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noun: stepbrother

plural noun: stepbrothers

  1. a son of one's stepparent by a marriage other than that with one's own father or mother.
  2. Taeyong Lee & Mark Lee


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"You doing anything this weekend?"

"No, why?" Renjun and Mark were sitting outside watching Marks stepbrother Taeyong, throw shots on the basketball courts while Mark and Taeyong waited for the bus. It was the end of the day and traffic was clogged so they had some time to talk.

"I just got a switch."

"No way!"

"Yeah dads the best."

Renjun pouts before he speaks again, clearly unnerved. "I'd come over today but I have an art club."

"Renjun we're best friends I know your schedule." Mark laughs.


"Shut up!" Mark laughs again continuously hitting the latter's shoulder. "You have Jeno!"

"Jeno is my boyfriend dumbass, you're my BFF."

"bEsT fRiEnDS fOrEvEr."

Renjun laughs again pushing Mark off of the curb. Mark falls, but not before dragging Renjun down with him.



Wrestling on the ground, Remain pins Markdown smiling in victory. He's about to say something when Mark beats him to it.

"Wait til Jeno hears-" Renjun jumps off of the older running down the road. "I'm late for art club!"

Mark smiles to himself as he watches Renjun run down the road. They have some kind of dynamic, Mark doesn't really know how to explain it but he thinks it's okay. Besides Renjun does have a boyfriend. And Mark doesn't like him like that. He likes someone else.

Speaking of that someone, "Always thought you and Renjun would be cute together."

Mark freezes. "T-taeyong!"

"What?" Mark turns back around watching as his stepbrother runs a hand through his sweat-soaked hair.

"He has a boyfriend taetae"

"Get your stuff Minhyung, the bus is here."

Mark picks his backpack up, slinging it over his shoulder as he follows the older to the bus stop. Taeyong scans both of they're used daily MetroCards before shuffling to their usual seats. Mark follows him, waving to the driver on his way back. You come on so often it becomes routine.

Taeyong sits down, as does Mark, before offering him an earpod. "Johnny told me about Baekhyun's new album. Wanna listen?"

"Sure" Taeyong smiles a bit, clicking on his phone as Mark puts it in his ear. The music starts playing, and Mark hears someone singing in Korean. Though he doesn't know what the fuck they're saying it still sounds really good.

When the song is over Taeyong turns and asks him, "Did you like it?"

"Not my type of music but I appreciate talent."

Taeyongs face lights up and Mark falls in love again. "Can I show you something?"

"Sure, "

Mark takes his respectful ear pod and types a search into YouTube, turning the phone so Taeyong can't see. Mark presses play and immediately Taeyong makes faces. When it's over though, he just looks disappointed.

"S S S S S Give me sex?"

"It's a song!" Mark punches his shoulder laughing.

"You don't seriously listen to this do you?"

"I was just kidding with you~"

Mark plays another song, this one with a fast beat and no words. Taeyong takes the earbud out immediately. "You and your EDM smh. We're here by the way."

They both stand up, going out the door in the middle of the bus instead of upfront, and walking to their house. It's larger than a normal condo overlooking the waterfront of Vancouver and Mark has lived here his entire life so naturally, he loves it.

Mark rushes down the sidewalk, leaving Taeyong in the dust, as he runs towards their house and embraces the salty air. Taeyong follows close behind at a more leisurely pace, watching him run ahead. Mark has always been excited about going home, just to go home and look out at the water. Mark may rush ahead but he's definitely last inside.

Taeyong finally reaches the door of the apartment building and comes to stand by Mark causing him to shiver. Taeyong notices, of course. "Are you cold?"

Taeyongs voice in a whisper is right by his ear causing Mark to shiver again, but this time not because of the sea. With his cheeks dusted in cherry blossom pink Mark turns slightly away before he answers. "A little."

"Let's get inside then."

Mark and Taeyong shuffled inside the lobby, getting in the elevator that goes to their floor. It dings, and they both walk to their apartment, Taeyong opening it with his key. It smells like teriyaki and brown rice, giving mark a hint of what's for dinner.

"We're home!" Taeyong calls out to his mom Taeyeon.

"Hai Taeyeon." Mark follows.

"Good days I hope?" They both nod. "That's good. If you can't already tell dinner is teriyaki and rice. I'll make some broccoli too before Jaebim comes home. Go shower both of you I can smell you from here." Taeyeon wrinkles her nose in mock disgust before continuing to cook.

When they are finally in the peace of they're shared bedroom Taeyong drops his stuff on the floor, walking towards his dresser for clothes. The next thing Taeyong does is strip.

"Have decency taetae~" Mark whines as if he wasn't freezing two seconds ago. He turns around, attempting to shield himself from his step brother's rudeness.

"Why are my abs distracting?" Mark can see his smirk from behind him.

"The ones you don't have?"

Taeyong grumbles as he walks to their shared bathroom allowing Mark to sigh in peace. Taeyong never seemed to stop, did he?

Chapter Text

It's the weekend, finally, after five long days and a student council meeting, Mark can relax. Or so he thought. "Marker!" Renjun yells out to the latter who was walking down the hallway of the freshman pod.

"Huang!" He yells back awaiting his answer.

"I was promised a switch." Renjun puts his hands on his hips and Mark sighs. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Jeno sneaking up on Renjun and smirks. "I dunno seems like your boyfriend might not let you."

Renjun whips around, smacking Jeno in the face and watches him clutch his face in pain. Mark laughs and gestures them away from all of the people in the hallway. "C'mon you can both come I don't care and Taeyong loves yall. Then he'll stop shipping me with Renjun."

Mark fake gags and the three boys make they're way to the basketball courts to wait for the bus again. When they arrive, though, a pretty dark green pickup truck sits near the road. Taeyong is using a metal tool to change one of its tires, his forehead already sweaty. Mark runs over to him, the others closely following him.

Breathless Mark pops the older a question. "Whose car is this?"

"Johnny's parents bought me a car. I'm still surprised but like they are the Zhong-Seo's." Mark and Renjun stare in awe while Jeno runs around it, inspecting the car. "I knew chenle and johnny we're rich but-" Jeno whistles in surprise.

"That's what I said to Johnny." Taeyong packs up his tools and tosses them in the truck, getting in the driver's seat. "But, let's go for a ride."

Jeno and Renjun opt to sit in the back letting Mark have the passenger's seat next to Taeyong. The older starts the car, speeding away on the highway as Mark lets the wind whips his hair in all sorts of directions. He risks a glance at Taeyong and finds they both have matching dumbstruck grins upon their faces and Taeyong looks great with the wind in his hair.

Taeyong notices him staring and starts to whine. "Markeu~"

"Taetae~" He replies in an equal tone turning back to his window.

"You looking at me is distracting~"

Renjun ruins there a moment. "Oh my god, just date already it's not like its incest you're both stepbrothers with no blood."

"Injun," Jeno sighs. "In a legal sense, it is." Jeno continues as Taeyong just laughs, not answering and Mark continues to feel the wind against his face, trying to forget Renjuns words.

See Mark has told NO ONE about his crush. He had always wanted a secret since his dad surprises him with a new PlayStation for his fifth birthday after repeatedly saying there was no money to buy it. So at twelve, as much of a dumb secret he was, he vowed to never tell a soul. And, it worked. Sure Jeno had asked once saying he seemed to have heart eyes for his stepbrother but he brushed him off saying he thinks Taeyong is quote on quote really cool. Which he is but that's not the point. So when Renjun said those words, basically his dream goal, Mark KNOWS he has to step up his game. He OBVIOUSLY isn't handling masking the longing stares very well.

When Taeyong finally parks the car in front of their apartment complex, right next to where there dads, Jaebims Chevrolet will be and turns the car off. They're home later than usual because of the student council meeting and Taeyong took a long way but Mark knows that Taeyeon won't mind. They slip out, all four, Mark first out of the car but last inside, and up the stairs like always. While Renjun and Jeno race up the stairs, excited for Marks switch, and Taeyong stays back again watching as he stares out at the ocean looking at the sun setting on the lake water.

“Markeu your friends are waiting, you really shouldn’t do this while friends are over.”

“But who else will listen to me? The ocean better than any living person.” Mark whispers his words under his breath but Taeyong still hears. And as Mark walks up the stairs Taeyong promises himself that they’ll talk about it later.

Mark pushes his door open and finds the switch is already set up and Reno is already all over each other. Renjun sits in Jeno's lap and they're rocking and switching positions struggling to see the screen. If they didn't have controllers you’d think they were making out in front of the small tablet. They’re both yelling; at each other and the screen to win though Mark doesn’t think it works that way.

“So, whos winning?”

“Me obviously.” Jeno says at the same time Renjun says “My ass.”

“So both of you?”

“Jeno’s lying!” Renjun yells.

“Am not!”

“Actually according to the leaderboard you are.”

“Stop being smart Markeu no one cares!”

"Smh. Whos switch is it again?" Mark sats smugly watching Jeno deflate.

"Fuck youuuuuuu."

"That is a bad word mister." Renjun playfully scolds. But Jeno beats him to it.”I’m sorry daddy, I guess you’ll have to,” Jeno pauses for an effect before he continues in a low voice. “Punish me.”

“Oiiii shut up! Both of you!” Mark yells hitting them both in the arms as he laughs.

“Ha has-sorr mm-marrk s-stop it.” Renjun pushes Mark away, heaving his words out.

“Lets just play again and see me win but with Mark.” Jeno suggests watching as the two go at it.

Chapter Text

They stay up for a while longer but eventually Renjun falls asleep playing so Jeno and Mark put the game away. Taeyong still hasn't come back from where he left to when he dropped them all off so Mark and Jeno just decide to get ready for bed.

"Wonder where went?" Jeno questions.

"Ah probably to give Johnny as thousand thank yous or something like that. You know how he is." Mark and Jeno laugh, imagining the not hard to be situation.

"Yeah taeyong is really kind and considerate, he seems like a great brother."

Mark looks over at Taeyong's bed when he says his next words. "He is, he's always watching out for me and playing with me, it seems he only leaves me alone when I'm out with friends."

"Aish lucky, Doyoung annoys me all the time with his dumbass parties. Like we all know they're lit but ge and Johnny ate always competing."

"Wait Johnny? As in my brothers best friend? As in chenle's brother?" Mark is suprused by this. Taeyong only ever goes away when Mark has friends over but he'd think he'd go to his best friends parties right?

"Yeah but i've never seen Taeyong at one. Honestly don't think your brother has been to one of Kim Doyoung's famous parties."

"If you say so.." Jeno laughs before saying goodnight and getting under Renjun's blanket.

After Renjun and Jeno have both fallen asleep on the floor cuddled together, Taeyong quietly slips inside the shared room expecting Mark to be asleep. He's wide awake about to flip his duvet cover.

Taeyong's eyes widen and he quickly and surprisingly jumps over the couple over to Mark who has his headphones in. Taeyong pulls them off, resting them in his lap next to him and bops Mark on the nose who scrunches it up and shakes his head.

"What's the matter Taetae?" He whispers, so as not to wake anyone.

"Nothing. You're just cute markeu." Taeyong grins from his crouched position near Mark's bed and laughs at his blush.

"S-stop you making me blush." Mark looks away from the older.

"I know how easily flustered you can be. Not gonna stop me though." He grins again before getting up to jump over to his own bed.

"Wait. Where'd you go? You look dressed up."

Taeyong looks down it his clothes before looking up as if he had forgotten what he was wearing. Which he probably did. "Johnny invited me over to hang out. Thats all really."

"Thats cool"

"You should get to bed you know."

" 'm not tired"

"I'll sleep with you and make you tired. Taeyong winks, putting his backpack down on the hook by his bed. He pulls out his pajamas from under his pillow and slides over his bed to the bathroom. Mark can hear Taeyong shuffling around the bathroom and the shower turn on so he plugs his phone in the charger and puts it and his headphones on his nightstand.

Taeyong steps out of the bathroom with damp hair with a matching grey shirt and pants on. He smiles at Mark who is still standing at his night stand and sets his other clothes on the bed. Taeyong jumps over Renjun and Jeno again and Mark lays down in his bed. Mark yawns. Taeyong smirks. "See its already working."

"Get in or I'll push you out."

Taeyong slips in beside Mark, wrapping his arms around Mark's skinny waist and snuggling into his back. He wraps his legs around Mark, making him go stiff. Taeyong buries his head into Mark's neck and inhales. "You smell good" He mumbles into Mark's chest.


"Welax mawkeu."


" 'o you can sweep."

"Okay taetae. I'll 'sweep'" Taeyong 'hmphs' in return sounding practically asleep. And to think it was Mark he was trying to lull to sleep. Soon enough Taeyomg's calming breaths make Mark fall asleep and the next thing he knows is the sound of morning Taeyong.


"Markeu." He whispers and Mark turns his head, not bothering to open his eyes. "Mm."

Taeyong pauses looking at the boy before him. Mark is laying, curled into a fetal position on his bed with his head in Taeyongs lap. His eyes are closed and his pretty eyelashes lay softly on his cheeks, long black and really pretty. Mark's brown hair is flopped and messed up on his head looking untangled but still pretty. Taeyong thinks Mark is very pretty. He doesn't think anything other word can describe his younger stepbrother.

Mark shifts in his sleep, moving his head exposing his collarbone and his open shoulder. Taeyong gulps but he isn't even sure why. Mark's tanned skin sits exposed and untouched right in front Taeyong's eyes and he begins to unconsciously trace the skin looping up from the start of his neck down to his shoulder blade.

“Hyung what are you doing?”

Chapter Text

“Hyung what are you doing?” Mark sleepily murmurs.


Taeyong's hand freezes in place and he allows his eyes to refocus on the younger. Mark's eye's are halfway open and his tiny tongue sticks out, his soft brown hair is messed up and strewn about around his head matching his dark brown enchanting eyes.


"N-nothing min."


Mark yawns and Taeyong quickly moves his hand away from Mark's body before he's able to open his eyes and let them adjust to the world. Mark slowly pushes himself off the bed and stretches his arms, exposing his pretty tanned skin. 


What the fuck Taeyong. You aren't even gay, let alone for your stepbrother.


Taeyong averts his eyes looking away. Mark still half asleep throws himself on Taeyong. "So pretty," He whispers. "taeyongie is very cute, I like his button nose…" Taeyong hears another snore. Half asleep Mark is like he's sober and drunk at the same time. One second he'll recite the fifty states, the next he'll talk about how much he wants to nail his neighbours cat. 


He's just half asleep. You know how he is.


"Want someone to love~ " Mark murmurs and Taeyong snaps his head back to the younger who is thrown over his chest. "Someone like taeyongie hyung. Hyung is a co rE Anne word, like taeyongie." Mark sleep talks. He must really not getting any sleep, Mark only ever talked in his sleep when he was exhausted.


I should've noticed…


Taeyong checks the time on the clock and sees that it reads 1:27 am. How lovely. With light blocking curtains in they're room you can't see what time of day it is by the light outside.


"I wonder if taeyongie likes johnny. Johnny is taAaAlL tall like lucas. He's also very rich! Are we poor? Hmm icbhdjggnxh." Mark's little babbles make him sound a bit like a baby and he almost forgets his actual age.


"Markeu love taeyongie soOoOo much, does he love markeu?" 


In the end Taeyong—for the rest of the night at least—gets about one more hour of sleep. Mark is still sleeping when Renjun and Jeno get up so Taeyong and his mom make them all breakfast, including Mark's father. 


"I'll tell him you guys said bye, he was sleep talking and I've noticed he only does Thayer when he's really tired." Taeyong says seeing them both off.


"Okay, make him sleep more bye!" Renjun says before closing the door to walk back to his house which isn't far from their own. When the door shuts, Taeyong walks back to his room and silently opens the door and shuts it behind himself. Mark is still asleep, though somehow in Taeyong's bed, but now he seems less passed out since he managed to move himself. Taeyong slides in behind him, yawning and closing his eyes. Mark tenses and Taeyong now knows he's awake and lowly chuckles.


Mark squirms before turning around to Taeyong and yawning. "Did you get any sleep last night Taeyon- taetae?"


"Mm, not much but it's fine. I had your cute little babbles to keep me company, your too cute when your exhausted like that."


"I only ever babble when I'm with you." Mark whispers, not intending for the older to hear. But he does. "Maybe, you should sleep with me more often. You'll babble more and be adorable."


Mark turns his head, blushing. "But You'll never sleep?"


"I just had alot on my mind Markeu, I'd I've had sleeping problems either way. Nothing was your fault Min."


"Oh-okay taetae." Mark snuggles his head into Taeyong's chest, making his heart swell from how cute he's being. Taeyong's face heats up from staring at Mark's hair so he looks away.


I'm just really hot, yeah


"Taeyongie is so warm~ markeu is so cold~"


Sleep talk again?! Maybe he really only ever does it with me



"Mark!" Taeyong pushes Mark out of his bed and onto the floor. He frowns with discomfort. "Its noon Mark, NOON! Your friends left at SEVEN." Taeyong moves closer to the she of the bed. "Get," he kicks Mark once in the side. "Up!" He kicks him again. 


Mark groans, clutching his side. “Tae you’re so,” He pauses, struggling with his words before moaning out. “Mean.” But it comes out  more like me-ha-een-hen. “ah hah ha away haard.”


Taeyong blushes from his moaning. “S-sorry but you really do need to get up, its past noon.”


The fuck does he mean by hard?


"Fine~" Mark climbs up from off the floor and shuffles into the bathroom, yawning as he picks up his clothes. He shuffles into the bathroom, closing the door to change into somthing other than pyjamas.


Dumbasses (6)


John-D: throwing a party tonight


Jae-D: of course you are 


Doyothefuckinslut: no your not -_- 


Doyothefuckinslut: its my turn dumbass 


John-D: shut up doyoung, and I'm not obviously


John-D: but if taeyong comes I'll say we're even 


Taetaethegaygay: seriously? I'll have to bring Mark tho… 


Doyothefuckinslut: Jeno will be there, and Renjun of course 


Jae-D: well you already know I'm cuming


John-D: um- 


Doyothefuckinslut: lets not- 


Doyothefuckinslut has changed Jae-D to Jaethefuckinslut 


Doyothefuckinslut has changed they're name to Doyo


Jaethefuckinslut: I won't even try to change it 


Doyo: smart move 


Taetaethegaygay: so Mark can come?


Jaethefuckinslut: since Doyoung has abandoned his post-


Jaethefuckinslut: *cum 


Ten: *sighs*


Ten: what have you done doyo 


Ten has changed Jaethefuckinslut 's name to matureuwu


Ten has changed Ten's name to Tenthefuckinslut


Ten has renamed this chat from Dumbasses  to Insecure Gay Dumbasses


John-D: I am a very confident gay!


John-D: I stan gay-ct!


Tenthefuckinslut: I got you into them sweetie 


Taetaethegaygay: are you coming to doyo's party


Tenthefuckinslut: my schedule depends on whos throwing a party


Tenthefuckinslut: So yes 


Taetaethegaygay: Mark is out of the shower, i don't want him to know i have friends


Taetaethegaygay: johnny is enough 


John-D: I see how it be 


"Who are you texting taeyongie?" Mark asks, stepping out of the bathroom fully dressed in street clothes.


"Just some friends?"


"You have friends? You like never hang out with them." 


"I like never hang out with them because I like you, better."


"Whatever Taetae I'm hungry." 




"C'mon get off your switch We're going to my friends for a party since Mom and Mr. Lee aren't home and won't be for a while." Taeyong says, coming into they're room. Taeyong had been watching tv since Mark came out of the shower and finally stopped watching GayV 's Nightmare Plan. Who could blame him it was a great show?


"Johnny?" The younger asked, setting it down.


"No actually another friend. Jeno's older brother Doyoung, do you know him?" He asks, looking through his clothes for somthing that Mark could wear.


"Yeah, he always seemed really busy and popular so I haven't talked to him as much as I have Renjun's siblings." He puts the device down on the desk before picking up his brush and walking to the mirror on the door to the bathroom. He runs it through his hair, getting out all the intense knots as Taeyong continues to recklessly throw clothes on the floor. 


"Hey," Mark comes up behind Taeyong towards his ear. "Should I look?" 


Taeyong blushes at the close proximity. "You can i-if you want too. But its fine I can do it."


"I'll do it." Mark takes away the shirt Taeyong h9lds in his nervous grip before pushing him slightly away. Taeyong walks away from his closet, picking up the clothes he had for himself and walks into the bathroom to change. 


Mark—on the other hand—sifts through the clothes on the floor and inside the closet before taking out a white revealing button down and some skinny black jeans. 


(A/N: basiclly what ten wore in his dance practice video for new heros) 


Taeyong comes put of the bathroom in bootcut dark blue jeans and a exo shirt with a tight leather jacket. His hair is pushed to the side with hair spray and gel and Mark comes to the conclusion that his stepbrother cannot possibly always be this pretty. But unfortunately for him and his weak heart, he is. Taeyong looks around his room before picking up a black belt—no not for karate—And looping it through the belt loops of his jeans. 


Mark thinks he looks hot.


He looks towards Mark and sits the younger on his bed before taking out a nice red leather jacket and giving it to him to put on.


"This would go well with It! Make sure you zip it up only half way so it looks good alright?" Mark nods. "I'LL be back I have somthing else too!"


Taeyong walks back into the bathroom again and comes back with a tube of lipstick, a lip liner, nude eyeshadow, and black spectacles. He jumps on the bed, climbing over to Mark and sits crosslegged in front of him. Mark looks down at the supplies.


"Are you gonna put that? On me?" He sounds suprised.


"What? You'll look cute~" Taeyong smiles when he lifts his heads up and squeezes his eye closed. 


"Werido." He whispers as he picks up the eye shadow pallet and dabs the brush in the makeup.


Taeyong's hot breath fans Mark's face—causing the younger to blush—as he pads the brush around before lightly and gently applying it to his left eye. Mark twitches from the sudden contact but tries to stay as still as possible. When he's done, Taeyong moves away and cold hits his face for a few seconds before he returns to apply the other eye. 


"I'm done with the eyes, now to the lips."


Taeyong starts with the lip liner, drawing it carefully around the edges ever so slightly. It's tingles and Mark resists the urge to look at the older well he's so focused. Trouble comes when the older uncaps the tube and starts to slowly spread the thick glossy redness all over Mark's cute tiny lips. He parts them a bit and lazily looks at Taeyong, clearly enjoying this far too much. Mark barely keeps his loan in as Taeyong spreads the it around his lips with his finger. Because Mark wants to do is suck that finger till Taeyong says he's a good boy. Mark wants that finger in his ads stretching him out while Mark moans and whines for Taeyong's dick. Mark want tjat finger and that hand gripping his waist till it bruises while Taeyong's lips kiss him senseless. He wants- 


Mark moans. Embarrassingly loud.


"T-thats feels good~" It turns Taeyong on. Alot. Thank goodness the jeans are a little too big. 


"It's not intended too but okay. Your welcome I guess." He laughs it off backing away from Mark and slips the fake glasses in his head. He looks perfect. 


"Lets go," 

Chapter Text

Taeyong drives, and the salty air whips Mark’s charcoal black and Taeyong’s vibrant purple hair into two big fluffy messes. Mark’s noticed within two days that his older brother has had this car—and even before when he would ride other cars like they’re parents and take him along—that he always keeps the windows open. Even if it's fifty degrees outside his brother will put on a coat and scarf but still leave the windows open, but then again Vancouver never seems to get too cold with Taeyong around. Or its just global warming, Mark isn’t too sure.

"We're here." Taeyong whispers into the sun setting darkness. Crazy how moods can change in snaps of seconds.

Mark slips out if the pickup, letting himself fall a little because he was still too short to step outside all the way. They're at a big house, they look rich but not millionaire rich and hard bass is plays from speakers inside the house. Taeyong beckons him and he sets a arm around his shoulders to lead him to the door. Mark blushes at the action and looks away from his searching eye contact.

"You scared?" He asks, about to open the door.

"N-no," Mark awnsers back trying to mask his cherry blossom face with a arm.

"Stop, I wanna see your pretty face and your pretty makeup. It looks better on you than it ever did on me."

"Stoooopp~" Mark whines as he laughs and moves Mark's hand down before proceding to push the door open. It swings and reveals a open room with a dance floor, couch, dj stage, drink table, and plenty of people filling the science. Some even doing plenty of interesting things.

A boy who sort of resembles that of a bunny bounces over to the door to greet them as they walk inside. "Mark right?" He asks, being polite.

"Y-eah." He nervously looks around.

"My brother, Jeno, Renjun and Jaemin are upstairs if you want." He points to a staircase across the room. "Otherwise your welcome to stay, there's two freshman here named Jisung and Chenle and another sophomore."

"I'll go upstairs." As he walks away Doyoung's cheerful demeanour completely hardens as he scolds Taeyong for being worried about his brother. And that gets him thinking.

' He was worried about me?'


-- A/N: no promises that Mark is not a idiot


He creaks the door open, glancing at Men's suprised face, unsure. "Yo I never thought your brother would let you come to a party!" Cheers of excitement from Jeno Renjun and Jaemin greet him as he slips through the door, settling in the circle they've made, next to Renjun and Jaemin.

"Yeah, apparently his friends dragged him here or whatever. He said i should come with too." He laughs.

"Yeah Doyoung jumped out if his chair when he found out, went ballistic! Taeyong has NEVER been to ANYONE'S party and you know he's pretty popular at school, at least according to Doyoung he is."

"I-i don't,"

Renjun picks up, turning to look at Mark. "Anyways lime Jeno said Taeyong basiclly just said Doyoung's parties are better than anyone else's! My god I can hear Ten yelling already." This goes on for a while, Jeno and Renjun exposing Mark to litteraly everything his brother has been hiding.

"He's also gay." Jaemin whispers and Mark eouldn't be caught it if not sitting next to him. "Thought thats just a rumour ain't it?"

"Nope!" Renjun cheerfully confirms. "He ate Yukhei's face about a few months ago in the locker rooms. That was before he asked ten out." He makes a face immeditly after though, showing his real thoughts on the topic.

"He's gay…"

"Yes," Jeno waves his hands around Mark's face. "He's gay,."

"Oh shut up, I was just, suprised I guess." He looks off in the distance, letting tranquillity fill his eyes as he thinks about his secret.

"Oh are Renjun and I the only Gay couple you know?" Jeno asks.

"No~ Ten and Lucas. But besides that, yeah!"

"You have like no life." Renjun mutters.

"Fuck Off!




"You doing anything tonight?" A boy with soft brown hair asks and Taeyong is tempted to say yes. But he still has to drive Mark home. The boy has been moving his hips towards him for some time now and he's gotta say that the boy's leather tight skinny jeans are not helping.

"My brothers here, I should probably drive us back home soon." He looks up, searching for a clock and avoids his eye contact.

He turns around looking up into Taeyong's eyes as he continues to push his body up against the older. "Mark right? He'll be fine. I know him."

"Oh, your a sophomore? What's your name baby?" Taeyong is slipping but he can't help himself.

"Yangyang~." He moans a little bit and pushes him up towards a wall but Taeyong flips him so he's in the lead, grinding against him with both of they're clothed crouched touching eachother.

"Taeyong, but you can call be daddy." He winks and the younger submits a little more.

"Your making me hard daddy, this is starting to hurt." He starts to rut back and fourth from the wall and Taeyong's dick. "Please let me have you?"

"As you wish." Taeyong crashes they're lips starting to make out with the younger as they're erections only grow. "Lets go somewhere a little more private shall we? Bathroom?"

"Y-yeah." He follows him as they cut through the big crowd of dancing people, finally reaching the bathroom. Once inside, Taeyong hoists up Yangyang's hips onto the counter.

"Your doin so good, being all paeint and waiting for me. I should repay you." Yangyang moans in response, not eating to find out what's next. "I want you to strip me baby."

Yangyang blushes but starts off slow, pulling Taeyong's shirt over his head before letting it fall to the ground. He trails his hands down his chest before letting them push at his jeans belt loops, trying to get inside.





"Is this why you don't go to a lot of partys?" Mark asks as he and Taeyong eat breakfast together the next morning.

"Yeah," he yawns reaching for more cereal. "Also how come you never told me about how much of a bAdAsS you are? Like seriously on Ms. Hwang's desk?" He tries not to feel heartbroken as he says the words.

"I mean, why would I tell you?" He avoids eye contact and for a second Mark thinks He's guilty. "I kinda wanted you to have a nice cool older brother who loves you and had no problems."

"Well I don't," Mark fails to catch Taeyong's since. "But its fine whatever."

Taeyong is silent for a few moments before speaks again. "You sure?"

"Yeah," he says, forcing out the fakeness and bile. "Yeah I'm okay.

Chapter Text

“I thought you were straight?”


“I am straight.”


“But you were literally about to get into Yangyang’s pants?!” Johnny exclaims as he looks at the younger male over his food. “Jeseus just tell us, no need to stay in the closet? And Mark is gay too so out to your guys’s parents, whats they’re too worry about. And just cause we’re all straight doesn’t think we’ll think any different of you!”


Taeyong sighs, resting his fork and the plastic lunchroom tray. He looks at Johnny, and then at Doyoung, and then at Ten, then at Jaehyun, and lastly at Taeil. “I. Am NOT Gay.”


“Suuure~” Johnny drawls but before he can say anymore the bell rings and Taeyong rushes out of the lunchroom to get to his study hall. He races to his locker to get some books but when he arrives someone is standing by his locker. He slows down and starts walking slower so the other figure doesn’t see him coming. When gets within a close enough distance, Taeyong stalls. Its Mark. Beside him is another male that Taeyong reconizes as Jaemin, one of his classmates. He slowly approaches.


"Hello Taeyong-hyung!" Jaemin says as his eyes grow big, Mark just gives a smile.


'It looks fake though…'


Mark is wearing a black coat that Taeyong remembers buying him last winter and Jaemin wears a gigantic neon green coat. They must have gone somewhere outside school grounds during they're break.


"Hello Jaemin-ah, hai little lion~" Mark blushes a little but and Jaemin laughs. 


"Stob ittt~" 


"Nope! Anyways what can I do for my darling brother and his faithful aquatenice." Taeyong raises his eyebrow at the both of them. 


"Nothing, I've been begging mark ever since the party to let me talk to you." Taeyong stiffens at theention of the party. Thisust be one of the people who told him about his reputation. 


"I tried to stop him, " Mark days, voice barely a whisper. 


"But you couldn't." Jarmin smirks.


"Well look at the time, I need to get my books before the bell rings and I'm late, I will see you, " Taeyong points at Mark. "After school, and you, " he points to Jaemin. "Another time. Run along."


Taeyong steps around them both as Mark waves goodbye before dragging Kaemin behind himself. 


"Jesus jaemin, control yourself for once."




"Taeyong?" Mark asks as the older drives them back home from school. Once again he sat outside, watching Taeyong play basket ball on the court while he finished his homework. When he was done, they started to head home.


"Yeah?" His eyes don't stray from the road but Mark can tell he's listening. Seems all of they're recent conversations happen in a car. 


"Have you always been gay?" The older is alen aback by his question. It sounds so honest that he doesn't want to lie. But how can you lie when your not sure of the answer yourself.


"I–i'm not sure baby, "


"Baby?" Mark asks taken aback as well. "Where'd that come from?"


Taeyong hums as he tries to keep his calm. Where did it come from? "Y–your my baby brother~" It sounds right but why is he so unsure. And why does it hurt to say those words.


Mark flushes in embarrassment and looks away from the older, accidently hitting his head on the window. From his peripheral vision, Taeyong sees him stuff his face in a sweater shirt and shake his head as he mulls against it. It looks like he's trying to suffocate himself and Taeyong quietly laughs. 


'What the actual fuck is wrong with my brother.'


"Stop laughing, my head hurts and i don't know what to do!" Mark hits him in the shoulder.


"Your first instinct is to stuff your head in your sweater?" 


"Yeeess!" Taeyong laughs again. "Stop staring at me it really does hurt. 


Taeyong smiles again as the younger continued to complain and rub his head's sore spot. He's gotta say that his brother is too adorably cute.




"Where are you going looking like that?" Its a lazy saturday, for the oldest at least, and they're parents are still asleep, for now. Taeyong sits crossed legged on the couch in pajsmas in front if his laotop finshing an assignment. Mark is decked out in very ripped black jeans and a white hoodie that the older suspects as his own. 


"I got a date. Jaemin asked me out yesterday after I dragged him away from you." Mark avoids his eyes as he fiddles with the hoodie strings. "Are you gonna tell me to change?" He looks up and glances at the older once again before diverting his eyes once more.


"N-no go enjoy yourself, not like you'll do anything useful around here anyways." Taeyong looks back down at his computer, signalling that he's done talking. Mark sighs, walking away as he grabs his house keys from the little hanger. He slips on a baseball hat along with his shoes before he turns back agsin, looking at Taeyong. He can feel the younger face even though he's not looking at him.


"We're going to the pier." Of course they're going to water, probably to the new exhibit as well. That taeyong had bought tickets for tomorrow in advance as an early present. He pouts as he tries to come up with an alternative as a present. "Don't pout, I saw your early present and we can still go tommorrow."


Taeyong's head snaps up as he stares at him in shock. Thankfully, he managed to keep his mouth shut. "That was a suprise~" 


"I appreciate it as I do with all of your gifts, " he smiles and tasting can't help but do the same as well. The younger sits down near the edge of the couch to slips his shoes on and reaches over to kiss Taeyong's hand. He flushes bright red at the action. "Don't worry about me please?"


"No promises, your still my little lion~"




"Go run along to your date. " Taeyong says before he can stop himself. But for some reason as a smile blooms Mark's face and he walks out the door, he can't help but want to call him back. Only too sit him in his lap and pepper his face with butterfly kisses until he laughed and pushed him away. Thoughts like these have been slipping past his minds barrier the past week since last Friday. He had decided not to go to school until Friday because he wanted everything to calm down. He'd drive Mark before coming back home when he was sure his parents had left. He was caught, though, on friday since Mark's dad had decided to take a day off.


At school, a few people had approved him but like he thought but as he had thought most had forgotten the inside. For that he was very glad and it seemed his friends spread the message that he didn't want to talk about it. Despite they're pestering about it inside the lunchroom. In fact the only person to mention it had been the younger, Jaemin, and Mark after classes we're over. 


Realizing that he was not getting any work done, Taeyong shut his computer before he stood up and ran to his room to change into street clothes. The days we're getting colder so instead of basket ball shorts he would have to go with sweat pants and a black t-shirt, he'd be getting sweating anyways. Taeyong tossed his phone, earbuds, and a wallet inside a bag that already had a basket ball, towel, and change of clothes for when he was done. He was set. Taeyong wrote a little note explaining where he and Mark had gone and placed it on the counter for his parents before he took his keys and locked the door as well. Taeyong raced himself down the stairs and waved to the lady at the office before he sprinted out of the lobby towards his new car. When he unlocked the door, his sports bag was tossed in the back and he plucked he phone out to plug in the aux cord. The car rumbled to life with the twist of key and the music being blasted out of the speakers. In the span of a second, Taeyong's car left the apartment buildings parking lot and was grazing the speed limit as he drove the familiar walking path. He's gonna play some basketball. 

Chapter Text

Mark pace the pier. He had, in fact, lied about going on a date. It was literally just an excuse to get out of the house and cost the pier. Because at this point, Mark Lee a fifteen-year-old living smackdab in the middle of Vancouver, is practically in love with the ocean. And his stepbrother but that’s a different story.

He sighs and looks at the grey skies. It was a cloudy day and although the benches close to the railing are plenty dry, the air smells like rain. And when you are in love with the water, you know what rain smells like.

Mark thinks it's weird, his father had always liked stating inside and playing video games. According to him as well his mother had liked staying inside the library and reading books for fun. Even his stepmom, Taeyeon, doesn't like being outside. Though Taeyong was always another story.

Mark remembers how he spent his seventh-grade summer. Running around his small neighbourhood with a certain Lee Taeyong on his back. When it was the olders first summer living in Canada, Mark had taken him all around so he knew where everything was. Even before they're parents married, Mark had always treated Taeyong like an older brother. From arguing about the smallest things, like who gets the auxiliary cord. To eventually become bigger things, like Mark's first Boyfriend, Donghyuck who had cheated on him after three months (He's been single (single not heartbroken) ever since).

And back to the present time, with a pondering Mark looking over his feelings as he paces back and forth on the Vancouver waterfront. Which is exactly how his supposed date catches him. Yes, the thing about Jaemin asking him out was, in fact, false, but he still had not expected to find the younger on the pier as well.

Jaemin gasps when he gets closer, recognizing his friend. A smile instantly blooms on his face as he runs closer to the older male. "Mark!" He greets, rather excitedly.

"Oh its nice to see you Jaemin, have you seen Taeyong today?" He gives a genuine smile but inside he hopes he hasn't in fear of finding out his little secret.

"Ah no, did he come with you today? Did he leave you here alone?" His face changes into that of something pitful and worrisome. Jaemin genuinely looked concerned and it took a lot for him to not laugh.

"Are you worried Minnie?" Mark walks closer to him and ruffles his hair. "I'm fine don't worry."

"Oh–kay, w–what were you doing here a-anyways," Jaemin stutters. When he thinks Mark isn't looking—which he is since Mark has an amazing peripheral vision—Jaemin reaches up and touches his head where Mark had touched him.

'cute' he thinks.

"I like the water. It’s calming for me." Jaemin shuffles over towards him, putting his hands to rest in the gate looking out at the great blue water. "Why are you here Jaemin?"

"I was bored~" He whines. "You know how I just moved here from Toronto. I decided that wanted to explore Vancouver and then," Jaemin takes a deep breath. "Then I saw you."

"Did you follow me?" Mark asks, looking down at Jaemin whose eyes are trained on the railing.

"N-no why would I d-do that-" He stutters but stops speaking when Mark lifts his face, looking in his eyes.

"You’re a really pretty person Jaemin. How come you aren't dating anyone yet? Surely someone would like you?" He asks.

"I- uh um," He clears his throat. "I l-like someone b-but I don't know if he like me back." He moves away from Mark and the older lets his hand drop.

"He? So its a boy isn't it." Mark's eyes sparkle in the grey sunlight, or at least, Jaemin thinks they do. "Who is it who is it tell me~"

"But I would be extremely embarrassed. And I wouldn't you to tell anyone or spill my secret!"

"You think of me that low Minnie? I'm offended." Mark puts a hand on his chest.

"I-," Mark cuts him off.

"You can tell me, i don't tell secrets. Hint at least?" Jaemin is looking out at the ocean but doesn't fail to see Mark's puppy dog eyes.

"Hint." He looks over at Mark with nervous eyes. "His older brother is the talk of the school."


"What? No! He has a girlfriend, Renjun!" Jaemin looks shocked by Mark's answer. "I could never like him! Besides Taeyong is the talk of school, not Doyoung!"

"It’s me-" Now its Mark's turn to be cut off.

"It’s you dumbass!" Jaemin slaps a hand over his mouth, looking away. Mark laughs at his embarrassment.

"I-i mean," Mark pulls at his face and gives him a quick kiss, Jaemin quickly responding. Mark moves to where Jaemin is backed against the railing of the harbour, his hands blicking the younger from moving as he slips his tongue in, starting to make out with the younger. Jaemin smiles against his lips and turns his head to give better access.

Jaemin has his hands-on Mark’s chest when he pulls away from him, breathless with flushed cheeks and a messed up sweater. "Date me?"

"Sure," Mark reaches for the back of his head, tilting it again before letting his hand rest on Jaemin's cheek. "I'd like that."


"What," the older asks, annoyed.

He comes closer—not before he takes his shoes off—sitting on the edge of the couch quite like he had that very same morning and tries to muster up more of the happiness he had moments before when he kissed the younger goodbye, promising to call him when he got a chance. "J–jaemin is my boyfriend."

"You sound nervous, Mark." Taeyong shuts his laptop, setting it aside. "It'll end up just like Donghyuck if you let it. Come here," he pars his lap.

Mark slowly gets off of his end of the couch, seating himself on his warm older brother. Taeyong's warm hands wrap around his shuddering body, was it really that cold outside? Mark relaxes his body and lets his long limbs flop over the older as he lays himself right over his front.

"Very cute~" Taeyong pokes on if his cheeks. "Now I know why people tell me I have a cute stepbrother. Look at you and your fluffy brown hair, just laying here even though you woke up barely five hours ago. Sleepy sleepy baby."

" 'm not jus a baby, 'm tyongies baby."

"Mhm, tyongies baby you are."

Suddenly, he perks up. "Am i not jus tyongies baby if minnie is my boyfrien?"

Taeyong grunts and pushes his head down. "No. your still tyongies baby."

In a few seconds, soft snores are heard from the younger who had apparently passed out right on top of Taeyong. He though it would only be a few seconds, mark would get up and smile, and he'd heartbrokenly continue his homework.

Wait. Why is he heart broken again?

"And then he kissed me!"

Renjun sips her coffee and looks out the window, ignoring the Male in front of her. "Mm, you have done yet?"

"Renjun! This is important!" Jaemin yells.

"Good," he claps. "For you. I don't care."

Jaemin sighs. "Why are you being so difficult, i try to tell you something important and you act like I’m not doing anything new."

Renjun looks over at him, his eyes finally straying from the window. "He's gonna break your heart when he realise's you weren't the one. I know it."

"What! No he won't! Ho-how could your say such a thing to your best friend!"

"I'm your only friend." He mutters. "But anyways, Mark and I have been friends for way longer than you've lived here and Mark has only dated one," Renjun holds up a finger.

"One person. Lee Donghyuck. Sixth and Seventh Grade. But that relationship ended when Donghyuck supposedly cheated on Mark. But i know really happened. Donghyuck figured out that Mark was harbouring feelings for his stepbrother."

Jaemin stares at him dumbfounded. "Bu-"

"You know him, Lee Taeyong. For the past few years, he's hidden his reputation from Mark as a playboy, always acting like Mark was his word from the day they met. Mark fell in his trap and that’s why he doesn't fate anyone."

Renjun inhales. "Because Taeyong lived in Korea with his father before his mother took him away to Vancouver because she was marrying another man."

"Mark's father," Jaemin whispers.

"At the time Mark was dating Donghyuck but he tells me that as soon as his father and stepmother married, he lost interest in their relationship. Which caused him to cheat so he could get out of the relationship easier and faster. Its quite smart if you think about it."

"But why would Mark kiss me? Why would he say yes to being my boyfriend?" Jaemin questions, looking scared.

"Simple." She answers. "Trying to get over Taeyong. But love works in weird ways at time and I have a feeling Mark will end up breaking up with you, sooner or later."

"When will he do it? W-why do I have to suffer?"

"Because boys are dumbasses, why do you think I'm transgender?"

"I don't think switching genders got rid of that but okay Injunnie."

"You know what–"

“So your saying Mark might not like me?”

“That’s essentially what I’m saying.”

“But what can I do?” Jaemin pouts. “If I want him to really like me.”

“That my friend,” Renjun smirks. “Is something I can certainly help your pretty little ass with.”

"Yall," Is the first thing Renjun says when he sits down at Mark and Jaemin's lunch table. "We have a new student. Or there are two, two new students."

"Really?" Jaemin says. "Names?"

"Park Jisung and Lee Donghyuck. Oh, and my brother came back from Thailand so there's that too-"

"Donghyuck? I thought he switched schools after I caught him cheating on me. I can't believe he had the nerve too come back." Mark cuts him off.

"Apparently he got into an accident and lost his memory the day after you two broke up, over the summer. He doesn't even remember getting together with you. So just in case he-"

"MARK HYUNG!" A brown-haired boy runs across the cafeteria with an annoyed black haired behind him. "Mark-hyung, do you remember me?"

"That's Donghyuck," Renjun confirms for Jaemin. "Behind him is Park Jisung and My brother who you haven't met yet, Yongqin."

"I'm so sorry Mark-" Jisung runs over, out of breath.

"Its fine sungie," He grins using his old nickname maybe we can forget anything ever happened. Besides, he did say it was an accident and that he was drunk."


"It's fine."

Yongqin opens the cafeteria door, scanning the room. Renjun sits at a table with some of who he presumes sare his friends. He recognizes Mark and Donghyuck? Are they even still together? Some of his other classmates are littered around the room, but he can’t find anyone who he really wants to talk too.

Yongqin goes up to the vending machine in the back, getting a soda but not anything else. He’s about to just walk back to his classroom when someone calls to him. Using his English nickname.

“TEN!” He turns around. It’s jaehyun.

“Jaehyun?” he exclaims surprised.

“Hyung we sat outside today. It’s so nice! Please come sit with us,” The younger latches onto his arm.

"Sure, Lead the way."

As they walk Jaehyun catches him up on the last two years he's been gone on. He's still talking when they sit down. Yongqin had done the exchange program through their high school for last years second semester and this year’s first. But now he’s finally back.

"So we think Taeyong is gay!"

Oh things have definitely changed.

Chapter Text

“We should do a movie night!” Donghyuck says as Mark and Jaemin walk out of their last block. For some reason, due to the new semester's schedule change, they had it together. Mark walks to his locker to get his coat and Donghyuck and Jaemin trail behind him happily. Renjun Jisung and Jeno being the only other smart people go to their own lockers. 


“We’d have to take the bus though, Taeyong finally got a car from his rich friend but we wouldn’t fit.” 


Jaemin smiles. “Not really, in the front seat, you could squeeze another person as well as the back.” 


“But there is seven of us?” Mark says, pulling his brown coat out of his locker and zipping it up as he speaks. 


“Jisung told me he couldn’t come when I asked him after lunch. After you went to the bathroom Donghyuck thought of it.” 


“Yeah, the rest of them agreed,” Donghyuck adds. "And I know Taeyong, he won't mind."


"Whatever Donghyuck," Mark sighs. "You're lucky it's snowing, we probably won't have school."


"See, and since we're sophomore's I'm sure most of our parents won’t mind! And your mom loves me!” 


“Fine,” Mark sighs. “Let’s go outside.” 


Donghyuck excitedly latches onto Jisung’s shoulder as he gets ready to leave, trying to convince him to come but he claims to have someone very important to talk too. 


“More important than me?”


“Yeah,” he laughs. “Way more important than you.”


They troop out of the school, to where Taeyong is throwing hoops with Jeffrey. All of the crowd around a picnic table, Donghyuck, Jaemin, and Renjun excitedly discussing as Mark and Jeno contribute small things or just sigh at what snacks they wanna get or what movies they think are scary at the obes that aren’t. 


Soon enough Taeyong gets done, saying to Jeffrey who runs away. From where Mark can see, he packs his stuff up and inflates his basketball for Monday. He reaches the table and immediately Jaemin looks over at him. 


“What’s going on here?”


“We’re gonna have a movie night,”


“At Mark’s!”


“A sleepover!” 


“Sleepover?” Taeyong asks, incredulous. “What are you, five?”


Mark pouts, crossing his arms and Jaemin sneaks up behind him, kissing his cheek. “Meanie, I just wanna have fun with my fwens~”


Taeyong sighs, looking away and cursing to himself as he gives in so easily. “Fine,”


Mark smiles a dazzling thing that melts Taeyong’s heart as he runs over to the car and climbs in the car excitedly. Donghyuck, Jeno, and Renjun get in the backseat but Jaemin slides in by Mark. They put the middle seat down in the front and when everyone is all seated, Taeyong gets inside and starts the car, shaking his head. Mark is so lucky their parents were going out of town. 




It takes them way longer than it should get back to Mark and Taeyong’s apartment, mostly caused by a convenience store stop for snacks and candy, and Jisung who announced he wants the location of they’re house because the change of plans he was coming and bringing his friend. So it’s about five, they left school at three forty, when Taeyong pulls into a lot of the apartment building.


“I invited some of my friends over,” Taeyong says as he stops the car before looking over Jaemin in a way that shouldn’t be as sexy as Mark finds it. Wait- why is his brother sudd- “I hope that’s okay?”


“Yeah that’s cool, not like it’s my birthday or anything,” he says. Jaemin is too occupied talking to the others in the back to notice him. “Few more months.”


“Yeah,” Taeyong laughs. “Few more months.” 


“What’s in a few more months?” Jaemin turns back around.


“His birthday,” Taeyong effortlessly says as he runs a hand through his hair. Mark does not blush. 


“Oh! Yeah definitely, late summer and late winter, almost opposites on the calendar.”


“That’s cause they are ditto,” Donghyuck jabs. “But I wouldn’t think if that immediately so props to you!”


“God, so harsh hyuckie,” Renjun fake sighs as he opens the door to get out. 


“You’re one to talk,” Jeno shakes his head, following him as Mark and Taeyong simultaneously open their doors at the same time. “Mr I was born sarcastic,” 


“By now I think everyone just knows not to take Renjun seriously, or to like expect him to be mean.” Jaemin adds as he slips out of the car as well on Mark’s side. 


“It’s apart of my charm,” Renjun smiles as they start walking towards the door. 


“Sure babe,” Jeno groans.


They rush up the stairs, and Taeyong opens the door to their apartment. Inside, Johnny, Taeil, Jeffrey, Ten, Doyoung, Chenle, and Jisung sit in the living room playing monopoly. 


“Jisung,” Mark sighs. “How the fuck did you get inside?”


“I’m friends with chenle, chenle is Johnny’s bro, Johnny is friends with Ten who had a key to their apartment because he came over so often.”


“uHuM-” the rest of them stumble in, seemingly already knowing that Chenle and Johnny were brothers, and movie night slowly changes into game night. Not that anyone cares. 


At one point someone turns on music, a few more people come over, and what was supposed to be a teenage little hangout slowly becomes, something else


It’s sometime past two when truth or dare finally finishes—they wanted to play seven minutes in heaven instead but that just made him and several other—cluding Taeyong—step out of the second round. 


“Because everyone is a guy!” Taeyong had screeched, aggressively scooting out of the circle.


“But your gay!” Johnny had yelled back. 


“And we're all guys, it doesn’t matter,” Jeffrey had added, probably trying to soften Johnny’s hard blow. 


“No, no, nopeity not.”


“Alright,” Doyoung, over-exaggerating a sigh. “Guess will have to play, without you.”


“Yes you will,” Taeyong gets up, flashing a smile. “Besides Donghyuck and Jaemin seem to have some interesting tension.” The said males both blush and Renjun sigh when he sees Mark laughing along with everyone else. He hopes Jaemin will either break up with him or change his ways. 


Mark walks into the kitchen, reaching up to one of the cabinets he’s known since before he could talk and taking out a coffee mug. Because his dad was always big on coffee, and Mark on tea because he could have coffee when he was younger, they didn’t have a lot of plastic cups but coffee mugs and a few glasses instead. 


He shuts the cabinet and walks over to the kettle to start some water. It’s never a bad time for tea. Looking outside, he can see the Vancouver islands as a small speck in the distance right inside his kitchen. It’s a beautiful sight, for someone so in love with the water. 


Mark gives a small giggle at his train of thought, looking back down at the boiling water. He walks over another cabinet to get out a teabag considering the water was almost done. His father got the newest model a few months before, so it heats up pretty fast.  


It’s chamomile tea tonight, because hopefully as people realize the time and parents start to call everyone will filter out, leaving Mark and Taeyong to themselves. Hopefully.


Then Mark will curl up in his cold bed and another sleepless night will ensure. 


“It doesn’t have to be like that,” Someone whispers in his ear. “Just because you have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in my bed with me if it helps you sleep.” Taeyong laughs, pulling a startled Mark into his embrace. “You know I don’t mind,”


“I know,” he whispers. “Fine, but only tonight.”


“And why are you making tea now, in the middle of a house party.”


“Cause I’m an introvert.”


“Yeah,” Taeyong puts his head on Mark’s shoulder. “Gonna start calling you my extroverted introvert.”


Mark finally falls asleep, at seven, in Taeyong’s arms. Everyone had left by five and they cleaned up the apartment before they’re parents could see the mess. They wouldn’t come back until Monday night but they wanted to video call and see the house. 


But, before that happens, he looks at Taeyong who is sleeping next to him, with his arms wrapped around him with a tight hold. As if when whoever they created him, it was so his arms could perfectly hold him. Taeyong’s mouth is open as he softly snores.


‘Cute,’ is the first thing that comes to mind but Mark quickly pushes the thought away. He shouldn’t keep on liking Taeyong. Taeyong is his stepbrother, Jaemin is his boyfriend. Which reminds him of how little they had talked that night. It had been Jaemin’s idea, so Mark couldn’t help, but blame himself in case anything went wrong. In case he didn’t have a good night. 


Mark sighs, closing his eyes as he tries to finally get some sleep. It doesn’t do him any good to be awake for more than twenty-four hours outside of finals and mid-term season. 




Jaemin wakes up, not in his own bed. He can tell from the Taylor swift poster that somehow found it’s way on top of this mysterious person ceiling. His ceiling is a very light blue, and theirs is white. Which is the first of many bad problems? The second is that he has no siblings, and has his own room that’s separate from his parents, so there should be no reason why he can hear someone snoring. The third, that helps him figure out his obvious, someone’s alarm that isn’t his. 


The snoring stops, the person gets up and reaches over Jaemin to turn it off. But it seems they’re so tired they can’t be bothered to find the original position, meaning they plop themselves right on his chest. The mysterious person turns and they’re chestnut bangs fall on they’re face, revealing Huang Renjun. 




“You passed out last night in my car, so Jeno and I undressed you and gave you a bath before dressing you in some of my clothes.” he blushes. “Jeno had to go home, but since my family doesn’t have a guest room, and I didn’t wanna leave you alone there was nowhere you could sleep. Jeno knows, Mark doesn’t have too,” he yawns. “ ’s all good.” 


“Oh,” he giggles. “That’s is good,”


“Yeah, I’m practically your best friend, I knew you wouldn’t mind.”


“You are my best friend, everyone I knew in my old town, I don’t talk too.” Jaemin yawns. “My only best friend too, and you certainly live up to your position.”


“Yeah, yeah, cut the fucking sap,” Renjun says as he gets up off of him. “Is there anything you want in particular for breakfast or do you wanna get home?” He sits up in bed. 


“Home, I told my parents I was sleeping over at your house, so your mom or dad might have to drive me.” Jaemin sits up as well, rubbing his eyes. 


“Sure!” Renjun brightens up. “I told my mom when we got home and she was a little mad but there was no firewater or underage sex, and I backed out of seven minutes of heaven anyways.” Renjun smiles, putting his head on his knees. 


Jaemin sighs. “Just really glad I didn’t cheat on Mark,”