jungkook promised as he held the Alpha's cheek and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

" no jungkook. You have made me realise some fundamental truths. Had you told me this a month ago I would have agreed and probably Gone home, but this past month I've realised that your unconventional methods made me face a reality I always never acknowledged? I think I've finally accepted that being a feminine Alpha is not something I should be ashamed of... People always made fun of me including Yoongi. Nobody ever told me it was ok to be me, it sounds very cliched but the truth is I feel far more liberated than ever. I will never probably forgive your father for putting me through Hell in the last 24 hours. He damaged me and broke me from within. I will have my revenge in my own way. I hope you can protect your father against me", Jin said his eyes glassy in anger, trembling as he remembered the things Jimin put him through. 

" Hush, let us talk these things later. For now I just want to hold you even if you want to leave tomorrow I just want to hold you today and thank my stars that you are here with me and we are ok just for a little while", Jungkook murmured against Jin's lavender smelling silky hair. 

" Jungkook I want to give you a chance because you understood me and made me explore possibilities that were closed earlier. My family truly never loved me and always called me an abomination. Going back to that seems worse than death. I can't live my life as a caged Alpha anymore. I want to be free without being judged and force into another box. I realize being feminine is known as bad at everyone convinced me it was. This sound so cliched, maybe it's my Stockholm syndrome playing out, but I want to give you a chance to love me without our past interfering in our present. I want to give you the chance that I always only gave Yoongi.", Jin said hiding his face into Jungkook's shirt, his words coming out a bit muffled.

"Jinnie, you can decide those things tomorrow. But for now, I want you to drink this water and rest. Maybe tomorrow will be different, but I want us to be together in this moment even if it for a few seconds. I love you and I'll always love you and even if you don't love me back, your freedom of choice and happiness is the only thing I desire from you.", Jungkook confessed honestly.

He made the Alpha drink the revival potion and some water and then gently wiped Jin's lower lip with his thumb.

" Jungkookie, I promise not to leave you for a little while. If I do leave I will tell you and leave", Jin pouted as he looked from beneath his dark long lashes and gave Jungkook a soft but broken smile. 

" let's get some sleep my darling. We both need it. We can discuss this tomorrow I promise", Jungkook said as he lay with Jin, embracing him, engulfing the petite Alpha amidst his powerful biceps. 

Seokjin burrowed himself into the Alpha's chest and soon fell asleep, his fist gripping the sides of Jungkook's shirt as if afraid he would disappear again.

Jungkook slowly pulled himself away from the sleeping wolf and tucked him fully into the thick comforter. He gave the Alpha one long look of love but turned away. He knew the new day would bring a different Seokjin, a one that would reject him and call him out for the rapist that he was...

"Removing his memories is terribly invasive, but I can't let my Jin suffer with what my dad did to him. I want him to choose me irrespective of what my father did. I don't want him to ever live with the trauma. Please take care of him mother", Jungkook cried and confessed to Sora. She nodded and promised she would heal Jin.


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Chapter Text

TRIGGER WARNINGS: MENTIONS OF BLOOD, HOMOPHOBIC SLURS, INSULTS (This was used only in accordance with the story. The author does not accept or promote homophobia. ). 



Kim Hoseok was pacing up and down the hall. He had received the video of his brother from The Parks. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the wretched bitch of his brother would attract such a prosperous household like the Parks. They were everyone's wet dream. The richest clan in Korea and there was a large gap between the Parks and the Min's. How the hell did Seokjin manage to snag Jungkook out of all the Alpha's. The little minx had outdone Hoseok's expectations. 

However, Hoseok couldn't digest the fact his brother, a despicable, wretched Alpha had fallen so low, he had become the Parks slut.. His friends and coworkers would insult their family if they knew that their Alpha son was the Park's sex slave. Who cared about the money and fame that the Park's would bring to their family? 

Their honor was tainted because fucking Seokjin couldn't keep his dick in his pants. God he would kill that bastard. 

Hoseok wouldn't admit to the fact that the video of his gay brother being tortured turned him on. He had even cum to the video of the guard spanking his brother's pathetic excuse of a cock.
"Seokjin's hole even looked like a pussy, not that I could help myself. I'm only a man after all", he thought, brushing aside any sort of guilt or perversion towards the act.

"Ah that faggot!", Hoseok thundered as he told his father all about the video. Hoseok deleted the video as soon as he watched it twice. He could never bear it if any family member saw the horror he saw. 

"That pathetic slut spread his legs and now he's with Jungkook living in the Parks house. That's why you weren't able to contact him mother", Hoseok said angrily, his angry scent filling the room. 

His mother and father reacted quite differently. 

His father was the first to react, "My Seokjinnie! I knew he'd be my lucky charm. I just knew my Jinnie would be destined to greatness. He's my lucky charm! Yunhee-ya !! Your son has brought us so much luck!", He said in joy gesturing to Jin's mother.

"Now we just have to pray that Jinnie gets mated to Jungkook. Then we will rest in peace", his mother smiled warmly.

"Don't you care THAT HE'S A FAGGOT??", Hoseok screamed angrily. 

"Hobi! You don't dare talk to me like that to your father. ", Yunhee exclaimed in shock.

"You will not ruin this!", Jin's father exclaimed in anger as he gripped the sleeve of his oldest son's shirt. 

"An alliance with the Parks is like an alliance with God. You better swallow the fact Jin is soon going to be Jungkook's husband"

"More like sex slave. You think Seokjin is going to become Park Jungkook's husband? That's the most delusional thing I've ever heard!", Hoseok shouted again. 

"The Park's are far too respectable to let an Alpha live with their son unless it means Jungkook is trying to mate Jin", Kim Yongguk inferred. 

"Infact if I predict, we must be receiving an invitation to their mating anytime soon", Yongguk said. 

Hoseok was simmering. Things weren't supposed to go like this. Yongguk was supposed to disown Jin and his mother was supposed to be crying in shame. Why was Yongguk so happy over his son turning out to be a bitch boy! He was furious!

"Just wait till you get the news Jin is Jungkook's sex slave. There's no way the Park's would mate their diamond of a son Jungkook with someone that wretched like Jin!", Hoseok thought.


 "Jungkookie", Seokjin blushed in glee as he noticed the Alpha stared at him from above when he barely woke up. 

The sleep evident lacing his voice as his hair stuck out in all directions. He looked beyond adorable and sounded well-rested. 

After all Sora had erased all the parts of Seokjin's memory that contained Jimin beating him up. She also managed to remove the effect of Jimin's drugs and bring Jin's body back to normal. Only his piercings reminded intact. 

"Jungkookie", Seokjin whimpered breathily as he reached out to the Alpha and hugged him tightly. 

"I'm so happy to see you're alive. I love you. Please don't do that to me ever again!", He said softly pouting. 

Jungkook couldn't believe his ears. Seokjin had finally.. accepted him? Did Sora do anything other than remove his trauma? ?

"You love me? Seokjin don't play with my heart!", Jungkook insisted, mortified.

" Well...  I don't know okay! I saw you hit the wall and my life flashed before my eyes. I don't think I could have lived on if anything happened to you JK! If this is love, then I love you. I need time, but I need you by my side. You're really important to me", Jin confessed as Jungkook tucked a strand of hair behind his ears.

"So will you give me a chance to woo you? Date you? Make you mine?", Jungkook asked eagerly as he held the Alpha's hand.

"I think a big part of my heart already belongs to you. ", Jin said honestly. 

But now he realized that his wolf had chosen Jungkook's wolf as his mate and it would not live without the Alpha. He had no strength to put his wolf through any more pain so he stopped fighting it and decided to give into it and see what happened. After all didn't he give an Alpha like Min Yoongi a chance...

Then he touched his chest as he felt fidgety, and then realized that his chest was flat as it was initially. 

He opened his shirt in shock and began to touch it in disbelief and realized he had piercings.He tried his best to remember what had happened, but he didn't seem to remember anything.

"Jungkook when did I get this? Also wasn't my chest misshapen? What happened!!?", He said, voice laced with panic. 

"Hyung! I took you to our healer and she removed the problems caused by the medicines! But don't you remember that you had made me to pierce you during rut? You begged you to let me mark you, and you agreed to piercings because your nipples are extra sensitive and a big erogenous spot! Don't you remember this part of your rut!?", Jungkook asked with full confidence. 

Jungkook knew that Alpha's rarely remembered their ruts and pretty much decided to use this excuse to convince Jin to stay pierced. There was no way he would allow Jin to remove those cute piercings especially since they made him so sensitive and he looked as if he were the property of Jungkook.

Seokjin just meekly nodded and concluded he must've done something this foolish. After all, he was pretty incoherent during ruts. 

"Oh... Okay...."

"I have asked my parents to meet yours... Let's meet your family and you can decide what you want to do", Jungkook said honestly.

Seokjin seemed terribly distressed at these words, his scent turning sour. 

"Not my parents Kookie. They shouldn't see me like this", Seokjin whimpered.

 "Hey it's okay", Jungkook said and grabbed the back of the Alpha's neck and brought him close, scenting his smooth jaw line. 

Seokjin pushed the Alpha against the headboard and straddled him. He ground their fronts against one another, feeling Jungkook's bigger member harden against his own. He scented Jungkook, laying limp and getting scent drunk off him. 

"Please don't tell them Kookie. My father will hate me and kick me out of the house", Seokjin sighed unhappily.

Slowly, almost unconsciously he began to grind his nether regions against Jungkook's own.

"Not here Jinnie. Let's go home first. You don't want to make Sora Eomma's bed messy do you", Jungkook growled. 

Seokjin came out of his daze and looked stunned.

"I'm sorry Kookie! I didn't mean to do that to you", he whispered highly embarrassed.

Jungkook manhandled the Alpha and threw him over his shoulder.

"Please hand his medicines and instructions to my assistant. I will look after him. Thank you for your help as always", Jungkook told Sora. 

The drive back was a quiet one, Seokjin just staring out of the window, sticking his hands out and feeling the wind. Jungkook on the other hand, was texting and giving instructions to his array of servants to ensure that Seokjin got a grand welcome back to his mansion. 

They stopped infront of Jungkook's 20-roomed mansion. It was equipped with a Jacuzzi, sauna, an indoor and outdoor pool, a home gym, theatre. It had every amenity possible. Unknown to Jin, it also had a special nursery built close to Jungkook's room. Jungkook had altered his mansion in the hope that Seokjin would one day bear his cubs. 

"This room is yours!", Jungkook said as he showed Jin a large room next to his own..
The walls were painted pastel pink, and the bed was huge and covered on all four sides. The furniture was white in accordance with the theme of the room. The room had a wide balcony as well. The bathrooms were humungous.

"You'll mostly be in my room, but I created this space for you for those times you want seclusion", Jungkook explained.

"This is too much JK! I don't deserve this. I nearly killed you!", Jin said tearing up. Jungkook was too considerate towards him, he couldn't handle it.

"Hyung, always remember, I'd do anything for you! Just tell me and consider it done!"Jungkook promised.


Seokjin was terribly nervous. He wore a white suit with a veil with a floral crown made of orchids and a corsage taped to his suit. He kept on squeezing Jungkook's hand in anticipation.

"I'm so scared Kookie. You have no idea!", Seokjin confessed. His scent smelled of utter distress, he looked pale in worry as well. However, Jimin was insistent that the duo met Seokjin's parents and carried out an informal exchange and the rituals for the first meeting ceremony between an Alpha and an Omega.

"It's only a formality. If you don't want to mate with me and go back to your parents, I promise to make it happen baby", Jungkook reassured the nervous Alpha.

"Jungkook, my parents will get angry if they see this! I don't even look like an Alpha anymore... My father used to hit me when I wore pink as a schoolchild-", Seokjin's words stopped at his throat as Jungkook grabbed his body and pulled him closer, kissing the Alpha's forehead gently.

"I promise you, if any of them even raise their hand at you, they will end up amputated", Jungkook said softly but firmly.

Seokjin shrunk as he began to overthink and burrowed into Jungkook's side, scenting the Alpha and trying to stop his heart from beating too fast.

"They will be here any moment, why don't you drink some tea and we can proceed with preliminary discussions", Jimin smiled and told Kim Yongguk in a soft melodious tone.

"I would rather get to the point of Mr. Park. As I've been informed earlier, Seokjin has been living here with your son for a few months..."

"Yes and they plan to mate in a month's time. They fell in love and have been living together for a few months now. I know Seokjin didn't contact you, but that was for maintaining the privacy of the location of our estate-"

"Ah it's okay! Jinnie isn't the type to be clingy and contact us all the time", Yongguk cut in and told him, smiling warmly.

"This bastard. He doesn't even care about his son. He doesn't deserve to be a father!", Jimin thought in anger. However, outwardly he continued to smile and be polite towards Jin's parents.

"I hope Seokjin chose after a lot of thinking and didn't take a random decision", Yunhee suddenly spoke.

Jimin froze. Af course Seokjin was his mother's boy, no wonder only she could detect the truth behind this proposal.

"Madame, you must be rest assured we have taken very good care of your son. He's like our own son, we ensured that Jungkook didn't harm him or force him through anything if that's what you...", Taehyung let the silence hang in the air before Yunhee spoke again.

"No Mrs. Park, I just asked. Because Seokjinnie sends me a lot of pictures if he's involved in events and he hadn't contacted me in ages. Whenever I tried to call his phone, it was switched off which is why I was worried like any parent should be..."

"I totally understand your worries Mrs. Kim, but Seokjin was quite carried away, as you see my son tends to get a bit possessive at times. Besides, we didn't allow him to call anyone because of security issues.", Jimin spoke curtly.

"Ah my darling Yunhee-ya, you worry too much about Jinnie. She's forgetting Seokjin is 26 years old haha", Yongguk said as he acted happy.

"Looks like they have arrived", Taehyung said softly as he heard Jin's heartbeat ridiculously fast as he walked through the entrance.

First Jungkook entered the living room. He looked grand, overpowering, arrogant and strong like the heir of a multimillionaire company looked. He wore a large feather cape hand-woven out of silk and pure fur. It was made out of patched work and studded with rubies at the frills of the cape. He wore a black silk shirt underneath, cut at the collarbones which gave a sultry yet commanding aura. His pants were fitted without a single crease and the edges of his boots were covered in pure gold. It was extravagant and dramatic for such a small event, but it was expected when an Alpha (especially of a powerful clan) were to meet his Omega for the first time. He was tall with powerful thick eyebrows and expressive doe eyes. He looked extremely handsome.

"Jungkook-hyung is a true prince mama", Hoseok's seven-year-old daughter, Minhee cooed softly. Hoseok's partner, Yoonji, only held onto her daughter and silenced her with a scary look.

"Thank you Minhee", Jungkook smiled, his two dimples warmly shining through the room. Nobody was able to say anything in front of this manly, powerful Alpha.

"So.... Where's Seokjin", Yunhee broke the silence as she asked hesitantly.

"I will bring him. He seems to be rather afraid of your reactions", Jungkook said and went back into the hallways to bring the older.

Soon enough he was walking into the room, his fingers intertwined in Seokjin's slim fingers. Seokjin looked down as he entered with his veil covering his face. He was clearly trembling as he held onto one of Jungkook's palm with both his hands. This was a pose Omegas often took when they needed to feel safe when threatened.

Somehow looking at Jin under a veil, made Hoseok's blood boil. He couldn't believe this petite, tiny waisted figure with wide hips was his own brother in blood and flesh.

Jungkook carefully lifted the veil and pushed it backward. He arranged Jin's bangs and carefully brushed away the excess bits from his eyes. It looked as if he were treating a porcelain doll, not a human being. Yunhee smiled as she saw the amount of affection Jungkook put into this simple act. There was no doubt he would cherish her son and take very good care of him!!

Jungkook held Jin's cheek and gazed into his eyes until he looked the other way shyly. Jungkook gave him a peck on his cheek and finally moved aside to let the audience look at him.

Minhee was the first to gasp.
"Seokjinnie!! You look too pretty", she said shamelessly.

Indeed Seokjin looked like a beautiful, delicate beauty. His suit was made out of pure white silk. The entire bodice was inlaid with real pearls and crystals. The cuffs had diamond buttons and his shoes were pure leather white lined with pure gold. Seokjin's figure was fuller, his bottom had grown rounder and his pants, fit exactly to display the shape and beauty of his globes. His face had a healthy look to it, his eyes sparkling, his skin was practically shining. Yunhee was utterly shocked, because she had never seen her son look so beautiful and healthy.

Seokjin also wore makeup, his eyes lined with eyeliner and his eyelids with glitter and colors. His lips practically shone on its own with perfectly applied gloss and his hair was cut with long bangs. He looked like an angel lighting the room.

Hoseok was mentally simmering. Seokjin looked like a prostitute with all that makeup. He looked like a cheap Omega whore. He always thought the Parks would never mate with this piece of shit, but now seeing how they had splurged on Jin and how keen they were to keep him, it seemed like his parents were right after all. And that's what he didn't like....

Seokjin wanted to go hug his mother, but one look at his brother's face sent him right next to Jungkook.

"As you can see, Jin is well cared for, and jungkook loves him very much. Our son wants to mate with your son and he wants to do it only if Jin feels the same. But before all this, we wanted to meet your family. We wanted to let you know us, so in case you disapproved of Jungkook, we would not press this matter onto you...", Taehyung said.

"NO WAY, I mean no ma'am. What are you saying?", Yongguk said, acting as if rejecting Jungkook was the worst sin.

"Our  family is beyond honored to have met such a decent, loving family. As a parent, the only thing I would want for my son is a loving partner and a family acceptive of him. Throughout his teenage-hood, our son was always bullied for making non-stereotypical choices as an Alpha. Initially, I tried my best to make Jin understand the society in the way we see it, but I realized that my son never fit into a box. He is always different and that's what makes him so special. Even if there is no way he makes his way but still does what he wants. But before all this, I would like to talk to him alone. It's been ages since I've held my own son", Yunhee replied.

Jimin nodded and replied, "Then feel free to talk for as long as you want. My family will be waiting for you at the estate lunch hall. The driver will wait outside and escort you. Take your time"

Saying so the trio left the room.

"Seokjin-ah!", Yunhee wept and held her son, tears wetting his jacket.

The Alpha kept crying as well, holding onto his mother.

"Today you have made us very proud!", Yongguk said smiling.

Jin couldn't believe his ears. All his life his father had only scolded him and punished him for his behaviour. After all even his father was immune to the promise of money and power.

"Actually I still want time to court jungkook and decide-", Seokjin began.

"Are you foolish. Seokjin, there is no way you will refuse this mating. Jungkook is far more liberal with you than any normal Alpha would be. Besides, after the world comes to know that you were with Jungkook there is no way any Omega will offer themselves to our family. You are already quite old and if this continues you will end up unmated", Yongguk reasoned firmly.

"But Abeoji-"

"There is no buts! The Parks have shown us far more decency and manners than other clans. Our family is at the bottom rung of Chaebols. Nobody will mate with you Seokjin. And you will die early if unmated. You have no choice but to go through with this. I'm sorry, but if you refuse to mate with Jungkook, then I will be forced to suspend all funding your college and I won't be able to pay your fees anymore. You can also live outside the house and find your way.", Yongguk threatened.

Seokjin felt like his world collapsed. Till now he had never felt a pressure to like Jungkook, but now with everyone forcing it upon him, he couldn't withdraw from it even if he wanted to. He fell down on his knees in shock.

"Come on, Seokjin-ah. I know you feel like this marriage is forced. But we both know that at this point, Park Jungkook is a highly eligible Alpha. He's smart, loves you who cares about you and is clearly crazy about you. I don't see why you cannot mate with him. Don't let fear cloud your judgement, as your mother I feel he is the best groom you could get. GO ahead Jinnie!! ", His mother smiled cutely and ruffled her son's hair.

"Okay you go ahead with brother, I will come in a bit", Seokjin said softly.

"Don't make us ashamed of you in the future like this", Hoseok said, his eyes shining red in anger. Seokjin couldn't put a name to it, but it was as if his brother was possessed by some demon. He could feel his brother's uneasiness and anger, penetrating the room. He let out a long, deep breath as his family exited the room.

Was this it? The day he stepped into this estate was the last day of his life as an Alpha, Seokjin should've realized that what Jungkook wanted, he ALWAYS got....


As expected of the Parks, lunch was a magnanimous affair. It was a large spread and too extravagant. All sorts of cuisines were cooked and dessert was a special pie made by Jin. 

"After all, Jin will soon be a part of your family! Won't he!", Yongguk smiled as he cut a piece of pie.

"Ah but first let's hear our Jinnie's decision on it", Jimin smiled and said. 


"Af course he accepts. He spoke to us and conveyed how overjoyed he felt living with Jungkook. He's very happy to have gotten the honor of mating with someone as virile, I mean as compassionate as Jungkook", Yongguk cuts in. 

"Is that truly your decision?", Taehyung asks looking at Jin. 

Seokjin looked at his father. Till now he had never gotten one praise or a word of acknowledgment from anyone but his mother. But now, his father's eyes were shining in hope. Even arch enemies like Yoonji and his mother were holding each other's hands, waiting for his decision. Till now, Jungkook had only time and again proven he wanted to be a good Alpha for Seokjin, so why was Seokjin pushing it and making things difficult for everyone. 


So he let out a sigh and says, "yes it is."

Instantly his family pounced on him. his mother hug them tightly while his father shook hands with Park jimin. 

"So why don't we hold the engagement ceremony right away. Why do we have to wait for any more time when our children have been united already. ", Taehyung said with a gentle smile. 

"Sure why not!", Yunhee replied too enthusiastically!

Seokjin didn't want this. He didn't want to marry Jungkook just yet, he didn't want to become Jungkook's mate. But here was his mother, pushing the whole thing. His father was happy than ever, smiling. His brother didn't seem too happy, but the rest of the family was overjoyed. How could Seokjin kill the mood or refuse? Besides Jungkook was quite vocal about wanting him, so he could give him one chance. 

"But mating is for life!", Jin thought in panic, as his mother brought him face to face with the Alpha. She held out his hand and before he realized it, Jungkook slid a ring on his finger

As Jin slid the ring onto Jungkook's finger, he couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. As if Jungkook noticed, he looked right into the Alpha's eyes, smiling his familiar bunny smile. Seokjin looked away. While the rest of the world thought he was shy, the truth was he was confused and somewhere a bit angry , at himself for following through with this mating for his parent's sake.

"This is for our future son-in-law!", Taehyung said cheerily as he gave Jin a box of jewelry.

"Mr. Kim let's discuss a few deals in my study", Jimin smiled as he gestured towards his study.

Amidst all this chaos, one person seemed angered. Kim Hoseok was a simmering cauldron. He couldn't believe that the Parks even put a ring on it! He couldn't believe they had extended their unconditional support to Seokjin. Weren't Alpha X Alpha couples outlawed in society? How dare the Parks institutionalize such abominations and normalize them in society. Seokjin was a freak and his parents were supposed to hate him! NOT HONOR HIM LIKE THIS!

Seokjin was sitting on the couch, still in shock over the fact he was engaged to Jungkook. He kept staring at the ring blankly, unable to believe he was set to get married. Suddenly there was a strong grip around his neck, the hand choking him. Jin gurgled, scratching helplessly at the thick hand which was choking him. He soon stopped fighting and nearly passed out when someone pulled the assailant away from him. 

Seokjin looked in shock as his fiancee,  Jungkook ripped his older brother, Kim Hoseok's mating mark away and bit into his poor brother's shoulder, leaving an open, gaping bloody wound. 

"How dare you lay your hands on my mate!", Jungkook said, his eyes going pitch black. He stood up holding Hoseok by his neck, dangling him in the air.

"HOW DARE YOU", Jungkook screamed, his eyes now glowing an opaque black. 

A servant instinctively took Minhee away from the scene, telling her the adults were having a long meeting. Yoonji fell on her knees looking at her husband, wiggling in the air like an earthworm. 

Seokjin was dumbfounded. He never expected his own brother to attempt to kill him, but more than that, he had never seen Jungkook so angry. Looking at his strength now made him realize that Jungkook had truly never shown this feral, wild side to Seokjin. He had concealed it from him entirely. He had never expected his own brother to attempt to murder him, but more than that, Jungkook's reaction to it was driving his wolf crazy. 

"Either Hoseok dies or you attend the wedding as a family", Jungkook thundered. 

"What?", Yongguk asked in shock. 

"Either you let your son live or you attend Seokjin's wedding. Your family will never be allowed to my wedding if Hoseok stays alive",Jungkook said. 

"please leave Hoseok-ssi", Yoonji cried. 

"He made a mistake! But he's the father of Minhee. Please give him a chance to be alive. None of us will come for your wedding", Yoonji cried. 

"Done. None of you will come for my wedding with Seokjin", Jungkook said and threw Hoseok across the room, into the glass cupboard. 

"Take them to the hospital and ensure they get home safely", Jimin told his chief attender. 

As everyone was leaving the room, Yunhee came towards Seokjin and hugged him tightly. 

"Eomma, I'll see you soon I promise", Seokjin cried into her shoulder, hugging her tightly. Yunhee kissed the top of his head and then went to Jungkook. 

"What you have with you  is more precious than anything on this planet. Please never makes my son cry. I am leaving my son in your care. Seokjin is my everything, please take good care-"

"Before you, Jin  is my everything. He means more than life itself. I love him too much to let him go. I'm sorry for taking him away from you.", Jungkook softly replied, holding the old lady's hands in his own. 


 Jungkook was a nervous man. He was afraid of Seokjin's reaction to the unfortunate incident that took place in the afternoon. He was afraid that Seokjin would think of him as a monster. He walked into his room in anticipation. 

However before he could look for Seokjin, he felt a pair of arms snaking around his waist and someone tightly hugging him. 

"Jinnie?", He asked, unable to believe Seokjin was hugging him out of his own desire. 

"You are too good to me", the alpha wept as he cried into Jungkook's cape. 

"Are you mad? You deserved to be loved and cherished", Jungkook said fondly, as he spun around and hugged the shorter Alpha. 

"Hoseokie hates me. Was I wrong to be like this?", Jin whispered, his voice sounding really broken. 

"No you deserve the best. Your brother should have learnt better. I am sorry you had to see this day. Nobody deserves this", Jungkook said.

Seokjin just sunk to the ground on his knees, his eyes shining red. His wolf was thirsty, lusting for Jungkook. 

He hated how he had become, a needy bitch, every ready for Jungkook's Alpha cock, his body automatically responding to the musky scent emitting from Jungkook's pubes. 

Jungkook was shocked at the way Seokjin pulled off his pants in one swipe. He removed Jungkook's underwear and began to suck his semi-hard member. 

Jungkook ran his fingers through Seokjin's silky hair and held his cheek, looking at him in shock. 

"You're not angry? I thought you hated me", he said, still in shock that Seokjin had initiated such a sexual act between them. 

"No. I tried my best, but you're too good to me. Only you'll accept me as I am. Only you will protect me from the world. I love you", Seokjin said, crying and hating how fake those words sounded. But he couldn't help it. Without Jungkook, he was nothing. He was a whore, but atleast he belonged to only one man, the most powerful man in all of Korea. If he was out on the streets, anyone could rape him. After this ordeal, there was no way he could dominate an Omega the way Alpha's were supposed to. Who would love such a broken toy? He had no choice but to love the only man who had protected him and accepted him as he were. 

"I love you Park Jungkook. My wolf wants to mate with you", Seokjin lied. 

Jungkook fell for the ruse and instantly threw him on the bed. 

"Show me your wolf Jungkook", Seokjin demanded, his eyes shining red as his own came to fore. Seokjin couldn't control his wolf or hold it back anymore. It wanted to mate with this strong Alpha that had kept Seokjin safe from enemies like Hoseok. 

"But it will hurt you. It's wild Seokjinnie. I can't control it easily", he warned. 

"I don't care, show me. I want to connect with it", Seokjin's wolf demanded. 

So Jungkook took a deep breath and let his wolf rise. His eyes turned a deathly black and his long claws came out. 

Seokjin instantly bent down, touching his forehead to the bed, tilting his neck and exposing the plain, unmarked skin. 

Jungkook looked at him, as if inspecting his prey, his wolf delighted to see the Alpha's submission. More than an Omega submitting, the most delightful submission was an Alpha's. Seokjin's own wolf was out, his claws coming out as well, but they were cut by Jimin, hence they were blunt. 

Soon enough, Seokjin was folded into half, his anus being forced open by Jungkook's large cock, his hips bleeding as Jungkook dug his claws into Seokjin's sides. His ass stretched automatically around the intrusion, being used to the rough treatment meted out on him. 

Seokjin himself kept licking Jungkook's neck, howling, his wolf begging to mate. His fangs came out , but before he could bite the strong Alpha, Jungkook stuck his arm above his face so Seokjin ended up sinking his teeth into the man's arm, his wolf fooled into thinking it mated after tasting the blood of Jungkook. 

Seokjin passed out while being knotted, his body limp like a ragdoll as Jungkook's wolf took his fill off Seokjin's blood by biting into his shoulder, away from his scent glands. 

He fucked the unconscious man, and knotted him multiple times before finally sleeping.