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Coming Home

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Coming Home



She Had Finally met a Real member of the Mages Guild Fairy Tail. She had even been invited on his boat with promises to meet more members. Something did not seem quite right, she knew that but the promise of meeting more people of Fairy Tail was a nectar she could not ignore. Lucy got dolled up and carefully hid her more valuable keys. When she was little her Mother had told her the importance of learning Celestial Magic and how the keys are always targeted and had gotten her a book on re-equipping magic. She was never really that good but she could hold the space enough for her Key Ring. It was enough for her to be able to know they were safe there. She kept one Silver key out. The key to the little dog, Nicola – known as Plue, around her neck. If something went wrong Plue would let her spirits know, and wold be more forgiving if something happened to his key.

After a second thought she put some of her jewels in a bag and attached it to her keys. It would not be helpful if she was robbed blind somewhere and was without jewels. Then she was on her way to the docks to get on the yacht for the Fairy Tail party. It was going to be exciting.


The yacht was about a half hour from the dock and the party was going well. Lucy was enjoying herself. This party was a lot more lively than the Ballroom types she had grown up with. Salamander invited her further into the yacht and she followed. He kept up the random chatter and benign comments and she was relaxed.

“My Mage name is Salamander, but people call me Bora. May I ask your name?” He asked with a suave smile.

“It’s Lucy.” She replied gracefully.

“What a pretty name. Lu-cy hmm. It really is pretty.”

“Why, Thank you. If I was born of the opposite gender, I would have been named Lucky after the Merchant Guild my parents had met at.” She smiled.

Bora poured her a cup of wine. “Why don’t you tell me more about why you want to join my guild.” he asked as he passed her the drink and poured himself one.

“I guess because even though they are destructive. Fairy Tail Always has a smile on their face. I’ve been reading the magazines that had them in it since I was little. They get into trouble but always have each other’s backs. They work with their town to make sure it’s safe. It’s so many little things. I guess. It makes them seem like a lively family.” She replied earnestly as she took a drink of her wine. It was expensive but it wasn’t cheap either. She watched Bora take a sip of his own glass. “I am an only child and my mother died when I was young. I always admired those with big families I guess.” She took another drink.

“If you could have a mentor of the guild who would it be?” Bora asked. He wanted to give the sedative he laced her cup with time to work.

“Mira Jane.” she replied without a thought.

Bora laughed. “She is a good teacher and she doesn’t really take missions out of Magnolia. She IS one of our most popular mages.”

Lucy blushed. “She is also strong. She never let the boys of her guild push her around and when the going gets rough you can count on her. She wouldn’t let another member of her family get hurt.” Ah she was so embarrassed. Her hero worship of Mira was so obvious. She took another drink of her wine and she noticed the room was slightly spinning and she felt numb. “Bo-ra? I don’t feel so good.” she said weakly.

Bora grinned as four men came in. One grabbed Lucy on each arm. “This is our first big ticket in a long time Boss.” one of the goons said happily.

Lucy was lost. “What’s going on?” her head was spinning and her legs were weak.

“Welcome aboard my Slave Ship. You are going to behave yourself until we arrive in the country of Bosco. Once we unload some of the more usual cargo the selected goods are going to Pergrande. You my dear are gorgeous. They are going to Love you in the Pits. You might get lucky and get bought by a noble and have a life of ease of bearing children. Just behave a while longer.” He got out a slave’s choker and placed it on her neck and locked it. She could feel her magic go unreachable, and then she passed out.

When she next woke she was somewhere in the hull of the ship and in a cage, and she was naked. She had nothing that could help her escape and she barely had any room to move. The cage she guessed measured three foot wide by six feet long and six feet high. There was a small bucket welded to one corner of her cage and in the cage next to hers she could see their bucket was next to hers and they both emptied too a bucket outside their cage. At least they wouldn’t be wallowing in their own filth. There were a few other groups of cages she could see and only a few were filled. She saw a few men that were pretty for lack of a better word and more women.

She knew what Pergrande was like Her Father never let her go with him when he went on business there. She had asked one of her history tutors and had then had nightmares for weeks after. Girls were slaves and nothing else but used for breeding and entertainment. It was a country of men where men were seen as the epitome of beauty and even then it could be vicious. Ever since 200 years ago where their King had made the pits and bedded the fighters and it had become the normal there. Pergrande conducted many raids into their neighboring countries for women and fighters for their Pit. And the last 100 years had seen Pergrande soar into the medical field with their Berserkers. Nobody wanted to fight them, they didn’t feel pain and were known to savage anyone who got intheir way. In exchange for the raids Pergrandes’ neighbors made everything they exported to Pergrande taxed to almost two-thirds the normal price. Pergrande as a result let their tickets to the pits to non natives expensive to get a hold of. Visiting dignitaries gladly paid the price though. Their Gladiators were a sight to be seen.


Lucy curled into a ball and cried. She should have just stayed home. She may have been sold off as a bride to some old man. But she would have been safe. Now instead of being bedded by an old man she could never care for. She was to be sold to men she would never know and raped until she was either pregnant or dead. At least if she had stayed home she had the chance at using her magic, with these cuffs on, she would never have the chance.