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I’ve more than thought about it

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“Don’t ever think I haven’t thought about you this way. I’ve more than thought about it, in fact it’s all I think about," Joan seductively whispered.

It sent a fire throughout Vera’s body being in such close proximity to Joan. She literally burned as she stood in front of her, yet knew she would figuratively die of hypothermia if denied this moment.

"Uhm Mrs. Bennett you are just a mystery wrapped in a riddle aren’t you?” Joan purred as she rotated between kisses and bites along her deputies’ neck. "You know dear what I find even more irresistible than that taut and smooth body of yours?" All Vera could manage was "wh.. whaaa...” as she inched her ass supremely close to Joan's center while clutching the hand currently occupying her breast. "The fact that you could hide your attraction and jealousy from me. As a whole, I’m observant to a faulT.”

Vera turned swiftly and stared into the dark eyes she had lusted over for months. She grabbed Joan's head until their lips were nearly touching.


"Well I am under the tutelage of someone whose subterfuge game is tighter than well my prison issued skirt,” Vera said with a wink as she edged closer to those lips that keep her up at night. It was gentle and tender. Everything Vera always wanted a kiss to be and what Joan never knew a kiss to be. Jianna and herself had stolen quick kisses here and there. Incarceration didn’t allow for much intimacy. Joan never let the modicum number of women after her beseech her lips. Vera didn’t even silently ask for permission before nibbling and pecking her lips. Joan needing more exposure to the mouth of the woman in her arms, lightly tapped her tongue asking for entrance. The emphatic growl Vera produced indicated the kiss was going to her specifications and needs. As in all aspects of her life, Joan used restraint to slowly massaged Vera’s eager tongue with her own as opposed to speeding the kiss up. Even though it was a slow kiss, Joan noted it was rapidly becoming the best kiss of her life. She was beginning to feel to much at once. She took that bottom lip that Vera persistently gnawed at between her teeth and slid it out with a popping sound, which produced a smile on Vera that Joan had yet to witness in all their time together.

Struggling for breaths, Joan leaned into Vera’s ear to plant soft strokes with her tongue and whisper,” “Yes Mrs. Bennett your skirt is rather fitted. I’ve immensely enjoyed the new size.”

“Whaaa...what new size. It’s not a new size. I haven’t changed sizes since I started working at the prison,” Vera excitedly moaned while running her hands up and down her Governor’s body. Her Governor’s hot body she thought.

“You would be correcT in one of those statements,” Joan lowly chuckled and bit the earlobe in her mouth before staring into quizzical eyes. Joan could practically see the proverbial mouse reaching for the cheese as Vera was searching for the meaning behind her loaded comment.

It dawned on Vera that after the riot her skirt did seem a bit snug. She thought herself to of gained weight which caused her to work out more. Little did she know it only made her Governor stare more at the faultless and what she believed to be a scrumptious ass underneath that uniform.

“It was after the riot wasn’t it? But how, and well mmm well why?”

“Yes, it was. I made the assumption I had lost you then. You would leave my office without that little sway of your hips. One day as fate would have it the uniform allotments were on my desk. I took the initiative to change your size for my own personal gain,” Joan said while kneading Vera’s backside. Vera began massaging and kissing Joan’s breasts hard enough for her to feel the contact beneath her shirt.

Joan had been missing the way Vera was putty in her hands. She would see that look in her eyes and knew just what to say to obtain it. Vera needed approval and compliments.

While stroking her face, “you know Vera having the privilege of seeing you correctly assess the tension leading up to Bea Smiths’ prison break was very very arousing to me. You frankly became a bit of a distraction for me. In an effort to not let my imagination run rampant, I decided to have a look at the goods myself. Just because I didn’t think the purchase was obtainable (and I do hope I am using this phrase accurately dear) doesn’t mean I couldn’t window shop. My only and I do mean only regret is that Mr. Fletcher was too enjoying the fruits of my labor.”

“Joan, I haven’t allowed him to touch me since that dreadful night. You have to believe me,” Vera said in a panicked rant.

The intensity of Vera’s stare as well as statement led Joan to believe her truthful. She wrapped her arms fully around her and glided her hand over every body part she could.

“Oh my god, Fletch,” Vera yelled while pushing a shocked Joan away. Joan stood back and arched a pointed brow in discomfort at the escalation of this evening. The mere mention of his name nearly dried her a little. Perhaps, that’s why he couldn’t successfully enter her deputy. Oh but Joan knew she could. She knew how to part those thighs and make it a sea. Vera grabbed Joan’s hands into her own and stared into her those beautiful eyes. Eyes she could get lost in.

“Joan, what was the woman’s name you blurted out earlier? Jenna or Janna?”

Joan began to panic. Now is not the time she thought to herself.

“Jianna,” Vera stated assuredly.
Fletcher had that name on a drawing at work. He was making a copy of it when I went to check on the ambulance. He was concentrating so ferocious that he didn’t answer my question. At first I thought it was just because well he is a bit slower. Since you just said the same exact name, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” Joan remembering to keep her cool, motioned for Vera to continue.
“At first I thought it was a drawing that belonged to someone in his therapy class. I don’t really know what they do there but why would a presumably straight man draw another man. I was about to look away when I saw that name, Jianna. I didn’t think much about it, well because why would I?” Joan slowly closed her eyes while gripping the hands in hers tighter. She inhaled and exhaled deeply to formulate a sense of calm before speaking.

“Mrs. Bennett what exactly do you think it was? And who was the man.”

“Well I initially thought it was one of the other people in his rehab classes as I said before. I don’t actually know what they do there. The only thing I ever helped him with was assuring he had his finances in order. I guess when I saw the name it made me think it was someone he was interested in. The woman I mean. The man was plain and bald. Oh my god Joan, it was on drawing paper, from a sketch book. You know what that means don’t you?”

Of course Joan knew what that meant. It meant Bea Smith was in cahoots with Fletcher to take her down. Of this she was certain. The only thing that shocked her was the woman she thought to have been siding with that imbecile was loyal to her all along. She realized she has been so blind sided by Bea Smith’s betrayal of her top dog offer that she failed to notice what Vera Bennett could truly be to her. In every single facet of her needs. How did I not see it before? Bea Smith was to blame and she would exact her own form of justice for this. But for now she would just simply indulge. Joan grabbed Vera and kissed her like she was her death row meal. Vera reciprocating the eager kiss escalated her need more. One she wasn’t aware she had. Joan pulled away but not before grabbing Vera’s head so they were eye level. Fast paced breathing made the desire even stronger.

“Vera, I will do my best to explain that particular name to you at some point. Right now, I wish to give you a tour of my home.”

“A tour...a tour... after all you have just done to me you want to give me a tour of your home... a fucking tour, now Vera barked angrily.

Joan smiling wickedly simply answered, “Yes, I would like to start with my bedroom if there is no objection?”

Vera lit up like she was standing on a ocean holding a bottle with a genie inside. Ready to grant her the wish she wanted most.

“I would love nothing more than a tour, Joan. Your bedroom is the perfect place to start,” she whispered before placing a kiss and bite at the hot lips that stood before her.