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Raphael/Donatello Mating Drabbles

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Pretty and Pink

It was a few weeks before the first day of spring when Don woke up with a familiar slick feeling between his legs. He threw his bedsheets into the laundry, then slipped into the bathroom to clean up. He’d hoped he wouldn’t produce any eggs this season, as it only happened twice a year at most, but a look beneath his tail in the mirror told him otherwise. He was grateful he didn’t bleed like human women did, but the heat and wetness made him wish his body would be more discreet when preparing for what was to come.

After showering and drying off thoroughly, he kept his tail more tightly tucked than usual and crept into the kitchen for breakfast. Mikey was making scrambled eggs with cheese, and it smelled heavenly. Don asked him if he could have some extra cheese on his, then poured himself a big glass of milk to go with his coffee.

He sat at the far end of their kitchen table, avoiding eye contact with Leo and Raph. He hoped the smell of Mikey’s cooking would offset any noticeable change in his scent to the other turtles, but Raph gave him a funny look as he gulped down his milk. Raph knew the signs; Don would get agitated and restless, and he’d crave calcium rich foods for a few weeks. He’d thicken slightly in his abdomen and then, as Raph found out last time, would lay empty eggs in the privacy of his room or lab.

But he’d also avoid Raph, and Raph knew that meant he was likely in for another few weeks of sexual frustration.

But their conversation the last time, after he’d found Don laying eggs, made Raph wonder if this time might be a little different.

Mikey placed the plates of eggs in front of each of his brothers, and Don was thankful that his younger brother had given him an extra helping of cheese on top.

Raph scarfed down his eggs before getting up from the table first.

“Thanks, Mikey. That was good. I’ll be liftin’ weights if anyone needs me.” He emphasized the last part, looking pointedly at Don.

Don sighed quietly to himself and finished his breakfast as best he could without giving anything away.

When Don turned the corner to Raph’s room, he was immediately hit with the musk of Raph’s pheromones…mixed with the perspiration and heat coming off his body from the workout, it was intoxicating to Don’s heightened sense of smell. He licked his lips and opened his mouth to absorb more of the scent; rust, the scent of damp earthy forest, a bitter scent resembling cocoa, and salt.

Raph smelled appealing to Don normally, but this was something on a different level entirely. He leaned against the door frame, silently watching Raph finish his last set of bench presses.

“Ungh. If yer gonna watch me, we should at least…Hngh, have a little talk.”

Raph put the barbell on the rack with a grunt and sat up, wiping himself down with his towel.

Don’s mouth suddenly felt dry. “Yeah, we need to talk…”

“I know it’s your first day. I could smell ya at breakfast.”

Don ran his hand over his face. “It was that obvious?”

Raph smirked. “Ya have a wet dream about me or somethin’?”

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about that, actually.” Don squeezed his thighs together. “I think this time, maybe we could—“

Raph whirled around on the bench so fast he nearly lost the towel around his shoulders. His nostrils were flared and his amber eyes burned intensely in the warm light of his room. “Ya mean it, Don? Like, I get ta see it an’…an’ touch it?”

Don shifted. “Well, you kind of already saw it when you walked in on me…”

Raph jumped up and put his hand on the wall next to Don’s head, leaning over him.

“Yeah, but I wanna see it up close.” He breathed, then caught himself. He stepped back. “I-if you want me to. I don’t wanna pressure ya or nothin’.”

Don smiled at the flustered look on Raph’s face; it was seldom that he got to see flashes of lingering innocence in the hot headed turtle, but he knew it was there. The wide-eyed wonder and shyness melted away years from his slightly weathered face, making Raph look like he was 15 again.

Don experimentally twitched his tail, feeling the wet warmth that clung to the underside of the appendage. “Just promise you’ll go slow.” He murmured, keeping his voice low. He looked up at Raph with a half-lidded expression, giving into his urges.

Raph lunged forward, squeezing Don’s beak to his and kissing him passionately, aggressively. When he pulled back he looked drunk. “Where do we do this? Your room? The lab? Right here!?”

Don gently pushed back against Raph’s chest, already breathing hard. “Let’s go to my room. We’re less likely to be disturbed there.”

Don gasped as Raph bent down and hefted him over his shoulder, holding his knees under one arm. “R-Raph, be discreet about it, will you?!”

Giving Don a playful swat on the rear, Raph grinned. “Are you kiddin’? This is the best day of my life.” He carried him quickly down the hall to Don’s bedroom and put him down in front of the door.

Don landed softly on the balls of his feet, blinking up at Raph in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Raph opened the door, then leaned down again and lifted Don into his arms bridal style. Don laughed, rolling his eyes. “You are such a romantic.” But his cheeks flushed at the gesture all the same.

“Yeah, don’t tell anyone.” Raph growled at him. Then he stepped over the threshold to Don’s room and gently lowered his mate onto the bed, carapace down. Don was glad he’d changed the sheets earlier that morning, but inwardly bemoaned the mess they might make anyway. He breathed heavily, looking up at Raph. He kept his thighs together and his tail tucked; now he was getting a little nervous.

Raph crawled onto the bed on top of Don, holding himself up on his hands and knees as he kissed his submissive mate deeply. Raph flicked his tongue over Don’s lips as he pulled away, then kissed a wet stripe over Don’s throat. Panting, he lowered himself on the bed so that his head was over Don’s stomach. He seemed unsure as he looked up at Don. “So, you gonna…show me?”

“Mmm...yes, but…could you sit back when I lower my…my tail? This is new for me, too.”

Raph obeyed, sitting on his haunches with Don’s feet between his legs. Hungrily, he watched as Don slowly drew his knees up and spread his thighs. Hands shaking, Raph put his warm hands on Don’s knees; his eyes were boring into the space between Don’s legs. Don’s throat clicked as he swallowed. Taking a deep breath, he slowly lowered his quivering tail and laid it flat on the bed, revealing his vaginal opening and anus to Raph’s eager eyes.

The scent that had driven Raph nearly mad with sexual hunger only intensified once Don moved his tail; it smelled tangy, salty, and vaguely floral all at the same time. Don’s tail twitched on the bed, and the light caught the slick fluid that had leaked onto it from his pink slit. Raph licked his lips, feeling his mouth water at the sight. He reached down and ran his index finger over Don’s tail, feeling the warmth and wetness that lingered. Don let out a quiet moan at the palpations to the soft underside of his tail; To Raph, it felt plumper than usual, slightly engorged.

Raph stuck his finger in his mouth and tasted the fluid. It tasted how it smelled, but it set his nerves alight with a sort of primal memory which he could never quite place. Somehow, it reminded him of clean salt water, but he’d seldom been swimming in the ocean. He felt the slick viscous texture on his tongue, and, with a low churr, his penis engorged with a strong jolt.

Don was flushed, chest rising and falling with slightly labored breathing. He bit his lower lip as he watched Raph suck his finger clean.

“I-If you don’t like how it tastes, you don’t have to—“ He trailed off, suddenly bashful at articulating the act. He loved it when Raph rimmed him, and he knew Raph enjoyed pleasuring him that way…but somehow Don was shy about the fluid he secreted from this particular orifice, perhaps due to years of trying to hide it.

“No,” Raph’s voice came out in a guttural, low growl. “I wanna to see it, I wanna to taste it, and I. Want. To. Be. Inside of ya.”

Raph smoothed his hands over Don’s knees, running his calloused palms over Don’s smooth olive skin. He churred as he leaned in, then caught himself and looked up at Don’s face. “May I?”

Don was so flustered he could only manage a tight lipped nod, and Raph pushed his knees back purposefully… then he pushed even more until Don felt his thighs press against his plastron. Raph spread Don’s thighs even further before he finally lowered his face between Don’s legs. He inhaled deeply, opening his jaw and letting out a strange hissing noise in his throat that Don had seldom heard from any of his brothers prior; he realized Raph was feeling the full effects of his turtle instincts as he opened his beak to absorb the scent and heat to his whole olfactory system.

Raph stared at the small but swollen slit that blossomed from Don’s perineum, studying it so it would remain in his memory forever. The outer folds were a dark reddish purple where the wet flesh met his lightly freckled olive skin. The very center of the orifice, tightly tucked between the lips, was a soft pink, glistening with fluid. He removed his hands from Don’s knees and ran a finger lightly over the purple folds. Don quivered, and the orifice visibly clenched in reaction to Raph’s touch. Raph began, feather light, tracing his finger tip up and down the sides of the slit, down to the small expanse of skin between the bottom of Don’s vaginal opening and his anus, and back up again. It seemed to be just as sensitive as Don’s ass, because he could see Don’s pelvic floor muscles clench and dance beneath his exploratory strokes.

Finally, Raph ran his finger to the very top of the slit where the folds met, nudging a small nub of soft red-purple flesh. Don gasped, and once again the delicate slit clenched closed and then opened, this time releasing more slick fluid so that it began to trickle down Don’s backside. Don’s knees twitched and he nearly closed his legs again, a distressed moan in his throat as he attempted to hide it from view.

Raph put his hands on the backs of Don’s thighs, squeezing reassuringly. He gazed into his mate’s eyes. “No,” he huffed. “Please…Please, Donnie, don’t hide yourself from me. You ain’t got nothin’ to be ashamed of.”

Don was biting his lower lip, looking down at Raph in embarrassment. “…was…I was worried you might find it…find it weird, or…” He swallowed thickly. “…or think I’m disgusting when this happens…”

Raph leaned forward to kiss Don on the beak. “Never. It’s…yer…beautiful, Don. This is beautiful because it’s part of ya.”

Eyes softening, Don placed his hands on Raph’s cheeks. “Oh, Raph,” He breathed. “I love you. I love you, so much.”

Raph kissed Don deeply one more time. “I love ya, too.” He whispered, throaty and guttural with arousal.

Then Raph lowered himself again, kissing lightly over Don’s plastron and dipping his tongue into the slit in his lower plastron to tease Don’s cock. Don moaned and gripped the bedsheets, pushing his hips up to meet Raph’s teasing mouth. Raph grinned and planted his hands on the backs of Don’s thighs, hoisting them up even further and spreading him. Then he dipped his head down and licked a trail from beneath his plastron to his flowering opening, laving his tongue across the small purple nub and sinking his tongue ever so slightly into the pink wet hole before quickly pulling back to look at Don’s reaction.

Don cried out, high and breathless. “Ah…! That feels s-so good, Raph.”

Raph chuckled low in his throat and growled, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

He planted sloppy kisses upon the back of Don’s right thigh, moving towards his molten center. He sucked lightly at the tender skin where his thigh met his buttocks, smirking as Don let out a squeak. Then he continued kissing and licking across Don’s weeping pink slit before moving over to the other thigh. Don squirmed and panted with every bit of contact between Raph’s warm, seeking mouth and tongue and his soft skin.

Raph blew lightly across the outside of Don’s vulva, then dove in and lapped at the outer folds before pushing his tongue into the pink center. He wriggled his tongue side to side as he pushed into the slick tunnel, lapping up the salty fluids. Leaving just the tip inside Don, he folded the middle of his tongue up to push against the rapidly swelling nub above. He moved his tongue in a rhythmic pattern, the rough texture teasing Don’s clitoris. Don yelped and gripped Raph’s head, gyrating his hips so that he met Raph’s tongue with each lick. Raph churred, sending vibrations against Don’s clit.

“Oh… Oh, fuck!” Don wailed, gripping Raph’s head like a vice. He tried not to squeeze Raph’s head between his thighs, but his entire lower body was twitching and tightening with each movement of that hot tongue.

Raph brought his hands down from the backs of Don’s thighs to spread his opening, then slowly pushed his tongue into the wet slit as far as it would go. Don’s eyes went wide, rolling up to the ceiling as he keened. “Ah! A-Ah, don’t stop, don’t—“

Raph obliged him, licking him out and rolling the wide part of his tongue against Don’s nub with every hot thrust of his tongue in and out of the tight pink flower.

Finally, Don stiffened and mashed his pelvis tight against Raph’s beak, burying his nose between his legs. Raph didn’t stop moving his tongue and lips against Don’s opening, encouraged by the gushing of salty essence from deep inside. Don screamed and squeezed Raph’s head between his thighs; Raph’s mouth was a force of nature, and for a moment Don was certain that it was he who was trapped against Raph’s hot tongue, not the other way around.

“Raph…Oh, God… Oh god, Oh god, Raph…” Don chanted, voice high and breathless.

Raph hummed and churred low against Don’s orgasm, lapping up the salty fluids and feeling the tight channel spasm around his tongue. He barely noticed Don’s twitching cock ejaculating over his shoulders and head.

When Don loosened his grip on Raph’s head, Raph pulled back and wiped his mouth against the back of his hand. Don looked absolutely wrecked, panting hard and fast with his head thrown back against the pillows. Giving Don a loving pat on the thighs, Raph sat back and gave his own erection a few pumps. He was surprised he hadn’t come yet just from the sound, the smell, the taste, and the feeling of Don spasming against his face.

His erection was aching and hard, the head swollen and throbbing. He looked at Don for permission.

Don pulled his thighs back, spreading himself wide for his mate as he churred.

“O-oh, fuck…” Raph moaned, slicking the top of his dick with his precum. He lined himself up with Don’s opening, rubbing the head against that tight wet heat. He let the tip rub over Don’s spent clitoris, moaning as he felt Don’s muscles jump. Raph pressed the head into Don, slowly stretching him open. Don’s eyes widened and he cried out at the stretching sensation. He couldn’t be sure that Don hadn’t laid eggs that were larger in diameter than his impressive girth before, but from Don’s reaction he felt a surge of pride well up. He leaned down to kiss Don’s red face before he moved his hips forward slightly. The head of his thick cock popped inside, and Don gasped.

Raph nearly lost it at the feeling of the tight slickness engulfing him. “Y-ya okay?” was all he could manage, gritting his teeth at the heat.

Don took a few deep breaths. “Y…yeah, it’s just… Oh, goddd….Raph, you’re so big. It…you feel even bigger than before.”

Raph chuckled, breathing hard. “Mmm, maybe I am. Ya makin’ me so hard, Donnie, Please, I gotta…”

“I want it, please…please, I want you inside me.”

That was all the reassurance Raph needed. He thrust his hips as deep as they’d go, swearing as he sank into Don’s hot center with a loud churr. His hips met Don’s thighs, and he gave one more small shove to press himself in as far as he could. Don’s knees were practically resting on Raph’s shoulders.

Don cried out and squeezed around Raph’s cock, completely stuffed full with his mate’s impressive length and thickness. Raph pulled out and thrust back in before working himself up to a slow but steady rhythm.

Don clawed at Raph’s biceps as his mate drove into him, rocking them both against the bed, and the bed against the wall.

“Aaah… aah, Raph! Raph, R-raph, god…” Don babbled incoherently as he was pushed into again and again. He dug his blunt finger nails into Raph’s arms, spurring the muscular turtle to thrust even harder and faster.

“Gonna… fuckin’ fill ya up…” Raph grunted, pistoning his hips at brutal speed. “Gonna fill ya up with my cum, fill ya with eggs…”

Don was nearly gone, but still chuckled breathlessly. “That’s n-not exactly how it—Aghh!”

“Whatever,” Raph pushed in and then pulled almost all the way out before pounding back in. The mental image of Don, round and swollen with eggs—his eggs, drove him nearly over the edge. “Hnngh, gonna fill ya up, Donnie…Gonna impregnate ya…”

Don’s churrs reached a nearly deafening volume, high pitched and stuttering with every relentless thrust. “Y-yes!” He panted. “Hnnn...fill me...”
Raph abandoned his steady pace and began fucking into Don as hard and fast as he could, feeling Don’s nails dig even deeper into his thick biceps as he pistoned in and out.

“F-fuck, fuck!” He gritted out, feeling his climax erupt inside Don. He leaned over Don’s plastron and clamped his jaw around his mate’s shoulder, sinking his teeth in enough to mark the olive flesh.

Don threw his head back, his heels digging into Raph’s carapace to squeeze him tight. He churred long and loud as he felt Raph’s hot cum filling him; he could have sworn he felt it overflow and dribble out of him, but it could have been his own fluids. Don held tight to Raph as they slowly finished grinding and thrusting against each other.

After what felt like hours, Raph remained seated inside Don, his cock softened but still large enough to sit snuggly inside of his mate. Don draped his hands over Raph’s upper carapace, stroking his head softly as they caught their breath, feeling small aftershocks as Raph’s spent penis twitched within his tight body.

Raph buried his face in Don’s neck, churring quietly against him. Finally, Don spoke.

“That was…amazing.”

Raph breathed out a laugh. “My sentiments exactly.” He nuzzled Don’s jaw. “Have I left ya a satisfied little turtle, then?”

“…and then some.”

“Mmm…am I crushin’ ya?”

“No, this is nice. Though my legs are starting to cramp from holding them up.”

With a sleepy grunt, Raph untangled himself from Don, slowly pulling himself out. He observed a gush of his white semen leak out of Don’s slit, dribbling down over his anus and wetting his tail.

“I made a nice mess a’ ya,” He grinned, groping around the bed for a rag or cloth.

Don quivered at the loss of Raph’s warmth. “Mm, you sure did.” Raph quirked an eye ridge at Don’s lilting, intoxicated voice. “A real…a real mess.”

“Don, ya alright?”

Don grinned sleepily, eyes closing as the blissed out goofy grin spread across his beak. “Yeah, I just feel really content…I think you fucked my brains out, literally. I could use a nice long nap after that.”

Raph laughed. “Alright, genius. Lemme get ya cleaned up and you can rest.”