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Richie still hadn’t done a damn thing about confessing his feelings to Eddie by the time that Ben and Beverly’s wedding came around. He was mad at himself, he was absolutely fucking furious. His therapist, sweet and rainbow friendly, had told him not to be so hard on himself. He was trying but it still felt like he wasn’t getting anywhere.

It wasn’t the time to be thinking about that, he was there for his friends and dwelling on his shortcomings didn’t do anyone any good.

The service was beautiful and Richie wasn’t ashamed to admit that he had cried, a lot, through the entire show. He wasn’t the only one though. There wasn’t a loser with dry eyes in the building. Eddie had passed Richie a tissue during Ben’s vows as he wiped his own eyes, while Mike sniffled into a handkerchief on his other side. When it was finally over and the bells were chiming, Richie’s eyes stung as if he’d squeezed lemons directly into them.

They spilled out of the church and onto the snow sprinkled grass around the grounds. Throwing paper confetti in the air as the happy couple came out into the thin snow and bitter weather, the wind caught Beverly’s hair as she laughed, January embers. Richie couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked, how right they looked together.

He turned toward Eddie to stop himself from crying again. Eddie kept frowning down at his shoes, so Richie took it upon himself to distract Eddie as they waited to take their photos with the newlyweds.

“Hey Eds, you think some hunk’s gonna be lifting you up like that one day?” Richie asked, he elbowed Eddie’s side and nodded in the direction of Ben and Beverly. Ben was holding her up bridal style, appropriately, and Beverly had her hand in the air as she waved the bouquet around.

“I fucking hope so,” Eddie murmured as he looked from Ben and Beverly to Richie, brown eyes deep and never-ending. Richie felt like he was being challenged, to do what, he didn’t know but he suddenly had to loosen his tie.



Sat around a large table, just for the losers, in the opulent hall holding the reception, they ate conversation flowed easily between them like always. Richie had whistled when they’d entered the hall, he was pretty sure that renting out the place for one day cost more than six months of his rent. For all the difference it made, they might as well have been in an Olive Gardens.

Richie caught Eddie staring at the way that Beverly’s dress was dragging across the floor, that familiar frown appeared and Eddie’s dimples deepened. Before Richie could comment on it, Stan and his wife Patty rejoined them at the table with full plates.

“So Patty, we’ve heard from a little birdy that you’re not a fan of our Bill’s books,” Mike said, smiling as he watched them take their seats. Bill shook his head from where he sat next Mike, smiling fondly at the man.

“I’m sorry Bill, I don’t know what to tell you, I just don’t like them,” Patty said, white wine held between her fingers as she looked apologetically at Bill.

“Savage,” Richie barked and Eddie smacked him on the shoulder.

“Duh-don’t worry about it,” Bill laughed and Patty seemed to relax, whoever she had expected Bill to be, it certainly wasn’t this.

The conversation flowed like cheap wine from there as they got to know Patty, and Patty got to know them. She slipped into the group easily. She had the same kind of strange and dry humour as Stan, and instantly took to teasing Richie about how unfunny he was much to the table’s delight. Just like Ben and Mike, she was an avid reader, and a conversation started up between the three. Richie caught Stan watching Patty fondly. For a moment, Richie wished that was him, he wished that he was allowed to look at Eddie that way before he swept the thought away.

At some point, when Richie wasn’t paying attention, Bill’s hand had found its way around Mike’s arm. They seemed awfully comfortable and Richie was infinitely jealous of the way it seemed so easy for them.

“Hey Bill, nice catch earlier,” Beverly smirked, glass of wine swaying wildly in her hand as she dropped into Richie’s lap. He laughed into her shoulder as Mike sent her a wink and Bill merely shrugged as he sipped on his beer. Bill had caught Beverly bouquet when it had gone wide as she threw it over her shoulder, they had ribbed Bill about it then, but now it seemed like a compliment. It seemed like Bev was saying ‘Mike’s a nice catch’ and he really was. “What should we do next time, where should we meet?” She asked, looking around the group for suggestions.

“We should visit Stanley’s zoo!” Richie said, smiling around Beverly at the rest of the group.

“I don’t own the zoo Richie,” Stan returned flatly and Patty giggled into a bite of her garlic bread.

“Well why don’t you Stanley?” Richie returned, face pressed against the side of Beverly’s arm as he stared sideways at Stan.

“I’m not nearly inebriated enough to battle against your ignorance,” Stan said and took a long drink from his wine glass.

 “Oh, Stanley thinks he’s too good for me,” Richie moaned, pouting up at Beverly as she laughed at him and softly patted his face.

“I know I am,” Stan said in that same flat tone as he placed the glass back down on the table, the group burst into short laughter, typical Stan. Patty stroked the back of his hand fondly as she smiled warmly at him.

“I think he’s drunker than he pretends,” Beverly said, clearly tipsy herself, Stan only shrugged and sipped at his wine.

Ben came over, kissed the top of Beverly’s head and she giggled. Their eyes met and Richie had never seen two people more in love, he melted at the sight. He couldn’t have been happier for them. Richie desperately kept his eyes forward, despite how much he wanted to look at Eddie, he didn’t want to hope to see something he knew wouldn’t be there. Ben took Beverly’s arms and slid his hands down to her wrists and took her hands in his own.

“Sorry guys, but I’m gonna have to steal my wife away from you,” Ben said, smiling charmingly as he helped Beverly up from Richie’s lap.

“Hey, nuh-no fair, you g-g-get her for the ruh-rest of your life,” Bill said, smiling back at Beverly as he held his nearly empty pint glass aloft.

“I’m sorry my darlings, but my husband awaits,” Beverly said with the flair of a golden age movie star, blowing kisses at them as though they were her adoring fans.

“Okay, that’s just too corny,” Richie said, even as he smiled up them, he couldn’t stop thinking about how good they looked together.

“You should really try those thighs out Eddie, they’re real cushiony,” Beverly said to Eddie, leaning down to pat Richie’s lap as she held onto Ben for leverage.

“I’m good thanks,” Eddie replied without missing a beat, even as the blush spread across his face, he would just blame it on the wine if anyone pointed it out. The group laughed at his flat faced frown.

Richie patted his lap like Bev had just done, “If you want a ride Eds, you just gotta let me know,” he said with a wink, smiling wolfish at Eddie.

“I said I’m good thanks,” Eddie said, louder and slower, as though he was talking to someone with bad hearing.  

“Suit yourself,” Richie said with a shrug and turned to the rest of the table, “anyone else wanna go, there’s some prime real estate here, raving reviews from Mrs Beverly Hanscom,” he said, gesturing at his lap. It was a joke, he didn’t actually expect anyone to take him up on his offer, so he was extremely surprised when Stan slipped from his seat beside Richie and dropped into his lap.

“It’s alright,” Stan said, shifting about as he got comfortable. Richie buried his face into Stan’s shoulder, crying as his bodies shook with laughter, the rest of the group laughed light-heartedly.

The night slid away faster than any of them wanted it to and soon they were going back to their separate hotel rooms, already promising to meet up for breakfast before leaving for the airport and their homes. Richie felt light. He felt like he could float away, riding off of everyone else’s happiness.

Eddie walked with Richie, their rooms were side by side since they’d booked them together, chatting about how beautiful the wedding was and how cute Ben and Beverly’s kids were going to be. With Eddie stood at the door next Richie’s, it was almost like they were back home, back in Richie’s apartment. Then Richie felt hollow again. He could just come out and say it, he could open his mouth and force the words out, he could but he knew he wouldn’t.

“Good night Eds,” Richie said, smiling at Eddie as he put his key-card into the door.

Eddie stared back at him, eyes overshadowed by the way the overhead lights in the corridor were beating against his brows, making them deep dark pits that Richie felt like he was falling into. It made Richie’s skin itchy. He shifted slightly, blinking at Eddie, wondering how rude it would be to just slip into his hotel room without waiting for Eddie’s reply. But it felt like Eddie was waiting for something from him and was beginning to think that he knew what that was.

“Night Richie,” Eddie said eventually, and disappeared into his room, the door closed with a clack behind him.

Another opportunity missed.



What felt like hours later, but was probably only one, Richie awoke from where he’d been sleeping fully clothed (minus his suit jacket, tie and shoes) laid diagonally across the bed and over the sheets.

 There was a wild knocking against Richie’s door, he knew exactly who it was instantly, there was no one else it could be. Richie flicked the light on and ripped the door open, he watched as Eddie stumbled inside. He slipped against the wall and closed the door as Richie continued to hold onto the handle. Eddie’s eyes were all over Richie’s face, searching for something. It looked like he was struggling to get something out. Eddie was still wearing his dress shirt and pants, almost mirroring Richie, he tried ignore it even as Eddie’s eyes looked him up and down.

“Everything okay Eds?” Richie asked, as he let go of the door handle and took a step closer, “you been drinking from the mini-bar?” he added with smirk, prodding Eddie with his words.

“No,” Eddie said and shook his head.

“Then what’s this all about?” Richie asked, face falling as he realised Eddie was being serious and he didn’t seem all that drunk up close, maybe a little tipsy from the night’s drinking but no more than Richie was himself.

Before Richie could react, Eddie had caught his fist in the front of Richie’s shirt and pulled him down, capturing Richie’s lips with his own.

Eddie’s lips were soft and Richie felt as though he were sinking into the touch. In response, Richie did what he usually did when he was suddenly forced into a situation he didn’t exactly know how to deal with and was having strong emotions about, something that he would regret.

“Look, Eds, Eddie stop,” Richie said, he put his hands on Eddie’s shoulders and held the other away from him, “I don’t know what you think you’re doing but I have something I really need to tell you before you do whatever it is you’re doing,” he went on, heart pounding like a sledgehammer against his ribs as he stared straight into Eddie’s wide doe eyes. “I don’t know what to do with my feelings, but I know that I’ll never be able to move forward if I don’t say it so I’m just gonna fucking say it I guess ‘cause you’re still as oblivious as you were when we were thirteen,” he added, he felt like his brain was dripping out of his ear.

“Fuck you!” Eddie spat, frowning back at Richie.

“Fuck me yourself, you coward,” Richie replied flippantly, this was all a little too much for him, he was trying to say the thing he’d been avoiding saying for nearly his whole damn life and Eddie was making it difficult. He wasn’t good at being vulnerable, he wasn’t good at handling his emotions. Richie had never learnt how to deal with it in a mature way and now he was fumbling in the dark, trying to find the light switch.

“Fine, asshole,” Eddie said and took Richie’s hand in his own, lacing their fingers together.

“Wha-“ Richie didn’t get to finish as Eddie pulled him down against and pressed his lips to his open mouth. “What?” He repeated, blinking down at Eddie as the other pulled away.

“And you’re calling me the oblivious one,” Eddie scoffed.

“I was about to say that I’ve been in love with you since I was thirteen and you’re kind of stealing my shine,” Richie said, one hand still on Eddie’s shoulder, thumb pressed against him as though Richie had to remind himself that this was real, that Eddie was really there.

“Oh, yeah, because this has been the most romantic moment of my life so far,” Eddie said, rolling his eyes as he kept hold of Richie’s hand.

“Hey, I’m trying,” Richie returned, mock affronted.

“I was trying before you flipped out on me,” Eddie squawked and smacked Richie on the chest, cheeks a ruddy red.

“Oh,” Richie drew out. Eddie had kissed him, twice, as a confession. Richie was pretty sure that his mind went blank as he blinked dumbly at Eddie.

“Yeah, oh, you fucking jerk,” Eddie said with a sharp smile, “now shut the fuck up and kiss me,” he added shortly but with feeling.

“Okay,” Richie said and closed the distance between them with boundless eagerness. He nearly knocked his glasses off in his excitement. Then their lips met again and it felt like this was meant to happen, that his whole life was leading up to this point, to this exact moment. This was exactly where he was supposed to be. He knew he was smiling into the kiss and Eddie was almost just kissing his teeth, but Richie couldn’t have cared less.

Eddie started to manhandle him, pushing him further into the room. Richie slipped his hand into Eddie’s hair. He scraped his blunt fingernails against Eddie’s scalp, sighing into Eddie’s mouth. It was pure bliss. Richie wouldn’t have been surprised if he found out that he’d died somehow and that this was heaven, he wouldn’t have cared.

Eddie pushed him all the way to the bed without breaking the kiss. The back of Richie’s knee knocked against the mattress and then he was falling, still smiling even as they broke apart, Eddie laughed at him as he bounced slightly against the mattress.

“I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I’ve known you could do this,” Richie muttered as he pulled Eddie down, hands on Eddie’s arms, leaning up to kiss the side of Eddie’s face.

“Me too,” Eddie murmured, smiling as Richie kissed all over his face, getting a purchase on the bed.

“Why’d you never tell me?” Richie asked, he leaned back to properly look at Eddie, leant up on his elbows.

“Well, I kinda, sort of didn’t know that was what I wanted, you know I was repressed, remember, I married a woman, so..,” Eddie said in a meandering sort of way, face flushing as his eyes darted around Richie’s face.

“Right, yeah, sorry,” Richie muttered and swallowed down the rising guilt. Eddie had come further than he had and in such a short amount of time, it shamed Richie, he really should have got his shit together. It should have been him making the move and not Eddie, he’d have to do a whole lot of making up for that.

“Nothing to be sorry for Rich,” Eddie sighed and pushed his hand through his hair, “I think, even if you had asked me back then, I probably would have just freaked out,” he added, smiling sheepishly at Richie. He moved forward, on his hands and knees, lips finding Richie’s mouth again.

“I wasn’t going to tell you, I kept trying to, but it was never the right time or I was too scared,” Richie said, mouth moving against the side of Eddie’s face, he kissed at the corner of Eddie’s mouth. “Even after we all got back in touch, I still couldn’t do it and then you stole my thunder,” he continued, smiling as he pressed kisses along the length of Eddie’s jaw.

“I think we both knew it was leading here,” Eddie returned, his fingers slipped into Richie’s hair, nails scraping against Richie’s scalp making the other groan.

“Tell that to me two weeks ago,” Richie muttered, mouthing at Eddie’s neck.

“Ugh, shut up and let me kiss you,” Eddie groaned. He pulled Richie’s head back, fingers still caught in his hair, and kissed him deeply. Melding their bodies together, sighing into Richie’s mouth.

Richie could feel the press of Eddie’s erection against his hip. He knew that Eddie could feel his own, hard against Eddie’s thigh. His hands were all over Eddie, touching as much of the other as he could reach, trying to make up for lost time. Eddie wasn’t the best kisser, but he was enthusiastic and Richie wouldn’t have traded it for the world. These were the lips he’d been dreaming about since he was thirteen.

Eddie shifted against him, knees sliding either side of Richie’s thighs, and their erections brushed together. Richie groaned openly against Eddie’s mouth. He could come from just that, dry humping like teenagers. Richie figured they had a lot of catching up to do.

Richie’s fingers fumbled with the buttons of Eddie’s shirt. He was shaking too much to make any kind of meaningful progress. Eddie pulled away, climbed off the bed as he unbuttoned his shirt, folded it and set it down on a chair near the window, he did the same with his dress pants. Richie watched the way Eddie’s lean muscles moved beneath his skin. His eyes caught on those tattoos again, his fingers twitched to touch.

There wasn’t an ounce of shyness or hesitation as Eddie came back to the bed. Richie quickly scrambled out of his trousers, fingers fumbling with the belt and the buttons, and threw them off the edge of the bed. Eddie climbed atop the bed again and Richie couldn’t move as he watched Eddie crawl toward him. They way those lean muscles shifted drove Richie up the wall. He wanted to touch every inch of Eddie’s body, he sighed as soon as Eddie was within reach and he was able to put his hands on the other again.

Eddie straddled his hip and Richie ran his hand up Eddie’s thigh, remembering the way he’d gone crazy for those short shorts that Eddie used to wear. Richie couldn’t hold back his smile as he thought about how he was finally doing everything that teenage Richie had dreamed about. Soft hands that smelt like nothing but the hand-sanitizer that Eddie always carried around with him cupped his face. Eddie leaned down as he kept Richie’s face in place and kissed him, slow and cloying like he was savouring the moment. Richie was savouring every second.

Those hands slid down to the collar of his shirt and alighted on the buttons. Eddie made quick nibble work of opening Richie’s shirt, even as they continued to kiss, lip locked like they’d never let each other go. They worked together to break Richie free from his shirt, and that too disappeared off of the bed.

Eddie’s hands were on him and Richie didn’t have any room to feel self-conscious as Eddie’s palms pressed down against Richie’s stomach. He smiled against Richie’s mouth and Richie melted into the touch. Those hands moved downward until Eddie’s delicate fingers were wrapped around Richie’s straining clothed erection, Richie gasped into Eddie’s mouth, hands groping at Eddie’s thighs.

Moving down Richie’s body in stuttered waves, Richie watched as Eddie kissed his way down his skin. Richie thought the he was supposed to be the confident one, the comedian that bared it all on stage and wasn’t afraid to tell embarrassing stories about himself. But Eddie had always been the bravest of them and Richie had spent the last six months being terrified of being found out. The sight sent a wave of arousal down his spine and straight to his erection, twitching between them.

Fingers around the waistband of Richie’s underwear, Eddie’s chocolate browns flicked up to meet Richie’s blues, and his hips lifted up automatically. His erection was freed, dropping back against his stomach. Eddie stared at it for a moment.

“I don’t want to say anything because I know it’s just going to fuel your ego and you’ll never let it go, but fuck,” Eddie groaned as he sat up, yanking the boxers off of Richie’s legs and throwing them off the bed, before he settled back between Richie’s legs.

“What?” Richie said, laughing as Eddie left feather light kisses against his hip, fingers on Eddie shoulders as his thumbs ran over the dice under Eddie’s collarbone.

“It’s just a fucking nice cock Richie,” Eddie said as he curled his finger around it, Richie groaned as Eddie gave it one long stroke.

Richie felt fourteen again, jerking off in his bedroom while he thought about his friend, but now that friend was atop him, fingers wrapped around the length of his aching erection and Richie could hardly believe it was happening.

“What’s with the goofy look?” Eddie asked, smiling as he pressed his lips to Richie’s thigh.

“I’ve been waiting practically all my life for this,” Richie murmured, gasping as Eddie twisted his wrist and thumbed over the slit of Richie’s cock, smearing pre-cum over the head.

“Don’t go expecting too much, you know I’m an amateur,” Eddie said, mouthing at Richie’s thigh as he continued to stroke Richie in long languid motions.

“I don’t care, I don’t care, I could come from the way you’re touch me alone, Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie rambled, the fingers of one hand sliding into Eddie’s hair as the other gripped at the sheets.

“Don’t call me that when I’ve got your dick in my hand,” Eddie groaned with a roll of his eyes, “and don’t you dare come before we’ve even done anything, I know we’re both forty but fuck sake Richie, I swear to god-“

“Whatever you want just keep touching me,” Richie muttered, cutting Eddie off, pulling gently at Eddie.

Eddie crawled back up Richie’s body, hand still around his leaking dick, to kiss him again. Richie kissed back with fervour. He slid his hands up from the backs of Eddie’s thighs, dipping into Eddie’s ribs and moving up his back, hands on the back of Eddie’s head as he held the other close. Open mouthed kisses, they breathed into each other. They anchored each other in the moment, keeping each other in the present.

Eddie’s hips slid against Richie’s again, knocking the air out of the both of them.

“Need you inside me,” Eddie murmured, lips moving against the side of Richie’s mouth.

“Ugh,” Richie groaned, turning his head away, “okay, okay,” he nodded over and over as he scrambled out of Eddie’s hold and instantly missed his touch.

Richie clambered off the bed and went over to his duffle bag, he rooted through it as Eddie stayed there kneeling on the mattress breathing hard and dick stand to attention. Shifting through the bag, eventually Richie found what he was looking for and quickly made his way back to the bed, back to Eddie. He dropped the tube of lube and the condom onto the sheets as he sat back down, pulling Eddie to straddle him again.

Eddie dipped down to kiss him and Richie had a feeling that they’d be kissing a lot in the future, Eddie was obviously enjoying it and Richie was enjoying it, it was suddenly all he ever wanted to do. He pressed his hand hard against Eddie’s chest, fingers sliding over the heart that dotted the ‘I’ of his tattoo, and Eddie pressed back against him. Eddie worked his hand between them to touch Richie again. Richie gasped softly, shivering as Eddie’s fingers twitched over the head of his cock. He slid his hand down Eddie’s front, fingers running over Eddie’s toned torso on their way down, he pressed his palm against Eddie through the other’s underwear and started to palm at his straining erection. Eddie whined into Richie’s mouth as his hips canted into Richie’s hand.

“This is your first time right?” Richie asked, lips against Eddie’s pulse as he continued to palm at Eddie through the thin fabric of his underwear. Eddie nodded, squeezing Richie’s shoulders.

Richie curled his hands around the waistband of Eddie’s underwear and slowly began to slide them off. His eyes followed his hands, trailing the expanse of skin he exposed until Eddie’s rigid cock sprang free, flushing in the stale air of the hotel room. Eddie grimaced as Richie licked his palm but said nothing as he wrapped his hand around Eddie’s erection. His other hand was gripping the front of Eddie’s thigh, he’d wanted to touch them from the first moment he saw them to the last time he caught Eddie stretching after a run with his hand braced on the back of the couch.

He moved his thumb up the inside of Eddie’s thigh until the pad was pressed to Eddie’s perineum, brushing tantalisingly close to his hole. Eddie gasped and shuddered above him.

“Has anything ever been in here?” Richie murmured, tongue flicking out against Eddie’s ear, “have you been being naughty in my apartment?” He went on as Eddie breathed into his hair.

“Yeah, I’ve been imagining that it’s you, waiting for you to walk in on me but you never do,” Eddie said, effectively drying out Richie mouth quicker than the suction at the dentist.

“Fuck,” Richie breathed harshly, face buried into the crook of Eddie’s neck, twisting his fingers around Eddie cock.

“I want you inside me,” Eddie groaned canting his hips forward, raking his nails down Richie’s back.

“Yes, yes, of course,” Richie said, scrambling for the lube. He squirted a decent amount of lube onto his hand and spread it over his fingers.

Richie watched Eddie’s face as he slipped his hands between Eddie’s legs, they were quaking either side of Richie’s hips, and slowly pressed a finger against Eddie’s entrance.

He opened up Eddie slow and careful even as Eddie bitched and moaned above him. Biting words muttered into his hair and against his lips, but Richie wanted to make this as enjoyable and easy for Eddie as he could, so he’d take his time.

Finally he pulled fingers out and Eddie hissed, closing his eyes as his own fingers flexed around Richie’s shoulders. Richie tore open the condom and rolled down his length, gritting his teeth against the teasing sensation. He poured a generous glob of the lubricant into his hand and spread over his erection as Eddie kissed his forehead, pushing his soft fingers through Richie’s hair.

“You wanna stay like this?” Richie asked, hand smoothing up and down Eddie’s side, kissing as the arch of his cheek.

“Huh?” Eddie murmured, eyes hooded, hands still on Richie’s shoulders.

“This position Eddie, I mean your thighs have gotta be feeling it by now,” Richie elaborated as he ran his hand down to Eddie’s thigh and squeezed it softly.

“Hey, I may be forty but I do squats for a reason,” Eddie bit out, smacking Richie lightly on the chest as Richie laughed, “I wanna do it this way,” he added defiantly, and Richie knew better than to argue with that.

“Okay Buckaroo, climb aboard,” Richie said, smirking as he leaned back on his elbows, thumbs making circles on Eddie’s knees.

“Shut the fuck up,” Eddie muttered as he shifted forward, Richie held his cock at the base and put his other hand on Eddie’s hip as he began to guide Eddie downward.

Richie closed his eyes and tried not to move as the blunt head of his erection pressed against Eddie’s hole. The little whimper Eddie released didn’t help either. Slowly, achingly slow, Eddie descended down his length. The both of them squirmed and shifted. It had been so long for Richie, but he couldn’t forget that this was Eddie’s first time.

Eddie leaned down, pressing his forehead against Richie’s, sighing once Richie was fully sheathed inside him. Chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

“How’s it feel Eds?” Richie asked, he rubbed his hand against Eddie’s thigh, trying to comfort the other.

“Different, good different though,” Eddie murmured, eyes blown out wide as he stared down at Richie. He shifted experimentally making both of them groan, but he quickly got used to the sensation.

Eddie rolled his hips again and started a slow and careful rhythm. Richie let Eddie take the lead, find his comfort zone, and Richie was more than happy to just watch Eddie move over him. Eventually Eddie settled into a decent rhythm and just watching him made Richie’s toes curl.

“You like what you see?” Eddie asked, lips curving into a smile as his eyes flickered shut for a moment, moaning between his closed lips as he pressed down against Richie.

“Uh-huh, I like it very much,” Richie said, nodding dumbly up at Eddie. Eddie giggled, his insides squeezed around Richie, making Richie throw his head back against the mattress.

Richie figured it was about time that he became an active player and shifted his hips up into Eddie. Forcing Eddie forward, taking him off guard. Eddie’s hands scrambled against Richie’s chest, moaning into the open air between them. Richie’s fingers were gripped around Eddie’s hips, his nails left crescent moon marks on Eddie’s skin, as he rocked up into Eddie.

“Fuck, Richie,” Eddie drew out in a low whine, trying to move with Richie. “Give it to me,” Eddie groaned and bit at his bottom lip.

“Yeah, anything Eds,” Richie nodded, pulling Eddie down to kiss him, changing the angle and making Eddie whine against his mouth.

“Harder,” Eddie urged and Richie obliged, fingers digging into a bruising grip on Eddie’s hips. The thought of leaving a mark on Eddie’s skin drove him wild, and he dug his heels into the mattress for better leverage.

Richie knew he was close, the noises Eddie was making were the sweetest sounds that Richie had ever heard, even the harps of angels couldn’t have sounded so sweet. He closed his fist around Eddie’s weeping cock and tried to match his strokes with the pumping of his hips. Expletives tumbled out of Eddie’s mouth, thighs quaking as they clamped around Richie’s hips. He came on a long whine of Richie’s name, brows pinched and eyelids flickering open and shut, shaking as came in thick ropes over Richie’s hand and stomach.

Watching and listening to that sent Richie straight off the edge and he quickly followed Eddie, muscles straining as he rode the waves of his orgasm. Muttering incomprehensibly as he came.

Eddie’s arms gave out and he slumped down against Richie, groaning wearily at the feeling of their slick bodies touching. It was kinda gross, even Richie could admit that, but Richie couldn’t have cared less. The cum and sweat smeared all over their bodies just didn’t matter. Richie had never been so happy in his life.

Finally he was here, finally, his feelings were out in the open and the best possible outcome had happened. Eddie felt the same, Eddie wanted him, had wanted him for a long time. Richie’s heart wasn’t filled with blood, it was filled with helium, he felt so damn light. Tears spilled out of his eyes. He wasn’t sad, he was the absolute opposite of sad.

“Are you crying?” Eddie asked softly, Richie supposed that Eddie could feel his broken sobs.

“Yeah, what about you?” Richie returned, it was hard to feel self-conscious with your dick still inside someone else.

“Yeah,” Eddie replied and sniffled as he looked up at Richie. Those large chocolate Labrador eyes were shining wet as tears slipped down Eddie’s cheeks.

They stared at each other for a moment and Richie lost himself in the unreality of it. He was still struggling to believe that this was real, that Eddie really felt the same way that he did, that Eddie wanted him, that Eddie loved him. He just couldn’t believe his luck. Then Eddie started laughing, with Richie still inside him and that made Richie laugh too.

Once their laughter died down, they cleaned up, all the while Eddie whined about how gross it was and how disgusting it smelt. They showered together. It wasn’t entirely romantic, especially the way Eddie shuddered as he watched Richie tie off the condom and drop it into the trash. But it was them and Richie still couldn’t believe his luck even as he was slipping into bed beside Eddie, turning the lights off.

If Richie died then, slipped away in his sleep and never woke up, he wouldn’t be too sour about it.



Nothing changed, but everything was different. They were as domestic as they had been before, but now Richie could act on all his impulses and it seemed like Eddie had a whole lot of his own. Richie had never thought that he’d be part of one of those irritating couples that never stop touching each other, the too much PDA couple, but they were probably the most insufferable couple Richie had come across and he just didn’t care.

The first night they’d come back, Eddie had taken all of his stuff out of the guest bedroom and moved it into Richie’s, their, room. After that they had been inseparable, like they were making up for lost time. Richie supposed they were. They were making up for nearly thirty years of lost time.

He’d been too giddy, too in love to give a fuck or worry about his career when he’d posted a picture of Eddie passed out and drooling on his chest after a long shift shadowing another nurse to his Instagram with a caption that was very clearly gay. His social media had blown up after that and he’d had to answer several serious phone calls from his agent and the people he did his podcast with, but it hadn’t been anywhere near as bad as Richie had fear. Mostly, people wished that Richie had told them before hand. He officially came out in an interview a few days later. After that Richie had really come into his own and had worked jokes about how two extremely repressed forty year old gay men got together, which was slowly and awkwardly, the crowds love it. Sure there had been some backlash, but Eddie had logged on and come to his defence. Richie couldn’t feel bad about homophobic comments when he was laughing at Eddie’s all caps irate replies.

Richie had let Eddie be the one to announce their relationship to the losers, coming out without entirely having to come out. Mike, Ben and Beverly congratulated them with warm words and at least one finally. While Bill and Stan sent their joking condolences to Eddie, but also sent messages that were so sincere they had Eddie crying and Richie would admit that he’d teared up too.

Stan called Richie straight away and told him that he was an idiot for waiting so long, and when Richie said that he didn’t actually say anything Stan groaned directly into the phone. Still Stan had said that he was happy for Richie, happy that he could finally get on with his life. Richie couldn’t agree with him more.

Bill had called Eddie, Richie didn’t listen in, but when Eddie emerged from their bedroom eyes red as he sniffled loudly, he’d been there to lie atop him on the couch like an over excited Husky. They watched My Own Private Idaho and Richie wished they had watched it together, back when they were kids. Maybe it would have awakened something inside them, maybe it would have given Richie the push he needed, and maybe it would have made Eddie bolder. It was nice to imagine but now that he had Eddie where he wanted him, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Everything was different, but nothing changed.

“You can’t climb Mount Everest, it’s covered in corpses and piss and shit and there’s garbage everywhere and besides that you’re in no shape to climb a fucking death mountain are you fucking insane?” Eddie rambled, irate, as the tendons in his neck stood out.

Richie pressed his lips together into a firm line, struggling to keep the laughter inside. He’d only said he was going to climb Mount Everest for charity to see how Eddie would react, just to get that sweetly harsh reaction out of him, and Eddie never disappointed.

“You’re fucking with me again, aren’t ya?” Eddie said sharply, his face dropped as he watched Richie come apart at the seams. “I’m gonna be late for work,” he muttered as he looked down at his watch.

“It’s not my fault you’re so fun to wind up Eds,” Richie wheezed between his laughter, doubled over the couch, holding onto the arm for dear life.

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie muttered, smacking Richie’s shoulder on his way out of the living room.

“My cute little Eds,” Richie said, trailing Eddie, smiling all the while. It felt like he hadn’t stopped smiling since they got together, Stan had told him that if he wasn’t careful his face would get stuck like that and Richie sure as hell hoped so.

“Shut the fuck up,” Eddie cried without bite as he got into the hall, he bent over pulling his shoes on. Richie followed him to the door and wrapped his arms around Eddie as he stood.

“I love you so fucking much,” Richie muttered into Eddie’s hair, kissing the top of his head.

“I love you too, asshole,” Eddie said, laughing as he tilted his head up to kiss Richie back.

Everything was different and everything had changed, Richie finally let himself be happy, smiling wide as he kissed Eddie again.