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In the stars

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The birds were chirping outside and the sun rays were coming from the curtains filling the dark room with the sunlight. The Aircon was turned low creating a cold environment perfect for sleeping in. Yuri smuggled more with the blanked feeling blissful. Suddenly as if knowing something was wrong . She sat abruptly, remembering that she had to go to the 1o am class or else she will fail.

"Why didn't the alarm rang" she thought looking at her phone. "11 am! shit!. What am i going to do now"

Hurriedly she tried to get off the bed and fell to the floor. Confused she looked around soon realising that she isn't in her room infact even the bed was not her own. She panicked looking around and noticing her phone and  opening it phone. She Started to scroll through the messages. Looking for clue what could have happened.

Then she suddenly moved to her feet and started to look around the room. The room was covered with plants. Walls were pink and had some golden artwork done on. Room looked expensive. "No wonder the bed was soft" she thought. As she decided to make her way out and see if there is someone there with her. Something caught her eye. It was a photograph of her with a men, tall black haired asian with broad shoulder and kind smile. She was smiling at him. They looked happy cooking together. What strange about the photo is that she looked younger 10 year old maybe. She doesn't remember meeting this man in men.

"Whats happening" she rushed out of the room quickly finding herself in a small apartment of one bedroom. There was a small kitchen at the room and one door leading to the washroom she assumed. Suddenly the door bell rang. yuri jumped at the sound. Her heart was beating so loud It was pounding in her ears. She was hyper aware of everything.

" Dear yuri are you alright i heard sound coming from your apartment" said an old womens voice from the outside. Yuri decided to be brave and open the door. There was an old snobby looking women with too much makeup on standing in front of her door.

" Do you have someone with you here today" "No i am alone maam " Not knowing what to call the old lady. The women looked sad at the answer expecting to have something to gossip about.

" You are always alone . I am worried about you" showing concern. After indulging in the conversation little bit trying to figure out what is going on she excused herself saying that she need to get going closed the door. Yuri decided to look for the clues inside the house. She ran to the bedroom and started going through the drawers and cabinets. Nothing was making sense. She clearly remember being in her room last night studying for her exam and later drinking wine ready to sleep. As she was about to give up after hours of searching she saw a box above the cabinet.

She rushed towards it. It was a clear white box with a ribbon on it . Carefully removing the ribbon and opening the box. Yuri saw that it has letter , some photographs, and a diary. In the photo it was the same guy from the earlier with her. There were various pictures of them at various places. Graduation pictures, picture of them eating at mall. The guy clearly looked older then her. "How is this even possible." She has never met this guy in her life. Opening the letter yuri saw that its her own handwriting. suddenly she felt like vomiting reading only she can guess is a suicide letter addressing to someone named jin.

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Goodbye jin,

I have always loved you from the depth of my heart to the bottom of my soul. My whole life you were there for me when no one was there. Oppa you raised me , fed me and provided for me. I know that the love you have for me is not same as i have for you. You love me like your little sister. But oppa the love i have for you is like the smothering fire which never fade even after the toughtest of thunderstorms. It will still light up in the toughtest of Strom. Maybe thats why it consumed me, destroyed me. I don't want to burden you anymore. I know the university is starting tomorrow and i am extremely thankful to you for giving me a chance to attend. I was finally going to attend the uni and be the best person out there. I just hoped that you knew about it and encouraged me but now i am glad that you are not here. So you wouldn't be disappointed in me and my decision. Maybe you wont even find that i am not alive anymore. If you find this letter please take care of yourself. I just dont have enough strength in me to keep going on. We dont talk with eachother now you just send the money and that's it. Sometimes i wonder oppa if you knew how i feel and is distancing from me but it has been so long since i have seen you. The day of the graduation i was so happy spending whole day with you. Oppa i dont want you to blame yourself fir my mistakes. There is nothing that you could have done to prevent me from doing it. I just wish you all the happiness in the world. Please take care.

Yours Yuri.

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Reading the letter yuri starts to feel dizzy . Thousand thoughts were running in her mind. Did she tried to kill herself and somehow survived losing her memory. But that can't be possible...

what about the memories she did have of her parents , her sister. She decided to call her mother. As she dialed in the number the automatic machine said the dreaded words she refused to accept. " The number you are trying to call doesn't exit"

How is this even possible yuri knew this number at the back of her hand. This number had been her go to call whenever the trouble aries. Her mother's number. She then tried calling every number on her contact list but the same response. She can't be going crazy. If anything to prove that is the cell phone present with her. She remebere her father buying it for her as she was going to start new semester at the college. Did she somehow travel to another dimension ? A funny thought ran through her mind.

"No that cant be " these things dont happen in real life. Is she kidnapped or drugged? The situation didn't feel like a kidnapping situation. "Whats happening" . She need to find something that could help her understand the situation she is in. Nothing left to do she turned her attention to the diary she found in the box. A green diary with her named inked in golden on top. Inside the diary were some phone number. Yuri decided to look into them later and a photo with the same guy from earlier.

" What a mess" did she really just tried to kill herself for a guy. This is even a new low for her. In the past she had been the fool to easily trust every word her ex told her but this is something else. It seems that the guy abandoned her after the graduation and she wasn't able to handel it. Hash siging she continued to turn the pages . Nothing of use seems to be there. Yuri decided to close this and get something to eat. Finding a wallet nearby and taking the diary with her she stepped out.

Finally on the street she noticed that she was not in her usual neighborhood but entirely in a new country. All people were asian. The receptionist smiled politely at her and opening the door. Yuri decided to memorize the place address in case she forgot about the place. Stepping out she found that not only the streets and infrastructure were different but it seems that she is in new country entirely.

"What is she gonna do?" How can she survive here. Looking into the wallet she found currency which she doesn't know about?
How much are these? She felt like crying. " You have to be strong. Think. Atleast you have money and place to go back to. " Searching further through the wallet she found a phone. Oh god why didnt she search the bag earlier. She tried opening it using the passcodes even after trying four five time no luck. She decided to give up and search for some food . In the end she bought some cake coffee , bread and decided to head back in case someone showed up at the apartment.

Later at night after searching the apartment for two hour. She found a university acceptance letter which she was supposed to start today, Some paid bills , three credit card and lease of the apartment which apparently she moved in only two months ago. Satisfied with the results of her scavenging she moved her attention to the diary. Nothing special was there. She had no friends, no pet, no parents or close relatives only one she know was jin who she haven't talked with in two year. She worked in a cafe nearby and got monthly checks from jin . After learning about the currency online . Yuri found out that she is in Korea. " Korea, korea , korea .." the word was running in her mind. suddenly yuri stood up on her feet and run towards the picture of herself and the guy. She felt like fainting. The guy in the picture is  kim seok-jin of BTS.

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Yuri's mind went completely blank after that thought. She could thought of nothing which could explain the situation she is in. What the hell is happening was going on in her mind continuously.

Previously she could have guessed maybe she was kidnapped by some psychopath or was experimented on but this was something beyond her comprehension . "What the hell is going on" she looked at the photo maybe for the tenth time now. Still she couldn't think of anything that could explain what she was looking at. Maybe he is a look alike or it is really jin.. and how is she looking like an asian girl.

Her features are slightly different as if they have been surgically changed. Her colour is more fair. Her lashes are more thick now as well as ger hair. She used to have thin hair like her mother. Now the look like layers are added to them. She is going to faint just looking at this. Someone is seriously playing a fucked up game with her. She could have Handled anything except for this. Everything is taken from her. Her family, her sister, her home now even her appearance.

She needs to calm down and think this through. Yuri went to the kitchen and poured herself two glass of water. She needs to think this through if she panicked now no one is there to help her. She is in this all alone and needs to Focus. Yuri quickly went to the bedroom dresser and took out pen and a book. She need a plan to get out of here. All she knows that jin is somehow involved with this. The other yuri tried to commit suicide probably because of lonelyness. She have house and enough money to survive here and somehow she is able to understand the language people are saying. She only have one option left to pretend to be other yuri or else if she told someone about this. There are high chances that she will get thrown into a psychiatric ward of some mental hospital. First thing in the morning she need to find about the university she is attending and about the members of bts. They are connected with all of this.

Putting her phone on charging and after deciding to lie down after the long shocking day. Yuri decided to form a plan. If she sees it from an outsider presective it appears that she is in some alternate demension or world where her counterpart killed herself. This could explain some things. Someone or something brought her here for a purpose. If she played her cards right maybe she will be able to get out of here soon . She needs to blend in with the general people without drawing too much attention towards herself. She needs to find out about the bts from afar. She should minimise the interaction between anyone from this world if she wants to return back as soon as possible. Entangling herself with this would lead to am grave mistake.

First thing she need to do tomorrow morning is to find about this world's yuri and her life to be able to pretend to be her. From what she has seen it wouldn't be such a problem as both are pretty much same. She has the same handwriting, voice and thanks to someone now looks. She have resources to survive without working. She will be fine as long she pretends to be boring and mediocre and blend in with the crowd.

Next day yuri left early in the morning for the university. She needs to know the requirements and the course she will be attending. After surfing the internet for the information she found out the the university is just ten blocks away from her apartment. She decided to walk there. As yuri was walking down the street she noticed people her age probably students also making their way towards the university.

After walking for 5 minutes yuri could already spot the university gate. It was grandiose, her previous University was nothing compared to this. The whole University was linned by big red brick walls. As she made her way towards the doors . She spotted various student help desk linned across the ground. Knowing that her major is in science she made her way towards the science department. As she went closer she spotted various people in thick rimmed glasses.

A boy with short height and thick glasses welcomed " so whats your name" asked the boy.
"Kim yuri new science major student" yuri replied giving out her details.

After 15 to 20 min she got her id and necessary documents. She decided to skip the university tour and made her way to her first class earlier to get a seat far away from the students. She will be a loner this time around. Less contact, less connection. She quickly made her way towards the corner of the class and started scrolling through her phone trying to find clue on the bts. The class started to fill as the time for the professor to came approached. All seats were full except for few seats in the front.Yuri sighed thanking the god for this little gift. As yuri turned to get her notebook from the bag.

She heard a voice say " excuse me" making her drop the notebook she was holding. The voice picked up the notebook and placed it on the table and took the seat beside her. Yuri was dreading to turn around and look at the person's face. Knowing her luck so far she knew that it will be the last person she needed to be there. As she turned around the voice introduced itself. " Hello you must me yuri, i am ......"

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Before yuri could hear the voice name the professor for the class came strolling in with books and markers. Introducing himself and begining the lecture on quantum physics. Having no idea about the subject or even the basic knowledge.

Yuri began taking notes urgently. If she wanted to pass the class she need to put double the efforts compared to other. If anything to be said about her she was anything but a slacker. Taking the notes and also listening to lecture helped her ignore the person sitting next to her.

Her heart was beating so fast she could feel it in her ears , palms are getting sweaty despite the cold atmosphere. If the class didn't get over soon she will probably faint. Whats with her and fainting. She never fainted even once in her previous life. She could smell the sweet scent of perfume coming from the person sitting next to her lulling her into a state of haziness. Just turn around and look at the face her heart was controlling her instead of her mind.

Yuri decided to peek a little see who's there. Maybe she is overreacting, maybe this is some Normal student trying to be friendly. As she tried discretely to turn her head towards the person she met with striking dark black eyes directly staring at her. She felt a deep chill ran down her spine , felt a deep sense of dread. As if she had done a biggest mistake of her life.

She wanted to look away but couldn't as if something was controlling her body. The dark eye suddenly starts to dilate and the scent of the perfume become more prominent. Yuri could feel headache developing. She needed to get out but she is not able to move. As if she is having a sleep paralysis. Her mind was screaming get out get out get out but her body is not complying. The opposite can be said about the other person .He looked like that he has found the one thing he has been looking for in his life. Like how an alcoholic looks for alcohol, a traveler searching for water.

Suddenly the bell rang and yuri was out of the trance. Yuri collected her things as quickly as possible and made a run for the door. She could hear a voice calling from the behind making her run faster.

In the hurry she forgot to mark her attendance she thought in gloom. Things are not as easy as she thought earlier. It will be more difficult to get out of here. She is more connected with there life . Why was jungkook looking at her like that as if he was waiting to meet her. Is he related with jin somehow in this universe? As far as she know he is not her friend or relative by the way he introduced himself. She shouldn't jump to any conclusions as of now. Misinformation is more dangerous than no information at all. One mistake can change the course of action or possibly fate. She should skip rest of her class now . She shouldn't risk running into him without a plan. Ignoring him will be a mistake. It can make him or interested in her. She should just make small talks when necessary. So much for attending classes and getting good marks.

Yuri decided to go to the place where old yuri used to work and inform the manager that she is going to quit the job. Checking for the address in the diary she decided to make a walk for it. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was flowing.

She could feel it in between her fingers as if its creasing her making her feel calm again. She could do it . Determined she entered the small cafe shop besides an alley. Despite being small it was busy with people. She searched for manager or an employee looking for some clue. Maybe she should just stop coming to the cafe without a notice but this could raise suspicions.

Hash " yuri" a pretty girl with brown ponytail comes running toward her.

" The manager is very angry. Where were you for the past two days? I had to cover your shift " she said giving yuri a letter. " You are already fired . Manager asked me to give this to you. It includes half month pay" .

Taking the letter from the girl yuri thanked her and asked if she can collect her belonging. Maybe she could find something here. The girl asked yuri to follow her making her was towards a door saying employees only.

" Here quickly get your thanks before i get into trouble" the girl said looking out of the door to see if someone is coming. Yuri quickly opened the door removing a bag and some notebooks from the locker.

" Thank you so much for your help" yuri said almost hugging the girl. The girl blushed and quickly asked yuri to move out of the shop making yuri promise to message her.

" Actually i forgot my password again " yuri said faking a laugh " Do you maybe remember it or can you guess what it can be "
" oh yes the password is dandilion . I saw you putting it various time. You are always so careless." Girl replied swatting yuri playfully on sweater.
" Thank you so much for all your help. We will stay in touch" yuri said bowing deeply and taking her leave .

After making her breakfast and cleaning the apartment, making bed . Yuri finally opened the bag and decided to go through the stuff. There were some notebooks inside with University pamplets, a wallet with money and currency. Picture of jin with her near some river and a letter. It also have a diary. She needs to browse these latter. Deciding that she should again try to open the phone , putting the phone on charging Yuri typed in the password. It opened showing a wallpaper of Jesus in reptile skin, Weird . As the phone opened it come blaring in with notifications. 32 miss calls . 44 messages and three emails. Maximum from a girl name jiso

Reading the messages yuri found out that its the girl form the cafe. Three mails from her bank indicating that she withdrew a huge amount of money ,weird yuri took a mental note to look into this further. What could possibly cause her the withdrew this much money. As she was about to close the phone. She got an message from an unknown number. Opening it made her almost drop the phone. It was a picture of her sitting in her apartment looking at the phone.

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Looking closely at the the picture she realised that the image has just been taken and by looking closely ,the angle suggest the camera is on celling. Slowly she turned her face upward and saw a small black camera placed at far end of the room.

Did the old yuri placed it there? This will explain the images being send to her phone instead of going somewhere else. Add Paranoia to the growing list of mental conditions yuri chuckled browsing the images. Because of the photo yuri almost had a mini heart attack.

Maybe she will die not due to some killer but because of her heart. Thank god its not some guy stalking her. She possibly couldn't defend herself if there was a intruder playing games. She is scared of the pain , making her scared to have a physical fight. She is not looking forward to it anytime soon.

Looking at the photo yuri could guess that all pics are taken at the same time of the day. In all of them the old yuri is either sleeping or sitting on the desk. About and hour later , as yuri was about to give up and sleep. In one of the picture she noticed what appeared to be a black figure standing in the corner of Yuri's room.

Quickly she grabbed the nearby laptop enlarging the image. The figure seemed to have blended into the darkness making it hard to understand who it was. A chill ran down Yuri's spine. A intruder , someone was stalking old yuri. But the question is why? Maybe its jin. Anything is possible now. She needs to change place. Maybe it wasn't a suicide but a murder?

She needs to be careful from now on. Closing the laptop yuri checked if all the windows and the doors are looked properly. Grabbing the knife from the kitchen and searching for emergency numbers online. She finally decided to sleep.

The sun was shining brightly when Yuri decided to head to the class. She need to talk with jungkook. Make him less curious about her and live in peace . Maybe he didn't know who she is and will think she is some girl who has crush on him, possibly making him ignore her for rest of the semester. That will be for the best.

She could feel bounce in her steps as the thought crossed her mind. Nothing to be scared of . He is just a boy. Giving herself a pep talk she quickly settled for her old seat. This time yuri decided to focus on the students instead of hiding. Just by looking at them she could tell that their are already groups forming, new friendship developing. She could spot the loners like her, some shy kid who wants to be approached, pompous people waiting to be praised. Its a vision place. She will need lots and lots of sleep and tea to survive.

Hoping that today will be the least eventful day. She started to unpack for the class. Finally she saw jungkook stepping inside the class hall. It looked like he is looking for someone. As he was scanning the class for someone. Finally his eye found hers and he started to move towards her. Yuri took her bag off from the extra seat making space for him.

"Hi! I am yuri, sorry i wasn't able to introduce myself last time... Upset stomach hehe! " Yuri waving.

Jungkook looked shocked as if he thought she wouldn't talk with him. " Did you know if professor gave some instructions after i left. I was in a hurry. " Yuri asked making him snap out of his state.

" No.. he just said he will partner students into group today" said jungkook looking at yuri without blinking.

Soon the professor came into the class and started lecturing.
" Listen everyone for this course you need to give an oral presentation comprising of 4o% which will be scheduled according to your group number. Second of all the 50% of the marks will be based on the written report for which you will be partnered with your seatmate. Rest 10 percentage will come from the attendance. No switching of the partners allowed. I dont care if you breakup in the middle of the assignment or if you have fight with you bestfriend. You will be considered fail. Attend every class, pass assignment on time, have good report with your partner. You will be good to go or else see you again next time repeating the same semester. "

Ohhhh what just happened, thats why jungkook was looking for yuri. He must have known today the professor will assign the partner. He specifically must have searched for me. Now Yuri is stuck with jungkook for rest of the semester increasing her chances of meeting the rest of the boys. If they are connected with jungkook. Now making them indirectly connecting with her.

"So what do you want to chose as our topic for this sem" jungkook asked snapping yuri out of her thoughts. " Or maybe we could discuss it out over lunch"

" Actually i have work after this maybe we could discuss it next class . Professor will probably give us some time before deciding. " Yuri quickly replied getting up and collecting her stuff. It was the second time meeting jungkook and second time when she made run for it.
when it comes to jungkook it seems none of her plan are going as planned.

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Life..The sunday sun was looking brighter and sunnier than any other day maybe it was the calm breezy weather with the shinny morning that made yuri step out of the apartment.

She needs to find hobbies and activities along with University. She can't just wait for her to travel back to her demension. If she is going to be stuck or (be little more positive) have a life here. She need to be productive. She can't survive on the money she has. Yuri didn't particularly like the course she is taking.

She was preparing to be a doctor in her previous life. Things were stressful with exam every week but still she could always feel a sense on fulfilment.  She didn't have this amount or money or clear skin and flawless skin due to late hour studying. She had dark circle and glasses. She waited everyday at night for her mother to call her or her father to text. Now all is gone. Yuri quickly coughed to coverup for the crying. She just wished that her mother is okay. She wanted them to remember her but god help them with the pain of losing their daughter. Maybe its better if they forgot about her. She knows deep in her heart that she will meet them again. Its not a goodbye. 

She will survive, She is a fighter. She will go as she planned. Roaming around the neighborhood and getting familiar with the place. Yuri decided to find some flowers and clothes for herself. She liked the dark style of the previous yuri but she preferred light cream, green colours. She needed hoodies and boyfriend jeans. Nothing relieves the stress like retail shopping. Now she has money to do things that she used to think twice about doing. In previous life she felt bad spending her parents money recklessly. Life of a poor student but now she has the money. She will get food first and then get some groceries. Yuri walked with bounce in her legs.

The air  was chilly yuri didn't realise that its gotten this dark. She could see the moon shinning and see some stars in between the clouds. Deciding to rush home. Yuri walked faster and started to cross the park diagonally thinking that this will save her time. As she walking down the sidewalk she noticed a figure in the corner making it was towards her. Maybe its a stray dog yuri rushed forward away from it. She already got bitten once by a stray dog and its not a fun experience. Maybe she should make a run for it . Clutching her wallet closer she walked faster, taking bigger steps. She cant run if its a dog and it saw her running. It will run and bite her. As she was about to reach the end of the park. She almost made a run for it. A arm came out of nowhere and clutched her upper arm. Yuri let out an involuntary scream. She felt her heart will come out of her mouth, or more embarrassingly she will urinate." Shit" she said turning around to punch the person in stomach. But as she saw who it was she finally made a run for it. Dropping her bags, making her feet take her as fast as they can.

Finally reaching one street away from the apartment she heaved a shy of relief.

                 "You are quite a runner" said a man extending shopping bag towards making juri jump a little.

" Well you are quite a stalker" yuri said casually looking for a exit. She will become a spy if she get out of this place. "So why were you falling me" yuri asked the figure taking the bags.

" I wasn't following you, you left your wallet at the restaurant" stranger extended the Wallet towards yuri. She knew that its not true , yuri is sure the thing was in her hand when she left. She always double checks being a student whos on budget. She usually cant afford to lose such important thing.

" Thank you, sir. Sorry i troubled you. I am a scardy cat" yuri faked a laugh taking the wallet. Making her way out. The stranger also started walking with her.

" So is there anything else i left ?" Asked yuri sarcastically.

" No i am just making sure you reach safely." "Well thank you i can go on my own from here. Thank you" yuri is starting to get irritated.

"So you dont know who i am ?" Ofcourse she knew who he was. Thats what made her run from him. "No" yuri replied because she really dont know who he is in this dimension. 

Min yoongi said the man with blonde hair walking to the opposite side. 


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All night yuri just couldn't sleep, she kept on having stange dreams about dead grey eyes looking at her. She kept on trying to run but her legs just Won't move. She was tired, angry and frustrated.

The night was over as soon as it came. Along with its over came a new day. The day in which she again have to face the members. Last night she realised no matter how hard she tries she can't escape the fate thats chosen for her in this dimension. She always believed in her previous life that ' what will be , will be '. She now just had trouble applying it to this life. She has still hope left that she will be able to go back to the previous life and that hope is a dangerous thing, when given to someone as stranded and far from home as yuri. 

Yuri walked her way through the back of the class. Spotting few empty seats. She chosed the row with only one seat left. She doesn't want to deal with him today or atleast till the end of class. She is feeling depressed. She is homesick already. If she is to die here noone will care, no will come. She felt lonely and missed her loved ones. The lecture soon started their was no sign of jungkook. She was relieved.

The days come and went. Yuri dosent encounter the members anymore. She didn't meet yoongi around the street corner or didn't see jungkook in the class. She was curious and wanted to approch the teacher about jungkook but in the end she was scared also of finding out. She doesn't want to get involved. She chose another patner. A girl with long hair. Girl who is quiet, sweet and shy with no friends like her. She applied for a job in an company. For assistant intern. She has to earn the money to keep safe. She need to stabilize herself in this world. For that she needs money.

Yuri started working in the company soon. Her job dosent require much. She just have to be pretty, smile at the clients , answer their quarry and walk them to the conference room and to the elevator. She didn't get assigned the high ranking buisness officials. That job was done by the Madam kim and girls more well maintained than her. Yuri dosent mind. She didn't mind at all. She do not want to do extra or more work than what is required for her. 

Today was going to be a busy day some prominent figure is visiting the company for a buisness deal. Yuri dosent know much about it. She wasn't ranked high to know such a thing but she was asked to come today for which she had to miss the class. Its about priority. She needs the job and money. Later she will ask for the notes. Most of the employees are present. The madam kim and her girls are also there along with low ranking girl. All are gathered to show unity and strength of the company that they all work together. Which can be farthest from the truth. Yuri wouldn't say that she liked working here. Everyone is trying to rank up, they do what they have to do for that . So its a competative work field. First few days of the job girls tried to bully her but after realising that yuri dosent have the motivation and determination to do better than them . They left her be. Yuri was glad for that and kept aside. Same as today yuri dressed simply, not to grab attention towards her. Let the other girls have limelight. She will just clock in her hour and get out. 

All were standing in a row, ready to welcome and bow the person coming in. Yuri kept her eyes down cast and followed the lead of her fellow co-workers. She could see black figure making way towards them . All clad in buisness suits. She could spot gaurds with them. This alone could signify that they are up higher in the office chain. She bowed along. 

"Welcome, sir" Madam kim bowed deeply handling the bouquet to the man. Yuri couldn't see his face from the back. 

The man's assistant came running forward grabbing the bouquet from the Madam Kim's hand.

"Thank you, miss. Lovely to be here."Said the balding man hin his 4os. " Please if you will guide us towards the conference"

Madam kim rushed and indicated two pretty girls who yuri could notice were grade 1 employees. There was a grading system evolved ranging from garde 1 to grade 6. Yuri was a 4. The girls rushed in and started guiding the guest towards the building.

" I want her" said a deep voice  Startling,yuri. Its happening again yuri panicked. Could he be asking for her. She slowly looked towards the voice. She could see him standing ahead of everyone with balding man on the right and the assistant on the left. Fuck fuck fuck was all going inside Yuri's mind. She seems to have the worst luck possible. Gone were the peaceful days. 

She could notice from here he was getting impatient. So, she moved forward crossing over her co-workers. She could feel the glares at the back of her head. She even felt an elbow poking in her stomach. Truly the peaceful days are gone. She could hear the whisper of girl" you always have to look out for quiet ones" 

Yuri quickened her pace. She was standing in front of him . He reached out and grabbed her hand. Startling yuri yet again. She could hear him inhale her scent. What a creepy was to introduce, she shivered in disgust. 

"Good evening, sir please follow this way" she quickly said trying to fill the silence. Yuri tried looking everywhere but his face. The man started to walk with Yuri's hand in his. As she looked back only 5 people were there. Rest are guided to the other areas by other girls. 

" I am kim, namjoon from rust corp." He said slightly lowering himself to her level. Yuri could see from corner of her eye that madam kim was listening. He seems to notice this too and whispered something into old mans ear. 

All man along with madam Yuri's girls left. Leaving her alone with him in the hall. " Dont worry they are just gone to get some work done." He said smoothly making his was towards the elevator and pressing the button. 

" Do i need to do something as well" said yuri before she could stop herself. The man smiled a sinister smile and said " if you want to". Is he flirting with her or teasing her. Slowly he moved towards the elevator. Yuri followed and pressed the button towards confrence hall. " Do i know you?" Yuri asked facing the wall. " Why did you pick me out there" she doesn't know where did she get the confidence from. She could get fired for this. But she just wanted to know the answer. After a long time she felt this rush. She realised that she missed them. She missed yoongi and she missed jungkook. She was tired of living her life like this. She craved this thrill. By looking at the him in the dim elevator light. She felt something light in her. " You just looked like you wanted to be picked" yuri laughed at that, that was the last thing she wanted. He wasn't going to tell her she knew. She could see him studying her. Guiding him towards the conference hall, she made her way towards the end with rest of the girls. Rest of the staff has arrived with the buisness. The meeting processed slowly. She tried her best not to look at him throughout. She could occasionally feel his eyes on her sending shiver down her back. 

She wants to run get as far away from him as possible. She wants to run towards him and jump him and kiss him if her life depends on it. She feels a deep stated feeling in her bone as if she know him, know how he feels like and she craves it. 

Chapter Text

Yuri just wanted to lay down in bed and never move. Take a shower and just lay down staring into the void. She wants to have a bottle of wine and relax. Forget about everything, forget about life. Maybe she is depressed. Life is tough here, more stressful than medical school. 

Yuri quickly picked her stuff from the locker arranging it in her bag and changing her heels for shoes. She could see the rest of girls also changing and preparing to leave. Everyone is tierd after long day. As she was making her way out and towards the elevator. She spotted madam kim making her way towards her. Shit should she wait or just rush towards the stairs. " Whats your name" chill ran down Yuri's back.

"Kim yuri maam i am an assistant intern here".   " I know who you are just asked to know your name. Tell me intern. How did you like being selected today" she asked guiding yuri towards a room.

" It was a great opportunity" cringing inside yuri stepped into the room.  Madam kim flicker the light on. 

"You are fired" 

" But why" asked yuri suddenly feeling angry.

" Because i said so, collect your cheque from the accounting. "

" You got to give me a reason. You can't just fire me"

" I don't like you. You are medicore at best at your work. You don't seem interested enough. Yet today he picked you out of all the girls who were willing to do anything for their carrier. You see i never liked the shallow meek ugly duckling picked by the prince. Its unfair and life isn't a fairytale. I dont see what he saw in you. Maybe a pushover doormat. But i dont need you. So get out you are fired." Madam kim casually started walking out if the door.

Yuri picked her stuff and calmly walked out of the building. She will come and pick up her money some other day. She understands why she was fired. Madam kim saw her as a threat. Nobody lasts long in the company if a girl is picked specifically by the client. They became a liability. Yuri was the first girl to be fired so soon , rest were given atleast one month . That means that he is someone far more powerful than the other clients. Yuri thought maybe she should have defended herself but she knows that madam kim wouldn't have changed her mind. She have seen women like her countless time. Its better to move on. She wasn't humiliated. She knows she is not ugly or a pushover. Anything that she has learnt from being here that everything she do eventually leads her to them. 

Yuri slowly opened the door to her apartment and pick her books for the university. She just recieved an message from her group mate that they have an quiz. As she was walking down the pavement, she could see the sun setting. Late night classes, she used to like them in her previous life. But now she has a definitive sleeping schedule. She is tired. Yuri increased her pase and walked into the classroom. She spotted her partner. She was a beautiful girl and from her messages she can fell that she is also sweet . As she sat there she spotted someone out of her eye in the corner. It was jungkook , making her heart race. She excused herself from her patner and madr her way towards him. He looked startled seeing her sitting next to her. 

" Finally you are willing to sit with me" he was smiling now.

" I am always willing, and i missed my old partner . Where have you been?" She asked jokingly.

" I decided to drop the course but something bought me back." Yuri knew what he meant.

" If its its money i can lend you some." Yuri said casually knowing full well that it wasn't money he was talking about. 

" I know who to ask next time. Do you want to go back to your seat. Your partner looks like she will fracture her neck."

"Yes maybe i should. " Yuri said standing up. " I am sorry that i changed partners" 

"Its okay" jungkook said smiling. 

Yuri made her way towards her patner and smiled. This was not bad at all. He was nice and most importantly normal. She felt at home talking to him. Maybe she could have a friend here. Yuri felt happy throughout her class and rest of the week. She made small talks with her patner but she never got the chance to speak with jungkook again. He always looked so engrossed in his work that she didn't want to disturb him. 

" Miss kim" the professor called her. They still had few minutes before the start of the class.

" I have to reassign you a new patner as miss lin met with an accident yesterday." Professor looked deeply into Yuri's eye.

" Is she okay? Can i ask what happened?"

" Sorry miss i cant disclose the circumstances. But you will be partnered with Mr. Jeon. You worked him with before, continue that project and i will also grant you 1 week of extra time."

" Thank you sir" yuri quickly mover to her seat. Her heart racing. She quickly dialled her partner's number.

"Hi this is linn. I am not available please leave a msgggg...?" 

Yuri was about to ask linn..

"Is someone sitting here" a voice disturbed her. Making her drop her phone.

"No, we both are partners again professor just told me" yuri replied trying to smile. A feeling of dread was taking over her. She could feel her stomach going uneasy.

" I am glad" jungkook smiled a beaming smile. And pushed his chair closer to hers. While glaring at the boy who was looking at them. He moved his arm and placed it at the back table behind yuri. 

" We can continue our previous topic" yuri said trying to distract him from the boy. 

"Sure" jungkook smiled looking pleased. Rest of the class went slowly with him looking at hrr time to time as if she will run away. Yuri sure did wanted to. Knowing her luck she was stupid being careless like that thinking thet he will be a normal boy. Thoughts came into her mind that he was somehow involved with miss linns accident but she just pushed them away. She has to be normal here. So, she just smiled at him which was easy from the was he was making jokes and being happy. Yuri never saw him like this before. He was always quite and observing. It was a total change in personality. The lecture ended making her snap back to reality.

" How do you go home? I can drop you if you want" jungkook asked sliding his bag over shoulder.

" I usually walk but i have to go to a friends place to get some stuff. She lives on the campus. " It wasn't a lie. She did need to get her stuff from jiso but it can wait. 

" Okay than i will walk you there. Its late." He seemed concerned. 

" No i will probably stay at her place today. Thank you for offering" she saw a dark look passing on his face as if he is irritated by it.

"Okay" he replied in a small voice and made his way down the stairs as if he is angry.

Yuri quickly made her way towards jisos appartment. Looking at the moon suddenly made her feel lonely and cry. After a long time she truly felt starnded here. She thought they were the answer somehow. Nobody's perfect and seeing jungkook like this today made her realise this. She sat on the bench and cried. She could feel someone watching her from the corner made her cry more. 

Chapter Text

The night was getting colder and yuri is just tierd of feeling like all the weight of the world is on her shoulder. She doesn't have enough strength left in her to move and just go somewhere. She doesn't want to go to Jiso's appartment and pretend that everything is normal. She just want to talk with her mother and tell her she is okay , she will come home soon and book the flights but nothing like this can ever happen. She is getting more and more depressed. 


At some other day yuri may have convinced herself thay crying about her circumstances is for weak and she should form a plan and move on with it. Try to form and find her happiness here be strong. But today she doesn't have enough energy left. She just want to close her eyes and sleep, pretending that nothing is wrong in her world and things will just pass. Maybe this is what she needs to pretend that everything is going to be okay. Everything will turn out to be just fine like in the movies. Thinking this yuri fell asleep on the bench at her University .


Bird chirping and cold wind woke yuri up from the dead night. Looking around yuri realised that its early morning. Gathering her stuff and checking her wallet and phone she made her way towards her home .She has became careless maybe due to her depression. But this is not something she could afford to do right now. Clearing her mind yuri decided to be serious about the situation. She need to be careful here , in this world. What was she thinking sleeping there in open at night. Scolding herself yuri stopped to buy coffee on her way. As she was entering she saw the reflection of him behind her, in the cafe window. Standing there in the alley across the road looking casual as if he isn't following her. Maybe its the instinct or the things that have happened before, yuri is sure, deep in her guts she knows he is following her. Yuri entered the cafe pretending that she didn't see him. She needs to calm the fuck down and have coffee.


" Hi can you please give me one lattee with extra sugar" fishing out the card yuri quickly handed it to the Barista. Taking the coffee, yuri took the couch on far end away from the windows. Standing up to grab the  newspaper,Yuri moved towards the barista.


" Hi? Can you please tell me if there is another exit around here, except the front door. My ex bf is out there with his new gf and i am trying to avoid them" wiping the little fake tear, yuri looked upto the Barista who was looking around the cafe and looking nervous. 

" Umm i am not really allowed to tell you. Its for the employees only." 

" Please if you could help me... I will be careful and nobody will know. I can tip you too for your help if you will show me the way" yuri opened her purse and handed over some money towards the barista without checking the bill. Lady quickly took the money and ushered yuri towards the door which yuri assumed to be washroom. After cross what looked liked tobe dressing room and storage yuri made out to the back of the entrance.

" Thank you so much" yuri bowed low thanking the barista.


" Well you went quite out of the way ro ignore me. I am hurt " said a voice making yuri jump and drop her things.

" Shit" yuri whispered and started to quickly collect her things looking at the back alley. It was long and maybe she won't be able to run for that long. Being lazy is now biting her in the ass . Yuri tried to open the cafe door but luck is never on her side , it opens from inside. 

" You dont look hurt to me. " Turning around and facing him yuri smiled. She need to be calm right now . Calm calm calm thats that's going to be her motto from now own.

" May i ask why are you following me?" 

" What made you think that i am following you ?" He pushed himself off from the wall and towards her. " I like you. You are sassy but coward. Pretending to be brave when you are clearly scared."

" Thank you for the compliments . I am not a coward, sensible is the word you are looking for and Pardon me that i am scared of being in a back alley with a man that i don't know who is also following me."

" Miss sensible, let me introduce myself to you. I am kim taehyung and you are less beautiful then i remember."

" Haha then you should get better gare for your stalking. So you can find more beautiful girls. Now if you excuse me , i will be going now." Yuri moved to go. Taehyung guickly grabbed her arm and forcefully pulled her towards him .

"That was me being nice, listen here witch. Stay away from my family or next time we meet you won't be able to move this arm." Grabbing hold of Yuri's hair he pulled her even further close. " This is the last warning. I won't let history repeat itself. You have already done enough damage to last a century. I don't want a lying selfish witch around them. I will kill you if i have to. "

" You are mistaking me with someone else." Yuri regretted those words as she soon as she said them. She could feel the hand on her hair tighter. As she looked into his eyes. She could only see pure hatred and anger. For the first time in her life yuri felt such negative energy coming of someone. She wanted to run as far away as possible, but a part in her was getting stronger and curious about what has caused such negative emotions rise in someone who looks like an real angel.

Those hands which were pulling her towards them pushed her as if she had electrocuted them . Falling to the ground yuri could feel the pain in her elbow and back. She could also feel burning sensation in her head. Looking up he saw him standing over her, looking at her with hatred. 

" What did i do, to deserve this" yuri asked standing up. " Least you could do is explain

Yuri knows that she is stupid, asking him questions, Provoking him but she needs to know. Why she is here and why they are all drawn to her by lust , curiosity, love and anger. Yuri knows that only one who can answer her is him. In his anger he will say things that other won't. She still doesn't know if they are connected with each other. This is the time to get answers. Yuri slowly touched his arm. " Tell me" 

" You ruined our lives before and you will do ot again and i can't see them break again because of you " he said looking away towards the sun shining at the end of the alley.

" Who are they? The ones you are protecting. Tell me i will stay away." Yuri whispered not wanting to trigger something.

He quickly turned towards her. Yuri could see tears coming down from his eyes. " You already ruined me. When i saw you sleeping at the bench. You ruined me, my heart , my body, my soul. You took it the first time i saw you. I beg you to stay away from them." He said slowly taking Yuri's hands in his. 

Yuri doesn't know what came over her but she stood on her toes and placed her lips at the corner of his mouth. Kissing him gently. Yuri could feel electric current going to her fingers. She felt arms wrap around her tight, pulling her closer towards him, lifting her from the ground. She wrapped her legs around him. He turned his head and captured her lips with his. Kissing her hungrily. Yuri moved her hand towards his head , pulling his hair and head away. He looked in her eye and she could see emotions she can't understand. She softly met her lips with his kissing him gently. Yuri felt a shap pain in her ass , she realised he dropped her as she looked up from ground, he was gone.