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(Un)honored: Agent Delta

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Midoriya sat before the window, taking the scenery of the street into his eyes. He waited while Bakugou get his ears chewed off by none other than their commander on the phone.

Taking Midoriya back to his place is risky. That much he knows after he reported back to the commander. Promising that he would only take the boy for a few hours, Bakugou’s phone were flooded with miscalls from the two commanders.

“Come on, we should get you back to the agency. Tsukauchi is really pissed that you escaped from the hospital” he tried to shift the blame. It is certainly not his fault that he ends up bringing him back to his house right?

Midoriya hummed. Taking his eyes off the street and straighten the wrinkle on his shirt. They get into Bakugou’s car and went toward the agency.

They were just turning the corner when a loud explosions reverberated through the street. Bakugou slammed the steer and the car skidded to a halt. Midoriya was grabbing the dashboard as he held for dear life.

“What happened?”

A scream and a beastly roars as a car flew through theirs and landed roughly on the street,

“Villain attack”

Luckily Bakugou always kept one of his hero suit in his car. Normally he would get change and capture the villain. But his mission now is to guard Deku. He couldn’t leave him alone unprotected, but he also couldn’t leave the villain going rampage in the middle of the city.

The hero com that he installed on the car flared up, “this is the commander. There has been a villain attack. Is there any hero in the area? We need you to hold off the villain while backups coming”

Bakugou looks conflicted, between chasing down the villain and guarding Deku. He gritted his teeth, clenching his hand tight. All he had to do is to not answer to the radio and drive safely to the agency

But Midoriya took the receiver and answered to the com, “Ground Zero is in the area, he’ll hold off the villain for a while. The villain is a nomu, it would have more than one quirk.”

“Is that? Midoriya-kun?” the com goes quiet for a minute. Seems like the commander is thinking the same thing as Bakugou.

“Commander, the nomu is going rampage in the middle of the city.” Midoriya repeated, “It kept throwing cars toward civilian. We have to move now before we’re too late”

The line quieten and Bakugou waited anxiously. If the commander told him to go he’ll go. If commander told him to go back, then he won’t hesitate to step on the gas.

“Ground Zero… can you hold off the nomu for a while. At least until backups arrive then you can go straight back to the agency”

Bakugou snatched the receiver from Midoriya, “Ground Zero here. Understood commander. Proceeding with the mission”

Bakugou looked at Midoriya with worry palpable in his eyes. But before he could let off any complain Midoriya quickly shoved him off the car, "I’ll be waiting for you here” Midoriya shows his thumbs up with an innocent smile, “I believe in you. Go get them hero!"

Bakugou smirked at him, "I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't you dare disappearing on me!"


Midoriya waved his hand as he watched Bakugou disappeared from his sight. He sighed and lean back on the seat. His eyes never leaving Bakugou’s back as the blond running toward the area. Bakugou blast himself off the ground and charge right into the nomu.

Midoriya smiled as he exited the car, he walked toward one of the alley and stopped once he walked far enough. "That's a sloppy work for a distraction. But it always works, I’m all alone now" he said to a particular no one.

Except for a man who has been following him ever since he get out of his residence. The man goes out from the shadow

“It has been a while Shigaraki” Midoriya tried to stop his voice from shaking.

The older villain scoffed, “it would’ve been easier if you came out on your own”

Midoriya swallowed hard, “How did you find me?”

“Find you?” Shigaraki walked closer, he tilted Midoriya’s chin up to meet his eyes, “we have never took our eyes off you. We decide to give you some freedom and just like a good mice you ran back home”

Midoriya’s face turned into horror when he realized his mistakes, “I see… it’s ‘Search’ right? Ragdolls’ quirk.” His face fell in resignation. With Sensei’s power and Ragdoll’s quirk, it’ll be easy to look for him. All this time he thought he was safe, but in reality he was living under their constant surveillance. The villain has never took their eyes off him.

“Sensei told us to do some diversion to test your loyalty. Seems like he was right to not trust you”

An explosions echoed from the battle and Midoriya realized that they’re still in the middle of the city where people were busy evacuating themselves. He’s at disadvantage, Shigaraki could use anyone as hostages here.

 Shigaraki grinned, “Look at her, she’s having a great time of her life”


Shigaraki’s eyes flashed from between his overgrown hair, “Her” he confirmed, “I thought you’ve grown close to her. After all, she was so desperate to find you that she made a deal with sensei”

Midoriya’s breath stopped. It was her. The choker woman. She didn’t escape the jail, the league retrieved her and used her on their sick experiment. Midoriya could feel his stomach churning. He think he’s going to be sick. Is this the deal she made with sensei? It’s his live or hers.

Shigaraki took out a small remote from his pocket

“And what is that?” Midoriya’s voice tensed as he held onto his rage.

“An assurance, so you will come back with us” shigaraki smirked, “One push and the whole block will be painted with red.”

“A bomb? Where did you hide such thing?”

Shigaraki chuckled, “Oh our dear friend were kind enough to volunteer”

The bomb is inside her. Midoriya clenched his teeth. She has spent her live obeying the league whims and this is how she ended up?

If what she said was true then the nomu will explode and…

And who will receive the biggest damage?

The people closest to the nomu obviously. Which would be, the heroes who were fighting it would be the first one to receive the explosions in blank range.


Shigaraki snapped his finger and a warp appeared beside him, “After you Izuku”

Midoriya hesitated before entering the warp. Glancing at the street behind him. The sounds of Ground Zero’s explosion seemed like a faraway music to his ears

“Let’s go” the villain ushered

And Midoriya nodded, engraving the sound of Bakugou’s explosion for the last time


The backups Tsukauchi was talking about is none other than Todoroki, it seems like he’s well enough despite having been shot in the chest a few days ago. Utilizing his training with Midoriya, Hero Shouto created an ice lance in his hand and shot it into the Nomu's chest, quickly pinning the monster to the road. The monster writhed but before it could escape Ground Zero shouted as he slammed down his explosive fist right into its uncovered brain, effectively knocking them out.

After checking that the nomu was unconscious, Bakugou didn’t even waited for the police to arrive. He bolted to his car

Surprised, Todoroki caught his arms out of instinct, “What’s wrong?”

“I left Midoriya alone to deal with this” he hissed, “let me go fuck face”

The police came and quickly apprehend the villain, Todoroki glance between the scene and the blond hero. “I’ll come with you”

Bakugou didn’t have time to argue. He left the dual quirked hero to do as his wish and ran as fast as he could to the car. Todoroki followed behind Bakugou as they made it to the car.

Only to find it empty.

There’s no sign of the greenette inside the car.

Midoriya has disappeared into thin air


Once he step out of the portal they arrived on the park near his house. A park where he used to spend his childhood with Bakugou. It’s surprising for Shigaraki to choose such familiar area. Midoriya thought that he would take him directly to the league, that way he could lead Bakugou directly to the lair even if something happened to him. But there must be some reason why Shigaraki choose this place, maybe they already set up a trap in case the heroes came to save him, or maybe they already set up an ambush around the area. Nevertheless Midoriya couldn’t let down his guard even in such familiar place.

Midoriya quickly walked toward the bench by the tree and sat down. His hand sliding into his pocket as he put in the emergency code to his other phone.  Sure Midoriya has a lot of phones, being a secret agents and all. He already set a secret code to each one of them, they has their own tracker installed deep inside. That way he could track each one of them in case it’s gone missing.

Midoriya left his phone on the car before he went to face Shigaraki, that way Bakugou could track his location using the phone he left. He already activate the code and all that’s left is to stall time until the hero save him.

Shigaraki sat beside him, "you cause us a lot of trouble Izuku"

Midoriya sent the message. He was sure that the villain didn’t noticed it. "I'm not going to apologize for it. Cause as far as I know, you've done the same to me"

Shigaraki chuckled, "so it works? Sensei told me one of the quirks she set in you has been activated and he send me to see if you're dead"

Midoriya scoffed, crossing his arm in front of him, "He should've set it on someone stronger then. I don't have any quirks. The hero easily overpowered me"

"Sensei set it on everyone except me, in case they turn their back on us. Even though the keywords differ for each people. The orders is always the same, take as many heroes as you can and then." Shigaraki pointed his fingers on Midoriya's temple, "save the last one for yourself"

Midoriya slapped Shigaraki's hands away, "what do you want?"

"Have you give anything for the heroes?"

Midoriya shook his head “I haven't. I left all of my notebook in the lair" he took out a small note from the back of pocket and give it to the villain "The rest of the notes I've been carrying is half filled and doesn't contain any serious material"

Shigaraki went through the notes, after reading what's inside the notes he activated his quirk and the note crumbled into ash.

"Is there anything else?" Midoriya was about to turn around and face the villain when

He could feel Shigaraki's hand wrapped around his neck. Fingers tracing the line where the choker used to be. "Come back to us Midoriya. With your brain and strategy, we can bring down the system. For once, as a villain"

"I'm a spy... I betrayed you"

"Sensei said that as long as you haven’t give anything to hero league. He's willing to forgive you this time.” Shigaraki shifted closer to him. 

“Join us Midoriya"

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By the time Bakugou arrived at the park, he was too late. On the ground near the park Midoriya’s phone were crushed to smithereens. The park was empty, there’s no sight of the greenette anywhere near the park. The only lead he has for the greenette turned out to be a dead end.

His com flared up, “Bakugou, how’s it going in your end?”

“He’s not here. Keep searching!”

But no matter how much they search for him they never found him.

Midoriya has disappeared from the earth.

Then the next day there was a suspiciously large explosion on an abandoned beach. There’s no victim but no matter how hard the police tried to investigate the explosion, they couldn’t find any reason as to why the villain would blow up some trash-invested beach. Unless they’re trying to destroy nature by sending the trash back to the sea with explosion. But that’s very unlikely.

Shinsou was frantic as the blond told them the news. After giving Bakugou one good smack in the face he rushed off trying to contact Midoriya. He even break off his coop with Aizawa because he has to delve deeper into the villain society and tried to find the missing agents.

This is different from the first time Midoriya has gone missing. When the league decided to retreat from Japan, the greenette managed to leave a message about it. And in the first few months he escaped abroad, he still managed to keep in contact with his handler. He even managed to tell Shinsou that he’s going to go off the grid for a while. That’s the reason why Shinsou was able to convince the heroes and the police that Midoriya still hasn’t gone rogue.

But this time is different. Midoriya escaped from his hero’s watch. The nomu’s attack was a diversion that much is obvious but Bakugou trusted him not to disappear, the agency trusted him not to disappear.

Yet he escaped from them.

Bakugou cursed every part of himself when he decides to leave Midoriya alone. If he could turn back time, he would rather leave the nomu and drive straight to the agency.

But of course Midoriya wouldn’t want that. The Deku that he knew would tell him to stop the car and help the civilians.

The Midoriya he knew would never betray the heroes. He knows this so well, Midoriya loved the heroes, he admired All Might. Years passed and he still keeps up with his quirk obsession, he's still praising All Might as his number one hero. That kind of guy would never betray them

But out of all heroes inside the hero league, only Shinsou, Bakugou, and a few small number of heroes that could defend Midoriya. Even All Might’s and Tsukauchi’s words didn’t carry much strength as it used to be. The hero league was convinced that Midoriya has double spy on them and return to the villain league.

Shinsou couldn’t do anything about that. God knows how many information Midoriya gathered from the heroes’ side during his stay in the agency. The police were so close on announcing Midoriya’s rogue status. As Midoriya’s handler, Shinsou has to find the agent, drag him back to the agency and try to straighten things out between them. If not, then Midoriya’s effort of staying hidden inside the league for a whole eight years will end up as nothing. His works would be deemed as compromised and would be disposed of.

That’s why he has to find him. To save him.


Two years passed since Midoriya’s disappearance and almost a year and a half passed without news since Shinsou decided to chase after him.

One day the underground hero returned empty handed.  The time-limit that the agency gave him has run out and the results has been decided

Midoriya’s status went from ‘agent’ into ‘rogue agent’

The greenette has been recognized as villain and an arrest order has been issued for him. This is already out of Shinsou’s power. Not even All Might could help him right now. Midoriya has officially become a villain.

Yet Midoriya’s villain status didn’t bother those who knew the truth such as Bakugou and Shinsou. The greenette has told them what they do with traitors and honestly… The probability of Midoriya being a villain is a lot smaller than the probability of his death.

They knew how terrified he was to be caught by the league especially after he saw what they’ve done to traitors. They knew that no matter how strong Midoriya was, he’s still just a quirkless man. Midoriya might top them with his intelligence, and though his strength and power is considerably stronger than normal civilian, he’s still weaker than the rest of the heroes and villains.

When Shinsou return without any information of the greenette, they have guessed for the worst.

The league might’ve already used him in their sick experiment.

Since then, Bakugou and Shinsou would keep their eyes open for any nomu’s attack. They would subdue the monster quick and wait in the laboratory until they could extract its DNA and found their previous identity.

So far the results have been zero.

It's made them relieved that the abhorrent creature before them wasn't Midoriya but at the same time it leaves them with a new wave of worry

Where in the world is he?


*present day. Two years and three months after Midoriya's disappearance.


“Ground Zero” We believe the child trafficker will be on the third car.”

“Roger that” Bakugou blasted himself off toward the roof of the train. He put his palm over the door and on the count of three. He blasted the door open.

 The crime rate has increased sharply in the last two years. Japan’s morality plummets, the streets are almost empty, even on special days such as New Year or Christmas. The banks work hours shortened considerably, closing earlier to prevent any crime. Public places such as school and hospital has been fortified, anticipating the rise of crime.

"Ground Zero. Regroup with Froppy. She has already infiltrated the train."

Suddenly the wall next to him changed colour and Bakugou could see a humanoid silhouette on the wall " It has been a while Ground Zero, Kero”

"Froppy." He greeted

Then Bakugou noticed a blue-haired man on the edge of the car. His suits were glamorous and Bakugou wondered how can he not notices him before. He quickly put on his stance

"Calm down Bakugou-kun. He's with me"

He looked at the sparkling man beside him “Who’s that Aoyama 2.0?”

“Ah. He’s Louis Kero. He’s come from France to help us Kero. He has an invisibility quirk. I’m in charge of guiding him until he adapt to living in Japan”

Bakugou clicked his tongue. Has Japan the used-to-be-the most-safest-country-in-the-world has fallen so low that they need heroes from other countries to help them?

"Whatever Oy sparky. Don't get in my way."

The man shrugged with that dumb look on his face.

"Ah, Louis don't speak Japanese Bakugou-kun"

"What the fuck. How will he survive in japan then?" Bakugou looked at the hero. "Stay out of my way!" He said in English

"Of course ground zero." No matter how scary Bakugou is, he has climbed his way to the ranks of heroes. No wonder this French ass knew him.

"Louis and I will sneak into the villain car first. We'll trap them."

They quickly sneak inside and as soon as they in position, Bakugou blasted the door open.

The villain, caught by surprise quickly pick up their gun and sots barrage of bullets toward the door.

But at that time, Tsuyu and Louis who had sneak behind them, jumped out and quickly subdued them.

One of the villains slipped past them and with their quirk destroyed the control panel. The brake section of the panel let out a fire sparks

And the villain laughed in their face

“Fuck!” Bakugou ran toward the control, trying to push every button on it. He clicked his tongue as he reported back, “Commander, the brake has been disabled. The train will crash”

The com flared up. “Grab the villain and exit the train. Red Riot are already in standby to stop the train”

They nodded and ran toward the last car. Just as they were about to reach the last car Bakugou’s com flare up, “Ground Zero. Our Intel said that there are children on the train”

“What?!” Bakugou stopped in his tracks.

“Apparently those traffickers brought their goods with them. You have to save them before the train crashed”l

“Froppy! Louis!” Bakugou throw one of the villains he caught at them, “I’m going to save the children”

“Godspeed!” Louis said

“Be careful Bakugou-kun” and with that the two hero jumped off the train.

The train started to gain speed every minute. It’s already too late for him to jump after them without breaking a few bones.

“Commander. Where are the children?”

“They should be at the storage car”

“Roger that” with that Bakugou ran full speed toward the storage car.

He quickly yanked the storage door open. The room was dark and he stepped inside

“Ground Zero to commander”

“Commander here. What’s wrong Ground Zero?"

“Commander", the lines quieten for a while, followed with a few statics from the connection, "there's no children here”


Boxes of grains filled the storage room. Bakugou inspected every inch and crook of the car in case he missed something. But one glance at the car and the answer is clear “The car is empty. There’s no one here.”

“Could it be… it’s a trap Ground Zero! Get out of the train right now.”

The door closed and lock automatically.

“Shit!” Bakugou tried to blast the door open. But the steel was too thick to destroy with one explosion.

Red Riot hardened himself. Planting his feet deep in the ground. He will stop this train even if that’s the last thing he’ll do.

Bakugou has to escape! He can’t stay there as the train crash! With this kind of speed, and Kirishima's quirk. It'll be like crashing into a concrete from a skyscraper.  He'll be crushed to death!

The train started to gain speed and Kirishima put on his stances. His hand reaching out. Quirk activated, “Come to me baby!”

Bakugou gathered his explosion in his hand.


The trains shook as it crashed into Kirishima and sends the whole car off the rails. The incredible force sends Bakugou flew and he braced himself as he went straight toward the wall.

Kirishima’s chest heaving heavily. He watched the blood seeping off his feet. It took him a few hundred meters to be able to stop the trains completely.

“Red Riot Report!” The com flared up.

Kirishima laughed weakly. Blood seeping off his arms as a small part of his quirk came off, “The train has been stopped.”

“Can you move?"

Kirishima's chest heaving heavily, "yes sir"

"Check the train Red Riot, Ground Zero are still inside the train”

Kirishima went pale instantly. His heart plummet to the ground as he took in the sight of the destroyed train “I thought no one else is inside the train!” He could feel his feet trembled from the fatigue. Pushing past all the pain he undo his quirk and jumped into the train. “Bakugou!”

The train was a mess. Things were turned upside down and broken steel and glasses. Jutted out into the interior. Thin white dust covered the area.

This is fucked up.

And his first thought was


No one would survive this.



He thought everyone had already escaped from the train. Does that means Bakugou was there when he stopped the train? Looked at that smashed chairs and broken windows. Does that mean Bakugou was here when that happened?


“Shut up shitty hair. I hear you loud and clear” A steel panel creaked from the corner and Bakugou come out of his hiding place. Blood tainting half of his face, one of his eyes red were swollen shut and his arms were littered by bruises.

Kirishima tear up, “Dude! You’re alive! I was worried” Why didn't you evacuate?

“I run to the first car to save the children”

“Are they safe?”

Bakugou shook his head. Kirishima’s smile falters and before the redhead misunderstood him, the blond explained everything, “There are no children Kirishima. The car was empty”

“Huh? But the info said”

“It was false. The door locked as soon as I went into the room. It was a trap”

Kirishima swallowed hard as dread travelled through his spine

The villains’ movement has been so organized lately. They were more prepared and smarter now. The statistic shows that the amount of villain escaping from Hero’s grasp has been increasing in the past year.

There’s even groups of villain dedicated only to take out heroes. They lured heroes with hostages and trapped them, sometimes torturing them before killing the heroes. The hero's death were the highest in the past ten years.

“It’s my fault Ground Zero. You have my apologies” Tsukauchi bowed his head as the doctor treated him

“Don’t mind” he said. This is not the first time he has been wounded by a false Intel. Honestly, Deku’s Intel has been like an oasis among their harsh Sahara. It was an oasis they’ve taken for granted. Now they didn’t know which Intel to trust, and which Intel has been compromised.

“There. It’s done, now if you please take a break for a day”

“I'll fucking rest when I die”

“Sir… please” The doctor plead

Kirishima give a firm grip on his shoulder, "Yeah Bakugou, you just almost crushed to death. A simple break won't hurt anyone"

"You've seen those villain Kirishima. We don't have time for a break"

"It won't do us any good either if you collapse on us" Tsukauchi said in a commanding voice, "take the rest of the days off Bakugou. That's an order"

Bakugou grunted. Giving in to the commander's order. There's no use disobeying lest he'll find himself locked out of the agency again

No. With the crime rate, at least they'll let him in to the lobby right now

The familiar sounds of ambulance caught his attention and he instinctively step aside

"Make way. Please make way!" The nurses ran as they brought out the stretcher from the ambulance

A familiar blue haired hero grunted in pain. His white armour broken and tainted with dirt and few splotches of blood

“Wait… was that Iida?”

Kirishima caught one of the nurses, "excuse me. Was that Ingenium?"

“Oh my Red riot? Yes Ingenium was just admitted. The doctor are trying their best right now”

“What happened to him?”

The nurse face turn a shade darker, "it seems like he got hit with that new bullets"

Kirishima winced. “Where did he got shot?”

“It got his engine. Now we're trying to take off his engine before the iron could infect his bloodstream.”

The new bullet they're talking about must be the new acid bullet that the league were developing. The bullets were able to melt almost everything, making it easier for the villains to break in and kill people. It's a wild card from the league. The crime rates hit the roof as soon as they reached the market.

The bullet could melt through fortified steel. It even managed to break through Kirishima's Unbreakable once, rendering the hero in hospital for a good two month to recover

Iida's quirk is his engine. Now that his engine is out of order he'll be out of mission for a while. Which means more workload for them.

"One more hero down on duty." Tsukauchi sighed, “I wonder how long we can keep this up"

"If things keep being like this…. Not long I guess"

They're right. The hero might be able to fend off the villain for now. But they’re running thin on fuel now. If they keep this up, the villain will overcome them soon

And that is one thing they wish will never come


Kirishima drop Bakugou at his apartment. “Make sure you take a break okay?” the redhead pestered

Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Fine” He waved at Kirishima as he entered his own apartment

Honestly it has been a while since he slept properly, most of the night he would be awoken by an emergency call that keeps him awake for the rest of the day.

Bakugou froze as he stood before his door. His hand slowly turning over the doorknob

The door wasn't locked

Bakugou was completely surprised. Not because he found someone has been trespassing into his house. What surprised him was that someone dare to break into a hero’s home?

But Bakugou wasn't the type that would back down from such threats. If someone dare to break into his house he’ll make sure that they’ll pay for it. He just had a rough day and he’ll gladly took out his anger toward the criminal.

He slammed the door as hard as he could as if announcing his presence. Stomping his way in, making sure that each step makes a noise.

It didn't take long for him to find the trespasser.

A silhouette of a man sitting on his couch, his legs raised to the coffee table as he leaned on the couch. Making himself home as if he didn't just entered the property illegally.  His lazy eyes looking at the hero as if he was expecting him.

“Good evening Ground Zero”

Chapter Text

Bakugou pick up the razor and cut his hair. Saying goodbye to those spiky blond as he sprays them with a black dye.

As a finishing touch, he took out two lenses he just bought yesterday. It has the same color as Midoriya’s eyes. He even bought some eyeliner that Mina recommended in order to change his eyes size.

He put on the piercings that he used to wear when he reaches the peak of his rebellious phase. By now the hole had already closed and he has to pierce himself again yesterday.



“What do you mean he’s gone?” Kirishima slammed the table. No one ever slammed a table on the morning briefing. Even Tsukauchi was surprised by it

The commander cleared his throat, “He’s gone Red Riot. We can’t contact him and when we visit his apartment. His room has been messed with. For now, the police are conducting their investigation

“Well, he can't just disappear into thin air. He’s a hero!”

“I understand but we can't do anything about it. We’re already shorthanded as it is. With Ground Zero’s disappearances, it’ll increase other heroes’ loads. We can't spare any men to search for him.”

“But Bakugou is the agency's number one hero. We can't just sit still and do nothing?!"

“You have to trust him Red Riot. If something happens to Ground zero, he can take care of himself”

“Can't you see? If someone managed to take him down, then we'll lose a very important force for the hero league.”


Bakugou put on his leather jacket, after making sure he didn't leave any information on his room he messed up his own apartment and head to the address Shinsou gave him.

It’s an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the town. If that underground hero said the truth then that's where the villain would gather today.

The entrance was easy to find, getting in, however, is a different story. Only those with invitations can get in, and they will have to go through a body check as they went inside.

He gave the invitation that Shinsou gave him to the guard. They checked it and let him in.

Inside the room, there are a lot of newbie villains gathered inside. Most of them smiling with a smug face as they were invited to join the biggest and powerful league that bring Japan to its knees.

He has successfully infiltrated the villain league. He grabbed the small intercom that connects him to the underground hero

“Delta here. I’m in”


“Good evening Ground Zero,” Shinsou said as he leaned on the couch

“Get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops or worse”

Shinsou raised his eyebrows, “Worse?”

“I’ll beat you up before I hand you to the cops”

Shinsou stood up and throw a brown envelope into the coffee table, “I got news about the league. I think you might want to hear it first”

“What is it?” Bakugou grabbed a chair and opened the envelope. It contains a report on the league’s acidic bullet

“We found something mixed in with the acid from the bullets”

“What is it?”

Shinsou paused for a few seconds, “We found blood…. A human blood.”

Bakugou’s face filled with disgust, “Those villains are still playing with human’s lives?!” Of course, they are, the nomus are still attacking the city, but putting people’s blood on the bullet?

“That’s not all Bakugou. We managed to extract the DNA from the blood in the bullet”

“So? Who is the poor bastard and how it got anything with me?”

“We tried to find the DNA from the databank in the agency and we found a match”

Bakugou swallowed hard.

“The blood belongs to Midoriya Izuku”


A black vortex appeared in the room and Shigaraki stepped out of the portal. “How many people are there?"

"Around 100 sir" the guard answered

"That’s enough." Two vortex appeared and from the portal, two high-end nomus stepped out and with their mere presence silenced the whole room

The nomus seems smarter than what they used to fight in the city. Bakugou glad they haven't fought with those two crazy monsters. But what should he do if the league released those monsters to the city?

"The league only has two rules" Shigaraki's word pulled him back to reality, "Obey your order and more importantly."

The two nomus roared, "Don't betray us"


Bakugou sunk even deeper to his couch

Midoriya's blood was found on the acidic bullet?

How is that even possible?

"All this time we have been on the lookout whenever the league sends out their nomus. As far as we know none of them was Midoriya." Shinsou put the report back together, “But this fact changes everything. Midoriya might be involved in other human experiment that doesn't turn him into a nomu"

Bakugou's head buried deep in his arms.

The underground hero stopped for a moment and took a deep breath, "But we can’t lose hope now. The proof that Midoriya's blood is inside the bullet means one thing"

"He's still alive" Bakugou cut him off. His eyes full of hope and relief as he looked at the report. It feels like he could see Midoriya from those report

Shinsou nodded, "Midoriya is a rogue agent now. As his handler, I was ordered to kill him on sight. And if I tried to help him the police will think that I’ve also been compromised"

"What are you suggesting?"

Shinsou gripped his hand tight. His eyes full of determination, “Will you throw away everything for him? Your career, your whole life, will you put everything on the line to save Midoriya?”

Throwing everything away? Throwing his position as the top tenth hero? Throwing all the friends that he has? Throwing even his own identity as Bakugou Katsuki?

“I will” The blond answered

Shinsou’s lips quirked into a mischievous smile, reaching out his hand toward the blond, “Bakugou Katsuki. Would you like to become a villain for a change?”


“Sensei…” Midoriya knocked on the door as gentle as possible. The door creaked open and he let himself into the darkroom.

“Midoriya huh? How's the new recruit” the man locked into life support asked with amuse in his face

Midoriya gave his report, “Shigaraki and all the upper echelon will greet them today.”

“That's perfect" Sensei put his report on the desk, “Let’s hope we can get some golden egg from our recruits this time.”

“Of course.”

“Anyway. How is your body holding on?”

Midoriya stiffened, “I'm fine Sensei.”

“You look paler than usual. Now that I think of it. It's been almost a week since I healed you.”

“I'm getting by” Midoriya insisted

“Are you sure?” The older man touched him and it triggered something inside him.

A wave of nausea hit him and the greenette winced as he choked out blood. He fell on his knees. His hands covering his mouth as another wave of blood splattered on the floor. The scent of iron and acid makes him sick

“Now. Were you holding onto it? Did you think by pushing your body it'll make it better?” Before he realized it Sensei's wheelchair is already waiting by his side. His scarred hand touch over his back and suddenly Midoriya could breathe again. He wipes off the blood by the sleeves of his shirt.

“Were you trying to shorten your lifespan? You know how dangerous it was”

“I'm sorry sensei…” Midoriya answered with a shaky breath, "it seems like I forgot to tell you"

"Don't worry. I want you to take care of yourself properly Midoriya. After all, it would be a shame if you die so quickly after all the effort we took to bring you back"

A shiver runs down Midoriya's spine. Warning signs blared like an alarm in his head.

He has to get out!

With his shaky knees, he stood up. Luckily his body feels better after Sensei fixed him, "I'm grateful for that. Now if you'll excuse me"

He rushed out of the room and bowed slightly before closing the door. As soon as the door closed his knees feel weak and he leaned back on the door. Drawing shaky breath as he tried to even his breath.

"Two more years huh…."


Bakugou has thrown everything away. Even his identity as Bakugou Katsuki. Everything to save Midoriya from the league’s grasp. That's the reason why he's here at the league right here right now listening to Shigaraki’s speeches

Bakugou tried to hide his bloodlust as he stared at Shigaraki with hatred

The leader of the league flashed his crooked smile behind the white corpse hand that covered his face

"Welcome to the league of villain"


Chapter Text

"Everyone, welcome to the league of villain. Shigaraki stood proudly. Now, I'll introduce you to the upper echelon of the league. If you want to stay you are expected to follow our words."

Kurogiri stepped out of the portal. Bakugou remembered him, how could he ever forget him especially when he managed to kidnap him during the summer camp years ago. The man now stood proudly beside Shigaraki.

Toga entered next. Out of all the upper echelon of the league, Bakugou found her to be the most troublesome. Her manic traits make it almost difficult to predict her movement. She’s a mystery all right.

 Dabi follow after her. Dabi was the laziest of them all, Bakugou think. He’s lazy because he barely ever do much during attacks, but he still remembers the heat of the forest fire in the summer camp. Dabi might not always hit, but once he hit, he hit hard. Honestly, if he were a bit diligent, then he would be a lot harder to handle than the rest of the league. That’s why he called him lazy

And lastly, Midoriya entered the stage.

Bakugou gasped as he saw the familiar sight before his eyes. A sense of longing blooms in his chest as he caught sight of those green curls, filling himself with warmth and relief inside him


He’s alive


Midoriya has changed a lot in a span of a few years. His body was alarmingly skinny, it was as if his body was just bones wrapped in skin. White bandages covering all over his body. His skin was deathly pale, blue veins contrast with his pallid skin. Sunken hollow green eyes, no longer holding those sparks of fight in them. He stood by the rest of the team and stay silent during the whole speech.

It took Bakugou everything inside him to not charge through and kidnap Midoriya right there right now

“We’re prioritizing quality over quantity. That's why for you to become a real member of the league. I will have to put you on a test” Shigaraki announced

The group rumbles, most of them think that by receiving invitation means they automatically become a member of the league

“Now, it's easy. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. For your test. We will launch an attack in a week. Anyone who survives will be accepted into the league” Shigaraki assured “you can rest here for the day. The plan will be announced tomorrow. So we expect you to be there”

The crowds dispersed as the speech ended. Few decided to get back while most of them decided to stay. Bakugou was wondering where he should sleep when a man approached him.

“You… hey you!” Bakugou growled as he turned around. Only to find himself face-to-face with Dabi- one of his new boss-

Shit. He covered his mouth

“I have a first-order for you”

“I take no order from you” he scoffed

Dabi clicked his tongue playfully “You remember the league rules. You have to obey the order"

Bakugou grunted. He better listen to him before he gets kicked out on his first day, "Fine what is it"

He throws him a key, “clean the storage. I expect it to be done before the plan announcement."

Bakugou stared at the key with disbelief. He watched the older villain walked away and waved his hand at him.

Bakugou Katsuki would never stand down as anyone order him around like that. Nuh-uh. But now he's just a nameless villain and all he wanted was to be accepted even if that means swallowing his pride and obeying his command. He begrudgingly entered the Storage.

The storage was messy. No, messy was an understatement, it looked like a plane wreck. Bakugou noticed some of the few high-end equipment laying around without proper maintenance.

It seems like he could scrape off some information from this room after all.

As he tried to put everything back to where they belong his eyes caught something interesting inside the storage. There’s a hidden ventilation tunnel behind one of the shelves. Bakugou kneeled beside it, the shaft opened easily as it was already quite loose when he tried to take it off.

Faintly he could hear familiar sounds talking from inside the shaft. It seems like the tunnel was connected to another room.

As he tried to recognize whose voice there were. His ears caught one word

"What do you think of the new recruit Izukkun?"

"We have to make the test harder this time. Hopefully, there won't be anyone stupid enough to join because we're the strongest organization in Japan again"

"Oh come on. That guy is amusing." Dabi scoffed mockingly

"And dead. Should I remind you?" Midoriya retorted

The leaders of the league is on the other side of the tunnel. This is great, this way he could spy on them.

Being a prideful self, Bakugou would never think he would find himself crawling through the air vent like this. But now he's just a nameless villain wannabee, crawling through the air vet is his job now.

When he reached the end of the vent he could saw the whole meeting going on. In the command room, the leaders of the league sat on a large table. And the one leading the meeting is none other than Midoriya himself.

Kurogiri entered the room, "Dabi? You are here already? Have you clean up the storage yet?"

Dabi put his legs on the table, “I let the new guys do it”

“You're abusing your power,” Shigaraki said

"We're villain. We live to abuse. Besides, that's what new guys are for. And I don't want to hear that from you when you're the one pulling me along with your game" he pointed at Shigaraki

"You lose, accept your punishment" Shigaraki shrugged.

Kurogiri sighed as he took his seat, "Pardon for my tardiness. Now can we start the meeting?"

Shigaraki turned toward Midoriya, "So, let's talk about the plan. Izuku, will you?"

Midoriya stepped up from his seat, "My Intel said that Charge Bolt and Red Riot will be in charge with guarding the money"

"Charge Bolt's lightning is easy to handle. The problem is his persistence. He might not be able to K.O us in one hit but he'll keep attacking us nonstop"

Midoriya raised his eyebrows “Then all we need is to break his spirit. That's all."

Deathly chill travel through his spine. Did Deku just said that? The same Deku who spent dinner with Kaminari and Kirishima? The same Deku who cried on movie night during their sleepover at Kirishima's apartment?

"That's interesting. How do you propose we do that?"

“Charge bolt is romantically involved with Red Riot. If we can tell him Red Riot is dead, we'll break his spirit for sure. The same applied to Red Riot, he'll break once he heard Charge Bolt's dead. No matter which one we kill, the other will surely break”

Toga spun on her chair, "How do we beat Red Riot though? That unbreakable of him is very hard to break. He manages to stop a train Izukkun! Though you already said that in your plan.

Wait. Izuku designed that train accident? The one who almost kill Bakugou?

"I said it’s hard but not impossible". The greenette opened his Red Riot file, "There’s an easy way to kill Red Riot"

Bakugou's mouth dropped open.

What the fuck are you talking about Deku?!

Dabi snickered, "Oh pray tell what is it?"

"Drown him"

Cold wave slammed onto him as Bakugou saw the iciness in Midoriya's eyes as he talks about his murder plan.

"His hardening quirk would be useless in water. But it'll drown him quicker. We can't simply toss him in the water though. That way he’ll only revert back to his human form and swam back to the land". The greenette explained. “We need someone to actually hold him down in the water. Or we can tie him into some weight but as the first point. We have to tie him up in his human form. If we tie him up during his unbreakable form there’s a possibility that he'll revert back to his human form and then the rope will become loose from the size differences." Midoriya explained

Dabi hooted from his seat

"As for Chargebolt. He has been progressing because of his training. Now he can control his electricity better and we have to be aware of him."

"What should we do about him?"

The greenette stomped his feet to the ground. "Search for someone with earth element. Or someone with iron bending, tell them to reroute his electricity to the ground. Then Charge Bolt's quirk will be useless.

"How about ground zero?"

Midoriya stilled for a few seconds. His hand tightens against his report, "There has been no news regarding ground zero lately. I've even heard rumors that he disappeared. As such, I believe he will pose no threat to our plan"

"So that's our plan? Kill either Red Riot or Charge Bolt then the other will be an easy cake. Then we'll take the money."

Midoriya nodded as he put his reports down. "Are there any questions?"

The rest of the group shook their heads and with evil smirk exited the room.

Once the room was empty Bakugou get out of his hiding place.

He has seen how Midoriya commanded people. He’s smart that much is obvious. He just never really realized how scary it was to have him on the other side of him. The way he talk about murder as if planning lunch is somewhat able to sends shiver down Bakugou's spine.

Despites of what his heart tells him, his mind screams one thing

Midoriya is dangerous.


Kaminari looked at the endless road as he talked with Kirishima on the phone, "Yeah. I'm going to be late today Eijiro. The mission is running late"

Kirishima said a ‘be careful’ from the other side and Kaminari replied with a small ‘yes’ followed with a small kiss.

"Is that your boyfriend?" His intern asked as he drove the car. They were going to deliver the money to the bank

"Yeah" Kaminari stretched on the car seat, "It was my turn to make dinner today"

"Oh. That's a shame I hope we can end this mission soon"

"I hope so. With the rise of crime lately. I hope nothing happened today."

But he spoke too soon.

As he finished those sentences. Just like lightning, someone landed with a crash in front of their car.

The villain grinned as he holds tight into the running car, "Good evening heroes."


Kirishima put in the vegetables into the pot as he cooks for curry that night. His hair down from the bath he just took before. The newest pop song is playing on the radio and he loved it so much that he decides to hum along with it.

Suddenly a loud explosion occurred. All the dust and smoke got sucked out of the room instantly and Kirishima's jaw dropped as he saw the large hole in his apartment wall. The bright moonlight flooded into the room as two villains crept into his apartment from the open wall.

Kirishima put down his ladle and activated his quirk. With his hardened quirk, he tried to fight them off. However he was careless, one of the villains with their tentacle quirk managed to grab hold of his waist. Bracing himself him, the villain throws him out of the building

And what awaits him outside was

An opened dark pitched portal

The distinct smell of salt assaulted him as soon as he exited the portal. The flickering lights of the pier and the dark sea underneath shows that he's currently flying above the Tokyo Bay

He hardened his hand. With his rock hard hand, he punched the tentacle around his waist. The villain writhes and lets go of his hold.

However at that moment. Someone shot a lasso at him. The rope quickly trapped him and suddenly he's falling faster toward the sea. An anvil was tied to the other end of the rope.

He splashed into the sea with a loud burst, creating a large harsh ripple as he sank.

He tried to escape but the lasso was tightly wrapped around his body. Bubbles of water escapes from his mouth as he felt the rope digging into his skin. Activating his quirk to cut the rope was futile as he could feel himself sank even faster.

The flickers of city lights and the moon are getting further away. The cold deep sea is getting darker and darker within every minute.

A huge bubble escapes from his mouth as Kirishima stared into the blurry sight of the moon

Ah… He's drowning


"We can't hold on any longer!" Kaminari wince as he shot another load of lightning at the villain. The delivery car has been thrown around and laying on its side behind them.

"I can keep this up all day Charge Bolt." The villain taunted as he creates another wall of dirt. The lightning crashed into the wall of dirt and redirected into the ground instead

"It will be a while until reinforcement arrives Charge Bolt-san" his intern notified.

 "How much is a while?"

Then the villain stopped. He snickered as he listened to his report, "I have a brilliant news for you Charge Bolt."

The intern warned him, "Charge Bolt don't listen to him"

"Two blocks from All Might’s agency, there this apartment that said housed two of our nation beloved hero."

Kaminari stopped in his track, it was their apartment

“It seems a certain redhead was making curry when his apartment blows up.”

Kaminari face paled, his eyes widened in disbelief

"Ah but that's not all. I'm not finished yet. The villain continues to taunt him, it seems being a hero, the redhead has a good reflect and manage to save himself from the explosion."

The villain paused, savoring every inch of Kaminari's expression

"But there's portal waiting for him nearby. A portal that lead to the deepest part of Tokyo Bay.

Kaminari's hand trembled, he could feel his heart being gouged bit by bit within every sentence.

"Can you imagine? How much a fully activated Unbreakable weight? And even if he turns back into his human form, there won't be enough time for him to swim to the surface." The villain shook his head "isn't it hard to have such inconvenience quirk?"

Kirishima's voice saying that they'll have curry tonight and he's waiting for his return resounds in his head.

He could imagine Kirishima wearing those stupid apron as he read the cookbook, trying to find the perfect recipe for curry

The villain smirked. "He must be swimming with the fishes right now"

The sight of Kirishima deep under the sea

"You bastard!" Kaminari activated his lightning. His blond hair raised and his eyes lit up. The electricity sparked around his body and it keeps growing in radius

The reinforcement arrived but they were shocked to see the dangerous sparks flying all over the hero's body, "Charge Bolt! Control yourself!"

"Bring him back! Bring him back to me!" Kaminari screamed.

The villain fortified his dirt wall, "Accept it Charge Bolt. Red Riot is dead"

Chapter Text

The situation was a mess. Kaminari’s quirk is out of control and started attacking both allies and foes. The villain hurdle behind the dirt wall, hiding from the quirk. The heroes, however, they were frantically trying to calm down the raging hero.

“Charge bolt!” the intern stepped closer to him. He winced when the lightning graze his hand.

Kaminari seethed, “How dare you kill him!”

“Stop." The reinforcement stopped him before he gets any closer, “It’s too dangerous to approach him right now. We should wait until he exhausts himself”

"But sir, Charge Bolt is...”

Tears streamed down the hero's cheek. Painful wails followed with ominous sounds of lightning crackling around them

It seems like forever until the lightning stopped and Kaminari fell on his knees. Shoulder heaving painfully. A few sparks flew from his hair. He managed to keep control of his quirk before turning into an idiot but not enough to defend himself.

At that moment the villain rushed out and slammed him to the ground.

"Charge Bolt!" The reinforcement and the intern rushed in to save him

But the villain was faster. He took out his knife and point it toward the hero's neck, blood dripped into Kaminari's shirt as the point of the knife dig into his neck. Another set of white pearl tears escaped from Kaminari's eyes as he closed it shut. Too tired to fight

"Say your prayer, Charge Bolt. You’ll meet with him soon"


Before the villain knew it a rock hard fist punched him toward the end of the road

Red Riot aka Kirishima stood proudly as he protects his boyfriend. "Denki, are you okay?"

His shirt is drenched and judging by droplets dripping from his hair it seems like he wasn't too far off.

"Ei?" The blonde sniffles, wiping tears from his eyes “you're alive?"

"Don't just kill me off" Kirishima smiled.


The villains waited by the pier on Tokyo Bay. Between the two groups, Bakugou joined the Red Riot team. Dabi was in charge of the Red Riot Team while Shigaraki in charge with Charge Bolt team

"My throw will always hit!" The lasso quirked girl boasted. "I'm an important piece for this plan."

Bakugou scoffed, "let’s see if we can kill Red Riot with a simple plan like this"

"Are you doubting Midoriya's plan? Don't you know that he's the one behind all the league's success for the past year?"

"The plan is shitty and so is your quirk"

"Oh really? And what's your quirk pretty boy?"

Midoriya's smile flashed in Bakugou's mind. "I’m quirkless" he answered

"Ha! A quirkless? You think you're good enough to join the league without a quirk?"

"I can still beat your ass without a quirk"

"I'd like to see you try"

"Guys stop fighting." The metal quirk user come and gave an anvil to the lasso quirk girl. "I heard Midoriya is also quirkless. Don't ever mention it in front of him if you want to survive"

Then a black vortex appeared in the sky

"Get ready everyone” Dabi step up, “That's the signal."

Bakugou swallowed hard. Kirishima won't get caught right? No matter how much he thinks about it. This plan is shitty and Kirishima is stronger than that. He wouldn't lose, right?

But a familiar redhead emerged from the portal

"Here I come!" The lasso girl shot out the rope and it binds the hero perfectly

Bakugou watched as Kirishima splashed into the sea with horror. Water bubbles emerge to the surface along with the harsh ripples before the sea stilled again. He swallowed hard, there's no sign of Kirishima anywhere. He waited, but Kirishima did not resurface.

The villain cheering as they completed their mission.

 "Come on guys let's go back to the hideout." with a flick of his finger Dabi opened a portal

"You guys go first. I'm gonna take a shit" Bakugou rushed

The villain laugh at him "was your first mission too hard for your stomach?"

"Fuck off"

“Fine. But you’re walking back to the base” Dabi said.

As Bakugou separated himself from the group. He took off his clothes and dive into the bay. He used his explosion to propel himself into the water. He could feel his ears ringing from the depth, his chest felt heavy and the sea was getting darker, making it harder to see.

Yet it means he has to swim faster.

Finally, he arrived at the seabed. The redhead was already unconscious by the looks of it. His body floating in the water, swaying slightly from the water current, restrained by the rope that ties his body.

Katsuki took out his folded knife and cut the rope that binds him. Kirishima quickly float away. Katsumi grabbed him tight and pulled him up toward the surface.

They resurfaced near a pier. Bakugou dragged the redhead to the shore and throw him into the ground. His chest heaving hard as he throws out the water he accidentally swallowed.

He slapped the redhead and Kirishima's eyes shot open. He retched to his side, throwing out all the seawater in his throat.

"Good you're awake."

Then the redhead eyes snapped open and he quickly tackle Bakugou to the ground

"Oy what the fuck!"

"I don't know why you saved me but you're one of the villains. Come with me to the police and I think they'll let you off easy if I told them you save my life"

"No. Wait a minute" Bakugou tried to squirm but he could feel Kirishima's hardened skin on his wrist, "Listen to me"

"All your words will be used against you in court. You have the right to remain silent."

“I said listen to me-” Bakugou throw his hand toward Kirishima’s face and set off a small explosion right in his face. He used that moment where Kirishima was stunned from the explosion to escape from his hold and pinned Kirishima on the ground instead, “You fucking shitty hair”

"Eh? Eh? Eh?" Kirishima stared at the villain dumbfounded. Those familiar explosion in his face and that familiar name, “Shitty hair…. wait you can’t be!”

“It’s me.” Bakugou took off one of his green lenses, “Bakugou.” The moonlight behind him accentuated he water dribbling from his now black hair. The red and green eyes remind him of the famous alexandrite that he used to admire.

“How… how could it be? Why did you?”

Bakugou scoffed, “feeling like listening to me now. That's great but we don't have time right now.” He grabbed Kirishima’s shoulder and looked at him straight in the eye, “You aren’t their target. They were trying to kill you to get Kaminari off guard. Once Kaminari hear about your death he won't be able to think straight and it’ll be easy to finish him off”

Kirishima swallowed hard,

“You should go to him right now. You know the route he’s on right? Save him!”

With that Kirishima steeled himself. He clenched his fists and ran out toward Kaminari’s place.

Bakugou watched as Kirishima disappear from his sight. He put on his lenses and put on his clothes, walking back to the base as if nothing happened.


 "Can you stand up?" The redhead offered his hand and Kaminari, still shocked by everything absentmindedly accepted it.

"Do you think you can still fight?"

Kaminari tried to discharge his electricity. The lightning sparks off weakly in his palm. The blond shook his head

"Hey, you!" He called Kaminari's intern, the boy squawked, "Take him somewhere safe. Let me handle this one" he punched his arms together and activate his quirk

"First you break my apartment then you dare to throw me to the sea. I'll let you know who you're messing with"

Fighting the ground controller is easy for Kirishima unbreakable. The villain panicked as their shield goes down.

Kirishima grinned widely, shoeing the jagged sharp teeth,

“It's payback time”


"Home base coming in"

“This is Midoriya, what's your report?”

Shigaraki sighed exasperatedly, “The Charge Bolt team is annihilated. Red Riot managed to come in and ruin our plan”

“You’re not lending them a hand?” With Shigaraki’s quirk, it’ll be easy to handle both Charge Bolt and Red Riot.

“This test is made to see those worthy of joining us. What's the point if I help them? I’m going back first."

“Understood. Otsukaresama” 

Shigaraki laughed, “Besides tonight isn't my time to shine. It’s yours. Don't mess it up”

Midoriya closed the com, “Toga change of plan, the diversion failed. Get ready to fight”

Toga took out her knife. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

Charge Bolt and Red Riot attack was just a diversion. Midoriya knew that new recruits always make a big mess during their first mission. That’s why he used them as a diversion, while he and Toga snuck into the prime minister’s office trying to extract the missile launch code from the computer.

“Police coming in three… two…” Midoriya started his countdown, “one”

“Freeze!” The office door slammed open and JSDF entered the room, “put your hands in the air”

Toga quickly launched herself toward the door and in a moment she managed to cut off two of the soldier’s throat. Midoriya used that moment to topple over the table and hide for cover. 

“Everyone! Shoot!” Barrage of fire shots mixed with Toga’s laughter filled the room. Soon the fire dies out and Midoriya comes out of his hiding. 

Toga stood among the corpses. Smiling as she licked the blood off her knife. “That was fun!”

Midoriya’s eyes switched back toward the security camera. His eyes hot wide open when he saw something heading toward them with incredible speed, “Toga! Watch out!”



A portal opened as Bakugou ran back toward the base. Scorched hand grabbed his collar and he choked instantly, “Dabi! What the Fuck!”

“There’s trouble, we’re called for backups” Dabi jumped out of the portal and caught him.

Bakugou growled as he tried to escape, but it was futile, Dabi hold his collar like a cat holding their kitten, “Why don’t you take anyone else with you?”

“They’re partying. Besides Shigaraki is pissed because Red Riot crushed his team. You're the only one available right now” The older man quickly pulled him into the portal.

Once they get out Bakugou quickly recognized the interior design from the magazine he used to read. He’s inside the fucking prime minister office.

“Watch out!” Midoriya’s shouts took him back from his trance. He saw the punches coming toward him and out of instinct dodged it.

The wall cracked in a spider web pattern from the sheer force. He’d recognize those brute fist anywhere. 

“Oh! You managed to dodge that one” 

His mouth gaped open as his eyes met with those blue pearl. Lemillion smiled as he throws another punch at him.

Blue fire separated them quickly. “You okay there new kid?”

Toga jumped at the hero, knife slashing directly toward the hero’s eyes, the knife glinted as they passed through the hero completely. Lemillion took a step back, “that was close”

“Why won't you let me cut you up!” Toga shouted in frustration.

Dabi shot another blast of fire toward the hero. It passed through him and simmered down as it crashed to the wall, “Izuku! How is it going?”

“Another two minutes!”

Dabi took a gun and throw it toward Bakugou, “You're quirkless right? Make yourself useful”

Bakugou hesitantly accepted the gun. He can't possibly shot Togata. At that moment he remembered Midoriya's shooting lesson and he loaded the gun in his hand. 

Faking his shots, Bakugou changed his trajectories a few millimeters from Lemillion, making it seems like he missed him.

Dabi and Toga continue to attack while Midoriya struggled with the computer. Two minutes up. Midoriya purge the computer. "I'm done!"

The portal appeared behind them. "Hurry up!" The villains run toward the portal

"No, you don't!" In a second Lemillion disappeared and reappeared behind Midoriya. Hands reaching out dangerously close.

The greenette clicked his tongue, "Dabi!" Midoriya throws the flash disk toward the man. Dabi caught it and escaped through the portal.

Togata's finger started to curled around Midoriya's collar

This is it. If Togata caught Deku then everything will ends.

"Don't touch him with your filthy hand! He's mine!” Toga jumped between them. Her eyes glaring dangerously at the hero. 

Hot pain bloomed along the straight line as Toga shreds Midoriya's skin apart with her knife. Midoriya let out a strangled choke. He didn’t even have enough power to screams.

Bakugou’s heart plummeted to the ground. “DEKU!!”

Midoriya’s wide eyes trailed toward him. Their eyes met and Bakugou record those few seconds where sparks of hope returned to Midoriya’s eyes as he recognized him.

Toga slashed her blood-stained knife toward the hero. Lemillion screamed as the blood splattered into his face. The burning smell quickly assaulted his nose, followed with the small sizzles of his hero costume

Bakugou gasped. He can’t believe what he just saw.

Was it… Acid?

It’s a similar acid as the bullets.

Lemillion fell on his knees, letting out a painful grunt as he desperately covering his eyes

Midoriya fell to the ground like a ragdoll. His green hazed eyes desperately searching for Bakugou's presence before it fluttered closed. The greenette has passed out from the pain. Red blood soaked through the bandages and tainted his clothes. It slowly turned into black as burning scent filled the room.

Toga quickly grabs a hold of Midoriya’s collar and throws him into the portal. "Come on!" She grabbed Bakugou's hand and they went passed through the portal together.

 Bakugou couldn't take his mind off Togata’s screams. The sight of Lemillion's suit melting off as soon as it came in contact with Midoriya's blood has been deeply engraved in his mind.

Did Deku's blood did that? What the hell happened?


*Two years ago. After Shigaraki brought Deku back to the league.

Midoriya grunted as Shigaraki kicked his legs and he fell on his knees. All eyes are trained on him, judging silently.

The crowds before him murmur and opened up, as Midoriya glances up he saw that familiar wheelchair in front of him, “Welcome back Midoriya” Sensei greeted him.

Midoriya lowered his head, fear overcome him and tried his hardest to stop the shiver in his hand, “sensei…” he replied

"I heard you were leaking information to the heroes all this time. I demand answers, and you'll know what happens if you lied"

Midoriya shut his eyes, clenching his teeth he started to tell sensei everything. Of course not everything, he told him the necessary information to convince him.

"Usually, the punishment for betrayal would be death. Your body will be used to progress our weapon development, however." Sensei's cold fingers rest on his chin, forcing him to look straight at him. Sensei's bare face in front of him and Midoriya hold his breath.

 Sensei let out a crooked smile, “Turning you into a nomu would be such a waste. All we want from you is your brain and everything contained inside it. To turn you into one of those mindless beasts is unheard of” he let go of him and Midoriya feel tears dripping from his eyes from sheer fear, “but that doesn't make you exempt from your punishment. After all, you went back to the hero side even if it’s only for a while”

Midoriya swallowed hard. His body is trembling really badly from fear. He's a rat cornered by thousands of predators with no way to escape.

"I see no merit for me in putting you on another collar. After all, it will disintegrate as soon as you fulfill the contract and it can't be activated remotely." Sensei's lips tugs into a sneer, "Midoriya, I heard you are quirkless am I right.

"Y...y… yes"

"What do you think… of having a quirk?"

"Huh?" Midoriya looked confused. He didn't know what the correlation of being punished with having a quirk.

"You see. I will give you a quirk."

Before Midoriya could answer, Sensei put his hand over him and pure flashing pain entered him. Like thousands, needles pricked him simultaneously

He let out a choked gasp as he fell on the floor.

The pain disappears only to change into a warm sensation all over his body. Traveling throughout his body, warm then it coils into hot feverish sensation before full-on burning him from the inside.

Midoriya screamed as he writhed on the floor. It hurts. His whole body is on fire. A full-blown magma churning inside him. He’s burning inside out. His organs screamed as full fire burn everything inside him. He felt himself melting, leaving only an empty cask of skin in its stead

The greenette felt something bitter coming up his throat and he threw it out. Surprised to see his blood splattered on the ground. Yet in a second his blood sizzles and left a hole on the floor as it dissipates into thin air

"The quirk turns your blood to an acidic substance. So acidic that your body wouldn't be able to withstand it. Your blood will disintegrate everything; Dirt, metal, even your own organs. So far no one has been able to withstand it, except me of course. The quirk has killed eight of its previous owner."

Midoriya's eyes widened in horror. The sight of his blood burning through the ground is deeply engraved in the back of his eyes.

Sensei holds out his fingers, “Four years. The quirk was so destructive and the longest someone can withhold its effect is four years.”

His lifespan has been reduced to a mere four years

"But don't lose hope Midoriya." Sensei put his hand on Midoriya's back and suddenly it's getting easier to breathe. Midoriya wiped the blood from his mouth with his sleeves. The clothes singed and left a black burnt color in its stead.

"I just used my healing quirk for you. As long as you remain good for us, I will continue to provide you with healing to stop the deterioration of your organ" He stroked his back and the pain gradually ease, "If you didn't however...let's just say the first user of this quirk dies within a month after I gave this quirk."

Now Midoriya can't run away. Even if he managed to escape from the league again, he will die within four years, living in agony as his organ deteriorates inside out.

The only way to survive is to stay. Stay and bide his life for the league. Then maybe, he'll manage to live through his fourth year.

Midoriya chooses to return to the league and this is the result of his choices.

Chapter Text

Bakugou fell ungraciously out of the portal. Midoriya was sprawled unconscious beside him.

Bakugou was still shocked by everything that happened when the base's door slammed open. The survivor of the Charge Bolt team has just returned. Almost half of the villains ends up captured by Red Riot. Their number has decreased greatly and they stomp into the base with rage.

“This is your fault!” One of the villain from the Charge Bolt team pointed at the Red Riot team –which have no casualties. “If only you finish your job properly then Red Riot wouldn't crash our plan”

“We did do our job properly. We've drown Red Riot as instructed”

“But he's still alive. That means you didn't do it properly”

Dabi sighed he took off his jacket and covered Midoriya's blood stained body, "Toga fix him up. You're the one who broke him. I'll deal with this shit" Blue fire lit dangerously in his fingertips.

“Shut up” Midoriya hissed between his teeth. He slowly stood up with a staggering feet

“A proper villain would be able to handle himself when things doesn't go according to plan. Do you think everything will always go smoothly as you wish? You're naive. Things won't always go as you wish. Heroes will try their best to stop you. The police will hinder you. Being a league member does not change a thing, on the field you are a villain and you must do everything to achieve your goal.”

The room quieten from his words. No one dared to speak a word. Moreover the sight of Midoriya bloodied clothes makes everyone goes pale.

“Charge Bolt team. You think it's enough to wait for him to exhaust himself. Does any of you have any initiative to capture the reinforcement or the intern while you're at it? No. You were too busy hiding behind the dirt wall to do anything.” His gaze shifted toward Bakugou’s team, “Red Riot team. How many times I warned you to not bind him while his quirk activated! He must've used that moment to revert back and slip through the bind.”

Bakugou recalled the time when he almost failed a mission. The way Tsukauchi scolded him is similar to Midoriya.

“It's a shame for those who got caught by Red Riot. But that means they are too weak to even save themselves. If you do not want to ends up like them, I suggest you to change your way of thinking. We're villain, we will do anything, and I mean anything to get our objective" in that moment Midoriya's knees buckled. Luckily, Toga has been waiting by his side. She caught him before he could fall. Midoriya pulled Dabi's jacket tighter around him and let Toga lead him out of the room

Dabi who has been listening on the side clapped his hand, taking over, "Break time. Let's hope this failure won't hinder our next plan. The next mission won't be up for a while. You are free to cause ruckus on your own. But remember, “The villain let out a warning, “you're on your own."


"Please have a good rest", the nurse lead Togata back to his room and after bidding her goodbye, left the hero alone.

Togata's eyes were covered with bandages. Other than that there's no other major injury besides a few bruises. The hero sighed and leaned on his bed. That's when he felt wind blowing in from his window bringing an unfamiliar scent to his nose.

"Who's there?"

"It’s me." Bakugou sneaked out of his hiding spot. Guilt have drove him to sneak into the hero's room. He knew how deadly those acid were. To receive it first-hand must be horrible

But the older hero just smiled at his direction, "I'm so glad you're here. You made us worried when you suddenly disappeared."

"How’s your eyes." He cut to the chase

"I've lost my vision" Togata answered bluntly

Bakugou clenched his fist.

“Bakugou there’s something I have to tell you. It's about the one who injured me.”

“It’s Midoriya right? I knew it, I was there when he injured you”

“You were? Where were you?”

“I was going undercover… I want to save him that's why I snuck into the Villain League”

“You were inside the league this whole time?!”

Bakugou let out an agreeing hum, “Do you know the new acid bullets that the league developed? I don't want to believe it but we found Midoriya's blood inside it. That’s why I went undercover. I infiltrate the villain league in order to bring him back with me.”

“So he's the one behind those bullets. I don't want to believe it…” he trailed off

Bakugou stomped his feet, “He must be forced! Something must’ve happened! Deku is quirkless, there’s no way his blood could do some crazy shits like this. The league must've done something to him. There's no way that nerd betray us!”

“Calm down Bakugou” Togata let out a weak chuckle, “I’m sorry for doubting him. True, if we see it that way then Midoriya is also a victim” Togata's face brightened with determination, "How could I suspected him? All Might trust him like his own son. There’s no way I can doubt him. Don't worry Bakugou. I trust you. As I trust him”

“You did?” Bakugou was honestly surprised. He never expected Togata who lost his vision because of Midoriya decide to put his trust on him, “Why…” he asked silently, careful not to let Togata changed his mind

“Because he reminds me of someone."


"He reminds me of Eri"

Bakugou’s heart thumped painfully

"You knew Overhaul's case right? How he used Eri's body as an ingredient to make anti-quirk bullets?"

“This time the league is Overhaul, they won't hesitate on using them until their last breath. And in this situation Midoriya is Eri. They both have no choice but to obey them, their lives isn't on their own hand. For Eri it’s better to let Overhaul use her body rather than dying. Maybe Midoriya is the same, maybe he did that in order to survive.” Togata explained using his fingers, "Eri could die if we haven't saved her. The same applies to Midoriya. If you don't save him, his body or mind will break soon enough."

Bakugou recalled Midoriya's icy expression. The dark green eyes that no longer hold hope inside it. Cold and deep like an endless chasm. He's already breaking apart and if Bakugou didn’t save him soon then it'll be too late to fix him.

Togata put his hand on Bakugou's shoulder, "But one thing is important. If I can save Eri from Overhaul then you can save Midoriya from the league."

Bakugou let out a degrading chuckles as strained smile tugs on his lips. Of course he will save him. He's Ground zero for god sake.

But the thought of Midoriya broken beyond repair tugging at his heart like a painful vice. He gritted his teeth. Brows furrowed in clear frustration as he (accidentally) let out a sniffle. A single tears escaped his eyes and he quickly wiped it off with his sleeves.

He swatted Togata's hand away from his shoulder, "I don't need you to tell me that. I already know that"

"Anyway. You said you were there. But I didn't see you"

"I was the one with the gun"

"Wait. You're the shooter? None of them hit me. Your aim sucks"

Bakugou scoffed, "Well thank you. I wasn't looking to be the villain who took down Lemillion"

Togata laughed and Bakugou Hate to admit it but that small banter made him smile. The injured hero turned his head toward the door, "Eri is coming. You said you're undercover right? You better leave before anyone sees you"

The blond get up from the bed and head toward the window, muttering a small thank Bakugou disappeared into the night.

A small knock followed with the sound of door opening, "Mirio, are you okay? I heard you got hurt" the girl squinted his eyes as he saw the wide opened window, "why is your window open?

"Eri-chan long time no see! I was just enjoying the night air”

"You'll get sick Mirio"

The blond shrugged "I'm already at the hospital Eri-chan. I think I’m already sick"

Eri flick Togata's forehead with her finger and the blonde laughed apologetically

Bakugou smiled as he watched the scene from a nearby tree. It seems like they're okay for now. It pained him to admit but all he wanted now was to return to his usual life with Midoriya.

His mind wandered to those days together inside their apartment with their small pup. The way they left and got back together. Their routine of morning coffee and movie night.

Snap out of it Bakugou

Those day are not gone yet. You can still save Midoriya and claimed those days back! With a renewed sense of duty Bakugou return to the villain base.


“So that’s what happened?”

"Yeah" Bakugou swung his bat, the ball hit the homerun mark. The league has given him a free time and while the rest of the villain was too busy causing ruckus out there. Bakugou decided to pay the batting centre a visit.

"And you haven't seen him since then? You said Toga wounded him the last time you saw him." Shinsou swung his bat. The ball flew though not as high as Bakugou's

“Yeah. He stood back right after though. But I know that it was serious.” Bakugou land another hit, “How about your side”

Shinsou sighed. At that moment the ball shot out of the machine and took him off guard. He held the bat defensively and the ball rolled down to the ground with a thunk. Why would Bakugou set their meeting here? Midoriya was always understanding, setting their meeting on cafe or quiet library. Different from this brute. Bet he didn’t know how much hours Shinsou has slept since last week and now he has to squeeze out his last strength batting baseball.

"Lemillion will be getting out next week. Eri has cured him.

Bakugou's hand tighten around his bat, "is that so!" He smashed the ball too hard, the ball ricochet to the roof

Shinsou raised his eyebrows before scoring a homerun. "Did you know what they were after in the prime minister office?”

“Hell if I know. Just another backup. Shit already hit the fray when I arrived”

“We managed to recover some data from the computer. They were extracting a missile launch code”

“What?!” A ball coming straight at him and out of instinct Bakugou caught it with his hand, exploding it to bits

Shinsou didn't even look at his direction, “I saw this once I went into Midoriya's room. The league was planning a hero purge. Maybe that’s what the missile are for”

“Shit!” Bakugou cursed, “Midoriya gave the code to Dabi when Lemillion was about to caught him”

“So the league has the code”

“It seems so” Bakugou throw another fierce hit and hit the homerun again.

The machine whirled down as their session finished. Bakugou wiped the sweat off his face while Shinsou put the bat back where it belongs

“You’re our only hope Bakugou. If you can gather some information from the league about the purge. You know how to contact me” The underground hero said his goodbyes and left the building.

Bakugou let out a frustrated grunt. How is he supposed to handle this shit? Where would he find information about hero purge? Heck even Shinsou seems to know more than him. Did he expect him to sneak to one of the leader’s room and go through their stuff blindly? Surely he didn't expect him to retrieve the code back did he? Finding a small hard disk in the vast base is like finding needle in haystack. 

When he walked out of the building an explosions occurred on the far side of the city. He could see black smoke rising to the sky. The Police sirens rang through the city and he saw some heroes going to the scene as fast as they could.

This is the reality. Things is going to shits and if he can’t stop it soon it will be hell on earth. The hero purge, the name already sounds sinister and he can't imagine what Japan would do without heroes.

Chapter Text

The first step to save Deku would be to find him. It shouldn’t be hard to find him especially since they belong on the same organization now, but ever since that mission Bakugou rarely ever see him. Seems like it's a bit hard for a lowly goons as him to meet with one of the upper echelon in the league.

He asked the underground hero for some way he could find Midoriya inside the base and the hero just simply answered, “Just ask around”

As if it’ll be that easy. Won’t people be suspicious if he ask too much question? But he'll never know anything if he don’t do something 

“Argh Fuck it”

Dabi watched with one raised eyebrows as Bakugou stomped into the common room. He stood in front of him and hesitation hit him. Dabi raised both of his eyebrows. Throwing his arm to the side as he waited for Bakugou to do…. Anything.

The situation was awkward for both of them.

"Do you need something?" Dabi can't stand the tension and decide to break the ice.

"C-can you tell me where Midoriya is?" Bakugou stuttered. He never stuttered!

Dabi smirked, "well look who's developing a crush on his boss"

"Shut up its not!" Bakugou's cheek blushed, "It's just… admiration as a fellow quirkless"

Dabi hummed, "I don't know about the quirkless part though-" huh? What did he means by that? Deku is quirkless, "- but you can find him in the medical wings in this time of day. Though I suggest you wait for an hour until he finish his business"

Business? In the medical wings?

"Great." Bakugou turned around and head out

“That's it?” Dabi sulked, “Where's my compensation for helping you”

Bakugou grumbled under his breath. Helping someone means you don't expect compensation for it. “What do you want?”

"I don't want anything." The villain shrugged

"What the fuck" Bakugou felt vein popping in his head. Conceal. Don’t feel

Dabi leaned forward on the couch, a sly smile on his face, "I just think that it might be fun to have you owe me one"

Bakugou rolled his eyes as he shrugged him off and went toward the medical wings. The medical wings were the only part of the base that have a sterile area. The room was designed similar to hospital. A white stretched hall with doors lining up on its side.

Great! Dabi told him he’s in the medical wings. He didn't tell him which room.

Luckily the medical wings were empty… no it's deserted. The league doesn't have their own doctor so the medical wings were only used to stack up medicine. That's why no one ever stay here too long. They come, grab what they need, then leave.

That’s why Bakugou dared to check the room one by one as the percentage of him running into someone is very small. As he reached half of the rooms Bakugou could hear a soft whirring sounds of a machine as he passed by one of the room.

He stopped in front of the door and knock it. However there’s no answer from the other side. Judging there was no one inside Bakugou turn the knob. A soft consistent whirring of machine filled the room. He could see someone sleeping behind the curtain.  

“Shit! Sorry!” He quickly closed the door. Before the door slammed closed. Bakugou paused. There’s no response from the person inside the room. 

Wait. Could that be Deku? 

True that’s the first person he met since he searched the medical wing, 

Bakugou peeked into the room. That person hasn’t move an inch. 

“Hello?” There's no answer. He think it is safe to assume that the person was sleeping or something. Faintly he could see a tube connected from the person to the machine next to the bed.

He slipped in and closed the door behind him. Walking with the point of his toes, Bakugou tries to make little to no sound as possible. 

The sounds of machine only pique his curiosity further. Slowly he unveiled the curtain. When his eyes caught sight of the familiar red sneaker. He could feel his heart froze. He quickly opened the curtain. 

Midoriya was sleeping on the bed. A machine stood by the bedside, a transparent small tube connected to the needle pierced into Midoriya’s arm. The machine whirred as it draw his blood into the blood bag attached to it. 

Panic slammed upon him like a Tsunami. He quickly searched for the power button and turn down the pump machine. The whirring sounds slowly ceased and he shook Midoriya’s body lightly.

“Deku! Wake up!”

“Kacchan…?” Midoriya’s eyes fluttered open, with a hazy mind the greenette slowly rose from the bed, “Did I pass out?”

“What did they do to you?”

"What… that name…How did you?" Midoriya stared at the unknown person beside him with confusion

Bakugou grabbed his hand, giving a warm assuring grip at Midoriya's thin fingers “It’s me...Bakugou. I’ve come to save you”

And finally Midoriya could see through his disguises. Those sharp eyes honed by the cruelty and the loss he has went through. The pursed lips that used to be rose colour after Midoriya kissed it. Midoriya reached out his hand, his fingertips grazed through Bakugou’s black shorter hair, “You cut your hair…”

Bakugou closed his eyes, letting Midoriya basked in his presence. Feeling his thin fingers combing through his hair.

When he opened his eyes. Midoriya's clear green eyes was fixed on him

“And your eyes” Midoriya's finger grazed his cheekbones, tracing the underline of his eyes

Bakugou caressed his hand, “Its lens”. Midoriya's hand was cold. 

As Bakugou buried himself on Midoriya's palm. The greenette found his way toward Bakugou's ears, “You got piercings”

“Yeah... it's a relic from the past." He took Midoriya's hand toward his lips and kissed it gently. 

His hand was cold, alarmingly so. Bakugou Looked at the blood bag filled with Deku's blood beside the machine. Midoriya has lost too much blood that it made his body temperature dropped so much

The greenette gasped slightly As Bakugou kissed his hand. As if he just snap out from his daydream, “Kacchan, What are you doing here?”

“I've come to save you”

The greenette’s eyes switched onto the machine, “Did you stopped the machine?” Izuku inspected the half-filled container.

Bakugou's face scowled in disgust, “This is sick!” What the fuck did they do to you?”

“That’s nice of you Kacchan… But can you turn on the machine again? They’ll notice if I didn't fill this week’s quota” Midoriya pulled his hand away from him.

“What?! Quota… Deku! You’re losing too much blood!”

“I’m okay Kacchan… I’m fine… It’s just another 200 ml okay? Can you wait there for a second?” Midoriya turned on the machine again and winced when the machine began to sucks out his blood again.

Bakugou could only stared at the scene with mouth gaping in disbelief. Within a few minutes the blood bag was already filled.

“There it’s done” Midoriya turn off the machine and staggered as he get out of from the bed. He collect the blood bags and he was about to step out of the room when he paused

“Bye Kacchan” the greenette waved at him

Oh hell no

Bakugou quickly slammed the door frame, preventing the greenette from closing the door on him, "I've let you go twice. I ain't letting you away from my sight ever again" He seethed, soft growl escaped his lips showing his determination.

“That might be difficult you see…" The greenette looked lost in thought for a while, "Ah but I guess we can use the longer path today” The greenette dismissed him. Without warning the greenette walked away and Bakugou rushed to chase after him. 

Since you're here, I guess it won't be bad to give you a tour."

Finally they arrived on a big metallic door. The room reminds him of a bank bunker with how many security attached to it. The greenette hummed as he unlocked the door, inserting the password and passing through the bioscan.

The metallic door creaked open and they went inside. The room was covered in blinding light. Bakugou winced as the lights pricked into his eyes, taking a few second to adjust himself to the level of lightning. When he adjusted himself to the light he can finally see what the room was about

"Welcome…" Midoriya bowed slightly, "to the manufacture room"

The room was huge and filled with giant machines. The sounds of gears turning and soft whirring filled the whole rooms. He could hear a sound of metal trickling down the shaft which prompt him to turn his head toward the sounds. 

Hundreds of the acidic bullet fell into the conveyor belt and packed into a wooden crate.

This is where the league create the acidic bullet.

They walked to the other side of the manufacture room. There's a fortified door with even more security than before. The iron door was so heavy that it left scratch mark on the white flawless floor. Cold air seeps out of the room as soon as the door creaked open.

"I call this the red room."

The room was called the red room because it's red. No on contrast it was painted the same sterile white as the medical room. It's called the red because of what it contains.


Rows of Giant freezer rose up to the ceiling, each one of them filled with hundreds of blood bags. Each freezer were connected to a machine which lead to another room

“Is this…”

“Yes. It’s my blood. For the past two years I’ve been collecting my blood here.” Midoriya walked toward one of the shelves, he staggered and crashed into the wall


“I’m fine. I’m fine” Midoriya pushed him away, “Sorry but can you put the bags on the shelves. I'm feeling a little lightheaded.”

With a heavy heart Bakugou took the blood bag and put it along he rest of the bag in the freezer.

"The red room is a giant freezer. Every day I have to give 400 ml of my blood and save it in this room. The blood will be frozen here."

Midoriya head to the next room. "This is the thawing room". Midoriya swap his fingerprints and the door opened. Gushes of hot air entered the room

“This is where we thaw the blood." 

A giant tank stood in the middle of the thawing room. In front of the door there's a staircase that lead into the Iron catwalk on top of the tank.

Midoriya climbed the stair. It seems like the simple activity out a heavy strain in his body judging by how exhausted he was when they reach the top. 

There's a control machine on the catwalk near the tank. Only when they've stood above it Bakugou could see what the blood contains

Midoriya's blood

"Since you're here Bakugou. Would you mind lending me a hand?" Midoriya pointed at one of the valve in the wall. "Can you turn it to the right? I'm not strong enough to do it myself

Bakugou look at Midoriya's trembling arm, it seems like he has lost his weight considerably since he saw him. He went to the valve and turned it as per his command

Midoriya say a little thanks and went toward one of the computers and input the command. Another batch of frozen blood bag entered the thaw room and fell into the tank. The acid melt the plastic bag and the frozen blood joined with the rest of the tank

"As soon as the blood thawed, it'll be directed to the giant tank in the middle of the room. He point at a giant tank. The machine stir the blood in a clockwise motion to thaw it. Ah, that valve too please"

Bakugou obey him and turn the valve. He could feel the air pressure release after he turned it

“Thank you,” He pointed at the large tube connected into the tank and disappear into to the wall. "The blood will be sent toward the manufacture room and integrated into the bullet." He explained.

 The nerd continues to tinker with the machine as Bakugou inspected the room.

Bakugou's eyes trailed toward another set of door on the other side of the room, "and where did that door leads to"

“Oh that door? It leads outside” Midoriya said nonchalantly

“Outside? Bullshit”

“You think I’m lying? “

“Yeah. As if the league will let you go that easily”

Midoriya raised his eyebrows and put his hand on the biometrics scan. The door opened, revealing a dense part of a forest, "If you walk north for an hour you'll reach the highway."

"What the fuck? Wait! All this time you have your freedom in front of your eyes but you never escaped?"

Midoriya shrugged, “Why should I?”

“You fucker. You…. Do you know how worried was I when you disappeared? How Shinsou and I stay up all night waiting for DNA results every time a nomu attack us?” Bakugou rushes to the greenette side. Frail be damned. Bakugou grabbed his collar and pulled him up.

The greenette’s shirt pop out of his belt from the sheer force revealing his bare stomach. But that's not what caught Bakugou's attention. It was the small almost invisible stitch wound that span from the greenette stomach up to his chest

“What the…” Bakugou let him go

Midoriya pulled his shirt back down, “since you're here. How much do you know?”

Bakugou told him everything. About finding Midoriya's blood inside the bullet which lead him to throw away his identity as Katsuki Bakugou and infiltrate the villain league to save him

“I joined the last attack. Your planning is as impressive as ever but seriously Deku? What the fuck are you thinking?” Bakugou voice raise, he still remember the sight of Kirishima's body floating under the sea, “You gave their apartment address to the villain. Your plan could kill them and it was for what? Just a diversion. “

Midoriya stay silent. He didn't even say something to defend himself. 

Bakugou took this as sign to continues, “Togata senpai got hurt because of your blood. Honestly I was surprised. That's where I found out that your blood is the main piece of the acid bullet.”

“How's he?”

“He lost his vision. But don't worry, Eri already fixed him”

“I see…” he trailed off, “I hope he take that as a lesson and stop getting in our way.”

Bakugou clenched his teeth, “Midoriya Izuku! Whose side are you on?”

Midoriya’s eyes narrowed, “I'm at no one's side. I've betrayed both side. Now I can only believe in myself. I stood by no one.” Despite of his lanky figures the greenette still hold the fire he thought he had lost, “How about you Bakugou. Seeing you here, does that means you've throw away your place on the hero's side?”

“That’s true… I disappear without leaving any message. If the heroes found out about my presence here I will lost my job for sure. I’m not an agent, I’m not even a handler who used to mingle among villain. But if I have to lost everything to save you then so be it.” Bakugou took his hand and caressed it softly, “I am here right now… throwing everything I have… to save you”

Midoriya’s face hardened, “And I said I don't need any saving.” He put his hand over his stitch wound. “Do you know that my blood is too acid for me to handle? Seven month after I received this quirk I destroyed my left lung.” His lips quirked into a disgusted smile, “But the league always found a way. They replaced my corroded lung with someone else's. Do you know how I could survive this long with this cursed body? It's because sensei keep healing me. I live because of him”

"So what? Do you think they did it without any ulterior motives? Don't mistake their action with kindness, they did it because they need you blood. Don't forget that they're the one who forced this quirk on you in the first place."

Midoriya gritted his teeth, "Then do you think the hero's will help me? I've betrayed them Kacchan. I've betrayed the heroes. I’m a rogue agent now!  Do you think I wouldn't know? I will be arrested as soon as I step into the agency. In the end, you can only depend on yourself.”

“It's not true. I'm on your side”

Pain flashed across his eyes and Midoriya yanked his hand back, "don't talk nonsense. Go back to where you belong" He pushed Bakugou away with his hand.

Emphasizes on push. Midoriya felt like he's pushing Bakugou as hard as he could, it's not his fault the hero's body were built like brick

But that's not what Bakugou felt. The push was weak, even though it seems like Midoriya used all his strength to push him away, Bakugou didn't even budge, he didn't even feel it.

His eyes trailed toward Midoriya's trembling hand. The prominent dark circle under his eyes and how his freckles seems more distinct on his pale face reminds Bakugou that Midoriya is not in condition to fight.

He never has. Not since Bakugou saw him again

All the rage simmered down in his heart. Replaced with a cold sense of worry, "I belong with you Izuku…"

"Go away. I have things to take care off"

Bakugou grabbed his hand," I told you, I’m not letting you go away again."

Midoriya pulled his hand, "do as you wish."


Chapter Text

Midoriya woke up drenched in cold sweat.  The nightmares of drowning in his own blood has become almost a daily occurrence for him.

"Izuku" Dabi knocked in his door, "meeting at seven"

"I'll be right there"

For now, he have no time to falter. He can't rest now. He glanced at the calendar on his bedside.

One day away from the hero purge.


"Any progress?" Shinsou aimed his gun at the target and pulled the trigger

"I met him. We had a talk" Bakugou aimed his own gun and pulled the trigger. He managed to hit the bull’s eyes.

This time Shinsou set the meeting place. They’re meeting at one of Shinsou's favourite shooting range. He has booked the whole place for him so no one will eavesdrop them

"Does he recognised you?"  Shinsou load another bullet to the gun

Bakugou shifted in his stall, "Yeah. More like I told him my identity"

"What?" He pulled the trigger, "You did what?" He completely missed that shot

"Chill it’s just Deku" Bakugou said in a soft voice but it didn't escape Shinsou's ears

"And apparently he's one of the leader of the league. What part of being undercover did you not understand?"

"You have to trust him." Bakugou put his gun down, “He didn't change… well... a lot. But that's beside the point. He took me to the bullet factory inside the league"

Shinsou still glared at him warily

Bakugou told him about the bullet factory and how is it done. He also told him about Midoriya's role in it.

Shinsou stay quiet during the whole story. 

"That’s sick! Whatever they've done to him. It’s inhumane."

Shinsou's eyes trailed back to the target in front of them, "Bakugou… do you remember the nomu that you fought when we lost Midoriya"

"Yeah what about it?"

"We found bomb inside her body. It seems like the league planted it inside her."

"What the fuck?"

The machine whirred and their session ended, the target were brought to their stall. Shinsou sighed as he looked at one miss at the result

"Point is Bakugou, We're dealing with people who didn't think about other people's life." He put the gun down, “At least Midoriya is still alive"

"Well no shit. Problem is I can't make him leave"

"Is it difficult to take him outside?"

Bakugou shook his head. "He had access to a hidden door, he can escape anytime. But he never escaped."

"He never try?"

Bakugou sighed as he put the gun back, "I dunno. He doesn't want to leave. It seems like something's holding him back."

"What is it?"

"I dunno." Bakugou shrugged, completely at lost

"Well that's my report. How's your side?"

"The league has been quiet lately. Sure crime is still going on, but the leaders has never involved in any cases lately."

"Yeah now that I think about it, all the upper echelon always stay on the base lately." That's what made it more difficult to approach Midoriya lately, one of the leader are always hanging around him, "What else?"

"There's been a stray tanker stranded in the Pacific Ocean, its waiting outside the country's border so we don't have the authority to check them in."

"A tanker?"

"We tried to make contact with it but there's been no answers. Do you know anything about it?"

"Nah… first time hearing about it."

"Have you heard anything new about hero purge?"

"Nope. Not a clue. But don't worry, as long as Midoriya stay on our side it'll be easy"


Midoriya stood from his seat as the meeting started, "Before we started, there’s something I want to talk about.”

The rest of the leaders shut their mouth as Midoriya started speaking

"On our last mission, I assumed the last mission failed because red riot managed to escape from his bind. But I was wrong that's why I want to apologize to Dabi for blaming you for our mission failure and also to Shigaraki because he lost his team in this mission"

"Don't worry about that Izuku. But one thing bother me, what do you mean you're wrong?"

"Actually, the mission was a success. Dabi's team managed to drown Red Riot. The problem is he was saved by someone before he could actually drown"

"What?" Shigaraki exclaimed

"There was a traitor among the group"

"Traitor?" The word sends an alarm blaring inside their minds. Their eyes eyeing suspiciously at each other.

Midoriya shows Bakugou's new disguise that he got from the security camera on the screen, "Ground Zero has infiltrated the league"


It was already late at night when the meeting ends and Bakugou returns to the base. Meeting with Shinsou always put some burden on him. Now he has to meet with Deku and ask about the hero purge. 

According to Shinsou's memory the Purge was supposed to happen two years ago. But Midoriya's escape to the hero's side halted the progress. Now that Midoriya has returned to the villain side, they didn't know when he purge will happen.

As he returned to the base he could hear some villain bragging about the car that he stole from the dealer yesterday. Some other villain bragging about the rare jewellery that cost million dollar on their hands.

Bakugou was supposed to mingle with them yet somewhere deep inside him there's only disgust and hatred for those villain. He didn't want to mingle with them and so are they, the rest of the villain didn't want to make friends with a weak quirkless guy.

He decided to return straight to his room before he lose his mind. After spending quite a few weeks along with the villains Bakugou has expected them to bully the hell out of him because he's quirkless. 

What he did not expected was to find Midoriya waiting inside his room.


Midoriya snapped out of his trance, "Hi, I was waiting for you"

"What's wrong? Did something happened?"

Midoriya grabbed his collar and pulled him down.

Before Bakugou could recover Midoriya has already pulled him into a kiss. Soft cold lips pressed against him gently 

And that is everything it took to make him melt.

Bakugou's frozen hand slowly landed on Midoriya's back. Pulling him closer. Now that he's able to hold him close like this Bakugou could finally feel how small the greenette has become. 

Bakugou closed his eyes as he return the kiss. Devouring him carefully. Trapped between wanting to touch every parts of him, devouring him and to touch him gently because now Deku is frail as a porcelain glass.

Both sides fighting inside him like a turbulent wave. He could feel Izuku's thin fingers slipping between his and it remind him of glass and the careful side of him won.

He tries to break off the kiss, pushing him away slightly when he felt Midoriya moved closer and bite on his lower lips teasingly. Forcing the hero to open his mouth so he could slip inside him.

Bakugou complied, opening his mouth and let the greenette roamed inside him. Their tongue intertwined, tangling and sucking at each other. String of saliva connected as they broke off their kiss to breath.

Panting breath filled the room. Their eyes gazing lovingly at each other


"I want you to leave." Midoriya cut him off

"Leave? What do you mean?" Bakugou frowned, “You can't pull that stunt with me and expect me to leave"

"Your place is not here. You should go back to the heroes and save people."

"I told you I’m not leaving you again. How can I save those people if I can't even save you?"

"But you have to go! The league are planning something bad and I don't know if I can stop them from hurting anyone." He insisted

"Then tell me about it. If you told me your plan then maybe I can help you. You can't keep me in the dark and expect me to leave" Bakugou took his hand and hold it firm in his hand.

Midoriya shook his head.

"Is this about the hero purge?" Bakugou guessed

Midoriya pulled back his hand, "How did you know about that?"

"Shinsou told me about it. We don't know anything about it and I hope you can tell me about it."

"I… I can't…"

"Is this plan you're talking about is the hero purge?"

Midoriya stay silent, his eyes trailed to the ground from guilt and Bakugou took it as a yes, "So it is the hero purge. Is that why you asked me to leave?"

"If I tell you everything about the purge will you leave the league?"

Bakugou shook his head, "I’m not leaving you. I'll give the information to Shinsou and leave it to him. They'll come up with a plan while I can keep protecting you here"

Midoriya took a step back. The air between them change drastically, "So you won’t leave no matter what I do?"

Bakugou frowned, "why are you so hell bent on making me leave?"

Midoriya's door slammed open and Bakugou could see all the leader waiting by the door

Midoriya's eyes looked at him coldly, "Because Ground zero sir, we do not need you in our oncoming plan."

A familiar black portal appeared behind Bakugou and Midoriya’s eyes filled with pain even as he smile.

"Bye Kacchan"

And so he pushed the hero into the portal.


Toga hooted, "Never thought I'll see Izukkun doing a honey trap"

Midoriya wiped his lips with his sleeves. "Don't remind me. Now that the trouble maker is gone let’s talk about the purge. Toga, Shigaraki, Dabi are your team ready?"

The villains walked toward the common room where the rest of the villain had been waiting

"Have you prepared your speech?" Toga nudged Shigaraki with her elbows

"Don't worry" Dabi draped his hand over shigaraki shoulder, "I know you spend the whole night for it"

“The tanker are in position” Midoriya gave a paper to Kurogiri, “this is the coordinate for the tanker.”

The tall man took it and nodded, “Good luck Midoriya-kun” he said before disappearing into his own portal.

Midoriya turned toward Shigaraki, “You ready?"

Shigaraki nodded and Midoriya pushed the door open

Shigaraki stood by the whole member of the league of villain. “Ladies and Gentlemen. I know that you're not satisfied by our current system. But you don't have to wait any longer. Tomorrow we will launch a large scale attack to the city. Tomorrow we will fight! And tomorrow the heroes will be dead!”

The villain cheers. Fisted hands raised to the air as they chanted the league's name

Midoriya clapped his hand from the side, "congratulation on raising the group's moral. Now that it's done. All the pieces are ready. Let the plan commerce."

The clock strike midnight and the day changed

Midoriya lips pulled into a sinister smile, "The hero purge start"

Chapter Text

The attack happened in the middle of the day. Loud explosions occurred at the same time in the middle of the city. The villain targeted a densely populated area on purpose. The hero quickly dispersed to fight the villain like a moth to fire. 

"You go to the west! I’ll go handle this one!" Cellophane split up with his partner and jump into the fray. Capturing the villain with his tape. 

“I’ll help you” Alien girl jumped in, coating the villain with her sticky acid.  “Where’s the police car?”

“Alien girl watch out!” A car flew toward their direction and Mina jumped back, letting go of her hand over the villain. "Cellophane! Where’s the villain?” But Sero is nowhere to be seen, “Cellophane?”

The villain broke through the binding tape and though they are still sticky from Ashido’s quirk they’re free again. Shadows of villains started to grow through behind her.


"Fucking shit!" Bakugou blasted the door with his quirk. But the door won't budge. It didn't even leave a dent, only black trace of explosions remains on the door.

He fell to the floor, sweat trickling down his temple. How long has he been trapped here?

No. Calm down Bakugou. Clear your mind and think.

He didn't know where he was because Deku pushed him into the portal. Why would he do that? He clearly throw him here on purpose so what's the reason? Does it means he didn't need him anymore? Or knowing him, dies he planning for Bakugou to do something for him?

"Argh!" Bakugou ruffled his hair in frustration. Okay there's nothing he can do about that. 

"Let’s see… so where am I?"

Bakugou inspected the room. The room was spacious, as big as a school gym. The wall are sturdy and somehow able to nullify his attack. There's only one door which Bakugou tried to explode before. It seems like it’s made with the same quirk-cancelling power. There's no window but there's a fan which pump air into the room. Faintly Bakugou could smell… salt? No, it’s the ocean. Does it mean he's on the sea right now? Where in the world does Midoriya sent him?

There's been a stray tanker stranded in the Pacific Ocean, its waiting outside the country's border so we don't have the authority to check them in

Shit. Right. Shinsou does mention that to him. If he's somewhere on the sea… then does that mean he's currently stranded in the middle of the fucking Pacific Ocean?

"What the fuck?!"

Suddenly a black portal appeared on the ceilings. Bakugou out on his stances, ready to blows out anything that comes out from the portal.

But instead of villains or nomus that he had expected. Sero fell out of it I stead

The hero groaned as he landed painfully on the ground.

"Wait Sero?"

The hero flinched and quickly stood back on his feet. His eyes looking at Bakugou suspiciously, "Who the fuck are you?"


"Ochako chan! Down there Kero!  Tsuyu pointed at the street below them. Mina along with two other heroes were battling almost a dozen of villain. 

“Alien Girl! We’re coming to help you"

Mina looked up. "NO! Don't come here!"

But she was too late. Ochako has already inactivated her quirk and fall toward them. A black portal suddenly appear in front of her and swallowed her whole.

“Ochako-chan!” Tsuyu stretch out her tongue toward the nearby lamp pole. She watched as Ochako disappeared in front of her eyes. 

“Froppy! That portal user must be nearby. You have to find him first!”

The hero behind Mina screamed as her legs got tangled with one of the villain’s quirk. A portal appeared behind her and the villain throw her into the portal. 

The villain are capturing the heroes one by one


"How the progress?" Sensei asked as he observed the monitor

"Almost seventy percent of the heroes in the city has been captured. There's also been a few addition from the neighbouring town so that's a plus. If we keep this up we would reach the target in no time" Midoriya answered as his finger dance on the keyboard. His eyes never leaving the monitor

"That's perfect. How about the missile?"

"It's almost ready now." He switched the monitor to the missile countdown window. Twenty minutes till the missile launched

An ominous laugh escapes from Sensei's lips. “Things are progressing well. Keep this up and we can finally purge Japan from heroes"

"Of course Sensei"


"Where are the heroes?!"

"Charge Bolt disappeared after he pass through that black mist thingy" one of the heroes shouted.

"It must be rough if they call a retired hero like me back to the field" Gran Torino attacked a villain with his kick

"I’m sorry sir, we're losing more heroes than what we expected." One of the heroes bowed their head deeply.

The city was in chaos. No one can stopped the villain. This time their targets are the heroes. They left the hostages as soon as they're done with them and they didn't plunder, they leave the opened store and didn't steal either. Their sole target was the heroes only. They'll move on from one place as soon as all the heroes has been captured, leaving trail of destruction behind them, inviting the heroes to fight them. And the more they destroy the city, the more heroes come to their place

It's going according to their plan

 One by one the hero disappeared. 


"Sensei" Midoriya reported, "We managed to catch almost 94 % of the heroes. The missiles are ready to launch anytime."

"94% huh… I guess it'll do for our first purge. Launch it"

Midoriya nodded and return to his computer, "Missile launch commencing in three… two… one."

The greenette input the key and push the button. Somewhere on the northern japan. A missile activated by its own and launch toward its destination coordinate

Suddenly the monitor blared red

"What happened?" Shigaraki stood up from his seat

"Someone's trying to hack into the missile."

Toga clicked his tongue, "Well, Stop it!"

"I’m on it." Midoriya's finger dancing on the keyboard. However the screen on the monitor showed that the missile trajectory is changing slightly

"The missile direction is changing" Dabi urged him

"Not on my watch." Midoriya pushed the final button, sending a deadly cyber virus to the hacker. Then moment passed as they waited for the effect. The alarm stopped and the monitor return to normal. Midoriya has single-handedly stopped a hacker

Midoriya clicked his tongue. "I'm too late, I managed to stop them but the missile trajectory has shifted a bit from the target."

"Can you try to put it back on track?" Dabi asked

"I’m trying but I won't make it in time to fix it, the least I could do is shifting it back to its original track a bit."

"Do it" Sensei's voice cold and stern

Midoriya gulped, "Yes sir." He quickly returned to the computer and tried his best to shift it back on track. 

They could see the missile shifted back toward its original track. But as Midoriya said, it was too late. Before the missile could return to its original course it landed and exploded.

The room quieten and nobody dares to speak

"Did we make it?" Toga break the ice

"Aerial view coming in a minute." Midoriya said as he send a drone. 

The monitor flickers as the camera connected and it shows the giant tanker sinking into the depth of pacific. The missile might not be able to explode the tanker but at least it could drown it.

"Heat sensor searching for any life signal…." The radar shows nothing as its sensor search for any life signs. Three minutes passes, "there's none… we make it." 

Midoriya stared at the monitor with wide eyes.

"The heroes are dead."

Chapter Text

"Ladies and gentlemen." Shigaraki stood in the middle of the room, "I'm here to say thank you for your hard work. Because of your cooperation, our first Hero Purge is a success!"

The mood in the base were very festive with their recent success.  The villains cheers, satisfied and proud of their work as Smiles etches to their face.

"I know some of you are eager to rob or kill someone. But now our first mission is to eradicate those self-proclaimed hero. Today we eradicate Musutafu, tomorrow we'll aim for the whole Japan!"

The villain raised their cups as they drink their beers. A celebration for their first step in conquering Japan. All the upper echelon joined the party except Kurogiri who had overused his quirk today.

The villain were partying up all night when Shigaraki's phone rang. Begrudgingly he picked up the phone. His face turned into disgust as he listened. He turned toward Midoriya, "Gather in the command room I’ll be back in a minute."

All the leader has been waiting in the command room for Shigaraki. Exactly a few minutes later Shigaraki returned to the command room, his hand choking a girl in her thirty dangerously with four of his finger. Shigaraki locked the door down and throw the girl to the floor, "tell them what you just told me"

Midoriya recognised her. She's one of the few rising hero from the league. By how obedient she was to Shigaraki it was safe to assume that she's a spy the league planted on the heroes’ side. 

The girl coughed. "The heroes are planning an attack"

"A desperate attack huh?" Dabi leaned on his chair

While toga smirked, playing with the edge of her knife, "Let's face them head on."

"No ma'am. The heroes gathered from all over japan. There are hundreds of them. We're greatly outnumbered."

"What?" Shigaraki slammed the table, "Why is there so many of them?"

The girl shook her head before continuing, "More importantly… the one who lead the attack is Ground Zero himself"


*Place unknown, before the missile launch

The room was filled with heroes. After Sero there's round face and suddenly there's three or four other heroes fall into the room. Within an hour the spacious room was crowded with heroes.

Bakugou pulled Sero and Kaminari aside and explained the situation

"So you’re saying were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?" Kaminari panicked yet he still managed to keep his voice down.

"I'm not saying that. I'm just saying they were somewhere near the sea" Bakugou stopped Kaminari from attacking the wall with his quirk

"No. Bakugou, from what I connected from your story. We're currently in the middle of the sea with our backs wide open against the league." Sero said

"You said it, not me" Bakugou didn't want to admit it but that's what happening right now. The heroes played right into Deku's hand 

Suddenly the room shook greatly. "Shit!" Kaminari cursed, he could feel the panic rising through his blood, " What the fuck was that?"

"Did the league finally attacked us?"

The rooms was in uproars. The heroes started to panic when the vibration didn't stop. Their hearts beating hard from the uncertainty and anticipation.

When the vibration stopped they looked at each other with wary in their eyes. Anticipating for any attacks. Their body on high alert from the adrenaline in their body

Then suddenly the door creaked open with a heavy friction.

 Shinsou with a matted hair from the sweat and ragged breath smiles in relief, "it's getting crowded in here huh?"


"Please make a line" Shinsou ordered as the heroes get inside the bus one by one. With the cooperation of the local governor, Shinsou managed to rent a few buses that will take the heroes to their respective city 


"Bakugou… so you survived… I swear why is my agents keep disappearing on me?" He throw his arms to the side dramatically

"Shut your mouth. Midoriya is the one who put me there" he slapped Shinsou's away

"He did?"

"I'm the first one there. How did you know find this place anyway?" Currently they are at an abandoned pier by the west part of Japan. The giant container that used to confined them were hidden there

Shinsou paused before he answered, "An old contact suddenly tell me today."

"And by old contact you mean…"

He took out his phone. There's only one new message for him it come from an unknown number. It shows a map with red dots blinking on it.

Shinsou looked surprised as he saw the dot that mark the tracker stood close to him. His eyes shifted to Bakugou. "You said you're the first one here?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"Excuse me". Suddenly Shinsou started to touch Bakugou's shoulder and grope around his body.

"Oy what the fuck." Bakugou raised his hand in self-defence but before he could hit him, Shinsou already pulled his hand back. 

 "Look at this." He showed a small tracker in his hand, "it was in your collar"

"My collar?"

The sight of Midoriya pulling him into a kiss

Bakugou took a deep breath, "He must've put it on me before he throw me into the portal. How's the city?"

"It's a mess. The police couldn't handle it all by themselves. And when the heroes started disappearing it throw people into panic. Luckily the villain disappeared after the missile launched"

"How about Midoriya?"

"Don't Worry Bakugou, we didn't see him anywhere in the city during the attack."

"He must be still in the base then" Bakugou watched as the bus leaves and disappeared on the corner. They might have survive from the missile attack but they have caught the hero once. Now that he's out of the base he didn't know what the villain next steps are. "So What now?"

"The hero’s league are gathering on All Might agency to talk about the next steps. They thought that everyone dies in the missile attack. But now we can fight back against him" Shinsou throw a suitcase he has been carrying with him and throw it at Bakugou.

The hero caught it and opened it. His eyes sparkled when he saw his hero suit, neatly folded in it

"I believe it's time for Ground Zero to get in action" Shinsou smirked

"Hell Yeah! Damn that's right! It's time for the heroes to strike back"


All eyes looked at the monitor as they shows the amount of heroes that gather right outside their base.

Shigaraki bit on his nail, drawing blood as the nail broke

"We're not fighting a losing battle." Sensei said.

"It's decided then." Midoriya took out his phone and the base blared red as iron steel shutters fortified their wall. The base is on lockdown, no one can get in or out of here. “The defence system has been activated"

Blind to what's happening outside, the rest of the villain were too drunk on their celebration to notice. 

"We should strike back! Why are we running with tail between our legs?" The spy insisted. She must've already blown her cover hence why she's so desperate to purge all the hero. She clung into Shigaraki's legs.

A cold wind whooshed around the room, "Thank you for your hard work." With one swift movement sensei beheaded he spy. He wiped the blood that splattered to his hand, "she must be the one who lead the villain to our place."

"It seems like the plan failed." Kurogiri said, having woken up from his rest, this is not exactly what he had expected

"I’m sorry sensei. It’s my fault, the heroes are coming here" Midoriya bowed his head

"It’s okay Midoriya, people makes mistakes. It's not your fault that your mistakes costs us everything that we have"

Shigaraki looked at the monitor, "We can still fight back."

"No Shimura. You have to learn, there are times where retreating is the correct choice."


"Off you go now." Sensei waved his hand and Thick black glob escapes from their mouth and swallowed them whole. Sensei has teleported them far away. 

"You're staying here Midoriya, this is your mess, clean this up."

"Yes sensei." Midoriya sat on the commanding chair and started to activate the traps he set in the radius 1 km from the base.


"Listen here heroes." Bakugou stood in front of the attack team. "The base will be surrounded by traps. The traps will be hidden very well and it'll be very deadly"

As he close his eyes he could remember that constant muttering as Midoriya cooked something up in his brain

"The one who set this up is a fucking genius"

The sight of Midoriya's cold eyes as he orders some men to their deaths.

"And if you want to survive. You'd better not underestimate him."

His words sends chill down their spine. They're now facing the person who led the League of Villain to its golden age. 

"Now that you're understand. Let show those fuckers who's the boss!" Bakugou flashes off his fangs. 

With that he propel himself first with his explosions. Casting another explosions before he landed and triggered a few traps in advances.

Fires and death-traps flew all around him but the explosive hero can only feel the adrenaline pumping high in his vein.

"Bring it on Deku. I will win and save you"


“Sensei…” the greenette knocked on the door, “The heroes will arrive soon. We should evacuate”

“I see. Can you help me Izuku?” the man gestured at his wheelchair.

Izuku bowed his head, “with pleasure”

The greenette lead the older man toward the manufacture room. The two exits in the building has been blocked off by the system hence the only exit left to escape safely from is the exit at the thawing room. Which they were heading to right now.

"Sensei…"Midoriya stopped walking as they went through the thawing room, "what should we do with the blood?" He pointed at the tank.

"We have to purge your blood. It's a shame but we can’t let he heroes know the secret part of our acidic bullet."

“But I don't have the purging code", Midoriya said as he took Sensei's wheelchair up the stairs. 

"I will do it." Sensei stood up and walked to where the machine was.

Midoriya input the command and all the blood in the red room entered the thawing room. The water level increased greatly from the addition

Sensei inputted the key and Midoriya could feel the room temperature rose a few degree.

"It's done. Now your blood will evaporated from the heat and kill every heroes who managed to get inside. Come on Midoriya, we should escape now" Sensei turned around and faced Midoriya

And Sensei's body flinched when sharp pain stabbed through his chest. 

Midoriya grunted as he pushed the knife deeper into Sensei's chest. The knife he has stolen from Toga glinted as it buried itself deeper into the older man's chest

Sensei let out a painful chuckle, "so you finally shows your true intention. I was beginning to suspect that we've broken you completely”

With his quirk he slammed Midoriya to the wall behind him. Spider web cracks spread throughout the wall from the sheer force. Blood spluttered from Midoriya’s mouth as he crashed. "It’s futile." Sensei said

Midoriya scoffed "it's not futile. Every steps I’ve taken has been calculated very carefully." He raised his bloodied arms


Sensei felt a burning sensation dripping into his heart through the hole in his chest. As he touch the wound in his heart he can feel it.

Midoriya has also stabbed his arms when he wounded him. The blood from Midoriya's wounded arm dripped through the knife and seeps into Sensei's wound

The greenette flash a victorious smile painfully  as he bared his teeth. "I can take Lemillion's vision with a few drops. Imagine what it would have done to your old brittle heart."

A dreading sound of something crackling sends shiver down Midoriya's spine. Only then he realised that this is the first time he ever heard Sensei gritting his teeth. "You ungrateful bastard" The man seethed

Midoriya gulped from the fear. But he clenched his hand hard, "I am done living under your fear. What's the point of living if you can't be free? I'd rather fight and die for my freedom rather than hurting the people I love again."

"So it's all has been a part of the plan." Sensei hold his hand over the wound. It seems like the acid is finally working, “You’ve tricked us so well Izuku. Did you make the missile miss on purpose? So you can save a handful of heroes? "

"I didn't mess with the missile target. The video feeds are real." Midoriya could feel his hand burning from the blood, “Let me ask you a question sensei. Which one is easier? Messing with a live missile with a set coordinate. Or giving a false coordinate to Kurogiri, a human which prone to make mistakes"

The smile in Sensei's face dropped, "You don’t say!"

"The tanker does sunk to the depth of the pacific. But the heroes were never inside the tanker in the first place. They were save on a hidden place on a pier"

With a staggering feet Sensei reached out his hand, "It's a nice plan. But it ends here"

"Not so fast." Midoriya took out a lighter from his pocket and lit it out. In his other arm he took out the spray that he has prepared before. With the rest of his strength he sprayed the gas toward the ceiling and lit it up with fire. The whole room lit up as Giant wave of fire rolled to the ceiling

The sprinkle reacted immediately and sprayed its liquid from the ceiling, trying to put down the fire.

The sprinkler ran through the whole base, a certain greenette has tinker with the current setting. Which means when one sprinkler activated, then the rest of it will follow.

The villains were partying when the sprinkler activated. They screamed in surprise when the water rained upon them. But the water is thicker than usual and its hurts when it rained upon them. As they opened their eyes their vision was quickly painted with red. It was not water. It was blood. Blood is raining down from the sprinkler. Suddenly there’s this familiar sounds of sizzling and the disgusting smell of meat burning. The red blood burns them as it touched everything it came in contact with.

It was not a usual blood.

It was Midoriya’s blood.

The sprinkler sprayed its content throughout the whole base. The villain screamed as acidic blood rained on them and burn their bodies. They scattered around, trying to save their lives. But the base was on lockdown. They couldn't escape from. The base. All they could do is writhed and screamed in agony as the acid burn their body.

"How….How could you change the water?" Sensei watched the blood slowly burning through his clothes with horror

"All you need is to know the waterworks and turn the right valves. With my condition, I couldn't even turn the valve but luckily I have some help "

Sensei laughter filled with amuse, "I thought we've broken off your fang and clip your claw but you still find a way to bite our neck."

The greenette let out a manic laugh as his clothes sizzled from the acid. Even he is also a subject to his own genocide.

The iron catwalk which they're standing upon started to corrode from the acid and break.

And sensei fall into the blood tank.

Dragging his body, Midoriya walked to the edge of the tank and saw Sensei melt inside his own blood. The blood let out a smell of burnt meat and a sickening sizzles as Sensei's fingertips disappear.

"Finally… finally...  it’s over…" Midoriya could feel his consciousness leaving him. All the exhaustion and stress evaporating into air. The heavy burden on his shoulders lifted and he felt so light. The world darken and tilted as he fell to the side, slamming heavily on the catwalk.

The smells of burnt meat filled his nose.

What's burning?

His hazed eyes watched the red blood rain fell upon him unstopping  

Oh that's right. He's burning

The sounds of iron cracking down followed with a vicious snap and Midoriya felt the gravity pulling him in. He's falling. The blood inside the tank boils underneath him.

Will he survive? Midoriya's mind was too cloudy to even think about his own survival right now.

It already ends anyway. Living or dying shouldn't be a problem .

His dull green eyes slowly slides close. 

In that moment. A pair of strong arms captured him in time before he smashed to the ground.

"Deku! Are you okay?"

Chapter Text

When Midoriya woke up he was greeted by white ceiling in a white room. The gentle breeze blows the almost transparent curtain into the room. Midoriya's eyes blinked open and the first thing he saw is Bakugou's hand gripping tight at his hand. The blond's head resting on the white bed sheet beside him.

Midoriya tries to squeeze back his hand. Bakugou’s eyes fluttered open from the small tug. His short hair bounced up as he woke up and his eyes widen when he saw Midoriya's eyes staring back at him.

The greenette chuckled, “Is this heaven?”

Bakugou let out a relieved smile as he caressed his head, “I have you in my arms. So I guess we can call it heaven”

Midoriya let out a weak chuckle. The truth is, he already knows he survived. Judging by the soft dull familiar pain in his body.

“What happened?”


"Deku! Are you okay?"

Bakugou remember hidden exit location. That's why he excused himself when the attack started and focus on finding the exit.

If you walk north for an hour you'll reach the highway

It didn't even take half an hour to reach the place with his quirk. And by the time he arrived the exits has been opened invitingly.

Bakugou thought he was too late. That Midoriya had escaped with the rest of the villain. But when he went inside to check all he saw is Midoriya's unconscious body falling right into the blood tank

Bakugou caught him before he fell. He hold him tight as they crashed and rolled to the ground.

Bakugou looked at him. The greenette’s head limped to the side as Bakugou shook him, "Deku? Wake up!" He could see traces of burnt skin of the greenette's face.

“Fuck!” He winced when the blood rained on him. He quickly hunches his back over Midoriya's unconscious body defensively. 

He looked around at the room. There are no one else there. He quickly pick him up and escape through the exit.

Bakugou did not joined the main team with attacking the base. His sole intention was to save Deku, but from what he heard it was like hell when the heroes arrive. The villain were grateful when they broke into the base. Some of them had already wounded so severely to be saved.

Yes, Midoriya Izuku was a villain but he was no killer. But now, a lot of lives lost because of him. Yet Bakugou couldn't blame him for doing what he did. The league is a cruel organisation and they got what's coming for them.

Beside the wounded villains, the hero are doing a manhunt for the rest of the leaders and also the mastermind behind it all, Sensei who disappeared after the attack.

Bakugou took Midoriya to hospital immediately. Midoriya's condition has worsened since the last time he saw him. He lost too much blood and with those weak body of his, the suicide mission he does only make his condition worse. The doctors are trying their best to cure him. Luckily on the fourth day since his admittance, Midoriya finally woke up 

“They’re trying to remove the acid from your bloodstream.” Bakugou said as he saw Midoriya’s analytic gaze, “Eri could do it faster though, he could turn your blood back to normal. But there’s this one problem”

Midoriya waited as the blond paused.

“To use her quirk, Eri has to touch your blood directly. But your acidic blood will burn her hand before she could activated her quirk. That’s why everyone trying to tune down the acid to a safe level where she could touch it safely”

"I see…"

Don’t worry about it. We got a whole team of specialized doctor to help you now. Even Pinky volunteered to neutralize your acid.

 Midoriya smiled weakly, "thank you… for everything"

Bakugou cast his gaze down. Lips pursed into thin line as he hesitated. With a deep breath he finally took the courage to ask, "Deku…"


"By the time I arrived at the lair. You’ve already planned everything didn’t you?"

The greenette’s eyes narrowed and Bakugou could see the emerald green getting one shade darker

"You already planned to take Sensei down by yourself. Even if that means killing yourself in the process."

Midoriya looked at the far horizon through the window, "The villain took my gun away", he looked at his trembling hand, "and they took my ability to shoot. They gave me that curse as punishment for betraying them. They thought by taking all my way to resist they could break my spirit"

He clenched his hand, “But one thing they didn’t realize"

Rage burns inside those green orbs, so intense that Bakugou wondered how could he hides such intense hatred during his stay in the league

"By turning my blood into acid they’re giving me a greater power than a bullet. I have been denying Sensei treatment lately, I’m trying to make myself immune to the acid. Even though I failed" he motioned to his lung, “but at least I can survive for a few month without it now."

"And why would you do that? Why won’t you ask for help? Why are you burdening yourself with this thing alone?"

"I told you before, I've betrayed both heroes and villain. No one will come to my aid even if I search for help"

"And that's where you were wrong." Bakugou hold his hand tight, prompting the greenette to look at him straight in the eyes, "I will help you. I will stand by your side and I will never let you go again"

 Tears escaped from the greenette's eyes. His shoulder shook as the dam broke down. Soft sniffles escaped from his lips as he can’t hold it down any longer. His hand desperately wiping the nonstop tears from his eyes

Bakugou shifted closer and pulled him into a hug. Midoriya's body stiffened for a bit before it relaxed from the familiar caramel scent. Bakugou rubbed his back gently as the greenette cried his heart out that day.

It will take years for Midoriya to recover, it will also take years to clear up his name…. They have such a long road ahead of them. But they’re ready

Because no matter what happened. They will always have each other

Chapter Text

A month has passed since and it almost becomes a routine for Bakugou to visit the hospital after his shift ended and stay there until the visiting hour end. Tsukauchi even went out of his way to arrange his schedule so he could spend as much time in the hospital as possible.

He opened the door, not bothering to knock it. Inside the hospital room is a greenette reading a book in his hand leisurely. All the tenseness that has weighted his back has completely disappeared and now he’s staying in the hospital for his destructive quirk.

“Oy Deku” He took off his jacket and throw it to the sofa

Midoriya put down his book and smiled at him "Kacchan. How's work?"

“Just the usual.” The blond paused before he continues, “ We still haven't found the location of the rest of the leader. How about you?”

“just tests and more meds.”The greenette shrugs, “ And I’m bored. Extremely so.” He pointed at the book.

Bakugou chuckled, “That's good”. he rummaged through his bag and took out a thick book “because I found the damn perfect thing for you”

Midoriya’s eyes brighten as he accepted the book. Green eyes skillfully skim through the first pages of the book. “Is this a mystery book?” He said in disbelief, his eyes glimmer at the sight of challenge in front of his eyes

Bakugou sat on the bedside, flashing a smug smile on his face, “Suits for a nerd like you huh?”. He smiled, satisfied with Midoriya’s reaction

Midoriya can’t hold down his giggles as he went through the book, “Let me guess, does Intelli Saiko create this?” A smile quirked up in his lips as he felt he hit the spot.

Bakugou flinched, his smile falters for a second, “how did you know?”

“Judging by the difficulty level of this mysteries it's clear that the one who creates this is a genius.” He closed the book and hold it dearly in his hand. “So my first guess would be her with her quirk IQ”

Bakugou sighed as he admits his defeat, “I can't hide anything from you can I?”

“You can if you try hard enough.” Midoriya leaned on Bakugou’s shoulder, “Besides this is a nice surprise.”

“Do you like it?”

Midoriya give a small peck on Bakugou’s lips, “Very much”


Shinsou stood in front of the office. It was the time for his monthly report and that means, reporting everything his agents -Midoriya- has done in the past month. He steeled his heart as he knocked on the door.

“Come in” and so he pushed the door.

The boss sat on his comfortable office chair and glance at him, “Shinsou huh, Midoriya's handler, the agents who went rogue and kill One for All.”

Shinsou swallowed hard, not a good start it seems

“How’s your agent?”

He clears his throat, trying to swallow some of his anxiety, “He's been hospitalized for his dangerous quirk and we've put a hero to guard him but he has been very cooperative.”

“A kill-on-sight order has been issued for him. Am I mistaken?” The boss asked to the point. Why haven't you kill him? the implication

Shinsou straighten his back, pulling as much air into his lungs as he repeated he defend Midoriya speech that he has practice since last night, “Midoriya was forced to obey the league by the quirk they forced upon him. I believe his action was justified and even so the only crime he was responsible for - the murder of One for All- could be seen as self-defense judging by how he forced sich destructive and uncontrollable quirk upon him. Midoriya has also help us saving the heroes from the hero purge by sending them to a different location. And that’s not all, even during his rogue”

The boss sighed, "honestly, why I even expect you to listen to my words. You and your agents has caused us quite a lot of problem by disappearing as he wishes”

“Midoriya was threatened.”

The boss raised their eyebrows, “honestly you remind us of our most troublesome pair. You were our best agent Shinsou, it seems like pairing you with Midoriya was a mistake. Certainly, you’ve grown to be a bit rebellious since you ve been paired with him”

“It’s all because Midoriya is a wonderful agent and his strength is vital for our forces. I'm just simply keeping our best interest in mind”

The boss scoffed, “ But he has gone too far this time. His punishment has been decided. This is the lightest punishment we can give considering everything he has done for us” The boss gives him a brown envelope

Shinsou accepted the envelope and read it. Pain and a little bit of despair flashed before his eyes as he read the sentences. His heart told him to refute! To fight back! But one look into the boss’ eyes and he swallowed back the lump of arguments as he saw the formidable wall firm in their eyes. There’s no more negotiation, this is Midoriya’s final sentence. With a stuttering voice he can only say.

“I… I understand”


‘I'm coming’

Midoriya's eyes widen as a text message notification blinked on his phone. He looks at Bakugou who was cutting up apples beside him, "Kacchan, I forgot that I ordered something and it was supposed to arrive today. Can you go to the reception desk and ask if it arrive yet?”

Bakugou hesitated, but one look into those emerald orbs and he gave in, "fine. I'll fetch your damn package" He groaned as he exited the room.

Once Bakugou's footsteps disappeared at the end of the hall, Midoriya's door clicked open. The greenette has been waiting for him when the handler step inside the room. Hitoshi has warned Midoriya about his visit and thus Midoriya sent Bkugou out of the room in case the blond blows up for whatever his handler has for him.

He smiled as he let him in, "It's been a while Hitoshi, "

The underground hero pulled up the binding clothes that wrapped around his neck, " How are you doing?" He sat at the vacated seat

" Honestly? It hurts." Midoriya didn't bother to hide the pain from his face, " Without Sensei's healing ability, I don't know how long I could endure this" the greenette pulled down the collar of his hospital robe, showing off the blue bruised mark on his skin, " Anyway seeing you talking with me here. I assume my kill on sight order has been revoked?"

Shinsou sighed, "Our boss has decided what they should do with you"

Midoriya's lips pursed into a thin line, his blanket crumpled under his tight grips, "well? Out with it then"

"Your agent license has been revoked and You will be put on a house arrest. A no-fly restriction has been put on your name. You aren't allowed to leave Musutafu for the rest of your life"

"I'm sorry Midoriya, I couldn't stop them from taking away for freedom."

Midoriya shook his head, "this... this is fine... This is more than I've expected."

Shinsou frowned, “what do you expect?”

Midoriya hesitated, “I expected prison or worse execution.”

Shinsou gritted his teeth, “you're underestimating us Izuku! We’re not villain, we don't just... execute. People!" The words taste bitter in his mouth

“I know I know.” The greenette took his hand and give them an assuring grip, “thank you for always trusting me Hitoshi. You might not able to give me my freedom, but you give me something more important, you give me a second chance"

Shinsou pulled Midoriya's hand to his lips, “Honestly, you have caused me a lot of trouble. I can’t count how many times I have to save you from trouble.”

Midoriya laugh sheepishly. “sorry”

“But I can’t stress how wonderful agent you are. It was my pleasure working as your handler Izuku. I can't find a better agent than you”

“me too Hitoshi, thanks for being my handler. You are the best handler I can ever ask”

Shinsou couldn't help but smile. He held his hand tight, the memories of their first meet come flooding into his mind. All the time they've worked together, all the sweat and the threats they went through every time they met. All the effort they spend to contact each other after Midoriya’s disappearance. All the relationships they’ve built for the past years as partners. The wight that they’ve burden for years dissolved bit by bit.

Everything is officially finished now. there are no more threads that bind them together but both of them are sure that they will never forget everything that they’ve gone through.

“Oy Deku, there's no package.” Without any preamble, the door clicked open. Bakugou's eyes narrowed when he saw the handler inside the room. " you.." His eyes switched between Shinsou and Midoriya to assessed the threat level he imposed on Midoriya.

"Down boy... down..." Midoriya chuckled, letting go of Shinsou's hand "Hitoshi was just visiting me. Well Hitoshi it was a nice talk”

“Yeah, I believe I should leave both of you alone.” His eyes trailed toward Bakugou, “I believe you also have something to tell him"

Bakugou eyed him warily until the underground hero disappeared behind the door. “What was he doing here?”

“I was fired,” Midoriya said with a resigned voice

“Wait! what?” Bakugou can't believe what he just heard

“no more spying and infiltrating for me. I’m officially just a normal civilian now”

Bakugou didn't know if he should be relieved or not. On one hand he was glad that Midoriya wouldn't have to deal with dangerous missions anymore, but on the other hand, he knows how much Midoriya has sacrificed for his job.

“That can't be helped I guess... after all I've made a lot of grave mistake as a villain.” Midoriya goes on trying his hardest to put on a smile on his face.

“But still..”

“There's also one more thing.” Midoriya explained about his house arrest, "I can't ever leave the city."

Bakugou pulled him into a hug, caressing the smaller man's back with his broad hand, “don’t worry. I told you this before but I won’t leave you alone again”



Shinsou was passing through a corner when a frustrated shout surprised him. It seems like someone just kick a trash can to the edge of the hall. Shinsou decided to peek into the hall, wondering if he should step in

Hawks’ shoulders raised up and down from his ragged breath. A single trash can was lying beside him. A few red feathers piercing through the metal. The hero quickly turned around to his presence, “What do you want?

“It’s nothing,” He said quickly “I never expected a second-ranked hero like you to have a rage outburst like that. You just… you were always smiling around people”

Hawks laughed mockingly, “well ain’t that a surprise”

“no” Shinsou quickly cut him off, “ it just reminds me how human you are”

Hawks eyes widened, his breathing slowed down and his tense shoulder relaxed.

Shinsou slowly approaching the frustrated hero, “You know… I could listen if you have any problem?” he shrugged

“You know…”Hawks hesitated, his fingers raked at his hair harshly, he looked so desperate that it kind of clashing with the carefree image he always carries with him.

“What...what would you do if someone you know suddenly disappear? Like… you know that they always disappear from time to time but they usually tell you about it. But this time they … just don't”

“a romantic partner?”

Hawks scoffed, “that's a problem?”

“I never thought you'd be the one in a serious relationship”

“Another surprise I guess,” he said sarcastically

"Yeah so... what happened?"

"This person...they…. Their job required them to travel a lot. We have this date every week when suddenly a job came in and they have to go. Usually, they would contact me but its already a few weeks and there's still no message from them"

"Hmm… that's concerning. Have you ever tried to contact them."

"I did... I'm still trying to contact them ."

"Pardon me for asking but this isn't a one-night thing right?"

"Of course not! He'd never do that to me"

"Ah, so it's a he." Shinsou smirked as he saw Hawks' surprised face, "well if it's not a one-night thing and you like each other as you say .. I guess.. you just have to trust him.'

"Trust them huh..". he throws his head back, "as if it's that easy"

Shinsou's mind flashed back toward the time where Midoriya disappeared on him, "No matter how doubtful you are you have to trust him. Because you don't know this but maybe... maybe you're the only one he could depend on. The circumstances might not allow him to contact you, maybe he's busy somewhere doing his job but believe me if he truly does love you back as soon as he can contact you he will. Trust me"

"Agh look at me. Getting comforted by a junior. But thanks for the advice"

"No problem," Shinsou nodded, taking it as his cue to leave "you can tell me anything. I'm good at keeping secret" he teased

Hawks laughed as he waved at the hero. He waited until the hero disappeared at the end of the hall before taking out his phone. The screen shows no message nor phone from the one he waited for. He gripped it tight, finger intertwined as if praying. he held the phone close to his heart, "... Touya... please....if you're alive... somewhere..."


It was already December and Bakugou put in his jacket as he gets out of the hospital.

The city flickers in colorful light as people buy decorating the big Christmas tree in the middle of the city hall.

That's right it'll be Christmas soon

It'll be the first Christmas since the league's downfall. People started to come out of their homes and even though it wasn't as crowded as before it's still a start.

Bakugou looked into the shop stall lined up inside the stores. Cake stores, book stores, hobby stores. He wonders what should he bring Deku next.

His feet stopped in front of a jewelry store. His eyes trailed toward a pair of golden rings on display.


“It’s stupid,” Bakugou said at himself. His hand buried deep inside his pocket, twisting the velvety box inside his pocket. “Of course it's stupid”. He said again as he stood in front of Midoriya's hospital room

He sighed as he took his hand out of his pocket. This is not the time to think about proposing or something. Things like marriage have never even gone through his mind. Sure he loves Deku and the greenette loves him. They've also spent quite a time living together and their times together has made up his mind of marrying Deku in the future

But this isn't the time. They've both gone through a lot and Deku is still stuck with that deadly quirk. So this isn't the perfect time to do this. He should wait until Deku back to normal and the city condition return before proposing.

With that in mind, he slides the hospital door

"That's quite a time you took standing in front of my door. Was something on your mind?" Midoriya didn't even look up from the mystery book.

"Nothing. Just drop something in front of your door" Bakugou slip into the room and took off his jacket.

Midoriya knows that it's a lie since he didn't hear any falling sound before Bakugou arrives. But he decided to accept it with a hum.

He waited until the blond sat on his seat before closing his book and taking a deep breath, "I want to talk"

Bakugou froze when the air suddenly become heavier. Deep inside he knows whatever it was.

It couldn't be good


“Two years”

Bakugou could feel his head ringing. Those two words continuously rang in his head, blocking other words from coming in.

The greenette looked toward him with a solemn face as he sat on the hospital bed, “Just two more years” he repeated, “My life… has been reduced to two years”

Bakugou couldn't register what he was saying. He could faintly feel Izuku’s warm hand gently holding his hand.

Warm... he’s warm now… So what does he mean by two more years?

Bakugou’s eyes staring blankly at the sheets of his bed. His hand slack on Midoriya’s grip. He still can’t comprehend what is Midoriya’s saying. He can't think… He doesn't want to think... He feels like if he thinks about it then it’ll become real

It is real. Accept it

“What….” he forced himself to speak, “What do you mean by that?”

Midoriya explains about the quirk's condition to him. How it slowly ruined his body from the inside. He also told him that Sensei said the longest people survived this quirk is four years.

Two years passed since he league took him back and gave him the quirk. That leaves two years left

The sky darkens and in a few moments rain started to trickle down the window.

It was supposed to be a happy day. He would get off from work and visit Deku until the visiting hours over.

So why… why the first thing Midoriya would say to him was about his remaining lifespan?


Bakugou sat in the waiting room with his head buried deep into his arms. The visiting hours ended already but he can’t bring himself to get up from there.

He didn't even notice when someone sat next to him and offered him some coffee.

Ashido looked at him with pitying eyes. From her looks, Bakugou judged that she knew what just happened.

"We're trying our best"

Ashido has spent days in the hospital, trying to tone down Midoriya's acidic blood

"Pinky you knew about it?" Bakugou said in a tired voice

Ashido nodded. “He told the doctor and me before we started analyzing his blood.”

Bakugou let out a long sigh, so he's not the first one to know. Who else knew about this? Does everyone know about this? Was he the last one who knows about this?

Ashido, sensing his turmoil quickly intercept, "he only told us about it. Even Eri doesn't know about it"

Hearing that shouldn't make him feel any better, but strangely… it does.

“Two years huh…” two years is a short time. It'll pass quickly in a blink of eye.

Ashido put her hand on Bakugou's back assuring, "Don't worry. He’s a strong guy. Besides" she fisted her arm with determination, “I’ll do my best to tone down his acid."

Bakugou chuckled from her confidence, "you better fucking be" he stood up and does one thing no one has ever expected him to.

Bakugou bowed his head politely at her, "I trust his life in your care"

Ashido's mouth gaped open and she was frozen shock as the blond leaves the hospital


A few days after the revelation and nothing change. Their routine continues and even though Deku told him about his remaining lifespan it feels like it was a lie. Bakugou pushed the news to the depth of his mind and try not to think much about it. 

Maybe in his mind he still believe that nothing will happened. Maybe… he still doesn’t know how grave the consequences of Midoriya’s quirk was.

When Bakugou returned to the office from his patrol he met with a panicking All Might

“Young Bakugou there you are. We have to leave immediately” The former hero quickly pulled his hand as soon as he step into the lobby.

“What? What happened?” The intern he’s patrolling with stared at him with a similar confusion as him.

“Young Midoriya's condition has taken a turn for the worst”

Bakugou could feel blood drained from his body. He didn't even have time to change out of his hero costume and hop into All Might’s car. When they arrived, the doctors were busy going back and forth into the surgery room. They followed the crowds and arrived in the surgery room.

A large window in the surgery room lets them see the operation as it going on. Midoriya was pale as a sheet. His body jerked out violently as he coughs out blood. A burnt scent quickly filled the whole room as it singed the bed.

"The blood is getting into  his lung doc" the nurse reported

"Give him anesthetic and prepare the knife. We have to drain the blood out of his lung"

"Doctor, the needle won't be able to pierce him. It'll melt before it reaches the bloodstream"

The doctor looked hesitant for a minute. He looked at the patient and decided, “Gas him”

The nurse put the oxygen mask over Midoriya's mouth but it melts when Midoriya coughs another blood, “It’s not working doc.”

The doctor clicked his tongue in frustration, “wipe the blood and try again.”

The nurse nodded as she wiped the blood off from Midoriya’s mouth. Faintly Bakugou could see the gloves that she wore blackened from the acid.

A gentle yet firm hand grabbed his hand, surprising him enough to make him flinch "Sir you have to leave." A nurse grabbed his hand and dragged him out.

Midoriya's fragile figure slowly getting out of his sight and disappeared behind the white door.

 Bakugou waited along with All Might in the waiting room. Tapping his foot impatiently on the floor Bakugou just can't seem to get still. How could he? When Midoriya is fighting with his life!

Finally, after what felt like forever, the doctor exited the surgery room. His medical apron has been singed black and the lower part has been completely burnt from the acid.

All Might stood up from his seat, the doctor with a tired and pained expression on his face let out a relieved sighed, "He's stabilizing"He took off his gloves and revealed his wounded hand, "now excuse me while I put some bandage"

As the doctor leaves the nurse exited the room, "Doc, the patient's awake"

Bakugou glanced at the doctor and his eyes pleaded like a lost child. His eyes looked so lost that it made the doctor's heart thumped with sympathy.

"You can get inside but please don't stress him too much"

Bakugou nodded and he went inside the room

Midoriya’s chest heaving slowly. His face is pale as a sheet, an oxygen mask attached to his face. His green eyes trailed toward the door where Bakugou stood


“Deku….” Bakugou kneeled beside the bed and took his hand. He gripped the tight with his trembling hand. Like a child desperately holding to their mother.

“I survived Kacchan…. I'm still alive…” The dark patches under his eyes is painfully obvious

“I know… I know… you're great. You're a fucking warrior Deku. A fucking hero greater than anyone I ever know”

“Even All Might?”

“Even All Might,” he assured.

The greenette chuckles.  Midoriya winced when another coughing fit attacked. That little action seems to take quite a toll on his body.

Bakugou quickly moves to his side. He can only offer him the warmth from his palm as he rubs his hand behind Midoriya's back. He thought they could finally take a breather for a while. To sit down and think about everything that has happened. He thought he should wait until he recovered. But what if he never recovered. What if he's taking Midoriya's time for granted? What if he's waiting for the recovery that might never come and just stand still until Midoriya wasted away?

The thought sends a chill down his spine.

He gritted his teeth. His other hand reaching out into his pocket and rubbing over the velvety sensation off the small box.

It’s now or never


Midoriya's eyes shifted weakly toward him.

"I know that this isn't the perfect time for this. I thought that it was better if I waited for you to recover but honestly, I was running away. I was afraid that you'll reject me. But this incident opens my eyes. I'm afraid that you'll reject me of course. But I'm more afraid of losing you." Bakugou clenched his hand, "I was waiting for the right time. But we might not even have enough time for that."

And so he kneeled and took out the velvet box from his pocket, “Midoriya Izuku… will you marry me?”

Midoriya's eyes widen and wet as tears escaped from his eyes, “Yes…. Yes! Yes!” he said, creating soft haze on his oxygen mask

Bakugou smiled and wipe the tears in his eyes before it could fall. He put the ring on Midoriya’s skinny finger. He choose a ring with one size bigger for Izuku's ring because he knows that Izuku will recover and soon he'll be back into his healthy self and regain his weight. The ring as expected is loose against his finger but Izuku looked at it very dearly

"Thank you Kacchan… thank you…. I'm so happy" tears dripped from his eyes. He was so happy he didn't take off his eyes from the ring on his finger.

“Thank you…” he whispered as his eyes slowly slides close

Bakugou's heart thumped in his chest, "Deku? Deku! Deku!"

"Sir! It’s okay…" the doctor rushed into the room and calmed him down, “he’s just sleeping. The anesthetic is finally kicking in."

All the dread simmered down in his stomach though it leaves a bitter aftertaste in his heart.

He took Midoriya's hand. The ring glinted on Midoriya's finger and he gently kissed it.

"I swear I'll make you happy"

Chapter Text

When Midoriya woke up he immediately looked at the ring on his finger. He was afraid that it was all just a dream. He breathes in relief once he saw the golden band on his fingers. He caressed the golden band gently, trailing the golden gentle light reflected on it.

It wasn't a dream. Bakugou just proposed to him!

He couldn’t hold the happiness that dwells in his heart, he holds the ring close to his heart. He cant wait to see Bakugou today, his eyes trailed over to the clock in the room, It was afternoon when he woke up. Bakugou must be working in the agency during this time of day.

He has been bedridden since he recovers from his last attack. It's not like he can't move or something, but the doctor was afraid that it would make his condition worsen and thus forbid him from leaving his bed.

Midoriya didn't mind though he looked at the ring in his fingers, as long as Bakugou stay with him, he didn't mind spending days laying on the bed.

At least that what he thought


Midoriya crossed his arm, finger tapping furiously at the bedside. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the redhead in front of him.

 "Something is fishy" Midoriya eyed him suspiciously.

Kirishima choked on his drink and stuttered, "w-what do you mean?"

"Kirishima-kun… what day is it?"

"Uh… Friday?"

It means two days passed since Bakugou's proposal yet the man himself hasn't shown up to visit even once. Kirishima would always come up in his stead.

Who would propose and then leave their fiancè in the dark?

Midoriya huffed. He could hear footsteps outside his room and he instinctively shoved his hand under his pillow. His fingers shoved around trying to find the old metal friend that has protected him for years. A painful thump resound in his heart as he found it empty. That’s right, now that he was fired as an agent he no longer has permission to hold a gun. 

Old habit die hard he guess?

One more thing that has been bothering his mind since that day. The fact that Kirishima and the rest of the medical staff tries to hide this fact doesn't make it any better. Yes, despite everyone's effort to hide it Midoriya knows. This room he's staying right now wasn't his room. 

It's all were obvious from the moment where he had to leave his room for an exam, then Kirishima already waited for him outside and brought him to this room. The way the redhead stuck his back on the elevator's wall and hide the floor number is painfully obvious. And the way the nurses lead him into a similar room but deep inside Midoriya know they're leading him somewhere else.

Midoriya had expected the worst. A room full of police that will interrogate him. Maybe Bakugou was being detained for picking his side or disobeying order and joining the league. Maybe that’s the reason why Bakugou hasn’t been able to visit him lately. 

Kirishima took him to ‘his’ room and stay with him for the whole day. before he excused himself Midoriya called out his name, "Kirishima, I know you are hiding something behind me. But I'd rather face it head-on than be left in the dark"

The redhead flinched before scratching his head awkwardly, "I don't know what you're talking about Midoriya" he stubbed his toes as he exited and cursed softly as he closed the door.

He was always a bad liar.

Kirishima silently go to the elevator and went down one floor. He walked toward Midoriya's original room. He sighed when he felt the burden lift from his shoulder. He has never been able to hold a lie. It was too much for Bakugou to ask him about this. Sure he’d do anything for his bro Bakugou, but whenever those sharp analytic green eyes look at him Kirishima was sure that the greenette would uncover everything in an instant. 

Bakugou stood In the middle of the room. In his hand is the decoration plan and other related papers which made him busy for the last two days.

He ordered the staff as they decorate Midoriya's room. White bed sheets creating a makeshift curtain on the wall. Soft carpet spread out on the floor. Two rows of chairs lined up on each side of the room. A colorful wreath framed the window. 

Kirishima sighed as he dropped into one of the chairs, "Dude, It scares me how observant Midoriya are. I don't think we can fool him much longer"

"Of course he's observant. He's a fucking genius." He let out a proud smile as he spread white rose petals on the carpet

The truth is Bakugou has spent the last two days planning for his wedding. Yes, he planned everything alone. They decided to keep this a secret from Midoriya because they don't want to put more stress on his body.

The hospital staff were more than happy to help Bakugou when the blond told them about his plan.

The doctor agreed and permitted them to use Midoriya's private room for a wedding. With the staff's help, they were able to keep Midoriya busy. The greenette has exams and they use that moment to take him out of his room and put him in a similar room one floor above them while they decorate his original room but Bakugou was sure that he would notice when they bring him to a different room. 

Kirishima has to pretend he didn't know anything as the greenette’s keen eyes scanned the similar but unfamiliar room with wary. 

"Well, I never expected you to fool him though. My nerd is too fucking genius for you to fool."

Kirishima whined, "am I really that bad? I tried my best though"

"He's too smart for you to handle" Bakugou snickered," he looked at the room and the plan in his hand, "Well we better prepare because it'll be finished soon. Can you get the package in the lobby? It should arrive soon"

Kirishima's eyes beamed as he gets out of the room and return with two black box in his hand.

Bakugou opened the box revealing a two set of white order-made tuxedo. He managed to get Midoriya's size from the clothes he left behind while they live together.

He glanced at the clock. It'll be another two hours until the guest come and the ceremony started. He took a deep breath, trying his best to calm the nerves in his head. 

Kirishima clap his hand and put it on Bakugou's shoulder. He's flashing off that stupid grin and looked at Bakugou with sparkling eyes, "Well it's time for the grooms to get ready"


The next person who comes to Midoriya's room was surprisingly not Kirishima. It was All Might.

The man was dressed neatly in his pressed shirt and black pants. Surely Midoriya should guess something is going on but he was too surprised by All Might's presence to notice. His head went blank as the former hero helped him set up.

He can only watch in daze as All Might along with a few of hospital staff, wheeled his bed toward his room

So he was right after all. That room from before wasn't his. He holds his breath, anticipating.

When the door to his room opened, it took his breath away.

His room was decorated beautifully that even he didn't recognize it. White curtain covering the whole wall with a few small wreath in the middle. White balloons with silver ribbon and small ivy hanging off from the ceilings. soft red carpet with white sore petals scattered on it. chairs filled with guest has been waiting for him on the side. In the middle of the room standing in front of the priest was Bakugou's wearing a white tuxedo and a combed neat hair.

Midoriya gasped, despite the sterile scent that surrounded him that scene is heavenly.

All Might pushed his bed into the room and set him beside Bakugou. They set the bed into a reclining mode. After that, All Might return to his seat among the guest and wore his black suit that he entrusted to Tsukauchi before he left to pick Midoriya up

Bakugou took out a black box and opened it, it contains a similar white tuxedo like the one Bakugou wore 

Midoriya still can't wrap his head around it. Could it be? Is it really true?

Since it would be too hard to put the tuxedo for Midoriya because of all the tubes connected to his body, they draped the white tuxedo on his shoulder instead. They slipped the white rose on the hem of his robe

There are only a few people attended the wedding. From Bakugou's side are his parents along with Kirishima and Kaminari. There's nobody on Midoriya's side but All Might insisted on coming. Tsukauchi followed along with Shinsou. A few curious staff watched from outside the room

Seven guests, two grooms, and one priest. Ten people inside the room are pretty crowded and the guest has to sit squeezing against each other but they didn't mind. 

The priest entered the room and everyone stay quiet. Bakugou stood by Midoriya's bedside and hold his hand tight. His hand clammy from holding on too tight. 

Finally, the priest begins the ceremony and Midoriya can't stop his heart from thumping out of his chest.

 this is really happening to me right now

Bakugou turned toward him, "Izuku... I know that I rarely ever said this but I love you” Bakugou started his speech, “I’ve loved you even before I understand what love is” The crowds cooes but Bakugou swallowed hard in his throat, “because of that I ends up hurting you a few times. Such things are unforgivable and I regret it a lot. I still don't know how to apologize to you and you disappeared before I even had a chance to." The regret is clearly written on his facial lines, how it bottled up inside him for all this time, "But fate is a strange thing and somehow, we met again even though it was under unexpected circumstances. We met as opposite sides but somehow deep inside I know you're still the same man I fell with years ago."

Bakugou’s eyes started to water and he tried to hold it back. He glanced at Midoriya and the damn waterworks already broken for god knows when. He let out a soft chuckle at the sight of his crybaby childhood friend.

“The only thing I regret until this day is to let you go twice in my life. Both times you have to fight against the whole world alone. I can't even imagine what have you gone through, how many burdens you've shouldered by yourself. But now that I’ve got you beside me I promise I will not let you go again.”

Bakugou glanced Midoriya, then at the audience. His mother rested her head on his father’s shoulder and All Might has been wiping his eyes with a handkerchief nonstop.

He felt a hard tug on his hand and when he looks at Midoriya, the man’s shoulder has been shaking terribly, small sniffle escaped from him.

Bakugou kneeled beside the bed so he could have a better look at him. From down there, he could see how Midoriya’s beautiful green eyes sparkle from the tears. 

Bakugou went on with his vow, “And when it feels too hard for you to shoulder the burden, I promise to bear your burden and shoulder your sins with you." 

Midoriya is a kind soul tempered in a harsh environment. He does what he has to do to survive but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't haunt him for the rest of his life. Being a villain, Midoriya would only blame himself for all the people that he has hurt. He won't look at the thousand people that he has saved. Now it's Bakugou's turn to remind him how important Midoriya was, and if the time comes when his sins of killing those villain return, Bakugou vow to always remain by his side and shoulder some of it.

He took out the ring, “With this ring, I promise that you will never have to face the world alone again.” He offered the ring, hoping for acceptance, “Midoriya Izuku, I ask you, will you be my husband?”

It took a moment for Midoriya to stop crying and wipe the tears from his eyes. 

Bakugou gave a firm grip on Midoriya’s hand and whispered softly, “Crybaby...”

“shut up…” Midoriya sniffled as he wipes the last of his tears, “you choose me. Deal with it”

“Crybaby” he repeated, "But you're my crybaby"

Midoriya chuckles at the small familiar banter even during their important ceremony. 

With that Midoriya took a deep sniff and said his vow, "If someone says I’m lucky I have to say no, I'm not. In fact, I always have a stroke of bad luck and I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my life. But within every mistake that I made I regret none of it because that's what led me back to you."

He tighten his grips around Bakugou’s hand, looking straight at those red rubies, "I've forgiven you for such a long time ago. And I asked you not to dwell on it because we cannot let our past define us.” He smiled gently and closed his eyes, “I've also done a lot of horrible thing to you and everyone else. No one would have blamed you if you leave me but you and only you persistently stood by my side, even when I push you away. You always find a way to come back to me."

the memories of their times together flooded behind his eyelids. He always remembered and cherished every second of it.

"Every time my life goes through its worst, you've always there to save me. Countless times have you saved me and you ask nothing in return. You even went all the way and throw away everything you ever had to save me from myself."

Every time Bakugou saved him, during his times as an agent. He kept protecting him despite their differences. Even when Midoriya pushed him away, he betrayed him and hurt him. But despite that Bakugou would always save him. For countless times, Midoriya can't even keep track of how many times Bakugou saved him. 

“I am a very unlucky person and I know I never deserve you. Our world was too different and I know I'm not worthy of it. Yet despite that, you keep on loving me and gave me everything I ever wanted. A person who believed in me no matter what, a person who will always be my trusted ally, my partner, my life companion.” Midoriya vowed as he took Bakugou’s ring.

 “So yes Bakugou Katsuki, I will become your husband.”

Bakugou slipped the ring on Midoriya's finger and Midoriya put Bakugou’s on his. The marriage band glinted innocently in their fingers. 

The priest sealed the marriage and they both kissed.

The audience cheers and gasped in celebration. Though it is hard to keep the noise down for those rowdy bunch, Izuku can't help but laugh at the happy occasion.

"We should get a photo!" Kirishima said from the background, bringing out his new camera with him.

The guest tried to get into the frame, squeezing against each other beside Izuku's bed. Some of them sat on the front to get some part in the photo.

"Ready everyone?" Kirishima set the camera on timer and joined the rest of the guest.

Katsuki sat on the bed beside Izuku. He glances at their marriage band. The ring is loose on Izuku’s skinny finger, he took his hand and kissed it gently, slowly whispering his prayer. 

For eternity, until we both grow old and forgetful, till we take our last breath.

I vow to always stand by your side

And nothing, nothing... not even death can do us apart.


And the camera's shutter goes off, capturing the happy moments and preserve it for eternity.

Chapter Text

Katsuki shifted in his sleep. Arms reaching out for comfort. He grunted when his hand reaches nothing beside him. He pulled his blanket tighter, the king-sized bed seems too big for him alone. Blinking his eyes open he could see the ray of sunshine filtering through his window

He winced when the sunlight was reflected by the marriage band in his fingers, casting golden shadow over his eyes.

Two years have passed since he married Izuku. The picture of their marriage neatly framed at the bedside. Even though Izuku wasn't in his best condition, it was one of their best moments. Izuku smiled and Katsuki sat beside him, both showing off their rings in their hands. 

A familiar bark from the kitchen caught his ears. 

"Wait! Kuro! That is not your food!" A sound of soft footsteps outside the bedroom prompt him to get out of the bed. A soft trickling sound of dog food filling the bowl echoes as Katsuki puts on his shirt.

A few weeks after their wedding Izuku's condition miraculously getting better. The people won't stop teasing him, telling him that it's the power of love or something. Two weeks later Ashido managed to crack down the acid and counter it with her acid. As soon as they managed to tone down his acid level Eri quickly comes to help.

"Kacchan. Good morning". Izuku greeted him as soon as he opened the door.

"Morning." He walked over to him and hugged him from behind, resting his head on Izuku’s shoulder. "What are you cooking?"

"I'm trying to make a hamburger today" 

Katsuki hummed as he let Izuku return to his activity. He makes himself a cup of coffee

"Ah" Midoriya cut his fingers. His heart leaped at the sight of a red bead coming out of his wound. His mind goes to the time of acid and death.

"What happened?" Bakugou peeked into the kitchen. "Did you cut yourself?"

He looked at Izuku's bleeding finger and before the greenette could do anything Katsuki took his bleeding finger and put it in his mouth. Izuku's cheek blushed as he felt Katsuki's tongue licking his wound

Katsuki pulls out with a pop, "There it's done."

Izuku just stared at his finger. It has been a few months since Eri completely cured him. Now he's back to his quirkless self but Izuku has never been so grateful in his life. Though the shadow of his past still haunted him to this day, with Katsuki by his side he's sure he could overcome it

"What's wrong? Did it hurt?" Katsuki's eyes was so gentle 

"No. I was just wondering. What if my blood was still as deadly as it was. But then you just put it on your mouth without thinking"

"Idiot.” Katsuki chopped Izuku’s head gently, “ I wouldn't put anyone's finger on my mouth."

So deadly or not as long as its Izuku’s it's fine?

“Besides, how many times have I told you? You have to fist your palm like a cat paw before you cut." Bakugou demonstrated it

“Like this? Midoriya fisted his hand like Bakugou instructed

“That's right”

“A cat's paw?”

“That's right”

Izuku tilted his head to the side, "Nyaa?"

Bakugou's heart thumped so hard it might burst out of his chest, "Don't do unnecessary things while you're cooking!" He wrapped his hand around Izuku’s waist and pulled him up to the air. Pulling him into a light twirl

Izuku shrieked, giggling softly, "But you like it." 

"I'm not." Bakugou was too proud to admit his new fetish. He grabbed the ladle over from Izuku and taste the cooking, "Give it more salt, and you cooked it too long. The edge has become burnt already"

"I tried my best"

"Well it's not enough"


"Hey, you're the one who wants to make the bar and cafe. The least you could do is remembering your main dishes."

Katsuki decided to move out of his apartment and move into one of the small townhouse with Izuku in the middle of the city. He supported Izuku's decision on making a bar slash cafe on their house

"I know…. I know...But I’m a bartender… not a cook...”

“Ah-ah, you want it you work for it. Bakugou glanced at the clock. "Shit it's already this late. Bye babe, I gotta go."

He heads downstairs. The first floor of their house is the Izuku's bar and cafe. On the east side of the room is covered in shelves. Rows of colorful bottles beautifully lines up along it. The wooden bar in front of it has been polished clean, the stool has been set. On the other side is the cafe, tables for two has been decorated with fresh flowers and a box of spices

He goes to the front door, "Ittekimasu"



Bakugou drove his car into a small agency near the edge of the town. It's not an ideal place for a hero agency because of its location. But it'll have to make do.

Bakugou quit from All Might's agency and decided to start his own agency. As the head of the agency, he has ten great heroes in Ground Zero Agency as his sidekicks.

"Oy Bakugou. How's Izuku?" Kirishima waited at the lobby

Being a newly built agency, All Might offered him a cooperation as a way to thank him for saving Izuku. Honestly, an offer from a big name agency like All Might is enough to make Bakugou's agency name skyrocketed through the popularity chart. Added a push from a certain greenette, Bakugou swallowed his pride and accept the offer

"Still learning to cook," he said

He take a turn toward his office when one of the interns taking a whole box of letters bumped into him. 

"I’m sorry sir"

The letters fell out of the box and the intern scrambled to pick them up again

"Nah it's okay," Bakugou kneeled down, helping to pick up the letters.

The intern gasped. "Sir you are bleeding!"

Bakugou saw his arm was stained red. He touched it with his finger. Its paint probably hasn't dried yet. His eyes trailed toward the letters "It must come from these letters"

He snatched the letters from the intern's hand and inspected it. There he found one letter with a very bright red smudge. The paint has started to taint the other letter next to it

Bakugou opened the letter

I will kill you

"Wow, it been a long time since I saw a threat letter," Kirishima peeked from Bakugou's shoulder.

Of course, their life ain't filled with roses either. Everything has two sides. Sometimes Bakugou received a fan letter mentioning how thankful they are for their service sometimes he received a death threat like this.

Bakugou scoffed, "people like this are all bark and no bite." He folded the letter and put it in his pocket.

Nothing is going to prevent him from having a good day today.

"Sir!" The receptionist that he hired rushed toward him, "there has been an emergency call. It came from your house"

Bakugou took his words back


Bakugou ran across the rooftop, blasting himself from roof to roof

Things have been different for Izuku. He has a lot of enemies because he has betrayed both sides. There's a lot of heroes who want to put him in jail for what he has done and there's also a lot of villain who wants to kill or exact revenge at him.

That's why Katsuki decided to move out of his apartment and quit the agency. He can protect him better that way. Sure there are some instances when someone dares to attack them but it's nothing they can't handle.

The phone in his hand won't stop calling Izuku's phone. Finally, and finally, the call connected, “Deku are you okay?" He didn't mean to shouts but who can blame him?

"Ah, Kacchan…?" He answered with the usual cheery voice. It sounds like he's okay but he can't be too careful.

"I'm coming home right now."

"Wait now?"

"Yes." Bakugou parkoured down the building and ran through the street.

"Then can you buy me an ice cream from the supermarket"

Bakugou halted so hard that the concrete screeched under his soles, "What?"

"Three Ice cream. I'll be waiting. Love you." And the call ended with a beep.

What the fuck? How about the emergency call? And why the fuck would Deku asked him to buy an ice cream for him?


The store door slammed open. Katsuki stood in front of the door with a ragged breath. In his hand a plastic from a nearby supermarket which contains three ice cream.

"Deku are you okay?"

"Ah, Kacchan welcome home." Izuku leaned on the bar of their cafe with a wide smile on his face. Across him, a little boy was sniffing as he put another spoonful of Izuku's curry into his mouth.

"So? How's it.?" Izuku asks curiously

"It sucks," the boy said, rubbing the little bump in behind his head

"Ehhhh? But I follow the recipe thoroughly"

"It’s too spicy" the boy sniffed, wiping the bead of tears in his eyes.

Katsuki watched with an open mouth, too overwhelmed by the absurdness of the situation, "What in the hell happened here"

Izuku tilted his head, "nothing?"

"But there was an emergency call”

"Ah… one of the customers must've called the police." Izuku said as if it was nothing important.

"What happened?” Honestly, Katsuki is tired of asking

"You see… this little boy…” Izuku rub the boy’s head, “what's your name honey?"

"Sousuke" The boy sniffed again

"Sousuke kun come barging into the store with firecrackers tied on his body. He said he's going to quote-unquote kill ground zero" Izuku motion the quote-unquote with his fingers

"What the fuck…."

"He said he sent you a letter"

"So you’re the little shit who sent those letters." 

The boy jumped down from the stool. "Ground Zero! You're the one who put my mom in jail. I will kill you for it."

"I have no time for your hero play" the hero sighed

"It's not a hero play" The boy stomped his feet in annoyance

"Well let's calm down and enjoy the ice cream" Izuku tried to break off the fight

Katsuki sighed, "Here’s your ice cream. I'm glad nothing happened but I have to go back to the office now."

Izuku took the plastic bag over from Katsuki’s hand, "I’m sorry, did we interrupt your work?"

"It’s okay babe. I'm just glad that you're okay." He kissed Izuku's forehead.

"Wait! I'm not done with you!" He boy jumped out of the stool and cling to the hero's back.

Katsuki could feel a vein popped in his forehead but before he could lashed out at the little cretin,  Izuku already grabbed the boy back in his arms and waved as Katsuki leaves


 After explaining the emergency call to Kirishima Katsuki returned to work as usual. When his shift finished at eight he came back home

"I’m home" Katsuki opened the 

"Take this Ground Zero!" Sousuke jumped from the top of the wardrobe. 

"Fucking shit!" Katsuki’s instinct was out for blood but luckily when he saw him. He managed to stop his explosive punch and catch the little boy instead, “the fuck are you doing up there?”

“Deku said if I want to beat you I have to use a sneak attack”

“Deku! The fuck are you teaching this squirt?”

"Ah, Kacchan. I didn't hear you coming home” Izuku get out of the house, “The plan failed eh Sousuke?”

The boy squirmed and kick Katsuki in the chest. Katsuki grunted from the kick and let him go. The boy jumped down and ran behind Izuku, "it didn't work like you say"

Izuku kneeled in front of him, “If you can't win against them physically then it's better to attack them psychologically

"Oi!" Katsuki shouted

Sousuke's eyes glimmered, "What does psychologically means?"

"It means telling them something that will surprise them. Telling them that you have something up on your sleeves that could defeat them in an instant to make them drop their guard. "

"Ah, so it’s like bluffing right!"

"Umm… not quite but we can start with that."

The boy nodded eagerly, he stopped hiding behind Izuku's back and approach Katsuki with a smug face, “Ground Zero Listen to this!" He declared, pointing his finger at the hero, "I will be the one who marries Deku!"


"Oh my…" Izuku chuckled

With a proud face, Sousuke turned back to Izuku, "Like that? Did I do well? Does it work?"

Izuku patted his head, "Well I wonder… let's ask him." Izuku turned his head up, “Does it work?”

“As if!"


Katsuki leaned on the table, waiting as Izuku washed the dishes. Sousuke was drawing something in his book by the bar

All Katsuki wanted was to smother Izuku with kisses. But his plan has been spoilt by this kid presence, he let out a heavy sigh, "Why are you doing here squirt? Won't your parents be worried if you're not home this late?"

"You put my mom in jail"

"Your other parent"

"No one will notice if I don't come back anyway." He swung his legs aimlessly on the high stool.

Izuku and Katsuki stared at each other for a while

"Then would you like to stay with us today? It's already too late to walk on the street" Izuku asked gently

The boy smiled, but his smile falter for a few seconds, "but mommy told me not to follow strangers around"

"But you know Ground Zero right? I'm sure your mommy know Ground Zero too so were not stranger."

"But I’m here to kill ground zero.”

"And it'll be easier for you to kill me if you're around right?" Katsuki sighed on the table.

Sousuke smiles brighter, "Then I can stay?"

"By all means" Izuku took his hand

The boy let out a small high pitched squeal as he spun on his stool. His little legs swaying happily with vigor as he resumed his drawing

Katsuki and Izuku can only smile as they took the boy in


Katsuki sat on the living room couch. The flickers of late-night show shone brightly in the dark room. He could hear a soft clicking of door closing and soft padding of footsteps approach him from behind.

Izuku slips his arm on Katsuki's shoulder and hugs him from behind. Pulling him into a deep kiss. 

The blond broke the kiss, "Where's Sousuke?" He didn't want him to walk on them

"Sleeping in the guest room". Izuku sat by the couch and lean his head on Katsuki's shoulder. Katsuki took his hand and kissed the gold band on Izuku's ring finger

"Sousuke Hatsugami, seven years old. He's the son of the villain that you put in jail yesterday."

"You already ran a background check on him?"

"Of course. If someone says they're going to kill Ground Zero I have to know if they're capable of doing so."

Katsuki didn’t know if he should be afraid or proud at his husband’s capabilities so he decided to push it back to the depth of his mind, "Does he have any relative?"

"His father run away when he was five. The only relative he has is his mother, which you put in jail by the way. It seems like he spent most of his time at school or loitering around the town by himself"

Katsuki clicked his tongue, imagining a small child like Sousuke loitering around the city alone without any supervision. "Poor bastard, he's already abandoned by his mother even before she got arrested. If the child protection committee heard about this they'll send him into an orphanage."

"He won’t have any choice. Since he's too young to live by himself" Izuku’s finger trailed along Katsuki’s shoulder, "unless a certain hero wanted to keep him."

"What are you suggesting Deku?"

"Nothing" Izuku shrugged, "but I’ve taken a liking to that kid. And his mother already lose her right over him because of abandonment and committing a felony."

"You want to take him in? It won't be easy"

"I know… But I don't know what will happen to him if we let him go. In the wrong hand, he could grow up to be a villain with revenge for Ground Zero"

Katsuki quieten for a moment, contemplating Izuku’s words, before resigning with a sigh, "I'll talk to Tsukauchi about it."

"Thank you Kacchan." Izuku gave another peck on Katsuki's lips

"There's one thing I’m confused though. You said he came with firecrackers in his body. Does he have any match on him?"


"Then why call the police. He can’t lit the firecrackers. He’s harmless."

"Oh did I forgot to tell you. He brought a knife with him"

Katsuki shot up the couch. "A fucking knife?!"

"Ah calm down," Izuku pulled him back to the couch. "He bought one of those giant butcher knife with him. Too big and too heavy for him. I distracted him while the rest of the costumer escape. One of them must've called the police after that”

"Then what happened?"

"I disarmed him." He said lightly, “You see that bump in his head?" Katsuki remembered that time when Izuku disarmed him on the club toilet a few years ago

"I might be nobodies now. But I used to be the agent of heroes league and one of the leaders of villain league" Izuku said smugly

Katsuki pulled him into a kiss. "You aren't just nobody. You are Bakugou Izuku, my beloved husband"


"Here's your lunch for today" Izuku gave a bento box to Sousuke, "and you don't forget your homework didn't you?" He kneeled in front of Sousuke and put on his black hat on his head.

"Hurry up Sou." Katsuki waited at the entrance. Holding Sousuke's school bag in his hand and the car key in the other.

"Ittekimasu!" Sousuke ran out of the door

"See you later babe" Katsuki gave a peck on Izuku’s cheek

"Itterasshai" Izuku waved at them as he closed the door. He waited until he heard Katsuki's car drove off.

He took a deep breath and stretch his body. The house was empty save from him right now. He put his hand on his waist, flashing a wide smile he said

"It's time to go to work"

Izuku walked toward their bedroom and opened the closet. He taps on one of the panels and the panel slide out, revealing a biometric scan behind it. He scanned his fingerprints and retina and the closet's wall slid up revealing a false door behind it.

There's a hidden door that leads to a secret room under their house. Activated by a sound sensor the lights turn on and lighten up the whole room. The room contains a giant monitor with a big round table in front of it. Reports of the recent crime sprawled all over the table. 

Katsuki arrived at the office, the staff greeted him and he waved at them as he entered the command room for the morning briefing. Katsuki waited as the heroes get into the command room one by one. One thing is mandatory in Ground Zero Agency is the daily morning briefing.

Izuku sat on the office desk and the giant monitor turned on automatically. He leaned on the soft padded office chair and put on his microphone

"Good morning heroes"

The computer transcript his voice into an encrypted signal and sends it to the other side of the city. A newly built building named Ground Zero Agency. In the middle of the command room were heroes handpicked by ground zero himself

Despite being named Ground Zero Agency, Ground Zero is not the commander of the agency. He's the head of the agency and the leader of their team but someone else holds the command in the agency. 

The heroes have never seen their commander but their amazing tactical skill is the one who brought the agency name to the spotlight in just two years. The commander's existence is a mystery. All they knew is that the commander always spoke through the monitor in the command room

They rose from their seat and bow their head slightly toward the monitor

"Good morning commander"