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Ten Night Stand

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The elevator doors pinged, Zelena swished and sashed through her family company’s offices. Zelena was surprised Regina was back at work the next day and from office gossip, her sister was even earlier than usual. She had wanted to win this bet, but after seeing how crushed Regina looked last night, she wasn’t sure anymore. Admittedly, she had wanted a reason to quit the family business, it was dreadfully boring to her and the bet seemed a really fun way to exit. And in her own way, she had wanted to help her sister; she wanted her to have some fun and date someone that wasn’t incredibly dull. Someone possibly completely frivolous, and to prove to her sister sex didn’t mean you had to marry someone.

Surprisingly, after watching Regina and Emma together, the blonde turned out to be a better match for her sister than anyone else she had ever seen her date. And she had begun to hope that maybe her sister was right and the silly blonde would lead to marriage. Yet, she also knew Regina and the company business was important than love or sex. Zelena had seen her sister sacrifice her happiness for the family more times than she cared to recall, she wanted her sister to start putting herself first, be selfish like she was.

Zelena walked into Regina’s office and saw her sister with her glasses on sitting at her desk reading over papers, her eyes look puffy and red. As always, Regina looked immaculate and the model lady CEO.

“Sis, are you okay?” Zelena put her purse down on a chair and walked to stand next to Regina seated at her desk.

“I’m fine,” Regina said in a soft voice, not looking up from her papers.

“Did your ten...” Zelena paused and smirked, “…your nine night stand follow you home last night?” Zelena studied her sister carefully. Regina looked tired, upset but also something else she couldn’t put her finger on.

Regina didn’t answer her sister, and before Zelena could make some sort of witty remark, she heard some commotion from the hallway. A few people had stood up from their cubicles to watch a flash of blonde and leather sprint through the offices yelling, ‘Regina!’

Emma stopped in front of Regina’s office, out of breath. Her eyes zeroed in when she saw Regina at her desk, she ran into the office.

“Don’t come any closer,” Regina looked up from her papers to glare at Emma.

“Regina…” Emma was breathless; she clung onto the brunette’s name as if it were a life preserver, and she was sinking. She inched closer to Regina’s desk.

“Emma…you have no idea who you’re dealing with,” Regina tilted her head and glared even harder at Emma.

“You just left? That’s it?’” Despite what Regina said, Emma continued to get closer to the brunette’s desk and the woman herself.

Regina looked very annoyed to see the blonde in her office.

“Did the two of you have another date after the party last night?” Zelena looked back and forth between the two tense women.

Emma glared at Zelena, “This doesn’t concern you, especially since you told Regina to dump me.”

Regina scoffed, “You were only dating me for a car. What difference does it make?”

“Oooh, I do hope it was at least a nice car,” Zelena crossed her arms against her chest as she leaned on Regina’s desk.

“Yeah, it’s a yellow Volkswagen Beetle,” Emma puffed out chest and stood tall in front of both sisters.

Both sisters scrunched up their faces and shook their heads at Emma.

“What? It’s the best car!” Emma yelled at both women. “Zelena can you please leave so I can talk to Regina in private.”

“No,” Regina said to Emma with a hard stare. “Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of my sister.”

Emma’s shoulder slumped in a defeated gesture.

“Okay, yes…it started because of a stupid bet…” Emma moved closer to Regina, who stayed planted firmly behind her desk as a buffer. “But that’s the thing. You weren’t only a bet. Things changed…we had something Regina…we had moments…” Emma felt herself holding her breath, she didn’t know what to say.

Zelena continued to watch both women, she wished she had popcorn.

Regina took off her glasses, stood up and looked up at Emma. “Emma, we have nothing in common. We’re too different. The only thing we have in common was…” she trailed off and Zelena watched her sister closely.

Regina leaned slightly over the desk to stare into Emma’s eyes. “It was fun, but it’s over. And I’ve got work to do.” Regina motioned to the small mountain of papers on her desk.

Emma stared at Regina, tears welled up in her eyes. “Bullshit. I know you, Regina, you like me. You felt something.” She glanced at Zelena then mouthed to Regina, ‘Last night.’ She hoped Zelena didn’t catch the reference.

Regina felt her face flush. She also felt anger course through her veins, specifically the vein in her forehead that popped out now. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. Sorry, if my lunatic sister gave you the wrong impression.” Regina straightened her back and took a deep breath as she stared hard at Emma. “And quite frankly, I’m not going to settle down with someone who has yellow hair. It’s ridiculous as you are.”

Emma winced, ouch that one hurt, she thought, and her hair wasn’t yellow necessarily.

“Now, Miss Swan…do I need to call security or can you please leave my office and…my life peacefully?” Regina said firmly, even though her hands were shaking.

Not only was Zelena frozen listening to her sister dump someone ruthlessly, so was the whole office as everyone was dead silent like in a horror movie before the last time the killer pops up again.

Emma dropped her head, sniffed, and ran her hand across her nose. She didn’t look at Regina again as she got the hell out of Regina’s office as fast as she could.

Regina sat back down in her chair, put her glasses back on, and started reading over her papers again as if nothing had happened.

“Regina…I think she did like you,” Zelena didn’t even care about the silly bet anymore, she wanted to make sure Regina knew what she was doing.

“I won. I went on ten dates. We had sex.” Regina looked up to stare at Zelena on the verge of tears.

“You did.”

Zelena can see the hurt and sadness in Regina’s eyes. She continued to stare at what appeared to be her heartbroken sister. She walked out of Regina’s office. She felt something must have happened after game night last night because Regina seemed different. Even the way Regina and Emma looked at each other had been changed this morning. She thought something did happen, so her sister had finally sealed the sexual deal with the blonde. Regina was a closer, and she would ultimately do whatever it took, within moral and legal means, to close a deal. She knew Regina wanted her gone from the company. She didn’t realize she was willing to risk her happiness to achieve that goal.

Zelena smoothed her hands down over her dress and walked out to the bigger office area where all the cubicles were, she pulled a chair out and motioned to two people to hold her hand while she used the chair to stand on one of the desks. There always had to be a dramatic flair with Zelena.

Regina stood up and walked out of her office to watch her sister. She had hoped this day would come, just never estimated the mixed emotions it would bring.

“Hello, everyone. I have an announcement to make…due to other exciting opportunities…” Zelena kept building up the dramatic effect “…I will be leaving the company…” before Zelena could finish her statement, there are a few ‘Yays,’ and ‘Woohoos’ heard murmured throughout the office floor. “Rude.” Zelena frowned as she motioned for the two people to come back over so she could get down off the desk, but they walked away.

Regina couldn’t help a smirk tugging at her lips; then, it faded away when Zelena turned her head to smile at her. She walked over and held the chair and reached out her hand so Zelena could step down to the floor.

“Shall I escort you out of the building? Or would you prefer security to have the honor?” Regina asked Zelena with raised eyebrows.

“No offense, dear sister, but I think for the dramatic departure, security would be better. Make sure you ask for Hank and tell him that he will be carrying me out bridal style.” Zelena ran her hands through her hair to get ready for her grand goodbye.

Regina pinched the bride of her nose, walked back to her desk, and called up the building security to escort Zelena out of the company.


After the excitement died down after Zelena’s announcement, Regina told her assistant she would be taking a few days off. She needed some peace and quiet out of the city, to decompress after the last few months and a certain blonde. As Regina drove out of the city, she felt the stress slowly fall away from her body. Having Zelena leave the company was going to make work a hell of lot easier. She had decided to spend a few days in a remote cabin near some great hiking trails and a gorgeous lake. She wanted the seclusion and privacy. When she got out of the car, she took a deep breath and smiled, she brought her bags inside the cabin and started to get her belongings settled.

Suddenly, the door of the cabin flew open, startling Regina. She turned around quickly.

There stood Emma staring back at Regina with wide eyes and breathing hard. Regina looked back at Emma with wide eyes.

“You had to insult my hair?” Emma tilted her head as she gazed at Regina.

“I had to make it look real. And you’re fine,” Regina smirked at Emma. She did notice the blonde’s hair was very stylized, not as many curls. “What did you do to your hair?”

“I got a blowout, had to convince Ruby I was going out to ya know…,” Emma ran her fingers through her hair, she noticed that Regina watched her every move; they were definitely going to have some fun in this cabin.

She couldn’t wait to get closer to Regina.

“So, do you think she bought it?” Regina moved closer to Emma. She couldn’t wait to touch her again. Regina wanted to run her hands all over Emma’s body like she had last night. And get her hands tangled in that yellow hair she loved so much.

“Yeah, I think she did. I don’t know your sister very well, but she looked pretty stunned when you dumped me.”

“You were very convincing,” Regina reached out and ran her fingers down Emma’s cheek. She cupped her cheek. Regina knew she had been harsh with Emma; it was the only way Zelena would buy it. And Emma had said the night before anything she could do to help Regina, she would do. As long as they could keep seeing each other, still, Regina fake dumping Emma had been one of the hardest things she had to do in life. Her heart clenched and ached at the thought of not seeing Emma again.

“Nice work, brutal yet very convincing…maybe a little too convincing,” Emma reached out and put her hand on Regina’s waist. She pulled Regina flush up against her body.

Regina shook her head. “I didn’t like doing that; it gave me a raging headache.” Emma reached up with one hand and gently massaged Regina’s scalp. “Now …let’s really win this bet. Last night was pretty…” before Regina would finish her sentence, Emma jumped in.

“Fucking fantastic,” Emma placed a hot, wet open mouth kiss along Regina’s jawline.

“Short…” Regina tugged on Emma and pushed her towards the bedroom in the cabin. “Oh yes…” Regina moaned when Emma sucked on her neck, “…it was fucking fantastic.”

Emma kissed up Regina’s neck, then across her cheek to the corner of her mouth, then fully on her lips. Both women grabbed a tight hold of each other and surged forward, kissing each other with the pent up passion of eight dates of chaste hand-holding.

Regina pulled Emma along to the bedroom as they continued to kiss and gasped when Emma tore her bloused down the middle with buttons flying down to the worn hardwood floors. Emma gasped when Regina pushed her down on the bed and ripped her tight jeans away. During the night, they managed to knock over a lamp, shattering it to pieces and destroy the antique bed frame. As the sun started to rise and orgasms slowed down, Regina and Emma collapsed in each other’s arms exhausted on a blissful sex high.

The next afternoon when they finally awoke from a sex haze, they hit the shower and made a mental note to leave extra money aside to pay for the repairs due to the shower fixtures and glass door getting broken during rigorous showering. Regina and Emma had no idea that the flimsy glass shower door was so unstable and were shocked when they never fell over onto the floor, thankfully Emma held on to Regina’s torso as her hands were buried in the woman’s lower region.

After a few rounds in the bed and shower, they were both hungry, so they went to the kitchen where they didn’t get very far without tearing a cabinet door off while Emma lifted Regina to wrap her legs around her waist.

When they finally decided to try and leave the cabin to check out the hiking trails, Regina was shocked to discover about herself that she could be persuaded to have sex in the woods. Up against a tree twice and once near a lake.


After their blissful week sequestered away in the remote cabin where all they did was eat, sleep, hike, and have sex on every piece of surface, Regina and Emma knew they had to go back to work. They wanted to stay in their sex bubble, yet work was piling up for both of them. They drove back to the city in the car Regina rented, listening to music and handing holds. At one point, they had to turn off the road when Regina’s hands wandered, and Emma couldn’t concentrate on driving at all. It was a good road trip, with both women arriving in the city tired and sated. They decided to spend the night at Regina’s apartment, after spending nearly a week sleeping together, spending the night apart didn’t seem possible. As they walked up Regina’s street near her building, they held hands with a backpack slung over their shoulders. They were too preoccupied with each other to notice two people sitting on the steps to Regina’s building.

A slow clap between the two people on the steps finally broke Regina and Emma’s gaze from each other eyes.

Zelena and Ruby were sitting and staring at Regina and Emma as they approached the steps.

Regina and Emma stopped in their tracks with wide eyes; they turned to each other with raised eyebrows as well.

“What are you two doing here?” asked Regina; she still held Emma’s hand.

“What are you two doing?” Zelena smirked, “Besides each other.” She tilted her head in a cocky knowing way.

Ruby stood up and jumped down off the steps as she stared at Emma, “Heads up, Swan.” Emma raised her hand just in time to catch the keys that Ruby tossed to her. “You win.”

“And you lose…dear sister,” Zelena had the biggest grin on her face as she stood up and walked closer to Regina.

Regina squinted her eyes at Zelena.

“Hope you haven’t redecorated my office yet,” Zelena smiled at Regina.

Regina felt her stomach drop out; she knew it had to be too good to be true. She realized she could handle Zelena being at work if it meant Emma was still in her life. The thought of not being with Emma was worse than working with Zelena. She felt Emma’s comforting hand on her lower back; the blonde then leaned over and kissed Regina’s cheek.

“No, not yet…can we expect you back tomorrow morning?” Regina tried to sound sincere, but she knew dread was creeping into her voice.

Zelena made her sister wait for an entirely too long uncomfortable silence before she spoke.

“I’m going to have to turn you down. I have other exciting opportunities to pursue,” Zelena smiled warmly at her sister. “I’m glad you finally got a good shag, it was beginning to look a little hopeless.”

Regina let go of Emma’s hand and moved to hug her sister. “Thank you, Zelena.” She whispered in Zelena’s ear. She was more thankful for the push towards Emma than leaving the company, although that was a wonderful silver lining.

Zelena pulled back to stare at her sister. “Even your skin looks clearer now after that long dry spell.”

Regina swatted her sister and moved back to Emma’s side and wrapped her arm around the blonde’s waist. All Emma could do was stare into Regina’s eyes with a love-struck dopey look on her face.

“Monogamy looks good on your Swan,” Ruby said while watching Emma and Regina swoon over each other.

Regina and Emma walked past Zelena and Ruby, up the stairs to the entrance to the building.

Ruby moved to stand next to the redhead. “Zelena?”

“Yes, Ruby, my darling wonderful new friend,” Zelena turned to smile at Ruby.

Ruby nodded towards Regina and Emma as they opened the door to the building.

“I think they’re get married in the next six months,” Ruby glanced back over to Regina and Emma, who briefly turned around, rolled their eyes in unison, and then shook their heads.

“No way, long engagement.” Zelena crossed her arms against her chest as she watched the happy couple trying to get away from them.

“Wanna bet on it?” Ruby grinned at Zelena.

Regina and Emma slammed the door to the apartment building, locking out Zelena and Ruby from entering the building.

“Of course,” Zelena reached and shook Ruby’s hand.