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Raphael/Donatello Mating Drabbles

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“Ah-! Raph…” Donatello sighed. “Hold on, just give me a minute to—“

Raph sat back on his knees, giving his mate some space. Don fumbled a bit on the mattress beneath him, splaying his hands over his stomach and stroking himself, sticking a finger carefully into the slit of his plastron.

When the olive skinned turtle’s penis emerged from its confines, Raph leaned forward and licked the head with the tip of his tongue. Don jumped and let out a noise best described as a squeak.

“Mmm, ya like that?” Raph flicked his tongue out again and tasted the rapidly hardening member, swirling the bead of precum around on the rosy head. Don moaned but kept his hands over his belly.

Raph frowned and leaned back again, studying Don. The genius was pursing his lips and his muscles were clenched, shaking ever so slightly and hunching his shoulders up as his fingers remained spread over the soft expanse of his middle.

“Donnie,” Raph huffed. “Donnie, look at me.”

“Mmm?” Came Don’s choked noise in reply. His eyelids were heavy with lust, but Raph felt a twist in his chest as he noted that the gentle-natured turtle held a tension in his brow, eye ridges clenched together in anxiety.

“Donnie, yer scared.”

“M-maybe…maybe, yeah, just a little.”

“What do I gotta do to prove to you that I don’t care about…” Raph gestured vaguely to his lover’s body. “…that I still think yer sexy?”

When Raph didn’t receive a reply, he leaned forward and nuzzled Don’s cheek tenderly with his beak.

“Won’t ya let me show you what you mean to me?” He husked. “Lemme see you.”

Don swallowed thickly and nodded, slowly removing his hands from his plastron. He felt like his heart was going to explode; his nerves were throbbing…this felt like his first time with Raphael all over again.

Raph grinned. “That’s more like it.”

He began nuzzling Don’s throat, sucking and planting hungry kisses against his pulse point. He heard Don’s breathing hitch, felt it hitch against his tongue and beak, and his own long-freed erection throbbed in time with his mate’s gasps.

Raph continued to plant kisses against Don’s upper chest, grazing his teeth against the tender skin and letting his hot breath rake over Don’s collarbone. He glanced down to look at Don’s penis, which was now fully erect and leaking pearly fluid.

“In time, Donnie boy,” Raph murmured, lowering himself slowly against his plastron. Don grasped Raph’s shoulders with a steely grip in an attempt to guide the muscular turtle downward to his arousal. “Ah, ah. I have to enjoy all of my Christmas present before I get to that.” Raph teased in a low, sing-song voice.

He licked and kissed the smooth planes of Don’s upper plastron, knowing that Don would feel the heat from his tongue even though the tan cartilage. He felt Don’s heartbeat through the hard surface thrumming faster as his searching mouth reached the uppermost portion of his slightly bulging waist.

Raph placed his hands on either side of Don’s hips and gently squeezed the added flesh there, sinking his fingers into the crease between Don’s hips and thighs right as he opened his mouth and planted an open-mouthed kiss to the roundest part of his plastron. It had been smooth and flat, much like the other turtles until a few weeks ago. Now it was taut and bowed outward over the soft accumulated flesh beneath.

Don let out a quiet moan, cheeks flushing with embarrassment and arousal at the sensation of the hot mouth and tongue against his stomach. Raph’s calloused thumbs gently rubbing into the sensitive junction of his hips and thighs made his legs shake.

Raph let Don’s weeping dick brush against his cheek, churring as he felt it twitch against his face.

He burrowed his fingers a little deeper into the flesh on Don’s sides, kneading his budding love handles with his strong hands. Don gasped and squeezed Raph’s shoulders, pushing him back slightly.

Raph looked up at him, a quizzical expression on his face.

Don panted, cheeks tinged red. “It’s…it’s more sensitive there than I remember. I know it’s kinda flabby…” He trailed off, distracted by the ticklish sensation of his mate’s warm hands gripping his sides.

Raph carefully considered his brother’s wider than usual midsection, squeezing and rubbing his sides slowly as he shot Don a devilish smirk.

“There’s more of ya, but that just means more of ya to love.”

Raph leaned to the right and stuck out his tongue to lick a particularly doughy handful of flesh sitting over Don’s hipbone, now conveniently peeking out from behind the plastron.

“Agh! O-Oh, god…” Don gasped. That was a new sensation. He’d never been kissed or licked there before.

“Ya like that, huh?” Raph purred. “I wasn’t able to do that before, y’know.”

Don blushed even more. “I guess not…”

“I love ya no matter what, Donnie. But if you think I’m gonna stop lovin’ yeh like this, then you couldn’t be wrong…er.”

Don let out a breathy laugh. “It’s ‘more wrong’…and…and I believe you,” he thrust his hips up so his dick brushed Raph’s cheek.

“Well, forgive me but most ‘a my blood ain’t in my brain at the moment.” Raph retorted with a sly smile before swiping his tongue against Don’s weeping cock again.

“Ah! Raph, please…” Don moaned, gripping Raph’s shoulders desperately and rolling his hips.
“Hm, now yer all eager, huh?” Raph’s voice was uneven with his own arousal, breathing heavily through his nose. “I ain’t done tasting ya, though.”

Don yelped as Raph pushed his thighs up, exposing his bottom and twitching tail. He fondled the plump globes and spread them apart with his thick fingers, a jolt of arousal rushing through his dick as he caught sight of the tight, pink opening between.

Don looked down at Raph as best he could from his position, vaguely self-conscious through the haze of his arousal about the way his rounded plastron interfered with his view of Raph’s head between his legs. He frowned at the small rolls that formed in the crease of his hips with his thighs pushed up, but the sensation of Raph’s fingers brushing his opening made his eyes squeeze shut and his breath hitch.

He was barely coherent. “R-raph, ungh… please…just…”

“Y’know, I’ve always admired this ass of yers,” Raph brushed his finger tip against Don’s hole again, staring at the clenching pink center of the orifice and kneading the softness on either side. “…but I swear, Donnie, ye’re damn sexy with this little bit of extra ass.”

Don covered his eyes with his hands, mouth taut in a flustered line. All he could do in his embarrassment was let out a high pitched groan.

Raph snaked his tongue out to tease Don’s hole, elated when his mate let out a soft cry. He circled the rim of the tight pucker, thoroughly wetting it, and then slowly pushed his tongue in. Don’s tail twitched and slapped against the underside of his jaw, the intimacy of his action and the resulting sensations of Don’s muscles clenching open and closed around his tongue vivid to Raph’s senses. He used his thumbs to pull Don’s cheeks even wider apart, earning him a keening cry as Don’s hole loosened just enough for Raph to wriggle his tongue all the way in.

His beak buried between his mate’s asscheeks, Raph thrust his tongue in and out, slathering Don’s ass with hot saliva.

“Agh! Agh, Ohh, god…hahhh, ah, Raph, that’s s-so good…” Don cried, his cock about to burst.

Raph gave him one more long lick and then gripped the base of Don’s cock to calm things down. He pushed his thumb slowly into the loosened hole, earning him a long churr as his thumb sank in to the last knuckle, moving carefully in wide circles to stretch him, barely grazing his prostate.

“O-oh, deeper, Raph…”

“Soon.” Raph replied.
Don whined as Raph withdrew his thumb and sat up, squeezing his dick once more before giving him a pat on the leg.

He climbed over to the empty space next to Don, flopping onto his back. He patted his thighs, thick cock bobbing with the motion. “Straddle me. I wanna watch you the whole time.”

Don somewhat clumsily rolled onto his side and hesitantly kneeled over Raph’s lower body. Raph reached over and grabbed the lube from Don’s worn and ratty bedside table. Then he drew his knees up, his kneecaps brushing against Don’s backside. Don’s eyes widened slightly in puzzlement.

Raph coated his fingers with lubricant and slathered it on the swollen head of his dick, churring as the neglected organ twitched.

“Lean back against my legs when you put it in.” Raph growled.

Breathing hard and weeping cock bobbing, Don obliged as he spread his legs further and positioned himself above the dark emerald dick. Don’s soft ass brushed the head and Raph bit his lip to avoid thrusting, growling low in his throat as he watched through heavily lidded eyes. He reached out and grabbed Don’s hips, reveling in the softness as he squeezed with a vice like grip to steady his mate.

Don swallowed hard and pushed down onto Raph’s dick, using one hand to guide it into him. Raph’s size was daunting even when Don was this aroused, and he bit his lip to stifle a pained grunt as the thick head popped into him. Don’s legs were trembling and Raph struggled to hold him steady, through sheer willpower alone avoiding temptation to slam Don’s hips down and begin pounding him.

“Take it easy, baby.” Raph breathed. “I gotcha.”

Don’s face was a vision, cheeks apple red and his lower lip caught in his teeth, his eyes squeezed in pain and pleasure as he adjusted.

Raph suddenly was struck by a perverse notion, and gently moved his hands from Don’s hips once certain his lover knew to hold himself up on his knees. Then Raph cupped Don’s bottom from beneath and behind. He felt Don’s hole twitch around him as his fingers brushed Don’s backside. Then Raph squeezed Don’s ass, pushing his plush cheeks together. Don whimpered as his ass was pushed even tighter around the thick cockhead inside him.

“Oh, Fuuuck.” Raph husked as he felt the soft flesh caress the shaft of his cock. He thrust slightly and swore again when his dick pushed up deeper into Don’s hot passage another inch.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Donnie,” he grit out. “Y’alright?”

Don’s jaw was slack, his face perspiring. “Yeah, I’m…aghh, that felt amazing. S-squeeze me again?”

Raph obliged, squeezing his asscheeks together around the shaft of his cock. Don pushed himself all the way down, moaning at the added friction of his ass pushed around Raph. Raph’s eyes shot open as the sudden sensation of being buried overcame him.

“Fuck, Don…I gotta have ya.”

Don breathed out a soft laugh. “ahh… Then have me.”

The dam of Raph’s restraint burst and he slammed up, rolling his hips into Don and pushing his buried cock against his prostate. Then he brought his hands around to grip Don’s hips, lifting him before pulling him back down with beastly force.

Don screamed and came with a single stroke of his cock.

Raph continued pounding him, watching the beautiful sight of flushed and undone Donatello bouncing on his dick.

He didn’t last long; Don’s muscles clenched in a rhythm opposite of his own thrusts up into that tight heat, and Raph felt his entire world was being sucked into a void just before he exploded. He painted Don’s insides with his molten cum, thrusting feverishly into the olive turtle until he was certain he’d emptied himself completely.

Don had gone slack, slumping forward slightly if not for Raph’s iron grip on his pelvis. Raph pulled Don gently forward to rest plastron to plastron, his dick softening inside him. Don inched up so his head rested just in the crook of Raph’s shoulder, and he churred softly as Raph’s flaccid penis popped out of him and he felt a hot trickle of cum drizzle out of his entrance.


They rested until they finally caught their breath, Raph stroking the back of Don’s head lazily.

Finally, Don whispered, “Raph, that was…incredible.”

Raph’s voice was hoarse. “Yeah, probably the best we’ve ever had…you believe me now? That I still find ya hot?”

Don’s shame returned as he remembered how upset he had been.

He nuzzled Raph with his beak. “I do… thank you, Raphael. I love you.”

Raph smiled and kissed the top of Don’s head. “I love ya too.”

Then his mind wandered to the sensation of his dick being squeezed even harder between and inside Don’s ass. He grinned devilishly, running a finger gently against Don’s jawline.

“And ya know there’s a sayin’…” He began.

Don blinked at him innocently. “A saying? Yeah?”

Raph reached down and squeezed Don’s buttocks again.

“’More cushion for the pushin’.”

“Pervert!” Don laughed, picking up a pillow and smacking Raph in the face with it.