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Crave [BakuDeku] [KatsuDeku] [Omegaverse]

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Don't trust me with the lives and hearts of these precious cinnamon rolls😢

Don't trust me to NOT spoil things

Don't trust me to follow the universes correctly

Don't trust this story/writing to be good

My story will loosely follow the most current manga arc of BNHA, as of January 2019. If you are not up-to-date, then expect slight spoilers.


Tiny Spoiler (barely worth calling a spoiler):
The timeline is skewed to fit my needs. Takes place in Late Spring to Early Summer, even though it is currently Winter. This causes their ages all to be a little off too.

I have also incorporated my own rules to follow of the Omegaverse; you can find those listed below. For the most part, I keep it pretty standard.

I will attempt to add a warning at the beginning of each chapter, as well as a word count. All chapters will consist of 2,000+ words; no exceptions.

I'm not perfect, nor do I expect my work to be well-liked. If you don't like it, that's fine. Please respect each other, as well as myself, and keep your comments kind and courteous. I don't wish for this to become a toxic environment, so all hate will be removed from the premises. Enjoy each other and the journey you take.

I may make revisions and/or various changes throughout the course of this story, if this happens, I will let you all know.


What to Expect:

💢Trigger Warnings💢
(May be updated in the future)

Heavy BakuDeku
Heavy KamiKiri
Moderate TodoDeku
Moderate BakuKiri
Moderate BakuDekuKiri
Mild ShinDeku
Ships Between Any and All Side Characters
Sexual Assault

🌺 My Omegaverse Rules 🌺

🌺Universal To All Subgenders🌺 Develop a Heightened Sense of smell at age 17. This extra sense will help determine their Soulmate. Their Soulmate can only be located if they have also reached 17.

🌺 Omegas can only tell when their Mate is nearby at this age, they can't pinpoint who their Mate actually is when surrounded by others, their sense of smell, even when heightened is not as strong as a Betas or Alphas.

🌺 Alphas and Betas can smell when an Omega is in Heat, regardless of their own age.

🌺 When Marked by someone, a small connection, similar to that of a Bond is formed between the two. The one who has been Marked will begin to emit a scent that is delectable to their counterpart, regardless of whether or not they are Mates. They may also feel a sense of protection, desire, and comfort that wasn't always there before.

🌺 If Bonded, the natural scent is appealing only to Mates for the duration of one month. If not remarked by the Mate in this time frame, the natural scent will begin to increase in potency, until all Alphas/Betas/Omegas find it appealing once more.

🌺 If simply Marked but not Bonded, the natural scent is slightly masked for only two weeks. The scent that is produced after being Marked is still enticing to others, however, it is not the natural scent, but rather a mixture of the two Marked Mates scents combined. This confuses their true Mates or can throw others off their scent. Remarking before the end of the two week period will result in an extension, pushing the Marked duration further than two weeks.

🌺 All sub-genders are capable of causing a low rumbling sound that reverberates throughout their chest. In Alphas, this sound is referred to as, 'crooning' and Betas and Omegas it is referred to as, 'purring'. The only difference between and Alpha croon and a Beta/Omega purr is the intensity. Purring/Crooning is an act one sub-gender does to express their emotions without needing to use words. Generally, this is done with affection, to calm one another down, or to show they appreciate a certain form of attention.

💥Alphas💥 Dominate over Betas and Omegas, they are the top class of the hierarchy.

💥 Can forcibly emit a scent that will weaken Betas and Omegas. Betas can maintain physical strength and consciousness, but are just slightly weaker than before and fully aroused. Omegas can not retain valid/fluid thoughts and lose most, if not all strength, fully succumbing to the Alpha.

💥 Will go into Rut if they smell an Omega in Heat. Rut periods will last longer and appearing with more force if the Omega in Heat is their Mate.

💥 While having intercourse, Alphas develop a bulge at the base of their member which will move up during release, effectively locking them to their partner, for approximately 5-10 minutes. This process ensures a higher chance of pregnancy in their Mate, by preventing any sperm from leaking out.

💥 Female Alphas have male reproductive organs. Female Alphas are extremely rare.

💥 In the rare cases that a Male Alpha and a Male Beta, or another Male Alpha, are Mates, they will have a third Mate, an Omega or female, for reproductive purposes. MA + MA + O(F) / MA + MB + O(F)

💥 Common.

🌸Betas🌸 Submissive to Alphas but still dominate over Omegas, they are the middle class of the hierarchy.

🌸 Will go into Rut if they smell an Omega in Heat. Rut periods will last longer and appearing with more force if the Omega in heat is their Mate.

🌸 In the rare cases that a Male Beta and a Male Alpha, or another Male Beta, are Mates, they will have a third Mate, an Omega or female, for reproductive purposes. MB + MB + O(F) / MA + MB + O(F)

🌸 In the rare cases that a Female Beta and another Female Beta are mates, they will have a third Mate, an Alpha or male, for reproductive purposes. FB +FB + A(M)

🌸 Can be Marked and Bonded, but will not induce a Rut in others nor experience a Heat.

🌸 Abundant.

🍀Omegas🍀 Submissive to both Betas and Alphas, they are the lower class of the hierarchy.

🍀 At 17, Omegas experience their first Heat and also produce their Mate Scent which attracts their Soulmate. During their Heats, this scent is so strong that it will attract any nearby Beta or Alpha for breeding.

🍀 Male Omegas are an extremely rare case and can also be impregnated.

🍀 Omegas naturally search for a Beta or Alpha to Mate with during Heats, regardless of their Bonded/Marked status. If they are not accompanied by their Bonded/Marked Mate during a Heat, other means of action will take place, i.e. toys or the closest Alpha/Beta.

🍀 Bonded or Marked Omegas in Heat will always attract Alphas or Betas for breeding, regardless of their Mated status. Their Heat Scent is highly intoxicating and potent during these periods. Typically their Bonded/Marked Mates will remain at their side during this time frame to prevent any unwelcome intrusions.

🍀 Rare.

🔥Heat🔥 A time of the month, beginning when an Omega reaches the age of 17, where the body produces an intoxicatingly sweet scent to attract any nearby Betas or Alphas for Mating purposes.

🔥 ONLY during the Heat, can an Omega be impregnated.

🔥 If an Omega is on birth control, the chances of pregnancy are slim to none.

🔥 Omegas wear a collar during Heat designed to cover their scent and protect their scent glands from unwelcome markings.

🔥 Omegas can try to mask their scent after their first Heat, to avoid being discovered by their Mate, by using special colognes, shampoos, and other various odors to cover their own scent.

🔥 Omegas can take suppressants to hide their scents and lower the urges of their Heats. If taken for too long, the next Heat without them will be extremely painful if the Omega doesn't have a Mate. Suppressants are extremely dangerous and can cause severe mood swings, depression, and infertility.

🔥 Omegas often experience depression after intercourse if they have not been marked by their mate.

🔥 If Bonded, an Omega must spend their Heat with their Mate to avoid severe and crippling depression. A Bonded Omega requires the pheromones of their Mate to ease their Heat period.

🔥 Omegas naturally search for a Beta or Alpha to Mate with during Heats, regardless of their Bonded/Marked status. If they are not accompanied by their Bonded/Marked Mate during a Heat, other means of action will take place, i.e. toys or the closest Alpha/Beta.

🔥 Bonded or Marked Omegas in Heat will always attract Alphas or Betas for breeding, regardless of their Mated status. Their Heat Scent is highly intoxicating and potent during these periods, seemingly irresistible to all Alphas/Betas. Typically their Bonded/Marked mates will remain at their side during this time frame to prevent any unwelcome intrusions.

💥Rut🌸 Induced in Alphas and Betas when in the presence of an Omega during Heat. An uncontrollable sexual drive to impregnate an Omega.

😍Mate😍 Soulmate, destined partner. Can have up to two True Mates, depending on sub-genders.

💋Mark💋 A bite placed on the scent gland at the base of the neck to claim ownership/possession. Hides the natural scent by mixing it with their own.

💋 If Marked by someone that is not the True Mate, the Marked and their respective True Mate will be thrown into emotional turmoil and physical/psychological pain. The Mark will last for only two weeks before fading away again unless otherwise Remarked to elongate the duration.

💋 Bonded Pairs may still place a Mark on any unbonded sub-genders. However, placing a Mark on someone that is not the True Mate, while permanently Bonded to their True Mate, will cause the Bonded Mates to experience psychological and physical turmoil.

💫Bond💫 An occurrence between two people that have Marked each other.

💫 If Bonded to someone that is not the True Mate, a Soulmate pairing will slowly dissipate until their Fated Strings snap and is fully replaced with the new Bonded Faux Mate. The previous Mate will then be classified as Mateless unless they, in turn, Bond with someone else.

💫 A Bonded Faux Mate is not a permanent Bond and can be overridden by a True Mate.

💫 Bonded Faux Mates do not experience telepathic or empathetic connection.

💫 During the timeframe of a breaking Fated String, the Soulmates will experience physical/ psychological/ emotional turmoil, severe depression, mood swings, irritability, illness, and in extreme cases, even death.

💫 A Soulmate may cancel the Bonding of a Faux Mate pair from fully completing and Bonding by placing their Mark above the others, effectively breaking the Bond and preventing the True Mates Fated Strings from severing.

💫 When Bonded to a True Mate, a telepathic and empathetic connection is formed between the pair.

💫 A Mark made when Bonded between True Mates is permanent, however, if not remarked monthly, the effects of the Bond, itself, will begin to fade. Such as, the scent protection that was formed in order to deter others from attempting to Mark their Mate. As well as the strength of the telepathic and empathic link. At the beginning of a freshly made Bond, the telepathic and empathic effects are strong. As time goes on, the feeling wanes. If not Remarked after a long period of time, the only telepathic and empathic link that will remain is if their Mate is in danger or has feelings so strong their body feels they may be in danger. Only the Mark itself is permanent.

💫 If an already Bonded Mate is bitten in an attempt to override the Mark previously created with their True Mate, a new mark will not form. They will not develop a connection with the one attempting to Remark the Bonded Mate. The wound created will not heal quickly. It will simply be a regular bite, however, it will send stressors to the Bonded True Mate, signifying danger to their significant other. Pain and emotional turmoil will ensue between the Bonded Pair. No harm or effects will occur to those attempting to Recreate a Mark over a Bond.

💫 Bonded Pairs may still place a mark on any unbonded sub-genders. However, placing a Mark on someone that is not the True Mate, while still permanently Bonded to their True Mate, will cause the Bonded Mates to experience psychological and physical turmoil.

💫 A Bond between True Mates will only break if one of the Soulmates is Deceased, rendering the other Mateless.

⛔️Heat Collar⛔️ Worn by an Omegan during their heat cycle.

⛔️ Prevents unwelcome Markings by Alphas and Betas by blocking their scent gland from access and suppressing their pheromones from releasing to their full extent.

💊Birth Control💊 Used by Omegan males and all females to prevent pregnancies.

🚫Morning-After Pill🚫 Given primarily to Omegans the morning after an unwelcome Knotting during their Heat cycle.

🚫 Induces extreme depression in Omegans and therefore is given out under strict supervision and guidance.

🚫 Previous medical records indicating mental instability may result in being denied pill or being requested to be restrained during the pills duration.

🚫 Pill's effects last for a week.

🚫 Pill may also be administered to those that simply had unprotected intercourse and wish to prevent pregnancy.

💉Suppressant💉 A pill given to Omegans to take in order to suppress their Heat cycles.

💉 Pill can dull the Omegans pheromones as well as their senses. The dull pheromones will prevent raising unwelcome attention in Betas and Alphas. The dull senses in the Omega will aide an Omega in maintaining some semblance of control while being overpowered by an Alpha. At most, it will allow them to retain thought, but it won't aide them in controlling their physical strength.

💉 Pill is extremely dangerous if taken for long periods of time. It can induce mental instability such as extreme depression and anxiety, leading to suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

💉 Pill may also cause infertility.

💉 If used for an extended period of time, the suppressants effects may weaken and cause an extremely powerful Heat to take place, resulting in danger to the Omega.



Chapter Text



🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


Life sucked. Plain and simple. Life had always sucked for me, from the very beginning, life sucked. I was stomped on, beat to a pulp, watched my dreams get burned and shredded before my very eyes, and was constantly reminded of how weak or utterly worthless I was. Over and over again, my life had been virtually shat on. Kicked and beaten down, but why? Why? That was easy to answer for some people. It was easy, because... I was born weak. Not all men were created equal. My entire existence served to be a constant reminder of that.

But, I did my best to not let that stop me from picking the pieces back up and trying again. No matter how often I was pushed back down, I found the strength to stand. When I was little... I had help, I had people I cared about; people that I thought cared back. Yet, the older I grew, the more aware I became of where I was expected to stand. Fate just didn't seem to like me very much.

After letting it tear me to pieces, I finally came to the conclusion that fate... just hated me. But, even then, I didn't think it would be that cruel to me.

Still, one by one, everything I cared about was slowly ripped from the delicate grasp I had on life. Because... I was weak... born weak. I couldn't even get a peaceful night's worth of sleep without being reminded of how badly... life just sucked.




I turned over in my sleep, my fingers danced in the darkness and searched for the source of the sound that decided to wake me up. It wasn't like I was really asleep anyway, not with what was going to happen in a matter of days. My hands brushed across my cold metallic alarm clock, before silencing it with the press of a button.

Suppressing a yawn, I sat up in bed and glanced around. I rubbed the dreary remnants of sleep from my eyes while my thoughts drifted back to the dream I had just woken from; the dream that marked one of the few happy moments in my life up till now.

"Izu, sweetie, I would like you to meet my friend, Mitsuki Bakugou," said my mom, not realizing she just changed my fate forever.

I had been racing through our small apartment, treating my All Might action figure like an airplane, before I made him swoop down to rescue another one of my All Might action figures. In the middle of my desperate rescue attempt, the doorbell had rung throughout our house. So, being the curious little tike that I was, I scampered over to see who was there, but at the sight of the strangers, I quickly ducked away. When my mom spoke up, I stayed in my hiding spot behind her leg.

"Hello, Izuku," the strange woman said. She knelt down and tried to pat my head, only for me to shrink further from her reach. I gave her a soft squinty-eyed glare, not trusting another adult to come into my life at the time. Not anymore. Not since my dad walked out that door only to not come back home yet, like he promised.

"I'm sorry, Mitsuki, he's been a little shy ever since his well, you know, F-A-T-H-E-R..." Inko Midoriya let her voice trail off into nothingness. She glanced down to see if I knew what she had spelled. I didn't, not then. If she spelled, 'D-A-D', then maybe I would have known what they were talking about. Not that it mattered. This dream wasn't about him. I never had dreams about a man I barely knew.

Mitsuki gave Inko a meek smile in understanding.

"I brought someone to meet you, Izuku," Mitsuki continued to speak to me, regardless of my blatant fear. Her voice was light and airy, the usual tone that was often taken when speaking to a child.

A young boy with spiky blond hair and ruby red eyes stood proudly before his mother with his tiny fists at his side.

"This is my son, Katsuki. He's a little older than you. Would you like to play with him today?" She said sweetly. There was no way my small mind would comprehend the demon that was lurking in front of me when we first met. None at all. Because, instead, I felt an instant connection.

I peered out from behind the safe haven of my mother and looked at the young boy. The moment our eyes locked, the world around me stilled. Nothing could be heard except the beating of my frantic heart against the confines of my ribcage, like it was trying to escape and flee to his side. My breath caught in my throat and for a moment, my small form started to panic. Colors swirled into one, forming a world of blurred rainbows. Blurred... except for the piercing crimson gaze that bored into my soul. In those brief moments, only his eyes were crystal clear, reflecting a burning desire that lurked in his tiny being. A strong desire that I was no match for. A warm blush flew up my neck in a matter of seconds and my shy demeanor reared its head.

An aura of complete confidence practically rolled off of his shoulders and my young heart couldn't help but wonder where he got it from. Where did his strength come from when he was still so small in a world that sneered down on the little ones like us. He flashed me a beaming smile, trying to encourage my timid form to come forward. That smile, so bright, reminded me of my role model, the number one Hero, All Might, and I was instantly entranced.

As if in response to the thoughts in my head, Katsuki noticed the small action figure clutched tightly in the palms of my hands. I didn't think his smile could grow any wider, but it miraculously did.

"I'm going to become the next number one hero when I grow up, saving people just like All Might!" He grinned down at me. "So, there's no reason to be so afraid, as long as I'm by your side, you'll always be protected!"

He reached out his hand, fully confident that I would take it...


And I did.


I stared down at my hand and tried to remember the feeling from all those years ago. Tried to recall his warmth or even the feeling of his promised protection. But now, everything just felt so cold, so empty. His palms seemed to just fit perfectly within my own when we were young and ever since then, I had tried desperately to feel them again. Then one day...


He stopped reaching for me...

Stopped caring about me...

No longer spoke kind words toward me...

No longer protected me.


I clenched and unclenched my palms, before letting out a groan and swung my legs out from underneath the warmth of my covers. Stretching my arms into the morning air, I breathed in deeply hoping to wake my mind up from the fog that it kept drifting into. Slowly, I dragged my bare feet across the laminate wood of my dorm room. Each step was like I was sinking in quicksand, being heavily weighed down by the exhaustion from my fit-full sleep last night. I walked over to the cherry wood dresser and began to search for a clean pair of socks. I tossed them onto my bed before pulling down my school uniform from its hanger by my balcony door. I usually hung it up to prevent wrinkles, but since there was no closet in my room, I had to settle for the next best thing.

Pale light filtered in through my curtains, giving just enough for me to glance into my floor length mirror and take in my haggard appearance. I frowned at the dark blue bags under my dull, emerald eyes. Huffing in annoyance, I slapped my freckled cheeks in an attempt to give my skin some color. I dragged a finger under my lower lashes to wake my bleary eyes up and ruffled the green mess of curls on top of my head before calling that done. At least, as good as it was going to get.




I glanced toward the sound and saw that my phone had lit up the room.


Ochaco🌸  Hey! You awake yet??

Deku🍀  Morning, Uraraka. Just got up. :) What's up?

Ochaco🌸  Well, tomorrow's the big day, so I was just wondering if you have everything prepared for it?

Deku🍀  I hope so. If only our summer vacation started 5 days ago, instead of in 5 days.

Deku🍀  This is the worst timing

Ochaco🌸  I know! But we're all here for you!

Deku🍀  Thanks. I feel better just knowing that.

Ochaco🌸  Once it lets out, why don't we all get together to do something fun??

Deku🍀  That sounds like a great idea! Make a group and let's see if Iida and everyone would want to join us!

Ochaco🌸  Okay!


I set my phone down and began to get dressed. I should have been happy about tomorrow since it was my birthday, but when an Omega turned 17, their first heat would hit. That wasn't something I was prepared for. In fact, it was something I didn't think I would ever be prepared for. Class after embarrassing class had talked about what an Omega's heat was like and, honestly, knowing what to expect just made things worse for me. Because, if I knew, then that meant so did everyone else around me.

In our world full of sub-genders, being forced to live side-by-side with instincts that would take over all our rationality, we all had at least a little something to look forward too. The seventeenth birthday marked a new milestone in our lives. A time when fate would start to guide us down the path of eternal happiness.  When anyone reached their seventeenth birthday, they would finally begin to emit the pheromones intended to draw out their mate, the other half to their soul, the person meant to be there for the rest of their lives... their eternal happiness.

This was a day that I had waited for, for such a long time. A day that I dreamed about, planned, or replayed constantly in my mind. I was both equal parts excited and... absolutely terrified. There were so many things that could go wrong on my seventeenth birthday. So many things that were entirely out of my control. Uncertainties over this day lurked around every corner. For me, this day wasn't going to be the happy beginning of my eternal happiness like everyone else expected. No, for me, a male Omega, this day could very well mark the start of my eternal torment.

But, there was still the off-chance that everything would turn out okay. The small percentage that told me I was going to be happy in my life. I didn't wake up praying for things to go wrong though, they just always did. Questions would roam through my mind over what was to come. Thoughts about how broken my life was going to be if I couldn't control it in some way. I hated handing it over to fate like it was no big deal. I could barely press the breaks while I was raced through life on a derailed train, going at speeds unknown to mankind. All I could do was brace for the inevitable impact and pray that I would survive in the end.

Turning of age was harder for someone like me than most everyone else for so many different reasons. If I chose to ignore the hate-comments and snide remarks that were tossed my way simply because of what I was born to be, I would only be greeted with more challenges. Challenges that other sub-genders had an advantage over. When most people turned of age, they could take one quick whiff and immediately locate their future happiness. But, when an Omega turned of age, it wasn't that easy. Omegas couldn't just head out and sniff around. No, they had to sit tight like pretty, helpless damsels in distress for their soulmate to find them.

I wasn't a damsel in distress. I wasn't some princess locked away in a tower, waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue me. I wasn't even a woman, contrary to what some critics would argue. I wasn't going to sit around and wait for fate to steer me where it wanted me to go. No, I was going to rip the reins out of fate's hands and take control of my own life because... this wasn't a fairytale and I had no hopes of having a happy ending. Life didn't hand things to me like it did for others. Since the day I filled my lungs with the toxic city air in some rundown hospital, I was forced to earn my place. I struggled and fought every step of the way to be where I was today and I didn't expect things to suddenly become easy for me.

Finding my mate was going to be a struggle. I knew this from the very beginning. I may have had my sights set on a certain Alpha, but I didn't expect him to land in the palms of my hands without warning. In fact, I didn't expect him to even look in my direction. So, despite every cell in my body that screamed I had a chance... I told myself otherwise. I convinced myself that his words meant harm, when I knew deep down that they didn't. I took them to heart and let them consume me. Consume me until I couldn't breathe anymore and then... I stood up against the weight that crushed over my shoulders and decided to buckle-up for the ride ahead. I decided to embrace my destiny and bend it to my will. To do that... when my birthday came around... I was going to find my mate myself, in my own way.


'I think... Maybe..? It didn't hurt to try a little, right?' I thought to myself.


I knew it was going to be hard to do considering Omegas could only pick up small traces of their mates by themselves. Just a soft whiff here or there. But, it was never enough to actually identify them, especially if their mate was in a large crowd. It just helped point them in the right direction. If they were lucky enough to detect their mate's pheromones while they were alone in the same room together then there would be no mistaking their instincts. That was rarely the case, however. That was always an option, but I couldn't just waltz up to every Alpha and Beta in the world and force them into some dark closet with me just so I could smell them...

So, my first obstacle was that Omegan senses weren't as strong as the other secondary genders. Fate was trying to force Omegas to just rely on the Betas and Alphas to find them.

Almost everyone in my class already knew about me being an Omega. Almost everyone, so it made things less complicated to some degree. The school board decided it would be in my best interest if they knew, for various safety reasons. It also made life a little easier, knowing I had so much support.

Being a male Omega was extremely rare, but being one with a quirk and going through the academy to become a hero was practically unheard of. It was unheard of, but not impossible. Doing what I dreamed to do wasn't going to be easy. If word got out to the wrong group of people, a massive target was most likely going to be placed on my back. A target that screamed 'easy prey', 'weak', 'submissive'. Being an Omega was already dangerous on its own, let alone an Omega that wanted to intentionally go out to the front lines and fight against genders that could force me to do their bidding. But, if they didn't know an Omega was on the battlefield, then I would be just a little safer.

What made things even worse for me throughout all of this was that Omegas were supposed to be beneath everyone else. It had been the standard for a very long time, but recent changes showed chances of equality for all the secondary genders and I was proud to say that I planned on breaking the norms for Omegas.

I wouldn't let society decide my fate for me, at least while I still had the strength to fight it. Being forced to follow a role that had been the standard for so long was something I wasn't up for. I couldn't just sit back and wait for fate to come to me anymore. I had to fight, struggle, claw and dig my way through just to be where I was today, yes. But, every step was worth it. I felt stronger every day that passed. I felt like I was on equal footing with the Betas and Alphas that surrounded me and to make things a little better... They seemed to accept me for who I was. Never once had I been ridiculed by my classmates or teachers for striving to break out of the constraints that were placed on me since birth. They cheered for me, encouraged me, and gave me the tools to show the world that there was more to an Omega than just someone that belonged beneath them all. More to an Omega than just a plaything for the sick and twisted.

Looking into the mirror before me and letting my thoughts run rampant in my mind, I shook my head vigorously. I had to psych myself up mentally for the class that was about to come. I took a few deep breaths and continued to get ready, attempting to toss my nerves out the window where they belonged.

That was... until I remembered, yet again, why I was so nervous in the first place. 


There was one person in my class that didn't know who I truly was.

One person that I refused to let find out because of the fear that struck through my body when I faced him.

One person whose look of disgust would rip my soul to shreds if he ever cast it in my direction.

Unfortunately for me, this one person... was also the Alpha I had my hopes and dreams secretly set on.


I wouldn't be able to stand it if he gave me that look. The look that screamed disgust. Disgust for being so weak. Disgust for trying to climb to the top when I belonged beneath his feet. I could handle the comments, the shoves, and the occasional brawl that he would always seem to throw my way. A glare here and there or the lack of compassion in his eyes toward me was nothing new. It showed that he saw me to be someone worth pushing down, while we were both struggling to run up the same ladder at the same time. He was just trying to grasp his dreams and didn't want anyone to get there before him. I couldn't blame him for his fierce passion to rise to the top. In fact, it was something that caught my eye from the very beginning.

But I wouldn't be able to handle it if he found out I was an Omega. He already hated me enough the way things were now. In fact, things were just starting to look up between us, ever since he found out about One for All. So, I didn't want to ruin them before I had my chance to fix it. I wanted him in my life... in some way. I wanted him to be by me like he always had in the past, even if it was only because we were forced to be at each other's side. But still, those moments were some of the best... and worse... moments in my entire life up to this point.

Before he knew about how I received my quirk, he thought I had hidden this secret away from him his whole life. He thought I was mocking him and treating him like he wasn't good enough to know I had a quirk. The look of hurt and betrayal he gave me the day he found out I had a quirk, became a look that tormented my memories. I never wanted to see it again. It was a struggle to explain everything to him in the end, but he finally accepted that I didn't hide this from him because I actually wanted to... but rather that I had to hide it from him.

What was worse was that I actually did have a secret that I had kept hidden from him my whole life. The proud Alpha that he was, he would never let me stand by his side if he knew. If he was that upset of a secret I kept against my will, I could only imagine how he would feel if he knew there was another.

I could feel that he started to see the struggles I had to go through just to be near the top and deep down, I started hoping that one day if I reached out, I could feel his palm in my hands once again.




A sound reverberated through my room once more so I walked back over to my nightstand to see who it was this time. Not too surprised, I noticed Uraraka wasted no time in recruiting our friends for the plans to come.


Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!


Ochaco🌸  Hey! Deku and I were thinking of getting everyone together to do something fun this summer, anyone in??

Toru👻  Yeah!

Kiri🥊  Hell yeah!

Denki⚡️ Party!!

Mina🌷 Beach!!

Momo👗  Shopping?!

Tokoyami🐦  I like the beach idea.

Mineta🍇  Me too!

Tsu🐸  Sounds like fun!!

Deku🍀  Who's all in this group?

Jirou🎸  Oooh?? Is there somebody you're avoiding..? ;)

Aoyama 🦄  A certain blond alpha perhaps? *wink*wink*

Ochaco🌸  Not funny, guys! Don't worry, I didn't add him. If things go bad, I thought it would turn awkward for everyone...

Sero🕸  I agree, let's invite him once this all passes!

Shoji🐙  Yeah!

Deku🍀  Do we have to..?

Kiri🥊  Honestly, Bro, I don't get why you haven't told him.

Ochaco🌸  Uhm, would you give your bully more things to taunt you about..?

Kiri🥊  I just think that maybe he's changed a little is all.

Deku🍀  I've seen change too... it's just... hard.

Ochaco🌸  Yeah, he's not ready yet.

Mina🌷  You never know, what if he's actually your mate ;)

Denki⚡️ Bahaha!!

Jirou🎸  Lol!

Kiri🥊  No way!

❄️Shouto🔥  Better not be -.-

Denki⚡️ Todo, dude, you sound jealous...

❄️Shouto🔥  Just protecting my friend.

Deku🍀  I'll tell him one day, just not any time soon

Kiri🥊  Promise to tell him?

Deku🍀  Promise.


I put my phone in my pocket, gathered my supplies and began to make my way down to the common area, where I was sure I would find everyone already awake at this point and mingling.




Sure enough, the smell of someone's freshly made breakfast wafted in and danced around me. It was trying to entice me to come and eat. I stepped out of the elevator and made my way to the kitchen.

I had noticed Uraraka was sitting at the table, eating cereal, and Katsuki was at the counter, rummaging through the cabinets, clearly looking for something.

Denki, Kiri, Mina, and Sero were all sitting around the table, talking and texting.

"Morning, Deku!" Uraraka shouted when she saw me. I took the empty seat next to her while my mind tried to decide whether it would be wise to enter the kitchen while Katsuki was still there or not.

"G'morning," I stifled a yawn, "What smells so good?"

She gave me a funny, puzzled look.

"I don't smell anything..?" Uraraka admitted, sniffing the air to try and find what caught my attention.

"Oh well, must be my mind telling me that I'm hungry," I smiled at her. My stomach grumbled in acknowledgment which only made my face heat up in embarrassment.

Uraraka just chuckled at me when I stood up, attempting to hide away from the teasing and taunts I immediately expected her to throw my way. I walked over to the kitchen, deciding to make myself a quick snack and just head out.

"Ah. G'morning, Kacchan," I said with my head bowed down and not exactly expecting a response. It was just another part of my usual routine in the early morning. Actually, scratch that... sometimes he did respond and it was always something along the lines of 'fuck off', 'it's too early for your shit', 'I didn't wake up to hear your annoying voice', and so on and so forth. It was just who he was... just how he treated me.

This time though, Katsuki actually grunted to say he heard me but nothing more. Even still, I was shocked he would give me that much. I didn't think I was even worth his time, but after our fight, he had spoken more and yelled less. It was nice. I knew he wasn't doing it with the intention to make me happy, but I couldn't help my little smile that graced my face before I continued making my breakfast.

The sweet smell of sugar and something more filtered past my nose once again and I glanced in Katsuki's direction. He didn't have anything made yet, so I wasn't sure what I was smelling, but I knew it only made me hungrier. It reminded me of syrup or maybe even caramel. The sweet tooth that laid within me ached at the decadent aroma, making my mouth drool and my head spin. I hadn't realized I froze in my spot and had let my eyes linger for just a little too long. Too long... just long enough to be noticed.

"Oi. Deku. Quit staring, you damn nerd," Katsuki snapped at me and gave me a weird look. A look that said I was pushing my luck. A few sparks even jutted from his fingertips, signaling that he meant business.

I yelped a little and mumbled some form of an apology under my breath. I kept my eyes cast down to the ground, not willing to anger him even further. It wasn't in my best interest to make the Alpha hate me even more than he already did. I groaned inwardly at my stupid mistake before settling on making some toast for breakfast. The moment my food was completed, I ran back to the table, not wanting to risk his fury for being nearby for too long.

Uraraka quickly took notice of the awkward exchange that just took place between us and eyed me with a questionable suspicion. I blushed deeply because I wasn't ready for anyone to know how I felt. A rivalry was all the more we were supposed to have going on between us right now, not some secret hidden romance that no one knew about. I didn't have it in me to admit my feelings to myself, let alone to speak them out loud to anyone else. I continued to eat my food as quickly as I could without another word, then raced out of the dorms toward our class, leaving my friend behind.

It was still early when I made it inside. I had plenty of time before the morning bell would ring, so I calmed my steps when my panic had finally managed to settle down. Shinsou and Todoroki were already in their seats when I walked in. After having a joint classroom training session the other day, Shinsou was admitted into our class to participate in the hero courses.

"Good morning, Midoriya," Todoroki's bleak voice and deadpanned facial expression greeted me like usual.

"Morning, did you sleep well, Shouto?" I smiled in his direction.

"I did in the beginning, until I was bombarded so early in the morning with text messages," he stated, giving me a sideways glance. Heat rushed up my neck when I realized he was talking about the group message that Uraraka created.

"Guh! I'm so sorry!!" I exclaimed while waving my hands in front of my face.

"It's perfectly fine, Midoriya. It gave me enough time to relax before class," Todoroki said after watching me panic for a little bit longer.

Shinsou, on the other hand, just stared at our exchange. I had told him about being an Omega as soon as it was official that he would be transferring in with our class and not the other. He didn't seem to mind and was more than willing to keep my secret. I wouldn't say we were friends exactly, but I wouldn't deny that I hoped we would be one day.

"I think... the beach doesn't sound too bad," Shinsou said softly.

I stopped my motions and turned in his direction. Realization dawned on me in a flash and I let it show on my face. I smiled widely and nodded my head several times.

"Yes, I agree!! We should definitely go to the beach," I exclaimed, flashing him a bright smile. It was nice to see him reaching out after his declaration against making friends with us all. I knew it wouldn't last that long.

Classmates started piling in one by one, so I took my seat behind Katsuki and waited for the day to end. I was dreading tomorrow, but the suspense and anxiety just kept making me wish for this all to be over with.




By the time lunch came around, I was entranced. Entirely fixated on the sugary aroma that I had smelled earlier that morning. It wouldn't leave me, seeming to follow everywhere I went. The moment the bell rang, I kicked my seat back and shot up. As fast as I could, I grabbed Uraraka and dragged her to the nearest stairwell, out of ears and eyes of everyone else.

"W - What's happening, Deku?!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"I have a problem. I can't stay for the rest of the class today, I won't make it," I began to explain. I started to fiddle with my thumbs while wondering how exactly I was going to explain this to my best friend without causing too much of a scene.

"What do you mean?" She asked me with a certain tilt to her head. The confusion was evident on her face.

"I'm not sure if this is a sign of my heat or what, but I can't be in that room with all those Alphas and Betas any longer. They smell..." I said, letting my voice trail off at the end.

She raised an eyebrow, "Smell? They stink? Ooohhh, you mean they smell... good," she said, flashing me a toothy grin.

"Well, the school knows your situation, so I think if you left early, they would understand. What do they smell like to you?" The Beta asked.

"They all smell okay, like flowers, fruits, and such, but..." I said, waving my hand in the air dismissively when I explained the slight scents that I didn't much care for.

"But? Please, do continue..." She gripped my hands tightly and her eyes began to gleam. She knew exactly what I was getting at.

"There's one smell that tops the rest. I can't pinpoint where it's coming from exactly since I'm just an Omega. It's amazing though. Like, someone took a hike up a mountain, built a campfire, and just randomly started making a smorgasbord of pancakes drizzled in caramel to eat. It was... just... ughh..." I sighed in frustration. I brought my hands up and dragged them down my face, wondering if maybe, just maybe, I was hallucinating.

Uraraka, however, began jumping up and down out of pure childish excitement. It was like she had just won the lottery or something. She pulled out her phone and started typing something furiously, turning her body away from me so I couldn't see what it was.

"What are you doing?" I asked. My stomach did a small tumble when I thought of just how gossip-happy she could be. I felt like I would be finding the answer to my question in just a matter of seconds.

"Hmm? Did you uh... say something? Oh, ha ha, just... uh... nothing?" She grinned. Every single thing about her statement made my blood run cold and my face turn pale. She coyly put her phone back in her pocket and waited. Her eyes flicked down to my own phone and her mischievous smile never fell.




Sure enough, my pocket mysteriously vibrated. Weird. I glared in her direction but wasn't sure if the effect I wanted took place because she just shrugged sweetly. I reached down to grab my phone and gasped at the message I read, that had been sent to the group from this morning.




"Uraraka! I could be wrong!" I exclaimed. Sweat began dripping and settled in my palms. I wanted to shake her vigorously for stirring up trouble in my otherwise... relatively... uneventful life... At least, it's been pretty steady lately. That's uneventful, right? Right.

"I doubt it!" She quickly countered. I gave her an exasperated look. Did she honestly forget that Omegas couldn't pinpoint their mate? I sensed a headache forming the longer I thought about everything.

"Either way, I'm going to Recovery Girl and then probably back to my dorm," I sighed. I was too anxious to continue being here any longer. The last thing I needed was to start my heat early because someone smelled heavenly to me. That would suck. Various other thoughts fumbled through my head continuously.


What were they going to say to this? 
Who was the scent coming from?

If I could smell everyone, couldn't they smell me?

This was embarrassing, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and wait for this whole thing to die down. 

Why couldn't I just be an Alpha?
Oh, right. Because fate hated me.


"Deku, you're mumbling again. It'll be okay," Uraraka stated, noticing my on-going panic rising steadily. She smiled and patted me on the back when I turned to leave.


"I hope you're right."




Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I slumped myself down onto the nurse's cot and let out a groan. Recovery Girl had given me some suppressants and told me to rest in the nurse's office for the time being. She would be informing Aizawa that I wouldn't be in class tomorrow and potentially the day after. The first heat usually only lasted between 13 to 15 hours and since suppressants weren't taken regularly, there shouldn't be any issues as far as it being backed-up was concerned.

The whole time we were talking, my phone kept going off, vibrating constantly in my pocket. Recovery Girl definitely heard the faint buzzing, but was polite enough not to question anything. I had ignored everyone's responses, but now that I wasn't in the middle of having an embarrassing conversation with the school nurse, I decided it was time to check their reactions to the drama Uraraka had decided to startup.

❄️Shouto🔥 How do you know?

Kiri🥊 Are you sure!?

Mina🌷 That's exciting! I wonder who it is?

❄️Shouto🔥 Yeah, who is it, Midoriya?

Jirou🎸 Yeah, come on, tell us! Don't be shy ~

Ochaco🌸 Deku went to the nurse's office, so he's probably not going to respond. He couldn't tell, everyone's smells were mixing too much.

Mina🌷 Wait? Isn't he not coming to class tomorrow?

Ochaco🌸 That's right, he's not.

Tsu🐸 Then, how is his mate supposed to find him?

Tokoyami🐦 Yeah, I am curious myself.

Toru👻 He should come!

❄️Shouto🔥 Everyone, he can't. You are aware of this. You know why he doesn't want his scent released.

Kiri🥊 Then maybe he should just let Bakugou know now. They've known each other their whole lives. I don't think this is something that should be kept from him. I'm telling you, he won't mind! Trust the man a little more...

Denki⚡️ Won't Bakugou be suspicious if he isn't in class tomorrow anyway?

Ochaco🌸 Why would he?

Iida🤖 Well, like he said, they've known each other their whole lives, so doesn't he know when Midoriya's 17th Birthday is?

Ochaco🌸 Oh yeah, does he?

Jirou🎸 Someone hurry and find out if he knows!

Kiri🥊 I'll text him!

Shoji🐙 That could cause problems. So, let us know.

Momo👗 If he knows, he could question why he isn't here and maybe put two and two together. He's not slow...

Iida🤖 Then we should get Midoriya to come to class.

Ochaco🌸 Why do you guys want Deku in class anyway?

Sero🕸 Think about it, if he's not in class, Bakugou could figure it out, but Midoriya's trying desperately to hide it.

Mina🌷  Yeah, it's obvious. Everyone knows when an Omega's heat first hits. He would find out for sure.

Momo👗 Is there any way to avoid it then?

Toru👻 I don't want to see him mistreat Midoriya because of it...

Kiri🥊 Guys! He wouldn't mistreat him, but yes, he knows it's his birthday! Also, I panicked when he asked why I wanted to know, so I told him it's so we could throw a surprise party... Oops?

Denki⚡️ Kiri! You dunce! lol

Ojiro🦁  Oh great, now what?

Tsu🐸 Why doesn't an Alpha or Beta mark him?

Toru👻 What?!

Tokoyami🐦 That could work actually...

Shinsou🤕 They're right.

Ochaco🌸 If it's not his mate, it'll hurt him though!

Tsu🐸 But if they are, then it won't!

Sero🕸 Yeah, and if he's marked, his scent won't be spread, so he would be able to come to class...

Ojiro🦁  True, but if he smells his mate, then that means they're already seventeen too, right?

Ochaco🌸 If all the Alphas and Betas in the class agree and they're okay with their potential mate being marked by someone else, then I don't see why not..? He was hesitant and said that he could have been mistaken though. So, I think even those who aren't of age should mark him too. Since he is an Omega, he can't pinpoint anyone so he could also just be wrong. But, since he wants to hide his scent, it doesn't hurt to let everyone have a chance then..?

Kiri🥊 We only need just one person then. We should try with someone that's already of age?

Denki⚡️  They don't have to be, he just wants to hide his scent. Anyone could mark him then if that's all. Mate or not.

Jirou🎸 Maybe it should be one of his closest friends then. Wouldn't that be those three? Iida, Uraraka, or Todoroki? None of them are of age, but it will still mask his smell from leaking out. Problem is, if he wasn't wrong and did smell his mate in our class, then being masked... will not only hide Midoriya from Bakugou, but from everyone else. Honestly, that's not fair to those that could be his mate.

❄️Shouto🔥  I call first.

Denki⚡️  Todo! Not fair! You're not even old enough, why do you get first dibs? But, yeah, I'm of age, I would kind of like to know, so throw me in sometime after Shouto then.

❄️Shouto🔥  Because I called it and I'm a close friend.

Shinsou🤕 Second, I'm of age too. It doesn't have to be just those of age. We could all rotate. He wants to hide his scent and there are a few people that want to find out. So let's just start with Todoroki helping to hide his scent and move from there.

Momo👗 Wait guys! If we do this, then it'll have to be for a while. It's not like his scent is going to disappear once all this blows over... The whole point of anyone turning 17 is so they are appealing to their mate until their mate finds them.

Shinsou🤕 How long does a mark last?

❄️Shouto🔥 A month if made by their mate, otherwise only for about 2 weeks by someone else. A bond? Eternity.

Momo👗 Okay, so every 2 weeks, we switch out. Eventually, one of those who are of age will be it and when that time comes, we won't have to try to hide it anymore. Then his mate can take over!

Denki⚡️ What about the party tomorrow?

Kiri🥊 Oh yeah, guess he should be marked tonight or tomorrow morning then.

Ochaco🌸 Deku, be prepared! Todoroki is coming for you!!!




My heart stopped entirely. What had I just read!? This was absurd on so many different levels. They were forgetting what happened to an Omega during a heat, clearly. I couldn't just let someone, let alone an Alpha, waltz in on me mid-heat. That was just asking for a storm to happen. Not only that, I was just supposed to deal with whatever pain and discomfort ended up happening while being marked incorrectly? While they all were fine? Not that it was their fault and I wasn't wishing pain on my classmates. I would rather take the full front of it anyway. But, still. I wasn't exactly in the mood to be willingly injured. However, they were making these plans for my sake and for my selfish request. So, I couldn't really get angry with them. Not when their intentions were pure and their plan did seem to be well thought out.

I sat there, staring up at the ceiling while contemplating the conversation I just read. I let my mind linger a little until my imagination decided to take over. My Omegan instincts kicked in slightly when a thought rushed forward of having a dominating sub-gender press their lips against the back of my neck, letting their canines sink in and claiming me to be theirs, sending a shudder of excitement through my body.


'Maybe it wouldn't be so bad,' I thought to myself.


Deku🍀 What the... guys?!

❄️Shouto🔥 It's already been discussed. I'll be there in the morning.

Deku🍀 Oh. Uh. Okay..?

Toru👻 Yay! Now we can celebrate your birthday too!!

Mina🌷 I'm excited!

Iida🤖 I'm not going to lie, I was a little sad that we almost missed it. Turning seventeen is a big deal in all of our lives and it is a cause for celebration. As your class representative, I appreciate the chance to strengthen our relationships. The stronger we are together, the more powerful we become in the face of our foes. So, I'm thrilled that we will now be getting to share this day with you, Midoriya. I value our friendship.

Deku🍀 Sorry, guys. Thanks, Iida. I value our friendship, too.

Kiri🥊 It's all good, man!

Deku🍀 I still don't know if I should be in class tomorrow or not. It doesn't change the way my body will act, does it? My heat is still going to happen whether I'm marked or not, right?

Mina🌷 I don't know, I'm not an Omega.

Momo👗 Yeah, guess we'll find out.

Mineta🍇 This is gross, count me out.


Mineta🍇 has left the group!


Ochaco🌸 That didn't take long at all lol


I sighed and scrolled through their messages one last time. I needed to see what Recovery Girl would have to say about their plan since she already sent out the word that I would be gone tomorrow.

After a lengthy discussion with Recovery Girl, it was decided I should still stay out of class tomorrow, for my own safety. However, she didn't see any harm in the classes plan, as long as everyone was in agreement to do it.

She also told me, that as long as I was taking my suppressants, I shouldn't be too bothered by everyone else's scent, as well as my scent toward them. But, with it being my first heat, there was no stopping what I was going to be going through. In fact, an Omegan's heat isn't removed by the suppressants. It's only lessened. The urges become more bearable, but not entirely defeated.


Deku🍀 Recovery Girl said no class tomorrow, guys. If everything dies down later in the evening, we should be good for a party.

Denki⚡️ Sweet!

Kouda🐁 I'm okay with this.

Kiri🥊 There's an Alpha that is of age and that hasn't agreed to this plan, that I feel everyone is ignoring.

Mina🌷 We aren't ignoring him! Just... not including him lol

Deku🍀 He doesn't need to agree to it. It wouldn't matter to him anyway.

Kiri🥊 Seriously, dude. If he is your mate, this whole thing is going to hurt him and I hate seeing him hurt.

Deku🍀 Kacchan wouldn't be hurt over someone like me. Don't worry, Kirishima. Besides, fate wouldn't be so cruel...

I put my phone on silent after that. It wasn't that I didn't want to include Katsuki in everything and I definitely didn't want to see the Alpha hurt. But, I knew he wouldn't be. There was nothing in their plan that would hurt Katsuki. I wasn't even worth his time. No matter how badly I wanted it, I knew there was no way I was his mate. It was more the fact that I knew he would prefer to not be bothered. That, coupled with the idea that he would absolutely despise the very idea of marking me in any way. He would probably yell or tell me how disgusting it all was before proceeding to burn the entire dorm down with me trapped inside. I climbed out of bed to excuse myself from Recovery Girl's office and begun to make my way to my dorm. Before I fully exited, Recovery Girl stopped me for one more thing.

"Ah, wait, Midoriya. This might help narrow down your search for your mate. Whenever your mate is marked by someone other than you, you can generally tell that something is wrong," she pursed her lips together before proceeding.

"They don't always know what's going on. It could be a feeling like something is missing or sometimes it's physical pain, nothing crippling, but it hurts. Just an internal ache and their nape will burn. So, if you're marked by the wrong person, your mate will know. Maybe you can tell who they are from how they act afterward," Recovery Girl said. She smiled and with that, waved me out.




Finally having made it to my room, I closed the door behind me and slid down to the ground. I still needed to take a shower and prepare for a day locked behind closed doors, but right now, I had too much to think about. The panic was slowly beginning to rise up in my chest when I replayed the conversation I just had with my classmates over in my head.


If he is your mate, this whole thing is going to hurt him.

Fate wouldn't be so cruel...

Those words lingered in the back of my mind. Sure, I didn't want Kacchan to find out I was an Omega, but at the same time, I didn't really want to be marked by someone that wasn't meant for me. Just thinking about it felt like I was betraying my soulmate in every sense of the word. That wasn't exactly something I was keen on doing. 


What were the chances the smell was coming from him anyway?


A quick memory from this morning flashed through my head, but only for a moment, before it disappeared just as fast. A memory of ash blond hair and the smell of breakfast.

I stood up and dropped my bag next to my desk. Without even bothering to turn on the lights, I pulled out my seat and sat down. I rested my head in the palm of one hand and stared blankly at the wall in front of me.

The sun was hanging low and a pale orange glow emitted through the window and into my room. I could hear doors open and close in the dorms and I knew classes were ending. People would start showing up soon, but I was already where I needed to be for the moment.

All Might posters and figures littered my room, everywhere I looked. If I wasn't paying close attention, the smaller details would have escaped my sight.

Buried behind posters and quotes were a few pictures of the times I spent in middle school.

Hidden even further than those, were pictures of me and Katsuki when we used to be friends.

I reached my hand out and pulled a pin away from one of the photos. I began looking at it closely, trying to remember the day the best that I could. It was a photo of us at the neighborhood park before Katsuki had gotten his quirk. He was smiling proudly with one arm wrapped over my shoulders and the other at his hip.

His crimson eyes were fixated on whoever the photographer was, however, my eyes... were glued to him. Everywhere he went, everything he did, anything he said... it was all music to my ears.


Where did those days go..?


Gone were the days, where I could openly admire him for his strength and courage. I had to lock everything away and pray that these feelings never escaped from their cage.

I clutched a hand over my chest and let the photo drop to the floor. My head fell down and I began taking deep breaths. 

It burnt.

It cut deep and it burnt.

It had burnt since the day I was cast aside and nothing I ever did anymore seemed to ease the pain I felt. My head began to swim in circles, feeling foggy. I tried to stand up and make it to the comfort of my bed, but I just couldn't do it. I laid my head back down on my desk and let the tears roll across my cheeks.

I knew my friends meant well, but the idea of going through this plan was just adding to an ever-growing headache that persisted.

If I could just bring myself to tell Katsuki what I was, maybe this time, for once in my life, he would finally accept me..? I didn't want anyone else in my life. Even though he had put me through so much, I caught myself constantly whispering to my heart that he said those things in an attempt to save me from crashing and burning whenever reality decided to slap me across the face.

I was just fooling myself though. I knew enough about him, to know that something happened years ago. Something happened, that made him hate me.

We were just finally getting to a point in our relationship where I didn't have to tiptoe around him entirely anymore. I didn't want to ruin my chances, and if that meant I had to be marked to hide who I was for now, then I figured so be it.

Until the day I was ready to come clean and tell him, I would do everything I could to hide it. He may hate me now, but things were changing between us.

I was too young to realize it back then, but I probably fell in love with him the moment he walked into our apartment that first day, with his empty smile and unfulfilled promises.

But, that was all it took. At that moment, his voice became the song to my soul. His eyes held an ocean that I could drown in. Every time he smiled it brought the sun back into my life.


"Kacchan..." I whispered.

Fate wouldn't be so cruel... Would it?


Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Vmm Vmm


Vmm Vm Vmm

My scowl deepened with each shuffle of excitement from the extras around me. Obviously, something was going on and just as obvious was the fact that I wasn't included. Each soft vibration that reverberated through the air made my eyebrow twitch and my eyes squint in irritation.

Normally, I wouldn't be bothered, but after seeing the scene this morning with Kirishima and Denki giggling at the kitchen table while staring into their phones, I realized whatever it was, even my circle of extras was included.

Lunch had just ended but no one seemed to be paying attention anymore. Our own teacher, Aizawa, just let it all happen, without glancing up from his podium. He clearly didn't give a shit. Finally, my own phone went off, ringing loudly through the air. Aizawa's gaze flicked up to meet my scowl but nothing more.


It was about damn time that I was included, but at this point, I just decided to openly growl. I saw Kirishima twitch in his seat out of the corner of my eye. He glanced in my direction while he waited for me to grab my phone to respond.

Kiri🥊 Hey, do you know when Midoriya's birthday is?

Katsuki💥 Why would I know that?

Kiri🥊 I don't know, you've known him for the longest and have kinda been in school with him since... well, forever?

Katsuki💥 I don't pay attention to that damn nerd. Why are you asking?

Kiri🥊 We heard it was coming up before the end of school and wanted an excuse to throw a party before summer. Sounds fun, right?!

Katsuki💥 Depends on the type of party. If four-eyes and round-face are throwing it, then no. It doesn't sound fun.

Kiri🥊 Nope! Denki and I are planning it. So it'll be a blast! So... I know you know it, when is his birthday?

Katsuki💥 Well, you better get started quickly then, hair-for-brains. It's tomorrow.

Kiri🥊 Awe, man. That doesn't leave for much time! Thanks, Bakubro! Guess we're having a party tomorrow night then! Be prepared!!

I sat back in my seat, slightly satisfied that I knew what the hustle and bustle was all about. I noticed Izuku didn't return from lunch, not that it mattered much to me, but how did they plan to throw a party if he was sick and wouldn't make it?

It really was just an excuse for an End-of-Year party, wasn't it? I smirked to myself thinking no one truly wanted to throw the damn nerd something so lame like a birthday party.

We weren't four anymore.

I winced at my own internal thought while flashes of memories swept through my head of those days. I pushed them aside though since I had more important things to think about than some nerds and extras.

I had made plans with the old hag to stay in the dorm rooms during summer. It was the best place to stay for training and since I had those extra classes to take for my provisional license, I wanted to waste no time in catching up to everyone else.

I turned my attention back toward Aizawa and ignored the flurry of text message noises that echoed throughout the room. I happened to notice a few glances in my direction and suddenly the text messages stopped for the remainder of the day.

I couldn't help but wonder why those assholes were staring at me.

'Damn conversations better not have had my name in it,' I scowled to myself.




Class finally came to an end and I was just as relieved as everyone else to be out of that hell hole. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder before proceeding out the doors.

"Hey, Bakubro!" Kirishima came up from behind and slapped me across the back.

"You're asking to be torched, hair-for-brains!" I hollered at him. He just shrugged and draped his arm over my shoulder.

"I wasn't paying attention in class today, so do you wanna help your buddy out with some notes?" He said, flashing me a cocky smile from the side.

"Fuck no. That's your own damn fault, next time put your shitty phone away," I mumbled. I was still slightly irritated that I wasn't fully included, but I couldn't exactly go around announcing that to the whole class.

"C'mon man ~ Please? I'll let you punch me!" Kirishima stated while making a fist and pumping it into the air.

"With or without your quirk?" I asked, squinting my eyes at him. It was no fun for me if he opted out of the spar too early.

"With!" He said, quickly catching on.

"Fine," I grunted in response. "I could use a good punching bag today."

Kirishima laughed nervously at my words but accepted defeat.




My sparring session didn't last as long as I would've hoped with Kirishima, so I decided to continue a few runs around the track before heading back in to help him out.

The sun was beginning to set and the air had started to cool down. While I jogged in silence, my thoughts were speaking loud and clear.

They drifted back to the events from just a few days ago, the joint classroom combat session and what happened with Izuku's quirk.

He seemed out of it that day leading up to combat and I had heard him say he was having trouble with his quirk, but I never expected to see him lose control like that before.

Black ropes had swung violently out of his arm and stuck to nearby surfaces. He screamed in agony while simultaneously injuring his classmates against his will.

Even All Might was clueless about what was happening. It was evident on his face full of worry and how quickly he gathered the teachers to stop the battle.

Izuku, being the damn hard-headed nerd he was, had been able to finish his battle without interference in the end.

Now here he was, a few days later, leaving class early. If he's sick and loses control again, it'll probably be dangerous for everyone around. He could even hurt himself, the way he screamed that day proved whatever happened wasn't pleasant. But, I knew he would get a good grasp on it all soon enough.

Not that I cared if it hurt, but I did care if he hurt others because of his dumb ass lacking the ability to control One for All. If he couldn't control it, he shouldn't have agreed to take it. Not everyone was born in this world to possess power and the more he struggled, the more I couldn't bear to watch it.

But I knew his struggles were what made him stronger. However, he needed to learn how to quit stepping up my fucking ladder and to find his own, dammit.

No matter what he did, he just kept getting himself into trouble. He was more a victim than a hero and it kept dragging everyone down.

How many broken bones and screams of pain did he have to endure before he finally gave up?

The air I breathed started burning my lungs when I thought about the countless trips to Recovery Girl and the scars that would forever remain on his body.

Why was he so damn desperate to be a hero? 

Why did it have to be this? 

Why couldn't he settle for some smaller role, some safer position in life? 

What propelled him to be at the top, to step on the rungs of my ladder? 

Who was he doing all this for anyway? Himself? 


That's not like Izuku.

He had to be doing all of this for everyone else, someone else. There was someone out there he wished to protect and smile for.

That damn smile.

Those damn eyes.

I grunted in frustration when my thoughts took a turn that I would rather they avoided. I pushed myself harder in my jog, hoping the burn in my throat would be able to replace the gnawing pain that persisted in my chest.

There was a time in our lives where I could reach out my hand and know he would fill the emptiness that lay there.

But words were said that I could never take back, no matter how much I fucking wanted to. What's done was done and I knew it was all my fault.

But I couldn't help my smile, thinking things were fixing themselves with all this time that had past. It was nice, knowing I was the only person he told his secret to.

The damn nerd hadn't even told his own mother, which was weird being the mama's boy I knew him to be.

Out of all the friends he had made and all the people that had shown him love in his life, he still came to me.

The one person that constantly put him down and berated him.

And with that, my smile was quickly extinguished.

I sighed inwardly and came to a halt. I began walking to cool both my body and thoughts down, before coming to a full stop and deciding to just stand there, basking in the sunset and letting the breeze flow through me. Clearing my fogged-up head and relieving the pain that clung to my heart, if only for a moment, before it brought its claws back up and dug in yet again.

I shook all thoughts from my mind and made my way back toward the dorms. Kirishima would be waiting for me in the common area for his notes and I was starting to feel hungry.




"Bakubro, over here!" The redhead waved me down from his seat at the coffee table and I grunted in response to let him know I saw where he was.

"Quit your yelling, it's annoying," I huffed when I came closer. I sat down and reached for my bag. We had just thrown them inside before heading to train so they were still sitting here when we got back.

I pulled out whatever notes I managed to take that day and slid them across the table for him. He eagerly took what I offered up and I just sat there in silence.

Denki and Momo were sitting on the separate couches watching reruns of heroes saving people from natural disasters.

"Hey, Bakugou..." Kirishima stated, setting down his pencil and looking up at me. He bit down lightly on his bottom lip and furrowed his brow together.

Weird, he sounded a little concerned? Maybe nervous? It wasn't everyday he just used my name like normal nor in a hushed tone like he just did. If he wanted my full attention, he succeeded.

"What?" I barked coldly. I wasn't one to admit it, but that wasn't a face I enjoyed seeing him make. Especially, directed toward me.

"Hypothetically," he began, drawing the word out, "If your mate was marked by someone other than you, how would that make you feel?"

"The fuck? Did you find your mate or something?" I asked, leaning back on both of my arms and cocking my head to the side.

"Well, no. Not exactly," Kirishima said, looking away from my gaze. Everything about him was suspicious.

"Kirishima, shut up," Denki came up from behind and kicked him in the side. Not before Kirishima noticed his approach and activated his quirk before any real damage could be done.

"If it were my mate, I would be pissed," I stated. "Mates only slow you down though, maybe you should let your mate be for now and focus on becoming a hero instead. Your mushy brain needs all the help it can get."

"Your saying, if there was a chance for you to find your mate, you wouldn't take it?" At this, Momo decided to turn her attention to our conversation.

I glared at the unwelcome presence, "No, I'm saying this shithead shouldn't be focusing on things he can't wrap his head around right now. Instead, he should be taken his damn notes so I can leave."

"Would you take it though? The chance to find your mate?" She persisted. I scowled angrily and decided I wasn't going to answer her questions. I didn't want to slip anything up by letting them all know why I most likely wouldn't take the chance. Because... there was only one person I had my sights set on. Everyone else... could fuck off, mate or not.

"I'm going to take a shower, that's all I'm taking today. Better be done with those when I'm back," I grumbled while standing up. I pointed at my notes and Kirishima nodded in understanding.

"Midoriya!" A shout came from the direction of the elevators, where I was heading.

"How are you feeling, should you be up right now?"

I could hear the IcyHot bastard talking to Izuku like he was concerned. I started to walk in their direction to get my clothes from my room before I headed to the showers.

"Ehehe, probably not," Izuku responded. His voice was soft, like he was trying just a little too hard. Maybe he really was sick?

"Then what are you doing?" Todoroki questioned.

"I'm gonna test my luck in the showers, maybe I'll feel better afterward," Izuku said.

"Have you had something to eat yet?" Todoroki persisted, making me swallow the growl that was struggling to make itself known. The last thing I wanted to hear was that bastard fawning over Izuku right in front of me without even knowing I could hear them.

"Not yet," Izuku admitted.

"Let's eat together whenever you're done then. I would like a chance to talk to you before tomorrow if possible," Todoroki asked.

"Yeah, agreed, we should probably talk about it before we do anything," Izuku said quietly.

Do what? Does Izuku know about the party from earlier? I scoffed, doubtful. If he knew, then I wouldn't have been bothered for his birthday, they could've just gotten the information from him.

I rounded the corner and the moment I was spotted, their conversation came to a complete stop. Izuku's face paled drastically, giving him the appearance of a ghost and Todoroki... well... showed nothing.

"IcyHot... Deku... if you don't want to sound fucking suspicious, then don't act like your hiding something. It's creepy," I scolded, hating that it was obvious I wasn't invited to know about anything they were discussing. It made me feel sick to my stomach, seeing how close Todoroki was trying to get to Izuku.

I continued past them and got inside the elevator. While I was waiting for the doors to close, I couldn't help but hear the words Izuku whispered to himself.

Nothing too important, but enough to let me know there was more going on that I wasn't told about.

"That was too close for comfort."

Izuku clearly had more secrets to keep from me.

Secrets others seemed to know about.

A secret shared with Todoroki.



Chapter Text


🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Izuku had taken a suppressant earlier that day when he was in the infirmary and his heat hadn't started yet, so he figured wandering down to shower and eat wasn't going to be a bad idea.

But of course, the two people he didn't want to see the most right now were the only two people his horrible luck allowed him to run into.

If their conversation had dragged on any longer, who knows what Katsuki would have ended up hearing. Luckily, nothing was said that should have any reason to raise concern. But they did act oddly enough for him to be suspicious that something was going on between the two of them. Not that there really was, yet. At least not until the morning.

Izuku continued on his way to the communal showers, not looking forward to his dinner date coming up with Todoroki. Not that it was really a date, just that he didn't want the conversation to happen in the first place.

No one happened to be in the showers at the moment, much to Izuku's relief. He walked to one of the furthest stalls away from the doors and proceeded to turn on the hot water.

He instantly felt more relaxed while his muscles were relieved of their tension that had progressively built up throughout the day.

He tilted his head back and just let the water pour over his face, eyes closed and relaxing in every way he could. A small smile of satisfaction made the ends of his lips turn upwards. He was so engrossed in listening to the roar of water drain his worries away, that he failed to notice when he had company.

Katsuki waited for a while as he watched the green-eyed boy in front of him bask in the moment. He sharply inhaled a breath at the sight of the water creating a stream that enveloped Izuku's body.

How he pictured standing behind him and trailing his fingers lightly up his sides. Katsuki wanted to cause tremors down Izuku's torso, shudders that would give him a slight chill even though he was currently soaking in the heat.

Katsuki pictured wrapping one arm around Izuku's waist while his free hand ran up the middle of his back. He would let his fingers sit lightly at the base of his neck before continuing up and into his hair.

He imagined wringing a hand in those green curls and pulling his head back sharply before placing a claim on Izuku's plump lips from behind. The lips that were currently entranced into a smile.

Katsuki would breathe in while his lips danced across Izuku's jawline. Licking and nipping down the side of his neck before coming to rest on his nape.

Whispering sweet nothings into his ear of promises to be together forever. Promises he longed to make and promises he longed to keep.

He was enjoying Izuku's shower just as much as Izuku himself seemed to be.

He wanted to wrap his arms around Izuku's slender waist and pull him close, feeling their bodies mingle together leaving barely enough space between them for the water to trickle down.

Katsuki craved to hear a moan escape Izuku's lips when he thrusted, deeper and deeper inside him with every movement. The more Izuku would moan, the more they would lose themselves in nothing but the sounds of each other. He wanted their faces to be inches apart, the air they breathed to be the same.

His arms twitched at the thought of holding Izuku down and causing him to elicit sounds of excitement and lust until they released simultaneously.

His teeth tingled at the thought of sinking into the back of his neck, sending nothing but pleasure coursing through the both of them.

But he couldn't, he wouldn't let himself fall to the feet of his childhood friend. He didn't deserve the perfection that stood before him.

With a sigh, he did the only thing he knew he was truly good at these days, making Izuku squeak.

"Quit wasting the hot water, damn nerd." He growled, his voice crackling through the once silent air.

And like music to his ears, sure enough, Izuku released a high pitched squeak. Enticing a sadistic smirk from the hot-headed blond.

"Kacchan! Sorry, I didn't hear you come in."

Izuku was painfully aware of how exposed he was in front of Katsuki, but he was even more aware of the lack of clothing Katsuki had on himself.

Izuku gasped when he was caught staring. His eyes had stayed for just a second too long on Katsuki's muscular chest. He couldn't help but wonder if he had noticed the desire that lingered behind his eyes before he looked away.

Katsuki just grunted in response and began to shower on his own. No longer feeling able to relax, Izuku hurried to finish up and head out, but not before glancing one last time at the masterpiece that stood behind him.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

Why. Why. Why. Why. Why??

I headed back to my dorm room to put my things away before meeting Todoroki back downstairs in the kitchen.

I glanced in the direction of the showers, wondering how long Katsuki had been there before speaking up. I wished I had the courage to stay for a few more minutes if only to sneak a few peeks here and there.

I winced when a sudden pain shot behind my eyes and I could tell a headache was on its way. I rounded the corner toward the kitchen, with my palm brought up to my head.

"Midoriya, what's wrong?" Todoroki asked.

"Ah, nothing, just a small headache. I'm probably just hungry." I waved off his concern and lowered my hand.

"We thought you might be, so Uraraka and I made some soba for everyone." He reached down and began making two bowls from a large pot. He handed one to me and we walked over to the empty kitchen table.

Everyone else seemed to be eating in the common area. Either that, or they just weren't around at the moment. This gave me and Todoroki plenty of space to talk about our plans for tomorrow. Silence enveloped us for a while as we sat there just enjoying the meal.

"So, your heat will be active tomorrow, right?" He finally asked me.

"It should be, yes." This sounded like it was going to be awkward.

"If I'm not your mate, won't I know right away then, just from the scent? I would still mark you, for your sake though."

"No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it only matters if you're of age and you're not, right? Is that really okay with you though? Marking me? What if I was wrong? You would be taking the risk of actually marking me to be mates, you know? I mean, you're not of age, so it is always possible we are mates if I was incorrect. That doesn't make sense. What I'm saying is, if I was wrong... then I didn't smell my mate. If I didn't smell my mate, that opens the door for anyone to actually be my mate, not just the one's that are of age anymore. So, that means... we could be mates and by marking me, you could be sealing our fate together. Are you okay with that risk? I'm sure you've already thought about that yourself. I'm okay with it, honestly. I feel like, by doing this... I'm kind of telling fate that we're going to do things my way, rather than the usual. So, I don't mind it too much. But, regardless of it all, thanks for doing this for me, Shouto. I'm sorry to put everyone through something like this, but it means a lot to me, knowing you're all here to help me out." I flashed him a small smile and slowly stopped my mumbling rant.

"I don't mind at all, Midoriya. If you were wrong and we have the small chance of being mates, then all that we are doing is walking down the path that was laid out for us. Just, a little sooner than everyone else. So, it's a risk I'm willing to take. Do you have any plans in case I lose control? An Omega in heat will drive any Alpha to the brink of losing to their desires regardless of being mates or not..." He asked, finishing off the rest of his food.

I hadn't thought of that. The whole heat thing, being an Omega, and dealing with Alphas, situation was still entirely new to me and I wasn't even sure myself, on how my classmates would react to it all. Each time, I would be running the risk of being over-powered, but they were my friends, so I knew if things came to that... it wasn't by choice on either of our ends. They would be hurting just like I would be if things went wrong.

I just shrugged in his direction, "I trust you though."

"Midoriya, that's not safe. You may trust me, but what about the next one to mark you during your heat? Not just that, you know that false mates still have the same urges to... ahem... mate... just like regular mates would. Your scent is going to change slightly and the person that marked you is going to greatly enjoy the pheromones. Are you sure this is wise? Whoever it ends up being the ones to mark you, would you trust them all, too?" He asked, giving me a deathly cold stare. He was seriously concerned for my well-being and it made me feel a little warm inside. I thought about what he said before deciding it was better for me, in the long run, to stick with their plan. If it meant I could hide my sub-gender for a little while longer, then I was going to do it.

"Honestly, yes. I trust all of you, you're all the family I wish I always had. Besides, I won't need to be marked during summer vacation unless there's a chance I woul see Kacchan, for whatever reason. So for now, it'll just be this one mark until school starts up again," I reasoned.

"Call me immediately during vacation if you need me, then. I'll come right away," Todoroki said. His serious expression never left his face, but then again... when did it ever?

"I know you will. If you're worried about not being able to control yourself though, we can wait for my heat to die down by the end of the night and mark me before the party?" I offered to the Alpha.

"Actually, yes. That would make me feel much more confident. The last thing I want to do is end up hurting you," Todoroki admitted.

I glanced up and noticed Kirishima heading in our direction. He sat at the opposite end of the table, with a slight scowl on his usually cheery face.

"Are you two talking about what I think you're talking about?" He asked us.

"If you're implying tomorrow morning? Then yes," Todoroki said.

"Can we please tell Bakugou about all this?" Kirishima begged, leaning across the table with puppy-dog eyes.

"Kirishima, I'm sorry, but this is my decision." I denied his request.

"I know, I know. It's just, my gut is telling me that there is a better way to go about doing this, that's all." He sighed in defeat a little.

"What if the one Alpha that's not included in the plan happens to be the same Alpha that you're looking for. He's my buddy and I don't want to see him get hurt. You can't blame me for speaking up," the Beta continued.

At this, Denki and Momo sauntered over and joined us. Oh lovely, this was becoming a group discussion now.

"Kiri over here nearly spilled the beans to our explosive friend earlier." Denki patted Kirishima on the shoulder.

"No, I didn't. I had it all figured out, I wasn't going to tell him anything, I just wanted to know what he thought about it; finding his mate and such." Kirishima clarified.

"What did he say then," Todoroki spoke up after watching the exchange. I was curious to know, too.

"He said he would be pretty upset if his mate was marked by someone else, but he never elaborated on more than that," Momo responded. "He left before he was pressured into talking even more"

"I hate keeping secrets like this," Kirishima smacked his head audibly against the wooden table. It probably would've hurt if his head wasn't so hard.

"It's okay man, Bakugou has a strong will and he's not likely the kind of person to let something like a fake mate stand in his way," Denki said.

"If you really are so against helping Midoriya out then I don't mind marking him again when your turn comes around." Todoroki's shoulders seemed to stiffen when he said this. Was he angry?

"No no no, I want to help him just as much as the next guy, I'll mark him when it's my turn if it even comes to that..." He glanced at Denki shyly for a moment. A silent secret seemed to pass between them both.

"If we go through everyone and no one ends up being my mate, then we know who is left," I said. 

"And unfortunately, if he ends up being my only option, then I will probably not speak up and tell him. I would most likely do my best to continue to hide this until the bitter end or until I run out of options. But this is only if my Omegan nose wasn't mistaken, which is highly possible. I don't have the same senses all you Betas and Alphas do." I shrugged.

"Why wouldn't you want to tell him?" Denki questioned me.

"It would only cause him more pain, knowing that someone like myself happened to be the one person in the world that fate decided was meant for him. I would just drag him down. He would be better off in his life without me." I waved my hand dismissively and tried to hide the pain that threatened to creep into my voice.

"That sounds more painful to me, going your whole life wondering where your mate was and always wondering why you could never find them. I would hate to think something happened to them before I even had the chance to know who they were. Besides, it's not like you'll have someone to mark you forever and hide this for the rest of your life." Momo tried to reason with us.

"Until I find my own mate, I wouldn't mind helping him out," Todoroki countered.

Thank you, Shouto. 

I shot him a smile of appreciation once more. He caught it and smiled back at me.

"Yeah, well your mate could be waiting for you just around the corner. You don't know when they'll show up, so be prepared the moment you turn seventeen," Momo said offhandedly.

"I've lived my whole life up to this point without needing a mate and I can continue to do so in the future. I'm not someone that needs to have another person constantly there to try and support me. I would only be a weakness and a burden in the first place. I can't put those thoughts on anyone else, especially someone who has a clear goal in his mind like Kacchan. I don't want to be the cause of him losing his grip on what matters most in his life. So if it's him, I won't speak up." I made myself clear.

"You promised to tell him," Kirishima whispered.

"I made you a promise about something else entirely, not about this." I could hear the defeat in his voice growing louder.

"You have to tell him!" Kirishima stood up and smacked his palms against the table.

"Tell who, what?" A brash voice spoke from behind us. No one had heard him enter the kitchen and neither did we know how long he had been standing there, listening. A small chill ran down my spine when I turned to look into the gaze that was bearing down on my back.

If I didn't fear for my life before this moment then I was most definitely experiencing that fear right now.




Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


As soon as I heard the door to the communal showers close, I let out the breath I had been holding in. There was no one left in the room now and from what I had gathered, everyone else was already done and relaxing for the rest of the night.

The showers had walls between each section and a small curtain over the front, but they were short and only came up to chest height for me.

They left little room for the imagination by being as revealing as they were. I swore under my breath, knowing what I was about to do.

I was thankful for the small shower curtain that hid everything from sight since I wasn't sure how Izuku would've acted if he saw his childhood friend had a hard-on.

Letting the water drip down my back, I began to stroke my member up and down with one hand while the other braced myself against the wall.


My hand moved faster and faster when my thoughts drifted back to his green eyes.

Green eyes that looked up to me from their place knelt on the ground.

Green eyes that watched while his mouth sucked up and down faster and faster, his tongue trailing on my slit at the end.

I wanted to hold his head still and ram myself inside, forcing him to take everything in. His lips suctioning tightly around me when I plowed harder against him. Tears would form in his eyes until I pulled out only to ram myself back in. He would brace himself against my body, letting me use him however I pleased. When I came close, I would whisper and tell him to be prepared to take everything I offered up to him.

My hand moved faster and more irregular when my pleasure came to an end.

I moved a little slower now and was just relishing at what I had just done in my own mind before I continued to clean myself up.

'Glad I'm in the shower already,' I chuckled at my thought.




I was making my way down to the kitchen with hunger being the only thing that was controlling my mind at the moment when I heard what sounded like an argument.

When I got closer, I could make out the voices.

Deku, IcyHot, shitty-hair, dunce-face, and ponytail.

"You promised to tell him."

Kirishima seemed almost sad, his voice cracked a little. I hadn't heard him sound like that before and was instantly concerned.

"I made you a promised about something else entirely, not about this."

Izuku? Another shock, I hadn't heard him sound so... irritated... before either. What were they talking about..?

"You have to tell him!"

I walked into the kitchen just when Kirishima stood up and slammed his hands against the table. Woah, he looked pissed. I smirked, it was about time he stopped always being so damn happy.

"Tell who, what?" I spoke up to announce my presence. What were they all arguing about in the first place?

Immediately, I could tell I wasn't welcome. Eyes shot downward and no one spoke for a moment.

"It's nothing, Kacchan..." Izuku answered, breaking the silence. Apparently, he wasn't going to tell me, so I turned to Kirishima.

"I wasn't asking you, damn nerd, I was talking to hair-for-brains over here. Why're you so pissed?" I glared to emphasize my point.

"I... uh... I can't really say..." he finally managed to spit out.

I noticed food had been made, not my favorite, but enough to get me through the night. I began gathering myself a bowl to hold me over.

"Hmmm? I can't really see why not..." I remarked.

"Because it's not mine to say," Kirishima admitted.

"Okay then? Then who's right is it?"

"Mine," Izuku turned and stared at me with those eyes, that look of determination matching his voice from just moments before.

"I see. Still keeping more secrets from me, huh, fucking nerd?" I scowled. I didn't hesitate to hide the anger that was threatening to boil over. I thought we were finally passed this, all these damn secrets.

"Yes, I am," he said. His gaze never wavered and he held it steadfast with my own.

My scowl only deepened at the thought.

"Bakubro, we were talking about the topic I asked you earlier..." Kirishima said, pulling my attention away from Izuku's look.

"The one about the mates?" I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows. Why was everyone so damn concerned about this? I would be happy to never find my mate because I was fine with who I felt I belonged to right now. I didn't need someone else interfering. I didn't need a mate. Just him.

"Yeah, that one," Kirishima said.

"Leave me out of this then." I turned to walk away, thinking of where I could eat in peace.

"Wait, no, I have a question first!" The Beta hollered.

"This is getting on my nerves," I growled. "Spit it out!" Steam rose from my palms while I controlled the urge to explode everyone around me. I had food in my hands though and I couldn't let it go to waste.

"I know you said earlier that you would just leave your mate be if they were marked by someone else, right?" He was talking without breathing in between his words.

"Yes, I did. What's your point? Besides, think about this logically for once; it's not like you and your mate would instantly have feelings for each other the moment your eyes meet in the first place. There's no point in cutting in between someone else's relationship, just because fate decided you two belonged together. They had their own lives to live up till this point and you weren't a part of their plan. You can't just suddenly barge in between two people and be all, 'Sorry, fate said this person's mine so fuck off.' It doesn't work that way," I scolded.

"Yes, but how would you feel if your mate actually ended up being the same person that you already loved and they were still marked by someone else..?" He asked, making my heart rate increase drastically. That was definitely something I didn't want to think about. At all. I was instantly pissed just thinking a scenario like that could happen.

"Then I would throw all sense of reasoning out the damn window and place my mark above the others. If it was the person I loved and we were supposed to be together, then I wouldn't give a shit about tearing them apart any longer. If that didn't work, then I would do everything I could to win them over on top of it all. Happy now? Are we done with the fucking questions?" I growled.

"One more!" He pleaded. I looked around the table, all eyes were on me and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I wouldn't meet Izuku's eyes, in fear that he would see what I was trying so damn hard to hide.

"What," I said, already near exhaustion and my food was starting to look unappetizing.

"So are you saying there's someone in your life that you would do that for? There's someone that you want to have as your mate? There's someone that you love, Bakugou?" Kirishima questioned.

"That's none of your damn business," I scoffed. I could feel the heat rising up to my face when I turned around and stomped out of the kitchen. I suddenly decided that I would eat in my room today because of all the fucking extras.





I looked down at my phone to see who was bothering me this time around.

And of course.

It was Kirishima.

Kiri🥊 Sooo..? Who is it..?

Katsuki💥 Shut up.

Kiri🥊 I need to know who my buddies heart beats fast for. Tell me!!

Katsuki💥 I'll tell you if you tell me what you annoying extras were talking about.

Kiri🥊 I really can't, bro... I want to, but I can't.

Katsuki💥 What does that damn nerd think he needs to hide from me anyway? I literally know everything about him, so it's not like there's any point in keeping shit a secret from me now.

Kiri🥊 Apparently not everything.

Katsuki💥 I know more than you think, hair-for-brains.

Kiri🥊 Just know that whatever happens, I wanted to tell you and I'm always here for you, okay?

Katsuki💥 The hell..? Quit being annoying.

Katsuki💥 ...

Katsuki💥 But okay. -.-

Kiri🥊 Thanks, man! I'll quit pestering ya for now then, night!!

Katsuki💥 Yeah, whatever, shitty-hair.

I set my phone down and sighed into my pillow. Would it be okay to tell him everything?

He wasn't the type to judge me if he could put up with my attitude the way he does, then I knew it would be safe to tell him. He probably already knew, considering how he was always watching me.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


It was getting late and I had finally made it to the comfort and solitude of my room to stay for the remainder of the night.

I laid in bed and pictured the conversation that had taken place with Katsuki in the kitchen.

It hurt to think there was someone out there that he loved. Granted, he didn't exactly say there was, but the silence that followed his exit proved otherwise.

Sometimes saying nothing at all rings louder in the minds of those around than words that can be spoken.

It cut deep into my heart when I realized I may never be able to hold him in my arms. All I had in life were the feelings that he left behind.

Every day he crossed my mind, swimming around in my thoughts, and every day I died a little more inside, knowing that my heart was drowning and even the tears I cried could never stop the flood from happening.

The more I wanted to be with him, the harder it became for me. When I tried to forget him, I just caught myself thinking of him harder and harder, day in and day out.

It hurt to know the person I wanted most in this world, wanted someone else. 

He dreamed of someone's kisses. 

He dreamed of someone to hold.

He dreamed of someone's smile...

Someone's laugh...

Someone's voice...

And that someone, was someone other than me...

I groaned into my pillow, trying to shake the thoughts away and slipped into the darkness that welcomed me.




I awoke to the sound of my own breathing, hitching and catching on nothing but air. Slowly, I tried to sit up and catch my breath. I propped myself on my hands and looked down at the pillow I had laid on.

I was prepared mentally for the onslaught of waves in this so-called heat, but I wasn't prepared to actually feel like my insides were burning.

Everywhere I looked, there was sweat. It was covering every surface of my body and penetrating deep into the sheets of my bed.

My labored breathing continued when I felt an overwhelming sense of desire begin to take over. I rolled up in my comforter and welcomed the friction it caused by rubbing against my member.

I let out a soft moan when I slipped my hands down and caressed my shaft slowly. I could feel it twitching between my fingers while precum formed at the end.

Moving my hands up and down, I stuck two fingers in my mouth and began to suck. My mind was going blank with the desire to release, but I knew it wouldn't be enough. I needed more.

I twirled my tongue around my fingers and when they were slick enough, I reached behind me and began to insert them, one at a time.

I gasped at the sudden intrusion but quickly settled into the movements. Each finger I added, I would thrust my hands faster and faster, no longer able to control the mews that escaped my lips.

I rolled my head back and let the pleasure take over. Within minutes, I found my mind slipping into territory that would have been better left untouched.

I pictured his large hands wrapping around my waist and grabbing tightly onto my hip bones, pulling my body closer and closer with each thrust.

I would beg and beg for more every time. Harder and faster. I didn't want it to be gentle, I needed to be decimated at this point.

I wanted Katsuki Bakugou to ravage every inch of my body, leaving no stone unturned, no spot unmarked.

His lips pressed against the nape of my neck, slowly opening to reveal teeth that craved the skin beneath them.

I wanted to feel as he let each tooth dig deeper and deeper, causing a wound so beautiful and close to perfection to appear.

But he wouldn't stop there, he would mark everywhere. Showing the world that I was his and he was mine. His hands would trace circles around my sides and dance to the rhythm of our bodies.

My fingers could only amount to so much, not allowing my imagination enough room to play.

Feeling the end, I pushed harder inside and caught my liquid in my hands. I laid back and sighed into the night air, trying to let myself forget what just happened, but within moments, I could feel my body's temperature begin to rise once more.

I reached down and started to stroke my member again, letting my thoughts drift away.

If this was what having a heat was like, I knew I was in for a long 15 hours. There was little I could do to be fully prepared for this and I knew this was just the beginning, just my first heat. After this, they lasted for days and being without a mate during those times, could become rough.

I groaned at the thought of being cooped up in the dorm rooms come next semester, every month, with every person in my class knowing the reason why.



Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


The next morning in class, went pretty much like I had expected... uneventful and boring, yet again. Just 3 more days after today and I wouldn't have to deal with all the extras moping around the dorms.

As far as I was aware, only Todoroki was staying at the dorms during the summer vacation. I hadn't heard any news about everyone else and their plans... yet. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone tried to rope me into their conversations, it happened nearly every day this way.

As if on cue, Kirishima approached me.

"Hey, Bakubro, so about the party tonight, you're coming, right?"


"Depends on if I'm busy or not. You never know, I could have more important things to do than hang out with you losers."

"Great! It's going to start at 7, so be ready."

Then he leaned in closer and whispered, "Momo's bringing the booze."

"I was wondering why you and dunce-face had been hanging around with her yesterday." The dots finally connected and that was one less mystery on my mind for me to worry about.

"If Deku's not even going to be there though, why bother calling it a party for his birthday?"

"Oh don't worry, he'll be there! We already have plans to drag him out!"

"If he gets sick, it better be all over everyone except me. I'll laugh my ass off because it would be exactly what you all deserve."

"Nah, we'll be fine, I'm sure after a days rest, he'll be as good as new! You gonna give him a gift or something, ya know, to celebrate?"

"Ha? Why the hell would I give him a gift? I've never given him anything in his life, I'm not about to start now." I scoffed at my own words but knew it would be weird to get him something out of the blue.

"What? Seriously? That's low, bro. Everyone wants something for their birthday."

"Psh, please. My very being is all the present he needs in his life. He should be thankful I'm even blessing him with my presence, to begin with."

"Wow, I knew you had an ego, but I didn't realize we let it grow so large." He made a teasing Pop! sound and motioned bursting my bubble.

Anger flared through me when I growled and released a few explosions near his face. He didn't even flinch, but instead began laughing like it was the funniest thing to happen today.

It probably was.

I settled back in my seat and just listened to the conversations that took place around me.

My ears twitched at every mention of Izuku. Most people were talking about the party tonight, but one conversation stuck out.

" to do it this morning?" Uraraka asked Todoroki.

"Midoriya and I decided to wait until tonight, just in case."

"How late tonight?"

"I'm not sure, he said he would text me whenever he was ready and I could head over, but we decided to get it done before the party."

"That's a relief. It would suck if we went through with the planning and then we weren't able to bring him down." She cringed at the thought of wasting everyone's time.

Kirishima began waving his hand in front of my face and I was forced to snap back into reality once more. Apparently, he was busy trying to tell me what he got Izuku, but I didn't care. I was more concerned with what I had just heard.

What were they planning to do together, IcyHot and that damn nerd? And what did it have to do with the party?

I couldn't help it when the familiar ping of jealousy stabbed me through the heart, but I decided it would be best to ignore it. There was nothing I could do to stop two people from being friends.




Everywhere I turned, there was a damn extra in my way, running around in circles like a hamster in its ball. I had to constantly dodge and duck, just to avoid colliding with anyone.

I began to seethe at their slightest movements when I was approached from behind.

"Bakugou, do you think you could help us out a little?" Uraraka asked me. If she thought a smile could bring my slowly declining mood back up, she was sorely mistaken.

"Fuck off."

"Fine then, I guess I'll just do the cooking. It would taste better anyway."

"Nobody in this shithole is a better cook than me and you fucking know it!"

"Great! Since it's his birthday, think you can make his favorite food??"

"And what would that be?"

"Oh, I thought you would know... Well, I'm sure whatever you make will taste great anyway!"

"Damn right it will. Now get outta the kitchen before I roast your ass."

"Nobody is to enter the kitchen!! Lord Explosion Murder is occupying it until further notice!!!" Uraraka squealed at the top of her lungs.

The extras burst into laughter and I was two steps away from telling them off when Kirishima stepped in.

"Yas! We can eat decent food for once!"

"Can't wait!" Mina joined in from her spot at the coffee table. They were setting up some kind of game they intended for us to play later tonight.

"Damn right, you asswipes better appreciate what I put up with."

I was finally left to my own devices and began throwing together a meal for everyone.

"Hagekura, did you get the cake?"Jiro asked from the opposite corner of the room. She was working together with Denki and they were busy messing with the surround sound, preparing music for the night.

Ojiro and Sero were setting up a table that looked to have punch and some other drinks on it. Shinsou was just sitting on the couch, ignoring everyone and watching some shitty documentary.

Mineta was busy staring at Momo's chest, watching while she created wine bottles. She couldn't make a full six-pack of hard liquor, it would take too much energy out of her. So she could only make a few large bottles that would have to be shared.

She had apparently made several last night after they all decided to throw this damn party. I wouldn't be surprised if they already spiked the punch.

Tsuyu, Iida, and Uraraka were working together to decorate the place and Satou, Aoyama, Kouda, Shoji, and Tokoyami we're gathered in a group, apparently discussing something. They were passing around a pen and what looked to be a card, having everyone sign it.

"Yeah! I put it in the fridge, but they didn't write on it like I had asked."

"Great, does someone want to do that?" Jirou called out.

"Don't come into the kitchen. I'll fix it." I glanced up from what I was working on, daring someone to enter and bother my space.

"You're so kind, Lord Explosion Murder!"

More laughter erupted but I just brushed it off. Seeing everyone get together and try to make this night a success almost brought a smile to my face. I felt a twinge of guilt, knowing I hadn't done anything to really help.

A thought struck me while getting everything in order and I wondered if I would be able to pull it off without anyone giving me a hard time, but I doubted it.

This group of nut-jobs never seemed to let me live in peace and I knew they weren't about to start now, but I decided to go through with my surprise idea anyway.




After slaving away in the kitchen, I was finally nearing the end. Satisfied with my creations, I sat back and smirked a little.

Uraraka had guessed correctly, I did know the Izuku's favorite food, but it wasn't exactly a dish that I could successfully prepare for everyone to enjoy. It would be cold by the time I had it all plated and everyone sat down, so I could only make one.

"Bro, how are you doing over here?" Kirishima came up to me and leaned against the counter.

"Just fine, go away."

"C'mon man ~ don't be like that. You feel like telling me about your little crush yet?" He teased, raising an eyebrow like he already knew and just wanted to hear me talk.

"I don't have a crush, dammit," I crossed my arms and refused to look away, even though I could tell my neck was changing colors.

"You can't fool me, everyone has someone they care about, whether they admit to it or not."

"Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"Why not? We're buddies, it's not like I would go around and tell anyone else. I just wanna know so I can cheer you on. Don't you want someone fighting for you in your corner?"

"Not really, I would rather have no one in my corner. I can do everything I need myself."

"So you admit it?"

"Admit what?"

"That you like someone."

"Shut up, shitty-hair, before I blow you to pieces."

"Bakugou, I know who you like."

"If you know, then quit bothering me about it all." I was practically choking on my own heart at this point. Does he really know or is he just trying to get me to confess? Either way, no matter what he said, I wasn't going to tell him.

Not yet, anyway. There were too many people around that could eavesdrop and I didn't want anyone getting the chance to spread rumors around that could hurt us.

"It's almost time guys! Who's going to head up and get our guest star for the night?!" Denki shouted.

"That would be Todoroki!!" Uraraka and Iida pushed him forward a little bit and he stumbled.

The whole scene made my stomach churn, it looked like they were teasing each other and trying to force a match down someone's throats. Mainly, my throat and it made me feel like someone was trying their best to vacuum the air from out of my lungs.

I couldn't stand around to watch as he made his way to the elevator and up to Deku's room, who was clearly waiting for him if the conversation from this morning had any indication.

I stood up from my spot behind the counter and mumbled to Kirishima about getting some fresh air. I could no longer breathe in there and I just needed to get out.

I made my way out the doors and started heading to the track. I figured I would walk around a little before heading back to the crowd of people.

The sun that was setting in the distance reminded me of my jog yesterday and it suddenly felt like that day had happened way too long ago.

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contact list until I came across his name. Todoroki was probably just now making it to his door, but I figured I would have enough time before he was no longer alone.

Katsuki💥  Happy 17th, damn nerd

Deku🍀 Thanks, Kacchan!! I'll see you tonight?

Well, clearly someone fucking gave it away. That or Todoroki already made it to his room.

Katsuki💥 I don't know, maybe.

Deku🍀 I hope you're there, it would make me happy. :)

Katsuki💥 Yeah, whatever, Deku. I'll be there.

I put my phone back in my pocket and continued to walk, smirking at the small exchange we just had. It was the little things that got me. Those small moments were probably what had me falling in love in the first place.

That moment was quickly swept out from underneath me when a force struck me in the center of my chest, seemingly from out of nowhere.

I fell to the ground on my hands and knees and couldn't seem to get ahold of my bearings. Coughing, I looked around to see no one in sight and there was no damage to my clothes.

But the pain was clearly there.

It wasn't going away, I could feel a tugging sensation in my gut and I felt like I was drowning, being dragged down under the crushing weight of the ocean before me.

Tears started to form in the corners of my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop them. They just kept coming, all on their own. Trickling down my cheeks and leaving paths for the rest to follow. I choked back the sobs as they escaped me.

I could feel a strange tingling in my teeth that started at the base of my jaw and I wanted nothing more in the world than to bite down and feel the soft sensation of skin between them.

A fierce chill seeped into my bones that started at the base of my neck and for the life of me, I couldn't shake this foreboding feeling from forming.

This feeling like something that should be here, in my arms, was violently ripped away while kicking and screaming, and fighting to stay.

This feeling of loss and despair.

Something was wronghorribly wrong...

....with my mate.



Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I spent all day dealing with my heat the best I could, doing nothing but directing my thoughts to one person.

I received birthday wishes from all my friends, but while the night grew colder, I couldn't help but notice that I still hadn't received anything from Katsuki.

It's not that I was expecting much, he hadn't wished me a happy birthday since we were kids, but it would be a sign that things were looking up between us. I wanted nothing more in the world than to fix our relationship and grow closer.

I sighed and pulled out my phone. It was getting close to the time of the party and I figured I should let Todoroki know I was ready to go.

My heat had ended earlier that day, it didn't last for very long, probably about 13 hours or so. Everyone was still in class, so I had taken the chance to run down to the showers.

Within 10 minutes I was fully lathered in as much shampoo and soap that was humanly possible, in hopes of masking and covering every little trace I could of what I had done. I threw all my clothes and sheets into the laundry and was happy that I could clean everything up before classes had ended.

Even though my heat was over, I still didn't trust being around everyone just yet. I was taking the suppressants and I was wearing the collar to prevent unwelcomed markings, but I feared small traces showing I'm an Omega would still somehow seep through, so I decided to wait in my room until Todoroki showed up.

I had just finished getting dressed and sprayed myself with more cologne for extra protection when I sent a message to Todoroki, telling him I was ready to go.

Deku🍀  I think everything is all clear now, I should be good to go whenever you are!

❄️Shouto🔥  Perfect timing, everyone was just asking me to bring you down. I'll be there in a minute.

I was just about to put my phone away when I finally saw the words I had been hoping for all day; Katsuki's name and a text that followed.

Katsuki💥  Happy 17th, damn nerd

Deku🍀  Thanks, Kacchan!! I'll see you tonight?

Katsuki💥  I don't know, maybe.

Deku🍀  I hope you're there, it would make me happy. :)

Katsuki💥  Yeah, whatever, Deku. I'll be there.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face and I didn't try to hide it when a knock rapped on my door. I opened it and Todoroki quickly stepped inside. I put my phone in my pocket again and turned to face him.

Something about his demeanor seemed a little off, however. His shoulders were stiff and unmoving and at first, I thought it was because he was nervous, but when I walked around to face him, I saw nothing by lust in his eyes.

He was standing completely still and had brought a hand over his mouth. He seemed to be trying his best to suppress his urges from taking over.

"Shouto, are you okay," I called while taking a step forward.

He brought his free hand up to stop me from getting any closer before speaking.

"Your scent... It's still lingering... in your room. It's enough to make this difficult on me, but I think I can maintain control. Just... give me a second." He said between his fingers.

I nodded and took a step back. I realized I was still wearing the collar, so I reached up to remove it. At this point, it didn't matter anymore, because I was planning to be marked anyways.

The scent must have increased when I removed it because I watched while all rationality drained from Todoroki's facial features.

He slowly let his hands drop to his side and he tilted his head into the air, sniffing. His eyes snapped forward in a flash when they met mine. He took several steps toward me and quickly decreased the space between us.

I shivered when he ran his hands up my sides and began to nuzzle into my neck. He brought an arm up and placed it around the back side of my head and started to place light kisses around my ear.

"Nngh..." I let slip a slight moan of pleasure, which only made this harder for him. He ran his tongue down the sides of my neck and continued to breathe in what little scent I had remaining.

"Midoriya... I can't... stop." He grazed my neck with his teeth.

His steps grew closer and we backed up until I had nowhere left to go, the wall behind me effectively holding me in place.

"It's okay... I don't min ~ Ah..." I gasped when he suddenly grabbed ahold of both my wrists with one hand, brought my arms over my head and swung me around so my back was facing him and he could reach for what he intended.

I gasped in anticipation when I felt his cold lips brush lightly across my scent gland. They lingered there only for a moment almost like they were asking for permission to proceed. I waited for what I knew was coming next.

"Ready..?" He breathed. I could only nod slightly, not trusting my own voice.

He trailed his free hand up my waist and under my shirt, still savoring what he could of my body before having to let it go.

Then it happened as if in slow motion, I could feel when each tooth hit their mark. A hot searing pain shot down my spine, causing my back to arch. I felt a rush of wind leave my lungs and I gasped while I tried to bring the air back down to me.

My knees started to wobble and buckle, losing all the strength they had in them. Todoroki hands held me in place to prevent me from toppling over.

Shivers and chills ran through me, but my body was covered in sweat.

I clenched my teeth tightly together and closed my eyes while I tried to prevent the screams from leaving my body.

I gasped and tugged a hand free to better brace myself against the wall because I knew he wasn't done yet.

He had just barely gotten his top row in, so there was more to go.

I heard a small whimper escape his throat and I could tell he hated to see me like this. He hated what he was putting me through, but I couldn't let him stop halfway.

"K - Keep... going..." I managed to pant out in between breaths. He knew he was hurting me, but this was the decision I had made on my own and I was sticking to it.

A small grunt in understanding emitted from his throat and if I wasn't in so much pain, it probably would've been pleasing to hear, but the only thing I was able to hear anymore was the sound of my own heartbeat as it pounded in my chest. Screaming to be set free of the cage I was forcing it into.

Slowly, his bottom row of teeth pierced my skin and I could no longer hold the screams back.

"Nng - Ah!" I let out and the pain increased tenfold.

I could feel my mind slipping away and understanding hit that I was on the verge of blacking out. My body no longer wanted to bear witness to the pain it was being subjected to.

He brought his free hand up to my mouth, just in front of my lips, begging me to bite down, allowing me to release the pain in any way I could. I took his offer and sunk my teeth into the back of his hand, he made no move to stop me.

It was a small gesture, but to me, having something to focus on rather than the pain was the only reason I could hold on to my consciousness.

I could feel the blood begin to trickle down my neck and finally, after what felt like an eternity, he was finished.

"I'm so so sorry, Midoriya!" Todoroki panicked in front of me. My vision began to blur a little when I tried to stand up straight, but the strength in my legs failed me and I tumbled forward and into his arms.

Every muscle in me was shaking and I had the violent urge to empty my stomach contents onto the floor, but after a few deep breaths, it began to subside.

Todoroki held me in his arms on the ground and kept running his hands through my hair, leaving small comforting kisses on my head. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I knew he was doing his best to comfort me.

I didn't realize it, but at some point, I had begun to cry. I felt like a gaping hole had opened up in my chest and sucked the life out of me, along with everything I ever cared about in the world.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before I was finally able to speak. I weakly pushed myself away from his arms and wiped the dripping sweat from my forehead. I must've been extremely pale because Todoroki looked like he was staring at my ghost.

"Midoriya, really... I... I just... I'm sorry..." Tears threatened the corners of his eyes and it took all I had to not laugh at him. I reached my hands up and wiped the tears away, then brought them down to cup his face in my palms.

"Shouto, look at me," I whispered. His eyes slowly came up and we made contact. I gave him my brightest smile, "Thank you, Shouto. Thank you..."

He must've been really hurt by what I put him through because at those words I watched while my friend broke down in front of me. I held his head to my shoulder and waited for him to calm down. When he could breathe normally again, he tilted his head up and placed a small kiss on my forehead. It was a simple gesture and I couldn't help as my heart swelled at his immense kindness. He really was a good friend to me.

"C'mon, Shouto, we have a party to get to." I smiled and stood a little unsteadily on my feet. I reached an arm down for him to grab and helped him up.


I reached my hand down into my pocket and fished out my phone.

Ochaco🌸  Everything okay, guys?

Deku🍀  Sorry, everything's good up here. We'll be down in a minute!

Ochaco🌸  Good, because you've got to come to see this! Bakugou came in from outside and has decided he wanted to drink... and I mean, really drink. He only started 5 minutes ago but he's already on his second glass. It's hilarious. He's pissed for some reason though and no one can calm him down, not even Kirishima.

Deku🍀  That's a sight we would love to see. Can't wait, take pics and don't forget to record it all! Blackmail at its finest, but you didn't hear it from me.

Ochaco🌸  Reasons why you're my best friend. Iida is trying to spoil the fun now, but he still isn't listening. Keeps griping about being left alone. He just wants to sit on the couch in peace lol little does he know, that's where we plan on playing the game tonight and if he remains there, he's bound to be wrapped up into it.

Deku🍀  Wait, he's not drunk already, right? There's no way.

Ochaco🌸  No no no! Not quite, he came in and went straight to Momo, demanding a bottle for himself. Saying she should fess one up or he'll make her explode. She giggled and just gave him a glass, which he downed instantly and demanded another before sitting down. The scene was hilarious, I wish you two could've seen it. Now hurry up!! We are waiting!

Deku🍀  Coming now!!

I laughed and put my phone away, hopefully for the last time tonight. I looked at Todoroki and sighed.

"Apparently Kacchan has decided to drink before the party has even started," I relayed to Todoroki.

"That sounds rather out of character for him, doesn't it?"

"A little, but I've never pegged him for a rule follower in the first place. Unless, of course, you've seen a side to him that even I haven't before." I grinned.

"Obviously not... Can I... check on it?" Todoroki asked, pointing to my neck. I turned around and he pulled down the collar to my shirt.

"What's it look like?" I asked. I didn't have a second mirror in my room so I couldn't see it right now.

"Well, it's really red and looks like it hurts a lot still, but the wound is already closing up. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow evening,"

"Wait, I thought the mark stayed for 2 weeks?" I turned back around to face him.

"It does, the wound isn't the mark, it's what's left behind, a small white scar that forms in place and slowly fades over time. The wound heals quickly because the body tries to protect from infection. When most are marked, it is during... ahem... intercourse... and conception is expected to occur, so the body wants to make sure it stays in shape for the fetus." He explained away all the questions I was about to ask.

"Well, that's convenient. It'll be easier to hide it then." I smiled again. But, my smiles could no longer seem to reach my eyes and I swore Shouto could see right through them.

"I really am sorry, Midoriya. I wish I could've been your mate, so you wouldn't put yourself through this pain again just for the others. It's heartbreaking to see it and even more so to know I'm the one that did it to you... Does it still hurt?"

"It's fine, really. I asked for this. I'm sorry to put this burden on the shoulders of my friends, but I really am thankful you all are willing to go through with this for me. It doesn't hurt that much anymore, just a small itch really."

What had hurt the most was the hole that kept sitting in my chest and wouldn't seem to go away. I couldn't stop myself from letting my thoughts drift toward how I let myself be marked by the wrong person, even though it was my choice, it still just felt so wrong. I couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal and guilt that dared to linger.

With a shake of my head, I sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

"Ready?" Todoroki asked me.

"As I'll ever be."



Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


The ride down the elevator was really uncomfortable for both of us. I could tell there was more we wanted to say to each other but we needed time to figure things out.

I just couldn't shake the feeling that if I hadn't received that text from Uraraka, we would still be upstairs in my room. I wasn't sure what would have happened if we were alone for a little while longer. Even though it had hurt, I didn't mind the sensation that his fingers had left behind on my body.

I glanced down at Todoroki's right hand and winced when I saw the damage I had done.

"I'm sorry, I almost forgot I bit your hand."

He glanced down and just shrugged.

"A bite for a bite, I guess."

The elevator doors dinged open and I could hear everyone freeze and turn my way when the sound of my laughter echoed throughout the room.

I couldn't stop it and before I knew what was happening, Todoromi had joined me. All the tension we had stored up began to melt away. I had a feeling that tonight was going to be fun after that.

"What are you two laughing about?" Uraraka came running up and her looped her hands around my left and his right arms before dragging us into the crowd.

"It's nothing, really," I remarked, wiping the joyful tears from my eyes.

"Todoroki! What happened to your hand, man?!" Denki exclaimed. He grabbed ahold and brought the wound into the light.

Eyes were on us both in a flash before understanding dawned on my classmates. I could feel the blood rush to my face and tried to cover it by turning away, but where my eyes landed didn't make me feel any better.

Two crimson orbs were staring directly into my soul, a look of confusion spread across his face when he glanced between Todoroki and me, no doubt trying to figure out our relationship at this point.

I squeaked a little when I saw him scowl and watched as he brought his glass up and downed the remaining alcohol in one gulp. He then stood and slowly walked in our direction, breaking the crowd apart, he passed me and walked toward Todoroki. He grabbed his wrist and twisted it so he could get a better look.

"That's a nasty bite you got there, must've been playing with the wrong kitten," That last word he managed to spit out like it was venom on his tongue, but he smirked like he found his own joke funny. He let go and walked toward the kitchen.

No one moved as we all watched the aggressive boy start pulling out plates and silverware.

He turned around and looked at us all like we were the ones acting strangely.

"What are you extras staring at? I thought this was a fucking party?"

"Hell yeah, Bakubro!! Let's get this show on the road!" Kirishima yelled and rushed over to help him.

A flurry of movements began to take place and I was rushed over to the kitchen tables and sat down. I was slightly embarrassed by the events that were unfolding, but I could help the smile they all brought to my face from showing just how happy they were making me.

"First!" Mina exclaimed, "We all got you this!" She stretched out an envelope and I took it.

Slowly, I opened and pulled out the card from inside.

"It's not much, we know, but we didn't have much time to put this together," Jirou shrugged.

Inside was a simple birthday card, with a figure of All Might printed on the cover. When I opened it up, I saw that everyone had signed the inside. Each person giving me their own unique boost of encouragement. There were congratulations posted throughout and I was happy to see almost everyone's signatures.

Yet again, however, there was one person's name missing from the group.

Katsuki hadn't signed it. A small smile twitched at the sides of my lips and I wasn't sure anymore if it was because I was happy at the gesture from everyone or if I was sad that he never seemed to care as I did.

"Thanks, guys, this is really sweet of you all," I put the card back in the envelope and set it to the side on the table.

"Hagakure even got you a cake!" Ojiro said the look of hunger on his and Satou's faces. Satou even went so far as to lick his lips in anticipation.

"What're you smiling about, Bakugou?" I heard Kirishima ask. I glanced to see a smirk had come across his face again. There seemed to be no hostility in it this time, so it was pleasant to see for once.

"Yeah, Bakugou, where's the cake?" Sero asked.

"I'll get it," Katsuki walked toward the fridge, brought the cake to the counter and removed the plastic covering before turning around and presenting it to the table.

Written clearly in a bright green icing that contrasted nicely with the white frosting were the words, 'Damn Nerd' and the number 17 in the corner.

"Bakugou!" was all everyone managed to say before a roar of laughter erupted from within him.

For only a split second, everyone stood in astonishment at the blonds strange behavior before the whole room followed suit and started laughing alongside him.

I was no exception, no matter how many times he insulted me, I couldn't resist being happy just hearing his laugh. It was rare, and I could count on one hand how many times I had heard a genuine laugh coming from him in my lifetime, so it was always music to my ears whenever it happened.

"Let's sing happy birthday, kero!" Tsu chimed.

"Oui, mademoiselle!" Aoyama said drastically, throwing his hand up to his forehead to add to his theatrics.

"No no no," I waved my hands frantically in front of my face, trying to hide the embarrassment that just kept coming.

"Oh, but we insist!" Uraraka was jumping up and down in excitement.

So of course, the group decided to proceed, ignoring my pleas. I put my head down on the table and wrapped my arms over myself while my friends watched me die in my own shame and happiness.

While they were singing, I thought about the mark on the nape of my neck. I wondered if everyone in my class really understood the exchange that had taken place between Todoroki and myself just a few moments ago.

He seemed to be handling everything just fine and I wasn't really sure how marking someone that wasn't his own mate had made him feel, but if it was anything like myself, he was probably holding everything inside, trying not to let the floodgates open up.

It was an entirely surreal feeling, being marked by someone that's not meant for you. There was a small sense of joy like the body is proud that it had found someone willing to stake a claim, but even more so than that, there was an immense sense of grief.

I knew my chances of losing my mate were small, because everyone had agreed to partake in this whole thing, but it didn't stop my body from acting the way it was designed to.

After what felt like an eternity, my classmates finished their torture and I brought my head out from its hiding place. I was happy being surrounded by all these people that cared for and I couldn't have asked for more out of this day.

"Here, give it back, I'll cut everyone a piece," Katsuki said after a while, his smile from just moments before had already slipped away. He looked almost sad when he bent down and reached for the cake.

"We should have dinner first before we ruin it with dessert," Iida, our responsible guardian of the group announced.

Murmurs of agreement echoed throughout as everyone stood to grab plates and have a meal together. It had been a while since we all had the time to sit around and eat at the same time, so it was nice to know we would have the chance to do this one last time before our summer vacation began again.

I went to stand up myself, but a firm hand came from out of nowhere and shoved me back into my seat.

"Sit, Deku," Katsuki ordered.


"Stay," he commanded once more.

"Oh, uh, okay," I did as I was told.

He walked away and grabbed a bowl, separate from what everyone else was gathering on their plates and he brought it over to me.

Without looking into my eyes, he set it down and walked away. In front of me sat a piping hot bowl of my favorite food, pork cutlet on rice, topped with eggs and steaming vegetables. It smelled amazing and just the thought that Katsuki was the one behind the dish before me, made my mouth water. I drooled slightly at the idea and looked back at Katsuki.

He had joined the others in grabbing some food but glanced back down at me, catching my eyes. I gave him the brightest smile I could muster and I swore I saw his cheeks turn a shade of pink before he turned away again.

"Thanks, Kacchan! You can be really sweet when you try!" I laughed.

"What's this all about, Bakugou? Are you giving Midoriya some special treatment tonight or something?" Denki teases him, jabbing him in the sides.

"Shut up," was all Katsuki said in response, his usual anger and outbursts were lost in his voice and Denki noticed it right away.

Mistaking his actions for embarrassment, Denki continued to prod and poke at the explosive boys damaged pride.

"I said shut up, dunce-face!" His fingers ignited small sparks as he spoke and his glare was intended to kill.

"Woah, woah, calm down," Kirishima intervened. "Here, have another glass." He handed Katsuki his third glass of the evening and they made their way back to the tables to continue their meals.

They settled down and everyone began to eat. It didn't take long for everyone to finish and we all started to gather in the living room. Momo and Mineta had handed everyone a glass and asked us to all gather around the coffee table. He had a game that he wanted us to play.

Katsuki took his place in the corner of the larger couch and just sipped continuously from his glass, never putting it down.

There were two sofas and a few armchairs scattered around for seating, but it wasn't enough room for all of us so a few took to the floor, myself included.

I didn't want to sit with my back facing just anyone right now, so I chose the spot right in front of Shouto, who had claimed one of the armchairs.

He was the only person I didn't mind glancing at the back of my neck right now, so I felt the most comfortable around him.

It could've been a lasting effect from being marked by an Alpha, but either way, he didn't seem bothered when I leaned back and rested against his knees.

I wasn't aware of the glare a certain Alpha was shooting in our direction, but the action hadn't gone unnoticed by several others, Todoroki included.

As if in response to the staring competition that was taking place above me, Todoroki smirked when he placed his hand on top of my head and began playing with my curls. I tilted my head up in confusion at the soft gesture but decided to let it continue. It felt nice to have someone playing with my hair.

Katsuki threw back his third glass and started on his fourth, while the rest of us finally started on our first.

Katsuki had never been someone for large crowds and socializing so it was weird that he stayed in the group and seemed to be willing to participate.

All his actions tonight had seemed slightly off, but I couldn't seem to figure out why. I decided not to delve too deep into it because I was just happy he was here, to begin with.

A cough came from the middle of the circle and Mineta was demanding all our attention from his spot on top of the coffee table. In his tiny hands, he held out a small bundle of sticks with a devious smile on his face.

"Has anyone played the King's Game before?"



Chapter Text


🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


"The King's Game," Mineta began explaining, "is where we all draw from this pile of sticks. One person will receive a stick with a crown and the rest will receive a number between 1 and 20 since there are now 21 students in our class. The King then picks a number or two and proceeds to give an order. If the subjects don't wish to proceed with the order, then they drink. Since we don't have shots, we'll just drink our whole glass instead. It'll be more fun that way anyway. Afterward, we return the sticks and begin again. Sounds easy right?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, there weren't a lot of rules to follow, so it seemed simple enough.

"Alright then, let's begin!" Sero said, jumping up and grabbing a stick from Mineta's hand. Mineta walked around and everyone got their turn before he sat down once more.

"Who's the King?!" Mina asked everyone.

"That would be me!" Iida stood up from his seat and began to think of an order to give.

He cleared his throat before continuing, "For my decree, I ask that number 7 and number 3 dance for 1 minute with no music on!"

Slowly, Tokoyami stood and walked to stand in front of the TV. Jiro got up and went to the sound system that was currently playing music and turned it off before sitting back down. The room got silent while everyone watched and waited for the next person to stand.

Momo flipped her hair to the side when she sauntered over. Tokoyami, being the gentleman he is, graciously offered her his hand and they began to dance in silence. After a minute, they sat back down. Now it was Iida's turn to hold the sticks in his hands while everyone else picked.

This time, Denki stood up and held the crown proudly for all to see.

"I command number 8 to remove their shirt and remain shirtless for the remainder of the game."

Mineta's face lit up instantly while he eyed all the girls around him, but to his dismay, Katsuki stood and ripped the shirt from his body, revealing the rippling muscles that laid beneath.

This elicited whoops from the group as well as, small blushes across all his admirer's faces and he smirked from the attention.

"Alright, my turn! Number 2! Read the last text message you sent and the immediate response you received!" Shouted Uraraka.

"Okay. I don't usually text though, so it's probably one from yesterday," Shinsou responded. He pulled out his phone and glanced at his messages.

"On second thought, I'll probably drink and sit this one out." He put his phone away and emptied his glass.

"Wow, I never pegged you to be the first to tap out like that, man!" Kirishima said.

"It had personal information concerning a certain friend and their secrets, I don't think it would've been wise in this situation."

"Oh, right, smart call!" Understanding dawned on everyone. The only conversation that had taken place that they knew involved secrets had been the group chat from yesterday, so no one said anything further.

"Moving on, it's my turn! Let's have a little more fun with this, you guys clearly don't know how to utilize these opportunities!" Mineta stood on top of the coffee table once more, wielding the King.

"I say number 5 has to go to another room and send a suggestive selfie to me, the King!" He yelled. It was clear that he had a certain targeted audience in mind when he gave this rule, but as luck would have it, this task came down to Kirishima. A bright flush spread across his cheeks.

"I mean, okay, if you'll have me." He sent a wink in Mineta's direction which only caused him to whimper in protest about receiving suggestive photos from another male.

A few squeals of excitement erupted from the girls when Mineta's phone went off and sure enough, there was a photo of Kirishima, lifting his shirt up a notch and winking, just for Mineta.

"I think I'm going to be sick," he commented and then laid on the table, out of commission.

"That's not how you turn things up a notch, Mineta. Let me show you how it's done." Mina wiggled her crown and proceeded to make her decree.

"I want number 4 to describe their favorite body part of the person they love!"

"I love how when I look into their eyes I feel like I'm melting in a bowl of dark-chocolate syrup, gero!!" Tsuyu shouted! She didn't waste a single second thinking of her answer, because the person she loved was always on her mind. Something as simple as this was easy to describe.

"Oh wow, that was fast!" Mina giggled and sat back down.

This time, Sero stood up, ready to give out his orders.

"Number 12 slap number 15!"

"Who's 15?" Shoji stood up, but when Kouda raised his hand without saying a word, Shoji sat back down and drained his glass. No one blamed him, how could you slap such an innocent being like Kouda?

"Number 20, every time you drink, act like a T-Rex, bring your arms in close to your body and try to reach your glass from that position!" Ojiro made his demand next and Sato grunted in affirmation.

Hagakure was King next and demanded that number 18, Jirou, had to meow after every sentence. The class laughed at such an easy, but still an embarrassing task, Jirou just shrugged in response. Her lack of conversation thereafter proved that she just didn't want to meow for anyone.

Aoyama made a demand that sounded like something only he would come up with.

"I order number 16 to caress the chin of number 13 and feed them their glass while looking lovingly into their eyes."

"Oh, how romantic," the girls in the class swooned.

Kirishima stood up, "Okay, who's number 13?"

"That would be me..." Denki tentatively raised his hand from his seat.

The class watched in anticipation while the two got closer than they ever seemed before. It was silent all around when Kirishima whispered, "...drink..." and tilted the cup up to Denki's lips. Within seconds, both boys were as red as tomatoes.

Shinsou stood, "Number 17, choose an animal you think relates to number 2."

"I'm number 2," Izuku stated.

Katsuki sat up in his spot on the couch, staring at Izuku for a moment and not breaking eye contact while he observed his features. His lips twitched almost like in contemplation on what he would call him. Instead of answering, however, he grabbed his drink and downed his fourth glass.

"Awe! I was really curious about what you would say!" Uraraka protested.

"Yeah, that was a good one!"

Katsuki just sat back in his spot and decided to never take his eyes of Izuku from there on out and at this point, Izuku could finally feel the attention he was receiving.

Without realizing it, the unexpected attention caused Izuku to begin drinking out of his glass casually. Before he knew it, he was having to fill up for a second and he had yet to even have a turn.

"Number 11, grab the person closest to you and have them sit on your lap for the remainder of the game." Momo gave her order.

Suddenly, hands wrapped around Izuku's waist when Todoroki pulled him into the armchair and held him tight in his lap.

"Ooohhh, that's unexpectedly cute!" Denki remarked at their close contact.

"Ah... haha... Thanks..?" At this point, Izuku's brain felt like it was going to short circuit and he ended up finishing glass number two faster than expected. He didn't dare glance in Todoroki's direction but was fully aware of both his body heat and... other parts of his... being pressed against him and he couldn't help but remember what had transpired between them earlier that day.

"Number 12, what is your biggest lie?"

"Oh, I'll drink." Izuku downed his third glass.

"Midoriya, you're handling those glasses better than I would've thought," Todoroki said from behind him. Izuku shifted in his seat and turned to face him only to come inches away from his face and panic internally a little.

"Yeah, they taste really fruity and I feel just fine actually."

"Have you ever drank before?" Denki asked from across the room.

"No, this is my first time."

"Same here!" Uraraka shouted.

"Me too!" Agreed Tsu.

Murmurs of an agreement reached everyone's ears. Most of the class hadn't experienced these types of interactions before.

Denki started to laugh. "Then this night will be fun. What glass are you on, Midoriya?"

"Just my third..?" He said, puzzled.

"Weak," Katsuki remarked from his corner.

"Oh yeah, what's yours?" Izuku could feel a small frown forming.

"Glass number 5, nerd. Catch up." He dared.

"No, Midoriya, don't listen to him. You've got two entirely different body types. He can probably drink you under the table," Uraraka countered.

"Is that so..." Izuku felt challenged.

"Yeah, Deku, I could outdrink you any day." Katsuki sneered and brought his glass up to finish drink number 5.

"Bring it."

And the drinking challenge began.

"This is a terrible idea. You're responsible for him tonight then, Bakugou," Kirishima stated.

"I agree, if he's meeting the challenge you ensued, you have to drag him up to his room when he can't walk anymore." Momo pointed out.

"Hey now! You're all acting like I've lost already! Have a little faith, I don't plan on giving up." He did his best to drink his third glass and demanded a refill for his fourth.

A few snickers came out from some of the more experienced party goers. Izuku didn't realize it yet, but the alcohol he had already consumed just needed time to hit his system, so while he felt fine for now, he was in fact, not fine.

"Let's keep going! Number 14, give number 7 a hickey!" Denki declared.

"Woah now! That escalated quickly!" Kirishima remarked.

"C'mon, we all knew it was headed this route. Don't fight it, go get your hickey, man."

"Are you number 7 then?" Mineta asked. When Kirishima nodded, Mineta stood up, walked over to the spiked punch bowl on the table and began chugging from the bowl itself. He had clearly had enough of his luck with men for the night.

Kirishima just sighed in relief while everyone else laughed.

"My turn, extras. 18, get on all fours and beg like the damn dog we know you are. Speak, sit, paw and stay down. Only when you complete these can you be patted on the head by your shitty master, 10," Katsuki smirked.

"That's kinky," Mina said when she got down on all fours. She obeyed every command and Shoji stood to pat her on the head.

"Good girl," he said.

"Woof!" Mina responded and then lost it while she laughed and rolled around on the ground.

From his spot on the armchair, Todoroki spoke up, startling Izuku.

"Number 1, what is the meanest thing you've done to someone that didn't deserve it?"

"Tsk." Katsuki clicked his tongue. Everyone waited for a response. They could see the cogs turning when he debated to say it or not.

"Today's just not your day, Bakubro!" Kirishima playful smacked his shoulder. He didn't fear death.

Katsuki started to reach for his glass.

"Passing on another one? Weak." Izuku broke the silence and retaliated against Katsuki's comment from earlier.

He stopped and shot a glare in his direction.

"You really want me to fucking say it, Deku?"

Izuku just shrugged in response because they both knew what he was going to say.

"Fine then. In middle school, I told Deku to take a swan dive off the roof..."

"You did what?!" Uraraka exclaimed.

"Bakugou..." Denki added in shock.

"You're right, that was something said to someone that didn't deserve it," Todoroki said and he wrapped an arm around Izuku's waist, bringing him closer to his body.

"Exactly why I just said it, IcyHot."

"Kacchan! That makes me happy, knowing you think I didn't deserve that..." Izuku smiled in response.

"Yeah, I know."

"Do you realize what would have happened if he did what you said?! I mean, I knew you were always harsh on him, but I didn't know it went that far. Why would you say that?" Uraraka huffed.

"Stop it, guys. I've long forgiven him. There's more between us than you know, it's okay now..." Izuku felt the heat rush to his cheeks from what he said but he still held out his palm in defiance, not backing down.

"It was a moment of weakness on my part... I would never say it now and I wish I never said it in the first place. It's whatever, all in the past. I'm still drinking to that one. Now, move on, extras," Katsuki said.

He brought his glass up and finished yet another, his eyes never shifting from Izuku's unwavering gaze. Determined not to lose, Izuku quickly followed suit. Katsuki 6, Izuku 4.

"Oh, my turn!" Izuku declared. "Number 4, lick and suck on the fingers of number 20 for 30 seconds." He flashed a mischievous grin at the onslaught of shocked faces in his direction.

"Woah! I pegged you for a 'Do 10 pushups' kind of guy," Jirou said.

"Yeah, where's our innocent cinnamon roll at?" Momo chimed in. He just shrugged in response, not sure where his confidence was coming from.

"What is this game coming too..." Iida added.

"Yeah, I'm finding out too much about everyone, gero," Tsu commented.

"It's called bonding! Now get on with it!" Mineta finally jumped back into the group, excited to see some kind of action.

"I'm number 20," Ojiro stated. He stuck his hand out and waited for number 4.

Hagekura stood up and walked over. Mina pulled out a timer and gave the countdown to begin. The class couldn't tell what was going on, but they knew from Ojiro's expression that she had begun.

Izuku's head started to swim and he didn't notice when he had laid back and began to get comfortable on Todoroki's shoulders, nuzzling into his neck a little while sipping from his glass. He didn't mind when Todoroki's hands continued to run through his hair. He found the whole thing relaxing and cozy.

Hagekura's turn had ended and they moved on to the next King.

Mina stood, "Number 10, wear this blindfold and touch the body of a person placed in front of you, trying to guess who they are!!"

When Izuku stood up to receive the blindfold for his turn, he finally realized what it was like to drink. A sudden light sensation overcame him and he tumbled forward a few steps. He didn't want to drop his glass, so he tossed number 5 down the hatch and walked to the clearing in the room.

"Ope! There he goes!" Denki laughed.

The blindfold was placed firmly over his eyes and he couldn't see anything. He waited until someone was placed in front of him and his hands were placed on top their shoulders.

Nervous, he traced his fingers down the arms first, wary of the possibility the person could be female and not wanting to touch where it could upset them.

The arms were muscular and when he made it to his victim's hands, he could feel they were coarse and rough. Feeling content he was caressing a male, he went for the chest and abdomen.

"No laser..."

He started to feel down the sides, in an attempt to guess his proportions and weaved down toward his lower region.

He wasn't able to reach his legs while standing up, so he got down on his knees, completely unaware of the show he was giving his classmates. He wanted to feel his calves. When nothing came up, he muttered, "No mufflers."

"Hmm... he doesn't... have several appendages, no tape dispensers, and no tail. Clearlyyy... not Mineta, either. Not... uh... a female..." He continued up to his face, searching for his mouth. His words beginning to slur, but he paid it no mind.

"Noo beak..."

His fingers found his lips, but they were closed tight. When searching for entrance he huffed and made a demand, more firm than he intended, but it got his desired effect across.


His mouth opened and Izuku ran his fingers over the teeth. "No shark teeth, so not... Kirishima."

"Hey! I don't have shark teeth!" He heard Kirishima protest. Giggles erupted while the class watched Izuku deduce who he was touching.

He continued around his lips and nose.

"Lips are normal... he has a nose..." Izuku chuckled a little, his thoughts didn't seem to want to catch up with him at the moment.

A few more protests were heard from these remarks, but he continued and reached up toward his eyes. He felt around as lightly as he could, careful not to hurt him while he looked for signs of a scar...

"No scar..."

He reached up further and felt his hair. It was extremely soft and pleasing to feel. He ran his hands through a few times before becoming puzzled. He knew there were only two classmates left at this point, but he couldn't tell just by the hair alone.

"Ahh, you both have spikier hair. I don't... Ugh.."

"Midoriya, you're not making sense..." he heard Iida's voice remark.

"Uhm, can I lick your palms..?" Izuku asked, embarrassed that he had even suggested it.

"Why do you want to lick this person's palms?" Iida asked, just as puzzled as everyone else in the room.

"Because... Kacchan should... taste... sweet...?"

The room went silent.

"Why..?" Someone asked.

Panicked, Izuku began to explain, "If Kacchan secretes nitroglycerin as his sweat, then instead of salty, like the average person, his hands would be sweet."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Lick him and tell us who it is!" A voice sounding like Uraraka demanded.

Izuku audibly gulped and grabbed hold of the person's hands. He brought them up to his lips and ran his tongue across a finger.

One lick was all it took.

He quickly dropped the hands and tried to back away, but being as dizzy as he was and not having his sight, he nearly fell over once more.

Arms wrapped around his waist to stop him from falling. Izuku still tried desperately to lean as far away as he could.

"K - Kacchan..?" He whispered.

The blindfold was removed and he found himself face to face, inches apart and in the arms that belonged to the explosive blond. Staring directly into his crimson eyes.

He leaned forward, bringing his lips to Izuku's ears and whispered back so that only he could hear him.

"Good job, kitten."



Chapter Text


🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Izuku felt his knees buckle from beneath him and Katsuki ended up supporting his full weight.

"Woah there, looks like someone's down for the count." He chuckled down at the green-eyed boy.

"Ugh... I - I... is... should have known," Izuku pressed his hand to his head in an attempt to stop it from spinning. "You're the only one that's shirtless right now." He said embarrassed at his close proximity to Katsuki's toned muscles.

"Guess you can't handle your drinks as well as you thought, now can you, Deku?"

Izuku reached his hand up and splayed his palm directly across Katsuki's face.

"Let me gooo... dumbass. I can still have a... drink uhm... one more..." He tried to shove against Katsuki but couldn't seem to find his strength.

"Gah! He just hit Bakubro! He's gonna kill 'em!"

"Bakugou deserved it," Todoroki smirked from his spot. He enjoyed seeing Lord Explosion Murder being whacked in the face by Izuku.

"More importantly, did Deku just curse?!" Uraraka wasn't sure if she heard right. She thought maybe her ears had just played a trick on her.

"No, Bakugou, you're ruining our cinnamon roll! Look at what you've taught him!"

"That's it, extras. It's lights out for the birthday boy. He's done."

"Noo. I'm not." Izuku wiggled down lower so he was able to free himself of Katsuki's grasp.

"Deku, get your ass back here!"

"Shut up, I don't understand you, I can't speak assholian..." Izuku waved his hands dismissively and shrugged in Katsuki's direction while everyone just laughed and watched the scene unfold.

"Told you not to entice him into this silly drinking competition. This is all on you." Momo pointed out.

"I think I like drunk Midoriya," Tsu and Jirou agreed. "He's funny."

"Shoutoo," Izuku climbed back onto Todoroki's lap. "You don't want me... to leave, do you?" He looked up at him, giving him innocent puppy dog eyes.

"It'll be no fun without me here," he started slowly slinking one hand up Todoroki's chest, keeping him distracted from his real goal.

"We're friends... right..?"

"Yes, of course we are..." Todoroki said, stunned at the close proximity between them. Izuku inched his face closer, just inches apart. His other hand making its way towards the content that Todoroki still had in his palms.

Within seconds, Izuku activated his quirk, grabbed Todoroki's glass of wine and ended up out of arm's reach before anyone had time to react. He downed the glass with a proud smile.

"Ha. Tied." He smirked up at Katsuki, but then, because of the sudden movements and the rush of activating his quirk, the blood drained from his face and he fell forward, the glass smashing to the ground.

"Dammit, Deku! This is why I said you're fucking done."

"Pffft, hahaha!!" Izuku laughed from his spot on the floor. Katsuki walked over and didn't bother helping him to his feet. Instead, he just grabbed a wrist, stood up, and started dragging him toward the elevator, leaving the shirt he removed earlier in the game, behind.

"Get on your damn feet, nerd!"

"No. Struggle." Izuku made the rational decision to pretend to be dead, the whole of his weight dragging behind him while the angry blond struggled endlessly to drag him forwards.

"There's no way in hell I'm fucking making it to your room at this rate. Lose some weight, fatass " The curses spewed from his mouth like fire while he tugged and tugged on Izuku's wrists.

"It's called muscle. Maybe you should try it out sometime."

"I swear, I'm ten seconds away from murdering you and blowing you to bits!" Almost like he was trying to emphasize his point, small streams of steam began forming on his fingertips. Izuku could feel the space where their skin made contact begin to heat up.

Izuku's head perked up when he heard the ding to the elevator doors and he finally got to his feet. Now was when he decided to really struggle. He tried to walk back toward his classmates, making eye contact with them and hoping they could see the desperation behind his eyes.

"Noo..! Wait! I don't wanna be in the elevator with you!!" he wiggled underneath his grasp, but couldn't find the strength to pull free, his drunken state had all but forgotten about his quirk.

"The hell..? Stop it and get in!"

"No! You're giant ass ego... is going to crush me if I'm confined... to a small space with you! I don't wanna die!" He was struggling to get his thoughts together. He wasn't sure if he was making any sense anymore, but that was okay.

"You're literally being impossible right now. This is fucking ridiculous!" Katsuki let go of his hold on Izuku's wrists and before the green-haired teen had a chance to duck out of arm's reach, Katsuki grabbed his waist from behind and tugged them both hard in the direction of the elevator.

The alcohol had slowly been making its way into Katsuki's mind at this point and it was getting harder for him to keep the fight going, but eventually, he had been victorious with getting Izuku into the elevator. They toppled in together, and Izuku let his body go limp in defeat against Katsuki's chest, mumbling a few sounds of disappointment.

Struggling underneath his weight, Katsuki reached forward and was able to push the button to his floor. Izuku's room was closer but Katsuki needed a longer wait to catch his breath and didn't trust Izuku to stay safely in his own room throughout the night. Alcohol poisoning was also a risk for someone who didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Katsuki glared at Izuku thinking he was that 'someone'.

The longer they had to wait for the elevator doors to open though, the more he knew he wouldn't be able to power through anymore. He was losing strength, too. His mind had begun to swim and it was all he could do to focus on one task.

The entire class had just watched the struggle that took place, just laughing their asses off the whole time and he swore he saw several phones whipped out taking videos. He made a mental note to murder them all in their sleep if he even remembered this night that is. He shot a few daggers in their direction before the doors came to a close.

He felt Izuku's arms wrap around his waist, giving Katsuki a warm and unexpected embrace and he froze when he heard Izuku speak.

"Katsuki's warm..." he murmured and hugged tighter. "...really warm." It had been years since Izuku spoke Katsuki's first name and the sound sent shivers down his spine. His heart jumped up into his chest a little and started dancing to its own rhythm.

"Of course I'm warm, dumbass, my quirk deals with hot shit." He said this offhandedly, but he was really trying to distract his mind from drifting toward Izuku's smaller frame and how it seemed to fit so perfectly against his own.

Katsuki brought his arms up and returned the embrace, bringing their hips flush with each other. They leaned against the wall of the elevator, time seemed to have frozen. He raked one hand through Izuku's curls, enticing a small purr from him.

"Do you like when people touch your hair?" Katsuki couldn't shake the memory of Todoroki's hands touching Izuku's head. The IcyHot bastard made a show of being all over Izuku and the sudden closeness between the two made Katsuki's blood boil.

A swift memory fluttered up to his mind when he thought of where Todoroki had gotten the bite mark on his hand. He shoved the memory back down from wherever it had surfaced because he didn't want to think about the obvious.

It wasn't there when he went to Izuku's room before the party, but it was definitely there when they returned.

"It feels gooood..." Izuku nuzzled closer.

"Does it feel better when that IcyHot bastard does this?" His curiosity and jealousy getting the better of him while his defenses were being beaten down by alcohol.

"Noopee. I like when you do this," Izuku cooed. His small smile reaching his voice while it carried its way up to the Alpha's ears. "You should do this more often ~ "

"And why would I do that?" He chuckled lightly. "Ask Half 'n Half." Katsuki turned his face away to hide the rosy pink that decided to settle on his cheeks.

"It's not the same with Shouto..." Izuku mumbled.

Katsuki noticed two things about his statement. A sudden sadness that leaked into his words and the use of Todoroki's first name so nonchalantly. It made his heart twinge in pain.

Izuku, having lost to his drunken state, buried his face further against Katsuki's chest, relishing the feeling of his bare skin being pressed against his cheek.

He trailed the tip of his nose around Katsuki's collarbone, inhaling the delicious pheromones of the Alpha before him. He hovered above his scent glands and couldn't resist trying to coax more of Katsuki's smell out. It smelled oddly familiar, but his mind wasn't thinking straight enough to figure it all out.

"Deku, that's dangerous..." Katsuki groaned at the feather-light movements.

"Mmm, then, I feel like being dangerous..." Izuku cooed in his ears, letting his breath tickle the sensitive skin.

Giving in to his temptations, Izuku brought his tongue down and trailed it along Katsuki's scent glands. He could feel the muscles stiffen beneath him and the grip around his waist tightened.

Katsuki grabbed a hold of Izuku's chin and tilted him upwards. He could see the intoxicated passion burning deep within Izuku's bright green eyes, they glistened with desire and then started to darken when the lust took over.

The elevator dinged, letting them know they had made it to the floor. Izuku quickly pulled himself away and started to back up through the doors, keeping eye contact with Katsuki. He walked into the corridors leading toward everyone's rooms. Izuku knew that Katsuki's room was at the very end, but his mind was fuzzy, making it difficult to stop himself. He wanted this to happen and he wanted it to happen now.

Slowly, Izuku brought his hands down his torso and fiddled with the hem of his shirt. Crossing his arms, he tugged the shirt up and over his head. He let it dangle from his hands, swinging it a little, calling to his prey. He wet his lips seductively and watched Katsuki's reaction when he dropped his shirt to the floor. He could see the rationality within him snap and Izuku shivered when he watched the Alpha give in to his own temptation. He was showing way more confidence than he felt, his heart was racing and skipping at every action Katsuki took.

The elevator doors had begun to close, with Katsuki still inside. At the last second, his hands came through and he forced them back open. Any show of self-restraint was entirely gone from his eyes.

"Goddammit Deku..." He growled. "You're in trouble now." The sound almost made Izuku's legs crumble beneath him, but he wanted to tease him a little more before fully giving in.

"Oh, soo ~ scary," Izuku taunted, a playful smile perched on the edges of his lips. Katsuki watched as Izuku bit the corner of his mouth, slowly letting the flesh slip between his teeth.

Izuku began backing up as Katsuki exited the elevator before he turned and sauntered further down the hall. He reached the end of the corridor and glanced back, expecting to find an angry Alpha still staring at him in a daze.

However, Katsuki had grabbed Izuku's discarded shirt and was sniffing it. Katsuki tilted his head in confusion for a split second, wondering why Izuku smelled so damn good to him, but he really didn't care at the moment. Izuku's smell only fueled the hungry beast that burned beneath his abdomen.

He turned to find the green-eyed teen leaning against the wall at the end of the corridor next to the door of Katsuki's room. His back was pressed against the wall behind him and he was playing with the hem of his pants; tugging them down slightly to reveal a delectable hip bone before pulling them back up to hide the delicious parts of his body from sight once more.

Katsuki released a low, deep growl, feeling it reverberate throughout the empty hall. He watched the sound reach Izuku's ears causing him to whimper in pleasure. Having had enough of the show before him, Katsuki quickly wrapped Izuku's shirt around his arm and made his way down the hallway. He couldn't leave behind a trail of suspicion and he had plans for his hands so he needed them free to do as they pleased.

Izuku looked up into Katsuki's eyes and watched when they darkened, clouding over with desire. His expression was intense, threatening almost, but he was unable to look away. He brought his hands up, cupping Izuku's cheeks, running his thumb around.

Izuku nuzzled against the feeling of Katsuki's palms. He licked the center and groaned when the sweet, burning taste of caramel touched his taste buds. Izuku began trailing fingers along Katsuki's waistband and tugging at the belt holding him together, he was eager to move this along.

Katsuki, however, grabbed his wrists, stopping the lust-filled youth's actions and placed Izuku's arms around his neck. One hand lingered against Izuku's cheek while the other grabbed one leg, hiking it up so that his thigh was touching Katsuki's hips. Pressing Izuku hard against the wall, he started to grind their hips together, relishing in the friction against his member.

"Mmgh..." Izuku moaned and bit his bottom lip hard, still not breaking eye contact. He licked his lips seductively and closed his eyes slightly, relishing every roll of Katsuki's hips against his own.

"Oh, does this feel good to you, kitten?" Katsuki teased.

"Bite me."

"You asked for this." Katsuki brushed his lips lightly across Izuku's, teasingly. Before Izuku could reply, he felt the warmth of Katsuki's breath on his mouth, their lips pressed tightly together in a wet, open-mouthed lip lock.

Izuku responded immediately, sinking further into the caverns of their desires. He shamelessly parted his lips slightly, begging for the warm, wet sensation of Katsuki's tongue.

Within seconds, he was there, twirling around every inch of his mouth, sharing the fruity sensation that lingered behind after their drinks, thrusting his tongue inside roughly. He ran his tongue along the roof of Izuku's mouth, sending bouts of warm passion throughout his body.

With each movement, they were grinding harder and plunging themselves deeper into depths unknown.

"Nngh... m - more..." Izuku begged. Katsuki brought his free hand down and pressed hard into Izuku's hip, eliciting a pleased gasp. The Omega tossed his head back with a sharp intake of breath, before grinding back into the sensation this pressure brought.

With his head back, Katsuki had full access to Izuku's throat, he began leaving a trail of hot kisses following the jaw and making his way down to Izuku's neck. Katsuki took this chance to dig deep and begin sucking hard on his neck. His tongue trailed lazily in circles, scraping his teeth across his skin. He felt goosebumps rise wherever he touched and Izuku was slowly becoming a moaning mess.

Katsuki let go of Izuku's leg and raked his hand sharply through his green locks of hair, grabbing at the back, and pulling tight. He had always wanted to do this, always envisioned having full access to his neck, where he could nip and bite as he pleased.

He bit down hard on his collarbone, ignoring the small gasp of pain that followed.

"Ahh... hah... fuck." Izuku's core trembled in pleasure.

It was music to Katsuki's ears and he wanted to violate Izuku in every way. His head was swimming with ecstasy. He let go and dragged his tongue lazily across the bite he had created.

Katsuki pulled away and rested their foreheads together. His face was flushed and their breathing mingled before them. Their minds were hazy with heat and desire. He brought his lips crashing back into Izuku's in another passionate kiss.

"Mmngh..." Izuku lulled.

Katsuki ran his tongue over Izuku's mouth and then began to suck hard on the bottom lip. Biting and nipping, before his tongue protruded inside once more, hungrily devouring the sensation, sucking on his tongue and coaxing out moan after moan.

Suddenly, Katsuki pulled away again, ignoring the whimpers at the loss of contact, he grabbed a hold of Izuku's wrist and pulled him toward his room.

It was time for some privacy.



Chapter Text


 🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Katsuki dragged Izuku inside, swung him around and threw him onto the bed. He didn't bother to turn on the lights as he approached the bedside. Izuku sat up and kicked his legs over the side, so he was straddling the blond Alpha that stood before him. While Izuku began to tug at Katsuki's waistband and remove his pants, Katsuki unwrapped the shirt from his arm and tossed it somewhere in the darkness behind him.

Not wasting a second, Izuku removed Katsuki's pants and stared at the Alpha's pulsing erection before him. Not entirely sure what he was doing, but not being forced to stop, he leaned forward and tentatively grasped his shaft.

Katsuki watched as Izuku stared at his member, not shifting his gaze anywhere else. The attention made him flush a deep shade of red and he felt dizzy standing there, so he placed a hand on Izuku's shoulder and the other he dragged through his curly hair.

Izuku brought his head forward and wrapped his lips around Katsuki's member, starting at the head and began bobbing back and forth. His hands stroked the base, taking any excess drool and using it as lube. He pulled away for a moment and looked up.

His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and doubts about what he was doing, and he wanted to see the reaction the blond might be having to all of this. The sight before him nearly made his heart stop.

Before him stood a glistening masterpiece, toned muscles rippling at every movement he made. His eyes trailed up the perfectly sculpted chest, glazed over his neck and saw how his head was thrown back in pleasure.

Katsuki wondered why the movements had stopped so he looked down. Dark crimson, fiery orbs met deep, emerald sparkling irises and a spark of tension erupted between them. Caving even further into his desires, Katsuki grabbed tight to Izuku's head.

"Open back up," he smirked and Izuku promptly obeyed.

Katsuki thrust deep into Izuku's mouth, slowly at first, testing to see how much Izuku could take before his reflexes kicked in. Izuku closed his eyes and did his best to hold back the tears that began to form, but he couldn't help when his throat closed up and he started to choke a little.

Katsuki pulled out enough to give him some breathing room before continuing to thrust, over and over this time. Izuku responded to the thrusts with his own hand, still stroking the base. His hand felt it first, the pulsing between his fingers, and Katsuki's thrusts began to come in short waves.

Izuku's head was held firmly in place as Katsuki whispered, "I want to see you swallow..."

With no way to back out, Izuku braced himself as he felt a warm, salty liquid stream out and into his mouth. Katsuki let out a moan and released Izuku's head, while Izuku took this moment of freedom to swallow down and around his shaft, licking and lapping up anything that might have tried to escape.

The taste wasn't something he desired, but he wasn't sure when he'd get this chance again, so he wanted to savor every moment. Finally, he leaned back and re-situated himself on the bed, while Katsuki crawled up and over him. His eyes lingered on Izuku's form beneath him. He brought his hands quickly down and started to remove his clothes.

After a moment of struggling and a grunt of frustration, he was finally able to free him. While still on his back, Izuku brought his legs up, bending them at the knees and Katsuki moved between them. He placed his palms flat against the bed on either side of Izuku's face and leaned down, crashing their lips together with a bruising force. He twirled his tongue around inside Izuku's mouth before breaking free and panting for breath.

"I'm not stopping now, you know that, right, Deku?" Katsuki whispered softly.

He laid his head down next to Izuku's ears and let one hand trail lightly along his side, caressing and memorizing his shape. He wanted this. Katsuki dreamed of this for so long and the moment was finally happening.

But it was happening while Izuku was drunk. While Katsuki was drunk. He didn't want to wake up in the morning and forget what had happened. He was afraid that Izuku would wake up and regret what they did or not even remember it happened in the first place, but he also knew that if they didn't do this tonight, he might never get the chance again.

He trailed his nose along Izuku's scent glands, nuzzling deeply. He wished for more of his sweet, tantalizing pheromones to be released, but there was another scent blocking the way. Katsuki couldn't shake the sickening feeling that continued to grow in the pit of his stomach, but he wouldn't worry about it right now. It wasn't the time to worry over something that he couldn't change, not while the most beautiful creature in his eyes was a glistening, moaning mess on his bed.

"I wouldn't want to stop this for the life of me..." Izuku reached a hand up and brought Katsuki's face closer to his neck, so Izuku could reach and nibble on his earlobe while speaking his next words.

"I want you to ravage every inch of my body. Fuck me, bite me, and break me..."

Katsuki could no longer hold his body's tremors back anymore, taking Izuku's words to heart, he bit the side of his neck, hard. He wanted to pull Izuku back and reach around to the base of his neck and mark him, right then and there, but he wasn't so far gone that he would hurt Izuku's chance with whoever his mate might have been, so he resisted the urge to claim him as his own.

Izuku shuddered at the pleasure coursing through him and he moaned for more. Katsuki pulled away and reached toward his nightstand, searching for his lotion. He found what he was looking for in one of the drawers and pumped a few into his hands. He lathered his fingers up and leaned forward, facing Izuku once more.

"Have you done this before, Izuku?" Katsuki asked the question and was genuinely fearful to hear the answer, more images of Todoroki's bitten hand and continuous touching flashed through his mind. A wave of relief washed over him when Izuku shook his head vehemently.

"Only you..."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear, kitten. This is going to hurt, ready?" Izuku nodded and closed his eyes in anticipation.

"Oh no you don't, I want you watching me while I violate you," he growled.

Izuku's heart thrummed in his chest in embarrassment and his face turned a beautiful shade of pink, contrasting perfectly against his eyes. He looked up at Katsuki who seemed to enjoy giving Izuku orders and having them obeyed.

Katsuki watched as Izuku's eyes widened in surprise when one finger found his rim and slowly began making its entrance. He clenched his hands in the bedsheets beneath him, but finding no comfort there, he brought them to rest on Katsuki's shoulders. The eye contact never breaking between them, they watched closely at how their own expressions impacted each other.

Flushed cheeks, glistening skin, and flames of delicious arousal filling their eyes.

Izuku gasped and choked off a moan as he felt two more fingers protrude inside him; his fingers dug deep into the Alpha's flesh, eliciting a growl of pleasure from the sudden pain. Katsuki worked slowly, thrusting his fingers in and out, spreading and preparing him as best he could, watching the green-eyed youth panting hard beneath him. He sat back, still keeping eye contact and brought his free hand down to squeeze the base of Izuku's member.

Izuku whined at the loss of his shoulders to grab onto but let the throws of desire take hold of him at the sudden welcoming warmth that encompassed his member. Katsuki watched as Izuku's back arched high with pleasure.

He jerked his hand down his length a few times until enough pre-cum formed at the top. He ran his thumb over and used what little he could as lube and began to jerk faster, thrust inside him harder with his fingers, and still make eye contact.

Izuku couldn't take the onslaught of ecstasy that raced throughout his body, sending burning waves crashing against his head, lost in the hazy heat of it all. He threw his head back at the feeling of fire pooling in his abdomen and moaned.

"Ahh... I - I'm gonna... K - Katsuki..." he rasped.

"Go ahead, purr for me, my little kitten." Katsuki teased.

Izuku let out a low moan as he released the tension that had been building up, his body twitching. Katsuki caught what he could and leaned back to his nightstand, wiping it off on some tissues. He grabbed the lotion one more time and pumped a small handful, grinning down at Izuku, he began to stroke his own member gently lathering it in the lotion.

He grabbed one of Izuku's legs from behind the knee and placed it over his shoulders, elevating him so he could reach further. Katsuki could feel his muscles trembling beneath him. He positioned himself at the rim and watched Izuku's face as he slowly sunk down into him, just the tip at first, pausing to let Izuku catch his breath and waiting for him to nod before continuing.

In a few more moments, Izuku felt Katsuki's hips pressed against him and he knew he was in all the way. Katsuki rolled his hips around, teasing at first, but searching for a certain spot. He knew he had finally hit it right when a moan was suddenly caught in Izuku's throat.

Taking this as a sign, Katsuki pulled out a little before slamming back down. Izuku's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he bit down hard, trying to hide the sounds that threatened to escape, but to no avail.

"Hng... A - Ahh!"  he moaned.

"Fuck... Izuku..." At the sound of his moan, Katsuki lost control.

He thrummed deeper and deeper, pounding his hips against him. The steady rhythm of Katsuki brushing his prostate deep within him sent Izuku's mind ablaze. He felt the warmth in his abdomen once more and knew he was getting close. He could feel the base of Katsuki's member begin to swell and he knew he was going to be knotted, his body began to shake and tremble at the thought.

Time seemed to slow down around Katsuki as he felt his knot beginning to form. He wanted so badly to knot Izuku, his primal Alpha instincts taking over, but he needed to make sure it was okay.

"F - Fuck... Knot me, pleasee..."

He heard Izuku mewling and melting beneath him. Izuku begged to feel the thickness swell within him and the thought sent his member twitching as Izuku released once more.

That was all the more Katsuki needed to hear before he let himself dissolve into pleasure, jolts of electricity rocked through his body and he growled possessively as his knot made its way inside, effectively locking them together.

Breathless and panting, Katsuki lowered Izuku's leg and brought his palms up to lay beside his head once more. Their faces were mere inches apart and their breath mingled together. Izuku's eyes began to slip closed and before Katsuki let him rest, he leaned down and placed a tender kiss on his lips, savoring the taste a little longer.

Izuku linked his arms around his neck and returned the gentle kiss, pulling Katsuki down further until they were laying down side by side. They continued to kiss softly, waiting for the knot to go down until they were finally separated from each other.

At this point, they were both no longer slaves to the alcohol that possessed them to fall deep into the caverns of desire in the first place. They were slowly sobering up, but neither of them wanted to break away from the soft kisses they were sharing.

Of everything they had done, this moment alone sent Izuku's heart into a terrified, yet ecstatic frenzy and he never wanted it to end while Katsuki felt like the world had ended and they were the only two people left. The silence that encompassed them seemed to approve of his delusion.

That's exactly what this was to him, for now, it was all a fantasy. He decided to wake up to reality tomorrow, but for now, he wanted to cherish the boy that laid in his arms.

Curious, Katsuki lifted his head and glanced at the alarm clock across the room on his desk. The time read 11:13 pm.

They had plenty of time left for round two.





Chapter Text



💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥

"Enough, Kacchan! You already made him cry. I won't let you!" The boy I promised to protect stood before me, quivering and shaking in his boots, fits raised and ready to fight. 

Why was he trying to fight back?

Because what you're doing is wrong!

He can't fight someone like me, I'm better than him.

No, you're not. This isn't right, stop it!

He's just a quirkless, wanna-be hero!

He's more a hero than you'll ever be at this rate.

I should put him in his place, help him face reality. Teach him a lesson.

You'll hurt him, stop it!

He's weak; weaker than me.

He's strong; stronger than you.

He's a coward; afraid of me.

He's brave, braver than you.

I pounded my fists together and walked toward him, prepared to give him a beating he would never forget. Someone like him needs to realize he could never stand on the same podium as someone like me. He could never become a hero.




I slowly woke up to a pounding on the inside of my head, spikes of pain shot behind my eyes as I slowly opened them up. I wasn't sure if the pounding came from the terrible dream I just had or if it was an after effect of the alcohol from the night before. Probably the latter.

My mind shifted to the dream, or rather, the memory I shared with Izuku all those years ago. He was so brave, standing up for what he believed in, and he hasn't changed. He knew who he was and what he wanted in life at such an early age and stuck with it, doing his best to get to where he is now.

Why was I such an asshole?

I took the one thing that I viewed to be precious in my life and tried to kill it. Literally.

Why couldn't I just protect him like I promised when we first met?

I remembered the exact moment that everything changed for me, but thinking back on it now, I know it never should have. There was no reason for me to treat him the way I did and I'd give my life to change it.

My tiny little brain made the mistake of thinking that the person I wanted to protect, had no right trying to protect me in return. Even now, I still have a hard time accepting there is someone out there that thinks I need protecting. It's not even just that, for me to stoop to a level where I'd need to be protected in the first place was hard to accept.

Back then, I thought it was because he was looking down on me, that he thought he was better than I was... that he pitied me. Now I know, I'm not invincible. There will come times in my life when I won't be able to do everything by myself and it's nice having someone there, willing to reach their hand out and help.

I should've taken his hand.

Now, I'll never know when he'll reach out to me again. I may have ruined all my chances, but I swore the next time I see him try, I'll take it.

I felt a warm, wet sensation on my chest and a heavy weight on my arms, snapping me out of my reverie, and I looked down. A crashing wave of heat shot through my body and up my face when the realization that last night really did happen hit me. The proof lay resting peacefully in my arms.

We had sex.
Izuku and I.

Me and Izuku.
We had sex.

I felt a faint breeze flow around my neck and another wonderful realization came crashing down.

We were still naked.

Our bodies were entangled with each other's and we were naked. He was naked. His eyes were closed and he had brought his hands up to his face, resting them on my chest. His nose was nuzzled safely against me and his legs were wrapped over my waist. My left arm was under his head, while my right lay freely over his body. I had never been so happy as I was right now at this very moment. This was everything I had hoped it would be and everything I felt I had ever needed.

He was beautiful.

I took a small breath and held it while I brought my hand up to brush the hair from his face. The room was still dark and there didn't seem to be any light coming in through the curtains. My usual alarm hadn't gone off yet, so I knew it either had to be the middle of the night or early in the morning. From my current position on the bed, I couldn't see the alarm clock and I didn't want to wake up my sleeping kitten.

I couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing his forehead, brushing my lips lightly across it. I flinched when he stirred under me and looked down. He was still asleep. I wondered about what he was dreaming of right now, could it be of me... or Todoroki?

Fucking stop it. 

Izuku wouldn't have been in my arms right now if there was something going on with him and Todoroki, he wasn't that kind of person. Knowing Todoroki, he wouldn't have let me take Izuku to his room last night either if that was the case. He was probably just as possessive over him as I would be if he were mine.

He's not mine though.

I continued to run my hands through his hair. It was surprisingly soft and when I twisted a strand a certain direction, I could catch a shiny glint of green. I held a strand toward my face and kissed it, breathing in the scent.

That was when it hit me. His scent. Something seemed odd about it. It was definitely a lot stronger than before, but I could smell another scent mixed in. What was that? It smelt almost burnt. Did I burn him last night? I didn't think I did. I felt Izuku stir in my arms again and l looked down. This time, I was met with brilliantly, vibrant emerald irises, still dreary and clouded with sleep.

I heard a loud inhale of his breath and his eyes widened in the sheer horror and embarrassment of this situation.

"Kacchan..." he whispered.

"Good morning, Izuku." I wanted to see his face when I said his first name and I wasn't disappointed. His cheeks turned a truly pleasant shade of pink and he looked away, but when he realized he could only stare down at my bare chest before him, he looked back up at me.

"Uhm... did we... l - last night..."

"Did we what?" I smirked down at him, my hand still playing with his hair. I dragged it slowly down his cheek, feather-light touches making him blush even more. In response to his unanswered question, I leaned closer and pressed our lips together briefly before pulling away.

"Does that answer your question?" I teased him. He slowly nodded his head, not trusting his voice to reply.

"Do you remember what we did last night?" I asked him. Again, he just nodded his head.

"All of it?" Another nod.

"Do you regret it? Was it a mistake?" I waited, my questions ringing into the silent darkness. My heart was pounding so loudly, I could swear he heard it too. His answer seemed to almost never come.

"...I don't regret it and it wasn't a mistake to me..." I let out a small sigh.

"Do you regret it?" His voice was barely audible.

"I would've kicked you out by now if I did, damn nerd." I watched as his shoulders visibly relaxed and I knew he was just as nervous about this whole thing as I was.

"Right, that's true." He nodded, truly believing I was the type of person to kick him out after something like this.

"Besides, I may have been drunk, but I knew what I was doing, didn't you?" He just nodded.

"Now what..?" He asked.

"I honestly have no fucking clue right now."

"Can we keep this between ourselves..?" His suggestion hurt, but I knew it was coming. I didn't want to think that he wanted this to have been a one-time thing, but that was exactly why I went through with it last night. I knew it wouldn't happen again. I knew this was my only chance to hold him in my arms like this. I didn't want to let go of him, not yet.

"If that's what you want."

"I should probably go back to my room, shouldn't I?" He whispered.

No. Stay. Don't leave, not yet.

"That's entirely up to you." He nodded and began to scoot backward and out of my arms. I watched as he slid out of the bed and picked up his clothes.

When he had left my arms, I was suddenly reminded of how alone in this world I truly was. I was reminded of the pain I felt yesterday and the worry I had of my mate, whoever they may be. For a brief moment, I was able to toss the pain aside while I drank. I was able to forget about the gaping hole that suddenly emerged within me when I held Izuku close to my chest. He filled it completely and I didn't want to watch that just disappear from my sight.

I stood up and glanced at the clock. There were still about two hours left before classes started for the day. Maybe there was still time to talk about this before he left without raising anyone's suspicions. I didn't want him to leave yet. The pain of letting him go was suddenly more potent now that I had finally tasted what it was like to hold him.

I grabbed the nearest set of boxers and sweats I laid my eyes on and tugged them on quickly. I walked over toward my light switch and the room was illuminated with a faint yellow glow. The sudden brightness made my eyes burn and I had to squint them closed. The pain from my headache was still prominent and I cursed myself for not being able to avoid hangovers, but I wasn't about to let anyone know I was bothered by the alcohol. I heard Izuku groan in pain and I knew he was feeling the same way, if not worse.

"Ugh, my head is killing me..." He had a hand raised to his forehead and his brow was furrowed. He just finished putting on his jeans and was looking around for his shirt. I watched a little bit, wondering when a good time would be to bring everything up. I wanted to ask him, finally, truly ask him, to be with me. I was done pretending I didn't care about him anymore. It hurt both of us and I was just so tired of hurting him. I wanted to see him smile at me once again, a smile that I hadn't received in so long.

"Drinking a lot of water should help," I told him.

"That's not all that hurts," He brought his hand down and rubbed it around his neck. Locating his shirt in the corner of the room, he walked over and bent down to pick it up.

"Oh? What else hurts?" I teased him. I knew exactly what he was talking about. His whole body probably hurt at this point, from the alcohol and from me. I chuckled slightly and walked over closer to him. He brought his shirt up and began to pull it over his head.

That's when I saw it.

Right there, on the back of his neck, plain as day.

A faint wound that had already begun to heal.

A small, white mark that had already begun to show.

The possibility of this never continuing and blossoming into something more suddenly came crashing down around me. I was too late, my happiness literally had slipped through my fingers and by the looks of it, it was recent. My mind flashed to Todoroki once more and this time, I didn't bat the memory away. I was right that something had happened last night between them. The burning scent that I had smelled all night, the one that blocked Izuku's pheromones from releasing so pleasantly for me. His scent. It was in the way all night. It was burned into his skin.


I growled, my voice low and deep.

"Who marked you..."




Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I froze, my hand instinctively whipped up and wrapped around the mark at the base of my neck. After everything I had put my friends through and everything I had done to hide this, he still found out in the end.

'How could you let this happen?' I thought to myself. Bracing for the worst, I turned around.

"Shouto," I answered. I knew I wouldn't be able to lie to him, he would catch on too fast if I did. Besides, I had never lied to him before and I wasn't about to start now. I may have kept things from him, but I would never lie.

"Is he your mate?" Katsuki didn't try to hide the venom that laced his voice. His crimson eyes were smoldering, burning into my soul, trying to figure out what I had hidden deep inside.

"He's not my mate," I shook my head, my gaze never wavering. After what happened last night, I would answer his questions, most of them, without revealing anything. I had to try, I still wasn't ready for him to know.

"Hmm, I remember last night you said everything we did was your first, did you lie to me?"

"No! No, I didn't lie. You really are the only person I've done any of that with, Kacchan! I swear to you." I raised my hands in front of me, pleading for him to believe. My stomach turned over at the idea that he thought I was lying to him about what happened.

"So then what is this? I never pegged you the type to use someone and then toss them aside when you were done. I see you in a whole new light now, fucking nerd," He growled. His voice was practically dripping in hatred.

"I can't tell you why he marked me... I really can't, but he's not my mate and we've never done anything together. You can ask him yourself. He's just a really good friend."

"Is that what I am to you too? A really good friend?" He was clearly hurting, but I couldn't figure out why. Katsuki didn't think of me as someone special, did he? There must have been something I was missing because otherwise, he wouldn't be so upset about this whole turn of events. Unless... he figured out I was an Omega.

"That's not it..." My voice started to fail me. I turned my head downwards, no longer able to meet his eyes.

"Then tell me, why did he mark you."

"I can't tell you... not yet... I'm sorry." Tears pricked the corners of my eyes as he chose his next words carefully.

"Then get the fuck out."

"Kacchan, please don't do this... It didn't mean anything to either of us..!"

"You really think it didn't mean anything to that IcyHot bastard?! How naive can you fucking get?! And what about your mate? Huh? How do you think they'd feel, knowing someone marked you before they got the chance to?? Someone that didn't even matter to you?!" He was clearly livid and at his words, I was stunned into silence. What does he mean by that?

"Leave, Deku. Please..." His voice had a slight crack and when I looked into his eyes again, all I could see was pure sorrow. I hadn't seen him look like this since he thought he ended All Might. I wanted to reach out and embrace him, tell him everything was going to be okay. 

But I didn't.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered as I turned my back to leave.

As the door began to close behind me, I heard him speak one last time, barely audible and more to himself than anything else.

"I'm the one who should be sorry..."

And then the door closed shut, separating us from each other.




I made my way to my room, only one floor down. My feet were dragging behind me the entire time and I lazily ran a hand along the walls as I walked. 

Was this really how things should have turned out between us? 

If he didn't find out I was an Omega, then why did he get so upset?

What's going to happen between us now? We had just started fixing this twisted and broken relationship, I didn't want it to end so suddenly before it even really had the chance to begin.

The dim lights flickered overhead and I heard a few beeps and rustling sounds coming from behind closed doors. I vaguely thought about how everyone must be waking up to go to classes today. I had permission to miss my classes for the day and after everything that had just happened, I almost decided to ditch. 

But I couldn't.

Finals were the next two days, so today was the last day I had of the actual class, I had to attend, even if I was tired. 



Drained was more like it.

I was drained, it was taking me everything I had just to make it to my room and I still wasn't even there yet. 

How long was this damn hallway, anyway? 
Was I even walking anymore? 
Oh, no, I wasn't. That explained it.

Keep moving, Izuku, the door is right there

I sighed and felt a small weight lift from its throne on my chest. It wasn't much and it didn't just suddenly disappear, but it was enough for my feet to start moving again.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of being sucked down into quicksand while struggling to break free, I had made it inside my room. My lights were off and I knew I still had about two hours before classes began, but I was ready to just sit in one spot for the rest of the day. The best place to do that would be the classroom.

So, I dragged myself to my dresser and began to pull out my uniform. I stripped off my clothes from last night and glanced in the floor length mirror to the side. I froze when I saw the marks all over my body. 

Bruises, scratches, and bite marks.

All these marks were made by one person. 


I sunk to my knees and stared in disbelief at the masterpiece he had painted on me. My fingers lightly traced over the marks and I couldn't help but smile a little. 

I was happy.

Even though the eggs shells we had been walking on around each other finally shattered into a million pieces, I was happy. 

Even though he would probably never want to talk to me again, I was happy. 

Even though I said I didn't regret last night but he never did, I was still happy... and sad. 

Very, very sad. 

If I had been more careful, would I still be feeling this way? What was I feeling anyway? Just moments ago, everything in life seemed to fit together. When his arms were around me, I didn't need anything else in the world. I felt like time had frozen in place and we were finally allowed to live the way we were meant to be.

I felt like he was the missing puzzle piece that my heart had been searching for. It had all finally clicked back into place, those few precious moments in his arms. I wrapped my arms around myself, sitting on the cold ice that was my floor, surrounded by nothing but darkness, and let the tears flow. He ripped the puzzle piece that fit, so violently out of my heart, leaving a bleeding mess in its place, and it was all my fault.

I took a deep breath and tried to reign in the choking sobs that seemed to keep crawling up from out of nowhere.

I needed a shower...




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I sat back and leaned against the door as it closed, the weight of the world rested on my shoulder's and I couldn't stand any longer. I felt myself slide down against the door, my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands.

What the fuck was that?! 

It was there. So clearly there. It must've happened when Todoroki went to fetch Izuku and bring him down to the party. Is that why Izuku bit his hand? I don't think he would have forced the bite on Izuku, would he? He's a bastard, but not like that.

"Midoriya and I decided to wait until tonight, just in case,"  Todoroki had said to Uraraka.

That's what their conversation must've been about in class yesterday! What the fuck?! Who all knew about this?

Kiri🥊  "Just know that whatever happens, I wanted to tell you and I'm always here for you, okay?

Kirishima knew and he wanted to tell me. Does that mean he knew how I felt about Izuku and he wanted to tell me that there was something going on between Todoroki and him?

"Keeping more secrets from me, huh, fucking nerd?" 
"Yes, I am." 

The night I walked in on them all sitting around the kitchen table and having an argument flashed to the front of my mind. Was this his secret?

My mind kept racing, bringing up every little memory and I just sat there, wincing as all the pieces fell into place. I felt like I never really knew him. I didn't, did I? Was he really always the type of person to use someone like this? If I had known he was marked, I wouldn't have touched him. He clearly didn't belong to me. I told myself that he wasn't mine over and over again, but I didn't think he belonged to anyone else, either.

I thought I had a chance for us to be together. I took that chance last night. I was ready for there to be more between us. The dark past that we shared between each other was finally coming to a close and he had opened up to me, revealing a secret that he trusted no one else with. So why couldn't he trust me with whatever was going on now? I was ready to fight for him and his smile. His happiness. I wanted to share it with him, but this?

What was this?!

I felt used, but he's not fucking like that! I knew better than to think like that, but I couldn't help the thoughts and doubts from pouring out of me. I couldn't help to feel the way I was right now. You don't mark or be marked unless there was love in the mix. I had a feeling Todoroki liked Izuku, so it's possible Izuku let him mark him, in hopes they were mates? Why would he hope they were mates though? I didn't think Izuku had feelings for Todoroki, but they were really close and seemed to only be closing the gaps between them. If Izuku didn't like him, was it possible he planned on getting together with him and this was some weird promise between the two of them? So was Izuku lying to me? Were they really mates? No, he wouldn't lie to me about something like that, there would be no reason to lie about it.

Fucking wait!

All those hopes I had of us being mates...
I just realized...

We were both 17, and he didn't smell like my mate to me... 
He wasn't my fucking mate either, was he?

Just fucking calm down, dammit. Think for a moment, asshole.

Todoroki bit him yesterday, so his scent would've been mixed in. I wouldn't have been able to tell if he was my mate then. I didn't see Izuku until it was too late and he had already been marked.

Arghh! This is so fucking complicated! 

I smashed my fist against the ground beneath me, causing little explosions to ignite.

I leaned my head back against the door and drew in a breath, holding it for a moment before forcing it back out into the world. Slowly, I stood up. There was nothing I was going to accomplish by sitting around on my ass all morning.

I had questions and I needed fucking answers.




Chapter Text


 🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


It was still dark outside when I finally made my way out of the dorm rooms and headed toward the class. The sun was just beginning to rise in the distance and I could see a faint pale pink glitter against the clouds, casting a beautiful hue along the trees. It seemed almost too perfect for the way I was feeling.

Casting my head down toward the ground, I stared at my feet as I walked along the familiar path toward the school building. I made it to the lockers without bumping into a single person, which surprisingly boosted my mood a little. I was happy to successfully avoid having to fake a smile right now.


Well, fuck.

"Hey, Iida. What has you up so early this morning?" I continued to stare at my feet while I pulled my shoes out of the locker in front of me.

"I was just doing some classroom representative duties! Since we are alone, I felt it necessary to discuss your behavior from last night. While I am understanding that it was your birthday and a very important day for you at that, as the classroom representative, I must remind you that you are a role model to everyone around you, in and out of the class. We are heroes in training and as such, it is our duty to remain respectful in all situations!" He scolded me while moving his arms like a train. I always wondered why he did that. Maybe he thought he would run faster if he was always in motion? Otherwise, yes my dear friend Iida, please continue and tell me all about how much I've messed up. It's just the right amount of coffee I needed to start my day.

"I know Iida, I regret my actions too. I wish last night never happened..." I let my voice trail off slightly.

"Very well, as long as you're aware. That aside, Uraraka has a video of your behavior last night, and I must say, it is worth the watch. You should have her send it to you when you have the time. Now, I must continue on my way. Lots to do before class begins. I shall see you in there." At that, he turned and continued down the halls. I let loose a breath I wasn't aware I was even holding.

"Hmm. So you do regret last night then, is that it?" Katsuki's voice came from behind me, still at the entrance of the doors.

"K - Kacchan! God. No, that's not what I regret. Just the drinking! I wasn't acting like myself and it's - "

"Save it. I've heard enough from you today already. Fuck off." He growled, grabbed his shoes, and continued walking. Never glancing back in my direction and not letting me finish what I was saying.

Why can't I do anything right..?

I hoped he wasn't heading into class this early. I was really hoping to just have the room to myself for a little while before class. I needed to get my act back in shape for everyone today or I would just cause them all to worry. Meeting Katsuki at the entrance was definitely not on my to-do list for this morning. My activities strictly consisted of me sitting in one spot doing absolutely nothing. That's all I wanted to do right now. I readjusted my backpack, put on my indoor shoes, and continued inside.

When I got to the classroom I could see that Katsuki was indeed already there. I groaned inwardly as I shuffled the rest of the way inside. This wouldn't be so painful if we didn't sit right next to each other. I set my bag down without a word and just rested my head on the desk, looking out the window and avoiding all eye contact with the extremely angry blond in front of me.

"I just can't fucking figure you out right now, Deku." He was also staring out the window.

"I know." Why is he talking to me about this right now?

"What are you hiding from me?" There was no emotion behind his words anymore. Almost like he had given up and was torn between being disappointed and angry.

"I'm sorry." I just wanted to be left alone to my own thoughts.

"I'll find out, you know that right?" I had no doubt in my mind that he would find out. At this rate, he was going to find out faster than I hoped, but we only have to get through today and then there would only be two days left of school. Those last two days would be full of finals, so there shouldn't be really any chance for him to force the answer out of me. I could only hope that everyone else would be able to think quickly on their feet in this situation and help me figure everything out.

"I know."

"So why don't you just fucking tell me? Getting marked by someone other than your mate is supposed to hurt like fucking hell, so why do it?"

"It's complicated." 

'I would've told you long ago if this wasn't so hard for me.' I thought to myself.

'I could barely think of myself as an Omega. I couldn't come to terms that fate was throwing everything it could at me just to ensure that I couldn't accomplish my dreams and stand by your side at the top.'

If I couldn't come to terms with this, then how was I supposed to expect the most hard-headed and judgmental person I knew to be able to accept me for who I am?

"Did it hurt then?" He asked.

"Like hell."

"Good. Are you..."

"Am I what?" My heart stopped. Was he going to ask if I'm an Omega? Does he know?

"Are you guys bonded?"

"No! Gah, Kacchan, please. Stop it already." I smacked my forehead on my desk. I was so done with this conversation today. I had no energy left to continue and the persistent headache I had was only adding to my never-ending agony. I wasn't even sure if my headache was caused by the hangover at this point or not. Now that I thought about it, I've had this headache for a few days now, I wondered if it had anything to do with my heat having just occurred.

"I'll stop when you fucking explain this to me, damn nerd." His voice was eerily calm.

"I can't right now. I'm not ready to tell you, Kacchan. Please, just wait. Can't I just tell you one day? Does it have to be now? Just... wait..." I still wouldn't make eye contact with him. The pink sunrise was steadily rising and it was all I wanted to pay attention to in the world at the moment.

"So you do plan on telling me then, right? So why not fucking now?"

"It's just not easy to tell you. Not everyone is perfect and can flaunt their confidence like they were born a God. Some of us have a hard time believing in themselves and others. Some of us have had bad experiences in the past when it comes to certain things, Kacchan. So... Not. Now." I spat out bitterly to him.

"Then fucking when, Deku..?" His anger was steadily rising and no doubt my attitude wasn't helping to diffuse the situation. If he expected me to always back down and let him walk all over me like he used to, then he should have known by now that I've changed. I've told him over and over again that I was no longer going to just sit back and take what he threw at me, I was fighting back. I was fighting to find my place next to him and he just kept making it so hard for me to do so.

"That's it. I'm done! I can't even think for my damn self right now, let alone answer your stupid questions!" I slammed my hands on my desk and stalked out of the room. I needed privacy and I definitely wasn't getting it in there.

I made my way to the rooftop. I wanted to continue watching that annoyingly beautiful sunrise in peace and that was the last place I could think of to go. I opened the doors and stepped out. I knew I had just come in from outside a few minutes ago, but now that air just felt much more refreshing. I needed my space and I couldn't think with him breathing down my back like that. I walked toward the edge of the roof and sat down, dangling my feet dangerously over the edge.

I took a deep breath in and savored the feeling of the crisp morning air burning the insides of my lungs. It was a type of pain that I welcomed, for now, anything to get my mind to stop focusing on the pain that I felt inside me.

Why is being an Omega such a bad thing?

A peculiar voice echoed through my head. It carried a light metallic tint with it, almost delicate sounding, as if a soft, silvery feather was brushing against my mind.

Wait, was that my own thought? Did I just think that?

No, I did.

I spun around to see if there was someone else on the rooftops, but I was alone. This fact only made my blood run cold, however. Suddenly, I no longer had the desire to be alone.

Uhm... Who - Who are you?

I am you and you are me. You call me one of the vestiges that reside in your gift.

Oh. I totally get it now. I'm going insane. For a second there, I thought there was actually a voice in my mind. Ah - hah...

No, not quite. I'm very real. So, I ask you again, why is being an Omega such a bad thing?

Do you really have to ask that? It's because Omegas are viewed as weak. I want to be viewed as strong. Strong enough to stand by the side of the one I love. Why am I answering my own crazed delusions anyway?

If he loved you, though, he wouldn't care if you were an Omega, right?

You have a valid point, although you don't know anything, because you're not real. Wait, if you're not real, then you do know everything. Duh, you're my delusion after all. So you should know that we've got a tricky past. It's hard to tell him my weaknesses at this point. I'm afraid he'll only put me down again and I can't handle that. I just... can't...

I'm well aware of your past history together. If I recall, he said to take a swan dive off the roof, is that correct?

That was in the past. He didn't mean that.

Ah. I see. I wonder how he would feel if you took his advice now?

W - What? Did my own delusion just tell me to... kill myself..? Why on earth would I do that?!

Just to see his reaction, of course!

That's crazy... Why am I even talking to you? I don't even know you. Are you really one of the vestiges? I don't think they'd talk to me like that.

Don't be silly, it was just a mere passing thought. Nothing more. But yes, I am. I've been here for a while, with all the others. Here's another passing thought for you...

Are you sure you're not pregnant? You were knotted rather close to your heat, might wanna check that out. Eheheh.

My thoughts shut off immediately and I jumped up from my spot on the roof. The vestige was right, I was knotted and only a few hours after my heat at that. I didn't feel any different, but I don't even know how any of this worked. 

What should I do now?

My heart plummeted into my chest as my thoughts swarmed me, plaguing my already crazed mind. I was standing dangerously close to the ledge as my knees began to feel weak. I shivered as a chill ran down my spine and I couldn't hold back the bile that rose to my throat. The sour acid taste made my nose curl as I ran to the nearest trashcan and let it all loose. 

This day just couldn't get any worse, could it? 




Ochaco🌸  Deku! Check out this video of you and Bakugou last night! It was hilarious! Love you, bestie!

Great, just what I needed. More things to add to my humiliation for the day. I opened it and watched. I remembered everything that happened last night, but this was like adding salt to my wounds. I didn't need to be seeing this right now.

Deku🍀  I think I messed up last night. Bad.

Ochaco🌸  Oh, it's not that bad. It was just a little fun.

Deku🍀  No, it's not the video. It's what happened after the video.

Ochaco🌸  What happened? I'm worried.

Deku🍀  I can't tell you via text. It could be really bad and I'd want to discuss it in person if possible.

Ochaco🌸  I'm worried.

Deku🍀  Me too. I'll tell you during lunch I guess.

I would tell Uraraka and see what she thinks I should do. I could tell All Might or my mom, but I wasn't prepared to face their disappointment and I didn't know how to go about telling the story to them anyway. If I mention Katsuki, then they'd demand to discuss this with him and I didn't want that right now either.

I was no longer able to relax at this point and figured enough time had passed for at least a few more people to have shown up, so I wouldn't be alone with Katsuki if I headed back down right now.

I made my way down the stairs and toward the classroom, the halls had slowly begun to fill up with students. As I approached the classroom, I heard a few elevated voices but didn't think anything of it. It was normal to hear someone yelling in our classroom. I sometimes wondered how anyone even managed to get along with everyone else.

I pushed open the doors and saw Todoroki and Katsuki at each other's throats with Kirishima was doing his best to stand in between them. When I walked in, Todoroki seemed to back down slightly. Katsuki brushed Kirishima's hand off of his shoulder and sat back down at his desk. Whatever had happened while I was away they had just made it painfully obvious that I was the cause.

Lovely. What else could I ruin today while I'm at it?




Chapter Text


 💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I stared at Izuku's back as he walked away. For once in my life, I was utterly shocked into silence. I had clearly pushed him over the edge just now. I had never heard him use so much conviction in his words before, let alone words that were directed at me.

Maybe I went too far this time, but I couldn't help it. It was killing me inside not knowing what was going on. I was relieved when he said they weren't bonded, so it told me that all of this, to some degree, was at least one-sided. He was still waiting to find his mate, just as much as I was. If he had bonded with Todoroki then I would've given up for good, then and there. A bond should never be done unless with your mate, at least that's how I feel.

"Some of us have had bad experiences when it comes to certain things, Kacchan."

When he said those words, I knew instantly that it was a jab at me and the way I treated him when we were younger. He was essentially telling me that because I had destroyed his confidence and bullied him in the past, he was having a hard time coming out and telling me something.

He was afraid.

Afraid that I would do it again.

Afraid that whatever he was keeping a secret, I would use it to hurt him.

The idea that he thought I would still try to actively hurt him brought back the familiar pains in my chest. They never seemed to go away anymore and after the gut-wrenching pain that I felt yesterday while out on the track, I didn't think they'd be going away any time soon. Maybe he wouldn't feel that way anymore if I had properly told him this morning how I felt.

It was harder to do that now that I had this stupid sense of betrayal sitting on my shoulders. I shouldn't be feeling betrayed though. It's not like we made any promises to each other before starting what we did last night. It's also not like he belonged to me before he met with Todoroki. If anything, I'm the one getting in the way and that's not something I want to do.

If he's not my mate, I shouldn't be getting involved like this. Maybe it was best if I put some distance between us? If this were me, I wouldn't want someone coming in between me and Deku, whether they were his mate or not, so I should be expected to do the same.

I wouldn't know if I was his mate though unless his mark from Todoroki disappeared. That's what was currently standing in the way right now. I told myself that no matter what if he turned out to be my mate, I'd do everything I could to win him over. Like I told Kirishima the other day, I'm not so stupid to believe that my mate would be the one person in this world that I loved and I didn't expect love to just suddenly happen between us either. This wasn't a fairy tale, so there wouldn't be some miraculous spark of electricity to strike between us the moment we laid eyes on each other.

I was just getting tired of staring out the window when Kirishima walked in. I was glad for the distraction because my thoughts were getting annoying. It's sad when you annoy yourself.

"Yo, Bakubro! How are you feeling? Was it fun struggling to drag Midoriya back to his room last night? That was hilarious!" He waved and flashed his usual toothy smile in my direction.

"Like hell it was! Shut up, Shitty Hair. I'm not in the mood to talk about last night." I fumed.

"Oh, what's this? Is someone experiencing a hangover?" He teased. Apparently, he wasn't aware that he was dangling permission for me to sign his death warrant directly in front of my face.

"I don't get hangovers like you extras," I said, even though I was, indeed, experiencing a hangover.




Ochaco🌸 Here's a little reminder of the fun from last night! Attch: Video

I growled at the text message and opened the video. To my dismay, there was undeniable proof that I was struggling with the damn nerd. If he only would've stood up, there wouldn't be this humiliating video in the first place!

Katsuki💥 Delete this now, Round Face or I'll blow your damn phone up next time I see you.

Ochaco🌸 Sure thing, Lord Explosion Murder! I've already sent it to everyone in my contact group, so I don't mind deleting it!

Katsuki💥  I fucking hate you.

Ochaco🌸 Don't worry, I hate you too~!


"Bahaha! It's even funnier watching you watch the video!" Kirishima just sat there laughing his damn ass off.

"Shut the fuck up, Hair for Brains."

"Somebody is a little cranky this morning!" He was seriously trying to push his luck right now. Besides, wouldn't he be hungover right now too? Or were Deku and I the only ones to get drunk last night? That's embarrassing, but I won't let them know. They don't even need to know why I was drinking so much in the first place. I just needed something to drive away the sharp edge I felt cutting into me from knowing something was wrong with whoever my mate may be.

"I'm not cranky, dumbass." I retorted.

"Sure you are! What happened last night after you dragged Midoriya away anyway. I thought you'd come back down to join the fun some more, but you never did." Kirishima stopped laughing and wiped the tears of joy from his eyes. He tilted his head to the side as he waited for my response.

"I just got fucking tired. I didn't even want to be there in the first place, so obviously I left early. I always sleep early, anyway," I said blandly. Hoping to deter his curiosity.

"Oh. Tired, huh?" A third voice joined our conversation. A voice that I wasn't in the mood to hear right now.

I looked up to see Todoroki hovering over his desk, but seemingly intent on eavesdropping on our conversation.

"Yes, tired. Nobody asked you, Half 'n Half." I muttered. Clearly wanting him to butt out and mind his own damn business.

"I'm finding that very hard to believe right now." He glared piercing daggers in my direction.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" I asked, shifting in my seat until we were facing each other. I wasn't in the mood and he wasn't helping anything.

Todoroki made a show of sniffing the air around him and my stomach tumbled. He then slowly walked over and sniffed more intently around Izuku's desk before turning his attention in my direction and sniffing me.

"Woah, back the fuck off. What do you think you're doing? It's creepy." I scooted away from him and Kirishima got closer to me. Of course, it would make sense for this damn Alpha to be overly sensitive to Deku's scent. He probably could smell me all over him right now and vice versa. I glanced at Kirishima and did a quick take of our surroundings. I didn't want anyone else to find out what I knew was coming next and luckily for me, no one else was around. Kirishima gave me a puzzled look, but if he really knew who I liked this whole time then none of this should really be coming as a shock to him.

"It's just... I can't seem to shake the feeling that you smell an awful lot like Midoriya." He stared at me, his expression was unwavering.

"He was just in here, so maybe it's just your imagination." I turned to the side, trying desperately to hide the faint red hue that I knew decided to paint itself on my cheeks. Why was my body deciding that today of all days should be when it wanted to display its artistic abilities.

Kirishima leaned in and sniffed the air around me next.

"Dude, he's right. It's very faint to me, but it's definitely there."

"Stop sniffing me, Shitty Hair, it's weird." I swatted him away. There was really nothing I could say in this situation. My best friend and my non-lover's non-mate were going to find out sooner or later. It was looking to be sooner.

"What did you do to Midoriya?" Todoroki's voice was bone-chilling. I knew he had a quirk for ice, but it almost appeared like his quirk had seeped into his vocal cords and were being emitted into the air.

"What Deku and I did last night is none of your fucking concern. Back off." I said again, lacing my own voice with whatever venom I could muster up at this point.

"I beg to differ. Midoriya is my friend. I'm just making sure he wasn't abused by you. Not that it would be anything new, it's not like you don't push him around enough as it is."

"Woah, Bakugou wouldn't do something like that to Midoriya now." Kirishima intervened and placed his hand on my shoulders when I looked as though I were going to charge forward at his accusations.

"Friend, huh? I'd say you're wanting to be a little more than just friends with him, isn't that right?" I growled.

"What do you mean by that, Bakubro?" Kirishima turned his head and glanced at me.

Before I could say anything more, the door to the classroom opened up and Izuku stepped inside. He took one glance at all of us gathered together and I could see as he visibly wilted in his place. Todoroki immediately backed down and walked over to talk to him. I just shook Kirishima off and sat back down in my seat.

"Goodmorning, Midoriya." I heard the IcyHot bastard say.

"G'morning, Shouto."

"How are you feeling after last night? You seemed to drink a little much, did you sleep okay?"

"Oh... uh... yeah, I slept... just fine." I heard him mumble. Fine, huh? You know damn well you slept way better than just fine. I smirked and propped my head up on my desk.

"Bakubro, about what you just said... What's going on?" Kirishima broke my concentration away from Izuku.

"That's what I'd like to know, Kirishima. If you know something, I wish you'd tell me."

At this, the rest of the class began to pour in and I no longer had any desire to talk about this topic anymore. It was something that I wanted to make sure I spoke about in private. If I was going to tell anyone, it'd be Kirishima, but I didn't want others to overhear what I had to say. I'd have to talk to him alone during lunch or sometime later this evening. I knew he was aware of what was happening, based off of all those conversations he kept trying to bring up to me. I also knew that he was dying to tell me about it, otherwise he would've let sleeping dogs lie.

The fact he hasn't said anything yet just means he was sworn to secrecy, but I was confident I could get him to tell me at least something. Anything to help push my curiosity along. I didn't realize I'd wake up to being a detective trying to solve a damn mystery this morning. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that Izuku could always keep my life interesting. He never seemed to have a dull moment surrounding him, for better or for worse.

Iida ushered the rest of the class inside and instructed everyone to take their seats just before the bell rang to begin the day. The conversations about the events from last night slowly began to die down as Aizawa made his grand entrance into the classroom. In a sleeping bag, slinking across the floor.

He scooted himself up toward the podium, unzipped the sleeping bag, and stood to begin taking attendance. Izuku, sitting right behind me seemed to be as lost as I was today because he almost didn't respond when his name was called. He was just staring out into the expanse of the courtyard like I was. It all seemed more interesting to the eyes than whatever Aizawa was saying right now. At least, it was at first.

"With this being your last class together before finals start tomorrow, it was decided that we would use today to evaluate everyone's progress with some battle training after lunch. So, please keep that in mind and be prepared. Don't eat too much and hurl all over the arena or I'll make you clean it up yourself."

At least there was one thing that seemed to be looking up for me today. I couldn't wait to bash some extra's heads together, I needed to relieve some stress anyway.





Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I was vaguely aware of when Aizawa called my name for roll call and even though I had heard him, it took all the strength I had in me to raise my head and respond. I didn't care when a few of my friends looked at me and chuckled. They probably thought that I was just tired from last night. It's not their fault that they don't know everything.

The sun had fully risen in the distance and I could see the courtyard down below. No one was walking around in it right now, except for the occasional straggler. I heard a few shouts of glee coming from my classmates at something Aizawa had said, but I didn't feel like turning my head to pay attention yet. I was more concerned with how I'd explain everything to Uraraka. I needed advice on this matter before I took it up with anyone else.

Are you sure you shouldn't be paying attention to your lecture? This stuff could be on your finals. Eheheh.

Go away, me, I want to be left alone.

But you are being left alone. See? No one is even glancing in your direction, so much as cares what you're doing right now.

That's not what I meant. I want to be left alone with my thoughts. Why can't I shut myself up? Leave.

Oh? But I can't leave. I'm apart of you.

Exactly! Then be quiet!

As you wish, for now.

Thank you.

The voice in my head seemed to disappear finally and left me to my own devices. I could almost feel its presence, lurking in the back of my head and waiting for its moment to speak up once more. Something about it didn't seem like a vestige to me. It felt... cold and dark. Sinister almost. I didn't trust it. Even if it was trying to get me to pay attention in class, and it did warn me about possibly being pregnant. Maybe it was just looking out for me, even though it had a funny way of going about it.

I've only got your best interests in mind.

I thought I told you, me, myself?... to shut up!?

You did, but I can hear your thoughts as if they were my own.

Who are you exactly?

I told you already, we are one and the same.

No, I meant, what should I call you? I'll confuse myself if you don't have a name.

Ah. You wish for my name. Sadly, I despise my own name and the very existence that resided with it, however, I don't mind the name of my own quirk. So, I suppose you can call me Ether.

What do you mean by your own quirk?

Just as previous vestiges passed down their quirks to you, I too, come with my own. In fact, you're using it right now.

But I'm not doing anything.

Oh? Aren't you?

Uhm, no? I'm seriously not. I am literally staring off into space at the tiny specs of people down below. So, no. I'm not doing anything. Unless you count the conversation I seem to be having with myself, because I've gone entirely crazy. Clearly. It's totally normal to just sit here and talk to some strange spirit inside your own head. Didn't you know that? ...Oh... Oh, wait, so THIS is part of your quirk? Talking to you in my mind? ...Kind of... a letdown, if you ask me... What good does it do me to know that I'm going crazy and it's because of your quirk?

Oh, hush, Izuku. It's just ONE of the many benefits that it comes with. Don't worry, there's more, sweetie.

Is this why I can't speak to the other vestiges in the same way? Because this is part of the quirk that you've passed down?

Precisely. They can't communicate to you as I can, but they are still there.

So which predecessor are you? There are four more that I'm not familiar with right now.

I'm actually not one of them. It's complicated, but I think that's enough for now. It appears someone is trying to get your attention.

Wait, what do you mean you're not one of them?! That's complicated enough, if you ask me! I really think you should explain that simple little detail some more! Hey! Are you listening to me, crazy?!

It was too late, Ether had already slithered back into the far reaches of my mind. A hand placed itself on my shoulder, shaking me gently and causing me to nearly jump entirely out of my seat.

"Deku? Are you okay?" Uraraka asked, giving me a concerned look. I sat up straighter and glanced around. Half the class was gone while the other half seemed to be pulling out lunch boxes. Was I really talking to Ether for that long? It didn't feel like it at all though. I thought we were only talking for a few minutes. I glanced up at the clock hanging on the wall. Sure enough, it was already noon.

"Uh... Y - Yeah, sorry. I'm just... tired. Can we talk in private? I need to tell you something and it's really important." I stood up from my seat and felt a spike of pain shoot behind my eyes. I felt slightly dizzy and had to brace myself against my desk for a moment before we were able to proceed. Uraraka put her hand on my shoulder again, noticing I seemed to be in pain, but I waved her off. I pressed my hand to my forehead, trying to ease the pain, as I walked out of the classroom. I didn't wait for Uraraka to respond because I knew she would follow me. Katsuki was nowhere in sight and I didn't know if I was relieved by that or not. If I couldn't see him that just meant I wouldn't know when he would appear next. I didn't want him stumbling upon our conversation.

We came to a small corridor that was usually unoccupied. I tended to drag Uraraka in this direction whenever I wanted to talk to her about things that weighed down on my mind. We sat down on the ground, behind a water fountain, with our backs pressed against the wall. We were out of view from anyone that might pass by this small, secluded hallway, but luckily no one ever did. I pulled my knees up to my chest and waited for her to situate herself.

"So, what's bothering you?" She finally asked, signaling the start of my panic attack. How was she going to react to this information?

"Uhm... it's kind of difficult to say..."

"It's okay, you can take your time."

"R - Right, thanks. So, last night... Kacchan and I... we kinda... uhm, woke up together?" I raised an eyebrow and glanced at my friend. She seemed confused so I added a little more to my explanation.

"W - We woke up together... in the same bed... n - naked...?" My voice raised slightly at the end of my sentence, causing it to form more of a question than a statement.

"You woke uh - OH MY GOD!" I slapped a hand across her mouth before she could scream any louder than she just was.

"Shh! You'll alert the whole school! That's not even what I'm getting at..." She nodded in understanding so I let go of her mouth.

"You guys had sex?!" Her voice was a hushed whisper, but I could still hear the excitement lingering beneath it. I pursed my lips and just nodded slightly, not making eye contact. I could feel my neck grow warm, so I buried my head down in my arms.

"Well!? Give me the deets, Deku! Was it good?! What was he like?! Who was the top?!" Uraraka's questions just kept coming and I couldn't stop the memories of last night from flooding my mind.

"Oh my gahd, Uraraka! Really?! You seriously want to know all this?!" I squeaked at her. The excited look in her eyes told me this was EXACTLY what she wanted to know.

"Ugh! Fine... I - It was incredible. I guess he was good? I've never done that with anyone else before, but I just know I felt gr - great and he was the top... obviously." I could feel the heat rushing up to my cheeks as embarrassment soared through me.

"I'm so shocked, Deku! Like... he hates you, doesn't he?! So why on earth would he do this? Was it just for fun, do you think?" She inquired.

"I don't know. H - He seemed pretty upset when he thought that I was using him, so I can't help but think that he didn't think of it as just for fun, but I don't know. He was really sweet in the morning until... He kicked me out..." She gasped at my words.

"That asshole! First, he bullies you, then he treats you like a one-night stand?! What's wrong with him? Can't he treat you like a human being for once?! I think he has some pent up anger or something. Maybe he doesn't think he deserves you so he just pushes you away because, dammit, you're amazing Deku. I can't believe he kicked you out! What a prick!" Her usual cheery face was bent up in anger.

"That's not all, though... He saw the mark... So that's why he kicked me out. I don't think he was going to otherwise. He seemed almost happy until he saw it. I can't blame him, honestly. In his eyes, he must have thought I really did use him. He must be thinking I cheated on my mate, even though I insisted that wasn't the case. Or he's thinking that all this was just a one-night stand to me. Or maybe he thinks that I've done this before with others? I don't know. I'm worried about what our relationship is going to be like from now on, Uraraka. We were just starting to fix it, too!" I groaned, more and more thoughts and questions running through my mind still.

"Wait, does this mean he knows you're an Omega, too! Oh my goodness, Deku! This is huge! I don't know whether to worry for you, be excited about this all or to be angry at him by this point! I see why he kicked you out, though... so... maybe he's not a prick, just confused. Actually, it sounds more like he's jealous and hurting..." She scoffed.

"No. He doesn't know I'm an Omega... Not yet, but he's been drilling me with questions so it's only a matter of time before he finds out. He does know that Shouto marked me and he's extremely angry that I let someone that's not my mate do this. I don't think he'd ever be jealous though. There's no reason for him to be jealous of me. He thinks nothing of me, you know that." I shook my head, trying to drown the hope that started to bubble up.

"I think you might be wrong, Deku. But that's beside the point. How did you two even get into this predicament, to begin with? Who started it? I can't imagine it was you, right? Because, he bullied you, so there's no way you started this? Also, if he never bullied you in the first place, maybe he would have been privy to the information about the markings, but he burned that bridge when he told you to kill yourself. I still can't believe he admitted to that last night. I can't believe he even said that to you in the first place!" She ranted about the whole situation.

"Uraraka, that's all in the past and we've clearly worked through it all. None of that truly matters to me anymore. Besides, there's more... Something more important and the real reason I wanted to talk to you. The real reason I'm freaking out and panicking." I said, trying to avoid all her questions and get to my main topic at hand.

"What else? How could so much have happened in such a short amount of time?"

"He knotted me... " She gasped audibly before speaking her next words.

"But your heat had ended, right?" I could practically hear the gears turning in her head as she worked everything out.


"Your mom put you on birth control when we moved into the dorms too, right?"

"Yes, also right."

"So technically you should be fine. It'll be okay, Deku. They make a morning-after pill, maybe you should go see Recovery Girl? She might have access to one." She started to rub my back in small, comforting circles.

"And tell her what exactly? 'Sorry to disappoint you, but I made a stupid mistake last night while drinking?' There's no way I can possibly even tell Kacchan, either. If, by some sick twist in reality, I was experiencing another strange burst of my heat while with him and I AM pregnant, I won't tell him. I'll just... I don't know, go into hiding?! Uraraka! I'm freaking out!" I exclaimed and gripped my hair tightly.

"Of course not, silly! You don't have to tell her that! Just tell her you're a healthy, young boy and are concerned that even though this happened after your heat, you just wanted to check and make sure you were fine. There's nothing wrong with that. Don't worry..." She cooed and petted the back of my head softly. The gesture was nice and calmed me down slightly. I felt a little better just having talked this out with someone else.

"And if everything goes wrong and you have to go into hiding, I'll keep you posted and updated on everything your baby's dad is doing until you return! I'll be your personal spy and I'll make sure no one questions why you're gone! But don't worry, we both know that's not the case, silly." She said, smiling at my dramatics.

"Will you come with me to the nurse's office? I don't think I can do this alone..." I whispered to her.

"Of course, you're my best friend. I'll always be here for you. Let's go right now, while there's still time before class starts back up."

She stood up and reached her hands down, offering them for me to take so we could go together. She held my hand tightly as we walked down the corridor together. There were a few glances in our direction, people probably curious about what our relationship was, but I didn't mind. They could get the wrong idea for all I cared, I was just glad she was here for me.

We walked up to the nurse's office and found Recovery Girl sitting at her desk, her head buried in some notes. I glanced around and made sure no one else was in the room with us. Recovery Girl watched my nervous actions curiously before speaking up.

"Midoriya, Uraraka. Welcome, what brings you here today."

"Deku has something he needs to discuss with you, is now a good time?" Uraraka spoke up for me.

"Why, yes, of course. It seems to be a serious matter, so let me just close the office real quick." She hopped down from her stool and walked toward the doors we just entered. She locked them and then gestured for us to have a seat. It took me a moment to gather up the courage but once I started, everything just began to spill out. I omitted the drinking and I didn't reveal that all of this occurred with Katsuki. I wanted to keep things as private as possible. She sat back, seemingly shocked by my confession and didn't really say anything at first.

"You're sure that your heat ended?" She raised an eyebrow, quizzically.

"Yes... no..? I don't really know. It was my first heat, so I could've been wrong..?"

"No, you probably wouldn't have left your room if your heat was still happening. I'd say it had ended too then. So I believe you're in the clear here. However, you can take this pill, it was designed specifically for Omegas after their heat, in the rare circumstances that they were mated against their will." She turned around and reached into her cabinets, pulling out a small bottle. She dumped one pill into her hands before turning back toward me.

"However, Midoriya, I must ask... how is your current mental stability?" I felt as though her beady little eyes were trying to read into my mind.

"What do you mean?" I raised an eyebrow.

"This pill will induce bouts of depression while it runs its course through your body. It stays in your system for about a week and is therefore not given to people that are otherwise mentally unstable. It is very dangerous. In order for me to even give you this medication, I would need to speak with your guardian first." She eyed me, trying to gauge my reaction and mentioning my guardian.

"I'm perfectly fine, except for the fact that I might be pregnant." I chuckled a little, in hopes that she wouldn't catch my bluff. I didn't want to bring this up to my mother, but I knew I had no choice at this point. I knew they couldn't give me medication without discussing this with her, even if I approved of it myself.

"Uraraka, you're his close friend. Do you think Midoriya can handle this pill right now?" Recovery Girl turned her attention toward Uraraka. She nodded slowly at first, then with more vigor.

"Yes, anytime he has problems, he comes to me and we always talk things out. I don't think there's any cause for concern." She smiled, reassuringly.

'Sorry, Uraraka... not every time... not with every problem...' I thought to myself, saddened by the amount of trust my friend had in me.

"Okay, then I'll need to make a phone call to your guardian. Do you mind staying here while I call, Midoriya?"

"I don't mind, but I'd like to tell her myself if I can?" I nervously wrung my fingers together, dreading the wrath I knew I would face.

"That's perfectly fine. Uraraka, I'll have to ask you to head back now. I believe your classes will be starting back up again. Oh, and can you take this note to your teacher. Let them know Midoriya will be coming back to class a little later." Uraraka nodded and stood back up. She gave me a small hug before turning and making her leave.

Recovery Girl locked the doors behind Uraraka once more before turning back toward me.

"Okay, Midoriya, are you ready to call your guardian?" I nodded to show that I was. It's now or never and I preferred to get this over with now. I wasn't sure what my mother would have to say about all of this, but I trusted her and I knew she would be here for me through it all. Besides, I really needed to get my hands on that pill. I couldn't take the chance of ruining not only my dreams but Kacchan's dreams as well. I didn't care if it had a negative effect on my mental health, it was nothing I couldn't handle.

Are you sure you can handle this? Weren't you just calling yourself crazy not even half an hour ago?

Welcome back, Ether. I think I'll be just fine. I'm only crazy because of you.

Suit yourself. Worth the risk then, isn't it? Besides, if you can't handle things, I can always lend a helping hand.

How would you do that?

Oh, it's easy. Once you're gone from this world from the severe depression your pill placed you under, I'd just take over for you. No one would even know you had gone.

I detect sarcasm. Besides, you can't do that, you're just a passing thought in the back of my head.

But of course, that's all I am. A passing thought.




Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Aizawa kept rambling on and on about how we were going to split into pairs after lunch for our last class battle of the semester. This battle would be a recreation of the villains vs. heroes scenario that we all participated in when we first arrived. The pairings would be picked based off of the compatibility we shared with our classmates, so we wouldn't get to choose our own teammates. I was perfectly fine with that, so long as whoever I was paired with didn't slow me down.

The bell for lunch rang and Kirishima, Denki, Sero, and Mina all made their way over to my desk. Sero stood on the left side of my chair, while Denki stood on the right. They made eye contact with each other and immediately I knew something was going on.

"What the fuck are you..." Was all I managed to get out before Sero started pushing me and Denki started to pull. They tugged me out of my seat and promptly began to drag me out of the classroom. I glanced back to see that Deku hadn't made the slightest movement at the sound of the lunch bell. Uraraka was waving her hand in front of his face, but he didn't even blink. He just kept staring out the window, entirely lost to the world around him. As much as I had thought his behavior to be odd, I had my own things to worry about right now.

"Where are you taking me, dumbasses?" I struggled against their grip.

"Ah, don't be like this dude, we just want to eat lunch with you," Sero laughed as he continued to tug on me.

"We knew if we asked, you'd just tell us to fuck off and leave you alone," Denki added. Mina was skipping in front of us, leading the way to the cafeteria while Kirishima trailed behind. I still wanted to talk to him about this morning. I knew if I got the chance, I could probably force something out of him. Denki was also a part of the conversation at the kitchen table, so it's possible he knew something as well, but I didn't want to risk it. He kind of had a big mouth on him. The last thing I needed was for him to spill the beans that I fucking liked Deku to the other two asshats in this group.

"Damn right I would've. Let me go." I set off small explosions from my hands and both Sero and Denki jumped out of the way. I shrugged my shoulders a little but continued to follow them. They had already succeeded in getting me this far away from the classroom, so I might as well eat with them, no matter how annoying I thought they could be.

We made it to the cafeteria and ordered our food. I just got the same thing as everyone else. It didn't matter to me what I ate, it all tasted like cardboard anyway. Students from all different departments were sitting around and mingling with each other at various different tables. I followed the group as they choose an empty table near the back and we all sat down.

"What's on your mind, Bakugou?" Mina asked me. "Usually, you'd be spewing out curses at us the whole way down here."

"It's none of your business, Pinky," I spat in her direction. She wasn't fazed one bit, what was up with these people?

"What's the deal with you and Todoroki this morning?" Kirishima asked me. He showed genuine concern on his face.

"What do you mean, did something happen today?" Sero leaned forward, interested in whatever juicy gossip was coming next.

"Todoroki was acting weird, sniffing Bakubro and saying he smelt like Midoriya," Kirishima told them before I had the chance to shut him up.

"Not my fault the damn nerd sits right behind me," I tried to play the whole thing off, but Mina was already engrossed.

"Hmm, Bakugou... why would you smell like Midoriya? Did something happen last night?" She winked at me and just started laughing. I was already way done with this topic.

"I didn't smell anything weird between you two," Sero chimed in.

"Well, it makes sense that Todoroki would be more sensitive than us right now anyway," Denki added. Kirishima immediately whacked his shoulder and Denki glanced up from his plate of food, wondering what he did wrong. Then he realized what he said and tried his best to back peddle out of it.

"What do you mean by that, Dunce Face?" I scowled at him. "Why does this make sense to you?"

"I mean... uhm... ya know, cuz they're really close... friends..?" He stuttered out.

"Yeah, he just meant that they were close friends and so they are probably used to the slight changes in their scents. That's all," Mina grinned at me, clearly trying to help Denki out of the sticky situation he just dragged himself into. It wasn't going to work.

"All you fuckers know, don't you?" I growled defensively.

"Know what, exactly, Bakubro?" Kirishima turned to look at me, feigning innocence in his eyes.

"You know what happened between IcyHot and Deku last night, admit it." I scowled, glancing between them all and watching their reactions. I could see the beads of sweat forming on their foreheads.

"What are you talking about, what happened between them?" Sero asked, setting his fork full of food back down on his plate.

"I'm talking about that Half 'n Half bastard marking Deku even though they aren't mates. You all know what I'm fucking talking about. How many people knew this was happening? Was this all planned? Why wasn't I told about all of this and why the fuck did it happen in the first place?" I was visibly shaking in anger at this point.

"Oh, you're talking about that..." Mina stopped trying to hide it. "I'm sorry Bakugou, everyone knew it was happening." She admitted, casting her eyes down in shame.

"Everyone, except you. I wanted to tell you, I really did! I begged Midoriya to let you in on all of this, but he said it would only drag you down. He didn't want to be a burden to you," Kirishima was practically jumping in his seat, begging me to understand and not be angry. At least, not be any angrier than I already was.

"How the fuck would any of this matter to me anyway? How would IcyHot marking Deku, become a burden to me?" Even though I was angry with them, there was a small part of me that was relieved that Deku didn't seem to lie to me about Todoroki and him being mates.

"As Midoriya approached his birthday... he picked up the slight smell of his mate..." Sero began, choosing his words as carefully as he could without revealing anything that I didn't already know about.

"The smell came from someone in the classroom... but he wasn't sure who it would be," Mina spoke quietly this time. No one was making eye contact with me.

"There was this group text about things we all wanted to do this summer and the topic was mentioned in there..." Denki added.

"That's when the class came up with... a social experiment of sorts... An experiment where everyone would all take turns, marking Midoriya until we found out who it was. He didn't want us to include you, because he felt like you wouldn't care to know about any of this and if you were told, it'd only be more to add to your plate. He didn't want you to be concerned about this." Kirishima said.

"Experiment? There's no way that damn nerd came up with an idea like that," I scoffed, Deku was smarter than that, his idea wouldn't have so many loopholes.

"You're right, he didn't. He wasn't even the one that brought up his mate. We all made the decision and basically dumped it on him... He didn't disagree with us at all in the end though. He went along with it," Sero looked saddened by the realization that they were the ones who came up with the idea.

"Why was he the one being marked and not the other way around? You all realize that's subjecting one person to experience pain over and over again while all of you get off scot-free? And the whole class was in on this? Everyone knew about this? All you dumbasses thought to keep me out of it?" This was pissing me off even more.

"It was what Midoriya wished for," Kirishima was whispering at this point.

"I don't care what that damn nerd was wishing for. I'm just like all you fuckers, I'd want to know if he was my mate too," I was losing my appetite now.

"I'm sorry Bakubro, I wanted to tell you. I knew you'd want in on this, too," Kirishima looked apologetic and I knew he was. I didn't really blame any of them, I was just pissed off for constantly being kept in the dark. Maybe Izuku didn't want to tell me anything, because he convinced himself there was no way I'd ever be his mate. Maybe he thought that even if I was his mate, I'd reject him. I couldn't really fault him for thinking like that after everything I had put him through. I wished he'd understand that I would only want the best for him and only ever want to make him happy. I fucked up a lot in the past, but I was done fucking up. I needed to find some way to show Izuku that I trusted him. I also had to come up with an idea to bring Izuku to trust me again. Just because he told me one secret, doesn't mean he was ready to tell me them all. Maybe he really did just need a little more time?

"There's more to this, I can tell. You're not telling me something. If that's all it was, why not just wait for his heightened sense to awaken? Then both he and his mate would know immediately. Why take this lame, roundabout way of finding this out? And another thing that doesn't make sense in your story, why bother waiting until he was seventeen? If Deku could catch the beginning smells of his mate that means his mate is already of age. That knocks out half the damn class. If anything, I should've been one of the first to go up, I'm fucking of age, assholes. Not that lame-ass IcyHot bastard," There was just so much that wasn't fitting into their stories. My head was swimming in confusion and the amount of information it was trying to absorb. They were still hiding things and clearly only telling me the bare minimum.

"There is more, you're right, but I'm afraid this is all you get to know." That bastard's annoying voice showed up at the worst fucking time, yet again. I turned around and sure enough, butting into our conversation like he owned the damn place, Todoroki.

"I wasn't asking you, Half 'n Half," I was livid and barely in control of my quirk. Steam had started to roll off of my shoulders and I was making no moves to calm it down. He was the last person I needed to hear anything from.

"It doesn't matter. You found out why I marked him, that's all you need to know right now," He was standing behind us, with an empty lunch tray in his hands.

"You're right. If the whole class made these plans, then no one should have any objections if I join in from now on, right?" If they all decided to mark him like it didn't matter it would hurt him each time, then why not throw one more bite into the fray.

"Actually, I plan on being the last person who marks him until further notice." He tried to end the conversation there, but I wasn't done.

"And why is that, IcyHot?" I scowled at him. I knew there was something more to his friendship with Izuku.

"Because I'm Midoriya's friend and I saw how being marked by someone other than his mate hurt him. I don't want him to go through that again. I plan on convincing him to stop this. I don't think anyone in class wants to see the pain it puts him through either. If you all had seen what I did, then your thoughts would align with mine. So, until further notice. No one else is marking him." With that, he turned and walked away.

"Hmm. I half expected him to say it was because he wanted Midoriya all to himself," Mina commented, finishing up her plate of food. I silently agreed with her, but I still didn't trust him. The bell rang for lunch to end and I was feeling less confused about what all was going on around me. At least I had some of my questions answered, but I couldn't help and wish there had been more time for all of them.

We all gathered up our trays, cleaning up the table before heading to change into our hero costumes.

It was time to prepare for our battles.




Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


After lunch, everyone took their time changing into their costumes before heading out toward the arena. A few people were already lined up once I was done. While we were standing around waiting for everyone else to show up, I surveyed the area. This course would be taken in a replica of a well-populated city. I didn't plan on making the same mistakes I made when we first ran this course. I was overly emotional and let my personal feelings get in the way of my rational decision making. This time would be different. I punched my fists together in anticipation, letting off a small explosion.

Present Mic was standing next to Aizawa while they waited for everyone to gather together. It would be fun if I got the chance to go up against Present Mic one day, I still remember the announcements he made toward me during the Sports Festival and I wouldn't mind paying him back for that. Saying he preferred Uraraka winning over me.


"Okay, class. Let's begin," Aizawa walked forward slightly. His exhaustion was evident in his eyes. It was clear that he didn't feel like talking today.

"Excuse me, Aizawa, it seems as though we are missing both Midoriya and Uraraka," Iida announced to Aizawa. He glanced up from his clipboard but didn't appear too concerned. Actually, even when he was concerned he still didn't look it.

"No, wait! I'm here, sorry!" A voice squeaked into the air. I turned around and saw Uraraka running up still in her regular uniform. "Deku is at the nurse's office right now. He wasn't feeling too well during lunch, sorry. He'll be running a little late. Recovery Girl asked me to give you this." She was a little out of breath and handed Aizawa a tardy slip.

"Alright, hurry up and go get changed. We don't have all day," He grunted in affirmation.

"Right!" She exclaimed before running off toward the locker rooms to change into her hero costume.

"On account that Midoriya will be late, his group will go last," Aizawa tucked the tardy slip underneath some papers on his clipboard before continuing.

"Since it's a lot of work and I don't feel like talking anymore, Present Mic will be joining us today to... whatever..." Aizawa gave up explaining and just let Present Mic take over.

"Listen up everyone! Your objective today is very similar to your first outing! However, instead of telling you where the villains are located, it is up to the heroes to find them! We will also be hiding the names of who you are going up against and who you are partnering with. In real-life situations, you won't be given the chance to pick and choose who you work with. You have to be flexible and quick on your feet," Present Mic explained, rather loudly. His annoying voice pierced my ears and I scowled. It wouldn't take too long of listening to him before he gave me a headache to top my slowly dwindling hangover.

"Sir! How long will we have to apprehend our opponents?" Momo raised her hand and blurted out before she was even called on. Sometimes I wondered if she had any manners... not that I'm one to talk. I blamed her prestigious upbringing.

"Everyone will be given exactly one hour to diffuse the situation in any way they can. You will not know what you are up against until you arrive on the scene. We are testing your ability to quickly observe the situation and formulate the best course of action to apply. Hopefully, without causing any unnecessary damage to yourself or others. Now, the following students, please line up after your name is called. Every student will receive a slip of paper. You are not allowed to open your slip of paper until it is your turn to participate in the battle. This paper will reveal to you your status; hero or villain. It will also give you a location within the arena to head to. Once we have an affirmation that everyone had arrived at their destination and has successfully met up with their partners, we will begin the timer. How you proceed from there is entirely up to you. This first group will be joining Aizawa. He is going to take you to the other end of the arena." He pulled his clipboard up closer and cleared his throat.

Oh. Great. I sighed inwardly, here comes his announcer's voice.

"OJIRO! SATOU! YAOYOROZU! KIRISHIMA! ASUI! TODOROKI! URARAKA! AOYAMA! KAMINARI! ASHIDO! BAKUGOU! You eleven will be joining Aizawa across the arena. GO! GO! GO!" We lined up as our names were called and began to follow our rather uninterested teacher through the training field. I heard Present Mic begin announcing everyone else's names that remained. My heart tugged a little at the mention of Izuku. I wondered if everything was alright, but decided that he probably couldn't handle his little hangover and was being a wuss.

"HAGAKURE! JIROU! MINETA! SHINSOU! KOUDA! MIDORIYA! IIDA! SERO! SHOJI! TOKOYAMI! You ten will be remaining here! Now, let's wait for the other class to position themselves further away and I will begin giving you instructions once again!" He shouted. I sighed thinking he had a while to wait since he was always so loud.

We were eventually out of earshot and placed entirely on the other end of the arena. It was hot out, so I was already sweating enough for my gauntlets to fully charge. This was going to be fun.

"Hey, Uraraka, how's Midoriya doing?" Todoroki approached her from the side and voiced the question that was plaguing my mind.

"Oh, he's... uhm... just a little under the weather," I couldn't help but notice she glanced quickly in my direction before turning away. "He'll be just fine... I hope..." She laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her head for comfort.

"Does it have anything to do with me marking him?" Todoroki made no show to hide this anymore, apparently, since I now knew, he didn't care to have the conversation out in the open like this. A few unsuspecting classmates turned pale, probably wondering why I wasn't lashing out at anyone yet. Uraraka must've been told by Izuku because she didn't so much as flinch away from the topic.

"No, no. It's not that, really. He would have told me if it was because of you. It's something entirely unrelated, Todoroki, so don't worry. He's just been a little under the weather these past few days, so he's getting some medicine to help. I'm sure it's not a big deal, don't worry," she reassured and waved a dismissive hand in front of her face.

"I've noticed he looked pale today when we were talking. I wonder if he'll be feeling better soon. He seems to have been squinting his right eye frequently, in pain. When I ask him if he's okay, he just nods and tells me it's a slight headache. I'm worried, he seems out of sorts lately. Almost... sad and maybe distracted? He's constantly lost in his own thoughts and I can't help but think it isn't healthy..." Todoroki let his comment trail off. Uraraka seemed to snap to attention at this though. Something he had said clearly shook her core.

"Why... why would you say he seems sad? You think he's... mentally stable though, right?" She whispered, eyes wide.

"It's just a feeling. I'm sure he's fine and I'm just overthinking things. I'm always watching him since he's the closest friend I've ever had, so I've noticed a small change in his demeanor, that's all. Nothing too alarming though. Why do you look so shocked?" She just shook her head slightly and pursed her lips closed tight. She began wringing her hands together tightly, clearly worried about something Todoroki had said.

So he's sad, big fucking deal, not that it's any of my concern. 

Even though I wished it was.

Is it my fault...? 

Probably. I never really gave him time to respond to my questions earlier and I kept badgering him for responses he didn't seem ready to give me. I decided to not pester him anymore about this for the time being though, so I shouldn't be bothered by their conversation.

"Aizawa, sir, if we have an uneven amount of classmates, how will the teams be decided?" Momo asked. She was always full of questions, wasn't she? That's probably how she's currently ranked the top of our class.

"There will be one team of 3 people. Although it may seem to give that team an unfair advantage, there are cases where the heroes and villains outnumber each other, so please bear that in mind. Now, let's begin. Ojiro and Satou, you may enter the training grounds. Once you enter the training grounds, please open your slip and proceed to the determined locations. Here are your earpieces. Notify us using these once you've arrived and we will signal you to begin." Aizawa instructed. They nodded and made their way inside.

"Now, I ask that everyone else please head inside toward the building to your left. We have monitors set up indoors. Please use this time to evaluate your classmates and build your strategic knowledge for the future." Aizawa ushered us all indoors and we sat around a room full of screens. They whirred to life and we watched as Ojiro and Satou began to walk in opposite directions. Ojiro walked toward the center of the field where he was met with Hagakure from the other group. Satou ended up in a random building on the southwest side, meeting up with Jirou.

"Ready!" Aizawa said into his earpiece. "Begin."

Immediately, Ojiro and Hagakure took off running toward a replica of a bank. They walked around the building a few times before making a move to infiltrate. On the other end of the makeshift town, Jirou was using her earpieces to listen for movement but came up short. We watched as the villains successfully broke into the bank when an alarm sounded overhead. Jirou and Satou took off running in the direction of the sound. They did a stakeout of the bank before making any moves.

After what felt like hours of stealthy operations, Jirou and Satou finally apprehended Ojiro and Hagakure. Only a small battle ensued near the end, but otherwise, the whole thing was pretty uneventful. This disappointed me, I was in the mood for an all-out brawl, but I had told myself I wouldn't let my emotions get the better of me this time. In reality, this is probably how things would work out. Nearby heroes are alerted to misdeeds and run to the rescue, doing their best to stop the villains from escaping and causing any damage. As disappointed as I was in at the normal turn of events, I decided it didn't matter, I would still come out on top.

We all watched as each classmate was sent out for their turns. Everybody was handed a scenario that was different than everyone else's. Aizawa didn't want us adapting too quickly because we were watching how everyone else approached the same topic over and over again. To keep the situation borderline realistic, everything was changed and different each round.

Mineta and Momo were villains against Tsu and Kouda as heroes. Even with Mineta holding Momo back, they still created a formidable villain team and were successful in escaping the grasp of the heroes.

"Understood," Aizawa suddenly spoke into his earpiece. "Does he appear well enough to participate?"

He paused, waiting for an answer I wouldn't be able to hear.

"Right, then have him suit up. We will still have his group go last. I don't feel like bothering to rearrange the pairings right now,". He was probably talking to Present Mic and by the sounds of it, Izuku had joined the class finally.

Uraraka and Iida were paired together as villains versus Aoyama and Sero. The villains won that round as well. It was slightly frustrating watching the heroes in training lose against the ones portraying the villains because as a hero, we all wanted to beat the villains. Yet, the fact that the villains were able to deduce plans fast enough to evade their counterparts still showed that everyone was making steady progress. Next up went Denki and Shoji vs Mina and Tokoyami. Mina and Tokoyami were the victors in this round, so everything sort of balanced out.

"Alright, last group. Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima line up to begin. Oh, and Kirishima, here, you'll be needing this for your part," Aizawa handed him a rope and ignored the question that was lingering on all of our lips. "Now, begin."

I opened my paper and read the scenario that was written before me.

A fellow hero was captured and is currently being held captive by two villains. It is up to you and your partner to safely rescue the hostage and together apprehend the villains. Meet your partner in the northeastern courtyard to begin your scenario.

Oh, that's what the rope was for. I burned my paper in my palms and began making my way toward the courtyard, curious as to who my partner was going to be. If this was the last group to go, Izuku was participating in this round. I made a mental note that both Todoroki and Kirishima had headed in the same direction. Kirishima was most likely the hostage, so I knew of one villain so far. As I ran toward the northeastern courtyard, my mind was whirring of possible ways to get Kirishima away from Todoroki.

This wasn't going to be easy... I smirked at the thought.


It was going to be fun...




Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


My mother was furious at me. Beyond furious. She was absolutely livid and she had every right to be. After a good fifteen minute scolding from her, she decided it was best for my future to go ahead with the pill. I'd be coming home in a few days anyway, so she'd be able to monitor my mental health during those days. I just had to make it through the next three and I'd be home before I knew it.

Recovery Girl stressed to both my mother and me that if anything felt wrong or if I acted strangely in any way, to immediately seek medical attention, just to make sure there weren't any adverse side effects. She seemed to be the most concerned about me plummeting into a severe depression, as is the case with most Omegas and she didn't want me to be alone if I could help it. I told her that I was going to be just fine, I was in a dorm room surrounded by aspiring heroes so there really was no need for concern, I had the largest support network anyone could ask for.

So, in the end... I took the pill.

Wow, what a nightmare just for one tiny little thing.

Yeah, no kidding, Ether.

How long do you think it'll be for it to take effect?

I'm not sure, probably half an hour or so, like other medications.

Guess we'll find out.

I nodded in reply, not even sure if Ether could see me or not, but if he... she... it..?


Right, she.

My brow furrowed with concern while I continued my train of thought...

But if she was constantly a part of my body, I figured, she would be able to understand. Obviously, Ether could hear even the thoughts I wasn't trying to project her way too though. As I was jogging toward the arena to hand in my slip before going to change, I felt a heavy pressure sit behind my right eye and a familiar pang jabbed me in the back of the skull. I winced in pain and held my head again.

Ether. Are you the one causing this pain?

Hmm. I'm not sure, but it's possible. Does it hurt when I do this?

The pain's intensity grew double fold and I almost fell in the hallway but caught myself on the nearby wall.

Yes! Don't do whatever that was! What was that??

I just shifted my conscience around your head a little, that's all. Haven't you heard the saying, Pain makes you Stronger? Eheheh.

Not funny. It hurts, don't do that.

Weird that it hurts, I'm not really even here. Just an existence that resides within you.

I ignored Ether and walked through the doors to the arena. There was no one around but I heard chatter coming from one of the nearby buildings so I made my way over.

"Ah! Midoriya! Just in time! Your turn will be up soon," Present Mic was standing in front of a row of computers, watching an ongoing battle unfold between a few of my classmates.

"Midoriya has just decided to join us!" He spoke into an earpiece he was wearing.

"Aizawa would like to know if you feel up to participating in the scenarios?" He turned and asked me.

"Yes, sir! Please!" I nodded my head eagerly. This would be the last time for the class so I definitely didn't want to miss out.

"He said yes, Aizawa!" Present Mic exclaimed into his earpiece again. He nodded once to whatever Aizawa responded with and then turned toward me once more, "Then head on out and get changed, your group will be last!"

I did as I was instructed and changed into my costume as fast as I possibly could. While in the dressing room all alone, I began to feel a little out of breath and lightheaded. The pill must've begun to take effect.

Looks like it's beginning. Eheheh.

Your laugh gives me the creeps, Ether. It's weird hearing a laugh echo inside my own head.

You're getting dizzy. Is this really wise?

It's just a class exercise, I'll be fine, now butt out. I need to focus.

I finished changing and headed back to where Present Mic and the others were stationed. He informed me of the rules and handed me a slip of paper, advising me not to look into it until it was my turn.

We watched the remaining battles take place before Shinsou and I were called forward.

"Alright, guys! You're the last two to go! Head on out and good luck!" Present Mic clapped us both on the back and sent us on our way. I unfurled the small white piece of paper and read what it said.

You are the Villain! Do your best to keep your hostage away from the heroes' grasp and bide time to plan an escape route for you and your partner! Head to the center playing field to begin! Tie your hostage up BEFORE announcing that you are prepared!

Eheheh. That's not how a villain really works. A true villain would abandon his teammate in a sticky situation like that. How about throwing a curveball into the mix? Demand a ransom!

We only have an hour for this. There's no time to take things that far.

Sure there is. Chop off a few fingers and send them to the heroes. It'll really grind their gears.

Ether, shut up.

I'm just trying to liven things up a little, don't mind me.

I continued toward the center of the battlefield. When I arrived I caught a glimpse of Todoroki and Kirishima. Todoroki was in the middle of tightening the knot he had tied around Kirishima and by the time I had come within a few feet of them, he had finished. They both took one glance in my direction and nodded.

I brought my hand up to my earpiece, "Villains are ready."

"Alright. Heroes. Villains. On my mark! 3! 2! 1! Begin!" Present Mic announced the commencement of our round.

"Midoriya, who came with you? We had Bakugou. He went in the opposite direction, so he's on the hero team." Todoroki said.

"Right. Shinsou was the other on my end."

Isn't the redhead's quirk hardening? Isn't that sharp? He's gonna escape you if you don't use something other than rope. Just saying.

Shut up, Ether, but good point.

"Shouto, before Kirishima gets any ideas, can you freeze his torso? I don't trust the rope. We also need to find a place to hide from the heroes," Todoroki nodded at my idea and quickly froze Kirishima up.

We walked over to a nearby building and ducked down behind to form whatever strategy we could. The arena wasn't that large so it wouldn't take long for Shinsou and Katsuki to find us.

"Our primary goal in this scenario is to evade the heroes. So technically, as long as we don't get spotted within the hour time frame, we win." Todoroki voiced. I glanced down at Kirishima, who was just quietly watching our exchange. No doubt formulating a plan of escape and collecting data. We shouldn't be conversing in front of him, in case he gets away.

"We need to talk somewhere out of earshot but where we can still see Kirishima. It's not wise to discuss plans in front of our target like this." I gestured toward Kirishima, sitting in the middle of us all.

"You're right, but if we walk away, he could use that chance to run."

I know you told me to shut up but remember that ability I mentioned before? Ether? My name? Well... it's really quite useful. Why don't you try talking to your little friend here the same way you do with me?

I can do that?!

Yup! It hurts though. I'll be quiet now. Promise! ...Kind of... Ehehe.

I focused on projecting a thought toward Todoroki and watched his face light up in extreme confusion. His eyes widened as he realized it was me who was talking to him.

"M - Midoriya?! Wha - What is this?" He said out loud. I shook my head and pointed at my temple, signifying him to think his thoughts.

'Uhm, I'm not really sure. I just discovered I could do this, probably just a wonderful new addition to my quirk,' I winced slightly, my headache returning with full force. 

I wonder if this is what she meant by it hurting.

'Well, this is oddly convenient,' Todoroki thought at me. It didn't seem to be affecting him the same way it was me.

'Right. So, what's the plan?' I asked him.

'Well, we could always use Kirishima as bait? Freeze him to a spot and tell him to scream for help if he wants to be saved and then take off in the opposite direction.' His plan didn't suck, but I didn't trust Kirishima to cooperate.

'If he knows it'll help us escape, Kirishima won't breathe a word,' I hated putting his thought down, but it was true.

'He will if there's a risk of him freezing to death,' Todoroki shrugged at his thought and Kirishima no doubt was confused by our silent staring competition.

'True, but he really could be in trouble if he remains frozen for a long period of time. What if instead, we try to capture our opponents? I know our objective is to evade capture for the time being, but if we use Kirishima to lure them out as bait and sneak up from behind them, we could win. If we're stealthy enough.' 

There were doubts clouding my mind and I didn't feel well enough to begin a full battle strategy at the moment. I'd probably end up fainting if that happened, I was really dizzy. Communicating using my thoughts didn't seem to be helping either. The pain behind my eyes grew and I brought my hand up for comfort.

"Midoriya! Are you okay?!" The silent link between us had broken during my dizzy spell. I looked up to see looks of concern on both Kirishima and Todoroki's faces. What were they staring at?

"Bro, your nose is bleeding..." Kirishima said. "Are you sure you should be out here right now?"

"Oh, I'm fine. It's probably nothing," I wiped the blood off on my sleeve. That's most likely what Ether meant by it hurting, too.

"Let's not use that form of communication until you're feeling better. There's no way it's healthy if it causes discomfort like that," Todoroki laid a concerned hand on my shoulder. I nodded in agreement.

"What? What form of communication?" Kirishima looked between the two of us.

"Nothing," I said. I grabbed him from beneath his arms and hoisted him to his feet. We made our way toward a clearing, a little ways away from our starting point. I pushed Kirishima against a wall at the end of a dead-end building and Todoroki froze him in place.

"I'd be calling for help if you don't want to freeze to death soon, " Todoroki said. The calm in his voice sent chills down my spine and I wasn't even the one drenched from head to toe in ice. Todoroki and I turned around and raced back down the alleyway, leaving Kirishima to his own devices, or at least so we let him think. When we were far enough away, we doubled back and climbed on to the rooftops of either side of the alley, across from each other and looking down at our bait.

"H - Hey, you guys were just kidding, right? You don't really mean to leave me here and escape that way, do you? You're coming back, aren't you?" His pleas were met with silence

"This seriously is dangerous, bros! And really, really cold!" He began to struggle against the ice. He activated his quirk and the hardening did some damage. Concerned, I glanced at Todoroki. His eyes remained fixed on Kirishima. I knew I had just said I wouldn't use that form of communication again, but the thought waves were just so perfectly convenient for a stealthy operation like this, so I decided to risk it.

'He's going to break out at this rate, do we have a plan B?' I shot in his direction. 

His head immediately whipped around to face me from across the gap and I could tell he was angry that I had used it again, but he didn't say anything. I was sure he understood the benefits it came with, so I didn't peg him for someone to argue about this.

Before he had the chance to respond, I heard scuttling coming down toward us and Shinsou rounded the corner of the alleyway.

"Here's Kirishima," He called out behind him. Katsuki was just seconds behind and they made their way in.

"No! They ran away, there's no time for me!" Kirishima yelled at them. "They're going to get away at this rate, I think I was just being used as bait." Shinsou ignored him and just kept walking further down.

'Get ready,' I signaled toward Todoroki. 

Kirishima was doing a good job of being bait. He kept luring them further down the alleyway.

"You think? They didn't let you in on their plans, huh?" Katsuki said. He brought his hand up to his chin and I knew he was getting suspicious, but he wasn't in position yet. Just a little closer.

"Yeah, they talked in their minds. It was weird, almost like they were bonded..." His voice trailed off and he shot a glance at Katsuki.

Not quite, Kirishima, but a good deduction regardless. I thought to myself.

This seemed to anger Katsuki and he took the few extra steps toward Kirishima that we were waiting for.

'Now!' Todoroki and I shouted together in our heads and we pounced down on our unsuspecting prey from above.





Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


As we came close to landing, Todoroki immediately did his best to freeze the entire alleyway. Before our feet even touched the ground, I had activated my quirk and grabbed Todoroki from behind. In a flash, we were down the alleyway and on the move. Not even giving ourselves time to assess the situation. Using my quirk until I was tired, we ran toward an area more situated to our quirks and hid once more. If they were successfully caught off guard and frozen in place, Aizawa would have notified us.

We lured them down a set path and could only hope they'd follow us correctly. We sat and waited in silence when I heard an explosion coming down. It sounded like Katsuki. Todoroki was sitting opposite me, with the road we were expecting them to take, between us once more. I watched as he raised a hand, preparing to freeze whatever made its way into view. Within seconds, Katsuki emerged, but before he could be frozen in place, Katsuki shot off a blast in both of our directions simultaneously.

I rolled to the side and got to my feet. Our plan had failed.

Told you, you should've asked for ransom. You clearly aren't very good at thinking like a villain. Should've let me help.

We can't just change the scenario to fit our needs, Ether. This isn't how these practices work. 

I began circling around, trying to make my way back toward Todoroki. We shouldn't separate here. We weren't even sure where the other two heroes had disappeared to.

That's precisely why you're about to fail. You can't win three to one.

I'm going to need you to shut up, I can't concentrate with you crowding my mind like this.

You're not good enough to win without my help.

Seriously, back off, Ether.

They're better than you'll ever be. If anything, you're just dragging your friend down. Look at him, he looks so shocked and concerned. He can barely even focus right now. Eheheh. I guess you didn't sever the link, did you?


'Shouto..?' I pushed hesitantly into the nether regions of my mind.

'Midoriya... What's going on?' He responded back. Confusion plastered all over his face.

'I'll explain later. Focus, he's headed right for you!'

I shouted... well... I mean, I shouted as much as my internal thoughts could possibly project, that is.

Todoroki dodged Katsuki and sent off a small blast of fire in his direction. He was still getting used to using his fire in battles, so his reactions were a little slow. Too slow to be used in a fight up against the battle-ready instincts that Katsuki possessed. He whirled around and caught Todoroki by the arm.

I summoned my black whip and tried to wrap them around Katsuki, attempting to hold him down, like the scarves both Shinsou and Aizawa use. He just grabbed ahold of them and swung me through the air. I soared across the clearing and smashed into the brick buildings behind us. I landed with a loud smack and lost whatever amount of air I had left in my lungs.

Shinsou and Kirishima finally caught up to Katsuki and looked at the damage he was causing on his own. If the tides weren't already in their favor, then they definitely were now.

'Midoriya, are you okay?' I heard Todoroki project toward me.

'Yeah, just fine.' I said as I rolled to my side and glanced between our enemies, gasping for breath. 

My limbs trembled slightly from the constant exertion I was putting them through by running around. I hated to admit it, but I used too much of my energy when we were fleeing from our first surprise attack.

My black whip dissipated and I made to stand on my feet. Suddenly, the temperature in the air began to plummet. Without needing to confirm anything, I instinctively knew Todoroki was the cause of it. He was preparing to send a blast of ice throughout the whole area, once again. We made eye contact briefly. I stood my ground and slowly counted down the seconds, watching his every muscle movement, doing my best to time our next move perfectly. Everything moved in slow motion as Todoroki breathed in slightly, then jerked his foot barely an inch forward. That was the moment I was waiting for. As soon as I saw the familiar action, I activated my quirk and leaped a safe distance into the air. From my spot above the clearing, I watched as ice shot forward, creating a beautiful crystal skating rink for us to continue our battles in. This was as much of a disadvantage to our team as it were their team and the only way it would work in our favor was if everyone else was caught in his blast.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one that noticed the change in the atmosphere or Todoroki's familiar movements. Katsuki and Shinsou both let their instincts take over and reacted in a timely manner. The only person effectively caught in this trap was Kirishima. Wasting no time, Kirishima hardened his hand and started to chip away at the ice beneath him that wrapped around his leg. Ignoring Todoroki and Katsuki, I decided my chances were better off against Shinsou and Kirishima.

It was time we fought for our hostage back.

'I'm getting Kirishima back. He's our best bet. Let's try negotiating,' I shot toward Todoroki, not caring if he heard me or not. 

Before anyone could stand in my way and stop me, I used full-crowl. A massive gust of wind was left in my wake as I was suddenly standing behind Kirishima, who happened to be struggling furiously with his frozen feet.

"Going somewhere?" I chided behind him. He flinched and started to dig deeper, attempting to ignore my presence. I chuckled at his feeble efforts and watched him tirelessly strive to persevere. I used my black whip and wrapped it tightly across his torso, squeezing his arms close to his sides and effectively restricting his movements.

"I think not," I smirked down at him. Being a villain was a little fun... against your friends, I mean.

"You're right. I was just - Ya know... chilling... here, waiting for you," I almost laughed at his pun. Almost. I had some demands to make.

"I suggest you... freeze... what you're doing Kacchan. You wouldn't want your friend here to be injured now, would you?" I couldn't help letting his puns sink into my words as well. He may be my enemy, but he was still a funny enemy. Kirishima chuckled slightly, knowing I had caught his joke without commenting on it. I tightened my restraints against him though, startling him enough into silence. At the sound of my voice, both Katsuki and Shinsou came to a standstill.

I watched as all eyes whipped around and stared at me with renewed vengeance. It took everything in me to remain standing in my spot, facing their challenges head-on. Having two powerful Alphas and two equally powerful Betas giving me their undivided attention, sent a shiver of excitement down my Omegan spine. It didn't help that I admired them all greatly for their strength. Todoroki took their shocked silence as his cue to shoot a blast of fire and ice behind him, skating at an alarming speed across the distance until he was by my side. He stood protectively behind me as we tried to form a plan for our next move. 

'They're going to call your bluff. Bakugou knows you don't have it in you to do anything in this situation,' Todoroki thought. 

Almost as if he were able to read our minds as well, Katsuki smirked viciously and began to stomp over toward us with no regard for the redhead wrapped around in my quirk. Shinsou took this as a sign to progress forward as well. I gulped, watching them slowly advance, panic welling in me as I tried to formulate our next move as quickly as possible. But, for some reason, my mind felt heavy. I could feel a steady pressure growing constantly behind my eyes. My thoughts becoming more and more incoherent as my mind clouded over.

'You're right. I'm not entirely sure what to do ri - ...' I tried to project toward Todoroki. 

I wasn't sure if he had even heard me though because before I knew it I had lost my train of thought. I wasn't even aware of my surroundings as my nose began to drip a steady stream of blood down my face. My black whip slowly dissipated against my will while the world around me swirled together. I felt my knees kick out from underneath me, my body crumbling forward while gravity claimed it as its own.

"Midoriya!" I heard Todoroki shout one last time before everything went dark.




🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Todoroki shot forward and caught Izuku quickly, preventing him from smashing his head against the hard ice beneath their feet. He brought his hand up to Izuku's face and wiped the blood away, but it just kept coming. He watched as Izuku's eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body seized uptightly. A strange gurgling sound emitted from his throat. Foam began to pour out of his clenched jaw. Involuntary tears rolled down his cheeks as his body shook furiously in Todoroki's arms. Panic set in around the boys as they watched Izuku's limbs freeze in place and tense up. Convulsions coursed through his body, his head trembled furiously from side to side. Quick, unnatural jutting movements forced him to flail around in a tight, restricted manner.

"Midoriya! Aizawa, something's wrong with him!" Todoroki shouted into his earpiece.

"I'm on my way. Stop the battle! Keep him on his side and don't restrain his movements!" Todoroki nodded, knowing their teacher couldn't see him. He obeyed and rolled Izuku to his side as his classmates approached the seizing teen. Izuku's body thrashed against the hardened ice beneath him. Katsuki's heart plummeted as he watched the greenette struggle against a fight they couldn't save him from.

"What the fuck is happening?" Katsuki half-whispered, half-yelled while he approached cautiously. All tentative movements were tossed out the window when realization wrapped around him like a poisonous snake. Katsuki ran to kneel down beside Izuku when he saw the shape he was in. His hands hovered above his body but Todoroki stopped him. Katsuki had heard what Aizawa screamed into their earpieces, but that didn't stop the Alpha from wanting to protect the one he loved from the pain he was obviously experiencing right now. Blood was staining down his hero costume and seeping into the slowly melting ice beneath him. A watered-down mixture of red smeared across the crystallized surface as Izuku's body continued to freeze-up.

Suddenly, Izuku's movements came to a stop and he coughed up a little more blood. Katsuki was even more concerned, seeing blood coming from somewhere inside Izuku. The teens watched as Izuku's eyes shot up, glancing around to the faces that were hovering above him. Before they could even get the chance to fawn over the sickly greenette, an unnatural smile contorted across his face, causing them all to pause in their actions. He just had a seizure and here he was smiling almost as though someone told him a joke that no one else found funny.

"Well, well, well. Looks like Izuku, darling, has some friends after all."

A sinister sounding voice forced its way out of Izuku's throat. The sound grated across their ears as is settled into the atmosphere. It was metallic sounding, a strange mixture of deep and melodic. A ringing tone tinged along as the words danced around their heads. Looks of confusion passed on everyone's faces as Izuku made to stand up. His eyes glowed a furiously brilliant lime-green, a green that was nothing close to his usual, soft warm emerald. A green that was almost a sickly yellow.

"You shouldn't be moving, Midoriya. I think you just had a seizure." Despite his concerns about the sudden changes, Todoroki placed a hand on Izuku's shoulders, trying to hold his friend in place. In return, however, Izuku just shoved it out of the way and tried again. Ignoring the panicked looks that Todoroki kept giving him. Katsuki growled at his efforts. He didn't want to watch Izuku attempting to move either, but something wasn't right. Something wasn't clicking together for him as he took in the strange interactions. Izuku would never swat away his friend's assistance. Something about his voice didn't sit right in his gut. And those eyes... those weren't the eyes Katsuki knew. His smile wasn't the blinding smile that he had grown to love. Something was definitely wrong and it wasn't just because Izuku was covered in blood and had experienced a seizure. Something else... something more...

Izuku only got dizzier during his second attempt to stand and he simply fell back down to the ground. The blood was still trickling out of his nose and his eyes were watering profusely. He reached a hand up and wiped the tears away before speaking again.

"Oh, sweetie. Izuku is currently sleeping. Don't worry, he'll wake up soon enough. Eheheh."

Todoroki couldn't hide the startled look that crossed his face as understanding quickly dawned on him.

"You're that voice in his head from earlier. Who are you? What have you done with Midoriya?" Todoroki stared at the familiar face that spoke with the sinister-sounding voice. He shot the most menacing glare he could as he waited for his answer.

"Oh, you're so smart. Somebody give the lad a cookie! Why are we stopping, let's continue the game! I think it'll be fun! I told Izuku he wasn't going to be able to handle what he took earlier, but did he listen to me? Nooo. Did he want to continue this stupid facade that he was feeling okay? Yeeess. Now, look where it's gotten him. Somebody should have taught him to take better care of himself, the damn fool. I suppose while I'm here, we can continue that battle? Maybe I can help Izuku win."

"What the hell is going on? If you know something, you better fess up, IcyHot. This isn't funny," Katsuki snarled in their direction.

"Ah, Katsuki Bakugou, you know, while my dearest host may tolerate you and enjoy your presence, while I'm here, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I don't take well to self-entitled little brats."

Puzzled looks morphed into pure astonishment as the foul language continued to spew from the cinnamon rolls mouth.

"Who are you? Is Izuku going to be okay?" Kirishima spoke up from his spot still frozen to the ground. Everything was taking place behind him, so he had to contort his body just to see what was going on. When he finally caught a glimpse at the red liquid covering Izuku, he started to break free from the ice once more. Finally, after a few solid punches, he had escaped. He scampered closer to the group, mouth gaping open.

"You could say I'm just a part of your adorable friend's quirk, redheaded one. No worries, he's perfectly safe in my hands. He just had a little too much to eat before showing up to class. I did warn him, mind you."

The sinister voice chuckled as if it had just told a joke. One that no one else was finding humorous.

"Before you get any funny ideas, Shinsou. Let me just warn you, I'm the master at mind games and I don't think you want me slithering around inside your head anytime soon."

The Izuku impersonator tilted his head back to stare up at the purple-haired boy who stood behind them. He hadn't said anything this whole time but it was clear he was worried. Shinsou had remarked that he wasn't here to make friends, but that didn't stop him from feeling a little something special toward the one person who had always supported him. Fear and concern were evident from the expression plastered on his face. He wanted nothing more than to help Izuku, but he wasn't even sure what could be done. They were all completely shocked as the situation continued to unfold before them.

In the distance, Aizawa was seen running up to the clearing but came to a halt when he was faced with the ice. Todoroki noticed and began to melt it as fast as he could. Katsuki wanted to jump up and aide them, but he was leery about leaving Izuku's side.

"Well, this is no fun! Who called the teach? Izuku is waking up already anyway. I guess this is goodbye for now boys. Maybe I'll catch you next time. Eheheh."

With that, Izuku's body fell limp toward the ground once more. Katsuki caught him before his head could bang around. The slowly trickling of his bleeding nose had finally come to a complete stop. Aizawa walked slowly across the melting ice toward the crowd and knelt down to survey the damage done to Izuku. Uraraka was close behind him, wringing her hands in worry all over again.

"You say he took this medication just before class, is that correct?" Aizawa turned toward her and she nodded vigorously. Tears started to prick at the corners of her eyes.

"I didn't stay to hear the side effects... I just know it was dangerous and now... this has happened," she cried softly, tears rolling down her face as she saw the state her best friend was in.

"What medicine..? What the fuck is happening?" Katsuki growled in anger and confusion. He couldn't stand to see Izuku covered in blood like he was. He wanted to know what was happening. He was so sick and tired of always being left in the dark while everyone around him whispered about things he was unaware of. There was so much that he didn't know and for once in his life, he was feeling completely powerless. There was nothing he could do but watch as Aizawa knelt down and picked Izuku up in his arms. His head flung lifeless toward the side, the remaining slick blood mixing with the tears and drool that dripped across his face. The whole scene made Izuku's classmates visibly sick, witnessing their innocent friend in such a helpless state.

"Sir, something weird happened before you got here," Kirishima interjected. They told him the story while Aizawa made his way through the arena, Izuku still in his arms. He froze when he felt the small teen squirm beneath his grasp.

"Aizawa?" Izuku mumbled, his voice and eyes returning to normal. He winced at the pain that shot behind his eyes when he spoke. Izuku pushed against his teacher's chest and got down from his arms. Everyone looked ready to catch him if he fell. He stumbled two steps forward before dry heaving. A small trickle of blood came from his mouth and he wiped it away. When he looked down at his sleeve, his eyes widened at the sight of the red liquid that was smeared across his hero outfit. There was more blood than he thought. Fear jilted his head up as he looked into his teacher's eyes.

"W-What happened..?" He held his hand to his head once more. Tremors raced through his body as he tried to regain his bearings. Aizawa stepped up beside him and rested a hand on his shoulders.

"Take a seat for now. We'll have the medi-bots come pick you up," Aizawa spoke a few words to Present Mic in his earpiece. Izuku sat down and leaned against one of the buildings. He looked up at all the concerned faces surrounding him.

"Deku, how are you feeling..?" Uraraka came and knelt down beside him. His chest rose and fell back down, releasing ragged breaths.

"I feel like I got hit by a truck. I didn't though, did I?" He asked softly, a slight tinge of humor slipping into his tone. His classmates relaxed a little bit when they saw he was capable of making light of the situation.

"No. You didn't, nerd," Katsuki barked. He stood in front of Izuku, his arms crossed in a semi-hostile manner, yet, he wouldn't look at him in the eyes. However, Izuku thought he sensed that the explosive blond was visibly shaken and extremely worried.

"Do you think it's a side effect from... you know... the medicine?" Uraraka leaned forward and whispered the last half. Not that it made any difference, it seemed the whole group still heard her. He shook his head in response. He had no clue. He wasn't even sure what had happened in the first place. One minute he was battling with Todoroki and the next he was snuggling up to his teacher's chest. Everything was displaced, almost as though he was missing bits and pieces of his memory.

"Midoriya," Todoroki knelt down next to him next, placing a stern hand on his shoulder. "That voice I heard early with you... when you passed out, it took over your body... It said it was your quirk. What's going on?"

Izuku sat in silence for a moment before letting Todoroki's words sink in. The group watched as his expression changed from shock to complete and utter anger.

"She did what?!" He said viciously. No one had heard his voice drip in rage like this before. "How is that even possible??" He shot a glance up at the only person in the circle that even had an inkling as to what his quirk really was. Katsuki caught the glance and knew that Izuku was just as confused as the rest of the group. He felt betrayed that his quirk would take advantage of his weakened state like this. That was all he needed to finally throw down the gauntlet. He was livid. He felt used. He felt anger. Emotions that he normally didn't experience often welled up inside him all because of Ether.

Izuku decided it was time to bring this vestige up to All Might.

It was getting out of hand and today was only day one.





Chapter Text



🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

What was going on?

My mind felt unusually hollow as I directed my thoughts inwards. All my classmates had explained what transpired while I had passed out and I was currently resting in Recovery Girl's office once more. I was waiting for All Might to show up and all the while I was projecting thoughts throughout my head, trying to reach Ether. I was furious and I wanted answers, now.

I remembered how Ether had threatened to take over my body if I took the pill from Recovery Girl, but I didn't think she was serious or that it was even possible. In all retrospect, Ether was technically just a spirit. She shouldn't have any control over me or my actions. It just didn't make sense, but this wasn't the first time something like this had happened because of the vestiges. My memory flashed back to both my fights against Shinsou. My first one, my finger moved all on its own, sending pain through my body that snapped me out of his trance. The second time, my black whip materialized against my will when I tried to use my new moves. The door to the nurse's office swung open and All Might walked in. He took one look at my blood-soaked clothes and I could see his face visibly fill with sorrow.

"Midoriya, my boy, what happened?" He walked over and sat at the side of my bed. I took a shaky breath, wincing as my lungs filled with air. My entire body was sore and I was exhausted after the use of Recovery Girl's quirk.

"Remember those vestiges I had told you about?" I started off.

"Yes, I do, how could I forget? I find the very concept to be extremely disturbing and creepy," He responded with a shudder of his own.

"Well, one of them is very active within me and while teaching me how to use the power of their quirk, I guess my body couldn't physically keep up with it and I lost consciousness. However, after I lost consciousness, the vestige took over my body on its own and had full control over it. Is that even possible, All Might?"

"Young man, I don't know. I've never heard of this happening before to any of the other predecessors. They haven't had these vestiges be as active as you are currently experiencing. Unfortunately, you're the first in all of this." He reached out and lightly squeezed my hand. The gesture was gentle and comforting. I relaxed slightly, but I was still shaken up by everything.

Recovery Girl walked over after listening to our exchange in silence. It was nice to know she knew about everything and we could talk openly here. I looked at her, I had previously told her how Ether commented on the medication. Stating she'd take my body after I was gone. Recovery Girl had only pursed her lips at the thought and stayed quiet.

"All Might, this Ether, or so he says she calls herself, it doesn't really sound like something a predecessor of One for All would act like..." She finally spoke up. He nodded at her, fully agreeing. I couldn't help but feel they were correct either. Something was different about this so-called predecessor. Ether didn't act like a hero all the time. Her thoughts were slightly... twisted. Her humor was dark and dry. There was also the concerning comment she made when she said she didn't belong to one of the vestiges of images I had laid eyes on. If she wasn't one of them, then was she really a predecessor? If she was a predecessor, then why wasn't she standing with the rest? What set her apart from them all and made her so different. Who was she really?

"You're absolutely right. Midoriya, when did Ether come into play in your mind?" He asked me. His eyes searching for the answer before it even left my mouth. I groaned as I tried to sit up higher. The memory of our startling first conversation flew to the front of my mind.

"Today, earlier this morning, but I feel like she was making her presence known before that even. I'm not sure what exactly happened that brought her out from the woodworks, but I think she's been there for a while. Maybe it was something to do with experiencing a change in my body? I don't really understand it all myself, I just feel like something happened that pushed her forward."

"What makes you say that she's been here for a while?" He asked me.

"Well, I've been having this constant spike of pain behind my right eye for weeks now and today I noticed it happened whenever Ether moved in my mind. I could feel her presence, almost like a weight inside my head. When I asked her if she was the cause behind my pain, she laughed and just said that 'Pain makes me Stronger'." I tried to make mock quotations around her words but my hands felt heavy.

"Hmm, interesting. Where is Ether now?" All Might questioned.

"She's gone, staying quiet. I can't even feel her presence." I searched around in my head again, but it still felt surprisingly light and empty.

"In my opinion, it sounds to me like Ether was testing the waters today. The pill you took has the effect to weaken the mind. It's possible Ether knew this and waited for an opportunity to take over, just to see how far she could get. I almost wonder if she's not the work of a telepathic villain." Recovery Girl added. This is probably what she was thinking about while waiting for All Might to show up.

"Ether was the one that brought up the topic of the pill, to begin with, so it does fit with everything else. But it doesn't explain how I was able to use some of the quirk as my own. If she was just telepathic, I couldn't possibly use her quirk, as well. Besides, the last thing I want to think about is a villain slowly making their way into my mind to take control." All Might and Recovery Girl shared a glance between each other before speaking up again.

"You might not want to think about it, but it's a possibility we're going to have to consider." All Might placed a hand on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me.

"I wish she would rear her head, I've got questions to ask," I sighed in frustration and laid my head back down against my pillow. I couldn't help but feel like she regretted what she did and was hiding to wait for my temper to calm down. If she was a villain, then this wasn't the likely case though. A villain wouldn't regret their actions.

"You're right, so do we. Next time she speaks to you, I want you to notify me immediately, okay?" I nodded my head in understanding. I didn't think I could handle dealing with Ether all on my own. It would be better if others were around to ask questions with me, just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

"And there is something else, in case this is an attack from a villain, I would like for you to stay in the dorms at the academy come this summer, if at all possible." His words startled me so I sat back up in the bed before feeling a little dizzy. His gentle hands pushed me to lay back down against the cot.

"I'm not so sure that's a good idea," Warm blood rushed to my face when I thought of what I was about to say next. "I'll now be having active... heats... every month from now on and I'd like to spend those days at home if I can."

"Hmm, good point. I can understand the need to be in the comfort of your own home during those times. Then how about, every time your heat nears, you just head back to your mother's home during it? The longer you stay in the dorms, the safer you'll be until we get this whole thing figured out. Besides, you'll have constant access to all the training facilities and I wouldn't mind coaching you during the summer as well? If you're here and something happens, we can come to your rescue in a timely manner. We're heroes, it's what we do." His argument was sound and valid. I had no real reason to deny his offer, so I just nodded my head again.

"Will I still be allowed to relax and enjoy my summer like everyone else?" I raised an eyebrow. He chuckled at this.

"Of course, my boy. I wouldn't take that away from your youth!" He struck a fist to his chest spiritedly and I laughed.

"Good, that means you can't stop me when I want to continue training," I smiled at him. That's really all I had planned for this summer, besides tracking other heroes and hanging out with my classmates occasionally.

"So, what else can you tell us about Ether?" Recovery Girl intervened into our moment.

"Not much," I shrugged. "All I know is that she said she was just a presence in my mind and because of the type of quirk she possessed, Ether, she could communicate with me more openly than the other vestiges. I didn't even know which silhouette is hers and when I asked her she said she wasn't one of the ones remaining in my memory. She has a borderline grotesque sense of humor, as well." I stared up into All Might's eyes that were filled with worry. All I ever seemed to do anymore was cause the people closest to me to be hurt. I was tired of hurting everyone around me.

"All Might, what am I going to tell everyone in the class that witnessed this? How do I explain all of my quirks' various changes? It's getting really hard to hide these from them." He nodded in agreement.

"Perhaps, we simply tell them that your quirk is evolving? We could say that we were wrong in deducing what it was when it manifested late and now we were doing our best to figure out the dynamics of it all? How does that sound, my boy?" I nodded.

"Sounds like a plan to me. I just need something to tell them and keep their questions off of my back for a while. I'm going to need to call my mom and explain all this to her. She needs to know I'm not coming home to stay this summer now." I sat back up in the bed I was occupying and reached for my phone.

"Would you like for me to talk to her? It might be best if I were the one to contact her regarding this manner since I was the one that thought this up? I promised her I would do everything I could to keep you safe, so I'm sure she'll understand." I nodded in agreement. He pulled out his phone and began to dial my mother. I glanced down at the phone I held in my hands and saw the various messages of concern and support I had received from all my friends.

Ochaco🌸  Deku! I'm so worried about you, please message me and let me know what's all going on whenever you get the chance. Let's have dinner together tonight!

❄️Shouto🔥  Midoriya, I hope you feel better soon. Please don't use that thought projection anymore.

Iida🤖  On behalf of the whole class and as one of your close friends, we are all hoping for a speedy recovery as soon as possible!

Katsuki💥  Tell me when you're done with All Might, nerd.

I chuckled when I read Katsuki's message. He was worried and hated being left out of the loop, especially when it came to my quirk. I mean, at least I hoped he was worried, but after this morning, I wasn't sure I deserved his concern. In fact, he probably just hated me.

My body felt like I was wearing a winter coat that had been dipped in ice water. My mind was heavy and my limbs were bogged down. I desperately craved sleep, but my eyes didn't feel the desire to close for longer than a few minutes. I was worried I'd be left alone with nothing but my own thoughts. That wasn't something I wanted right now. I just had too many thoughts to even think about. Just thinking about thinking of all the thoughts I had to think about confused me. Even the sentence I just thought confused me. I was confused, jumbled up and just utterly, mentally exhausted.

"Mrs. Midoriya, yes this is All Might speaking. I was calling in regards to Young Midoriya. There was an incident today in class concerning his quirk. As his mentor, I was wondering if you would approve him remaining in the dorms during summer for extra care and training? The more training he gets using his quirk the better off he'll be in dangerous situations. Yes. Yes. I understand. Yes, he's here. Would you like to speak to him?" All Might turned toward me and handed me his phone.

"Hello, mom," I said exhaustingly. It wasn't too long ago that I had just spoken with her and had her chewing my head off for being stupid.

"Izuku, dear, I don't mind you staying in the dorms during summer, but what about your heats? After what happened last night, you can't blame me for being concerned." She said, her voice seemed to carry her concern through the speakers.

"I already discussed this with him. I'd be coming home during those times to be safe." I explained to her.

"Okay, sweetie, that makes me feel better. I know you're responsible, I trust you, Izuku. Come visit then? I miss you."

"Yeah, I will. I'll still come the day after classes let out, I miss you too," I smiled and handed the phone back to All Might. I motioned to him that I was going to lay back down and try to get some rest. My head was still spinning and I felt like, if I had eaten anything today, which I didn't, I'd be hurling it up right about now.

I curled myself up on the bed while All Might ended his conversation with my mother. He hung up and patted me on the head, the deal having been completed. I'd be staying in the dorms all summer long. I sighed at the thought and brought my phone up to my face.

Deku🍀 [Ochaco🌸]  Food sounds incredible. I haven't eaten all day. I'm going to rest up with Recovery Girl a while more before heading back to the dorms. I'm still a little dizzy.

Ochaco🌸  Do you want me to come to walk you back to the dorms? I don't mind coming to get you?

Deku🍀  No, it's fine. I'll leave here shortly. We talked about a lot of things and I'm not really sure I even know how to explain what all happened today.

Ochaco🌸  It's totally fine, don't worry about it! As long as you're okay, that's all that matters.

Deku🍀  Thanks, I'll see you at dinner then :)

I hated knowing they were all concerned and worried about me. Finals were tomorrow and they needed to be spending these days studying and getting prepared. If any of them failed their tests, I wouldn't know how to react. I didn't want them failing because of me.

Deku🍀 [❄️Shouto🔥]  Don't worry, I'm not even sure if I'd be able to try it at the moment.

Deku🍀 [Iida🤖]  Thanks, Iida! I'll be better and as good as new in no time!

Deku🍀 [Katsuki💥]  Kacchan, I'm discussing things with All Might for now. I'm going to rest up for a while and then join Uraraka for dinner.

I put my phone back down on the side of the bed and tried to drift to sleep. My mind wandered to all the obvious things that I just wanted to avoid at the moment but I couldn't. I felt a small nudge in the corners of my thoughts.

Ether, is that you? Are you there?

Nothing responded from within the nether regions of my mind.

Ether was currently M.I.A.





Chapter Text



🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I woke up to Recovery Girl gently shaking me on my shoulder. My eyes blinked open and adjusted to the bright lights overhead. I glanced out the window to my side and saw the sun had begun to set. Panicking, I realized I must have kept her here after school had already ended for the day.

"Midoriya, how are you feeling?" She asked me as I sat up in bed. I tested out my body, feeling for any aches and pains. I wasn't sore anymore from my body seizing up, but I did notice a twisting and rumbling in my abdomen.

"The only thing that hurts on me now is my stomach. I could use some food," I chuckled at her. She smiled, agreeing with me.

"Yes, food sounds wonderful. Now, don't hesitate to contact me if anything changes," I nodded and she sent me on my way back to the dorms. Before I left the school grounds, I stopped in at the changing rooms and switched out my clothes. I looked down at my hero costume and sighed. It desperately needed a deep clean. I wiped off whatever I could from the small droplets of dried blood that was still on my face and started my way toward the dorms.

As I was walking, I checked my phone to see that Katsuki had responded to my messages from earlier.

Deku🍀  Kacchan, I'm discussing things with All Might for now. I'm going to rest up for a while and then join Uraraka for dinner.

Katsuki💥  Then it's our turn to talk. I want a fucking explanation.

Deku🍀  Yeah, I kind of figured you'd want to know what's going on.

Katsuki💥  Come up to my room tonight after dinner, then. Don't keep me waiting too long, nerd. Finals are tomorrow and all that.

Deku🍀  Okay.

I pocketed my phone and continued on my way. My heart skipped a beat at being in the same room together with Katsuki. I was hoping to maybe talk about this morning, without revealing anything, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. He was pretty upset with me and he had every right to be. If I were in his situation, I would have felt... used... Even if he didn't have feelings for me, being made to feel used wasn't something anyone should have to deal with.

Maybe I could answer a few questions to ease his concerns at least a little bit. I didn't want him to bombard me with questions about why I was marked all over again, because he'd only get angry when I dodged them. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck in the room with him alone when he was angry and ready to explode. I also didn't want to reveal my feelings for him either. I knew he'd only be disgusted with me and I'd be kicked out once more.

But, since I had a feeling he was concerned for me this afternoon, I was hoping he'd give me a chance to smooth some things over. Maybe let me talk a little or maybe just make sure I didn't entirely ruin my chances of getting close to him again. We were just starting to fix things and I didn't want to lose him. I didn't want him to push me from his life anymore. It hurt to see him getting along with other people. Those other people used to be me.

My stomach did a flip when I thought of how he acted around them when no one else could bear witness. Did he smile? Was he flirtatious? Were they getting to see a whole new side of him that I never got to? Did they see the way his skin glistened after a heavy workout? Did they get to feel his fingertips on their skin or watch the way his eyes sparked whenever he was excited about something? Did they make his heart beat fast or take his breath away? I shook my head and let out a soft growl, pulling my thoughts back and stopping the pain that started to wrap itself around my heart. I'd had enough of struggling to breathe for one day.

When I walked through the doors of the dormitory entrance, I was greeted warmly by everyone at first before they decided to usher me toward the showers to clean off. Uraraka insisted I needed to relax after what I had been through. Dinner wasn't ready and she wanted me to be able to just come back and sit down to enjoy spending time with her. I was still mentally exhausted, so a nice shower seemed extra rewarding to me at the moment.

After I was done, I headed to join Uraraka and a few others at the kitchen table. When I sat down, she had placed a nice, warm bowl of freshly cooked ramen in front of me. My empty stomach leaped with joy at the thought of food and I happily accepted her offer. No one brought up the events that took place today in practice and I was grateful for the peace of mind. For now, we all probably wanted to focus on our studies and prepare for the finals over the next two days, anyway.

I expected to be bombarded with questions as soon as they were over, though. Maybe by then, I wouldn't be so tired anymore. There was one person who I knew wanted answers tonight, however. I figured he could use a few of those by now since there was still so much that I wasn't ready to tell him.




I walked tentatively toward Katsuki's room, my footsteps barely making any sounds in the empty corridor. I was thankful there was no one else around to witness me heading down his hall. I wasn't in the mood to explain to anyone why I needed to talk to Katsuki tonight. I also figured he didn't want others to know we were even on speaking terms, to begin with. Although, I wasn't so sure we were any more after what happened this morning. There was still so much between us that needed to be discussed but it was all going to have to wait until after we were done with everything else. If things seemed to be calm enough after our discussion, then maybe I won't have to talk to him even further about what happened last night. That thought relieved me a little. If he was willing to just be patient and give me some time, I'd be ecstatic. That's all I really needed, was time. For now, though, he needed answers about One for All. Even if I wasn't sure I could give them to him. I was still just as confused myself.

I rapped my knuckles against his door, my heart was jumping against my ribcage, trying to escape and I could already feel the heat beginning to grow at the base of my neck. I sucked in a quick breath while I waited for him to appear. Small beads of sweat were forming on top of my forehead. I tried to quickly wipe them away, but they just kept coming back. I was nervous. I didn't want to see his disappointed glare anymore. I didn't want to have to listen to any pain in his voice that I might have caused. I didn't want to face him and be told that he hated me for using him. But, I couldn't tell him that I wasn't using him and I couldn't tell him that last night meant more to me than he could ever possibly know. If I said something like that, he'd surely kill me on the spot.

Katsuki swung the door open wide, effectively breaking me out of my thoughts. I had my head down, staring at the oh-so-interesting woodwork under my feet while twirling my thumbs around in my hands. I glanced up quickly, making eye contact before casting my eyes off to the side again. His lips curled into a snarl when our eyes connected. In that split second, his piercing red glare looked like he wanted to drown me.

"Get inside quickly, nerd. Quit fucking around," He growled at me. His usual demeanor wasting no time to rear its head. I pursed my lips while nodding slightly. He pushed the door open further, stepping aside to make room for me to pass him by.

"Deku, do you... have a fever?" He asked me, his voice laced slightly with concern. I furrowed my brow at his words, wondering if he was right. I did feel unusually warm, but I passed it off as my normal embarrassing habits. I was more worried about him. Since when did he care if I was sick? Was he actually the one that was running a fever? He grabbed me by the elbow and spun my body around so that I was facing him. He placed his palm against my forehead and I leaned into it. Savoring the chill that it brought to my face. It was soothing on my fevered skin, his light touches sending soft shivers down my spine. I pushed his hand away gently before walking further into his room.

"I'm fine," I said, shrugging off his concern. His gentle touch sent my sensitive body on edge and I needed to step aside before I let his hand linger for too long. It felt amazing when he was near me... too amazing...

I made my way toward the middle of his floor and just awkwardly stood there, not really sure what to do next. I leaned back on my heels as I waited for something, anything, to happen. Katsuki closed his bedroom door and made to sit on the floor beside his bed. He gestured down toward the empty spot next to him so I took a seat. Our knees were barely grazing each other, sending soft signals to my brain, muddling my mind together at our close proximity. Being in the same enclosed space as this intimidatingly handsome Alpha forced my Omegan senses into overdrive. I was overly aware of my surroundings. More importantly, I was overly aware of Katsuki.

Everything about him made my hair stand up on edge. The way his muscles rippled whenever he moved. How his tight black tank top hugged his body perfectly, showing everything beneath it. I almost drooled as I watched his chest rise and fall with every breath he made. The way his throat moved slightly when he swallowed. His jawline was just so perfectly chiseled, just begging for me to run my mouth along it. I stared at his soft, pink lips and trailed my eyes down his torso, taking in the stunning hot mess before me. I cautiously licked my lips as scenes from last night invaded my mind. Another shiver ran down my spine and my own heartbeat picked up. I swallowed softly, letting my breathing get carried away as I continued to stare at him. My eyes closed slightly while my foggy mind drifted away, enticing my fantasies even further.

"Quit acting so damn nervous nerd. I'm not going to bite you. I'll just wait until you can say what you need to say," He snarled at me. I wouldn't mind if he bit me right now, though.

I vaguely noted that it was out of character for him to be willing to be patient and I wasn't sure how long that'd last. I admired the thought and wondered what brought it on, but it wasn't what my mind wanted to focus on anymore. I watched his lips pull back when he spoke, revealing a perfect row of porcelain teeth. Two insanely sharp canines protruded forward, a characteristic that showed his dominating Alpha traits. The Omega in me tingled in anticipation.

"Hmm..." I hummed, thinking about those teeth slowly sinking into me, biting and sending pleasures unknown coursing through my body.

"I liked when you called me Izuku last night." I softly spoke, leaning my body closer, staring at his lips once more.


Did I say that last part out loud? 

Yeah... Yeah, I did.

Oops, that was meant to stay a subconscious thought. Where was my mind even going with all this anymore?

"The hell? That's not what we're here to talk about. Stay on topic, De - "

I turned toward him while he spoke and put a finger to his mouth before he could finish his last word. His body stiffened under my touch while I moved toward his neck and whispered, "I ~ zu ~ ku ~ " as intoxicatingly sweet as I could into his ears. My free hand tenderly touched his arm, sliding up until it reached his shoulder, giving him a soft squeeze.

"I - uh - ..." He started, before licking his lip. His shoulders relaxed under my touch and I watched his eyes cloud over in lust, fully caving into my desires.

"I - Izuku," He whispered softly, his eyes searched my own for an answer to see where this was going. I smiled softly and gently ran my finger along his bottom lip. I watched his throat bob as he swallowed, my hand tracing down his chin and softly caressing the front of his neck. I worked my way over toward his other shoulder, lingering my gentle touches against sensitive spots along the way. I knew exactly what I was wanting from him, but I wasn't sure if he understood me just yet. So I decided to push further.

"Very nice, Ka ~ tsu ~ ki ~ " I cooed back at him, giving him teasing praises.

"Izuku, you're not well today, you're running a fever and after what happened during practice, I - I think you... shou - should... just... - Ha... ahh."

With each word, I was slowly cornering him, pulling myself up on to his lap and straddling his body between my thighs. His sentence came to a halt when I brought my lips tantalizingly close to his ear. I licked along the edges, working down to his lobe, nibbly softly. My breath tickled the sensitive skin of his neck.

He brought those familiarly strong arms of his up and gripped tight around my hips, dragging me closer as I nipped and sucked, making my way down and along the sides toward the base of his neck.

"Hghn, Izu - this isn't... we shouldn't... hahh." He was cut off again as I ground my hips down and caressed the rising erection that had begun to form between our clothes. He let out a soft groan at the feeling of us brushing together. I brought my lips up to meet with his. I could feel as they began to buzz endlessly with the warmth we shared. I lazily snaked my tongue around the inside of his mouth, savoring the taste before pulling away. I kissed the corners of his lips and made my way down his sharp jawline. My tongue danced against his soft skin, goosebumps following in its wake.

"Dammit, Izuku..." He murmured into my ear.

My tongue raced across a particularly sensitive spot between his shoulder and neck. I felt his hips buck up in response, seeking more friction as he tossed his head back, giving me free roam to do as I pleased. I happily ground my own hips down to meet against his movements, feeling his throbbing member growing stiff underneath me. I nuzzled my nose into his shoulder before I brought my teeth forward and took his skin into my mouth. I sucked in deeply, causing him to dig his fingers hungrily at the skin of my hip bones. A soft moan rumbled within me as I relished in the pleasurable sensation this brought.

"Sthh... A - ahh," He sucked in a quick breath and brought a hand up, putting it on the back of my head and holding me in place. I continued my tirade on his neck, sucking and biting while grinding on his hips until I couldn't take it anymore. My member started to twitch and I felt a gentle warmth pool into my abdomen. I was losing to the throes of passion that riveted my body before we had the chance to do much more. I pulled away and brought my hands down to strip him of his clothes.

"W - wait, Izuku." He brought his hands up to stop me. I shoved his efforts aside quickly, not letting him protest. Before he could say anything more, I pressed my lips to his again. My tongue roamed along his teeth, fighting against his own as I enticed him to take over, devouring the inside of my mouth. One hand trailed up against the back of his neck and pushed him gently forward, holding his head in place as the other continued to unbuckle his pants. After a few moments of breathless struggling, I managed to relieve the pressure and open him up. I pressed my fingers against the fabric once, feeling his length.

He growled into me as I reached my hand down inside and pulled out his member. I wanted to look down and take in the sight, but I couldn't pull myself away from him. My head was swimming in nothing but hazy desire. A desire of nothing more but the devouring of the Alpha before me. Euphoria wafted through my body as my sensitive skin caressed against his. I blindly felt along his slit, my fingers twirling around in circles, causing him to whimper slightly at my touch. His sounds left my body craving even more, so I started stroking him just enough to keep his mind busy. When he was hard enough, I lifted my body up higher, giving me room to slip my gym shorts and boxers down to one leg. Our heated and passion-filled kiss continued as I stripped away my clothing. His soft whimpers of lust filled the air when his reasoning slowly slipped away from him. He tossed all his senses out the window and finally stopped fighting me on this, his own pleasure taking hold of his mind. I let go of the back of his head and steadied myself against his shoulder. His tongue danced lazily with my own as I gripped around his shaft. I leaned my body closer to him and started to position him along my rim.

"Izuku - Mmgh - S-Stop. That's gonna - Ah - h, it's gonna hurt you, you idiot!" He pulled away from my kisses for a moment to let it register within me. I groaned and tried to ignore him, pushing myself closer, but he brought his hands down to stop me. My mind was hazy with lust, the fever probably wasn't helping me much either, so I didn't really care if it was going to hurt at first, I just knew it would feel good eventually.

"I'm tired of seeing you hurt for one day, please?" His voice took on a more serious tone and I halted. My eyes flicked back and forth between his own and in my foggy mess, I vaguely noted that his eyes really did look tired. I hadn't exactly taken the time to consider how he truly felt after seeing me like I was today.

I gulped and slowly nodded, understanding sinking in as he brought his fingers to my lips. I began to suck on them, slathering them with my spit as best I could before he pulled away and started to insert them one at a time. My eyes never left his, displaying to him the feeling he brought out of me.

"Ahh, Kacchan, G - gahd." I threw my head back and let out a soft moan. Heat shook me to the core as I brought my lips crashing back down to his. I started to grind my hips down into his fingers, feeling the pleasure they sent through me. After he curled the third finger inside, I pulled his hand away, deciding I had waited long enough and brought his member up to my rim once more. I kissed into his neck as I slowly slipped myself down on top of him.

"T - That's... Nngh," I moaned loudly as I felt him caressing the insides of my walls. I could feel him twitching and throbbing while I sank further around him. The pain and sensation of having his member fill me up was almost more than I could take. I felt as though he was reaching deeper than he ever had before. This position sent chills soaring through me and I slowly started to move my hips up and down. Kacchan growled possessively and tossed his head back in excitement. I could feel my walls pulsing, sucking him up more and more. He brought his hands up and placed them around my cheeks, lifting his hips to thrust hard inside me.

"Ahh... Y - yes. That's the spot, Katsuki..." I hissed when I felt his tip ram against my prostate over and over again. Each time it sent a new wave of heat shooting up my spine, the warmth in my abdomen only continued to grow.

"Mngh, right... there... Gahd. K - keep going," I moaned loudly. I needed something to occupy my mouth so I kissed hard down on his neck. He jolted a little and I could tell he was getting close, but so was I.

"Yes, Katsuki... That's it... cum inside me," I begged in between pants of ecstasy. My mind swirled heavily as the warmth grew, sending shivers up my spine.

"K - Kacchan... I'm gonna..." I started to say. He threaded his fingers through my hair and yanked my head back, eliciting a small cry of pain and joy from my lips. Pleasure coursed through my body when he dominated over me, ravishing and commanding every part of my body.

"Then let me hear you." He growled as he thrust harder inside me. I winced when I could no longer hold anything back. My member shuddered and twitched uncontrollably as I felt the sweet sensation of release wafting through my body. His thrusting didn't slow down and I felt a knot begin to form within him. I slightly panicked at first, but then remembered I was definitely not on my heat, I had taken that awful pill, and I was on birth control, so I made no move to stop him.

I felt his thrusting begin to come in faster spurts, slowly losing the steady rhythm. He still had my head pulled backward and I moaned at each movement. His other hand gripped me tightly at the waist, leaving marks and I could feel his body start to shake. His movements came to a halt and the knot made its way up inside. I felt my walls expand when his seed painted them white, filling me to the brim. Being knotted by this Alpha sent waves of pleasure that I had never experienced before, coursing through me. It was a feeling I wanted to savor forever. His grip around me loosened and the hand at the back of my head pushed me forward until our foreheads were resting together. I stared into his crimson eyes, trying desperately to catch my breath. He scowled slightly.

"You really do have a fever, ner - Izuku." He caught himself. Probably afraid I'd assault him again if he called me "nerd" while we were still alone. We were both panting from exertion while our bodies were linked together. I could feel him still twitching and every time he moved, his knot brushed against my overly-sensitive walls. I blushed at what I had done, but I was feeling so overwhelmed after today, that I didn't even care about my own actions. My emotions were off the charts and for some reason, the only place I felt like I'd feel safe, was here in his arms. I needed to feel his embrace. I thought I was slowly losing my mind but I didn't regret bringing myself here.

"I know, but it's nothing too serious. It'll go away... eventually." I said, gasping for air still. I couldn't seem to fill my lungs fast enough. He closed his eyes and buried his face into my chest before speaking again.

"I wasn't expecting this when I texted you, Izuku. You're always full of surprises, aren't you?" He chuckled softly. I wanted to pull away and look into his eyes when he did that, but I was a little too embarrassed to search them right now. I didn't know what I'd find lying beneath his irises today.

"Yeah, neither was I, too be honest." He brought his head back up and placed it against my forehead once more.

"What brought this on?" He asked softly. I could hear a tinge of longing in his voice, but I knew I couldn't give him an answer just yet.

I shook my head in response, afraid to tell him how I was feeling. I just felt like I needed him but I had no idea why. He was always the rock to my foundation. Whenever I found myself sinking deep into a cavern of despair, it was thoughts of his champagne blond hair and his crimson eyes, that always helped me climb my way back out. He was the salvation I craved and after what happened last night, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to only think of him to pull myself back up anymore. I was going to need more than that. I was going to need whatever this was.

I moved my forehead from his and nuzzled into the side of his neck. His arms wrapped themselves warmly around me. He pulled my body close, holding me in a snug embrace. I shut my eyes and pressed my nose into the nape of his neck, inhaling his scent deeply.

A little too deeply.

I was accosted with an all too eerily familiar smell and my body froze. Without warning, my mind shifted, sending images swirling around me. I was surrounded by brisk dawn air, taking a hike through a foggy, damp green forest. Rough mountains were on either side of me, the brilliant orange sun barely peeking over their summits. The smell of the earthen woods surrounded me. I pictured settling down and bringing forth some firewood. The tender logs crackling as the smoke drifted into the morning sky above them. Somehow, a skillet of pancakes sat over the flames while they licked the sides of the pan. Caramel syrup drizzled deliciously over the top of the fluffy concoction. I snapped out of my reverie when Katsuki spoke.

"What's wrong," Katsuki pulled my head away and looked me in the eyes. I hadn't realized it but I had frozen entirely, while my nose subconsciously enticed his pheromones further out. My eyes widened slightly before I quickly shook my head. If I thought about it now, I'd lose my mind. Now was not the time to be realizing what I had just smelt.

'Shove it away, Izuku. Shove it away,' I harshly told myself.

"N - Nothing, I was just suddenly tired," I managed a weak smile, despite the current tumultuous thoughts that ravaged my mind.

It all made so much more sense to me now though. Why I felt so warm in his embrace. Why it was the very touch of his fingertips against my skin or the gentle brush of his lips against mine, that I craved with every fiber of my being. It made sense why I desired to be knotted by him. It made sense why I craved the feeling of his teeth scraping against my scent glands.

It was him.

Katsuki Bakugou.

All along, this Alpha...

It was him.

He was my mate...




Chapter Text



🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


How could I be wrong about this when we were the only two people in this room? While an Omega can't pinpoint their mate in a whole crowd, this close, literally right on top of him, there would be nothing to stop me from recognizing his scent now. I couldn't mistake this.

Why didn't I smell this last night? Was the alcohol inhibiting my senses? Was my drunken mind just too far gone to register what he smelt like to me? Now that I sat back and actually thought about last night, I did remember thinking he smelled familiar, but it was just a passing thought. I could feel myself begin to break out in a cold sweat. What am I supposed to do now? I know I said I'd never tell him, but that was before we... well... copulated? That was before I thought that maybe... just maybe... he wouldn't hate me? He couldn't possibly hate me if we've done all this together, could he? The answer was yes, yes he could. There's always the possibility that he wasn't good at rejecting people that practically throw themselves at him. I mean, who would? If anything, he probably thought I was easy... H-He probably thought I went around and did this with everyone. How could I blame him for that, though? I was marked by a different Alpha entirely, yet here I was, shoving myself into his lap and begging for his touch.

Do I still hide it? Should I continue with my original plan? I wasn't ready for him to know I was an Omega yet and if I told him we might be mates, then he was sure to find out. In fact, if I said we were mates, chances are that he'd just shove me out of his room again. He couldn't possibly want someone that he's constantly hated for years and years on end. We haven't even fully fixed our friendship yet. Well, we were clearly beyond friendship at this point. I didn't even know what we were to each other anymore.

I could always pretend that I never noticed, it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. I mean, the suppressants are supposed to work both ways. Hiding not only my scent from the Alphas and Betas but also blocking their pheromones from me. Nothing was perfect though, it's really only supposed to block the lingering smells in the air, not something directly from the source. So, as long as I didn't let my mark fade, he shouldn't find out what my Omegan pheromones smell like since Todoroki's scent was now mixed in.

But, if I did continue to hide from this, proceeding with the suppressants and the plan to be marked by everyone, then maybe I wouldn't have to think about this for a little while longer. It could help bide me some time until I was ready to actually come out and tell Katsuki everything. Besides, maybe my fever-riddled mind was just making up scenarios to suit my desires. It's possible that I was just hallucinating and picturing what I thought being his mate would smell like. I did envision a whole scene when I took that whiff. Maybe that whole scene was just some made-up fantasy of my unstable mind.

I mean, I wouldn't say I'm mentally stable at the moment, anyway, what with having a talking spirit controlling my body while simultaneously taking all kinds of harmful medications, having a fever, and then being marked by someone that wasn't my mate on top of it all. My mind was literally a melting wreck and it was possible that I made up his smell to ease some of my worries. Like the worry that I did this with someone that didn't even care for me, in the same way, I cared for him. I shook my head slightly and decided that couldn't possibly trust myself right now, I'd have to wait a week or so and try again. Maybe a time when the suppressants and the mark are both wearing off a little. I mean, it's also possible he just smells delectable to me right now because we just had sex and he's the only Alpha nearby for my Omegan nose to notice? There are all kinds of possibilities to this so I couldn't jump to conclusions. I really didn't want to think about how fate probably decided to be cruel.

"That's why I tried to stop you. You have a fever and after all that blood loss from today, you should be exhausted, idiot," He scolded me out of my own thoughts. I just sighed and nodded. He was right, I needed to find sleep, maybe it would come to me tonight for once.

"I know, I just... couldn't help it...?" My voice trailed off, turning the statement into more of a question. He chuckled and shook his head. I could feel as his knot inside me began to die down and as soon as it did, I was off of him and slipping my pants back on. He did the same.

"Now that you're done assaulting me," He looked at me and raised an eyebrow as I turned a deep, rosy red. "How about you fucking tell me what is going on." I nodded slowly before taking an awkward seat next to him. I scolded myself internally for not waiting to cave into my own desires until after we had already talked. Now, I had to sit here and try to hurry this conversation along before my gym shorts soaked through with his cum. Maybe it wasn't the brightest idea to beg him to fill me up, but I craved him in ways that I could never explain, so, I knew this was all my fault.

"So, remember the vestiges I told you about? The ones that informed me I had other quirks within One for All?" I looked up and he nodded, understanding me so far.

"Well, one of them has come forth and is claiming that they aren't a part of the others. She said she's different and she's right. She... speaks to me... in here, unlike all the others," I said while pointing to my head. I told him everything I could about Ether and how All Might thought she might be a villain as well. When I was done, we just sat in silence for a moment before he spoke up again.

"That's... pretty fucked up, Deku... You're telling me that there could be a villain invading your mind, right now, at this very moment?" I couldn't tell if he was shocked or angry at this point. I bit my bottom lip and just nodded.

"Can this 'Ether' hear me?" I shook my head. She probably could hear him on any other given day, but I didn't know for the time being.

"She's not here right now. Erh, well... what I mean is, she's keeping away from me. So, I don't really know if she is listening to us at the moment or not. It's hard to say. The second I feel her again, I've been told to contact All Might. I don't really know what he wants to do about this whole thing though. I'm not even sure if there's something that could even be done." I sighed and pulled my knees up to my chest. I rested my forehead against them, hugging myself, and staring down at Katsuki's floor. I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head, but I just ignored the feeling. He seemed to have more questions and I could tell they were going to be about other topics. With the moment finally at hand... I panicked. If I had held myself back earlier, then maybe I would've had the courage to sit back and talk with him, but unfortunately... I let myself get greedy.

"I need to go study before I get too comfortable, Kacchan. That's all I really had to say about this." I unfurled my arms from myself and made to stand up.

"Wait," he grabbed my wrist and I turned around to look down on him. "What is this all of this Izuku? W-What's happening to us..." He motioned to the space that settled between our bodies and I just shrugged.

"I don't really know myself, but I think that maybe we'll just have to figure things out as we go." I pulled my wrist away from his grasp and left his room, leaving a very shocked and confused looking Katsuki Bakugou behind. He didn't move to follow me, to stop me. A little part of me ached to know this, knowing he willingly let me walk out of his room without so much of a simple glance back.

I walked into my room and just let the world crash around me. The only place I seemed to be able to breathe and just be myself was when I was isolated all alone in my room. I felt like there was no one in my life who really knew who I was. There were a few people that I told bits and pieces of my past too, but no one knew everything. Katsuki came the closest to anyone, but I still couldn't tell him everything. I was still holding myself back, locking my thoughts away into the cold metal cage that was slowly becoming my heart.

I walked into the cold air of my dark room and opened the doors to the small balcony on the other end. The cool night breeze brushed against my fevered skin as I walked toward the railing and leaned back against it. I faced my room but tilted my head backward, to stare up at the blackened sky. The never-ending above me just void kept sucking the light out of the lives of every little star that simply wanted to survive, dancing away from the velvety embrace the sky promised to wrap them in.

I felt alone in a world that was loaded with chances for you to live forever happy. Chances that always seemed to slip between my fingers and just beyond my grasp. Touches of skin that I couldn't allow myself to relish in. My mind drifted once more toward my palms, I still hoped one day, Katsuki's warm hands would find themselves a home here. But for now, I was truly alone.

I'm still here...

The voice barely registered in my mind a whisper hiding amongst my thoughts, so I figured maybe I was hearing things.


Once again, only silence draped it's comforting arms over my shoulders, hugging me in its icy embrace.




The next two days flew by in a steady blur. After every exam, the class practically released a collective breath, thinking 'One down, more to go,' as we came close to the end of the days. No one brought up what happened to me during our practice match and I couldn't help but think it was just a blip in their system. I was merely something they could ignore whenever it inconvenienced them. I was easily tossed out the window whenever I stood in someone's way. Like I was now, nothing but an inconvenience. I knew they didn't really feel that way, but I couldn't stop my thoughts from turning down that path. How could I possibly blame them for shoving me aside though? Because I, too, didn't even want to think about it. Ether had been missing this whole time and for now, it was simply easier to pretend the problem had been solved since I had other things to worry about.

The exams were really stressful but I had finally finished my last one. I looked up from my paper to see several heads were still down, pencils scribbling furiously, trying to beat the clock. I gathered up my belongings and handed in my exam. Aizawa glanced up at me before nodding that I was free to go.

"I'll see you around campus this summer, I suppose, Midoriya?" He whispered to me. I smiled and nodded, sending a wave in his direction before turning to leave. I glanced back down the room toward my classmates and noticed Uraraka had just finished her exam as well. We made eye contact and I could tell she wanted me to wait for her, so I stood just outside the doors. My best-friend telepathy radar had buzzed.

"Oh my gahhdd," She sighed audibly as soon as we were a decent distance away from the others. "I don't know how I did on that, but I'm just sooo glad it's all over!" She linked her arm through mine and began to drag me toward the dorm rooms.

"Me too, but I think I did pretty decent on mine," I smiled at her. She playfully punched me in the arm.

"Of course you did! Don't rub it in, you're always nose deep in those notes of yours! I'm hungry and since we're technically free to do as we please now, how about going to the café down the road? I heard they serve good pasta!" She giggled.

"Food sounds amazing right now," I obliged. We went to the dorms and changed, agreeing to meet outside the school gates. While changing, I heard my phone go off. I glanced down and saw a text message from Uraraka.



Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!

Ochaco🌸  Since the semester is over, how about that beach?!

I ignored her message for now since I was about to be joining her and I also knew no one would be responding yet, they all still had their heads buried in exam papers. After changing, I made my way downstairs and out to where she was waiting. I was glad for this chance to spend time alone with my best friend, I could really use someone to talk with about things that were plaguing my mind. She waved when she saw me and we headed on our way.




The café was a small, quaint little place, tucked away down a street corner. It was easy to miss, but it still attracted a lot of attention. They were known for their amazing pastries and their pasta was rumored to die for. We placed our orders and were handed small pagers that would buzz when our food was ready at the counter. We found a small table for two, in the far corners of the shop, away from prying ears. It was a comfortable area and the aroma of coffee and chocolate was pleasing to me.

"This is just what I needed," Uraraka sighed as she brought her drink up to her nose, inhaling the scent.

"Right back at you," I smiled.

"So, we haven't really talked since what happened at practice the other day. Care to enlighten me?" Her eyes were gleaming in curiosity.

"Well, the best way to describe what happened would be to call it an evolution to my quirk? Possibly? Uhm... no one really knows... I have this persona that talks to me in my mind sometimes and All Might is concerned it's not really my quirk but a villain trying to take over my body," I glanced up to see her just sitting there staring at me, mouth wide open. I reached across the table and pushed her chin up, helping her remember how to close her mouth.

"A villain?! What about you? What do you think?"

"I'm still not so sure. After the incident, Ether hasn't appeared again."


"Yeah, that's what the voice said I could call her," I just shrugged. Our buzzers went off so I walked away to go grab our meals. When I returned, I noticed she was texting and I felt my phone vibrate a few times in my pocket. Others must have finished with their exams by now and they were probably setting up plans to get together this summer.

"So, what are you going to do about this Ether then?" She asked when I set her food down in front of her.

"It was decided that I'd stay here in the dorms during summer so I could be monitored in case anything happens. Otherwise, I'm not sure what's going to happen." I sighed, the smell of my pasta wafted up to my face making me smile. This smelled as good as the rumors hinted at, I only hoped it tasted as good too.

"That makes sense. I guess. So! Anything else happen as far as Bakugou?" Her question caught me by surprise mid-bite and I nearly watched my life flash before my eyes as I choked.

"Actuuuallyyy, about him..." My voice trailed off and my eyes flicked to some stray corner of the café, not making eye contact with the nosey friend of mine that sat before me.

"Go on, I'm waiting." She pressed.

"We met up last night and... uhm... ya know...?" I glanced up from my plate and once again her mouth as just sitting there, hanging open. This time though, I got a lovely sight of already chewed food.

"You did what?!" She yelled into the calm café air. "Are you guys like, dating then!?"

"No! No, not dating," I waved my hands at her and started blushing profusely. "Kacchan would never date someone like me! I'm nothing more than a pebble that keeps falling in his way. I'd only be a burden if we dated."

"Don't say that about yourself, Deku! Do you want to date him?" She eyed me from across the table.

"I mean, if there was nothing standing in my way, then I'd give the world to be able to call him mine. But life just doesn't want to make things easy for me. It never has," I shrugged and waited for the other questions to come my way.

"Wait, wait, wait! Hold the phone!! You like Bakugou?! What rock have you been hiding under? Are you insane?? He told you to kill yourself, Deku!" She exclaimed. "Why would you like someone that views you as nothing more than a pebble, an obstacle for them to overcome in their lives? There are wayyy better people out there for you. People that would treat you the way you deserve to be treated!"

"Maybe it's because sometimes he shows a side to me that he doesn't show anyone else. I know that deep down he cares and that the words he said that day were simply a last-ditch attempt to wake me up to reality. He thought I was quirkless and he didn't want to see me hurt myself, so he tried to convince me I couldn't be a hero. He resorted to whatever measures he could. In a twisted way, it was like he was trying to save me from myself." I laid my feelings on the table for her to observe. She leaned back and pondered all of this.

"Deku, if you like him and you think he's changed, then I'll support you, no matter what you choose to do. However, I don't want to see you get hurt either, so please be careful." She took a sip from her coffee.

"Don't worry, this is probably not going to go anywhere. He most likely doesn't see me as someone worth thinking things through with anyway."

"What makes you say that? I wouldn't be so sure, he seemed really shaken up during the accident at practice. Maybe he likes you too," She smiled encouragingly. "Who's the one that started the hooking up?"

"That would be me. Both times." I pursed my lips and tapped the side of my cup gently. Thinking about how everything we did was because I teased him into it.

"But he went along with it, right?"

"Uhm... not really..." I sighed and shook my head.

"Oh... Oh, Deku... m - maybe you should try dating someone else, get your mind off of him then? Summer's coming up so it's the perfect time to start a fling. What about Todoroki? He likes you! I think he'd treat you better than Bakugou would. Well, I mean, I at least know he'd return your feelings." She shrugged like what she said wasn't even just a big deal to her. Again, I, however, nearly choked to death on my pasta. She had impeccable timing with shocking me.

"Shouto likes me?! Like, the way I like Kacchan?" She nodded her head and just smiled.

This was news to me and what surprised me the most...

I didn't hate the idea...

I wasn't sure I liked the idea that much either. I just thought that maybe she was right and it was time to try something new for a change. I had been pining for someone that never seemed to return my feelings for so long, that perhaps someone else could help me to fall in love all over again. I wasn't sure if it was even possible. My feelings for Katsuki were just so strong, but I was curious to see if she was right. Todoroki had been my friend for a little while now, but I never got the vibe from him that he wanted something more.

A quick memory of our time together in my room a few days ago flashed to the forefront of my mind. He did get a little touchy with me then, but I had only shrugged it off as him succumbing to his Alpha nature at the smell of an Omega's lingering heat. There was only one way to find out if this is a good idea or not.

I pulled out my phone and sent a message.

Deku🍀  Hey, Shouto! Have you had dinner yet? Let's eat together tonight if not!

❄️Shouto🔥  Sounds good to me.





Chapter Text



🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


"What are you smiling about?" Uraraka asked me.

"Well, I didn't know that Shouto liked me, so I asked him to join me for dinner tonight." I smiled meekly. I wasn't used to thinking someone liked me in this way, so it was a nice thought. I wasn't sure where I was going with my invitation, but I wanted to at least see if I could tell he liked me. It's not that I doubted Uraraka, I just wanted to see for myself and maybe spending some time alone would help me. Besides, I hadn't really spent any time with just him before so it would be a nice change of pace to hang out with my friend.

"Wow! You move on fast!" She exclaimed. She raised her eyebrows in shock and then started to giggle when I shook my head in denial to her.

"That's not true and you know it," I said, eyeing her in hopes she'd understand. "I don't know if I'll ever move on from Kacchan. I've liked him for a very, very, long time so I just don't see that happening. It's just, I kind of did ask Shouto to mark me, without knowing how he even felt about me in the first place. I put him in an awkward situation where he is now, technically, my marked mate. After it happened, I've felt this strange sense of security being around him and I just know it's because of the bite. We aren't bonded or anything, but there's a special temporary link that was formed and I can't help but think that this link means more to him than it does me. If anything, I feel like I hurt him more than this hurt me so I kind of want to make it up to him. I doubt that marking me was easy for him to do, so I feel bad. It would be nice if I at least returned the favor. I'll ask him if there's anything he'd like to do for me to repay him. Maybe we can go see a movie or something."

"You're gonna ask him to go on a date? How cute!" She clapped her hands together like an excited child. "I'm just teasing, but yeah, I can see how you'd want to do that. He probably did have a hard time marking you when you didn't feel about him in the same way."

I finished my pasta and gestured to her empty plate which she handed them to me and I walked away to put them up. I felt my phone buzz a few times while I was gone and when I returned to our tables, she had her phone in her hand again.

"Plans for the beach?" I asked curiously. I stood next to the table and patiently waited for her to finish her message. She nodded and kept texting before standing up. We walked back to our dorms, the sun beginning to cast low shadows on the ground as the night came to an end.

We went our separate ways when we got back inside. I waved goodnight to my friend as she walked toward the elevators to head back to her room. Uraraka said she had to start gathering her things together since she'd be leaving for the summer like most everyone else. Her parents were coming to pick her up in the morning so she had to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything to bring back home. I wasn't sure who was all staying in the dorms for the summer besides myself, but I figured I would find out in only a few days. I had nothing else to do for the night before Todoroki and I hung out since school was officially over for a few months, so I just decided to head toward the common area to laze around. I figured watching some TV and reading the messages I had been ignoring all night would be a nice way to waste some time. I saw Hagakure, Mina, and Tsuyu already sitting together on one of the couches, so I decided to occupy the other. They were watching TV and fiddling on their phones as well so I just made myself comfortable.

I sat down in the corner of the couch and pulled my knees up, resting them against my chest. I nuzzled my back down into the cushions behind me, effectively burying myself in nothing but couch, while I pulled out my phone to read everyone's responses.

Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!


Ochaco🌸  Since the semester is over, how about that beach?!

Denki⚡️ I'm still down!

Mineta🍇  Bikiniiiisss

Momo👗  I need to go shopping for a swimsuit still! Anyone joining me?!

Kiri🥊  Yeah, Bro, the beach!

Iida🤖  When would the class like to make these plans then?

Tsu🐸  My family has a vacation planned starting tomorrow for almost two weeks, but I'm free after that. I'll join you Momo, kero.

Sero🕸  Same with my family and I think Mina said her family did too?

Mina🌷  Yeah, just for a week though, but it doesn't start tomorrow, it starts in three weeks.

Ochaco🌸  Then let's plan for about four weeks out! Can I get a roll of who else is going then? I've got Denki, Mineta, Momo, Kiri, Iida, Tsu, Sero and Mina for now. Anyone else?

Kiri🥊  Bakubro, join us!!

Koda🐁  I'll pass.

❄️Shouto🔥  Is Midoriya going?

Ochaco🌸  He probably is. We're eating at a cafe together right now, so he'll probably respond later tonight or something.

❄️Shouto🔥  I'll go if he is.

Tokoyami🐦  I'm busy.

Mina🌷  Todoroki, we all know you can't resist Midoriya ;)

I smiled a little at the exchange that took place between Todoroki and Mina. Rereading the messages, I wasn't sure if she was entirely correct in teasing Todoroki because it was possible he just felt more comfortable if I was there as well. He didn't exactly seem too close to anyone else, so I couldn't really blame him for just checking before making his decision to go or not.

Aoyama🦄  I would love to bless you all with my beauty and splendor, but alas I shall be away that week. Fare thee well, my fellow classmates.

Katsuki💥  I'm not going, you fucking extras.

Ochaco🌸  Fine, we didn't want you to go anyway. You'd probably suck at the beach volleyball competition.

Katsuki💥  I'll fucking destroy your asses at it!

Kiri🥊  So that means he's in!

I was glad to see Katsuki was willing to participate in our small class get-together, even if he only wanted to go because Uraraka mentioned a competition that he would lose in. It was funny how fast his responses changed when someone teased him like this. He could give you whiplash with his mood if you weren't careful.

Sato🍰   I'll pass on this. Got plans to go to Okinawa. Sorry.

Toru👻  I'll pass, I have plans with someone that week.

Ojiro🦁 Yeah, I'll pass too.

Mina🌷  You guys sound like you have plans together ;)

Shinsou🤕  I suppose it sounds okay.

Jirou🎸  I'll be busy that week. Sorry!

Shoji🐙  I would love to, but I'll be gone that week too. You guys have fun though.

So in four weeks total then, huh? I thought to myself. 

The whole thing sounded like a lot of fun. It was sad to see that some people still couldn't make it, but I was sure if we sent them pictures or something, they would feel included a little. Maybe it wouldn't be the only thing we got together this summer to do and they might be able to join us at that time.

Deku🍀  Sounds like fun. Can't wait.

❄️Shouto🔥  Then I'm in too.

Ochaco🌸  Great! I'm going to make a new group with just those people so we can make plans then!

I shut off my phone's screen and waited for the next barrage of messages that I knew would be coming any minute now. I stared at the TV and watched whatever was showing. It seemed to be some drama or something that the girls had put on. I heard soft giggling coming from the other couch after several minutes in the show had passed. I couldn't help but wonder what was so funny to them so I glanced up.

My heart plummeted in mock-fear. They were all looking directly at me. Well, I mean... I couldn't tell for sure if Hagakure was, but the other two were definitely becoming intense in their evil little stares.

"What?" I felt immediately self-conscious about absolutely nothing in particular. They made me feel like I did something wrong so I started glancing around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't stink as far as I knew and I wasn't muttering anything, was I? The TV show wasn't something that was too strange for a guy to be watching and I hadn't done anything else to make them laugh. I glanced over at their faces one more time, waiting for a response.

"Oh, it's nothing, Midoriya... We were just talking about how much Todoroki worships your every move. It's cute," Mina smiled.

"He does not! We're just friends," I blushed a deep shade of red because, until today, I really thought that that was all we were. I never once viewed him in a different light, so hearing other people bringing his feelings up in a conversation made me a little uncomfortable. Besides, if he really did like me, I doubted he would enjoy knowing other people told me before he had the chance to. Maybe he didn't even plan on telling me in the first place. Maybe, if he did like me, he just was going to keep it hidden because he cherished our friendship more than anything.

"Sure ~ you are, kero." Tsu chimed in, giving me a suggestive wink that I tried to dodge.

"He was awfully eager to be the first to mark you and just now he didn't want to go to the beach unless you had said you were going. He was waiting for you and the moment you responded, he was there in a flash. Also, the other day at lunch, he told Bakugou that no one else was going to mark you either. He was super protective of you. It was actually really sweet," Mina winked at me as well. Their strange failed suggestive winks were making me cringe in fake-horror. I could see the gears turning in their minds as they tried to pair us together without actually knowing the situation.

"Wait, he told Kacchan that?! Why would he say no one else is going to mark me when it's not true? I thought we had this all planned out already." I asked the girls sitting across from me.

"Yeah, Mina told me that Bakugou practically knows everything. Well, I mean, not everythinggg ~ But close enough to it all. Todoroki said it was really painful for you and that he didn't want other people to put you through that, is that true?" Hagakure asked me. I thought back to that day and nearly winced at the memory itself. So I nodded in response.

"Yeah, it hurt... a lot, but it's nothing I couldn't handle again. I've put myself through worse things than this so I don't mind if I'm marked by others. It's okay, really," I said. Mina's eyes widened a little and she looked just past my shoulder. Before I had the chance to turn around, I felt a hot breath on my ear and sent out a small yelp at the words that were breathed down my back.

"Heeehh? Is that so, nerd? Does that IcyHot bastard know you feel like this?" I whirled around to see Kacchan leaning down over the back of the couch, hovering just inches above me.

"K - Kacchan... Uhm, no, I suppose he doesn't know. We haven't talked about this yet." I scooted away from him, but he just walked around the couch and sat on the opposite end, slightly facing toward me.

"He said he was going to talk you out of this stupid 'marking experiment' you all have going on. You know, the one that I wasn't invited to? The one where you're the damn prize." He waved a hand dismissively in the air, but his shoulders were a little tense. His words sounded like he didn't really care about everything but I could tell he was a little upset about something.

"It's not stupid and it's not just an experiment, Kacchan. There's more to all of this that you don't know about. I'm not going to stop it either. If he doesn't think I should subject the rest of the class to it, then I'll just have him mark me again then." I crossed my arms, not registering what I said before it was too late.

"Wait, I thought this whole thing was to determine who your mate was? Why would you have the same person mark you over and over again? That doesn't fucking make sense. Now you're acting like you don't even want to find your mate? Besides, I'm confused. Just because your scent has been masked from your mate by someone marking you, it doesn't mean that you can't smell your mate's pheromones. So, shouldn't you know who they are by now at least? If you do and you still want Half 'n Half to mark you, then your hiding from your mate, is that correct?" Katsuki was slowly getting closer and closer to the truth and I needed a saving grace, fast. Why did he have to be so smart?

I couldn't let him know that I was on suppressants, blocking my nose from smelling pheromones effectively. If he knew I was on those, then he'd know I was an Omega. If I didn't tell him about the suppressants, he would continue to wonder why I couldn't truly pinpoint my mate and he might make the assumption I'm an Omega regardless. Because, well... they're the only second gender that can't identify their mates the same way as everyone else. I also couldn't tell him that after the other night, the one person I suspected being my mate was him and I was indeed hiding from him.

As if on queue, Todoroki sat down in the middle of the couch, cutting us off from each other.

"No, that's not entirely true, Bakugou. There's still more so you'll just have to keep digging. Or you could knock it off, because he clearly doesn't want to tell you. Midoriya, I'm ready for dinner whenever you are." He said calmly. Katsuki growled at Todoroki's presence and scowled at the both of us.

"Yup, let's go!" I jumped up from my spot on the couch and took a glance down at Katsuki. He just glared in my direction.

"Ah! Now you two are going on dates?! How romantic!" Mine swooned into the arms of Hagakure and Todoroki blushed.

"It's not a date, we're just eating dinner together!" I protested.

"Alone, kero?" Tsu asked.

"Yes, alone," I responded.

"Just you two?" Hagakure added.

"Y - Yes, just us..."

"Then it's a date! Enjoy, you two ~ ! Share the deets with us later!" Mina winked and waved us off. I ignored the burning sensation at the back of my neck as Katsuki's eyes stared into my soul. It really wasn't a date, but now he clearly had the wrong idea. He was already suspicious of us, to begin with, but it's not like he had any right to be jealous. It wasn't like we were trying to be exclusively together or anything, at least, not that I was aware of.

"I'm sorry about all that Shouto, but thanks for showing up when you did. I nearly let Kacchan know everything accidentally. I would never forgive myself if that happened," I shot him a hesitant smile.

"It's okay, I don't mind. What are your plans for food?" He asked me.

"Honestly, I was hoping we could just order pizza and chill in one of our rooms. How's that sound?"

"That sounds fine with me, Midoriya. Your room or mine?"

"Let's go to my room. We can order the pizza once we get there."


I glanced down at my phone to see several messages from the group Uraraka had just made.

Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!


Ochaco🌸  Here's the group for the summer beach party! I'm thinking we start the party early in the morning and get together a small bbq in the afternoon, then fireworks in the evening?

Mina🌷  That sounds perfect to me!

Mineta🍇  Bikiniiiiisss

Kiri🥊 Meattt!

Denki⚡️  Meat and Bikiniiis!

Todoroki and I were standing in the elevator, heading toward my room, so I was just watching everyone's responses coming in.

Iida🤖  I support this plan of operations. Keep me informed and let me know what I may do to help proceed.

The elevator beeped and I lead Todoroki down the hall and into my room. I had a small coffee table sitting in the middle of my floor and I gestured for him to take a seat. I sat across from him and pulled out my phone.

"Alright, what kind of pizza were you wanting?" I asked him. He shrugged and said he didn't really have a preference, so I just ordered a supreme and instructed the driver to call when they arrived. I didn't trust the group downstairs to not steal our food.

My phone buzzed a few more times while in my hands and I glanced at the messages.

"Everyone seems really excited about this beach trip, right?" Todoroki asked me. He pulled his phone out too and was looking at the conversations that took place.

"Yeah, I think it'll be fun. We haven't really had a chance to get together outside of school like this before, so it'll be a nice change. I'm excited too. A BBQ sounds amazing to me." I pictured eating the warm meat fresh off the grill and my stomach growled a little. I knew I shouldn't even be hungry right now, but I couldn't help it. I was a growing boy.

Mina🌷  Are Todoroki and Midoriya going to be coming as a couple?? ;))

Kiri🥊  A couple?! They're dating??

Momo👗  This is a shocking development.

Ochaco🌸  No, they aren't dating, guys.

Mina🌷  They definitely are on a date right now though!

Deku🍀  It's not a date! We're just eating and hanging out!

I glanced up at Todoroki and saw him blushing again. I still couldn't tell if he liked me or not, I mean we hardly said two words to each other since we came to my room. I definitely could tell I didn't feel the same way about him as I did Katsuki though, but I couldn't deny that I found him interesting.

Katsuki💥  The nerd said it wasn't a date, but what does the IcyHot bastard think?

I saw Katsuki's message and wondered the same thing.

"What do you think of this all, Shouto? Do you consider this a date?" I tilted my head and asked him. I watched as his eyes widened. I couldn't tell if it was embarrassment, fear, or shock. Maybe all three. He was probably full-on bewildered by the whole thing. It was new for him to have everyone teasing us both so openly.

Kiri🥊  Don't be jealous, Bakugou. There's plenty of Midoriya to go around.

Katsuki💥  Shut up, Shitty Hair.

Mina🌷  If it's not a date, then I was wondering, who do you like Midoriya?

Ochaco🌸  Deku doesn't need to answer that, this group is for the beach trip guys~

Momo👗  I wouldn't mind hearing his answer though if he wanted to tell us that is. There's no pressure. We're all your friends, so we won't tell. Unless you can't say it because the person you like is in this group?

Tsu🐸  Yes, I'd like to know, kero. Does he even like someone in particular. He's so nice to everyone. If anything, I thought you and Midoriya were dating already, Ochaco. Is that not the case? You two would make a cute couple...

Ochaco🌸  We aren't dating, just friends and I'm not the person he likes. He doesn't need to tell anyone who it is. If he wanted you all to know, he would have told you by now. I'm his best friend and I actually just found out today, myself.

Mina🌷  Oh? But he does like someone then AND you know who?? Tell us! Spill the beans, Uraraka!!

Ochaco🌸  Deku! Help me out here!

Deku🍀  Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was busy enjoying my 'date'. You're all on your own at this point. You dug your own grave.

Ochaco🌸  Don't be bringing your sassy little sarcasm in here! I know it's not a date, you told me earlier!

Deku🍀  Yeah, but no one seems to want to listen to my protests anymore, so I might as well call it a date at this point. Yup, Shouto and I are on a date. Toootttally on a date. A pizza date. Aaall alone. In my room... ;) ;) ;)

❄️Shouto🔥 ...He's teasing guys.

Katsuki💥  About what, dammit? About the fucking date or being alone in his damn room? What's with the fucking winks? What the hell's that shit supposed to mean?!

❄️Shouto🔥  Wouldn't you like to know?

I put my phone face down on the table and laughed openly at the exchange. It was funny seeing Todoroki and Katsuki argue via text. I decided it was time to ignore any other messages that went off and made eye contact with my flustered friend, who was waiting to respond to my question.

"I... uhm... I believe your intentions were merely to hang out and nothing more." He said shyly. I nodded in affirmation. Those weren't exactly my intentions though. I intended to find out his feelings, but he didn't need to know that.

"So I was wondering, how you wanted to go about marking me from now on? I heard from Mina and the others that you didn't think I should be marked by anyone. Is there a particular reason why?"

"It hurt knowing I put you through that pain and I just don't think others should have to experience it as well."

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry for making you go through with that. I wanted to make it up to you somehow, so I'm glad we're talking like this. But, I'm confused, you're okay with it? You're okay with putting yourself through that?" He nodded at my question.

"Why? Why are you okay with hurting yourself just to help me out? I know it hurts you to watch me in pain. I saw it in your face that day. Is it because you think of me as a really good friend?"

"No, Midoriya. I don't think of you as just a friend and I think you know that by now," Todoroki stared at me, not backing down. I gulped quietly and froze in my spot. He answered my question differently than I was hoping, in fact, this whole thing was going a lot faster than I had planned.

"T - Then what do you think of me?" I said nervously. I twisted my thumbs around as the anxiety built up inside me. My heart beat started to quicken while I waited for him to speak up and explain.

"I like you, Midoriya. I really like you," Todoroki confessed. He reached across the table and placed a warm hand over my nervous twitching, trying to calm me down. I knew this was coming. I mean, I practically egged it into happening, but I didn't really prepare myself for it, nor did I think of how I'd answer him. I literally dug my own grave in this whole situation and now I was forced to face the consequences. This was karma for hanging Uraraka out to dry on her own. Luckily, my phone went off and the pizza was ready to be picked up.

I excused myself and left him stranded in my room while I ran down to grab our food. Leaving him alone to think about what he had just said to me. I knew it was a dick move, but I needed a few more seconds to think... and I kind of really wanted to get to the pizza before someone else beat me to it.

What was I going to say to him?




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🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I raced down the corridors and into the elevator. I was in a hurry because I didn't want to keep either Todoroki nor the delivery guy waiting for too long, but I also was panicking and searching for an answer. The elevator doors opened and I began to walk quickly through the common room and kitchen, toward the dorms exits.

"Where are you going, Deku?" Uraraka called to me from the kitchen. I slowed just a little and placed a finger to my lips, hoping she'd understand that I needed her to be quiet.

"I, uh... pizza's here." I managed to get out while pointing in the direction of the dorm's doors. If I stopped here, the group in the common room would look up and spot me and right now, that wasn't something I wanted. I figured Mina and Tsu were explaining all the teasing they had been doing in the group text to Hagakure. I didn't expect their teasings to stop if they spotted me and I wanted to escape before I managed to be captured in their gossip grasp. I saw them all still sitting around on the couches, playing with their phones and talking. Katsuki was staring at the TV, his phone was also still sitting in his hand. He was twisting it around and tapping it against his leg as if he were waiting for someone to respond properly to his question from earlier. I smirked at the sight. It was funny how nonchalant Todoroki was able to act around him.

"Oh! So you really are just chilling in your room all alone? How sly ~ I didn't think you were serious. Did you consider what I told you about moving on? Are you thinking about dating him??" Uraraka could be so oblivious sometimes, because at her words, the crowd I was avoiding, turned and looked at us.

Fantastic. This was turning into some weird rom-com drama.

"I think moving on really is the best idea! You two would be such a cute couple! But you have to remember to use protection tonight, Deku!" My face flamed massively at her words. I heard a soft choking sound from the common room and fits of giggles erupted from the couch. I just shook my head in exasperation at her and glanced toward the doors. I couldn't leave the pizza delivery guy just sitting outside, so I took off through the doors, ignoring Mina and the others. I didn't even bother to see Katsuki's reaction to what she had said. I didn't want to see his look of disgust, which I was so sure I'd be given. I found the delivery guy and paid him for the pizza. When I turned around, Uraraka was holding the doors open for me.

"Deku, you look a little pale. Is everything okay?" Even though she could be oblivious, she could always tell when something was on my mind.

"Uhm..." I began as we walked back indoors. "Shouto did manage to tell me he liked me," I sighed. "So it turns out that you were right."

"Well?! What was your response??" She threw her hands together. "This is the perfect chance then, Deku!"

"I - uhm... ran away to grab the food... and just left him hanging," I mumbled, staring down at my feet.

"You did WHAT?!" A feminine voice boomed. I jumped at the sudden exclamation that came from around the corner. Apparently, the group of girls from the couch were hiding, waiting to ambush me, and had heard what I just said.

"So, Todoroki isn't the person that's playing with your heartstrings then," Hagakure murmured.

"No, I told them all. He doesn't like Todoroki in that way, but compared to who he does like, I think dating Todoroki would be a better start. At this rate, Deku's going to be single forever." Uraraka blabbed for the whole dorms to hear. I blushed profusely and tried to sidestep them all.

"So, who is it that he likes, then? Who wouldn't want to date him? He's so cute and fluffy! I mean, we all know it's a guy. Sorry, Midoriya, you just don't strike me as... straight..." Hagakure blurted out. My mouth dropped and I squinted daggers at her. She wasn't wrong, so I didn't say anything. I just didn't know my classmates could tell so easily.

"It is a guy, you're not wrong. I can't believe you thought Deku and I were dating, Tsu!" Uraraka giggled at the idea.

"If it's a guy, then I only have one other ship for you and... I just... I vote Todoroki, if it's who I'm thinking of, kero," Tsu said slowly, glancing between us all. I rolled my eyes in frustration. I wasn't down here to discuss my personal feelings with everyone out in the open like this. If it kept going I just knew someone was going to spill the beans. By someone, I meant Uraraka. Was she even aware that Katsuki was sitting there listening to the whole thing? He was watching us the entire time and tilted his head after what Tsu said.

"If I had to think about who the guy would be, then I'd take a guess that you like Ba - Hungh!" Hagakure was silenced by three hands whipping up and wrapping themselves around her mouth. I tensed up and refused to look in Katsuki's direction at this point.

"Ahahah... Hagakure, let's keep our guess's to ourselves for now. I think we all agree that you should date Todoroki, Deku," Uraraka let go of Hagakure and smiled brightly.

"Come on guys. I don't want my pizza to get cold and I have a conversation to get back to. I'm probably going to reject him. I mean, he is very attractive to me and all, but I've always found us to be just friends. Maybe something in the future, but I really don't know right now. I'll know more if you guys could just let me get back up to my room and actually talk all this out with him? I'll never be able to give him my response if you're all surrounding me and holding me hostage down here. I'll text you all about it later if I have to, I just would really like to go back to my room." They stopped swarming and could probably tell that I was getting slightly irritated, which was totally out of character for me, but I couldn't help it. I really did need to get back to Todoroki and give him a response. I bypassed them all and made my way to the elevator. Once inside, I released a breath of relief, but just before the doors fully closed, Katsuki had made his way over and stuck his foot inside. I immediately coward into the furthest corner away from him with my pizza. Last time we were in an elevator together, I started stripping.

He pushed a button on the elevator and the doors closed. Then, he pushed another button and the elevator froze in its spot. I gulped.



"So, damn nerd, it sounds like Half 'n Half finally got the balls to confess to you, huh?" He stood with his back still facing me. Slowly, he turned around. He walked in front of the elevator doors and stopped, just staring at me.

"Y - Yes, he just did." I started to sweat. 

Was it always so hot in this elevator?


Just me?

Oh, okay.

"What's your response going to be?" He just leaned back against the doors and crossed his arms. Clearly, he wasn't letting me go anywhere until he had all his questions answered this time.

"I don't really like him the same way he likes me, so I'll most likely turn him down or maybe ask for some time and I'll try to see him in a different light. I would be lying if I said the idea didn't intrigue me, but it's hard to think of actually dating him right now. I've always just considered us friends and never anything more than that. But maybe I can see where things go from here and probably go on a few dates or something to give him a chance...?" My voice squeaked and I cringed at my own words. I couldn't tell if I was lying or what. All these questions from everyone did help me figure out what I was going to say to him, so that was good. It wasn't good that he was still left sitting all alone in my room, waiting for me to return.

I knew Katsuki didn't want to hear that as my answer, but I thought maybe Uraraka was right and it was time for me to try and move on from him. I wasn't sure if Todoroki was the person that would be able to help me through with all of that, but if he was the only person willing to try and be with me in my life, then I didn't really have any options. Maybe I was just going to be using him as a rebound to help me ease the pain of giving up on Katsuki. I hated the feeling that idea gave me. Not only would I be hurting by myself, but I'd also be using and hurting a friend just for my own selfish reasons. If I never developed the same feelings for him in return, then eventually I'd have to call it all quits and he would never understand why.

"Heh. I see. You know, Deku, if you go through with actually dating him, being in a relationship, and being a fucking couple, whatever it is that's between the two of us will stop. I won't be used as some second rate scapegoat and I'm not a fucking homewrecker. You got that? It will end and it will never be picked back up again. I don't want that assrags sloppy seconds." He spat out at me while walking closer and closer until he was just inches away. I had to raise the pizza above my head because he didn't slow down even when it was between us.

Ouch. Sloppy seconds, huh?

"Why do you even care what I do with Shouto anyway? Are you jealous? It doesn't even concern you. At least he actually likes me. He's not asking for something purely physical, unlike you who probably doesn't see this going anywhere. He'd care about me and treat me better than yo - Mmph!" He cut me off with a deep kiss, his warm tongue easily sliding in and finding its place. His fingers brushed along my cheek, making their way to the back of my head and pulling me in closer. I was getting used to the way his mouth moved against mine, my tongue rising up to his challenge while I greedily responded to his advances.

"Just reminding you of what you're giving up if you go through with this with him." He whispered in between gasps of air. He trailed down to nuzzle against my neck and I made no move to resist him. His warm breath lingered along my skin as his kisses continued. He pushed me back until we were pressed against the cold, metallic walls of the elevator. His free hand trailed around my waist and I wanted to wrap my arms across his neck to hold him in his place, but they were raised above our heads. The pizza dangerously hovering just inches away and I knew if I made one wrong move, the whole thing would spill over us.

"Kacchan," I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes as a small moan threatened to release. He ground against me a little sending a hot sensation up my abdomen and the moan escaped me.

"Nngh - Hahh..." I breathed. His teeth grazed the goosebumps on my neck. He nibbled down lightly at first, but then he moved my shirt collar aside, revealing more skin for him to access. He sucked in and bit down, making me tremble at the sensation. He was intentionally leaving bruises along my neck, bruises that would only be visible to prying eyes. It was almost as if he were declaring my body as his and daring anyone who saw these marks to make a move and they'd face his wrath.

"Does the kitten enjoy this?" He whispered in my ear, tickling me and sending shivers down my sides. I wanted to crumble up and submit to him right then and there, forgetting that I had someone still waiting for me.

"Y - Yes," I responded quickly, trying to eg him further on, wanting to feel more of him. His lips brushed against mine again and I chased after the feeling, closing the gap and accepting his tongue once more. A soft growl rumbled from within him and I wanted to purr in response, but he pulled away again. Planting gently kisses on my nose. Soft brushes on my eyelids. Gentle touches on my cheeks. Every time his lips touched my skin, a wave of heat rushed through me, begging and craving even more.

"Good, then while you're wasting your time fucking around with IcyHot I want you to remember what if feels like to have me inside you," He teased, his hands tugging my hips forward and pressing myself against his slowly forming erection. He ground a little and I shuddered. I wouldn't have minded him finding his way inside me right now, actually.

He backed away and reached around toward the button panel. He pressed the elevator button to start back up and head toward my floor. When the gears whirred back to life, he came back to face me again, grabbing my chin and tilting my face upwards to stare into his deep crimson orbs. I licked my lips in anticipation and whined softly, hoping he'd return to me again. My eyes were lidded and I felt my knees growing weak under his gaze. He brought a finger up and lightly traced around my lips. He pushed his finger forward and I opened my mouth, feeling his finger rest on my front teeth. I lightly bit down and watched his reaction. He gulped and opened his own mouth slightly, his eyes glazing over with desire. I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked a little, whining when he slowly pulled his finger back out before talking again.

"You also might want to think about sharing your little secrets with me from now on, Izuku. You'd be surprised by what I'd have to say about them. We still haven't figured out what we're even doing right now, so don't go making half-assed decisions with that asshole until we do." He pressed his mouth against mine one more time and I couldn't help but melt under his touch. His hands holding my face in place as he made quick work of my lips. He ran his hands up my head and mused my hair, fluffing it up in a very suggestive manner, but I didn't care. His touch was the only thing I wanted right now and it didn't matter where. The elevator began to slow and when it beeped, he backed away, just as the doors opened. Todoroki was standing in the hallway, waiting. He glanced between Kacchan and me, wondering about the exchange that just took place. He eyed me carefully, taking in my disheveled appearance, my reddened lips and neck, my ruffled shirt, my shortened breath, and my messy hair. Katsuki looked untouched, mostly because he was.

"Midoriya, y - you were gone a while, so I was concerned." He tucked his phone into his pocket.

"Yeah, I got bombarded," I glanced at Katsuki and saw him smirk at my words. "I've got the pizza now though, so let's head back to the room." I smiled at him, acting as if nothing had just happened and this wasn't the most awkward situation I had ever found myself in. I quickly pushed past Todoroki and heading toward my dorm.

Please follow me and don't confront Kacchan. I silently whispered to myself. 

Thankfully, Todoroki wasn't the flaming hothead that Katsuki was and he turned, following me down the corridors. Not before shooting an icy glare in Katsuki's direction though. He definitely knew what happened between us, it was obvious and I couldn't help but feel a small tinge of guilt. It no doubt hurt him to see someone else touching me in a way he probably craved, in a way that he wasn't able to.

We sat back down on the floor, this time I sat next to him and leaned against my bed behind me. We opened up the pizza box and let our mouth's drool at the delectable sight before us. The saucy aroma wafted through the room and I couldn't stop my mouth from watering. It hadn't been that long since I ate with Uraraka, but there was just something about pizza that made me hungry all over again.

"Shouto, what all can you tell me that Kacchan knows? He's getting really close to figuring everything out and if he doesn't stop snooping, I'm going to have to tell him. I wanted to wait a little longer, but I don't think it's possible to postpone this anymore," I asked as I grabbed an especially cheesy pizza slice.

"Well, I believe the only thing he doesn't know is that you're an Omega and I think he has the wrong idea about everyone marking you," He shrugged and ate his piece.

"Do you think I should tell him?" He stopped eating for a moment and set his piece back down.

"Midoriya, I don't want you to tell him. I don't like the way he's treated you this whole time and I don't want him to have the chance to mark you. I feel like he'd do it just to watch it cause you pain and I don't want that." His words were sincere and it warmed my heart to know he cared so much about this.

"I don't think he's that kind of person though. Anyway, how did you do on the exams? Knowing you, you probably aced them." I asked, changing the topic. I was trying desperately to find anything we could talk about that would help erase the awkward tension I felt steadily building up between us both. I finished eating my slice and made a mad dash for a second. My eyes lingered over on Todoroki's face as I took in his features. He really was handsome and seemed to have a gentle side to him. I knew he would care for me and treat me the way he thought I deserved to be treated. I noticed a small red hue tinting his cheeks and he kept shifting back and forth in his seat. I shook his strange behavior off, just taking it into account of the nervous atmosphere around us.

"I think I did decently. Nothing a little hard work and studying can't solve. I'm sure your exams are going to come out just fine, as well, Midoriya. Does your family have any plans this summer like everyone else's?" He asked me in response.

"No, not really. It's always just been me and my mom so we don't really do too much. It's nice to just spend time together though. So I can't wait to head out tomorrow and see her. It's been a while. What about you? Are you going back over the summer and visiting your family?" I remembered how things had been for Todoroki and felt a little sad when I asked him.

"No, the only person I'd visit is my mom if anything, but I'm staying here in the dorms to get some extra training in. I don't have much of a reason to visit my family in the first place. You know how things have been going with my dad. Now that he's claimed the number 1 hero spot, he's trying to actually BE a dad and it's just creepy. I like the new scar he's sporting though. Suits him." I chuckled at his dry humor. It was nice to talk to him when the air around us stopped being so tense. Things finally felt like they were calming down and I could breathe easier. He still seemed a little uncomfortable and I was sure he had started to sweat. I didn't think it was that warm in my room though, was it? His eyes looked to be a little clouded over and he didn't seem like he was really focusing on our conversation.

"Yeah, I couldn't imagine having to have lived your childhood. I'm sorry. I never really knew my dad and I haven't seen him since I was a child. But, in some cases, not being present is better than when they are." I said quietly, my sympathy for my friend leaked into my words.

"Truer words have never been spoken. I feel like he still wants to bend me to his will, but I'm just not ready for that. I don't think I ever will be, but I know he's the best I've got to teach me how to use this power over anyone else out there. I'll use him for all that I can until he's got nothing more to teach me. I'll wring him dry of all his techniques." He clenched his fits, staring down at his palms. I nodded. It made sense to get your moves and skills from the source itself. That's exactly what I was doing with All Might.

"Midoriya, can we talk about what I said to you before you went to grab the pizza now?" I had leaned back against my bed and was just lounging after our feast. We had practically devoured the pizza in seconds so his time was running out. We were only together for dinner anyway. His words snapped me to attention. I was desperately trying to avoid the situation I had gotten myself into, but I figured it was time to face him.

I nodded and my heart's pace quickened. I didn't want to take the chance of losing him in my life, but I didn't think he'd be so unreasonable that he'd cut communication with me. He wasn't that kind of guy, so I decided to just be honest and lay everything that I was thinking and feeling down on the table. I cautiously sat back up and turned to face him, pursing my lips as I cleared my throat. His neck and cheeks were red, his breathing seemed labored, and his eyes were still glazed over. Was he really just this nervous? Something didn't seem right with his behavior, but I continued to brush it off, thinking he was embarrassed.

"There is currently something going on between me and Kacchan..." I started. "I'm not entirely sure what it is or what it can even be called, but I like it and I think it's going to continue. Until I figure this out, I don't think it's fair to either of you to accept your feelings right now. However, I'm not saying that things can't develop to that point in the future, though. It's always a possibility, you never know, the heart can be a fickle thing. I'm not really rejecting you, because I'm just in a difficult spot right now. I appreciate the way you feel for me. No one has ever felt this way toward me before, at least not that I know of. If they had, they never told me. You're the first person to say this, the first person to ever confess to me. That in and of itself makes everything you say and do so much more special to me. So I'd be lying to you if I said all of this didn't make my heart beat faster just being around you now. To me, that's a good sign, so it's not like there's no hope. I just feel stronger about whatever it is between me and Kacchan right now. I feel like I need to figure these feelings out first and then I can decide how I feel afterward, whether it be to try and move on from him by giving you a chance or to continue with how I'm feeling around him and fully reject you."

I looked up to see if he was following me. His gaze showed nothing new so I couldn't figure out what he was thinking. He was still tense and red in the face but he never looked away from me. I felt a little intimidated and the silence from him just seemed to make things worse. I wasn't sure what to do, so I continued to talk, falling into my usual rambles, hoping he'd respond or that I was at least able to fully convey everything I was feeling to him properly by the time I was done.

"Please don't hate me for this, Shouto. I really care about you and I'm willing to stay friends if things don't turn into something more between us. I won't ask you to mark me anymore, for your sake, if that's what you want. I couldn't do that to you now that I know how you feel. I know I'm hurting you just as much as it hurts me and I don't want to do that. I wasn't considering how you felt when I asked this of everyone, so I'm really sorry. Also, since I'm not really rejecting you, because it wouldn't be wise to reject you if I don't even know how I feel, I don't mind if you... uhm... flirt? I think? I'm not saying that you have to or that I'm expecting it. I'm just saying that if you do, I won't be angry or turn away. I mean, I'd also be lying if I said the idea of d - dating you wasn't tempting to me. It really is, but I don't want to start a relationship if I'm not truly in l-love with the person. Uhm... I'm sorry, I just keep rambling on and saying a bunch of pointless things and you're probably waiting for me to shut up. I just keep making this awkward situation even worse so, I'll just - Mmph!"

Suddenly, his lips were on mine. I could taste the lingering sensation of pizza sauce. My eyes went wide with the understanding of the situation and I wasn't ready really to return his kiss, so I just froze.


This was the second time in a day that I was cut off mid-sentence by a kiss.




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🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


Todoroki pulled away and looked at me, "I'm sorry, you were doing that thing where you forget to breathe..." He smiled shyly, his gaze shadowed over in desire. A small droplet of drool rested on his lips and my heart sank. It wasn't that bad but I just couldn't seem to feel the same passion he clearly felt about me.

"I think it's cute," He whispered seductively. At his words, I gasped a little and ducked my head behind my hands to hide the blush that was threatening to work its way up to my face. I may have been a little uncomfortable but that didn't mean I was entirely immune to his smooth words and good looks. My heart beat furiously against my rib cage as I tried to calm myself down.

"I'm not cute, Shouto," I protested lightly, peeking out from behind my fingers. He chuckled a little and shook his head. I watched him curiously as he licked his lips before closing the gap between my fingers and hiding from him once more. A soft scent wafted through the air, sending shivers down my spine, but I didn't really notice it at first. I was starting to feel a little tired, but it was getting late in the evening now. So I ignored my creeping exhaustion. The sun had set a while ago, casting the scene outside in a soft black blanket. My bedroom light was the only thing beating the darkness away.

"Midoriya, look at me," Todoroki said. I flinched a little at the tone in his voice. He sounded deeper, sterner and I started to grow a little concerned. That wasn't normal, he was usually so soft and gentle, but just now he sounded almost... demanding...

He rested a hand on my arms and tugged lightly, begging me to put them down. When I didn't listen right away, his grip tightened, sending a small jolt of pain up my arm. I furrowed my brow and slowly obliged after taking a moment to gather my courage. I looked up at him, expecting him to have more to say since he seemed so eager for me to meet his gaze with my own.

Instead, he accosted my lips once more. He pressed into me, one hand still gripping my arm tightly while his other hand came up and caressed the side of my face. He was holding me firmly in place and preventing me from backing down. I opened my mouth to protest, soft sounds escaping me as I struggled underneath his advances. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue in, grazing over my teeth and exploring everything inside. His lips were pleasantly warm while his tongue was chilling. The odd combination was both satisfying and startling. It sent more shivers down my spine causing me to tremble. I tried to push him away from me with my free hand, but couldn't seem to find my strength.

The sickeningly sweet aroma of burnt sugar came from nowhere and penetrated my nose. My eyes widened and my limbs started to go numb. My feet went limp underneath me and my mind began to swim around, almost as though the scent was a drug for me. Putting me under and toying with my senses. My own pores opened up against my will and released wave after wave of Omegan pheromones in response to his own. I felt his body stiffen and his advances took an even more aggressive turn. My body's ability to resist suddenly began to deplete against my will. It was like a force was sucking away the very life inside of me until I had nothing left to give and I didn't understand why it was happening. I started to feel fear creep into my core beneath Todoroki's touch and tears pricked my eyes. The warm salty sensation trailed down my cheeks and dripped off of my chin.

His cool tongue twirled against mine as I felt myself unwillingly cave and begin returning his movements. I couldn't stop my actions anymore, my tongue acted as if it had a mind of its own. A flash of violent red eyes soared to the forefront of my mind and I wanted to pull away quickly, but my body no longer listened to my mind and heart's desires.

A terrible realization came crashing down on me and I was once again reminded of how life enjoyed making me miserable. I couldn't fight him off no matter how hard I would try, no matter how hard I struggled against the confines of my own instincts. My own body was a prison cell that I could never escape. I was locked forever with no way out. Locked forever and forced to succumb to the demands of those above me. I couldn't escape because he was an Alpha and I was merely an Omega. He was an Alpha that had put me into submission before I had even realized what was happening. His pheromones penetrated into my secondary instincts and my body was obeying his will. The Omega in me craved the Alpha before me, craved the touch, the smell, and the dominating aura.

I wouldn't be able to stop this, no matter how badly I wanted to. There would be nothing I could do, nothing to prevent this from progressing. This is how we were made, a breeding ground for the strong. The only value my life held was in the hands of the Alphas that desired to mate. This was nothing more than that. This was how cruel fate really wanted to be to me.

I should have noticed something was going terribly wrong right from the start. He had seemed more on edge, more nervous, than usual. His eyes had clouded with lust before his instincts had even taken over. That should have been my cue to stop things from continuing, but I didn't realize he was succumbing to his own desires. I ignored the warning signs and continued to stay in the room with him. I noticed the changes and I blatantly ignored them. This was all my fault. I could have stopped this from happening. I could have prevented all of this, but I didn't.

If only I was stronger.

If only I was born an Alpha or Beta.

Why was this happening to me right now?

How far was he going to go with this?

His free hand started to ride up my shirt while he slowly pushed me down toward the floor. Never relenting his grasp on my tongue. Desperate growls rumbled in his throat when he straddled over me. His eyes were gone to the carnal desires of his Alpha nature. I wouldn't be able to reason with him right now even if I could speak. My own mind continued to spin in circles, barely forming thoughts... barely registering what was going on anymore. I felt weak. I felt tired. I didn't want to fight him anymore, it was just taking so much energy. Energy that I didn't even have.

His right hand chilled my sides and I shivered from his touch. Goosebumps rose as he made his way up to my chest, his fingers playing with my nipples. Another soft moan escaped me, quickly being swallowed down his mouth. His left hand tightened even more, warming up and burning the skin underneath. I wanted to pull away from the pain, but I couldn't, not anymore.

He's a hero in training, there's no way this was going to go too far, right? 
He wouldn't do this, would he? 
He... knows what he's doing, doesn't he?

No, I know he doesn't.

I can see it, he's too far gone to even know what's happening anymore.

He doesn't know what he's doing. 
The Alpha in him has taken over completely.

If only I could stop him from making this mistake.

If only I could save him right now. 
Save him from himself.

What- What... should I have done differently?

He finally relinquished his hold on my lips and began to leave a trail of kisses down the side of my neck. He let go of my arm and I felt it fall limply to the floor beside me. He tugged at the collar around my neck to grant himself more access and hissed at what he found. A feral growl rumbled through the room at the marks that Katsuki had left behind. Immediately, he started nipping at the sensitive skin there, trying to place his own mark above the ones that lingered on my flesh. I thought that once he had backed away from my mouth that I'd be able to speak, but I was long past losing my train of thought. My ability to form words had surpassed me, leaving me nothing more than a moaning mess beneath him. His pheromones were affecting me in a way I never knew possible. My breath was coming in short spurts now. The lack of oxygen wasn't helping my situation any and my mind was already hazy and dizzy from the smell.

This is my fault.

I let this happen.

If I had acted sooner, pushed away or spoke up, this wouldn't be happening to me right now. 

What's wrong with me?

I was born nothing but a quirkless Omega.

Someone like me doesn't deserve to fight against someone who's stronger than me. 

It's only natural that I'd fail.

Life wasn't designed for me to rise to the top.

This is probably just what I deserved. 

This was all happening because I wasn't supposed to fight against fate.

I wasn't supposed to try to rise in the brackets.

Mingle with the others, hiding who I was, fighting to stand at the top. 

All of it. 

I should have just accepted reality like Katsuki said long ago.

I should have taken his advice back then.

Maybe now, I wouldn't be in this situation.

Izuku. Breathe. Snap out of it!

Wow, Ether?! 
Welcome back.

You were missing out on all the fun!

Are you here to enjoy the torture at my friend's hands with me?

He's ruining both of our lives right now and lucky for us, we get front row seats!

No. No. I won't let this happen to you. Just calm down. You can't speak, but you're still thinking. Use my quirk, you can snap him out of this.

Why bother? 
It wouldn't do us any good.

What's the point anymore, Ether? 
Shouldn't we just give up and let this happen? 
It's the natural order of things.

This is what life wanted for me, to be a bottom feeder, existing for the pleasure and torment of those that stand over me.

I deserve this.

It's all my fault anyway, so might as well just sit back and enjoy the show.

Nothing can be done now Ether. 
I can't even move. 
I'm surprised I can still talk to you.

My mind is so foggy... heavy...

Maybe I'll just go to sleep now. 

IZUKU, STOP IT! You're being dramatic! Please, let me take over, I'll stop him for you then! You don't have to do anything, I can do it. If you don't let me, I'll force my way through. Please don't let this happen to yourself... I can save you... Let me save you, Izuku.

I'm sorry Ether... 
I'd rather sleep. 
It's okay... 
He'll be done soon...

He made his way down my neck and pulled my shirt to the middle of my chest. Weaving it around until it was over my head and tossed to the floor beside us. His kisses trailed down until his lips lingered over my nipple. He bit down, sucking hard. His fingers made their way to my hip bones, squeezing tightly until they snaked even further down. His right hand started to caress my member underneath my clothes. Rubbing the fabric into me, causing a small amount of friction. It was small enough for me to react and I felt myself twitching, throbbing and pulsing beneath his hand. His left hand reached into his pants and I could feel his arm movements as he started pumping himself, hardening in response to his actions.

He groaned above me and made his way back up to my lips, attacking them with no remorse. He paused to take his own shirt off before leaning back down to press our bodies together. His hips started to grind into me and I moaned again in response. Each moan was accompanied by a quiet whine, a soft cry for help.

"Midoriya," I heard him whisper when he pulled away and started kissing down my neck again. His hips still thrusting, brushing our clothed members together.

"I love you, so much," His words sounded strange to me. The foreign tone grated against my ears. I didn't know if my heart rate increased because this was the first time someone ever said those words to me in such a way or if I was hurt because they didn't come from the person I wanted them to come from the most. Finally, his fingers snaked down to my hips once more and he began to tug on my belt. I saw a slight amount of drool hanging from his lips when he pulled away. His eyes were practically closed from the amount of pleasure my own pheromones were draping him in.

'Kacchan... I'm sorry, Kacchan.' I thought to myself. A sickening feeling formed in the pit of my abdomen as his tugging became more aggressive. I could feel my belt beginning to loosen and I knew this was going to be coming to an end soon.

Izuku. I can't suddenly give your body the strength to fight this, but if you just project the tiniest bit, I can convince him to stop. Maybe we can bring him back to his senses. Please, just try. I'll do my best, don't give up without letting me try to fight for you, okay?

I'm so tired though...

It's almost over, Ether.

It'll be done soon, so maybe we should just sleep now?

No, no... not yet. I know - I know you are tired. It's okay. It's okay to be tired, this takes a toll. But not right now. Okay? You can rest once we're done. Come on, just a little push with your mind toward his. It should be easier. You've done it once before... It'll be over faster if you stop it now, Izuku. Just a little shove. It won't be hard. It'll work. I promise, let me save you...

O - Okay, just a little... 
But then I want to rest.

Okay, Ether?

I want to rest. 
Please just let me sleep.

I don't want to wake up to this right now... 
I don't want to feel this way anymore.

Let me rest...

You can sleep in just a minute, Izuku.

I did my best to steady my breathing, ignoring how far he had progressed on my belt in such a little amount of time. His fingers were making quick work. I cleared a small bit of fog from my mind and gave Ether the push she was looking for. I searched into Todoroki's mind, making our connection and then fell back, letting Ether handle the rest. It was easier than before to connect to him, just as she had promised.

'Todoroki! Are you fuckin serious right now! Snap out of it, do you really plan on raping him?! Are you seriously so weak a fucking Alpha that you can't control your own goddamn instincts?! Wake up, asshole. You're hurting him!'

I heard Ether yell to him in his mind and I watched as his eyes widened in recognition at what was happening. He slapped a hand over his mouth in shock, shaking his head aggressively, realizing what he had done.

"Midoriya... I'm so sorry... I don't know what came over me... "

Todoroki's rationality poured its way back into his eyes as he sat back on his heels. He reached down in an attempt to help me up, but I still couldn't move at the moment. His body started to shake as he looked at the damage he had caused. Tears welled up in his eyes and his breathing hitched, choking off in his throat. His pheromones were still too strong for me to do anything. As if he read my thought, he sniffed the air and realized why I hadn't even tried to fight him off. There was a sickening mixture of both our scents. He jumped up and opened the door to my balcony, letting the fresh air waft through. Immediately the atmosphere began to clear around us, lifting the fog out of my head to a small degree.

"I didn't even notice I released my scent... When did - I just... Something ha-happened... and I blanked... I don - I don't..."

His voice trailed off as his eyes searched my face for something I couldn't give to him right now. I could see the pain in his eyes at what he had down and I knew he really did blank, but forgiveness was currently tossed out the window. I desperately needed to be left alone. I had no more energy to deal with anything else. I didn't have the energy to talk, to listen, to understand, to get angry, or to forgive. I needed to sleep. I needed to rest. I needed to be... alone... After a few minutes of him awkwardly standing as far away from me as he could, I was finally able to sit up and look him in the eyes.

"Todoroki," I growled viciously, "I think it would be best for you to leave for the night."

I wasn't able to hold anything back and I could feel as my words shattered his heart to pieces. He nodded quietly, saying nothing more. He closed my balcony doors again and left. Tears flowing openly down his face as he turned around and walked out of my room.

I didn't say anything as the door closed behind him. I really didn't like what had just happened. I sat still for a moment and glanced down at my body. The sight of my half undone pants and my shirtless chest made my stomach turn over violently. As fast as I could, I raced toward my trash can and hurled up the pizza I had enjoyed just moments before. I leaned against my wall and ignored the sour taste that lingered behind in my mouth. I felt weak. I never knew I could be so weak like this. I was supposed to be trying to be strong, but in a moment, just a flash of time and all my hard work, all my determination, was forcibly thrown out the window. Simply because of the life my dice had rolled for me. 

How could I be so pathetic..? 
How could I be so weak..?

You're not pathetic, Izuku and you're definitely not weak. This wasn't your fault.

How was I supposed to face Todoroki from now on?
What would I say to him? 
I can't believe I let this happen.

You didn't let anything happen. We stopped it before it got too far.

I ruined our friendship.

He was never going to want to talk to me again.

I knew he didn't mean to do what he did, but I still kicked him out.

We should've talked about it.

I didn't even let him explain.

I didn't tell him that I knew it was an accident, that I knew it was because of the mark between us.

He's not even going to want to look at me anymore. 

You didn't ruin your friendship, Izuku. I-I'm sure if you really want to, he'll still talk to you again. He probably regrets what happened too. 


That's right, because of me, my friend was placed in this position and is forced to face shame and guilt for the rest of his life.

If I wasn't so pathetic, he wouldn't have to feel this way.

I'm just a waste of space, I shouldn't even be here right now.

I should've been gone a long time ago, but I didn't have the courage to do it then.

I can't even see what All Might thought when he saw me the day he offered me his power.

There were so many other people out there that deserved this more than I did. I hate this whole thing. 

What's wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you. You're not a waste of space!

I'm disgusting.

No wonder the one person I cared about told me to kill myself. 
I don't blame him, I never did.

What's the point anymore. 
Why should I even try?

I'm repulsive.

No, you're not disgusting! Izuku! Stop this. It's not funny. 

I looked around the room I was sitting in. It was too bright, my lights felt like they were judging me from above. I hated it. I hated the judgment. I hated the brightness. I hated it all.

I stood up and walked toward my light switch, letting myself bathe in the darkness I found so comfortable. It suited me better, the shadows wrapped themselves around me peacefully, offering up a cold blanket. I turned around and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Tears were pouring out of my eyes like a broken dam. 

No wonder Katsuki didn't care for me. 
I didn't even care for me. 

How could he love someone that couldn't even love themselves? 

Marks riddled my body and I no longer knew who they belonged to anymore. 

I hate this.

I hate this face. 
I hate these eyes. 
I hate this hair. 
I hate this scarred body.

It's pathetic.

All of it.

Everything about me makes me sick. 
It's putrid and repulsing. 




Anger boiled within me. Seething, I crashed into my desk, throwing everything onto the floor. I shoved books off of my shelves, shoved my action figures to the ground and tore papers to pieces. I whipped around and grabbed the object nearest me before I chucked it across the room, smashing into the mirror. Destroying the image before me.

Glass shattered to the floor. Soft, microscopic pieces flitted in the air while they floated in an unseen breeze. Moonlight glinted off of them, casting the reflections throughout the room. The image was fleeting but at that moment, my anger disappeared. That fleeting life was what I wanted. What I craved. A beauty so stunning that it disappeared before anything had the chance to taint it. Unlike those small shimmers of glass, I was tainted. Everything about me was tainted and corrupt. The broken person that stood in the mirror now looked so much better than before. It actually started to look like the real me. 






This isn't what you look like. That's not the real you.

What do you know? 
You barely even know me. 
You're nothing but a figment of my imagination.

You're not real. 
I just made you up.

Ether already left me. 
She already left, just like everyone else.

The glass that littered the floor looked beautiful, with its sharp edges glittering in the moonlight. Casting small beams around.

How pretty. 
If only life always looked so beautiful to me.

Why were these moments so far and in between? 
Why couldn't they last forever?

Izuku, I'm sorry I left you. Life is beautiful, you're right. Nothing lasts forever, sweetie.

You're right.

Nothing lasts forever, unless it's frozen in time. 
Frozen when it's life bloomed its brightest. 
Frozen while it's still beautiful.

I walked toward the pile of shards, enjoying the sound that pierced the silence in my room as they crunched beneath my bare feet. I hissed in harshly as sharp stabs of pain shot through my legs, but it was nothing compared to the pain I felt in my heart. 

I needed more.

This wasn't enough to distract myself from what I was feeling. The pain that burned deep in my chest was suffocating me. I couldn't breathe anymore, it was squeezing my heart, slowly killing me from the inside out. I dropped down on my knees, letting gravity take over, and another bout of pain shot through me as the glass impaled my soft skin. I picked a piece up and twisted it in the moonlight, watching as it caught the beams and reflected the pale glow throughout my room.

This piece is too small, wouldn't you agree, Ether?

Too small f-for what, Izuku?

I crushed it in my hands and watched the blood trickle down my palm. I rolled my eyes back and sucked in another deep breath. Trying desperately to fill my lungs, but I just couldn't. I was drowning. The darkness surrounding me, pulling me under. I watched the shattered pieces scatter to the floor, bringing me back that stunning moment of beauty once more. I smiled softly and picked up another piece, larger than the last. This one splintered off in my hands, leaving little cuts in its wake.

This one's too frail. It won't get the job done.

What- What job? What are you doing?

My fingers brushed along the glass littering my floor. Small splinters nicked my tips. Vibrant red liquid mixed in with the shimmering, displaying a beautiful array of colors. The third piece I picked up was oddly circular. There weren't really any sharp edges. I chuckled lowly while inspecting it.

This one's kind of funny, don't you think? Weird how it's so round.

Yes, Izuku darling, I agree. It is funny. We should put it back and rest. Don't you want to sleep? You said you were tired, so let's try to get some rest, okay?


What is it?

I think I like this one!

I held the glass up in the moonlight. It glistened beautifully. In perfect condition, with the sharpest little point at the end of its triangular body. I wrapped my fingers around it and tested its strength. 

It's kind of cute! I think it's a keeper, how about you, Ether?

Eheheh... Y-Yes, you should keep it. It's very cute... Maybe, put it aside for now though. Let's go to sleep. We can clean this mess up in the morning. Don't worry about it.

Right, sleep.

Sleep sounds really good right now.

You know, Ether, I am very, very tired.



I'm aware, sweetie. That's why your bed just looks so comfortable right now, doesn't it?

Hmm. Not really. It's a little too soft for my tastes.

Hey, Ether?

Yes, Izuku?

My heart hurts and I'm tired.

Tired of being in pain. 
I'm tired of not being worth enough. 
I'm tired of fighting a losing battle. 
I'm tired of being weak. 

I'm tired of...

Of failing to meet everyone's expectations. 
Not being good enough.

I'm just so... 

I don't want to think anymore. 
It hurts to think. 
Everything hurts. 
I want it to stop. 
I want to rest.

Do you mind if I just rest now?

You don't really mind, do you?

Izuku. Put the glass down. Please. Let's have pancakes tomorrow morning for breakfast, those sound good right?

I smiled sweetly at the idea of pancakes. They did sound good. They reminded me of Katsuki. His red eyes flashed across my mind and I sighed. He'd be happy without me bringing him down anymore. It'd be okay.

Did you know, Ether?

Kacchan smells like pancakes, drizzled in caramel syrup. 
I've never tried it, but it sounds sweet. 
Kacchan can be sweet sometimes, you know that?

Surprising, isn't it?

Yes, very surprising. Why don't we invite him to join us? 

No, I don't think so. 
Kacchan would just be burdened by that. 
I'm really just a bother to him.

Okay, you don't have to invite him then. But, don't you have plans with your mom in the morning? Maybe she'd enjoy those pancakes. You haven't seen her in so long. She's waiting for you.

The glass fit so nicely in my hands. I could get a decent grip on it, surprisingly light to hold. Almost feather-light. Like it's very existence wasn't noticeable to those around. If I let it go maybe it would just flutter into the dark nothingness that surrounded me... surrounded us... and disappear forever. That sounded nice, to disappear and leave no trace behind. I didn't feel so alone anymore, having this glass's cold embrace resting in my hands. Soothing me, enticing me with its never-ending beauty.


Will this hurt?

Yes. It will hurt a lot. So just put the glass down. Go to sleep and I'll watch over you all night. I won't let anything happen to you while you sleep. I've always watched over you. You don't want to be in pain anymore, I know. This will hurt, Izuku, so let's just put the glass down. Okay?


I want it to hurt. 
Maybe, my chest won't feel so heavy anymore if I just drain a little bit.

Just a little.

It'll be okay.

It'll be a nice distraction, okay?


...a little...

I brought the blade up to the rim of my shorts and looked at my pale hip bone as it protruded through the skin. I never liked how plain it looked right here. Just so plain. It was definitely missing something. 


...some color...

Izuku. Don't do this. You don't want to do this.

"Ehahaha. Oh, Ether. Ether, Ether, Ether..." I said, shaking my head. "I have an idea! How about... you shut the fuck up for now? That sounds good to you, doesn't it?" I said out loud, breaking the silence that was enveloping me.

I waited for her response but it never came. Finally, I was alone. Left to think. Finally, I could save myself.

In a flash, I brought the glass down hard and deep across my abdomen. I gasped as the pain riveted my very being. It hurt like hell, she was right. But, I could do this. It wasn't that bad. Just a little deeper and I'd be good. I watched as I dragged it even further down. My arms began to shake, the strength being drained from my body. My breathing was labored and my mind jolted. It felt like electricity was coursing through my veins. Everything burned and ached. I wanted to scream, but no sounds made it past my lips. I choked on my own spit and nearly doubled over.

I wasn't done though. 
had to continue. 
I had to keep going
I couldn't stop now. 
Not yet.

It wasn't deep enough.

I didn't have the courage.




I took a deep breath and ignored the pain that started to form in the back of my mind. I watched as I pressed the glass deeper and deeper. My skin looked as though it was wrapping around it, embracing the foreign object. Crimson liquid pooled out from the hole I was creating in my side. Bright crimson, but in the darkness of my room, it looked deeper, darker. It all reminded me of Katsuki's eyes. The eyes that bore into my very being. I'd miss those eyes. They saw me for everything I ever wanted to be. The pain in my head increased and I started to feel dizzy. Was this it? Already? No. I needed to go further. I gathered a little bit of courage and pushed. The pain increased tenfold and I started to shake and shiver. A cold breeze brushed against my burning skin, sending chills down my back.

I glanced down and saw I hadn't even gotten to the end of the glass. I still had a little sticking out. 


This was harder than I thought.

Maybe... Maybe, I'll try again tomorrow. I promised myself as my consciousness faded away.




🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


Ether pushed against Izuku's mind quietly, trying not to alert the boy of her presence. She could feel as his mind drifted toward the back and she gained control. Her grasp almost left her immediately when she was onslaught with the pain his body was experiencing. She looked down and saw the damage he had done. She felt a wave of dizziness circle around her as she stared at the blood. This was way too much for someone's first attempt, he would've had a better chance at finishing the job if he went to the rooftop and took a leap of faith like his loved one suggested.

She pulled gently against the glass and winced as she felt it scrape against his insides. Gritting her teeth, she pulled harder. The pain forced her to double over and she nearly blacked out. She shook her head and carefully sat back up. If she blacked out now, she didn't know what would happen to Izuku. She couldn't do this alone, so she glanced around the room and found his phone.

The only person she trusted to keep this quiet would be his little girl-friend. She thought for a moment and decided to choose someone else. Ether needed someone that could cauterize his wound closed for the time being and no offense, but Uraraka wasn't going to cut it. Ether had two more choices. Only two people in his class had the ability to burn things. Only two more people that she felt would keep this incident on the down low to help protect Izuku. She didn't know if she'd be able to refrain from killing Todoroki if he showed up right now though. He was the reason Izuku was even in this mess in the first place, so her next bet was his mate.


Ether dialed his number and waited.




Chapter Text



🌺 Third Person POV 🌺


She sighed angrily while the phone rang, praying he would answer... and fast. She could feel his body growing weaker by the minute. Her head was beginning to spin and she wasn't sure if she would manage to remain conscious for much longer. Izuku's limbs were trembling and a burning sensation was coursing through his body. Ether felt like he was on fire, but at the same time, a chill was creeping through, sending goosebumps up his spine. Finally, she heard the click on the other end.

"What the fuck are you calling me for, you damn nerd? It's fucking late as shit. I don't want to hear about your stupid date and I'm trying to sl-"

"Listen closely, Katsuki Bakugou."

Ether's metallic tone rang desperately into the air, cutting Katsuki's protests off abruptly.

"Izuku is currently in his room, bleeding a lot. I need you to come here. Now. You tell anyone and I'll remove this damn shank from his gut. He'll bleed out faster than you can count."

She hung up the phone before he could say anything in response, hoping he understood that she wasn't kidding. She scooted across the floor and pushed the coffee table out of her way so she could make it to Izuku's bed. She leaned back against it and rested while she waited for help to arrive. Within moments, she heard an explosion from outside and realized Katsuki had taken the fast route to get here. She smirked, thinking he was a smart little cookie, but then caught herself, wondering what it looked like to others when Izuku's body made a face like that. Ether groaned when she realized her own thoughts were starting to become loopy, this wasn't good.

Katsuki landed on the balcony and saw the bloody, trashed scene in Izuku's room. He pushed the sliding doors open, thankful they were unlocked, and then ran to Izuku's side, ignoring the shards of glass that pricked his own bare feet. When he looked into Izuku's eyes, he no longer saw the deep emerald green that he had grown to love. Instead, they were more of a piercing lime-green and he knew the person who called him wasn't Izuku, but rather the one Izuku had referred to as Ether.

"Deku," he breathed at the shape he was in. "What the hell...?"

"Izuku is sleeping right now. Let's just say we didn't see eye to eye about something and this happened as a result. Don't question it and hurry up."

"Are you fucking serious, right now?! You stabbed him over an argument?" Katsuki practically screamed into the night, bewildered by what he was witnessing.

"Technically, he stabbed himself over our disagreement."

"I'm not playing these fucking mind games with you. If I recall, you said you were the master at them, villain." He snarled.

"Okay, look here! I'm not expecting you to believe anything. I'm just expecting you to act like the hero you're training to be. Fucking pull the damn shard out of his gut and burn the wound. Now, or he'll just keep bleeding."

Ether felt as Izuku's head swayed back and Katsuki reached up to steady him. She prayed that this would be all they needed to do. She didn't want to think what would happen if he had hit an organ and he was currently experiencing internal bleeding as well. She didn't think it was that severe, but she wasn't a doctor, so there was no way for her to tell.

"Brace yourself, nerd..." Katsuki whispered softly, swearing under his breath as he steeled against his own nerves. He knew Izuku couldn't hear him, but he felt the need to talk quiet words of reassurance to him anyway. He gripped the glass and yanked on it in one fluid movement. A loud guttural cry escaped Izuku's lips and Ether tried to force the sound back down. She felt the pain shoot up his body and almost slipped out of his consciousness once more. She had to hold on though, she didn't want him waking up to this pain. Not again, not right now.

"Not done yet..." Katsuki's palm sparked and begun to heat up. He let a small, controlled explosion go off, heating the skin underneath his palms. Ether hissed in pain but bit down on her lips so he could continue working with undisturbed concentration. Katsuki finished, sitting back slightly and inspected his work. He had been practicing more refined explosions and was thankful to see he hadn't accidentally blown the skin to pieces. It was shoddy work, but it would stop the bleeding... for now.

"We seriously need to get him to a doctor. This shit could become infected, fast. There's no way it's going to heal properly without medical attention. Fuck! What the hell happened, Deku?" Katsuki went to wrap him up in his arms, but Ether fought against him. If he knew what Izuku was feeling right now, if he knew that Izuku had done this to himself, then Katsuki would know that the hospital is the last place Izuku would want to be. Ether just wanted him to be happy. The misery and pain he felt, she could feel too and she was tired of it already.

"No. Absolutely no doctors. Just help me get him to bed. He needs rest. I'll make sure he tells his mother in the morning or something. Maybe call it an accident in training, but for now, he just needs to rest."

"I'm not fucking taking orders from a goddamn villain, get the fuck out of him already." Katsuki scowled, trying to ignore Ether's protests. He struggled to grab Izuku's body again, but Ether refused to back down.

"I can't get out of him and I'm not a villain. I actually seem to be the only person in this God-forsaken hell hole that's on this poor boy's side, you arrogant prick. So fucking listen to me and let him rest!"

"If you weren't in Izuku's body right now, I'd blast you to bits for that pretentious comment," Katsuki growled, getting close to her face and searching her eyes. Ether had no doubt that he wouldn't even hesitate, he wouldn't even blink an eye.

"I'm sorry you don't trust me, Katsuki, and that's fine. I never expected you too. I don't even need you too. The only person that needs to trust me, is Izuku. Not you. I could care less about you. I, currently, don't exactly trust you either. But, that may change in the future, depending on who you prove to be. None of that matters right now though, I don't think I can hang on any longer. I'm weak and Izuku is stirring."

As Ether's words ended, she released her grasp on Izuku's mind once more. His head fell limp in Katsuki's arms. He looked down at Izuku's bloodied body and sighed. He carried Izuku over to his bed and laid him down, kneeling beside him on the floor. His heart felt heavy taking in this messed-up sight. It had only been a few days and he was seeing this disaster all over again. Katsuki ran his fingers through Izuku's messy green curls and placed a kiss to his forehead, waiting for him to wake up.

Izuku stirred and opened his eyes, just in time to catch a glimpse of champagne blond hair glistening against that pale beautiful moonlight before it disappeared into the darkness that swarmed his mind.


He thought to himself before slipping into a deep slumber, the deepest he's had in a very long time.




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


What the fuck just happened?? 

I don't even want to think about where he would be right now if I hadn't answered his phone call. I almost didn't, because I didn't want to hear Todoroki's arrogant voice in the background. I thought they were still on their stupid little date, but I guess not, seeing as he wasn't even around anymore.

Izuku's eyes had flickered open for a moment before closing again so I figured he probably didn't have the strength to stay awake. I flicked my gaze down his bare chest and looked at his wound once more. If it had been created just a little higher, I don't think he would have survived.

"Why... Izuku... why..." I cooed, softly petting his hair. What were they arguing about and how did it come to this? Was he trying to force her out of his mind and this is all he could come up with? It seemed stupid, but I couldn't think of any other explanation. Why else would he do this to himself? I glanced at the shattered mirror in the corner of the room, as well as all the scattered objects along the floor, and stood up.

He didn't need access to any more glass shards. I began to clean the glass pieces up from his floor. I noticed several of them were speckled in more blood. My eyes glanced around and I saw pools of blood lying in different spots. Where did all of this blood even come from? I walked back over to his sleeping body and inspected him closer. His legs, from his knees down to his feet were covered in small cuts and gashes. There was even glass still embedded into his flesh, all over him. His hands were slashed and it looked like he had been holding the shards tightly. Deep wounds protruded from his palms, obviously needing to be wrapped up.



He must've rolled around in the glass or some shit, damn. I thought to myself.



I shook my head, this was going to be a bitch to clean up. I continued picking up the glass from the floor first. I would be no good to him if I got myself injured too. I mean, any more than I already had. The shattered glass pierced me when I first stepped into his room, but I knew it was just a few splinters for now. I walked to his wastebin to discard the glass I had picked up and noticed he had thrown up at some point. I frowned and wondered if maybe he was sick, too. I walked back over to him and pressed my hand against his forehead. He shivered under my touch but didn't stir any further than that. He didn't seem to be running a fever, so I was a little relieved.

I couldn't help but continue to glance down at the burned wound on his side. I really hoped that my small heat was enough to keep that closed until he woke up and I could convince him to see a doctor in the morning. I didn't even want to sleep tonight. I had to do my best to monitor his progress. If he had internal bleeding, I needed to catch it as fast as possible. For now, it looked to be okay. I wanted to lift him up and take him right now, but I didn't want to risk him struggling against me and reopening his wound. 

What the hell happened that caused all of this?

I finished cleaning his room and had gone down to the restrooms on his floor to soak some towels. I also grabbed the basic first aid kits that were provided. They didn't have anything special in them, but some antibiotic ointments, tweezers, and bandages were all I really needed for these smaller wounds. I began to work on his feet first, pulling out any glass I could find. He would need to soak his feet in warm water or something in the morning to get the smaller bits out. I softly wiped his legs down, cleaning off all the blood, my heart aching in the silence as I worked. I cleaned around the massive wound on his side as well. I wiped away all of the red liquid and wrapped it up, placing a large gauze-pad covering over it.

How could the boy I found to be so strong and beautiful look so small and frail right now? 

His chest was littered in splatters of blood too. The liquid was everywhere I looked. Small splashes here and there. His shorts were also stained a dark red, so I went to work, stripping his dirty clothes off him and replacing them with warm, clean ones from his dresser.

I didn't even want to know why he had marks on his body that I didn't place there. But, I didn't think it was any of my business. Not yet, anyway. For now, I focused on his wounds, ignoring the burning sensation of jealousy that boiled in the pit of my stomach. He wasn't mine. He didn't belong to me. We weren't together and he had no idea how I really felt. So, what he did in his free time, wasn't any of my concern. No matter how much it pained me to see.

He was sleeping peacefully throughout this whole process and I was careful not to wake him. If that voice, Ether, was right about anything, it was that he needed rest. It was the only thing guaranteed to help him heal for now. I walked his clothes down to the laundry room for him. I didn't want him to struggle with answering any questions from prying eyes about why they were soaked in blood. If I happened to run into anyone at this time of night, I'd just tell them to fuck off, it wasn't any of their damn business anyway. Knowing Izuku though, he would panic and fret if he had to do this. I chuckled at the thought.

When I came back up to his room, he had curled himself up on his bed. I climbed in to join him and pulled the covers over us. I wasn't leaving his side, not tonight. He could freak out in the morning, but I didn't fucking care. The sickening feeling in my gut told me that if I left now, I would only regret it. So I stayed and watched him sleep.

Every breath he took made me feel a little more at ease. He was still here, still safe and in my arms. I brushed my fingertips along his face and down his jawline. He really was beautiful to me. The moonlight cast shadows in his room and his hair flickered that deep emerald green that I loved so much. His eyelashes were resting so gently on his cheeks and his freckles looked like constellations painted in the sky.

I really loved this boy...

Why was I so bad at expressing my feelings? I just needed to tell him and I knew he'd be all mine. He may try to hide it, but it was obvious to me that he loved me too. I knew if I asked him he would stay with me, but if I never did, he would also never make the first move. He would continue living his life with other people, hiding his feelings for me.

Ah. Wait.

He was on a date with Todoroki just now. Maybe he didn't feel the same way about me. Why was love so difficult? Why couldn't it be cut and dry, nice and simple? Instead, I felt like I was constantly running through a maze and every time I thought I found the way out, I would come up to a dead end yet again.

I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him closer to me, letting his head fall and rest against my chest. I placed another light kiss on his forehead and petted his hair until I too, drifted to sleep.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV  🍀


I tried to turn over in my sleep when I was suddenly aware of my movements being restricted. My eyes shot open and I noticed an oddly familiar scene, only this time, the scene involved clothes. 

Much to my displeasure.

Katsuki was sound asleep in my bed with his arms wrapped around my body tightly, not letting me go. The room was cast in a soft orange glow, so I knew it was rather early in the morning. The sun was peeking in through the windows and dancing across Katsuki's ash blond spikes. His thick eyelashes fluttered softly against his upper cheekbones and I smiled. He was sound asleep, peacefully resting his head on my pillow... in my room. I suppressed the urge to squeal in delight. Instead, I settled for gleefully nuzzling my nose underneath his chin and inhaling his scent deeply. I loved the way his pheromones wrapped around me, hugging me just as tightly as he was now. I felt a tinge of guilt when I thought of how my scent must smell to him. A strange foreign mixture between me and Todoroki. He had no clue as to what my pheromones were like and I felt bad because I really did love his scent.

Why on earth was he in my room, though? 

The memories of what happened last night came flooding back to me. I had caught a glimpse of him last night, softly touching my forehead but must have drifted off to sleep shortly afterward because I didn't remember anything else. I tried to wiggle out of his arms but gasped when sharp pains hit me from all over. The worst pain was the wound at my side. I really tried to do this last night, didn't I?

I did...

I really, really did...

Ether..? Are you there? I'm... sorry... I should have just listened to you.

I'm glad you're awake, Izuku. How about those pancakes? Eheheh.

Yeah, pancakes sound really good right now. I think I'll take your advice this time around.

And look, you can invite your blond Alpha to join you. He could use a proper thank you. He saved your life last night.

How did he know though? How did he find me?

Eheheh. D - Don't get mad but... I kind of took over your body and called him. If I didn't you would have continued to cut yourself and I couldn't possibly let that happen. So, I pushed you aside and searched for your phone. I needed someone with fire to cauterize your wound and I wasn't about to invite Todoroki back on up here, so I choose him. Needless to say, he thinks I stabbed you, or rather, you stabbed yourself. I covered for you and said we had an argument. You might want to think of a story to back that up. He's confused and angry at you and me both.

Thank you for saving me last night then, Ether. It wasn't just Kacchan that was there for me. It was you too. Maybe you aren't so bad after all. I'm glad you didn't tell him what I did. It was stupid and I don't need him to think any less of me than he already does...

Stop thinking like that for right now. Wake him up and go make those pancakes. You both deserve them.

You're right. I should wake him up. Maybe just to tell him thank you. We can have those pancakes later. It's still a little early. Ah... but he looks so peaceful right now, I don't really want to disturb him...

Wake him up with some kisses. It'll be a nice surprise, I think he'll like it. Eheheh.

I blushed at the idea, but I actually did enjoy the thought. I couldn't wiggle out of his grasp, so instead, I just brought my face closer to his and brushed my lips against his lightly, giving him a subtly peck. He didn't react, so I started kissing along his jawline. I pressed my hands into his chest and scooted closer to him. I felt his arms tighten around me, but I couldn't see his face. His chest started moving erratically, so I was pretty sure he had woken up. I continued my tirade of gentle kisses down his neck, leaving a small trail of pink spots in my wake, before pulling away and planting a kiss on his lips. He responded immediately with a vigor I wasn't expecting, almost hungrily.

His tongue greedily pushed between my lips and made its way inside, caressing my open cavern. A soft moan radiated from within me, causing him to squeeze me tighter against his body. I almost broke down from his gentle show of affection. I almost let go of this forever last night. 

How could I let this all go? 
How could I give up on him in the blink of an eye like this? 
He would have never known what happened. 
He would have never even known why it happened. 
He would have never know I loved him...

These small moments should be more than enough to tie me down here. This was all I should have needed. It had to be... because this was all I ever got in life anymore. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes when I pulled away, breaking off our kiss. I looked up and met his gaze with my own. I almost gave up all of my remaining chances to drown in those fiery eyes. 

So brilliant. 

So deep. 

So red. 

I moved my face higher and kissed his eyelids. He probably thought it was weird, but I didn't care. If this hinted at my feelings and if he truly hated what I was doing, I knew he would push me away. 

But... he didn't. 

Instead, he just closed his eyes and let me shower him in affection. I worked my way down his face, planting soft pecks everywhere I went and all he did was hold me closer. His breathing hitched a little and deep down, I prayed it was because I was capable of making his heart skip a beat. He has no idea how close I was to disappearing and never seeing him again. I needed to kiss him. I needed to kiss his eyes, his nose, his cheeks. I needed to kiss everything.

"Thank you, Kacchan. For saving me last night." I whispered softly, running my hand up the side of his face and through his hair. My fingers tugged on his spikes, floofing his hair up a little.

"Izuku. Fucking explain to me why I found you covered in blood. Explain to me, dammit, why you were stabbed and laying in the middle of your goddamn room, all alone last night... Why, Deku, why..." He squeezed me tighter. His voice cracked at the end and I could hear the pain that lingered behind each word he spoke.

"I'm so sorry, it was - it was an accident..." I couldn't tell him what really happened and yet again, I had another secret to hide. I couldn't hold his piercing stare any longer so I glanced away. He growled a little. He could tell I was lying, I just knew it. I never told him lies, I just hid secrets, but now... now I was lying. It wasn't entirely a lie though, because it really was a mistake on my part. Although, I just called it an accident. It definitely wasn't an accident, I knew what I was doing and I still tried to do it anyway. He didn't need to know all this. He would just scoff and comment about how I fucked everything up, including my own death.

"So I heard. That voice, Ether, was it? I don't fucking trust it." His voice was low and deep. His mistrust was evident in his tone.

"She saved me last night, too. After I slipped out of consciousness, she was the one that called you. Who knows what would have happened if she didn't take over when she did." I nuzzled into his warm, death-grip embrace.

"I know, but still. I was... worried..." He frowned softly before continuing. "You can be a real asshole, sometimes, you know that, Deku? And so can Ether. She's a pretentious little bitch." He scoffed.

"No, she's not and I'm sorry, Kacchan. I really am. I didn't mean to worry you, to bother you, last night." I said, knowing I was right. Everything I ever did was just bothersome to him. I could feel him lean down and place a gentle kiss on my forehead. I really liked when he did that. It made me feel like he actually did care about me. "Can we stay like this for a little while longer? I'm not ready to get up just yet."

"Yeah, that's fine, Deku. I don't trust what'll happen if I let go of you right now, anyway. It's still fucking early for you. Close your eyes again. I'm not going to go anywhere, so you can sleep some more."

"H - Hey, Kacchan. When I wake back up, let's eat some pancakes together. Obviously, you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm sure you've got plans and are going to be busy today. I just wanted to thank you for saving me..." I looked up at him and saw a slight smile play with the edges of his lips.

"I'm not letting you cook them though. They would taste like shit," He smirked sarcastically down at me.

"It won't be a thank you from me if I'm not the one to cook them!" I protested, but I was still happy to see that he seemed to agree to have breakfast with me. He looked down at me and pressed his lips against mine. They were warm and soft. I could stay like this forever and never need anything more. My fingers brushed against his cheek, begging him to stay where he was. 

But, again, nothing lasts forever. 

He pulled away and flashed me a brilliant grin. One that was bright enough to make me dizzy and my heart stopped beating entirely. He was dazzling and I couldn't help but wonder if he knew this and was doing whatever he could to kill me with this smile of his.

"I don't care. I won't eat your crappy cooking. We all know who the best chef in this dorm is, so just deal with it." He nuzzled into my hair and I smiled at his touch before drifting back into sleep.





Chapter Text



💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


A glimmer of light fluttered across my eyelids and I blinked them open. The pale yellow hue shone through the windows, lighting up the room around me. The sun didn't seem to be too high so I glanced at the clock that Izuku had sitting on his nightstand. It was only 10 in the morning, but since school had just let out, it felt a lot later. I was so used to waking up around 5 or so to go training and whatnot. I looked down at Izuku, sleeping soundly in my arms. He seemed so peaceful after everything that had happened last night. It made me regret deciding to wake him back up.

He really should've gone to the hospital last night, but with how much Ether was fighting against me, I was more afraid of how it would affect Izuku's wounds to have her struggling the whole time. I was sure I would be able to convince Izuku to go today, now that he would be the one in control of himself again. I smiled down at him and decided to wake him up the same way he had woke me earlier. I leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips. He began to stir underneath me before realizing what was going on. Once he noticed my lips on his, he immediately returned my embrace without hesitation.

"Mmm, g'morning, Kacchan," He said sleepily, stretching as best he could without hurting himself. I smiled at his little movements, everything seemed so cute. I had the sudden urge to reach out and pet his soft tufts of hair. His curls were just begging me to touch them, but I refrained. Instead, I watched as he attempted to sit up. He winced in pain from his wound and I put my hands out to help stabilize him.

"Good morning, nerd. Be careful, you dumbass. Don't go opening that wound back up after all my hard work." I murmured, stretching my own arms and sitting up.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I'll be careful," He yawned. He climbed out of the bed and straightened his back, no doubt feeling the pain from all the cuts that were strewn down his feet and legs. I eyed the damage properly in the morning light and scowled. He pulled his hands up to his face and sighed when he saw the gashes across his palms.

"Damn, Izuku. What did you even do last night? Did you decide to randomly roll around in that fucking glass? I tried my best, but you've probably still got a few shards embedded in your feet. You need to see a doctor or Recovery Girl today. Somebody, anybody, for that damn gash in your side." I scolded him. He just nodded and walked slowly toward his dresser, pulling out some clean clothes for the day. He grabbed a pair of black gym shorts and a plain, light blue shirt. I leaned against the wall on his bed, just watching his muscles flex when he pulled the clothes over his body. He made no move to hide from me, but it wasn't like I hadn't seen it all before.

"K - Kacchan?" He asked me, freezing while he observed the shirt he had just taken off. I tilted my head and waited for him to continue.

"Did - Did you... change me last night?" His face paled and he turned around. I smirked but didn't say anything else. He got the hint and continued what he was doing. He made it mid-way through changing his shirt when there was a knock on the door. His head shot up in confusion, probably wondering the same thing as myself. Why would anyone be here right now, not that it mattered to me. I glanced in the direction of his door but made no move to get up and answer it. I didn't mind if I was found in his room because it was no one's business but ours as to why I was here in the first place.

"Hey, Midoriya, it's me, Todoroki," a voice on the other side of the door rasped. "C - Can we talk about last night?" He asked quietly. I had never heard his voice come out so broken, so soft, before and cocked my head in confusion.

Izuku froze in his spot and his eyes went wide out of sheer terror. He started to take in rapid, shallow puffs of air, clenching his hands in tiny little fists pressed tightly against his chest. It seemed as though he was suffocating from the inside out. I watched in confusion when the strength in his legs was depleted. He crumbled to the ground in complete and utter defeat. Giving in to whatever demons seemed to be plaguing his mind. I jumped up from the spot I was resting and went down to his side. I had never seen him so shaken up before. He was always smiling in the face of fear, so watching his smile being violently ripped from his face filled me with a boiling rage. I placed a firm hand on his shoulder, trying to soothe the quivering that surged through his body.

"Breathe, Izuku..." I whispered softly to him. "What the hell is going on?"

Why was he so afraid of Todoroki?

"Midoriya, what was that sound? A - Are you okay?" Todoroki called from the hallway. Izuku still made no move to answer him. His eyes were filled to the brim with tears and silent sobs wracked his body. I couldn't stand just watching this happen, whatever this was, so I pulled him into a hug and waited for him to calm down. He tried to push me away, but I refused to let him go. I didn't care if he wanted space right now, I wanted to be selfish and hold him. I wanted to be the person he turned to when he felt like this. Finally, he caved into my clutches. I just sat there, holding him tightly while thoughts started to whir through my mind about what really took place here last night.

I felt Izuku give me a little nudge with his hand, gesturing that he was okay now. When I pulled away his tears had stopped and I watched him take a deep breath to steady his nerves. He stayed silent and refused to look me in the eyes, staring off somewhere into space. I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling it away from his face and forcing him to make eye contact. I searched his gaze, trying to find any clue that could possibly lead me to the answers I sought.

"Midoriya, I'm worried, please at least tell me that you're okay." Todoroki pleaded. At the sound of his voice, Izuku's body started to tremble again. I scowled, angry that this was continuing to take place while I was there.

"I don't know what fucking happened, but I've seen enough of this shit," I stood up and ripped off my shirt, revealing my bare chest. I tossed my shirt to the ground and mused up my hair, trying my best to make my appearance seem hurried. Once I was satisfied, I sauntered over and cracked the door open slightly, scowling at the disturbing figure on the other side. I leaned against the doorframe and crossed my arms, licking my lips in degradation. I took in his appearance quickly, looking him up and down. I made it obvious that I was sizing him up by cocking an eyebrow in disapproval.

"Half 'n Half asshole. What the fuck do you want? If it's not obvious, you're fucking bothering us. We're a little busy right now. I don't appreciate having to stop our fun just to answer to your dumbass. You'll have to come back later." I smirked viciously, watching as he eyed me in return. He scowled when he noticed my missing shirt, no doubt thinking exactly what I was hoping he would be thinking.

"I just want to make sure he's okay." He responded, trying to push the door open. I let loose a low and possessive growl. I whipped my arm out and grabbed the wooden door, preventing him from pushing it open even further.

"Leave, IcyHot. I'm not in the mood to put up with your shit right now." I set off a small explosion in the palm of my hand to help propel the door shut with an extra oomph. The loud slam echoed around us sending small vibrations that reached to Izuku's glass balcony door, causing it to rattle in the frames.

"Midoriya, I'll see you downstairs then. I'll be waiting, we seriously need to discuss what happened last night," He called through the door one last time and walked away. I sighed when I was positive the nuisance had finally left.

"Alright, Deku. You've got some explaining to fucking do," I said. His breathing was still labored. He closed his eyes in an attempt to regain his composure. I crossed my arms and waited as patiently as I could, hoping for once he would give me a damn explanation instead of continuing to hide things from me.

"I can't. I won't..." He shook his head no before standing up and proceeding to change his clothes once more. I rolled my eyes in frustration, upset that even after last night, his dumbass couldn't seem to tell me what happened. He really could be so stubborn and hardheaded sometimes. It got to the point where I wondered if he was worse than me.

"Fine then." I hissed, walking over to grab my shirt and put it back on. "I'll fucking be downstairs, getting those pancakes ready." I huffed in irritation before adding, "Take your time, nerd."

It wasn't his fault that he didn't want to spill all his secrets to me and I was being slightly unreasonable, expecting him to just come out and say them. Even though I did happen to find him all bloodied. I mean, what more did he expect from me? I figured that should be enough to show him how I felt, but apparently not. 


A heated ball of tension formed at the base of my heart. Jealousy? No, heartache. I was aching every time I looked at him. His broken figure stabbed into my soul furiously. Aching that he wasn't mine and aching because of what he was hiding inside. His secrets were clearly eating him apart and it worried me to no end. He shouldn't be alone, I could tell, but sometimes people just needed their space. I peeled my eyes away from him to give him just that, but something kept eating away at me.

I nearly began to leave, but turned back around instead. I couldn't just walk out right now, it didn't feel right. I was missing something. He was missing something and I needed to give it to him. I reached out and grabbed him by the elbow. He wasn't okay, no matter how much he tried to lie to me and say he was, he just wasn't. I could tell that much and I wanted to do whatever I could to show him that he could trust me.

I knew I had ripped that trust to pieces back in middle school and there was nothing I could do that would change our past, but I wanted to win him over. I expected this to be a long process, and I knew I was making progress. I knew there was something between us, no matter how much I tried to smother my own hopes. I could keep telling myself that there wasn't. I could keep telling myself that he didn't feel the same way as me, but I knew I was just coming up with excuses. I knew I was just procrastinating, putting off the inevitable, but I wanted to wait and do everything right by him first. I wanted this to be special, I wanted it to leave an impact on him for the rest of his life. I had made a promise to myself that I would gain his trust back so that I could be confident enough to tell him how I felt. I was close, soon, but not yet.

Small steps were my best bet. 

When he spun around to face me, I cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a soft, tender kiss one last time. I poured all the passion I could into that one simple, gesture. It was a silent promise to both of us that one day I would ensure that we would be together forever. It was a silent promise that I was always by his side. I had never left him, his entire life I was there. I knew everything I could about him and I loved it all. He could hate me for the rest of his life and it wouldn't even matter to me, because I would still gaze into his endearing eyes and remember the dazzling smile he would flash and all my troubles would melt away.

I backed away from him, staring into the windows of his soul. He smiled softly and purred into my palms, nuzzling gently and soothing his own torn heart. I could tell that in that moment, I had left something behind. Something important. Something worth holding near and dear. It filled the gap that was missing between us. I smiled and pressed the tips of our noses together, rubbing them back and forth a little. He closed his eyes and chuckled quietly at my gesture. I sighed and backed away, looking him over once more. He finally seemed to gain a small semblance of his usual radiant glow back. I could only hope that he understood the love I had hidden away in that simple kiss. There was no way he didn't. I let go of his elbow and walked out of the room.

"Don't take too long though, kitten or they'll get cold. I'll be waiting for you."




After I left his room, I headed up toward my own to change into new attire and get ready for the day. I desperately needed to grab a new shirt. I glanced down and noticed small specs of blood had managed somehow get on my top and I didn't even realize it earlier. I searched through my dressers and pulled out a maroon t-shirt and some dark grey sweats. I gave myself a once over and decided it was good enough. I was just going to be flipping fucking pancakes anyway.

I impatiently waited in the elevator as I made way down to the kitchen. There was a small pile of suitcases sitting in front of the dorm's entrance when I walked into the lobby. I eyed all the baggage curiously, wondering if maybe Izuku had set his up sometime last night before everything happened, but I didn't recognize anything that belonged to him. I didn't see anything of his packed in his room this morning either. Everything that was sitting in the piled mess no doubt belonged to the classmates that were getting ready to leave for the summer. A few of the girls were lounging around in the common room, hugging and crying almost as if they weren't going to see each other ever again. 

What a bunch of lameasses.

I thought about how things were going to be different between Izuku and I this summer as well though. Usually, since we both lived in the same neighborhood, we would always see each other in passing even though I never went out of my way to actually visit him. This year, I wasn't spending time in the same area as him. I knew he would question my motives if I headed out there without a real goal in mind. I couldn't exactly say I was visiting old friends, since I left that life behind. Maybe he'd buy it if I said the old hag forced me to come out there. I could probably only use that excuse once though, since I didn't actually plan on going over to their house for any reason. Although, she would harp on me more if I didn't go at least once this summer. In the end, the chances of Izuku and I actually seeing each other this summer were pretty slim.

I wondered when he was going to be leaving like the rest of our classmates. His creepy spirit had mentioned Izuku was going to see his mother today though. So, maybe I could use this chance to visit the old hag so she wouldn't bother me the rest of the summer, too? I didn't really want to let Izuku out of my sight today since I was the only one that knew of his condition, so if he had plans to head out to our neighborhood, I wanted to be there with him. I knew he would walk and over-exert himself and the last thing I wanted was to discover he had managed to pass out while going down the sidewalk.

I entered the kitchen and ignored the glare I received from Todoroki who was sitting at the counter, scrolling idly through his phone. His hair was fussed and all over the place while his eyes reminded me of a dead fish. He looked haggard, unlike his usual well-kept appearance.

"Where's Midoriya?" He asked me, his voice was hollow and raspy. He set his phone down on the counter and ran his fingers through his hair. It looked as though he had been doing that since he split up from Izuku last night or some shit. I just shrugged in response to his question and started searching the cabinets for ingredients.

"It doesn't fucking concern you as to where he's at right now. What happened between you two last night anyway?" I countered back at him. "Whatever it was, Izu - " I cleared my throat and continued, "Deku, was pretty torn up. I've known him my whole life and I don't think I've ever seen him that... that..." I trailed off. I wasn't even sure what emotion to call his whole behavior. He was terrified, hurt, angry, and sad all in one go. His expression ripped my heart out and I wanted to pulverize the asshole that did it to him, but I knew Izuku wouldn't be too pleased with that. Whatever it was that happened, I just knew I hated seeing the pain in Izuku's eyes and it was obvious that Todoroki was the cause of this all. At that moment, Uraraka and the rest of the girls walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Todoroki! How'd your date go with Deku!? Did you two have fun ~ " She winked and I watched as Todoroki cringed at her words. "Deku said he would tell us later last night how everything went, but we never got the messages we were waiting for!" Uraraka said smiling.

"It wasn't a date," Izuku's deathly cold voice came from around the corner. His aura radiated indifference to everyone that was gathered around and his usual peppy demeanor was cast aside while he walked over to me. He ignored the prying eyes and started pulling out the skillet and bowls, deliberately not making eye contact with Todoroki.

"We simply hung out in my room and if you must know how that went, it was just fine," He smiled to himself bitterly. It seemed like he felt that what he said was a sick, humorous joke. His back was facing the group and I was the only one close enough to see the disturbing image. He was clearly hurting behind that smile and I just grew angrier. Why was he like this? Why did he always hold everything in and just show that fake ass smile? Doesn't he know we can see the damn pain that he is hiding behind it?

"Midoriya, I really would like a chance to talk to you in private, if that's okay?" Todoroki looked pleadingly in his direction, but his pleading eyes just fell on the back of Izuku's head. He tensed up but then let out an audible sigh, as if he was trying to come to terms with something.

"I'm a little busy right now and I've got plans later. Maybe... after I've had breakfast or whatever... I guess," He turned around and finally showed them his smile. I was astonished to see Todoroki visibly relax. If he liked Izuku as he claimed, then why the hell did he believe in his fake ass smile?

"Deku," Uraraka came around the counter and grabbed him by the elbow, leading him away from earshot of the other girls. She seemed to be giggling as she dragged him along, but his shoulders were hunched over in exhaustion. I could barely hear her when she asked about Todoroki's confession last night. I was curious too, but I just wanted to know how Todoroki was taking the rejection. It was clear to me that they weren't dating and it didn't look like they'd be starting to any time soon. Izuku rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and flashed her a reassuring grin. She smiled out of sympathy and hugged him before bounding over to her other friends.

I turned my back on everyone in the room and continued getting things together to make the pancakes. I began to combine the ingredients for the batter in a mixing bowl, turning all my attention away from the chatter that grated against my ears. Izuku walked back over to my side and the group of girls sat down around the table, talking about whatever it was that teenage women discussed.

"Kacchan, is there anything I can help you with?" He smiled at me, this time with a real, genuine smile. I eyed his hand as he placed it lightly against my arm and felt myself blush a little. It made me feel a little happier that he was getting comfortable with me, even if he wasn't aware of his actions.

"Hmm. Can you crack an egg open without fucking it up, nerd?" I smirked at him and glanced sideways in his direction, watching his face light up at the mention of possibly helping me out.

"Uhm... I have no clue!" He laughed and waved a hand in the air. "I don't mind trying though, it can't be that hard." He shrugged his shoulders and watched me eagerly.

"Yeah, how about no. As I said this morning, let's leave the actual cooking to me. Just stir this bowl instead." I handed him the mixed batter and started heating up the skillet.

"W - Wait a second, are you two... making pancakes... together?!" I heard one of the girls exclaim from the table, shock riddled her voice. Suddenly, all eyes were turned to us and I groaned in exasperation.

"Nah, we're just painting pretty little pictures. What the fuck does it look like to you, damn extras?" I scowled and took the bowl from Izuku when he handed it to me. I scooped a drop out and flung it onto the skillet to test the heat, watching it sizzle in the oils of the butter.

"Bakugou definitely just said 'this morning' but didn't they literally just come down here? What were you two even doing together this morning?" Mina leaned against the table and smiled, batting her eyelashes at us. I could practically hear the gears turning in her mind while she created her own fantasy scenarios to place us together. Not that she'd be too far off, I just found it annoying.

"They ran into each other earlier in the laundry room," Todoroki said cooly. I wasn't happy that he tried to step in and sway the conversation away from us. I would almost rather everyone know about what was going on between Izuku and me than have to be saved by the likes of that bastard.

"Can I help with this part?" Izuku asked, continuing to ignore everyone else. My ego was slowly inflating, knowing I was the only one he was directing his undivided attention to. He was breathing down my neck and watching me a little too closely as I worked. His soft huffs of air brushed lightly against me and I tensed up slightly. I was fully aware of Todoroki's glare this entire time that we were interacting. It was obvious he was jealous and I wanted nothing more than to flaunt our close relationship in his face, not that I didn't do that already this morning. He was watching Izuku's every move, though, and I found it to be a little unsettling.

"Izu - Er, I mean, Deku, I don't want to fucking eat charcoal for breakfast, so no. Go sit down or something." I mumbled, blushing at my slipping around his name.

"If you're here though, I wouldn't be able to burn them, right? You could teach me?" He looked up to me and I just couldn't say no to his face. His big doe eyes fluttered softly, flashing innocence around him. I grunted, caving in to his desires, and poured a small circle of batter onto the skillet before stepping aside and handing him the spatula.

"Now, you're even teaching him?? What is this world coming to?!" Uraraka walked over to Izuku's side and watched our exchange intently. She was no doubt wondering what was going on between us, trying to put the pieces together. I had a feeling Izuku told her about our current... relationship... so I knew instinctively that she was teasing us.

"If I don't fucking teach him how to do this shit then I would just be eating burnt pancakes. So, of course, I'm going to teach him, dumbass." She just smirked at me in response, squint her eyes in suspicion.

"I see, well, Deku, I have to get going now." She gave him a hug from behind while he watched the pancake bubbling on the skillet. She then glanced up at me and planted a kiss on Izuku's cheek. I growled possessively, warning her to back off but she just giggled.

"Let me know what it's like staying in the dorms when almost everyone else is gone!" She waved and walked away, grabbing her suitcase and heading out the dorm entrance.

"What did she mean by that?" I looked down at Izuku and he turned to face me.

"Oh, I guess I didn't mention it the other day. I'm staying in the dorms all summer so All Might and the others can monitor Ether. Can I flip this pancake now?" He pointed with the spatula as if he didn't just throw down the most explosive bomb I had heard in a while.

"Wait, you'll be here all summer?" I was shocked by this revelation. I was going to be stuck between Todoroki and Izuku, with their current cold war going on, I wasn't sure if I was relieved or feeling miserable. Either way, this was going to be a long summer, but I wasn't exactly complaining. I saw an opportunity after opportunity flash through my mind and I began to formulate a plan to set it all into motion. I wasn't going to waste this chance and watch him slip through my fingers into someone else's hands. By the end of this summer, he was going to be mine.

"Kacchan? The pancake?" Izuku blinked up at me innocently, unaware of the plot that was forming in my mind. I was frozen in mid-thought but quickly pulled myself out at the sound of his voice. I looked down at the skillet and observed the pancake he was pointing at. I nodded for him to proceed and watched as he flipped it over.

Of course, it was fucking burnt.





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🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


"You definitely failed to mention that, Midoriya." I winced at the sound of Todoroki's voice.

I couldn't keep acting this way toward him. I knew that everything was beyond his control. I was the one that he had marked, that establishes a certain connection between us, a connection that relies solely on our instincts. It's only natural for him to try and mate with me, his Alpha senses would take over in that situation, inhibiting him from forming rational thoughts. I didn't even think it was him that I was afraid of, but more the fact that I wasn't strong enough to put up a fight. This could happen with anyone, not just him. It's the role in life that I was given, never being able to succeed without putting up one hell of a fight.

Well, at the rate these things are going, your friendship will be ruined pretty quickly.

Yeah, no kidding, Ether. I guess I should just forgive him then. I mean, I already do, but I can't help my reactions right now.

What?! No. I wasn't saying to forgive him! If you HAVE to forgive him, at least make him work for it. Hold it over his head. I say we blackmail him for all he's worth.

Ether. You may have saved my life last night, but I still don't trust you. You say a lot of questionable things sometimes. I'm not blackmailing my friend. Why would I do something like that? That doesn't sound very heroic.

Some 'friend' he is. If he didn't do what he did last night, you wouldn't be trying so hard to hide the pain you're in from that gaping wound in your side. Friends don't hurt friends like this, Izuku.

Please. Don't bring that up.

Sorry, I'm just trying to be realistic.

Well, I'm tired of people always telling me to face reality. I am. It may not be conventional, but it's in my own way. Friends can make mistakes. We're only humans. Humans are driven by our natural instincts. But, that's the great thing about us humans, we have the capacity to look past our mistakes. The capacity for compassion. The capacity to forgive. That doesn't mean I need to forget what he did, but I can forgive him.

I realized I hadn't responded to Todoroki yet. I was just standing there frozen in my spot, looking at the burnt pancake Katsuki had placed on a plate now. I could feel eyes on me and quickly shook myself out of my thoughts. They all probably thought I was acting strangely. I wasn't used to having a separate voice in my head that only I could hear.

"Ah. Yeah, sorry Sho - " I quickly cleared my throat and tried again. "I mean, Todoroki, I didn't think it really mattered if I was staying here in the dorms or not. Why do you seem surprised?" I poked the black blob of pancake in defeat, glancing up at Katsuki and wondering if he'd let me try again. I mean, this was kind of his fault. If he had told me to flip it when I wanted to then maybe it wouldn't be burnt.

"It's just shocking because now it'll be you, me and Bakugou all summer together then. I wonder if anyone else is staying?" Todoroki almost said it as an afterthought.

"What?! Kacchan?! You're staying here all summer? Why?" I looked up at him, blinking in surprise. He looked so peaceful when he was cooking and just listening to the soft conversations around him. The skills he had in the kitchen just added to the list of reasons why he was so amazing to me.

"Same as you, damn nerd. Training." He flipped a pancake into perfection.

"I think Shinsou is staying as well, kero." Tsu must've been listening to our conversation still from the table. I looked over to where she was sitting.

"Oh! That'll be fun! I wonder if he'll train with me then!" I thought about Ether and wondered if we could all train together. Maybe he had some pointers on mind communication that he wouldn't have a problem sharing with me.

"Alright! So, I've been listening to you three talk for a while now and I can't stand it anymore. What on earth is going on with all the name mishaps? You all can't honestly think that what you're doing and what you're saying is not obvious to the rest of us. Midoriya, you are trying to distance yourself from Todoroki. You've even been avoiding him this whole time. It's tense and a little awkward. While, you, Bakugou, are clearly trying to hide your newfound closeness with Midoriya. You three may think you're sneaky, but you're not. Again, it's painfully obvious. Just say what you all really want to say. It's getting so confusing!" Momo stood up from the table and started walking toward her suitcase at the entrance. "Anyway, I'll see you all later, my ride is here!" She waved to us all and promptly left. I wasn't sure about the other two, but I knew my face looked like a flaming tomato.

"I'm not trying to distance myself... not really..." I mumbled, casting my eyes down and kicking an invisible rock.

"Wait, you're not? Why? Midoriya, you have every reason to hate me right now. Seriously. You really do. There's no reason for you to trust me. I'm surprised you're even willing to speak to me. If - If you don't hate me... then all that matters is for you to know just how very, truly sorry I am for what happened... I didn't mean to hurt you... I didn't mean to do all this to us, at all..." Todoroki tried to explain and my heart twisted, listening to the desperation in his voice. I bit the bottom of my lip to distract my tears from spilling over.

"No, no, no... That's not it. I don't hate you!" I waved my hands in front of my face. "I know you didn't mean to hurt me. It's okay, I understand. Really, I do. Besides, I kinda thought you hated me..."

"That's literally impossible, Midoriya. I would never hate you. I love you. I said so last night and I meant it. Why would you think that I hated you? That doesn't even make any sense. How on earth did you possibly arrive at that conclusion? Especially after what happened..?" He shook his head in astonishment, looking at me like I lost a few screws somewhere.

"Be - Because I... rejected... you... and then didn't give you time to explain afterward..?" He started to laugh, a small chuckle at first and then a full-blown laugh. It had been a while since I saw him smile like that. The sound of his laughter instantly put my nerves at ease. I couldn't stop the blush from rising to my face because I knew he was right. I came to that conclusion without actually thinking things through. He would never hate me, it was obvious he hated himself after everything and that hurt me the most.

I knew I overreacted last night and was just using everything as an excuse to run away from my problems. I desperately wanted to fix things between us. I didn't hate him after what happened, I just hated that I wasn't strong enough to stop it myself. I hated that I couldn't resist, but at the same time, he couldn't resist me either. He wasn't the only one that had let his instincts take over. I released my Omegan scent in response to him, so in a twisted way, I was also at fault for a small fraction of last night.

"I would never, ever, hate you for something like that," he smiled over at me. I was relieved that he didn't hate me and I wanted to run over to give him a hug and end the awkwardness between us. I didn't hate him in any way and I did trust him. In fact, I still didn't hate the idea of giving him a chance. I just... didn't like the way things turned out last night. If it was different, if it was consensual on both our ends and we weren't drugged up from the intoxicatingly sweet pheromones of our marked mates, then I may have... let it continue. 


Would I really though? 

I mean, I would be lying if I said I didn't find him completely attractive even after what happened. His haggard appearance that he was sporting today actually seemed more tempting to me than anything. Even though, I still needed to figure things out with Katsuki. Katsuki was the one I really wanted and I was sure now that there was something more that he felt about me. Although, my inner doubt kept trying to rear its head and tell me I was being foolish. It kept nagging at me and saying he only cared for me last night out of pity. It kept telling me that Katsuki only came back for that kiss because he wanted to tease me. He was always messing with my emotions and maybe he found this to be a fun way to go about doing just that. With my inner demon spouting nonsense to me, it was hard to believe the reality that was painted so beautifully before me, but I just couldn't help and cave into my desires, praying for it to be true. Hoping that I was right about this.

I wanted to do my best to pursue this further. I wanted to continue fighting against fate and stand by his side. I wanted to believe he was my mate. I didn't care if I continued to doubt myself, because that's just how I was. I always doubted myself. Things in life never seemed to come easy to me and usually, if I liked something, if I wanted something bad enough, it was dangled hopelessly in front of me until I tore myself apart trying to grasp at it. In the end, though, my hard work and never-ending determination usually paid off.

I glanced at Todoroki and smiled, his own grin warming my heart. Things were working out, I could feel it. A little further and maybe we would be back on track. I did want to give him a chance, just to test things out with us, but I couldn't get Katsuki out of my mind. There was no way it was going to happen. I rejected him last night, but I told him he was free to continue pursuing me and that still stands. We had a complicated web of emotions that I needed to unweave and figure out first, but chances were, I was going to reject him fully and it would probably be soon. I wasn't sure what would happen after I told him I was choosing Katsuki and right now, I knew he felt miserable about what happened between us. I wanted to fix that. I wanted to erase the bad memories and replace them with some good ones first before I let go of him and sent him on his way to find his own mate. We may be marked mates, but it was only a matter of time before his soulmate came around, if they haven't already.

Although, Ether was definitely right. I couldn't tell him I forgave him already. I needed to explain to him why I forgave him and I needed to talk to him about how everything happened last night. He deserved to know it wasn't just his fault. His smile just now had already eased my tension I had directed toward him, so that shouldn't be a problem between us anymore. I never wanted him to know what happened after he left though. He would only blame himself and that would just make things worse for us. If he knew what I did because I couldn't stand myself for being weak against him like that, he would never let us be friends again. He would distance himself in a way that I never wanted to see.

So, I would take that to my grave. I would keep everything about last night a secret forever. No one else needed to know, but us. No one needed to view Todoroki in a harsh light. He didn't deserve it. Biology had taken over between us. Sure, it upset me, sure it drove me over the edge, but it wasn't because of him. It was because of my own already depressive state. He just gave me the excuse I was looking for. I had already been putting myself down over those exact same things.

If it got out about what happened, he wouldn't even let me explain. Those thoughts weren't new. His actions simply brought them into a brighter light for me. I needed to train more. I needed to be stronger. I was going to change the way of life for the Omegas. I was going to be the strongest Omegan Pro-Hero. I was aiming for the top, right next to Katsuki. I wanted to be able to be proud of myself one day. I wanted to prove that we weren't bottom-feeders and I couldn't do that if I gave up like this. Other people needed me. They needed me to help them change the way Omegas were viewed.

I sighed, wondering what to do with Ether's advice. I didn't want to hurt my friend and I didn't want to embarrass him. I needed something akin to a prank maybe? Something that I knew would be unpleasant, but would leave no permanent damage. I also didn't want it to take a long time to complete either. I wanted it to be fast. I placed a finger to my bottom lip as I tried to formulate an idea. I really should have him do something to earn my forgiveness back. Something that I would enjoy too. Maybe something funny? I glanced at the burnt pancake still sitting on the plate and a harmless idea began forming in the back of my mind.

"Wait, what?! You rejected him?! Nooo!! Why?! I was building my ship over here and you just sank it! He said he loved you, Midoriya! Shouto Todoroki openly admitted to loving you. That's amazing and so freaking sweet if you ask me!" Mina cried from her spot at the table, snapping me out of my thoughts again. I had been spacing out a lot today and I didn't want people to think something was wrong.

As long as I was standing next to Katsuki, I didn't really feel that bad anymore. I always felt safe and protected when he was around. Katsuki just kept making pancakes, listening calmly to everyone's conversations. His brow was furrowed and a permanent scowl was plastered across his face. He didn't seem to be too pleased by the words Todoroki and I had exchanged. If he was really thinking about it, he was probably coming close to a probable conclusion. He was no doubt putting together the puzzle pieces all on his own without needing to confirm anything. He could be really observant when he wanted to. Sometimes it worked against me, like in these situations.

"That's complicated, Ashido. I deserve to be rejected, I crossed a line last night and I will never be able to fix it..." He stopped smiling and let the weight of his words sit heavily in the air. Mina frowned and tilted her head in confusion. Todoroki sighed and just went back to looking down at his phone, resting his chin in the palms of one of his hands.

"Shouto," I said firmly, standing my ground. I knew this was silly and I knew it didn't really have any true meaning behind it, but I needed him to know that I didn't blame him. His eyes shot back up at the sound of his first name coming from me again. He was no doubt confused as to why I didn't use his last name again, like I was trying to. Katsuki flinched, clearly not happy that I had even said it. He seemed to be angrily smashing a pancake flat in protest.

Cute, I thought, he's jealous.

"I'll forgive you for last night... on one condition." I caught Katsuki's piercing gaze and smiled at him, before picking up the burnt pancake.

"Y - Yes! Anything for you, Midoriya! If it's really possible... if you'll really forgive me then just name it and consider it done!" He was practically standing in his seat, eyes wider than I'd ever seen him. He planted the palms of his hands flat against the counter and was propping himself up, as if he were planning to leap over it and come bounding closer to me.

"It's easy. Just eat this whole pancake, as is. Nothing else," I chuckled at his enthusiasm. It was simple and I knew he would eat it without hesitation.

"Oi. Give that shit here." Katsuki grabbed the pancake from off the plate and threw it back on the skillet.

"Hey! What're you doing?" I asked him.

"It's not burnt enough. Half 'n Half, Deku may be willing to forgive you, because he's that kind of honest idiot. But, after what I saw this morning, I'm not naive enough to think what happened was no big deal. It really had a negative impact on him. I'm not nice enough to let you go that easily. I can't say what you can do to truly earn forgiveness from this stupid nerd, since it's not my shit to hand out, but I can say that he's clearly letting your ass off easy. I don't like that, at all. I think you should get down on all fours and be his damn slave for the rest of summer, but it's not my place to decide. So, like I fucking said, this pancake isn't burnt enough." I watched as he sneered mercilessly.

Smashing the poor pancake into the skillet and cooking it again, nearly setting it on fire, and then set it back on the plate. Before I could continue he reached into the cabinets above us and pulled out some spices. He started to throw dashes of all kinds of things on top of the pancake. He then walked to the fridge and pulled some hot sauces out, piling it on top as well until it was coated. It looked absolutely horrendous and I wanted to cringe away from it already. I could smell the heat from the spices and my eyes were already watering. I looked in terror at Katsuki and then back over at Todoroki. He gulped and nodded slowly.

"Heh. That should do it, just nicely," Katsuki smirked. "Fucking IcyHot. Eat this shit. No water. No ice quirk. Hold it in. If you so much as cough it back up, consider this fucking deal null and void." He crossed his arms and glared between the two of us. I thought my idea was bad enough, to begin with. I hated burnt food. But now... now it looked like a chunk of coal, slathered in red, spicy blood. I was repulsed and a wave of guilt washed over me. This was going to be absolutely terrible for him. Todoroki hated hot food, so I couldn't imagine him surviving this challenge, but I knew he would do it anyway. He wanted to fix things between us too, so he wasn't going to back down. I could see the determination in his eyes as he stared at Katusuki's concoction. It was strange how one of the best cooks I knew could make something so grotesque looking.

"No, you're right, Bakugou. This isn't nearly enough to buy my ticket to win his forgiveness, but I'll do it. I did something absolutely terrible. Something that should never be forgiven. I accept your kindness, Midoriya. However, after this, I think there is one more thing that should be done." Katsuki passed the plate across the counter and tossed him a fork. Todoroki grabbed the fork and dug it into the pancake. I winced at the audible crunch that was created when the pancake shattered and began to turn to dust. Katsuki wasn't fazed. He pulled out a spoon next and slid it across the table for him to use instead. Todoroki seemed to regret this suddenly, but grabbed the spoon. To help himself have to chew less, he smashed the rest of the blackened mixture together and stirred it around on the plate.





Chapter Text


🍀Izuku Midoriya's POV🍀


That pancake didn't even classify as a pancake anymore. It was more like spicy ash soup. He brought the spoon up to his mouth and bit down. He didn't react at first and immediately went for another. I watched as he struggled to swallow the dry concoction down his throat and I desperately wanted to give him some water. He continued though. His face was turning a beat red and beads of sweat dripped down his forehead, but he didn't stop. I wanted to turn around and avoid watching the torture he was undergoing, but I couldn't. I knew this was for me, so I had to watch.

Finally, he finished the pancake. He gulped continuously, trying to chase down the ashes that coated his throat. He squeezed his eyes shut and brought his hands to his face. He wiped the sweat away and did his best to calm down. Katsuki snorted, enjoying the struggles he was experiencing.

After a few moments passed and Todoroki managed to compose himself he stood up and walked around the counter to where we were. I was impressed that he was actually able to do that without utterly dying in front of us all. Katsuki seemed satisfied and turned back around to take care of the rest of the batter, continuing to dish up more pancakes.

"Midoriya, what I did to you last night is truly unforgivable," He said, stepping closer to Katsuki and I. He reached out placed a soft hand on the side of my cheek and I smiled at him sadly. "Not only do I feel like I'm taking advantage of your kind heart right now, but I also tried to take advantage of your body last night. I crossed a line. I did things that hurt you and you still think it's okay to forgive me. You're incredible, you really are. I'm sorry, but what I did is something I can never be forgiven for."

I gasped, throwing a hand up to my mouth to block the sound that spewed out from me. I knew I wasn't the only one in the room that made that sound. My eyes widened at realizing what he just did. I was planning on taking this to my grave, but he just told everyone in the room. He outted himself and seemed to be ready to accept full responsibility for his actions.

I shook my head softly, he clearly didn't understand what happened last night. He was blaming himself for the way we were made. That was something I did so much, to the point of trying to kill myself. He didn't need to do it, too. He also didn't need to subject himself to the scorn and hate that I knew would haunt him forever, now that he had admitted to what he did. Other people clearly heard him. This wasn't something I could hide and protect him from anymore. The girls at the table stopped everything they were doing and just stared at us, mouths and eyes both open wide.

I tried to reach out to Todoroki but he took a step away from me and I frowned. Katsuki took the skillet off the burner and slammed it aside, sending vibrations through the counter. Explosions sparked in his palms. Glasses in the cabinets shook at the force. A low growl rumbled from where he was standing and I crouched back in fear. His back was still to us, and I watched him turn off the flames of the oven before turning to face us. His face was unreadable and his demeanor was eerily calm, but his aura was murderous.

"So, Midoriya, I ask you to not interfere with what is about to happen. I deserve this and I think Bakugou is the most fitting to dish it out." I cocked my head to the side in confusion and wanted to step closer to Todoroki but before I could do anything, a fist came from beside me and landed squarely on Todoroki's face.

"Un-fucking-believable. That explains so fucking much, you sick and twisted asshole," Katsuki spewed. Todoroki fell to the ground and struggled to stand back up. Katsuki stood over him and grabbed him by the collar, swing his fist down and connecting another solid punch to Todoroki's nose. Blood began to trickle down his face.

"I don't think I've ever been more pissed off in my entire fucking life," Katsuki spit at him. He swung down again and connected to his jaw. I winced in shock at what I was witnessing.

"I suggest you brace yourself, you IcyHot son-of-a-bitch because there's a hell of a lot more where that came from. I'm not stopping until you're fucking bleeding. You deserve a shit ton more than what I'm going to dish out. Don't ever fucking dream of coming near him again, fucking asshole." His fist raised up above his head one more time, but I jumped forward and grabbed hold of it in mid-air.

I activated my quirk and yanked Katsuki off of Todoroki. He stumbled to his feet and tried to surge forward again. Todoroki groaned in pain, bringing a hand up to his eye. He winced when he touched his face and my heart stopped. I never wanted this to happen to him. He didn't deserve this, did no one really know? Did no one understand what really happened? Where was Momo when I needed her to help explain this.

"Kacchan, wait! Stop! That's good enough, he's already bleeding!" I stood between the two Alphas. Every fiber of my Omegan being was telling me this was the last place I wanted to be. No normal Omega should stand in the middle of a fight between two angry Alpha's, but I was trying to change the Omegan status-quo so that was exactly where I needed to be right now. I placed my palm on his arm, trying to drag his attention down to face me.

"Are you fucking insane, Izuku? You're really trying to stop me right now?! He just openly confessed to assaulting you and you're fucking stopping me?! I'm not through with his ass, fucking step aside," He glared those piercing daggers in my direction and took another step forward.

Quicker than I could react, he dodged around me and grabbed Todoroki once more. I activated full-crowl again and kept it going this time. I reached for Todoroki instead of Katsuki and pulled him behind me to safety. I put my palms out toward the growling Alpha before me and backed away, keeping Todoroki out of his reach.

"Yes, Kacchan! I'm not stepping aside and I am stopping you. Because!" He raised his fist again and I almost shrunk away, but I stood my ground. "Because! He didn't take full advantage of me. Wait! Please, for once in your life, just listen to me! He stopped himself. Todoroki, stopped. He didn't go too far. It's okay, really. I've forgiven him. I forgave him the moment he left my room last night, I've just been afraid to face him this morning. But, after calming down, I realize he didn't really do it of his own will. Just think about it for a second, please, Kacchan..." No one in the room was moving anymore. Katsuki slowly lowered his fist but it was clear he was still beyond pissed off. There was the sound of footsteps walking into the kitchen area and I knew we had more prying eyes.

"Fine, I'm listening, Deku. Make it quick before I change my mind. You have mere seconds to convince me not to pulverize this fucking bastard." He growled. I could see steam rolling off of his hands, his quirk nearly on the verge of being set off. It was taking everything he had to stop himself from attacking Todoroki again.

"Midoriya, really, it's okay. I knew this would happen when I said it." Todoroki tried to regain his bearings from the place I had practically shoved him. He grabbed onto the counter behind him and propped himself up.

"Shouto, enough. You obviously need to listen too. No one is thinking rationally here and you're all just letting your emotions do the talking. We all know I was marked by Todoroki, right? That's indisputable. Being marked by him literally makes me his marked mate. We're mates. It's only temporary, but it's a fact. Technically, we're linked. There's a bond between us. A bond that messes with our senses, Kacchan." I paused for a moment, letting everything sink in before continuing. Katsuki didn't look just angry anymore. His face showed pure despair for a quick second, but was replaced by his usual scowl.

"Does anyone know what happens to an Alpha when they're alone in the same room as the person they marked, their mate or not? It doesn't matter. The one he marked will always emit an irresistible smell, causing the Alpha, Shouto in this case, to lose to their natural instincts. It wasn't just his fault either. The same thing happened to me, I caved under his pheromones and felt my body unwillingly respond to him. It was a two way street between us. He probably caved first because of the feelings he has for me. It was just too much at once. The very fact that he was able to snap out of it and stop himself is proof enough to me that it was an accident. So, please. That was more than enough, Kacchan. It's okay now." I watched him, holding my breath and praying he would see my side.

"Why didn't you stop him yourself, Deku? You're stronger than him so I don't see how it got to that point in the first place." I couldn't just tell him right now that I was an Omega, but luckily I already had the perfect answer to this.

"Because he's my friend and I trusted him. I knew he'd fight himself. He's a hero in training, of course, he's going to stop before things got out of hand. I had faith in him because he's a good person. I didn't fight him back, because I knew I wouldn't have to. Besides, like I said... I caved into him too. I didn't want to, but my body had other plans."

"Midoriya, that's not - " Todoroki began, but I shoved a hand in his face and cut him off. I couldn't have him revealing the rest of the story to everyone. He was my friend and I really did still trust him more than anything. Especially after the little show that just happened. It was clear to me just how much he was beating himself over it. Enough to be physically harmed and potentially marked as an outcast after this. I didn't want that to happen to him.

"All that matters is that he had the strength to stop and I've forgiven him." I heard Katsuki click his tongue in frustration and felt relieved when I saw him turn back around and continue the pancakes. He was still angry and he made it apparent with the constant curses he spewed out under his breath.

"Gah - That was the scariest thing I'd done in a long time." I let out the breath I'd been holding back and visibly relaxed. I put my hand to my chest and smiled, turning around to check on the damage that lingered on Todoroki's face. I sighed when I saw the blood from his nose, but was glad that it wasn't too bad. At least it still wasn't dripping. I quickly walked to the sink and grabbed a wet towel, bring it back so he could wipe the blood off. Once I was done, I tossed it aside and turned back around to face him again. He immediately pulled me into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around me and burying his face in my hair.

"I'm still so, so sorry for what I did to you, Midoriya. For what it's worth, I promise I'll never do something like that again. I regret everything, so much. I never meant to hurt you," I placed my hands on his waist and pulled him closer, nuzzling into his chest and returning his embrace.

"Mmm. It's okay, Shouto. I promise you, it really is okay. I know you won't do it to me again. You didn't even mean to in the first place, so I can't possibly stay mad at you. As long as you don't touch me unless I want you to, we'll be okay," I smiled. He froze up and immediately pushed me away, throwing his hands up in the air like he did something bad again. I was confused for a moment but then let out a hearty chuckle.

"Come back! I wasn't done with that hug, Shouto!" I laughed at him. He smiled and pulled me in again.

"Thank god, neither was I," He said softly, nuzzling into my neck and smiling at our closeness. "I'm so so sorry. So sorry... I - Izuku... I really do love you, so much. I don't deserve your kindness, your forgiveness. I'll fix this between us. I swear, I will, Izuku. I don't deserve you, yet, but I will prove to you how much you mean to me. I'll show you how much I love you," He pulled himself away from me, but kept our arms around each other's waist, and tilted my chin up so our eyes locked together. I gulped at our close proximity.

"It hurts when you say those words, Shouto," I frowned at him and he just nodded. He leaned in and kissed me on my forehead. I heard a mixture of noises coming from everyone around us that seemed to be paying attention to our interactions still. The most notable was a low, barely audible growl that seeped through the air.

"I know you do. I know it hurts, but it's true and I'm not going to stop saying it to you either. Not until you ask me to. Do you want me to stop it?" He asked me sadly. I thought for a moment and shook my head no. It hurt... because he wasn't the person I wanted to hear this from. It didn't hurt because he loved me. I loved that he loved me, I really did. It was special. It meant a lot, but... he wasn't the right person.

"No... y - you can keep saying it," I said shyly. I felt the blush rush up my neck and ducked my face away, burying it into his chest. "No one's ever said it to me before... I - I like the sound of it, Shouto. It hurts, but only because..." I trailed off and couldn't say it was because I loved Katsuki. I mean, he was standing right next to us and I could feel his glare boring into our souls.

"I know why, Midoriya. You don't need to say it." He squeezed me tighter and tried to step away but I didn't want to let him go. I was afraid to look up and see the angry Alpha and I also didn't want anyone to see how embarrassed I was at Todoroki's confession again.

"M - Midoriya..?" He questioned and I just shook my head, keeping it buried into his chest. He started to laugh and the vibrations in his chest tickled until I began to laugh with him. Finally, I felt okay to separate away from him and looked up. He looked so much more happy and peaceful than he had this morning and I was glad to see my friend was slowly recovering. He brought his hand up to my face again and cupped my cheek, leaning in closer. Immediately, my eyes squeezed shut, unsure of what he was going to do and I froze.

"So, you're okay with me saying it whenever I want, right?" He whispered into my ear. My eyes flew up and I felt the heat rising into my cheeks, unsure of how to act.

"Then, I love you, Izuku Midoriya. I really really love you," He smiled at me and I let out a strangled sound of pure and utter panic. I didn't know what to do anymore, I didn't even know where to look.

I noticed his smile falter when his gaze flick to somewhere behind me and before I could react, I felt a rough palm land on my shoulder. I flinched a little bit but relaxed when I noticed it was Katsuki's hand. He growled lowly at Todoroki, staring daggers in his direction.

"Ah... hahah..." I let out, entirely ready to crawl into a hole and die.

"That's enough of that shit, IcyHot. Back off," Katsuki ripped us apart and dragged me over to the oven to stand next to him. I winced in slight pain from the quick movement. I wondered how my bandages were holding up at this point. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at Todoroki, watching as he put his hands in the air and walked back to his spot at the kitchen counter. He left his phone laying face down and settled for staring at my every move again. He didn't seem to want to stop.

I was glad my friend looked happy again and that everything seemed to be better between us. I still wanted to talk a little more to him, but things were good for now. Standing behind him, I noticed that the footsteps I had heard earlier actually belonged to Kirishima and Denki. They looked extremely confused and scared as they watched everyone's exchange.

"Dude, what just happened?" I heard Denki whisper to Kirishima.

"Bro, I have no idea. Midoriya just stood between Bakugou and Todoroki's fistfight. Talk about being manly. But then, Todoroki confessed his undying love to Midoriya. Midoriya totally didn't reciprocate, so that means he's still single. I think that's the gist of it all. Talk about awkward, man!" Kirishima snickered in response to our whole situation.

Slowly, the usual amount of chatter echoed throughout the room and I was able to relax. I could still feel their lingering gazes on my back, but I didn't mind. Things seemed much better between Todoroki and myself, but... Katsuki... they now felt, strained.

"H - Hey, Kacchan..." I gulped, looking down at my thumbs. I flicked my eyes up and saw him frowning while he messed with the pancakes. He grunted to show he was listening, but didn't seem like he wanted to talk about what all just happened. By this point, he had built up a pretty hefty batch of pancakes, no doubt planning to share them with all the stragglers that made their way into the kitchen. "Thank you... again... Kacchan. You really are one of my favorite heroes." I wanted to hug him, but I knew he'd hate it right now. He seemed extremely furious.

"Oi. Let's get one thing straight here, Deku," He harshly whispered, not taking his eyes off the last few pancakes he was making.

"I'm still pissed. Pissed about what happened to you last night. Pissed that you were laying on your floor, bleeding out. Pissed that you let that IcyHot asshole take advantage of you like that. Pissed that you obviously weren't even going to tell me that it had happened in the first place. Pissed that you're still hiding something from me. Pissed that you let IcyHot mark you and are now fucking marked mates. Pissed that you're letting your assaulter say he fucking loves you. Pissed that you fucking forgave him already! Pissed that you're so fucking naive sometimes. I'm really fucking pissed off at you, for a lot of shit. Scratch that. I'm fucking livid." He turned off the stove. Every sentence made me flinch in shame, but I still regretted nothing. He could be angry all he wanted. It wasn't his decision, it wasn't his life.

"I'm tired of watching you just hide all this shit inside of you, on your own. You won't even let on that your fucking wound is hurting you right now. Stop... just stop hiding things like this... Goddamn, Deku," He turned to face me, looking me dead in the eyes. I gulped and felt tears begin to build up but I blinked them away. His voice... didn't hold the anger I was expecting. It held nothing but a deep longing and that had a stronger impact on me than anything else he could have done.

"Deku, are you really okay?" He took a step closer and lightly ran the back of his fingers over my cheek, brushing my hair aside. I gulped under his touch but couldn't keep making eye contact. I nodded my head and mustered the courage to smile at him. I knew it didn't reach my eyes, but I needed to do something to hide the pain I felt inside.

"I'm just fine, Kacchan," I managed to force out. Katsuki hummed in response and began to put together two plates of pancakes. He turned back and handed one of them to me before leaning down into my ear once more.

"Izuku," He whispered hauntingly. "I know when you're fucking lying to me."

I still didn't make eye contact with him, but followed him to the table and sat down with our pancakes.

"You extras can have the rest," Katsuki said, like nothing had even happened. Small shouts of joy erupted as the others all gathered around and helped themselves.

"Kacchan, you really are amazing." I smiled sadly, gazing up at him. I didn't mind that he was angry with me. Even then, I still loved him dearly.

"Quit complimenting me, dammit," He said, a gentle smirk twitching along his lips. He may have been angry, but it was evident that he couldn't stay angry for very long.

Everything Katsuki put his mind to, he succeeded in with little to no effort. My heart swelled when I thought of him. I would never be able to stand by his side at this rate if I didn't try even harder.

Who cares about that? Maybe you should stop thinking about being by his side and think about what's best for yourself?

You're right, Ether. Starting with what to do with you.





Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

I was enjoying the pancakes and the laughter from all of my friends. It was bittersweet, knowing I wouldn't be seeing some of them for a while. At least we had plans with a small group in four weeks, so that was nice. I got up to clean off my plate when I finished and glanced over to where Todoroki had remained seated this whole time. I noticed he was just scrolling through his phone again but I hated to see he was all alone. He hadn't even grabbed himself some actual food to eat. I didn't like the idea of him surviving off of charcoaled hot-sauce all day, so when I was cleaning off my plate, I grabbed him a fresh one and piled a few pancakes on it as well.

"Shouto, you should eat too," I smiled at him. He reciprocated my smile with one of his own and set his phone aside to give me his undivided attention. I took a seat on the stool next to him and pushed the plate over, handing him a fork so he could eat.

"Thanks, Midoriya," He said softly. I nodded at him and waited for him to take a bite. I wanted to tell him that I thought we should maybe talk sometime today in private, outside of all the prying eyes and ears. I didn't feel like we got everything sorted out. His eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks every time he looked down to cut a piece off. I was mesmerized by those eyes and their contrasting colors. I caught myself staring at his facial features and had to shake my thoughts away before I became too absorbed.

He really was attractive to me and I knew I'd be lucky to have him as my mate, but Katsuki blew him out of the water. Not only in the looks department but in everything else. Sure, Todoroki probably studied more than Katsuki, so his grades were better, but I just didn't think anyone could be as amazing to me as he was. My gaze flicked over to where he was sitting, still eating his pancakes. He was also scrolling through his phone. I nearly chuckled when he froze to read whatever he was looking at. He left his food sitting on his fork in mid-air. By the time he had brought the fork to his lips, his food had fallen back off and onto his plate below. He didn't notice and still tried to take a bite before glaring at his empty fork as if it were the fault of the fork that his food was missing. I couldn't help but think his angry glares were cute... when directed at other people that is.

I sighed longingly while I stared at him. I watched his back muscles stiffen and knew he had detected my gaze, so I quickly shifted it away before he had time to turn around and catch me. My eyes landed back over on Todoroki who had pushed his half-eaten plate aside and was watching me as I watched Katsuki. He smiled when I looked back up at him but didn't say anything. Instead, he just pat me on top of my head and pulled his plate back.

Why was he okay with loving me still when he obviously knew my feelings for Katsuki? Unless... he didn't know and I just felt like he did? I mean, I never openly said to him that I loved Katsuki, I just told him there was something going on between us. So, if he did know, did that mean I made it obvious? I blushed at the thought and didn't want to do anything else that might give my inner thoughts away.

"Midoriya, kero," Tsu called to me, saving me from myself. I turned around and she was standing there with Mina and Jirou. They were waving me over to the front entrance. I hopped off the stool I was sitting on and walked over to them, wondering what they were wanting from me.

"What's up?" I asked when I got close enough. They all shared a knowing glance and jumped on me, pulling me into a warm hug. I was happy at the sudden skinship, but I wished they'd pick a better day to show their love. I held back my sudden desire to spew curses at the pain that plummeted into me. They all squeezed me tightly and I nearly cried out from the burning agony I felt but did my best to hold it all in. I could tell something ripped and I wanted desperately to push them away and look at the damage. Finally, they all pulled away from me, flashing me mischievous grins.

"We just wanted to say goodbye! I can't wait for the beach and tell us if anything more develops between you and Todoroki. I know what happened last night was probably really scary, but I'm glad to see you guys seemed to have worked everything out. This just means my ship hasn't sunk just yet! Everyone deserves a second chance, so I hope you'll give him one. Anyway, be careful and keep in touch!" Mina hugged me one more time before prancing out into the distance. The other two waved and followed her lead. Each one wrapped their arms around my waist and gave me massive bearhugs on their way out. I held my hand to my side as I watched them leave and when I was sure they wouldn't turn around again, I glanced down to see the damage they had done.


Oh, Izuku, sweetie. Watch your internal language, please.

Not now, Ether. What should I do?

I began to panic but felt a steady hand land firmly on my shoulder. I jumped at the contact, causing me to wince yet again, and was fearful to look and see who I had to force a smile for now. I wasn't feeling too good at the moment and I didn't think I could fake it through the pain much longer.

"Let me see," Katsuki asked and all my worries drained away. I glanced around and saw that the only people remaining in the room were Denki, Kirishima, and Todoroki. At the moment, all the attention was pulled away elsewhere, so I didn't mind letting Katsuki take a look right here.

"K - Kacchan..." I said softly. I slowly lifted my hand away from my side and showed him the wound. A large splotch of blood was starting to seep into my clothes. Normally, I wouldn't be too worried about a cut reopening and bleeding through. But, I was super worried because if I was seeing the blood through my shirt, that only meant it had bled through the bandage as well.

"I fucking knew it. You need to go see Recovery Girl, now," Katsuki started to grab his shoes from the cubby and brought mine over to me.

"What're you doing?" I asked him when he started to lift my leg and put my shoe on for me. "I can do this by myself, Kacchan." I struggled against him and drew a sharp intake of breath when my movements irritated my wound once more.

"Obviously not, idiot. Are you trying to get yourself killed over here because I'm 10 seconds away from actually obliging and killing you myself. Stop struggling." He lifted my other foot and helped me with that shoe. I was blushing a deep shade of red. I wanted to run my fingers through his spiky hair while he was down there, but I figured that now probably wasn't the best time to be falling in love with him all over again.

"Goddammit, Deku. You're such a fucking hassle, you know that?" He quickly pulled his own shoes on and started pushing me out the doors by the elbow. 

Ah. Yes. Love. 
This was totally what love was. 
Something clearly was wrong with me if I was head-over-heels for Katsuki.

"Hey, I can go there by myself. You don't need to come with me," I tried to free my elbow from his grasp to no avail. I glanced behind me and saw that Kirishima, Todoroki, and Denki all bore witness to our exchange. I wasn't sure if they caught sight of my bleeding side, but they definitely were clueless as to why Katsuki Bakugou put my shoes on for me just now.

"Like hell, you can. If that damn voice was any proof last night, you're not really willing to go get this looked at, so I'm coming along to make sure you do. I don't want to be called in the middle of the night again for some damn rescue." He just kept tugging me along, ignoring my protests.

"When I saved you last night, you became my responsibility, you understand that?" He continued.

"Okay, fine. You win, Kacchan. But, how do you even know Recovery Girl is still here? Classes are out, so she could be gone too?" I wasn't sure how this whole thing would work with the dorms.

"I doubt it. If the teachers know they still have students staying in the dorm rooms to continue their training, I don't think they'd be dumb enough to think we wouldn't get injured. Especially with you being one of the people staying on. You're the most hazardous and fucking accident-prone out of all of us. I mean, it's literally the first fucking day and you're already on your way to be fucking healed. What else is new though? I also plan on telling her everything that I know about last night, as well." He scolded me as we walked around the campus toward the school building.

"What do you mean by everything?" He wasn't planning on telling them about Todoroki, was he? We already figured that whole mess out, so that wasn't necessary. I knew Katsuki hated to do things he viewed as pointless, so I didn't see him actually going that far. He probably didn't want to be reprimanded for laying hands on another student as well, so I doubted he would speak up and say what happened with Todoroki.

"By 'everything,' I'm talking about your damn voice. I don't trust it, regardless of whether it saved you or not. It could've just been a ploy by this possible villain to win you over." He glanced at me sideways.

Tsk. He's the ever-so-cautious one. He'll learn eventually. The person I still don't trust is Todoroki. I think you shouldn't have forgiven him so easily. You definitely should have blackmailed him. That would have been a blast. Eheheh.

Ether, shut up.

That's your favorite thing to say to me, isn't it?


We walked into the school building and made our way to Recovery Girl. Katsuki didn't release his grip the whole way there, almost as if he thought I would bail the second I had the chance. While I didn't want to go to Recovery Girls office anymore this month, I wasn't stupid enough to think I could keep hiding this wound. How many times have I been to her office in just a week now? 3? 4? I couldn't remember anymore. It's not like these frequent visits were anything new. I had to tell them about Ether's return as well, so this visit was actually inevitable.

"Hey, old hag, you in here?!" Katsuki yelled while throwing open the door. To my surprise, both Recovery Girl and All Might were in the room together already. Great, I could kill two birds with one stone now.

"Young Bakugou, Midoriya. It's an odd sight to see you two together like this," All Might stood up from his seat. Katsuki pushed me forward and lifted up my shirt for them to see.

"Shut up, what's that fucking matter, anyway? Look, I found him with a chunk of glass in his side last night. That voice of his said it happened during an argument they had. She had taken him over and wouldn't let me call for help. I was afraid the wound would get worse if she fought against me, so we're here now." He explained, not letting them get a word in.

"Wha - Midoriya! Get him to a bed, immediately," Recovery Girl ushered us inside and closed the doors. She got to work straight away, cleaning the wound and replacing it with a fresh, clean bandaid.

"So, Ether is back now?" All Might asked me questioningly as Recovery Girl gave me her usual peck. I nodded.

"Yeah, she showed up last night. If it wasn't for her calling Kacchan, I don't know what would've happened." I looked down at my palms and watched as Recovery Girl held them in her hands, inspecting the damage there as well. She wrapped them up and made a quiet clicking sound with her tongue. She was clearly displeased with me.

"Yes, I am very thankful for that. Thank you, Young Bakugou. Your quick actions are worthy of a hero." He praised Katsuki and he just smirked. No doubt thinking proudly of himself.

"Is Ether present right now?" All Might continued eyeing me while I nodded.

"She seems to be back to being fully active with me now," I explained to them. All Might nodded, taking in the new information. He was standing in the center of the room with one hand crossed over his torso, propping the other hand up to his chin. Katsuki was leaning in the back of the room against the wall, both his arms crossed around his chest and his eyes following my every movement.

I want to talk to him. Can you project yourself to them?

Ether's voice broke in between our conversation and I directed my thoughts inward.

Them? Do you mean all of them? Can I do more than one? Wouldn't it be easier if you just took over?

No, because when I take over, you don't remember the events that happen and I want you here for this here too.

"Uhm... So... Ether is asking if she can talk to you all? In your... uhm- minds?" I looked between the three.

"Is that even something you can fucking do? Last time I saw you speaking to someone's mind, you had a fucking seizure. I'm not okay with watching that shit happen again," Katsuki scowled in doubt.

Like I said, ever-so-cautious.

He sounds protective to me, don't you think? Probably not. You're right, he's just being cautious.

"I think I can handle it for a little bit. I'll cut the connection if I start feeling dizzy like last time. I think it just takes some getting used to is all. That was the first time I had even tried it," I explained to them all. They seemed to accept this.

Right, and once you make a connection with someone's mind, it'll be even easier the second time to do it. Like with Todoroki. You get used to the wavelength their thoughts run on. With practice, it'll get a lot easier.

"I'm going to try it after Recovery Girl is done then, okay?" They all nodded in unison and Recovery Girl had me lay back against the bed I was occupying so she could inspect me even further. Recovery Girl gave me another peck and seemed satisfied that I would heal properly. After about fifteen minutes she was done. She walked away and sat back down on her usual stool. I could tell she had questions about my wound, but she remained silent. I wasn't sure what she wanted to know, but she wasn't asking me, so maybe she had questions for Ether instead?

"Okay, here goes..." I reached out. It was weird trying to connect four minds together. It was almost like I was searching in a thick fog, trying to find something with my eyes closed and my hands stretched out into the darkness. Small grey orbs floated into my mind and I finally grasped onto their minds. Each one portrayed a color in my mind once I had connected. Red, yellow, and purple.

'Everyone, meet Ether,' I said in my mind.

"This is fucking creepy as hell. I can feel you slithering around in my head," Katsuki said, rubbing his hair as if there was something in it.

"Can we think back to your mind or do we talk out loud?" All Might asked me.

'You can think in your mind. She will hear you,' I said. 

I didn't think I'd have the energy to speak out loud myself. This wasn't exactly a walk in the park and took a lot of concentration on my end. In response, I laid back down against the cot, not trusting myself to stay sitting up.

'Like this?' Recovery Girl was the first to understand how it worked, but the other two, being the prodigies they were, quickly followed suit.

Exactly like that. Welcome. 

Katsuki crossed his arms at the sound of Ether's voice invading his mind. He was clearly on defense and hated her having access to his inner thoughts.

Katsuki, All Might, Recovery Girl, and my favorite little Izuku, I have a story I want to tell you three. The story of how I came to be here, with Izuku. You all are familiar with One for All and how it was passed down, correct?

'Yeah, we all know.' All Might responded.

Perfect, that'll move the story along faster. Please hold all questions for afterward. This is hard on Izuku as it is.

'Like you fucking care.' Katsuki made no move to hide his hostility.

Eheheh. I probably care just as much as you do. I'm not asking you to trust me. I'm just telling you my story.

'Then fucking get on with it.' Katsuki chided.

Right. So, what you know is that there were 9 previous owners to this quirk.

'Yeah, I believe we are all aware of the story and evolution of this quirk. I have explained to Young Bakugou the progression, as well, so we are all caught up with you, Ether,' All Might responded.

Good. Then that saves me a lot of time and extra explanations that would otherwise be unnecessary. There's not enough time to omit what everyone does and doesn't know. Continuing on, what isn't common knowledge is the 10th predecessor. Me, the original owner of the quirk called Ether. My hero name never made tabloids. I was unheard of. Nothing but a speck of dust in this bleak existence you all call life. I was passed this quirk down from the third predecessor, but I only held on to it for one measly week.

You see, I was a very depressed soul and I didn't think I could handle this responsibility on top of my own personal struggles. So when I heard there was someone out there that fit the bill better than I ever could, I passed it on... before I took my own life. The fourth predecessor was actually me, but I was never revealed. I was a blip to the line of quirk holders. I thought that when I ended my life, that would be it. I'd be free from the pain everyone around me called reality.

However, I just found myself voiceless and stuck walking aimlessly in the minds of all those who followed after me in One for All. No one heard me for the longest time, but I wasn't exactly making a conscious effort to fully reach out, either. I was drowning in that darkness. The other predecessors were stronger than me, being able to make their presence known before I ever could. I could only think this was because they all were able to master this quirk and channel into it deeper than me. I only had it for a week, mind you.

Izuku is the only one to hear me, but he was also the only one that I felt truly mattered. No offense, All Might. I just can relate to him the most, his soul spoke to me and I finally found the strength to come forth. He is my saving grace. My second chance in life. I can live through him and I plan on keeping him safe as long as I'm able. I'll do everything I have to, even if it means taking over his body against his will. I will keep him alive. That means I'll teach him everything I can about my quirk. The stronger he is, the higher his chances of survival.

My quirk, Ether, has three uses. You're using one. This one is clearly telepathy. The second one is teleportation. The third one is a colorless, highly volatile, flammable liquid that emits an anesthetic gas when it's dispersed.

'Wait, Ether... you... killed yourself?' I asked her.

I brought my arms to rest of my eyes in shock. I put her through so much last night. I quickly cut the link between everyone else. It was going on for too long and I was starting to get dizzy.

This explained so much from last night. It explained why she was so desperate for me to stop. She'd been where I was, she knew the pain I was feeling, and she was currently living in the constant regret from having actually succeeded where I had failed.

She was finally experiencing life once more and I almost drowned us both in eternal darkness. Something she's been experiencing for years already. How cruel would that be of me to do that to her? Or wait, maybe it was just how fate liked to play its hand. It liked to make me and all the people around me suffer in endless pain. Fate really could be cruel. I was slowly coming to terms with this.

"Sorry, everyone. I couldn't keep it up," I said, staring up at the ceiling above me, unwilling to make eye contact with the others. I also didn't want them to overhear my own thoughts like with what happened to Todoroki during our last match.

"I don't fucking buy it. I still don't trust her. It'll take more than some sob story to win me over, dammit," Katsuki just glared in my direction. I knew he wasn't glaring at me, but trying to glare at the spirit that resided in me. Yet, I couldn't help but feel like his eyes were looking at me, because, well I mean... they kind of were.

"That does explain some things though," All Might thought.

"There was no reason for her to take over your body during the practice though," Recovery Girl added.

Yes, that doesn't excuse my actions from that moment. I'm sorry. I just... wanted to taste... life again. I was testing to see if it was even possible. I also didn't think it would kick you out of your own mind as it did. I thought that I'd be able to experience it right along with you, but that wasn't the case. I'm sorry I didn't tell you and I'm sorry I hid afterward. I was overwhelmed that it was possible and I regretted the pain it had put you through. I didn't mean to cause you pain.

"It's okay, Ether," Oops. I accidentally spoke out loud and I knew they'd now be expecting an explanation to my response.

"What did she just say, Deku?" Katsuki asked me. I told them all Ether's reasoning behind her actions during our last practice game.

"That is plausible, given her potential background. I'm going to need her real name though. I'd like to take this information and do my own research before believing in her. She's more carefree than the other predecessors, right? It's possible it's because of the quirk she possesses, but it's concerning nonetheless," All Might said.

He's right, of course. I don't really mind too much. My real name is Naomi Fraust. Please, keep calling me Ether though. I don't like my name... it brings up bad memories of my past. I'd like to forget it ever happened.

Yes, of course, Ether.

"Naomi Fraust, she said." I watched All Might's expression to see if it was a name he recognized, but I didn't see any sign. Maybe she really was just a speck in this universe. We all were, but it was sad to think someone could be forgotten and lost in time so easily.

"In the meantime, Midoriya, I'd like to ask you how you came about being stabbed with glass." Recovery Girl interjected. I internally cursed myself for being foolish enough in hoping she wouldn't question it any further. But, she was a hero, so of course, she wanted to know what was going on.

"Ah. Uhm... an event happened. One that I'd like to keep private, but it sparked a sort of... argument between me and Ether and things... escalated..." I trailed. I began panicking and I wanted to look away from their prying eyes, but I knew I would only seem suspicious if I did that.

Ether. Quick. A little help?

Tell them you stabbed yourself in an attempt to prevent me from taking over. 

"How did things escalate to that level from this event?" All Might asked. Katsuki clearly wanted to know the answer to this too. He was watching me, intently. I knew he'd know I was lying, but I didn't think he'd say anything in front of these two. I set myself up in the bed once more, resituating until I was able to look them all properly in the eyes. I wanted to pretend I was just moving around, but really I was just trying to formulate the story in my mind.

"Well, Ether tried to take over my body to deal with the ...event that happened... and I tried to prevent her from doing so. I thought that if I experienced strong enough pain, like during the Sports Festival when Shinsou took over my mind, it would be enough to stop her. It was an error in judgment on my part," I rubbed the back of my head and smiled at them. Hoping they would buy my bluff. To my relief they did but they were overly curious about this "event" I was omitting. I couldn't let them know about Todoroki, I didn't want them taking any action against him.

"Hmm. I would like to know more about this situation, but since you're keen on wanting to keep it private, I'll subside for now. At least you didn't hurt yourself too gravely." All Might glanced at me and I just nodded in response.

"Alright, boys, I think that's enough for today. I'm going to go dig into Ether's background. I'll contact you if I find anything out, okay, Young Midoriya?" All Might asked. I smiled in agreement and jumped off the bed, feeling significantly lighter and free of pain. I knew it would take a little longer before I was healed completely, but I didn't have to worry about it busting open anymore, so that was good.

"Thank you, All Might! Recovery Girl, am I good to go? I have to visit my mom today," I asked her. When she nodded I bowed my thanks to her and started to leave, with Katsuki close on my heels.

When we were out of earshot from the adults, Katsuki confronted me.

"You lied. That's not what happened, is it?" He walked in front of me, effectively cutting off my path. I tried to sidestep out of the way, but he was always quicker on his feet than I was.

"Not exactly, Kacchan. I lied about some - uhm... minor details, but nothing to - too major. Look, it doesn't really even matter, so do you mind? I have to change out of these clothes before the others see me and I told my mom I'd visit her around noon and it's getting close," I tried to sidestep him again, this time I succeeded.

"Then, I'm coming with you. I need to visit the old hag too." He grunted and followed me back to the dorms.

He wasn't going to get off my case, was he? Not that I hated the extra attention I was receiving today. In fact, I really liked it, but I had a feeling he was only being like this because he didn't trust my motives.


This was fine though. His presence made me feel safe.

I was happy with him at my side.


Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


When we returned to the dorms, I started to head up to my room to change. I walked into the common room and noticed Todoroki sitting in the living room with Denki and Kirishima. I wondered briefly why they were still here, but figured they were just waiting to hang out as long as possible before they had to head home. When Todoroki noticed me, he stood up and walked over in my direction. I paused in my steps and looked up to see the small shy grin of his directed at me. I quickly covered the bloodstain on my shirt with my hand just in time. Doing my best to hide it from him. Luckily for me, Todoroki wasn't the brightest when it came to human interactions. I mean, he thought I was All Might's secret love child, so... yeah...

"Midoriya, I was wondering if, later tonight when you get back, we could still have that talk in private? I mean, not entirely alone, but just in the commons room or something?" Todoroki asked me. I smiled because I had been meaning to ask him the same thing. There were certain topics that I felt we still needed to go over. Katsuki came up from behind and stood uncomfortably close to me, practically breathing down my neck.

"You don't honestly expect him to fucking say yes to that, do you?" He asked Todoroki. My eyes widened because I did plan to say yes, so things were about to get a little weird and awkward for me.

"Well, luckily for me, I wasn't asking you, Bakugou. I was asking him and last time I checked, he doesn't need your permission. He can answer for himself." They had a glaring competition over my head, making my already awkward situation ten times worse. I didn't mind talking with Todoroki in private, so long as he didn't do anything I didn't want him to do, but I knew that Katsuki would be pissed if I agreed to it right now. I glanced up in Katsuki's direction and saw him staring down on me.

"Deku, don't you fucking dare..." he warned me, but he should know me better than that. He should know that I don't always listen to what he says. He should know that I foolishly trust in my friends to the fullest. He should know that I'm going to do what I want, even if it pisses him off.

"Yeah, okay, Shouto. We've still got some things that need to be dealt with, so I don't mind." I spoke up. Todoroki smiled and nodded before turning to walk away. I continued heading toward the elevators, but Katsuki grabbed my elbow and turned me around to face him.

"Are you fucking serious?! You're just asking for a repeat of last night at this rate," he scolded me.

"Am I though? We'll be in public, Kacchan. Besides, I've already explained to you that it was just an unfortunate accident. If you're really so concerned, just sit in the other room while we talk then. Watch TV or something, but Shouto and I need to figure things out between us, Kacchan. It's either we talk about it in public or I invite him back up to my room. I'd prefer not to do that again, so this is my next option. I'm going to go change," I stormed off and headed toward the elevator, leaving a fuming Katsuki behind.

As I made my way up to my room, my thoughts drifted back to the story Ether had shared with us all.

Ether, can you elaborate more on your quirk? I'd like to start thinking of ways to train with them. If I know how they work, maybe I can learn to use them a bit faster.

I made it into my room and started changing my clothes while I listened to Ether ramble off the specs of the quirk to me.

Of course, I'll start with the telepathy you're currently using. Do you know what Ether is?

Nope, not really.

I didn't think so. Picture it as though it's a gas within the oxygen you breathe. You can't see it, but you know it's there. It's a type of element, but it's one that's not formally discussed. The telepathy uses electromagnetic waves to travel through the Ether in the air and link itself to the mind of your choosing.

Can it link to any mind from anywhere?

Not exactly. There are limitations, just like with every other quirk you come across. You can link your mind to anyone after you have already ventured into their mind at least once. So, your little friends that we talked to today and Todoroki are your current limit. You can only establish the connection if they are currently within a 1-mile radius of you. After the connection is established, though, you can then separate up to 10 miles from each other. It's pretty nifty for recognizance. Link to someone's mind and then just take a joy ride with them while they go about their daily lives until they are too far for the link to remain intact.

Okay, that makes sense to me. So, if I wanted I could probably talk to Kacchan right now in my mind since he's already been connected to me and he's within range?

Exactly. Then there's the teleportation. Using those same electromagnetic waves, you can gather up the Ether in the air and form two portals. One to begin the journey and one to end the journey. You can't create a portal to somewhere you have never been to before, though. You have to be able to envision where you want to go AND have a memory of when you visited the place in the past in order to connect yourself to it. If you try to teleport to an area you have never visited but had only seen in pictures, you won't have something viable to ground you to the Earth. Your ending destination could end up in outer space if you aren't careful enough.

Okay, that one's a little scary. I could get lost in limbo if I don't have a clear destination in mind and a memory to tie me to the location? Would I be able to find my way back from limbo or would I be stuck there permanently?

I don't know. I've never been in limbo.

I found the clothes I was looking for and was ready to go. I didn't notice any stains on my gym shorts, so I just grabbed a new dark green t-shirt instead, tossing my dirtied clothes into my hamper. As I made my way back down, Ether continued explaining the last portion to me.

The clear liquid is also a form of Ether. It can be caught on fire, but there is no means to use it that unless you have an object that can start a fire, like a lighter or match. The real purpose of the liquid is the fumes it emits. These fumes can be used to knock a person unconscious. If you're working with someone like Todoroki or Katsuki, it's possible for you to use the liquid in different means besides just a knock-out gas, to your strategic advantage. If you use this with fire, you must be careful. Since the liquid comes from within you, much like Todoroki and his ice, Mina and her acid, or Denki and his electricity, if it catches on fire while in use, you will be submerged in flame. You'll be fine since the flames will only burn the gas, but the heat and smoke are unbearable and your hair will singe. So be careful with this one as well. You're also not immune to the fumes of the Ether, so there's that to look out for too.

Lovely. Another dangerous one. Do you come with any quirks that won't result in my immediate and untimely death?

Alas, I'm afraid not, Izuku dear. It'll be okay, over the course of this summer I'll do my best to teach you how to use it in every way I can. Teaming up with your classmates might help you out a lot and speed the process up quicker.

I walked out of the elevator and saw that Katsuki was being bombarded by Denki and Kirishima. He was sitting on one of the couches in the common area and looked up when he heard the elevator ding. We made eye contact but I made no move to gesture that I was ready to go. I wasn't sure why he wanted to walk together with me and it was making me nervous.

Awe. He's walking you home from school. How sweet. Eheheh.

Ether. I was wondering where your sarcasm had gone. Found it. It wasn't missed.

I ignored him and went to put my shoes on to leave. I pulled out my phone to check the time and saw I had a new text message from Uraraka. I must've gotten it while we were in the nurse's office talking with All Might and Recovery Girl.

Ochaco🌸 Hey! I just got a text from Mina and heard what happened with Todoroki! I'm so sorry, I can't imagine what you're going through right now. Let me know if you need anything. You know I'm always here for you!

I smiled at the comforting text message and finished putting on my shoes. As soon as I stood up, a hand grabbed my elbows from behind and ushered me out the doors. I didn't have to turn around to know an angry blond was pushing me forward.

"K - Kacchan, wait for a second!" I stuttered and stumbled a little. I tried to maintain my balance as I was pushed down the steps and out into the courtyard. The sun was hanging high overhead, beating down on us in the hot summer heat and I instantly regretted my clothing choice. I should've just worn swim trunks and no shirt. Next time I would have to make sure to bring my portable swimming pool too. I already felt like I was swimming in my sweat and we weren't even out here for more than a few seconds.

"You're too fucking slow. I'll be dead by the time you finish fucking around," he grumbled. We walked out of the campus grounds and he still hadn't released my elbow. I glanced down at his hand and wondered what it'd be like to hold it.

Why not ask him?

I couldn't just do something as embarrassing as that out of the blue?! He'd think I was insane! Maybe you're the crazy one, Ether. Do you want me to be murdered?!

Sure you can. He wouldn't kill you, Izuku. Especially after he just spend his precious time ensuring your safety and saving you. You never know when you'll get this opportunity again. Take the chance or you'll end up regretting it for who knows how long. Do itt!

I can't believe I'm listening to you right now. I really have gone insane. It's clearly your fault.

"Hey... Katsuki..." I whispered. My words were barely audible but there wasn't anything around that could have drowned them out. His head whipped down to face me at the use of his first name and his eyes were widened slightly. I clearly surprised him. This was probably the last place he expected me to call him that, but we were alone even if we were in public.

"What do you want, Izuku?" His crimson orbs never wavering from my gaze. I smiled, slightly encouraged when he used my name in response. It felt mutual to me, as if he were willing to meet me half way, and it warmed my heart.

"If you're really so worried that I'll run away from you, I have a suggestion. How about... instead of looking like I'm being kidnapped, why don't we just... hold hands..?" My face flamed a vibrant red and he stopped walking entirely to watch me.

Kill me now! I can't believe I actually just said that! There's no way he'll say yes! Look at his face, he's definitely repulsed!

Really? You think so? I'd say he just looks embarrassed. It's kind of cute, actually. Maybe we're looking at two entirely different people. Either that or... do you need glasses, Izuku? This might be more serious than I originally thought!

Oh, ha ha, Ether. Very funny.

Katsuki glanced down at where his palm was resting on my arm and squinted his eyes. Almost as though he were contemplating whether or not it actually looked like I was being kidnapped. While he was debating this, I took his silence as an opportunity and I gingerly brought my hand up. I pulled his fingers off my elbow slowly and brought his hand down to meet mine. Then I continued to walk like nothing had just happened. He didn't say anything and he didn't make a move to pull away.

Seeee? What did I tell you? Eheheh.

I kept waiting for something to happen, for him to call me gross, to punch me, say he was going to kill me, but it just never came. Instead, I felt as he linked his fingers through my own and squeezed tightly. Katsuki took the lead in our walk again, pulling me forward. His palms were rough and warm. I could feel my face rush with heat as my heartbeat started to skyrocket, but I didn't mind. I was happy he hadn't pushed me away but I figured it was because he knew something was going on. When he had asked if I was okay during breakfast, he could tell I was lying. So, while I was ecstatic at this small, simple gesture, he most likely was letting me do this out of pity and to comfort me.

Izuku, sweetie, why can't you just think he likes you, too? Something's wrong with your brain waves.

Hey now! No need to be rude! Have you seen my life? Things are never that simple for me. Life doesn't just give me something I want. Besides, someone as amazing as Kacchan would never want me by his side. I have to fight to be here. I'm not here because he wants me to be, I'm here because I want to be. If he had a choice on where I'd be, I'd be the stepping stool he used to hoist himself up. Just a tiny stone or a pebble in his way. An obstacle. Even if it's just out of pity, I'll take this moment.

You don't really feel that way. It's just the pill talking, it's only been 4 days since you took it so the effects are still there. Once the side effects wear off you'll be feeling as good as new. Don't dwell too much on these thoughts right now. Besides, just this morning you were all happy and completely convinced he cared for you. Quit it with the rollercoaster of emotions, Izuku. You're gonna give me a headache. Eheheh.

You're probably right, I'm sorry Ether. My thoughts can't be bringing up good memories for you and I know they're all over the place. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. I really am sorry.

It's okay. My life ending was a choice I had made and it had nothing to do with you. You probably weren't even born yet. As I said, you're still under the effects of the pill, so don't worry about it. Maybe my life ended so I could be here for you during yours? That's a fun thought. Eheheh.

Yeah, I like that. Thank you.

We were walking in comfortable silence for a few minutes. Usually, we would take the transit systems to get to our neighborhood, but it looked like Katsuki was wanting to walk all the way there today. That was fine with me, the transit system would get us there in around five minutes, whereas our walk would take us nearly twenty. The more time I got to spend with him in this peaceful silence, the better. It made me happy and it really did feel like we were walking home together from school. I mean, we were... but the school let out already, so... I don't know.

I watched the people we passed on the sidewalk, seeing if they gave us weird looks, but none of them seemed to even care. If they knew I was an Omega and Katsuki was an Alpha, they wouldn't even second guess our close proximity. But, they didn't, so I expected a few strange glances and they never came.

The longer we walked, the more I felt my palms sweat. The awkward part of me wanted to pull Katsuki's hand up and lick it for the sweet taste I knew I would find, but he'd only yell at me if I did that. Besides, my own salty sweat was currently mixing in with his. Also, he probably viewed his sweat as just sweat... so it would have been super weird if I did that. Something was clearly wrong with me, I was too obsessed with Katsuki's quirk... or maybe just with Katsuki in general.

"Kacchan..." I asked him, breaking our silence.

"What, nerd?" He replied.

"Are you still angry at me for earlier?" I gave his hand a light squeeze and felt it returned. I watched his face as he debated internally if he was still angry or not.

"Hmm, I'm always fucking pissed off at you, Deku," he smirked. I smiled sadly and brought my free hand up to wrap around his arm that my other hand was holding, pulling him closer to me. I hugged around his muscles and did my best to hide the disappointment I felt burning within myself.

"I'm always pissed off at you, but," he began again, "I know that the things you do are just a part of who you are. A wanna-be honest nerd, but a shitty liar and a gullible, naive, fucking idiot who trusts people as if it were second nature. Since I know this is who you fucking are, I can't stay entirely livid anymore. So, my anger's been knocked down a few fucking pegs, but you can bet your ass that it's still there."

"Hmm," I hummed in response and squeezed his arm again, nuzzling into the side of it. If we weren't walking right now, I'd want to close my eyes and just exist in this moment with him, but I knew I'd trip or something and he'd just get pissed all over again.

We started getting close to where we should go our separate ways, but instead of splitting off, Katsuki walked down the street toward my house. We were standing in front of the gates of the apartment complex just watching the summer breeze brush along the greening bushes that lined the walkway to the stairs. When we arrived at the gates he finally let go of my hand. I brought my hand up to my face and stared at it with slight anger. 

How dare it let go. 

I thought to myself as if my hand had a mind of its own. The warmth his touch had left behind slowly disappeared as the cold air moved in.

"I'm going to text you when I'm done at the old hag's house, then I'll head over here. Don't leave this building without me, understand?" He looked over at me and I didn't make eye contact so he grabbed my chin and tilted my face upwards until we were merely inches apart from each other, our lips lightly brushing.

"I said understand, Izuku?" He whispered in a harsh growl. I blushed at the closeness between us as I imagined his lips being just slightly closer... closer...

"I - uh - Yeah, I understand," I nodded.

"That's a good little kitten," He smirked at me and backed away. "It has been a while since I've seen your mom so it's probably time I stop in. Besides, maybe I'll mention how I'm fucking her son." He laughed and turned around to walk away, leaving me bright red from head to toe. I whined and hid beneath my arms in embarrassment, but peeked between them to watch his receding figure.

Well, it's not like he's wrong.

Ether. For the last time...

Shut. Up.


Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Was I really going to tell Izuku's mom about us? Probably not. But I did want to talk to her about how I felt about her son. After Izuku's little stunt with the hand holding, I now felt more confident that he would return my feelings. Maybe it was getting close to time to confess. I mean, I know he's hiding things from me, but if he knows how I feel, then I'm sure he'll trust me enough to tell me eventually. I had other things to do first before I told Izuku though.

Like, tell the old hag and maybe Kirishima.

I wasn't even sure if it counted as telling Kirishima when he claimed he already knew, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the thought. I'd have to call him or something. Since I had some time before I made it to my parent's house, I decided to text him.

Katsuki💥 Shitty-hair, you said you knew who I liked. Fucking tell me who you think it is then.

Kiri🥊 Well, if I had to guess, I'd say you liked Midoriya 🤔

Katsuki💥 What makes you think I like that damn nerd?

Kiri🥊 A lot of things, but my main reason being how you're always so jealous and you're always watching him 🤗

Katsuki💥 I'm not always watching him and I don't get fucking jealous.

Kiri🥊 Sureee, man. Whatever you sayyy 😏

Katsuki💥 I'm thinking of telling him. Todoroki's getting too close for comfort and I don't want to fucking watch as that happens.

Kiri🥊 See? Jealous. 😑 But yeah, they are getting close and if Todoroki keeps marking him then they're bound to just keep getting even closer. What if they bond? Talk about ouch 😳 lol

Kiri🥊 This morning was totally not helping your situation, but hey! At least Midoriya rejected him... for now... lol! 🤣

Katsuki💥 Shut up, shitty-hair. If they fucking do, then I'll kill them both and break the damn bond apart.

Kiri🥊 Seriously though, no offense to Midoriya, but he seems to be the type to fall in love easily. Todoroki isn't the type to sit back and watch you win him over either. He'll keep making moves until he wins or Midoriya is taken by someone else. I'd keep an eye out, especially since they will have more time together this summer with little to no interruptions. But then again, so will you. It's the perfect chance. Start out slow and woo him 😉 treat him gently, if that's even possible for you and do things that will make his heart beat faster. Chances are if it makes yours beat, it'll make his. I bet he's a hopeless romantic, so choose a cheesy time before you tell him and make it special!

Katsuki💥 I wasn't fucking asking for advice, I know how to do this shit.

Kiri🥊 Riiightt. Of coursee you doo 😉 I would start while you two are out together now. Good luck, bro! Denki and I won't be here when you two get back, so it'll be just the four of you for the rest of summer. See you at the beach in four weeks though!!

Katsuki💥 Right, whatever. See you.

I sighed as I put my phone back in my pocket. He was right though, I should start today. Todoroki and Izuku have plans already for their second date later tonight. I knew Izuku didn't like him and he doesn't consider these to be dates, but it still irked me.

I walked up to the front door to my parent's house and just let the door swing open on its hinges.

"I'm home," I called into the open air, I kicked the door closed behind me. "I have something I want to talk about." I walked around into the living room and saw they were both sitting on the couch, doing nothing. Lazy asses.

"Oh, we weren't expecting you to come home today." Mitsuki smiled up at me. I just cringed in her direction and watched as her grin turned into a smirk.

"Whatever, old hag. I'm here just to tell you two something, so shut up and listen." I put my hands in my pocket and looked to the side.

"Is that really any way to speak to your loving, doting parents, you brat?" Her smirk was still sickeningly sweet. I ignored her and walked to stand in front of them before turning my head and looking at them both in the eyes.

'Here goes nothing,' I thought to myself.

"I like a guy..." I watched to see they both seemed openly shocked at my confession. I could feel a slight blush appear on my cheeks but I knew that if I drew attention toward it, my parents would never let me live it down.

"Uhh... Well, that's certainly unexpected, but honestly, a guy is probably the only type of person that could handle your temperament. You'd just run off any girl that even tried to get close to you. So, who is it? Does he know?" My mom asked. I did my best to ignore her off-handed insults about my attitude and prepared myself for the worst. My dad remained silent but honestly, he was usually quiet, to begin with, so I wasn't too concerned.

I cleared my throat a little to answer the questions. This next part was the one I was most concerned about. My mom and Izuku's have been friends for as long as I could remember, so I didn't entirely trust her to keep this quiet. I did plan on telling Inko today, but I didn't want her knowing before I had the chance to talk to her in person.

"He doesn't know, yet. It's Izuku Midoriya. I'm going over to their house today to tell Inko first before I tell Izuku." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Little Zuku?! Oh my god! I totally called this YEARS ago! I can't wait to call Inko up! We would giggle to each other about how maybe one day we'd be family! I'm so excited! Don't you dare fuck this up with your shitty attitude and personality, brat!" My mom yelled happily. I just rolled my eyes in response and tilted my chin up while looking down at her. She immediately scowled at my arrogant head tilt but didn't comment on it.

"Katsuki, isn't he a little too meek for you?" My dad asked. "He seems like he has a frail heart. You're both 17 and he isn't your mate, is he? So you'd only be hurting him when you leave for when your mate does come along." He had a valid point if that were the case, but I still had hope we were mates.

"I don't know for sure that we aren't mates. He had this stupid plan with the class to be marked the day he turned 17. They claim it was to find his mate, but I think it was to hide his scent because if they wanted to find his mate, they should've just left everything alone. I don't fucking get it but I was the only one not included. So, I can't say we aren't mates. Not sure why he's trying to hide it though, it's fucking stupid. He should just quit this lame farce if that's the case." My parents went quiet and exchanged a knowing glance.

"You know why he did it, don't you? You know why he's letting the damn class mark him, am I right?! Why does everyone around me know except for me?! This is fucking bullshit." I squinted my eyes in accusation and crossed my arms. I wasn't really surprised anymore but I hated feeling stupid in these situations.

"Language, Katsuki," My dad chided. "We may have suspicions, but you might want to just ask him. Maybe he will tell you."

"You think I haven't done that yet? Of course, I have," I scoffed.

"Well, we support you in anything you do. You have always known exactly who you are and what you want, so I have no doubts that you are making wise decisions. I just hope that you remember to be responsible for your relationship then." My dad nodded, signifying the end of what he had to say.

"Fine, whatever. Just don't go blabbing to Inko, ya old hag! I need to tell her first!" I glared at her and she visibly pouted but respected my decision anyway. I uncrossed my arms and left the conversation behind. I told them what they needed to know and that's all I really came here for. I headed up to my room to see if there was anything else I needed. I'd probably stay here for dinner before heading back to pick up Izuku.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I had to calm my nerves down before I headed inside to see my mom. She was sitting at the kitchen table and appeared to be waiting for me. The moment I opened the door she came running toward me and embraced me in a tight, warm hug.

"Hey, mom. I missed you too," I chuckled. It had been a while since I had received one of these. It was nice. I buried my face into her hair and inhaled softly. She always smelt like freshly baked peanut butter cookies and I some point I had begun to associate that smell with the concept of home. I missed her. It had been a while since I last came for a visit and now I won't be spending the summer with her like we had originally planned. The thought of her spending more days sitting in this shabby apartment all alone made me even sadder.

"Izu, I missed you soo much!" She cried into my shoulder. I patted her head and she backed away. "I made you your favorite food, it just finished cooking before you showed up!"

"That sounds amazing! Thanks, Mom," I smiled. We walked over to the kitchen and started getting some bowls together. After a few minutes of peaceful silence, I decided to tell her about Ether.

"So, mom, there's this new part of my quirk that was discovered the other day. Would you like to meet her?" I asked. She turned to look at me, not hiding the confusion on her face before nodding slowly. I made a link between my mom and me, it was getting surprisingly easier to do each time.

'Don't freak out.' I smiled at my mom causing her eyes widened.

"What is this, Izu?" She asked me. I pointed to my head, gesturing her to think her words.

'WHAT IS THIS, IZU?' I winced at the sudden volume that invaded my thoughts. She noticed and quickly realized she had yelled.

'Sorry,' she thought.

'It's okay, anyway, Ether meet my mother. Mom meet Ether.' My mom seemed pleasantly surprised at the new voice that resided inside her son's head.

Hello, Mrs. Midoriya. It's a pleasure. Eheheh. My name is Ether, an evolutionary phase of your son's quirk.

'Oh, this is quite surprising. Nice to meet you too, Ether. I hope my son has been good to you?' My mom responded, unsure of where to look. She settled for looking into my eyes, which made me a little uncomfortable since I wasn't the one actually talking.

Yes, indeed he has. He's a sweetheart. I may not be the most powerful of quirks out there, but I can say I will do everything in my power to help Izuku achieve his dreams and remain safe while doing so.

'You have my most sincere thanks then,' my mom said politely. 

I cut off the connection after that.

"So? What's your opinion of the woman that lives inside your son's head?" I chuckled but couldn't help but note just how strange that sentence was.

"Well, she seems very polite, so I can't say anything bad. Treat her nicely like the gentleman I know you are." My mom patted my arm in reassurance.

Oops, I guess that means I'm supposed to stop telling you to shut up then, huh?

I don't expect you to change on account of little ol' me. Eheheh. Besides, I enjoy it when you try to bite, it's cute. Like a ...kitten...

Okay, that does it. Shut back up. I'm not a kitten.

Awe, you're blushing. You're right. You only purr in bed with Katsuki anyway.

Seriously, Ether! Oh my gahd, where am I supposed to hide in embarrassment from my own mind?!

That's the beauty of this quirk, isn't it? You will never be alone again. I'll always be here with you, for better or worse. Isn't that tragically romantic? I think it is. Eheheh.

I joined my mom at the kitchen table and told her all I could about Ether and how I was glad to have her, even if she did excel in sarcasm. My mom seemed to enjoy hearing about Ether as well, so it was really nice.

"Uhm - So my classmates made plans to go to the beach in four weeks. It falls right around after my heat, but I'll make sure to be extra careful. I just wanted to let you know," I looked up to her. She pursed her lips but nodded in understanding. My next heat should be over by then, so going wouldn't really be too much of a problem.

We finished our meal and went over to the sofa to watch some TV together. It was nice and relaxing to just sit around and not have to think about doing anything, spending time with my mom. I was a little sad that I wouldn't get to see her as often as I wanted, but I understood why All Might insisted in me doing what we were.


I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I unlocked the screen to see a message from Katsuki. It was already getting late, so it made sense that he was done with his parents.

Katsuki💥 Headed over.

Deku🍀 Okay. Hey, Ether mentioned I can make a mind-link with people within a mile radius if I've already connected to their mind once. I'm going to try it on you. I'll reach out and when you get within a mile, I'll make one.

Katsuki💥 Even while visiting your mother, you're still thinking of training, damn nerd. Okay.

"Mom, Katsuki is on his way over. We came to visit our parents together today so we're going home together too," I glanced over at her and saw a wide smile brighten her face.

"Oh, it's been so long since I've seen him too. I can't wait. You boys used to hang out all the time, I'm sad that all had to change." She patted me on the head and turned her attention back toward the TV. I had told her everything that happened back in middle school. I had a hard time handling the loss of my once best friend and things weren't getting any easier as we got older. I begged her not to do anything to him because I knew why he was always acting this way toward me.

After a long talk and some careful consideration, she finally agreed, as long as I did whatever I could to stand up for myself and show her I was strong. Luckily, right around that time, I had begun training with All Might, so everything seemed to even out and she eventually accepted my past between Katsuki. I didn't think she'd be this happy to hear we were hanging out again, but I was glad she didn't say anything against it.

I turned my attention inwards, pushing my consciousness as far out as I could, and began searching for Katsuki's mind. It felt as though an invisible balloon was forming around me in all directions. Hundreds of dull, grey orbs came into view in my mind.

Ether, what are all those?

Those are the subconscious minds that you haven't formed a link too. You'd need them to be within 10 feet to form your first connection. If you tried to do it with them this far apart, you could accidentally tear their minds to pieces. I wouldn't recommend trying it.

Duly noted.

I could feel the presence of my mom's consciousness next to me, a light pale green fuzzy ball. It reminded me oddly of herself. I waited until I felt a tug in the direction Katsuki should be coming from and within seconds I could feel his mind. It was a spikey, bright orange and red glow. I smiled because it was definitely the state I expected his mind to show itself as. I pushed forward and I could feel a solid snap as the link was formed.

'Welcome, nerd.' I could almost hear him smirking at my presence.

'Could you tell when I formed the link just now?' I asked. I hadn't said anything yet, so how did he know?

'Yeah. I sensed a little kitten prancing around,' he said.

'What did it feel like?' I mentally rolled my eyes at him, still calling me a kitten.

'Hmm. Like a soft weight just eased its way inside,' he explained.

That's weird, Katsuki Bakugou. You shouldn't be able to feel when he forms the link. You must have some impressive instincts then.

'Ew. What's this bitch doing in here? Of course, I have impressive instincts, who do you take me for?' Katsuki retaliated.


'Pretentious bitch.' They threw their insults at each other and I groaned in frustration.

'Jeez, guys! Stop it! I don't need a mental battle ensuing in my head. Ether, shu shu.' Apparently, these two really didn't like each other.

'Is the bitch gone?' Katsuki asked me. I nodded and then remembered he couldn't see me. My mom gave me a weird side glance and I blushed. Before I could actually respond in my mind though, he spoke up again.

'Good. I don't trust her still.' 

How did he know I nodded? Could he see what I was doing or did he just take my momentary silence for a yes?

'No, it's more like I can vaguely picture your own thoughts. It's fucking creepy,' Katsuki said.

Izuku, it's because you're portraying your thoughts too openly. You do it with me too. Sometimes you think so loudly, you actually begin to mutter your thoughts out loud. Eheheh. Try to think... quieter... and see if he can still detect them?

Ether's voice was almost like a whisper and Katsuki didn't remark on her presence being around, so I figured she was currently doing what she was instructing me to do. I pictured putting a blanket on my thoughts to see if it had the effect she was getting at.

'What about now?' I asked Katsuki.

'All gone, just your voice now,' he responded. I wondered what would happen if I tried to send a clear vision of what was taking place right in front of me over to him next then.

'What happens if I do this?' I asked him while removing the blanket I coated my mind with and trying to openly take in my surroundings. I tried sending him vivid pictures of what I was seeing on the TV in front of me.

'Woah... This is... fucked up. Everything is coming in small flashes, but it's so clear. Almost like it's my own memory. Is this what you're doing right now? Watching TV?' He asked me.

'Yeah, it is.' I smiled, proud for some reason that he could see what I was seeing.

'I wonder if this is what they mean happens between mates that are fully bonded. Do they see things the same way this quirk works? If that's the case, it makes it fucking hard to walk. It's like I'm daydreaming or some shit.' Katsuki's question rang in my mind. 

I felt a small twinge of pain in my heart when he asked it and an extremely quick image of a few nights ago when I first noticed his scent started to form in my mind.

'Deku? What was that?' He asked when he felt the beginning of the memory I was experiencing.

Oops, I should put that blanket back up. The longing to be bonded mates flooded through my heart and he nearly caught on to it. This was a dangerous quirk for me. I'd have to make sure he didn't overhear anything I didn't want him to know. I could feel he was close now so I stood up and headed toward the door. 

'It was nothing. Are you here?' I quickly responded, hoping he'd buy it.

'Yeah, right outside,' he said. 

I opened the door to see the strikingly handsome Katsuki Bakugou, picking me up from my childhood home, almost like we were going on a date. 

I wish.


Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I cut off our link and smiled at him. Before I could say anything, my mom must have heard the door open and jumped up from her spot on the couch, running over to usher Katsuki inside.

"Oh, Katsuki! It's been so long!" She embraced him in the same hug I had received hours earlier. I noticed he was holding a pair of swim trunks and I realized that I should grab mine as well. I wasn't sure if I'd remember to grab them on any later visits I'd make and since I remembered now, it'd be the best time.

"Ah - I'm going to grab my swim trunks too!" I turned and made my way down the hall to my room, leaving the two of them behind to catch up.

Are you sure you want to leave him with your mother alone? If I recall, he said he'd tell her you two were 'fucking'. Aren't you worried?

Oh, good point. I'm not really too concerned. He wouldn't say that to my mom. It's not like he's serious about what we're doing anyway. He'd only tell her if he planned on it continuing for a long time. I don't see him doing that. The moment someone else comes along, he'll stop and switch over.

You do realize he's your mate, right?

I - Uh... I don't... Uhm, well, you know... No. No, he's not. That was... just a trick of the mind... or something.

Wow, you're sooo convincing. Eheheh. Izuku, seriously, he's your mate. Face it. Mates fall in love with each other, it's just how fate works. If it's not now, it'll be soon, but I'm telling you to open your mind and heart just a little more and look closely at how he really acts around you. Izuku, the boy is in love...

Ether, please stop. I don't want to get my hopes up like this. Please? If I tell myself enough times that he's not my mate, then the pain when he leaves will be less.

Wow... you're an idiot.

Hey! Be nice! I know you heard the explanation of how I may have mistaken his scent. I am just an Omega, remember? I can't exactly pinpoint my mate like he can... I just... don't want to give him the chance to confirm it just yet. I'm enjoying the time we're spending together for now. I don't want to lose this. Leave me alone to do things on my own. I'll tell him eventually. I just need to prepare myself for everything first.

I made it to my room and started searching in my dresser for my swim trunks. I sifted through all the clothes I could see but wasn't coming up with anything. I stopped for a moment and just started to glance around. Maybe it was in some boxes under the bed? Or maybe in the side closet? We didn't exactly have a lot of spaces to store things we weren't using since we were in a smaller apartment, but I knew I didn't bring them with me when I moved out to the dorms. I should have brought them because then I wouldn't be having this problem.

When do you plan on telling him you're an Omega then? Do you really want to let Todoroki mark you all summer long? You know it hurts him just as much as it hurts you. Your mate also feels pain every time it happens, or did you forget that little tidbit? Eheheh. He'll notice that every two weeks you're remarked and every two weeks he feels something happen to his mate? He'll figure it out fast and then he'll get angry at you for lying to him. Are you really okay with hurting the two of them over and over again just to hide from the possibility of pain, because you're afraid of rejection? Aren't you supposed to be a hero who stops people from hurting constantly?

Well... Yes, I am training to be a hero and no, I'm not okay with them being in pain for my sake. 

I sighed. Ether had a point. No, more than that. She was right about everything. I can't fight against Katsuki being my mate, maybe I should just accept it. Just because I accept it and know, doesn't mean I have to act on it. Accepting it should be more than enough and he was going to find out eventually. The sooner he found out, the sooner I could brace myself for the rejection.

Okay, you win. I'll tell him I'm an Omega and I'll stop being marked... But, I'll have Todoroki mark me one more time, tonight. Just to extend the life of his current mark by 5 more days. That'll give me some time for things to stay the way they are for a while longer. Then, the day the mark is supposed to disappear, just a few days before my next heat, I'll call Katsuki over and tell him. I'll let him figure out if I'm his mate or not since he was the one born an Alpha. His senses won't be easily confused like mine. As I said, I could be wrong. I don't think it's wise to just jump to conclusions. There were so many factors that could prove it wrong, I'm not an Alpha or a Beta, so it's almost impossible for me to know for sure. How does all this sound, Ether?

Hmm. I hate that you're choosing Todoroki again but I understand why. If you choose Shinsou, the only other one in the dorms now, Katsuki would notice the change in scent. I hate this, but okay. I think it works, but maybe this time, after you're marked, how about you stay in your room? At least until the wound from the mark has faded? If Katsuki is your mate and he feels the pain yet again, then sees a fresh new wound on you, he'll know. I'm just trying to look out for you, so I think this is most logical? Maybe tell him you're not feeling too well sometime today while you two are together, that way tomorrow, it won't seem so suspicious that you're suddenly sick. I still don't get why you're jumping back and forth about him being in love with you. I know you're smarter than this. It's obvious Izuku.

I'm just going to ignore your last comment. Besides, if he loved me, he'd tell me. But otherwise, alright. The rest of what you said sounds like a plan to me, Ether.

He wouldn't tell you if he thought he didn't deserve you or if he thought you liked Todoroki. But, I'm glad you're going to at least tell him yourself. It'll work out, you'll see.




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I watched as Izuku turned and ran to his room to find his clothes then when I was sure he was out of earshot, I turned my attention to Inko.

"I have something I'd like to discuss with you without Izuku knowing, is that okay?" I looked at her with an eyebrow raised. She smiled at me and walked toward the living room, taking a seat on the couch and turning the TV volume up a little higher. She was probably trying to mask our conversation from possible eavesdropping. I smiled and appreciated her concern before taking a seat on the couch next to her.

"I love your son, Inko..." Her eyes widened in surprise, but she remained quiet.

"I've loved him for a very, very long time. I never felt like I needed to act on these feelings I had for him before, but now I seem to have some... competition... I thought that maybe I could accept seeing him with someone else, but every time he smiles at their jokes, every time he's near them, every time he breathes their name, my heart feels like it's being torn and shredded into tiny, irreplaceable pieces. I can't do it, so I want to tell him how I feel. I don't know how things are going to turn out between us once I do, but I do know that if I watch this go on for much longer and he slips through my fingers without me ever having fought to keep him, I'd never let it go. I'd regret my inaction for the rest of my life. That's not the type of person I am. I have to at least try..." My voice trailed off. I said more in the silence she provided than I had intended to say. I looked up and we made eye contact. She had two tiny little tears in the corners of her eyes, but her smile was stunning.

"Oh, Katsuki. I've always known how you felt for my son." She reached for my hands and grasped them tightly in her own. "I think that if you give him a chance, you won't be disappointed. He's always managed to surprise me in everything he does, so I don't see how falling in love with the one person who's loved him his whole life, would be any different? I know you'll make him happy for as long as you're together. I'm glad you told me this. Thank you." She smiled at me some more and I nodded at her thanks. That was easier than I thought it was going to be.

"There's one more thing, I know he's hiding something from me, but no one will tell me, not even him. I'm not asking you to tell me if it is even something you know, but I was wondering if you could tell me... Is this secret something that could hurt my chances with him? Is it really something so bad that he can't tell me? I understand if he's just waiting for the right time to prepare himself, but if it's something... truly bad... I don't know... I'm just worried, I guess. I'm worried about him, I can't help it." She started to pat my back reassuringly.

"Everything will be okay Katsuki. If it's what I think it is, he won't be able to keep it a secret for much longer and he's pulling out all the last strings as best he can for now. It's only a matter of time, but I know he'll tell you. It won't ruin anything between the two of you unless you let it. If anything, it's something he wishes he could change, but it's a part of who he is and who he always will be. I wish he could love himself the way other people love him, but he doesn't. He has always been so hard on himself and he thinks everyone will see the worst in him. It breaks my heart, seeing my baby hurting over something that isn't true. I think he is the one that's really worried here. He's worried that maybe you won't accept him. He wants to do everything he can to keep up with you. He's always admired you, along with All Might. If you had action figures and posters out too, you would most likely be all over his room and walls as well. So, I promise, don't worry. If anything, I just ask that you accept Izuku for who he is when he tells you his secrets and remember that it most likely isn't something he can say easily. It'll take a lot of courage on his part." She smiled and held my hand.

"He really is hard on himself, isn't he?" I chuckled, shaking my head in disbelief. "Thank you, Inko, for listening to me. I promise I'll take good care of him if he accepts me. I can't say that I've been the best to him in the past and the things I've done are unforgivable, but I can swear on my soul that I'll do everything I can to fix it. I'll make him happy. I really do love him with all my heart," I swallowed hard, hoping I wouldn't break down in front of his teary-eyed mother.

It was relieving to hear everything she had to say to me. Maybe she was right.

Maybe I really was worrying over nothing.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I came back down the hallway to see Katsuki and my mom bonding on the living room couch. My mom was holding Katsuki's hand and she seemed to be crying. I furrowed my brow in confusion and wondered what they were talking about. I couldn't see Katsuki's face from my perspective but I imagined he probably looked expressionless. If whatever they were talking about was enough to make my mom cry, I couldn't picture Katsuki having the mental capacity to cheer her up. So, therefore, he was probably internally panicking and doing his best to remain calm. Which led me to the conclusion of an expressionless face. I nearly chuckled at my own internal deduction. They looked over in my direction when they heard my footsteps approaching from behind.

"Hey mom, I can't find my swim trunks anywhere, do you know where they might be?" She turned around, wiping her eyes off on her sleeves and stood up from the couch. Her eyes flicked up and looked at her purse that was dangling on the wall.

"Oh, Izu, those are a little old, aren't they?" She asked me. "They had that funny All Might print. It's outdated, don't you want something a little newer? I've seen a bunch of his new stuff out for the start of summer that I know you'll look just great in." She walked over to her purse and started digging in her wallet.

"What? No, mom, it's okay, really! I don't need new ones, those are just fine. They were limited edition, too. Did you do something to them and you're just not telling me? Because they should be sitting in the dresser. I didn't take them with me when I moved out," I walked over to her and refused to take the money she was trying to hand to me.

"They were just fine when you were scrawnier. Now you're a lot broader, it's time for new ones. I didn't do anything to them and if I did, well... I'm sorry, honey, but it was probably for the best. You didn't want to risk them tearing while you're out having fun, now did you?" She smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. My face flamed at the idea of being surrounded by my friends and all kinds of strangers, with ripped swim trunks. I kept refusing the money though, so she turned around and looked at Katsuki who was just watching our exchange.

"Katsuki, dear, since Izuku's being difficult, can I trust you to take him shopping sometime to buy a new pair?" He looked between us both before nodding slowly. I didn't miss it when he squinted at her, almost as though he was suspicious of her actions. She walked over and placed the money in his palm.

"It's no problem for me, Inko. I'd love to," He smirked when he saw me pout behind my mom.

"Mom, I don't need a chaperone. If you really want me to go buy a new pair, I'll do it. You don't need to force this on Kacchan, really. I've got other people that would like to probably go with me. Kacchan's busy this summer. He won't have the time. This is only going to bother him," I made to take the money away from him, but he just smirked and pulled it out of reach.

"Kacchan, give me it!" I reached again and he backed out of the couch.

"Nu-uh, don't think so, nerd," He chuckled at my feeble attempts to snatch the money away from him.

"Katsuki doesn't mind doing me this little favor, do you?" She smiled sweetly at him. Clearly, she was trying to appear innocent, but I felt like she was plotting something. I never told her how I felt about Katsuki, but you never know. A mother's intuition is sharp so it's possible she picked up on it.

"Nope, I don't mind at all, Inko. In fact, I think this will be a ton of fun. So, it looks like you're stuck with me, Izuku," He grinned and I only found the action to be malicious. I didn't trust their suspicious actions.

"Seriously, I'll go, give it here. I don't trust either you two, you're clearly up to something and I want no part of it," I made another pass at the money.

"Izuku, I know you. You'll just borrow a pair from someone and find a way to get this money back to me. I'll just leave it in Katsuki's care. You two could use some time hanging out and getting away from the stress of training anyway. It's really not that big of a deal. It'll be fun to just do things, normal teenagers, your age do. Enjoy it while you can." My mom made it sound as though I never did "normal teenager" things.

Your mother's right. Enjoy these little moments in life, Izuku. Besides, you finally get that date you were whining about earlier. Eheheh. You should be thanking her instead.

Ether. I wasn't whining.

But of course, you weren't. Silly me. Isn't this a date too, though? Just the two of you, hanging around each other all day long? Seems a little date like if you ask me. Shame you didn't spend dinner together too. That would've really cinched the deal. Maybe do something fun before heading back to the dorms? Bring up old memories you share and make him think about you more?

I wouldn't mind spending more time with him. You're right, maybe it would do us some good to reminisce.

I'm always right, when am I ever wrong?

Ether. Shut up. You're starting to grow an ego that rivals Kacchan's.

"Fine. I cave. We're going to head back now, mom. I'll call you sometime," I made my way to the front doors and started putting on my shoes. I heard both of them walk up behind me before Katsuki followed my lead and put his shoes on as well. I turned back around and gave my mom a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I opened the front door, grabbing Katsuki's arm and pushing him out in front of me. I didn't need them dilly-dallying around and making more plans and weird schemes together. As we were heading out, my mother called back to us one more time.

"Have fun on your date, you two!" She smiled and waved before the door closed behind us.

Mom! Why do you hate your son?!


Chapter Text


🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I took a small peak over at Katsuki's face to see how he was reacting to the embarrassing comment my mom had just yelled to the entire neighborhood, but he was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. The sun was still hanging high in the sky even though it was now early evening. I loved this part of the summer, where the days were longer.

"Ahaha... Sorry about that, Kacchan." I watched him as we walked further down the street.

"About what? You're mom's better than the old hag at my house," he said.

"Just about forcing you to go with me and then calling it a date. You don't really have to go. I don't mind going alone. If anything I can always ask Uraraka, Iida or Todoroki to join me. It's really no big deal." I rubbed the back of my head nervously. While I had just said that, I still secretly wanted him to be the only person I'd go with.

He stopped walking and turned to face me.

"Oh? So you won't go on this so-called 'date' with me, but you'll ask that Half 'n Half bastard to join you? I don't fucking think so." He took a step closer and stared down.

"Then... I'll just ask Uraraka? I'm sure she won't mind going at all."

"Oi. I'm not handing this down to anyone else. I was fucking trusted with this, so I'm going through with it. Or are you trying to tell me you don't want to go on a 'date' with someone like me? You'd prefer to continue your little dates with IcyHot?" He made air quotes when he used the word date.

"That's not what I'm saying at all! I would love t - I mean... that is to say, I don - I don't want to burden you with this..." I looked down, finally confessing my reasons for protesting. He brought a finger up and lifted my chin. I always seemed to be casting my gaze down when he was close to me. It was hard to hold his piercing glare sometimes.

"Burden me? As if someone like you could possibly be a burden for me. Don't get too fucking cocky, kitten." He whispered his last words then he reached down and grabbed my hand, linking our fingers together.

Ether. Ether. ETHER! He grabbed my hand... Kacchan is HOLDING MY HAND!

Izuku, sweetie, you held hands earlier.

This is different! I did that! This is his doing!! He grabbed MY hand!

How about you calm down and pay attention to him then? He's making progress, so focus.

R - Right!

"Uhm... Ka - Kacchan?" I said, still staring at our hands locked together.

"What, nerd?"

"Can we..." I swallowed hard and instinctively tightened my grasp on him, causing him to glance sideways in my direction. I looked up just in time to catch him smirking at me as I was still watching our hands.

"Can we go to that park we used to visit when we were younger?"

"Why the fuck do you want to go there?" There was no hidden malice in his voice, just confusion.

"There's no reason really. I'm just curious to see what shape it's in now. I used to visit every time there was something on my mind, it calmed me down. I haven't had a chance to go there in a while though." He didn't say anything, but I knew we were going when he made a turn instead of heading in the direction of the school. I smiled, glad to know that he was willing to indulge me, if only for a moment.

We walked up to the deserted park. Not many people let their children come here anymore. It was getting old, years of weather and wear and tear from the constant abuse of rambunctious children, have caused it to rust and break down. It made me sad to think it wasn't the same bright and cheery place I had in my memories, but it was nice to know it was still standing here. If anything, the park reminded me more of my mental state now, kind of like it was a projection of my mind.

I wiggled my hand free from Katsuki's and walked over to the swing set, testing it gingerly. It creaked under the weight of my hands as I tugged on the chains.

"I probably wouldn't risk that if I were you," Katsuki called. He was still standing on the outskirts of the park, just watching me.

"Oh? Is the big, bad Katsuki Bakugou afraid of a little rust?" I taunted him. His hands exploded slightly and he let out a small growl. He was so easy to tease these days. I had the rest of our class to thank for that. If they never had the nerve to tease him the way they do, I'd probably always be afraid to even open my mouth when he was around, much less taunt him myself. He was always throwing threats in everyone's direction, but he never really acted on them... anymore.

"I'm afraid of nothing." He walked over and placed his foot on the rubber part of the swing and kicked down, hard. The whole swingset rattled, but it remained stable, so he sat down and I followed his lead.

"See? It's not so bad?" I laughed.

"Shut up, nerd." He reached over and tugged on my chain, causing me to swing sideways.

"Kacchan, stop it." I steadied myself again and laughed. "You're afraid of nothing, huh? How is that possible?"

"It just is, nerd. What of it?" He said, looking at me from under the hair that fell across his face.

"Well, I don't know. I just think that's impossible. There's bound to be something you're afraid of, Kacchan," I pondered, wondering what it could be. I kicked my feet out and started to swing lightly. Katsuki did the same.

"Yeah, like what? What do you think is out there that I should fucking be afraid of?" He questioned.

"That time the League took you I'm sure was really scary. I know it was for all of us and we weren't even the ones that were in danger like you," I said to him. I hated the fear that held onto me when I thought he was in danger. Stuck in a place that we couldn't reach him.

"I wasn't afraid of those asswipes," he snarled. It sounded to me like he was trying to convince himself more than anything.

"Uh huh... sureee, whatever you say, Kacchan," I said swinging a little higher.

"Shut up, Deku," he retaliated and began to try and match my speed. I missed being here and just spending this time together. It was nice and I wished it never stopped in the first place.

"I'm afraid of villains. Actually, no. I'm absolutely terrified of them, but I'll face my fears to save everyone around me. I think that's what separates the heroes from regular civilians. We put on a brave face when we're all terrified on the inside. Just like you, Kacchan," I teased him.

"I said, shut up, fucking nerd," he growled and I only laughed in response. He could try to hide it but we all knew he was afraid that day. Of course, he was. We all were.

"But, maybe," he began again and slowed down his swinging, "Maybe... there is something..."

"Something your afraid of?" I asked, coming to a slow swing as well.

"Something... I'm afraid of... losing..." He bit his bottom lip and looked over at me. He looked a little scared and I wanted to hug him. To tell him everything was going to be okay, but I couldn't. I didn't know what it was he thought he was going to lose.

"Oh... yeah... I - I get that..." I said, understanding what he meant but not want to pry any further. We all had something like that. Something we wanted to hold on to for the rest of our lives. The more I thought about it, though, I figured he could be meaning it in a different way than I would. I knew just how much he craved winning, so it's possible he meant 'losing' as in... something simple and mundane. Not actually losing something, but rather, just losing in general.

"So, I have a different question," I began again.

"You're always asking fucking questions, what else is new?" He barked at me.

"True. Are you... jealous... of my relationship with Shouto?" I asked him. He didn't say anything for a few minutes so I silently started to panic.

"What would you fucking say your relationship even is, exactly? It's hard to be jealous of something if there's nothing there to be jealous of." He started to swing a little in his spot once more. His eyes staring down at his feet while they pushed him forward.

"I don't really trust him after what he did to you last night. How far did that even go? I know you've explained that he meant no harm, but it's just fucking hard to accept that," he gritted his teeth together, still kicking his feet slightly.

"Is that all? That's everything you don't like about us? I could've sworn that there were other reasons, too." I asked him. I thought he was being really cute right now, but I would never be able to tell him that. He'd probably really try to kill me.

"Like what? I mean, I don't fucking like hearing how you use his first name so casually," he added.

"Well, we are pretty close though. So isn't it only natural?"

"How close? There has to be more if it's close enough for you to call him 'Shouto'. You barely call anyone by their first name, it's just how you fucking are. It's like you're always trying to distance yourself from everyone around you, so you build these fucking barriers, yet IcyHot is granted access so easily? What all has happened in your relationship?" He was starting to seem pissed. I was disappointed, I really liked his cute side.

"We've, uhm - probably done enough to be considered more than just friends? Enough to put a strain on our friendship?"

"Be more specific," he growled.


Oh great. Was I really going to tell him this? I wonder how he's going to act. I guess I'll find out here in a second.


"I would have liked to say we were just friends but... it's kind of hard to call it that anymore. We've passed the borders to be called friends now. I want to still view us as such, but ever since he marked me, things have been different, complicated. To make everything more confusing than it already is, we've kissed and he's obviously been super touchy. So I guess that's the gist of our relationship then? It's mostly one-sided. He loves me but... I don't know if that's what I want from him?"

Katsuki stood up and walked around to stand directly behind me. He grabbed the chains to my swing and pushed me forward a little. The sun was still hanging high overhead, but I could hear the sounds of the night beginning.

"Then maybe you should fucking tell him that. Where did he kiss you? Did he use tongue? Did you... like it? Where did he touch you? How did he touch you? Was it rough, with passion, or soft?" He spoke softly, but I could hear the chill rising in the back of his voice. He gripped my chains harder, pulling me into a dead stop and I was afraid to turn around. Afraid to see what may lie deep in his eyes.

"Ah - Uhm... there was tongue... and he wasn't really bad, or rather, I did kind of like it..." I began.

"Keep going, kitten." His usual gently tone when he called me 'kitten' was gone. Replaced by the icy cold I could feel.

"He kissed down my neck and he touched my waistline a little hungrily, but there really wasn't much else, I swear!" I was still looking straight ahead. I could see his fingers out of the corners of my eyes but I refused to look behind me.

"Was there anywhere else?" He whispered, dangerously close to my ear. His breath tickled the back of my neck and I couldn't help but shy away from him.

"My - My... chest... but, that was it."

"When was this? Last night?" I nodded but didn't answer him. "Did it happen another time?"

"Y - Yes..."

"When?" His knuckles were turning white and I knew he was angry.

"The night he... marked me."

"Heehh, I see. Don't do it again, Izuku," He brought his lips closer to kiss around my ears, sending shivers down my spine.

"Why not?" I knew I was testing his patience, but I wanted him to say more.

"Because I fucking said so," he growled at me.

"That's not a good enough reason, Katsuki. Tell me, is it because he makes you jealous?" He pulled away from me, putting some distance between us.

"So what if it fucking does, huh? Yes, I am jealous. No, rather, I'm fucking seething, I'm pissed, but what does it even matter to you?" He pushed against my chains, causing me to swing back and forth again. I used the sudden momentum to jump out and landed softly on the ground beneath me.

I ignored his question and walked over to the rusted slide. I climbed the bars and made my way to the top. It was small compared to how I remembered it. I used to be afraid of this slide, all those years ago, but look at me now. Sitting at the top, ignoring the possibility of rusty metal splinters, getting ready to slide down it without a care in the world. It's funny how things in life can change your perspective. I missed those days when the only thing I feared was the local park's slide.


I fear so much more now.

So much.


While I was sitting at the top of the slide, Katsuki walked over and stood at the bottom, watching me from below. He placed his right foot on the end of the slide, and leaned forward, his right arm resting on his knee. I ignored his glare as I begin to slide down, stopping just before I collided with him. When I made it down to the bottom, I just laid back, looking up at the very angry Alpha before me.

He brought his other foot to stand on the bottom of the slide and lowered himself down to his knees on top of me, straddling my body between his thighs. He placed his right hand down near my head, while his left grabbed a fist full of my collar and brought me up close to his face. He ran his lips across mine, kissing me gently. His hand trailed around and pushed me forward at the back of my head, holding me to him. This kiss was something I wasn't used to; this kiss was soft and delicate. It was very different from his usual aggressive nature, but it still managed to steal my breath away. He ran his tongue against my lips and I parted them, granting him the access he was silently asking for. Our tongues danced around each other for a moment, before he finally pulled away, letting me drop back down against the slide once more.

"Now, I'll ask you again. What does it even matter to you if I'm fucking jealous?" He whispered, a sly smile forming at the corners of those soft, warm lips, still glistening from our passionate moment. I bit the bottom of my own lip as I stared at his. I wanted it all to last a little longer.

"Really, it's just nice to know, Kacchan. Remember when we were kids and we used to play with those kickballs here? You were always able to do these cool tricks and moves, but I could never seem to get the hang of them, no matter how hard I tried with you. While you went off to play with everyone else, I would continue to practice those silly tricks, over and over again until I was finally able to do them. Yet, by then... you had already moved on. Your attention was needed elsewhere, leaving me behind; alone. I hated that so, so much. So, it's just nice to know. It's heartwarming to me that the amazing Katsuki Bakugou is actually paying attention to something that I'm doing. You actually notice me right now. For once in my life, I don't feel like I have to try so hard just for you to look in my direction anymore. Even if I know my relationship with Shouto only bothers you because it means I am nothing more than 'sloppy seconds' in your eyes; it's still nice to hear you say that somewhere buried deep inside you, you actually do care. A small, insignificant piece of that hardened, tough heart actually cares the tiniest bit about me. It makes me happy, Kacchan." I smiled at him. He said nothing for a moment, before standing up and hopping off of the slide.

"Don't get ahead of yourself there, nerd." He turned away so I couldn't see his face.

"Yeah, I know, you're probably right. It's still nice to think it's possible anyway." If only it could be true though. Hearing his words hurt. He was essentially saying that he didn't care. I knew it wasn't true, but I thought... that he was going to finally admit it just now. Apparently, he had some battle within himself to fight out before he admitted to liking me. "What about that creek? Remember that creek we used to always cross over? Where was that again? I wonder if that log is still there?"

"Probably not. I bet it's rotten to the core by now," he mumbled, still not looking me in the eyes.

"You think so? Let's go check it out. I'm curious." I smiled at him and started to walk away, hoping he'd be close behind.


Knowing he'd be close behind.


Chapter Text


💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I followed Izuku as he made his way to the wooded area we used to always play at. I watched, mesmerized, while the slowly setting sunrise turned his hair all different shades. Some rays caught his curls just right and they almost seemed to glow, where other parts seemed to darken to the point of being considered black. It was stunning, I could watch the sun dance around his fluffy hair all day long and never get bored.

We came to a broken fence that we used to crawl through when we were little, but now we were just a tad too large. I watched as Izuku tried to haul himself over and only succeeded in struggling. I grunted at his clumsiness because he really was too cute sometimes. He finally flipped over the fence and landed on his feet. I wasn't sure why he had such a hard time just now, I mean, the damn fence was only waist-high. I put one hand on it and vaulted myself over.

"Of course, you make it look so easy," he huffed at me. I smiled, it was fun watching him act all angry.

"That's only because it was easy, Deku," I smirked. He started to head off down toward the creek when I noticed he was heading in the wrong direction. I cleared my throat and called out to him.

"Are you planning on taking a hike and getting your ass lost? If so, please, by all means, continue on your merry fucking way. Otherwise, follow me, idiot." I turned and walked off in the opposite direction. It had been years since we came this way, but it wasn't that hard to remember how to get there.

"Well, excuuse mee. I was never the one in front anyway. You were. So, obviously, you would know where to go," he snarkily retorted. That was true, though. He probably just followed in my footsteps and never paid any attention to where we were at. But, why was he getting all sassy with me? Was he angry at me for something?



Probably. What else is new these days?



It wasn't like I was making it easy for him to fall in love with me. In fact, with my 'assholian' comments, as he would call them, I was surprised I even had people who could tolerate a conversation with me, let alone love me. What did I say this time to piss him off?



'Don't get ahead of yourself there, nerd.'



Nah, it couldn't be that, could it? I just said it because I didn't want to give away the way I felt about him yet. Although, he'd be an idiot if he didn't figure it out already.

Oh, wait...

He was an idiot. A naive, adorable, super cute, nerdy, idiot. Not that any of that made any sense.

I ducked a few times to bypass the webs and branches that covered over the once clear trail. We used to come this way nearly every day so back when we were kids the trail had been trodden on frequently. Not it was overgrown with fallen logs, bushes, and insects. I glanced behind me to see Izuku freaking out over a spider web he hadn't noticed. It was cut that way he was grabbing at nearly invisible silk strands and trying to pull them off his face. He really was hopeless without me. I grabbed a nearby stick and started waving it in the air ahead of me to knock the webs down for him and I snapped off the small branches that were in our way.

It was starting to get a little darker now, the sky was painted in a vibrant red glow. I would say there were about two or so more hours left of daylight. I chuckled lightly when I thought about how Izuku would feel being out in the middle of some woods when the sky turned pitch black. It wouldn't matter, either way, I could always light our path up... with my phone. The technology was more convenient than quirks sometimes.

The path opened up and we stumbled into the creek. The log was still standing there, but it looked soggy and it was definitely rotten. Not that we'd even need to cross that log anymore, the creek was entirely dried out. I looked down the creek bed to the left and stopped in my path. I didn't remember having such a clear view of the sky before, but then again, we never came here during this time. I felt a small thump hit my back and I looked down to see Izuku staring out at the sky as well, not having noticed he walked right into me.

"Walk much, nerd?" I asked him, breaking him out of his own thoughts.

"S - Sorry, I just was caught off guard and couldn't take my eyes away," he said, shifting his gaze back up to the sky that spread before us. I knew exactly what he meant, it was incredible. A vibrant red dominated the sky, pouring different shades of pinks and oranges out into the already darkening blue portion behind us. Small stars were appearing in the distance to our right, but our focus was drawn to the mixture of hues to our left.

I stopped staring and walked through the dried-up creek bed toward the fallen log we used to cross. When I reached it, I noticed that I could just barely stand underneath the whole thing. It really was strange how things could seem so large to you when you were just a kid, still growing up. I used to think the log was a lot higher up than this. It was still pretty high and a fall from it would definitely hurt, but it wasn't what I imagined it would be. Izuku crawled around the creek bed and made like he was going to go cross the damn log.

"You're fucking kidding me, right? First the rusty playground and now the rotten log? Do you have a death wish or something?" I called up to him, expecting a chuckle to be returned of some sort. Instead, a sneer I never knew he could pull off crossed his face but only for a split second. His next words chilled me to my bones and I instantly wished he had never spoken them, they were barely above a whisper, but I still caught what he said.

"You have no idea..." 

Just as quickly as the words left his mouth, he changed his mood entirely. Almost as if the frosty atmosphere he created never existed in the first place. I froze and questioned myself as to whether or not I had heard him right, but I knew I did. What was I supposed to make from those words of his? What was it that I didn't know? I thought about his injury from last night and wondered for the umpteenth time today what the real reason behind it was.

"It'll be okay, Kacchan. I've already broken half my body, what's one more broken bone at this point, right? Let's play a game and see what bone it'll be today." He laughed at his own joke like he found it funny, but I clearly did not.

I scowled at his reckless behavior and stepped beneath him. He continued laughing before stepping his right foot on the log. The whole thing creaked and bowed down under his weight and it was clear it wouldn't be able to hold much, to begin with. He made it near the middle before his foot broke through the surface. The soggy log cracked around his leg, sucking it down inside, but he still didn't fall. He struggled to yank it back out of the hole that he had just created, teetering back and forth in the process. He waved his arms sporadically in the air to keep his balance.

I was hovering close below him, internally panicking and freaking out the whole time. I knew that if he fell he would most likely be fine, but knowing his consistently shitty strokes of luck with injuries, he would somehow manage to hit his head on a sharp rock or something stupid and bleed to death. It wasn't a risk I was willing to take even if it seemed like he was willing to take it. He made it to the other side and smiled at me like he just won the damn lottery. He really was going to kill me with that fucking smile of his one day, it was absolutely breathtaking to me.

"Fucking get back down here, Izuku," I glowered at him, glad to see he was finally out of danger but pissed he had put himself in that position, to begin with. Instead of listening to me, however, he started to walk back across the damn log another time. He was intentionally ignoring my rising fears. I wasn't sure if he just seriously wanted to anger me to the point of no return or if he was just being childish right now.

"Seriously, cut it out," I said. He made it to the middle of the log and then bent down to his knees. He smirked above me and bit his lower lip. His eyes searched across my face and I caught myself frozen by his beauty. He seemed so reckless right now, nearly dangerous. His hungry gaze almost made me want to crumble beneath him, succumbing to the beast I saw hiding within his emerald pools. There was something about this reckless side to him that I found entirely captivating. I was enthralled with his actions, even if they did strike fear through my heart. It was the adrenaline of watching him so carefully, absorbing his every move, prepared for the possibility of danger; never knowing when it would strike. Constantly on edge and waiting. Waiting while he danced above me, a daring dance that I could barely keep up with.

"Then... catch me," he whispered into the wind.

He placed his hands down on the log and positioned himself to leap. My eyes widened at his words and before I even knew what was happening, he propelled himself forward, crashing down toward me. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, bracing for his impact. I stumbled a little against the rocky surface below my feet, but we remained standing upright. I was less than thrilled with his little stunt just now, but yet again, before I could do anything, he shocked me with something else.

I felt a soft fuzzy presence enter my mind and was puzzled by his actions for the millionth time today.



'Izuku, we're literally in each other's arms right now, what are you doing?' I asked him.



He was acting strange, in a cute kind of way. His arms were linked around my neck and my hands were placed firmly against the small of his back, holding him close to me.



'Testing something,' he replied before he brought his lips up to meet mine.



I was met with a flurry of pleasure-filled images from Izuku's mind. Arms were intertwined together. Heated breaths were shared between parted lips. Fingers interlocking during moments of passion. I could feel my heartbeat accelerate faster and my breathing started to hitch. I didn't hesitate to return his kiss, less than gentle from before. I couldn't resist the pull and began to snake my tongue along the inside of his mouth greedily. I could see what he saw... I could feel what he felt.

Izuku was projecting his passion into his thoughts and forcing them toward me. I pulled away and smirked viciously. He looked up at me, his eyes full of fake innocence, pretending he wasn't doing anything to me. Pretending the reason I was overcome with lust wasn't because of him. Two could play at that game, though.

I returned with a vengeance, pushing forward with my own burning passion and heated images, touching him both physically and mentally. I could feel him cave within my grasp, his body melting into my arms. Our desires to devour each other were washing over us with a force I never knew we possessed. His cravings for my touch matched my own hunger for him. It made me want to ravage everything he had to offer me. I didn't even break away for breath when we both sunk to the rocky bed on our knees.

I tugged him up and into my lap, his legs parted around my thighs, pressing his clothed member flush against mine. His hands gripped onto my shoulders, nails digging in deep. He began rocking his hips back and forth, rubbing his slowly hardening shaft and causing me to twitch in return. I bit down gently on his bottom lip and pulled, before dragging my tongue along his lower teeth, hard. I was sucking in every little thing I could taste of his, consuming him until there was nothing left. His projected images began to flash, showing me his every craving. He envisioned my lips caressing down and leaving marks along his neck, so I happily obliged. Hungrily nipping his sensitive skin as I went. I hard a sharp inhale of breath and he started to move his hips faster against my own.

I gripped his thighs tightly, squeezing him as I slowly pulled myself away. I pushed him from my lap and stood up. A small whine escaped his lips and he looked up at me in confusion. I smirked down to where he sat on his knees still, enjoying the heated, messy look he had plastered across his face. He was already at his breaking point and we had just begun. I walked around behind him and got back down on my knees. My eyes flicked up to the sky and I smiled. This was better, much better. Now I had dinner and a show.

The red-orange hues expanded in front of me, creating a silhouetted figure of Izuku contrasted against the painted sky. I wrapped an arm around his torso and pulled him up close to me, pressing his backside down and grinding against his movements. I brought one hand up and ran my fingers along the back of his neck and up into his hair. I pushed his head forward slightly until I could see the nape of his neck. The shiny mark left by Todoroki was painfully visible and it pissed me off. I brought my mouth down over the mark and bit hard, but not enough to break the skin. He gasped in shock, throwing an arm over his shoulder and reaching behind him, holding my head down, firmly in place. He began to whimper pitifully out of sheer pleasure and sent an image I wasn't expecting.

His lust-crazed desire to have his neck between my teeth while my canines sunk deliciously into him. Deeply creating a mark so beautiful, so permanent, that no one would ever be able to erase it. A mark that would put Todoroki's to shame. A mark that would bind us together forever, claiming each other as our own.

I started to drool ferociously at my mouth, the warm liquid dripping down his neck and catching on the collar of his shirt. My fingers dug deeply into his sides and I shoved him down toward my hips forcibly grinding up into him with a burning desire. His projected thought was so tantalizingly intoxicating to me. I wanted it so fucking badly. I wanted it as if it were the last thing I could have in this word. 

I wanted it. 

I wanted him. 

I wanted Izuku. 

I dreamed about this all my life. Fantasy after fantasy of how I would tear into him, claiming him as my own and daring anyone to come near him again. I craved the sensation of every tooth slowly sinking into his nape as his skin happily accepted my canines and the Alpha venom I would inject into him. The venom that would course through his veins for the rest of eternity, bonding us together forever. The pleasure that would burn within us as we completed our marks on each other. The bond that would never be broken between soulmates. The bond that I wanted to place upon him in this very moment and here he was, showing me the same desire I had. Showing to me that he wanted my mark. He wanted my teeth sinking into his glands and linking us together as one.

I sucked his skin between my teeth, biting down a little harder and letting it sit there for a moment before pulling away. I licked up the soft indention I had just created, soothing the irritated skin beneath my tongue. Almost as though he just realized what he had sent to me, I felt him cut off the connection that projected his desires so strongly to my mind.

"Bring it fucking back, right now, Izuku," I growled at him in the most commanding voice I had ever used before.

I had accidentally put more force in my tone than I had meant to, but my desire to be linked with him was just that strong. It wasn't an Alpha command by any means, but it was still forceful and full of all the passion I was feeling reel within me. He sat up, leaning his back against my chest and shook his head in defiance. He was trembling in pleasure and I could feel his tiny breaths moving his body up and down as he leaned on me for support.

"Now," I said again, he slid down lower and I got a clear view of his face.

He was gone to the lust that had overpowered us both. He was gasping for air and it was clear he wanted to continue. His eyes were glowing in ecstasy and there was a small line of drool coming from his mouth and dripping down his chin. I leaned forward, tilting his head to the side, and licked it off his lips.

"Link us back together. I'm not through with you yet, kitten." I demanded again.

He whimpered at the command in my voice and slowly nodded, squeezing his eyes shut. I felt his connection form between us once more, the sheer strength of the desire and pleasure still running deep through both our minds. Another image of me biting into his neck soared through him. I could barely hold on to all my reasoning when I saw it and growled in anticipation. If he kept tempting me with such delicious images, I was going to happily comply.

I placed my palm against his upper back and pushed him forward slowly until he was on all fours. I reached down and started to remove his shorts from behind. His head hung down in front of me, with his nape still painfully visible.

I tenderly dragged my nails along the length of his back under his shirt, lifting it until the hem rested around his shoulders, with one hand, while I sucked furiously on the other, slathering it in my drool. I brought it down to his rim and teasingly brushed against it. A shudder ran through him and I watched the goosebumps begin to raise under the touch of my fingers on his back. A soft, pleading whine echoed through the air, enticing me to growl in possession at the sound. I wanted everything of his to be mine, even the moans that escaped his lips while I pleasured him from behind.

Slowly, I shoved a finger deep inside him, curling it up and caressing against his soft flesh. He arched his back in slight pain, but I didn't stop. I could feel what he felt, so I knew there was pleasure laced over the pain and he didn't want me to lessen my movements at all. In fact, he wanted it even harder. He wanted it even wider and more aggressive. He wanted it faster. I felt myself growing in response to his heated images and bit down on my lip, forcing myself to have more patience. He let out a loud moan when I pulled my finger out faster, shoving in two more and curling them all up with pleasurable force.

He rose himself off his arms and rested back on his knees, causing me to reach within him at a new angle. His hips rocked down around my fingers and his moans came in sporadic grunts. He pressed his back against my chest, closing the gap between us. I tilted his head to the side, forcing him to look down at the ground so I could view his nape again. I caressed his skin with my teeth, dragging them across his nape and nipped down, licking in between my gentle bites. I could feel when he was ready for more than just my fingers, but I didn't want to relinquish my hold on his neck.

I brought my free hand down and started to undo my own clothes, just enough to pull out my member. I sat back and slowly removed my fingers from within him. I grabbed his hips and pulled him up onto my lap, but kept my teeth pressed against his nape. Izuku shifted himself up a little higher until he was hovering just above my member. He reached down below him and gripped my shaft, lining my tip up with his heated hole and sank himself down around me.

A low moan rumbled through my chest as I twitched inside him. His arm came over his shoulder again and held onto the top of my hair, grabbing my spikes and tugging lightly. His breathing hitched when he felt my tip rub against his prostate. A soft, broken keening sounded from him, breaking off into heated mewls and pants. He let himself settle around me before he began pushing himself up and down, faster and harder each time. I felt as every movement shook his body and mind with constant tremors. I bit down against his neck again, still not breaking the skin.

"Katsuki," he mewled at me as he was getting close. I growled and placed my hands on his sides, helping to steady him. I slowly lifted him up a little more and moved my own hips, thrusting in time to his motions. I could feel a burning sensation settling in his body the closer he got to releasing. I plowed into his hole, hitting his prostate over and over again. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh echoed throughout the forest around us, mixing with his cries of ecstasy.

My mind was focused on his neck. I wanted to sink my teeth deeper and deeper into his gland. I needed to bite him. I needed to mark him and claim Izuku as my own. I growled at myself as I snaked my tongue against his nape again. His scent was pouring out around me but Todoroki's was overpowering all of it. I couldn't smell his pheromones clearly and it was driving me insane, but I no longer cared. With a simple bite, his scent would be mine. All mine. Every trace of Todoroki would be wiped away in an instant. I wanted to fucking mark him right then and there. Claim him so I could ravage him to no end for all eternity.



'Kacchan... no,' I heard him call to me.



His protest sounded weak. I could tell it wasn't sincere, but his rejection was still there. His mind kept flashing images of me sinking my teeth into him, but his words were telling me differently. I inhaled deeply, trying to keep my mind focused. His images were enough for my instincts to consider this as good as done, but I knew that it wasn't right if he didn't say I could mark him. My instincts were screaming at me to just fucking do it already, though, regardless of his consent. 

Bite him.

Mark him.

Make him yours.

Bite deep. 

Bite hard.

Bite slow.

I groaned in intoxicated pleasure at the idea. I could feel as we were both getting close to our climaxes. The closer we got, the harder it was to prevent myself from losing control. His moans were like poison to me, draining away all forms of rationality until nothing but my primal instincts remained. But, even then, I couldn't cave. I couldn't succumb to the Alpha desires that burned at my core. I wasn't weak.

My member began to throb and I could feel my bulge forming at the end of my shaft. His downward thrusts started to slow and he grabbed my hair even harder. His climaxed keen echoing into the air, sending shivers down my spine, experiencing his pleasure as if it were my own. My knot formed fully and pressed against the outside of his rim. He thrust down again, embracing the bulge and I released my warm seed inside him. My own climax making my head spin in desire and I nearly lost control, biting down on his nape even harder. I could feel him shaking beneath me in pleasure from everything.



'Katsuki, please...' he whispered in my mind.



He was asking me to control myself, asking me to prevent myself from marking the one I so desperately wanted. I was so close, so fucking close to breaking his skin and I didn't want to stop now. I grunted in anger at him. In anger for not wanting this as badly as I did. In anger for not allowing himself to succumb to his desires, the desires I knew he carried within him. He wanted this, I knew he did. His own core trembled at the very idea of us marking each other right now, but he was fighting it. For some godforsaken reason, he was fighting it.

We were currently locked together and I still couldn't stop the desire from taking over me. The longer he sat here, this close to me with our minds and bodies now fully linked to each other, the harder it was getting for me to release my grip on his neck.



'Don't...' he said again.

'Fucking shut up right now,' I sent toward him.



I wasn't going to mark him, even though every fiber of my being was telling me I needed to. I hadn't had such a strong desire to mark him before and I knew it was because of the mind link between us. If he disconnected it right now, I'd probably gain control back, but I was craving our connection. Every thrill of pleasure and pain he received, I received, and it was dripping through me like alcohol. My mind was swimming in it all and my ability to make rational decisions was slipping, but I would hold onto it.

I wasn't going to make the same mistakes Todoroki did. I wasn't going to do something to him without his consent. I was stronger than him. I was the better Alpha and if this could help prove it, if it could gain even just a little bit of his trust back, then I would listen to him. I wouldn't cave to our instincts and I would give him what he wanted. I took in a deep breath and loosened my grip on his neck a little, just enough to reassure him that I wasn't going to mark him... yet.

I slowly pulled my teeth away and started licking at the red marks I had left behind. He began to relax against me and kept his gaze forward. His breathing was coming in quick little bursts, but it was settling down. Images of the sun setting before us flashed into my mind from him and I glanced up, continuing to lick around his nape.

The sunset was now almost entirely red and the darkness from the sky behind us was making its way closer toward the sun.

An image of my own eyes came to my mind from Izuku and I was pleasantly shocked to know he thought the magnificent sunset reminded him of me. More and more images of myself poured into my mind. Images of me just doing everyday things, things I never even knew I was doing. Images of the small glances Izuku would take of me without my knowledge. Memories he had where he watched my every move, thinking to himself that I was cute. I blinked at the pictures I received and smiled, happy to know his eyes followed me everywhere I went. But then Izuku severed the link between us once again. I growled, dissatisfied at the loss of his thoughts and he chuckled at me.

"Oi. I was enjoying that," I said to him.

"I know, I could tell," Izuku smiled at me, resting his head back against my shoulder for a while. We spent some time in silence, just watching the view scattered across the clouds. He moved away from me as my knot lessened from within him. He turned around to face me and my heart nearly stopped.

"You should bring that connection back, Izuku, you're missing out on the view I'm seeing right now," I said breathlessly. His green hair was encircled by the mesmerizing sunset behind him and his eyes sparkled more than the stars that danced around in the evening sky. His smile was beautifully blinding to me and my heart could barely contain the feelings that poured into me for him. I leaned forward and softly kissed the smile off of his face. He chuckled at my cheesiness and fell into my kisses. His arms came up and slowly wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer to him. 

I fucking love you, Izuku. How do I tell you this??

"Izuku..." I started, my heartbeat began to race against my chest as I made my decision. I was done waiting. I knew he wouldn't reject me and there was no way I could hold this in any longer. My heart swelled with overflowing emotions and I couldn't stop myself from smiling against his lips. Everything about him made me so fucking happy and I wanted him to know this. I wanted him to know how he always took my breath away when his eyes locked with mine. My head would spin when his smile flashed my way. His laughter sent my soul soaring to new heights. I loved everything about him and I wanted him to finally know this.

He pulled away and looked at me for a moment, tilting his head to the side, wondering why I broke away from our kisses. I opened my mouth to continue what I was going to say when his phone began to ring. My smile faded immediately and I growled, shaking my head in frustration.

"What, Kacchan?" He asked me.

"Nevermind, kitten," I just smirked. Of course, perfect timing, ruining my moment.

He sat back and picked up his phone. We looked at the screen together to see his lovely friend, Todoroki was calling him. No doubt wondering what was taking his 'date' so long to return to the fucking dorms. It's like he was psychic and knew I nearly sealed the deal with Izuku, stealing him from Todoroki forever, and just had to interrupt it.

Izuku stood up and fixed his clothes. I followed suit.

"Your fucking boyfriend's wondering where you're at, huh?" I grumbled.

"Kacchan," he sighed at me, "he's not my boyfriend and you know that. I just told you everything we've done and most of it was when he, well, kind of assaulted me. So, it doesn't really even count. If anything you're more of my boyf - " He stilled, sucking in a quick breath and stopped himself before he could continue his sentence.

"Oh? I'm more of your what?" I couldn't help the smile that splayed across my face. I knew exactly what he nearly said and I wanted to consider it his confession of love, but I figured I'd wait for the real thing instead of this half-assed accident.

"Uh... We - We should probably get back," he said ignoring me and looking back at the log that was still standing behind us.

"It's weird to think this is where you started to hate me..." he whispered. My head snapped up at his words and I glared at the back of his head.

"Izuku, I don't fucking hate you," I said with conviction, furrowing my eyebrows together. Wasn't it fucking obvious to him by now that hate was the last thing on my mind when it came to him? He whipped around and tilted his head in confusion. His eyes were wide with genuine shock at my words and he looked as though he truly believed I hated him. His shock slowly faded and he flicked his gaze away from me.

"Well, it's definitely where you first changed the way you treated me, that's for sure. After that moment, you no longer... protected me..." he said softly. He turned around and started walking back down the way we had come. I couldn't deny it this time, because he was correct. Everything changed between us the day he tried to save me, right here, in this very spot. That day, I turned my back on him in a way that I never should have, but not anymore. I'd fix all of this. I really would, truly would.

"Then maybe you should remember this place as the place where I changed for you yet again. I'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated, Izuku. I don't plan on being like that toward you ever again. For what it's worth, I promise." I grabbed his elbow and tugged him back to face me again. I slid my hand down his arm, linking my fingers through his and pulled him into another kiss. My free hand caressing his cheek, feeling the wetness from the tears that began to streak down the sides of his face. When we broke apart, his facial expressions were unreadable to me, the darkness had settled around us, successfully blocking my view from him.

'I promise, things will be different for us, Izuku. You'll see. Just give me a little more time,' I thought to myself.



Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

"You should bring that connection back, you're missing out on the view I'm seeing right now." 

So this is what he meant when he said that. When he pulled me back around to face him, my mind went blank. All conscious thoughts of mine tossed out the window. His piercing crimson orbs were staring down at me while the world painting a masterpiece in the night sky behind him. As he brought his lips down to meet mine, I closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift around what he had just said.

What was he planning on changing between us? 

Whatever it was, I couldn't wait to see it happen. I couldn't help but feel like these stolen moments and sweet, tender kisses weren't going to last for very long. So, I wanted to do everything I could to cherish every second of them. This whole day felt like nothing but a dream come true to me and I was just waiting for my nightmare to begin.

We walked back in silence with our fingers interlocked together. We only separated when there wasn't enough space to walk side by side or when we were crossing back over the fence. Every time I stumbled or struggled, he would chuckle a little. I was thankful for the sun being down so he couldn't see my face turning red; our only light coming from our phones.

After struggling for what felt like hours in the middle of the woods, the path opened up that led us back to society once more. We put our phones away and enjoyed walking back along the empty sidewalks. The street lamps and pale lights from houses illuminating our way. I smiled to myself when Katsuki pushed me away from the curb and took my place. His thumb rubbed the back of my hand and I couldn't seem to come down from the cloud I was dancing on. I was buzzing in silent bliss as we walked and would occasionally find myself purring quietly in content. I caught myself one of the times and came to an abrupt stop, mid-purr causing Katsuki to chuckle again while I continued to furiously blush.

We finally reached the entrance to the dorms before Katsuki let go of my hand and didn't return, letting the cool night air creep between us yet again. I really didn't mind it that much this time though because I was still living on cloud nine. We opened the doors to an impatient looking Todoroki pacing back and forth near the foyer. Without saying anything he held out his hand toward me for me to take. I frowned a little when I saw it but I decided to appease him anyway. When I reached forward to grab his hand with my own, Katsuki growled. It was low and barely audible but we both caught it and froze with our arms hovering in the air.

I glanced up at Katsuki and made a face akin to disbelief, but he wouldn't make eye contact with me. He just kept staring at Todoroki, so instead, I shot him a squinted glare and grabbed Todoroki's hand anyway before walking off. I had already explained to Katsuki that there was nothing going on between us, but he was being ridiculous. Instead of dragging Todoroki to the common area like we had originally planned, I headed straight for the elevators. By the time Katsuki realized where we were headed, the doors had quickly begun to close.

"Are you fuckin - " His protests were cut off but not before he shot me a menacing wide-eyed look. He was clearly bewildered at my decision.

"Uhm, Midoriya, I think he's right. This isn't really a good idea. I don't think we should be alone together right now. I don't really believe I have done anything to earn your trust yet. I know you have said otherwise but..." Todoroki said. He pulled his hand out of my grasp and looked down at me.

"Shouto, you allowed yourself to face discrimination from our classmates and you willing let Katsuki punch you because you openly admitted to what you did last night. Even though, it was beyond your control. I was also at fault but for someone reason, everyone wants to overlook that. I released my pheromones in response to yours. If we just control them, we won't have this problem anymore. Besides, I noticed you were acting weird and didn't say anything. I could've stopped you before it got too late but I didn't. So, if we keep our guards up, I don't think anything bad will happen. Like I said, as long as you don't touch me when I don't want you to touch me, then we'll be fine." I smirked up at him.

"How am I supposed to know when you want me to verses when you don't?" He asked me. I stayed silent, contemplating the consequences of what I planned to do now. I was really angry for some reason. Something in me snapped when I noticed that no matter what I did or said I couldn't make Katsuki understand. I grabbed Todoroki's hand again when the doors opened. I didn't want him running away from me as I dragged him to my room.

I opened the door and we stepped inside. We were barely in there for a second when I heard a noise coming from outside. It didn't take me long until I realized that the very pissed off Katsuki was probably going to try to come in through the balcony. I raced over just in time and managed to flip the lock on the doors. Sure enough, he blasted himself up and over my railing, landing with a smirk of victory spread across his face.

"I fucking knew it," he snarled, walking over and trying to pull the sliding glass open. He frowned when he realized I locked them.

"Open these doors up, right now." He scowled down at me through the glass.

"Why? So you can yell at Shouto even though he isn't the one doing anything wrong? I'm the one that dragged him up here. He even tried to reason with me in the elevator. He isn't doing anything for you to yell at him for, Kacchan. I am. Do you really not trust me to be alone with him? Nothing is going to happen!" I tried to plead for him to understand but he couldn't control himself when his glare flicked to Todoroki who was standing awkwardly in the doorway still.

I caught his eye movement and just got angrier.

"That does it! What happens between me and Shouto is none of your business, Kacchan. Stay out of it." I growled back at him, my anger not allowing me to think before I acted. I walked over to Todoroki, grabbed him by the sleeve and pushed him onto my bed. He fell back against the mattress and I crawled on top of him, straddling him between my legs.

"M - Midoriya, what're you doing?" Todoroki whispered at me, his eyes wide. The blush that spread across his cheeks made me think he looked really cute right now, even if he was super confused. I glanced over at Katsuki and his hands looked like he wanted to claw through the glass, scratching against the surface trying to get to me. He was watching us intently, every muscle in his face was working, twitching. His teeth were grinding together as he continued to growl at our precarious position.

"Deku... what the fuck do you think you're doing?" He asked me. I smirked and pushed my mind forward, making a link with him. I showed him a very vivid image of what it would be like if Todoroki and I were dating and this was our situation right now. A flustered Todoroki placed delectably beneath me while I moaned above him.

'Whatever you're planning, stop it.' He begged me in my mind.

'Why? So you can yell at him for something beyond his control?' I retorted.

'So you can punch him? Tear him off of me for doing nothing wrong this time? It doesn't seem like you're going to stop this nonsense toward him until you feel he gets what YOU think he deserves. Isn't it only fair that the assaulted becomes the assaulter in this situation then? And this time, you get a front row seat. You should be happy right now! An eye for an eye, Kacchan,' I said.

'Stop this now or I'll rip open this goddamn door. Where's that pretentious voice? Doesn't she fucking have something to say about this shit?'

Uhm... yeah... actually, I do. He's right, Izuku. I don't think you've got this scenario fully planned out, sweetie. M - Maybe you should try something different to help them fix their issues? There has to be a better way to settle things. So how about we calm down and think rationally again, okay?

I ignored them and looked back down at the blushing Todoroki. He was staring at me with fascination. At first, his hands were raised above his head, not coming down to touch me, but I could tell he finally understood my words in the elevator. It would become obvious when I wanted him to touch me. I would show him when it was okay, like right now. He gulped and slowly lowered his hands down to rest against my hips, gripping me softly.

"Shouto, forgive me," I whispered to him before bringing my mouth down to meet his. He froze against me for a moment but then caved in and responded to my kiss hungrily. His hands tightened around my hips and he tugged me down closer. His tongue licked across my lips and I parted them, letting him in. He groaned at my touch as I ran my hands up his chest to wrap around his neck. 

'Dammit, Izuku! It isn't considered assaulting someone if he fucking consents to it!' I heard Katsuki yell in my head, but I was a little busy at the moment. 

My original plan was to assault him but it wasn't working out the way I had thought. In fact, I was enjoying this more than I would have guessed and didn't really want it to stop. I vaguely heard my glass doors burst open but I continued focusing on Todoroki. I knew what was coming next, it'd be fair if Katsuki punched me right now after what I was doing to him. If Katsuki cared for me the way I thought he did, I knew this was probably hurting him. He had told me to never do this with Todoroki again and here I was, doing it once more but this time right before his eyes. So, when I felt his burning palms against my shoulders I didn't fight him. He pulled me off of Todoroki and I smirked up at him, waiting for a fist to my face.

I wasn't expecting him to kiss me.

'K - Kacchan?! What?? Why?' I was too busy to speak out loud with my lips being ferociously attacked. Todoroki was still sitting beneath me with his hands on my hips, watching the two of us together.

'Because, this has to be more painful to that IcyHot bastard than anything you were planning. Your stupid idea would only bring him more pleasure than pain. This way should hurt him. So let him sit there and fucking watch us.' I could practically hear the sneer in his voice. 

He pulled away for a moment to breathe before continuing. I placed a hand down on Todoroki's chest, feeling myself relaxing under Katsuki's touch, slowly melting me. I lowered my hips down until I was no longer just hovering over Todoroki, but fully pressed down on top of him with all my weight. I couldn't help the soft moan that slipped through my lips when Katsuki brushed his tongue against mine.

I felt as Todoroki dragged his hands down from my hips and along the thickness of my thighs, lightly caressing my member and it twitched in response. I gasped a little when I felt him pulsating beneath me, clearly enjoying the show we were putting on for him. I thought briefly about what types of pleasure I could experience with them both at the same time, but decided not to test my luck. I didn't think Katsuki would let it happen especially after what took place between Todoroki and him this morning.

'Uhm, Kacchan... I - I think... this is also having the opposite effect on him...' I projected an image of what I was feeling from Todoroki beneath me and Katsuki pulled away from my lips immediately. 

He grabbed my shoulder and shoved me sideways off of Todoroki. I instantly attempted to roll back over before Katsuki could do anything to hurt Todoroki. I got in between the two Alphas for the second time that day and put out a hand to calm Katsuki.

"Wa - ahaha - ait! I'm sorry, haha, I just... hold on!" I couldn't help it any longer and started to laugh uncontrollably at the predicament I had put us all in. My laughter came in bursts as I watched a very angry Katsuki and a very confused Todoroki stare at me in amazement. It didn't take long before Todoroki was chuckling quietly alongside me. I fell down on my back and we lay next to each other, while I was trying desperately to control my breathing but failing miserably because the laughs just kept bubbling up. Katsuki growled above us and just crossed his arms in annoyance.

"What's so fucking funny now. Quit laughing, you damn idiot." He scowled and my laughter only grew stronger. I had small tears forming on the corners of my eyes and my cheeks began to hurt. I was clutching my sides while I rolled around on my bed. Todoroki managed to stop chuckling and he sat himself up, leaning against my wall while watching me enjoy myself.

"I'm not - ahaha - laughing at you, Kacchan..." I took a deep breath, trying to stop myself. "I'm laughing at myself. I just couldn't help it," I smiled at them. "I'm sorry for doing that to you Shouto. I know how you feel about me but I still did it anyway." He shook his head, chuckling at me again.

"I'm not going to complain, Midoriya. You could've kept going, I definitely wasn't going to stop you." He smiled back at me and I detected no innocence behind it.

"Shut the fuck up, IcyHot. Keep your fucking hands to yourself." Katsuki glared at him.

"He doesn't have to listen to you, Kacchan. Stop being an ass. There's no reason why he should have stopped me," I retaliated.

"Yes, there fucking is!" He growled, looking at me, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"What reason is it then?" I asked him.

"Because, I just fucking said so," he exclaimed half-heartedly.

"That's not good enough," I frowned and looked back over at Todoroki who was just watching our awkward exchange. He seemed really uncomfortable with what I was subjecting him to right now but I figured he could get over it.

"It fucking should be more than enough," Katsuki scowled at me, throwing his hands in the air out of frustration. If he was seriously thinking I'd back down from him and cave just because he wanted me to cave, then he had another thing coming. I wasn't going to, I was tired of cowering down and meekly abiding by what he said when I disagreed.

"No, it's not. You know why? Because he fucking loves me. So why should he stop me, huh? Why should the only person to ever tell me they loved me stop me from being with them, Katsuki? Why!?" I furrowed my brow in anger.

"He - He isn't the onl - only... shit..." He bit his bottom lip hard and tried to speak, brushing his fingers through his hair, but nothing really came out before he cast his gaze down and gave up.

"Why, Kacchan? Give me a good enough reason as to why Shouto and I couldn't continue what we were doing without you interrupting me. Give me a good reason why he can't touch me like this. Why, Katsuki. Just say it," I pleaded, hoping maybe he would spit it out. I watched him grit his teeth together in frustration and look off to the side, not willing to speak those words. I sighed, knowing I shouldn't push him but it was definitely good enough to make me doubt the way he felt about me.

"Kacchan, I'm sorry I did that to you out of spite, okay? I'm just so sick and tired of you both bickering constantly over my head. I know you don't trust Shouto, but I don't care. I did this to prove to you that he's not the only one capable of assaulting someone... a - although my attempt failed..."

"Of course it fucking failed, Deku. You can't 'assault' someone if they fucking want you to 'assault' them in the first place. It just becomes consent, you damn idiot." He stood over us and crossed his arms again, huffing in my direction.

"If it was consent, then you didn't need to butt in. We could've just kept going," Todoroki shot challengingly toward the other Alpha.

"Enough! This is what I mean! This... bickering. It's exhausting for me. You're my friend, Shouto, and you're... you're... well, I don't even know what you are to me anymore, Kacchan. Whatever the case, you two make it so hard for me to be around both of you at the same time." I put my hand to my head and realized I still had a link formed with Katsuki, so I closed it. He glanced at me when he felt me leave but didn't say anything about it. "You know what, I'm tired, how about you both leave for now. I'll talk to you in the morning, Shouto, sound okay?" I looked at him as he smiled and nodded, getting off of my bed and making his leave. I looked at Katsuki who was watching Todoroki leave and raised an eyebrow.

"That means you have to leave too," I said. He stared at me for a moment in silence, seeming to just take in my expression, but his eyes kept flicking back down to the ground. Almost as if he were embarrassed by whatever it was that was keeping him in my room. A small blush spread across his cheeks and when he flicked his eyes back up to meet mine I wanted to embrace him for being adorable in front of me, even if he did piss me off sometimes. Then he pointed behind him to the balcony door. I glanced to see my sliding glass door still standing there just fine.

"What?" I asked him, confused by what he was getting at.

"I - I... uhm... may have busted your lock..." He was rubbing the back of his neck and kicking an invisible rock on the ground, a gesture I had never seen him do before and my heart melted. I whined a little and had to pull out all the strings to stop myself from throwing him down and keeping him forever.

"Uhm, that's okay, Kacchan. I guess don't worry about it for now. I actually don't use it anyway. I never keep it locked," I sighed, glad it was just the lock he busted and not the entire door. I smiled meekly at him to let him know I really didn't mind. I was starting to get tired of everything that took place today and I had to still find a way to talk to Todoroki again tonight, so I needed him to leave.

"What the - ? That's fucking dangerous, Deku! You need to keep this shit locked!" He scolded me.

"Well, then come over some other time and fix it since you're the one that broke it, but for now, I'm feeling funny so I would actually like to go to bed if you don't mind," He looked at me with concern in his eyes.

"What do you mean, you're feeling funny?" He asked.

"I don't know, tired? Dizzy? Sick? You name it, I'm probably feeling it. Whatever you want to call it that is. I'll just take a day tomorrow and rest or something, so for now, just... leavee..." I started to push him toward my door with those last few words. My hands were pressed against his chest but he wasn't budging. He stood his ground and placed his palm to my forehead.

"Now what are you doing, Kacchan?" I swatted his hand away in playful irritation.

"What's it fucking look like, damn nerd? I'm just checking to see if you have a fever, but you don't so I guess that's good." I stopped pushing him away and sighed, letting his fingers caress the sides of my face.

"Let me know how you're feeling tomorrow then, okay?" He said softly. I nodded at him and he kissed me one more time before leaving. It was nice, almost like we were together. He surprisingly seemed to enjoy kissing a lot, not that I was complaining. He could definitely keep doing just that. With how much I craved him, it was like every time he pressed his lips to mine, I was rewarded with a little snack to hold me over until my main dish was served. But, did he really care if I was sick or not though? I just gave him the perfect chance to tell me why I shouldn't be with Todoroki and he couldn't do it. Everything about today just kept giving me all kinds of hopes about us possibly dating in the future and that one small act seemed to tear it away.

The moment the door closed behind him, I reached out with my mind and searched for Todoroki. To my surprise, I found both him and Katsuki still in the hallway together. I cut my search off and figured I'd wait until Todoroki wasn't near Katsuki anymore, just in case he flinched at my connection and Katsuki picked up on it.

You scare me sometimes, Izuku. Eheheh.

Why do you say that, Ether?

Today you were a little too reckless, that's all.

I'm always reckless. I can't be a hero if I don't act on my instincts enough.

Your instincts are going to get you killed one day, sweetie.

Those are some pretty useless instincts then.

Yes, or maybe you're just trying to find a way to hurt.

Why would I do that?

I don't know, you tell me. The rusty swings were one thing, but when you nearly fell through the log and still continued walking on it again, that was stupid.

Well, gee, thanks. Glad to know my mind thinks I'm stupid.

Anytime, that's what I'm here for. Just call me your voice of reason. Eheheh.

Shut up, Ether.

Still saying that, are we?

Yes. Until it happens. Do you think Shouto and Kacchan separated yet?

I'm not sure, let's check.

I pushed out with my mind again and saw that Katsuki had made it to his floor while it felt like Todoroki was still in the elevator. That was good enough for me. I linked my mind with Todoroki and spoke to him.

'Hey, Shouto. It's Izuku. Do you mind if we talk through this connection?'

Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I waited in silence, hoping for Todoroki's response to come my way. I knew I was just abusing our friendship at this point, but I had no choice. I needed him.

'Midoriya? Of course! I don't mind at all. I almost forgot you could do this now. Will you be okay though? Last time you used this with me... you kind of had a seizure...' He responded after a few seconds.

'Yeah, I know. But I've gotten a lot better at using this over the past few days, so it's really not a problem now. I'll stop if it becomes too much, so no worries.' In fact, I had been using it without too many problems now and it was making me a little happy, thinking I was mastering this faster than One for All.

'Okay, good, just don't overdo yourself then. Promise?' He asked me.

'Yeah, promise. I'll just stop and call or text you if it gets to be too much. I like this way though because you can hear my thoughts as I form them. It's almost easier than just talking and it leaves no traces behind. So a certain jealous blond can't catch on if I do this. There's no evidence.' I smiled at the thought. I didn't think Katsuki would ever try to go through my messages and call history, but I never knew at this rate. He was getting extremely possessive when Todoroki was concerned.

'I'm sorry about kissing you when I didn't mean it the way you probably wished I meant it... That was a terrible thing to do to you. You didn't deserve it. I really am sorry.' I felt bad about using him so often.

'Midoriya, no matter how you look at it, I did deserve it. However, it wasn't really bad in my eyes, so at the same time, you're right, I didn't deserve something so amazing to happen to me. You could do that and more to me and it would never be a bad thing. I'd love it all because it was you doing it.' He couldn't tell, but I was blushing at his words, glad that we were having this conversation without facing each other.

'You can be really cheesy sometimes, Shouto, you know that?' I smiled.

'Is that really such a bad thing though?' I could practically hear the flirtatious tease behind his tone.

'No, it's actually quite nice. Anyway, Shouto, I have a favor to ask of you. You can say no if you'd like because at this point I would just feel like I'm using you and that's not something I'll ever be okay with doing.' I explained.

'That's totally fine, you can use me. I did something wrong to you, so I think it's only fair.' He said.

'Please stop thinking like that. I already explained to you and everyone else that it was beyond your control.' Apparently, no one wanted to listen to me this morning. My whole explanation must've gone in one ear and out the other.

'I'm training to be a hero. This isn't something I'm supposed to fall prey to. I'll probably never forgive myself for doing that to you, whether I had control over it or not. I was still the one that made it impossible for you to even fight back. If you weren't able to talk to me this way, then I don't think I would have been able to stop. You realize how bad that would have been, right?' He protested.

'Of course, I'm fully aware. But I will never blame you. It's okay, really.' I knew he was still beating himself up over everything that happened and I wanted to fix it. I wanted to ease the pain he was still feeling.

'Thank you, Midoriya. What was that favor of yours?' He asked me, moving the conversation along.

'Right, I was wondering if you could come back to my room in the middle of the night to mark me again?' I waited in the silence as my question registered within him.

'Wha - Midoriya, I don't know about that... Why would you want me to mark you again?' He hesitated.

'Long story short... I believe I'm ready to tell Kacchan that I'm an Omega, but I want to give myself some more time. I plan on telling him right before my next heat so I can leave for a week without him questioning where I'm at and such. So, I just want to extend how long the mark will last for. That's all. It'll be the last time too because once he knows, we won't have to do this anymore.' I did my best to explain.

'If you're sure about this, then I don't mind, but I don't want to stay in your room for too long. I'm sure you understand why.' He sounded lenient but I was glad he agreed regardless.

'Yeah, that's completely understandable. Thank you, Shouto. How does midnight sound to you then?'

'That works. I guess I'll see you soon.' He didn't seem too pleased with my plans for meeting in the middle of the night, but it wasn't like he needed his beauty sleep or anything. Classes weren't in session anymore, so he could deal with looking like a grumpy sack of potatoes for all I cared tonight. I just needed him for my plan with Katsuki to work.

'Thank you so much, Shouto. I know this isn't fair of me to ask all of this from you after everything that's happened, but I'm glad you're here for me regardless.'

'I'll always be here for you.' He practically whispered in my mind.

I cut the link between us and decided it was time to lay down. I set an alarm on my phone and closed my eyes, hoping for dreams about my time with Katsuki today.




I woke up to my alarm clock and rubbed my eyes sleepily. I had about a minute before Shouto arrived. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my balcony, opening up the door to let fresh air waft through.

Ether? Are you awake?

I never sleep anymore. Living in perpetual darkness for so long kind of does that to you. Eheheh.

Right, sorry. Can you be prepared to intervene if Shouto can't control himself again? Despite everything I don't think it will happen again since we're both aware of what it felt like. I think we'll be able to catch the warning signs ahead of time. I think I first noticed it when his eyes seemed to unfocus themselves. I'll watch for that. I've got the door open though for fresh air, so his pheromones shouldn't be able to even impact me like they did before and I'm still on my suppressants, too. So that helps.

But of course. I won't let you experience that again if I can help it.

Thank you, Ether. Geez, I'm so not ready for this pain.

Why don't we switch spots? You shouldn't feel anything then if it's me in control.

What? No! I wouldn't want to subject anyone to the pain that's meant for me. What kind of hero would I be if I did that? Thank you for the offer though, I appreciate it. No matter what anyone else says, you've proven to me that you're worthy of my complete trust.

I'll do everything I can to keep it that way then, Izuku.

I turned my head toward the door when I heard a light tapping sound. I opened it up to see a very tired Todoroki standing in the hallway. His usually perfectly parted bi-colored hair was mixed together at the top and he was rubbing his bleary eyes, trying to wake himself up. He was nothing but a hot mess standing before me and I had to remember he was here for a reason tonight and it wasn't for me to ogle at him.

"Hey, Shouto, thank you again for doing this," I said to him, closing the door behind him as he made his way inside.

"Yeah, no problem, Midoriya. So, do you want to maybe do this on the bed this time? I mean, you were really worn out before and I don't want to risk you falling over or anything like that." He rubbed the back of his neck and I could tell it made him uncomfortable just asking me that. He was probably thinking about what happened just a few hours earlier that night.

"That's a good idea, let's do it." I walked over to my bed and crawled on top, positioning myself on my knees in the middle. He climbed on after me and sat between me and the wall with my back facing him. I could feel the blankets shift underneath us as he made himself comfortable.

"I - I really don't want to do this, Midoriya..." he said softly. I turned around to face him, looking into his heterochromia eyes.

"I know, I'm sorry to ask this of you, Shouto. Is there anything I can do to make this easier on you?"

"No, I don't care if it's hard for me to do. I deserve the struggle. I care because I don't want to see you hurting because of me... again." He brought his hand up and brushed it along my cheek. My heart tugged at the guilt that started to form within me. I really was asking too much, from the one I planned on rejecting, without giving him something in return.

"I've hurt you twice now. Twice in less than a week and here I am, getting ready to do it again in the middle of the night with no one around to hear you cry out in pain. I hate it. I feel so disgusting for doing this to you. Hurting you over and over, even if you are asking me to do it, it doesn't change how it makes me feel. I don't want to see those tears in your eyes ever again because of me. Because I was weak and couldn't control myself... I just... I'm sorry, I really am sorry."

"You know, Shouto, ever since you told me how you felt about me... a small part can't seem to help but wonder if I had met you sooner, things would have been different between us. I know I've said it to you and I feel like a broken record, saying it again, but it was an accident. I don't want you thinking of our time together as nothing but painful memories and mistakes. I didn't entirely hate what happened between us. In fact, I liked some of it. Obviously not the part where I couldn't move. That entirely freaked me out, especially since it was the first time it had ever happened to me. I can't say exactly what it was that I liked last night because things were just happening way too quickly for me to keep up and I wasn't able to react of my own free will in the way I would have actually wanted. But please, don't say you're disgusting. It wasn't like that at all. I've never considered you disgusting, Shouto, so please don't let that be the way you view yourself from now on, okay? I know your feelings for me are real and I've never doubted them. You mean a lot to me too. Your words mean a lot to me. Do you think that maybe we can go back to that night and start over from that first kiss? Just, maybe, consider everything that happened after it to be wiped clean and leave that night with your words? Not the instinct-driven, lust-crazed actions that were beyond both of our control, but rather the love that you said you had for me? Although, I would be lying if I said I wasn't pleased to know you had such a strong desire to crave me like that. You were really going after it, weren't you?" I teased him. While I spoke tears began to form in his eyes and he nodded, trying his best to hold onto his composure. He chuckled when I was finished, glad that I took things into a brighter light near the end. He blushed a little and tucked his head down, shaking it softly.

"Please, don't tease me like that, Midoriya," he smiled. He rubbed the back of his hand against his eyes and removed the tears that were sitting there.

"Nah, I think I'm going to continue with it. Consider it endless torture for everything, okay?" I said, tilting his head back up to look me in the eyes again.

"Okay, let's do that then. Let's start fresh..." he nodded finally.

"Perfect, then let's get two things out of the way. First, let me fix your hair, it's driving me insane," he laughed and lowered his head to my level. I carefully separated the colors and smoothed his hair back out so I didn't have to catch my eyes creeping back up to the top of his head anymore.

"And second, let's get this marking over with, okay?" I raised an eyebrow, hoping he would finally agree to mark me, even if he knew it would put me through that pain again. I hated doing this to him and I bit my lower lip, trying to think of a way to repay him. His eyes flicked between mine before he slowly caved. I sighed in relief and turned back around for him to begin. I tilted my head forward so he could see my neck. Without wasting any more time, he moved closer. I felt his breath brush against my neck and braced myself quickly before he sunk his teeth in as fast as he could.

Just like last time, I could feel a hot searing pain shoot down the middle of my spine, causing me to arch my back. My vision began to blur in and out as his teeth went deeper and deeper. Everything only happened within a split second of time, but to me, it felt like an eternity. I gasped desperately at the air that kept escaping me. My teeth were clenched hard together and it was taking everything in me just to stay conscious. I groaned loudly and grabbed ahold of the arm Todoroki had placed on my shoulder, digging my nails into his hand while trying to find release.

He pulled away as soon as he knew the mark was complete and I flopped back against his chest. He lowered me down onto my mattress and laid out next to me. It was a good idea on his part for me to be here when he did this. He scooted closer to me and wiped the hair that fell on top of my sweat covered forehead. His fingers smoothed away the tears that streamed down my face and he softly cooed gentle words to me, helping me relax once more.

"I hate this so much. I really, really hate this... I'm sorry. All I keep doing is causing you pain, Midoriya. I'm so, so sorry..." He kissed the top of my forehead and trailed down my cheeks. I had no strength in me to even move but I didn't mind this. It was comforting, to say the least. He nuzzled against my neck and I froze, fearing he would lose control being that close to me but nothing more happened. He didn't stiffen up and he didn't begin to release his own pheromones. I relaxed, realizing he must be consciously controlling himself and that made me happy. I was glad to know that he was working on his own control like this and that I didn't have to worry about it slipping again. I took a few more deep breaths and felt my strength returning once again, so I sat up slowly.

"I'm fine, really. Thank you, Shouto. You really are one of the best heroes I know. You think you keep hurting me, but all I see are the struggles I put you through in order to save me. You're amazing, really. For what it's worth, I love the friendship we share with each other. I love you and I'm sorry it's not in the same way you love me. I sometimes wish it were. You'd be amazing to me, I know it. It's just..." I trailed off. He nodded in understanding before sitting himself up on top of the bed next to me.

"You mean to say 'it's just Bakugou', right?'' He asked. I bit my bottom lip and nodded hesitantly. "It's obvious how you two feel about each other, Midoriya. I knew this before going into things with you. I should get going. I'm afraid if I stay here any longer I'll fall asleep. I'm starting to get really tired." I completely agreed with feeling tired, but we weren't done just yet. I stood up and walked him over to the door.

"Wait, Shouto. One more thing. What I'm about to do, I'm doing because I really do appreciate you and I want you to remember that. I'm not doing this for any hidden meaning, understand?" He looked confusedly at me but nodded regardless.

Bringing a hand up, I cupped his cheek and pulled his face closer down toward me. My eyes flicked between his, watching to see if he still retained control. Seeing his gaze was clear as day, I brought myself closer to meet him and we exchanged a passionate kiss. The warmth of his lips contrasting perfectly to the cool sensation of his breath. I parted my lips slightly, allowing his chilling tongue access and feeling as he twirled it around my own. He brought his hands to the back of my head and held me to him, not wanting to let me go even for a moment. He started to move me back until I was pressed up against the wall. I ran my hands up and linked them around his neck, giving in to the passionate throes that riveted my body. His hips pressed against mine and I could feel him pulsing beneath his clothes already. He ground forward a little and a small gasp floated from somewhere deep within me.

"Nngh... A - Aah..." My head started to swim as the need for air forced me to pull away. I led his lips down to the start of my collarbone and let him kiss and suck at his leisure. I trembled under his touch as he made his way up to nibble at my earlobes, his breath tickling me gently. I brought his lips back up to meet mine and his grinding progressed further. He tugged my right leg up until it reached his waist, allowing his hips to brush tighter against me. I hooked it around his back for extra support. My head tilted back at the pleasure the friction it caused against my own rising erection. His grinding increased, causing my own moans to escalate. I knew there was no stopping this now and if I didn't want it to go further, I needed to speak up.

"I won't... Mmph... cheat on Kacchan, Shouto." I managed to breathe out between gasps of air. I knew Katsuki and me weren't actually a couple or anything, but I just meant I wasn't going to let Todoroki touch me where he hasn't touched me already.

"Y - You can't cheat... if you're not dating him, Izuku," He growled possessively at my words but I refused to take them back. Todoroki may have been my marked mate, but he wasn't my soulmate. He wasn't who I was meant to spend my life with and he wasn't who I loved, even if he did love me.

"Then I won't cheat on my - my feelings for him," I managed to say between pants for air. His breath on my neck was making it hard for me to focus on anything else besides him.

His grinding didn't halt and I could feel myself rubbing my hips harder against him, my member beginning to twitch. We were both seeking attention from the other, but I couldn't give into myself. His free hand trailed down to the hem of my shorts, attempting to pull them down until I grabbed his wrist, tugging his hand up and around my waist once more.

"No, I won't let you touch me there, ever," I whispered. "If you want to release then it's only like this. Raw, dry, and on your own. I won't help you any further. I'm not yours, Shouto. I belong to Katsuki." Todoroki whimpered at my whispers, no doubt hating the sound of Katsuki's first name lingering on my lips. He nodded slightly in agreement and continued his grinding. He was fully prepared to finish dry and I was slightly pleased that he was listening to me, an Omega.

"Good, now harder," I commanded, testing to see how far I could take it. He immediately obeyed me and his movements picked up. I lowered his lips back down to my neck once more and held him down while his grinding continued at a steady pace. His teeth brushed along my skin while he sucked happily against me. I could feel myself getting close, but I didn't want him to be the reason I finished. He tried to pull his hand off my waist so he could hurry himself along and catch what he released, but I grabbed his wrist again and pulled him back.

"Rut without touching yourself, Alpha," I commanded again. He groaned but continued his thrusting motions regardless. I held myself back as a small moan escaped Todoroki's lips. His body began to shake and tremble as he finished in his clothes and his movements came to a slow, steady rhythm. He pulled his head up from its place on my neck and brought his lips to meet with mine once more. Finally, he let go of my leg and I pulled away from his grasp, smiling slightly.

"Again, that was only a thank you for everything I've been putting you through. I wanted to erase the bad memories between us and replace them with something good for you to remember. Something to hold you over until your soulmate comes along. They're out there, waiting for you. Someone that will love you more than I ever could. You'll find them one day and be happy. But, I think this might be the last time between us, Shouto. It's most likely never going to happen again. I'm sorry, but you know where my heart lies, don't you?" He nodded, a small blush plastered across his cheeks.

"I - I know. I know all that. But, not yet. Please, not yet. Until you're taken entirely, you're the one I want to strive for... So, don't stop me from loving you just yet, Izuku. Please?" He asked me, tears forming in his eyes. I couldn't just toss him aside after what just happened and I knew how badly it hurt to love someone you thought you couldn't have. I knew his pain in thinking I wasn't even going to look his way anymore and I couldn't put him through that so soon. So, I nodded, letting him flash me a sad smile one more time. A smile that showed his hope but broke my heart, all at the same time, knowing he had no chance when it came to Katsuki.

"I - I should probably go," he whispered to me, stealing one last quick kiss as he left and pulled the door closed behind him.

I stood there for a moment, waiting for my erection to die down. I wouldn't touch it after what we just did. I didn't want to finish from him, I wanted Katsuki. After a few slow, deep breaths, a harsh bite to my knuckles, and some thoughts of his crimson eyes and soft spikes, I was finally able to slow the blood flow and breathe normally again.

Well, that went MUCH smoother than I anticipated. He literally came in his pants. That's the funniest thing ever, Izuku.

Alright, Ether. I get it, don't say anything more. I should tell Kacchan what happened or I'll regret it. But otherwise, I agree that it went well. He didn't release any pheromones, so I'm happy at least. But I'm also really tired. Here's to laying in bed for the next twenty-four hours or so. I should've grabbed something to eat before we did this. Oh well. I'll just starve for a day.

That sucks. I'm glad when I'm on this end so I don't have to experience that pain with you. I used to love food. Eheheh.


Yes, yes, I know. Shut up.

I was going to say you were right, food is amazing, but I guess I'll take that too.

Oh? Now, who's the sassy one?

Okay, now you can shut up.

Eheheh. Good night, Izuku.

Goodnight, Ether.

I walked back over to my balcony and closed the door, not before glancing up at Katsuki's room from outside, frowning when I thought about what he was dreaming of. I made my way back to my bed and tried to fall asleep once more.




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I sat up straight in my bed, struggling to catch my breath. I grabbed at my center, trying to hold back whatever this pain was. I could feel my mouth begin to water and knew that my dinner was on its way back up my throat so I jumped out of my bed and rushed to my waste bin. I coughed up everything I could and felt my legs go weak beneath me. The tears streamed down my face and I choked on the sobs that riveted my whole body. I knew what this was now. The pain I felt before from my mate in trouble.

Just as quickly as the pain had come, it was gone once more. Leaving me sitting on my knees, alone in the dark. I stayed there for a long while as I tried desperately to catch my breath. My head was swirling and I knew if I stood up right now, I would only fall back down to the ground, no doubt injuring something. I finally felt a little more strength pour back into me while I relaxed. I stood up and tested out my body. My mouth tasted sour and I flipped on my light switch before heading out into the hall to clean out the taste. My legs were wobbly and my eyes still stung with the hint of tears. I could still feel the ghost of pain from my mate, but it was fading away the longer I moved around. I walked back to my room and turned the lights off before heading to my bed to sleep again. I plopped down and rested with my arm over my eyes, letting my mind wander around to what just happened.

What the fuck was that?!

What kept happening to my mate that put me in so much fucking pain? 

As far as I knew, I would know if my mate had passed away, so whatever that was, it wasn't killing them... yet. I still wished for my mate to be Izuku, but if it was Izuku, then why was he hurting so much in the middle of the night.

My mind shot to what took place with him yesterday night and I struggled to stand up and find my phone. I didn't believe his story about Ether and him getting into an argument. Something weird happened that night and it made me feel sick just thinking about it. I scrolled through my contacts and found his name. I didn't care if I was overreacting and everything really was fine, I had to just check on him. I didn't care if it was the middle of the night. If anything, this was fair. I was called late last night, so I would just be cashing in my favor now.


I waited impatiently for him to answer his phone. If he was asleep, I figured he'd be fumbling around in the pitch-black darkness surrounding him as he tried to find the source of the sound that was piercing through the air. I groaned while the phone continued to ring until I heard it click and his panicked voice sounded on the other end.

"K - Kacchan? What's wrong?"


Chapter Text

💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


His voice came through my phone speakers, barely above a whisper. My heartbeat sputtered like it was trying to figure out whether it was calming down at the sound of his voice or trying to race in circles. I breathed in a deep breath of air, choosing to calm it, knowing that he was at least okay since he didn't sound like he was in any pain. 

"Hey, Izuku, were you sleeping?" I asked him.

"I mean, I was trying to, yeah. Why, what's going on?" He sounded confused and I couldn't blame him.

"Nothing, I'm just... checking on you, I guess," I explained, crawling back onto my bed once more.

"Oh, okay." 

He seemed to not know what to say to that. It wasn't like I called him often, let alone to check up on him. In fact, in the past, I was usually the very reason he was hurting, so me caring about his well-being was probably making his head spin in utter confusion.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him, hoping he'd elaborate and maybe say something that would hint at him being my mate.

"I - uhm... I feel about the same as earlier, I suppose? As I said, I'm sure some rest will help me recuperate. What's with the sudden concern in the middle of the night, Kacchan? This isn't like you, so I'm starting to worry. Does the night turn you into a mellowed out hedgehog?" He chuckled. 

I growled a little at his teasing, but I didn't mind it right now. His voice was so soft and calm, it sounded as though he was whispering right next to me. It felt entirely different than our usual conversations. No doubt being surrounded by nothing but darkness was helping contribute to what I was feeling.

"It's nothing. Something just... woke me up... and I haven't fallen back asleep yet. Besides, you can't blame me for being concerned about you after what happened to you last night. I don - I just... Deku?"

"Yes, Kacchan..?"

"Today, at the creek... you said someth - something... under your breath and I can't get it out of my head. It's stuck with me and I just... Every time I think about it, I wo - worry about you..."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I never meant to bother you like that. What did I say?" 

He seemed like he didn't even realize it himself and that concerned me even more. How could he not know when he said things that others would be hurt by?

"When I asked if you had a death wish, you said I had no idea..."




"Is everything really alright?"


"What actually happened to you last night..?"


"I think I know, but I don't know what to do..." My voice trailed off.


Silence just continued to pour through from the other end and that only made my blood run cold.

"Deku, please... talk to me. I can't stand this silence right now, kitten. Let me know everything's going to be okay."

I heard a soft chuckle on the other end; a chuckle that held no humor as it echoed through the night air. A chuckle that ripped my heart out and shoved it back down my throat. It hurt hearing him sound like this. The silence he continued to let me drown in was killing me, but I didn't think it was anything like what he must have been feeling last night... if my hunch was correct.

"Is the amazing Katsuki Bakugou really asking me this in the middle of the night right now? You're showing your true colors, Kacchan. You might want to be careful before someone sees them. Are you really worried about me, though? I can't tell if I'm ecstatic about this or if I'm worried this is all a dream. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and you'll never remember even talking to me." His cold voice chilled my bones and I wanted it to stop.

"Yes, Izuku... I am. I really, really am. This isn't a dream. So, please... don't say I won't remember, because I will remember. I could never forget you, Izuku. What can I do to change the way you think of me? I know I messed up in the past, so tell me what to do..." I pleaded with him.

There was just something about calling him in the middle of the night that made his voice sound sweeter and his words cut deeper.

"Now you're telling me you're willing to change for me? Again? For the second time today, you're actually saying you're going to change for me? Katsuki... if you think I wasn't all right before this, I promise you, just hearing you speak these words to me now, makes everything so much better in my life. It... means a lot to me to hear you say this, Kacchan. I - I think I'll be okay..." I could picture him smiling sadly, probably remembering something I wished he could forget.

"You think? I wish you were a little more convincing than that, Deku," I scoffed, but didn't push it. If he really wasn't okay, then I didn't want to make things worse for him.

"I'm sorry, Kacchan. I'm sorry I can't say that with more conviction... I wish I could. I really do wish I could... Did you actually want to know the truth about what happened last night?" He asked me. 

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I didn't really want to know, but at the same time, I did. I knew that if he never told me, the questions would just continue to pile up around me and I'd snap. I didn't want to risk hurting either of us anymore, so if he wanted to tell me now, then I was willing to listen.

"I do... I do want to know, but I won't force you to tell me if you're not ready." I said to him.

"There's actually so much I have to tell you, Kacchan. So much that you don't know about me and so much that I've kept hidden from you. The secrets just keep piling up higher and higher. I don't know how much longer I can hold on to them. They're becoming so heavy... so heavy that it hurts to even breathe sometimes. I want to tell you everything - I really do. It's just... so hard... I'm scared... I'm scared you'll hate me... yell at me... hurt... me..." He cried.

He sounded so broken. I wanted to hold him, caress him, tell him everything was going to be okay. I wanted to tell him I would never do those things again. I was wrong, so very wrong in the past. I fucked up a lot and there wasn't anything I could do to heal the pain I caused him. 

"I know you are. I know you're scared. It's okay, you have every reason in the world to be afraid of telling me. I'd be scared too. I did things to you in the past that I can never make up for, so I can't blame you for wanting to hide things from me because of it. It's okay though, Deku... because, I'll never do those things to you again. No matter what happens, I'll never hurt you like that again." I wasn't sure if he knew I was sincere or not. He had no reason to believe my words and I couldn't ask him to trust me yet.

"Uhm... O - Okay, here it goes then, I guess... Can you just... bear with me... for a moment?" He took a deep breath before continuing. I could hear the air he exhaled shaking as it left his body and practically envision his lip trembling while he tried to speak to me again. While he tried to spill one of his secrets."So, last - last night - I... I tried to... I - tri - Dammit. Heh..? Who knew - Who knew... saying this out loud to somebody was going to be so damn hard? Shit, Kacchan..." 

I heard soft sobs coming from the other end and I knew my suspicions were right. He didn't have to say it anymore. It was painfully obvious to me now. I knew. I knew what happened to him and I knew that... nothing I did in our past made living any easier for him. I only added weight to the deep burdens he bore that I never knew of. I only made things harder. So hard to the point he... he wanted it all to end.

"Izuku... did you do that to yourself? Did you... try to - to kill... yourself..?" My voice cracked as I spoke.

"Mmm," he said in affirmation, not trusting his voice to work anymore. 

His sobs cut through my speakers, stabbing me in the chest and burning my beating heart to a bleeding crisp. I hit my head against the wall behind me, wishing I could do something to stop the pain he was in. If I was having a hard time saying it out loud, I could only imagine what he was feeling like right now. Neither of us said anything for a while as he softly cried in the night. The only sound filling my room came from him and I could feel my heart shattering into a million pieces. He sounded so weak, so frail, and I was one of the reasons he was breaking like this. This fucking hurt.

"I'm sorry, Kacchan..." he said in between ragged breaths. "I'm not as strong as you. After what happened with Shouto - I just couldn't fucking breathe... I was drowning. I'm stillll drowning, Kacchan, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Wave after wave. It comes in squeezing the life out of me. Pushing me down no matter how hard I try to crawl back up. It's suffocating. Every time I think, or breathe, or just fucking move... it hurts me. It grabs around me and tugs me back down. Down into pits of dark thoughts that swim around in my head. Thoughts that put me down over and over again. Thoughts that were from long ago or thoughts that didn't have the meaning that others intended them for. It doesn't matter. If it can be used to hurt me, then my mind does it. I can't survive like this. I just... I can't, Kacchan," he sounded like he was pleading with me to make it all go away but I didn't know what to do for him except to be here.

"Fucking hell, Deku. I wan - "

"Yeah, I know. I'm nothing but a disgusting disappointment, aren't I? A burden. An obstacle. Constantly getting in everyone's way. Getting in your way... Now you're just going to be stuck knowing something that you were better off never finding out. Knowing something that can only be considered an extra burden. More weight to throw on top of your shoulders and to hold you down. Just another person to brush off in life and kick aside to the curb. A fucking pebble, right? I know that's all I am to you. I know that's all I'll ever be to you, right?"

He cut me off before I could continue, but I let him speak. I didn't want to interrupt him and make him feel like he couldn't talk to me... like I wasn't going to listen. I wanted him to know he had my full attention and I wasn't going anywhere. I was here, right now, for him and him alone. My very existence was existing for Izuku at this moment, like it was every other moment in our lives, but I just failed to show him.

"Sometimes I can't help but wonder if you'd be further in life if I wasn't always there to slow you down. I was always tagging along when you made it so clear that you didn't want me around anymore. Everything would have been easier for you if you didn't have to worry about me all the time. If I wasn't here, you could have been the only one from our school that went to U.A. like you wanted, right? If I wasn't here then your childhood days would have been filled with more fun and adventure because I wasn't there to slow you down. I should have done what I tried last night a long time ago, but I couldn't. I couldn't do it then and I couldn't do it now. I couldn't do it because I'm not strong like you. I'm weak. I'm weak and I'm a coward. I'm useless and can't do anything right. I can't even kill myself the right way. How pathetic can I get? You know? I just... I - I'm really, really fucking sorry, Kacchan. I'm so very sorry... I don't mean any of this. I really don't... I'm sorry, Kacchan... The thoughts... they just keep coming and coming and they never go away," his soft sobs started up again.

I was right all along, he did do that to himself.

What would have happened last night if Ether didn't stop him? I knew now that she was the very reason he was still here today.

If it wasn't for her, would he have succeeded?

Would he be dead?

I had to cut my thoughts off from myself before I became sick again. I loved him. I fucking loved him, and he almost died on me last night. He almost took his own life. He's struggling and I haven't done anything to help him. I've only ever brought him down. It wasn't just something he did because of Todoroki, he did this because he didn't feel like the life he led up until now was worth continuing. A life that I had always been a part of, a life that I had a hand in making miserable. This was also my fault. This was everyone's fault. We were all guilty. Every single one of us that he felt had ever let him down or betrayed him. I couldn't bear to think of my life without him in it. All I could do now was show him how important he was to me... show him how much I need him, how much I loved him.

"No, no, just fucking no. You're wrong, Izuku. So very wrong. I've never thought of you like any of that. If it helps you, even the tiniest bit, those days in middle school? Those days when I treated you like nothing but dirt in my path, a pebble? I did those stupid things because... I... didn't want you to get hurt. I didn't want to think about you trying to become a hero, only to be told otherwise by some random stranger that you couldn't. I thought if you heard it coming from me then maybe you would listen. I thought that if the words hurt you enough... you would give up and I was wrong. Okay? Me. I'm the one in the wrong with our past. You did nothing to deserve anything I ever put you through. I didn't want you to succeed in being a hero, only to get yourself killed since you didn't have a quirk. I couldn't bear the thought that your dreams and desires could probably be your own downfall in life. I hated watching you struggle so fucking hard just to keep up with me, but I hated seeing you fail just as much. I didn't mean any of those things I said to you. I just... wanted to protect you, in my own sick and twisted way. That day in the creek when we were kids? That was the day when I became confused on how protecting someone actually worked. For some stupid reason, I didn't think the person who I needed to protect, had any right to try to protect me in return. I know now that's not how things work. Obviously, you would have every right to try, but still... even now, I'm afraid you'll rush in to save me in some stupid situation, only to get yourself killed. I just... I don't know... I never wanted to hurt you. Never wanted to see you hurt like this. I - I only wanted to see you smile, Deku... I hope that helps, even if only a little bit..."

"Mmm, it does, Kacchan. It helps... a lot... Than - Thank you," he sniffled in affirmation. It was cute to hear so I chuckled a little at him.

"What're you laughing at?" He asked me indignantly.

"Ah - Oops, you caught that, huh? I just thought... I, uhm... I thought your sniffle was... cute..." I explained, blushing a little and glad he couldn't see my face right now. 

He burst out laughing at this and I was happy to hear him feeling a little better. I let his laughter die down into the night and we just sat in silence, letting the weight of our words settle around us. I hoped his weight had lessened... even if only a little.

"Hey, Izuku..." I whispered to him. 

I slid down onto my bed and made myself comfortable, no longer feeling the need to lean against my wall. I rested my head on my pillow and wondered what he was doing right now.

"Yeah, Kacchan?"

"I - I want to hold you..." I admitted. 

I didn't like him being alone right now. I wanted him next to me. I wanted to see him and pet his hair. I wanted to tell him everything was going to be okay and to shower him in light kisses until he smiled for me once more.


There was another long moment of silence.

"In - In what way, Kacchan?" He whispered.

"Just... in my arms, Deku..." 

I could hear a sharp intake of breath and I smiled a little, knowing I had made his heart skip a beat just now.

"But, I don't want to get you sick though," Izuku countered.

"You think I could get sick from someone like you? Doubtful. Not in a million years, nerd, but okay. Not tonight then," I caved for him.

"I can form a link if you want, instead?" He suggested.

"Yeah, I don't like when you cancel the link. You should just leave it at all times," I joked light-heartedly, but I really did mean it. 

I could feel his very presence whenever he linked to me and it warmed my heart knowing he was okay and I could talk to him whenever I wanted to, so I never wanted it cut.

"Kacchan! I can't do that. Even if I could, I need my privacy sometimes, geez," he protested.

"Why? So you can masterbate? Or is it so you can take a shit?" I laughed hard at my own words knowing those could really be the very reasons why he didn't want to be linked twenty-four-seven.

"Oh my ga - Jeez, gross, Kacchan! No. Just, no. Not at all times. Just, times like these, okay?" He squirmed under my suggestion and my chuckling slowly died down.

"I guess it's fine... for now. Can we also... video chat..?" I pretended to cave in to his demands and asked him for something I knew he couldn't really fight against.

"You want to chat on video? You won't even be able to see me in the dark like this and I don't want to turn on my lights, Kacchan," he complained.

"Then... open up your blinds and let the moonlight in..." I suggested. 

I heard him grunt and a few more noises happened before it sounded like he came back to his bed. I stood and opened my blinds too and laid back down, waiting. My phone began to buzz in my hands and I looked down, happy to see he was sending for a video. I smiled and propped my phone up on my pillow, laying my head down to rest while I accepted his call. The moonlight gifted me with a pale, shining image that I wanted to have forever burned into my memory. Without his knowledge, I began recording my screen so I could save this moment forever. His eyes were red and worn-out from being rubbed to stop the tears and his hair was a fluffy disaster. A disaster so beautiful that it stole my breath away once more.

"Hey," I said, smiling at him.

"H - Hey..." He responded shyly. "Why do you like the link so much?"

"....It's a secret," I teased.

"I want to know though. I won't form the link until you tell me then," he threatened and I scowled.

"Fine, because it's warm, soft and fuzzy. Reminds me of a ...certain kitten..." I smirked, staring into his eyes. 

It reminded me of him.



His warm, emerald green irises.

His soft, smooth voice.

His fuzzy, green curls of hair.


My kitten.

"You must really like kittens, huh?" He cocked an eyebrow, not understanding my reference.

Just the one.

Just you.

"Just shut the fuck up and form the link already, dammit," I growled.

"Yes, yes," he chuckled at me.

I felt the presence he created as he entered my mind and I instantly felt more at ease, knowing he was still here, even if I could see him right now. This was different. This meant more to me than viewing him through the phone. This felt... closer...

"Izuku... you're not going to try that again, are you? If you do... or... if you feel like you might, can you... I don't know, call me or something instead? Maybe I could help you out of it or... something..." My voice trailed off again and I mentally face-palmed myself for being so bad at this, but I meant what I said and I felt like he could tell. 

He tilted the phone away from his face before answering me. I wanted to protest, but I figured it felt easier when he couldn't see my face, so I let him be.

"No, Katsuki. I don't think I'm going to, so you can rest easy, for now. You actually have Ether to thank for that. If I had never found out about her past, then I don't know if you would have been receiving the same answer as just now. But I will always be a hero first in my life, no matter what. If Ether feels like she has been granted a second chance in life because of me, then I'm not going to take that away from her. Ever. So, as long as she's here, you don't need to worry anymore. If anything, I'll work to be her hero. I'd like to think I can save at least one person in this world," he said quietly.

"You'll be a great hero, Izuku. You'll save more people than just Ether. I hope that if you ever feel like that again, you let us know. All of us. Any of us. Just one of us, I don't care who. Even that stupid Half 'n Half bastard. Let us save you, Izuku. Call me in the middle of the night again, it doesn't matter. I want to be there for you any chance I can get. I don't want you to suffer alone anymore... you can talk to me, Deku... you really can... I may not be the best at these things, but I'm still aiming to be the number one hero, just like everyone else. I don't want anyone dying while I'm around to save them."

Especially you.

"You're going to make an amazing hero, too, Kacchan. You already are in my eyes." He titled the camera back and flashed me one of those stupid smiles. 

I groaned and smashed my face into my pillow. I remembered what his mom had said about how he always admired me and I felt warm inside.

"I don't want to lose you, Izuku..." I mumbled into the fluffy pillow, not lifting my head up.

"Kacchan?" He asked me, hinting that he hadn't heard what I said.

"It's nothing, nerd." I flicked my gaze back up and met his eyes. 

He was smiling warmly at me now and I panicked internally. He did hear what I said. He justed wanted me to repeat it. I glared at him and made no move to speak about it again.


We didn't say anything for a while after that. Just kind of sat there, listening to the other's breathing. It was relaxing and I could feel my eyes begin to drift. He looked so peaceful, just laying next to his phone, watching me.

"Hey, Kacchan?" He broke the silence this time.

"Yeah, Deku?"

"I promise I'm going to tell you everything I've been hiding and keeping a secret from you... Can I tell you in maybe a few weeks?" He asked me. I tilted my head a little, wondering what brought this on.

"Take your time, nerd, there's no rush. I do have some patience, you know." I was glad he wanted to tell me, I really did hate being the only one left out. The only one not granted access to know what he was dealing with.

"Psh, you hardly have any patience," he scoffed and I rolled my eyes at him. "Give me exactly two weeks? Can I tell you then? I promise. I won't back down."

"Two weeks? That's all you need and I'll know everything you've been hiding from me?" I could wait for two more weeks, definitely. In those two weeks, I would do everything possible to reassure him that I've changed, that he can trust me.

"Yes, you'll know all of it... everything..." He frowned and looked off to the side, like he regretted making the promise to me for a moment.

"Okay, Deku. I'll give you exactly two more weeks. If you don't tell me, then I'll do everything I can to pry it out of you after that. Got it?" He chuckled at my threat.

"Yeah, okay. Deal."

"You're... really okay though, right?" I asked him again. I was afraid he'd disappear on me.

"Yes, Kacchan. I'm really all right. Today I - had a lot of fun... with you... Thanks for walking with me... and indulging me on my trek through the woods." 

Now it was his turn to shove his face in his pillow. I could see the small tint of pink resting on the tips of his ears and I smiled.

"If I wasn't there, you'd probably be halfway up Mt. Fuji by now. Fucking getting yourself lost the moment you stepped foot in the woods." I teased him. We both laughed for a little while.

"Yeah, that's true. You're right though, I really do wonder sometimes where I'd be if you weren't always there for me." 

He looked back up and my heart began to accelerate. His eyelashes were painfully visible to me and when he glanced up from his pillow like that, I could barely breathe. I bit down on my bottom lip and just settled for staring into his eyes.


More silence fell around us and I listened as his breathing started to slow down sounding deeper after every breath he took. His eyes began to droop and flutter closed. He wasn't the only one on the verge of falling asleep, though. I could barely hang on anymore myself.

"Izuku, let me know how you're feeling tomorrow when you wake up, okay?" I asked him.

"Mmhm. Okay, Kacchan..." He smiled at me sleepily.

"All right. You're falling asleep on me, nerd, so I'll let you go for now. Goodnight, Izuku..." I said to him.

"Goodnight, Katsuki..." He whispered.

I watched the video screen fade to black and heard a dial tone, knowing he had hung up, but he was still connected to my mind. I stayed awake, just enjoying the feeling of his mind resting within my own. He wasn't saying anything, so I wasn't sure if he was asleep yet or if he was still awake. 

Would the connection break if he fell asleep? 

As if in response to my own thoughts, small flashes and images started pouring in. He was slipping with his control and I was starting to see everything he was thinking. He seemed to be falling asleep to thoughts of me. I smiled as memories of our childhood danced in his mind.

Was he dreaming?

Is this what happens when he sleeps?

Does he always dream of me?

I continued watching his dreams, if that's what they even were. If he was still awake, why would he be showing me all of this? Either way, I loved knowing he was thinking of me. I struggled to hang on to my own consciousness, but my eyelids were growing heavy. I closed them, only for a moment and immediately lost to the lull of sleep.


Chapter Text

💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I woke up the next morning and was pleasantly surprised to see small images of me still filtering through Izuku's mind and settling in my own. He must have still been asleep and he was currently dreaming of me. A quick flash of Todoroki showed up in his head and I was instantly pissed, but it was followed by more memories of me and a few of the other extras from class, so I let it slide.

It was late morning when I finally opened my eyes and meandered out of my room, down toward the kitchen. I needed to start my training today, otherwise, there'd be no point in me staying here all summer long.

When I entered the kitchen I saw Shinsou and Todoroki sitting together at the counter talking. They looked up when I was spotted, but continued talking about practice and training strategies. I pulled out a bowl and helped myself to some food. Izuku's thoughts were still sending to me in a calm steady stream.

"Is Midoriya not awake yet?" I heard Shinsou ask. I turned around and saw he was including me in his question.

"I'm not sure. Last night, he commented on how he wasn't feeling well. Maybe he's sick today?" Todoroki responded with a suspicious soft pink glow that rested high on his cheekbones.

"He's still asleep," I said causing Todoroki to whip his head up and look at me curiously.

"How do you know he's still asleep? He could be awake by now and just hasn't come down yet." Todoroki remarked. The jealousy he was letting seep out was obvious. I could smell the slight hint of overprotecting pheromones begin to flow down his shoulders and I raised an eyebrow. He wasn't allowed to be protective over Izuku in my eyes. At all.

"I know this because he's currently linked to me. Do you want to know what he dreams about?" I smirked at him when he growled. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing what he dreamed about. His dreams would be for me and only me to know, not some other fucking Alpha that had no reason to stick their nose into our business. 

'Even though Todoroki's technically his mate right now?' I frowned at my own thoughts and then walked to one of the tables to eat.

"Yes. I do, tell me. Also, when did he form a link with you?" He asked defensively and walked over to where I was sitting, clearly not getting the picture that I wanted to be left alone.

"Heh. I ain't telling you shit about his dreams, Half 'n Half. Deku linked with me in the middle of the fucking night last night, why? Does it bother you or something? Are you jealous he stayed linked with me all night long instead of you?" I smirked up at him while he hovered over the table. Shinsou was just watching our exchange with an eyebrow raised. He probably had some clue as to what we were talking about, but it was obvious he would rather sit and listen to our conversation than to interrupt. I could feel the images begin to swirl and falter in my mind signaling that Izuku was waking up.

'Good morning, Izuku,' I sent to him when I was sure he was fully awake.

'Kacchan! Have we been linked all night?!' His panicked voice echoed in my head and I smiled at the sound.

'Yes, we were, kitten. Apparently, your connection doesn't break unless you want it to. I enjoyed watching your dreams, though. They were a nice reminder of how goddamn amazing I fucking am. Did you know you dream an awful lot about me, nerd?' I teased him happily.

'Oooh my gahd! I do not!' He practically shrieked in embarrassment. 

I chuckled at his obstinance. I wished he never learned how to form a barrier in his mind though because I wanted him to accidentally leak what he was doing right now. I pictured him rolling around on top of his bedsheets with his fluffy pillow smashed against his face as he tried to get my words out of his head. He definitely knew it was true, there was no way he didn't know how much he dreamed about me.

'It was nice so don't deny it. In fact, keep it up, but don't dream of that fucking IcyHot bastard again, got it?' I growled at him. 

I knew I was being unreasonable, but I couldn't help the burning spike of jealousy when I thought of his smug face sitting right in front of me.

'Wah?! Kacchan! I can't help what my mind does when I'm not conscious!' He protested just like I knew he would and I chuckled again.

'Fine. Whatever, I'll let it slide, for now, nerd. How are you feeling today?' I asked him, changing the topic since I didn't want him thinking about Todoroki any longer.

'Hmm, I still don't feel too great... I guess. So, I'll be taking a raincheck on socializing and training today,' he responded. 

I wasn't too entirely convinced but I knew he didn't seem to get a lot of sleep last night, so he needed the rest. I glanced up and noticed that Todoroki was watching me with a strange look on his face, probably wondering why I went MIA just now. I smirked at him and tapped my head with my finger.

"Deku's awake now. He's still not feeling well, so he won't be coming down today." Shinsou looked mildly concerned but Todoroki didn't seem too surprised. In fact, it looked as though he knew Izuku would be sick today. I didn't like the thought of that so I wanted to do something that could anger him and wipe the smug grin clean off his face.

'Hey, Deku,' I sent to Izuku, gaining his attention again.

'Yes, Kacchan?' He asked me.

'I'm telling Shinsou about you and me. Right now.' I braced myself for the panic to seep into his words, as usual, waiting for his hurried response.

'What?! No! Why??' He yelled, startled at my declaration.

'So, when you're feeling better, I don't have to fucking sneak and tip-toe around him. I can touch you all I want without caring. It's too much of a fucking hassle to keep up a fake pretense. I'd rather not have to deal with caring about him finding out. Talk about a stupid waste of time and energy.' I remarked. It was true that was how I felt, but I still also just wanted to piss Todoroki off.

'I - uh... Can you just, I don't know... wait for a second!! I - I want to tell him instead of you! You're too rash with your words, Kacchan!' Izuku protested.

'Nope, too late, nerd. Consider it a done deal,' I commented, smirking at the internal shrieks he let out.

"Hey, droopy-eyes. Deku and I are fucking," I said out loud.

"Wha - Bakugou! You can't just say that out of nowhere! Think of how Midoriya might feel about you going around and telling that to people without his permission?!" Todoroki protested.

"I don't need his fucking permission. Besides, you're one to talk when it comes to asking for 'permission' in regards to Deku, IcyHot. I don't recall you asking for 'permission' when you assaulted him, so I don't want to hear about that shit coming from you. He's sitting in my fucking head right now. That's all the more damn 'permission' I need to say whatever the fuck I want." I growled angrily.

Todoroki just scowled and didn't say anything more in response. I was pleased to see I succeeded in pissing him off and he wiped that smug look off his face. It was too late to stop what I had already said to Shinsou anyway. What's done was done and there was no pointing in raising a fuss about it. If Izuku seriously was against me telling Shinsou, I knew he would have continued to beg me to stop and he wouldn't have said he would tell him himself. He just wanted to be there to see the look on Shinsou's face when I said it. I glanced over and smirked. Shinsou looked pleasantly shocked at my spontaneous confession but just slowly nodded, still not saying anything.

"Don't go around spreading the word to everyone either. I only told you because you'll be stuck with us all fucking summer and I don't feel like hiding it right now." I finished my food, standing to clean my bowl out before I headed out to the training grounds.

'I think he took that well,' I said to Izuku. 

The sun was still hanging low in the sky, but the rays had already begun to heat up the earth. I blinked against the sharp glare and brought my arm up to shield my eyes from the blinding beams of light. I growled when I saw steamrolling on the ground from the morning dew that was evaporating steadily. I needed to begin waking up earlier or else I'd be stuck jogging in this scorching summer weather.

'Oh my god, Kacchan. Why do you do these things to me?! I want to die from embarrassment. What did you even tell him?' He complained.

'That we're fucking?' 

I shook my head, how else would I say it? We weren't dating or anything yet, so that was the only way I could even describe it. Unless he wanted me to lie and say we were dating because it would look better for him. I was entirely fine with that because then I could get Todoroki to back the fuck off.

'Of course, you would. You probably said it just like that too. No sugarcoating it or anything. Poor Shinsou. He's probably super confused and scarred for life now. Can't you learn to be a little more sensitive to these things? You're going to end up giving someone a heart-attack one day, Kacchan.' He warned me. 

I rolled my eyes and then thought about it for a moment. It would take too much time and energy to ease into the things I needed to say to people if I took their feelings into consideration. This way was easier.

'Nope. That takes too long and I have things to do today. I don't have time to care about his sensitive little heart. He's a big boy, he'll survive. Anyway, I slept in too long and I need to start training,' I said to him.

'Riiight, I'm going to cut the connection, for now, Kacchan,' he responded. 

For a moment I thought I upset him and growled softly, wondering what I did this time to set him off.

'What? No. Leave it.' I said. My anger increased slightly at the whine I heard in my own voice and I mentally cursed myself for it.

'No, I'm tired. I'll reconnect with you later tonight or something if I'm feeling better. Okay?' He suggested.

'Fine. That works then. Get some rest.' I didn't want to come off as needy so I caved. 

I had been doing a lot of caving for him lately, but at the same time, it wasn't like most of my requests were reasonable anyway. So this was only fair.

'I will, thank you.' I heard the smile in his voice, quelching my anger for just a split second before it was returned again when I felt the link sever between us. 

Every time he left, it put me in a bad mood. I couldn't help wanting to feel him constantly there. His presence was really reassuring to me. I shook my anger off, I could blow this steam on a few training courses.




🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I watched Katsuki's spiky red presence enter the school building with my mind before withdrawing my perimeter back to the dorms to search for Todoroki. This quirk was extremely convenient and I thanked Ether internally for being so amazing. If I connected to everyone in the class, then I would always know their whereabouts whenever they were in range. It was the perfect stealth ability, except for the fact that Katsuki was able to detect me every time I formed a link with him. It made me wonder if I somehow alerted to my presence in some way. If Katsuki could feel me when we linked then did that mean that so could Todoroki? I wanted to test it out so I pushed outward toward his mind and connected us together.

'G'morning, Shouto! I have a question, I hope you don't mind. Are you able to tell when I form a link with you? For instance, if I had formed this link and hadn't said anything, would you have known right away that I was hitching a ride in your mind? Kacchan said he always feels a warm, soft and fuzzy presence in the back of his head every time I form one with him. So, I was wondering if it was because of the way I was maybe connecting or if it was just Kacchan.'

'Good morning, Midoriya. No, I don't feel that at all, unfortunately. In fact, it would probably be beneficial in my case if I could feel you connecting because then I wouldn't have to choke on my food from surprise.' He responded. 

I wasn't sure if he was serious or kidding but either way, I immediately felt bad. Not only did I constantly use him and place a burden on him, but now I was giving him heart-attacks and slowly killing him by surprise.

'Oh great, I'm turning into Kacchan. Killing people by giving them heart-attacks from shock. Lovely.' I thought to myself.

'Argh! I'm so sorry, Shouto! Don't die on me!' I begged him in desperation.

'I'm totally fine, Midoriya. It's not a problem. I don't mind it at all and I promise I don't plan on dying on you anytime soon.' I could hear the chuckle in his voice when he spoke to me and I could tell he was serious. 

He didn't find fault in my actions even though they were technically super invasive.

'Okay, good. I'm sorry again. Is Shinsou nearby?' I was still laying down on my bed, just enjoying the morning sun while I spoke to everyone in my mind.

I sound like a crazy person and it's all your fault, Ether.

I sent to her, keeping this conversation separate from the one I was having with Todoroki.

Ah. Well, you're welcome. I'm always happy to help with that. Eheheh.

She laughed and I didn't say anything more to her but instead focused back on Todoroki's conversation.

'Yeah, he's right next to me. We're going to go train together soon. How are you feeling after last night?' Todoroki asked. 

I was a little embarrassed to be talking to him about last night after what happened but it was helpful that I didn't have to see his face right now. If I did I knew I'd burn as bright as a tomato.

'I'm feeling just fine. Last time, the wound only took a little more than half a day to heal, so I'm sure it won't take much longer this time. I'm staying clear of Kacchan until it's healed. He's gone now, right?' I asked, hoping he wouldn't mention anything else about last night and that we could forget the whole thing even happened.

'Yeah, he left so the coast is all clear.' He responded to me.

'Okay, cool. Thanks. Tell Shinsou I'm coming down and ask him to wait for me. I want to talk to him for a second and maybe form a link with him while I have the chance. I can't communicate with people if I haven't formed a link with them at least once before.' I explained.

'Okay, I'll let him know then.'

'Thanks Shouto. I'll be down in a second!'

I quickly cut off our link and rushed to get dressed. I grabbed some spare clothes in order to take a shower while I was down there and I desperately needed something for breakfast. When I finally made it downstairs, I saw Todoroki and Shinsou sitting in the kitchen.

"Hey, Shinsou! Really quick, I was wondering if later this week we could get together and practice a little?" I asked him. He hadn't noticed I'd arrived yet so he jumped a tad in his seat. 

'There I went again, startling people.' I thought to myself once more. 

I didn't think I was that sneaky just now so he must have been lost in his own little world.

"Yeah, I don't mind at all. I'd love to practice on you too - erh - I mean - with you," He blushed, glancing at Todoroki as though he was afraid Todoroki was going to yell at him for whatever reason and I didn't understand why. I set my pile of clothes down on the empty stool next to them and rushed to the kitchen to find anything that I could scarf down really quick. I wanted to hurry just in case Katsuki decided to cut his practice short and walk back in here. I didn't want a repeat of the last time he found out that I was marked by Todoroki and who knew what he would say if he saw that I let him do it again. For all I knew, Katsuki would murder us both. I doubted he would but I never had good luck and I didn't think I would start to have it now.

"Great! Also, can we form a link together right now? If I form a link with you, I can detect when you're nearby and I think in the future that'll be really handy for reconnaissance and what not." I excitedly explained. I was really enjoying testing out the limits and abilities behind Ether's quirk, or rather, I supposed it was my quirk now. Regardless, the more I had the chance to use it, the happier I would be. I found a few small things for me to eat right now and a few snacks I could bring up to my room for later that wouldn't leave behind any evidence for Katsuki to find and scold me over. These would work just fine for now and I would eat more food tomorrow or something. Hopefully, the wound would heal by tonight and I could have an actual meal for dinner later.

"Sure, I don't mind, Midoriya. What exactly do you mean by 'link' though?" He asked, confused by what I was talking about. I realized that not everyone knew what I could do now and nearly face-palmed myself for forgetting to mention that little bit of information first.

"Oh, right. Remember that tiny little incident during our last practice battle? Todoroki and I were communicating silently using this link I discovered I could do." I explained, waving my hand dismissively in the air.

"Yeah, I remember that incident all too well. I wouldn't exactly refer to it as a 'tiny little incident' myself though. You, or rather the voice that came from your body, got all antsy when I approached. It was super weird," he said looking confused still.

"Really? Well, I'm sorry. That wasn't me. That was Ether, she can be a little sassy sometimes." I shrugged my shoulders and didn't explain any further. I didn't want to accidentally dig myself a hole by giving too many details now and then suddenly forgetting what I said later on down the road.

"It's no big deal. I was just caught off guard. You can form that link though, I don't mind." Shinsou remarked. I flashed him a bright smile, happy that he had agreed for me to do this.

"Okay, brace yourself then," I warned him.

I pushed my consciousness outward and found his mind, forming our link. It really was getting so much easier to do this. I could almost multi-task while forming these links now. Almost. I still struggled with continuing my movements while connecting to someone's mind. It was tricky business, Ether had said I could scramble their sanity if I messed up, so I would like to avoid doing that.

'Done. The link has been formed. Thank you Shinsou.' I sent toward him. 

He didn't seem surprised in the least when my head echoed throughout his mind and he was able to respond right away. I figured it was because his own quirk dealt with the mind in some way.

'Well, that was relatively painless. I wonder if this works like my own in any way?' He said.

I cut our link off and responded verbally.

"No clue, but I'm always down to try more things during training and see. Anyway, I have to take a shower before heading back up to my room. Shinsou, if Kacchan asks, I never came downstairs. Okay? I'm just avoiding him a little today. Oh, and I'm sorry he sprung that on you so suddenly. I asked him to let me tell you but it was too late." I said shyly. I could feel the heat rushing to my face when I spoke to him.

"Yeah, okay. It really was no problem, don't worry about it. I'll see you later then." He smiled at me. I nodded and grabbed my clothes, heading toward the showers.




It was hard just sitting in my room all day long with nothing really to do. I finished my food supply off within the first hour. I had done a few basic exercises to pass some time and now I was sitting around trying to update my hero notebook. I flipped the pages over to a blank one and started to fill in the pages for the latest hero I had learned about, Naomi Fraust. Quirk: Ether.

Don't forget to add 'Deceased' next to my name. Eheheh.

Ether, you're not dead to me. You may not have a physical body, but you're very real in my life.

That doesn't matter, Izuku. I'm not really here. I've told you this before. I am indeed very much dead, just like all the other predecessors. You don't view them as still alive, do you?

Well, no not really. But things are different with them! You're here all the time. Because of you, I'm never alone. I can't go killing you off just because that's technically your status. I won't do that.

Izuku, you're being silly. I know you don't want to think about it, but it's the truth. It's not healthy to view this as anything more. I'm not here, I don't have a life anymore.

Shut up, Ether. I don't want to hear you saying this to me.

That's too bad, Izuku. You need to. I heard what you told Katsuki last night. You want to save me, do you? That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, truly. But, I can't be saved anymore. It's too late for me. As such, I'll take it upon myself to be your hero instead. He was right when he said you will be able to save so many more people than me. Why? Because I'm beyond the point of being saved. I failed as a hero. I made my decision a long time ago. If anything, I'll use whatever opportunity this whole thing has presented for me to become the hero I always wanted to be. I'll save you as many times as I can. I don't need you to be my hero, I need you to let me be yours. I also need you to just live your life. I can live vicariously through you. As long as you're happy, I'll be happy. If that's something you want for me then this is the best thing you can do to 'save' me. You'd be saving me from myself, from my own personal darkness. Save me, by letting me be a hero for once. I'll finally feel as though I was able to do something right during my existence.

Stop it, Ether. I'm done talking about this. Now I really am tired.

I'm sorry, Izuku. I just hope you understand what I mean.

I do... I just wish I didn't. It's easier to think of you as a person. You feel alive to me, Ether. I can't think of you in any other way. I just... I can't... It hurts and it's hard to do.

I know it is. Maybe you should get that rest you kept pretending to need. It doesn't hurt to get a little extra sleep every now and then.

Yeah, you're right, I think I'll do that.

I put my notebook off to the side and laid back down in my bed. It was late afternoon, not quite evening yet.

Feigning sickness was hard to do.

It became boring really fast.


Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I glanced out my window and saw the sun had already ended up setting. I stretched my arms up into the air and let out a loud yawn before standing and looking around. The sound came again and I turned to face my main entrance. Walking toward my door, I pulled it open without really thinking about who could be on the other end. My heart stopped when I saw a freshly showered, steaming hot ash-blond standing in my doorway with a plate of warm food.

"Good evening, Izuku. Were you sleeping?" His deep, husky voice rumbled and I shivered purely from the sound.

I nodded at him, not trusting my own voice to hold steady while I took in his appearance. My words tended to come out in small squeaks whenever he shocked me with his stunningly handsome looks like this. He was wearing a loose black tank top and some baggy grey sweatpants. Nothing different from his usual attire, except for the fact that he hadn't dried off entirely. I could see small droplets of water running down his chest muscles and disappearing beneath his shirt. I watched the water gleaming on his skin and gulped, trying to hold back my own desires.

"Oh? Am I interrupting your precious beauty sleep, nerd? Should I just take this back downstairs then?" A playful grin graced his features and he pretended to turn around and head back down the corridor.

"N - No! Wait!" I reached out and grabbed his forearm. He looked down at my hand and then smirked. I used to think those smirks were full of nothing but hatred for me, but the longer I watched him, the more I realized that maybe... he smirked when he flirted...?

No, Izuku. He isn't flirting! 

I scolded myself... well at least I thought it was to myself, until a certain someone decided to join in on the personal internal conflict I was having.

Uhm, yes, Izuku. He most definitely is flirting with you. Don't be dense.

Uh... Ouch? Are we still name calling, Ether?

"Then," he leaned in closer and I could feel his breath tingle against my ear, "how about you let me inside?"

I quickly pushed the door open and stepped to the side, letting Katsuki enter my room. I waited for him to pass and closed the door behind us. I followed him further into my room while my mind whirred around, internally panicking at my new situation.

I seriously hope this wound has healed. I haven't checked yet!

I rubbed the back of my neck, pretending to be nervous but my fingers were checking for any indentations that may still be on my neck. I wasn't noticing anything, so maybe I was in the clear. Just to be on the safe side, I would have to make sure I faced him at all times to prevent him from accidentally seeing it.

"What's with the special visit, Kacchan?" I asked Katsuki as he set the plate of food down on my coffee table.

"I figured you'd probably be hungry by now and you weren't answering my phone calls, so I just came up here to check on you." He sat down on the floor next to my bed. I didn't deserve these sweet gestures from him. If only he knew I was simply pretending to feel ill.

Were you though? You were pretty passed out there Izuku.

Well, I don't know Ether. Mentally drained isn't really the same as being sick.

Uhm... yes it is.


"Ah! You called?! I'm sorry, I must've slept through it." I scrambled over to my phone on the nightstand and saw I had two missed calls and a text message.

Katsuki💥 I'm still waiting for you to link us, dammit.

"Who cares now, I'm already here. Sit down and eat, nerd." I smiled at him and obliged. I sat down across from him and he scowled. I knew he wanted me to sit closer, but if I did, he might see the new wound, if it was even still there.

He had brought up a plate of soup and some crackers to go along with it. The whole thing filled my room with a heavenly aroma and my stomach grumbled in response.

"This makes me happy. I get to eat your amazing cooking two days in a row now. Thank you, Kacchan." I smiled at him and he just grunted while looking away. "How was training today?" I asked him.

"Uneventful. It's fucking boring if I don't have someone I can actually try to blow up." He was pouting and I found his actions to be absolutely adorable.

"Do you want to train with me tomorrow? Ether said something about teleporting. I think it'd be fun to try to time surprise attacks. I'd have to figure out how to do it first, but I'm sure it can't be that hard." I shrugged my shoulders and pulled the food he made closer to me.

"Hmm, I don't know. I do know that I'm still waiting for you to form the link between us, though. I really don't like not having it." He complained.

"Why? I mean you told me last night, but - "

"Think for a second, would you?" He cut me off.

"After being told last night that you tried to fucking kill yourself and knowing you were going to be up in your room all day long with absolutely no one but yourself to keep you company, how do you think that made me feel? Then you never form a link with me later and you fail to answer my texts and phone calls? I was fucking worried, Izuku. Please, form the link with me again, dammit." His eyes glared at me from across the table and his expression was one of borderline pleading. My mouth hung slightly open in shock and my eyebrows had risen. He definitely had a point, I should've thought about that.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you." I formed the link he asked for but I couldn't help the feeling of disappointment that settled in the pit of my stomach once again.

Katsuki, welcome. I'm not sure if you're aware, but he's doing the thing where he gets all depressed right now.


I shouted at her and clamped down my defenses but it was too late. Katsuki's expression turned sad briefly for a moment and my heart panged.

"Izuku, I didn't mean to upset you..." He said softly.

"Don't worry about it, Kacchan. You're right, I should've kept my link up with you. I really am sorry." I said to him. His expression lightened up for a moment but the feeling continued to stay with me.

"Well, I'm going to fucking worry about it. Eat your food." He crossed his arms and watched me. I didn't really have an appetite now, so I started to push the soup around in the bowl. "Now you're being fucking childish. Either you eat it or I'll shove it down your throat by force."

"Hmm. Maybe you should do that then." I set the spoon down, challenging him angrily. He grabbed the bowl and poured some of the soup into his mouth. I raised an eyebrow, what good does that do him?

Then, he reached across the table and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me forward while placing a kiss against my lips. My eyes widened in shock and my heart began to accelerate. We locked gazes and I could see the command lingering behind his glare. I shuddered under his touch but never tore my own gaze away from him. I could taste the warm saltiness of the soup as he opened his mouth and if I didn't want it to pour down all over me, I would have to open my own to receive my punishment. I felt the warm creamy sensation pour against my tongue and I swallowed it all down. He pulled away and grabbed the bowl again, making to repeat his actions.

"Wait! Wait... you win, Kacchan. I'll eat it." I hurriedly put my hands out to stop him from doing that again. I didn't think my heart could handle it anyway. I was blushing profusely and the heat felt like it was making its way down my neck, only growing stronger. 

How did he stay so damn calm during that?

Oh, right. 

I think it's because I just pissed him off. I couldn't blame him for being angry. He was worried about me and even made me food when I was lying to him this whole time. I would be upset if someone was being stubborn about eating their cooking as well. Especially since it was Katsuki's cooking. I was a fool to even turn it down in the first place.

"Are you still feeling sick?" He asked me, leaning forward to brush a hand across my forehead. I shook my head while I piled more food into my mouth. The faster I finished this, the faster he would leave so I didn't have to worry about him finding my mark.

"Good," he sighed. He rested his chin on his hand and watched as I continued to devour his cooking. He really was an amazing Alpha. He was carefully taking care of an Omega even when he didn't know I was one. His instincts must have kicked in at some point and screamed at him to care for me. It made me happy to know he went through all this trouble just so I would feel better.

I looked at him and remembered what happened last night between Todoroki and myself. I flicked my eyes away for a brief moment while I thought of a way to string a small white lie through it all when I told him. I couldn't tell him everything, otherwise, he would wonder why Todoroki came up to my room again last night and maybe he'd make the connection I was trying to prevent him from making right now.

"I have something I need to confess to you, Kacchan." I said between bites. He continued making eye contact but didn't say anything. I knew he heard me though and was just waiting for me to continue.

"Uhm... this morning, Shouto and I had that talk we were needing to have..." I lied to him. I didn't think it was that bad of a lie. It was enough for him to raise his eyebrows and let out a low growl though. He already didn't believe me.

"When?" He questioned.

"As soon as you left..." I told him. It wasn't a lie this time because I did talk to Todoroki the moment Katsuki left the building.

"Where?" he said and I gulped.

"Well... I - I wasn't feeling good... so... up here... in my room," I said to him. I held his gaze this time, trying to read his expression but to no avail. It didn't matter if I could read it or not though. The loud rumbling from his chest that reverberated throughout my room was plenty enough to tell me how he was feeling about this all.

"You're a fucking idiot, you know that, Deku?" He growled at me. I nodded slowly and waited for him to calm down just a little bit before continuing.

"That's not all, is it?" he snarled.

"What the fuck happened. Tell me in detail, asshole," he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked him hesitantly.

"Yes, I'm fucking sure. Don't make me repeat myself. What the fuck happened?" He placed his hand across the table in front of him and the other one rested on his knee.

"I felt bad for everything that I had put him through... so I kissed him..." I watched the color drain from his face and he clenched his hand into a tight fist.

"What the fuck did you put him through, dumbass?" He growled at me again. I shrugged.

"I had him mark me when I didn't know how he felt about me and there was the fight between you two yesterday that I felt bad about... and the fact that... I can't return his feelings..." I looked away from Katsuki and tried to hide the blush that crossed my face.

"That fight was between the two of us, dipshit. There was nothing from it that you should have felt bad about. He deserved it. Every little thing that was done to him, he deserved. Yet, you what? Fucking reward him for it? What the hell is wrong with you?" He yelled, shaking his head, clearly flabbergasted at me. He didn't know the full story so I wasn't expecting this to go over too well.

"There's more..." I said softly. "Do you want to know what happened or should I stop?" I asked him. His face darkened for a moment and he took in a deep breath.

Izuku, maybe... you can show him what happened?

How? My memory is dark so he'd know it wasn't in the daytime.

Not if you picture what happened as if it were in the daytime and send him the new altered memory?

I can do that?

Yep. Just don't mess up. Eheheh.

"Fine. Tell me," he scowled.

His nails were digging into his skin and it hurt me to see him so tense about this whole thing. I reached across the table and grabbed his hand. I was happy to see he didn't flinch away from me, so he wasn't that mad. I slowly unfurled his fingers and then placed my forearm in his palm, while gripping his wrist and forearm in my own hand. His fingers curled around my arm and wrist, squeezing me tightly.

"How about I just... send you my memory?" I asked him. His eyes widened at the idea and for a moment he looked scared.

"I - I don't know if I want to see that..." He bit his lip in contemplation.

"Are you sure? Ether thought it was kind of funny..." I said to him and smiled slightly.

He frowned now and nodded, letting me send the altered memory over to him. I watched his expression change while he watched what happened. In the beginning, his grip on my arm tightened and I sucked in a breath but let him use me as a brace to steady his rising anger. As the memory progressed, Katsuki's grip relaxed. I omitted my words from the memory in the beginning up to the point where Todoroki started to tug on my clothes. I let him hear my command to the Alpha in question but didn't let him hear my confession for Katsuki himself.

"Are you... fucking serious?" He asked me and I slowly nodded to him. He had a light, barely visible blush on his cheeks, but slowly his face turned into a smile. His smile turned into a full-on toothy grin and his grin turned into a roar of laughter.

"Ahahaha! He fucking came in his pants! He wanted you so damn badly! Ahaha!" He let go of my hand and placed his palm over his face, trying to contain the chuckles that rumbled in his chest.

"Kacchan! It's really not that funny! I can't face him after that and I didn't think he'd actually do it, either!" I protested and he just laughed even louder.

"I don't - ahaha - care if you can't face him after that shit. It's your fucking problem since you started it. In fact, I'm glad you can't face him. It just makes things easier for me. If he stays away then I won't have to worry about him assaulting you anymore." He grinned viscously.

"Yeah... I know," I looked down at the food in my bowl and sighed, bringing another spoonful up to my lips. Just before I went for a second spoonful, Katsuki slammed his palm down across the table and I jumped in surprise.

"C'mere," he leaned forward and I did the same. He placed his fingers under my chin and pulled me closer over the table, pressing his lips to mine. His grin spread across his face breaking off the kiss as he laughed a little more.

"You fucking told him to rut without touching himself! Ahahah! That's my good little kitten." He cooed and I shivered when he called me 'his'. We sat back down on our knees while he continued to talk.

"But..." His expression darkened a little once more. "I noticed there was no sound in that memory of yours in the beginning, nerd. What did you say to him?" I shook my head and refused to tell him what I said.

"Was it something to do with that secret of yours?" He asked me and I nodded.

"One of them," I said softly. His grin slowly faded but he didn't press the issue.

"So, what did happen after that though?" He asked me.

"I tried to tell him that things were done between us... but he seemed so sad and begged me to let him keep trying to pursue me so I said he could for just a while longer. He left after that... probably to... clean himself up... It's weird when you try to reject someone but they tell you 'no' in response..." I shrugged, confused by the whole situation but didn't know what else to do about it.

"What about you?" He cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head.

"What do you mean? What about me?" I asked him and felt my heart plummet at the smirk he flashed in my direction.

"Did you finish because of him?" he growled. Now, it was my turn to laugh. I chuckled for a few moments and shook my head no.

"No, Kacchan... I didn't. I didn't even touch myself after he left... Instead," I turned my knuckles over for him to see the damage that was still there. "Instead, I bit myself until I calmed down," I said and he grinned, satisfied with my answer.

"Good," he replied and placed his chin back on the table to watch me continue to eat. I was glad that went better than I had expected it to. We weren't dating, so I didn't cheat on him or anything. I didn't even really need to tell him what happened between Todoroki and me, but since I really did love him... it just felt right to let him know.

"Are you done yet?" Katsuki scowled and asked me while I spooned another mouthful down.

"Gah - No, Kacchan, I just started again," I scoffed.

"Hurry up," he demanded and went back to watching me eat. What happened to when he said he had 'patience' just last night? I ate as fast as I could and put the bowl back down as soon as I was done.

"There, now I'm finished," I said, placing my spoon down on the tray he had brought it all up on.

"Alright, let's go then." He stood up and leaned back down to grab my elbow, pulling me to my feet. I grabbed my phone from the table and followed his lead.

"Go? Go where?!" I asked him but he ignored my protests and walked over to my dressers, pulling out whatever clothes he touched. He threw them at me and started to pull me toward my door.

"Kacchan, what's going on?" I called after him.

"Just shut up and follow me." We climbed into the elevator together and he pushed the button that went up to his floor. I didn't say anything as we rose up and just followed him all the way to his room. He opened the door and pulled me inside after him.

"You can keep your clothes in this drawer here." He pointed to the first drawer in his dresser, opening it up so I could set my clothes down inside it.

"Are you wearing those to sleep in?" He pointed to the clothes I had been in all day. I had already fallen asleep with them on so I didn't think it mattered at this point. I just shrugged in response. He sighed at my indecisiveness and opened up another drawer, pulling out some gym shorts and a t-shirt.

"Here, wear these." I held the clothes he handed me and realized he meant for me to change in front of him.

"I can't change with you watching me! Turn around or something!" I panicked, because the last time I changed fully in front of him, he saw my mark. Things didn't end well that day. He grunted at me, probably thinking I was being ridiculous, but he eventually obliged and turned around, crossing his arms in front of his chest. As soon as he did, I started to change quickly. I glanced over in his mirror at the back of my neck and didn't see the wound anymore. Just the soft, pale mark that was there from before. I sighed in relief and the panic quickly left me. His clothes were large compared to mine because he usually wore them baggy, to begin with. I add my shorter stature into the picture and I looked like I was wearing bedsheets.

"Okay, there... now will you tell me what's going on?" I asked him while holding my dirty clothes in my hands, unsure of what to do with them. He walked over and grabbed them from me before tossing the clothes into a hamper in the corner. He grabbed my phone from my hands and set it on his nightstand.

"Kacchan, I'm so confused right now."

He crawled onto his bed under the blankets and patted the spot next to him. I walked over and crawled over the top mattress to his side. He pulled me in close, wrapping his arms around me and nuzzled his face into my hair.

"I told you last night... that I want to hold you, kitten."

That was all he said before going quiet. My heart rate picked up a notch as I sucked in a quick, shallow breath. I buried my face in his chest, trying to hide the blush that painted across my freckles. He stroked my head gently, lightly tugging on every little curl his fingers touched. I suppressed a laugh as best I could, but he caught it.

"What's so funny, Deku?" He asked me. No malice in his voice, just pure curiosity.

"Uhm... sometimes, I think you can be kind of cute... and it makes me happy." I shrugged. I wasn't sure how he would handle being called cute, because he had such a tough exterior. He stayed silent for a moment and continued to run his fingers through my hair. I melted at his gentle touches.

"I'm not cute." He denied my compliment, just like I knew he would. I only ended up laughing even harder.

"Whatever you say, Kacchan. Whatever you say." I chuckled. He grabbed my chin and leaned down to kiss me into silence. I smiled against his touch and he pulled away.

"Shut up, nerd." He kissed my forehead lightly and pulled me closer to rest on his chest.

"Kacchan, what is this..?" I asked him.

"What do you mean? What is what?" He trailed his hands down my neck a little and I shivered under his touch.

"What are we doing?"

"Hmm? Obviously trying to sleep, Deku. What else?" He responded and I laughed, causing him to chuckle slightly. His chest rumbled with the deep sound. He was definitely avoiding my question. He knew what I meant.

"No, that's not what I'm talking about. I didn't mean what are we doing right this instant. I mean, I did mean that, but only because it's a part of what I'm asking. But what I actually meant was what are we doing as a whole. What are we doing together? Is this purely physical? Is this..." I trailed off and shook my head.

I didn't really want to hear the answer to that question. If he answered it right now, while I was stuck here with my heart already beating wildly, I'd probably lose myself. I didn't want his answer when I couldn't run away and hide my pain if all I heard was something hurtful.

"Nevermind, forget I asked anything. Whatever this is, I don't want it to end and that's all that matters to me," I nuzzled into his chest and sighed deeply, letting his warmth embrace me.

"Izuku, what... what... are you going to do when you find your mate? Will you try to be with them?" His question caught me off guard. I couldn't openly state that I knew who my mate was and that he was currently holding me in his arms. I still could be wrong, although, at this point, I seriously doubted it.

"Want to know a secret?" I figured I would give him this tiny little hint but I wouldn't tell him anything more. "I know that whoever my mate may end up being, I'll do everything I can to be together with them. Even if they were the last person in this world that would accept me. I'd still try my hardest. That's all I really have going for me anyway. All I can ever do in life is try my hardest. If I still can't be with them, then I guess it wasn't meant to be." I said softly. He didn't speak for a few minutes.

"I'm sure whoever your mate is, they'll be lucky to have you." He said, kissing my forehead.

I wasn't really expecting him to say something like that, so my breathing hitched in my chest once again. He was causing my heart to sputter out of control all day so far and I wasn't sure I could handle much more of it. 

Why would he think they'd be lucky? I wasn't exactly on everyone's list of keepers.

"Izuku, one more thing," He pulled away slightly and looked down at me. "Since I broke your door last night... until we get it fixed... you'll be staying with me in my room." I looked up at him in slight shock.

"What?! I'm not doing that! You want us to share a room?! Your room? Nope, that is definitely not happening!" I shook my head profusely and sat up closer to his face.

"Just - stop fucking shaking your head and hear me out for a second. Right now, you can't lock your door, correct?" He asked me and I nodded, still attempting to argue with him.

"But I never really locked it, in the first place, though, so it's really not any different!" I said. He growled and then kissed me into silence again.

"Shut up and let me fucking speak." He glared at me and I just nodded.

"I know you trust IcyHot and I really don't think he's stupid enough to do anything, but for my own peace of mind, just stay here until we get it fixed. Okay?" He brushed my hair away from my face and I blushed.

"You know, for someone who I'm not even in a relationship with, you get a little jealous really easily, you're oddly possessive and you're overly protective." I chuckled at him.

"Is that what you think, Deku? That we don't have a relationship?" He was watching me intently and I couldn't hide the heat that rushed to my cheeks.

"I mean, it's not like we're dating or anything. I'm not saying that I'm expecting that or - rather that I want to change anything. I just - Mmph."

Kissed into silence... again. I think I really liked this. How many times was he going to kiss me in one conversation? I wasn't going to complain, though. 

Maybe I should ramble more often.

"I've told you before, Izuku. I won't be a homewrecker and I won't take someone else's sloppy seconds. Meaning, either we do this exclusively, starting this very second, just you and me, or we don't fucking do this at all. You understand that much, right?" He asked me and I nodded in silence.

"Okay then, that's all that matters. This is just between the two of us, from here on out, and unless you decide to end this, I have every intention of continuing it. So, yes. I'll be possessive. Yes, I'll get jealous. Yes, I'll be protective. It comes with the territory, got that?"

"Y - Yes, I understand, Kacchan," I stammered.

"We may not be dating and are only fucking, but that doesn't mean I want other people touching something I'm touching," he commanded and I smiled. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it was enough to hold me over for now.

"Good, now try to get some sleep, it's getting late and we've got things to train for in the morning." His lips brushed against mine gently and his palm cupped my cheek. He ran his hand up my face and through my hair once more before pulling me in closer to embrace me for the night.

"Goodnight, my little kitten," he murmured.

"Goodnight, Kacchan," I smiled, letting out a soft, happy-sounding purr.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to sleep, knowing I was in his arms and our minds were linked, but sleep still came peacefully to me anyway.

Sleep filled with dreams of Katsuki...


Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


The sound of Katsuki's alarm clocking blaring into the night air woke me up. He stirred next to me as I struggled to turn around and shut it off. My fingers brushed across a cool metal object, but I couldn't figure out what I was holding in the darkness. The sound continued to beep and I was progressively becoming more and more frustrated. I felt the sheets stirring beneath me as Katsuki rose from his slumber.

"Ugh, give it here, nerd," Katsuki mumbled and reached over me to find the button on the mysterious object.

While he was hovering above me, I caught a whiff of his intoxicating scent and froze in my spot, heat rushing to my cheeks. My hands whipped up to my nose and it took everything in me to pull them down so he didn't see them. If he saw I was covering my nose from inhaling his scent, it could lead to two conclusions. Either that I was an Omega or his mate. I didn't want his mind to drift down those routes in any way, shape, or form, so I had to at least bring my hands back down. He eventually found what he was looking for and managed to silence his alarm. The deafening sounds stopped and I wanted to heave a sigh of relief that he would soon stop being above me so I could breathe again.

"I am so not ready to fucking wake up," he grumbled, suppressing a yawn. He glanced down at me cowering beneath him and smirked. I had still been holding my breath and he noticed. Not only was I holding my breath, but I also couldn't keep my eyes from roaming over his perfectly sculpted body in front of me.

"What's the matter, Deku? Do I smell good to you or something?" He grinned maliciously while I shook my head violently.

"So you're saying I stink?" His grin faltered just a little bit so I shook my head no again. I didn't really know what to tell him. I contemplated lying and saying he had morning breath but that was far from it and the last thing I wanted was a fist to the face.

"Then what's your deal?" He scowled and leaned closer toward me. I tried to look away from him, but he was blocking all my exists. Everywhere my eyes fell was just another part of his chiseled body. To my right and left were his bare arms and I drooled when I thought of them holding me. While above me was his chest and piercingly radiant crimson eyes, causing me to melt in my spot.

"Oi. Deku..." He glowered. "Answer me." His voice was low and deep, sending chills down my spine and I gulped, slowly nodding.

"Okay, okay. You were right... you smell good..." I admitted. He smiled at the sudden praise and leaned in closer to me.

"Hehh? Good enough to turn you on, huh?" He whispered, licking his lips. I blushed an even deeper red as I tried to hide my embarrassment. I tilted my head away from him when he leaned down to kiss me.

"Uhm - I didn't say that." I began to struggle from beneath him and free myself but he held his position. He was holding his body above me but then he lowered himself so that we were flush together. He rested his full weight on top of me and I could no longer move.

"K - Kacchan! You're going to crush me." I breathed out.

"First you say I smell? Then you reject my kiss. Now you're calling me fat?" He raised an eyebrow teasingly.

"You're not fat and you smell, but you smell good! And I didn't reject it, I just tried to escape! Don't twist my words around." I protested while wiggling beneath him but still couldn't free myself, so I just gave up. I huffed out a shallow breath and groaned, letting him know I was frustrated at my predicament. I could get away from him if I used my quirk, but he hadn't tested my patience to that amount... yet.

"If I'm not fat, then what am I, Deku?" He nibbled on my jawline, brushing his lips up to my ear in an attempt to seduce me.

"Chiseled. Very, toned. Muscular. You know, Kacchan, muscles are heavier than fat anyway." I said, sending my mind elsewhere, trying to ignore his soft kisses but he just chuckled at me.

"I fucking know that, thanks for the fun fact at six in the morning. Way to live up to being a nerd, Deku." He said with a soft smile on his face. His eyes were squinted playfully while he tilted his head to the side, looking down his nose at me. I groaned in frustration again, now he was testing my patience.

"Ugh, Kacchan, get up already." I pushed against his chest from below only to have him chuckle at me once more. 

"Make me," he teased. 

Uhm... Okay then, he literally just asked for it. 

I activated One for All and shoved him aside, standing up and heading to the dresser to grab my clothes. I knew I only had one chance to escape from him and I just used it. If he had been expecting me to actually try and get away from him, then this would have probably gone a different direction. I heard him growl lowly from his spot still on the bed, probably pouting that he let his prey get away.

"Come on Kacchan, weren't you going to start actually training today? You're wasting your precious time." I grabbed the hem of the shirt he had lent me and began to pull it over my head. I wasn't as self-conscious as last night now that I didn't have a bite wound to hide anymore. I heard an intact of breath when I started to lift it and wondered if he was watching me. Curiously, I tilted my head to glance at him from over my shoulder and saw he was indeed watching me undress. His eyes roamed over my body and he slowly sat up.

"Oh? What's the matter, Ka ~ tsu ~ ki? Do you... perhaps... like what you see?" I teased him back.

He bit his bottom lip seductively and slowly nodded, never taking his eyes off from my hips. I turned back around to face him and he scooted to the edge of the bed, holding his arms out and motioning me to come closer. I smiled at his cute gesture but I wasn't exactly in the mood to cave in to his desires today. I walked toward him but just as I was about to be within reach of his grasp, I stopped, causing him to grunt in frustration.

I slipped one hand under my shirt and lifted it up my side slowly, before bringing it back down. The tips of my fingers lightly caressing up my skin as I went. I twisted the edges around my hands and played with them a little, teasing him. Bringing it up to the other side and then back down once more. His eyes slowly darkened as he watched my small dance and a soft growl rumbled in the room. He tried to grab me again but I backed away quickly.

"Kacchan, haven't you ever heard," I cooed. "You can't touch the merchandise..." 

I tilted my head back a little and closed my eyes slightly while looking down at him. I ran my tongue across my top teeth and bit down on my bottom lip.

"Well, it's a good thing there are no guards to fucking stop me then." He lunged forward and grabbed my waist, dragging me down in his lap. 

"Let's continue this little dance while you're sitting here," he said in a low, deep voice. 

I grinned and started to grind my hips down onto him. His hands rested on my sides and he pressed up, meeting my motions. I continued playing with my shirt and the higher it rose, the higher his hands would roam up my bare torso until my shirt was off and dropped someplace onto the floor. He licked his lips and eyed me, bringing them tantalizingly close to my chest. I let out a soft gasp when his tongue roamed over my nipple. I brought a hand up and wrapped it around the back of his head, while the other braced myself so I could continue grinding against him.

"Nngh... Ka... cchan..." I moaned out as he began to suck hard.

His hands gripped my hips tightly, pressing his thumbs into my V-line and I tossed my head back in pleasure. He slowly started to work his way up my chest and to my neck. I shivered when his teeth ran across my collarbone, remembering when I told him to bite me and wishing he would do it again. I tightened my grip in his hair and pulled his face away from its place on my neck. I looked into his glazed over eyes and brought my lips tantalizingly close to his... almost touching.


The sudden noise made me jump and a small squeak came out. I groaned loudly when I immediately lost my mood and sat down heavily in his lap, pouting. He chuckled at me but still closed the distance between our lips.

"We can continue this tonight if you wish, kitten." He nipped at my ear and I shivered.

I huffed in frustration once more and got off his lap, ignoring my phone and grabbing my clothes to actually change this time. I knew he was still watching me but I didn't feel like putting on a show anymore. He didn't move from his bed the entire time, just taking in my appearance. After I changed, I grabbed my phone, ignoring his gaze, and started to leave his room.

"Wait, Izuku," he called out to me. I stopped and turned back around to face him. 

"I don't get a goodbye kiss?" 

I blushed at his request. I was already blushing immensely at the thought that I was giving Katsuki a lap dance just seconds ago and now he was throwing this at me? A goodbye kissed made me feel like we were dating, but he said that we weren't just last night. He couldn't have meant this as anything more than another chance to kiss me, right? I mean... he did seem to enjoy it, so it was probably just something he liked in general. Right?

I watched as he rose from his bed and walked up to me. His eye contact never wavering, sending shudders down my spine while I melted under his crimson-eyed glare. A small whimper escaping me as my legs trembled in his presence. Everything about him was intense and it took my breath away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a slow, tongue-tied kiss. He ran his hands down to the small of my back and held me firmly against him.

"Was that what you were wanting?" I whispered to him shyly and he smiled, clearly satisfied.

"That's exactly what I was looking for, kitten," he whispered back.

"I'll see you down there in a minute, don't break this link while you're out of my sight, got it?" He demanded and I nodded, grinning at his request, before opening his door and making my leave downstairs.




Alright, Ether. Care to explain what I'm to try doing today again?

What? No good morning greeting for me? I feel left out, Izuku ~ Eheheh.

Shut up, Ether.

I see you figured out how to converse with me separately from your favorite blond Alpha.

Yeah, the blanket trick works wonders. I'm glad you taught it to me.

You were going to try teleporting today, correct?

Yeah, that's the general idea. I want to be able to plan a teleportation for someone else to travel through as well, is that possible?

I'm actually not sure. I've never trained my ability too far, my life ended a little earlier on. The way it works for you though is you'll be there one moment and then in a different place the next. To other people, it looks as though you just vanished. You manipulate the Ether that surrounds your body, so it could be possible for you to manipulate the Ether surrounding someone else, I don't see why not. Just be careful or your lover could end up at the bottom of the ocean. Eheheh.

Okay, that's exactly what I'm hoping to accomplish with Kacchan then. Not the ocean part! Just teleporting us. I guess I'll need to learn to use it on myself first though. Also, the other day you mentioned ending up in outer space. How do you know that we'll end up in limbo if you've never ended up there yourself?

Outer space, Izuku. I never really called it limbo. You did. I just say 'the bottom of the ocean' or 'outer space' to hint to you that you'll end up someplace entirely different from what your original destination was if you're not careful. I don't really know where you could end up or how far the teleportation link stretches to. So, just to be cautious... I assume to the ends of the universe, since Ether is an element in... well... everything.

Ah. I see. That's a good caution to proceed by. Got it.

I walked out of the dorms and headed to the track first. I wanted to do some basic physical training before beginning my day. I also wanted to text All Might and see if he had any news on Ether or if he'd like to join our session for the day.

I pulled my phone out and remembered I had received a message this morning that interrupted Katsuki and myself.

Ochaco🌸 Hey, Deku! I haven't heard from you these past few days. I was just wondering how staying in the dorms has been going?! How has it been with what happened between you three? Bakugou and Todoroki, I mean? How have you been feeling since what happened with Todoroki? I've been worried. I wouldn't know how I'd react if that happened to me. I'd be super upset. I can only imagine how you feel, so please let me know! We need to hang out sometime this summer, too! 

I guess I haven't really updated her on everything, have I? Why was she even up so early?!

Deku🍀 Let's get together sometime this week. Coffee and pasta again?? Ya know, I just realized that's a really strange combo lol but it works, I guess.

Ochaco🌸 Okay! That sounds great! How about this Friday?

Deku🍀 Yeah, that will give me some time to catch up on some training I've been missing out on. Do we want to meet for breakfast or dinner?

Ochaco🌸 Let's do all day! I want to go on a date with you!!

Deku🍀 Haha! A date sounds awesome. Careful though, Kacchan is apparently super possessive, over-protective, and gets easily jealous. I asked him about it last night and he said it 'comes with the territory'. Whatever that means.

Ochaco🌸 Wait, so are you guys dating or not?!

Deku🍀 I don't really know anymore. I'll tell you all about it on Friday. I have to start training right now.

Ochaco🌸 Okay! I want all the juicy gossip then!!

Deku🍀 Will do!

I scrolled through my contacts until I found All Might. It was still pretty early in the morning, so I wasn't expecting a response right away. That was fine though because it gave me some time to do my warm-ups while I waited.

Deku🍀 All Might! Today I was planning on practicing the teleportation that Ether had mentioned with Kacchan. Do you mind supervising us? Ether warned that it's really dangerous.

I pulled out my earbuds and began playing some music before putting my phone back in my pocket. I did a few stretches and started my morning routine.





I was just about finished with my last lap when I received another text message. I slowed to walk and pulled out my phone to read my text.

All Might🥇 Young Midoriya! I would love to supervise you today! I shall be bringing Aizawa as well! Also, I looked into Naomi Fraust and her story check out. She was very young when her life came to an end, it really is a tragedy. She didn't grow up happy, the poor thing. She was unfortunate enough to develop her quirk in a devastating manner. However, there is no guarantee that the entity that resides within you really is Naomi because there is no record of Naomi ever receiving One for All. Perhaps you should try contacting the other predecessors? Maybe ask Young Shinsou for some assistance in that regard, seeing as how his ability triggered the predecessors within you?

Deku🍀 That sounds like a good idea. I'll ask him later tonight and see what happens. We made plans to get together sometime this week and practice my mind linking against his to see what else may go into this thing or check if there are ways to block our readings and such. So maybe while we're doing that, it'll trigger something. I haven't spoken to them since we had the class battles.

All Might🥇 Okay, Young Midoriya. Aizawa and I will be at the training grounds in about 20 minutes?

Deku🍀 I'll let Kacchan know then!

I wondered why All Might didn't just call me if he had so much to say but figured maybe he was trying to 'fit-in' by texting his message like his students all do. I finished my cool-down walk and searched my phone for Katsuki's name when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see him standing behind me and inhaled quickly. I pulled my headphones out and looked up at him.

"I was just about to text you, Kacchan," I said to him, smiling.

"Why? You could just... ya know," He pointed to his head and flashed me a smug grin.

"Oh. Right, I forgot we were linked for a while there. It's not something I'm entirely used to." I laughed nervously, trying to hide the embarrassed blush that crept up my neck.

"I know... Your defenses dropped and I heard every thought you were having when you were reading your conversation with All Might. I also heard the music you have blaring in your fucking ears. You have some pretty shitty tastes there, nerd. Anyway, let's get going, we need to change still before meeting them." He turned around and starting walking toward the locker rooms.

I placed my defenses back around embarrassed that I let it slip while squinting at him for mocking my taste in music. This was exactly why I didn't want to be linked to him at all times but I couldn't entirely fault him. He deserved to have this sense of security as far as my well-being was concerned. Even more so if I really was his mate.

Yet, I couldn't risk dropping my blanket so carelessly like that. What if I started thinking about being an Omega and he caught on to those thoughts? My whole plan would go down the drain and all Todoroki's efforts would be for nothing. I didn't want to let that happen. I mean, sure, I was prepared to tell him, but I kind of wanted to make it... special... At least special for myself. Just in case I never get these moments back once he found out. I knew I was being selfish, but he made me so happy and I didn't want to give him up. Not without a fight at least. I didn't plan on letting go of him easily if he rejected me because... for once in my life... I felt like I belonged by his side...

He made life worth living...


Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


After we finished changing in the locker rooms we headed to the training grounds to meet with Aizawa and All Might. They were standing in the entrance waiting for us to arrive. I waved excitedly to the two of them and only All Might waved back while Aizawa kept his hands shoved into his pockets.

"Young Bakugou and Young Midoriya, good morning! It's always a pleasure to witness when the two of you are willing to get along and cooperate together." All Might announced as we walked closer.

"I fucking cooperate with everyone," Katsuki glowered in his direction. I stifled a scoff while they ignored Katsuki's comment which seemed to ignite an angry spark from within him. He even unleashed a few small explosions in his palm.

"Midoriya, I hear we are trying to teleport today? I wasn't aware you could do something such as this. You're just chock-full of surprises, aren't you?" Aizawa asked me, rolling his eyes. I smiled sheepishly while nervously rubbing the back of my head.

"Well, knock it off. It's exhausting to try to keep up with it. I feel a headache coming on every time your name is even mentioned." Aizawa suppressed a yawn that tried to escape from him.

I rose an eyebrow in defiance and assumed we were cutting into his precious beauty sleep. I couldn't fathom how much sleeping he got in a day and still came off looking haggard, worn down, and just utterly exhausted. It made me wonder if being a Pro-hero was going to do the same thing to me. I mean, he was working as a Pro and he was teaching classes full-time, so I didn't see how he had much free time to himself anyway. Plus all the extra grading and classroom scheduling he had to do while school was in session on top of all that. I glanced at All Might's beaten and worn down figure as well and wondered how long it would take for Katsuki and myself to end up looking like these two. I already had a plethora of scars on my body and I wasn't even a Pro yet.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm not really too sure I'll be able to pull it off. I haven't even tried to do this yet so, this will be my first chance." I looked down at my interlocked fingers and twirled my thumbs around each other. I hated dragging them out here on their days off to help me with this training exercise when I wasn't really even sure how to go about doing all of this, to begin with. But, I didn't trust myself not to end up at the bottom of the ocean, so it was safer if Aizawa was here and could erase my quirk if I needed him to.

"Well, you fucking better figure it out fast, Deku. I'm not here to waste time and play babysitter. I'm here to train and blow shit up. You said you'd let me practice on you so, hurry the fuck up." Katsuki growled, sparking his palms in frustration. All Might placed a palm on Katsuki's shoulder to calm him down but he just shrugged it off.

"All Might told me this was a dangerous quirk that you are testing out today. Care to elaborate?" Aizawa ignored the raging pomeranian and turned toward me. If it wasn't for our past, I would have said Katsuki was 'all bark and no bite'... but... I, unfortunately, knew better than that.

"Well, all I know is that if I mess up I could end up in outer space or at the bottom of the ocean?" I offered.

That's all, right? Nothing else?

Nah. I mean, you could also tear yourself up into a million tiny pieces and become permanently lost in the realm Ether exists. But I figured that wasn't too big of a deal so I just went ahead and omitted it for the time being. Eheheh.

Jeez! Ether! That's... I don't know... SUPER IMPORTANT!? How do you even know this?!

I guess we all view things in life differently, huh? You view this as important while I view a juicy steak as important. Weird how that works. But, I don't know... logic? If you think about it, you're trying to warp space, in a sense. So, somehow you need to end up from point A to point B the same way as when you left point A. If you mess up... for all you know your arm could end up feeding piranha in the Amazon while your leg is being run over continuously in the middle of some highway. Heck, even your head could end up swimming with the penguins at temps below absolute zero. Eheheh.


Ugh. I know, I know.

ShutShut. Up. Up. She mimicked me as I thought the words.

"I can also tear myself into a million pieces and disappear into hyperspace. So, there's that too," I shrugged. I mean, I was sure it would end up being no big deal... NOT! Sometimes Ether would leave out the important parts of this quirk. I couldn't help but wonder if it was because she didn't want to scare me off or if it was because she didn't want to relive painful memories.

"Ah. I see. Well, isn't that just lovely?" All Might commented, pursing his lips and widening his eyes in horror.

"Right, that is wonderful. Just more to add to this unrelenting headache you provide for me. So, I'll be monitoring you while you try this quirk out then. If anything seems even remotely off, I'll erase it until you're ready to start again. Understand?" Aizawa said and I nodded. "In the meantime, Bakugou, you'll go with All Might and do some basic training. If he pulls this off today, I have an exercise for the two of you to attempt."

"Right!" I nodded eagerly in agreement while Katsuki just grunted. All Might led him to the other end of the room where they began his training.

'Don't get yourself fucking ripped to shreds, Deku. Got it?' I heard Katsuki voice his thought toward me.

'Oh? Are you worried about me?' I teased him.

'Shut up. I only worry because you're so fucking incompetent.' I could hear a hint of embarrassment hiding behind his tone and grinned.

'Oh please, can't you just admit for once that you care about me?' I said to him. 

He didn't respond to me after that, but that was okay. I knew it was his way of telling me to be careful and I took his words to heart. They made me happy, albeit that also made it a little hard to focus on my current task at hand.

"Okay, so explain to me how this is supposed to work, Midoriya." Aizawa interrupted my internal conversation. I nodded and gave him all the details Ether had provided for me.

"So, you need to have visited the place just once in order to teleport there? Easy enough. If that's the case, then we'll just stick to this room. You stay where you are at and I'm going to walk a distance away. I want you to teleport to the area directly in front of me." I shook my head once to confirm I understood our plan. He turned and walked about ten feet away. When he came to a stop he pointed to the area directly in front of him and began waiting.

Okay, Ether. Any tips? How do I start this?

Well, I don't know. I was born with this quirk, remember? Everything just kind of manifested, massive catastrophe happened, and then bam! I was a natural at it after all of that.

That is literally no help at all. What catastrophe?!

Eh. Don't you worry your pretty little head, Izuku. But, fine. All I can really say to help is that I pictured where I wanted to go and then without moving, I pushed myself forward. Much like how you project your thoughts toward everyone's minds. It's easy once you try it a few times. Just don't mess up in the beginning. After you get the hang of it, I don't see this taking that long for you to master at all.

Ri - Right... So, I just picture the spot in front of Aizawa and I push myself toward him. Got it. 

I repeated her instructions in hopes that they would somehow enlighten me and everything would seem easier. But as per usual, it didn't help at all and it didn't make anything easier.

Because... yet again, nothing was ever easy for me.

I took a deep breath and stared at the space about a foot or so in front of Aizawa, trying my best to memorize every detail and every speck of dirt that resided there. Then, after a few moments, I closed my eyes and visualized myself standing there. I pictured moving forward, almost as though I were taking a step and when my foot landed, I wanted it to land somewhere different. I wanted it to land on my new destination.

Nothing seemed to be happening at first, but then the air around me began to feel thick. It was so thick that I could almost taste it. Something warm and slimy coated around my body, blocking my airways. It was getting progressively harder to breathe inward. My head started to spin and I felt as though I really was underwater and at the bottom of the ocean. A strange, heavy pressure was settling all around me and my knees began to wobble, losing their strength.

Without warning, the heavy air disappeared and when I opened my eyes, I discovered myself on the ground coughing and gasping for air. I hadn't moved an inch and Aizawa had his quirk activated, pointing it in my direction.

"I'm going to go ahead and assume that wasn't the intended result, was it?" He asked me. I shook my head as my breathing slowly started to return and sat back on my knees, looking up at him.

"Care to explain what happened, then?" He asked me. I took a moment to calm down my racing heartbeat while I thought about what I just experienced.

"Uhm - everything became heavy. It was almost like the air wasn't carrying any oxygen anymore and it was replaced with something thicker," I said. I brought my fingers up to touch my skin but didn't notice anything different. I was still dry and there were no traces of the thick air that had seemed to cover me.

"It appeared as though you were going to pass out. However, I believe you are on the right track. From my perspective, a clear veil materialized out of nowhere and drapped itself around your body. That was most likely what caused you to struggle to breathe. Your 'voice' mentioned a substance in the air it referred to as Ether, correct?" He asked me. I gave a curt nod.

"It's possible the veil I witnessed was the 'Ether' you were gathering. Once you catch your breath, let's continue." He pulled out some eye drops to help with his dry-eye while I stood back up and prepared myself for round two.

'This might take longer than I had originally planned,' I thought to myself.




The thick air was becoming easier to manage after several repeated failed attempts. After a while, I was able to still breathe a little when the veil was surrounding me. I had been picturing an instantaneous movement to push myself into the spot I desired to be in, but this time, Aizawa suggested I try actually walking mentally to the location, instead of just jumping to the spot. I pictured myself moving one step at a time until I stood in front of Aizawa. I gave myself a laid-out path to take in my mind with a clear destination. When I reached my destination in my imagination, the thick air that surrounded me began to emit a heavy gale-force wind that rushed past my ears in an instant and I found myself on the ground, gasping for air once again. Only this time when I opened my eyes, I was staring at the black shoes of my teacher. My eyes shot upwards and I took my time to look around before letting my excitement soar through my body.

"All right! I did it!!" I yelled. I jumped up from my spot and immediately lost my balance. My mind began spinning in circles while an incessant ringing pierced my ears. I felt my stomach turn in a painful, burning knot and my mouth started to water. I doubled over and dry heaved the nothingness inside my stomach. The sour taste of bile rested on my tongue and that was it. Aizawa jumped backward to avoid any spew but luckily he didn't need to worry. For once, I was glad I missed out on breakfast.

Oh, yeah. That happened my first time too. Forgot to mention it. Eheheh.

Ugh. Sometimes, Ether. Sometimes.

"Okay. Now that you've done it once. Do it again. Let's see what your daily limit is going to be." He said once I stopped hacking up my internal organs.

I nodded and shakily stood to my feet. He stepped back and put another ten feet between us again. I did the same thing as last time and pictured myself walking to him through the Ether. I felt the rushing air around me and when I opened my eyes, I was in front of him once more. I always seemed to be on my knees when I opened my eyes, so the next time I tested to see if I could remain standing. It took a few tries, but after a while, I was finally able to remain on my two feet when I teleported.

"Midoriya, do you plan to protect yourself and others from villains with your eyes closed every time you teleport? Try keeping them open," Aizawa scolded.

I nodded at his suggestion since he was definitely right. There was no point in teleporting if I couldn't even see where I was going, let alone see if there was danger coming my way or not. This time everything felt strange and different. When I was teleporting before, I was blocking off my senses when I closed my eyes and just using my mind to walk through the Ether. Now I would have to try and envision where I wanted to go while I was still seeing my surroundings. I was almost like I was being asked to actively daydream without losing myself or the awareness of my situation in the process and get myself stuck in La-La Land.

After standing in the same spot for about fifteen minutes with absolutely zero progress, Aizawa sighed tiredly and put his hand up to stop my terrible concentration.

"Let's try it with Bakugou," he said. "Maybe some physical stimulation will help you out here," Aizawa called over to where All Might and Katsuki were running basic drills and they made their way over to us.

"Finally. Any progress? It's been hours since we fucking started." Katsuki grumbled. He mentioned how he was wanting some real training last night so I could only imagine how frustrated he must have been without getting the chance to try and blow me to pieces, yet.

"Well, I figured out how to teleport... with my eyes closed..." I smiled hesitantly at him. He scowled when he took in my words, letting them process in his head for a moment before speaking.

"What fucking good does that dumbass shit do you? Do your eyes really have to be closed? That's so stupid. Talk about fucking pointless," He huffed, crossing his arms and glaring. I couldn't help but feel slightly ashamed that I wasn't able to accomplish it as quickly as I had hoped for him yet.

"That's exactly why we are going to try out your training exercise for today. Each one of your objectives is simple. This is a repeat of something you both did during the Sports Festival. Midoriya, your objective is to hold on to this headband for as long as possible. Try using your teleportation to escape him whenever you can. Bakugou, your objective is to - "

"Rip that shitty rag off his fucking head. Got it," He punched his exploding fists together and grinned. It seemed this was exactly what he was hoping for. We were finally doing something where he could use me as a punching bag. He definitely had another thing coming if he thought I was just going to sit back and let him try that stunt again. He should know better by now that I wasn't going to just let him win, he needed to earn his spot at the top... while I tried to earn my spot by his side. If that meant aiming for the top, too... then so be it.

"Precisely. Midoriya, in turn, needs to try to pin you down and prevent you from getting too close. You will be given half an hour to try this training exercise before we call today quits. Midoriya, head to the south side of the arena and Bakugou the north. We will be monitoring from the sidelines. If for whatever reason you try teleporting and something seems off, notify me immediately. Understand?" Aizawa instructed. We nodded in agreement.

"Good. Once you are in your positions, we will call for you to begin." We began walking our separate ways when I head Katsuki's voice resound throughout my head.

'Deku, you better be ready to put up a fucking fight against me. I don't want to win this within the first ten fucking minutes, you hear me? You said you'd make this training exciting for me. Bring it.' I shook my head in mock disbelief and smiled.

'Don't you worry your precious, little head, Kacchan. You're not getting this headband off of me unless you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. You're on.' I challenged him and tied the band around my head tightly. I didn't want it falling off accidentally. I breathed a heavy sigh and tried to focus my internal thoughts. It had been a while since we last had a chance to go toe-to-toe against each other, so I was probably just as excited and riled up for this as he was.

'Do you want to fucking bet on that, nerd?' He growled. I didn't think growling was possible when you weren't actually talking, but he managed to pull it off with ease.

'That all depends on what would be at stake.' I responded. I made it to my side of the arena and turned around to face him. I stretched a little in anticipation and rolled my shoulders back a few times, warming them up. If he made some ridiculous demands then I wasn't going to bet on anything.

'That should be fucking easy to figure out. It's lunchtime and I'm fucking starving. I'm not exactly in the mood to cook today.' He offered. He made it to his side of the arena and turned around to face me. The malicious grin on his face made me shiver in excitement.

'Lunch? That's it? Out of all the things you could have asked for, you just want me to buy your food?' I asked him curiously. His relatively normal demand actually caught me off guard.

'Yeah? What were you expecting?' He said, frowning. His facial expression matching his words in his head.

'I honestly thought you were going to demand a continuation from this morning.' I said to him before glancing at All Might first, to signal I was ready.

'Oh? You mean your little dance? Don't worry, kitten, we both know that's happening whether I demanded it as a bet from you or not so there's really no point in wasting my time on using that. I want food.' He really didn't even have to see my face to know I was blushing profusely by now.

'Fine. Lunch it is. Just keep in mind, I haven't had breakfast yet. I hope your wallet's prepared.' I teased at him and tossed a glance at Aizawa who nodded in confirmation. He turned his attention to Katsuki and waited for his 'ready' signal, which he received eagerly.

'You and me both. This'll be one fucking expensive lunch. Glad I'm not footing the damn bill.' He smirked.

He was always so confident that he would win. It almost broke my heart to see him lose.



Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀


I immediately cut the connection with Katsuki once our deal was made. I wasn't about to give my opponent the chance to eavesdrop into my thoughts. I barely had any real control over the blanket on my mind and after this morning, when I didn't even realize I had dropped it, it was only a matter of time before it fell during something like our combat today. I couldn't risk that happening either.

I wasn't able to hear him and could barely even see his facial expressions from our distance but I was confident that he was scowling at my actions. I figured he could get over the loss of our connection for now. He had no reason to be afraid I would intentionally hurt myself when he was literally right in front of me. If he wanted to keep tabs on my well-being then he could do it using his own two eyes for right now.

Besides, keeping the connection going was most likely something that was putting me at a disadvantage. If I was already using Ether to hold a mind link then it was possible it had been negatively impacting my chances at completing a successful teleportation. It was worth a shot to see if they improved and I didn't see a better opportunity to test my theory out than the one that was presenting itself to me right now.

Since we were only being allowed half an hour to accomplish our goals for this exercise I was going to need to figure out how to teleport with my eyes open and fast. This was most likely what Aizawa had in mind when he decided to proceed with the exercise now. He was trying to force me into a corner while hoping my instincts would kick in and I would be able to force myself to teleport without thinking too much about it. However, I wasn't the one that possessed the amazing reflexes and instincts here.

No, it was Katsuki.

He was practically a raging ball of natural battle instincts. His phenomenal skills blew me out of the water every time I saw him in action. He really was a force to be reckoned with and I was about to face him head-on... again. Maybe, this time I would actually win against him.

I had positioned myself on the opposite side of Katsuki and was braced in a defensive stance. The training grounds we were using were fairly large. I was always amazed at how U.A. managed to squeeze these massive grounds into their campus like they did. The training grounds we were currently occupying were relatively open aside from the occasional enormous boulder that provided a sense of landscaping.

"All right, get ready," I heard All Might call from his spot near the entrance. "Begin!"

Immediately, Katsuki ignited his palms and began to blast himself in my direction. When we first fought, I was able to read his movements because I was always watching him. Unfortunately, I told him this information. Ever since he found out that I viewed him as predictable though, he began to work on being even more spontaneous with his movements and attacks. He was becoming increasingly more difficult for me to fight and keep up with. He was always one step ahead of me but I knew that if I could just manage to get behind him and pin him in an arm hold before he even had the chance to react then I would win.

I activated One for All, Full-Crowl, and waited until he was just a hair's breadth away before I vaulted myself up and over his head. I landed just behind him and hoped he took this chance to turn around and confront me. Almost as if in slow motion I watched when his muscles started to ripple as he turned his body around mid-air to face me, his blasts helping him to increase his momentum. I glanced at the space that would soon be behind him and tried to envision myself walking the distance until I was standing there. I felt when the atmosphere surrounding me became heavy while the Ether in the air shifted and began to settle in its clear blanket. I wasn't surprised when Katsuki's face showed a trace amount of confusion at the veil that was suddenly wrapping itself around my body.

My veil was shattered just as quickly as it had formed, however. Katsuki had reached forward and made a mad dash to grab the headband causing me to lose my concentration on teleporting while I attempted to dodge just out of his reach. I wasn't able to react and focus on teleporting at the same time.

Izuku. I have an idea. 

Ether's voice startled me but I maintained my steady back pace while simultaneously dodging every swipe Katsuki made. He was getting quicker with his advances and they were coming at me from nearly every direction. They were wild and unplanned. I wasn't even sure if I could call his movements as simply spontaneous anymore. It seemed almost as though in the beginning he was simply testing the waters the first time around and now he was gaining confidence in his actions.

My theory was proved correct when I saw a smirk cross along his face. I knew he thought he was winning already and if I didn't do something fast, that was definitely going to be the case and I needed to save my wallet.

Make it quick Ether! He's gaining on me!

Right. You keep picturing walking to your location. That worked for you when your eyes were closed. Maybe it worked that way because you couldn't actually see your spot. Well, with your eyes open, you are already viewing the clear path. Perhaps try envisioning just stepping forward like you were the first time.

I wasted no time in responding to her. I needed to see if her theory was correct so having an idle chit-chat wasn't going to help. Katsuki persisted in his advances, his fingers barely brushing in front of my face. I put more strength in my legs and vaulted back even further using Full-Crowl, hoping it was enough to give me some space between us. I would only have one chance to test this out because I would need to draw my attention away from Katsuki and, in that split second, if I failed this would be all over, way too quickly for my tastes. I glanced directly behind him and without giving myself time to acknowledge the thick air that formed around my body again, I immediately pictured stepping forward. Within seconds my view swung around and changed entirely. I was no longer looking at his face but rather the back of his head. He stumbled forward a little at my sudden disappearance and started to look around. He noticed me almost immediately and turned back around to continue his attacks.

Thank you, Ether! I love you sometimes, I hope you know that! You're awesome!

I'll remember you said that. Eheheh. Now focus and get yourself a free meal!

Without wasting another second, I tried the same thing again. I was just barely able to keep standing and now I was able to do this with my eyes open, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try moving while mid-attack. I used my shoot-style to swing my left leg forward and I watched when Katsuki braced himself for impact. At that same moment, I teleported directly behind him. My leg connected to the side of his right arm with a solid thud and he went flying toward the left.

Before he had the chance to land I teleported to where I would be standing just in front of his trajectory. I lifted my leg in the air and when he passed underneath it, I brought it down against his torso with enough force to knock the air out of his lungs. He smashed into the ground with a loud thump. Without taking the time to catch his breath, he just held it in and grit his teeth. He quickly rolled off to the side from where he landed before I had the chance to pounce on top of him and claim my win. He got up on one knee and braced an arm across the other while he tried to regain his bearings.

It was nice for once to see the smirk he always held when he went up against me to be wiped from his face like it was just now but I would never tell him that. He would murder me the first chance he had if he knew I felt that way sometimes.

He wiped at the corners of his mouth and seemed to be gasping for air. He was no longer heading in my direction but his glare told me I was dead meat. His spontaneous movements were going to work against him at this rate so he was now beginning to take a more cautious approach and that actually worked against me.

If I gave him enough time to counter my movements then this match would be as good as over and I couldn't afford that... literally. I still had another quirk up my sleeve, though, and I was itching to bring it out. Aizawa did happen to say that I needed to pin him down, however, he failed to say with what.

This time I wanted to try a few continuous teleportations. In my mind I pictured every spot I wanted to appear at and when I would activate my next quirk in the middle of it all. Katsuki watched as my veil dropped around me and he could tell what was coming next.

Instead of charging at me, he hunkered down and prepared to brace himself. I could tell he was using all of his instincts to read where I would be randomly appearing from next. If I could pull this off then it would be my turn to hold a smirk against him. The thought of winning and having a free meal started to feel within my grasp but first I needed to outwit his instincts and his reflexes. By the looks of it he was planning to rely solely on these to win now and that was where I would face the most trouble.

His outstanding battle instincts were everyone's worst nightmare.

For now though, we were at a stand-still. Each of us was clearly waiting for the other to make the first movement. I had heard once that the first person to move would be the winner, so I decided to take my chances and trust in my newfound quirk. I pictured where I wanted to teleport to first and made my move. The moment I began my teleportation I pictured my next spot. I continued my movements as fast as I could creating a tiny hurricane of dust around Katsuki as I circled him. The world whirled beneath me and I could barely make out Katsuki's shape. I mentally groaned when I noticed my vision couldn't keep up with this fast past motion. This was a clear flaw in the teleportation and I needed to remember to keep it in mind for the future. As Aizawa and Katsuki had mentioned earlier, it did me absolutely no good if I couldn't see what I was doing.

The moment I reached my second to the last destination, I hoped I had thoroughly confused Katsuki enough. I didn't want him to be able to predict where I would attack from, so doing this hopefully helped to throw him off. I activated my black whip mid-teleportation and as I landed in my last position, I swung my whip forward and felt it make contact. I pulled tightly against the force hoping to tighten the ropes just as my vision began to clear up.

By this time, it was too late to correct my mistake.

My heart skipped a beat when the dust settled around us and I inhaled sharply, trying to think of what to do next, but there was no time. The object my black whip had connected with was not Katsuki's torso like I had hoped but rather his arm. My tug alerted him to my direction and he was already moving before I had the chance to plan my next teleportation. I kicked myself backward just as a blast from his palms came soaring toward my head.

The force of his blast sent me plummeting to the ground and in a flash, he was there. I gasped once for air when it was all forced out of me in the land and I focused on the hands that had me pinned with my headband between his fingers. His face was ignited in pure joy or at least that's what I hoped it was. His blindingly bright smile either contained the joy of his victory or pure murderous intent. I never really knew when it came to him anymore. His very presence swept my breath away. Champagne blond hair shimmered in the light and his skin was glistening in sweat. His crimson eyes bore into my soul and I could only form a single thought in my head.

I really did love this stunningly, gorgeous boy.

For the second time today, I was grateful I didn't have these thoughts while we were still linked together and he could somehow accidentally hear them.

"All right," Aizawa called from the entrance. "Let's call that a wrap. Midoriya, you're not permitted to use that quirk unless under supervision until we feel you have progressed enough to prevent yourself from tearing into a million pieces, agreed?" I smiled. I couldn't argue with that logic.

"Yes, of course! I don't feel like being torn to shreds either, so there's nothing to worry about there," I called to him, still beneath Katsuki. I was breathing heavily and his weight on my chest wasn't making it any easier, but I didn't really mind. Finally, after we both managed to settle our breathing in a few seconds, Katsuki stood up and started to walk away. My eyes followed his receding form for a moment before I stood up as well. He was heading toward the changing rooms, most likely thinking about the free food he had just won.

"Thank you, All Might, Aizawa!" I bowed down to both of them in appreciation.

"Young Midoriya, do you want to continue this training again tomorrow morning as well?" All Might asked me.

"Oh, yes, please!" I nodded my head enthusiastically. "I mean, that is to say, if you both don't mind and aren't particularly too busy. I don't want to pull you away from anything important since I know this is technically your vacation time as well. Even though you're both Pro-Heroes. You probably don't actually have any vacation time, do you? Well, except for you All Might, being retired and all..." I trailed off and gulped, realizing I had just begun to mutter a whole list of meaningless words to the two of them. Luckily for me, they didn't seem to mind. In fact, it was normal for me to do at this point so they just took it in stride.

"Since you already have the basics down," Aizawa began again, "then training won't last as long as it did today. How about we do the same matches but extend them for an hour in the mornings? Bakugou, do you mind continuing to be his sparring partner for these exercises?" He called out to Katsuki before he fully exited the training grounds.

Katsuki stopped in his tracks and looked back. He was in the middle of removing one of his gauntlets. Before he spoke, he finished unclasping it and tucked it underneath his arm. His eyes glanced between us all for a moment, seeming to decide if he wanted to continue practicing with me or not. I started to feel slightly nervous, wondering if maybe he thought we were spending too much time together or something and I wanted to suggest to Aizawa that perhaps we asked Todoroki or Shinsou instead. Before I had the opportunity to interrupt, Katsuki spoke up.

"I don't give a shit. As long as I get the chance to beat someone to a pulp then I'll fucking do it," he smirked.

Slowly, he turned back around and left the training grounds. I gulped lightly and let loose a soft sigh in relief before realizing he agreed because he was given the chance to beat me in competitions repeatedly. I frowned when I figured that part out but it didn't matter. I enjoyed spending time with him, even if it was just to end up staring at his victorious face over and over again. His grin when he won made my repeated losses that much better for me. I flinched when I remembered our bet and that he was already out of the arena, probably waiting for me to hurry up. I knew I would never hear the end of it if I didn't finish up here quickly and head out after him. He was probably waiting for me to form our link back together, too.

"Okay, then we'll see you tomorrow morning, young man." All Might patted me on the shoulder as I jogged after Katsuki. I found him in the changing rooms and the moment he saw me he pointed to his head. I sighed internally and rolled my eyes. It almost felt as though my mind was a drug and Katsuki was addicted to it.

I pushed forward with my mind and formed our link once again. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should just leave the connection up at all times. It was becoming tiresome to constantly have to form and reform the link just for him. But, it would be even more troublesome if his chances of eavesdropping into my personal thoughts were given the opportunity to increase. So, in the end, I would rather continue doing this like we already were.

"I'm pretty glad we made that damn bet," he smirked when I walked past him to my locker. I sighed at his boasting attitude. It was probably the one thing about him that would never change.

"Yeah, yeah, Kacchan. I'm sure you are," I groaned. "That's the last time I place a bet with you."

"Fucking hurry up and change. I told you ...I'm starving," He smiled at me and tossed his hero costume in the bin that the cleaning robots took care of before walking out and leaving me alone.

"Ugh - Yes, I know. My poor wallet is crying already," I said sarcastically. I knew he heard me from his chuckle right outside the doors. I changed as fast as I could and headed to meet Katsuki around the corner.

"So, where are we eating then?" I asked him. He shrugged in response.

"I need some fucking meat," That was all he said as he led the way outside.

Great... Meat was expensive.


Chapter Text

💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


Izuku seemed stressed when I mentioned meat and I couldn't help but smirk at his nervous movements. He would twitch every time he caught my gaze resting on his back and his fingers were intertwined with themselves. I felt my facial muscles twitching on the corners of my mouth while I did my best to hide the grin that was threatening to appear. I thought when he moved like this, so obviously self-conscious around me, that he was really cute.

He wasn't aware of it but I had every intention of us actually buying our own meat and grilling it ourselves. I knew all the money he received was an allowance that came from his hard-working mother and I wasn't about to put Inko on the spot because of our selfish bet. Buying our own meat and cooking it by ourselves was going to still be cheaper than going to one of those over-priced fucking restaurants. It'd probably taste better if I cooked it myself anyway. But I wanted to go somewhere where it would be just the two of us. It was a nice summer afternoon on a Monday so most people would still be at work meaning the parks wouldn't be too crowded. Hopefully, we would manage to find a barbecue pit that was far enough away from prying eyes. I was beginning to feel a little excited at the idea of spending a day like today just enjoying the warm summer weather with Izuku.

"Kacchan, I need to grab my wallet and I would like to shower before we go if that is okay?" He asked me. I frowned when I heard his request.

What part of 'I'm starving' did he miss?

"Just grab your damn wallet. Take a shower later, nerd, we both fucking stink so what does it even matter? Just hurry your ass up because I'll be waiting at the gates." I chided him.

He looked a little pale at the thought of not being able to shower and even sniffed his armpits. His reaction was priceless. The look of sheer mortification that ghosted across his face made me nearly want to burst out with laughter. I gave him a soft shove toward the dorms to hurry him along. He probably thought we'd be going to sit inside some restaurant. I watched as he reluctantly nodded and raced toward the dorms to grab his wallet.




After standing around outside for about fifteen fucking minutes, in the scorching heat with nothing but the blistering sun to keep me company, I was beginning to grow impatient. My gaze wandered across the expanse of the campus courtyard to the giant dormitories beyond. I kept wondering why he hadn't come back down yet and was hoping that he didn't take a shower, just to leave me waiting for him for so long. I didn't think he was dumb enough to pull a stunt like that though. He was just supposed to be grabbing his wallet and heading back down to me so we could eat. I was about to yell for him in my mind when I finally caught a glimpse of his fluffy green hair off in the distance. Within seconds I realized what was taking him so long to come back to my side. I growled and shook my head in anger as they all walked closer. I had half the mind to turn around and forget the whole plan now.

"What the fuck are they doing with you, Deku?" I asked him when he was in hearing range. I didn't care if they were right next to him when I called out. In fact, I hoped they heard the anger in my voice and would second guess their decision to follow along.

"Uhm - Well, Shouto saw me when I was coming back down from grabbing my wallet and he asked what I was doing so I told him about our bet and then he said he was hungry too. Then Shinsou overheard and asked if he could join as well, so... yeah... That's what happened." He explained.

Izuku shrugged his shoulders at me and looked down at the ground, kicking the imaginary rock that he always seemed to see. Sometimes it pissed me off with how overly nice and accommodating he could be for everyone but I couldn't fault him entirely. His demeanor was one of the things I liked about him in the first place, even if it was irritating.

"Fucking whatever, let's just go then," I caved, turning away from the group and following the sidewalk out of the U.A. grounds. I stuffed my hands in my pockets to prevent myself from blowing the damn idiot up. I couldn't say no to the doe-eyes he flashed up at me, all apologetic and adorable. 

Could he not see an opportunity to go on a date with just the two of us when it was presented? 

At this rate, we would just end up as 'friends with benefits', seeing as how naive and innocent he could be sometimes. Even though he most definitely wasn't as innocent as he led others to believe. Lucky for me, as far as I knew, I was the only one that was aware of his more... seductive side.

wouldn't let that fucking happen, though. There was no way in hell I was going to end up as just some stupid 'late-night phone call' when he was 'in the mood'. I wanted to be the only person he went to, not just someone he had on the side. I planned on strapping him down... in every sense of the word... and claiming him as mine and mine alone.

"So where are we eating then?" Shinsou asked, breaking me out of my own thoughts.

The retarded-trio followed closely behind me as I made my way toward the nearest convenience store, weaving in and out of all the stragglers on the sidewalk. They all tried to walk side-by-side but the narrow path wouldn't let them. So, in the end, I wound up front by myself, Shinsou and Todoroki were in the middle walking next to each other, and somehow... Izuku was all alone in the back, trailing behind us.

I tossed a small, quick glance over my shoulder to look Izuku in the eyes. He was smiling up at me from behind the two intrusions and I wanted to reach between them to pull him up to walk by my side. It was like they were trying to prevent Izuku from getting too close to me. The very idea that they had a backhanded trick up their sleeve like that made my blood boil, but I didn't think they were planning that far enough ahead. If they were, then they clearly joined us to stop Izuku and me from being alone for this spontaneous date on purpose.

"Kacchan mentioned he wanted meat," Izuku answered Shinsou cheerfully.

"Yeah, I was planning on grilling at a park or something until you fucktards showed up," I glanced behind me again to emphasize my displeasure. I caught a very satisfied look on Todoroki's face which only confirmed my fears; Todoroki knew exactly what he was interfering with. He most likely planned it the moment he heard we were going to be eating out together. I growled lowly at him but he wasn't fazed in the slightest.

"Oh? A barbecue? That's surprising. I thought for sure you'd be wanting some kind of all you could eat buffet just to empty my pockets," Izuku laughed nervously but I could tell he was actually relieved to hear of my plans.

He began to mumble a little and I caught a few mentions about prices and the savings it was going to help him with. I smiled when I heard him realizing I was choosing the most cost-effective option for us. Then he startled himself, almost as if he came to another realization of sorts. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking anymore at this point. My eyes kept wanting to pull themselves behind me and my ears were straining just to pick up on his voice. 

I was lucky I hadn't plowed into a street sign yet.

"We could still do that, I think it would be a lot of fun with more people, too!" Izuku announced, almost as if he thought that I would be mad at his comment about the buffet. Of course, he would feel that more people would be more enjoyable, it was just the way he was.

"Where are we getting the meat from then?" Shinsou asked. "There's a 7/11 down the road aways and we could eat at the park that's another block down from that." It was almost like he had read my mind because that was my exact plan, but I didn't want to let them know they had figured me out so quickly. It was easy to walk to and in this heat, no one wanted to walk too far anyway.

"That works for me." Todoroki agreed.

Todoroki quickened his pace a bit to catch up to me, giving Izuku some space to walk next to Shinsou. At first, I thought he was just trying to be considerate and didn't want Izuku to feel left out. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Instead, he got close enough to brush shoulders with me. I flicked a glare at him but he just ignored me and leaned closer. I frowned at our close proximity, wondering what he thought he was doing. He raised a hand and motioned for me to bring my head closer to him, gesturing he had something he wanted to whispered in my ear.

"Oops, Bakugou. Did I interrupt on your precious plan to have a date with Midoriya?" he smirked when I pulled my head away from him.

He fucking smirked, the bastard. I knew it. I knew he did this on purpose and now he was just actively trying to rile me up.

"You know damn well what you fucking did, IcyHot," I growled defensively at him.

"But of course, I do. I warned you in the hallway the other night after leaving Midoriya's room together. I won't let you win him over this easily. Expect me to interfere until the bitter end, Bakugou. Don't worry, it's all just friendly competition and until he tells me that he's chosen to be with someone, that he's entirely taken and no longer single, I won't back down. Even then, I can make any promises. If you do succeed, just know, the moment you let your guard down and hurt him, I'll be there waiting to pick up the pieces. You know what they say, a shoulder to cry on..." He stopped keeping pace with me and went back to stand next to Izuku, pushing Shinsou toward the back of the group now.

I flamed a bright red in anger. I could feel my palms heating up as I tried to stop myself from turning around and giving the bastard another scar to his face so that maybe, for once in his life, he'd be fucking symmetrical. I took a few short breaths but couldn't help the obvious quickening in my gait. 

Two could play at this game then.

'Kacchan... are you mad at me?' Izuku's sudden voice in my head caught me off guard. I knew I seemed angry right now, but what else was new? I didn't mean for him to pick up on it so quickly though. He was supposed to be paying attention to Todoroki, who seemed to want to try starting a conversation with him, but no. Instead, I could feel Izuku's eyes glued to the back of my head.

'I'm always mad at you, nerd.' I teased him.

'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring them. It just kind of happened.' His voice sounded soft in my mind and my anger dissipated a little bit. I didn't want him getting the wrong idea and thinking that I was really mad at him. He didn't even notice that I was fucking around, so I knew he was seriously worried about upsetting me.

'I know you didn't mean to. It's just who you fucking are and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm actually pissed off at IcyHot, not you. If he hadn't decided to join us then we could have been enjoying our first date together.' I glanced behind him and smiled when I saw him blush at my comment.

'I don't know if I would call it a date, though.' He immediately retaliated, causing my heart to pang a little. I didn't like how quickly he rejected the idea of this being considered a date. Not that it was considered one anymore.

'And why not?' I asked him, wondering if it was because he didn't think it would be a date since I was involved or if there was maybe a different reason.

'Well... because, a date... typically means someone actually invited the other person out with every intention of it actually being a date. A date has laid out plans like movies, amusement parks, shopping, and food. Besides, dates only happen between two people that want to be together...' He said nervously.

Clearly, he rejected the idea for both reasons. He didn't think I could have feelings for him and this wasn't something he considered a date in the first place. Did he expect a love confession from someone when they asked him out? I mean, that was generally the way things worked so I didn't have any qualms against this idea. I planned on telling him how I felt anyway. When could I ask him then? But, then again, I wanted to tell him after I swept him off his feet from the date, not before. I didn't want to tell him how I felt and then ask him on a date. There was no romance behind that... not that... I wanted to be super romantic or anything...

'So this is your definition of what a date is then, huh? You're more traditional than I thought, Izuku. It's actually good to know. I'll keep this in mind for next time.' I said to him. I heard a soft squeak come from behind me.

'N - Next time?!' He practically screamed at me.

'Izuku, don't yell in my head and come walk closer to me.' I called him to walk a little faster and stand by my side. His footsteps sounded soft as he ran along the concrete and I grinned, glad to know he eagerly listened to my request.

I glanced behind me to make sure Todoroki was watching before I made my move. I gave him a devious smile and reached gently for Izuku's hand. Just like I figured, he didn't flinch away from me. Instead, he tenderly linked his fingers through my own and I knew he was hiding a smile behind the arm he brought up to his face. Todoroki scowled but didn't say anything. To my shock, though, Shinsou shot a glare in my direction. I knew how Todoroki felt about Izuku, but I honestly didn't think I had any other competition besides him, so catching Shinsou's glare had me slightly concerned.

Only slightly though because at the end of the day, Izuku was warming up my bed, not theirs.

We walked a little further and made it to the nearest 7/11. Izuku tried to let go of my hand but I just continued to drag him into the store. I wasn't done holding on to him and he ruined my chances of having alone time, so I wasn't going to let go just yet.

"Uhm, Kacchan, I'm not going to run away or anything so you don't need to keep holding my hand." He said, tugging against my grip again.

"Oh, I'm not holding it because I'm afraid you'll escape. I'm holding it because I fucking want to hold it. Consider it punishment for bringing along the annoying ass extras. Besides, I enjoy watching that IcyHot bastard glare at me." I remarked, weaving us through the crowded store.

"Okay, but people are staring at us," His voice sounded slightly embarrassed and he tugged his hand once more, but I just squeezed it even tighter.

"Who? I'll fucking blow them up!" I announced loudly, shooting a glare at anyone that even dared to look in our direction.

Fucking bring it, extras.

We walked around to the meat section while Todoroki and Shinsou headed to find everything we would need to start the grill up. I finally let go of his hand and walked over to pick our meat.

"We need vegetables, too," Izuku said from behind me. He softly grabbed onto the back of my shirt, like a little kid afraid to be separated from their parents and I smirked. I turned around to see him staring at the greens a few aisles down. Sighing, I pulled his hand off my clothes and placed it around my arm. His face flamed a bright red and I chuckled when I saw a row of tomatoes sitting behind him. He nearly matched the color.

"If you went to go pick them out, we would probably be eating some strange fucking combinations, like broccoli or some shit. So stay right here next to me and we'll go over there together. Quit fucking drooling at them." I said to him and he nodded, wrapping himself around my arm more tightly.

We finished gathering all the food we wanted to eat and went to meet Todoroki and Shinsou back at the front of the store. They had grabbed a few things for themselves to eat as well, probably not intending to make Izuku foot the whole food bill himself. When we walked out of the store, he looked down at his open wallet and sighed in relief.

"That wasn't so bad," He smiled up at me.

"Of course, it wasn't damn nerd. Now, shut up and let's get going. I'm still fucking starving," I complained. Izuku nodded happily, keeping his arm linked through mine. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest when he buried his face against my bicep, nuzzling me. I wanted to pull away for a moment when I remembered that I probably smelled like sweat because I didn't give us the time to take a shower.

But... then again, maybe... Izuku likes the smell of caramel...

"Kacchan, are you going to be cooking our food?" He looked up at me with those cooling, emerald eyes and I wanted to drown in the pool that was calling to me. I mean... it was hot as hell out right now anyway...

"Who else is going to do it? You'd just fucking burn it like you did the damn pancakes, Deku. The two extras can cook their own damn food though. I'm not helping them. I want to watch as they crash and burn." I smirked evilly.

"You're a really pleasant person to be around, you know that?" Shinsou voiced but I just ignored him. I never knew when he intended to use his quirk and I didn't want to give him any chances to use it against me.


I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I reached in and pulled it out, looking down at the screen to see I had an incoming phone call from Kirishima. For a moment, I deliberated ignoring his call but decided against it when I figured he never really called me in the first place. Usually, he just took the time to text me, so on the off chance that something was actually up, I decided to answer it.

"What do you fucking want?" I immediately griped into the speaker.

"What're you wearing right now?" He asked me, making me feel self-conscious.

"Why the fuck do you want to know that?! Quit being creepy." I frowned and looked down at my clothes, wondering if somehow he could see them and was going to judge me on my attire. If that were the case, then I'd fucking burn him so bad he couldn't activate his damn quirk anymore.

"Just answer, man. What're you wearing?? Are you wearing your usual black tank top and some shorts?? Am I right? Are Midoriya, Shinsou, and Todoroki with you?" Kirishima asked me and I scowled deeply. My eyes started searching behind me, in every direction.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" I asked him.

"I knew it! Look across the street!" I obliged and turned back around, looking dead ahead of me.

"Well, that's just fucking great. Go away." I told him through the phone. 

He clearly ignored me and hung up. On the other end of the road, Kirishima and Denki were waving at us excitedly and they came bounding across the street to where we were still standing in front of the store.

"Hey, guys! What are you all doing out here together?" Kirishima asked us as he came within earshot.

"We're going to the park and having a barbecue. What're you two doing?" Izuku responded happily. He must have forgotten that he was holding on to my arm, but I wasn't going to complain. Denki gave us a curious look but didn't say anything. He probably wanted to avoid being murdered today. Smart move, for once.

"MEAT?!" Kirishima yelled, his voice cracking in the excitement. He coughed and cleared his throat before trying again.

"We just went around to shop a little, but we're free now... Who's... uhm... who's cooking?" He asked and glanced in my direction, clearly hoping it was me. I just rolled my eyes. It was obvious that we had just gained even more company.

"Buy your own damn meat and I'll fucking cook it," I growled and crossed my arms. Izuku finally noticed and tried to pull his hand away from me. He wiggled around aggressively until he was able to pull it from the space I had trapped him between my bicep and chest. Kirishima nodded excitedly at my offer and they both took off running into the store. At least they had enough wits about them to know I wasn't going to wait around for them.

"So you'll cook theirs, but not ours? What's with the prejudice I'm sensing here?" Shinsou questioned.

"Those two don't do things that piss me off as frequently as you two do." I glowered at him. Shinsou seemed a little confused before glancing in Izuku's direction. His confusion left his face when I raised an eyebrow. He knew what I fucking meant, he wasn't an idiot and neither was I.

After about five minutes, Kirishima and Denki came out of the store with their own food, breathing heavily, and we made our way to the park. It wasn't hard to find a grill that was open and we quickly began cooking. I no longer cared if we were near other people anymore at this point, since my whole plan had been thoroughly ruined.

I was standing over our meat and making sure nothing was burning while Izuku and the other's sat around the table, happily chit-chatting away. I saw out of the corner of my eye as Kirishima stood up and walked to stand next to me.

"So, have you had the chance to tell him yet?" He asked me. My eyes shot up in warning and he brought his hands up in defense. "Don't worry, man. He can't hear me from over here." I glanced behind him and sure enough, Izuku had made no move at our conversation. He was too busy flashing flirtatious looks at Shinsou and Todoroki, while simultaneously poisoning the air with his intoxicating laughter.

"Not yet. I plan on telling him in about two weeks, though. He said he would finally tell me whatever it is that you all have been keeping a secret from me at that time. He's fucking terrified I would hate him or something over this shit. So after he gathers his fucking courage, I'm retaliating with my own. I'm sure not only will he be surprised at my confession but he'll also be surprised that I confessed after he told me something that he swears I won't accept about him." I focused on a few pieces of meat that were nearing completion before continuing.

"I'm actually really fucking serious about this whole damn thing with him. Otherwise, I would have never even considered it. Unless his secret was something I could never forgive, for example, he was secretly a murderer or some shit. If that were the case, I'd beat the ever-living daylights out of him but I know that would never happen. So, everything is going to be just fine. I can't blame him though, I haven't really given him a reason to trust me. Our past is a little fucked up, but I plan on using these two weeks to change all of that. I'm actually more surprised that you seem to be supportive of all of this?" I raised an eyebrow at him when I finished. He just shrugged and smiled at me.

"I wouldn't be much of a friend or a hero if I judged people on who their hearts decided to fall for. We can't stop love from happening. It just does. Besides, between you and me, I like a guy too." He admitted.

This time it was his turn to look around and make sure no one else was listening to us. I was shocked by his confession and wondered how many other people didn't care about the first gender in our class. Not that it really even mattered anymore. In the past, people were more judgemental of who others should and should not be with. But, after some protests and societal view changes, it was long determined that people shouldn't be judged for who their soulmate was. It wasn't something we could ever choose for ourselves. So, after that, being in a relationship with anyone, regardless of their first or secondary gender, was widely accepted.

"Who is it? Do you like dunce-face?" I asked him genuinely curious and he blushed.

"Uhm - it's a little complicated with him. I do like him... a lot actually, but he's not exactly who I'm talking about. I feel as though there are different levels of love between everyone. Otherwise, how would you differentiate your love for a friend versus who you truly love? He... confessed to me a while back... but, I told him that I liked someone else more right now. I knew things between me and that other person probably weren't going to work out, though. I have a feeling the other person will be finding their mate soon. Remember how you said if you found your mate, that love wouldn't just happen between you two? Well... it's kind of like that. He said he loves me and I'm willing to give him a chance because I do feel for him back. But, for right now we're at a standstill. It wouldn't be fair for me to fully accept his feelings when there was still someone else occupying a majority of my heart, you know? So, we're not exactly dating or anything, I'm just not denying his advances. They're really nice actually. Love doesn't just happen the moment you realize someone likes you, it takes time. It's still a work in progress. There are definitely feelings between us, but it's still a little complicated." He rubbed the back of his neck. Apparently, this topic embarrassed him.

"Does anyone else know this? Everyone thinks there are no couples in our class and as far as I'm concerned, you guys are probably the closest to being one right now then." He shrugged at my question.

"As I said, there's someone else I love more than him at the moment... he's not who I like the most. So, we've been holding things off for until my feelings either disappear or I lose all chances to be with the person I like." He wouldn't look at me.

"If you have someone you like and someone who likes you then why were you both willing to mark Deku? I mean, you and those others could end up being mates. You're still 16, right? So, why were you willing to go through with it? Weren't both of you actually going to follow this stupid plan? I don't fucking get it." I groaned in confusion.

"Honestly, I knew it wouldn't continue. We went along with it in hopes of actually putting a stop to the whole thing. Obviously, it hasn't worked yet. Sorry about all this." He gave me a shy smile.

"Don't worry about it too much, shitty-hair. It will all be okay in the end. I'll put a stop to the whole damn thing myself very soon." I smirked victoriously.

"Right. I know you will and I'm rooting for you, bro. If he's your mate, what'll you do?" He asked me.

"If he's my mate... consider us bonded," I growled happily at the idea. A million scenarios running through my mind of how badly I wanted to claim Izuku and call him mine forever.

"What if he doesn't want you to?" Kirishima asked me and I snorted. I knew that wasn't likely at all. I started piling some finished meat onto a plate and handed it to Kirishima to hold.

"Trust me, I know he wants me to and if I'm wrong then I don't give a shit. I'll mark him and he will fucking like it regardless. Being marked by your mate will feel good even if you don't want to be marked, but if he's out here letting people who aren't even his mate mark him then he shouldn't have a problem if his mate does the same. But the way things went the other night, I know he wants my teeth sinking into him," I remarked, not really caring if it made my friend feel uncomfortable.

"O - Oh, okay. Yeah, totally man." He said nervously.

"So, if you don't like just dunce-face, then who is the person you like more?" I stopped grilling and looked at him. His face turned a beet red and his smile seemed a little sad.

"Uhm - Well, this is awkward." He said shyly, his gaze flicking up to me every few seconds, sending signals. I raised an eyebrow before understanding dawned on me.

"Oh." I froze in mid-flip on the meat I was cooking and looked at him with a slightly shocked expression. 

Was that really all I could say to him right now? 

"Uhm... oh..." I bit my lip my bottom lip awkwardly, unsure of where to go with this new information. 

Turns out that really was all I could say.

"Y - Yeah... Don't worry about it though. I knew things wouldn't work out the moment I realized how you felt about Midoriya." He shrugged his shoulders, helping the mood to go back to the way it was just a few moments before.

"When did you find that out?" I asked him, turning my attention back to finishing the rest of our food.

"Probably after the Sports Festival, I think. It didn't take me that long to realize. I mean, for anyone that has a keen eye to these things, it was pretty obvious you both liked each other." He said, continuing to watch me grill.

"You really think he likes me back?" I cocked an eyebrow, hoping I wasn't the only one that felt this way.

"Wow... you're a little dense, aren't you?" He teased me and I growled.

"Shut the fuck up, shitty-hair and take the food back to the table before I blow you to bits." I ignited a few sparks to emphasize my point. He just laughed at me and made his way back to the table.

I didn't join them right away. I wasn't exactly expecting to find out Kirishima felt about me in that way, but I was glad I didn't have to feel too bad about rejecting him. In fact, he didn't seem to want an answer at all and that made things a little easier for me. He probably wouldn't have ever told me if I didn't ask him in the first place. Besides, Denki would be there for him if he ended up needing someone. It was just the way things would work out in the end. I most likely didn't even have to reject him outright. I had a feeling he understood that things between Izuku and I would work out no matter what. I wasn't giving up on Izuku even if someone else was his mate. I would make sure he was always mine and I would make him happy no matter what it took. I walked back over to the table and joined the group as they chowed down on my cooking.

"I thought you said you weren't going to grill our food?" Shinsou teased.

"I wasn't in the mood to smell burning meat while I tried to eat my own. It'd just ruin the experience." I snapped at him for being cocky.

"You're so stubborn sometimes, Kacchan," Izuku remarked.

"Shut up and just fucking eat," I growled. He smiled at me and then did as he was told. This may not have been the way I planned my afternoon to go, but I didn't mind it so much anymore.

Besides, I still had that little strip dance tonight to look forward to.


Chapter Text

💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


It didn't take us too long before we had finished off all the food we had managed to buy and were just sitting around while everyone talked. The sun was beginning to hang low in the sky before we decided it was time to call quits on our little outing. We all headed back to the dorms together so Denki and Kirishima could use this chance to hang out a little while longer. They wanted us all to watch a movie together and Izuku being the happy-go-lucky cinnamon roll that he was, eagerly agreed to a group movie night before I had the chance to decline it all. I was more than happy to drag his ass back up to our - I mean, 'my' room and just sleep the rest of the afternoon and night away cuddling and shit, but no. Apparently, he had other fucking plans. Whatever.

When we walked into the dorm everyone just went about getting ready for this movie night. Kirishima and Denki searched for snacks in the kitchen, Todoroki and Shinsou searched the T.V. entertainment center for movie options and Izuku scrolled through the T.V. guide to see if there was anything interesting on that was already playing. I watched them all busy themselves and found my eyes lingering on the back of Izuku's fluffy green curls. I still wanted to fucking cuddle with him and I was starting to become impatient at the thought that I would have to wait even longer before I could do just that. It was his fault for inviting everyone to join us all damn day and making it to where I still wasn't getting my alone time with him.

Or maybe...

...maybe I could do something to fix this...

'Sorry, Izuku... Brace yourself, nerd,' I thought toward him. 

Before he had a chance to realize what I meant, I walked over to Kirishima and Denki to drop the bomb on them. Kirishima should have already guessed our relationship had some form of substance about it, so there was no way this was going to be that big of a shock to him. At least, I hoped that would be the case. I was slightly concerned about how badly it could hurt him, but I was confident Denki could make things better for him. If anything, this would be a good opportunity for him to swoop in and win Kirishima's heart over. Denki, on the other hand, was probably going to freak out. I already began thinking of ways to fucking kill him just in case he even so much as had a single thought to try and spill the beans to anyone else.

"Hey, you two extras," I called out to them. They stopped what they were doing in the kitchen and turned around to look at me.

"Kacchan... What - " Izuku started tentatively. He set the remote down on the coffee table and hesitantly walked up behind me, following me into the kitchen.

"I've had my plans interrupted enough times for one day, so you'll just have to deal with this. Deku and I are - Umph." A soft, scarred hand came from behind me and wrapped around my mouth. I instantly bared my teeth and growled at the intrusion but relaxed when I realized who it was.

"Ahahah - You guys can just ignore him. Whatever he was going to say really isn't that important. Did you happen to find any snacks yet?" Izuku said nervously. He tried to change the topic but I wasn't about to budge on this. I fucking wanted to hold him, now. I tried to pull his hand down from my mouth but realized he was using his quirk. I stopped my jostling around and let out a low growl again, warning him I was beginning to lack any form of patience.

'Kacchan, can we talk about this? Are you crazy? Telling Denki is essentially the same as telling the whole damn class!' I heard his voice sound in my head. 

He was right, Denki had the biggest mouth in our class, but I knew he could keep a secret... if his very life depended on it, that was. I wasn't entirely opposed to the whole class finding out either, though. The sooner everyone knew, the better it was for me.

'I have an ace up my sleeve, nerd, now let go of me before I blow your fucking hand off,' I hissed at him. 

His muscles tensed up behind me while he contemplated my threat for a moment. No one was moving at this point. All eyes were on us and our internal battle. Denki and Kirishima looked thoroughly confused at our weird interactions. If they thought this was strange for us then they had a whole nother thing coming.

The seconds were slowly ticking by and the silence was deafening. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Izuku sighed and let me go.

"Fine, tell him then. I don't care anymore. I give up, you win. Tell whoever you want at this point," he griped. I watched him turn back around, walking over to the coffee table to grab the remote and continued to scroll through the T.V. channels. I didn't miss the slight blush that formed on his cheeks and I knew he was struggling to control the embarrassment that was threatening to show itself. Shouto and Shinsou exchanged a knowing glance, probably thinking the same thing as the other. They knew what I was going to reveal.

"Anyway," I began again. "As I was saying, Deku and I are fucking. If that makes you uncomfortable, I don't give a shit. Keep it to yourself." I barked and crossed my arms, daring them to protest.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH?!? What!? Since when?! Are you two dating then!?" As I thought, Denki started to freak out in the kitchen. He gave up looking for snacks and slammed the cabinet doors closed to face us. I watched as Kirishima's face sank and I knew he was upset. He smiled sadly at me though to show he would be okay and I appreciated the effort. I felt bad but I was glad he still supported me.

I heard Izuku groan loudly and he shrank down till he was crouching near the floor. He buried his head in his arms to hide from the onslaught of embarrassing questions. The remote dangling from his fingers in his defeat. I could see the slightest tint of pink splotches at the base of his neck, so I knew he was blushing profusely.

"None of that matters. I only told you because I'm tired of fucking hiding it today. It's a hassle because you all have been doing nothing but get in my way, all day long. If you fucking extras tell anyone then you're dead meat, you understand? It's our business. We'll tell who we want, when we want," I snapped, hoping to get my point through their thick skulls. Primarily through Denki's thick skull.

"Dude! C'mon! This is big news!" Denki cried out. He came running up to me from around the kitchen counter and grabbed my shoulder. I retaliated and grabbed his shoulder as well, letting smoke leak from my palms. I watched his face pale visibly when he noticed my quirk was dangerously close from blowing his arm off. I pulled him in close and whispered threateningly in his ear.

"If you so much as breathe a fucking word of this to anyone, I'll spill everything I know about your relationship with Kirishima. I'll do everything I can to keep the two of you apart. From the sounds of it, it wouldn't be too fucking hard, if you ask me. Understand?" I growled.

I leaned a bit back and smiled down at him maliciously, blasting off a few small explosions from the palms of my free hand to emphasize my point. I watched as he visibly gulped and glanced in the direction of Kirishima before nodding in agreement to my request.

"Okay, you win, dude. Consider my lips sealed." He responded with as much vigor as he could muster up.

"Good, glad we all understand each other here." I let go of his shoulder and took a spot on one of the couches. I sat in a corner and kicked my feet up on the cushions, occupying the whole couch.

Everyone went back to their tasks for the night. They finally settled on some stupid hero movie while Kirishima and Denki found some popcorn and sodas for us to enjoy. They all started to find spots to sit and when Izuku tried to walk past me, I grabbed hold of his waist and dragged him down on my lap. He looked back at me, his face turning a beautiful shade of pink.

"This is why I outed us," I said out loud and the pretty pink on his cheeks turned an outrageous red. "I wanted to fucking cuddle."

I pulled his back to rest against my chest and he kicked his legs up to weave between mine. I smirked at the glares and shocked stares I received from everyone else but I didn't care. I was finally getting what I wanted today.

"So you two are dating then?" Denki interrupted, grabbing our attention.

"N - No, we aren't dating," Izuku answered him, shaking his head fiercely causing me to scowl.

Why was he always so quick to put the thought down?

Kirishima shared a look with me and he probably guessed what I was thinking.

"So you're still single then?" Shinsou joined their conversation. I tightened my grip around his waist and dared him to answer that question incorrectly. The last thing I wanted was for more competition to weasel their way in between us when I was so fucking close to sealing the deal.

"Uhm - I don - I mean, technically, yes? We aren't a couple or anything... but... it - it's just..." He tilted his head upward to try and read my face but I was no longer in the mood to make eye contact with him.

He answered that fucking question wrong. 

He definitely knew how to make someone's hurt sink like a fucking rock. I squeezed him tightly once more, pulling him closer to my chest and readjusting so we were at a more comfortable position. I didn't want him to know that I was upset by his choice of words, but I knew he wasn't entirely sure how to answer the question either. He wasn't really wrong. We weren't dating, but we weren't seeing other people either. So technically... he was single... for now.

I watched their reactions when he said yes and hated what I found. I saw the familiar hopeful gleam in Todoroki's eyes, but I didn't miss the small smile that played along Shinsou's lips. If I had my doubts about how he felt toward Izuku before then they were definitely gone now. 

Great. Now I had to worry about him too.

"Just shut up and play the damn movie already," I growled. I was beyond done with their conversations, so I focused on burying my face into Izuku's fluffy hair.




About half-way through the movie, Izuku turned to his side and his eyes had slowly begun to drift closed. By the time the movie had finished, he was no longer facing the T.V. His chin rested on top of my chest and his breathing was slow and shallow. I was more than pleased to know he opted for snuggling up close to me and sleeping over watching the movie. He had his hands splayed flat against my chest and his whole body laid between my legs. I was enjoying every moment of this position. I was even happier at how upset Todoroki and Shinsou appeared to be.

When the movie went to the end credits, Kirishima and Denki stood up and made to leave. They took one look at Izuku sleeping soundly against me and decided it would be best to stay quiet with their goodbyes. Before making to leave, Kirishima pulled out his phone and looked at me. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was doing until he mimed taking a picture. I smirked at the thought and nodded. I wouldn't mind a photo of us, especially one that Izuku wasn't aware of. I could add it to my slowly growing collection, along with our recorded late-night video chat.

Kirishima really was a good friend, despite everything. He took the picture and turned his phone around to show me. It was good, but I wanted a little something more. I wanted something that would fluster Izuku to no end when he finally found it. I wanted something that could be my prized possession, perfect enough to claim a spot as the background on my phone so that I could look at him every time I used it. I looked down at Izuku who was still sleeping peacefully. He was usually pretty groggy when he first woke up so it was possible I would be able to pull this off. I motioned for Kirishima to be prepared for another shot. He brought his phone up and got in position, slightly off to the side of us and out of view.

"Izuku," I whispered tentatively. "Come here."

Izuku lifted his head slightly and looked up at me, like the good little kitten he was. I grabbed his chin and planted a slow, soft kiss to his lips. He hummed in happiness, keeping his eyes closed. I held him there for a moment before pushing his head back down to rest against my chest once more. He just nuzzled in closer and didn't seem to make a comment on anything.

I glanced at Kirishima and saw both him and Denki's faces bright red. There was no more disputing the fact that this was a thing between us now. Kirishima turned his phone around and showed me the beautiful shot of us kissing. I smiled and nodded. He typed away on his phone and made to send me the photos. I felt my phone vibrate twice in my pockets causing Izuku to stir against me.

"Kacchan..." He mumbled quietly. "Your phone..." I chuckled at his tired voice.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it," I said to him. Kirishima and Denki both smiled at a job well done and waved goodbye. Todoroki and Shinsou sat on the couch for a while in complete silence after the others had gone, both clearly upset about what had just taken place. Shinsou stood up and it looked like he was getting ready to leave.

"Hey, Izuku?" Shinsou called to him. I hated the sound of Izuku's first name coming from him so I growled softly. I wasn't happy with the Beta that now stood before us. I felt like he was treading on my territory when he said that. Puzzled and pissed, I glanced up to see him smirking down at me with a victorious attitude.

"What?" I heard Izuku respond. He was still half asleep when he answered Shinsou and I thought his tired expression was cute when he slowly lifted his head.

"Stand up and come here," Shinsou demanded. Izuku's eyes glazed over and he crawled up from my chest and walked over to stand in front of him. I was speechless for just a moment, shocked that the fucking Beta had the gall to fuck with my prey directly in front of me.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing." My voice rumbled deep within my chest. I sat up in my spot, ready to pounce if he so much as did anything to Izuku. He was ten fucking seconds away from starting an all-out brawl. I could feel my lips curl up in a snarl and my fingers tensed.

"Don't worry, Alpha," Shinsou sneered. He cut off his mind-control on Izuku when he was just inches away from him and I visibly relaxed, sinking back down into my spot. Izuku blinked a few times in confusion, no doubt wondering what his friend needed that was so important that he had to use his quirk on him. He looked up at Shinsou and frowned.

"Hey now, that's not fair, Shinsou," he said, staring up into his droopy eyes.

"Midoriya, you said you're technically still single, correct? You and Bakugou are just in a physical relationship?" 

Oh shit. 

My eyes widened when I realized where this was going. Before I could even move, Izuku was answering his question once more.

"Yeah, I mean sort of bu- Mmph." He was cut off by warm lips being pressed against his. I jumped up from my spot on the couch, snarling a steady stream of profanity. I ran over to where they were standing and ripped them apart, practically shoving Izuku behind me at a safe distance.

"Izuku Midoriya, I like you. I've liked you for a while now," he explained.

I growled at his words and sparked my hand against his shoulder. Shinsou just shrugged my hand off his arm and didn't make eye contact with me. He was too focused on Izuku, searching his face for any kind of reaction. His face was bright red, and he brought his hands up to cover his mouth. He was staring at his friend with wide-eyes, clearly unsure of what to do now.

"Don't you fucking touch him again," I barked, the low rumbling in my voice never going away.

"You can't stop me because you aren't together. You aren't even his marked mate like Todoroki is, so there's nothing substantial between you two in the first place. I know both you and Todoroki are making passes at him and I'm not about to sit idly by and just watch it happen. It hurts to think I'm missing my chance, watching it just pass me by. I want in, too," he said stubbornly.

"Shinsou?! I didn't even know..?!" Izuku spoke between his fingers. He was clearly at a loss for words on what to say. He dropped his hands from his face and I felt a swelling of pride when his fingers grabbed onto the back of my shirt for support. It was clear he already made his choice. I didn't see why everyone felt he needed to actually say it out loud when he wasn't ready to.

"Seems to me like you're one highly desirable person in these dorms, Midoriya," Todoroki chimed in, standing up from his spot to join our little huddle.

This wasn't how my night was supposed to fucking go. Now even Shinsou was out in the open. I didn't fucking need or even want any more competition. I just wanted everyone to back off and leave us alone. This was hard enough already as it was. I didn't need others breathing down my back, trying to get to Izuku before I had the chance to fully repair what I had broken between us.

"I don't understand though... Why?" Izuku asked Todoroki and Shinsou. His question didn't seem to be directed at me and I was confused as to why not.

"Why do you two like me? I haven't done anything to deserve all of this," he asked again.

Oh, he wasn't asking me because these two actually had the fucking courage to confess before I did. He still didn't know I was technically included in all this.

Shinsou took a step closer but I blocked him from making contact. There was no way in hell I was letting him come within a foot of Izuku again. I didn't trust when he would use his quirk and force Izuku to do something he didn't want to do. He had enough of that happening to him already in his life. Shinsou decided to entirely ignore my presence and talk over my shoulder.

"Go on a date with me and I'll be more than happy to elaborate on why I feel the way I do," He said calmly. 

Are you fucking kidding me right now?! 

There was no way in hell Izuku was going on a date with him. His first real date belonged to me. The times with Todoroki never counted because he never viewed them as a date. So, he still hadn't gone on one as far as I was concerned. Izuku's grip on my shirt tightened, warming my heart a little more, even though it was currently beating so fast that I felt it would jump right out of my chest. I hated hearing people say these things to him in front of me.

'Izuku...' I warned him. 'Don't do this...'

'I know, Kacchan. You don't have to worry. I don't even see him remotely in that way, so this one will be easy to reject,' he responded to me.

'What do you mean 'this one'?' I asked him.

'Uhm - I mean, Todoroki was a bit - harder to reject. We are a lot closer than my relationship with Shinsou. That's all,' he explained.

'I see. Make it fast, I'm tired and I'm not leaving you down here alone with these two fuckers now,' I quipped.

"Shinsou... Uhm - I appreciate the offer, but I don - " Izuku began to say.

"I don't want a response today. Take your time and think about it a little," He smiled and turned to walk away, leaving a very confused kitten behind.

"You can't fucking do that. He's trying to reject you, you asshole. Get back here and accept it like a man, dammit!" I yelled at him. He just waved his hand over his shoulder and pushed the elevator button to head up to his room. 

You've got to be fucking kidding me. 

I placed my hand on my forehead, holding my eyes closed. It was rare for me to feel so emotionally exhausted like this. Everything just seemed to be spinning out of control and it was driving me insane.

"Uhm - Okay, so on that note, I think I'm just going to go take that shower I've been wanting," Izuku said. I peeked out from beneath my hand as an idea came to me.

"Yeah, a shower sounds really nice right about now," I glanced down at him and couldn't hide the smile that plagued my face.

"Kacchan! No!" He stopped my thought in its tracks and I couldn't help but scowl. He knew exactly what I was thinking and denied me before I had the chance to pursue it. If he thought I was going to let this fantasy of mine die anytime soon, he was sorely mistaken. I would get my moment in the shower with him. Even if it wasn't tonight, it would still happen.

"Yeah, not happening, Bakugou," Todoroki intervened, reading my mind like the crazed psychics that everyone around me seemed to be.

"Who fucking asked you anyway, IcyHot?" I growled at him. He just crossed his arms, clearly not backing down from me.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but while he showers, no one in this dorm is entering now." I scowled in his direction but I couldn't fault his logic. At this point, it was only fair.

"Either none of us joins him in the showers or we all join him," He added and raised an eyebrow.

"Fuck that shit. You two fuckers aren't going anywhere near him." I said.

"Then I guess we're in agreement." He remarked cooly. His expression barely even changing.

"Guys, I just want to shower... I'll let you two fight this out. I've got things to do right now." Izuku turned on his heels and left us to glare at each other in hostility.

"I don't trust you to not peak," I said to him.

"Then stand guard. I don't trust you either." He retorted. I simply smiled victoriously at him.

"That doesn't really matter to me, now does it? We share the same fucking bed so I don't need to 'peak' like the two of you do. I can see him anytime I fucking want." I taunted in his face. I made to leave when he grabbed my shoulder.

"What do you mean you 'share the same bed'?" He asked me, puzzled.

"Oh?" I smirked. "Wouldn't you like to fucking know." I shrugged his hand off and left him behind.

I figured I should probably keep the fact that we were in the same room a secret. Otherwise, I would end up with even more roommates.

I definitely didn't want that.


Chapter Text

🍀 Izuku Midoriya's POV 🍀

Ether? What is everyone's deal lately?

You're just so damn adorable, Izuku sweetie. We can't help but fall for you. Eheheh.

Not helping. I'm tired of all this. Maybe I'll feel a bit better after a shower.

It's a pity that the one person you want to confess to you hasn't said anything yet. Don't worry. It'll happen soon enough.

Yeah right. We both know that isn't going to happen any time soon. Don't joke. I'd probably have to say it to him or something. Kacchan isn't exactly the type to go around confessing his undying love for people, you know?

I sighed as I headed up to my room to grab some spare clothes. I desperately needed this shower to succeed in washing away all my current sorrows. Why did Shinsou even like me? I mean, I hoped we would be friends one day, but we haven't even progressed to that point. So, I didn't see what he saw in me. Shouto made a lot more sense, in fact, when Uraraka first mentioned his feelings, I felt like I finally found the missing puzzle piece to our relationship. I had always wondered if we were really friends so when I found out he liked me it confirmed my suspicions that we weren't friends. He saw us as potentially being more than that.

'Oh well. Stop thinking about it and just enjoy the shower,' I told myself. 

I walked back down to the main floor to find Katsuki and Todoroki standing outside the shower doors, not speaking and just glaring at each other. I was puzzled and raised an eyebrow at them, but decided I didn't really want to know what was going on. I walked into the showers and quickly changed, hoping the warm water would relax me after the day we had today. It was a lot of fun, despite how I felt about my friends viewing me as more than a friend. It wasn't really their fault for liking me, I just hoped it didn't ruin anything between us all. I sighed when I felt the warm water pour out, helping to finally relieve me of my stress.




After my shower, Katsuki made sure we headed straight back to his room. Both him and Todoroki were still waiting outside the showers to make sure that neither of them entered while I was in there. If this was how my whole summer was going to be I would almost rather go home. Not that I didn't appreciate the extra concern, I just felt like I was being treated like some delicate little flower that needed protection. Someone they all thought was weak and easy to take advantage of. I also didn't like that none of those I cared about seemed to trust each other. It just made things harder for me in the long run. Katsuki dropped me off in his room and watched me walk inside before closing the doors.

"Stay awake, Deku. I'll be back, it's my turn to shower," He called to me through the doors and I sighed. I was just so tired that the moment he left the room I walked straight to the bed to go lay down.

'Sorry, Kacchan. Not tonight,' I thought to myself as I slowly drifted to sleep. 

I knew what he wanted but I just didn't have the energy. He'd probably be upset but he could deal with it. We weren't dating or anything, so I didn't need to feel obligated to listen to his requests. I may have loved him but if I put out for him all the time then I got the feeling he would just keep wanting more. Not that I viewed that as a real problem, but sometimes I just wanted to sleep. I also didn't want to think that maybe if we kept this up he would only view me as someone to warm his bed on occasion. I wanted to be here every day not just when he felt like it. If he really did care for me as Ether assumed, he'd be okay with skipping out on that lap dance for tonight. I didn't have the energy at the moment to dance around for him. I just wanted to sleep for right now.




💥 Katsuki Bakugou's POV 💥


I was expecting a nice peaceful shower when I went back downstairs, but instead, the other two bastards were down there as well. I groaned when I saw them and just decided that I'd take a fast one and quickly head back up to the kitten that was waiting for me. To my dismay, halfway through my shower, soft images started to flow through my mind, signaling he had fallen asleep against my command. It wasn't like I really expected him to stay awake though. He never listened to anything I said in the first place. I like the backbone he always held against me. It showed how strong he was, never willing to take shit from anyone.

I quickly shook the water from my hair and stepped out, drying off my dripping limbs. When I got back to my room, my lips curled up into a soft smile when I saw Izuku sleeping peacefully. He was laying right in the middle of the bed on his back, with his arms spread out to either side. I slowly crawled across the bed and hovered above his sleeping figure. 

Maybe I should punish a kitten for being bad...

I smirked at the thought and pushed the blanket off to the side. I crawled closer and began to straddle him, placing a knee on either side of his waist. I slowly lowered myself down until I was sitting on him and he didn't stir under my weight. I pushed forward with my mind and began to send him images. Images to disturb his dreams in hopes of my plan working. I sat there and waited in the darkness for some kind of response. I watched his breathing intently, waiting for it to change.

Finally, I felt a small motion beneath me and knew it was working. His breathing seemed to come in shorter gasps and the images I was able to see were no longer sweet and innocent. He was still dreaming about me, just like he always did, but they were of small, more intense moments. I would see a flash of my eyes, looking down at him from above with sweat dripping down on him or his view when I entered him. It was strange to see myself from a perspective that I wasn't used to, but I didn't mind. I knew I was fucking hot and irresistible so this only fueled my desires further.

Slowly, I scooted myself down to his feet and started to tug at the waistband of his shorts. I worked as quietly as possible since I wasn't ready to fully wake him up just yet. When his clothes passed his member, it popped up into the air, happy to be free and I licked my lips, watching it before me. I managed to get his shorts all the way and worked on my own next. He seemed to be stirring a little and I was almost ready. I pushed his legs apart slightly before lowering myself down between him. I wrapped my fingers softly around the base of his member and began to pump him at a painstakingly slow pace. I had never gone this slow before so it was hard for me to control myself. I continued to send him images that played in response to his own and to my surprise, my slow pumping began to produce a small bead of pre-cum on his tip.

I rubbed my thumb over the white liquid, lingering on his slit and massaging it gently over his head. I bit down on my bottom lip, wanting to taste him and hear his delectable moans. I pulled myself over his torso and brought my lips down to his ears. I began to kiss him softly around his lobe and blew on the sensitive parts. I leaned back and saw his eyelashes fluttering and knew I was close to waking him up. I squeezed just a little harder around the base of his member but continued to move slowly.

"Mmm..." A soft moan broke the silence in the air and I smiled.

I brought my lips to hover dangerously above his and whispered. The movement caused our lips to brush ever-so-slightly together, tickling the flesh between us.

"Izuku," I said to him and waited for his eyes to open.

"Wake up, kitten," I whispered again.

His eyelashes flickered again and finally, they rose a little. Izuku looked up at me behind a sleepy, lust-filled gaze and I pressed our lips together before he could say anything. I kissed him lightly and without hesitation, he opened his mouth to draw in my tongue. He brought his hands up and wrapped them around my neck, but let them hang with all their weight above him. I continued my extremely slow and soft pumping on his shaft, not wanting to move any faster at this point. I was enjoying the soft touches that we were sharing compared to our usual rough excitement. This held a more sensual feeling to me.

Izuku lowered his head back down to rest against his pillow once more bringing his hands with him. He laid them over his head and slowly closed his eyes, letting the gentle pleasure I was giving him wash over his body. I trailed soft kisses under his chin and sat back on my haunches. I brought my head down and licked around the tip of his member, letting my tongue dance lazily against his slit.

"Kacchan..." he whispered to me when I pressed my lips all the way around him and started to bob my head repeatedly. I started to hum lowly, letting the vibrations rumble over his member and he gasped softly at the sensation.

"Feels so good, Kacchan..." he said to me.

I flicked my eyes up to watch him and h