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Leo looked wistfully at Virgo's key that he held in his hand. Virgo had made a conditional contract with Bickslow of all people. Apparently his Seith magic was similar enough that Virgo could summon herself in his vicinity. Leo had shrugged it off... It was more likely that Bickslow would go along with her request of punishment. Virgo had spoken to Him and said that he would be spoken to at the Academe Celestine. Leo would be lying through his teeth if this meeting didn't make him nervous. Virgo had been allowed to bring him food from the Celestial Realm and as a result for the first time in years, he didn't feel like he was a breath away from fading and his reserves were not running on empty.


Laxus was watching the former Zodiac leader and wondered how he was supposed to keep Loke-Leo from fading away. He had spoken to Bickslow about it and he had no idea. Maybe one of the other Pradesh's would. Chris would be a bet and maybe Kaleb. He wished he knew more about Spirits and their summoners he didn't know enough to help. He glanced at Bickslow. "How can we help him?" he asked softly.


Bickslow glanced at Laxus. "Not sure. I'm just hoping that with Viro's help Loke will be able to live a few more year. His soul was dimming. The food Virgo has given him has brightened it up. Like having the blinds and curtains down you know its light out but the room is barely bright... compared to opening the curtains and blinds. It's much better. The Academe will give him a boost as well... I would suggest that if we can't work a deal out with a higher spirit we have him stay there and teach summoners on how to treat their summons. It would help future summoners and keep him in an environment that will help him.He would be teaching for eight months of the year then he could have the rest off."


Laxus thought about that. Loke was a member of Fairy Tail. If his soul was brightening then they needed to get Loke help as soon as they could if Bicklow's description was correct. "At the moment we play it by ear... if I need to I'll run it by Gramps... If it keep Loke alive, We will go for your suggestion.  We have an hour left before we reach Bosco. Let the others know so we can be ready to leave when we arrive.


"Sure thing Boss!" Bickslow quipped as he let his tongue hang out and saluted him and walked away.


Laxus just shook hi head as he watched the Lone Lion.


It wasn't long before the arrived at the port where they were to meet Arman and the family. Arman was standing next to Kaleb. Laxus smiled. the Pradesh Clan was a good one to know. He was Lucky that Arman considered him a member of the family. Bickslow was practically jumping up and down waiting for the ship to dock. Laxus considered just teleporting down there but was too amused to actually do it. Loke's eyes were held in the direction of the Academe.


When the ship finally docked Bickslow was off like a rocket and was hugging his father. Kaleb smiled fondly and greeted the rest of the party. "Hello again Laxus. Freed. Evergreen. And you must be Loke, otherwise known as Leo."


Everyone smiled warmly at Kaleb and Loke absentmindedly nodded his greeting as well. His grip on Virgo's key was making his knuckles white. 


"While you are Here Master Grenlow allowed me to be your guide and host. I was given command of my regular team and am in charge or your team and my brothers. White Sea will be using all of it's branches to gather information about the abducted and we will be in charge of going through all the information. Tankfully we will have plenty of help Grenlow has assigned one of teh research teams to us, and we have quite the collection of mages on my team. We have a Beast Tamer, a Plant mage, a Celetial Mage, me and a dragon slayer. In addition to my brothers Vander- a shadowquip mage and his partner Presca an energy mage, Farron -a sound mage and ambassador, Emzadi - another dragon slayer, and Xally a water mage. With the additions of your team, we are quite a powerhouse team." Kableb said letting the party know what the current roster was. 


Bickslow having draped himself on Arman gave a low whistle.."This isn't a powerhouse team... this is a mayhem team. We could literally invade any country in the world and not have a problem."


"With Vander that's a extremely likely... Please don't cause any wars...or political incidents without warning me at least a half hour in advanced... I'll need to gather the political clout to help." Arman pleaded but his eyes shone with mirth.