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We can stay lost here forever

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“Dude”, Josuke whispers during the afternoon history class on a Friday, leaning so close Okuyasu can feel his breath on his neck.

“Yeah?” Okuyasu answers, trying to follow the teacher’s explanation of the French revolution, and failing spectacularly, as Josuke’s hand settles on his thigh, warm and big and kind of heavy.

“Did you want to have sex today?” Josuke asks, keeping his gaze locked on the blackboard. He’s trying hard to look nonchalant, but he can’t hide the flush rising up his neck and onto the tips of his ears.

Okuyasu doesn't quite die choking on air, but it’s a close thing. He makes an embarrassing squeak of a sound, loud enough to turn a few of their classmates to look his way. Josuke slaps his back a few times, casual as ever, just a guy helping his bro.

Okuyasu gets himself under control and hisses back at Josuke, as quiet as he can. “Dude, don’t just say things like that out of nowhere!”

Josuke shrugs apologetically, still not meeting Okuyasu’s eyes head on.

“Besides”, Okuyasu continues, “isn’t that what we’ve been doing almost every night for the last few months?”

It really is. It all started with an innocent enough kiss and a fumbling, mutual confession, and evolved into evenings spent cuddling and making out, and eventually rubbing off on one another and recently, even a couple of blowjobs. Okuyasu can feel his cheeks reddening at the memory of Josuke, just last night, kneeling in front of Okuyasu, kissing a path down his stomach and then up the underside of his cock, before taking him in his mouth, stretching those pretty lips, making sweet, muffled groaning sounds around him, looking up with his eyes glistening and full of hunger…

“Well, yeah, of course”, Josuke huffs, pulling Okuyasu back from the blissful memory, “But I meant… for real.”

“You mean, like… fucking?” Okuyasu hisses back, taking care to be as quiet as he possibly can. Josuke’s dangling a scarily amazing thing right in front of him, and it’s a struggle not to get loud, demanding him to promise he’s serious. Okuyasu’s been thinking about it a lot, of course he has. It’s not that he doesn’t like what they’ve done so far, because he does, it’s all been absolutely perfect, Josuke’s absolutely perfect. It’s just that the thought of being that close to him, being inside him, or letting Josuke be inside Okuyasu… it’s a bit more intimate still than what they’ve done before. It’s scary, and thrilling, and fuck yes, Okuyasu wants to.

“Yeah”, Josuke whispers, flushing deeper. He’s so damn pretty, all red and bothered and biting his lip a little anxiously, as if he’s afraid Okuyasu’s going to say no.

“Yeah”, Okuyasu answers, “Yeah, I want to.”

"Good", Josuke says, smiling all sweet and innocent, before going back to taking notes like nothing happened. Okuyasu has no hope of focusing on anything anymore. He's so wound up he feels like he'll vibrate right out of his chair. He'll have to steal Josuke's notes later, because right now he can't think. Josuke must notice he's feeling some kind of way, because he knocks his knee against Okuyasu's, leaving it there. The touch both calms and excites him, and really, he can't wait for tonight.


Which is how they eventually end up here: shut away in Josuke’s room, with the lights down low and the curtains shut. They’ve made the room their own little hiding place, the door locked even though Tomoko’s working late and they have the whole house to themselves. They’re laying on Josuke’s soft bed and the atmosphere is all warm and excited. Josuke’s looking at him like he’s hungry, laid out under Okuyasu, watching him attentively with those big bambi eyes. Okuyasu feels simultaneously like the luckiest boy in the world and the most scared he’s ever been.

“You sure you want to do it this way?” he asks Josuke, just to make sure. It’s an honor, to be the one Josuke wants to be the first and the only person to do this to him, and Okuyasu wants to make sure he doesn’t feel pressured into this.

Josuke scowls, a small crease appearing between his brows.

“I told you, I do”, he huffs. “And not because I want to… be the girl, or some bullshit. I just wanna feel you.”

Okuyasu shivers at the words and leans closer to steal a soft kiss.


“Yeah. I trust you”, Josuke whispers against his lips, and that’s it, Okuyasu’s completely gone. Josuke’s so good, Okuyasu doesn’t understand how he can be so good. He looks warm and soft and trusting, and his arm around Okuyasu feel like home. His hair’s all messed up, escaping the hold of his hairspray, a few strands falling to frame his soft cheek, casting a shadow across his forehead and eyes. He’s looking up at Okuyasu, a faint smile curving his lips, a teasing tilt appearing to taunt him.

“Okay. I trust you too”, Okuyasu says. “Tell me if I do something wrong, yeah? I don’t want to hurt you, man.”

“I will”, Josuke promises, leaning up a little bit for another kiss. “Get undressed, okay? I wanna get my hands on you.”

Okuyasu does as he’s told, getting up to stand above Josuke on his knees. His jacket is already lying abandoned somewhere among the clutter on the floor, and he quickly pulls his shirt over his head and throws it over his shoulder, not caring where it lands. Josuke’s hands are on his stomach in a second, feeling up along his abs and pecs and then his arms. Okuyasu’s proud of the definition there, and it feels really good to be touched like this. Josuke looks up at him with so much adoration it’s almost hard to meet his eyes.

“Pants too”, Josuke murmurs, and despite his furious blush, Okuyasu scrambles to obey. He backs up a bit, giving Josuke room to strip out of his own clothes. Josuke squirms, gets stuck in his shirt, and Okuyasu can’t help chuckling at him as he reaches out to help pull it off. Josuke is breathing a little hard and his hair’s even more of a mess as he tosses the shirt away and huffs, a little annoyed and embarrassed.

“Dude, it’s okay”, Okuyasu says softly. “You’re cute.”

“Stop”, Josuke groans, burying his face in his hands. ”You’re cute.”

Okuyasu leans back down, laughing, and kisses the backs of Josuke’s hands until he lets them drop and Okuyasu can find his lips instead. He means to only go in for a quick peck, but Josuke opens his mouth and deepens the kiss, and how is Okuyasu supposed to stop kissing him when he gets a welcome like that?

They get distracted there for a bit, kissing, letting their hands wander along arms and sides, cupping cheeks and tilting head for better access. Josuke smells good and his lips taste faintly of his peach-scented lip balm, and Okuyasu loves being right here, loves how Josuke holds him tight and keeps pulling him closer until there isn’t an inch of them that isn’t touching.

Josuke’s breathing is rough against Okuyasu, his heart beating wildly in his chest, and he’s rock hard against Okuyasu’s thigh. Okuyasu nudges him, pressing his thigh hard on Josuke’s clothed erection, and Josuke whines low in his throat.

“Weren’t you supposed to get rid of your clothes”, Josuke pants against Okuyasu’s lips, and Okuyasu has to smile.

“I love how impatient you are”, he confesses, enjoying Josuke’s blush at the words.

“You can’t blame me”, Josuke exclaims. “I’ve been waiting for this. Went out to buy condoms and lube, even. You should be grateful, you doofus.”

“Wait, really?” Okuyasu hadn’t really even considered it, but yeah, of course they’d need supplies. “Were you scared? I woulda been for sure.”

“Yeah! I went to the store on the other side of the town, just 'cos I don’t think I could stand it if I had to see the same cashier again.”

“I get you”, Okuyasu says, kissing Josuke’s nose. “I’m a brave guy but I don’t think I could’ve done it.”

“No? Not even if it meant you didn’t get to fuck me?”

Josuke says it a little too loud, a little defiant, like it takes effort to say the words. He’s blushing furiously, but his eyes shine proudly. He’s nervous, but he’s serious about this. Okuyasu loves him so, so much.

“...I guess I might’ve found the courage somewhere, if I had that kinda ultimatum”, he muses. “Where do you have ‘em?”

“In the nightstand, where else”, Josuke says, making to turn and reach for them, but Okuyasu pushes him back down, hands on his shoulders.

“Lemme take care of you, yeah?”

Josuke close his eyes and smiles. “Yeah, sure. Be good to me, or I’ll beat your ass.”

“Yeah, yeah”, Okuyasu laughs, but he’s serious. He’s not prepared for this kind of responsibility, and honestly he has only a vague idea of what he’s supposed to be doing, but he’s got a lot of determination and even more love. He wants this to be the best night of Josuke’s life, and though he’s bound to fumble his way into some embarrassing mishap at some point, Okuyasu’s going to make this really, really good, or die trying.

He rummages around in the drawer, shifting aside comic books, a few lipsticks, a hand lotion, some candy wrappers and a chocolate bar, until finally he finds a small bottle of lube and a packet of condoms. His hands shake a little as he closes the drawer and sets his bounty beside Josuke on the bed. He gets started on his belt, but Josuke pulls him down again, demanding more kisses.

“Your drawer’s a mess, dude”, Okuyasu complains between kisses.

“Whatever. Get my pants off”, Josuke grumbles.

“I’ll get you off”, Okuyasu retorts, then snorts at himself.

“You better”, Josuke grins. The expression slips into something eager and nervous, however, as Okuyasu’s hand sneaks down to fumble Josuke’s belt and buttons open.

It’s a joint effort, Josuke lifting his hips and Okuyasu pulling his pants down. He’s clumsy and they get stuck on Josuke’s foot, but eventually they manage to free him of them. Okuyasu stops for a moment, just looking: Josuke looks sexy as fuck, spread out before him, completely naked. He’s pale and flushed prettily against his dark grey sheets, and his cock is resting against his stomach, red and leaking and perfect. Okuyasu wants to put his mouth on it, but he’ll have to save that for another time.

“Quit staring”, Josuke pouts, trying to cover himself up with a hand, but Okuyasu grabs it and entwines their fingers.

“No way, dude. You’re hot, there’s no way I’m not gonna look when I get a chance.”

Josuke whines, flustered, but lets him. Okuyasu runs a hand down Josuke’s side, all the way to his thigh, enjoying the softness of his skin and the feel of his muscles. Josuke’s as strong as Okuyasu is, maybe even a bit stronger, and a few centimeters taller too. It means a lot that he’s willing to be on his back for Okuyasu, vulnerable and on display. It doesn’t make him weak by a long shot; it makes him brave as fuck, and Okuyasu admires that.

"Let's get on with it, yeah?" Josuke mumbles. "Don't have all night."

Tomoko's not coming back for a few hours yet, and if Josuke thinks Okuyasu will last that long, he's in for a disappointment. Okuyasu doesn't say anything the like aloud though; an impatient, horny Josuke is such a cute sight he doesn't want to ruin the moment.

"Yeah, dude, I know", he says softly and finally strips his own pants and underwear too.

"Now we're talking", Josuke grins, pulling Okuyasu closer by his bare hips. He goes easy, only stopping to grab the lube before sinking down on his elbows on the mattress, leaning in to kiss Josuke for what feels like the thousandth time today.

They kiss a lot when they're alone together, way more even than Koichi and Yukako, at least if Koichi tells the truth when talking about his relationship with her. Okuyasu supposes it's normal for new couples to be all up on each other all the time, but he can't really imagine wanting this any less, even if he and Josuke end up being together for years and years, maybe even getting married like Okuyasu kind of wants to, one day. Josuke kisses with his whole body; he tilts his head to kiss Okuyasu deeper, tangling their legs together and wrapping his arms about Okuyasu's neck. He buries his fingers in Okuyasu's hair and gently scratches his scalp in the way he knows Okuyasu likes, and he grinds his hips up to meet Okuyasu's, their cocks sliding deliciously against each other. Okuyasu loves all of it, every little bit of Josuke he gets to touch, but his lips are his favourite. They're so plump and soft, and Josuke makes sweet little moaning sounds when Okuyasu gently nips his bottom lip with his teeth.

Sometimes Josuke wears a coloured lip balm or even real lipstick, and Okuyasu goes a bit wild seeing him like that. The soft coral or deep, dark red makes him look even prettier, draws attention to those lips, and Okuyasu has to fight himself not to grab him and kiss him silly, because he doesn't want to mess up his boyfriend's makeup. Sometimes Josuke lets him, though, and they both end up with lipstick smears all over their faces. Sometimes, Josuke kisses a trail down Okuyasu's body all the way to his cock, leaving red kiss marks he never wants to wash off.

Today Josuke's not wearing any makeup, though. When they separate for a few panting breaths of air, Okuyasu gets a good look at him from close up and he has to admit he loves Josuke like this is too: naked, lips a bit swollen and glistening with saliva, hair sticking to his forehead where he's a little sweaty, looking at Okuyasu with half lidded eyes, a dorky grin on his face.

"How do we go about this?" Okuyasu asks, nervous all of a sudden. He's suddenly very conscious of the bottle of lube in his hand, of his cock resting against the inside of Josuke's thigh, pretty close to where it's supposed to go soon. Of the warmth of Josuke's body under him, of his arms still around Okuyasu, of how maybe soon they're going to be urging him on, pulling him in…

"Your dick goes in my ass?" Josuke grins.

"I got that, idiot", Okuyasu huffs, nudging Josuke's nose with his own. "There needs to be like, preparation first though, right? Fingers? So I don't hurt you?"

"I guess, yeah", Josuke hums. "I haven’t done anything like this before, I'm a little hazy on the details." He’s trying hard to sound all casual and calm, but Okuyasu can see he’s holding tension in his shoulders like he always does when he’s nervous.

"Do you think we should've looked this stuff up beforehand?" Okuyasu worries. "On the internet or something?"

"Good luck trying to do that at the library with a straight face", Josuke chuckles. "Nah, I think we're fine. Just go slow, yeah? I'm not going to die, you're not that big."

"Hey! I could definitely kill you with my dick!"

Josuke laughs, bright and happy, some of his nerves gone. "Go ahead and try!"

Okuyasu backs up a little, smiling down at Josuke. "Don't mind me, I just wanna see what I'm doing."

Josuke blushes again as Okuyasu looks down at him and smoothes his hands down his thighs.

"How do you want me?" Josuke asks, and woah, it comes out so silky and seductive Okuyasu's pretty much ready to go right then. Josuke's eyes sparkle with mischief; he knows exactly what he's about, the sexy little bastard.

"Any way I can have you", Okuyasu admits earnestly, enjoying Josuke's embarrassed little huff at the words. "Just… I'm not sure, lift your legs up, maybe?" Okuyasu guides Josuke until his legs are spread a little more, knees up and feet in the air, and fuck, he can see everything like this. Josuke's pretty cock resting on his stomach, his pert nipples, his messy hair… And the pink pucker of his asshole between the soft cheeks. Okuyasu has an embarrassing impulse to put his face in there and kiss Josuke all over, to worship that private place nobody else has ever seen like this, but he suppresses the urge. It might be a bit too much for their first time, and he doesn't want to freak Josuke out.

Instead, Okuyasu guides Josuke's legs to rest on his arms and shifts closer. He fumbles the lube bottle open one-handed and squirts some onto his fingers. He's nervous and squeezes too hard, and too much comes out, coating his fingers and dripping onto Josuke's stomach.

"That's cold!" Josuke yelps.

"Sorry, sorry", Okuyasu murmurs and bends to drop a kiss onto Josuke's knee in apology. He rubs the lube between his fingers, trying to warm it up. Josuke squirms under him, impatient, but doesn't say anything. Okuyasu takes his time, and soon the lube no longer feels cold in his fingers. He lowers his hand, pets the swell of Josuke's ass with the back of his hand on his way, and then he's touching him.

Josuke draws in a sharp breath as Okuyasu's slick fingers slide on his hot skin, circling his hole, smoothing over it and catching a little. He closes his eyes and turns his head to the side, trembling.

"You scared?" Okuyasu whispers, continuing his gentle exploration.

"Fuck no", Josuke says. He's lying, but it's okay; Okuyasu's scared too.

"I'm gonna put one in, okay? All slow like. It's not gonna hurt", he promises, and Josuke sighs, relaxing somewhat.

Okuyasu reaches to pet Josuke's side comfortingly with his other hand as he slowly pushes down with a finger. Josuke's body resists him for a moment, but Okuyasu's persistent, and soon the finger slips in. Josuke hums high in his throat, and Okuyasu's hands shake; Josuke's tight and hot inside, squeezing on his finger, and Okuyasu's sure he won't last for half a minute when he gets his cock inside him.

He quirks his finger this way and that, feeling Josuke out, noticing him slowly relaxing. He tries pulling out and pushing in again, and it goes easy. He continues like that for a while, and then adds another finger. It's a tighter fit, but Josuke takes it like a champ.

"You're doing really well, you're great", Okuyasu praises, and Josuke finally opens his eyes to smile up at him.

"Yeah?" his voice comes out soft and breathy, and the corner of his mouth tilts up in a proud little smile. Okuyasu adores him.

"For sure, dude. How're you feeling?"

Josuke ponders the question for a moment. "Good", he says. "Full. Kinda weird. I'm not sure how I expected it to feel but it's… Less intense, but more intimate?"

Okuyasu hums. "It's gonna get intense when I get your prostate, I promise, it's just…"

It's just that he can't find it. Honestly, he expected his fingers to just bump into it right away. Can a man be born without one? That would be such shitty luck Okuyasu doesn't want to believe it.

"This is fine", Josuke insists. "Gimme another finger?"

Okuyasu complies, and the stretch makes Josuke's breath quicken and his hips squirm. He sort of tilts them up, just as Okuyasu quirks his fingers, and the tips of them finally catch at the little bundle of nerves by accident. Josuke moans, surprised, and makes a jumping motion as if to simultaneously get away and to get more of that sensation. Okuyasu chases him and rubs at it, and Josuke lets out a loud shuddering breath.

"I think you found it", he chuckles on breathlessly.

"You think?" Okuyasu teases and rubs at it, merciless, until Josuke whines, his thighs trembling and his cock leaking fat drops of precome on his stomach.

"Stooop", he moans, "It's… fuck, I dunno if it's too much or not enough."

He's shifting back though, his body senselessly seeking more. Okuyasu lets up on Josuke's prostate, but keeps his fingers in, slowly getting him to relax more. His other hand slides up, gently pinches a nipple and then soothes it with soft strokes of a thumb. Josuke sighs and looks up at him, his cheeks flushed and his eyes dark with want. He grabs himself, stroking his cock slowly and pushing out one more drop of precome.

"I'm ready", he whispers. "Get in me, okay?"

Okuyasu has to close his eyes for a second. His own cock is rock hard and he's scared he won't last, or that he'll get too into it and go too hard and hurt Josuke.

"You sure?" he asks. Josuke huffs and reaches for him, grabbing his arm in a demanding grip.

"Yes. Get on with it, please." He sounds so bossy, Okuyasu has to laugh even as he obeys and pulls his fingers out.

"Can you open a condom for me? I have lube all over my fingers", he says, giving the packet to Josuke, who takes it eagerly. His hands are shaking, but he manages to take one out and rip off the wrapper. He pulls Okuyasu over him so he can reach to slide the condom on his cock. At least it doesn’t rip or anything like that, which seems promising.

"Do we even need this? It's not like I'm gonna get pregnant."

Josuke's got a point, Okuyasu thinks hazily, mostly focused on Josuke's fingers stroking his cock. They're also both the first person the other’s ever been with, so there's no risk of either of them catching anything.

"I guess we could go without", he muses, "but maybe it's better if I don't come inside you? That's bound to be gross for you."

Josuke flushes. "Nah, I'd like it."

Okuyasu covers his own blush with a hand. "Fuck, dude, I can't with you. Maybe next time? If this goes well we can try other things later?"

"Okay", Josuke concedes. “Can you fuck me now?”

Okuyasu definitely can. He hitches Josuke’s legs up around his hips and positions his cock with a shaking hand, checking to see Josuke still looks fine and not regretful or scared, and pushes in.

The feeling hits him like a sledgehammer, the hot squeeze around his cock feeling better than anything he’s ever felt before. Josuke chokes out a moan and bears down on him, pulling him closer with his legs. Okuyasu sinks in completely and it punches the breath out of the both of them. Josuke pants out shallow breaths and angles his head like he wants to be kissed, and Okuyasu follows the wordless request. He moves slowly, so as to not jostle Josuke too much, and bends down until his lips reach Josuke’s.

It’s a frantic kiss, full of feeling neither of them knows how to put into words. Josuke closes his eyes tight and tenses his muscles around Okuyasu, making him see stars. Okuyasu bites his lower lip and pulls halfway out and then pushes back in again. Josuke’s slick around him, but he’s still really tight, and every thrust feels better than the last.

Josuke gets a hand between them and starts stroking his cock at the same rhythm as Okuyasu’s movements. Okuyasu gives him one last kiss and rises up again; that way he can look at Josuke and keep up a good pace, though his hips want to stutter uncontrollably and just thrust as hard as he can. Josuke is a vision beneath him; his hair’s come completely loose and falls in messy waves around his face, and he’s flushed pink all over.

“Josuke”, Okuyasu groans and puts a hand on his cheek, to get his attention and just to touch him, to be gentle. “You good?”

“Yeah”, Josuke pants, opening his eyes. There are tears shining in them, but it seems they’re the good kind. “Really, really good.”

“Am I getting you in the good place”, Okuyasu asks, breathless, trying to piston his hips in a way that makes Josuke moan the loudest. He wants to be good at this, but it’s hard to aim with his dick.

“Almost every time”, Josuke praises him. “I don’t get how you can be so good at this on the first try.”

Okuyasu ducks his head, abashed and pleased, and tries to keep the angle steady. Focusing is difficult, he’s feeling too good, but luckily Josuke seems to be just as into it as Okuyasu is. His chest is flushed and heaving, and his hand jerks him off rough and fast.

“I’m close”, Josuke moans. “Can you go a bit faster?”

That sounds perfect, but on the other hand…

“Can’t we draw this out a little?” Okuyasu asks, slowing down, enjoying the luxurious drag of Josuke’s muscles around him and he slides in and out and in again.

“Come on!” Josuke whines. “I wanna come, be good to me, you promised…!”

“I will”, Okuyasu huffs and leans close again, stealing an open-mouthed kiss. “Just a little more, okay, baby?”

Josuke makes a wordless, pained groan, but slows his hand and holds Okuyasu close with his other arm, letting him set the pace. Okuyasu rewards him with strong, long thrusts and deep kisses, long enough to make him go light headed, half from lack of oxygen and half from the onslaught of sensation.

Josuke still flutters around him, teasing, but he’s starting to look tired and overwhelmed, his eyes only half open and his lips slackening in the kiss. He makes little punched-out sounds with every move Okuyasu makes, and can’t do anything but hold on.

“It’s gonna-” Okuyasu pants, “It’s gonna be super intense when you finally come, yeah? You ever do that to yourself, take it almost to the edge and then stop?”

“That’s kinda kinky”, Josuke says. “I guess I haven’t? I, ah- I have a nosy mom so- I’m always in a hurry and sneaking around- and besides, I just like to get off quick-”

“I get you”, Okuyasu hums. “Are you tired?”

“No”, Josuke lies, “but just- let me come, please? I’m feeling a little oversensitive.”

He looks embarrassed to admit it, turning his gaze away and biting his lip, but Okuyasu understands, and damn if he doesn’t want to give this boy everything.

“Okay, you can”, he whispers, changing his position a little, rising properly to his knees and gripping Josuke’s thighs, hitching him higher. He watches as Josuke’s pulls on his cock become rough and fast again, and he matches their pace. Josuke feels looser around him now, relaxed, and it’s easy to drive into him hard and fast. Okuyasu thinks he does a pretty good job of hitting Josuke’s prostate, deciding by his frantic cries and the way his face twists in pleasure, beautiful and completely ecstatic.

“Okuyasu, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna-” Josuke groans, grabbing for Okuyasu. He looks almost scared of the intensity of his feelings, and then he comes hard, spurting all over his hand and stomach and chest. His muscles bunch and he arches off the bed, his hand pumping his cock frantically a few more times. He goes tight around Okuyasu, and it’s almost enough to push him over the edge too, but Okuyasu controls himself, only moving slowly, rocking Josuke through the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Josuke slumps back down, and sighs, finally opening his eyes and meeting Okuyasu’s. He looks exhausted and happy and maybe a little bit embarrassed. “Did you come?” he asks in a small voice, and it’s clear that for a while there he had absolutely no idea whatsoever what was happening outside his body.

“Not yet, but I’m close”, Okuyasu pants, still reeling from witnessing Josuke come so intensely.

“Pull out, then”, Josuke says quickly. “I want you to come on my face, if that’s okay?”

“Now who’s kinky?” Okuyasu huffs, but he’s already scrambling to pull out and get rid of the condom. Josuke winces at the sensation of Okuyasu pulling out, but forgets it quickly as he tugs at Okuyasu until he shuffles sort of awkwardly on his knees to stand above Josuke, dick aimed at his lips.

“Come on, I want it”, Josuke urges him on, and how could Okuyasu say no to that? He spits in his hand and begins jerking off, fast and kind of uncoordinated, in a hurry to finally come. It doesn’t feel as good as being inside Josuke, but he gets the bonus of looking at him, looking at his pretty pink lips opening to press a sloppy kiss to the underside of Okuyasu’s cock, right where he’s the most sensitive, and it looks obscene and fucking gorgeous. Josuke tilts his chin up and closes his eyes, dark lashes casting shadows on his red cheeks, and Okuyasu can’t hold it anymore.

He pulls once, twice more, and then his orgasm is shaking him to the core, making his abs tighten and his vision darken, and he shoots two big spurts of come, one on Josuke’s cheek, some of it ending up in his lashes, and one on his lips and his tongue which slips out to welcome it. Okuyasu feels like he could die, looking at his boyfriend like that, lying on his back, all used up and messy with lube leaking from his ass and so much come on his face.

“Sorry, sorry”, he says and quickly tries to wipe it away from Josuke’s eyelashes. Josuke licks at his lips and then turns his head to press a sticky kiss to Okuyasu’s hand. He opens his eyes and looks up at Okuyasu.

“Thank you”, Josuke says quietly, all slow and sweet with exhaustion. Okuyasu blushes furiously.

“I should be saying that”, he mumbles, wiping more come off from Josuke’s cheek where his greedy tongue can’t reach. Before he can find anything to wipe his hand on, Josuke catches it and brings it to his mouth, licking Okuyasu’s fingers clean.

“Josuke”, Okuyasu sighs, not even embarrassed of the naked adoration colouring his voice.

“Okuyasu”, Josuke answers, smiling lazily at him. “Cuddle time?”

Definitely cuddle time. Okuyasu throws the condom vaguely in the direction of the trash can and picks a pillow and the covers up from the floor where they’ve fallen, and then he curls up next to Josuke. Josuke immediately burrows close to him and pokes his nose into Okuyasu’s neck.

“We have a while, right?” Okuyasu asks, “Before your mom comes home?”

“Yeah”, Josuke answers, not even looking at the clock.

Okuyasu hums and puts a hand in Josuke’s hair, smoothing it gently and tucking a bit behind Josuke’s ear. His hair’s damp with sweat and kind of crunchy with gel and hairspray, but it still feels good in his fingers anyway.

“You okay? Not hurt or anything?” he says carefully.

“Nah, I’m kinda perfect”, Josuke purrs, shifting even closer. Okuyasu can feel him smiling against his neck.

“You are”, he agrees. It’s sappy but true, and he’s floating in a spectacular afterglow. He’s allowed to be gross and sweet.

Josuke laughs. “I don’t ever want to get up”, he says. “I don’t ever want do anything else. It’s just fucking and cuddling for me from now on.”

He sounds ridiculously happy with this decision, and it’s Okuyasu’s turn to chuckle.

“Not even video games?” he asks, and gets a sharp poke in the side for his troubles.

“Well, you got me there, buddy. Maybe video games every once in a while”, Josuke gives in. “The winner gets to bottom.”

“The winner? You liked it that much?”

“Don’t get cocky”, Josuke chastises him, “But are you kidding? Fuck yeah, I did. I almost want to be mad about it.”

Okuyasu kisses his forehead. “Don’t be. Go back to being sweet and sleepy.”

Josuke grumbles something at him but settles down, closing his eyes and pulling the blanket up to his ears. They should really be getting up, taking showers and changing sheets, but Josuke is right; this is the best place in the world, the best feeling, and Okuyasu’s holding the world’s best boyfriend who’s warm and soft and smells good. He can let himself enjoy it for a while longer, Okuyasu thinks and closes his eyes, pressing one last butterfly kiss on Josuke’s temple before falling asleep.