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Of Stags and Crows

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Tajima looked down at the wolf restrained before him. The great beast was massive, truly an exemplary specimen. On all fours he was the size of a cart horse, with thick dark brown fur, sharp intelligent brown eyes, a long thick tail, massive paws, and perfect dagger sharp fangs, the largest of which were as long as Tajima's palm.

The wer was chained down, the thick silcer plated steel links straining as the captive monster strained against them. Impressive, though Tajima wasn't surprised. The wer had some of the best breeding after all.

Senju wolves. So rare, so powerful. Most lived deep in the mountains, those annoying kitsune wer using seals and wards unrivaled to hide them away. The Uchiha possessed the only "tame" subjects of the breed.

"Butsuma, it's been far to long." The wer snarled and strained harder, snapping behind the heavy duty muzzle as he practically frothed in fury.

The human shelter workers "dog catchers" as they were often termed, looked at the feral wer in terror, even their lower vampire coworkers backed away nervously. Tajima chuckled amusedly. It was little wonder it was so easy to convince the small minded mortals of wer "inferiority". It certainly made it all the easier to keep the mutts in their place.

Tajima pulled a thick strip of leather, with inlaid silver studs, and a dangling silver charm in the shape of the Uchiha fan. His name and phone number engraved on the back. He saw the wolf's eyes widen as Butsuma suddenly changed gears, paws scrabbling on linoleum tile as he tried to jerk back, away.

It was pointless. Entertaining, but pointless. The collar clicked around the wer's throat and all it took was a flare of his magic for the runes to activate. Butsuma howled as electricity arced through his body. Tajima didn't let up until the wer was twitching and trembling on the ground at his feet.

Tajima let up then, before he did any real damage to his erstwhile pet. "Is that any way to behave towards your master? One almost wouldn't think you were a pedigree senju. Not with the way you behave as some sort of trash fed stray."

Tajima tutted at the heaving form of Butsuma even as the wer continued to growl at him. Tajima went to go on but the trembling nervous form of one of the wer pound workers approached him. Tajima eyed the man contemptuously as he shivered in the high vampires presence.

"S....sorry to interrupt sir, b...but we want...t..ted to know what you would like to do with the p..p..pups." Tajima felt his eyes widen minutly as a grin overtook his usually sombre expression.

The look was extremely disconcerting on the vampires face.

"Pups? My Butsuma you really have been busy. Tell me did you carry them? Or was it that rabid bitch that had to be put down that birthed them? You certainly seemed so against breeding before you ran off. Though I suppose one can have a change of attitude in fifteen years however. It was certainly very difficult to hunt you down."

Tajima could see the panic in the wer, the wolf stuggling desperately to his paws. "Now Butsuma, before you get any foolish ideas you should take into consideration the fact most people drown unwanted mutts."

That stopped the wolf short and Tajima felt victory curl in his stomach as he stared down the wer. "Why don't you show me these pups." He said to the worker, never taking his eyes off Butsuma.

The dog catchers rushed to do just that and soon a cage was being brought out. Two healthy wer pups cowering in the farthest corner as it was set down near the wolf. The pups yipped and rushed to push against the bars to reach their parent, Butsuma straining against his restaints to do the same even as the elder wer eyed Tajima with hate and distrust.

Tajima simply watched indulgently, taking in the two small wolves. "There were two others," the worker said, sweating in fear, "but unfortunately they managed to get away. These two are in perfect health at least."

Tajima frowned slightly. Four. Four pups. Four pups that were his rightful property, one of tehir parents being his prized animal after all, and they had let two get away.


The two pups in the cage were however quite unique and rather impressive specimens. One was a pure snowy white, making the deep blood red eyes stand out all the more, and looked to be in the beginning of early adolescence. It was lanky but clearly built for speed and maneuverability, it would undoubtedly be a beauty when it matured and grew into its form.

The other and clearly younger one was all fluff still, and was neatly split down the middle with half its fur being the same deep rich brown of Butsuma and the other half being a slightly more silvery tinged white. One eye was brown, and the other a deep red like its sibling. It had a lovely conformation just like its sibling, but Tajima tsked at the sight of the ears.

One perked up, alert and flicking as was proper in a well bred wer wolf, but the other folded downward asymmetrical to its twin. Disappointing but not to terrible. As to be expected from a mutt, even if one parent had the highest pedigree out there and the papers to prove it.

"Have them collared and chipped. I'll take them with me." Tajima decided, "Oh and before I forget, chip him as well." Tajima gestued to Butsuma.

The wolf snarled but Tajima simply hummed in vauge disintrest at the attmpt at being threatening. Butsuma was cornered and the wolf knew it.

And this time Butsuma wouldn't be slipping away, especially not now that Tajima had two pups to hold over the wer's head. Satisfied Tajima went to sign off on the required paperwork to retake possession of his wolf, as well as register the two new pups.

His two eldest at least would enjoy getting pets of their own. They had been begging Tajima for months, but Tajima would only accept his children's first wer's being from his own prized pet.

Mutts or not the pups were still of Butsuma's line, and if his sons truly found it so disappointing, well he could always breed them different ones from his retreived wolf.

He had indulged Butsuma's recalcitrance in the past, but he was finished with that. Butsuma had lost such privileges when he managed to run off.

If the pups were unwanted Tajima could sell them off, or keep them for other purposes. Races maybe, or fights, though whether he would breed them was debatable. It would be up to his sons, if they accepted the wer's.

Tajima was very much looking forward to returning home with his prizes. Memories of flushed tan skin and soft hair and fur, the salty taste of sweat, and the sharp dangerous spice of wer blood, toxic if consumed to much but Tajima had always enjoyed the bite of it on his tounge. Hot and burning, and so deliciously sweet underneath.

A shame he couldn't safely indulge to often without risking poisoning. Looking at the reluctant cowering nude form of Butsuma once Tajima stepped out of the office as the malr and the pups were forced into human form via small doses of wolves bane the Vampire smiled. Dark and hungry.

Even as the three were provided with the thin clothes given out by the pound, a simple shirt and pants, ill fitting, with no shoes.

Yes, he thought eyes riveted on Butsuma as the wolf did his best to hide his chdren from Tajima, even as they were leashed and forced to approach or risk Tajima utilising their collars.

He was very much looking forward to his return home. It had been to long, since his pet had graced his bed.

They had quite a bit of catching up to do.

In the dark alleys of Tokyo two boys huddled behind a dumpster, both sniffling pitifully. Hashirama cradled Kawarama almost desperately, terrified of letting his only remaining family go. Father, Tobirama, Itama, all three of them taken in by the dog catchers.

And mother, mother was....was GONE. Shot in the street like some rabid animal. As if she weren't as intelligent, just as much a thinking, breathing, feeling, being as the Humans or Vampires.

Hashi tucked his brown tail tighter, floppy ears pressed flat as Kawarama curled more firmly into his chest.

The soft sound of footsteps had them bith tensing. They froze, to afraid to even breathe, hoping whoever it was would just pass them by.

No such luck. A face, maybe two or three years older bent down to peer at them behind the dumpster. The elder boy had flat toned green eyes, with no pupils, dull red where the whites should have been. Stitches stretched from both corners of his mouth and his hair was dark and shaggy.

A dhampire.

"Hey, you're in my alley."

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When Tajima was younger, more foolish, more naive, he met a boy by the river. The other child had messy brown hair that stood up in all directions in uneven spikes, as if somone had taken a kunai to the strands. Blindfolded.

They once spent hours by the water, and Tajima learned and shred a lot of things with the boy. Shared his dreams for a future he didn't have to bury clan members every other day. Dreams of having children of his own. Dreams of his future sons growing up strong, independent, free of the burdens that Tajima grew up with.

And Tajima learned things of Butsuma's dreams in kind, learned his freind had a secret love of children, but was terrible at interacting with them, that his freind dreamed as he did of a future free of the chains of this war. Dreamed of being able to raise his children as children first, rather than weapons.

The thing about dreams though, is that eventually you have to wake up.

Tajima and Butsuma were more carful than their sons. They were not discovered by their fathers, or siblings, or clan. No. Two whole years they went to that spot. visiting eachother in secret.

How neither ever encountered the other on the battlefield before then, how they never crossed paths on missions, or connected eachothers names or stories to that of their life long enemy clans neother knew.

It was possible it had been at least somewhat intentional. That they childishly hoped ignorance would perserve the small slice of peace they had stumbled across at that riverside.

Tajima often found himself looking back to that younger version of himself. Butsuma had been the first person he told he wasn't attracted to women.

Wide brown eyes and a rare smile. Like the first coming of spring.  Choppy brown hair, unfortunate looking as ever. Warm tanned skin, so different from his own, but all the more lovely for it.

Curiosity, nervouse experimental touches. Soft lips slightly chapped and inexperienced. 

Not that Tajima had been much better.

The Uchiha clan head shook off the thoughts. Now was not the time to be thinking about such things. He walked through the halls of his clan compound, calm and confident, face set in a somber mask.

Still he found that today he could not shake of the rememberences of the past.

His wife often commented on his propensity for daydreaming, when he did not have anything pressing to attend to.

He loved her, but not as a husband should. He couldn't. She understood. She gave him five perfect sons and she loved him as well. Though not as a wife should. It worked for them.

His mind inevitably drifted backnonce more. Caught in the pull of his own far distant memories.

It had all fallen apart so fast. So sudden. 

Senju Satsuma had struck down Tajima's father Uchiha Kenjin and Tajima had avenged his fallen parent and clan head. Driving his sword through the unsuspecting back of the former senju clan head.

Pained betrayed eyes, full of such fury it could put even most Uchiha to shame. Teeth bared, sweet mouth twisted in a snarl, a sword clashing against his own with a ring of steel like cracking lightning.

"You killed him! You killed my brother! My last brother!"

The words still seemed to echo, bouncing around in his head, louder and louder.

Tajima opened his eyes, when had he even closed them, and sighed. Now was not the time nor the place for these thoughts. (Now was the perfect time)

He nodded to the gaurds at the door and stepped past, descending down well worn steps into the cold stone passageway below.

Butsuma had never returned to the river after that. Had never once tried to talk to Tajima for any reason other than to spit angry vitriol. 

Though Tajima could not take offense. He had done much the same, and his return to the river, the hope that Butsuma would return one last time, was not for any reasons that could be called harmless or innocent. 

Not anymore.

Butsuma had been wise, to stay away. Tajima would have never let him leave.

Never again. 

Steps light and silent as the grave even in the dank halls, echoing with the sounds of dripping water, he continued on his way. Ignoring the various forms slumped, or cowering, or in some rare occasions shouting insults, past solid iron bars.

Until he reached the end of one specific hall, bare but for the single solid steel door set into the stone.

"Hey Tajima,"

Pulling a key from his sleeve as he approached he deactivated the wards preventing entrance, carful to leave those allowing any non Uchiha from exiting up and active.

"do you ever wonder what it would be like?"

The click of the heavy duty lock.

"What what would be like Batsuma?"

The door scrapped against stone, thumping shut behind him as he entered the small cell. Eyes glancing around as he took the room in, rock scrubbed clean, soft fabric furnishings, rugs on the floor, pillows and sheets piled in the corner.

On the bed.

Approaching Tajima sat on the edge of the cramped mattress.

Wide brown eyes turning to look at him, the sun playing light across warm skin, a spring smile rare and precious.


He ran his fingers through choppy hair, longer now at least, looking like less of a disaster.

Still soft though, silky to the touch.

The expression was slack. Relaxed. Unconscious. How long had it been? Since those days when he had slept peacefully,  trusting, at Tajima's side? Since Tajima had seen that face so relaxed, without the deep lines etched with anger and resentment marring that familiar face?

He brushed a thumb over those slightly chapped, but still so soft, lips. Felt the faint puff of air from that sweet mouth.

He stood suddenly,  shaking off the trance. Annoyed with himself as he shook his head to clear it.

Looking down once more he couldn't help shifting the blankets out of the way. Just breifly, running a weapon calloused hand over soft tan skin and firm muscle.

The contrast between gauze and skin a minor irritation for reasons he preferred not to name.

Eyes drawn once more to that face Tajima bent down, thoughtless and focused. He brushed a few strands of hair out of the way as he drew nearer.

Until his own breath mingled with the soft puffs of warm moist air coming from between those familiar lips.

They tasted just as sweet as he remembered. 

Standing again and stepping away his hands clenched in frustration. He ran shaky fingers through his bangs as he let out an exasperated breath.

Even after all these years.

"Hey Tajima," chocolate orbs glancing right at him, black voids turning to meet them.


Those eyes looking away, turning to stare over sparkling still waters. Soft around the edges, warm and shinning with contentment. Mouth quirked, not quite a smile, but something equally as beutiful.

"I'm glad I met you."

Lips twitching up, a dark head of hair turning away to hide the blush, lips pulling into a wide grin, black eyes bright and burning. 

"I'm glad I met you to."

The door slammed shut behind him. Lock clicking and wards humming back to life.

The metal was cool against his flushed skin as he leaned against it. As he gathered himself back together and once more donned his mask.

Even as he walked away, steps swift and sure, he knew that he would be back.

After all, Butsuma would be waking up.


The sun was warm against his skin.

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This battle was nothing like those of the past. It was wholly different, more terrible than any they had fought before.

It was nothing like when they had spared as childre, on summer warmed days under the sun, or in snowbanks in the brisk cool of winter.

Nothing like the spiteful angry battles of their early reaign as the respective heads of their clans.

Nor the stalemate the have fought at in recent years.

No. Tajima fought like a man possessed, Mangekyo whirling as a battered relentlessly at Butsuma. Never letting up, never giving him time to catch his breath, never letting him do more than defend desperately against the fury of blows.

Sparks danced from the razors edge of their blades, much like the embers that puffed from Tajima's lips with every breath. Like an angry dragon with flames building in his throat.

He raored his fury as he descended on his freind turned rival. Taking ruthless advantage of every opportunity, pulling every underhanded trick in the book, merciless even for a ninja as he lunged and slashed and rent the air with the whistle of his blades descent.

His wife was dead.

They had found her that morning with a blade driven through her pregnant belly.

That very week he had sat with her as the iryo nin let them hear their babes heartbeat for the first time, using a jutsu that projected the sound loud and clear in the confines of their nursery. Now that sound wchoed in his mind, loud and all consuming as it pounded inside his ears.

Pounding like the beat of war drums.

The blade had carried the senju crest.

Butsuma was beginning to falter, to struggle, to truly fear. He went to call the retreat, and the haze of red suddenly consumed Tajima's entire world.

He came back to himself, chest heaving, as his senses came back to him. He clenched his hands, and bubbling confusion broke through the film of madness over his thoughts as he looked down at his empty appendages.

Where had his sword gone?

Why were his hands so red?

He blinked, mind beginning to clear as the haze of red faded more and more form his vision.

A gurgle, strangled and wet, had him glancing up. He met brown eyes, wide and open like when they were children, rather than narrow and angry as they had been since that fateful day so very long ago.

Then the world went silent, and Tajima could hear nothing over the high pitched ringing in his ears.

Because Butsuma...

Butsuma had Tajima's sword, driven straight through his chest. The senju clan head was curled over the hilt of the blade, as if in a paradoy of a lovers tender embrace, even as blood stained his petal soft lips crimson red.

Red like roses. Like passion. Like love, and pain, and death.

Red as Tajima's Mangekyo.

Red as the blood that now stained Tajima's hands.

Like evidence.

Like a declaration.

Like a confession.

Tajima reached out, the sound of the Senju and Uchiha freezing in shock, the sound of his sons vonfused calls, and the cries of Butsuma's children, far and distant.

Drowned out by that infernal ringing.

Butsuma's knees gave out and he fell sideways, Tajima rushed to catch him, falling to his knees in the dirt turned to mud that was as red as everything else.

Because Butsuma was bleeding. He had a sword through his chest. TAJIMA'S sword through his chest, and he suddenly looked so pale.

So tired and frail and weak.

So cold.

As the pool of crimson liquid spread beneath them.

Tajima wasn't aware of his own voice, falling like shards of broken glass past his lips, cutting and painful in his throat, and coming out in shattered promises for a future, for a chance, long lost to them.

Buried under earth and pain, alongside family, and freinds, and loved ones, left to rot and fester and fade away like so many dreams, and promises, and wasted opprotunites lost to time and war and empty vengeance.

A sword calloused hand brushed against his brow and Tajima opened void dark eyes (when had he ever closed them to begin with?) looking into chocolate brown that looked moist and molten and flistening with the light if the sun overheard.

The favorable weather suddenly seemed the worst sort of irony.

Rosy lips, the color of passion unfulfilled, quirked up in a smile like the coming of spring as Tajima let himself be pulled down, let their forgeads meet.

Butsuma had shown him this once. On the banks of a lazy river, when cicades buzzed and dragonflies darted overtop the still water that danced with the reflections of golden sunlight.

("In my clan this is how we apologize. To people we really care about.")

"If I could have had one wish, one chance to do this all over again, i'd still chose to meet you that day by the river.

Over and over again and over again if I could.

Because I am glad to have been anle to love you if only for a moment, than to have never known what it could have been like, to be held close in your arms.

And I only wish,"

Butsuma coughed, blood flecking his lips, spattering agaist Tajima's cheek, but the Uchiha couldn't find it in himself to care,

"I only wish, that we could have had a chance.


That we could have built something meaningful together."

Tajima pulled Butsuma close, held him tight and desperate as if he could ward off the grasping jands of the shinigami with his embrace alone.

"It was meaningful Butsuma. Even if it was short, I loved you from when I first saw you, and no matter what I never stopped. Not once. Not ever. Not now and not then."

Butsuma smiled at him, his hand sliding to weakly cradle a pale cheek, though his skin had little more color, they almost blended together now. Tajima covered that hand with his own, holding the trembling apendage like the finest of spun sugar.

"Hey Tajima." He said, soft and trembling.

"Hn?" Tajima replied, soft and pained, and nostalgic.

"I'm glad I met you."

Tajima leaned down and pressed his lips to Butsuma's.

Even with the Iron taste of blood they were still as sweet as he remembered.

Tajima swallowed the last breath of Butsuma Senju.

"I'm glad I met you to."

He whispered against those unmoving lips, to somone who could no longer hear him.

Somone who was no longer there, for all Tajima cradled his body gentle and close.

Tajima could hear the unsure approach of his and Butsuma's respective children but he paid them no mind.

Instead he gently held that bow limp hand in his own, gently moving it away from his face as he picked up Butsuma's own sword, dropped forgotten next to them.

He placed the hilt in that to pale palm and folded slowly stiffening fingers around the leather of the hilt.

The last thing he heard was the shock and panic of those watching as he fell upon the sword held between his and Butsuma's joined hands.

Even as his vision darkened around the edges and he heard the muffled screams of his last reamaining sons Tajima moved one hand to cradle that smooth jaw. Pale and chilled with bloodloss now rather warm than tan, and as his vision faded he gently pressed their forheads together.

("...this is how we apologize. To people we really care about.")

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Tajima rubbed tiredly at the bridge of his nose, setting his reading glasses aside as his eyes closed in exaustion. He leaned back in his big fancy chair and sighed.

Shifting he looked at the time on his watch. It was already nine, and he should have been home an hour ago, but these budgets wouldn't do themselves.

Looks like it would be another late night. He hoped cousin Hikari didn't mind staying late to watch the boys again. He knew Hikaku at least enjoyed the constant sleepovers with his younger cousins.

Tajima sat up and perched his reading glasses back on his nose. Tajima hated them (if he could see Tajima now....NO! Tajima had sworn to stop thinking about him!) but he found that now a days he couldn't pull the same hours of gruelling paperwork without being forced to resort to the wire frames.

Running a multi billion dollar corporation was certainly taxing, and not just on his eyesight. He found that he always seemed to have less and less time to spend with his sons.

It had been hard. Especially after his wifes passing when Ryota and Kota were just babes. She had always been sickly, but the pregnancy had been especially hard on her. She just wasn't strong enough when the pneumonia hit.

Looking down at the papers in front of him in reignation he got back to work. Maybe if he got through this stack fast enough he could get home before midnight at least once this weak.


Butsuma forced down the urge to throw the boiling hot coffee in this assholes face as he turned and made himself calmly walk back into the kitchen.

Before promptly slamming the metal coffee pot down on the counter. Causing Chihiro to jump nearly a foot in the air, startled at the sudden violent clang.

He breathed deeply and counted to ten, reminding himself that he NEEDED this job, and that if he commited a homocide his children would go to his bitch ex.

He couldn't do that to them.

"Holy shit Tsu, what the hell has your panties in a twist? You scared the Bejeezus outta me." Butsuma slumped and glared at the countertop as he awnsered the diner's night cook, "It's just that asshole at table four again." He growled, standing up to put the coffee pot back where it really belonged.

He completely ignored the new dent in the metal counter. It was so beat up that one more wouldn't even be noticed.

Minato, the overly positive sunshiny bastard he was, swaned in behind him with an arm full of dirty plates.

"It's creepy mustache dude." He further clarified. Chihiro's eyes widened in understanding as she nodded in sympathy. She glanced at Butsuma, currently busy slumped over by the coffee makers with his head burried in his arms.

"You want me to spit in his food?" She asked.

"Forget spit, you wouldn't beleive what shit that prick was spewing. He actually tried to pay me to give him a blowjob out back. And that wasn't even the fucking worst of it."

He felt vindicated as he glanced up and saw the righteous fury on both their faces.

"I'll get the laxatives." Minato said darkly, and he turned and stalked off. Chihiro meanwhile grabbed her chewing tabacco out of her pocket and began working up a downright nasty lugie.

Butsuma's lips quirked. He may hate his job, but at least his coworkers were tolerable. (Not freinds, he refused to acknowledge that fact. If Fuck him. Fuck those thoughts. He was supposed to be over this. It had been years.)

He looked at the clock, eleven already. He wouldn't be home until two at least, then he had four hours of sleep before the kids had to be dropped of at school, and Itama taken to daycare.

He was just glad Tobirama was already so capable by himslef. Lord knows his eldest would have set the appartment on fire by now without Tobirama there to help. Butsuma wished he could pay for a babysitter, leaving them home alone grated at him, but he just didn't have the budget.

A plate was slid in front of him and he huffed in annoyance. Even as he pushed up and off the counter, sweeping the meal up as he went to deliver it to the guy at table four.

For all he looked like a sweet little pretty boy the look on Minato's face as he passed by was downright demonic. Then the bell on the door jingled merrily and a familiar set of silverets walked in.

Butsuma rolled his eyes as Minato practically lit up like a Christmas tree and skipped to take the father son duo's orders. You could practically see the hearts fluttering over the blondes head.

On his way back to the kitchen Butsuma gave the elder silver haired male a glare and the univeraal "i'm watching you" sign. Satisfaction flaring when the man actually looked nervous at the clear threat.

Hatake may be avoiding telling Minato who exactly he was, and Butsuma respected the fact it was none of his business, but if the man was just playing around with the oblivios blonde.

Well. You could only be convicted of something if you were caught.

Chapter Text

Tobirama huddled as close to his youngest brother as he could through the bars of their respective cages. Tajima had sent their father somewhere else, and Tobirama didn't know where, but he had a very bad feeling about it.

Apparently Butsuma's two eldest sons were still away at school. Until they returned home Itama and Tobirama were being kept in the "kennles". Itama whimpered, bressing closer as he tried to tangle his fingers with Tobirama's through the bars. They still couldn't shift, both boys felt all the more vulnerable, and all the more helpless, for it.

There were other wer's in other kennles around them. None of them spoke to the frightened pups, only looked at them with pity, or in some cases jelous resentment.

After all Master Tajima had made it clear these two were gifts to his sons, which meant unless they were rejected they would be houspets more than likely. Some would argue that was the best possible life open to a wer, others saw it as the worst sort of humiliation.

It honestly depended. Either way, the majority did not envy the boys their fate. They would face far more scrutiny, be far more restrained and controlled in everything from actions to words, than those kept for competition's or sale.

Some, those few who had been here before Butsuma escaped, could not even bear to look at the pups. No, most did not envy them at all. At least their cages did not pretend to be anything else. At least their captivity did not "indebt" them the same way life as a housepet did.

Butsuma cried out as his pups leashes were handed over to a servant and they were forcibly dragged away. He tried to go after them, but his wolf was weak and the wolves bane made him uncordinated and muzzy headed.

He had been given a much larger dose than his son's and the effects of the toxin were obvious. He tried to shake the fog from his head but his leash was yanked short, causing his collar to bite into his neck, choking him.

He gaged even as Tajima took a fisful of his hair and began draggkng him in the direction of the stairs. Butsuma was chilled and hot at the same time and he struggled weakly, but his efforts were nothing against vampiric strength.

Not with the wolves bane still pulsing through his bloodstream. Right now he was weak as any human, and he grit his teeth at that fact, grinding them together in a way he knew Tajima had always despised.

He knew where they were headed. Knew exactly where Tajima was taking him as he dragged Butsuma up the stairs by his hair and leash, down the hall even as Butsuma tried and failed to dig his heels into the carpet.

By the time they reached a to familiar door Butsuma's scalp ached and his throat was definitely bruised. Tajima released his hair to open the door and Butsuma couldn't fight back the terrified whine, because the first thing he saw was a room that looked barely changed in all the years he'd been away.

And the bed situated right in the middle. He threw his weight in the opposite direction of the door and frantically backpedaled. It was all for naught.

Memories assaulted him as he was yanked in and thrown to the plush carpet, yelping and tring to scramble up and away, baring his teeth and growling at the approaching figure.

He knew he looked pitiful, but Butsuma had never been one to just roll over and show his belly. Not even to Tajima. Not back then, and not now.

The first time he had been brought up here, young for a wer, only eighteen. He didn't know why Tajima had waited until then, all he knew that once he was "of age" he spent more time in his "Masters" room than his own.

Though his room had been more a closet than anything. Nothing compared to Tajima's which was at least thrice the size of Butsuma's appartment.

Or what had been Butsuma's appartment. He would never be going back now. His heart twisted, it had been little, and shitty, but it had been his. He and his wife had spent so much time, so much effort, scraping enough together to afford it.

"Now now Butsuma, you should know better than this." He only growled as Tajima came closer, backing away for every step the vampire took closer, until his back met the wall and he froze. Tajima chuckled at the wide panicked eyes as the wer realized he had been cornered.

Butsuma went to dart to the side, away, but he wasn't strong enough, wasn't fast enough, to escape the hand the slammed him against the wall. Pining him in place, he snapped his teeth at Tajima, but they both knew that as long as he had the poison in his system he didn't pose a threat to a high vampire. Especially not an Uchiha.

Butsuma snarled, even as his pupils dialated in anticipatory fear. He clawed at the hand holding his throat but Tajima was beyond unaffected by the pathetic attempts. Instead he took hold of Butsuma's collar, unclipping the leash to drop to the floor as he twisted his hand, pulling the letter tight a d choking. Dragging Butsuma to the bed.

Butsuma wheezed and was forced to cease struggling in a desperate effort to breath instead. "Such a bad dog Butsuma. After all that effort in teaching you manners, I'm so disappointed. Didn't I take care of you? Didn'tI spoil you and treat tou kindly? Didn't I show you how much I LOVE you?" The infuriating thing was Tajima really did sound sincere, it only fed the loathing and anger festering in Butsuma.

The old hurts, and emotional wounds that had never truly healed, for all they had scabbed over.

Tajima released his grip on the collar when he shoved Butsuma down on the bed, positioning the wer on hands and knees as the Uchiha draped himself over Butsuma's back. Holding him down with his weight and strength. Butsuma blinked back the dark spots encroaching in his vision.

He choked and gaged, panting as he drew in desperate lungfulls of air. He could feel Tajima, cool against his back
Could feel the growing hardnes pressing against his rear. He shuddered, with disgust and self loathing, because even after all these years, all the pain, and anger, and betrayal, he couldn't help the flare of heat in his gut.

At being held down, at being dominated, at being surrounded by the scent of Tajima. He clenched his jaw, and fought down the burn in his eyes. He hadn't cried in fifteen years, he wasn't about to start now.

"That wasn't love Tajima, and it never was. You're fucking sick, and I don't want anything to fucking do with you." He managed to gasp out between lungfulls if air.

He couldn't see it but behind him Tajima frowned, eyes going dark with fury. Butsuma only felt the qay the Vampires grip tightened almost unbearably. Only felt as the cheap shelter pants and undergarments were shredded by Tajima's talons and cold air and flesh assulted his bare lower half.

Soon followed by his shirt being similarly discarded, teasing wickedly sharp nails draging feather soft across a tanned chest. Butsuma tensed depite knowing better, and Tajima tsk in his ear.

"I don't know what came over you Butsuma, what drove you to this ridiculousness. But you are MINE." Butsuma shook as he heard the ruffle of cloth as tajima tugged his own pants down, just enough to free the Vampires leeking erection, Tajima went on, dark and posessive, eyes crazed and fangs bared as he he whispered in Butsuma's ear like a lover.

"You have always been Mine!" This was accompanied by the grind of Tajima's hips against Butsuma's rear as the wer trembled under him.

"And I am NEVER letting you go again!" With that fangs sank into Butsuma's neck and he howled at the feeling. At the heat that came over his body with the aphrodisiac effect of Tajima's saliva, at the feeling of his blood being drank in greedy gulps, at the feeling of his anatomy shifting on instinct. Against his will.

He whimpered, whining high and pitiful as those fangs withdrew from the back of his neck. He felt so unbearabley hot and cold at the same time. Sweeting and shivering. He bit his lip until blood beeded as Tajima drug teasing fingers down his front, past his manhood and dipping into a new entrance.

He closed his eyes in shame at the sound of Tajima's pleased hum at the wetness. "Don't worry Butsuma. Your master will take good care of you." The vampire cooed

Butsuma ignored him, foing limp and forcing himself to relax, it would be so much more painful if he didn't. The feing if Tajima pushing into him, the slow drawn out penetration, had him shaking and gasping for breath.

Tajima licked at the bite he had left on the back of Butsuma's neck, just above the band of his collar, letting his salive sink in, letting it infect Butsuma with its aphrodisiac properties. Reveling in the heat radiating from flushed skin.

His. His wer. His senju. His Butsuma. He loved him. He loved loved loved loved him. He was his and Tajima was never letting him go. Never again. It had hurt so much when Butsuma ran away, he had missed him so much, he had never felt such agony before. Not even when his sons mother betrayed him and he had been forced to kill her.

He LOVED Butsuma. And he would never let the wer leave him. Never again.

He reveled in the heat of Butsuma's silken gripping channel and the pleasure and the sounds he forced from his wer. He loved him so much it drove him to madness.

Chapter Text

Tajima crept silently through the crowd, blending in expertly with the circus goers. Of course the Enforcement Division KNEW that this so called "Buisness" was a pit of law violations and illegal activity, but they unfortunately couldn't take anything before the council of judges without physical proof.

"Men Women and beings of various binary and non binary identifications!"

Tajima found his attention being drawn to one of the attractions. A large cage, encircling a dirt ring. The voice was coming from the announcer standing on a small stage in front of the enclosure.

Tajima approached cautiously, keeping his head down as he carful shoved his way to the front of the crowd. "Gaze in awe and terror of one of the most dreaded and terrible beasts in the known universe! From the furthest edges of the known galaxies, in space untravled, originating from an S class death world.

Do not approach to closely, as I can not guarantee your safety if you stray to near it's grasping appendages! Do not let the fleshy appearance fool tou! For this is one of the most ruthless killers you ever will encounter!"

Tajima made it to the front as the announcer concluded his longwinded monolouge with a dramatic flourish. He was Claytian, an androgynous species that identified by seven different genders that couldn't be outwardly told apart.

This one had long blond hair, the standard pale clay like grey white skin, and two extra mouths on xir hands, grinning widely like the one splayed across xir face., as well as a bionic eye.

Glancing at this so called beast of untold horrors all he saw was a strange alien. It was a biped, not all that uncommon, but looked strangely defenseless.

His own people had their distincrive twin felinoid tails, with matching fuzzy ears, predominately of dark fur and eyes with pale skin, black claws, sharp fangs, and a sleek but strong build.

This creature, being, whatever it was looked utterly defenseless in comparison. Mostly flat teeth, no claws or large fangs, a strong build certainly, but other than that it hardly looked all that dangerous.

Then a horned st'ov'-ine was released into the cage. Tajima jerked, almost found himself throwing caution to the wind and blowing cover, he wasn't about to watch some innocent creature get trampled to death as some sick form of entertainment.

He quickly found his fears were for the worng beast. The St'ov'-ine charged, and the unknown alien dodged. It charged again, and again it was dodged. On and on this went, the crowd getting more and more enthralled by the sick mockery of entertainment.

Then, next the large horned beast charged, the alien didn't dodge. It planted its feet braced itself, and impossibly enough caught the large vicious herbivore by its deadly horns. Throwing it's weight to the side and dragging rhe animals head down so violently it slammed face first into the ground from the forward momentum.

The sound of a crack, the neck had broken.

Tajima could only stare, wide eyed, at the dead beast, easily as large as the strange unkown, and at least three times its weight.

Still, this was definitely all the evidence of abuse they needed. The other charges could come later. Tajima called it in. The sound of Enforcement sirens blared and several other undercover agents pulled out their badges and sidearms.

The crowd erupted into chaos, and Tajima found himself glancing back into the cage and meeting hard brown eyes.

He didn't know what came over him, but he found himself grabbing the Announcer as he tried to flee, demanding the man open the cage. Looking up as xe panicked he met an undeniably intelligent gaze, watchful and assessing.

This was entirely against protocal.

Chapter Text

"Uppity Bitch." Tajima glanced at his grumbling freind, Jun'ichi, who was glaring at none other than Senju Butsuma.

"I bet all he needs to get that stick out of his ass is proper Alpha discipline." Jun'ichi muttered as the Senju Omega walked pst them. Tajima gave a noncommittal grunt as his freind continued to mutter.

"I'll let you know if I ever find one Hagoromo. Because all I see here are a bunch of knot heads who can't seem to think with the head on their shoulders if their life depended on it.

Though pointing out tour shortcomings is rather redundant. Your grades certainly speak for themselves."

Tajima couldn't hd back the snort at the cool dismissal in the Omega's voice as he strode past, head held high. He didn't even deign to look at Jun'ichi. Simply throwing the words over his shoulder, like trash.

"Fuck You Senju!"

Tajima hid a wince as he saw Akimichi Sensei snap their head in their direction at the loud vulgarity. 

"Why don't you come over here and try it you coward."

The senju said, and fir all the soft murmer of his voice, the threat and the glare as he looked over his ahoulder cut through the noise of the hall like the finest of blades.

Tajima gulped,and despite himself found that his cheeks were feeling much warmer even as Butsuma let out a disdainful huff and turned to stride away.


Tajima frowned minutely and stepped slightly apart from his Hagoromo freind. 

He knew Jun'ichi's family were very traditional when it came to dynamics, but as his freind shouted threats at the Senju Omega's retreating back while lewdly reaching down and grabbing at his croch Tajima did not at that moment wish to be associated with the fool.

Especially not when he could see the usually cheerful and jolly Akimichi Sensei go red in the face, brow furrowing as he frowned and advanced on their position.

Tajima pushed off the wall and slung his bookbag over his shoulder. Sending his freind a seemingly nonchalant wave goodbye, even as he had to force himself not to speedwalk past the furious sensei.

Jun'ichi had dug his hole, and Tajima couldn't entirely say he didn't deserve it. Tajima on the other hand, had a perfect record to maintan. A perfect recod Jun'ichi very much didn't. 

He ignored the furious baritone of Akimichi sensei's voice, and the panicked flailing of his freind, turning the corner as he went straight to his next class.

Still, the sight of razor sharp earthy eyes, and a furious downturn to plush lips had a faint heat creeping up his neck once more.

He furiously pushed down on that feeling. He had a reputation to maintain after all. And though Butsuma's family may be just as prestigious and influential as Tajima's, the youngest Senju brother was as far from popular as you could get at this school. 

With his attitude and manners unbefitting an Omega of his breeding and standing. With his cutting and unyeilding personality and his studiousness both in his studies, and in stonewalling pretty much everyone but a slect few in any and all attempts  of Interaction.

Hell his only freinds were  Uzumaki Kurama a bad natured Alpha with a reputation worse than his manners, and Hatake Sakumo who was personavle but usually a loner.

And also an Alpha.

It led to some very nasty rumors.

Tajima placed his bag down at his desk and pulled out his Psychology 3 book. Yamanaka Sensei was busy erasing the white board, but still sent a raised eyebrow at Tajima for his early arrival. 

Almost no one was in class yet.

Except for Butsuma, who sat in the furthest corner, flipping through notes it looked like.

The Senju looked up, as if sensing Tajima's attention and the Alpha looked away quickly. Embarrassed for reasons he couldn't pin down.

Neither noticed the intrigued and amused look on their Senseis face as he continued wiping down the black board.

----------------------(Back to the Present)------------------------------

Butsuma collapsed in bed once he finally got home from his shift at the diner. Not even bothering to do more than kick off his shoes and hang his apron on his door hook.

His phone Buzzed and he dug it out of his pocket glancing tiredly at the screen. Who texted at this ti.e of night.

Then he looked at the collar ID. Oh. He almost forgot about that. Be couldn't help but cringe in guilt.


My apologies for contacting you at this time . However I wished to inform you as soon as possible that my flight will be arriving approximately two hours late.

If this is an inconvenience for you I understand, and know that it is no trouble for me to get a cab to the appartment. 

Sincerely, Indra.

Butsuma couldn't help a fond sigh as he read the text. Honestly his eldest was always so strangely formal. But he wouldn't have him any other way.

Chapter Text

Butsuma dug his bare feet into the loose fertile soil, wishing he could sink his roots down and spread his branches, but he couldn't.

Laying a hand over his large belly he sighed tiredly. The plum blossoms growing from his hair gave off as sweet a fragrance as always, and for once he couldn't stand his own scent.

"Bearer?" Butsuma turned to see his albino Naiad child looking at him, curious and faintly concerned. Butsuma gave his son an encouraging smile reaching down to tuffle soft seafoam locks.

"I am fine Tobirama. No need to worry. Is there anything you needed?"

Tobirama shook his head but looked curiously at Butsuma's extended stomach. Butsuma smiled softly at his sexond born, "Would you like to feel?" He asked, even as his stomach twisted.

Tobirama nodded excitedly, eyes wide. Butsuma smiled and let his son place small pale hands over the smooth curve of his growing midsection.

"T...this will be your new sibling Tobirama." Butsuma told the wondering child.

Tobirama looked at his bearer with to intelligent eyes and frowned. His smile did not look right, it was weak and it didn't quite reach his eyes. Tobirama didn't like it. The child frowned and went to say something when a figure walked up behind his bearer and he shied back. Butsuma frowned and turned.

He came face to fave with his "Husband". Tajima smiled at his drayad wife, even as he shot a disapproving look at Tobirama. "I thought I would find you here. The tutor said you ran away from your lessons again."

Tobirama pouted, "He was stupid." The young nymph mumbled. "And mean. I don't like him." Tajima looked to be getting irritated so Butsuma jumped in, unwilling to see his child scolded by this man. Tobirama had had the same issue with every other tutor and he knew it was starting to fray Tajima's nerves.

"Now," he swolled before forcing the next word out, "...husband, he's just a child. It is not Tobirama's fault that he learns at a more advanced pace. Perhaps if you put him in classes with the elder children. Madara for example, surely Tobirama will do well with a better example to follow in the classroom."

The beseaching, soft words were like ash in Butsuma's mouth, but they did their job. Playing on Tajima's own fatherly pride while playing in to the mans fantasy of being an actual family.

Tajima smiled at him, pulling Butsumainto his side and laying a warm hand over the nymphs belly. It was all Butsumacould do not to lash out, but Tajimawas to skilled and had to many protections in place for any attack by Butsuma to be anything other than foolish.

"Wonderful idea wife. Tobirama, if I am right it is nearing the eavning meal. Why don't you go eat, I will arrange your change in classes this evening."

The young nymph hesitated, but at a look from his bearer obediently ran off. As soon as Tobirama was gone Tajima pulled Butsuma into him, kissing the dryad deeply.

Pulling away he marvled at the feel of Butsuma's streatched stomach. This was his, he had put this child here. Had filled his plum blossom with his seed and their coupling had at last borne fruit. A child.

"You truly are a wonder my blossom, if only you would agree to being my queen. I would not be forced to keep you locked away like this."

"Whether I am here or at tour side I am still locked away, trapped within these walls. A bigger cage is still a cage Tajima, if you loved me you would give me my freedom."

Butsuma said softly. Pulling away. Tajima let him, eyes pained and determined at the same time.

"You know that is the one thing I can not grant you Butsuma. You may ask me for anything and I would provide it, but that is the one thing I can nit give."

Butsuma sent his husband a tired glare even as he wlked away. "You mean to say it is the one thing you WILL not give. Not can't."

With that Butsuma disappeared into the trees and flowers, leaving a fuming Tajima behind. The king sighed in exasperation and ran rough fingers through his hair.

He did not like how tired and resigned Butsuma had become, but he truly could not give the Nymph up. He loved him. Why could Butsuma not see that. Was palace life truly so terrible?

He had tgought the nymph would soften. Once they wer wed, once he was gravid with child, once he saw how Tajima would care for him. Would provide for him. Would love him.

Why could he nit simply give in?

Chapter Text

Tajima raised a hand, pulling his Kirin stallion to a halt. The hunting party and his sons followed his lead. Pulling their own Kirin to stop as their father dismounted and began observing some animal tracks.

He called his sons to dismount and approach. Having them examine the tracks as well. Asking what the could recognize from them. Izuna identified them first as Raijuu tracks. The large and furocious animal was lightning fast and was incredibly valuable.

A worthy hunt.

Tobirama and his brothers happily trailed after their Kaa-san. It was rare they were able to leave the safety of the colony, and so they reveled in the rare trip outside. Tobirama flicked his ears, scenting the outside air happily.

He loved Kaa-san. Many others of the clan avoided him, or treated him differently because of his strange appearance compared to the rest of his family. Kaa-san loved him just as he was however, and was always happy to help him train his instincts and abilities, sometimes for hours.

He had his Kaa-san, and his siblings, and his cousins, and that was all he needed. He flicked his spotted white tail, looking at Kaa-san questioningly, Kaa-san smiled and nodded and Tobirama happy scrambled to bound through the trees excitedly.

The cameras and scouts hadn't reported any trespassers of late, and it was Hashirama Anija's birthday today.

Anija had begged all year to be able to spend a whole day outside. They had been so worried it would be ruined to, with the terrible storm the night before, but thankfully it had cleared up before morning.

Now, with the sun bright and shining, and the trees glistening with rain, the smell of wet earth and fresh air, it was everything Hashirama had dreamed of. He grinned, running ahead, trying to keep up with the treeborn Tobirama, Kawarama and Itama running after him, shouting and laughing excitedly.

After hunting down the Raiju spirits were high, and Madara and Izuna were ecstatic. Chatting excitedly as they eagerly wondered what they may find next. Turning to their Sire they begged to be able to try a hunt on their own. They could do it, and they wouldn't go to far. If anything went wrong they had their flares, Sire Tajima could be there in minutes.

Tajima laughed indulgently, humming and hawing over his decision until he agreed. Smiling amused as they cheered. Ah Indra would be so jealous, forced to spend the day in the capital doing paperwork and stuck in boring meetings and mediating disputes.

Next time he would have to switch with Indra so his brother could enjoy the experience with their heirs.

Butsuma laughed happily as his sons ran about the clearing. Hashirama had quite determinedly started on making flower crowns, teaching Itama how to weave the stems together.

Butsuma already had three, one on his head, and two woven into longer necklaces. Kawarama is struggling to keep his from slipping from his head as he chases an amused Tobirama who has one in his hair, and several smaller bracelets around his tail.

Itama has one on his head, and is working through another bracelet as Hashirama makes another necklace, the eldest child already practically burried in greenery himself.

Tobirama suddenly pounces on his Anija, making Itama and Hashirama shriek startled. Tobirama flicks his tail and runs off with a mischievous laugh as his brothers chase him down and dogpile him. The children eventually tire of these games, and ask if they explore.

Butsuma agrees, of course, but they must be carful not to wander to far, and be sure not to lose their emergency whistles.

His sons cheered excitedly, and ran off. Hashirama insisted on being the seeker first as his brothers scattered. Butsuma smiled, reelaxing against a tree as his sons enjoyed the day of freedom.

Tajima had ordered the gaurds that accompanied them to set up camp as he tracked Sagitarian tracks. After this he would call his sons back for the night.

He stalked through the undedbrush, silent as a shadow as he crept closer to his prey. He sighted his quary, it's neck was bent, it seemed to be eating something. He wasn't downwind of it unfortunately, but he wasn't upwind either.

He stilled, pulling the string of his bow back, he stepped just that slight bit closer, it hadn't noticed him yet, head still bent down to something.

The snap of a twig, the Sagittarian shot it's head up startled, all four ears flicking towards him, he wasn't focused on the beast anymore however.

Because he saw now what it was the creature had been distracted by. A HUMAN. Holding a stick laden with berries out to the large six legged equinoid.

The breath froze in Tajima's throat as those wide brown eyes turned to search for what had startled the creature. He had heard of them, but they were so rare, he had never come across one himself. Not in the wild like this at least.

The Human stood quickly, wary and suspicious, startling the Sagittarian into bounding off into the woods. Tajima no longer cared for his former prey however. To focused on the soft scent scent of an unbonded omega. The soft mouthwatering scent of a HUMAN OMEGA.

He relaxed his bow, carefully placing it on his back, quivering the arrow, as he tried to creep closer unseen. Enthralled. What was he doing out here all by himself?

Chapter Text

Butsuma panted and whined. Tajima had injected him with the hormone triggers this morning and they were already beginning to set in. Forcing his body into a heat against his will.

He was to weak with the heat coursing through his veins to resist as he was dragged through stark halls in the high end stud farm.

Tajima held his leash short, forcing him to walk at his "masters" heel. Yanking it when he felt Butsuma would try and struggle or resist. He growled pathetically even as his body shivered, forced once more into human form.

It would be to difficult to force him to submit in his wolf form, even in a heat. So he was marched, naked and with only the cover of his tail tucked between his legs and hiding his privates from the gaurds and workers they passed in the halls, in his more vulnerable human form. Goosebumps rose as he shivered, from the cold or the heat he cod no longer tell.

He was brought to a small cramped room and he whined pleadingly. He would beg, if it wasn't for the bit forced between his teeth. Beg for anything but this.

Tajima chuckled, speaking words of reassurance as his leash was handed over to a gaurd and he was dragged over ro the breeding bench bolted to the center of the room. His ears pressed flat and his tail tucked even more as he tried to snap or flee or anything to GET AWAY.

The gaurds forced him onto the contraption. Cuffs locking around his ankles, a spreader bar between his knees, ensuring his legs were forced and stayed spread wide.

His leash was unclipped and collar removed and replaced with a much thicker wider collar attatched to a chain also bolted to the floor, forcing his head to remain bowed submissively, and ensuring the stud couldn't bite the back of his neck. His tail yanked out from between his legs, bent out of the way and strapped to a quivering thigh, baring him to the whole room.

His wrists were similarly strapped down, and a second set of leather straps secured around his biceps, ensuring he couldn't break away.

The fur of his tail had already been soaked with the slick dripping from his second entrance and without the cover the slippery liquid now dribbled from his thighs to drip to the floor. The smell of his heat becoming stronger by the second.

He whines and stalwartly fights back the burn in his eyes even as his chest heaves and soft broken begging sounds slip from between the large bit between his teeth. Please. Please no. Not this. Please don't do this.

He shakes, chest heaving as he hears the solid steel door to the breeding room slam and deadbolt shut.

Tajima hated dealing with Hiroto Hyuuga, but the man had the best studs in the country, and was the proprietor of three of the top ten stud farms internationally. He wouldn't stand for his Butsuma to have anything but the best in a stud.

He ignored his wer's pleas and cries. Butsuma would get over it, he was fine. Honestly his wer was so nervous it was endearing. Though he supposed it was understandable that his wolf would be nervous, being bred by a stranger.

Such a shame it was illegal for Tajima to simply breed his wer himself, but the law didn't allow for wers to produce mixed breeds. They were simply to unpredictable.

Butsuma would be fine. Tajima had spent months going over the studs Hiroto had available, even before he had retreived his wolf, and he had chosen a perfect stud.

A Hatake wolf by the name Sakumo. Hiroto had assured him the Hatake had never harmed a breeding bitch, and in fact had even been bred himself. Butsuma did not need to worry about damages.

Tajima watched from behind the thick one way glass of the small observation room as another door opened, allowing the bare Hatake wer in. The male was certainly a fine specimen. Streamlined and powerful, pale skin, and the brilliant silver hair his breed was famous for.

Butsuma jerked when another door opened and he caught the scent of viril-alpha-strong. Simultaneously eager and despairing as he shook in his restraints, choking on a forced back sob.

He jerked away as much as he could from the first gen touch of clawed hands. The other wer leaned against him, drapping himself against Butsuma's back.

Giving soft sincere apologies. But if they didn't do it willingly it could be MUCH worse. In vitro didn't work with wer, and this wolf, Sakumo, as he introduced himself, didn't want Butsuma to suffer the other methods they had to force them to breed.

Butsuma shivered harder, but forced himself to calm under gentle hands and soft faint apologies. He let his sent shift, still fearful, but accepting. Willing to submit. And it was only woth that consent, no matter the awful circumstances, that Sakumo entered him.

The heat had alread made Butsuma looser and more receptive, but Tajima had ensured he was well stretched on the way here as well. Making the wer come undone several times with fingers and toys. It was all to easy for Sakumo to slide right into the soaking wet channel.

Sakumo did the deed as fast and merciful as he could. He hated this. Hated he was made to do this. But he had been telling the truth, there wer worse ways to force to wer to breed, or they could yank Sakumo all together and replace him with another. And not all of the studs were kind or gentle.

He stilled as they wer locked together and he began to come, hard and in continuous bursts, Butsuma crying out around the bit in his mouth as he came as well. Slick flooding from him and weak spurts of water semen coming from his member. They would most likely be made to repeat this a few times , to ensure Butsuma caught.

Chapter Text

Butsuma was on the verge of a breakdown. He was supposed to get Indra from the airport before retrieving his sons from the after school program and getting Itama from daycare.

He was busy furiously batting at the fire on the stove, the restraunt he worked at, Tuesdays through Thursdays from nine am to seven pm, was in the middle of a lunch rush from hell. Not to mention three of their servers had called out ill, there had already been one small fire in the kitchen and was putting out the second, and they had had a kast minute perty of THIRTY show up.

When the fire was finally out he stepped out for a breather. He grit his teeth as he ran a rag over his sweaty forehead. This was his best paying job. The restaurant being quite nice and popular amoung big companies for employee dinners and lunches and such.

However the manager was an utter stuck up bastard, and had informed Butsuma very curtly that if he didn't do overtime for this disaster of a day he wouldn't have a job by the end of the night.

Butsuma had put in the request to get off early today TWO MONTHS AGO. He pulled his phone from his pocket and texts his eldest. Breathing a sigh of shakey relief.

Indra was very understanding, such a good son, and had offered to get a taxicab to his brothers school. From there they could simply take the train back home, and Itama's daycare was on the way to the station nearest the school so Butsuma didn't have to worry how his children would be getting home.

He promised to repay Indra for the taxi fee, but his eldest waved it off. Indra had gotten two on campus jobs at his college and could cover the costs just fine for the train and taxi.

A shout and Butsuma sighed, thanking his son, before putting his phone away and slipping through the door, back into the chaos.

Indra smiles and puts his phone in his pocket as he went to the baggage claim to get his things. He had missed Mother and his siblings, even if he loved his college. It was hatd when his family was here in Japan and his school is in the U.S.

He hailed a Taxi and gave them the address for his brothers school. He grinned at the thought of their inevitable excitement.

Butsuma had his pen out and was halfway through the usual spiel they servers were required to give when he stopped and ttailed off.

He met the wide disbelieving eyes of Tajima Uchiha. His mind went blank and the next thing he knew said uchiha was soaked and dripping water. Butsuma had snatched a water pitcher from another passing server and dumped the whole potcher of ice water on the man.

He dropped the pitcher, taking a step back because the rage clawing up his throat threatened to choke him. He could already see the manager storming over, and ignoring Tajima getting up and trying to reach out to him, he turned on his heel.

Butsuma threw his apron in the red faced managers face, "I quit." and with that he stormed out. He couldn't do this. He couldn't face Tajima. Not here, not ever. He slammed out of the backdoor in the kitchen and into the side alley by the dumpsters.

He heard Tajima following behind, shoving through shouting kitchen staff. "Wait! Butsuma!"

He wasn't listening and by the time the Alpha slammed out the door the Omega was long gone.

Butsuma reached his home heaving for breath, his hands were shaking and his eyes burned as he struggled not to make an embarrassment of himself outside his apartment door.

The door swings open and Indra is standing there.

"Mother?! What's wrong?!" Hashirama and Tobirama ran up to peek worridly at their Kaa-san, Tobirama holding Itama in his arms.

Butsuma simply stumbled into the apartment and collapsed on the couch. Letting out a shaky sob. His children shared a look, and rushed to cram together on the gross old couch and comfort their Kaa-san.

Chapter Text

Tajima watches as his sons bundle up the white senju rabbit. The younger shinobi trembling and sniffling. Poor thing, this is what happened however when prey tried to step above their place. The little rabbit will learn to take the appropriate comfort in Tajima's sons with time. Will learn, like his brethren, that any fear they may hold of their Uchiha providers is unfounded.

They are exactly where they belong after all.

Victory burns in his veins, feeding his hunger and arousal as he enjoyed the drunk intoxicating feeling of a successful conquest. His eyes inevitably turned once more to a snarling Butsuma. He smirked at his rival. At the burning fury in the Flemish Rabbits eyes that could rival any Uchiha. The dark disgust and deep seated betrayal.

Butsuma had always been an emotional man for all he attempted stoicism. He could not hide such things from Tajima however. Not from the boy he had once met on the other side of a river.

In that way their own sons meeting was almost prophetic. Though he is relieved Madara took interest in the younger brother, rather than the elder. The white rabbit was a far more fitting chosen for his heirs.

Tajima would very much like to enjoy his own prize, here and now and never mind the onlookers. However the time for such things had passed. The ritual consummation had already been carried out. He pushed down his arousal, willing away his growing erection.

He turned his attention once more to his warriors and gave out the orders to set up camp for the night. They would begin the return trip in the morning, until then it was best they heal and rest from the trying battle. Prey or not the Senju had put up a fierce and vicious fight. Worthy adversaries as they had always been.

He turned away from the Senju, bound and kneeling, to help his clansmen set up camp and sort through their spoils. Though not before pulling aside one of his men and ordering Butsuma to be brought to his tent once he retired for the night.

The sunset could not descend soon enough.

When the camp was settled and the Senju all gathered together in the remnants of what had most likely been the meeting hall Tajima was glad to finally retire to his own tent for the night.

His men had been a bit overzealous in the battle. Most buildings were unsalvageable, ravaged by Uchiha fire. The few that survived at least mostly unscathed being the meeting hall they were using as an impromptu barracks for the captured senju, and the buildings in which the Senju had sheltered their children and other non combatants. Which were now being repurposed to tend the injured.

Though he supposed such things were of little consequence as the Senju certainly would never be returning. The Uchiha had already arranged for the beginnings of their new vassal clan to be provided a small compound not more than an hour's run from the Uchiha compound. Those that were not mated would of course be moved there, along with the Senju young.

He had just set aside his armor and weaponry, changing into a far more comfortable sleeping yukata, when two of his shinobi arrived. Butsuma held between them.

And oh, his shinobi were awfully thoughtful now weren't they. Fixing Butsuma up to present such a lovely display. Loose red yukata, showing off more than it covered, and so teasingly short. Cleaned and healed, washed, and even oiled. Though Tajima wondered at where oil had been found, he enjoyed the scent of lavender and plum wafting from gleaming tan skin and soft rich brown hair and fur.

Butsuma was pushed to his knees upon the rugs of Tajima's tent. Just another perk of his position to be sure. It would have been a shame for all that hard work go to waste the second Butsuma knelt on the dirty ground.

His rival glared at him silently. A gag of red silk between his lips. Tajima smirked as his men bowed and exited. His black leopard tail swishing lightly in anticipation as he circled the rabbit like the predator he was. Brushing teasing claws against bared skin, and sinfully soft ears.

Oh he was going to enjoy this.

With that thought he descended on his rival, not even bothering to move them to the futon. They had the whole night after all, and he had waited far to long to feel the heat of Butsuma's cunt tight and perfect around his cock.

Chapter Text

Butsuma ground the gag between his teeth as he glared at Tajima. The memory of Tobirama, red eyes large and terrified and filling with tears as he was so ruthlessly and publicly defiled, fresh and raw.

He thrashed, trying to lash out and hurt Tajima in any way he could when the leopard pounced on him. Pushing him to the plush fur rugs of the tent. The sound of that smooth silvered voice in his ear as Tajima wrapped a clawed hand around his throat. Holding him down as the Uchiha Clan head pinned Butsuma's hips with his own.

Butsuma froze, tense and tight strung, at the promises Tajima offered in return for Butsuma's submission to the leopards attentions. Butsuma wanted to spit in his face, wanted to head but him and break his nose, wipe that stupid smug smirk from his stupid face.

Because they both knew that Butsuma would do anything to protect his clan, or at least those of his clan he could, as much as possible. They both knew Tajima had won the second he had brought Butsuma's clan to their knees. His struggles were just the death flails of a man clinging to the remnants of his pride and autonomy.

Red eyes, full of shame and humiliation, flashed through his mind and Butsuma clenched his own eyes shut. Turning his head and baring his neck in submission. Going limp beneath the predator hybrid. He could smell the triumph and arousal wafting from his rival as domineering clawed hands roamed his barley clothed body.

He had already failed one of his children. Had already failed defending his clan. They had lost, and were at the mercy of their ancestral enemies. He would do anything to make up for his failures. If that meant giving his body up to Tajima's pleasure then at the very least it would give him some potential sway over the treatment of his clan members.

Still he refused to participate past his own pliant acceptance. Tajima had demanded his submission. Not his participation. So he laid simply, breathing shallowly as those sharp nails tickled and teased across his chest and sides. Dragging down to pinch his thighs before his legs were hiked up to wrap around Tajima's waist.

Butsuma remained limp and as unresponsive as possible. Tajima seemed unbothered by the limp unresponsiveness as he began nibbling along his neck and collar bone before replacing his hand around Butsuma's throat. Leaning in to dominate Butsuma's mouth. Pushing past Butsuma's lips with his lounge and greedily lapping at the inside of his mouth. Mapping out and claiming every inch.

He remained unmoving, trembling on occasion but holding back any and every possible noise as he was molested and teased. Tajima seemed more amused than anything and Butsuma knew his rival simply saw this as another challenge. Another way to dominate and conquer him.

The yukata was soon stripped away eagerly and tossed aside with easy carelessness. Oiled fingers soon pushing their way between his legs.

He was hardly a virgin, his late wife had enjoyed using toys and such on him when they were in the bedroom, but he had not done such in a long while. Not since Tajima himself had cut Butsuma's Matriarch down.

He still remembered the crazed look in Tajima's eyes when his rival first found out Butsuma had married. Remembered the unhinged look of possessive fury as Tajima fought with a new passion to force Butsuma to his knees.

Remembered the triumphant insanity when he cut down Butsuma's wife. Sword tearing through her heart.

What did it say about him that even after that Butsuma could not force himself to truly hate the Uchiha Clan head? That he still remembered the awkward, stuffy boy by the river, who was sweet and mischievous under all that bluster?

Butsuma was drawn from his reminiscing by the feel of those insistent thorough fingers drawing out from within the depths of his body. He couldn't help the tensing, the full body shaming, as Tajima pushed inside of him. Unrelenting and torturous slow.

Dragging out that initial penetration as much as possible, and even with his eyes closed and head turned away he could easily picture the hungry covetous look on Tajima's face as he reveled in every slow inch he sunk deeper into Butsuma's wet cunt.

His breathing sped up, and sweat beaded on his brow, as he fought to remain as unresponsive as possible. Once he bottomed out Butsuma's only warning about the incoming onslaught was the way the leopards hands tightened on his hips until sharp claws pricked his skin, blood beading up where he gripped.

Then Tajima was pulling out and slamming back into his pliant body, dragging out and slamming back in. Rough and harsh and all consuming as he used Butsuma's body. Hands roaming once more as he released Butsuma's hips before he did real damage. Pinching and tugging dusky nipples and dragging across tan oiled skin. Soft and smooth.

A hand wrapped around his neglected cock and Tajima began jerking him off in time with his thrusts. Tajima wrung orgasm from Butsuma's body, the Rabbit unable to hold back a reluctant moan as he came over his stomach and Tajima's first. His body tightening around Tajima's hammering cock.

A few more rough, uneven thrusts before Tajima followed soon after. Coming hard and deep inside Butsuma's depths.

Chapter Text

Butsuma had been raised hidden away, just like all those of his clan with the gift of nature's bounty. It put the clan at great risk, to hide him and the others as they did. The Uchiha would kill dozens of his family if they found even a single of his kind had been secreted away from the senju grove. To prove a point. To re assert their dominance after they brought his clan low, soon followed by all of fire.

Butsuma had been born under Uchiha rule, like his father, and his father's father.
He could not voice how grateful he was for their protection. For the fact that his family cared enough to allow him and those cursed as him the small freedom of not being stolen into the Uchiha and their caldera. After all they all knew the fate of those stolen away. The bountiful, given away like prizes or trophies to those Uchiha deemed worthy or powerful enough. Hostages and bearers in one.

A way for the Uchiha to control his clan and ensure the Mokuton did not re-emerge in the Senju line. Because unfortunately one of the first things the Uchiha did upon their victory those generations ago was raid the senju archives.

Only one with the blessing of Natures bounty could birth a Mokuton into the world after all. With this knowledge the Uchiha then went to the clan records and stole away all those marked as blessed. Man women or child. Married or not. Ripped from their families and their clan and caged within the fires of the Uchiha compound. Them and every Bountiful born since that they got their hands on.

With Senju Pregnancies monitored closely and the mandatory Uchiha presence at births. It was at first entirely impossible to smuggle or disguise a bountiful. And any incident of such being attempted...well, their numbers were still recovering. Uchiha reprisal had been swift and brutal for each attempt.

It simply taught the senju to be more cautious, more wary. To play better at meekness and get better at passing unnoticed. It taught them patience unlike anything they had needed before.

Over time the Uchiha had become less suspicious, less alert. Believing the senju finally cowed and tamed to heel. However it was only in his father's generation they had been able to smuggle the first bountiful babe out of the false safety of their compound and form a new grove. One not smouldering with embers ready to flare into a flashfire at any second and ravage their groves and forest.

Still many Bountiful could not be saved. Butsuma had been disguised as a miscarriage himself. His mother inducing an early labor at six months. They had used a false corpse, a special technique painstakingly created for that single reason. Turning a dead piglets corpse to shift into the form of a to small, to frail, premature babe. Stillborn. Fooling even sharigan.

He had had to be kept carefully tended and monitored until he had gained strength. As the first main line bountiful since his great great grandmother his parents had been desperate he not be taken. Butsuma had never directly interacted with his parents. It was to dangerous. He was raised, like the small handful of other freed bountiful, by Hatake rebels, the nomadic clan able to avoid being captured and brought to heel like many others, and the few senju able to fake their deaths and throw off the seals branded to them at age six.

At the consequence of said Senju crippling themselves. Unable to properly use chakra. Many suffering other medical side effects, all for this one purpose.
The Senju NEEDED the mokuton. It was their only hope for their freedom. Their only hope to throw off the yoke of the Uchiha. They were desperate, and the Mokuton had become to many, their only salvation.

Butsuma was sure there was a saying about putting all of one's eggs in the same basket. But he could find little other solution to his clans forced servitude than the Mokuton either. Their legendary bloodline, if the Uchiha truly feared it to go to such lengths to prevent its emergence then SURELY it had to be a true threat to them.
Surely. It had to be. They had no other hope.

When he held Hashirama, his first born, in his arms for the first time he could have sworn he felt those first stirrings. The child was different, he could feel it. Hope built in his chest, and when Hashirama was three and he showed the first signs of the Mokuton, Butsuma had never truly hoped until that moment.

He held that hope within him as he carried his second child. Pleading with the ancient spirits he had long believed to have abandoned his clan for this child to be so gifted as well.

His second born was a bountiful.

He couldn't tell if his tears were those of joy for the health of his newborn son, or despair for one of his children carrying the same curse as him.

Chapter Text

Butsuma curled up in the best he had made. Tajima it turns out had turned his old room into a nesting room. Full of various pillows and blankets and even a few futons. He smoothed trembling hands over his, by now, very large belly.

He may not have birthed his own sons, but he remembered enough from helping his wife give birth to know what was beginning. He panted and burrowed deeper in blankets and pillows, as if the layers of fabric could shelter him and his coming pups from his master.

It wouldn't. He could no more protect these pups as he could protect his others. Hashirama and Kawarama lost out in the dangers of the streets and the wild. Tobirama and Itama pets much like him.

He squeezes his eyes shut and let out a soft whine as a wave of pain pulsed deep from within his gut.

At the very least...Tobirama had assured him his Master Madara was gentle with him. For all the boys awkward and gruff manner. Butsuma was relieved that Madara had not seemed to change from when the boy was a child. Before Butsuma was able to flee.

Butsuma had almost sobbed with relief when Tobirama told him Master Madara had not touched his son in any sexual ways against Tobirama's will.

Itama was shy as always, but from the few interactions he had with his two pups Itama had promised Izuna was not terrible. The other boy was spoiled and bratty, but he was not cruel to Itama.

Master Izuna was still to young to think of such things to his relief. The young vampire still convinced girls were icky and had cooties, and still gagging when characters kissed on tv. Slow to mature. Butsuma hoped Tajima never decided to show the young vamp the wonders of such maturity. With Itama.

Tajima's own father had used much the same method. Teaching his son the wonders of a wer's body. Butsuma still remembered the broken dead look in his mother's eyes as he was forced to kneel and watch.

(Back then, Tajima had been horrified at his own father's actions.

Had been disgusted at his own father's callous cruelty.

Back then Butsuma had trusted, had put his faith in Tajima.

Butsuma, can't say when Tajima began changing.

He supposes it was shortly after that incident.

After his father died.

Butsuma still remembered the blood of the scene.

Death by wer mauling.

Butsuma still remembered the euthanization of his mother.

He couldn't remember the last time he saw her smile.

Tajima took over his Fathers company and fortune and duties.

Butsuma watched as Tajima began to change. Little things at first.

They didn't stay little)

Another, larger, wave of pain and he tensed. Pulled him from old memories. He keened and trembled. Panting as he shook. He bit the blankets. Muffling the sounds of pain with thick fabric. He didn't want anyone to hear. Didn't want Tajima anywhere near him as he birthed his pups into this captivity.

He heard the guards stationed outside his nesting room murmur to each other, and his chest tightened. They had heard his keen. No. Nonononono.

He panted and grit his teeth. Whines muffled by thick fabric. He did sob when the door opened. When the scent he knew to associate with Tajima permeated his nest and senses.

The Uchiha found him easily despite how deep he had burried himself. Another ripple of pain, soft words of comfort and encouragement as Tajima coaxed his body to relax. Tears finally slipped down his cheeks as he felt the first pup start to come.

The softness from his master had always been so much worse than pain.

It hurt. It hurt more than anything else Tajima had done, because the softness reminded him of days long gone. When he had once reveled in his master's attention. When he had once loved this man who tore apart his defenses so easily.

Now Tajima was one of the worst. No better than any other of those who reveled in the submission of him and his kind.

He was weak. Weak and a fool and still the softness tore through his walls more than anything else.

Soft hands cradling his face, soft words, and he opened his eyes.

Tajima's eyes were soft. Soft and warm, and filled with a light Butsuma hadn't seen for years as the vampire smiled at him. Soft and full of such sweetness. Not the cruel wicked thing had had become.

Butsuma sobbed. Ragged and broken as he birthed his litter.

This, this was what truly haunted his nightmares.

Because for all that softness and warmth, he could see the all consuming fire hidden behind it.

Could see the madness he had once been blind to for so long.

And more than anything he feared becoming the loyal eager PET he had been once. Before he realized what Tajima had become. Before the veil was lifted and he fled before Tajima could weave that same illusion of love and happiness that Butsuma had been so easily deceived with.

Before he had noticed the chains and bars that surrounded him.

He wished he knew when Tajima had changed.

Wished he knew if Tajima had always been like this and he simply never seen it before.

Wished he knew if in some way he had failed the man he had once called friend rather than master. If he could have prevented Tajima from becoming this nightmarish thing that he was now.

Thumbs brushed away his tears and he felt the first pup slip free. Felt as Tajima lifted the little one to gently towel it clean and place it to curl and snuggle against its bearer. Two more to go and Butsuma felt like he had been split down the middle.

He didn't care right now as he burried his face in Tajima's lap. Trembling and keening through the next pup. As he clutched in desperate search of comfort. Even as shame and self disgust bubbles like poison.

How broken did one have to be, to beg comfort from their own tormentor?

Chapter Text

Butsuma sniffed around the area they were in, there were a few markers but they were weak and hevily faded. Almost impossible to pick up, most likely this area must jave been abandoned. No clan or loner would let their markers fade this much otherwise.

He huffed, and decided this was as good a place as any to take a rest. He crouched down and pressed his belly flat to the ground. Allowing his kits to scramble from where they were clutching and curled into his mane and drop to the soft clover blanketing the ground of the clearing. Squeking and cheeping their excitement.

Butsuma smiled as he stood, nuzzling his little ones breifly before letting his kits run off and play within his sight.

Butsuma couldn't imagine not caring for and loving his little ones. Hahsirama with his dark brown kit pelt and straight, awkward looking mane, and big sincere doe eyes, little wings always a flutter and so quick to emote and bounce around excitedly.

Tobirama, pure snowy white with a shock of a silvery white mane that always seemed to fly every direction, sharp eyes a bright crimson, and always so curios and eager to learn, his shyest kit by far.

Tobirama's eggmate, Kawarama, with his soft light brown coat, and sharp brown orbs, mischevious and a troublemaker but always so carful with his siblings, and protective of his eggmate. His mane always looking as if he had been caught in a firestorm.

Itama, the youngest, Butsuma had almost feared the fourth egg had gone bad. But no, his littlekit with his half and half coloring if rich brown, and white as pale as his albino sibling had simply been taking his time. His youngest so soft spoken and thoughtful, but with a vicious temper once roused. With a mane that could seem to decide weather it was straight or messy.

Butsuma sighed, tired and disappointed. As old memories surfaced.

An albino and a virtiligo. In the same single clutch. It could not be borne according to his old clan. Stupid, was Butsuma's own opinion on the matter, a kit was a kit, and all four were healthy besides, no matter their colorations.

He would not pick and choose from his new hatches just because of the foolishness of the close minded, and he would not see any his kits abandoned or uncared for.

The other Senju did not cast him out, but leaving was preferable over being looked down on and shunned for havine a "defective" clutch, and then not rejecting what they saw as invalid kits.

He would not tolerate such treatment of himself or any of his four nestlings. So once they were old enough to cling to his mane safely he left. Perfering to turn to the wanderers path than see his little ones looked down on and ostracized.

Their father, his Molt Partner for his first adult molt, had not wanted anything to do with the kits, and Butsuma could not care less what the other thought. He had been a good molt partner, handsome umber scales, and a large build, but Butsuma felt no attatchment to the other male.

Even less so when the sire immediately distanced himself from Butsuma, declaring any defections in the cluth must surely be the fault of the dam.

He rolled his eyes at the memory and began to scratch at the scales of his foreleg. Molting season was on him again, and like those previous for a while now, it seemed he would be spending it alone. He could already feel the itch building under the old scales. Growing worse by the second.

Butsuma huffed in agitation, the itch of his summer scales falling out had him rubbing up against a large, rough barked pine eventually. The itching unbearable. His kits tumbled about near by, and he kept a carful eye on them even as he focused on soothing the one stubborn patch of scles on his left flank.

At their age they were only as large as an average human, and they had little defense outside thier week elemental control. Their claws and teeth only just hard enough to begin being weaned, and with only their kit pelts as a defense against attack.

A scent upon the shifting wind had Butsuma raising his head, and flaring his nostrils, ears flicking back as he tossed his antlers in warning. He may only have three tines, young as he was, but though not overly impressive they were strong and sharp and that was what mattered.

He called his kits towatds him. Hashirama, the eldest as his egg hatched a week and a half before those of his siblings, squeked and herded his younger siblings hurriedly towrds their Damn.

The kits huddle under their bearer nervously as Butsuma ruffled his leathery wings in a sign of agitation. An amused chuckle and trill had him growling lowly. Beginning to mantle.

Another dragon stepped into sight, black as pitch with a sheen of midnight blue, with an equally dark black mane. A Crest of fetherlike scales rather than horns, and wings made with the same thin fetherlike scale. More resembling a bird's than a bats as Butsuma's.

The othe dragon was slimmer than him, but Butsuma could see by the eyes that swirled red and the other dragons build that he could be a very dangerous opponent. An Uchiha. Highly territorial, prone to strong claning instincts, possessing of a strong and very dangerous breed trait in their eyes.

Butsuma growled low but soft, increasing in volume as the other dragon approached with an annoying ammount of over confidence. Butsuma flicked his tail in warning, the strong appendage brushing against the ground and knocking over a small tree.

The other stopped just out of Butsuma's striking range, smart and clearly experienced.

The molt had only just started, otherwise the other dragon wouldn't have been able to sneak up on him, but with scratching off those first few scales Butsuma's own scent had begun to grow. The stranger flared his own nostrils, his crest flicking up in a display of intrest as he ruffled his wings, then spreading and closing them in a sign that he would do no harm.

Butsuma did not relax his protective stance but he stopped growling, eyeing the other warily.

Tajima had started his say snarling in fury. One of theri scouts had been slacking in his duties along their boarder and had not been lating all the appropriate scent markers. They already had encroaching predators in two seperate locations, and they had to reclaim another small portion from a neighboring clan of Hagoromo dragons.

It had damaged their relations slightly, but that stretch of river was to valuable to just give up.

Tajima had resorted to storming along the disgraced scouts d route and renewing the neglected markers himself. Not trusting one who had already shown such incompetence, but he also didn't want to force another to do it with molting season starting.

Tajima was the Clan Leader. He would fix this mess, while his own kits were watched over by old Tora. One of the elder dragons past his molting years, with the thick greying hair and patches of flaky scales of older dragons.

Tajima had been nearing the last of the scouts stretch of boarder when he caught the first wiff of foreign scent. He would have been angry at an encroaching dragon, if said scent were not so delectable.

Weak in the beginning of a molt he was quick to approach down wind of the intruder. He had not yet begun to scrtch away his old scales, so his scent was not yet increasing, but it seemed the stranger was just beginning to scratch off his.

Tajima crept closer carfully, inhaling more of the mouthwatering smell. Plums and rich earth and spring showers. Fertile and rich and healthy.

The Clan Head easily spotted the four kits tumbling about near the very handsome, and very delectable smelling, Bearer. Four of them, looking to be from one clutch. Impressive by Uchiha standards as they typically only had cutches of one two to eggs.

The Bearer had horns rather than the dragon feathers tajima possesses. Short but strong looking antlers sprouting up between his ears. His scales were a lovely dark amber brown, shining enticingly and begging to be scratched and plucked. His mane was messy but lovely, a soft mass of downy brown that certainly was as soft as it looked.

Tajima found he could not hold onto his previous displeasure. Not when it resulted in such a lovely dam wandering into his territory. One that was obviously fertile to, with eveidence of having already born not only a healthy clutch, but also of possessing strong maternal instincts.

Few dragons outside of a handful of breeds would keep kits that showed abnormalities. Especially ones as obvious as displaying vitiligo or albanism. Tajima thought such things shameful, no Uchiha dragon could bear to give up a kit, no matter what others may see as defects. A kit was a kit and that was all that needed to be said in his opinion.

Tajima had brroded his own kits despite being the sire. Something he had made sure of with his previous molt partners. He wanted kits, but he had not wanted to have to raise them with another. The Dams had been unbothered, he had made sure to approach those not looking to raise a clutch of their own, and it wasn't unheard of for sires to raise their own clutches.

Breifly he thought that if this stranger was as pleasant as he smelled Tajima would not mind raising a clutch with him.

That thought was only further encouraged when the wind shifted, giving away Tajima. Giving him no choice but to reveal himself. The dam was beutifully protective, and so feirce looking as he crouched over his kits.

Yes, Tajima was very interested in spending more than a molt with this damn. He had tired of having a different partner every season anyway, perhaps it was time he settled. First though he had to convince the other to spend this molt with him, from there Tajima could see how things go.

In his opinion though they already looked promising.