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Am I Good Enough Now?

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He would be favored by Shinigami, Kami, and Yami.

He would rise from the ash of the forgotten.

With a thread of red that followed him from the pain and betrayal.

He will make the phoenix cries.

He will make the dragons bows.

He will make the wolf howls.

And the jaguar hiss.

He would be the titan of the main four.

With the clan of war holding him high to reach his goals.

with the betrayal forgotten behind.

The forgiven heart of gold.

All hail the sage of the main four.

Naruto always wondered if there was something wrong with him? Why won't his parents and siblings love him then? He had always wondered about everything and nothing, after all, he was always the black sheep of his family. Forgotten by his parents and hated by his sibling, he always thought that it was just an act or something, but somehow he knew he was wrong, after all, he was six, and he had long since passed the age of hoping and dreaming.

He was the youngest child of the Uzumaki-Namikaze house, but sometimes he wonders if he was one of them in the first place, he wondered if his real parents had died in the Kyuubi's attack or something. After all, a family never abandoned each other and always love one another, maybe it was just him he never knew the reason for his parents' neglect, his sibling sure, children rivalry, but his PARENTS? That just can't be it.

He was the youngest of four children, and sometimes he always asks himself if they hated him because he was a half-blood. (Half-blood is a child born from two Ninja's but he doesn't have a Chakra like his parents.)


The older brother around the age of 13 years old, he was practically a mini Minato with his look and skills, with his skills he was able to become a Chunin at the age of 11, though he is a little bit of arrogant about that, (Even when some were able to become an ANBU at his age.), but at least he was a kind-hearted to his family and friend, unfortunately that didn't include Naruto with the family thing.


The middle child of a 10 years old, he has their mother's hair color and their father's eyes color, he was the definition of an arrogant bastard, but he never shows that side to their parents, though he did in the academy he was always bringing trouble to the village with his tricks and pranks .

His twin Mito.

She was older than him by only a 13 minute, both of them are six, and Mito will enter the academy in a few months, she was a copy of Kushina but she is too much of a spoilt brat because she was the only female after their mother and was the hero of Konoha who had the Kyuubi sealed inside of her, (and it was said that she was the child of the prophecy). After all the Kyuubi did attack the day of their birth, though Menma and Mito always liked to blame the Kyuubi's attack on him being a half-blood, and he did believe them when he was a naive little 4 years old kid but he had stopped believing in his family for a long time now.

And lastly, there was him.

He has blue eyes and golden hair like his father and tan skin, though the only thing that had destroyed the image was the three whiskers mark on both of his cheeks, he had got them from the Kyuubi's attack, but some of the villagers if not all of them had thought he was the Kyuubi when they had seen his whiskers marks, so you could say he wasn't welcomed into the village either. his eyes had become dulled by the years that have come and goes they are not those sky blue of his father but icy blue, and his hair was a pale blond and his skin had turned pale from all of the starving and other things that happened to him in his short life.

Naruto remembers that he wasn't even named the day of his birth! It was only 'him', 'he', or his siblings' favorite 'half-blood'. That is why he had chosen the name 'Naruto' after all he had heard his parent going on and on about that 'Naruto' thing with a passion, and he somehow had wanted them to talk about him with passion too, so the idiot that he was he had taken it as his name in hope that his parents will notice him if he did, and how wrong he was, it only made his sibling hate him and hurt him even more, but even with that he had grown up to love his name because that was the only thing that he has as his own even if it had meant a 'fish-cake'. At least it is better than 'half-blood' so he always kept his mouth shut about it.

Naruto was in his room reading he was wearing a too big for him ripped shirt and short that was his father's at some point in his life. well, it wasn't room exactly he had took the bare basement as his room because his parents had told him so, "There wasn't a place for another room." they had said. Naruto had known that they were lying and trying to bullshit him, after all how in the name of the holy Kyuubi there is no more room for him in a fucking MANSION!

Well, that doesn't matter now, he had learned a long time ago to forget and forgive because they don't deserve a thing from him even if it was hate, and after all, he did read once in a book when he was young. "Forgiveness is the worst kind of revenge..." And to this day Naruto had taken this sentence as his guide and motto, even if it had hurt him. He didn't want to be like his parents and sibling when he grows up.

But he sometimes wonders. Was he good enough for them? Will they consider him a family if he had chakra? Will they ever love him one day?

Am I good enough?

"I DIDN'T DO IT!" Said Naruto as he looked at Kushina, who was holding Naruto's hand tightly nearly breaking it in half, Naruto wince in pain as she tightened her grip even more.

"DON'T YOU DARE! DON'T LIE IN MY FACE!" Kushina shrieked at him as she slapped him hard on the face, making him fly toward the wall and slammed into it.

Naruto felt his head hit the wall so hard that the wall had cracked behind him, Naruto vaguely wondered if he would have a concussion after a hit like that, he swallowed something that has an iron taste to it, great! Now he had lost one of his teeth and bitten his tongue so his mouth had become a bloody mess now.

Naruto could hear Mito's and Menma's laughing from behind their mother, he gives a soft growl and glare at the two. It was their FAULT! It wasn't him! Naruto was sitting behind the couch in the living room, reading one of the books he found about Taijutsu, after all, he had heard of a half-blooded person who had become a powerful Ninja only because he had mastered that art to its fullest. He had hoped that if he was able to master the Taijutsu he would be accepted into the academy, and maybe just maybe his parents would be proud of him.

Everything was going OK, it was calm. his father was in his office doing his work, his mother was out buying groceries, Arashi was on a mission, and Mito and Menma were out, so everything was good.

Or so he thought.

It turns out that Mito and Menma were in their parents' library, and what did they do you would ask, they have sat that damn place on FIRE! it seems like the two of them weren't able to do a thing to turn it off like they had to turn it on, so they start screaming and running to the living room, and their mother had come at that moment, only to see a crying Mito and scared Menma.

Kushina was able to rescue her 'babies' from the fire, but he won't say the same about the library, after all, it had burned to ashes. Every scroll, book, picture or letter! Had turn to ash, with no way to bring it back.

When Kushina had questioned them about it, let's just say that it was Naruto who was blamed for it, so now he was being hit and thrown around the room like a ragdoll because of those two.

"LOOK AT ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU!" Kushina yelled and come near him ready for another hit, Naruto looked at her with hurt eyes, did she believed in them and not him.

"Kushina! I am back!" Called Minato as he entered the house, a letter from Kushina had urging him to come back home right now, so he had come as fast as he can to see what was wrong.


The three of them called as they run to Minato when they did they told him what had happened. Naruto saw as his father's face turn red in anger and look at him, Naruto give a soft whimper at that, he saw his father walked to him until he reached him, once he did he griped him from the collar of his shirt and raise him in the air while glaring at him.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" Minato shout as he starts shaking Naruto, all the while Naruto was shaking his head 'No' with tears start falling down his face.

Minato growled at that, he dropped Naruto to the ground with a thud, after that he started dragging him by his hand until he reached the door.

Naruto was looking at his father with teary eyes, he had hoped that at least his father would believe in him after all his father was always calm and more rational in this family, but seeing his family like that, he could only imagine demons in their places.

Minato opened the door looking outside, with one last look he throws Naruto out of the door and glaring at him hatefully. "Never come back here." His father hissed at him. "You are no son of mine. Half-blood!" With that Minato slammed the door behind him.

Naruto stands outside gasping and sobbing at that, being called half-blood by his siblings had hurt, but being called that by his PARENTS! That was agony by itself.

Naruto had waited outside until the sun had set, he had hoped that his parents would come out and apologize after knowing the truth, but it seems like that was only a dream, and in Naruto's world dreams never came true.

With that Naruto stand up and look at the place he had once called home for one last time after that Naruto turn around and look at the road that would lead him to the unknown.

After that, he runs.

And run.

And run.

Until he reached the gates of Konoha and passed them, no one had stopped him, no one would ask about him, no one cared about him.

So he runs.




Until he couldn't run anymore.

Am I good enough?

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Am I not good enough?

That was the only thing Naruto could think of, it was now midnight and he was outside of the village, everything had happened a few hours ago was still fresh on his mind, he had always wished for a loving family, that was the only thing he had ever wanted, he had never cared for why or when he just wanted one.

was it too much to ask for? Did Kami forsake him that much that he thought six years old doesn't deserve a family to love him? Sometimes Naruto would stay awake at night when everyone was asleep, he would pray and pray to Kami until his breath would be cut short. "Please give me a loving family, I beg of you, Please!" Naruto had prayed since he was four, and never even once were his prays answered.

Naruto even wondered if there was a Kami, to begin with, but still he had hoped for the better, now looking at his pathetic self he saw his answer pretty well, but still he can't help himself maybe if he prayed just one last time, from the bottom of his little heart this time, maybe Kami would grant him this wish.

Naruto opened his mouth and licked his cracked lips, he looked at the moon from the place he was laying at, he sighs and let one last tear fall.

"P-please! Gi-give m-me a….a l-loving f-family…..I BEG OF YOU!…..Please!."

Naruto's voice had wavered every time he had utter a word, Naruto sniffed for one last time and he sits and looks around him when he saw nothing had happened he looked at his lap and shakes his head softly, it seems like he has got his answer pretty well. He thinks he may have a concussion so that means he shouldn't sleep unless he wanted to fall into a coma! and that really didn't sound like a bad idea right now.

Naruto stands up and looked around, maybe he could walk to the nearest village, and beg of them to be treated to a doctor, after all, he was sure that the doctors in Konoha only wanted his death and nothing more.

"What do we have here?" A voice laughed from somewhere.

Naruto jumped at that and start looking around him in fear. "W-where ..y-ou?." Naruto choked up and looked around him, only to find nothing, it was times like this Naruto really hate being a half-blood.

"Did you heard what he said?" Another voice had laughed.

"WAIT!" A third one said. "Isn't that the Hokage's youngest son?"

Another hummed at that. "Now that you have mentioned it, I think you are right. Though I heard that the Kyuubi was sealed inside of the Hokage's youngest."

"Oh. I think that today is our lucky day guys, our kage would just love this gift."

At that Naruto's blood start running cold, he turns around and starts running as fast as he can, he hopes that he would be able to reach the village before they catch him.

"OI. IDIOTS CATCH HIM!" Yelled the leader at them.

It didn't take long for them to catch Naruto, after all, he was a half-blood at the end when Naruto looked at them he saw Kumo's headband on their foreheads protector, and Naruto knew at that moment, that Kami did really forsake him in the end.

"I am beaten!" An ANBU with a cat masked said, he looked at his partner who was wearing a crow mask.

"Hn." Crow grunt at that, his chakra was all-time low now, thankfully they are near Konoha so they could go back home.

"Oh, come on Itachi, stop with the language of a caveman for once." Cat whined at him, throwing his arm around Itachi's shoulder.

Itachi scowled behind his mask, really now? "God damn Shisui! How many times did I tell you not to call my name when we are on a mission?!" He said as he pushed Shisui's arm away from him.

"Sorry, sorry. It just slipped." He said rubbing the back of his head, and somehow Itachi knew he wasn't sorry at all.

He sighs at that and shakes his head, Shisui and his damn sense of humor, you would think that the 11 years old kids would be at home now, but NO! there Hokage said the mission was an important one so they had to go, the mission was to kill a missing Nin from Konoha, Itachi really wondered why the Hokage had to label it as an S classes mission, HELL! even a Chunnin could do this mission, the only thing that had tired them was the bastard minions.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a tree branch breaking, they looked at one another then nodes their heads in unison, they follow the sound of footsteps until they reached it.

The two of them found four of Kumo's Nin dragging a six years old child. The child was bruised and bloody. He was tied from behind with two Ninjas on his side and one from behind and one in the front.

"Do you think we could beat them?" Shisui asked with a worried tone, after all, they just came back from an S class mission and they didn't have enough chakra to fight.

Itachi bites his bottom lip and looked at the boy, the only thing he could see now was a child being dragged, a child that could have been his youngest brother. "Well… they are only four." Itachi looked at Shisui waiting for a reply, at least it wasn't the twenty-something they had fought before head.

Shisui looked at the little boy with pity, he was just a child, he glared at Kumo's scums, after all, no one in their right mind would hurt a child. "We could do it Itachi, they are only four of them." He said making Itachi hum at that.

"Ok. You take the one from behind and the one in the front and I would take the ones on his right and left side, and remember to be careful and not reckless to use nearly all of your chakra." Itachi said before Shisui had had the chance to protest, at that Shisui huffed but nod anyway, after all, their mission was to save that child.

Naruto gives a soft groan as he was kicked from behind to make him walk faster. after the Kumo's nin caught him they have beaten him so bad that he has a hard time moving now.

He wonders if they would kill him if they knew that he was a half-blood, they only thought that he was hiding his chakra, for now, so he had to think of a way to escape before they realize the truth.

But would someone even care if he dies? At that Naruto's eyes become dull as he starts stomping to walk, the weight of such an obvious question really hurt, so what if Kumo had taken him a hostage, the worst thing would be is being sold to a brothel and become a whore. After all it wasn't unknown for Ninjas to disown their half-blooded children, and in the end, he would be just another drop of water in a big ocean.

Naruto sighs at that and kept walking, at least now it would be the end of his miserable life, Naruto's eyes become duller and duller until they had become blank. A half-blood has no life, a half-blood's fate is only death, that is what he has been told since his birth, and for once in his life, he would accept how nature runs its course.

Naruto looked ahead facing his fate with his chin held high, at least if he was going to die, he would die with pride.

Just then two shadows jumped from a tree, Naruto was able to see them but didn't care much, they were surely a backup, he saw one of the shadows jumping on the man behind Naruto, the second one on the man on Naruto's right.

Now, Naruto really liked to think that he wasn't an idiot, so he knew that the moment those two Kumo's nin had fallen into the ground they were dead, he saw as the man on his left attack only to be blocked by the one with the mask of a cat, the other person with the mask of a crow was the one who killed him, then the cat one throw a kunai that stuck in the fourth man's throat killing him right away.

Naruto stood still in his place, he watched those two Nin ANBU (Now he had taken a close look at them, they look like 11 years old children.) they were panting hard, he waits for the killing move that would finish his life, only none had come.

"OI, are you Ok?" The cat had asked him as he comes near him, once he did he took a kunai and start cutting the robes that have bond his hands.

"They were five." Naruto whispered as he rubbed his wrists looking at the strangers who had saved him with emotionless eyes.

"What?!" Crow said looking at Naruto then at the cat, crow knew that he doesn't have enough chakra if what the kid had said was true.

"They were five." Repeat Naruto looking at them up and down, that had made the ANBU freeze and looked around worriedly, the cat one had given Naruto a kunai and hide him behind crow, or tried to that is.

Crow had screamed as a hard blow hit him in the back of his head making him loss conscious, cat stand in front of Naruto ready to attack the enemy, Naruto saw how the ANBU was shaken, and he knew that it was because of chakra exhaustion.

"Well, Well. Look what the cat dragged out of the bag." The leader said with a sneer, with that he attacked cat. Cat had put a strong fight considering that he was nearly out of chakra, but even then it wasn't enough.

Naruto saw how Kumo's nin raised cat from the collar after a punch that nearly killed the cat, he was ready to kill the kid Naruto did not doubt that when Naruto looked at crow he saw him still passed out on the ground. Naruto looked at the kunai that he was holding in a death grip between in his hands, then he looked at the enemy's back that was facing him.

He should run! He really should, but seeing those two kids who had sacrificed their lives for him, a HALF-BLOOD at that he knows he couldn't.

Naruto gives a battle cry and held the kunai tightly that the handle bend in half, he didn't know from where that power had come nor why the only thing that he knows was that he should protect!

With that he runs straight toward the enemy's back raising his kunai high, Naruto jumped and stabbed the enemy in the back, he didn't count on his kunai nor his hand to come through the man's chest on the other side, but at least now the man was dead.

The cat was looking at him with wide eyes from behind his mask, he threw the corpse away from his body and nodes to Naruto, he then runs to check on crow who was still on the floor, when Naruto heard cat sigh in relief he knew deep down that crow was ok.

Naruto looked at the sky then at his bloody hands that were holding the kunai, he wondered if his parents would have seen him would they think that he was strong enough to be their son? Naruto shook his head at that, his parents had made it clear what they thought of him, he gazes at the moon for one last time.

Am I good enough now?

Shisui waited until Itachi had woken up to return home, they were now in a cave near Konoha, it was the farthest place he could go without passing out and leaving both Itachi and the kid to the animals to be eaten!

He didn't know how but now that he can feel it clearly, the kid they had rescued was a half-blood, but for a half-blood to be this strong! It was unheard of, after all, he was the one who had clearly seen the boy's fist coming out from the enemy's chest!

Shisui looked at the boy who was sitting away from the two of them once again and winces, the boy was practically a Skelton with how skinny he was, his hair was longer and more shaggy-looking style pale blond mattered with blood and dirt, he has an icy blue eyes that were blank and emotionless like he had seen everything that was to be seen, the only thing that was strange on his face was those dark and more feral looking whisker marks. from what Shisui can see from his clothes, he concludes that the kid had been living on the streets for a long time now.

But the real question was why? Why would five of Kumo's Shinobi risk their lives for him? Somehow Shisui knew that he was missing an important piece, but he kept his mouth shut.

Shisui heard a groan coming from below, when he looked down he saw Itachi waking up slowly, NOW don't get Shisui wrong he really loves his cousin dearly, but after they return home Shisui will make sure to kill that little bastard! After all, he was the one who had to drag Itachi's fat ass to safety! (Even if it was a nice ass that is ;P)

"Itachi!" Shisui shouted making the boy look at them, Itachi grunt at Shisui's loud voice and tried to punch him in the face so he could shut up, only to fail at that and make Shisui laugh harder at him.

"Shut….up!" Itachi said as he tried to sit, once he did he looked around the cave until his eyes felt on the little boy from before, Itachi gives a relief sigh at that, at least now the boy was safe.

"Oh come on 'Tachi don't be mean." Shisui said with a bubbly voice, for being an Uchiha! Shisui takes it by turning one-eighty every time he desires.

Itachi pushed Shisui's face away from him, he then looked at the boy and take his mask off smiling a little bit at the boy, Itachi wants to frown at the boy's state but he didn't, after all he didn't want the boy to b even more closed off then he is, judging by his guarded eyes that were watching him and Shisui.

Itachi felt Shisui taking his mask off too and he sighs, good at least the kid would know that they meant him no harm. "What is your name?" Itachi asked him in a soft voice hoping to not scare the kid away.

"My name is Shisui." Shisui pointed at himself smiling a little at the kid, then he points at Itachi. "And this is Itachi." Shisui saw the kid raising a brow at them.

Naruto raises one of his brows at them, were those two real? They had asked HIM for a name, this was actually the first time someone had asked him for it, he sighs at that it isn't like he get anything to lose. "Naruto." He murmurs softly looking at them.

"Well, Naruto!" Shisui said with a clap of his hands grinning happily at that victory. "Why don't we escort you to your home?" Shisui asked him softly.

Naruto felt a bang inside his heart at the 'home' word, he then scowled softly and shot Shisui a hard glare. "I don't have one." He called out through his teeth and looked at the ground.

Itachi frown at that. "The orphanage then?" He looked at Shisui then at the boy, maybe the kid was an orphan.

"I was disowned." Naruto left in at that, he was sure that a two ANBU level Ninjas would know what he was talking about, after all, it happened all the time.

Itachi and Shisui stiffened at that and looked at the boy, it seems like it was the worst-case scenario this time, they looked at each other in a silent conversation for what felt like a long time.

The two of them turn to Naruto and give him soft smiles, they stand up and start walking until they reached Naruto, both of them offered one of their hands to him.

"Let's go home!" They told him with soft smiles, making Naruto's eyes widen in shock, he looks at them for a long time then he looked at their hands.

Naruto reached out with his small hands and hold each of their hands that were outstretched to him, with that, they start their trip to Konoha.

Maybe Kami didn't forsake him after all.

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Fugaku yelled as he looked at Itachi and Shisui with stunned gaze, Mikoto was sitting beside him with a concerned look on her face, she then looked at Fugaku, that was bad. She thought. Really, really bad.

Itachi and Shisui had come home a few hours ago, they were both injured and chakra exhaustion weighing them down, but what had frozen the two of them was the child that was holding their hands.

The little boy if they could call him that. (He was practically just bones and skin after all.). was looking at the two of them with emotionless eyes, they had seen how tense he was when he looked at them as if waiting for them to come and kill him any moment now.

Itachi had noticed that so he took the boy to his room to rest. Only after he had promised to meet in his father study for an explanation.

It had taken a bit of time to explain everything to Fugaku, but when they did you could say that Fugaku was looking for blood.

Fugaku stands up with a glare and starts heading to the door. "I will take care of it from here." He told them as he opened the door.

"WAIT FATHER!" Itachi stands ready to go after his father after all he and Shisui promised to protect the child!

Fugaku gazed at Itachi with a glare that freeze the 11 years old. "I said I will handle it!" Fugaku hissed and closed the door after himself.

Itachi looks at Shisui then at his mother waiting for her to say something.

Mikoto smiled softly at that, she knows what her son was thinking of, but that wasn't it. Fugaku may seem cruel to some of the people who had seen him, but he was far away from that. especially if it involved half-bloods! after all, he was the one who takes care of then in their clan, which has more half-bloods then the other clans care to admit.

"Everything will be alright Itachi." She hummed softly. "Do you two want some tea?" She asked the two but start burring tea into their cups.

Fugaku stood outside Itachi's room. He looks at the door then sighs softly. He didn't imagine that he would see a half-blood treated like that again, but as it seems fate was too cruel to let the innocent live happily.

He knocked at the door softly, when it seems like he wouldn't get any answer he opened it and enter, he didn't see the child that Itachi brought on the bed so he starts to get worried.

"Are you here to kill me?" Asked a little voice.

Fugaku looked to the source of the sound, only to find the child in the far corner of the room with a blanket hiding him.

Fugaku starts walking until he reached the kid, he saw him stiff as he comes near him, after a few minutes of looking at the boy, Fugaku sigh and sit next to him.

"I am not going to hurt you." Fugaku hummed looking around the room, he would have to make Itachi clean his room again! Fugaku stretch his legs in front of him and cross his arms around his chest, he looked at the boy from the corner of his eye, somehow he felt like he had seen that kid from somewhere, the kid was so familiar!

"You knew if you want to look at me you can do that." said the kid making Fugaku raise his eyebrow at that. "I can feel your stare you know." The boy brought the blanket tighter around his body, but he then sighed and looked at Fugaku.

Fugaku felt a little bit awkward at that, the kid's emotionless eyes really make him uncomfortable. (even Itachi shows more emotions with his mask!) Fugaku looked at the kid in the eye and asked. "What's your name?" And he really wants to know what the kid's name was.

The kid raise a brow at that, he had heard a lot of things about the 'Wicked eye Fugaku' but caring was not one of them, the child sigh at that it seems like people don't like to see underneath the underneath! "Naruto." The boy murmurs softly and looked away from the man.

Fugaku hummed at that and nods his head at the name. "Very well Naruto." He said the name just to be sure about it. Who in their right mind will call their son a 'fish-cake'! well, scratch that, he was sure that Kushina and Minato would do such a thing if given the chance.

Suddenly Fugaku gasped sharply and turn to look at the boy closely. Minato eyes and hair even if they were dull, Kushina face shape and pale skin, and lastly, the whiskers mark! Fugaku freeze at that, but he had to be sure! "Minato…" he whispered only to see the child stiffen like a wooden board. HE KNEW IT! But….but why?

Naruto stiffed at the mention of that name, did Fugaku knew? No, no that can't be! After all the Namikazes made sure that he wasn't even one of them since the beginning!

"But….how?" Fugaku looked at the boy, he knew now why the boy has been so familiar to him! He had seen the boy one time when his family was invited to the Namikaze's mansion to celebrate Mito's sixth birthday.

Fugaku was heading to the bathroom after Mito had 'accidentally' spilled some of her juice at the hem of his sleeve, when he had to get out of the bathroom, he saw a small boy sitting in the corridor reading a book. Fugaku had come near the boy to ask him about why he was alone here and not with the others when he did that he didn't feel any chakra coming from the boy. Half-blood!. Fugaku had thought. He had known that none of the other clan's heads had any half-blooded children, but when the boy raised his head he knew immediately that this was Minato's child with his hair and eyes color, the only strange thing about him was the whisker marks. Fugaku was about to ask the kid about his name, after all, why would Minato keep one of his children a secret? But Mito's loud voice made him look at his side for a little bit, but when his eyes return to the boy he was gone! Fugaku even remembered when he had asked Minato about him, Minato told him that he has no other son then Arashi and Menma.

Fugaku looked at Naruto as he stands shakily, once he did he hold Naruto hand gently, and start tugging him softly urging him to follow him.

Naruto looks at Fugaku with wonder but nevertheless, he stand up and follow him, Naruto clutches the blanket tightly over his body with one hand the other was holding Fugaku's hand.

"Yes, that is what happened aunty Mikoto!" Shisui said as he recalled who Naruto had killed that Kumo's Nin. Itachi was looking at Shisui with an opened jaw, how in the name of MADARA was the boy able to thrust his fist into that Ninja's heart. Mikoto hummed softly drinking from her tea and nods her head, it seems like that boy was stronger then he seems, but that was good if he was a half-blood.

Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door, after that it opened reveling a little boy with a raven hair holding a green dinosaur toy.

"Sasuke dear! Why are you still awake?" Asked Mikoto putting her cup of tea down, she looking at her youngest son with a soft smile.

"I couldn't sleep." Sasuke murmur robbing one of his eyes when he looks up Sasuke's face lighten up with a big grin upon seeing his brother. "Itachi!" He race to his brother jumping into his brother's embrace right away.

Itachi gives a little laugh at that hugging his brother tightly, it seems like Sasuke had missed him when he was away. "Hello to you too, little brother!" He said as he poked Sasuke's forehead, Sasuke scowl at Itachi and start rubbing his poor forehead, Itachi just laughed at that making Sasuke smile a little bit.

"Mikoto!" A voice said and when they all looked at the door they saw Fugaku holding the little boy's hand with a worn-out expiration on his face, Fugaku looked at the kids then sigh. "Itachi, Shisui. Take Sasuke with you and go to bed, we have a long day tomorrow." He told them making the kids nod at that.

"Come on Sasuke!." Itachi said as he stands up holding Sasuke's hand gently. "You can stay here tonight Shisui." He hummed making Shisui cheers at that and start following Itachi and Sasuke.

Once the closed the door, Fugaku sigh, and usher Naruto to sit on one end of the kotatsu table while he sat next to Mikoto.

"What is wrong Fugaku?" Mikoto asked him with concern face, touching his shoulder gently.

"It is a very long story." Fugaku sigh massaging his forehead softly, he then looked at Naruto again. "I want to know the truth all of it!" Fugaku said looking at Naruto.

Naruto sighed at that, it seems like there won't be a way out unless he told them everything. With that in mind, Naruto starts telling about his life.

"Unacceptable!." Mikoto whisper/shout at Fugaku so as not to wake the exhausted boy up. "How could they do that to a child?!" She gives a little sob at that and Fugaku looked down in shame after all the Namikazes were their best friends! "Fugaku, please! Do something!" She looked at him hopefully, maybe her husband would know what to do.

"And what do you want me to do Mikoto?!" He asked looking at her. "You knew we can't do a thing! After all, no one cares about half-bloods. and the other clans would find that normal. and wouldn't bat an eyelash at it!" He said looking at the boy who was sleeping with his head on Mikoto's lap holding the blanket tightly, he heard Mikoto sniffs pathetically at that and look down at the boy, he sighs and looked at her.

"You know." He said looking at her straight in the eyes making her hum softly. "You have always wanted another child to raise. So if you want…" He let his sentence hang in the air.

Once Mikoto discovers what he was talking about, she gives a teary smile and starts kissing Fugaku on the face saying 'thank you' over and over again.

Fugaku hummed softly at that and smiled. "But there is one problem." He said making his wife stop and look at him with a worried face, he gives a soft smirk at that making her raise an eyebrow at him. "How could we tell the elders that we have a blond Uchiha among us now?!"

At that Mikoto laughed softly shaking her head at Fugaku's strange sense of humor.

It was morning now and the Naruto was looking at the Uchiha's couple with wide eyes.

After Naruto had woken up this morning he had found himself in a strange room, when he was about to panic last night memory's slammed in his mind leaving him a shaken mess, he couldn't believe it! He had KILLED a person. Even if it was self-defense! Kill was a kill.

Naruto was freed from his thought by a soft knock on the door, after that the woman from last night, 'Mikoto' if he remembered right entered his room and smiled softly at him.

She had ushered him to Fugaku's office to 'talk' about something important. Turn out that important thing was about him being adopted into the Uchiha clan!

"b-but I am… a half-blood." He whispered, looking at them with wide eyes, he couldn't believe it! Did Kami finally looked at him and grant him his wish?

"So? What if you were one it doesn't matter." Said Mikoto gently with Fugaku nodding his head at her speech.

"I…I." Naruto choked out as tears start running down his face as he looked at the floor in shame, he doesn't know what to do or say. Naruto was finally having the only thing that he had ever wanted in his LIFE, and HE doesn't KNOW what to SAY!

A hand suddenly pat his head gently, when Naruto looked up he saw Fugaku giving him a soft smile. "It is Ok. You don't have to say a thing." Fugaku told Naruto.

Naruto gives a soft "Thank you." As he looked at the couple.

Mikoto smiled at that, it seems like everything was turning out to be fine. "Well, get ready boys!" She said to them with a soft grin. "breakfast is about to be served!" she flexed her arms as he headed to the kitchen, she would make a FEAST to welcome their new son.

Fugaku shakes his head a little as he follows Mikoto. "Let's go Naruto!" He told the little boy. "I am sure that Itachi and Shisui are worried about you."

With that Naruto give a nod and wiped his tears off. He starts following his new family with a barely-there smile, after all, it was the first time that Naruto gives a soft smile in the place he had called his life.

Maybe Kami really didn't forsake him after all.

"Naruto?" Asked Itachi tiredly as he entered the kitchen/dining room area he saw Naruto sitting near the kotatsu table looking at Mikoto cocking breakfast. (They have three kotatsu tables, one in the kitchen/dining room, one in the living room, and one in Fugaku's office.) Fugaku was sitting on his usual seat near the table with a mug of coffee in one hand and newspaper in the other.

Naruto raises his brow as he looked at Itachi. Itachi really looks like a mess, his shoulder-length hair was flying all around the place, he has a dark circle around his eyes, and his PJ was wrinkly.

Naruto blink as Shisui come from behind Itachi with an even more pathetically look. Naruto saw a little boy coming from behind the older boys, Naruto would say that the little boy was his age, give or take a few months, at least the little boy was not looking like death had come and warmed him up.

"Who are you?" The little boy asks looking at Naruto with wonderment in his eyes. That had made Naruto fidget in his seat uncomfortably, thankfully Fugaku had seen that and order the boys to take a sit.

After Mikoto sit down the breakfast. (which the boys drooled at how many different dishes there was.) Mikoto sit down next to Fugaku smiling at the boys, she saw Naruto look at his hands that were in his lap with an uncomfortable look on his face, Mikoto gives a soft sigh at that, then she nudges Fugaku in the ribs 'gently' making him give a soft grunt.

"Well, kids!" She called them with a happy voice gaining their attention. "Me and Fugaku have wonderful news to tell you!." At that she jape Fugaku harder making his mutter something under his breath then look at the kids.

"What me and Mikoto want to say is. We would like to intrude you to our newest family member, Naruto!" He said looking at their faces hiding his smirk at Naruto mortify look behind his mug, Mikoto just smiled at them softly.

Shisui cheers at that and hugged Naruto with one arm around his shoulder tightly making him stiff, but Shisui didn't care about that, well not right now anyway. "Welcome to the family cousin!" Itachi just give Naruto a soft smile and nod of his head.

Mikoto looked at Sasuke worriedly, after all, he was frowning deeply. "Sasuke?" She called him softly making Sasuke look at her with a worried face. Oh No, Sasuke wouldn't think they have abandoned him would he?

"Mommy! I don't feel any chakra coming from Naruto! Is he sick?" He asked looking at Naruto with a concern eyes, after all, he didn't want his little cousin to be sick! Even if Sasuke had no say in it, he would be happy to have a real friend and not a fangirl/boy who wanted him for his family name.

Naruto tense at that and start chewing his bottom lip while trying to get out of Shisui's hold, they all looked at Naruto with a worry faces especially Mikoto, after all, she knew it was a sensitive topic to talk about.

"It is because I am a half-blood," Naruto said before anyone was able to say a word, they looked at Naruto nervously seeing his emotionless blank eyes staring at the table.

Sasuke frown at that, he had heard from some of the other clans about them. If he was right they were the only people who don't have a chakra in the shinobi's family and were 'evil', and normally the shinobi would try to get rid of them because they were 'useless' and they don't want their family to 'die' out because of them as some had said.

He wondered if Naruto's family had to get rid of him because of that. Sasuke looked at Naruto once again and scowled, it seems like Naruto's family were idiots after all Sasuke felt nothing evil coming from Naruto, and he was sure that if he was a half-blood too, he knew that his family will still love him even then.

"Oh Ok!" Sasuke hummed then smiled at Naruto. "I hope we could be friends though, even with the half-blood thingy!" That made Naruto look in shock at Sasuke, then he looked down and give a soft nod hoping no one saw his teary eyes.

Mikoto and the other smiled softly at that and looked at Sasuke proudly, it seems like their little boy is all grown up!

"OK boys! Let's eat." Said Fugaku with a nod to the food, that made everyone smile and start eating.

Naruto gives a soft smile at his new family and start eating while listening to their lively chatting.

Chapter Text

It has been a few weeks since Naruto start living with the Uchiha, and you could say that Naruto was finally having his wish! He was happy with his new family, especially with their kindness and love. Though he was still anxious when he meets someone new, but that doesn't matter.

Naruto was standing near Mikoto who was cooking dinner, everyone was out of the house so it was only the two of them. Naruto was looking at Mikoto then at the food with wonder, he really didn't know how and why but he really wants to learn how to cook!

Mikoto was humming a song softly as she starts cutting the meat, after that she looked at Naruto and give him a soft smile after Naruto had come to live with them, a lot of things had changed for better.

Fugaku was always home earlier then he was before, and he even starts being the father figure that Sasuke had always wanted! He had imagined if what happens to Naruto would have had happened to their children, after that he becomes afraid that he would die with his sons hating him for not being enough of a father like how Minato was. (you could say that they had cut their connection with the Namikaze, after all, they don't want their children to learn from them how to abandon their family!) Fugaku had started making amend with his family.

Itachi had become more and more open, and he even stopped donning his emotionless mask! His reason was it creep him out every time he looked at Naruto's emotionless one, and he doesn't want anyone else to feel like that (Itachi was too much of a peaceful child, she and Fugaku really wondered why he even joined the ANBU in the first place.) you could say that Itachi had grown up to be too protective of Naruto (Though Fugaku had a bet that it was more than that, after all that was Itachi they were talking about!)

Shisui on the other hand, he starts spending a lot of time here with them and Naruto, Itachi suspect that he would even move here! If he was given the chance. "I don't want to be apart from my new favorite cousin!" He had said, though it was lively so they didn't say a thing (But you could say that Shisui and Itachi become rivals!)

Sasuke it seems was having the time of his life. After all, he had found his best friend! (That won't chase him for his family name or something.) So you could say Sasuke was always following Naruto around like a baby duck, it was really adorable in Mikoto's opinion, how Sasuke was finally trying to make new friends that weren't Shisui or Itachi. Naruto didn't say anything about it so Mikoto knew it was alright.

And lastly there was her, Mikoto was really thankful that there was someone with her in the house when everyone was away, after all, it gets lonely sometimes. (she had practically tried to find a new hoppy every week!) She always teaches Naruto everything he wanted to know, and it was different every time, so she enjoys the good challenges that come and goes.

She knows the look that Naruto was donning, after all, she had donned the same one when she was a child with her mother, just trying to learn how to cook, she gives a soft hum making Naruto look at her. "Do you want to help, Naruto-Kun?" She asked him softly and grin when he blushes at that, that was Naruto for you always flustered and quite.

Naruto nods his head softly at that, he really wanted to learn and help Mikoto with what she was doing, after all, he had always loved learning new things no matter what they were.

Mikoto nods her head at that, and give him a basket full of vegetables. "Could you wash them for me, please?" She asked him softly and Naruto nods taking the basket away from her and headed to the sink.

Naruto looked around until he found a small chair he could stand on it while washing the vegetables, he brought the chair in front of the sink and stand on it, after that he starts washing the vegetables in silence. All the while Mikoto was watching him with a soft smile.

Mikoto starts humming a song that her mother had always singed when the two of them were in the kitchen making food, she remembers how she had made a lot of mistakes when she was younger, that she even once burn the WATER! Mikoto gives a soft chuckle at that and continue cutting the meat, her mother was so patient with her that every time Mikoto missed, her mother will only smile softly at that.

"Mikoto-san!." She turns to look at Naruto who has finished washing the vegetable, she smiled softly at him, he always calls her or Fugaku like that never with mother and father. "For me, mother and father were those who left me…. You give me home so I can't call you by the names I hate the most." That what he had said when Mikoto had asked him about it, so she never asked him about that again, but by the end, she and Fugaku get used to it.

she checked the vegetable and grin softly at him. "My, my Naruto-Kun! If I didn't know any better I would have thought that you were a chef!" She said as she takes the vegetables putting them on the counter to cut later. Naruto had really washed them well!

Naruto hummed as he brought the chair and put it next to Mikoto and stand on it to see what she was doing, after all, he did want to learn and the best way was watching what would happen next. "Ne, Mikoto-san?" He called softly making Mikoto turn to him. "How do you do it? Cooking I mean." He asked her, looking for an answer.

Mikoto smiled at that. "Mom had taught me how, and with age, I start to become good." She told him and smiled. "Do you know anything about cooking, dear?" She asked softly and he shakes his head, Mikoto hummed at that and nod. "Well dear, cooking is an art!" She told him softly, remembering her mother's words to her.

"Art?!" Questioned Naruto after all it was the first time he heard about that, he never knew that there were other arts than drawing and sealing!

Mikoto nods her head at that. "Yes, an art that depended on emotions." She said as she starts cutting some of the vegetables. "When you are happy, the food you make will always be delicious." She starts and hummed. "But if you were sad the food will become sad too and burn, and no one would be able to eat it!" She finished.

Naruto looked at the counter then at Mikoto in awe. "Your food is always delicious Mikoto-san." He whispered making Mikoto smile at that. "Does it mean that you are always happy?" He looked at her, how could she always be happy? That just can't be!

Mikoto stopped cutting and smiled at that question. "Of course dear! Do you want to know why?" She asked him softly making him shake his head. "I am happy because I have a beautiful and loving family." She said smiling softly as she kissed Naruto on the forehead.

Naruto blushed at that and nods his head while touching his forehead. A loving family? Huh...

Well, that wasn't bad at all.

It was after dinner time and the Uchiha were sitting in their seats talking about one thing or another while drinking some tea, Naruto would give a soft hum now and then as he looked around their happy faces, he could see what Mikoto had meant with the 'loving family' thing, and that really made him happy!

"Naruto!" Called Sasuke making Naruto look at him and give a soft hum. Sasuke smiled at that Naruto was always shy and quiet even after all the time that had passed. He stands up from his seat and dash to his room then come once again after a few minutes with baggage. "That is for you!" He states happily giving Naruto the baggage.

"F-for.. me?" He asked looking at Sasuke only to see him nod his head. Naruto heisted a little about opening it, after all, it as the first gift he had ever been given! he opens the baggage slowly rivaling a beautiful red scarf! Naruto looked at the scarf touching it softly feeling the soft fabric between his fingers then he looked at Sasuke in a questioning look.

Sasuke grin at Naruto's face. "It is your 'welcome home' gift!" He said happily making everyone smile at that. "I have noticed that you were always cold somehow even when it's warm! So I thought that the scarf will keep you warm so you won't feel cold anymore. So how is it?!" Sasuke asked waiting for an answer.

"Thank you!" Naruto gives a soft whisper as he put the scarf around his neck hiding half of his face like it was a mask. "It.. is. W-warm." Naruto said with his head down hiding his teary eyes from everyone.

"GOOD!" Sasuke cheers loudly making everyone laugh at him, Naruto give a soft laugh at his 'best friend' what strange words he was using now.

He was happy! He really was.

"Yeah! And those crazy fangirls keep talking and talking about it and even chased me!" Sasuke was whining to Naruto about what happened in the academy today, Naruto only hummed adjusting his scarf slightly to hide half of his face. (Like Kakashi's mask).

They were both in the training forest near the Uchiha mansion, Sasuke had been complaining about him and Naruto not having enough time together to 'hang out' or something, so he had dragged Naruto to the forest to practice on Taijutsu. (HEY! It's true that Naruto doesn't have a chakra! But it doesn't mean he can't learn Taijutsu.). until now Naruto was the one who was winning every match! so they decided to take a break.

That what had lead them here with Naruto sitting on the grass wearing the usually Uchiha outfit, black high collar shirt with black shorts and his red scarf that hide half of his face. (Naruto didn't take off the scarf since he got it from Sasuke! He always felt save wearing it) with Sasuke who was laying on his back with the same outfit minus the scarf.

Sasuke was complaining to Naruto about how those crazy fans of his were trying to steal his FIRST KISS! Naruto was humming now and then in the right places to show Sasuke that he was listening, though actually he was impressed with Sasuke being able to escape the 'witches' that were after him.

"Ne, Naruto?" Sasuke said making Naruto turn his head to him. "Did you get your first kiss with a girl?" He asked with interest, he really wanted to know, after all, he never saw Naruto talk about girls before.

Naruto frowns at that and shakes his head 'No' then after a few minutes he looks at Sasuke and sighs. "No, I didn't. and even if I did it won't be a girl." He states making Sasuke become confused at that.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked him if he won't lose his first kiss to a girl, then to whom?

Naruto gives a soft sigh at that then looked at the ground then he looked at Sasuke in the eye. "I like boys, Sasuke, not girls." He said as he was still gazing at Sasuke waiting for an answer, it is true what Naruto had said about him liking boys, and he was never ashamed of it not now, Not ever!

Oh, so that is it. Sasuke thought then nodes his head in understanding, after all, he saw a lot of boys in his clan kissing other boys, so for Sasuke that was normal. HELL! Even Itachi had kissed Shisui when they were 10! "How did you know? Liking boys I mean." Asked Sasuke after all he was always curious about that.

Naruto scratches his head then he shrugs. "I don't know. My feeling were always clear to me." He said, and it was true! He knew that he doesn't like girls since he was five, because with a sister like Mito and mother like Kushina, well, let's just say that they left nothing to be desire AT ALL, even if some of the girls were worth it.

Sasuke hummed softly at that and sit up, he looked at the sky than at Naruto nervously. He then gives a soft sigh and asked Naruto. "What about me?" Naruto looked at Sasuke with one brow-raising. "you said you wouldn't kiss a girl so what about me?" He repeats looking at Naruto.

Naruto hummed at that. "Maybe." He said, Naruto then lower his scarf and wave for Sasuke to come closer to him. When Sasuke did and come sit beside him looking at Naruto, Naruto lean down a little bit and peck Sasuke on the lips, after that kiss he leans away, then he raises his scarf to hide his soft blush. Sasuke, on the other hand, had turned tomato red in the face, after all that was their FIRST KISS!

Naruto cleaned his throat braking Sasuke from his embarrassment. Sasuke looked at Naruto with a soft pout and hummed. "I want to ask if you could do something for me?" Naruto whispered as he looked at the sky.

"Oh, what is it?!" Now don't get Sasuke wrong, but Naruto never and he meant NEVER asked for something! so for Naruto to ask and ask HIM Of all the people it means that it was something important!


"Naruto! COME ON!" Sasuke called as he knocks on the bathroom door for the tenth time! Naruto had been in the bathroom for TWO HOURS straight! Sasuke really started worrying about him, HELL even his mother didn't take that long putting her makeup on!

"Sasuke sweetie! What is going on?" Mikoto asked as she comes from the kitchen, she was being followed by all of the family. OH SHIT! That was the only thing that Sasuke was thinking of right now, they were DOOMED.

"Sasuke are you sick? You look pale!" Itachi was going in his protective mood right now. No wonder why he was pale like death! Oh shit! They will kill HIM after that they would kill Naruto!

Speaking of Naruto! Sasuke turns to the door and starts knocking harder. "NARUTO! DAMN! OPEN THE DOOR!" Sasuke whined and start knocking harder, they are so DEAD!

Before Fugaku was able to do a thing, the bathroom door opened up and Sasuke hides behind Naruto.

Everyone in the room gasp at Naruto. Yes, it was Naruto in front of them, but the different thing about him now was his hair. Before Naruto's hair was a pale blond but NOW it was a RAVEN color.

"Naruto….. your h-hair!." Shisui stuttered as he looked at Naruto, he didn't know what to say, so he looked at his uncle and aunt.

Mikoto comes near Naruto and looked at him gently. "Why?" She asked him softly, after all, it was Naruto's decision and they have no say in it, but she knew that Naruto won't do anything without a reason!

Naruto looked at them and give a soft sigh. "I don't want to remember them." Was the only thing he said, Mikoto nods her head and gives a shaky smile. It seems like Minato and Kushina had done so much damage that was still unknown to them.

Naruto looked at the floor he really didn't mean to make Mikoto sad, he felt a soft pat on the head so he raises his head, only to see Fugaku nodding his head in a thoughtful meaner. "Black suits you." He told Naruto softly.

At that Naruto give a soft smile.

Chapter Text

It had been few months since that day Naruto had dyed his hair black, in the months he had been living with the Uchiha, you could say he become overprotective of them that he will practically kick one of Sasuke's stalking fanboys in the face kind of protective. Though that treatment has been given to everyone who dares to hurt his family. Though the Uchiha were thankful to him, for now, that doesn't matter, because of what today is!

Today was the 10th of October!

So that means it was Naruto's 7th birthday! The Uchiha has been planning Naruto's birthday party for a month now, and no one and they mean not even the Namikaze would ruin it! (Even though they had been trying to connect with them for months now)

You could say that everything was perfect! There was a different kind of food and drinks, the house was decorated, and the best of all Sasuke had taken Naruto to the library so they could surprise him later. Mikoto really should be thankful for the huge backyard that they have, after all, half if not all of the Uchiha clan were coming! (It seems like Naruto's personality was really a magnet, he was able to win the hearts of all of the Uchiha in a short time!)

"MOM!" She heard Itachi calling her so she turns her head in his direction. "Where should I put this?" He asked holding the empty decorating boxes in front of him.

Mikoto taped her finger softly on the counter thinking. "Could you put it in the cleaning closet, honey? We would need them later." She told him, at that Itachi nods his head and left to do just that.

"Aunty Mikoto!" She saw Shisui running to her with a nervous look on his face. "The Namikaze are here!" He said once he reached her, he pants as he did look at her.

Mikoto scowl at that, what in the name of Susanoo! She had practically told Kushina to never come here AGAIN. "Hold this for me!" She said as she thrust the bowl of the cake mixture in Shisui's hands, after that she starts heading to the door to see what was going on.

Once Mikoto reached the door her scowl becomes deep and she starts giving the Namikaze the traditional death glare. (HEY! She was an Uchiha! That means she could glare all she wants if there was something she doesn't like!)

There beside the door stood Minato and Kushina waiting for her, once she reached them Kushina let out a soft squeal and tried to hug her with Minato smiling softly at her.

"Mikoto!" Kushina said as she dived for a hug, only for Mikoto to sidestep it making Kushina fall to the ground. "OUCH!" Was what Kushina was able to say as she stands up.

"What are you doing here?" Mikoto asked them coldly crossing her hands over her chest. She should have known that they won't get rid of the Namikaze that easily, but still, she had hoped.

"W-well..." Minato starts sweating under Mikoto's glare. "Today is Mito's birthday party! And we were hoping that you all would be there with us." He told Mikoto hoping that she would stop glaring at them.

"NO!" she told them with a death glare. "We won't be coming to any party that you held, so if you would excuse us, We have something important to do!" Mikoto was ready to go and bring her Ninja tools, and turn Minato and Kushina to the must ugliest pincushion!

"Get out of my house!" A cold voice said cutting Minato before he could say a thing.

"Fugaku!" The three of them called out, Mikoto smirked at that, it seems like those two would be turned to a burning woods sooner rather than later with the kind of glare Fugaku was holding.

"WHAT IS THE MINING OF THAT?" Kushina yelled glaring at Fugaku, what the hell did happen to her friends?!

Fugaku snort at that. "You heard me." He said, looking at Mikoto who nodes her head. "If I saw you again in our property. I will personally KILL. YOU!" He growls at them.

"OK. Time is up!" Mikoto said as he holds Minato and Kushina's arms in her hands, after that she throw them outside of her house. "Don't come here, EVER!" With that, she slammed the door shut in their faces.

"Are you ok?" Fugaku said as he embraces Mikoto softly. Mikoto nods her head then give a sigh, she had really hoped to never see their faces again.

"Are they gone?" Mikoto raises her head to see Itachi and Shisui looking at them, Mikoto knew that Itachi and Shisui had pieced the pieces together about Naruto's hieratic since the first day, after all, she nor Fugaku had told them a thing and but they were called geniuses for a reason!

"Yes." Said Mikoto softly after straightens herself up. "Let's hurry up! The party won't prepare itself by itself!" She said as she headed to the kitchen to make the cake.

Fugaku hummed as they start following Mikoto to help.


"So what do you think?" Asked Sasuke showing Naruto a book about the academy Taijutsu, Sasuke had dragged Naruto to the library today so his parents would be able to prepare Naruto's birthday party! And what an easy way to distract Naruto, all you have to do is mention the word: Books!

Naruto hummed as he starts flipping through the book, after a few minutes Naruto showed Sasuke a Taijutsu stand. "If you could master that you would be able to master all of the others." He told him softly showing him the stand.

Sasuke 'Oh'-ed at that and nods his head he then frowns. "The teacher said that this stand is for the third year students only." He told Naruto looking at the stand carefully.

Naruto nodded his head at that. "It is because they put the hardest last." He explains. "They wanted you to learn those stand first so by the end you would mastered the hardest easily."

Sasuke looked at Naruto with fascination, Naruto was always smart and Sasuke was sure he could ask anything no matter how strange it was, and he is sure that Naruto would tell him the logical answer to it! "Could you teach me this stand?!" He asked with sparkling eyes, grinning at Naruto.

Naruto hummed and nodded at that, after all, he had mastered that stand a long time ago now! He was sure that Sasuke would master it too, in a short time. Naruto would give him three weeks top, after all, Sasuke was a gifted Ninja, just like how all the Uchiha are!

"YAY! Thanks, Naru!" Sasuke had started calling him by that short version of his name, though Naruto never complains about it, the opposite really! He even gives Sasuke a pet name too!

"Anytime little duck." He laughed softly at Sasuke who had puffed his cheeks at the name, Sasuke really hates that name, but if it made Naruto happy he would suck it up! Naruto looks at the watch on the library wall above them and frowns. "We should go back home, we are late." He said raising his scarf up a little bit.

Sasuke looked at the watch and hummed, Naruto was right it was getting late, and he was sure that his mother would want them back home, after all, it doesn't take a long time to decorate the house with Ninja skills and all.

The two of them checked out of the library and headed home, they walked peacefully with Sasuke chatting on the way and Naruto listening and humming.


Sasuke and Naruto turn to the source of the sound only to find Kushina and Minato running up to them, Naruto stiffed and tensed at the sight of them, What do they want?

"Sasuke let's go!" He choked out as anxiety took hold of his heart, he holds Sasuke's sleeve gently from the hem and starts togging him softly.

Sasuke looked at Naruto in concern, after all, Naruto never act like that even when he saw new people, realization to paint Sasuke's face and he scowls, he glared at Kushina and her husband as they stopped in front of them, so those were the idiotic family!

"Hey, sweetie!" Kushina said gently and smiled at him. "We were wondering if you want to go to Mito's birthday party?!" She asked him, after all, she knew that kids always loved parties! And maybe she would be able to make Sasuke tell her what was happening to his family.

"No." he glared as he took hold of Naruto's shaky hand and start walking home. He had to talk to his father about what happened today! What if his father didn't know about that? But he shook his head at the idea after all his father was always three steps ahead from everyone!

"WAIT!" Minato called him flicking his body so he was in front of them. "Do you know what happened to your parents?" He asked Sasuke only for him to be glared at, he sighs at that what did happen to their friends?

He turns his head to look at the other boy that was with Sasuke, the boy has raven hair and pale skin, Minato would say that he was an Uchiha, though he had a strange eye color, instead of the usually onyx that was known in the Uchiha it was a pale blue color, the kid was wearing the Uchiha outfit so he knew he was right, though the kid maybe loves scarfs, after all, he was wearing his long scarf like a mask! Minato wasn't able to feel any chakra from the boy so that meant only one thing!

"YOU ARE HALF-BLOOD!" Kushina called out as she looked at the boy making some heads turn to them and frown, it was a time like this Minato really hate his wife's straight forward attitude.

Naruto flinch at that he really had hoped that these people would stop that! he already knows what he was he doesn't need any reminding!

Sasuke starts giving them the death glare with a growl. Ah-uh she didn't just say that! "And what if he is? Got any problem with it?" Sasuke was about to kill if it wasn't for Naruto's soft hand holding him back. Though he won't say that about the growls and glares.

"N-No. she isn't!" Minato said shooting Kushina a quick glare. "She was surprised that is all!" He smiled softly, after all the Namikaze family all of them were a big supporter of half-blood community!

Sasuke only huffed at that and start walking again, only for his free hand to be grasped by Kushina's in an attempt to stop him. Sasuke flinches at that, her hold was tight even if she didn't mean it.

To fast! Was Minato's thought as he saw the boy hold Kushina's hand. Naruto had acted out of instinct as he saw Sasuke flinch, he grips the hand that was holding Sasuke's and gives his own death glare making Kushina shiver at the look of it, he tightened his grasp making Kushina flinch at the strength of it.

"Don't you dare touch him." He told them icily making them flinch and take a step back without knowing.

Kushina let go of Sasuke's hand, Naruto tightened his grip in a warning then he let her go. With that Naruto hold Sasuke's hand gently heading home, leaving Minato and Kushina dumbfounded.



That what had made Naruto jump as he opened the door to their home, he looked around only to see the Uchiha smiling happily at him and laughing in joy. Naruto saw the room decoration and he looked at them in shock.

Naruto heard Sasuke's giggles from behind him, as he pushed the frozen boy inside. "Happy birthday!" Sasuke told him happily and the Uchiha's laughed at that.

Naruto looked around the room then he smiled softly raising his scarf to hide his flushed face. he felt someone ruffles his hair so he looked up, only to see Shisui and Itachi grinning at him.

"What are you waiting for? COME ON!" They said as the start to drag him to the rest of the Uchiha, who were laughing and talking with each other.

You could say that the Uchiha really know how to party! Everyone was having fun in here, the adults were talking, laughing, drinking or playing cards! The children were running around the place or playing with each other.

You could say that Naruto was having the time of his life! He never had any fun unless it was reading a new book when he was with the Namikaze, but now! Now he could finally be free from them!


"Huh?" Naruto said as he turns around to look at the forest, he thought that he had heard something, but he didn't see anything now.


Before Naruto was able to run into the forest to see what was happening, he felt Sasuke's hands on his arm dragging him to open the presents.

Naruto frown at that maybe he was imagining things, he shakes his head at walked beside Sasuke.


It was after midnight and the party had long since finished, everything was peaceful until an ear-piercing scream woke up the Uchiha from their slumber.

Fugaku jump from his bed and out of his room, the scream was coming from Naruto's room! He slammed the door opened and froze.

There on the floor, he saw Naruto writhe and twist in agony as blood was coming from his mouth and nose.


That had woke him up from his shocked stand. He summons a clone and rushes to hold Naruto down so he won't hurt himself further. He didn't know but it seems like Naruto was having a seizer! He tried to hold him down but it was hard with all of that blood. Hell! Even his ears were Bleeding.

He heard Sasuke's cries and the gasps from the rest, he looked at them to see them all standing near the door, he grunts as Naruto kicked him hard in the chest but hold him nevertheless.

"Itachi!" He called out making Itachi snap out of it. "Go bring the healer. NOW!" He ordered only to hear a 'Yes sir' as Itachi and Shisui start running to the hospital. "Mikoto! Take Sasuke away!" He said.

Mikoto nodded at that and held Sasuke up and run to her room. She was shaken a little at that but she had to pull herself together! If only to calm her sobbing son.

"Shh. It is ok baby, everything would be fine!" Mikoto wondered if she was trying to comfort Sasuke or herself, she really didn't know but she has to try, even with the sound of those screams would haunt her dreams for years.


It wasn't every day that you would find her at the ass crack of NIGHT trying to heal someone. No, you won't. but when two frantic Uchiha burst into her office shakily and about to cry their eyes out. (You heard her right. CRYING!) Then you could say that she doesn't have any other choice.

Tsunade had followed those two until she reached the Uchiha compound, when she reached the main house she saw the Uchiha surrounding it with a look of fear on their faces, and who won't when those ear-piercing screams that made even her a FUCKINS SANNIN flinch at it!

She entered the house following the sound of those screams in a room with a broken door. When she entered she had had to hold a gasp of horror at what she saw.

It was clear that the little boy was having a seizer. But what the fuck? It wasn't normal at all to see all of that blood that was coming from him! She saw as Fugaku tried to hold the boy down while trying to calm him, but she knows that won't work out.

She pushed Fugaku out of the way and order him to get out and bring her what she needs after all this is where her part comes! She only prays that the boy won't die on her, God knew that she was tired of meaningless deaths, with that she starts healing him.


It had taken hours and it was dawn know, Tsunade was shaken at what she had witnessed, after all the boy's heart had stopped five times until everything had turn alright, she was too exhausted to curse the Gods on what had happened to the young boy. But to see it in her own eyes that was fascinating! Even if the time or place was wrong.

She get out of the boy's new room (They had to change it because of all the blood and other things.) she saw the Uchiha's looking at her waiting what she would say, and she won't lie she know that no one from this house had slept, you could see it from the dark halos that were surrounding their eyes.

"He is alive!" She told them making them sigh in relief. Now, she won't lie and say he was fine, even she didn't know if he would be.

Tsunade sighs tiredly and comes to set near the kotatsu table, taking the tea that Mikoto had served her. "I have a few questions. I hope you answer them." She told them. She saw them nodding their heads at then and she sighs. "Was he a half-blood?" She asked.

The reaction she gets was not the one she was used to when she asks about half-bloods, but it had warmed her on the inside to see the care and love they have for their family.

"And what if he was?" Fugaku grunt narrowing his eyes at her, while all of the other only glared at her. If she had meant a funny business by that, then they would surely deal with her.

"HEY! Chill down, that wasn't what I had meant." She said as she took a sip from her tea and sigh. She looked at them and become serious. "It seems like him being a half-blood was the reason for the seizer/heart attacks thing that had happened."

"What do you mean?!" Mikoto asked chewing her bottom lip in worry, it was the first time she had heard about that happening, and she was really scared about Naruto's wellbeing.

"Believe me, even I don't know how or why it was the first time I saw that happening." She told them putting her teacup on the table. "But it seems like it had happened for a reason."

"What reason?" Itachi asked her suspiciously. If Naruto wasn't sick then why did that happened.

"It seems like his chakra paths had opened!" She said earning gasps from them all. "It seems like the boy's newly chakra had cause seizer/heart attacks."

"H-how?" Mikoto said shakily, after all, no one had heard of anything like that before. Once a half-blood always a half-blood! That what they were told for centuries!

"It seems like his chakra being a foreign thing for him, had made his body go in a shock. With that shocked, the pain of chakra start running in his chakra's closed paths, had caused his body to have a seizer later a heart attack. And it seems like the blood that was coming out of him was the 'spoiled' or 'rotten' blood. If you know what I mean." She told them making them all look at one another. "I wanted you all to know, that this case would be the first to happen in the half-bloods community. And I am sure that if I hadn't been a Sannin with experience, he would have been dead!." She told them the truth, after all, it was no use to lying at them.

"Naruto?!" Sasuke screams making them all turn their heads seeing Naruto standing by the door looking at them, with his red scarf in his hand.

They all jumped at that running to Naruto and embraced him softly when they did that, they felt his chakra like Tsunade had said. It was a shock for them but they push it aside for now.

"Oi brat!" Tsunade called out after the Uchiha had finished hugging the kid to death, making Naruto turn his head to her. "You heard everything, right?" She asked seeing Naruto nodding his head and sigh at her. She hummed at that and stand up walking until she reached him. "Then you know what that means, I have to watch you closely from now on, so none of that would happen again." She told him. Only for him to give her a huff and a soft nod.

She smirked at that, the kid had a fighting spirit as it seems, after all, who in their right mind would stand up after a night like that! "Good! My name is Tsunade." She told him that.

"Naruto." Was the only thing he said, as he put the scarf that was in his hand to hide half of his face.


It has been a month since Naruto unlocking his chakra, and you could say that he doesn't like that one a bit. You want to know why it's because of Tsunade and her watching him like a lab rat!

It would have been ok if it wasn't for the nightmares that he starts having, it always starts the same, only words at first after that it would turn to a strange imagines he doesn't know what to make of. Naruto never told any of the Uchiha about that, they had smothered him since day one! Always fearful that something would happen again, so he kept his mouth shut about it.

Today Naruto was watching Itachi training, he was able to run away from Tsunade this morning. (He may like her and have a grandma/grandson relationship with her, BUT DAMIN HE needs HIS FREEDOM TOO.) And meet Itachi on the way, so the two of them decided to visit the training forest. Naruto saw how Itachi used some hand sign he was able to memorize on sight after Itachi slammed his hand on the floor a poof sound was heard and a crow appeared on the ground.

"Do it! Please!"

Naruto heard that voice again and he starts looking around, he doesn't know why but he could feel four voices coming from that one.

"Please summon us! Don't you want to protect them?"

"Naruto are you ok?" Itachi asked as he looked at Naruto's dazed face, he stepped near Naruto a little but he felt he summon pulling him away. "What the…?"

"Do it! Protect them! Do it! FIGHT!"

With that Naruto made the summoning seal and slammed his hand to the ground, he could vaguely hear Itachi's screams of his name, and how everything had changed around him.

Instead of a forest, he was standing in a huge hall, he was inside a circle being surrounded by three strangers with coats who were surrounded by four beings.

A phoenix with a bright red and orange colors, the flame was raised from the place she was sitting at. she looked at him and let out a cry.

A dragon with black scales like midnight, the smoke was rising from his place of the circle. When he saw him he let out a roar and bow his head.

A wolf with white fur as the moon, the place he was sitting at was having some sort of fireflies raising from it. The wolf glance at him then let out a lonely howl.

A jaguar with strange dark grey fur, his place was making strange noises raising from it. When he saw him looking at him he let out a hiss.

"We had finally met you!

She who felt it all! (Phoenix)

He who knew it all! (Dragon)

She who saw it all! (Wolf)

He who heard it all! (Jaguar)

With the power of our ancestors and your ancestor!

You would finally raise from the ashes!

With the favor of Shinigami, Kami, and Yami!

She who felt it all!

He who knew it all!

She who saw it all!

He who heard it all!

Take this power and protect us again!

The forgiven heart of gold!

All hail the sage of the main four!"

With that he saw those beings looking at him, then opened their mouths and a strange fire come and surrounded him, he felt his hate turn to sadness, his nightmares to memories, and his weakness to strength.

Naruto lost his conscious but not before he heard their pleading for him to come again.



He heard when he woke up again with the Uchiha and Tsunade surrounding him with worry faces.

He remembered their faces when he told them what happened.

He remembered the way he told them he had to leave.

He remembered Sasuke crying and begging him not to go.

He remembered the others' understanding and his promise to come home.

He remembered him using the summoning again to return to that place.

He remembered those beings looking at him with pride as he came back.

And most of all he remembered their words.

"Welcome home!"